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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/23/21)

BIG opportunities are on the line!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Who will be the first challenger to the CZAR of NXT UK?

Wolfgang and Teoman battle in the Heritage Cup Tournament while Rampage, Frazer and A-Kid battle to be the NEW #1 contender to the NXT UK title! Who grabs glory through brutality?


  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Contenders Tournament Semifinal: Teoman VS Wolfgang; Wolfgang wins and advances to the finals.
  • Isla Dawn VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners; Jinny wins.
  • NXT UK Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Rampage Brown VS Nathan Frazer VS A-Kid; A-Kid wins and will challenge Ilja Dragunov for the title.


NXT UK Heritage Cup Contenders Tournament Semifinal: Teoman VS Wolfgang!

The Babo is fighting for his family but the Last King of Scotland is fighting for his brothers in arms! Will the Nezar look right through Wolfgang to go after the Scottish Supernova? Or will Wolfgang win one for the Gallus boys?

Speaking of their families and firms, Rohan Raja is in Teoman’s corner while both Coffey brothers are in Wolfgang’s. Will Joseph & Markus be able to keep Raja from tipping things in Teoman’s favor like with Nathan Frazer? The bell rings on round one and the final semifinal begins!

Wolfgang and Teoman circle, BT Sports Studio rallies and Teoman ends up in a corner. He kicks but Wolfgang blocks to ROCK him with forearms and haymakers! Wolfgang keeps Teoman staggering as he hits him more but Teoman hits back! Wolfgang makes him pay for it with a BIG shot, then fires off in the corner. The ref counts, Wolfgang brings Teoman around to ROCK with a EuroUpper! Teoman goes for an arm, wrenches, but Wolfgang scoops and SLAMS him! Teoman goes to a corner, SLAPS Wolfgang, then dodges to SLAP again! Teoman wrenches, wrangles Wolfgang then wristlocks.

Wolfgang fights up, blocks the whip to reverse the whip and Teoman hits buckles in the corner. Wolfgang runs in to corner SPLASH, then he goes up top. Raja distracts with banging on steps and Teoman gets up. Wolfgang hops down and rushes in but Teoman sweeps the legs! And adds a basement dropkick! Cover, ONE! Teoman is after the arm but Wolfgang resists the crossface! Wolfgang fights up, scoops and hits a BACKBREAKER! Teoman hobbles up into a LARIAT! Wolfgang gets Teoman up for a CABER TOSS! Cover, Wolfgang scores!

Teoman: 0; Wolfgang: 1

With a full minute to spare, Wolfgang ends the round! Gallus is fired up for Wolfie as he goes to the corner. Teoman crawls over and Raja helps him refresh. Will Wolfgang make this a fast one?

Round two begins and Teoman is wary of Wolfgang as they circle. Wolfgang’s left arm is still bugging him as they tie up. Teoman throws a forearm, Wolfgang gives them back with interest! Teoman SLAPS Wolfgang again, then BOOTS him! Then CLUBS him from behind! But Wolfgang stays up! He shakes his head and throws EuroUppers! Teoman staggers, Wolfgang whips him to ropes and RAMS him down with a shoulder! Wolfgang watches Teoman get up slowly, runs in but is tossed up and out! The bad arm only gets banged up and Teoman is out after Wolfgang! Teoman wrenches and SLAMS the arm on the apron, then uppercuts it. But Wolfgang DECKS Teoman with one!

Wolfgang gets Teoman up but Teoman grabs the apron skirt. They’re both in at 8 of 10, Wolfgang gets Teoman up. Teoman goes for a leg but Wolfgang CLUBS him down! Wolfgang whips and CLOTHESLINES Teoman up and out! Wolfgang is howling and BT Sports Studio is fired up with him! Another last minute and Wolfgang goes out to fetch Teoman. Teoman is again clutching the apron skirt and then he uses it to put on Wolfgang’s head! Teoman clubs away on the blinded Wolfgang! The ref counts, Teoman stops at 4 but the ring-out count continues! They’re both in at 9 of 10, Teoman goes up top and watches Wolfgang rise. MISSILE DROPKICK at 15 seconds! Cover, TWO!!

Teoman hurries at the last ten seconds! The crossface turns into Wolfgang’s cover, TWO!! And that’s the round- Wait, Wolfgang gets an uppercut in!!

Teoman: 0; Wolfgang: 1

Raja protests and the ref warns Wolfie, but he stands down. Teoman makes it back to his corner and the ref calms Raja down. Wolfgang gets his refresher and Joe tells him to keep on Teoman, just like he’s been doing, and he can finish this. Round three begins, Teoman rushes in but Wolfgang dodges to fire off JABS and HAYMAKERS! Wolfgang shoves, Teoman SLAPS and CHOPS, breaks the guard to CHOP again! Teoman wants a leg but Wolfgang CLUBS him! Wolfgang shoves Teoman, kitchen sink knee! Wolfgang runs for a SENTON! Raja gets on the apron, the ref reprimands him but Mark tells Raja to stop it or else. But Teoman dropkicks Wolfgang’s leg in the distraction!

Wolfgang crawls, Teoman DOUBLE STOMPS him on the back! Teoman STOMPS the arm, PENALTY KICKS it, then takes aim. BASEMENT FOREARM! Cover, Teoman ties it up!

Teoman: 1; Wolfgang: 1

Round three is done in quick fashion, and now Wolfgang is feeling on the defensive. Will round four finish this off to set the tournament finals?

Round four begins and the two tare down, each clutching a limb. They feel out the grapple as best they can with one arm each, but Teoman kicks low. Teoman wrenches, CLUBS the left arm, wrenches it again and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! But Wolfgang LARIATS with his right! Wolfgang gets feeling in his bad arm but Teoman SHOTGUN dropkicks it! Then a sunset flip, but Wolfgang PUNCHES! Wait, that was his bad arm! High stack, TWO!! Teoman wants the arm again! He puts it on the ropes and wrap sit, right in the face of Gallus! Teoman lets off as the ref counts, but he paces around. Teoman stands on the arm but Wolfgang avoids the stop! BIG EuroUpper!

Teoman staggers up and Wolfgang LARIATS again! Wolfgang hits another corner SPLASH, then pushes Teoman down. Wolfgang goes up, FLYING DOUBLE AX HANDLES! But the bad arm slows him down! Raja barks on the apron, Joe barks back, but Mark trips Raja to DECK him! Teoman is pissed now, but Wolfgang brings him around to fire off hands. Wait, the bad hand! Teoman whips but Wolfgang reverses! Teoman handsprings but Wolfgang goes perpendicular, to SPEAR Teoman out of the air!! Cover, Wolfgang wins!!

Winner: Wolfgang, by pinfall (advances to the tournament finals)

With 45 seconds left in the fourth, Wolfgang takes down Teoman! Now it’s a battle of Scotsmen as this Gallus boy takes on Mr. Supernova 11! Who wins it all to then go after Tyler Bate and the cup?


Blair Davenport sends another message.

This time it’s just a video recording. “Hi, Sid. This is Blair Davenport. Y’know, the one that you suspended? You can punish me all that you like, but bad things will continue to happen. So you’d better think smart. Reinstate me.” Will the Assistant NXT UK General Manager take these words seriously and bring Blair back? Or will he refuse to give in to the gritty goth’s demands?


NXT UK Media catches up with Subculture.

Dani Luna, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster all have new cans of spray paint, so what’re they up to? They’re hoping to get some content of their own made, so why not work together? But then Sam Gradwell walks by and he mockingly says, “Morning, Subculture. It a bit, yogurts!” Subculture brushes that off, but then they turn the corner and see Gradwell’s defaced their mural with “Y O G” right on it. They can fix it, but can they make sure Gradwell doesn’t try it again?


NXT UK Media also checks in with Jordan Devlin.

The Irish Ace doesn’t respond to the knocks on the door, but then the door opens and GALLUS is inside Devlin’s private locker room. They’re partying for Wolfie’s win, and Devlin storms in. What’re they doing in HIS room!? Oh, it’s lovely, and his coffee maker does a great dark roast. After all, they’re the Coffey Brothers! They throw Devlin out of his own room, and Devlin says he’s gonna go tell Johnny Saint! Will tattling on the Gallus boys really get Devlin anywhere?


Isla Dawn VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners!

The Wicked Witch of NXT UK has decided to go after the pretty Spoiled Princess, and her little Righteous Knight, too! But will Isla take something from Jinny’s collection? Or will Jinny be a splash of cold water on Isla’s delusions?

The bell rings and Jinny steps right up to Isla. Isla “apologizes” for last week then laughs about it, so Jinny fires off forearms! Isla hits back, CLUBS Jinny, and still laughs, until Jinny kicks her low. Isla gets the leg, stomps away on it, then stomps Jinny. Isla drags Jinny up but Jinny throws forearms. Isla throws forearms back, CLUBS Jinny down again, then swings again. Jinny knees low, ROCKS Isla then whips but Isla reverses. Jinny elbows back, bumps Isla off buckles then stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Jinny stops, and Conners shouts, “That’s what you get!” But Isla turns it around to fire forearms on Jinny in the corner! And a BIG EuroUpper!

Isla snapmares Jinny for an uppercut to the back! BT Sports Studio boos as Isla pulls hair but Jinny shoves her away. Isla rebounds to run Jinny over! Things speed up and Jinny CLOBBERS Isla with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Jinny rains down on Isla as BT Sports Studio rallies up. Conners taunts Isla more as Jinny puts Isla in a corner with force. Jinny whips corner to corner but Isla reverses and Jinny hits buckles hard! Isla pulls hair, sits Jinny up, but Jinny ducks the buzzsaw to get the leg! Trip up to a KNEE! Cover, TWO! Conners coaches Jinny as she stomps away on Isla. “Treat her like Valkyrie!” Jinny drags Isla into a leg lock but Isla gets the ropebreak!

Jinny lets off as the ref counts, but Isla throws her into ropes! Then KNEES Her in! Isla is gleeful as she drags Jinny back up for EuroUppers! Isla bumps Jinny off buckles, throws more forearms, but Jinny shoves her away. Isla KICKS Jinny down, kicks her to a corner, then KICKS her again and again! Conners coaches Jinny but Isla KICKS her down again! Jinny goes to the apron, Isla follows her out and reels her in. Jinny pulls hair to throw body shots and forearms! Isla drops down, Jinny takes a breath, but Isla trips her! Jinny hits apron face first then hits the floor! Isla drags Jinny up to THROW her into barriers! Isla puts Jinny in at 6 of 10 but Conners asks her what the heck!

Isla grabs Conners’ hands and goes into a trance! Conners has no idea what’s going on, he gets away, but Jinny grabs at Isla from the apron! Isla ROCKS Jinny, gets back in the ring, and KICKS a knee out! METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Jinny survives and Conners is relieved! Isla drags Jinny around, aims from a corner, and Conners says Isla is “Gone” mentally. “What is your problem?!” Jinny trips Isla up! Jinny has Isla in the ropes, THE MAKEOVER!! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The constant barking of Conners saves Jinny from certain disaster! But Isla’s eyes haven’t left watching the two of them. Will there be no running from the curse of Isla Dawn?


NXT UK Media again catches up with Subculture.

Dani Luna gets her squats in, and Andrews agrees, she’s the physically strongest female in NXT UK. Maybe even one of the strongest in all of the WWE. Xia Brookside walks over to applaud Dani, and then brings up how Meiko Satomura challenged the entire roster to go out and take opportunity. These two have never faced each other, so what does Dani say to a match? Sure, if Xia’s sure. Of course she is. Dani has the strength, but what about the speed? Andrews and Webster do agree, Xia’s pretty speedy. But then they help Dani take her bar up a notch. Will the Punk Rock Powerhouse raise the bar after flying with Brookside?


NXT UK hears from Charlie Dempsey.

“People who step in the ring with me, they can expect to be broken down. I’m gonna grind away at them, do proper damage to their joints, and make them hurt and make them suffer. I’m going to accomplish that win with proper holds, just like the old school competitors of the past. Despite being inspired by the past, this is gonna be new to a lot of you, and I’m going to show you something that you’ve never seen before.” Charlie Dempsey makes his debut in the ring next week!


Trent Seven talks with Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith.

They seem to get into an argument about something, but then Seven says The Book End is clearly inferior to The Rock Bottom. Smith agrees with Seven but Seven says it isn’t Carter’s fault. It’s because he’s young. It’d be like comparing Smith & Carter to Moustache Mountain. Whoa now! See, now Smith’s on Carter’s side. Well, the tag division is heating up, so maybe we finally see it: Moustache Mountain VS Carter & Smith. If they fancy it, that is. Well if he wants to have a go… But check with Tyler Bate first. No, no, Tyler’s neck deep in it, wind sprints and all that. He’ll be fine shining up the cup, but see you boys next week. Yeah, cool cool. They all fist bump on it, but Carter gets the last word: “Hottest tag team under the sun, Book End wins.”


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

After egging Joe Coffey on only to taste his own medicine, Jordan Devlin gets a match with the Iron King! But will this be the one time a King trumps an Ace?


NXT UK Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Rampage Brown VS Nathan Frazer VS A-Kid!

A punishing powerhouse, a prodigious hybrid and a former Heritage Cup Champion all go for the same goal of being Ilja Dragunov’s first challenger! Will Rampage get to battle UNBESIEGBAR 1v1 after their own Triple Threat from over a month ago? Will Frazer finally reach the heights he’s been after? Or will El Nino Anonimo look to chase history once again?

The bell rings and the three stare down as BT Sports Studio fires up already. They slowly circle, Rampage almost daring both AK and Frazer to try something. But AK and Frazer decide to attack together! Rampage fights them both off, BOOT for Frazer and BIG forearm for AK! He CLUBS them, DECKS AK and kicks Frazer out! Frazer and AK steady themselves and flank the ring. Rampage’s head is on a swivel but he still can’t watch both at the same time. Frazer and AK both get in together and dodge clotheslines! AK goes after the arm, Rampage stays on his feet even as Frazer CLUBS him! Frazer also realizes a cover or submission out of this loses for him, so he SHOTGUNS Rampage away!

Frazer runs to SHOTGUN Rampage again! AK GAMANGIRIS, and then DOUBLE DROPKICKS sends Rampage out! AK and Frazer stare down, and then things speed up! Frazer dodges a kick, AK dodges a punch to rebound and arm-drag! Kip up to dropkick but Frazer deflects! AK sputters from the landing but Frazer gets him up to CHOP! Frazer whips, AK reverses, Frazer goes up and over and keeps going! He slides under, sidesteps then hurdles to keep AK moving, to then dropkick him down! AK bails out, Frazer sees Rampage get in and Rampage dares him to try that with him. Frazer kicks but Rampage blocks to flip him! Frazer lands on his feet, ends up in a corner, but elbows back!

Rampage rushes back in, Frazer goes up and over, runs the ropes to duck and dodge but runs into a BIG back drop! Frazer writhes from the hard landing but AK is on the apron. Rampage dares AK to do something, so AK does! AK step-in springboards as a feint, but Rampage ducks the jump kick, only for AK to kick away at the legs! Rampage blocks one, grins and TOSSES AK to a corner! Rampage runs in, AK dodges to GAMANGIRI but Rampage eggs him on. AK SLAPS Rampage, dodges and springboards to dropkick a leg out! Frazer gets up, AK KICKS Rampage, Frazer BOOTS! KICK, BOOT, repeat, then AK DECKS Frazer with a super punch!

AK swings on Rampage but he ducks the buzzsaw to POUNCE AK to a corner! Frazer dropkicks Rampage’s leg out, then runs, into a CHOP! Frazer is floored and Rampage runs in to POUNCE Frazer into AK! Rampage drags Frazer from the corner and TOSSES him across the way! Rampage goes back to AK but AK throws body shots. Rampage ROCKS AK with a forearm, then TOSSES him into Frazer! Both smaller men are down, Rampage gets Frazer up to URENAGE! Rock Bottom or Book End, you decide! Cover, TWO!! Well, Rampage did his best Rock or Booker, but he hasn’t won yet. Rampage DECKS AK off the apron then goes back to Frazer.

Rampage puts Frazer in a corner hard, stands him up and CHOPS! Frazer grits his teeth as he falls against ropes, but Rampage stands him up to put him up top. Rampage CHOPS again, climbs up to join Frazer, then throws down big hands. Rampage gets Frazer up in a fireman’s carry, but Frazer fights free! AK joins in and he KICKS Rampage’s leg! Rampage falls to the mat, Frazer hops down to the apron. Frazer springboards back up but AK KICKS his legs out! Frazer falls hard to the mat, too, and AK goes after Rampage with a TRIANGLE HOLD! Rampage endures, fights up and he POWERBOMBS AK onto Frazer! Rampage continues to literally use his opponents against each other!

All three men are down as BT Sports Studio fires up. AK bails out, Frazer writhes but Rampage rises. Rampage reels Frazer in to gut wrench, but Frazer slips out to an ELBOW DROP DDT! Frazer drags Rampage to a drop zone, climbs up top again, but AK CLUBS him on the back! AK climbs up, Frazer elbows him away, then adjusts, only for AK to CLUB him again! Frazer sits down on the top, AK climbs up to waistlock, SUPER GERMAN- FRAZER LANDS ON HIS FEET! AK is shocked, but he runs in to be tossed out! Frazer WRECKS Rampage with a forearm, then DIVES onto AK! Frazer keeps going and he FLIES out onto Rampage!

BT Sports Studio fires up as Frazer sees AK coming in! Frazer ROCKS AK with a forearm before the dive, then gets in to duck, dodge and QUEBRADA! Frazer gets AK in the dragon sleeper, but here comes Rampage! Frazer BOOTS him first, then brings him in, DOUBLE DDT COMBO! All three men are down again and Frazer covers AK, TWO!! BT Sports Studio rallies up, Frazer crawls towards one side while AK goes to another. Rampage sits up, Frazer follows. Frazer throws a haymaker on Rampage, then another on AK! Frazer keeps AK staggered but Rampage keeps rising. Rampage blocks the scoop and HEADBUTTS! Rampage blocks AK’s superkick to send it into Frazer!

AK comes back, he headlocks but Rampage gets him and Frazer for a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX! Rampage crawls and covers AK, TWO!! Rampage sits up, brings AK back up and ROCKS him in the back with a forearm! Rampage waistlocks, AK pries free to an ELBOW BREAKER! And PELE! Rampage flounders, Frazer runs in but AK CHOPS him! Knuckle lock, up and up and FLYING HEADSCISSOR ARM-DRAG COMBO! Rampage flops out, Frazer gets up. Frazer dodges, QUEBRA- NO! AK slips into the ropes with Frazer for a SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX! Frazer flounders around as AK climbs up top, for a BIG CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!!

AK doesn’t stop here, “This is Awesome!” as AK waistlocks Frazer in a rear bearhug. Frazer fights, AK drags him up but Frazer pries the hold. AK regrips, Frazer bucks him at the ropes. AK kips up to a NORTHERN LIGHTS, rolls through to an ARMBAR!! Frazer claps hands, AK uses his own head for leverage, but Rampage returns! But AK drags him down to the omoplata! AK CLUBS the arm, wants the other arm, but Rampage rolls to high stack! TWO, dead lift into a POWERBOMB!! Frazer SUPERKICKS Rampage down!! All three men are down again as BT Sports Studio is thunderous! Frazer goes to ropes, AK goes to the far side and Rampage finds a corner as they all recover.

Frazer drags himself up, runs over at AK but AK BOOTS him! AK hops up top, Frazer trips him up! Payback from earlier and now Frazer climbs up. Frazer stands AK up, Rampage joins in and gets Frazer in an Electric Chair. Frazer fights, AK adjusts, but Frazer slips down to send Rampage into AK! Rampage is tasting some of his own medicine, and Frazer manages to scoop and SLAM Rampage down!! Frazer hurries back to AK and climbs up top! Frazer brings AK all the way up, SUPER FALL AWAY POWERSLAM!! Cover, Rampage barely breaks it in time! Rampage hurries to CLUB Frazer and throw down ax handles! AK gets over to get a SLEEPER!

Frazer hits Rampage from below then gets away as Rampage stands with AK as a backpack! AK shifts position to a GUILLOTINE! But Rampage powers out of that, only for Frazer to SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!!! Frazer can’t believe how close he was but BT Sports Studio is still fired up! AK is out of the ring, Frazer hurries to get Rampage back up. Rampage ROCKS Frazer, runs in but into boots! Frazer goes up, out and springboards back in, into a POWERSLAM! Rampage hauls Frazer up, DOCTOR BOMB!! Cover, AK drags Rampage into a SLEEPER!! AK has the body scissors in and squeezes tight but Rampage manages to stand! Rampage uses ropes to throw AK over, but AK gets back in!

Rampage suplexes, AK slips out and SUPERKICKS!! Rampage falls, AK DEAD LIFT GERMAN SUPLEXES Frazer! Frazer staggers up into the DYNAMIC DROPKICK!! Cover, AK wins!!

Winner: A-Kid, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT UK Championship)

The studying, the training, the experience, the determination and the toughness of the young man from Madrid all came through for him! A-Kid is now challenging The Czar of NXT UK, but will his limitless potential be able to match UNBESIEGBAR?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for NXT UK! As Heritage Cup/British Rounds matches go, Teoman VS Wolfgang felt very fast paced. Four rounds that went really quick, and it made a lot of sense for the Coffey Brothers to turn Raja’s distractions around on Teoman. We’re going to get a great tournament finals out of Dar VS Wolfgang, but I feel like this guarantees Dar wins to take on Bate for the cup. NXT UK showed us they can think outside the WWE box with Dar VS Williams as Heel VS Heel, but Bate being Face surely means Dar is the Heel he’s defending against. Meanwhile, Bate & Seven taking on Smith & Carter sounds like a really fun match to keep things moving in the tag division.

I wonder if NXT UK knew they ended up scheduling two Subculture promo segments for the same episode. But Gradwell picking on Subculture clearly sets up any number of matches between him, Andrews and Webster. Then we get the obvious set-up for Xia VS Dani, and that should be a very good match. Isla VS Jinny was a very good match for tonight, and Jinny winning works for both women, actually. Jinny is staying strong while her feud with Aoife Valkyrie out with injury, and Isla seems to be building strength through losing. She might still take something of Jinny’s and add it to her collection, but I can’t be sure what the endgame is for her.

I really expected Blair’s video to show someone she randomly beat up, but maybe she’s planning on doing that next week when Sid continues to keep her suspended. Charlie Dempsey’s promos have great messages, but his delivery leaves a bit to be desired. He sounds more bored than menacing, so hopefully he can find some fire to put behind his in-person promos. As for the main event, that was incredibly exciting. Rampage showed his power, Frazer and AK showed their speed and agility, but also some great creativity in this. For a moment, I thought Rampage was winning this, but AK has been getting quite a push ever since the inaugural Heritage Cup tournament. Dragunov VS AK is going to be great for Dragunov’s first defense, and I would think Dragunov wins to build his reign.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Andrew’s G1 Climax 31 FINALS Day Results & Match Ratings: 10.21.2021

Kota Ibushi looks to 3-Peat, Kazuchika Okada looks to win his first G1 in 7 years! Who will win?



Kota Ibushi looks to 3-Peat, Kazuchika Okada looks to win his first G1 in 7 years! Who will win?

So we get a fairly basic card. A few undercard tags, the semi-main contains Shingo and most of the main players not in the Finals. Jeff Cobb goes from a shot in the Finals to the opening match, that’s a big blow to the ego.

There’s a few interesting threads that can be pulled at, but the major draw is the G1 Climax 31 Finals. So let’s get to it!


  • Ryohei Oiwa & Kosei Fujita vs El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru: Kanemaru wins via Boston Crab @8:40 – **
  • United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) vs Toru Yano & Yuji Nagata: Yano wins via Roll-Up @8:29 – **
  • House of Torture (EVIL, SHO & Yujiro Takahashi) w/Dick Togo vs Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI & Tomohiro Ishii: EVIL wins via Everything is Evil @11:20 – * ½
  • KENTA, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Chase Owens w/Jado vs Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma, Tiger Mask IV & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Chase wins via Package Piledriver @10:41 – ** ½
  • 5 Minute UWF Rules Match::Katsuyori Shibata vs Zack Sabre Jr: Time Limit Draw @5:00 – *****
  • TenCozy, Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato vs Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, SANADA & Shingo Takagi: Shingo wins via Pumping Bomber @12:17 – *** ½
  • G1 Finals: Kota Ibushi vs Kazuchika Okada: Okada wins via Referee Stoppage @25:37 – *** ¼



Ryohei Oiwa & Kosei Fujita vs El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Commentary doesn’t even really try to hide the fact that these Young Lions are very early in their careers and have no real chance. They are in this match to learn, build endurance and get experience.

Nothing special in this match, they give the Lions a few flash pinfall attempts but again, we all know better. More just moments of surprise cause the Suzuki-Gun duo were playing with their food. Still far too fresh in their training to show anything more than basics, and all I’ll say is, they didn’t embarrass themselves, so that’s a positive.

United Empire (Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan) vs Toru Yano & Yuji Nagata

So one of the most successful teams and singles wrestlers this year, against a clown and a veteran. I mean Nagata is no slouch, but he’s not in a position to be upsetting two rising stars. Maybe Yano pulls off some thievery, but I’m not really intrigued.

Early on we see the usual Yano stuff of shenanigans and turnbuckle pads going missing. Nagata gets tagged in and we get some real wrestling. However, Cobb and Nagata square off outside when they aren’t the legal men, and Yano executes the miraculous shot to the Ding-Ding, and Rolls-Up O-Khan for the win!

This does continue the weird story between O-Khan and Yano, so at least there’s a thread of story, but it does definitely leave Cobb in a weird spot.

House of Torture (EVIL, SHO & Yujiro Takahashi) w/Dick Togo vs Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI & Tomohiro Ishii

Early on SHO starts with the mind games having a CHAOS towel in the ring and wiping his body with it, and being generally mocking. Things start quick, turnbuckle pads are taken off, people get wrapped into ropes and I suppose this is a more tolerable usage of EVIL. House of Torture can torture the 6 man division with bad wrestling and cliché paint by numbers heel work.

Togo uses the garrot on HASHI, but HASHI and Goto manage to hit GYR on EVIL, but Dick Togo of course gets involved to distract the referee. Chairs lay out the CHOAS members, Everything is EVIL on HASHI and yeah yeah, House wins and challenge for the six mans. Ugh.

KENTA, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Chase Owens w/Jado vs Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma, Tiger Mask IV & Hiroshi Tanahashi

So wait, we get all Bullet Club members against the veteran Hontai Squad? I mean Tanahashi has looked extremely mortal lately, and he’s not really bringing a ton of back up. When Makabe is the second best one on your squad, and he’s barely wrestled this year…you gotta wonder.

Makabe starts things off and we can see his back and waist heavily taped. So it looks like Makabe’s part time schedule could have something to do with injuries. Injured or not, Makabe gets the most of Loa, brings in Honma, then Honma eats some offense from Tama, until Honma counters and lands a big suplex. Tiger Mask IV comes in and actually cleans house, it takes a little bit before Tama does the Double Leapfrog Haku Chop to start taking control.

Bullet Club smacks around Tiger Mask until KENTA eats a Tiger Driver (ironic, I’m aware) and then Tanahashi gets tagged in. Tanahashi works to get a measure of revenge on the Bullet Club, but  then we get some spam moments. G.o.D. tries to take out Makabe, but Makabe wipes out G.o.D. easily. Makabe brings in Honma, Honma takes it to Chase Owens, but no avail. A missed Kokeshi, a blocked Brainbuster attempt, and then C Trigger into Package Piledriver gives Chase the win.

Chase looks to be setting up a challenge, but KENTA blindsides Tanahashi with the belt. KENTA and Chase play tug of war a little, Chase tells KENTA he pinned him, KENTA says he doesn’t care, and Chase relents. He says KENTA can get the first shot, but he got next.

5 Minute UWF Rules Match: Katsuyori Shibata vs Zack Sabre Jr

This…this is amazing. Shibata gets his first match in 4 years, and it’s against the most perfect wrestler for Shibata to have a technical and safe exhibition match.

Since its UWF this is usually done in a points system like the old IMPACT Grand Championship. But a 1 round exhibition doesn’t allow for anything beyond a Draw, but this is wonderful. It’s a technical marvel with counters, submissions, references to Inoki’s classic on the ground pose that we saw Great-O-Khan reference back to during the G1. This is just a great moment, and hard to do any real play by play, but it’s a technical marvel. Hell, Shibata looks better than he ever has.

WAIT – After the match Shibata says “Next time I’m in the ring, I will be in my ring gear”. He punctuates the line with a hard flat back bump and a kip up. …Shibata is back? SHIBATA IS BACK?!

TenCozy, Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato vs Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, SANADA & Shingo Takagi

Taguchi and Hiromu start off with a good bit of comedy, before everyone not named Tenzan starts doing the Mongolian Chops, much to Tenzan’s chagrin. Wato has some nice spots early before LIJ do their wonderful Bum Rush. BUSHI comes in, uses the shirt and then LIJ starts dominating Wato. Wato manages to get a little space and get Kojima in and we get Machine Gun Chops on SANADA in the corner!

Hiromu tries to block it, gets shoved in the corner for his own chops, BUSHI tries to stop it, and gets put in the corner for the Triple Stacker of Chops. Shingo looks, and then drops off the apron and decides he’s just gonna let them play. Shingo does cut off Kojima before he does his signature Elbow, so Shingo didn’t ignore his team, just decided he wasn’t gonna fall into the dumb spot.

Signature spams, LIJ pain train, signature spam again, and then we get solid call backs. Shingo and Tenzan are the last two, Shingo uses Mongolian Chops, Tenzan responds in his own way. Some haymakers thrown, a Headbutt from Tenzan, the attempted Flying Headbutt, but Shingo cuts him off, Pumping Bomber, and Shingo wins!

G1 Finals: Kota Ibushi vs Kazuchika Okada

So they feel each other out early, and have the usual fast pace wild swings that get dodged and end in a small rest moment where they just smile and absorb the energy of the match. Before Ibushi can really get anything going, the arrogance of the Rainmaker returns. Very deliberate shots, perfectly rolling through his Slingshot Senton, and his single foot Dropkick. It’s really interesting to see Okada reverting back to his old self. The 2017 form is further exemplified by Shibata’s return since it helps to bring everyone back to “brighter days”.

Okada goes for his corner Hip Attack, but now Ibushi gets to start a comeback. Dropkick, Roundhouse Kicks, Standing Moonsault and Okada powders. After some fighting on the outside, Okada takes control again and hits a DDT on the ramp, which has Ibushi pretty much out. Okada waits in the ring until about 18, before he decides that’s not how he wants to win. Drags Ibushi in, tries the Money Clip, Ibushi won’t go in comfortably, Okada rocks him, whips him into the ropes, hits the Million Dollar Dropkick, and finally gets the Money Clip sunk in. Okada is in a different aggressive form that we haven’t seen since 2018 when his nearly 2 year title reign ended and he went balloon crazy.

Savage Elbow, Rainmaker Pose, Zoom Out…Wind up…Rainmaker misses and Ibushi returns with his own Lariat turning Okada inside out. Now they stand up for the strike exchange. Okada falls into an old Nakamura trap, where he starts winning the exchange, taunts the challenger and gets rocked. Ibushi grins, hits the Frankensteiner sending Okada to Powder. So now it’s Moonsault time for Ibushi, and lands perfectly on Okada.

Going back inside, Ibushi looks for Kamigoye, Okada blocks and then ducks the Round Kick, goes for a Backslide, but Ibushi rolls through and kicks Okada. Okada then eats a V Trigger and a Kamigoye…but it’s only 2! Okada flips Ibushi over when he attempts another Kamigoye, Double Legged Cradle, but ibushi kicks out. They lay each other out, Ibushi crawls to the top rope, Phoenix Splash and…Ibushi lands weird. He immediately grabs his arm, Red Shoes goes over to Ibushi, and after a few moments Red Shoes calls for the bell.

Okada wins the G1 off of Ibushi missing the Phoenix Splash and possibly dislocating his right arm.

Overall Score: 7.25/10

There’s a dark poetry in the ending to this year’s G1. Starting with Naito’s injury and ending with Ibushi’s injury, just makes this a fairly cursed year which plays into the cursed aspect of this World Heavyweight Championship. In a way, this works out for the best since if this tournament was supposed to make a newer wrestler and ended the same way, there would always be an asterisk. But it’s Okada, he’s a proven commodity and no one will really question his victory. I really appreciated the fact that he always loomed close while Ibushi was struggling with the doctor and through his injury. He held his hand many times, even seemed to tell him it’s fine, we’ll do it correctly 1 more time in the future.

Katsuyori Shibata returns, Kazuchika Okada returns to the a level of prominence by winning the G1 Climax 31 and this is a nice way to remind people of the names that many of the current crop of IWC fans know. New Japan grew quickly because of AJ Styles and Kenny Omega’s Bullet Clubs, but in the last few years we’ve seen many of the names we know fall to the back or go to different companies. This could be a return to form finally for New Japan.

Even if it ended off a failed Phoenix Splash, it could help New Japan rise from the ashes of community favor like a Phoenix.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 10.21.2021



Bound for Glory is on Saturday! How does IMPACT! hype us up for one of their crowning PPVs of the year?!

We get to see Mickie in an IMPACT ring for the first since 2015, Heath tries to get answers out of Rhino and we’ll probably see a lot of Josh Alexander and Christian Cage fleshing out the last little bits of the World Title match.

Aside from that, do we get anything of note to talk about, or is it just an appetizer for the real show on Saturday?


  • Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs FinJuice: NO CONTEST/Double Pinfall – ***
  • Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs Tenille Dashwood & John Skyler vs Chelsea Green & Crazzy Steve: Tenille wins via Spotlight Kick – ***
  • Pick Your Poison: Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Mickie James: Mickie wins via Mick DDT – *** ¼
  • Alex Zayne vs Trey Miguel: Miguel wins via Meteora – ** ¾



The Insiders Stream on YouTube didn’t start until about 9:00pm, I’m not sure why IMPACT constantly has issues, but YouTube is not a hard platform to utilize. These delays are inane and embarrassing.

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs FinJuice

Bey and Leo try some trickery early, but Finlay keeps pace. When Leo gets back into the match he starts throwing Finlay around a bit, which opens up opportunity for Bey. Bey looks to get flashy, but Finlay manages to get Juice in and Juice comes in hot. He nearly flips Bey out of the ring, takes Leo off the apron and tags in Finlay for some tandem work.

Leo breaks up the pinfall and then throws out Juice. Finlay grabs Bey in a Backbreaker/STO combination but Bey’s feet bump the referee. Leo chokeslams Finlay, puts Bey on top, but it takes the new referee too long to show up and it’s only a two count. We see Hikuleo trying to finish things, while the new referee tries to wake up the original referee. Leo gets double teamed, Juice Rolls Up Leo and then Bey Rolls Up Finlay, both referees count a 3 count for the different pinfalls. So we get a little call back to Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns if we’re staying within TNA Universe.

This will probably end up a triple threat, unlike the MCMG/Beer Money double pinfall which ended in overtime.

There’s a long segment with Josh Alexander giving us his story. It’s not a bad segment, but the only advantage to the show starting late means I got to rewind for the match and speed through most of this. Alexander is a great story, but I already mostly know it, and would really like to see him win at Bound for Glory. Get the title back on a wrestler on the actual IMPACT roster.

Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs Tenille Dashwood & John Skyler vs Chelsea Green & Crazzy Steve:

This is a Digital Media Championship preliminary match. I find it interesting that there’s 3 men and 3 women. So instead of one or two for “inclusion” it’s actually an even spread. The way the teams are broken apart is interesting too where it’s Power vs Crazy vs Opportunistic.

The gimmicks actually paid off in the match. Jodynne massacred kids, but then things started to get a little messy. Fallah gets a handle on things, squishes the world, and then looks to BAHHnzai Drop on Tenille but Kaleb gets involved. A little more confusion, Steve hits King Kill 33 on Fallah, but Skyler pulls Steve out of the ring. Tenille hits the Spotlight Kick and the Opportunistic team win because well…there was an opportunity.

Pick Your Poison: Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Mickie James

Mickie takes a moment to absorb the accolades from the crowd first, and then we see a quick strategy twist. Savannah looks for a few Haymakers and using her reach to her advantage, where Mickie just finds a few quick strikes and interesting angles to land some offense. Mickie looked to be building some momentum, and then Tasha got involved.

Savannah starts to dominate after the assist from her second. Big Bear Hug in the middle has Savannah just ragdolling Mickie until she can land a few choice Forearms. Mickie fights out, Sole Butts, a few nice attacks and Mickie hits the Avalanche Thesz Press, but only a 2 count. Deonna’s music plays as Savannah kicks out, Mickie is distracted and then we see Savannah lay in some big shots. The Full Nelson Bomb only gets Savannah a 2. Mick Kick rocks Mickie and then Mick DDT for the win. Hardcore Country wins the match.

Deonna walks down, mouths off…actually pushes Mickie…so I’m confused about the no contact clause…but then Rehwoldt shows up behind Mickie and wipes her out.

Alex Zayne vs Trey Miguel

The Sauce against the other guy who can’t speak but likes to try to use food analogies and sucks at it, aka, Trey Miguel. He’s like a Young Will Ospreay with less ability to talk…so no upside at the moment cause Ospreay was pretty awful up until a year or two ago.

So this is just a lot of counters, blocks, Arm Wringers, not much direct offense, just a lot of choreographed spots. This feels like a much slower paced version of a Ricochet/Ospreay match from 2016. Zayne is a more fluid wrestler, and he just makes everything look good. Miguel does a weird Cradled Octopus but Zayne responds with a Handspring Frankensteiner, as an early highlight spot.

Miguel in Ospreay fashion hits the Cheeky Nandos, into the corner stuck Tiger Feint, Meteora and Trey wins.

Thankfully Maclin attacks Trey after the match so I feel generally better. Bullet Club comes out and take out both Maclin and Trey. El Phantasmo just baby faced himself in my house.

Show ends with the usual talking segment hyping the World Title match. Alexander gets a “You Deserve It” from the crowd and portrays himself as the everyman fighting for his boys. Christian’s music hits and Captain Charisma vacuum shows up to stir a pot that doesn’t need to be stirred.

Christian taking the experienced thrives under pressure condescending veteran angle is…annoying. Like I said a few weeks ago, the boxes they are trying to play in, I don’t love. Alexander does flip the script nicely talking about how people classified him as nothing more than a Tag Team guy, and “sounding familiar” strikes a chord with Christian. Small scuffle as Christian tries to snip back, but it’s fairly paint by numbers.

Overall Score: 5/10

Low key? This was a pretty lame episode for an Impact Go Home. The matches weren’t really anything special, with the most happening during Pick Your Poison, but it effectively being a non-issue. The YouTube delay of course hurt my enjoyment of the show, but even without the delay, I don’t really feel like this would’ve registered much higher on my scale.

I am looking forward to Bound for Glory because of who’s in the matches, but this episode didn’t help sell it. Thankfully it’s already sold out, and most people probably decided if they were purchasing it by now.

When it comes down to it, I’m expecting quite a few title changes, even though I’m figuring that Mickie’s involvement is more of a one off to give the rub to younger talent and cement her dominant reign. Alexander I would love to see win the belt and The IInspiration would do wonders and put an immediate spotlight on a division that has floundered behind a lack of real teams and no real direction.

So I’ll see all of you on Saturday for Bound for Glory!

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