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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (10/15/21)

Rampage is EXTRA LARGE!



AEW Rampage coverage

A Rampage with a Buy In? Why the hell not!

Not only does AEW Rampage have CM Punk, Ruby Soho and the Inner Circle, but Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki are on the Buy-In on YouTube!


  • Buy-In – Santana Garrett VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay; Conti wins.
  • Buy-In – Bobby Fish VS Lee Moriarty; Fish wins.
  • Buy-In – Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki; Danielson wins.
  • CM Punk VS Matt Sydal; Punk wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS The Bunny; Soho wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Junior Dos Santos & The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal; JDS & The Men of the Year win.


Buy-In – Santana Garrett VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay!

The newest addition to AEW gets to be part of this special Rampage Buy-In, and the Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty is the one to “welcome” her to primetime! Will Garrett fly high in South Beach? Or will Conti make big inroads towards the TBS Championship Tournament?

The bell rings, the two circle and tie up. They go around, Garrett headlocks, Conti powers out and things speed up. Garrett rolls, Conti dodges  kick but so does Garrett. Conti gets around to drop sayanagi Garrett all around. Garrett breaks free, arm-drags back, then arm-drags again! Conti blocks the third, fans fire up and Conti breaks free. The two stand off and fans cheer. Garrett goes for a leg, Conti slips around to waistlock then drops to get a leg takedown. CALF KILLER! Garett endures, grabs Conti around the head and drags Conti off the hold. Conti fights up, Garrett knees low then whips her to a corner. Garrett runs in but into a boot!

Conti goes up, Garrett gets under the jump! Garrett comes back but Conti ripcords for a tayatoshi! Then a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Garrett goes to the apron and baits Conti in. Conti avoids the kick , rolls Garrett but Garrett rolls through. Garrett waistlocks, Conti bucks the O’Conner but Garrett ROCKS her with a forearm! Fans boo but Garrett runs corner to corner to handspring back elbow! Garrett snap suplexes, rolls through to the cover, TWO! Garrett has the wrists to LAST CHANCERY! Conti endures, kicks a leg out and rolls to the ropes. Garrett storms over and drags her up, then HEADBUTTS! Garrett whips, Conti ducks and dodges, both ladies HAIR PULL FACEBUSTER!

Fans rally up as both women are down and the ref counts. Conti and Garrett get to ropes at 5, Conti staggers up at 7. Conti runs in but misses the boot! Garrett rolls her up, TWO! Garrett kicks and runs to handspring, but into a waistlock! Conti shoves to BOOT Garrett down! Fans fire up with Conti and she runs back at the corner to BOOT Garrett down! Then side to side for another BOOT! And then the other way for yet another BOOT! Fans fire up off that hat trick, Conti reels Garrett in, D D TAY! Cover, Conti wins!

Winner: Tay Conti, by pinfall

What a way to welcome Garrett to Rampage! Will Conti be going for all the gold soon enough?


AEW looks closer at The Inner Circle VS The Men of the Year & American Top Team.

Scorpio Sky says, “Dan understands that men roll with men. That’s why he runs with fighters like Junior Dos Santos, like Jorge Masvidal, like Andrei Arlovski.” Excalibur says Men of the Year were already a hot running tag team in AEW, and knows both Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page have fight sport training outside of pro-wrestling. Them teaming with American Top Team is huge. It takes their already great technique and sharpens it more. Tony Schiavone says that when it comes to Lambert and American Top Team having a place in AEW, “off the cuff,” the answer is no. Excalibur says Lambert was a guest invited by Tony Khan, but Lambert clearly used that to run AEW down.

Lambert was given an inch and has taken a mile, so it is rewarding for Chris Jericho to thus far put Lambert in his place verbally. But then American Top Team has run roughshod physically on The Inner Circle. Junior Dos Santos is truly a bad man, he spells trouble for the Inner Circle. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion, the man with the longest winning streak in that division, and tied for second most knockouts. Junior Dos Santos is a beast, having knocked out some of the best in all of MMA. People have asked if Junior Dos Santos is ready for pro-wrestling, but Junior Dos Santos asks if pro-wrestling is ready for him! He’s the scariest man in the world!

Hager, Jericho and Sammy are walking in as fan favorites, but in American Top Team’s home turf. Jorge Masvidal is one of the toughest men in all MMA, defeating Nate Diaz for the BMF Championship. He has the fastest knock out ever with that flying knee. Jorge is a bad, bad dude, so for him to be in the corner of the Men of the Year, that is something the Inner Circle has to worry about. Masvidal is already taking credit as the man who “killed” Jericho. He’ll bring his whole avenue to AEW’s face. He’ll domesticate the savages. Schiavone says just Masvidal’s presence means a lot. It changes the dynamic. All the things Lambert could do, to bring in Jorge is the crowning achievement.

This is going to be a fight in enemy territory, against a team as good as Scorpio & Ethan, that is too much for The Inner Circle. Lambert himself says that after not getting the job done in New York with Dynamite Grand Slam, Jericho & Hager are adding “that little pipsqueak,” Sammy Guevara to this, against Men of the Year and Junior. This might be the one time Lambert’s been to an AEW event where the fans weren’t the dumbest people. But will the odds stacked against them only make the Inner Circle more dangerous?


Buy-In – Bobby Fish VS Lee Moriarty

The Infamous One may have lost his TNT Championship debut, but he’s ready to climb up from square one! Will he make the Ace of Space fold here in the Buy-In?

The bell rings and fans rally up for Fish. Moriarty keeps cool as he and Fish circle. They approach, feel things out with hands and kicks, but Fish catches a leg! Fish shoots in, Moriarty facelocks to block, but Fish gets around. Moriarty wrenches, Fish knees low and throws a forearm. Fish KICKS Moriarty off his feet, but Moriarty rolls to hook a leg! He trips Fish, has the toehold, but Fish pulls on an ear. The ref reprimands, Moriarty has the ankle but Fish rolls to trip Moriarty back. Fish has the heel hook, Moriarty moves around to get hammerlock to chinlock. Fish fights up, Moriarty wrenches to a wristlock, but Fish breaks free to fire off fast hands!

Moriarty goes to ropes, Fish brings him up but Moriarty wrenches to the wristlock. Fish slips through to wrench back, but Moriarty spins and spins to hammerlock and waistlock. Fish breaks free, backs Moriarty into buckles then elbows him back. Moriarty goes up and over then comes back to sweep the leg! And he PENALTY KICKS the arm! Moriarty wrenches, Fish pushes him away but Moriarty comes bac with a short crossbody! Cover, TWO, but Moriarty keeps on the arm. Moriarty wrenches, hammerlocks, but Fish fireman’s carries and RAMS Moriarty into buckles! Fans rally and duel as Fish DRAGON SCREWS then SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO!

Fish keeps cool as he brings Moriarty up by his ear. Fish throws body shots, KICKS, then snapmares him towards ropes. Fish goes out then slingshots in for the senton! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Moriarty up, KICKS his leg, then brings him out of the corner for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Fish kicks Moriarty around, Moriarty throws body shots but Fish KNEES back. Fish KICKS the leg out, then has a top wristlock. Moriarty endures, fights up and throws body shots. Fish KNEES low again, but Moriarty throws forearms. Fish gives them back, BOOTS, but Moriarty uppercuts out of the corner! Moriarty goes around, traps the arm and TWEAKS it!

Moriarty whips Fish to ropes, Fish reverses but Moriarty FLYING UPPERCUTS! Fish gets to a corner, Moriarty runs in to GAMANGIRI! Moriarty snapmares and runs to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Fish survives and fans rally up. Moriarty brings Fish around but Fish ROCKS him with a right. Moriarty throws a haymaker back, then body shots and a kick. Fish catches him to spin him, ROCK him, KICK him and ROUNDHOUSE! Moriarty staggers into a SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Fish is shocked but he drags Moriarty up again. Moriarty resists, elbows Fish away, but Fish comes back to waistlock. Moriarty wrenches to PELE the arm! Moriarty traps the arm in a SAIDOI! Cover, TWO!!

Fish shakes out the cobwebs but Moriarty grits his teeth. Fans fire up with Moriarty as he brings Fish up. Fish slips out of the suplex and has the SLEEPER! Moriarty RAMS Fish into buckles, then WRINGS Fish out. Fish stagger sup and JUMP KICKS Moriarty down! Cover, TWO!?! Moriarty survives and Fish hurries to get him back up for more knees! EXPLODER into the ropes! Moriarty flounders but Fish takes aim, last rites before the BUZZSAW! Cover, Fish wins!

Winner: Bobby Fish, by pinfall

That could’ve even been a knockout! Fish has his first win in AEW, will he turn this into even more? Will he be able to slay the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson, tomorrow on Saturday Night Dynamite?


AEW looks closer at Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki.

When Bryan walked out on stage at All Out this year, Schiavone remembers saying, “God, I love pro-wrestling.” He can’t think of a better combination of a great wrestler, a great person and a bigger star than Bryan Danielson. “He is the epitome of what a pro-wrestler should be in and out of the ring.” Excalibur says Bryan has an insatiable thirst to watch, learning and understanding pro-wrestling. If you’ve talked to him for even five minutes, talking about a match he hasn’t seen or forgotten about, his eyes light up and he immediately goes to watch it. He scours the globe for wrestling. For Bryan to bring that knowledge, technique and passion to AEW, the true home of pro-wrestling today, that is great for everyone.

Since Bryan’s arrival here, he has turned a lot of heads. But he will have his toughest test tonight. He has crossed paths with Suzuki in NJPW, and now he has Suzuki here tonight and then Fish tomorrow on Dynamite. Bryan has made strides since arriving but this is going to be his toughest test. Can the American Dragon survive this gauntlet that is before him?


Buy-In – Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki!

This is a main event caliber match and it’s happening here on the BUY-IN! But will the King of Pancrase fail to slay the American Dragon here in the Miami heat? Or will Bryan learn just why Suzuki is the Meanest Man in the World?

Fans are already going nuts just seeing these two stare down. The bell rings and the two slowly circle as fans fire up for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” The two feel things out, knuckle lock and fans already say “This is Awesome!” as the two have a test of strength. Suzuki wrenches the knuckle locks to bring Bryan down, but Bryan fights up to kick the one arm and wrench through. Bryan has the keylock, Suzuki drops but gets up as Bryan goes after the shoulder. Bryan hooks a leg, “This is Wrestling!” as Bryan chinbars. Suzuki endures, Bryan hooks the arms but Suzuki fights to get around and hook Bryan up! Suzuki has the Octopus now, Bryan endures, so Suzuki snapmares him down for a chinlock.

Suzuki digs his knee in, Bryan moves around and gets out of the chinlock to get the legs. Suzuki fights off the Crab so Bryan spins to a kneebar! Suzuki gets the ropebreak and slips away. Bryan and Suzuki reset, circle, approach, but Bryan lets himself be cornered. Suzuki has his dukes up, Bryan shoots in to get a leg and Suzuki backs up. Bryan gets a leg but Suzuki rolls through the dragon screw! Suzuki goes for a chinlock but Bryan gets up and KICKS the leg! Suzuki eggs him on! Fans fire up as Suzuki stands and the two reset again as fans chant, “SI! SI! SI!” Suzuki pie faces Bryan and eggs him on. Bryan throws a EuroUpper! Suzuki comes back to CHOP!

Suzuki taunts Bryan and dares him to hit back. Fans hush themselves and Bryan KICKS Suzuki in the chest. Suzuki comes back to CHOP! Bryan takes a moment, Suzuki waits, and Bryan KICKS again! Suzuki staggers into a corner but he comes back. Suzuki winds up to DECK Bryan with a forearm! Fans lose their minds off that killer shot and Bryan sputters his way back up. Suzuki grins as Bryan gets back up. Fans rally and duel, Bryan KICKS Suzuki in the legs over and over, then the chest, then the legs, then a snapmare for “hammer ‘n’ anvil” elbows! Bryan wants the arms but Suzuki gets the ropebreak! So Bryan KICKS him more! Suzuki goes to the apron but Bryan stomps him!

Bryan brings Suzuki up but Suzuki gets a DRAPING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go and then drags Bryan out to DECK him again! And stomp him for good measure! Suzuki stands Bryan up again to DECK him! Suzuki gets the arm, hammerlocks and POSTS Bryan! The ring count is 5 of 10 as Suzuki goes into the ring. Bryan is in at 7, and he throws body shots! Fans rally, Suzuki KNEES Bryan, then snapmares him for a chinlock to a motorcycle stretch! Suzuki then traps an arm and pulls the other! Bryan endures so Suzuki focuses on the other with the mounted armbar! Suzuki twists the wrist, bends the elbow and has a double wristlock!

Bryan endures, gets the ropebreak, but Suzuki lets go at 4. Suzuki kicks away at Bryan, hops out and gives toying kicks. He slaps Bryan around, then makes sure the camera watches as he ROCKS Bryan with a right. Suzuki whips, Bryan reverses and Suzuki eats POST! Bryan goes into the ring, Suzuki staggers up, Bryan LEAPS from the apron for a FLYING KNEE! Direct hit and fans fire up again, “SI! SI! SI!” Bryan brings Suzuki up, fireman’s carries and puts him in the ring. But still, Suzuki eggs Bryan on. Bryan KICKS Suzuki but he grits his teeth as he stays seated! Bryan KICKS again, Suzuki powers up to stay up! Bryan KICKS again, Suzuki sits up, repeat!

Bryan KICKS Suzuki and he finally stays down! So Bryan gets the wrists for DANIELSON STOMPS! Then the double chicken wings to CATTLE MUTILATION!! But Suzuki pushes up to relieve some pressure! They struggle for control, Bryan slips around and turns it to a chicken wing cradle! TWO!! Suzuki gets to a corner, Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS in the corner! Suzuki eggs Bryan on with his glare so Bryan KICKS, runs corner to corner, and DROPKICKS! Suzuki snarls even as his chest welt is bleeding! Bryan goes forehead to forehead before throwing a EuroUpper! Bryan whips, Suzuki reverses and runs in to BOOT Bryan!

Suzuki snapmares, runs and PENALTY KICKS! But now Bryan roars as he sits up! Suzuki PENALTY KICKS, Bryan sits up again! Suzuki even claps along, then he runs to PENALTY KICK again! Bryan doesn’t sit up, Suzuki covers, TWO! Suzuki gives toying little stomps to Bryan but Bryan gets up. Bryan EuroUppers! Suzuki forearms! EuroUpper! Forearm! Bryan gets the edge with the EuroUppers but Suzuki turns suplex into FUJIWARA! Bryan crawls, reaches, and has the ropebreak! Suzuki lets go at 4, stomps Bryan at the ropes, but argues with the ref about the rope count. Suzuki has the ref move aside, fixes his shirt for him, then drags Bryan, but Bryan gets the omoplata! LABELLE LOCK!!

Suzuki endures, fights but Bryan wants the other arm! Bryan has RINGS OF SATURN! Suzuki endures all over again, but he manages to shift around with his feet for a ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go and Suzuki rolls all the way to the far side. Fans how they “Fight Forever!” at this point but the Buy-In has to end at some point! Bryan and Suzuki stand up, and Suzuki throws a forearm! Bryan forearms back! Suzuki forearms again, and Bryan gives it back! Suzuki forearms, Bryan forearms, and Suzuki smirks as he puts his arms back! Suzuki eggs Bryan on, so Bryan fires forearm after forearm! Suzuki wobbles but he grins as he stands up. Bryan forearms, Suzuki ROCKS Bryan back!

Bryan fires himself up and stands again! Bryan forearms, Suzuki forearms, repeat and the fans are loving it! Suzuki SLAPS, Bryan SLAPS, Suzuki and Bryan bob ‘n’ weave, DOUBLE PALM STRIKES drop both men!! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Suzuki stands but staggers, and so does Bryan. Bryan and Suzuki stand, the two head for each other again and “This is Awesome!” Suzuki forearms again, but Bryan gives it back. Suzuki throws another forearm, but Bryan gives it back. Suzuki forearms, Bryan forearms, and both men fire up! The forearms keep flying back and forth, Bryan gets the edge, and both men roar!

Bryan KICKS, Suzuki forearms, we’re back to more forearms! Both men lean on the other, Bryan KICKS and runs. Suzuki follows, gets around, SLEEPER! Bryan elbows free, but swings into a spin and a SLEEPER! But Bryan spins through to omoplata! Suzuki rolls, spins Bryan around, reels him in, but Bryan back drops free! Bryan KICKS, runs, but Suzuki dodges! Bryan dodges, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, BRYAN WINS!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Incredible! This was an instant classic, and was just on the Buy-In! What more does this EXTRA LARGE Rampage have in store?


EW takes a closer look at CM Punk VS Matt Sydal.

Schiavone says that when Punk arrived in AEW back in August, it changed everything for the company. “All the big stars in pro-wrestling have this well-worn term, an It Factor. CM Punk has that.” Excalibur says it is both easy and hard to quantify the CM Punk effect on AEW. Before even signing, the rumor alone sold out the United Center in Chicago. Punk is big time. He had seven years off, everyone wondered if he had rust. But in his three first matches, he’s just as sharp as he was seven years ago. Fans expect a Punk with a chip on his shoulder, but for the first time ever, we’re seeing a happy CM Punk. A CM Punk glad to be facing these younger stars and testing himself against the best.

Lio Rush has returned to AEW, having taken an interest in both Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Lio has learned corporate finance and wields a lot of influence now. Lio wants Dante on his team, and he is watching Sydal. No one can deny Sydal’s success, going 21-9 and having taken it to some of the best. This is a “stress test” of sorts, and Lio lobbied to Tony Khan to give us Punk VS Sydal for Rampage. Seeing Punk get better in his comeback, he could struggle against Sydal, having one of the best records in AEW. But at the end, CM Punk might still be the Best in the World.

They’re not strangers to each other, either. Their first match was in IWA Mid-South Wrestling. Then they went to ROH, to WWE, and now are here in AEW together. Sydal isn’t doing this for ego or even the money, but to prove that Sydal is the best Junior Heavyweight in the world. Sydal’s stamina and ring experience might give him the edge here. Even with the titles he’s won around the world, defeating Punk will be the biggest thing in Sydal’s career. Punk is coming back just a week after his grueling match with Daniel Garcia, has he recovered enough in that time? The crowd gives Punk home field advantage no matter where he is, but Sydal has the support system to keep him going. Sydal feels he has finally become the better wrestler, and that is why he’ll win.


CM Punk VS Matt Sydal!

There’s no stopping this one, because it will be completely commercial free to open tonight’s Rampage main card! Will this match need all 30 minutes of its time limit to truly settle who is the Best in the World?

The bell rings and fans are fired up for “C M PUNK! C M PUNK!” as he and Sydal approach. They shake hands, circle and tie up. Punk headlocks, hits the takeover but Sydal fights up to wrench out to a top wristlock. Sydal arm-drags, wrenches the arm, then has the cording hold. Punk fights up, powers out and runs Sydal over! Sydal scrambles to ropes but gets up to reset. They feel things out, tie up, and Punk waistlocks. Sydal wrenches, hammerlocks, shiftt through to a headlock takeover, then floats to get Punk up for another. Sydal then flying-mares, ghost pins, TWO! Punk shoots in to get a leg and a takedown, then turns toehold into facelock.

Punk drags Sydal up, suplexes, but Sydal slips out waistlock. Punk switches, full nelsons, but Sydal drops, only for Punk to sit on the cover! TWO, and the two stand off as fans cheer. Sydal and Punk circle and feel things out again as fans rally and duel. They knuckle lock, have a test of strength, and Punk powers Sydal back so he can roll and wrench the knuckle locks. Sydal endures, slips under and trips Punk to a chinlock Sydal digs his knee in, then floats to tie up the legs. BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Punk endures, pops out to a cover, ONE! Punk scoops and SLAMS Sydal, then takes a moment before he gets Sydal up. Punk scoops and SLAMS him again!

Fans rally up and want “UNO MAS!” But Sydal arm-drags out of the scoop to SLIDING KNEE Punk against ropes! Sydal drags Punk up, wrenches and spins Punk to a flying-mare. Sydal again digs his knee in while he has the chinlock, then he steps over to get a leg clutch cradle, TWO! Sydal grows frustrated, he waits for Punk to stand and he KICKS the leg. Punk hobbles, Sydal KICKS and KICKS the leg out! Sydal drags Punk to a standing toehold, and he goes to bridge back! Punk fights it but Sydal still reclines back to add a cravat neck wrench! Punk endures, Sydal slips around to clinch, but Punk fireman’s carries!

Sydal fights free, but Punk avoids Lightning Spiral to DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel and Punk feeds off it as he stands Sydal up. Punk whips, CLOBBERS Sydal with an elbow, then he whips Sydal to calf kick! Sydal runs into a spin, but he spins through to WHEEL KICK! Punk crawls to a corner, Sydal goes to the opposite end. Sydal runs corner to corner to SLIDING KNEE! Fans fire up as Sydal goes to the apron. He drags Punk up, but Punk scoops and SLAMS Sydal on the apron! Sydal falls to the floor and Punk grins as he catches his breath. The ring count begins, Punk brings Sydal up and into the ring at 4 of 10. Then he slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO!

Punk hears fans calling for the GTS but Punk scoops Sydal to put him in the Tree of Woe. The ref counts as Punk stomps Sydal, and Punk lets off at 4. Punk goes corner to corner to slide, but Sydal sits up! Punk hurries up after Sydal and throws a forearm! Sydal give sit back, they brawl as Punk climbs. Sydal fights the superplex but so does Punk! Punk rains down fists but Sydal punches back, and both men fall to the floor! The ring count climbs, both men slowly stir at 5 of 10. Both men drag themselves up at 7 and get in at 9! Punk throws a forearm but Sydal gives it back! Punk throws another, Sydal KICKS Punk’s leg. Punk KICKS back, suplexes, but Sydal knees free!

Sydal KICKS the leg, JUMP KNEES, then rolls Punk up, TWO!! Punk survives that one but Sydal fires up! Sydal stands Punk up, hooks the leg, but Punk turns spiral into NECKBREAKER! Sydal goes to a corner, flounders up, and Punk runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Punk reels Sydal in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Punk grows a bit frustrated but he gets to the corner. Punk climbs up, Sydal jumps to SUPER RANA! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives again and fans rally up. Sydal brings Punk around and has the over-the-shoulder HALF CRAB! Punk endures, Sydal pulls harder on the leg, but Punk crawls forward! Sydal grabs the hand reaching out, for the COBRA CLUTCH STRETCH!

But Punk slips through, ANACONDA VICE! But Sydal gets the ropebreak with a foot! Punk lets go, drags Sydal back up and hammerlocks the arm, PEPSI- NO! Sydal goes Matrix, but Punk ducks the roundhouse. Punk wants the fireman’s carry but Sydal steps over to ROUNDHOUSE! Punk drops, Sydal drags him back up! LIGHTNING SPIRAL!! Cover, TWO?!?! Punk barely survives and fans are fired up for Punk again! But Punk’s in the drop zone as Sydal goes up top! Punk gets out of the way and Sydal bails out of the shooting star! Sydal tilt-o-whirls, but into a fireman’s carry! G T S!! Cover, PUNK WINS!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

The toughest fight yet in AEW for CM Punk, but he’s still the Best in the World! But he also shows Sydal the respect he deserves with a bow and a handshake. Will Punk continue to stay undefeated? Or will there come a day when someone ends the comeback streak?


The Dark Order talks backstage.

They’re all excited to see Hangman Page is back! And Hangman has a title match with Kenny Omega at Full Gear! Finally! They all know the Super Elite’s gonna get theirs, those sons of guns! Reynolds tells Silver “That’s the Gunn Club.” Oh, right. But Adam Cole & The Young Bucks will try and get involved, so the Dark Order’s calling them out! Dark Order VS Super Kliq, what do they say? Will Hangman’s old pals have his back against Omega and his pals?


Ruby Soho VS The Bunny!

The Runaway and the Hardy Family Office’s wascally wabbit both want to be in the TBS Championship tournament and grab that gold, so just call this a teaser! Will Ruby or Bunny make a big impression before the bracket is made?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Ruby powers Bunny back but Bunny powers Ruby back. Ruby powers Bunny all the way to a corner but lets off as the ref counts. Bunny and Ruby circle again, tie back up, and Ruby again powers Bunny to a corner. Bunny turns it around, the ref counts, and Bunny lets go to shove Ruby. Ruby shoves back, then Bunny talks trash. Ruby grabs the finger Bunny’s pointing and bends it to then mule kick. Ruby runs, Bunny follows but Ruby arm-drags her around, then dodges, only for Bunny to block the hip toss! Bunny goes to hip toss but Ruby blocks with a cording hold!

Bunny rolls Ruby away, Ruby blocks her kick to KNEE her back! Cover, TWO! Ruby drags Bunny up, Bunny blocks the whip, so Ruby ROCKS her with a forearm! Bunny reverses the whip to back elbow! Bunny runs to KNEE Ruby down! Bunny takes a moment to laugh maniacally, then she drags Ruby up. Ruby throws body shots, Bunny RAMS her into buckles! Bunny then goes corner to corner to SHOTGUN Ruby into the post! Cover, TWO! Bunny CHOPS then whips Ruby to ropes, but Ruby holds ropes to kick back! STO! Ruby goes to a corner, goes up top and fans fire up, Bunny rushes over to YANK Ruby down! Bunny then runs corner to corner, SLIDING D!

Bunny laughs into the camera and soaks up the heat as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and both women are down on the outside. The replay shows it was a double-edged Complete Shot to the floor. The ring count climbs, Ruby puts Bunny back in at 5 but Bunny CLUBS her back. They throw forearms back and forth, Ruby blocks to get the edge! Ruby forearms Bunny all the way into the corner and fans fire up! Ruby whips corner to corner, Bunny reverses but Ruby elbows back. Ruby goes up and reels Bunny in for DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Ruby then runs Bunny corner to corner, runs in and RAMS into her! Ruby goes side to side to YAKUZA KICK! And then the other way, another YAKUZA KICK! Ruby brings Bunny around, SAIDO!

Ruby keeps moving, BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bunny survives but Ruby drags her back up. Wrench, but Bunny reels Ruby in! Ruby slips out of the fireman’s carry to waistlock. Bunny switches, Ruby bucks the O’Conner to elbow again. Ruby goes up but Bunny CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Bunny then tucks Ruby in for CHEEKY NANDOS! Ruby is stuck up there, Bunny SUPER GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Bunny is furious, she brings Ruby up and dragon sleepers, but Ruby blocks the elbow drop to backslide! High stack, Ruby wins!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

And Bunny is furious! But Penelope Ford CLOBBERS Ruby on the stage! She throws Ruby into the ring, she and Bunny mug Ruby with stomps and kicks! Bunny frolics before she kicks Ruby again. Bunny gets Ruby up and Penelope has the brass knuckles! Penelope puts those on, takes aim, BRASS KNUCKLE PUNCH to Ruby! Ruby goes down, will the Superbad Girl and her nasty little friend get the TBS Championship? And what about Bunny’s chances, as well?


Mark Henry talks with our main eventers.

The World’s Strongest Man starts with American Top Team. This is Junior Dos Santos’ first pro-wrestling match, what are their thoughts? Dan Lambert says talking is what the “Inner Circle Jerks” do best. This may be JDS’s first pro-wrestling match but he’s been bashing brains in for years. He ain’t coming alone, he has the Men of the Year, Jorge Masvidal, and all of “ATT Country” backing them up. Then Jericho, your reactions? Yes, this is a huge night! JDS’s pro-wrestling debut, right here in AEW. Jericho remembers his first match. He was nervous, scared, didn’t know what he was doing but his family was so happy and proud for him.

So JDS’s grandma can bake him a cake in celebration, but the reunited Inner Circle is going to kick his ass! Men of the Year, “fat faced dips*it” Dan Lambert, and Masvidal are on the list, too. There is nobody crazier in AEW than Jericho and his Inner Circle! “See you tonight, BITCHES!” Then enough talk! Time for the main event! We will see this insane trios match, after the break!


Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Junior Dos Santos & The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal!

Le Champion leads #RockHard Jake Hager and the TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara, into battle once more, but against perhaps their most dangerous opponents yet! Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are one thing, but they’re up against a genuine heavy hitter in JDS. This Rampage has already been extra, how much wilder is it about to get to close out the night?

Lambert cuts off Justin Roberts to speak. “You send these idiots into the ring in our hometown? American Top Team has fought for this city for 25 years! You show us our respect! Put on our goddamn music and sing us into the ring right now!” Only American Top Team seems to cheer for American Top Team. Fans tell Lambert to STFU as the teams sort out. The Spanish God is ready, and he starts against Scorpio Sky. They circle, approach and Scorpio kicks low then fires off forearm after forearm! He DECKS Sammy, then brings him away from the Inner Circle corner to whip to ropes for a kitchen sink, that Sammy turns into a roll-up, TWO!

Sammy comes back, ducks and waistlocks to leap frog and elbow Scorpio way for a jumping back kick! Fans fire up as Sammy whips Scorpio to ropes to hurdle, back flip over and dropkick down! Sammy kips up smooth and takes a bow! Tag to Jericho, Le Sex Gods whip and CLOBBER Scorpio! Scorpio flounders to his corner, JDS tags in! Jericho ties up and throws hands with JDS but ends up in a corner! The ref backs JDS off, he runs back in but into BOOTS! Jericho goes up, JDS is up and he BOOTS Jericho out of the air! JDS rains down rights, then lefts, but Jericho gets the ropebreak. Tag to Hager and now we have some real bad men in the ring!

Hager and JDS feel things out, Hager shoots in but JDS holds him off. Hager avoids the hands, flips JDS off, then they go again. JDS BOOTS Hager to a corner, fires off more hands, but Hager hauls JDS up to SPINEBUSTER! Hager gives some ground ‘n’ pound but JDS drags him down to throw more hands. JDS KNEES Hager to ropes! Tag to Scorpio, JDS CHOPS Hager, then Scorpio brings Hager around for forearms. Hager blocks the whip to reverse it, Scorpio kicks back but Hager CLOBBERS him! Tag to Jericho and he runs to run Scorpio over. Jericho slides out and gets in Masvidal’s face! Jericho shoves Masvidal but Lambert keeps Masvidal back.

Masvidal eggs Jericho on, Ethan CLOBBERS Jericho from behind! All Ego stomps and rains down fists, then JDS helps keep the rest of the Inner Circle away. AEW goes picture in picture as Ethan puts Jericho back in the ring and Scorpio covers, TWO!

Scorpio keeps cool, drags Jericho back over and tags in Ethan. The Men of the Year mug Jericho, Ethan DECKS Jericho and then kicks him against the ropes. Ethan bumps Jericho off buckles, tags in Scorpio, and the Men of the Year mug Jericho again. The ref reprimands, JDS tags in and he joins in on the mugging with fast hands. The ref counts, JDS lets off just long enough, then he fires off more hands! Tag to Scorpio, he scrapes his soles off Jericho’s face, then he argues with the ref so Lambert can get a cheap shot in! Ethan mocks the fans and Scorpio covers, TWO! Scorpio tags Ethan, they drag Jericho around for some stomps, then Ethan stomps Jericho more.

Ethan drags Jericho up, whips him to ropes and kitchen sink knees, but Jericho turns that into the takedown! Ethan fights off the Walls and throws Jericho away! Ethan pushes Jericho down for ground ‘n’ pound, then he lets off to soak up the heat. Ethan shows off his smile, then he drags Jericho up, only for Jericho to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Ethan rakes Jericho’s eyes to back him down! Tag to Scorpio and he chokes Jericho on the ropes! The ref counts, Ethan lets off and Jericho sputters to a corner. Scorpio throws hands, puts Jericho up top and throws hands. Scorpio climbs up to join Jericho, but Jericho resists the superplex.

Jericho throws body shots then headbutts Scorpio down! Jericho adjusts, jumps and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Jericho gets up but Scorpio CLOBBERS him! Tag to Ethan, he digs his heel into Jericho’s neck, and AEW returns as the ref counts. Ethan lets off at 4, tags in JDS, and JDS drags Jericho up to scoop and carry around. JDS is showing off as he POWERSLAMS Jericho down! JDS enjoys the cheers and jeers before he covers, TWO!! Jericho survives but JDS puts Jericho in the corner. Tag to Ethan, he throws hands and kicks, but Jericho ducks the roundhouse to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tags to Scorpio and Sammy!

Sammy shoulders and GAMANGIRIS, then triangle jump CUTTERS! Ethan runs into a SPANISH FLY! Sammy DECKS JDS, STANDING SHOOTING STAR to Scorpio! Cover, TWO! Sammy gets Scorpio up, tags Jericho back in, Le Sex Gods double whip to DOUBLE SHOULDER! Jericho TRIANGLE JUMP DROPKICKS Ethan down! Jericho returns to Scorpio but Scorpio sends him out. Jericho lands on the apron, goes up top and hits FLYING AX HANDLES! And the LIONSAULT! Cover, Ethan breaks it in time! Sammy gets in to clothesline Ethan out! Hager and JDS brawl, JDS KNEES Hager out of the ring!

JDS goes after Hager, bumps him off the apron, but Sammy ASAI MOONSAULTS Ethan down! Fans are going nuts as JDS bounces Hager off the timekeeper’s table, then scoops him. Hager sips off and catches JDS, URENAGE through the table!! Both JDS and Hager are wiped out on one side, Sammy and Ethan are down on the other, and fans are losing their minds! Scorpio gets Jericho up, “This is Awesome!” as the two are brawling with forearms. Scorpio gets the edge, fires off more then runs, but into a kick! Scorpio blocks the Code Breaker to fireman’s carry, but Jericho slips out to trip him up! WALLS OF JERICHO!!

Scorpio endures but Paige VanZant jumps the rail! She distracts so Masvidal can FLYING KNEE STRIKE!! Scorpio covers, Men of the Year and JDS win!

Winners: Men of the Year & Junior Dos Santos, by pinfall

And then the rest of American Top Team jump in to mug Jericho while Paige vlogs it! Fans boo and call them “A**HOLES!” but Lambert and his team soak it all up. But wait! Here come Santana & Ortiz! The Inner Circle still had members left out of this, and they run off American Top Team while throwing hands on Men of the Year! Hager gets up and in, as does Sammy, and they all help Jericho. Is this war of AEW VS American Top Team far from over?

My Thoughts:

An awesome night for AEW Rampage, that Buy-In was good enough to be tonight’s televised content. Garrett VS Conti was a solid opener, and Conti is definitely going to be in that TBS Championship tournament. Ruby VS Bunny was also a really good match, and Ruby getting that quick win was great for keeping things going between the two. Ford also getting after Ruby is a sign they’ll all be in the tournament, and I bet Ruby gets her revenge by defeating Ford. Fish VS Moriarty was great stuff, Moriarty is definitely a diamond in the rough. No idea where Fish goes right now but he can definitely give us great matches just for the sake of having great matches.

Bryan VS Suzuki was probably the best singles match of the night, the real main event of the whole night. That was basically everything great about these two guys in under half an hour. Bryan is definitely going to be in the 2021 AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. He might even win so that he gets to face the winner of Omega VS Hangman. Dark Order VS Super Kliq is going to be a great match, no matter which three Dark Order members they put up. Punk VS Sydal being commercial free was great stuff, but a bit of a bummer Punk buried Sydal’s finish. Yeah, it’s CM Punk but c’mon, the Lightning Spiral is a really good move.

The trios match main event was great stuff, JDS did a great job in there for this being his first match. Taking him out of the equation with a table spot was a good move, it prompted American Top Team cheating to turn things back around. Santana & Ortiz took a little long in making the save but I would love if we got something big for Full Gear with all five Inner Circle members and then whoever else from American Top Team. Something allowing for more brutality would at least make things reasonable in pro-wrestlers (and Hager) beating MMA fighters.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/9/22)

Best Friends get Dark!



AEW Dark 2


Before entering the AEW Trios Championship Tournament, Best Friends are in action, in separate matches! Will tonight’s Dark be Freshly Squeezed?


  • 8 Man Tag: Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Isaiah Broner, Brayden Lee, James Alexander & Sam Moore; Private Party, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Anna “Jay A.S.” w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Megan Meyers; Anna wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Danhausen VS Rohit Raju & Ren Jones; Best Friends win.
  • Evil Uno & Preston Vance VS Peter Avalon & JD Drake; Uno & Vance win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Heather Reckless & Joseline Navarro; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Kris Statlander VS Sierra; Statlander wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss, Zack Clayton & Xavier Walker; The Trustbusters win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Ruby Soho, Athena & Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb, Leva Bates & Emi Sakura; Soho, Athena & Shida win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Cassidy wins.


So it seems Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux & Slim J are a trio now under The Trustbusters name. Good to see Sonny Kiss back in action but Kiss, Clayton & Walker aren’t winning that one. And I’m still wondering if The Wingmen are really a thing with JD Drake also spending time with Anthony Henry as the Workhorsemen. For that matter, why wasn’t it Best Friends VS The Wingmen in a 3v3? Or are they going to use that as an easy win in the opening round of the AEW Trios Championship Tournament?

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; Soho & Blue win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; Boudreaux wins.
  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; Athena wins.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; Kiera & Leila win.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; Silver & Reynolds win.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; The Lucha Bros win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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