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Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (10/15/21)

Rampage is EXTRA LARGE!



AEW Rampage coverage

A Rampage with a Buy In? Why the hell not!

Not only does AEW Rampage have CM Punk, Ruby Soho and the Inner Circle, but Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki are on the Buy-In on YouTube!


  • Buy-In – Santana Garrett VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay; Conti wins.
  • Buy-In – Bobby Fish VS Lee Moriarty; Fish wins.
  • Buy-In – Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki; Danielson wins.
  • CM Punk VS Matt Sydal; Punk wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS The Bunny; Soho wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Junior Dos Santos & The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal; JDS & The Men of the Year win.


Buy-In – Santana Garrett VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay!

The newest addition to AEW gets to be part of this special Rampage Buy-In, and the Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty is the one to “welcome” her to primetime! Will Garrett fly high in South Beach? Or will Conti make big inroads towards the TBS Championship Tournament?

The bell rings, the two circle and tie up. They go around, Garrett headlocks, Conti powers out and things speed up. Garrett rolls, Conti dodges  kick but so does Garrett. Conti gets around to drop sayanagi Garrett all around. Garrett breaks free, arm-drags back, then arm-drags again! Conti blocks the third, fans fire up and Conti breaks free. The two stand off and fans cheer. Garrett goes for a leg, Conti slips around to waistlock then drops to get a leg takedown. CALF KILLER! Garett endures, grabs Conti around the head and drags Conti off the hold. Conti fights up, Garrett knees low then whips her to a corner. Garrett runs in but into a boot!

Conti goes up, Garrett gets under the jump! Garrett comes back but Conti ripcords for a tayatoshi! Then a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Garrett goes to the apron and baits Conti in. Conti avoids the kick , rolls Garrett but Garrett rolls through. Garrett waistlocks, Conti bucks the O’Conner but Garrett ROCKS her with a forearm! Fans boo but Garrett runs corner to corner to handspring back elbow! Garrett snap suplexes, rolls through to the cover, TWO! Garrett has the wrists to LAST CHANCERY! Conti endures, kicks a leg out and rolls to the ropes. Garrett storms over and drags her up, then HEADBUTTS! Garrett whips, Conti ducks and dodges, both ladies HAIR PULL FACEBUSTER!

Fans rally up as both women are down and the ref counts. Conti and Garrett get to ropes at 5, Conti staggers up at 7. Conti runs in but misses the boot! Garrett rolls her up, TWO! Garrett kicks and runs to handspring, but into a waistlock! Conti shoves to BOOT Garrett down! Fans fire up with Conti and she runs back at the corner to BOOT Garrett down! Then side to side for another BOOT! And then the other way for yet another BOOT! Fans fire up off that hat trick, Conti reels Garrett in, D D TAY! Cover, Conti wins!

Winner: Tay Conti, by pinfall

What a way to welcome Garrett to Rampage! Will Conti be going for all the gold soon enough?


AEW looks closer at The Inner Circle VS The Men of the Year & American Top Team.

Scorpio Sky says, “Dan understands that men roll with men. That’s why he runs with fighters like Junior Dos Santos, like Jorge Masvidal, like Andrei Arlovski.” Excalibur says Men of the Year were already a hot running tag team in AEW, and knows both Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page have fight sport training outside of pro-wrestling. Them teaming with American Top Team is huge. It takes their already great technique and sharpens it more. Tony Schiavone says that when it comes to Lambert and American Top Team having a place in AEW, “off the cuff,” the answer is no. Excalibur says Lambert was a guest invited by Tony Khan, but Lambert clearly used that to run AEW down.

Lambert was given an inch and has taken a mile, so it is rewarding for Chris Jericho to thus far put Lambert in his place verbally. But then American Top Team has run roughshod physically on The Inner Circle. Junior Dos Santos is truly a bad man, he spells trouble for the Inner Circle. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion, the man with the longest winning streak in that division, and tied for second most knockouts. Junior Dos Santos is a beast, having knocked out some of the best in all of MMA. People have asked if Junior Dos Santos is ready for pro-wrestling, but Junior Dos Santos asks if pro-wrestling is ready for him! He’s the scariest man in the world!

Hager, Jericho and Sammy are walking in as fan favorites, but in American Top Team’s home turf. Jorge Masvidal is one of the toughest men in all MMA, defeating Nate Diaz for the BMF Championship. He has the fastest knock out ever with that flying knee. Jorge is a bad, bad dude, so for him to be in the corner of the Men of the Year, that is something the Inner Circle has to worry about. Masvidal is already taking credit as the man who “killed” Jericho. He’ll bring his whole avenue to AEW’s face. He’ll domesticate the savages. Schiavone says just Masvidal’s presence means a lot. It changes the dynamic. All the things Lambert could do, to bring in Jorge is the crowning achievement.

This is going to be a fight in enemy territory, against a team as good as Scorpio & Ethan, that is too much for The Inner Circle. Lambert himself says that after not getting the job done in New York with Dynamite Grand Slam, Jericho & Hager are adding “that little pipsqueak,” Sammy Guevara to this, against Men of the Year and Junior. This might be the one time Lambert’s been to an AEW event where the fans weren’t the dumbest people. But will the odds stacked against them only make the Inner Circle more dangerous?


Buy-In – Bobby Fish VS Lee Moriarty

The Infamous One may have lost his TNT Championship debut, but he’s ready to climb up from square one! Will he make the Ace of Space fold here in the Buy-In?

The bell rings and fans rally up for Fish. Moriarty keeps cool as he and Fish circle. They approach, feel things out with hands and kicks, but Fish catches a leg! Fish shoots in, Moriarty facelocks to block, but Fish gets around. Moriarty wrenches, Fish knees low and throws a forearm. Fish KICKS Moriarty off his feet, but Moriarty rolls to hook a leg! He trips Fish, has the toehold, but Fish pulls on an ear. The ref reprimands, Moriarty has the ankle but Fish rolls to trip Moriarty back. Fish has the heel hook, Moriarty moves around to get hammerlock to chinlock. Fish fights up, Moriarty wrenches to a wristlock, but Fish breaks free to fire off fast hands!

Moriarty goes to ropes, Fish brings him up but Moriarty wrenches to the wristlock. Fish slips through to wrench back, but Moriarty spins and spins to hammerlock and waistlock. Fish breaks free, backs Moriarty into buckles then elbows him back. Moriarty goes up and over then comes back to sweep the leg! And he PENALTY KICKS the arm! Moriarty wrenches, Fish pushes him away but Moriarty comes bac with a short crossbody! Cover, TWO, but Moriarty keeps on the arm. Moriarty wrenches, hammerlocks, but Fish fireman’s carries and RAMS Moriarty into buckles! Fans rally and duel as Fish DRAGON SCREWS then SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO!

Fish keeps cool as he brings Moriarty up by his ear. Fish throws body shots, KICKS, then snapmares him towards ropes. Fish goes out then slingshots in for the senton! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Moriarty up, KICKS his leg, then brings him out of the corner for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Fish kicks Moriarty around, Moriarty throws body shots but Fish KNEES back. Fish KICKS the leg out, then has a top wristlock. Moriarty endures, fights up and throws body shots. Fish KNEES low again, but Moriarty throws forearms. Fish gives them back, BOOTS, but Moriarty uppercuts out of the corner! Moriarty goes around, traps the arm and TWEAKS it!

Moriarty whips Fish to ropes, Fish reverses but Moriarty FLYING UPPERCUTS! Fish gets to a corner, Moriarty runs in to GAMANGIRI! Moriarty snapmares and runs to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Fish survives and fans rally up. Moriarty brings Fish around but Fish ROCKS him with a right. Moriarty throws a haymaker back, then body shots and a kick. Fish catches him to spin him, ROCK him, KICK him and ROUNDHOUSE! Moriarty staggers into a SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Fish is shocked but he drags Moriarty up again. Moriarty resists, elbows Fish away, but Fish comes back to waistlock. Moriarty wrenches to PELE the arm! Moriarty traps the arm in a SAIDOI! Cover, TWO!!

Fish shakes out the cobwebs but Moriarty grits his teeth. Fans fire up with Moriarty as he brings Fish up. Fish slips out of the suplex and has the SLEEPER! Moriarty RAMS Fish into buckles, then WRINGS Fish out. Fish stagger sup and JUMP KICKS Moriarty down! Cover, TWO!?! Moriarty survives and Fish hurries to get him back up for more knees! EXPLODER into the ropes! Moriarty flounders but Fish takes aim, last rites before the BUZZSAW! Cover, Fish wins!

Winner: Bobby Fish, by pinfall

That could’ve even been a knockout! Fish has his first win in AEW, will he turn this into even more? Will he be able to slay the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson, tomorrow on Saturday Night Dynamite?


AEW looks closer at Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki.

When Bryan walked out on stage at All Out this year, Schiavone remembers saying, “God, I love pro-wrestling.” He can’t think of a better combination of a great wrestler, a great person and a bigger star than Bryan Danielson. “He is the epitome of what a pro-wrestler should be in and out of the ring.” Excalibur says Bryan has an insatiable thirst to watch, learning and understanding pro-wrestling. If you’ve talked to him for even five minutes, talking about a match he hasn’t seen or forgotten about, his eyes light up and he immediately goes to watch it. He scours the globe for wrestling. For Bryan to bring that knowledge, technique and passion to AEW, the true home of pro-wrestling today, that is great for everyone.

Since Bryan’s arrival here, he has turned a lot of heads. But he will have his toughest test tonight. He has crossed paths with Suzuki in NJPW, and now he has Suzuki here tonight and then Fish tomorrow on Dynamite. Bryan has made strides since arriving but this is going to be his toughest test. Can the American Dragon survive this gauntlet that is before him?


Buy-In – Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki!

This is a main event caliber match and it’s happening here on the BUY-IN! But will the King of Pancrase fail to slay the American Dragon here in the Miami heat? Or will Bryan learn just why Suzuki is the Meanest Man in the World?

Fans are already going nuts just seeing these two stare down. The bell rings and the two slowly circle as fans fire up for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” The two feel things out, knuckle lock and fans already say “This is Awesome!” as the two have a test of strength. Suzuki wrenches the knuckle locks to bring Bryan down, but Bryan fights up to kick the one arm and wrench through. Bryan has the keylock, Suzuki drops but gets up as Bryan goes after the shoulder. Bryan hooks a leg, “This is Wrestling!” as Bryan chinbars. Suzuki endures, Bryan hooks the arms but Suzuki fights to get around and hook Bryan up! Suzuki has the Octopus now, Bryan endures, so Suzuki snapmares him down for a chinlock.

Suzuki digs his knee in, Bryan moves around and gets out of the chinlock to get the legs. Suzuki fights off the Crab so Bryan spins to a kneebar! Suzuki gets the ropebreak and slips away. Bryan and Suzuki reset, circle, approach, but Bryan lets himself be cornered. Suzuki has his dukes up, Bryan shoots in to get a leg and Suzuki backs up. Bryan gets a leg but Suzuki rolls through the dragon screw! Suzuki goes for a chinlock but Bryan gets up and KICKS the leg! Suzuki eggs him on! Fans fire up as Suzuki stands and the two reset again as fans chant, “SI! SI! SI!” Suzuki pie faces Bryan and eggs him on. Bryan throws a EuroUpper! Suzuki comes back to CHOP!

Suzuki taunts Bryan and dares him to hit back. Fans hush themselves and Bryan KICKS Suzuki in the chest. Suzuki comes back to CHOP! Bryan takes a moment, Suzuki waits, and Bryan KICKS again! Suzuki staggers into a corner but he comes back. Suzuki winds up to DECK Bryan with a forearm! Fans lose their minds off that killer shot and Bryan sputters his way back up. Suzuki grins as Bryan gets back up. Fans rally and duel, Bryan KICKS Suzuki in the legs over and over, then the chest, then the legs, then a snapmare for “hammer ‘n’ anvil” elbows! Bryan wants the arms but Suzuki gets the ropebreak! So Bryan KICKS him more! Suzuki goes to the apron but Bryan stomps him!

Bryan brings Suzuki up but Suzuki gets a DRAPING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go and then drags Bryan out to DECK him again! And stomp him for good measure! Suzuki stands Bryan up again to DECK him! Suzuki gets the arm, hammerlocks and POSTS Bryan! The ring count is 5 of 10 as Suzuki goes into the ring. Bryan is in at 7, and he throws body shots! Fans rally, Suzuki KNEES Bryan, then snapmares him for a chinlock to a motorcycle stretch! Suzuki then traps an arm and pulls the other! Bryan endures so Suzuki focuses on the other with the mounted armbar! Suzuki twists the wrist, bends the elbow and has a double wristlock!

Bryan endures, gets the ropebreak, but Suzuki lets go at 4. Suzuki kicks away at Bryan, hops out and gives toying kicks. He slaps Bryan around, then makes sure the camera watches as he ROCKS Bryan with a right. Suzuki whips, Bryan reverses and Suzuki eats POST! Bryan goes into the ring, Suzuki staggers up, Bryan LEAPS from the apron for a FLYING KNEE! Direct hit and fans fire up again, “SI! SI! SI!” Bryan brings Suzuki up, fireman’s carries and puts him in the ring. But still, Suzuki eggs Bryan on. Bryan KICKS Suzuki but he grits his teeth as he stays seated! Bryan KICKS again, Suzuki powers up to stay up! Bryan KICKS again, Suzuki sits up, repeat!

Bryan KICKS Suzuki and he finally stays down! So Bryan gets the wrists for DANIELSON STOMPS! Then the double chicken wings to CATTLE MUTILATION!! But Suzuki pushes up to relieve some pressure! They struggle for control, Bryan slips around and turns it to a chicken wing cradle! TWO!! Suzuki gets to a corner, Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS in the corner! Suzuki eggs Bryan on with his glare so Bryan KICKS, runs corner to corner, and DROPKICKS! Suzuki snarls even as his chest welt is bleeding! Bryan goes forehead to forehead before throwing a EuroUpper! Bryan whips, Suzuki reverses and runs in to BOOT Bryan!

Suzuki snapmares, runs and PENALTY KICKS! But now Bryan roars as he sits up! Suzuki PENALTY KICKS, Bryan sits up again! Suzuki even claps along, then he runs to PENALTY KICK again! Bryan doesn’t sit up, Suzuki covers, TWO! Suzuki gives toying little stomps to Bryan but Bryan gets up. Bryan EuroUppers! Suzuki forearms! EuroUpper! Forearm! Bryan gets the edge with the EuroUppers but Suzuki turns suplex into FUJIWARA! Bryan crawls, reaches, and has the ropebreak! Suzuki lets go at 4, stomps Bryan at the ropes, but argues with the ref about the rope count. Suzuki has the ref move aside, fixes his shirt for him, then drags Bryan, but Bryan gets the omoplata! LABELLE LOCK!!

Suzuki endures, fights but Bryan wants the other arm! Bryan has RINGS OF SATURN! Suzuki endures all over again, but he manages to shift around with his feet for a ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go and Suzuki rolls all the way to the far side. Fans how they “Fight Forever!” at this point but the Buy-In has to end at some point! Bryan and Suzuki stand up, and Suzuki throws a forearm! Bryan forearms back! Suzuki forearms again, and Bryan gives it back! Suzuki forearms, Bryan forearms, and Suzuki smirks as he puts his arms back! Suzuki eggs Bryan on, so Bryan fires forearm after forearm! Suzuki wobbles but he grins as he stands up. Bryan forearms, Suzuki ROCKS Bryan back!

Bryan fires himself up and stands again! Bryan forearms, Suzuki forearms, repeat and the fans are loving it! Suzuki SLAPS, Bryan SLAPS, Suzuki and Bryan bob ‘n’ weave, DOUBLE PALM STRIKES drop both men!! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Suzuki stands but staggers, and so does Bryan. Bryan and Suzuki stand, the two head for each other again and “This is Awesome!” Suzuki forearms again, but Bryan gives it back. Suzuki throws another forearm, but Bryan gives it back. Suzuki forearms, Bryan forearms, and both men fire up! The forearms keep flying back and forth, Bryan gets the edge, and both men roar!

Bryan KICKS, Suzuki forearms, we’re back to more forearms! Both men lean on the other, Bryan KICKS and runs. Suzuki follows, gets around, SLEEPER! Bryan elbows free, but swings into a spin and a SLEEPER! But Bryan spins through to omoplata! Suzuki rolls, spins Bryan around, reels him in, but Bryan back drops free! Bryan KICKS, runs, but Suzuki dodges! Bryan dodges, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, BRYAN WINS!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Incredible! This was an instant classic, and was just on the Buy-In! What more does this EXTRA LARGE Rampage have in store?


EW takes a closer look at CM Punk VS Matt Sydal.

Schiavone says that when Punk arrived in AEW back in August, it changed everything for the company. “All the big stars in pro-wrestling have this well-worn term, an It Factor. CM Punk has that.” Excalibur says it is both easy and hard to quantify the CM Punk effect on AEW. Before even signing, the rumor alone sold out the United Center in Chicago. Punk is big time. He had seven years off, everyone wondered if he had rust. But in his three first matches, he’s just as sharp as he was seven years ago. Fans expect a Punk with a chip on his shoulder, but for the first time ever, we’re seeing a happy CM Punk. A CM Punk glad to be facing these younger stars and testing himself against the best.

Lio Rush has returned to AEW, having taken an interest in both Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Lio has learned corporate finance and wields a lot of influence now. Lio wants Dante on his team, and he is watching Sydal. No one can deny Sydal’s success, going 21-9 and having taken it to some of the best. This is a “stress test” of sorts, and Lio lobbied to Tony Khan to give us Punk VS Sydal for Rampage. Seeing Punk get better in his comeback, he could struggle against Sydal, having one of the best records in AEW. But at the end, CM Punk might still be the Best in the World.

They’re not strangers to each other, either. Their first match was in IWA Mid-South Wrestling. Then they went to ROH, to WWE, and now are here in AEW together. Sydal isn’t doing this for ego or even the money, but to prove that Sydal is the best Junior Heavyweight in the world. Sydal’s stamina and ring experience might give him the edge here. Even with the titles he’s won around the world, defeating Punk will be the biggest thing in Sydal’s career. Punk is coming back just a week after his grueling match with Daniel Garcia, has he recovered enough in that time? The crowd gives Punk home field advantage no matter where he is, but Sydal has the support system to keep him going. Sydal feels he has finally become the better wrestler, and that is why he’ll win.


CM Punk VS Matt Sydal!

There’s no stopping this one, because it will be completely commercial free to open tonight’s Rampage main card! Will this match need all 30 minutes of its time limit to truly settle who is the Best in the World?

The bell rings and fans are fired up for “C M PUNK! C M PUNK!” as he and Sydal approach. They shake hands, circle and tie up. Punk headlocks, hits the takeover but Sydal fights up to wrench out to a top wristlock. Sydal arm-drags, wrenches the arm, then has the cording hold. Punk fights up, powers out and runs Sydal over! Sydal scrambles to ropes but gets up to reset. They feel things out, tie up, and Punk waistlocks. Sydal wrenches, hammerlocks, shiftt through to a headlock takeover, then floats to get Punk up for another. Sydal then flying-mares, ghost pins, TWO! Punk shoots in to get a leg and a takedown, then turns toehold into facelock.

Punk drags Sydal up, suplexes, but Sydal slips out waistlock. Punk switches, full nelsons, but Sydal drops, only for Punk to sit on the cover! TWO, and the two stand off as fans cheer. Sydal and Punk circle and feel things out again as fans rally and duel. They knuckle lock, have a test of strength, and Punk powers Sydal back so he can roll and wrench the knuckle locks. Sydal endures, slips under and trips Punk to a chinlock Sydal digs his knee in, then floats to tie up the legs. BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Punk endures, pops out to a cover, ONE! Punk scoops and SLAMS Sydal, then takes a moment before he gets Sydal up. Punk scoops and SLAMS him again!

Fans rally up and want “UNO MAS!” But Sydal arm-drags out of the scoop to SLIDING KNEE Punk against ropes! Sydal drags Punk up, wrenches and spins Punk to a flying-mare. Sydal again digs his knee in while he has the chinlock, then he steps over to get a leg clutch cradle, TWO! Sydal grows frustrated, he waits for Punk to stand and he KICKS the leg. Punk hobbles, Sydal KICKS and KICKS the leg out! Sydal drags Punk to a standing toehold, and he goes to bridge back! Punk fights it but Sydal still reclines back to add a cravat neck wrench! Punk endures, Sydal slips around to clinch, but Punk fireman’s carries!

Sydal fights free, but Punk avoids Lightning Spiral to DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel and Punk feeds off it as he stands Sydal up. Punk whips, CLOBBERS Sydal with an elbow, then he whips Sydal to calf kick! Sydal runs into a spin, but he spins through to WHEEL KICK! Punk crawls to a corner, Sydal goes to the opposite end. Sydal runs corner to corner to SLIDING KNEE! Fans fire up as Sydal goes to the apron. He drags Punk up, but Punk scoops and SLAMS Sydal on the apron! Sydal falls to the floor and Punk grins as he catches his breath. The ring count begins, Punk brings Sydal up and into the ring at 4 of 10. Then he slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO!

Punk hears fans calling for the GTS but Punk scoops Sydal to put him in the Tree of Woe. The ref counts as Punk stomps Sydal, and Punk lets off at 4. Punk goes corner to corner to slide, but Sydal sits up! Punk hurries up after Sydal and throws a forearm! Sydal give sit back, they brawl as Punk climbs. Sydal fights the superplex but so does Punk! Punk rains down fists but Sydal punches back, and both men fall to the floor! The ring count climbs, both men slowly stir at 5 of 10. Both men drag themselves up at 7 and get in at 9! Punk throws a forearm but Sydal gives it back! Punk throws another, Sydal KICKS Punk’s leg. Punk KICKS back, suplexes, but Sydal knees free!

Sydal KICKS the leg, JUMP KNEES, then rolls Punk up, TWO!! Punk survives that one but Sydal fires up! Sydal stands Punk up, hooks the leg, but Punk turns spiral into NECKBREAKER! Sydal goes to a corner, flounders up, and Punk runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Punk reels Sydal in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Punk grows a bit frustrated but he gets to the corner. Punk climbs up, Sydal jumps to SUPER RANA! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives again and fans rally up. Sydal brings Punk around and has the over-the-shoulder HALF CRAB! Punk endures, Sydal pulls harder on the leg, but Punk crawls forward! Sydal grabs the hand reaching out, for the COBRA CLUTCH STRETCH!

But Punk slips through, ANACONDA VICE! But Sydal gets the ropebreak with a foot! Punk lets go, drags Sydal back up and hammerlocks the arm, PEPSI- NO! Sydal goes Matrix, but Punk ducks the roundhouse. Punk wants the fireman’s carry but Sydal steps over to ROUNDHOUSE! Punk drops, Sydal drags him back up! LIGHTNING SPIRAL!! Cover, TWO?!?! Punk barely survives and fans are fired up for Punk again! But Punk’s in the drop zone as Sydal goes up top! Punk gets out of the way and Sydal bails out of the shooting star! Sydal tilt-o-whirls, but into a fireman’s carry! G T S!! Cover, PUNK WINS!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

The toughest fight yet in AEW for CM Punk, but he’s still the Best in the World! But he also shows Sydal the respect he deserves with a bow and a handshake. Will Punk continue to stay undefeated? Or will there come a day when someone ends the comeback streak?


The Dark Order talks backstage.

They’re all excited to see Hangman Page is back! And Hangman has a title match with Kenny Omega at Full Gear! Finally! They all know the Super Elite’s gonna get theirs, those sons of guns! Reynolds tells Silver “That’s the Gunn Club.” Oh, right. But Adam Cole & The Young Bucks will try and get involved, so the Dark Order’s calling them out! Dark Order VS Super Kliq, what do they say? Will Hangman’s old pals have his back against Omega and his pals?


Ruby Soho VS The Bunny!

The Runaway and the Hardy Family Office’s wascally wabbit both want to be in the TBS Championship tournament and grab that gold, so just call this a teaser! Will Ruby or Bunny make a big impression before the bracket is made?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Ruby powers Bunny back but Bunny powers Ruby back. Ruby powers Bunny all the way to a corner but lets off as the ref counts. Bunny and Ruby circle again, tie back up, and Ruby again powers Bunny to a corner. Bunny turns it around, the ref counts, and Bunny lets go to shove Ruby. Ruby shoves back, then Bunny talks trash. Ruby grabs the finger Bunny’s pointing and bends it to then mule kick. Ruby runs, Bunny follows but Ruby arm-drags her around, then dodges, only for Bunny to block the hip toss! Bunny goes to hip toss but Ruby blocks with a cording hold!

Bunny rolls Ruby away, Ruby blocks her kick to KNEE her back! Cover, TWO! Ruby drags Bunny up, Bunny blocks the whip, so Ruby ROCKS her with a forearm! Bunny reverses the whip to back elbow! Bunny runs to KNEE Ruby down! Bunny takes a moment to laugh maniacally, then she drags Ruby up. Ruby throws body shots, Bunny RAMS her into buckles! Bunny then goes corner to corner to SHOTGUN Ruby into the post! Cover, TWO! Bunny CHOPS then whips Ruby to ropes, but Ruby holds ropes to kick back! STO! Ruby goes to a corner, goes up top and fans fire up, Bunny rushes over to YANK Ruby down! Bunny then runs corner to corner, SLIDING D!

Bunny laughs into the camera and soaks up the heat as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and both women are down on the outside. The replay shows it was a double-edged Complete Shot to the floor. The ring count climbs, Ruby puts Bunny back in at 5 but Bunny CLUBS her back. They throw forearms back and forth, Ruby blocks to get the edge! Ruby forearms Bunny all the way into the corner and fans fire up! Ruby whips corner to corner, Bunny reverses but Ruby elbows back. Ruby goes up and reels Bunny in for DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Ruby then runs Bunny corner to corner, runs in and RAMS into her! Ruby goes side to side to YAKUZA KICK! And then the other way, another YAKUZA KICK! Ruby brings Bunny around, SAIDO!

Ruby keeps moving, BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bunny survives but Ruby drags her back up. Wrench, but Bunny reels Ruby in! Ruby slips out of the fireman’s carry to waistlock. Bunny switches, Ruby bucks the O’Conner to elbow again. Ruby goes up but Bunny CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Bunny then tucks Ruby in for CHEEKY NANDOS! Ruby is stuck up there, Bunny SUPER GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Bunny is furious, she brings Ruby up and dragon sleepers, but Ruby blocks the elbow drop to backslide! High stack, Ruby wins!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

And Bunny is furious! But Penelope Ford CLOBBERS Ruby on the stage! She throws Ruby into the ring, she and Bunny mug Ruby with stomps and kicks! Bunny frolics before she kicks Ruby again. Bunny gets Ruby up and Penelope has the brass knuckles! Penelope puts those on, takes aim, BRASS KNUCKLE PUNCH to Ruby! Ruby goes down, will the Superbad Girl and her nasty little friend get the TBS Championship? And what about Bunny’s chances, as well?


Mark Henry talks with our main eventers.

The World’s Strongest Man starts with American Top Team. This is Junior Dos Santos’ first pro-wrestling match, what are their thoughts? Dan Lambert says talking is what the “Inner Circle Jerks” do best. This may be JDS’s first pro-wrestling match but he’s been bashing brains in for years. He ain’t coming alone, he has the Men of the Year, Jorge Masvidal, and all of “ATT Country” backing them up. Then Jericho, your reactions? Yes, this is a huge night! JDS’s pro-wrestling debut, right here in AEW. Jericho remembers his first match. He was nervous, scared, didn’t know what he was doing but his family was so happy and proud for him.

So JDS’s grandma can bake him a cake in celebration, but the reunited Inner Circle is going to kick his ass! Men of the Year, “fat faced dips*it” Dan Lambert, and Masvidal are on the list, too. There is nobody crazier in AEW than Jericho and his Inner Circle! “See you tonight, BITCHES!” Then enough talk! Time for the main event! We will see this insane trios match, after the break!


Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Junior Dos Santos & The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal!

Le Champion leads #RockHard Jake Hager and the TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara, into battle once more, but against perhaps their most dangerous opponents yet! Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are one thing, but they’re up against a genuine heavy hitter in JDS. This Rampage has already been extra, how much wilder is it about to get to close out the night?

Lambert cuts off Justin Roberts to speak. “You send these idiots into the ring in our hometown? American Top Team has fought for this city for 25 years! You show us our respect! Put on our goddamn music and sing us into the ring right now!” Only American Top Team seems to cheer for American Top Team. Fans tell Lambert to STFU as the teams sort out. The Spanish God is ready, and he starts against Scorpio Sky. They circle, approach and Scorpio kicks low then fires off forearm after forearm! He DECKS Sammy, then brings him away from the Inner Circle corner to whip to ropes for a kitchen sink, that Sammy turns into a roll-up, TWO!

Sammy comes back, ducks and waistlocks to leap frog and elbow Scorpio way for a jumping back kick! Fans fire up as Sammy whips Scorpio to ropes to hurdle, back flip over and dropkick down! Sammy kips up smooth and takes a bow! Tag to Jericho, Le Sex Gods whip and CLOBBER Scorpio! Scorpio flounders to his corner, JDS tags in! Jericho ties up and throws hands with JDS but ends up in a corner! The ref backs JDS off, he runs back in but into BOOTS! Jericho goes up, JDS is up and he BOOTS Jericho out of the air! JDS rains down rights, then lefts, but Jericho gets the ropebreak. Tag to Hager and now we have some real bad men in the ring!

Hager and JDS feel things out, Hager shoots in but JDS holds him off. Hager avoids the hands, flips JDS off, then they go again. JDS BOOTS Hager to a corner, fires off more hands, but Hager hauls JDS up to SPINEBUSTER! Hager gives some ground ‘n’ pound but JDS drags him down to throw more hands. JDS KNEES Hager to ropes! Tag to Scorpio, JDS CHOPS Hager, then Scorpio brings Hager around for forearms. Hager blocks the whip to reverse it, Scorpio kicks back but Hager CLOBBERS him! Tag to Jericho and he runs to run Scorpio over. Jericho slides out and gets in Masvidal’s face! Jericho shoves Masvidal but Lambert keeps Masvidal back.

Masvidal eggs Jericho on, Ethan CLOBBERS Jericho from behind! All Ego stomps and rains down fists, then JDS helps keep the rest of the Inner Circle away. AEW goes picture in picture as Ethan puts Jericho back in the ring and Scorpio covers, TWO!

Scorpio keeps cool, drags Jericho back over and tags in Ethan. The Men of the Year mug Jericho, Ethan DECKS Jericho and then kicks him against the ropes. Ethan bumps Jericho off buckles, tags in Scorpio, and the Men of the Year mug Jericho again. The ref reprimands, JDS tags in and he joins in on the mugging with fast hands. The ref counts, JDS lets off just long enough, then he fires off more hands! Tag to Scorpio, he scrapes his soles off Jericho’s face, then he argues with the ref so Lambert can get a cheap shot in! Ethan mocks the fans and Scorpio covers, TWO! Scorpio tags Ethan, they drag Jericho around for some stomps, then Ethan stomps Jericho more.

Ethan drags Jericho up, whips him to ropes and kitchen sink knees, but Jericho turns that into the takedown! Ethan fights off the Walls and throws Jericho away! Ethan pushes Jericho down for ground ‘n’ pound, then he lets off to soak up the heat. Ethan shows off his smile, then he drags Jericho up, only for Jericho to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Ethan rakes Jericho’s eyes to back him down! Tag to Scorpio and he chokes Jericho on the ropes! The ref counts, Ethan lets off and Jericho sputters to a corner. Scorpio throws hands, puts Jericho up top and throws hands. Scorpio climbs up to join Jericho, but Jericho resists the superplex.

Jericho throws body shots then headbutts Scorpio down! Jericho adjusts, jumps and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Jericho gets up but Scorpio CLOBBERS him! Tag to Ethan, he digs his heel into Jericho’s neck, and AEW returns as the ref counts. Ethan lets off at 4, tags in JDS, and JDS drags Jericho up to scoop and carry around. JDS is showing off as he POWERSLAMS Jericho down! JDS enjoys the cheers and jeers before he covers, TWO!! Jericho survives but JDS puts Jericho in the corner. Tag to Ethan, he throws hands and kicks, but Jericho ducks the roundhouse to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tags to Scorpio and Sammy!

Sammy shoulders and GAMANGIRIS, then triangle jump CUTTERS! Ethan runs into a SPANISH FLY! Sammy DECKS JDS, STANDING SHOOTING STAR to Scorpio! Cover, TWO! Sammy gets Scorpio up, tags Jericho back in, Le Sex Gods double whip to DOUBLE SHOULDER! Jericho TRIANGLE JUMP DROPKICKS Ethan down! Jericho returns to Scorpio but Scorpio sends him out. Jericho lands on the apron, goes up top and hits FLYING AX HANDLES! And the LIONSAULT! Cover, Ethan breaks it in time! Sammy gets in to clothesline Ethan out! Hager and JDS brawl, JDS KNEES Hager out of the ring!

JDS goes after Hager, bumps him off the apron, but Sammy ASAI MOONSAULTS Ethan down! Fans are going nuts as JDS bounces Hager off the timekeeper’s table, then scoops him. Hager sips off and catches JDS, URENAGE through the table!! Both JDS and Hager are wiped out on one side, Sammy and Ethan are down on the other, and fans are losing their minds! Scorpio gets Jericho up, “This is Awesome!” as the two are brawling with forearms. Scorpio gets the edge, fires off more then runs, but into a kick! Scorpio blocks the Code Breaker to fireman’s carry, but Jericho slips out to trip him up! WALLS OF JERICHO!!

Scorpio endures but Paige VanZant jumps the rail! She distracts so Masvidal can FLYING KNEE STRIKE!! Scorpio covers, Men of the Year and JDS win!

Winners: Men of the Year & Junior Dos Santos, by pinfall

And then the rest of American Top Team jump in to mug Jericho while Paige vlogs it! Fans boo and call them “A**HOLES!” but Lambert and his team soak it all up. But wait! Here come Santana & Ortiz! The Inner Circle still had members left out of this, and they run off American Top Team while throwing hands on Men of the Year! Hager gets up and in, as does Sammy, and they all help Jericho. Is this war of AEW VS American Top Team far from over?

My Thoughts:

An awesome night for AEW Rampage, that Buy-In was good enough to be tonight’s televised content. Garrett VS Conti was a solid opener, and Conti is definitely going to be in that TBS Championship tournament. Ruby VS Bunny was also a really good match, and Ruby getting that quick win was great for keeping things going between the two. Ford also getting after Ruby is a sign they’ll all be in the tournament, and I bet Ruby gets her revenge by defeating Ford. Fish VS Moriarty was great stuff, Moriarty is definitely a diamond in the rough. No idea where Fish goes right now but he can definitely give us great matches just for the sake of having great matches.

Bryan VS Suzuki was probably the best singles match of the night, the real main event of the whole night. That was basically everything great about these two guys in under half an hour. Bryan is definitely going to be in the 2021 AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. He might even win so that he gets to face the winner of Omega VS Hangman. Dark Order VS Super Kliq is going to be a great match, no matter which three Dark Order members they put up. Punk VS Sydal being commercial free was great stuff, but a bit of a bummer Punk buried Sydal’s finish. Yeah, it’s CM Punk but c’mon, the Lightning Spiral is a really good move.

The trios match main event was great stuff, JDS did a great job in there for this being his first match. Taking him out of the equation with a table spot was a good move, it prompted American Top Team cheating to turn things back around. Santana & Ortiz took a little long in making the save but I would love if we got something big for Full Gear with all five Inner Circle members and then whoever else from American Top Team. Something allowing for more brutality would at least make things reasonable in pro-wrestlers (and Hager) beating MMA fighters.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (11/26/21)

Black Friday is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

Will Riho get a golden ticket tonight?

Tony Khan’s offering a major Black Friday deal and Britt Baker isn’t happy about it! If Riho defeats The Doctor, she gets an AEW Women’s world title match!


  • Adam Cole & Bobby Fish VS Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor; win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Black Friday Deal: Britt Baker w/ Jamie Hayter & Rebel VS Riho; Riho wins and earns a future title match against Britt Baker.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0; Kingston wins.


Adam Cole & Bobby Fish VS Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor!

It’s undisputed that both teams are great friends, but this is about seeing who are the best friends! Will Cole & Fish bring the boom? Or will Freshly Squeezed & The Decoder make Chaos proud here in Chicago?

The teams sort out and Yuta starts with Fish. They circle, feel it out, and then Fish shoots in to waistlock. Yuta switches, gets the ankle pick and the leg but Fish gets a leg back. Fish pushes to a cover, Yuta slips away before a count. They feel things out again, Fish steps in to knee low! Fish throws body shots, KICKS a leg, then ROCKS Yuta with a forearm. Fish whips, Yuta goes up and over but swings into a body shot! Yuta slips under to dropkick Fish down! Yuta wrenches, tags to Cassidy but Fish throws forearms. The Best Friends still double whip and, well Yuta forearms. Both Yuta and Cassidy run, KNEE DROP SPLASH COMBO! Cover, ONE!

Fish gets away and tags Cole. Fans fire up as Cole and Cassidy stare down. Cassidy takes off the sunglasses, but Cole stops him from putting his hands in his pockets. Cole hits the “BAYBAY!” pose, and then takes a bow. Cassidy puts his hands up, but Cole stops him again. Cassidy hammerlocks, spins, and WRINGS Cole out! Cole gets up in a huff as Cassidy spins and holds his hands up. But again Cole stops that with a waistlock! Cassidy switches, Cole switches, Cassidy reaches for legs, but then he puts his hands up. Cole shifts to a full nelson, but Cassidy still wants his pockets! Colle fights to keep those hands up, Cassidy uses his leg to break the nelson!

Cassidy switches, flying-mares, then thumbs up with Cole. Cole flails, Cassidy crucifix covers! TWO, and Cassidy builds up the energy. Cole runs in, Cassidy hurdles over, Yuta ROCKS Cole! Tag to Yuta, Cassidy and Yuta double whip Cole corner to corner. Yuta sends Cassidy but Sloth Style kicks in. Yuta runs to back elbow Cole, then go corner to corner to back elbow again! Cassidy finally arrives to feed Cole to Yuta’s scoop SLAM and SENTON! Cover, Fish drags Yuta off. Fans are fired up as Yuta drags Cole up. Cole JAWBREAKERS then runs in but Yuta elbows him away. Yuta goes up, Fish runs over and then Cole YANKS Yuta down!

Cole drags Yuta up, bumps him off buckles, stomps away, then tags in Fish. Fish stomps Yuta down, digs his knee in, but the ref counts. Fish lets off, drags Yuta up and clinches for knees. He bumps Yuta off buckles, fires forearms and body shots, then kicks. Tag to Cole, Cole drags Yuta up and throws more forearms. Yuta throws forearms back, runs, but into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cole talks trash to Yuta then drags him back as AEW goes picture in picture.

Fish tags in, Cole anchors Yuta while Fish stomps away. Fish drags Yuta up, throws knees, then forearms, then brings Yuta around to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Yuta up, throws more knees, then snapmares him to go out and slingshot senton back in! Cover, TWO! Fish is annoyed but he drags Yuta up to knee him to the corner. Fish throws forearms, wrenches and taunts Cassidy before he back suplexes. Yuta lands on his feet but Fish CLOBBERS him! Yuta ducks the roundhouse, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES knock both men down! AEW returns to single picture as fans rally up. Fish tags Cole, but Yuta sends Cole out! Fish drags Yuta away, Yuta ENZIGURIS free!

Yuta crawls over, but Cole trips Cassidy off the apron! Cole gets in to bump Yuta off the buckle, then stomps away on him. Tag to Fish, he drags Yuta up to BOOT him into the corner. Fish fires off fast hands and another BOOT! Tag to Cole, Fish holds Yuta and Cole runs in but Yuta back drops him! Yuta elbows Fish, elbows Cole, BOOTS Fish, then goes up to double missile dropkick! Cassidy is back, Yuta crawls over as fans rally up! Hot tag to Cassidy! Well, lukewarm with Cassidy’s speed. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and fires off the “devastating” shin kicks. He dodges the double clotheslines to DOUBLE DRPOKICK! Cassidy kips up to DOUBLE RANA!

Cassidy keeps moving, he uses Cole to kick and tilt-o-whirl to DDT Fish! Cole and Fish bail out, Yuta goes up and Cassidy builds speed! Cassidy DIVES< Yuta CROSSBODIES! Direct hit, Cassidy goes up and Yuta tags in! CROSSBODY then a DIVE onto Fish! Yuta SPLASHES Cole! Cover, TWO!! Tag back to Cassidy, he and Yuta get Cole up but Cole fires off forearms! Cole mule kicks Cassidy, BOOTS Yuta, then reels Cassidy in! Yuta rewinds, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Jackknife bridge! But Fish breaks it!! Yuta gets up, Fish ROCKS him then mule kicks Cassidy! Fish KICKS Yuta down, then catches Cassidy to EXPLODER him into Yuta!

Fish tags in, he tackles Cassidy to a corner, then he isolates a leg to knee and KICK and DRAGON SCREW! SHINING WIZARD from Cole! Leg clutch cover, TWO!! KNEEBAR! Cole plays defense as Yuta gets in! Yuta then baits Cole and dodges the superkick to clobber Fish! Cole SUPERKICKS Yuta, Cassidy SUPERKICKS Cole! BEACH BREAK!! Cassidy powers up, but Fish TACKLES him to a corner! Fish has the leg, Cassidy breaks free but swings into the EXPLODER into buckles! Yuta tags in and spins Fish for an OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Yuta STOMPS Fish, hauls him up, NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Yuta goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Cole trips him up! The ref reprimands, Cassidy trips Cole! Cassidy takes off the elbow pad but Cole drags Cassidy out to throw him into steel steps! And then again! Fish goes after Yuta on the top rope, brings Yuta up, SUPER FALCON ARROW!! Cover, Fish & Cole win!

Winners: Adam Cole & Bobby Fish, by pinfall

Whether or not Cole & Fish are best friends, they’re the better team here tonight! Will they give everyone a reason to fear them?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

Tony Schiavone says the Premier Athlete has “mysteriously” been in the stands watching, but Nese stops him right there. There is no mystery to what he’s doing. He’s scouting the competition, because that’s what top athletes do. “We all know that there’s an open challenge for the TNT Championship, so I thought, what perfect way to make my debut on TNT than becoming the TNT Champion?” Based off what Nese has seen, if Ethan Page, Bobby Fish or Jay Lethal would’ve done their homework, Sammy Guevara wouldn’t be champion right now. Nese is 100% unimpressed, but here comes Sammy!

Sammy’s the one unimpressed with Nese! Another new guy talking a lot of mess. Nese wants Sammy to relax. Is Sammy unable to take criticism? Oh he can take criticism, just not from a guy who hasn’t done s*it since he got here. Nese says there’s an open challenge, so he’s challenging Sammy next week. Challenge accepted, see you next week. Yeah you will. But then Nese SUCKER PUNCHES Sammy! Nese says the only reason Sammy has the title is because guys like Nese weren’t available yet. Nese leaves for now, but will he leave next Rampage the new TNT Champion?


FTR speaks.

Cash Wheeler starts by saying, “On Thanksgiving Eve in Chicago, we proved once again that we are the living lucha legends, the AAA World Tag Team Champions, and without a doubt the best tag team on the planet.” There’s a reason FTR is 2-0 against the Lucha Bros and the only win the Lucha Bros got was on the illegal man. There is no team on Earth, in this ring or in this business as good as FTR. Dax Harwood says they have a “history” with 2 outta 3 falls matches, so he is begging them that if they wanna prove it was no fluke, go 2 outta 3 falls with FTR. Right now, until they find someone better, write ’em a letter, #TopGuysOut!


AEW Women’s World Championship Black Friday Deal: Britt Baker w/ Jamie Hayter & Rebel VS Riho!

The Doctor better take the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion seriously, because if Riho wins here, she’ll get a title match in the near future! Will Riho cash in on this great deal? Or will Britt deny her this huge holiday gift?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Britt wrenches an arm to hammerlock, then spin Riho to a snapmare. Riho slips out to wrench and have the arm. Britt gets up, powers through to spin and snapmare Riho again, but Riho slips out again to have the wristlock. Britt fights up, Riho keeps on the wristlock but Britt clubs free and ROCKS Riho with a right! Britt says, “D M D,” but Riho fires off forearms! Birtt pulls hair to throw Riho down! Cover, TWO as Riho goes Matrix! But Britt rolls her up again, TWO! Britt gets the arm but Riho fights to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Britt lets off but she stomps away on Riho!

The ref counts, Britt lets off, Hayter and Rebel choke Riho! Britt comes back to stand on Riho at the ropes, then lets off at 4. Britt drags Riho up to ROCK her again. Britt whips, Riho handsprings and dropkicks! Riho keeps moving to dropkick again! Britt bails out, Rebel checks on her, but Riho goes up a corner! Riho LEAPS and CROSSBODIES Britt and Rebel down! Fans fire up as Riho gets back up. Hayter checks on Britt but Riho comes back to drag Britt up. Riho puts Britt in, Britt goes to a corner. Riho runs in to forearm smash! Then she goes corner to corner again, but into a BUCKLE SHOT! Britt stands on Riho’s head and stomps away!

Britt drags Riho up by her hair, bumps her off buckles again and again, but the ref counts. Britt lets off and Riho flops down as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and Britt reels Riho into a suplex. Riho fights it off, wrenches and ROCKS Britt with forearms! Riho runs, Britt follows and SLINGBLADES! Cover, TWO! Britt hammers away with forearms, covers, TWO! Britt argues with the ref, then drags Riho up by her hair. The ref reprimands but Britt doesn’t care. Riho throws body shots, Britt clinches and whips Riho to a corner. Britt is annoyed as fans rally and duel, and Britt stomps Riho down! Britt lets off, gives another stomp, then drags RIho up for a forearm. Riho forearms back, fires off many more, but Britt kicks her low! Britt whips Riho to a corner, runs in but into boots! Riho runs and tilt-o-whirl headscissors!

Britt ends up in a corner, Riho goes corner to corner and KNEES Britt right in the head! Riho reels Britt in, but Britt blocks the Northern Lights and CLUBS Riho. Snap suplex into buckles! Britt drags Riho up, Alabama lift but Riho slips out to full nelson and DRAGON SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Riho crawls after Britt. Cover, TWO! Britt is still in this but Riho goes up the corner. Diving stomps but Britt dodges! Britt comes back, spins Riho and ROCKS her with a forearm! Alabama, AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Riho survives but Britt slaps her down. Britt runs, Riho dodges the stomp to kick and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!

Riho goes up, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Britt survives but Riho keeps her focus. Riho run sin but Britt ducks the knees! Riho runs into buckles, but she avoids the swinging fisherman! Rolling cradle, RIHO WINS!!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall (earns an AEW Women’s World Championship match)

Britt is FURIOUS! Riho snatches victory from the jaws of defeat,



El Idolo wasn’t done with Cody Rhodes after Dynamite went off the air! A bare concrete Hammerlock DDT may have downed the American Nightmare, but now Cody and Andrade will go 1v1 in an ATLANTA STREET FIGHT! Plus, after the confrontation on Dynamite, Gunn Club’s Colten & Billy Gunn take on Sting & Darby for a grudge match of two undefeated teams!


Mark Henry interviews our main eventers!

He starts with Daniel Garcia & 2point0, and how they’ve been attacking whoever, throwing coffee in people’s faces, and are generally out of control. Matt Lee says that’s right, they’re outta control! Eddie Kingston, hopefully you didn’t fill up on turkey, because tonight, you get a taste of Red Death on Black Friday! Great line. Jeff Parker adds that those interruptions weren’t on accident. They know Kingston and he reacted exactly how they thought he would! Garcia adds it’s Black Friday, another sold out arena for another Daniel Garcia main event. He vows to embarrass Kingston, and then Kingston will be the one giving Garcia thanks.

Kingston laughs at these three. He apologizes, but he can’t believe they’re serious. They throw coffee, attack him, say this and that, and Garcia’s acting all big and tough. He’s too light in the ass to mess with Kingston. Kingston will show Garcia what’s what in the ring. And as for his homeboys, they need to do Kingston a favor and shut up. Talk is cheap, partner. Then we’ve had enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Red Death be the one lucky to survive the Mad King?

Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0!

The bell rings and the two circle. They test things out, Garcia shoots in to get a leg but Kingston pushes him down to throw hands. Kingston has the arms, puts Garcia in a corner, the ref counts. Kingston won’t let off so the ref brings him back. Garcia shoots in but Kingston smothers him into the mat! Kinston clinches, they end up on the ropes, the ref counts. Kingston CLUBS Garcia before he lets off and fans fire up behind him. Garcia hangs back to get pointers from 2point0 before he approaches Kingston again. Garcia circles but then just bails out. Kingston is annoyed, but he’s ready when Garcia slides back in.

They tie up, Garcia throws a forearm, but Kingston fires off fast palm strikes! Then body strikes in the corner! Kingston stomps away on Garcia but 2point0 gets Garcia out of there! Kingston goes out to throw Matt Lee into railing! And then he SPINEBUSTERS Jeff Parker! Garcia gets in the ring, Kingston goes in but Garcia kicks him! And uppercuts! Garcia throws EuroUppers in the corner, then stomps away. Garcia digs his boots in, the ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4. Garcia paces, drags Kingston up and throws forearms. Garcia whips but Kingston holds ropes to Garcia forearms! Kingston headbutts! Garcia BOOTS, then whips, but Kingston blocks again.

Garcia keeps trying, Kingston CLUBS him down! Kingston CHOPS Garcia to a corner, CHOPS him again, and fires off the MACHINE GUN CHOPS, but Garcia dodges to fire off forearms! Kingston pokes Garcia in the eye! The ref reprimands but fans cheer. Garcia crawls to a corner, Kingston runs in but Garcia dodge. Garcia runs in but into an elbow. Kingston goes up, FLYING KNEE! Garcia is down but Kingston gets his legs to loosen up. Garcia goes to ropes but Kingston CHOPS him on the side! Kingston taunts Garcia then CHOPS him. Garcia throat chops back! Garcia CLUBS Kingston, stalks him around the ring and kicks the bad leg!

Garcia EuroUppers, Kingston BITES Garcia’s ear! The ref reprimands, Kingston lets off to stomp Garcia down. Kingston hobbles, drags Garcia up and suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Fans rally behind Kingston as he walks off the bad leg. Garcia crawls to a corner as AEW goes picture in picture.

Garcia shoulders into Kingston, throws hands but Kingston CHOPS him down! Kingston drags Garcia up, suplexes but Garcia blocks. Garcia pries free, knees low, and again, and again! Then he snap suplexes Kingston down! Cover, ONE! Garcia goes after an arm but Kingston rolls, only to end up in a triangle hold. Kinston fights free to rain down hammer fists! Garcia kicks back at Kingston but Kingston stands to drag Garcia up. Kingston CHOPS, Garcia staggers back and asks for mercy. Kingston runs in but into an elbow! Garcia pulls on Kingston’s ear and CLUBS it! The ref reprimands but 2point0 talk a lot of trash at the apron.

Garcia straddle attacks Kingston at the ropes! 2point0 is right in Kingston’s face, but then Garcia goes out to CLUB Kingston on the apron. And again! Kingston gets in the ring but Garcia is right after that ear! So Kingston BITES the hand! Garcia knees and CLUBS Kingston, but Kingston staggers around. Kingston almost hits the ref with that haymaker! Garcia whips Kingston but Kingston can barely run, so Garcia CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Cover, ONE!! Another, TWO! Kingston has Garcia by his hear so he can club away on Garcia’s head! Garcia gets loose to stomp Kingston down! Garcia has the bad leg and YANKS back on it!

Kingston crawls, Garcia is on him with a double wristlock. Kingston clasps hands so Garcia clubs the grip. The two struggle, AEW returns to single picture, Garcia uses his knee for leverage. Kingston clubs Garcia but Garcia stomps him down! Garcia sits Kingston up, boots him, but fans rally up. Kingston grits his teeth but Garcia stomps away on him! Garcia drags Kingston up, whips him to the corner but again Kingston can barely run. The ref checks with Kingston but he says he’s not quitting. Garcia runs in, but into an EXPLODER! Garcia rolls to ropes, 2point0 is there to coach him. A standing count climbs, Kingston is up at 4 of 10!

Kingston hobbles over to Garcia, but Garcia headlocks to block the saido! Garcia clubs away on Kingston’s head, then rolls him to a HEEL HOOK! Kingston endures, gets the ROPEBREAK! Garcia lets go at 4, fans are thunderous! Garcia gets the leg again for a standing toehold! Then he digs his heel into Kingston’s gut, stomps the bad legs, jackknife! TWO as Kingston rolls and gets Garcia up, POWERBOMB!! Both men are down and fans are fired up! A standing count climbs, 2point0 coaches Garcia up. Fans rally, Kingston drags himself up the ropes and hobbles over to Garcia. He brings Garcia up and CHOPS him o the back!

Garcia blocks the half nelson suplex, switches, but Kingston blocks the German Suplex. Garcia drags Kingston down to the HEEL HOOK! Kingston still gest the ROPEBREK, but Garcia drags him away! Kingston kicks with his free leg but Garcia LCOBBERS Kingston and fires off hammering hands! Fans boo but Garcia soaks up the heat. Garcia drags Kingston up, CHOPS him, but Kingston stays up. Garcia powers up and runs, but into a HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Both men are down and fans fire up for Kingston. Garcia flounders at ropes as 2point0 coaches him up again. Garcia crawls over to Kingston, they both stand up and Kingston throws a body shot.

Kingston fire smore body shots, Garcia gives back palm strikes, the fans fire up for the fast hand brawling! Garcia fires off palm strike after palm strike, but Garcia ENZIGURIS! Garcia comes back to LARIAT!! Garcia can’t cover as he catches his breath, but fans are thunderous again. Garcia hobbles up, gets Kingston by the ear, reels him in, but Kingston blocks the lift! So Garcia drops a knee! Kingston SLAPS Garcia! Garcia throat chops, but Kingston SLAPS Garcia again! Garcia fires off BOOTS, then gets Kingston up, only for Kingston to wrench and SAIDO!! Garcia flounders, ducks the Uraken but the URAKEN RETURNS!! Cover, Kingston wins

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

But 2point0 pounce on Kingston! Fans boo as they mug the Mad King, but JERICHO gets off commentary to go to the ring! Jericho CLOBBERS Matt Lee, CLOTHESLINES Jeff Parker, and fans are thunderous for Le Champion! Kingston is still victorious, but will he and Jericho make sure 2point0 and Garcia watch who they pick a fight with from now on?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, and honestly really surprising. I didn’t think Riho was going to win here, but that was a great match and a great win. They’re going to have a great title match, probably at Battle of the Belts, but I am thinking Britt wins there. Cassidy & Yuta had a great showing, but Cole taking out Cassidy so that Yuta would take the loss makes sense. The Not Disputed Era lost to Jurassic Express, but they win here because they gotta stay afloat. I hope Trent Baretta is okay, he’s been gone for what feels like a really longtime.

Nese had a decent promo before Sammy got there, and then things got good. His line about not being available is a great nod to WWE letting him and a tone of their people go, but it would be more legit if one of those other guys said it. Nese will give Sammy a great match but Sammy’s totally winning. Then Kingston VS Garcia was an awesome main event, probably Garcia’s best match in AEW. I figured Kingston would win, but then 2point0 going after him to prompt Jericho to get involved was a nice way to end. Kingston and Jericho teaming up would be pretty cool to see.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/24/21)

This is a full plate for Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite 2021

AEW is loading up before Thanksgiving!

Before all the stuffing, turkey and pumpkin pie, AEW serves up heaping helpings of action! Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle take on Andrade, Malakai & FTR!


  • CM Punk VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory; Punk wins.
  • Gunn Club VS Bear Country; Gunn Club wins.
  • TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Thunder Rosa VS Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel; Rosa wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Colt Cabana; Danielson wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle VS Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR; Andrade, Malakai & FTR win.


CM Punk heads to the ring!

Chicago goes nuts as AEW opens with their hometown hero! But then MJF shows up to kill the mood. MJF of course has a mic as he goes to the ring. Fans call him an A-Hole as he gets in the ring with Punk and just smirks at him. Fans then chant for Punk, but MJF says, “Doesn’t feel so good getting interrupted, does it, Punky Brewster? Quiet frankly-” Fans now switch to chanting STFU. But frankly, Punk hurt MJF’s feelings. It was almost as bad as that time Punk quit, took his ball and went home like a little bitch. What was great, though, was #ThePipebomb. So good, legendary even. What we’d all call a great promo. The Pipebomb was probably Punk’s best moment.

But here’s the problem, bud. Every MJF moment is the best MJF moment. Cuz unlike Punk, MJF isn’t a one trick pony. Don’t get it twisted, MJF respects Punk and what he’s done, and even that he’s straightedge, Not that MJF could ever imagine a straightedge guy could look so much like a meth addict. And it must be so hard, considering if he had his face, MJF would have to down eight shots of whiskey just to look at himself. But MJF really respects how Punk handled the situation between them. Punk can pretend there wasn’t one, but there is. Punk could be asked about dream matches, would name every other wrestler except for MJF.

Punk can pretend he isn’t interested, but in reality, it’s cuz he doesn’t want none. Punk’s whole career on the stick has been big fish in a small pond, but next to MJF, Punk’s just a minnow. Punk doesn’t want to go toe to toe on the stick? Well too bad. MJF’s gonna finish Punk faster than Punk’s UFC career. MJF smiles his smug smile again while fans boo. MJF wants Punk want to check his watch. Because if Punk wants to retort, it won’t say clobbering time. It’ll say outta time. Punk can drop pipebombs all he wants, because MJF drops nukes! Punk finally does get the mic, fans fire up and MJF patiently waits.

“I’m so disappointed in you. But let’s not start there. Let’s show our guest a little bit of Chicago hospitality.” Punk likes that MJF introduced himself as a proper young man to his elder. And Punk had no idea his first name was Maxwell. He thought MJF was for “My Jealous Fan.” Punk has the time. If MJF is hung up on Punk never mentioning him during press, that was by design. The last thing Punk wanted was to feed MJF’s rotten little ego. Punk is in MJF’s head. He might even be a poster on MJF’s wall. Doesn’t change Punk’s disappointment. He’s heard about the great MJF, and then he did what no one else has been able to do: he shut up the great MJF without saying a word.

And MJF has had seven days to think of good zingers, and he came out with the lowest hanging fruit. MJF thinks he’s revolutionary when in reality, he’s just a less famous MIZ! OUCH! Okay, settle down, settle down. MJF tells “Punky” that was solid. Creative stuff. Almost what MJF wanted. In fact, “almost what I wanted,” perfectly encapsulates Punk’s AEW run so far. Maybe it’s true. “Nostalgia is a drug that cause us to misconstrue our memories, and you, my friend, are no more than nostalgia.” And guess what? Punk is right! MJF was a fan! How couldn’t he have been? In this ring, on the mic, no one could touch Punk! Punk was the best! Or so MJF thought.

Ever since Punk’s almighty return, he’s struggled to beat the easiest competition or say anything of intrigue. MJF gets a little closer and says Punk’s breath smells like sh*t. Maybe cuz he’s been kissing so much ass! He’s been kissing ass all over! MJF will do a quick impression. “It sure is great to be back here in [insert name of town]. I love being a part of [insert name of company]. Gee whiz, I sure am looking forward to my match with [insert name of opponent]. Robotic Pucker Up Punk. You’ve gone soft, man. Your hair’s going gray, and looking at your eyes, if anybody needs to GO to Sleep, it’s you, bud.”

MJF just realized! This isn’t CM Punk. This is PG Punk! What happened to the guy MJF grew up on? The renegade! The ass-kicker! The outsider! This is more like a guy preaching Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. Whoa…! Except here’s the problem, PG. We can see you! MJF can see through him! Punk claimed he came back for the younger talent, but he also claimed he’d only come back for “a boat load of money.” Punk claimed he couldn’t fix pro-wrestling from his couch, yet he stayed put on it for seven long years. Excuse after excuse not to come back. Por que? Why? Cuz he was making comic books no one read or movies no one saw?

Or is it because Punk was terrified? Punk was scared he couldn’t hang anymore, or that he couldn’t in the first place. MJF shouts down the booing fans and says he’s here to tell Punk that he should be scared. In the other company, you were a cult hero because  you were held down, should’ve been showcased as the number one. Yeah, and now here he is, has all the opportunity to prove those people right, but can he? Do the fans think Punk can do it? Chicago sure does. MJF is glad they think that now, but what about in a month? Two months? A year? Punk envies MJF. And Punk doesn’t like MJF because he represents everything in the business Punk hates.

MJF was born for this. He’s a clean cut professional, a promotor’s wet dream, but Punk was a tattooed misfit from the dumpiest part of the Midwest known as CHICAGO. Punk had to work his tail off, and MJF commends him for that. But MJF knows what eats Punk up inside. It’s the fact that after all the hard world, the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice, deep down Punk and the fans know that Punk’s been nothing more than second best. Whether it was You Can’t See Me, or the King of Kings, Punk was never up to snuff. And now that Punk is in MJF’s ring and MJF’s company, it won’t be any different! Punk may say he’s Best in the World, but MJF is better than you, and you know it!

MJF and Punk stare down, and Punk says there’s some truth to that. A little. Scared? Coming back after seven years, yeah. Punk won’t lie. He didn’t know if the fans would remember or care about him. He didn’t know if he still had it. But trust Punk, he’s not scared anymore. And certainly not of MJF. The timing might not match up but Punk was selling out Madison Square Garden while MJF was marking out for Rosie O’Donnell. And the last time MJF did a song and dance, he made the New York Times! WOW~! Wanna sing him a song now, Maxwell? Don’t worry, MJF is in the ring with a professional and he’ll make the papers again. But this time it’ll be the obituaries!

Punk says MJF just enrolled himself into a school his parents can’t pay for. MJF talked too much, just like Punk back in the day! But Punk backed it up. MJF can’t back up shit without his backup! FTR, Shawn Spears, Wardlow, that is how MJF gets things done. Punk saw AEW, said that’s where he wants to be and test himself, and he went for the heart and soul of it, and that was Darby Allin! Now that chews MJF up, doesn’t it? And Punk beat Darby Allin, and didn’t need a pinkie ring to do it! MJF is too busy talking about how he’s the best, but he doesn’t realize he’s been replaced by BRITT BAKER! Fans chant “DMD! DMD!” for the Doctor.

Punk says MJF thinks he’s made great points, he still talks too much and they’ve wasted the people’s time. Chicago is the Second City, not because there’s somewhere better. Punk will be #2 with a bullet, cuz just like Chicago, when it burned down, they just built it back up on top of the smoldering embers! And who’s the man around here? MJF? No. The only way MJF will be number one is for MJF to wait until Tony Khan has a daughter that MJF can marry! Oh…! Punk says last time in Chicago, yeah Punk is happy to be here. He gave them free ice cream bars! But the only thing Punk can think is better is punching MJF in his needle dick right now!

Fans are thunderous as MJF throws off the scarf and jacket! But then he bails out. Punk waves bye, but will MJF man up and give Punk the fight everyone wants to see?

CM Punk VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory!

AEW returns and QT is in the ring. He wants Punk to focus on him, and they tie up. Punk headlocks, QT powers out but Punk runs him over. Punk flexes and fans cheer while QT gets up in a huff. QT paces, circles with Punk, they tie up and Punk headlocks. QT powers out again, Aaron Solo swipes at Punk! Punk glares at Solo but QT CLUBS him from behind. QT brings Punk around, scoops but Punk slips out to scoop and SLAM QT! QT gets up, into another scoop SLAM! And then another! Chicago fires up as Punk drags QT up again for another scoop SLAM! QT goes to a corner, Punk brings him up to snapmare and cover. ONE, but Punk has the chinlock.

QT fights up, puts Punk in the corner but the ref counts the ropebreak. QT lets off but Nick Comoroto grabs at him! But the ref sees that and EJECTS the Factory! Chicago sings, “Hey hey hey! Good bye~!” QT sees his guys up the ramp, but then Punk ducks his clothesline to scoop and SLAM! Is that seven or six? QT knees low, ROCKS Punk with a haymaker then bumps him off buckles. QT throws more hands, soaks up the heat, whips Punk to ropes but Punk reverses to CLOBBER QT! Punk puts QT in a corner, climbs up and rains down hands! Punk punches from all sides to get 10, then he whips corner to corner! QT tumbles up and flops down!

Punk drags QT back up, QT RAMS him into the corner! QT ROCKS Punk with a haymaker, then drags him up to snapmare and stomp Punk’s face! QT swaggers around while fans boo, and QT covers, TWO! QT soaks up more heat, then he clamps hands onto Punk for a neck wrench. Punk endures, fights up as fans rally, and Punk throws elbows. Punk throws hands, QT kicks back from a corner. QT throws hands, whips Punk corner to corner but Punk reverses. QT comes back into a back drop! Punk then runs and clotheslines QT out of the ring! Punk aims from the apron, and leaps to CLOBBER QT with the flying clothesline! Fans fire up while AEW goes picture in picture!

Punk catches his breath while feeding off the fans’ energy. Punk bumps QT off the apron, puts him in the ring, then brings QT up, only for QT to hotshot him down! QT drags Punk into the ring, stomps him down, then lets off as the ref counts. QT drags Punk up to suplex and hold Punk up for a few seconds before the SLAM! QT then takes his time to drop the leg, brother! Cover, TWO! QT argues the count but the ref says it was fair. QT clamps on a chinlock and grinds Punk down. Punk endures, fights back up, stomps a foot then throws body shots. Punk throws hands, runs but into a kitchen sink knee! Punk grits his teeth while he’s down on the mat.

QT pushes Punk, covers, TWO! QT looms over Punk, drags him up and throws clubbing crossface forearms. QT clamps on with another neck wrench but Punk still endures. AEW returns to single picture and fans rally. Punk fights up, throws elbows to get free again, and runs, but into pop-up HAYMAKER! And then QT gets Punk up, SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! QT is furious but fans still rally for Punk. QT rains down fists, soaks up the heat, pretends he can’t hear the fans, then tells them to shove it! QT pushes Punk around, “You ain’t nothing!” Punk gets up to ROUNDHOUSE! QT falls and fans fire up!

QT returns but Punk counter punches! Punk whips and CLOBBERS QT, then spins him for a NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up more as QT flounders. Punk runs in to SHINING WIZARD! And then he reels QT in for a short arm LARIAT! Punk goes to the corner, and fans fire up as he climbs! Punk aims, MACHO ELBOW! Fans are thunderous and Punk says night night! QT staggers up into the fireman’s carry! GO TO SLEEP! Cover, Punk wins!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

Still undefeated in AEW! When and where will Punk get to show MJF that he’s still that same renegade ass kicker from back in the day?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage & Jurassic Express.

They have a lot of momentum given Full Gear and Rampage. Jungle Boy points out he beat Bobby Fish twice. They do have a lot of momentum and it feels damn good. Funny thing is, when you have the kind of momentum they have, you can’t help but feel damn near invincible! When you feel this way, good things happen. For example, Christian find out his guys here are the #1 contenders in the AEW Tag Division! Now, they’ve been here before, but the difference is the momentum, the confidence, and Christian Cage. He’ll make sure they get those tag titles! Luchasaurus roars, will Jurassic Express finally strike gold?


Eddie Kingston is in catering.

He doesn’t know what the cameraman is doing here, but he’s having his food. But yo, Moxley, he misses you! But then Daniel Garcia & 2point0 walk in. They apologize for things last week. They read the article in The Player’s Tribune. It was fantastic, touching, got to them and the entire world. But as his friend, they see Kingston is happy and full. That is great. But that means he’s not hungry anymore. He’s hungry for cake. But Matt Lee says this is the kiss of death for a fighter. Jeff Parker says they’ve all known each other a long time, so they’re here to help. Kingston couldn’t help his friend so- What did he say? They splash Kingston with his coffee!

But before this turns into a brawl, security and staff step in! Kingston throws the table over, but will he get his pound of flesh from 2point0 and “their son” soon enough?


Gunn Club VS Bear Country!

Billy Gunn and his son, Colten, step up to keep the #Gunndefeated streak alive, but they’re running into Boulder & Bronson! Will Bear Country maul the Gunns-

Wait, Gunn Club attacks Bear Country first! They stomp them in corners, whip them but Bear Country reverses to send the Gunns into each other! Bronson TOSSES Colten, Boulder trophy lifts Billy! The bell rings to put this on record as Boulder DROPS Billy! Billy bails out, Austin coaches him and his brother up. Bronson runs at Colten but is sent into buckles! Boulder scoops Billy, Austin makes a save! Colten then RAMS Boulder into the steps! Gunn Club gets Bronson in and puts him into the ring. Colten gets in but Bronson fires off on him! Colten ducks and dodges but runs into a lift and TOSS! Bronson fires up, DECKS Billy, then drags Colten up.

Austin shouts for his brother to get up but Bronson runs, so Austin trips him up! Colten gets Bronson for the COLT 45!! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

The Bear Country boys were outgunned, but here comes STING and DARBY ALLIN! Wait, only the Icon is on the ramp? Austin rushes up the ramp but Darby CLOBBERS him outta nowhere! Now Darby and Sting rush the ring, only for Billy and Colten to bail out. The Gunn Club regroups on their way out, but will they have to face up to the Relentless One soon enough?


AEW presents Battle of the Belts!

January 8th, live on TNT, Dynamite becomes Battle of the Belts! All the champions will have to defend their titles, but will it be a gold rush for their challengers?


Adam Cole & Bobby Fish talk backstage.

Brandon, just keep the damn thing rolling, Cole’s already pissed. These past few weeks have sucked! They lost at Full Gear, then on Rampage, and now there’s this Friendsgiving thing? What the hell is going on? Fish says the Bucks aren’t cleared. Cole knows, because he talks to them every single day. They’re not just teammates, they’re best friends! Almost family! But THE Best Friends walk in. Cole & Fish walked right past them, they know Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta are Best Friends. They don’t walk around doing the weird hand thing. Cole says Best Friends is just a name for them. Where’s even Trent?

And Cassidy is probably a horrible friend and Yuta doesn’t even have friends! So if they think they can look Fish & Cole in the face and say they’re better friends, then you’re kidding yourself. What’s Yuta’s middle name? Cassidy steps up. Fine. Cole & Fish are tired of being disrespected! They leave, but will they prove they’re better friends than Best Friends?


Tony Schiavone presides over a meeting backstage.

After the ultimatum on the offer, Team Taz finally gets Lio Rush & Dante Martin to sit down and look at the contract. Taz says Dante is either in or out. No more games, dude. A golden opportunity for Dante here, but Taz doesn’t even know why Lio is here. Lio asks who Taz is talking to, because he sure isn’t talking to Lio like that. Anything that has to do with Dante involves Lio. Well don’t come at Taz like that, this is simply business. So Dante has the pen, sign. Lio says this is business they want no part of. But then Dante picks up the pen and signs?! Dante is leaving Lio to join Team Taz! He even has some of Hook’s chips! A shocking development, but why did Dante make the change?


TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Thunder Rosa VS Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel!

Because of her first round bye, La Mera Mera’s been waiting for this moment. But the AEW Women’s World Champion is very confident in her sidekick moving on to become the other champion in this division. Will Rosa disappoint them both here tonight?

The two tie up even before the bell and they go around the ring! Rosa puts Hayter on ropes. Hayter pushes back and puts Rosa in a corner. Rosa turns it back around, Hayter pulls hair but Rosa throws Hayter down! They get back up, Hayter throws Rosa! They get up again, Hayter throws a body shot then puts Rosa on the ropes to choke her! The ref counts, Hayter CHOPS as she lets off. Rosa scowls to SLAP Hayter back! Rosa whips, Hayter reverses and throws Rosa out hard! Hayter goes out after her to whip her, only for Rosa to reverse and send Hayter into railing! Rosa kicks Hayter, bumps her off the apron, then gets in to refresh the count.

Rosa goes out but Hayter RAMS her into the apron, CHOPS her then CLUBS her down! Hayter CLUBS Rosa again, RAMS her into the railing, then fires forearms and body shots. Hayter bumps Rosa off the apron, Rosa kicks back! Rosa CHOPS, CHOPS and puts Hayter in the ring. Rosa gets in but Hayter stomps her down! Hayter stomps away at the ropes, the ref counts and Hayter lets off. Fans fire up. Rosa throws body shots but Hayter CLUBS her down again. Rosa throws body shots, fans fire up and Hayter covers up. Rosa lets off, whips Hayter to ropes but Hayter reverses to CLOBBER her with an elbow! And KICK her in the back!

Hayter CLUBS Rosa to ropes, chokes her with a foot, then lets off as the ref counts. Hayter whips, Rosa reverse and drop toeholds Hayter onto ropes! Rosa fires up and runs to dropkick Hayter in the back! Rosa keeps Hayter down, fans fire up as she runs again, and she STRADDLE ATTACKS! Fans fire up, Rosa clubs Hayter on the apron and drag her down. Hayter hits back but Rosa throws her into railing! Rosa throws Hayter into railing again! Rosa goes back into the ring, builds speed and WRECKS Hayter with the dropkick! Fans fire up, Rosa gets Hayter and snap suplexes her on the floor! Rosa stomps Hayter, goes up to the apron, and she refreshes the count before she LEAPS!

Hayter catches Rosa to POST her then SLAM her! Rosa writhes on the outside while AEW goes picture in picture.

Hayter CLUBS Rosa, puts her in the ring, then stalks Rosa to a cover, ONE! Hayter drags Rosa up, snapmares and KICKS him. Cover, TWO! Hayter drags Rosa up and bumps her off buckles. Hayter throws forearms over and over, then brings her in for a snap suplex! Hayter drags Rosa up but Rosa blocks the suplex to throw body shots. Rosa jumps on for a GUILLOTINE! Hayter stays up, even as Rosa body scissors, and Hayter powers out to SLAM Rosa down! Hayter kicks Rosa to a corner, then throws body shots. Hayter chokes Rosa, the ref counts but Hayter throws forearms. Hayter scoops Rosa to SLAM her, then soaks up the heat.

Hayter CLUBS Rosa, throws forearms, but Rosa kicks low! Rosa kicks away on the legs then ROUNDHOUSES! Hayter stays up, Rosa runs but Hayter SPINEBUSTERS! HALF CRAB! Hayter sits deep on the leg, but Rosa crawls and gets to the ropes! The ref counts, Hayter lets off, and she fires off hands on Rosa in the corner. AEW returns to single picture, fans rally and duel. Hayter throws hands, climbs up to join Rosa but Rosa hits her back! Hayter has to climb again, Rosa fights more, then GOURD BUSTERS Hayter down! Rosa adjusts, leaps, missile dropkick! Hayter ends up in the other corner, Rosa fires up and runs in, A-LIST LARIAT!

Rosa sits Hayter down, goes up and SWINGING DOUBLE KNEES! Fans fire up as Rosa goes corner to corner again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Rosa drags Hayter to a cover, TWO! Rosa drags Hayter back up, tries to suplex but her back bothers her. Hayter throws body shots, URENAGE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Hayter keeps on Rosa with a chinlock and stretch! Rosa fights up, throws body shots then wrenches to hook Hayter up! Hayter blocks the sweep to throw more body shots and ROCKS Rosa with a forearm! Rosa throws a haymaker, Hayter gives it back! They fire off fast hands and fans love it! Hayter ROCKS Rosa, CLUBS her in the back, then brings her around.

Hayter suplexes, Rosa slips out to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Roll through and step over, PERUVIAN NECK TIE! But Rebel distracts! Britt gets in and drags Rosa off Hayter! Rosa stares down, Hayter gets Rosa, but Rosa moves and the SUPERKICK hits Hayter! Rosa throws Britt into Rebel! Hayter staggers, Rosa runs in, wheelbarrow to victory roll! ROSA WINS!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

La Mera Mera overcomes the stacked deck, and perhaps puts a damper on Friendsgiving! Hayter storms off, is she still going to be Britt’s buddy after this? As for Rosa, will she


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho.

What is next for Le Champion? Well, before getting to that, he just wants to say that despite all the grief he’s given Alex Marvez, this is Thanksgiving Eve, so- 2point0 and Daniel Garcia barge in, boasting about what they did to Eddie Kingston. Then they see Jericho, and bond as Canadians. Well maybe instead of bragging about throwing coffee in his face like jackasses, get some chains and nails to protect you from when Kingston breaks into their homes and beats their stuffed turkey asses. Jericho also can’t stop staring at Matt Lee’s square head. Look how square he is! He’s like an ugly SpongeBob SquarePants. Right, Chicago? “Square Head! Square Head!”

And Jericho will say this one time. If they ever, ever interrupt him again, he won’t throw coffee in their faces. He’ll knock their teeth down their throats. Ya dig? No trouble. But watch your mouth. 2point0 leave “the funny guy” behind, and Jericho says Happy Thanksgiving.


Britt Baker sits down for Friendsgiving.

She, Tony Schiavone and Rebel sit at the table, and Britt says this didn’t go as planned. But she will say that she is thankful that she could give them the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. Fat free pumpkin pie for Schiavone, and Rebel doesn’t need the carbs. But this all started off horribly because Rosa advanced. Rosa winning that TBS title will doom it for life. But one thing that is still very, very right is Britt is still AEW Women’s World Champion. Schiavone is thankful for his friends, but he has some bad news. Here’s some tape. See, earlier this year, All Out in Chicago, Riho was never actually eliminated in the battle royal.

So Tony Khan has decided, for Rampage Black Friday, it will be a “Black Friday Deal” match. Britt VS Riho, and if Riho wins on Friday, she gets a world title shot. No no no! Britt doesn’t like that. There are only Black Friday deals and matches. If Riho wants a deal, go to the mall. That’s all there is to it. Well it’s been booked, sorry… Well now Schiavone has ruined another holiday. This cuts him out of the Christmas party! And who put ice in the red wine? Was that Schiavone, too? And no, no DMD! Schiavone ruined it all. But will Britt find herself on the bad end of a golden opportunity against the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion?


Bryan Danielson VS Colt Cabana!

The American Dragon vows that until he gets his match with AEW World Champion, Hangman Page, he’ll take down the members of the Dark Order! And he decided to go after the hometown boy here in Chicago! Will BOOM BOOM have to go bye-bye after Bryan is done with him?

The bell rings, Cabana shows off the dancing pecs, and fans are fired up already. Bryan and Cabana tie up, Bryan wrenches to a wristlock but Cabana rolls, breaks free and drop toeholds to a facelock. Bryan wrenches out, back drops and has the armbar! Cabana gets the ropebreak, Bryan lets off at 4 but gets a cheap shot in as he does. Cabana keeps his cool as he and Bryan reset. They tie up, Bryan headlocks but Cabana wrenches and hammerlocks. Bryan reverses that onto Cabana, then brings him down to have the arms. Cabana fights up, turns the motorcycle stretch on Bryan, then brings him into a modified surfboard!

Bryan slips off to KICK away on Cabana’s leg! Cabana goes to a corner, Bryan CHOPS him! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Cabana paces, Bryan wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Bryan brings Cabana down to KICK! Cabana snarls, Bryan KICKS him in the back! And KICKS him again! Cabana eggs Bryan on then CHOPS back! Bryan EuroUppers and puts Cabana in a corner. Bryan brings Cabana corner to corner to bump him off buckles then KICK him again! Bryan goes corner to corner, but Cabana dodges the dropkick! Bryan crashes and fans fire up! Cabana CHOPS, Bryan swings but Cabana dodges to JAB, JAB, JAB! Flip, flop, fly, BIONIC ELBOW!

Bryan is in a corner, but he dodges the Flying Apple to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bryan runs in to dropkick Cabana! Bryan turns Cabana around to KICK! And CHOP! And KICK! And CHOP! Bryan puts Cabana up top, climbs up behind him, fish hooks the face, but lets off as the ref counts. Bryan stands up on the very top, brings Cabana up, but Cabana punches! Cabana elbows Bryan down, then adjusts to MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Cabana gets Bryan up o fire off BIONIC ELBOWS as he has wrist control! But Bryan gets around, STO to DANIELSON STOMPS! Then omoplata, flex and LEBELLE LOCK! Cabana barely manages to tap, he’s that out of it! Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission

Bryan holds on longer, but then lets off when he’s satisfied. He even points out a bit of tooth that he kicked out of Cabana’s head! Bryan picks it up and holds it up like a trophy! AEW is picture in picture as Bryan soaks up the heat and Cabana realizes what happened to his own tooth. Schiavone is headed to the ring to interview Bryan, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and…

Schiavone is in the ring with Bryan, the #1 contender for the AEW World Championship, and undefeated since arriving here. Bryan isn’t making many friends. That’s funny, because when he debuted in Chicago, he got a much different reaction than this. And Bryan wonders, “Is it me? Or is it you?” Bryan has one word to describe that: fickle. Bryan is not fickle. Bryan came out here, said that he was going to kick Cabana’s head in, and not only did he do that, he kicked Cabana’s teeth out! Next week, in Atlanta, there are a couple Dark Orders from there! Bryan invites either one of them to fight him next week so he can kick their heads in!

All of this is leading to the ultimate head kicking, and that is Hangman Adam Page. But speaking of, here comes Hangman! The AEW World Champion goes right to the ring, title on his shoulder and mic in hand. Hangman gets in the ring and stares Bryan down. “I get it, you made your point. You said you’d kick Cabana’s head in, and you did. But that’s the last. Because we’re in Chicago, and this city, this building, well they hold a very special place in my heart.” Hangman can’t think of a better place or time to defend this title than right here and right now. But Bryan says of course Hangman would say that after he’s already had a match!

To Bryan, this isn’t cowboy s*it, it’s COWARD s*it. Well then tell you what. If Bryan won’t do the match right now, Hangman ain’t leaving without a fight. And Hangman will make it fair by giving Bryan the first shot. Hangman puts his hands back and fans chant, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan wont’ be insulted like that. Bryan drops the mic then SLAPS Hangman! Then they start throwing hands! Fans fire up, Hangman whips but Bryan reveres! Hangman goes up and out to BOOT, then slingshot, but Bryan runs from the Buckshot! This showdown is coming, what happens when these two finally throw down?


AEW takes one more look at Statlander VS Soho.

When Ruby arrived in AEW, there was a long list of women she wanted to face. Statlander was at the top. Kris has been rebuilt, more powerful and more galactic. Kris vows to defeat Ruby and be the first ever TBS Champion as #OUrLeader. Ruby wants to prove to AEW, to the others and to herself that she’s the best. So she has to take on the best. A true dream match, but only one can advance! We’ll see who that is, next Wednesday on Dynamite!


8 Man Tag: Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle VS Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR!

The American Nightmare teams with The British Bastard and the Lucha Brothers to take on common enemies. The Face of Lucha Libre, the Dark Father and the AAA Tag Team Champions all want to demean and destroy Cody, Pac, Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M, but will they be the ones living the nightmare before Thanksgiving?

AEW returns as Death Triangle, and Alex Abrahantes, make their entrance, followed by Cody making his. Tensions are rising as the eight men stare down, and fans chant for “CERO! MIEDO!” The teams sort out, Cody steps up and Dax Harwood starts for his team. Dax and Cody both have heat from Chicago, but Cody seems to like that he has more. He and Dax tie up, go around, Cody puts Dax in a corner but Dax turns it around. Dax lets off, but then he and Cody talk trash. They feel out the grapple, tie up again, and Cody headlocks. Dax powers out, drops, but Cody runs him over! Cody and Dax reset, tie up again, and Dax headlocks.

Cody powers out, Dax runs him over but they keep going. Cody hurdles, Dax kicks low and brings Cody around to slingshot off the ropes. Cody slips out, waistlocks, but Dax bucks the O’Conner Roll. Dax turns into the kick and Rhodes Uppercut! Cody scoops to POWERSLAM! Off comes the weight belt! Fans want the free souvenir, Cody THORWS it way back there! Some fans chant, “Throw it back!” Cody gets Dax up but Dax pulls hair! Cody drags Dax away, tag to Pac. Pac takes the hand-off, wrenches to a wristlock, the fan DOES throw Cody’s belt back! Dax pulls Pac’s hair, then throws hands. Andrade snatches up Cody’s belt to throw it under the ring!

Pac ROCKS Dax with a forearm, Dax CHOPS! Pac CHOPS, Dax CHOPS! Pac CHOPS, Dax headlocks but Pac powers out and CLOBBERS him! Pac CLOBBERS Dax again, whips him to the ropes but Dax reverses, only for Pac to CLOBBER him again! Pac looms over Dax, drags him up but Dax back suplexes! Tag to Cash, he stays between Pac and his team but misses the elbow drop! Pac arm-drags, has the arm, wrenches, someone fetches Cody’s belt from under the ring to give it back to him. Cash rolls, wrenches, wristlocks, wrenches again, but Pac rolls and handsprings to wrench. Cash handsprings through the wring! But Pac BOOTS him down!

Pac scoops to SLAM Cash, tag to Penta. Penta goes up, Pac gets the legs, QUE PASO? Stomps to the groin, cover, TWO! Penta drags Cash up but Cash throws a forearm! Penta steadies himself, and CHOPS! Cash CHOPS, Penta CHOPS again! Cash kicks low then runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Penta gets the fans to say along, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but into a LARIAT! Cash drags Penta over, Andrade tags in and he covers, TWO! Andrade looms over Penta, brings him up and reel shim in, but Penta cradles! TWO, Andrade stomps Penta. Andrade whips Penta to a corner, runs in and back elbows! Andrade scoops, Penta slips out and tags in Fenix!

Fenix goes up and over Andrade, Andrade kicks low then whips. Fenix Tiger Feints then baits Andrade in to GAMANGIRI! Springboard for the RANA! Then a dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Basement dropkick keeps Andrade down! Fans fire up, Fenix gets Andrade up, tag to Penta. Penta tags Pac, the Lucha Brothers snapmare and then Death Triangle TRIPLE KICK and TRIPLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, ONE!! Andrade survives, Penta brings Andrade around to wrench, then Cody intercepts a tag from Pac. Cody wrenches, YANKS the arm but Andrade ROCKS him! Andrade shoves Cody to the corner and they mug Cody! Fans go nuts as they get away with it, too!

Malakai tags in, suplexes, but Cody slips out, tag to Fenix! Fenix BOOTS Malakai, dodges FTR, handsprings to DOUBLE CUTTER! Andrade gets in but gets a sobat! Fenix wrenches Malakai to CHOP! Knuckle lock, Fenix goes up and up and leaps to RANA Andrade! Then he BOOTS, mule kicks and BUZZSAWS Malakai! Fans are thunderous for Fenix as he shouts, “ANIMO!” Fenix runs but Tully is there! Cash gets up, Fenix DECKS him! Fenix DECKS Dax, too, but Malakai blocks a kick for an STO! Then he bumps Fenix off buckles hard! Malakai fires off as AEW goes picture in picture.

Malakai drags Fenix up, tags Andrade in, Andrade even took his fancy pants off! He CHOPS Fenix down, soaks up the heat, Alex and Tully get into it but stop as the ref reprimands. Tag to Dax, he and Andrade split the wishbone on Fenix. Dax then CLOBBERS Fenix, covers, TWO! Dax wraps on a chinlock to grind Fenix down. Fenix endures, fights up, throws body shots, but Dax squeezes tighter. Dax keeps Fenix from his corner with a headlock but Fenix back suplexes! Both men are down, crawl for their corners, Cash tags in to keep Fenix from his! Cash snap suplexes Fenix down and mocks Latino Heat! Cash chokes Fenix on the ropes, but lets off, so that Dax and Tully can choke Fenix!

Malakai get a cheap shot in before Cash goes back to Fenix. Cash chokes Fenix more, the ref counts, and Cash lets off at 4. Tag to Malakai and he  brings Fenix up to KICK him into the corner. Malakai snapmares to drop knees, then he gets Fenix up for a half nelson. Tag o Andrade, they mug Fenix, then they put Fenix on the ropes. Cash gets a cheap shot in, tags in, then drags Fenix up. Fenix fights back but Cash ROCKS him with an uppercut! Cash chokes Fenix on the ropes again as AEW returns to single picture. Cash wants everyone to calm down while he dials it up! But Fenix ducks the 619, then shows the Tiger Feint HEEL KICK! Both men are down and Chicago is thunderous!

Hot tags to Andrade and Penta! CROSSBODY from Penta then he BLASTS FTR! Penta wheelbarrows Andrade to DOUBLE DDT FTR!! Andrade kicks low, whips Penta to a corner, Penta goes up and over to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Andrade survives but Penta drags Andrade up to CHOP him! Andrade shove shim, Pac tags in! Pac goes up to missile dropkick Andrade down! Then he BOOTS Malakai! And uppercuts Dax! And Uppercuts Cash! Malakai storms in but Pac sidesteps to SNAP GERMAN! Pac builds speed to FLY and take out Malakai and Andrade! Pac puts Andrade in, aims, but Malakai anchors a foot! Pac kicks him away, shoulders Andrade, slingshots, and fires off kicks!

Pac runs, to BOOT Andrade down! Cash fireman’s carries to a BACKBREAKER! Penta gets in to get Cash for MADE IN JAPAN! Dax gets Penta and tuck shim in, PILEDRIVER! Fenix springboards to missile dropkick! Malakai gets Fenix up to throw him, Tiger Feint but Malakai ducks the kick to KNEE Fenix down! Cody gets Malakai for FINAL RECKONING! Cody throws his weight belt out again, runs at Andrade but Andrade ducks and the SUPERKICK hits Pac! Cody scoops Andrade, Andrade gets Cody, BACKBREAKER to ELBOW DROP DDT! Andrade runs at Pac, into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly into buckles! ALL EIGHT are down, but now Tully and Arn step into the ring!!

Fans are electric as these Horsemen stare down! Tully throws off the jacket, but Jose wants a part of this! Jose says HE has the huevos, but Arn and Tully DECK him! Alex even throws Jose out! FTR gets in to back Tully up, but Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY FTR! Tully bails, Penta SLINGBLADES Cash! Then SLINGBLADE Cash! Fenix and Penta clothesline FTR out! Fans are thunderous as the Lucha Brothers build speed! Penta TOPE CONJILO, Fenix SUPER CROSSBODIES! Malakai MISTS Pac!! Pac flounders, Andrade HAMMERLOCK DDT’s! BLACK MASS to Cody! Cover, Andrade and team win!!

Winners: Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR, by pinfall

A nasty way to win an absolute war! Will this alliance be something all four men are thankful for this year?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome AEW right here! Great set up for upcoming things, too. Great promos from Cole & Fish with Best Friends, as well as Kingston, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia, to set up these matches for Rampage, and Britt VS Riho is going to be a great match for the “Black Friday Deal.” I kinda hope Riho wins that, because then she can challenge Britt at “Battle of the Belts,” aka AEW’s Clash of Champions. Britt VS Riho for the title is going to be huge, too, and then it still saves someone like Thunder Rosa for AEW Revolution. I am a little surprised Rosa won tonight, when Britt interfered just as expected. But Rosa might not win against Cargill, so maybe we’re still on track for Britt VS Rosa.

Punk had quite the opening, being part of both an opening promo and opening match, but it all worked great in story. Punk and MJF took some powerful shots at each other, and at the WWE at the same time, and without considering who is Heel and who is Face, I think MJF not only kept even with Punk, he might’ve squeaked that one out. Punk VS QT was a good match, and of course Punk wins. Punk VS MJF can’t be delayed all the way until Revolution, but it almost feels too big for Winter is Coming, Battle of the Belts or the TBS switchover. It’d have to be a half an hour main event for one of those TV specials to feel appropriate.

Christian Cage & Jurassic Express have a good promo to make it known they’re coming for the tag titles, so maybe they’re going to be the ones at Battle of the Belts challenging Lucha Brothers. Sammy Guevara wasn’t on the episode, only Jericho was here to have his moment with 2point0 and Daniel Garcia, I’m sure we’ll get things set up for that TNT Championship next week since Tony Khan’s going to announce more of that card this Friday. Gunn Club taking on Bear Country was to keep that undefeated streak going while also setting things up for them and Darby-Sting. Maybe they face off for Winter is Coming as the one year anniversary of Sting in AEW.

I am really surprised Dante Martin signed the Team Taz contract and left Lio Rush behind. There wasn’t a lot of explanation as to why, that will surely be coming next week, but I kinda hope this means Team Taz can get into the tag division with Dante and Hobbs being a duo. Also, I wonder if something happens where Battle of the Belts gives us an FTW Championship match where Ricky Starks gets to shine while also helping someone else look good. Bryan VS Cabana was awesome stuff, Bryan is really embracing being Heel here. Hangman showing up after Bryan has his match does kinda feed into Bryan’s point from last week, though, but their brawl was really good.

The 8 Man Tag main event was awesome stuff, even with the Cody Rhodes heat kinda distracting from some of it. Cody was surely playing it up, though. He knows many fans are turning on him, he probably didn’t need to throw the belt, but it was a pretty great moment for that belt to be thrown back at him. I do appreciate that, after Pac takes the accidental superkick, he didn’t turn on Cody because he knows that was an accident. The Heels winning here makes sense, it can escalate this feud to something bigger for Winter is Coming before Penta & Fenix defend the tag titles at Battle of the Belts. I still wonder if Andrade will take over The Pinnacle since he’s been spending more time with FTR than MJF has been.

My Score: 9.2/10

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