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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 31 Results & Report! (9/29/21)

Round three, B Block!



NJPW G1 Climax 31

Is the Rainmaker going to go easy on the Headhunter?

The G1 Climax takes an interesting route as Chaos meets Chaos! Will Kazuchika Okada pull his punches against Yoshi-Hashi or just hit him harder?


  • Taichi VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo; Evil wins.
  • SANADA VS Chase Owens; Sanada wins.
  • Hirooki Goto VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado; Tanahashi wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS YOSHI-HASHI; Okada wins.


Here are the current B Block standings!

Kazuchika Okada: 2-0, 4 points
Jeff Cobb: 2-0, 4 points
Taichi: 2-0, 4 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 1-1, 2 points
Tama Tonga: 1-1, 2 points
SANADA: 1-1, 2 points
EVIL: 1-1, 2 points
YOSHI-HASHI: 0-2, 0 points
Chase Owens: 0-2, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-2, 0 points


Taichi w/ Miho Abe VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

Zack Sabre Jr. is doing the Dangerous Tekkers proud, but can the Sliest Wrestler in the World keep pace? Or will Darkness Fall and bring down the Holy Emperor?

The entrance attire is put away, Miho of course helping Taichi with his large robe. Fans rally for Taichi and his dancing pecs already but then they argue about Dick’s presence and his infamous habit of helping out. Taichi BOOTS Dick, Evil kicks and CLUBS Taichi! The bell rings and this is on the record as Taichi BOOTS Evil down! Taichi chases Evil to the outside, CLUBS him at the railing then whips. Evil reverses but Taichi reverses and Evil hits more railing! Fans rally as Taichi chokes Evil with the camera cable! But Dick attacks from behind! Taichi just glares at Dick and chases him into the ring. The ref reprimands but Evil CLOBBERS Taichi with a clothesline!

Evil drags Taichi up, throws him out of the ring then goes out after him. Evil RAMS Taichi into the timekeeper’s area! Abe-san suffers again! Evil and Dick Too Sweet while Miho and the Young Lions help out. Evil then snatches the ring hammer! The ref stops Evil there and takes the hammer back. Evil drags Taichi up to rake the eyes! The ref reprimands, Evil stops and leaves Taichi behind as he goes into the ring. The ring count starts, Taichi gets up as fans rally, and Miho helps him steady himself. Taichi gets in at 10 of 20 but now Evil wants Taichi’s mic stand! The ref takes that away, too, so Evil digs his boots into Taichi at the corner.

The ref sees that and counts, Evil lets off at 4. Evil smirks as he paces but fans rally up. Taichi kicks from below, Evil eggs him on then rakes Taichi’s eyes again! The ref counts, Evil stops at 4 and stands Taichi back up. Evil wrenches and whips Taichi into the BARE buckles! Dick undid the blue buckle pad when we weren’t looking! Evil covers, the ref says no because of the shenanigans. Seems refs are learning from Red Shoes’ courage. Evil tortures Taichi’s arm but Taichi is in the ropes! Dick distracts the ref but he sees what’s going on soon enough. The ref counts, Evil lets off to then get Taichi up and whip. Taichi reverses to wrench and DANGEROUS HOOK KICK!

Fans rally up while both men are down. Taichi gets up first and paces as Evil sits up. Taichi stands Evil up but Evil swings on him, into a CHOKE! The ref reprimands but Taichi drives Evil down. Dick gets on the apron, so Taichi storms over and CHOKES him, too! Dick falls off the apron but Evil crawls away to the far side. Taichi runs over to BOOT Evil, into Abe-san! The timekeeper’s area can’t catch a break during Evil’s matches! Taichi goes out after Evil and drags him up by his hair while the timekeeper’s area is fixed again. Taichi dares Evil to get up, and then he kicks, but Evil blocks! Evil gives the foot to the ref to mule kick Taichi down!

Fans rally up as Evil and Taichi slowly rise. Evil stands first and drags Taichi up. Evil reels Taichi in but Taichi fights the fireman’s carry. Taichi KNEES Evil low, then goes to a corner. Evil runs in but only gets buckles and a GAMANGIRI! Taichi powers up and runs but into a fireman’s carry! DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Taichi survives and Evil is furious, but the fans fire up again! Evil stands, slashes his throat and drags Taichi back up. But Taichi fights the STO and RAMS Evil into the bare buckles! Evil suffers his own strategy but he fights the saido with fingers to the eyes! The ref counts, Evil stops and runs but into an AX BOMBER!

Fans fire up as OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi powers up and aims from the corner as Evil flounders up. But Evil blocks the superkick to spin Taichi! Taichi switches, Evil switches, Taichi PELES! Fans fire up with Taichi again as he aims from the corner. But Evil ducks the kick this time and shoves the ref at Taichi! Taichi shoves the ref away to block the low blow! And he LOW BLOWS in return! But Dick distracts as Taichi gets the Gedo Clutch! Miho shouts to the ref to pay attention but Taichi storms over. Taichi moves the ref aside but Dick dodges! But DOUBLE AX BOMBERS take out Evil and Dick! Alabama lift, but Evil fights free! Evil baits Taichi into the bare buckles!

EVERYTHING- NO! Taichi blocks the STO to GAMANGIRI again! Fans fire back up as Taichi catches his breath. Taichi drags Evil up, reels him in, DANGEROUS SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives but fans rally for “TA-I-CHI! TA-I-CHI!” Taichi powers up again but wait! Dick is messing with Miho! That’s low even for them! But speaking of low, LOW BLOW!! Evil gets Taichi from behind and Dick leaves Miho alone! Evil drags Taichi back up, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! But Evil doesn’t cover, he gets the SCORPION DEATHLOCK! Dick again grabs Miho by her hair to keep her back! Taichi is OUT, the ref calls it!!

Winner: EVIL, by submission (gains 2 points; Taichi earns 0)

The King of Darkness is more like the King of Scum as he and Dick stand on Taichi and Miho! They ruin Taichi’s run in the G1, will they continue to do even worse in the remaining rounds? As for Taichi, he revives with true RAGE! He wants to lash out on the Young Lions and pursue Evil, but he doesn’t have the energy. Will he be able to rebound next round?


SANADA VS Chase Owens!

The Cold Skull is only doing a little better than the Crown Jewel but that could change right here! Will Chase drag Sanada down to his level? Or will he end up 0-3 after a Skull End?

The bell rings and fans rally up, “SA-NA-DA!” but Chase doesn’t let that bother him. They circle, approach and feel out the grapple. Chase slips through to a waistlock but Sanada wrenches to a switch. Chase wrenches back to a wristlock, but Sanada spins, wrenches and has the wristlock now. Chase rolls, breaks free then cravats for a neck wrench. Sanada endures, clubs free and wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock and takeover. Chase headscissors, Sanada kips free and wants the legs but Chase kicks him away. Chase headlocks, Sanada powers out but Chase holds ropes to avoid the hurdle cycle. Chase trips Sanada up and wants to steal Paradise!

Sanada kicks Chase away and they both kick at the same time, but both block them! They each tell the other to let go, but then they agree to do it at the same time. They both set the other’s foot down, but Chase tricks Sanada! Chase trips Sanada and perfectly– No, wait, Sanada slips right out of Paradise while Chase is gloating. Sanada has the fans fire up more and Chase thinks it’s for him, but then he backs up into Sanada. Chase feels around and realizes who it is and grumbles, “Damn it!” Chase turns around into a kick and Sanada throws him out of the ring. Sanada then builds speed, but Chase moves. Sanada tumbles up and out and Chase trips him off the apron!

Chase stomps Sanada on the ground, drags him back up and whips him hard into railing! Sanada staggers and falls over while Chase goes back into the ring. The ring count starts and is already 5 of 20 while fans rally “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada sits up at 12, stands at 15, and gets in at 17, only for Chase to stomp and rain down fists! Chase chokes Sanada, the ref reprimands and he lets off. Chase stands on Sanada’s neck now but again lets off as the ref counts. Fans rally as Chase stands Sanada up, whips him to a corner hard, and Sanada bounces off buckles before falling over. Chase taunts the fans then drops knee after knee into Sanada’s back. Chase ties Sanada up for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow!

Sanada endures as Chase bends him back against his knees. Sanada pops out to a cover, ONE! Chase stomps Sanada but he sits up. Chase stands Sanada up but Sanada throws forearms. Sanada whips, Chase counters with a cravat knee smash, then mule kicks to a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans still rally for Sanada as Chase clamps on with a chinlock. Chase cranks the hold, leans on Sanada, then digs an elbow into the shoulder. Chase gives toying kicks but Sanada gets up. Chase ROCKS Sanada with a right, then another. Sanada stays up, Chase throws more forearms. Sanada CHOPS and forearms in return but Chase knees low! Chase whips but Sanada dropkicks his legs out!

Sanada kips up and fans fire up again! Sanada aims from a corner, Chase stands and Sanada rallies with forearms and arm-drags! Then a BIG atomic drop! Sanada trips Chase and shows him how to tie up the Paradise Lock! Sanada stands on Chase and gives thumbs up to Milano Collection, who returns the thumbs up reluctantly cuz he’s still a fan of Chase’s. But Sanada dropkicks Chase out of Paradise! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up more as Sanada stands Chase up to fireman’s carry. Chase fights free, shoves Sanada away but Sanada elbows from the corner. Sanada Quebrada but Chase gets under, only to turn around into a RANA!

Chase bails out, Sanada takes aim, and Sanada PLANCHAS, only for Chase to get clear! Chase RAMS Sanada into the railing, but not quite Abe-san, and then gets in to roll into a facelock and GHOSTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives but Chase keeps his cool. Chase hobbles to a corner while Sanada goes to the other. Chase runs corner to corner to forearm smash then reel him in for a short arm lariat! Cover, TWO! Chase drags Sanada back up, fireman’s carries but Sanada fights free. Sanada kicks low, whips Chase to a corner but Chase reverses. Sanada goes up and out and springboards in to missile dropkick! Chase flounders up into a fireman’s carry and T K O! Cover, TWO!

Fans still rally behind Sanada as he goes up top. ROUNDING BODY- NO, he has to roll through as Chase dodges. Sanada runs in, tilt-o-whirl to a dragon sleeper! Chase reaches, hits back, but Sanada cranks back on the hold! Fans rally as Chase endures, and he rolls through as Sanada drops down! Chase ends up in a corner, Sanada runs in but is put up top for a GAMANGIRI, to SUPER SNAPMARE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Chase keeps moving, SHINING WIZARD! Fans fire up as Chase stands Sanada up, wrenches and JEWEL- NO! Sanada ducks the clothesline to waistlock, but Chase grabs the ref as they go to the ropes! The ref is down as Sanada gets the O’Conner Bridge!

Sanada sees the ref is out and lets Chase go. Sanada checks on the ref but Chase gets him for a half nelson. Sanada arm-drags out of the slam and ROCKS Chase with a forearm! Sanada spins but Chase boots the rolling elbow away! Chase spins to BOOT! Sanada ROLLING SOBATS! Chase JEWEL TRIGGERS point blank! Sanada is down and Chase fires up, as do the fans! Chase drags Sanada up, reels him in, tucks the arms, but Sanada RANAS out of the driver to a cover! TWO!! Chase gets up, Sanada sidesteps but Chase switches. Chase O’Conner Bridge, TWO! SKULL END!! Chase endures but Sanada has the body scissors in!

Chase throws hands and gets his head free, but Sanada just gets him in the dragon sleeper again! Back to SKULL END!! Chase is fading, Sanada lets him go and goes to the corner for ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! Cover, Sanada wins!

Winner: Sanada, by pinfall (gains 2 points, Chase earns 0)

Sanada succeeds and the Crown Jewel is still only worth zero points! Will Chase ever get a W in his G1 debut? As for Sanada, will he keep his chances alive and return to the finals?


Hirooki Goto VS Jeff Cobb!

The NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions are all struggling, but perhaps the Fierce Warrior can be the one to #TurnItAllAround! Will Goto conquer Cobb? Or will he end up on a Tour of the Islands in Tokyo?

The bell rings and fans rally up already as Goto and Cobb stare down. They slowly circle, then approach to tie up. They’re in a deadlock so Cobb breaks it. Goto and Cobb reset, tie up again, and again they’re in a deadlock. Cobb breaks through to put Goto on the ropes, but he lets off cleanly. Cobb then swings but Goto dodges to kick and fire forearms! Goto headlocks, Cobb tries to power out but Goto holds on tight. Cobb throws body shots, powers out of the headlock and the two ram shoulders. Cobb rebounds to RAM Goto down! Fans cheer the showing of power as Goto goes to ropes. Cobb runs in but Goto boots him! Cobb tries again but Goto dupms him out!

Goto goes out to CLUB Cobb, wrench him to a hammerlock and POST the shoulder! Goto CLUBS the arm now, then whips Cobb into railing! Goto gets the arm again and wraps it around the railing! The ref counts, Goto BOOTS the ram as he lets off. Goto stalks Cobb, kicks him then puts him in the ring. Fans cheer as Goto stands Cobb up. Goto wrenches the arm, YANKS it then grinds it down with a mounted armlock. Cobb gets the ropebreak with a foot but Goto holds on until the ref counts. Goto stomps Cobb, stands him up and CHOPS him in the corner. Goto whips corner to corner, runs in and MURA- NO! Cobb catches and TOSSES Goto away!

Fans cheer and rally while both men are down. Cobb stands up and stomps Goto. Cobb stands Goto up but Goto throws forearms and haymakers! Goto whips corner to corner but Cobb comes back to RAM Goto down! Fans fire up as Cobb catches his breath and paces around. Cobb sits Goto up to knee him over and over in the back. Cobb adds a basement uppercut and Goto writhes. Cobb stands Goto up again, scoops him and KNEES him in the side before tossing him away! Cobb again paces, then has a one hand cover. TWO, so Cobb tires a lateral press. TWO! Cobb is annoyed but he drags Goto up to whip him to a corner.

Cobb runs in to clothesline, then he hauls Goto up to RAM him into another corner! Then corner to corner! Then back again! Then a fourth time! Fans cheer the strength and stamina of Cobb as he CHOP LARIAT combos! And again! And again! Goto falls over while fans cheer Cobb. Cobb claps along but Goto anchors his leg before the moonsault. Cobb clubs Goto, stands him up but Goto one-two combos! Cobb shoves and reels Goto in for a LARIAT! Cobb sets up, GACHIMUCHI flops! Goto avoids being smashed by the moonsault and fans rally back up. Cobb drags himself up the ropes and then drags Goto up to throw hands.

Cobb whips Goto corner to corner then runs in, but Goto dodges the back elbow! Goto comes back to clothesline! Fans rally more and Goto grits his teeth as he throws forearm after forearm! Goto whips corner to corner, runs in and MURAMASA! Direct hit this time, and Goto adds the BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Fans still rally as Goto stands Cobb back up. Goto tries to fireman’s carry but Cobb is too big. Cobb clubs Goto, kicks low and uppercuts! DROPKICK! Fans cheer Cobb showing off his agility while both men are down. Goto crawls to one corner, Cobb goes to the opposite. Cobb runs in to BACK ELBOW! Cobb then hauls Goto up for a RUNNING BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up again as Goto survives, but Cobb grins as he gets back up. Cobb drags Goto up in a deadlift waistlock, but Goto fights free. Goto hits Cobb with forearms but Cobb hits back. Fans rally up as they pick up speed and go back and forth! Cobb ROCKS Goto but he stays up, so Cobb ROCKS him again. Goto fires up to fire off a string of forearms! Goto runs but Cobb ROCKS him! Cobb runs but Goto fireman’s carries! USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down but fans rally back up! Goto drags himself to a corner, Cobb goes to the opposite again. Goto roars and both men run at the other, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES!

Neither man falls, they go again, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Cobb fires up to reel back, but Goto blocks, dodges and DISCUS LARIATS! Fans fire up with Goto as he gets Cobb back up, dragon sleeper! But Cobb slips through to suplex! Goto slips out, waistlocks, but Cobb throws elbows. Goto holds on, Cobb keeps trying but ends up in a clinch. Cobb holds off Goto’s belly2belly, but Goto shifts to OVERHEAD suplex! Cover, TWO! To an ARMBAR! Goto has the arm but Cobb gets a ropebreak! Goto holds on until the ref counts, and fans rally again. Goto stomps Cobb, drags him up, clubs the arm again and again, then wrenches.

But Cobb throws a body shot then ROCKS Goto with a forearm! SUPERKICK! Both men are down again but Cobb already rises as fans rally. Cobb hobbles over, drags Goto up and runs, but Goto follows! Cobb dodges, scoops, RAMS into the corner but Goto avoids the Stampede! SLEEPER! But Cobb lifts Goto for an ATHLETIC PLEX! Cobb then waistlocks and deadlifts for a GERMAN! Cobb powers up again and fans fire up with him! Cobb gets Goto up, whips him to ropes and scoops, TOUR OF- NO! Goto slips out to get a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, to a ROLLING CLUTCH! TWO!! Cobb narrowly escapes but Goto fires up! Fans are thunderous as Goto and Cobb slowly rise.

Cobb swings on Goto but he catches the arm! Facelock to REVERSE GTR! Goto keeps going, and he LARIATS Cobb down! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives but Goto drags him back up. Dragon sleeper but Cobb fights! Goto spins Cobb to HEADBUTT! Goto keeps Cobb on his feet but Cobb HEADBUTTS back! Cobb then DEADLIFTS Goto into the TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Goto earns 0)

The Hawaiian Hulk snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! The Fierce Warrior could not overcome the United Empire’s biggest and baddest, will Goto ever get on the board? As for Cobb, can he keep pace with Great-O-Khan and make this a UNITED G1?


Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado!

The Ace has broken even between the first two rounds and the Good Bad Guy is primed to bring him back down. Will the IWGP US Championship owe a title match to more than just the Rainmaker? Or will love and energy see him through again?

Jado gives Tama a last pep talk while fans cheer as Tanahashi shows off the muscles. Fans already rally, “Let’s Go, Ace!” as the bell rings. Tama is annoyed but he circles with Tanahashi. They approach, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Tanahashi manages some leverage to put Tama against ropes but lets off cleanly. Fans cheer and rally again as Tanahashi and Tama reset. They go again, Tanahashi gets a waistlock but Tama wrenches that apart to a wristlock. Tama twists the wrist more and keeps Tanahashi from ropes. Tanahashi endures the hold, spins through and wrenches back to bring Tama to his knees! Tama endures the wristlock, wants a timeout, but there’re no timeouts here!

Tanahashi puts more pressure on the wristlock, makes it a hammerlock then a headlock and fans cheer. Tama pulls hair but stops as the ref reprimands. Tama powers up but Tanahashi holds tight on the headlock! Tanahashi thrashes but Tama endures. Tama fights up, Tanahashi hits a headlock takeover but Tama turns that around to a headlock of his own. Tanahashi headscissors, Tama kips free and fans cheer as the two stand off. Tama catches his breath as fans rally up more. Tanahashi encourages the fans to get louder with “Let’s Go, Ace!” as he and Tama circle again. They tie up again, are in another deadlock, but Tama pulls hair to put Tanahashi on ropes!

The ref reprimands, Tama stops pulling hair and lets off for a clean break. Tama applauses but then swings on Tanahashi! Tanahashi dodges, fires off fast hands, then throws forearms. Tanahashi whips, Tama reverses but runs into a back elbow! Tanahashi goes up for a CROSSBODY! Tanahashi air guitars and fans cheer, but Tama stalks up to GUN- NO! No cutter as Tanahashi shoves Tama away! Tanahashi runs in but Tama spins him around, only for Tanahashi to again stop the Gun Stun! Tanahashi wants a full nelson but Tama elbows free. Tama throws haymakers then whips, but Tanahashi hits back with flying forearms! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he stands over Tama.

Tanahashi drops an elbow, a sunset senton, then covers! TWO, to a ghost pin! TWO, Tama staggers up but Tanahashi puts him on the apron. Tama hotshots Tanahashi down, then takes his time returning while Tanahashi is down. Tama shows off his muscles as he takes off the vest. Tama drops a big elbow in return, then rains down rights on Tanahashi. The ref reprimands about the closed fists so Tama lets off. Fans still rally for The Ace but Tama paces around him. Tama drags Tanahashi up, puts on a neck wrench and then throws in elbows. Tama CLUBS Tanahashi with more forearms and elbows, then paces around in frustration.

Tanahashi slowly rises but Tama is after him. Tanahashi throws body shots, runs, but into a SLEEPER! Tama squeezes tight and brings Tanahashi down to the mat. Fans rally as Tanahashi endures Tama thrashing him around. Tama brings Tanahashi all the way down and has a partial body scissor, but Tanahashi still endures. Tanahashi fights up but Tama claws his face! The ref reprimands, Tanahashi continues to fight up and he throws body shots! Tama holds tighter but Tanahashi elbows free! Tanahashi throws forearm after forearm but Tama THROAT STABS! Tama is using his father, Haku’s, move, but Tanahashi fights free with palm strikes!

Tama goes back for the throat! The ref reprimands, counts, but Tanahashi breaks free to fire off fast hands! Tanahashi blocks Tama’s kick, and gives back the THROAT STAB! The ref reprimands, Tama breaks free and runs in, but Tanahashi blocks the kick! DRAGON SCREW! Fans rally up as Tanahashi stalks Tama to a corner. Tanahashi kicks the bad leg, scoops and SLAMS Tama to the drop zone, then goes up the corner! SUNSET SENTON! Tanahashi drags Tama around by a leg and ties the legs up. Tama resists the Texas Clover Hold, drags Tanahashi down and THROAT STABS! The ref reprimands but Tama gets up to his feet to put Tanahashi in a corner!

The ref keeps counting, keeps telling Tama to stop, but Tama finally lets go after a final warning. Fans rally for Tanahashi as he sputters in the corner, but Tama just gets angrier. Tama runs corner to corner to miss and hit buckles! Tanahashi runs, but Tama gets around Slingblade to TONGAN TWIST! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi survives and fans are thunderous for the Ace! Tama stalks Tanahashi as he rises, then runs to SLINGBLADE! Tama fires up as he continues to copy Tanahashi! Tama goes up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!?! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives the Good Bad Guy’s near perfect duplicate and fans are thunderous again!

Tama slithers around like The Viper and waits for Tanahashi to stand. Tanahashi turns around into GUN- NO! Tanahashi blocks to facelock. But Tama fights off the neckbreaker! Tanahashi fights off the Tongan Twist to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi runs for SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Now Tanahashi goes to the corner and up top to show Tama how it’s done! HIGH FLY ATTACK! Then he goes back to the corner and back up top! HIGH FLY FLOW FLOPS! Tama runs in, GUN STUN!! Tama is so fired up he doesn’t even cover yet! Jado tells him to go for the pin but Tama has to crawl over now, having tired himself out. Cover, TWO!! Into ghost pin! Tanahashi wins!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Tama earns 0)

In his arrogance, Tama let this one slip through his fingers! You can never count the Once in a Century Talent out, will he find a way up to the top of NJPW once again?


Kazuchika Okada VS YOSHI-HASHI!

Chaos clashes with Chaos as Rainmaker faces Head Hunter in a Korakuen Hall main event! But if Okada is to keep his promise, will he make sure Hashi can’t #GetBackUp?

The jackets are put aside and fans rally up for “O-KA-DA! O-KA-DA!” as the two allies stare down. The bell rings and they still stare down from their corners. Hashi is the first to approach but he and Okada slowly circle. They tie up, Hashi waistlocks, but Okada wrenches out to a wristlock. Hashi spins through, wrenches back, and has the wristlock, as well. Okada rolls, trips Hashi and has a toehold but Hashi pries him off to go for an armbar. Okada powers up to a rear mount but Hashi switches. Okada breaks free and the two stand off, which fans cheer. Hashi and Okada reset in neutral corners to circle again. They feel things out, Okada shoots in and trips Hashi up.

Hashi pushes Okada to a press, then a facelock. Hashi has a headlock but Okada fights up and pries at the hold. Hashi powers up to keep the headlock on tight. Okada tires again, but again Hahsi powers him down. Fans cheer but Okada still works on his escape. Okada pries at the headlock one more time, pops out the back and gets a headlock of his own! Hashi endures the grind now but fights up and pries the hold. Okada returns the favor by powering it on harder. Okada hits a takeover, Hashi goes for headscissors but Okada fights that off. Hashi kicks around, gets up to his feet and they end up on ropes. Okada has Hashi up against them, but he lets off, but Hashi hits before the fakeout!

Hashi throws forearms, headlocks again, and grinds Okada to his knees. Okada fights up, pushes Hashi and powers out but they ram shoulders! Neither falls and the two stare down. Fans cheer as Hashi runs again but they again ram shoulders! They start talking trash and shoving each other. Hashi runs, dodges the boot and CHOPS Okada down! Fans fire up, perhaps for “YO-SHI-HASH!” now. Hashi elbows and whips but Okada reverses, then ROCKS Hashi on the return! Okada runs but Hashi runs him over! Hashi makes sure his bad shoulder is working, and he stomps Okada. Hashi stands Okada up to snapmare him down and clamp on a chinlock, with knee in the back.

Okada endures, Hashi pulls back harder, and fans rally up. Okada kicks around, shifts position and fights out of a headlock with body shots. Hashi throws a forearm, Okada gives it back, and they go back and forth! Okada ROCKS Hashi, ROCKS him again, then runs, but Hashi follows to slide and trip him up! Hashi drags Okada out to RAM him into railing! Fans fire up as Hashi catches his breath. Hashi drags Okada up, CHOPS him, and whips him at railing. Okada stops himself, but turns around into a CHOP! Hashi stands Okada up but Okada fights the neckbreaker to kick and DDT! Hashi writhes on the floor but Okada is down, too, as fans rally back up.

A ring count starts and Okada sits up at 3 of 20. Okada gets in the ring at 7 but Hashi is still down at 10. Hashi stands at 11, Okada goes out at 12 and DDT’s him again! Red Shoes checks on Hashi but Hashi won’t let it end here. Okada gets up and walks around the way to get back in the ring. The ring count starts again and Hashi is still down at 10 of 20. Fans rally up for him and Okada waits, and Hashi rises at 15! Hashi stands at 18 and gets in at 19! Okada walks over and brings Hashi to center. Hashi’s dead weight but still stirring as Okada brings him up again. Okada puts Hashi in a corner, throws back elbows, then gives Hashi space as he goes to the red corner.

Fans rally up, Okada runs in and LEAPING back elbows! Kick and a SPIKE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Hashi survives that nasty headstand but Okada keeps his cool. Okada drags Hashi up but again he’s dead weight. Fans still rally, Okada gives Hashi toying kicks, and that gets Hashi to stand again. Hashi and Okada egg each other on, then forearms start flying! Okada EuroUppers, Hashi CHOPS, but Okada CLUBS Hashi down. Okada whips, Hashi reverses and dodges to then HEADHUNTER! Both men are down from that high speed Blockbuster and fans are fired up! Okada rolls to a corner, Hashi aims and runs in, to CHOP!

Hashi whips to CHOP Okada again, then LARIAT! Mule kick and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Hashi keeps his cool and the fans stay fired up as he gets to his feet. Hashi drags Okada up, hangs him out to dry, but Okada fights that and throws forearms. Hashi dropkicks Okada’s legs out! Okada hops off the apron and fans rally as Hashi takes aim again. PLANCHA! Direct hit and Hashi fires up! Hashi puts Okada back in the ring, climbs a corner and aims, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hashi keeps his cool, this is the Rainmaker he’s in here with. Hashi reels Okada in but Okada fights the bomb lift. Fans rally up as they fight for control, and Hashi CLUBS Okada on the back.

Hashi tries again but Okada still resists. Okada back drops Hashi away! Fans rally up as Hashi and Okada stand, Okaad uppercuts Hashi! Okada whips, Hashi reverses and drags Okada down to the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Okada endures and fans rally as Hashi leans on the hold! Okada scoots and reaches out but Hashi cranks the arms more. Okada is almost to ropes but Hashi turns him away from them! Okada uses his foot for the ROPEBREAK! Hashi lets go but brings Okada up to fisherman. Okada fights the suplex, Hashi wrenches but swings into a snapmare and MONEY CLIP! Okada has Hashi endure a submission now!

Fans rally, Hashi endures and moves around, but Okada keeps him from ropes now with an arm-drag! Okada gets the MONEY CLIP again! Hashi endures, but he’s starting to turn red! Okada wants Red Shoes to check as Hashi sputters! Is he out? He’s turning purple! Okada puts more pressure on, but Hashi gets a second wind to get the ropebreak! Fans cheer Hashi’s heart and determination as he survives! Okada gets Hashi back up, scoops him and SLAMS him, then goes to the corner. Okada climbs, MACHO ELBOW! But he’s not done there, as he gives us the RAINMAKER POSE! Fans cheer and Okada drags Hashi back up.

Okada wristlocks, ripcords but Hashi dodges! Okada blocks the lariat but not the CHOP! Hashi kicks but Okada blocks. Okada ROCKS Hashi, whips but Hashi reverses to drag him down! Okada gets up to short arm LARIAT! No more butterflies as Okada reels Hashi in for another short arm LARIAT! Okada drags Hashi up, waistlocks and wristlock ripcords, but Hashi LARIATS first!! Fans are thunderous as both men are down again! Okada sits up in a daze while Hashi pushes himself up. Hashi stalks up behind Okada, waistlock to full nelson, but Okada breaks that to throw elbows. Hashi staggers away but Okada gut wrenches, only for Hashi to slip out! DRAGON SUPLEX!

Hashi has the fans rallying again as Okada slowly sits up. Hashi powers up, throws forearms and body shots then a CHOP! Hashi whips, Okada reverses but Hashi avoids the dropkick to BASEMENT METEORA! Cover, TWO! Hashi fires up again and fans are right there with him! Okada stands, Hashi runs but into a boot! Hashi rebounds into another boot, but he keeps trying! Okada ducks but Hashi LARIATS again! Hashi gets Okada up, fisherman to the KUMAGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives but Hashi shows no slowing! BUTTERFLY LOCK!! Fans rally as Okada now endures! Hashi cranks as hard as he can but Okada scoots towards ropes! Hashi turns him away!

Fans rally, Okada refuses to quit and he grits his teeth, even as Hashi leans more weight on him. Okada powers up, reaches out, but Hashi shifts to a SLEEPER! Hashi leans on Okada, drags him away from ropes, then hits a BACKSTABBER! And back to the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Okada still endures, refusing to give in! He flails, reaches out, scoots backwards, but Hashi changes things to a CHICKEN WING, then a SLEEPER! Hashi leans all his weight on Okada but now Okada gets a second wind to stand up. Hashi squeezes tighter and he brings Okada to the mat! Red Shoes checks but Okada wags his finger. Okada gets a third wind, only for Hashi to get the pump handle!

No Karma as Okada powers up to SPINNING TOMBSTONE!! Fans are thunderous as both men are down! Okada stirs, Hashi rolls away. Okada runs out from the corner, but Hashi avoids the shotgun! Hashi runs in at Okada now, for a BIG corner clothesline! Hashi hurries to get Okada up, scoop and SLAM, and Hashi goes to the corner! Hashi climbs, aims, SWANTON FLOPS as Okada moves! Fans build up to another rally as Okada watches Hashi flounder. Okada dropkicks Hashi in the back! Okada whips Hashi for another dropkick! Fans fire up with Okada as he get Hashi back up. Wristlock and ripcord but Hashi dodges to pump handle! Karma CRADLE! TWO!!!

Okada is surprised he escaped, too! But he reels Hashi in, DISCUS- SUPERKICK!! Hashi stops the rain there and he hurries to get Okada back up. Half nelson, pump handle, but Okada gut wrenches for a SIT-OUT PILEDRIVER! Ripcord and RAINMAKER!!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Hashi earns 0)

Three up, three down, and the Rainmaker stands atop the block! Are the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions simply cursed in this G1? Or are the fields just that good this year?

As for Okada, he once again gets to close out B Block on the mic. “KORAKUEN! Thank you so much for your passionate and enthusiastic support tonight. Even though this was a fight between teammates, it was a hot fight, worthy of the G1.” Okada has won three in a row, and asks if the fans are getting tired of this. “Some of you must already be thinking that you’re tired of seeing this strong Okada. But I’m not done yet.” Fans cheer for that! Okada will keep on giving us the strong Okada through the rest of the G1.

As of right now, both blocks are through the first three rounds. That means we’re already one-third of the way through the tournament. That of course means there’s still two-thirds to go. “Doesn’t that sound crazy as hell?” But NJPW wants the fans to keep enjoying this “hot autumn” they’re making, and it’s all thanks to the Rainmaker standing in the middle of this ring! They get it, don’t they? So long as he is in this ring, there is one thing that will be falling. “Well, G1, B Block, see you next time, in Hamamatsu.” Okada promises to keep this autumn a scorcher, thanks the fans for tonight, and vows to keep it raining on the G1! Will the Rainmaker blaze a trail back to the top?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Kazuchika Okada: 3-0, 6 points
Jeff Cobb: 3-0, 6 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi: 2-1, 4 points
SANADA: 2-1, 4 points
EVIL: 2-1, 4 points
Taichi: 2-1, 4 points
Tama Tonga: 1-2, 2 points
YOSHI-HASHI: 0-3, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-3, 0 points
Chase Owens: 0-3, 0 points

My Thoughts:

An awesome round three for B Block and another great night for NJPW and the G1! Taichi VS Evil was very good but was mostly shocking on Dick Togo going after Miho like that. I suppose that was a different way of cheating that Evil hadn’t done yet, but wow. He now has the tiebreaker on Taichi so that if they move up in the block, Evil still gets ahead of him now. Sanada VS Chase was a lot of fun on character work, and people trying to steal the Paradise Lock is a great bit of that. I figured Sanada was winning, he’s also keeping pace with Evil so that their match in the G1 can determine quite a bit of things. Goto VS Cobb was great, too, and of course Cobb stays strong.

Tanahashi VS Tama was very good, and Tama stealing Tanahashi’s moves was some great stuff. But as Tanahashi is the IWGP US Champion, he isn’t going to lose too much until the latter half of the G1. I definitely think that regardless of who wins the block or the tournament as a whole, we’re seeing Tanahashi VS Okada for the US title at Power Struggle in November. And Okada VS Hashi was awesome stuff, especially for Hashi getting to look really good against Okada. But it again seems the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions are here to take losses, until they can defend and maybe even lose their titles to Bullet Club after the G1. Okada goes 3-0, I think he goes 4-0 with Goto being his next opponent and him not being main event for Hamamatsu.

My Score: 9.2/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT x NJPW Multiverse United Results & Match Ratings: 3.30.2023

Late start times, card changes and special opponents! WrestleMania weekend blesses wrestling with some weird stuff. Multiverse United NJPWxIMPACT!



So the IMPACT! episode was just the pre-show plus some talking and never televised matches, thus not really worth discussing. I really don’t love the show starting at 11pm est on a Thursday, but yeah I know, ‘first world problems’ OR ‘now you know how EU feels’. I never said it was worse, I don’t want you to put it in perspective, I just wanted to complain.

Either way, I’m not really invested in most of these matches except KENTA vs Suzuki and Tanahashi vs Bailey. I can only hope some of these matches add to a few stories since injuries  mixed up a lot of IMPACTs plans; and of course I hope a few of them are good enough to justify being up so late.

Now let’s just get to the show!


  • X Division Championship: 6 Man Scramble: Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel (c) vs Kevin Knight vs Frankie Kazarian vs Clark Connors vs Rocky Romero: Trey retains via Pinfall – *
  • 8 Man Tag: Eddie Edwards, Tom Lawlor, JR Kratos & Joe Hendry vs Callihan, Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin & PCO: PCO wins via PCO-Sault – ** 1/2
  • Jeff Cobb vs Moose: Cobb wins via Tour of the Islands  – *** 1/4
  • Knockouts #1 Contender 4 Way: Gisele Shaw vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Masha Slamovich vs Miyu Yamashita: Deonna wins via Queen’s Gambit – ***
  • IMPACT Tag Team Championships: Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) (c) vs Motor City Machine Guns vs Aussie Open vs TMDK: Bullet Club retain via ABC 1-2-Sweet – *** 1/2
  • Lio Rush vs Kushida: Kushida wins via Hoverboard Lock – *** 3/4
  • NJPW Strong Open Weight Championship: KENTA (c) vs Minoru Suzuki: KENTA retains via Cradle w/Feet on Ropes – *** 1/4
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Speedball Mike Bailey: Tanahashi wins via High Fly Flow – ****


X Division Championship: 6 Man Scramble: Rich Swann vs Trey Miguel (c) vs Kevin Knight vs Frankie Kazarian vs Clark Connors vs Rocky Romero

Trey kicks things off by just verbally berating everyone, so they dog pile on the dipshit. Then we get a Human Centipede of Headlocks, which is a little dumb but it was the opening goofball spot; and then we get the stupid simultaneous 5 way Dropkick, ugh. After the leg pick, Trey comes in, drops everyone, gets cocky and then gets dropped. Rocky Lariats Kaz out of the ring and then Knight and Swann double team Connors.

We’re just going through a few greatest hits spots. Each guy is going to get moments of doing something cool, then there’s a pinfall scramble on Kaz after Knight catches him mid Leg Drop. This definitely is just spots and a little comedy, so its a weird combination of a Japanese Rumble and stupid Indy show. Oh look a Tower of Doom spot, I’m so shocked, no one has ever done that before *glances at Indy Garbage Multi-Man Bingo Card* – Yeah that’s a Bingo.

Oh Forever Lariats start Rocky’s time in charge but its cut short by Connors just Spearing everyone into tomorrow. Knight tries to dodge the Spear and keep Connors in the corner, but when he tries to jump up and pluck him off the perch, Connors hits an Avalanche Spear. Trey runs in, pushes Connors out of the ring and steals the pinfall.

Shit match, spots for spots sake, at least the finish was a little clever.

8 Man Tag: Eddie Edwards, Tom Lawlor, JR Kratos & Joe Hendry vs Callihan, Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin & PCO

Well these teams make no damn sense. So it should be interesting who eats the pin (I’m assuming Coughlin), and if this goes anywhere. 

Callihan and Eddie start off, no baseball bats in sight, but they start with a Hockey Fight. Callihan with a T-Bone Suplex, tags in PCO and Eddie retreats and tags in Lawlor. Lawlor wants Rosser though, and PCO obliges. Rosser drops Lawlor early, but Lawlor gets the advantage and tags in Hendry. Tags are quick, Rosser does some moronic short hammers that Hendry absorbs and just looks stupid as hell. Coughlin gets tagged in, tries to fight Hendry with power, fails and Kratos comes in.

Kratos is winning early until Kratos tries a Corner Splash, and Coughlin literally catches him and then a Overhead Belly to Belly, flinging Kratos across the ring. Alex tags in PCO and now we get a monster fight. PCO hits the Avalanche Frankensteiner and then the match breaks down. Everybody in, throwing hands and Callihan/Lawlor decide to stick in the ring. Car crash spots with Planchas, Suplexes onto the apron, PCO tosses Eddie over, wants to Dive, but Kratos cuts him off with a Pounce. Kratos looks outside, decides to fly himself. PCO comes back to life, PCO Sault onto the pile of people on the outside.

Somehow we boil back down to PCO and Kratos, who were actually the legal wrestlers. Rosser and Eddie decide to pick up the pace a bit in the ring. A weird corner combination and successive Hip Attacks into a Northern Lights Suplex Hold for 2. Rosser tries for a submission, Shining Wizard from Lawlor to break it up, Coughling comes in and suplexes both of men at the same time. Hendry is in, scoops Rosser and Coughlin, stacked up Sack of Shit, but then Callihan pops in, throwing hands but the Lawlor team gets the best of things for now.

JR Kratos gets tagged in, looks to try and put away Rosser but Rosser gets out of it and tags in PCO. Stare down of the big boys and then strike exchange. Scorpion Death Drop from PCO, into PCO-Sault and that’s the match!

Jeff Cobb vs Moose

All I will say is, my boots.

They go for the classic big guy thing of Shoulder Tackle trades, then he Leap Frog’s Cobb, and connects with the Okada Dropkick. Cobb does take Moose off his feet, and Moose powders. He gets back in, they tie up and then start trading chops in the corner until Cobb finally cuts off Moose with a Dropkick of his own, following up with the Gachimuchi Sault for 2.

Cobb mocks Moose as he’s face down and Cobb does the Moose chant while standing on him like a surf board. Moose reverses the offense, throws him into the corner follows with a Dropkick and then a Hesitation Dropkick. Moose charges, Cobb gets the foot up, climbs the ropes, GO TO HELL – for 2. Moose sets up for Lights Out, Cobb dodges and Moose goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Climbing the corner, Cobb collects Moose and goes for the Outside-In Avalanche Vertical Suplex. After a 2 count, they both are slow to get up and throw stumbling and haggard punches. Moose tries to punctuate things with the Rolling Forearm, Cobb sneaks him tries for his own Rolling Elbow but Moose catches him. They mirror one another’s offense, Lariats, Kip Ups and then a big crash in the middle that sends both falling out of opposite sides of the ring.

Once they get in, they both start throwing hands again. Cobb tries to scoop him up, Moose slips it, pushes him into the corner, goes up top. Cobb pushes him back, Moose leaps to the top and finally pays back the Superplex from earlier. Moose tries for Lights Out, Cobb moves but Moose stops himself this time. Cobb tries to hit the ropes, Moose with the Pump Kick, into the Escalera Backflip for 2, as Cobb rolls through and lifts up Moose from the mat. Moose is getting manhandled a bit but manages to slip away at first, Rolling Forearm…but he’s caught by Cobb and Cobb turns it into a Tour of the Islands for 3!

Knockouts #1 Contender 4 Way: Gisele Shaw vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Masha Slamovich vs Miyu Yamashita

The crowd cheers on Masha, Miyu and Deonna, but Boos Gisele.

Gisele powders before the tie up, Masha gets thrown out at first and then its Deonna and Miyu. They actually shake hands and there’s some respect. Miyu tries the power with the Shoulder Tackles but Deonna doesn’t budge. Miyu gets frustrated, throws a kick, Deonna ducks and takes Miyu off her feet. Gisele picks the leg on Deonna and drops her to have a little bit of a kick battle with Miyu. Miyu gets the best of that, Deonna hits them both with a Baseball Slide, Masha with a middle rope Crossbody. Gisele climbs the corner and a Corkscrew Splash into the pile on the outside.

As Gisele is trying to work over Deonna in the ring, Masha comes out of nowhere with a Waterwheel Kick to drop Gisele. Deonna turns the tide with a Headscissors and Moonsault from Deonna. Miyu tries the Mochizuki Triangle Kick but Masha ducks. So Miyu starts running between all three just looking for something to connect. Big kicks from all four women end up dropping all of them at some point. All four women do different rope run cut off spots.

Deonna hits another Headscissors and looks for the Fujiwara on Masha. Masha rolls to try and turn it into a pinfall but over rotates. So the lack of needing to break the pin threw off Miyu and Deonna’s timing. So the Triangle Kick spot is a little weird looking. Gisele drops Miyu, Masha hits an Avalanche Russian Destroyer on Gisele but Deonna goes after Masha.

Skull Kick from Miyu, Denouement from Gisele, Powerbomb into Queen’s Gambit, Deonna wins!

Sloppy towards the end, but generally decent and entertaining with logical spots. 

IMPACT Tag Team Championships: Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) (c) vs Motor City Machine Guns vs Aussie Open vs TMDK

Shane Haste and Alex Shelley start off the match. Haste feigns a lock up and tries a quick kick, as Tito sneak attacks, so the Guns and TMDK start exchanging. Aussies try to get cute but MCMG deposits them with TMDK. Bullet Club try a cut off but MCMG dump them on the other side. Quick Dive on the stacked side as MCMG try for Skull and Bones on Shane, but he gets out of it, Tito also makes sure to help out a bit, Shane hits a huge corner Cannonball as he tags in Tito. Tito Slingshot Senton and Shelley is getting worked over.

Quirky offense from Shane is weird but effective. He tags in Tito, who looks like he’s gonna do an avalanche move but hops down and just punches Alex. Tito drops Sabin, goes to the top, misses his Splash as Alex looks around, sees no Sabin but Chris Bey offers his hand and Alex begrudgingly takes it. Fluid offense from Bey, Code Red really gives him momentum until Aussies blind tag Tito and start clearing the ring. Fletcher does the pass off Stalling Suplex to Davis after the tag and a cocky tag from Davis is only 2. Bey is trying to fight through the tandem work from Aussie Open, manages to tag in Ace and he opens with the Triangle Kick that Fletcher ducks but he connects with Davis. Ace with his okey doke on the apron as he dodges all of TMDK, ABC 1-2-Sweet attempt but Sabin breaks with a tag. MCMG with some classic tandem offense on Aussie Open. 5 Hole Dive from the Guns, then Bey with a Tope con Hilo after a blind tag. Davis stops the tandem attempt by just Avalanche Powerbombing them both, Pendulum on Bey for 2.

Corealis attempt, but Ace stops it, signature spam time! High Speed Dirt from MCMG, Davis stops the tandem attempt with a Double Lariat, Bullet Club also tries but Davis won’t be stopped. Shane Haste makes a valiant effort but it looks like Haste is about to get finished until Tito sends Fletcher flying off the tope rope. Tito tries to take out Bullet Club but ABC 1-2-Sweet retains!

Lio Rush vs Kushida

I mean, Kushida can’t lose this when he’s got a title shot at Rebellion. No one wants to see Lio Rush make the title match a Triple Threat.

Kushida goes to the ground doing the Inoki taunt. Kushida wants to try and neutralize the high flying stuff. Lio plays a little keep away and then slides through Kushida’s legs and does the Full Guard Inoki kind of smarmy taunt. Back and forth, Tanaka Punch from Kushida but Lio with a Matrix dodge and they keep exchanging strikes. Lio tries to keep things quick but the Handspring Heel Kick sends Rush to the floor, little Liger style Muscle Pose and Rotate before Lio turns things around a little once Kushida follows him to the outside.

Rush is trying to stay under the bottom rope but Kushida isn’t really giving much space. He continues to step on and twist the different arms and the referee is letting it play a little. Kushida twists both Rush’s wrists and then tried to turn it into a Cradle before Kushida drops down basically with a Figure Four on the arms. Kushida is putting huge and almost vicious focus on the arms. What happen to our happy little Time Splitter?

Lio connects with Kushida, tries to hit the ropes with a Handspring but Kushida just PKs either his face or one of the arms, just simple, violent and effective. Rush starts just using his body as a weapon and throws himself into Kushida to try and find some space. Rush tries to go to the top, Kushida meets him, hunts for the Hoverboard but Rush fights him off twice. Frog Splash but Kushida moves, Rolling Elbow from Kushida, responded by a Pele Kick, they start swinging and as they’re falling to their knees big swings clock both at the same time.

Kushida starts absorbing Lio’s attacks, as he sells the arm damage, Rush goes for a Naciente, but Kushida stop the momentum and goes for the Hoverboard. Lio gets out of it, Back to the Future attempt countered into a Cradle for 2. A few strike attempts, swings and missed, Lio connects with a kick. Goes to try and collect Kushida but he finally hits Back to the Future…for 2! Arm Breaker, PK to the arm attempt, but Lio moves, Poison Rana, Springboard Low Rope Stunner (a little sloppy) but still gets a 2. Lio goes for a Frog Splash, Kushida catches him coming down and sinks in the Hoverboard Lock for the win!

I’m not a fan of Lio, but that was much better than I expected. 

NJPW Strong Open Weight Championship: KENTA (c) vs Minoru Suzuki

KENTA toys with Suzuki a little early, not really committing fully to a lock up, rubs his head and then retreats into the ropes pretending to stretch. Suzuki finally gets frustrated with the rope break play and kicks KENTA in the ass, literally. Hanging Arm Bar from Suzuki as he has to break because its illegal, and then Suzuki starts exploring the outside of the ring with KENTA’s face. KENTA turns around the Whip, and then rolls Suzuki in for a second to break the count as he then pulls him back out to throw strikes.

Strikes, Eye Rakes, just rough tactics from both men. KENTA stomps down on Suzuki as he starts coming back in, turns his back on Suzuki and Suzuki kicks him. KENTA paintbrushes him a few times disrespectfully, as Suzuki starts staring him down. Eye Gouge, Rude Awakening, and now PK’s to his back and Suzuki is just getting agitated. Suzuki stands up, and KENTA tells him to hit him. So they trade a little and then the Eye attacks continue, which is great story since KENTA is annoyed when Suzuki went after his face a few weeks ago. So its turnabout being fair play…to a degree.

Snap Mare from KENTA, stomps to the face, KENTA lowers the knee pad, feigns the Knee Drop but stops and wipes his boots on Suzuki’s face. Again, pissing off Suzuki. KENTA connects with about a dozen kicks as Suzuki rises and gets more annoyed. Punishes KENTA in the corner with big Elbows, chokes him a little with the boot, Knee Lift, Irish Whip, Yakuza Kick into Snap Mare and a PK of his own. Suzuki went for short Hamstring Kicks to drop KENTA and sink in a Heel Hook. KENTA rolls to the ropes and gets the submission break.

Murder Grandpa is now in control, not quite Garvin Stomps but KENTA is being stepped on. Jawbreaker from KENTA into an old school Jake Roberts style DDT. Avalanche Lariat for 2. KENTA speeds up a little and Figure Four! Suzuki gets to the ropes, KENTA tries to German Suplex, but Suzuki blocks. *looks at watch* OH it’s Fighting Spirit O’Clock. Suzuki wins the strike exchange, takes a little bit to take in the crowd reaction, as they now trade Big Boots. KENTA cuts off Suzuki’s Boot with his own, hits a second one and Suzuki retreats to the corner. Busaiku Knee in the corner, Hesitation Dropkick, Double Footstomp…for 2! KENTA calls for Go 2 Sleep, Suzuki fights out causing KENTA to crumble down and Suzuki sinks into a Sleeper Hold. Rope runs, end around, Sleeper almost, and again, but KENTA throws the referee, Low Blow on Suzuki, Cradle with feet on the ropes for the win!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Speedball Mike Bailey

Tanahashi has an amazing ability to help create matches around his limitations; he also does well in clash of styles matches. This could be surprisingly really good. 

Bailey offers the handshake, Tanahashi is suspect at first but eventually concedes to do it and its clean from both of them. Tana starts with the Top Wristlock, Bailey does the back and forth rolls, takes down Tana and manages to wrestle him into the corner. Tana turns things around in the corner, Bailey tries to look for a clean break but Tanahashi takes a small liberty with a body shot. Tanahashi then sends him into the corner and hits his Twisting Crossbody nicely. Bailey with his Naomi Kicks (if you will), punctuated with an Enzuigiri to send Tanahashi to the outside. Bailey stays on top of the living legend, a few strikes and a Running Kick as he sends Tanahashi back in.

After missing a High Risk move, Tanahashi slides in with a Low Dropkick, and he starts working on Bailey’s left leg. Stomps, Punches, playing air guitar on Bailey’s leg and then going back to working on the knee. Bailey tries to fight back from the corner but Tana responds with a big ole bitch slap. Bailey gets a head of steam, drops Tanahashi, Sole Butt, Sweep, Standing Shooting Star Press for 2. Bailey fights through the left leg pain to try a Buzzsaw Kick, but misses as Tanahashi comes off the ropes with the Flying Forearm. Big shots, Scoop Slam, Avalanche Senton for 2. High Fly – no – Bailey cuts him off, Gamengiri and pulls Tana down. Bailey tries to charge at him while he’s on the apron, but Tanahashi catches his foot, Dragon Screw through the ropes and the same when he tries to reenter the ring.

Bailey jumps over the Baseball Slide and spring right into the HUUGE Asai Moonsault which barely misses the guardrail and catches enough of  Tanahashi as we get to 19 with the 20 count. Crawling up into the kneeling position, Forearm Strikes ensue. A few kicks from Bailey, then Tana catches him and wants to Dragon Screw, but Bailey twists into a Double Leg Cradle but Tana kicks out. Standing Double Knees into a heavily hampered well sold Buzzsaw Kick…again only 2.

Tornado Alley…but Tanahashi charges and counters with a Slingblade! Tana goes to the top for High Fly Flow but Bailey pops up as fast as he can so Tana waits. They start fighting on the top turnbuckle, Tana clocks him and Bailey’s upper half drops to the mat, but he starts pulling himself up before Tana can do anything. Avalanche Frankensteiner, a few powered through Side Kicks, Torando Alley connects! Ultima Weapon – MISSES! Knees into canvas, Bailey has no knees left at this point. Tanahashi charges with the clothesline, Backslide counter, 2.9 – Cradle attempt but Twist and Shout triplicate counters. Sling Blade off the ropes, High Fly Flow attempt again, connects for 3!

Overall Score: 7.25/10

Well aside from the X Division pancake flipping marathon of trash; the card was pretty solid. Yes the outcomes were basically “LOL NJPW wins” (I swear if anyone tries to say Deonna was a win, don’t be dumb. Miyu is from TJP, which is owned by CyberFight the people that own NOAH and DDT, so NJPW had no stakes in that) – but at least the last half of the show pretty much delivered. Much like a Japanese card, the less interesting matches got out of the way early. I would’ve loved to see Miyu in the Rebellion title match, but between any AEW commitments she may still have and TJP, maybe she just couldn’t do an extended run with IMPACT.

Kushida starting to develop and edge is nice given who he’ll be facing in 2 weeks, KENTA and Suzuki probably still has fuel for Strong episodes, Bailey got a dream match and Ace & Bey are standing to put a stamp on their title reign. So all in all, for a little crossover event, they did fairly well adding a few wrinkles into matches and storylines, as well as, potentially setting up new ones. Like the first one to come to mind for me is: What are they going to do with Moose? Arrogance has been his gimmick for the last 4 or 5 years, but he keeps choking in big opportunities. So is he gonna spiral out but stay heel; or are they trying to break down his arrogance for a potential face run?

So, not a bad show with at the very least, Tanahashi vs Bailey being the match to watch.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/30/23)

It’s a golden go-home!



ROH Wrestling 2023

The champions of ROH prepare for the Supercard!

Before defending their titles in Los Angeles, the many champions of ROH are in action! Will Wheeler Yuta, Athena and The Embassy be ready for Friday?


  • Aussie Open VS Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling; Aussie Open wins.
  • Miyu Yamashita VS Shazza McKenzie; Miyu wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS JD Griffey, Dak Draper & Arjun Singh; The Embassy wins.
  • Metalik & AR Fox VS The Infantry; Metalik & Fox win.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Emi Sakura w/ Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki; Athena wins and retains the title.
  • 8 Man Tag: Top Flight & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Rush, Dralistico & The Kingdom w/ Jose & Maria Kanellis; Rush, Dralistico & The Kingdom win.
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Leon Ruffin; Yuta wins and retains the title.
  • El Hijo del Vikingo VS Blake Christian; Vikingo wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Christopher Daniels; Eddie wins.


Aussie Open VS Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling!

Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis are ready to #ReachForTheSky at Supercard of Honor in LA, but the Varsity Athletes want to spoil things for them in St. Louis. Will this be a trap game for the Aussie Arrow & Dunkzilla? Or will the United Empire soon conquer ROH on top of NJPW?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and the teams sort out. Fletcher starts against Daivari and fans rally up for Aussie Open. Daivari tells them to shut up but the fans boo. Fletcher and Daivari tie up, Fletcher headlocks and grinds the hold. Daivari powers up and wrenches out to a hammerlock then headlock. Fletcher pries free to wrench back, to an ELBOW BREAKER! Fletcher keeps on the wristlock but Daivari rolls, wrenches and wristlocks. Fletcher rolls, wrenches, waistlocks and SLAMS Daivari! Daivari flounders and fans fire up. Daivari stands up, talks trash, then tags Nese. Nese flexes on Fletcher but fans boo.

Fletcher says those are so-so. But then he tags in Davis and the big man steps up. Nese says what he has is muscle, and Davis just has meat. Nese runs, RAMS Davis, but Davis stays up. Fans fire up but Nese runs again. They RAM again, but Davis just roars and flexes! Sterling says one more time, but N ese dropkicks the legs out. Fans boo, Nese runs, but Davis runs him over! Fans fire up and Nese flounders, Daivari tags in. Davis CHOPS Daivari off his feet! Tag to Fletcher, Aussie Open double whip Daivari to double CHOP! PENALTY KICK! SENTON! Fans fire up, Nese runs in but is put on the apron, SLINGSHOT UPPERCUT!

Fans fire up more as they throw the crowns up. Aussie Open set up in opposite corners, but Sterling anchors Davis! Fans boo, but Nese drags Fletcher out to POST him! The ref tells Davis to let Sterling go so Davis obeys. But Daivari RAMS Fletcher into the apron! Daivari stomps Fletcher, puts him in the ring, and fans boo as he drops knees. Daivari chants, “Aussie Aussie Aussie! SUCK IT!” Tag to Nese, and the Varsity Athletes mug Fletcher. Nese keeps Fletcher from Davis, whips him to ropes and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese drags Fletcher up, tags Daivari in, and the mugging continues!

The ref counts as the Varsity Athletes throw double haymakers, but they let off. Daivari drags Fletcher up, turns him and hits a NECKBREAKER! Daivari goes to a corner, climbs up, and FLYING SPLASH FLOPS as Fletcher moves! Tag to Nese, Nese drags Fletcher from Davis and puts him in the corner. But Fletcher goes up and over, hot tag to Davis! Davis runs through Nese, SPLASHES Daivari, CHOPS Nese, repeat! Nese dodges, the Varsity Athletes double kick and double whip, but Davis cartwheels to DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up with Davis and he brings Nese up. Davis CHOP LARIATS, then again!

Davis keeps on Nese with the CHOP LARIATS, then he brings Nese out. Wrench and torture rack, but Nese fights free! Throat chop! Nese runs, but into a pop-up POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Tag to Fletcher and fans rally up. Aussie Open stand Nese up but Daivari makes the save! The Varsity Athletes fire off haymakers, double whip, but Aussie Open both KICK back, and LARIAT on top! Fans fire up, Aussie Open hooks Nese up! But Sterling gets on the apron! The fans boo, Aussie Open drops Nese, but then Nese dumps Davis out! Daivari attacks Fletcher from behind, throws hands, and whips. Fletcher reverses, but misses in the corner!

Daivari GAMANGIRIS Fletcher, puts him up top, and Nese runs in to SHORYUKEN! Then ICONOCLASM CUTTER! Fans boo but Nese goes up top! PREMIER 450! Cover, TWO!! Fletcher survives and fans fire up! The Varsity Athletes can’t believe it! They BLAST Davis off the apron, run in at Fletcher, but Daivari gets a BOOT! Nese blocks a boot, but not the SUPERKICK! Davis is back, AUSSIE DENTAL PLAN! Daivari runs in, into a scoop, LAWN DART CUTTER! Davis and Fletcher go out and get the Varsity Athletes. They flank Sterling, he gets out of the way of the SPINEBUSTER SANDWICH!

Fans fire up, BOOT SUPERKICK for Sterling!! Sterling will wanna sue for that, but Nese gets the LARIAT SANDWICH! And the COREALIS!! Cover, Aussie Open wins!

Winners: Aussie Open, by pinfall

This was a big win, because Fletcher & Davis are the future of tag team wrestling! But will they be the future ROH World Tag Team Champions in Los Angeles?


Miyu Yamashita VS Shazza McKenzie!

One of Tokyo Joshi Pro’s shining stars, a big part of DDT Pro and Joshi wrestling in general, Miyu came so close to winning the AEW Women’s Championship back when she battled Thunder Rosa. The Rose Pink Nightmare is still hungry for gold, will she get closer to the ROH title? Or will the current World Series Wrestling Women’s Champion look to add to her collection?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. Fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Miyu waistlocks but Shazza wrenches and switches. Miyu wrenches back but Shazza rolls, breaks free and wrenches back. Miyu rolls and wrings Shazza, to KICK Shazza in the back! Cover, TWO! Miyu KICKS Shazza more and more, putting her on the ropes. Miyu whips, Shazza reverses but Miyu blocks to SOBAT! Miyu runs but Shazza trips her, puts her on the apron and BOOTS her back into the ring! Shazza then springboard BULLDOGS! Cover, TWO! Shazza keeps her cool, facelocks and brings Miyu up to whip.

Shazza KNEES Miyu at the ropes, whips again and KNEES her on the other side! Fans rally up, Shazza whips and KNEES Miyu again! Shazza reels Miyu in, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Miyu gets out of that tight arching suplex, but Shazza rains down some elbows. Fans rally up, Shazza AX KICKS Miyu! Shazza hooks Miyu up in a low Cobra Twist, but Miyu fires up! Miyu stands, throws Shazza right off, and then goes to a corner. Shazza runs in but into a BOOT! Shazza comes back, Miyu dodges and ROUNDHOUSES! Then TRIANGLE JUMP ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO! Shazza gets up to throw forearms!

Miyu fires forearms in return, runs in and ROCKS Shazza! Shazza falls over, Miyu covers, TWO! Miyu drags Shazza up and around, ROCKS her with another forearm, then again. Waistlock, but Shazza switches. Miyu bucks the O’Conner, runs in and PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Shazza survives that goal, but Miyu runs back in. She only gets buckles, and Shazza kicks the legs out. Shazza ties Miyu up in the ropes, to KICK away on Miyu! Shazza BOOTS Miyu down, then goes up the corner. Miyu stands, Shazza leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO and Miyu rolls it to a cover of her own, TWO! Miyu stands but Shazza ROCKS her!

Shazza cravats, Miyu powers out to low kick and HEEL KICK! Cover, Miyu wins!

Winner: Miyu Yamashita, by pinfall

A big win in her return to ROH, the Ace of Tokyo Joshi is rolling! Will Miyu be waiting on the other side of Supercard to challenge the champion?


Six Man Tag: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS JD Griffey, Dak Draper & Arjun Singh!

The Machine and Gates of Agony are heading to LA for Supercard, but they’re still hungry for action. Will they tear into the competition tonight before going after the All Heart Airforce?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though with a lot of tension. The trios sort out and Brian Cage starts against the 2019 Top Prospect. They circle, tie up, and Cage powers his way to a waistlock. Dak switches, headlocks, but Cage powers out. Things speed up, Cage hurdles but so does Dak. Cage scoops for a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up and Cage brings Dak up to throw forearms. Cage brings Dak around, whips him to ropes, but Dak springboards to back elbow, only into a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Dak flounders up, JD tags in, and Toa Liona wants in. Cage obliges with a tag, and Liona circles with JD.

Fans rally, JD throws kicks but Liona stays up. Liona rushes in, JD dodges to fire off fast hands and body shots! JD bobs ‘n’ weaves, JUMP KNEES, then SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Liona stays up, blocks a kick, and he just takes the forearms! Liona TOSSES JD away, and Singh tags in. Singh UPPERCUTS, mule kicks, ROLLING ELBOWS, and runs, into a BODY CHECK! Fans fire up with Liona and he tags in Kaun. The Gates fire up, Kaun SLAPS and whips Liona to SPLASH Singh! Liona feeds Singh to a LARIAT! Kaun drags Singh away, JD runs in but into an elbow! Cage gets in, he BLASTS Dak while the Gates SANDWICH JD!

Kaun stands Singh up to CHOP! Kaun CLUBS Singh into the corner, puts him up top and tags in Cage. Kaun picks Singh up, TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER! Singh flounders to the apron and Liona SENTONS! Liona drags Singh up to hand him off to Cage for the deadlift SUPERPLEX! Cover, The Embassy wins!

Winners: The Embassy, by pinfall

Nana is proud of his three headed monster! Nana mockingly shakes Singh’s hand, then Liona tosses Singh out. Will this trio of titans be unstoppable at Supercard?


Metalik & AR Fox VS The Infantry!

Speaking of the ROH World Six Man Tag Team titles, two of the challengers are in action tonight ahead of that big time match. Will the King of the Ropes and the Whole Fox’n Show be muy caliente? Or will Captain Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo bring them down to the ground?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the teams sort out, and we start with The Captain and Metalik. Fans rally up as the two circle, and the two tie up. Dean headlocks, Metalik throws hands and powers out. Things speed up, Metalik drops, hurdles but Dean jumps over. Metalik dodges the clothesline, mule kicks and CHOPS! Dean ends up in a corner, Metalik CHOPS again. Metalik whips, Dean reverses, but Metalik BOOTS back. Metalik runs to SLING-DOG! Metalik keeps moving, he goes up and along the ropes to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Fox so Metalik drags Dean over to tag Fox in.

Fox and Metalik mug Dean, double whip him to a corner, and Metalik sends Fox in for a back elbow! Fox whips Dean to Metalik and Metalik tilt-o-whirl scoops, but OW, rough landing for The Captain! Fox drags Dean to a cover, TWO! Fox drags Dean, stomps him, then tags Metalik. Fans rally, Metalik kicks Dean around and fireman’s carries. Dean fights free, CLUBS Metalik and tags Bravo! Bravo dodges Metalik, spins him around and ROLLING ELBOWS! Metalik goes down and Carlie shakes out his arm. Carlie whips Metalik to the corner but Metalik goes up, only to get caught! Dean tags back in before the SNAKE EYES! NECKBREAKER!

Carlie KNEES Fox down, Dean stomps Metalik. Fox gets up and protests, but Dean stomps a mudhole into Metalik. Tag to Bravo, he drags Metalik up to throw hands. Fans count along and Carlie gets to TEN! Dean tags in, he gives Carlie an Electric Chair Lift! Fans fire up as they spin around and around, and they use that momentum so Carlie can whip Dean in to RAM Metalik! Dean then FLAPJACKS Metalik! Fox runs in but into a DOUBLE HIP TOSS! Carlie and Dean get the legs, then trade, to crisscross split the wishbone! Fox flounders away, Dean drags Metalik up, and Dean bumps Metalik off buckles.

Fans rally and duel, Dean tags in Carlie, and they snapmare Metalik. PENALTY KICK, SENTON, ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Carlie drags Metalik up and snap suplexes! Cover, Fox breaks it! The ref reprimands but Carlie puts Metalik in the corner. Carlie digs his boot in, Dean tags in and he runs in to BIG back elbow! Tag to Carlie, he RAMS in, then tag back to Dean! Carlie fakes Metalik out, HAYMAKER, and feed to the SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Metalik survives and Dean is stunned. Dean tags Carlie back in, they bring Metalik up and put him on the top rope. Carlie climbs, Metalik fights back, the two brawl!

Metalik CHOPS Carlie, tucks him in, and SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS! Both men are down, but Dean gets in to drag Metalik back! Metalik hops up to ENZIGURI! Hot tag to Fox! Fans fire up as Fox rallies on Carlie with big clotheslines! Fox goes Matrix to dodge, then he PELES! Carlie staggers away but Dean full nelsons. But Fox spins through to hit an ANARCHY! Carlie BOOTS Fox, but Fox BOOTS back! Carlie kicks, KICKS, but Fox ENZIGURIS! Fans fire up, Fox runs back in, and back elbows! Fox snapmare rolls and CUTTERS! Cover, TWO! Dean almost had the break-up, but he goes after Metalik.

Dean whips Metalik to the apron. Dean runs in, but Metalik jumps over the slide to ASAI MOONSAULT in one go! Fans fire up, and Fox cravats Carlie. Carlie powers out, but Fox puts him on the ropes. Carlie HOTSHOTS back, slingshots and somersaults, to COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Fox survives and Carlie can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Carlie aims and runs in, into a BOOT! Metalik tags in, Fox dodges Carlie, but Carlie BOOTS back. Carlie runs in, kicks and kicks and kicks, but the ref missed the tag! Fox BOOTS back, whips Carlie to the corner, but Carlie BOOTS! Fox goes up to ARABIAN FLY! Metalik tags in and he tightrope walks, LIMIT BREAKER! Cover, Metalik & Fox win!!

Winners: Metalik & AR Fox, by pinfall

A truly high-flying, hard fought fight, and now two thirds of the challengers are fired up! Will Blake Christian keep pace with his teammates later tonight?


ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Emi Sakura w/ Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki!

The Fallen Goddess called out the Magical Girl, Yuka Sakazaki, for Supercard of Honor, but is risking a lot with this title defense! Will Athena still go on to LA? Or will the Queen of Joshi rock her and take her crown?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is the queen of ROH!

The Code of Honor is barely upheld, and the bell rings. They throw forearms and Emi gets the edge! Emi CHOPS Athena off her feet, then laughs. Fans fire up, Emi runs at the ropes to BODY CHECK Athena off the apron! Athena flounders to the ramp and Emi taunts her. Athena rushes back up but Emi brings Athena around by her hair. Athena POSTS Emi, and hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Emi staggers away while Athena scowls. Athena stalks Emi, throws her down by her hair, and then she goes for the steel steps. Mei won’t let Athena do that, Emi rushes up, but Athena pulls hair to SMACK Emi off the apron!

Athena goes up the ramp, comes back, and she SHOTGUNS Emi into the apron! Fans fire up as Athena shouts, “This is MY show!” The ref checks Emi and Mei leaps off the steps! But Athena catches her! Mei begs for mercy but Athena pops her up to SLAM her down! Athena grins, mocks Mei, but Emi CHOPS Athena down! Fans fire up with Emi, and she runs in, BODY CHECK into the steps! Fans fire up as Emi laughs and now the ref checks Athena. Emi stands on Athena, then drags her up and HEADBUTTS! Athena flounders, Emi HEADBUTTS again! The ring count climbs but Emi mocks the champion, before another HEADBUTT!

Emi puts Athena in the ring, brings her back up, and Akki gets fans to rally for “EMI! EMI!” Emi climbs the corner, but Athena trips her up! Athena then drags Emi back into the Tree of Woe, for KICK after KICK after KICK to the back! Athena CLUBS Emi, then PENALTY KICKS her out of the Tree! Fans fire up, Athena drags Emi up and CLUBS her down. Emi sits up to throw body shots but Athena just CLUBS away on Emi! Athena then dribbles Emi off the mat! Fans fire up more as Athena scowls and stalks Emi. Emi grabs the ropes but Athena drops an elbow on her! Athena drags Emi up to whip her to a corner and clothesline!

Athena whips corner to corner to back body block! And then she whips Emi corner to corner again, soaks up the cheers and jeers, to then handspring- CHOP from Emi! Emi brings Athena up, underhooks, for a stalling BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Emi drags Athena into the drop zone, goes up the corner, and fans rally up for Her Highness! MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Athena survives and Emi can’t believe it! Athena shakes out her leg, that’s where Emi landed. Fans rally up as Emi eggs Athena on. Athena stands, Emi ROCKS her! Athena says okay, and she ROCKS Emi back! Emi comes back to ROCK Athena!

Fans rally, Athena scowls and ROCKS Emi again! Emi ROCKS Athena! Athena SLAPS, Emi SLAPS, now it’s a SLAP fight! And a CHOP fight! Fans are thunderous as the shots go back and forth! Athena gets the edge, but Emi responds in kind! Fans are loving “ROH! ROH!” for this one! Emi CHOPS again, then SOUTHPAW LARIATS! But Athena kips up!? But Emi dragon sleepers! TWIST- NO, Athena cartwheels out! BOOT!! Cover, TWO!! Emi survives and now Athena is shocked! “This is Awesome!” as Athena rises again. Athena climbs a corner, Emi stands, O- NO!! Emi holds it off to dragon sleeper! TWISTER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Emi fires up, the fans fire up, and Emi stands Athena up! Underhooks and BUTTERFLY BOMB! Athena makes it a cradle!? TWO!!! Emi escapes Athena’s sudden counter and fans are thunderous! Emi powers up, says she will be champion, and she SLAPS! SLAPS! SLAPS! Emi windmills the palm strikes, KICKS out the legs and DOUBLE CHOPS Athena down! Emi runs, but into a FOREARM! Athena reels Emi in, Canadian Rack, CLIFFHANGER! Into the CROSSFACE!! Emi flails, moves around, but Athena shifts to a deeper sleeper! Emi can’t get any ground, so she TAPS!! Athena wins!!

Winner: Athena, by submission (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

The Fallen Goddess did not fall, and she is going on to Supercard! She is going to get the match she wanted with Yuka! But wait, Athena is going after Emi’s leg! Athena drops knees on the knee! Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Athena says, “I told you!” LEG DDT! Athena drags Emi to the apron! Then to the corner! Athena puts the leg in between steps and post! Mei jumps on to stop Athena! But Athena TOSSES Mei away! And DECKS her! WAIT! YUKA IS HERE! Yuka runs down to CLOBBER Athena!! Yuka puts Athena in the ring, she fires off hands and forearms! Fans fire up but security rushes out!

Fans boo, “LET THEM FIGHT!” Athena DECKS a guard, and jumps onto Yuka!! Yuka hits Athena back, the security drags Athena out of the ring! Athena just beats them down now! Yuka climbs the corner, for a MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH!! Yuka wipes out EVERYBODY! Fans are thunderous for Yuka as she holds up the belt, will the Magical Girl take that title for her own?


8 Man Tag: Top Flight & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Rush, Dralistico & The Kingdom w/ Jose & Maria Kanellis!

Aussie Open already won big, they’re ready to #ReachForTheSky. With that match being every team for themselves, will either of these quartets be able to coexist?

The Code of Honor is skipped, the teams sort out, and Dante Martin starts against Matt Taven, but Taven wants someone else. Fans rally up, Taven stays in the ropes and calls out Penta. Fans rally “CERO! MIEDO!” so Penta tags in. Penta and Taven step up, Taven says purple is HIS color. Penta tells Taven listen: CERO! MIEDO! Taven shoves Penta, so Penta takes off his glove. Penta tosses it to Alex and it is a touchdown! Taven mocks Penta by taking off his glove, and he SLAPS Penta with it! So Penta SUPERKICKS Taven! Mike Bennett gets in to DECK Penta! Fenix runs in, dodges Mike and SCREW HIGH KICKS!

Rush gets in to DECK Fenix! Dante springboard MISSILE DROPKICKS Rush! Dante kips up as Dralistico gets in to SCREW HIGH KICK him! Darius runs in and dodges Dralistico to DROPKICK! The Kingdom attacks Darius, double whip him, but the Lucha Brothers DOUBLE SUPERKICK The Kingdom! LFI rush in, the Lucha Bros dodge and Top Flight hurdle over! Top Flight DOUBLE DROPKICK LFI out! Fans fire up, Top Flight build speed but The Kingdom trips them! The Lucha Bros build speed, and DIVE into forearms from LFI! Fans boo but LFI drags the Lucha Bros out, Rush sends Fenix into barriers!

Rush and Dralistico stomp Fenix, The Kingdom GOURD BUSTER and BLINDSIDE ROLLING ELBOW Penta! Fenix rushes in but into a kick. Mike whips, Fenix tiger feint rewinds, but Mike blocks the heel kick! Mike trips Fenix, CATAPULTS him into Taven’s KICK O’ THE KING! And then Fenix falls back, Taven ELBOW DROPS him onto Mike’s knees! Cover on Penta, TWO! Taven drags Penta up, tags in Rush but LFI both hop in. Rush ROCKS Penta! Dralistico CHOPS Penta, LFI mocks Cero Miedo, and they double whip. Penta KICKS Rush, dodges Dralistico and SUPERKICKS him down! Hot tag to Dante!

Dante runs in but into a kick! LFI mugs Dante, snapmares and stomps away! Fans boo but LFI soaks up the heat. LFI mug Dante in the corner with CHOPS, then double whip. Dralistico clotheslines, Rush SPLASHES, and LFI snapmare to DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Rush takes a bow as he soaks up the heat. Dralistico drags Dante away, he and Rush stomp away. Fans rally for Dante but LFI pretend to field goal kick Dante. Rush drags Dante over, tag to Taven and tag to Mike. The Kingdom double whip Dante to the corner. Taven whips Mike in to ROCK Dante! Taven SPLASHES, then feeds Dante to a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

Taven runs, Dante sits up for JUST THE TIP! Mike covers, TWO!! Dante survives, but Mike tags Taven. The Kingdom coordinates, but Datne back drops free! Taven hurries after Dante, but he dodges to hot tag Penta! Penta tags Fenix, the Lucha Brothers mule kick and, “UNO! DOS! TRES!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! LFI run in, they get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Penta and Fenix coordinate, WHEELBARROW VICTORY SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Taven survives but Fenix goes corner to corner, only for Taven to dodge! KICK O’ THE KING! Mike gets in, he drags Fenix up and puts him up top.

The Kingdom coordinates, but Penta SUPERKICKS Taven! Fenix slips free of Mike’s clinch to feed the SLINGBLADE! Taven and Fenix hot tag Rush and Dante! Rush runs in but Darius tags in before the up ‘n’ over! SUPERKICK! STEP-IN COMPLETE SHOT! Dralistico rushes in, but into a SUPERKICK! Dante whips, Dralistico reverses, Darius pops Dante up and over, then Top Flight work together to TORNADO DDT Dralistico! Fans fire up as Top Flight goes after Rush. Rush shoves Dante away into Dralistico’s GAMANGIRI! Dralistico goes up to springboard, FLYING CODE BREAKER!

Darius rushes up but into a waistlock. Darius BOOTS Rush, elbows Dralistico, but Rush sends Darius to ropes. Darius rebounds into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Dralistico adds a springboard DESTROYER!! Darius flops out of the ring and fans rally up. Rush runs corner to corner, BULL’S HORNS!! Rush drags Darius to the cover, LFI & The Kingdom win!

Winners: Rush, Dralistico & The Kingdom, by pinfall

Top Flight & Lucha Brothers regroup on the outside, finding themselves on the ropes. But while El Toro Blanco, The Prince of Gold & Silver, Miracle Mike and #TheTrend are rolling into Supercard, who will #ReachForTheSky and bring home the titles?


Mark Briscoe is here!

Fans are all fired up to see the Sussex County Chicken ahead of Supercard and his ROH World Television Championship match. The ROH World Tag Team title he holds now will be high above the ring in LA, but he holds onto it for one more night as he gets the mic. “Yeah, baby! St. Louie, what’s good, baybay? I come to you tonight representing the Baddest Tag Team in the History of Time and Space, Dem Boys, the Briscoe Brothers.” Fans chant “DEM BOYS!” for the Briscoes, and Mark says tomorrow, in Cali, “it ain’t about tag team action. It’s the biggest singles match of my career.” Mark Briscoe VS Samoa Joe, for the ROH World TV title.

“And this one, let me tell you. This one’s a little bit different. This one’s hitting just a little bit personal, if you know what I mean.” Mark doesn’t just win this for himself. He wins it for his wife and kids, for his brother Jay and Jay’s wife and kids. He wins it for the family, for his mom and dad, for everyone home in Delaware, and everyone worldwide who rode with #DemBoys! “This is bigger than you’d ever know, you know what I’m saying?” But Mark wants Joe to listen. They’ve known each other a long time. Joe’s put some whoopings on Mark’s ass, Mark’s put some whoopings on Joe’s ass.

“But tomorrow night, the difference is, this time, I’m gonna win that title, because it’s my destiny.” Fans cheer for that! But then Joe is on the tron! “Mark! Your destiny? It’s your destiny to take the championship from me? You know what, you don’t need to worry about your destiny, you need to worry about the reality. And the reality is, I cannot believe the disrespect I’m seeing right now!” Mark is talking about destiny, dreams, what he’ll accomplishment instead of talking about survival and what he’s gonna do to beat Joe! Because Mark, you’ve forgotten the man Joe is, so Joe will remind you.

This is Samoa Joe! He is the ROH World Television Champion, the GREATEST ROH World Champion of all time! Samoa Joe is violence made flesh and ruthlessness manifest! Come Supercard of Honor, Joe will remind Mark of that. Joe is seething, Mark is pacing, and fans are fired up! What happens when destiny collides with brutality in Los Angeles?


Backstage interview with Jay Lethal.

Dasha Gonzales says Lethal requested this time, but it’s a bit surprising he’s alone since he’s usually with Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh. Yes, he did request this time because in a few moments, Mark will be coming around that corner, and there’s something Lethal needs to say to him alone, without Jarrett, Sonjay or Satnam. This has nothing to do with Triple J, this has to do with his personal relationship with Mark. Mark does walk over, and Lethal gets his attention. Lethal says that he needs to tell Mark, that with everything they’ve been through, they’re like family. So Lethal wants to be the first one to wish Mark luck at Supercard against Joe.

And Lethal knows there’s a lot on Mark’s shoulders, that this is a big moment for Mark and his family, because we’re all waiting for Mark to bring that belt home. Lethal says this has nothing to do with Triple J, this has everything to do with their history in ROH. Bring home that title, man! Mark shakes Lethal’s hand and Lethal heads out. Mark nods and appreciates that. Will Mark do it for the family, friends and fans all wanting to see destiny realized?


ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Leon Ruffin!

The Blackpool Combat Club has been ripping their way through both AEW and ROH rosters, and The Decoder is going to get his wish at Supercard of Honor. He will take on The Wrestler, Katsuyori Shibata! But will he be bringing the belt? Or will the ultimate underdog be the one living the dream of becoming champion?

On stage are the judges, BJ Whitmer, Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn, and Leon makes sure to shake each of their hands on the way to the ring. Yuta also shakes the judges’ hands, then joins Leon in the ring. The introductions are made, the newly redesigned and very shiny belt is raised, and we see if Yuta is worthy of it.

The Code of Honor is upheld, though maybe sarcastically from Yuta. The bell rings, the match is on the clock, and the two tie up. They go around, Yuta wrenches and CLUBS the arm, then bends the elbow. Yuta wristlocks, Leon rolls but Yuta wrangles him back down. Leon rolls and rolls, but Yuta wrangles him again. Leon rolls again, flips but Yuta wrenches to CHOP Leon down! Fans “WOO~” while Yuta gets a leg. Yuta drags Leon around into the HALF CRAB, then shifts to tie up the legs! Yuta fishhooks, then pulls Leon into the BOW & ARROW! But Leon pops free to a cover, ONE! Both men hurry up and Yuta knees low.

Yuta CHOPS Leon in the corner and fans “WOO~!” Yuta whips corner to corner, Leon goes up and out and catches Yuta for a HOTSHOT! Leon goes up and around, Yuta waistlocks, Leon hammers away on the grip, but Yuta still GERMAN SUPLEXES! Yuta flexes while fans are torn. Yuta stalks Leon to ropes, drags him up and has the wristlcok. Yuta wrenches, hooks Leon up and fans duel, “Let’s Go, Yuta!” “YUTA SUCKS!” Yuta shifts from Cobra Twist to IRON OCTOPUS! A message sent to Shibata but Leon endures and fights his way towards the ROPEBREAK! That’s the first, Leon has two more, but Yuta mocks Leon about that.

Leon goes to a corner, Yuta drags him up to throw him down by his hair. The ref reprimands but Yuta stalks Leon. Leon throws an elbow but Yuta ROCKS Leon! Yuta scoops, SLAMS and SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Yuta grabs a leg, steps through for a toehold, then ties up the legs. Yuta taunts Leon, Leon throws forearms, but Yuta DECKS Leon! Yuta stands and bridges to put on pressure! Fans are torn, Yuta mockingly applauds while he maintains the bridge. Yuta then crosses his arms, another message to Shibata. Leon fights to get the bridge undone, and he crawls his way around. Yuta stands to bridge again!

Leon endures, he reaches out, ROPEBREAK! That’s the second, he only has one left. Yuta smirks, this is playing right into his game plan. Yuta drags Leon up with a waistlock but Leon throws elbows. Leon is free, he ELBOWS Yuta again, then goes to a corner. Yuta runs in but only gets buckles! Leon ENZIGURIS then NECKBREAKERS! Fans fire up as Leon goes to the apron. Yuta runs in, into a GAMANGIRI! Leon springboards, goes around, and around, and under! Leon runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then DROPKICKS Yuta down! Fans fire up with Leon and he brings Yuta up! Yuta powers out of the Bulldog, but Leon springboards, into a FOREARM!

Yuta rains down forearms to Leon’s head, throws crossface forearms, then HAMMERLOCK CROSSFACES!! Leon taps, Yuta wins!

Winner: Wheeler Yuta, by submission (still ROH Pure Champion)

Yuta didn’t need a single ropebreak, and he didn’t even need six minutes. He mockingly shakes Leon’s hand to uphold the Code of Honor, then gets the mic. “Well, well, well… Mr. Ruffin, I applaud your efforts, but they just weren’t enough tonight. Just like Clark Connors’ efforts weren’t enough. Like Timothy Thatcher’s efforts weren’t enough. And like Katsuyori Shibata’s efforts will not be enough at Supercard of Honor against Wheeler Yuta.” Yuta sits cross legged just like Shibata, but with a big, smug grin. Wait! That music! SHIBATA IS HERE! Fans go wild and Yuta looks annoyed and surprised.

Shibata slides into the ring to look at Yuta, and Yuta stands up. Fans are losing their minds, and Yuta says he didn’t think Shibata would show up here. “Shibata, I want you to know how important this is to me.” Shibata wants the mic but Yuta says no, he’s still got something to say. Shibata used to be one of the most lethal strikers in pro-wrestling history. Shibata used to be- Shibata SNATCHES the mic away! And he gets in Yuta’s face! Fans fire up as there’s no more talking. Yuta backs away first, will he be the first to find there’s no “used to be” with Shibata? Will Shibata snatch away that title like he did that mic?


El Hijo del Vikingo VS Blake Christian!

While Supercard of Honor is an ROH event, the AAA Mega Champion is going to defend his title in LA! Will the greatest luchador of this new generation shine bright in St. Louis? Or will All Heart prove he’s worthy of the gold?

Fans are already losing their minds seeing EHDV. The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. The two circle, tie up, and Blake arm-drags, sweeps and covers. ONE, Blake avoids the sweep and kicks low. Blake whips EHDV to ropes, EHDV reverses, drops, and Blake handsprings. EHDV arm-drags, sweeps, covers, ONE! DOUBLE DROPKICKS but those cancel out! Both men kip up and fans fire up! Blake and EHDV shake hands again to show there is sportsmanship here and fans fire up. The two go again, testing the waters. They tie up, Blake waistlocks but EHDV pries free. Blake snapmares, EHDV handsprings through!

EHDV arm-drags, things speed up again. Blake hurdles then drops, but EHDV avoids the dropkick! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! EHDV arm-drags again and he grinds Blake down. Fans applaud these fast and furious exchanges, and Blake fights up. EHDV whips Blake to a corner, Blake reverses but EHDV reverses back to HEEL KICK! Blake wobbles, EHDV handsprings, goes up the corner, Blake runs in but into boots! EHDV takes a moment to steady himself, before going up and around and FLYING RANA! Blake flounders out of the ring while fans fire up! EHDV aims and goes up the ropes, to jump and IMPLODER CANNONBALL!

Fans lose their minds again with both men are down at the ramp! EHDV brings Blake up and puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! All Heart hangs tough but EHDV keeps focus. EHDV BOOTS Blake down, CLUBS him, then brings him back up. EHDV ROCKS Blake with a forearm, then ROCKS him again! Blake leans on ropes and shakes out the stars going around his head. EHDV SOBATS, whips, but Blake ducks ‘n’ dodges and trips EHDV to basement dropkick! EHDV ends up on ropes, Blake runs in to basement TIGER FEINT! EHDV flounders back, Blake springboards, but EHDV gets under, only for Black to HANDSPRING PELE!

Fans fire up as EHDV bails out. Blake builds speed and FLIES! Fosbury Flop hits at the ramp and fans fire up again! Blake fetches EHDV, “This is Awesome!” as Blake puts EHDV in the ring. Blake covers, TWO! Blake brings EHDV up, ROCKS him with a forearm, and scoops to SLAM! Blake steps on EHDV to STANDING IMPLODER SENTON! Blake brings EHDV up to snap suplex! Fans rally, Blake nods while EHDV crawls to ropes. Blake drags EHDV up, snapmares, and clamps on a chinlock. Blake grinds EHDV but fans rally for “VIKINGO! VIKINGO!” EHDV endures, but Blake traps an arm to keep him down.

EHDV kicks around, reaches out, fights up to his feet, but Blake facelocks. EHDV throws body shots but Blake knees low. Blake whips, EHDV rebounds and gets around into SCREW HIGH KICK! EHDV then whips Blake to a corner, but Blake stops himself to elbow back! Blake goes up, leaps, but EHDV catches him! EHDV swings to SIDE SLAM! And then a roll to SUPERKICK! EHDV puts Blake near the ropes, goes up those ropes, and fans fire up for the INSIDE-OUT PHOENIX SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Blake survives because he is All Heart! EHDV keeps his focus, he stomps Blake into the corner and digs his boots in.

Fans rally, EHDV climbs, but Blake trips him! Blake Electric Chair Lifts to SNAKE EYES, and then GERMAN SUPLEX! EHDV stumbles and falls and fans fire up again. Blake storms up to EHDV, brings him out to the apron, and stands him back up. Blake Electric Chair Lifts again! But EHDV fights to APRON POISON RANA! A rough landing for both men but Blake definitely took the worse of it. EHDV shakes out the cobwebs, fans fire up as he builds speed, and goes up, only for Blake to get away. EHDV goes to the apron instead, leaps, but Blake avoids the cannonball! EHDV turns around, into a STANDING SPANISH FLY!

Blake holds on to drag EHDV up and put him in the ring! Springboard 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! EHDV survives and shocks Blake! “This is Awesome!” as Blake waits on EHDV to rise. Blake stands EHDV, but EHDV fires hands. Blake knees low, suplexes, but EHDV slips free to back suplex, to put Blake on the top rope! ENZIGURI! Fans rally again as EHDV climbs up behind Blake. EHDV stands Blake up, for a SUPER INVERTED- WAIT! Both men land on their feet!! They stare down, EHDV grins, but Blake LARIATS! Blake drags EHDV up, reels him in, POWER- RANA! Cover, EHDV wins!

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo, by pinfall

Just when All Heart thought he had it, the AAA Mega Champion snatches it away from him! Fans give a standing ovation and even bow to the lucha libre prodigy. And best of all, Blake upholds the Code of Honor and even raises EHDV’s hand. With how great this non-title match was, will EHDV and Komander put on an instant classic on Supercard?


Backstage interview with Blake Christian.

Dasha knows that was a heartbreaking loss to Vikingo just now, but tomorrow is the ROH World Six Man Tag title against The Embassy. Blake says it would’ve been great to go in with a win, but- Prince Nana walks over. “Heartbreaking? Heartbreaking? HA! Heartbreaking is an understatement for what just happened out there, my friend. Take the night off tomorrow. The Embassy is a realistic and one of the most brutal teams you could possibly face. Take the night off tomorrow, okay? Do yourself a favor, Blake. How about that?” Blake asks Nana if he understands who Blake is.

Does Nana think Blake got the nickname, “All Heart,” for backing down? Nana says he does understand. Then the answer to Prince Nana’s idea is “Nah, nah.” Nana says that’s a good one. But is Blake sure about this? He’s positive. Then no problem. Oh, boys…! LIONA ATTACKS! He sends Blake into spare seating and then the wall! Metalik & Fox rush in, but Nana has his team stand down. This will be settled tomorrow. Blake may be All Heart, but will his body be able to carry him through? Or will there be more than hearts broken on Friday?


Eddie Kingston VS Christopher Daniels!

The Mad King was deemed unworthy by the Swiss Superman, but between winning his way up and getting in Claudio’s face, the champion couldn’t let it go. Eddie gets his shot at the ROH World Championship, but will he make it through the ROH Grand Slam winner?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and fans rally for “EDDIE! EDDIE!” Eddie and Daniels circle, fans duel, and the two tie up. Daniels headlocks, Eddie powers out and they RAM shoulders. They stay up, Eddie headlocks, but now Daniels powers out. They RAM shoulders again, but neither falls. Daniels shakes out the arm, he dodges Eddie’s chop and runs to RAM Eddie again! Eddie stays up, and the two men nod. They circle, tie up, and Eddie headlocks. Daniels powers Eddie down to a knee, pops out the back and he headlocks in return. Eddie fights up and powers out, then things speed up.

Eddie drops then CLOBBERS Daniels with an elbow! Daniels goes to a corner, Eddie runs in to KNEE Daniels, then BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, ONE!! Daniels is hanging tough but Eddie stays right on him. Eddie brings Daniels up, for a SAIDO! Fans rally, and Eddie prepares the fist! Daniels rises, but he ducks the backhand! Eddie fights off the clinch, runs in at the corner, but into a BOOT! Daniels runs to SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Eddie goes to ropes, Daniels CHOPS him on the back! Daniels stands Eddie up to bend him against the ropes! The ref counts, Daniels lets off at 4, and then he puts Eddie in the corner.

Daniels climbs up to rain down fists on Eddie! Fans duel, Daniels lets off at TEN, and he CHOPS Eddie again! Daniels whips Eddie corner to corner hard, and Eddie drops to his knees. Daniels soaks up the cheers and jeers then brings Eddie back up. Daniels CLUBS Eddie on the neck, CLUBS him more and more and more! Daniels runs, to STO! Cover, TWO! Eddie is tough and Daniels grows frustrated. Daniels brings Eddie up but Eddie throws shots to the legs! Eddie fires body shots, CHOPS, then runs, to BOOT! Daniels wobbles, but he clinches for a COMPLETE SHOT! Into the KOJI KLUTCH!

Fans rally as Eddie endures and reaches out! Eddie gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Daniels lets off at 4. Eddie sputters but Daniels grows further frustrated. Daniels CLUBS Eddie, CLUBS him again, but Eddie throws body shots. Daniels CLUBS Eddie, Eddie throws a body shot, repeat. Eddie stands to fire a forearm but Daniels gives it back. They go back and forth with shots, Daniels knees low, and Daniels reels Eddie in. Daniels underhooks but Eddie fights the lift! Eddie back drops Daniels away! Fans fire up and Eddie goes to a corner. Daniels stands up, into a CHOP! And another! Daniels snarls, and brings down the straps!

Fans fire up and Daniels CHOPS! Eddie eggs Daniels on so Daniels CHOPS! Now Eddie brings down the straps! Eddie CHOPS, Daniels CHOPS, this is a CHOP fight! Fans “WOO~” again and again with every CHOP! Fans fire up, they’re thunderous as these two finally take a breath. Then Eddie roars! Eddie CHOPS, Daniels CHOPS, Eddie ENZIGURIS! Daniels staggers, Eddie hits an atomic drop! Eddie runs to BOOT Daniels down! Cover, TWO! Daniels is hanging in there, but Eddie clinches to EXPLODER! Daniels flounders to a corner and fans fire up. Eddie loads up, to MACHINE GUN CHOP! But Daniels BOOTS back!

Eddie shakes out the arm, Daniels CLUBS him down! Daniels scowls, his chest is stinging, so he puts the straps back up. Daniels drags Eddie up, headlocks and elbows away. Daniels runs, into a BOOT! But Daniels CHOPS in return! Eddie bobs ‘n’ weaves and ENZIGURIS! URAKEN! Daniels wobbles, into another URAKEN!! Cover, Eddie wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The Fallen Angel falls to the Mad King! And Eddie bows in respect, and helps Daniels stand. Fans cheer the sportsmanship, and Daniels says Eddie has what it takes. If Eddie beat a Grand Slam Champion, will he be able to beat THE champion, Claudio Castagnoli? Wait, speaking of, here comes Claudio! The Swiss Superman has the redesigned and shined up new ROH World Championship on his belt, and he walks down to the ring with it. Claudio stands in the ring to stare Eddie down, and he holds up the belt. Wait, Eddie wants to do this now?! Claudio puts the belt down, and he takes his jacket off!

Claudio has the mic to say he doesn’t wanna wait! They’re doing this now! The ref gets back in the ring and fans fire up! Claudio takes off his shirt, but he’s in slacks! Oh, Claudio gets the belt back and slips away. Claudio says they do this on HIS time, which is also the scheduled time of Supercard. Daniels slides the mic back to Eddie so he can say, “Well… Ladies and gentlemen, what’s a diamond upside-down?” Fans know, and Eddie says he didn’t have to say it so he won’t be fined by HR. Eddie says he’ll wait until Friday. “And everyone here, I promise you this. If you don’t buy the PPV, you will feel like sh*t.”

And here’s why: Eddie NEEDS to be world champion! Eddie NEEDS to fulfill his destiny that he said he’d be when he was nine years old! Eddie told his mom that the reason why she doesn’t have a daughter-in-law, a grandkid, because Eddie cannot concentrate on that until he is world champion. Claudio talks trash but Eddie tells him to shut up, he’s not the one with the mic. And Claudio knows Eddie’s mom, he met her and Eddie’s family. Claudio shook Eddie’s father’s hand and kissed Eddie’s mom, and told them that he loves Eddie. But here’s a little inside look. When it was time for Claudio to do business, he ran to be a sports entertainer. Eddie stayed to fight.

Claudio can say he fought all day, but Eddie remembers when Claudio dressed up like an EFFING CLOWN over there! Don’t tell Eddie nothing! Go back to the circus, because ROH is about competition! Or maybe Claudio should get in the ring? Eddie will smack fire outta Claudio’s ass! Claudio leaves, Eddie tells the fans to buy the PPV, because Eddie will fight until he is dead in the ring. Eddie won’t stop, because of men like Christopher Daniels, men like Bryan Danielson–even though Eddie doesn’t like Bryan but he respects him–and his mentors, Homicide, Xavier–may he rest in peace–and the inaugural ROH Champion, LowKi.

Eddie lives through them, stands on their shoulders, and WILL BE ROH World Champion!! Also, tip your waitresses, try the veil. Eddie vows to give his life for ROH and pro-wrestling, will he finally live his life’s dream of being world champion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of ROH, especially as a go-home. Now, ROH has only just returned to weekly programming, so they didn’t need a ton of video packages, and didn’t really have enough material for a ton of video packages. At the same time, they weren’t going to use up time for those because they need to get as much down in two hours as possible. Miyu VS Shazza was really the only filler match, and it was still a pretty good match that can still help build Miyu in the ROH Women’s Division. And having title matches here on a go-home is wild, even though neither title was going to change here tonight.

Athena VS Emi was an awesome match, Emi still looking strong even in losing. And it was great to see Yuka show up to brawl with Athena. Yuka stands tall, so she’s definitely not winning on Supercard. And then the ROH Pure Championship match was as close to a squash match as a Pure Rules match can be. Yuta taunting Shibata only to get Shibata was awesome! Yuta and Shibata side by side, it’s almost like Yuta is nWo/wannabe Shibata. Yuta will probably bend rules to keep the title, as Shibata’s first title since coming back should be in NJPW, not ROH.

Really good stuff in the various tune-up matches. Aussie Open had a great opener against The Varsity Athletes, and a great 8 Man Tag from the other four teams. I was a bit surprised the Heels won that, but it was LFI with the win so they’re going into the ladder match with momentum. Aussie Open won’t win, they’re going to be more focused on the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles in NJPW. LFI probably won’t win because they stand tall, but who knows, they could defy the math. I would think the Lucha Brothers win the titles to be Face champions that truly continue where The Briscoes left off.

Speaking of the Briscoes, great promo from Mark Briscoe, from Samoa Joe, and from Jay Lethal. Lethal shrugged off his Heel behavior from AEW to be kinda real here with Mark. There’s a very good chance Mark wins the TV title to give us a feel good moment at Supercard in the wake of losing Jay Briscoe. And then, chances are, Lethal shows his Heel side again by wanting the first title match against Mark. And I like that we’re seeing Dasha here, she doesn’t get to do as much onscreen in AEW, and it allows Lexi Nair to not do double duty between the companies.

Good squash match win for The Embassy, though a bit of a shame for JD Griffey to be stuck on that team. Great win for Metalik & AR Fox over The Infantry, though I think Metalik was trying to go too fast, hence that tilt-o-whirl botch with Dean. Amazing match from El Hijo del Vikingo and Blake Christian. Looking at what Blake’s been able to do, it just makes WWE releasing him during the NXT 2.0 era a bad move. Though at the same time, NXT 2.0 was gonna make him into a superhero character, but in a lame way, not in the sorta cool way Axiom is now.

But anyway, it made sense for EHDV to win, he is gonna go into that AAA Mega title match with momentum, and it’s anyone’s guess if he beats Komander or we get a new champion in LA. And of course, Embassy beat down Blake backstage. Pretty sure this is go-home math for Blake, Fox & Metalik finding a way to beat the big bad hosses. Supercard of Honor should at least have one title change, and if the Six Man titles are the ones, then that’s fine. The Gates of Agony can get in the ROH Tag Division and Brian Cage can get back in the singles division.

And we got a great main event from Eddie VS Daniels. Eddie winning makes sense because he needs momentum going into the world title match. We got a good interaction from Eddie and Claudio, as well as a really good promo from Eddie to call out Claudio. That match is going to be great stuff, but I can’t be sure if Eddie wins. Again, ROH TV only just came back and there are many possibilities for Claudio to face as we move into the summer, but the same goes for Eddie should he win.

My Score: 8.8/10

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