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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 31 Results & Report! (10/9/21)

Round 7, A Block!



NJPW G1 Climax 31

Who gets lucky in the A Block’s seventh round?

A Block is led by the Submission Master and Golden Star, but THE IWGP World Heavyweight Champion could rise back up! Will Shingo Takagi soar again?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Zack Sabre Jr. VS KENTA; Kenta wins.
  • Toru Yano VS Yujiro Takahashi w/ Pieter; Yano wins.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Tanga Loa w/ Jado; Takagi wins.
  • Kota Ibushi VS Great-O-Khan; Ibushi wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Zack Sabre Jr: 5-1, 10 points
Kota Ibushi: 5-2, 10 points
Shingo Takagi: 4-2, 8 points
Kenta: 4-2, 8 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 4-3, 8 points [has special singles bye]
Great-O-Khan: 4-3, 8 points
Toru Yano: 3-3, 6 points
Tanga Loa: 2-4, 4 points
Yujiro Takahashi: 2-4, 4 points


Zack Sabre Jr. VS KENTA!

The Submission Master is still leading the block, but that could change in an instant! Will the Fang Revived take a bite out of this Dangerous Tekker? Or will ZSJ take the block by making Kenta #JustTapOut?

The two get in each other’s face as ZSJ gets in the ring. ZSJ shoves Kenta back towards the blue corner then goes to the red. ZSJ puts jacket and title belt aside, the bell rings and fans rally up as the two push each other with chests and shoulders. Kenta throws the first forearm but ZSJ gives it back. Kenta hits again so ZSJ hits back. Kenta throws another, ZSJ gives it back! ZSJ eggs Kenta on and fans rally up as the forearms fly faster and faster! ZSJ EuroUppers again and again but Kenta kicks and kicks, into a heel hook! Kenta scrambles and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, ZSJ lets off and fans cheer as Kenta bails out. ZSJ goes out to BOOT Kenta in the leg! And then STOMP it!

ZSJ drags Kenta around, has a standing toehold, then twists the foot the other way to turn Kenta over. ZSJ lets go to STOMP the back of the knee! The ref reprimands, ZSJ gives Kenta toying kicks. Kenta stands up to SLAP ZSJ! ZSJ KICKS Kenta’s bad leg and Kenta sits down. ZSJ gets in the ring and dares Kenta to bring it. Fans cheer, the ring count starts, and Kenta paces. Kenta lets the count go to 10 of 20 before he gets on the apron, and he takes his time getting in the ropes. ZSJ waits, Kenta returns and SLAPS him again! ZSJ KICKS the bad leg, runs to KICK it again, then drags Kenta around for another toehold! ZSJ has one leg hooked while he puts the other in an ANKLE LOCK!

ZSJ then turns Kenta over, deathlocks the legs and pulls Kenta back into a modified BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Kenta endures as ZSJ has him upside-down and bending back, but then ZSJ lets him down to MUTA LOCK! Kenta endures, pops free, ZSJ has a sleeper but Kenta has the ropebreak! Fans cheer as ZSJ lets off and stomps the bad leg. ZSJ gives more toying kicks then runs, but Kenta kitchen sink knees ZSJ down! And KICKS him in the back! And then the side! And the back again! ZSJ eggs Kenta on so Kenta gives him another KICK to the chest. And another! ZSJ says bring it, so Kenta KICKS him out of the ring!

Kenta goes out after ZSJ, brings him up and around the way to whip hard into railing! ZSJ falls over, Kenta kicks at him again, then gives him toying kicks. ZSJ stands and leans on Kenta but Kenta ROCKS him with a forearm! ZSJ drops down, Kenta glares at El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru on commentary, then whips ZSJ corner to corner. Kenta might be sending a message to Suzuki-Gun through this as he puts ZSJ back in the ring. Fans cheer and Kenta smirks as he stalks ZSJ. Kenta gives more toying kicks but fans rally up, “Z S J! Z S J!” ZSJ gets to a corner as Kenta gives him more kicks, and ZSJ comes back to EuroUpper! Kenta eggs ZSJ on then rakes the eyes!

Kenta whips, another kitchen sink knee! Kenta starts undoing a corner buckle pad! He has learned well from Yano as he whips ZSJ into the bare buckles! ZSJ falls and writhes and the ref reprimands but Kenta just shrugs it off. Kenta drags ZSJ up and whips him back into bare buckles! Kenta stomps ZSJ on his bad back, brings ZSJ up but ZSJ EuroUppers! Kenta eggs him on so ZSJ fires more EuroUppers. Kenta knees low, snapmares and KICKS ZSJ in the back. Kenta stands on ZSJ for a cocky cover but ZSJ kicks out even before the ref starts! Fans fire up for that but Kenta sobats him down! Kenta snapmares but ZSJ bridges up to HALF HATCH and basement dropkick!

Fans fire up as both men are down! They rally up, “Z S J! Z S J!” and ZSJ stands. He drags Kenta up, EuroUppers again and again, but Kenta blocks the snapmare. Kenta throws body shots, ZSJ reverses the whip to drag Kenta down with wristlocks, then he scissors Kenta’s head, NECK TWIST! Kenta writhes and fans fire up again while ZSJ catches his breath. ZSJ drags Kenta up, snapmares again and fakes the kick to NECK TWIST again! Cocky cover, ONE! Kenta gets up, and he ROCKS ZSJ with a forearm. ZSJ comes back to forearm in return. Kenta ROCKS ZSJ again, but ZSJ comes back to EuroUpper! Kenta throws another forearm, ZSJ throws another EuroUpper!

ZSJ dares Kenta to keep going, so Kenta forearms again. ZSJ throws a trio of EuroUppers, Kenta ROCKS ZSJ again, but ZSJ comes back, only for Kenta to POWERSLAM! Fans fire up again as both men are down. Kenta stands, brings ZSJ up but ZSJ EuroUppers! ZSJ runs in but Kenta BOOTS! Kenta hops up and reels ZSJ in, TORNADO HOTSHOT! ZSJ is down, Kenta goes back up! Kenta aims as ZSJ stands, FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kenta gets the arm in an omoplata but ZSJ scrambles to the ropebreak! Kenta lets go, ZSJ goes to the apron but Kenta stomps him down. Kenta drags ZSJ up and through the ropes, but ZSJ brings Kenta in for an IRON OCTOPUS in the ropes!

The ref counts, ZSJ lets Kenta go at 4, but then he gets the arm on the apron to STOMP it! Kenta writhes and fans rally back up as ZSJ gets back in. ZSJ digs his elbow into Kenta’s shoulders then isolates the bad arm. ZSJ stands Kenta up to wrench the arm but Kenta throws a forearm with the good one. ZSJ wrenches again but Kenta throws another forearm. ZSJ wrenches, Kenta forearms again and again! ZSJ hits an ELBOW BREAKER, EuroUpper, but Kenta BOOTS! Kenta spins into a boot but URAKENS back! ZSJ wrenches to PELE the arm! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Kenta gets to a corner and drags himself up but ZSJ runs in, only for Kenta to put him in the ropes! BRAINKILLER!!

ZSJ clutches his neck from the draping DDT, and fans rally up as Kenta aims. Kenta runs corner to corner to JUMPING BOOT! ZSJ sits down, Kenta goes corner to corner again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta growls and goes up the corner while ZSJ is still down. DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives the coup de grace but Kenta slashes the throat. Kenta fireman’s carries but ZSJ blocks! ZSJ gets around, hooks Kenta up, COBRA TWIST! Suzuki-Gun on commentary is fired up, but Kenta fights his way out to get the omoplata! ZSJ rolls to get the TRIANGLE HOLD! Kenta rolls and pops free to go for the crossface!

ZSJ fights, scoots, rolls, pops free, and omoplata! Then he traps Kenta’s other arm! Not quite the Jim Breaks Special, and Kenta still endures! ZSJ tries to keep Kenta back but Kenta reaches out, ROPEBREAK! ZSJ has to let go but fans are fired up! Fans rally back up as both men are down and stirring. ZSJ drags Kenta up, reels him in, but Kenta blocks the scoop! Kenta throws body shots, wrenches and fireman’s carries, but ZSJ slips off to trip Kenta! Body scissor, JAPANESE CLUTCH! TWO!! ZSJ hurries to hook the legs, and he STOMPS both knees! Kenta writhes and ZSJ catches his breath as fans rally up again.

Kenta stands, ZSJ KICKS the legs out! ZSJ fires the fans up again and runs, but Kenta gets up to BUSAIKU KNEE! Both men are down again and fans rally back up. Kenta drags himself up the ropes, goes to ZSJ and runs in, but ZSJ catches knee to a HEEL HOOK! Kenta endures, reaches, but ZSJ shifts the grip! Kenta crawls and gets the ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go but fans are thunderous now! ZSJ drags Kenta up, hooks the bad leg around the ropes and then runs side to side to SHOTGUN the leg! Kenta falls and grits his teeth as he clutches the leg. Fans still rally, ZSJ eggs Kenta on, and then he runs to PENALTY KICK, but Kenta blocks!

ZSJ throws slap after slap, Kenta SLAPS then DISCUS LARIATS! Kenta fires up, sits ZSJ up but ZSJ ducks the buzzsaw to waistlock and drag Kenta down. But not to get a cover, he rolls Kenta sideways to tie up the legs in a KNEE LOCK CALF KILLER! Kenta rolls but ZSJ rolls with him, Calf Slicer and a heel hook, but then ZSJ puts it over the shoulder! ORIENTEERING WITH NAPALM DEATH!! Kenta fights and moves around, fans rally, and Kenta gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous again as Kenta survives! ZSJ is too tired to be frustrated, but he does give kicks from the mat. Kenta sits up and is annoyed as ZSJ toys with him more.

The two stand, and ZSJ stomps Kenta’s leg. And again! And again! Kenta growls as ZSJ keeps kicking and dares him to bring it! ZSJ kicks and kicks but Kenta blocks to fireman’s carry! ZSJ gets out, arm-drags, EUROCLUTCH! TWO!! Kenta narrowly escapes and Suzuki-Gun on commentary is shocked! ZSJ throws a EuroUpper, ducks the Uraken and fires off SLAPPING shots! Kenta CROSS COUNTERS, then fires off more slapping shots in return! Kenta DECKS ZSJ with that last one! Kenta brings the kneepad off, drags ZSJ around, fireman’s carries and GO TO- NO! ZSJ blocks for an ANKLE LOCK! Kenta SLAPS away but ZSJ TWISTS the foot more!!

Kenta moves around, ZSJ keeps him from ropes, fans rally up again, and Kenta rolls ZSJ into the bare buckles!! Fireman’s carry! GO TO SLEEP!!! Kenta pushes ZSJ over to the cover, Kenta wins!!

Winner: Kenta, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ZSJ earns 0)

The Fang Revived refused to give up, and now he has just taken down the top of the block! Is there suddenly a new pecking order in the G1?


Toru Yano VS Yujiro Takahashi w/ Pieter!

The Clown Prince couldn’t slay The Dragon and Tokyo Pimp was made to submit to ZSJ. With time counting down to the finals, who starts their last minute run at the top right here?

Yano wants Yujiro to exit the ring as he makes his entrance, but Yujiro instead BOOTS Yano right down! Yano gets up and Yujiro builds speed as the bell rings. Yujiro DIVES to take Yano out at the ramp! Fans fire up as Yujiro gets up and grabs Yano’s special red chair. Yujiro takes off the advertisement, sits it up on the ramp, then pours out Yano’s bag of tricks. And yes, there were plenty of cuffs and wrist tape rolls in there. Yujiro uses tape to tie up Yano completely! He’s wrapping him like a mummy! Yujiro makes Yano take a seat and then BOOTS him down! Fans cheer but the ring count is climbing! Yujiro goes in at 10 of 20 and leaves Yano to the count’s mercy.

Yano is still down at 15 of 20! He manages to stand at 17 and undoes the tape to get in at 19! Yujiro stomps Yano down, then copies him by undoing a corner buckle pad! Well Yano’s tricks are all well known, it isn’t that hard to copy. Yujiro struggles with that last bit, though, so he gives up on that to stomp Yano down. Yujiro then tries to untie the other neutral corner pad. This one was easier to figure out and then he goes to Yano. Yano kicks and facelocks, but Yujiro BITES his hand! Yujiro whips Yano into bare buckles! And now Yujiro unties Bullet Club’s favorite blue corner buckle pad! Half the corners are bare and the ref reprimands.

Yujiro brings Yano up and whips him into the blue corner! Yano bounces off more bare buckles, and now Yujiro undoes the red corner! Three corners are bare and Yujiro goes to Yano again. Yujiro whips Yano and Yano hits bare buckles again! Pieter is happy to see this as Yujiro covers, TWO! Yujiro keeps cool as he brings Yano up again and throws him out of the ring. Yujiro then pursues, Pieter sneaks the pimp cane to him and distracts the ref. Yujiro gets some space then runs in at Yano, CANE SHOT! Yujiro drops the cane and Pieter leaves the ref alone as Yujiro drags Yano up. Yujiro puts Yano in and covers, TWO!

Fans rally but Yujiro stomps Yano down. Yujiro knees Yano low, and again, then stands him against ropes. Yujiro backs up to BOOT! Yujiro then runs but into an atomic drop! Yano says it’s time for payback, and he whips Yujiro. Yujiro reverses, Yano stops himself and then dodges as Yujiro runs in! Yujiro gets bare buckles, Yano rolls him up, TWO! Fans fire up and Yano goes to low blow but Yujiro blocks! Fireman’s carry but Yano slips out. Yujiro dodges the clothesline, kicks low and then shoves Yano into bare buckles! But the ref won’t let Yujiro low blow! Yano learns that was the plan and he rakes Yujiro’s eyes! Clinch and Belly2Belly suplex!

Fans fire up with Yano and he runs, into Yujiro’s LARIAT! Pieter is happy again and Yujiro drags Yano up. Fisherman BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Yujiro fires up and fans rally as he brings Yano up. Yano avoids Pimp Juice, shoves Yujiro into the ref, and LOW BLOWS! But Yujiro holds onto the ref as Yano rolls him up! The ref goes down and can’t count the cover! Yano would’ve won if not for that! Yano tells the ref to get up already, but Yujiro LOW BLOWS Yano! Both men are down and feeling real sore as fans rally up. Yujiro staggers up and hobbles over to Yano to bring him up and throw him out. Yujiro gets some of Yano’s cuffs and gets them on Yano.

The ref sees this and reprimands but Yujiro brings Yano to railing! Yano fights free, and goes under the ring?! Pieter and Yujiro look around but they don’t find Yano. Yujiro shouts for Yano to get out from under the ring, but then he goes under after him! The ref looks for both of them, Pieter wonders where they’ll come out from, and a ring count starts. What are they even doing under there? We’re at 10 of 20 but we still have no signs of them. Wait, Yano gets kicked out from under but he hurries into the ring at 15! Yujiro is the one who ended up cuffed?!? Yujiro is stuck outside, Yano wins!!

Winner: Toru Yano, by count-out (gains 2 points; Yujiro earns 0)

Pieter is in shock! Tokyo Pimp got caught and the provisional Mr. KOPW 2021 gets away with it! Will Yano continue to find new ways of skirting the rules to victory?


Shingo Takagi VS Tanga Loa w/ Jado!

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is not out of the running, but his chance at history could be ended if he isn’t careful. Can the Silverback go Ape Shit and slay the Dragon in the seventh?

Loa and Jado Low Sweet and Takagi puts aside the jacket and world title. The bell rings and fans rally up as Takagi and Loa approach. Loa rams Takagi with a shoulder, then fires off forearms in the corner! Fans rally but Takagi turns things around and he fires off forearms in return! Takagi tops it off, Loa goes forehead to forehead with Takagi, so Takagi throws another forearm. Loa roars and forearms back, but Takagi brushes it off. Takagi throws another forearm, Loa nods and throws another. Takagi forearms, Loa returns it, again and again as fans rally up. They build up speed, drop the guard and just keep going!

Loa gets the edge, eggs Takagi on, and Takagi forearms, knees and headlocks! Loa powers out and the two ram shoulders, but neither falls. Loa and Takagi fire up, Loa runs and they ram shoulders again. Loa dares Takagi to try, and Takagi runs, but Loa drops. Takagi then stops at the ropes to fake out the hurdle, and he runs Loa over with a shoulder! Fans cheer and Takagi brings Loa around for an elbow drop. And another! And BACK SENTON! Cover, TWO! Takagi wraps on a rear bearhug to keep Loa down. Loa fights up, Takagi straddles and body scissors. Loa endures the squeeze, Takagi CLUBS him on the back, but Loa crawls and reaches out to get the ropebreak.

Takagi lets Loa go to stomp him down, but Jado coaches Loa up. Fans build to a rally, Takagi puts Loa on the ropes to knee low. Takagi throws another knee, whips Loa to ropes the knees him again. Takagi runs but into Loa’s DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both are down, but Loa gets fans rallying up. Takagi goes to ropes, Loa runs in but Takagi puts him on the apron. Takagi ROCKS Loa, runs but Loa holds the ropes down and Takagi ends up on the apron with him! Loa CLUBS Takagi, brings him up but Takagi stops that to fireman’s carry. Loa fights that and they start throwing forearms on the apron’s edge. Loa gets the edge with his forearms, then APRON BACK SUPLEXES!

Fans fire up and Jado coaches Loa up while Takagi writhes on the apron. Loa catches his breath, and drags Takagi to the floor. Loa leaves Takagi behind as fans rally up, and a ring count begins. Loa wants it to go faster, then he gets impatient and goes out after Takagi. Loa CLUBS Takagi on the back, then CLUBS him against railing. Loa puts Takagi back into the ring then slingshot sentons! Fans fire up as Loa STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Loa argues the count but Red Shoes says it’s fair. So Loa CHOKES Takagi! Red Shoes counts, Loa stops at 2 and drags Takagi up into a sleeper. Takagi endures and fights up to throw body shots.

Takagi is free and he snap suplexes! But Loa is right up! Loa roars and runs Takagi over with a shoulder! Fans fire up while Loa paces around. Loa drags Takagi up, fireman’s carries and RAMS Takagi into a corner. Loa RAMS his shoulder in more, then lets off to stand Takagi up. Loa throws forearm after forearm, but Takagi headbutts! Loa headbutts back! Loa applauds Takagi’s fighting spirit and he stands Takagi up to whip corner to corner and clothesline! Then a whip out then in for another clothesline! Loa nods and brings Takagi up to scoop, OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO! Loa keeps on Takagi with a trap of the arm, and the OG KILLER CROSSFACE!

Takagi endures and fans rally up as Loa pulls back! Loa pulls back even further but Takagi fights and moves around to get the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Loa lets off at 3, and fans rally up as Takagi rises. Loa reels Takagi in but Takagi fights the clinch with elbows. Loa kicks low, runs, but Takagi ELBOWS! JABS! YUKON LARIAT! But Loa stays up? So Takagi JABS again, YUKON feint to the DDT! Fans fire up again as Takagi stands. Takagi drags Loa up, whips him to the corner then runs in but blocks the boot. Takagi clotheslines through! “Mada mada!” Takagi goes to suplex but Loa blocks! Takagi powers up and suplexes Loa high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Takagi fires the fans up with “OI! OI! OI!” and they clap along. Takagi gets up, his ribs bothering him. He drags Loa up, reels him in but Loa blocks the back suplex. Takagi keeps trying but Loa pries the hold open. Loa wrenches, kicks, kicks and ENZIGURIS! But Takagi comes back, only to swing into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up but Loa is shocked! Fans rally again, Loa brings Takagi up and reels him in, but Takagi blocks the bomb. Takagi back drops Loa away and comes back to get around, SAIDO! Loa gets up, ducks the lariat and EXPLODERS! But Takagi’s up in the corner, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Loa comes back to LARIAT Takagi down!

Loa storms back over to Takagi, gets him up, SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Takagi is still in this and Jado is frustrated on Loa’s behalf. Fans rally up and Loa slowly gets up. Loa drags Takagi up, scoops and aims, but Takagi gets the ropes and sits on the top rope. Takagi drives elbows into Loa’s shoulder, shoves him away, but Loa PELES back! Loa then goes up top to join Takagi, and brings Takagi up onto his shoulder! SUPER POWERSLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and Loa can’t believe it! Fans rally up hard as ever for “TA-KA-GI! TA-KA-GI!” as Loa aims from a corner. Takagi stands, Loa runs in, but Takagi blocks the spear to fire off knees!

Loa kicks back, scoops again, but Takagi slips out the back and runs, SLIDING LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Loa gets to a corner, Takagi aims from the other, Takagi runs in to clothesline! Takagi then hoists Loa up top, climbs up to join him, and the two brawl up top. Loa throws forearm after forearm but Takagi holds on to headbutt again and again! Takagi brings Loa up to the very top, for a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but fans fire up again! Takagi still isn’t done, he gets himself up and wants Loa to stand. Loa rises, Takagi runs, PUMPING BOMBER! But Loa stays up!? Takagi brings Loa around to POINT-BLANK PUMPING! But Loa just fires up!

Loa BOOTS, shouts, “Not today!” He runs but into a clothesline! Takagi runs, into a SPEAR! Loa hurries to get Takagi up and in a corner. Loa gets Takagi up but Takagi RANAS, only for Loa to block! Loa swings Takagi back up, but Takagi RANAS out after all! Takagi fires up and runs in to PUMPING BOMBER! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Takagi fires up and brings Loa around. Pump handle but Loa blocks the lift! Loa CLUBS away, Takagi fires forearms in return. Loa forearms back, Takagi gives Loa more. Loa hits back and eggs Takagi on. Takagi fires off boxing elbows, but Loa just fires another! JAB from Takagi, but Loa HEADBUTTS! Both go down again!

Fans rally back up and Loa roars as he fires himself up. Loa drags Takagi up, scoops him, but Takagi fights and flails to get a dragon sleeper! Takagi puts Loa in the ropes, TAKAGI DRAPING GTR! Then pump handle and torture rack, LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (gets 2 points; Loa earns 0)

The Dragon still soars! With this fifth win, Takagi’s G1 run is still alive! Will he be the third top champion to make it all the way?


Kota Ibushi VS Great-O-Khan!

The Golden Star is rising while the Dominator is falling! Will Ibushi shine bright as he pursues the top spot in the block? Or will Khan redeem himself in the name of the United Empire?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel out the grapple as fans build to a rally, “I-BU-SHI!” Khan goes for legs, Ibushi holds him off and they end up on ropes. Khan lets off quickly and cleanly, and the two reset. Ibushi tries testing jabs and then a KICK! Khan got his guard up but he still staggers back. Khan goes to a corner to reset and the two circle again. Khan kicks, Ibushi shrugs it off to give one back. Khan tries a kick and elbow but Ibushi stays back. Ibushi and Khan feel the grapple out, clinch against ropes, and Ibushi pushes Khan away. Fans cheer the exchange as the two reset again. Ibushi and Khan each try testing kicks and strikes but neither backs down.

Ibushi pushes the aggression but Khan kicks back. Ibushi tries a combo but has to guard quick as Khan comes back with his own. They keep working on each other’s guard, then they clinch again. Khan gets a takedown, Ibushi holds off the lateral press so Khan goes after an arm. Ibushi blocks the double wristlock so Khan drives in elbows. Ibushi rolls to avoid the armbar, and now he has the top mount. Ibushi tries but Khan holds off the armbar and they end up in ropes. Khan backs away and fans cheer the exchange. Ibushi stands and dares Khan to bring it. Khan keeps cool and he circles with Ibushi again. They go back to testing the waters with kicks and hands but still can’t get in.

Khan grabs a leg, drags Ibushi down, but Ibushi keeps his hands together as Khan wants the armlock. Khan goes for the lateral press, Ibushi keeps moving around, so Khan tries for the katagatami. Ibushi gets an arm in, slips around and waistlocks but Khan rolls to drop toehold. Ibushi gets up, gets around but Khan slips away. Fans cheer as the two stand off and reset again. Ibushi and Khan circle, Khan tries jabs and Ibushi tries kicks, then they switch it up. Khan throws palm strikes but Ibushi brushes those off, and has his guard up for the back hand. Ibushi tries but Khan catches his backhand to a clinch. They go around and Ibushi gets a judo throw!

Fans cheer but Khan holds off the lateral press. Ibushi tries a top mount but Khan CHOPS in the gap. Ibushi stays on Khan but Khan slips out the back to tie up the legs. Khan then shifts to get the arm but Ibushi rolls, only to end up in a headscissor. Ibushi kicks around, gets up and tries to stack Khan up but Khan throws in some elbows. Ibushi hops over, floats back to a mount but Khan gets a ropebreak. Red Shoes calls for it and Ibushi lets off slowly. Khan lets Ibushi back off and fans cheer the sportsmanship. Ibushi waits on Khan now but Khan uses a leg guard to advance. Khan kicks, gets up and tries again but Ibushi dodges.

They feel things out again, Khan kicks but Ibushi comes back with kicks of his own. The two get in closer, Ibushi wants legs but Khan sprawls and throws body shots from above. They end up on ropes and Khan sits back as Red Shoes calls for the ropebreak. Ibushi lets off and Khan rolls away to get space. Fans cheer, and the chess game begins again. Fans rally as the two circle. Khan tries a sideways stance for his kicks but Ibushi avoids them. Ibushi kicks but Khan catches it to SLAM Ibushi down! Then Khan drops for a HEEL HOOK! Ibushi endures, uses his free foot to scuff Khan but Khan turns things over for more leverage on the leg. Ibushi crawls around and gets the ropebreak!

Khan lets go and gives Ibushi space now, and even dares him to bring it. Ibushi takes a second, and the two approach while kneeling on the mat. Khan tries straight shots but Ibushi guards. Ibushi tries back, Khan throws more, and the two circle around as they stand. Khan ends up in a corner, he stays along the ropes and gets around to get the head and arm! Ibushi stays up, but Khan hits an STO! Ibushi is caught, Khan leans his weight on the katagatami, and fans rally up. Khan thrashes but Ibushi endures and fights around. Ibushi kicks and gets to a ropebreak! Khan puts more pressure on before letting go at 4. Khan then has his knee on Ibushi’s face! Red Shoes counts, Khan walks away at 4.

Khan drags Ibushi and has the double wristlock while sitting on Ibushi’s head. Khan throws some toying body shots and then digs his elbows into Ibushi’s legs. Ibushi endures as Khan shifts the grip for a top wristlock. Khan CHOPS Ibushi, pulls at the arm, but Ibushi fights with his free arm. Khan slaps and chops him around, then stands up to kick Ibushi in the back. Khan throws more kicks but Ibushi eggs him on. Khan kicks again, toys with Ibushi a bit, but Ibushi kicks back from the mat! And KICKS! Ibushi stands to KICK and Khan falls over! Ibushi gets the other leg, ties them up, FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Khan is furious as he flails and Ibushi adds pressure!

Fans rally as Khan grits his teeth. Khan grabs at Ibushi, Ibushi pushes up for more leverage! Khan pries at the legs, tries to turn things over, but Ibushi smacks his own leg to keep the hold on! Khan flounders and reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Fans fire up as Ibushi lets go and drags Khan away from the ropes. Ibushi tries again but Khan boots him away. Khan hits a judo arm-drag, and then prepares his fist. Ibushi stands up, into a STRAIGHT RIGHT!! Both men are down after that iron fist as Khan clutches his leg. Fans rally up, Khan gets to his feet and shows off some footwork. Ibushi stands up into a THRUST KICK! Cover, TWO!

Khan drags Ibushi back up, tackles him back down and rolls to a CALF KILLER! Ibushi throws elbows and forearms and slapping strikes! Khan CHOPS, Ibushi SLAPS, it’s a close range slap fight! Khan ROCKS Ibushi, he falls back, and Khan clamps on to drag Ibushi up. Khan throws body shots and knees as he puts Ibushi in the corner. Khan CLAPS away on Ibushi’s neck but Red Shoes has him let off. Khan lets off with a SLAP, and Ibushi’s expression changes. STRAIGHT SHOT from Ibushi! And fast hands from all sides! SOBAT! Is this KOWAI Ibushi?! “YAO~!” BOMAYE!! Cover, TWO!! Khan survives but Ibushi fires up with the fans!

Ibushi waistlocks and drags Khan up. Ibushi full nelsons but Khan breaks it to victory roll and KNEEBAR! Ibushi endures as Khan pulls and twists the ankle! Ibushi pounds the mat as he crawls, but Khan gets up to shift to a deep ANKLE LOCK! Ibushi still endures and fans rally up! Ibushi stands and ENZIGURIS! Khan staggers, Ibushi gets up to STRAIGHT SHOT! Khan comes back, into a KNEE!! Ibushi is down but Khan flounders about and the fans are thunderous! Ibushi sits up and vows to end it here! Ibushi gets the wrists, Khan has a bloody nose, KAMI- NO! Khan avoids the knee, reels Ibushi in, but Ibushi wrenches to ROUNDHOUSE! Cover, TWO!!

Ibushi can’t believe how close that was! But he brings the kneepad down now and he drags Khan back up. Ibushi has the wrists, KAMI- IRON CLAW?! The claw blocks the knee?! Khan lifts Ibushi by his leg but Ibushi ENZIGURIS with the other! Ibushi fires up again, drags Khan back up and BARE KNEE KAMIGOYES!! Ibushi falls on the cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Khan earns 0)

Khan may be great, but on this night, the Golden Star is greater! Khan’s chances of being a contender are dashed, but can he be a spoiler to the Dragon in the next round?

As for Ibushi, he catches his breath and gets the mic. “Great-O-Khan! You’re a fun one. Everyone, that was fun, right?” Ibushi tells “O-Khan” that he was glad to see Oka back in the ring again. But Ibushi just earned his sixth victory in this year’s G1, and is that much closer to his fourth finals appearance in a row. “And like I always say… Whatever happens, I won’t back down, I won’t lose, and I won’t betray you!” The Golden Star is staying true to his words, but can he keep winning in the homestretch?


Here are the current A Block standings!

Kota Ibushi: 6-2, 12 points
Kenta: 5-2, 10 points
Zack Sabre Jr: 5-2, 10 points
Shingo Takagi: 5-2, 10 points
Tomohiro Ishii: 4-3, 8 points [ELIMINATED] [won special singles bye]
Toru Yano: 4-3, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Great-O-Khan: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Tanga Loa: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Yujiro Takahashi: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

Another very good round for the G1 Climax, with ZSJ VS Kenta being a great match before intermission again. Kenta winning was quite the surprise but it now adds to the battle for the block. Yano and Yujiro was pretty good and that finish was hilarious, but of course both guys are out so this was more an entertaining filler. Takagi VS Loa was great, as Loa again gets to really bust out some stuff, but of course Takagi wins to keep things going towards him making history. Ibushi had an awesome match with Khan, especially with the use of martial arts training and technical wrestling throughout. Ibushi wins to keep his own historic streak possible, and gets his No Naito Bye so round 8 is all about seeing who from Kenta, ZSJ and Takagi loses.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (1/24/22)

Time to weigh in before the Rumble!



WWE Raw 2022

Raw prepares for the Royal Rumble!

Before fighting for the WWE World Championship, Bobby Lashley and BRRROCK LESNARRR step on the scales to make this one heavy Monday Night Raw!


  • Bianca Belair VS Queen Zelina Vega; Belair wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Damian Priest VS Kevin Owens; Kevin wins by disqualification, and Priest retains the title.
  • Six Woman Tag: Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Liv Morgan VS Tamina, Carmella & Nikki A.S.H; Ripley, Brooke & Morgan win.
  • The Alpha Academy Academic Challenge Round 1, Spelling Bee: The Alpha Academy VS RKBRO; RKBRO wins and gets to choose next week’s challenge.
  • Randy Orton w/ Matt Riddle VS Chad Gable w/ Otis; Orton wins.
  • AJ Styles VS Austin Theory; Styles wins.
  • The Mysterios VS The Street Profits; The Mysterios win.


Corey Graves is in the ring with Adam Pearce.

Pearce welcomes the fans to the official WWE World Championship weigh-in for the Royal Rumble. “Without further ado, please welcome the challenger, Bobby Lashley!” The Rocky Mountain Machine makes his way out, MVP right behind him, and some pyro added to his pose, and some more pyro in the ring. And of course, the WWE Champion, Br- “Ladies and gentlemen.” Paul Heyman walks out on stage to give his introduction, and says he’s so tired of everyone trying to steal his shtick, especially when no one does it as good as he does.

So about to walk down the aisle and step onto the scale, your REIGNING! DEFENDING! UNDISPUTED! WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD~! BRRROCK! LESNARRR!! Lesnar makes his entrance, wearing a cowboy hat and jeans, and he goes to the ring to join Lashley. But given the attire and the smirk on his face, it’s hard to say he’s taking this serious. Graves points it out, and Lesnar asks if Graves would like Lesnar to get naked. How about just carrying on with this then? Graves says Lashley is the challenger, so he will go first. Lashley throws off his jacket, steps over, and stands on the scale.

The ref checks, and Lashley weighs in at 273 pounds. MVP says, “See that? 273 pounds of All Mighty killing machine! 273 pounds of specimen like no other. Closer to a god than a man. 273 pounds of bottled lightning that Brock Lesnar will have to contend with at the Royal Rumble.” The match so many had written off as impossible is happening. But Lashley knew it was inevitable. 273 pounds, and then after the Rumble, Lashley will gain some weight. The exact amount as that WWE Championship weighs. Lesnar and Heyman laugh that off, and Graves says it is Lesnar’s turn. Lesnar takes off his hat and lets Heyman hold that while he steps on the scale.

The ref checks, and Lesnar weighs in at 286 pounds. Lashley is upset, though. Lesnar thinks this is funny, huh? He’s acting like a fool because he knows Lashley will beat him for the title this Saturday. “Mark my words: this will be the shortest title run of your entire career. And that’s not a prediction. That’s a spoiler.” Lesnar laughs and says, “Well who’s the comedian now? Paul, get this. On Sunday morning, hot off the press, Bobby Lashley beats Brock Lesnar in the Hurt Lock. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion! The new reigning, defending, WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world~! Bobby Who?”

Lesnar laughs, takes his leave with Heyman, but it’s only a matter of time. Will Lashley have the last laugh when he’s the one leaving St. Louis with the title?


Bianca Belair VS Queen Zelina Vega!

The EST is dressed in gold, because she’s ready to go for gold in the Women’s Rumble! Will the Queen of the Ring merely be a stepping stone on Bianca repeating history?

Raw returns and Vega makes her entrance. The bell rings and they tie up. Bianca scoops and puts Vega on the apron. Bianca then blows a kiss, ducks the haymaker, drags Vega back into the ring and swings her around in the waistlock before a SLAM! Fans rally for the “EST! EST!” and Bianca avoids Vega stomping her foot! Bianca ripcords and whips but Vega reverses, only for Bianca to go up and over. Bianca handsprings, eggs Vega on, then dropkicks her down! Bianca kips up, drags Vega up, and suplexes! Bianca holds Vega up but Vega STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! Vega stomps away on Bianca in a corner and digs her boot in!

The ref counts, Vega lets off at 4 to then JUMP KICK! Vega keeps moving, and she KNEES Bianca down! Vega soaks up the heat, takes a bow, and then drags Bianca up. Bianca shoves Vega away, runs in but is sent into buckles! Vega then goes up, but Bianca ROCKS her first! Bianca scowls, trophy lifts Vega off the corner, but Vega fights free to a SLEEPER! Bianca RAMS Vega into buckles but Vega just throws elbows! Vega brings Bianca down to her knees, squeezes tight on the sleeper, but fans rally up. Bianca fights up, RAMS Vega into more buckles and then throws Vega off! Bianca scoops but Vega headscissors, but Bianca handsprings through!

Bianca rallies on Vega, dropkick and kip up! Fans fire up as Bianca brings Vega in for a suplex! Roll through, another suplex, and she even jogs in place before the SLAM! Bianca runs, handsprings, and MOONSAULTS onto knees! Vega grits her teeth, hops on, CODE- NO! No red, Bianca pops Vega off to a torture rack! KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Well, she just beat a queen, so this was the royalEST win Bianca’s gotten yet! Will she go back-to-back at the Rumble and return to WrESTleMania?


Backstage interview with Kevin Owens.

Kevin Patrick tries to talk with him before his US Championship match but Kevin Owens refuses to talk. K-Peezy points out KO was the first person to give Damian Priest a pinfall loss here on Raw, and KO agrees with that. But he faked an injury. What? What did K-Peezy say? Faking an injury? Is he accusing KO of lying? Has K-Peezy been in the ring? No, he hasn’t, so his opinion is moot. KO says he fought through pain! Just reed his shirt! “Just Keep Fighting.” Now tonight, KO gets his US title match, and guess what he’ll do tonight? Read the third! Just Keep Fighting. That’s right! And he’ll do that until he is the new United States Champion.

WWE United States Championship: Damian Priest VS Kevin Owens!

The Archer of Infamy knows the Prizefighter is two-faced, but now he knows what to expect after being duped into a defeat. Will Priest keep the gold away from KO? Or will Damian make it hard for him to hold back?

Raw returns and Kevin makes his entrance. The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who goes into the Rumble with gold already around their waist!

Kevin kicks, Priest pushes him away and fires off in the corner! Kevin dodges to CHOP and CHOP and forearm in return! The ref counts, Kevin lets off but Priest turns things around to fire off fast hands! Priest CHOPS, whips corner to corner, but Kevin reverses. Kevin runs in but blocks the knee to throw the leg down. Priest ROCKS Kevin with an uppercut, then throws more forearms! Priest runs, but Kevin drops to come back and CLOBBER Priest with an elbow! SENTON! Cover, TWO! Kevin argues the count but he goes after Priest in the corner. Kevin stomps, the ref counts and Kevin backs off. Kevin then runs in, but into a choke grip!

Kevin slips out of the choke slam to CHOP and forearm, but he runs into a BOOT! Kevin bails out, Priest builds speed, and Priest goes up the ropes. Kevin gets away, Priest hops down and goes out after Kevin. Priest blocks the superkick and throws Kevin into barriers! Priest puts Kevin back in, but Kevin SUPERKICKS him off the apron! Kevin hurries to the apron, SWANTON onto the knees! Priest was ready this week! APRON CHOKE SLAM! Priest is fired up and so are the fans as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Priest fires off kick after kick then a ROLLING ELBOW! Kevin goes to a corner, Priest hits a back elbow! But Kevin fights off the suplex, only to get a BELL CLAP! And a HEADLOCK DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Priest drags Kevin up, puts him in a corner and hoists him up top. Priest ROCKS Kevin with a right, climbs up, but Kevin hits back! Kevin adjusts and headbutts away on Priest! Then TORNADO DDT! Priest is in a drop zone, Kevin goes up top! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Priest survives and Kevin can’t believe it! Kevin argues with the ref but the ref defends it was two. Kevin waits on Priest to get up, SUPERKICK!

Kevin gets Priest back up, whips but Priest holds ropes. Priest BOOTS back, ducks and dodges, to FLAPJACK Kevin down! Then a HEEL KICK! Cover, TWO!! Kevin survives almost being beheaded but Priest keeps his cool. Kevin claims he’s got a bad arm, but Priest doesn’t trust that! Priest stomps away on Kevin at the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts 4. Kevin still says he has a bad arm but Priest KICKS him out to the apron. Priest rushes over, Kevin HOTSHOTS him! Kevin give sup faking and rolls Priest up, with tights, TWO!! STUN- NO! Priest powers out to LARIAT! Priest is fuming, is Damian coming?

Priest KICKS Kevin into a corner, stomps away, fires down hands, but the ref backs him up. Priest still comes back for more, the ref has to push him away again. Priest BOOTS Kevin, fires off more elbows, but the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by disqualification (Priest retains the WWE US Championship)

Damian got the better off Priest, but he still has the belt. Kevin may have gotten the win, but will he think again before pushing Priest’s buttons?


Royal Rumble entrees speak.

Rhea Ripley says, “I have a score to settle with Nikki A.S.H. But the one thing that’s consuming my mind right now is the Royal Rumble. This Saturday, it’s every woman for herself, so I’m going to win at any cost. It’s gonna be an absolute nightmare for the 29 other women when I win the Royal Rumble and move on to WrestleMania.”

Dana Brooke says, “Call me crazy, but this year is gonna be my year! As reigning 24/7 Champion, I’m ready any time, at any place. And this Saturday, I’m gonna continue riding that wave, and winning the Royal Rumble.”

Liv Morgan says we’ve all seen her from being happy to be here to the girl that took the Raw Women’s Champion to her limit. We saw her nearly become champion. But at the Royal Rumble, there won’t be “nearly.” She’ll win to become the NEW Raw Women’s Champion.


Sonya Deville finds Damian Priest backstage.

He was outta control! When the ref says to do something, he should listen. Or else he’ll get fined, suspended, or worse. So get it under control! Will Priest find a way to contain the rage inside?


Six Woman Tag: Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Liv Morgan VS Tamina, Carmella & Nikki A.S.H!

We just heard from one team about the Women’s Rumble, but can they back it all up with actions? Or will they almost have momentum after facing the Daughter of Superfly, the Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE, and the Almost SuperHero?

Raw returns as Dana makes her entrance, followed by Liv. Then Mella makes her entrance, followed by Tamina, and lastly, Nikki. The teams sort out, Mella gets her protective mask while Dana starts with Tamina. They tie up, Dana wrenches to a wristlock, Tamina shoves her away then runs her over! Tamina soaks up the heat, taunts Liv and Rhea, then stomps Dana. Tamina rains down forearms, wraps on a chinlock and she thrashes Dana before clamping on a neck wrench. Fans rally and Dana fights up, Dana throws elbows. Tamina CLUBS Dana, back suplexes, but Dana lands on her feet to tag Rhea! Rhea dropkicks Tamina, then swipes at Nikki!

Rhea DECKS Mella, wrenches Tamina and hits her with short arm clothesline after short arm clothesline! Then a ripcord HEADBUTT, and a sweep to the legs! Rhea runs to basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Rhea, she brings Tamina up but Tamina shoves her away. Rhea comes back to sobat, then she NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Mella gets in and FABULOUS KICKS Rhea! Liv ENZIGURIS Mella! Nikki kicks Liv for a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Dana SHOTGUNS Nikki, Tamina CLOBBERS Dana! Mella tags in, she pie faces Rhea, and that just pisses Rhea off! Rhea trips Mella, ties up the legs, PRISM TRAP!! Mella taps, Rhea’s team wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Liv Morgan, by submission

That mask didn’t protect the legs! Will it protect Mella from being thrown out? but then Nikki SUCKER PUNCHES Rhea! What kind of hero uses a cheap shot?! Will Rhea personally make sure the Rumble is a nightmare for her former friend?


The Alpha Academy Academic Challenge Round 1, Spelling Bee: The Alpha Academy VS RKBRO!

In order for Matt Riddle & Randy Orton to earn a rematch for the Raw Tag Team Championships, they have to show their mental strength is superior in a series of challengers! Otis looked a little worried about that last week, but will he and “Master” Chad Gable be able to outsmart the Stallion & Viper? Or will #4PointOtis no longer be top of the class?

Raw returns and Kevin Patrick presides over this challenge. He welcomes to Raw Tag Team Champions, the Alpha Academy. Gable says that was a fine introduction but a terrible explanation. So he’ll put it in a way that even the mindless morons of Ohio can understand. SHOOSH. Tonight is the first in a triad of events over the coming weeks. Fans chant, “You Suck!” and Otis gets upset. Gable says SHOOSH, and realizes vocabulary isn’t Ohio’s strong suit. Triad means three, so there will be three events. These events will prove Gable is a genius, just as his Master’s Degree and 4.0 GPA does. Don’t boo education! If anyone needs it, it’s Ohio.

Now, this will also prove his protégé, his prized pupil, Otis has both the brawn and brains the size of a tree trunk when he and Gable decimate RKBRO into mental submission. Gable is so proud of Otis. And lastly, Gable will use this platform to officially announce that the Alpha Academy are in the Men’s Royal Rumble! And you better believe one of them is winning, and then the Alpha Academy will headline WrestleMania! Thank you! Kevin Patrick then introduces the former tag team champions, RKBRO! Orton & Riddle head to the ring, and Kevin Patrick reminds us that this is a spelling bee. Tonight’s winners will then choose next week’s challenge stipulation.

The champions open, and first up is Otis. Gable says Otis has this, and Otis nervously steps to the mic. Otis’ word is… Emmental. Can Kevin use that in a sentence? A form of Swiss cheese. E-M-M-E-N-T-A-L! CORRECT! Gable is proud and Otis is sure they’ve already got this. First up for RKBRO, it’s Riddle. Fans fire up as The Bro goes to the mic. Riddle’s word is… Calibration. Cali-bro-tion? No, calibration. Can he use that in a sentence? Uh, ok. “A simple calibration is used to set up the system for individual implementation.” Please put that into letters for Riddle. No, Riddle, you have to spell it. Oh, okay, like when he calibrates his scale for measuring ounces and-

Riddle, just spell it then! Right, sorry. C-A-L-I-B-R-A-T-I-O-N. CORRECT! Tied at 1-1 and Riddle is fired up! Gable is now up, and his word is… Disillusion. Gable laughs that one off. He was hoping for a challenger. For the sake of sportsmanship, give him the definition! SHOOSH! He didn’t need it! This is Mr. 4.0, baby! It is the disbandment of a group or organization- No, Kevin said disillusion, not dissolution. D-I-S-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N! NO, Gable! Wrong word! What?! That was dissolution but Kevin said disillusion. This is a joke! Kevin said the word wrong! Gable says he spelled a word right! But it wasn’t the word that was said.

Orton says maybe Gable can just a freakin’ seat! Orton is ready to get this over with. Then his word and the win is… Well, one of the most commonly misspelled words. Dumbbell. Riddle says Orton has this! And looking at Riddle, Orton has this. D-U-M-B-B-E-L-L. CORRECT! Gable is furious! Dumbbell for Orton? Riddle IS a dumbbell! Gable, shut your mouth! And Ohio, let’s go ahead and shut Gable’s mouth for him! They can go 1v1 right here, right now! Gable is furious, and Orton says Gable is clearly not that smart so maybe he’ll spell out how he’s gonna beat Gable: the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, R K O!!

Randy Orton w/ Matt Riddle VS Chad Gable w/ Otis!

Raw returns and the match is on! Orton and Gable circle, fans rally behind “Randy! Randy!” and ties up with Gable. Orton headlocks, grinds Gable but Gable fights up. Gable pries the hold, has a top wristlock and he brings Orton down. Otis says that’s the power of leverage, and Gable wernches to a wristlock. But Orton powers out to drop toehold and facelock! Gable moves around, Orton gets away, and the two circle again. They tie up, Gable wrenches, wristlocks, but Orton fights up. Riddle and the fans rally up, Orton wrenches through and headlocks. Gable powers out, Orton runs him over! Riddle is fired up as Gable gets to a corner.

Orton and Gable reset, tie up again, and Gable wrenches to a hammerlock. Orton slips around to hammerlock back, then headlocks. Gable powers out, Orton runs him over, and things speed up. Gable arm-drags, and arm-drags again! Gable keeps on the arm and fans boo as he wrenches the shoulder. Orton fights up, fans keep rallying, and Orton whips Gable to a corner. Gable goes up and over but Orton fakes out the arm-drag! RK- NO! Gable pushes Orton away, and then bails out of the ring to regroup with Otis. Fans boo and a ring count starts. Otis says you can’t RKO someone with no neck! Gable gets in the ring, he circles with Orton and they tie up again.

Orton wrenches to a wristlock, but Gable rolls, bridges, spins and handsprings to spin through and headlock. Gable then spins to the toehold and has the ANKLE LOCK! But Orton slips away and bails out to regroup with Riddle. Gable says it was that close, but Orton keeps his cool. Orton takes his time returning, but Gable throat chops him! Gable CHOPS Orton to a corner, throws body shots and haymakers, but lets off as the ref counts. Gable fires off more forearms, strikes a pose, but then Orton kicks back! Orton fires off EuroUppers over and over, whips Gable to ropes, then CLOBBERS him with an elbow!

Gable bails out again, Orton stalks up behind him! Back suplex to the announce desk! Gable flops to the floor and Otis can only glare as Orton looms over Gable. Fans are all fired up as Orton puts Gable in the ring. Otis gets on the apron, Orton knock shim down! But Gable CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Gable runs, runs Orton over, then hurries up the corner! MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Orton survives and Gable can’t believe it, while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Gable has a standing toehold. Orton endures, Riddle coaches him up, but Gable stomps Orton down! Gable has Orton in a corner, hooks a leg in the ropes, then gets the other for a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! The ref keeps Gable back but Gable shoots in to get the left leg. Orton CLUBS Gable, whips him but the bad leg gives up! Gable whips Orton into a corner, but Orton comes back to LARIAT! Orton manages to rally, and he dodges to BACK DROP Gable away! Gable goes to a corner, Orton runs in to clothesline! Fans are thunderous for RKBRO as Orton reels Gable in. Gable switches, Orton bucks the waistlock and hits a BACK2BACKBREAKER!

Fans fire up as Otis coaches Gable and Riddle coaches Orton. Orton puts Gable through ropes, drags him out, time to spell “vintage!” DRAPING DDT! Orton slowly gets up as fans fire up behind him. Orton hears the voices and he waits on Gable. Riddle sees Otis getting on the apron and runs over that way. But Otis gets him for an EXPLODER! Orton is distracted, Gable backslides him! TWO, and Orton hits a POWERSLAM! Orton’s bad leg slows him down, but the fans still rally as hard as ever. Orton stands over Gable, then aims from the corner. Otis shouts to Gable, but Orton runs in, only for Gable to dodge the punt! ANKLE LOCK!!

Orton endures as Gable thrashes the bad leg! Fans rally, Riddle CLOBBERS Otis with his scooter! And then again! And again! Gable is distracted, Orton rolls to send Gable into buckles! RKO!!! Cover, Orton wins!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

RKBRO gets extra credit on The Alpha Academy! A win in the spelling bee and a win in the ring, but Riddle gets a mic. Riddle congratulations Orton, and reminds us that they get to choose the second Academy Challenge. Riddle thinks it’s time to go old school to gym class! What better way to show some physical prowess than a good, ol’ fashioned… scooter race! Is that really part of gym class? And does Otis even stand a chance of finding a scooter that can hold him up? Will RKBRO make it a 2-0 sweep? Or can Gable find a way to make a comeback?


Alexa Bliss continues her therapy.

The doctor thinks they’re making progress. Oh? He asks her a personal question: When was the very first time that Alexa met Lily? Oh, well, Lily’s been around her whole life. Any time Alexa was looked down on or bullied, Lily was there to be her friend. Alexa was just six years old when she met Lily. These two teenage girls picked on Alexa cuz she wore glasses, and they shoved her off the monkey bars. Alexa got knocked out, and when she came to, Lily was there. Those cute button eyes and the braids and stitching. Is that too much? No, keep going. Okay.

That day, Alexa and Lily got ice cream and played on the monkey bars. Lily said those mean girls would never come back, too. Then they ate candy and gumdrops, and they did that game where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth and try to say, “Chubby bunny.” Well, Alexa has plenty more to say, will we get to the bottom of Lily’s hold over Alexa?


Vince McMahon talks with Austin Theory.

Vince knows Theory is doing really good lately, especially the selfies. Yeah, look at this one! No, not that one. Well, it did feel good destroying Finn Balor, just like Vince wanted. And in the Rumble, Theory will win and face the champion of his choosing at WrestleMania! That’s exciting. If it’s not too much to ask, maybe Theory could get a late number? Like 26 or 27?Why would Theory think Vince has any influence over that at all? Especially right now, when he should focus on his opponent, AJ Styles. Whoa, as in, former WWE Champion, US Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, Grand Slam Champion AJ Styles? Yep! That AJ Styles.

Theory says that’s fine. Sounds good, even! Okay, hang on. Don’t forget your phone. And bring back a really good selfie. Yes, sir! Will Theory be able to be more than Phenomenal here tonight? Or does he finally fall out of favor with Mr. McMahon?

AJ Styles VS Austin Theory!

The Phenomenal One himself just got finished with a bright and shining star with a big ego in Grayson Waller. Will Styles check off another future star in Vince’s newest pet project?

Raw returns and Theory makes his entrance. The bell rings, they tie up, and Theory powers Styles to a corner. The ref counts, Theory lets off to mock Styles’ pose, but Styles keeps cool. They tie up again, Styles powers Theory to a corner but Theory turns it around. The ref counts, Theory lets off, and then he double guns. Styles still stays cool, ties up with Theory and gets a headlock. Theory powers up but can’t power out as Styles holds tight. Theory powers out, Styles ducks the hurdle, rolls Theory up, TWO! Theory fireman’s carries, but Styles sunset flips! TWO, Styles wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Styles dropkicks Theory right outta the ring!

Fans fire up and Styles takes aim. Slingshot and FOREARM! Direct hit and Theory checks his chin. Styles puts Theory back in the ring, stalks Theory to ropes, brings Theory up and bumps him off buckles. Styles CHOPS, Theory staggers to another corner, but Styles brings him out. Theory kicks but Styles blocks. Theory ROCKS Styles with a forearm, but Styles KICKS Theory’s leg! Theory hobbles to the corner, but Styles storms over. Theory YANKS Styles into buckles! And then throws him down by his hair! Slingshot STOMP, deadlift suplex! Cover, ONE!! Theory is annoyed and he rains down rights before wrapping on a headlock.

Theory grinds Styles but fans rally up. Styles fights up, puts Theory in a corner, but Theory turns things around. Styles dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! Theory falls and crawls, but he throws body shots. Styles KICKS Theory in the side! Styles runs for a BIG knee drop! Cover, TWO! Styles gets Theory up, snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Theory grits his teeth but Styles drags him back up. Theory FLAPJACK HOTSHOTS him! Styles sputters while Theory seethes, and Theory stomps Styles down! Theory drags Styles up, throws forearms, then whips corner to corner. Styles hits buckles hard, and Theory gets in his face! “How’s that feel?!”

Theory throws fists down but the ref back shim off. Theory stands on Styles’ head, but lets off as the ref counts. Theory drags Styles up but Styles DECKS Theory with a forearm! Styles drags Theory up, but Theory suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Styles flounders in the corner, Theory hoists him up top. Theory throws forearms, climbs up to join Styles, but Styles throws body shots in return. Styles ROCKS Theory, Theory drops but then somersaults to SHOTGUN DROPKICK Styles to the floor! Fans boo but Theory grins as he looks down at Styles, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Theory has a headlock. Styles throws body shots, Theory knees low. Styles kicks back, then ENZIGURIS! Theory staggers, Styles runs in but Theory catches his crossbody for a BACKBREAKER! Then a SWINGING BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Theory grins as Styles survives, and he stalks Styles to ropes. Theory bumps Styles off buckles, then RAMS a shoulder into his back! And again, and again! Theory lets off as the ref counts, and Theory throws down more fists. Theory brings Styles up, but Styles JAWBREAKERS free! Styles ROCKS Theory with a right, then CHOPS him to ropes. Styles whips, Theory reverses and BACK DROPS! Cover, TWO!

Theory says HE is phenomenal but fans boo. Theory drags Styles up to snapmare and stomp him down! Theory mocks Styles’ pose again, but misses the elbow drop! Theory grits his teeth as he gets back up and runs in at the corner. Styles elbows Theory away, then QUEBRADA DDT! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Theory and Styles are on opposite ends, Styles runs in to LARIAT! Theory kicks back but Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! Styles hits a clothesline in the corner, then suplexes Theory to a NECKBREAKER! Styles runs, SLIDING FOREARM! Cover, TWO! Theory is still in it but Styles keeps his cool.

Styles drags Theory up, fireman’s carries but Theory slips out. Styles ducks the haymaker but not the back elbow! Theory hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Theory checks his chin again, drags Styles up and says he’s got this. JAWBREAKER! Styles runs in, but into a BOOT! Theory somersaults for a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Styles survives and Theory can’t believe it! Theory shakes his head, convincing himself he can do this. Theory gets Styles up to throw big forearms in the corner. Theory puts Styles up top, climbs up to join him, but Styles resists! Styles slips through and trips Theory up! Styles waistlocks, but Theory elbows out hard!

Theory reels Styles in, but Styles fights out of the powerbomb! Styles ducks and dodges to PELE! Both men are down again and fans are rallying! Styles reels Theory in, but Theory fireman’s carries! Styles fights free, rolls Theory, CALF CRUSHER!! Theory scrambles, ROPEBREAK! Styles lets go and both men slowly get up. Styles grabs at Theory but Theory holds the ropes. The ref calls the ropebreak, Theory throat chops! But Styles BOOTS back, goes to the outside, but Theory trips up his springboard! High stack, but with ropes! The ref sees that and stops the count! Theory and the ref argue, but Styles ROCKS Theory!

Styles is on the apron, he springboards in, PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

Now that was phenomenal! Will Styles use this momentum to take the Royal Rumble and that golden ticket to WrestleMania? And what of Theory facing Vince’s wrath?


Raw holds a simultaneous interview with Becky Lynch and “Doudrop” Piper Niven.

Commentary wants to start with Piper. This match has been a long time coming, and Piper ran through the rest of the division to- Becky speaks up and asks if this is their first time. We start with the champion. And she’ll start with a champion of “a wee lass named Doudrop.” When she first got her start across the pond, who did she idolize? Becky. Who did she want to face most? Becky. Tell ’em how Becky paved the way, and as the groundbreaker she is, she gave Piper this match. People are asking, “Why would anybody in their right mind choose someone who can clearly out power them? Who can clearly break all their bones with one slam to the mat?”

Maybe that’s the answer! Maybe Becky isn’t in her right mind. Or maybe Becky is that confident in how damn good she is! Or that generous to grant an opportunity to a fellow Celt. Piper speaks up to suggest that maybe, Becky handpicked Piper because Becky is desperate. Maybe ever since she returned, she’s been ducking, dodging and scrambling just to hold onto the title. Maybe Becky thought putting the new girl in would be an easy victory. The only easy thing here will be how easy it is for Piper to break every single one of Becky’s ribs.

Becky wants “Doudou” to hold on there. Becky should be thanked for giving Piper her biggest match, her first title match here, and for paving the way and giving Piper a match at one of the biggest events of the year. If Piper had just said thanks, but no. Piper waited for Becky to get in and offer a handshake, so of course Becky slapped her across the face. And being the bigger person, Becky offers to lead Piper to victory in the tag match. But then Piper splashed Becky, dropped her, left her lying. Becky admits, she didn’t see that coming. But Piper’s in for a rude awakening at the Rumble when she steps in the ring with the #VanGOAT and Becky wins to stay Raw Women’s Champion.

Oh, is Becky done? Piper zoned out when she started hearing that whining, nagging sound, or else she was gonna lose it. But Piper will show gratitude when Becky shows respect. But Becky won’t, she will keep whining. She’s not a goat, she’s a little lamb on the way to the slaughter. The Dome is the slaughterhouse, and the new champion will be Doudrop! Becky says Piper was just another name to fill out the roster before this. Piper needs to know her place. It’s dead space and- Oh, Piper’s getting off the mic? She gonna run? She can’t run from the truth, or from this fight. Becky’s been champ for nearly three years !But then Piper barges into Becky’s room!

Piper and Becky scrap and referees rush in to stop it! Piper says her place is with the title, standing over Becky! Will Piper be the one to make Becky DouDROP that title?


Backstage interview with Rey & Dominik Mysterio.

Sarah congratulates Rey on being the WWE 2K22 cover superstar. What does it mean to be among the ranks like Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena and The Undertaker? Rey says this is so dope. You have no idea what an honor it is to represent. Most superstars spend their careers chasing achievements, from main eventing WrestleMania or entering the Hall of Fame. Being on the cover of a WWE video game is no different, especially when that game is FIRE! Although, the one thing prouder would be seeing Dom on the cover one day. Dom says now Rey’s talking. Dom used to play those games growing up, and he knows he has to create his own legacy to be in those games. That starts Saturday when he wins the Royal Rumble.

Well okay, but that’d mean he has to throw Rey out. That’s not happening, right? Well after last week, he might be first to go! Dom’s got jokes. He’s playin’ right? Dom grins and heads out, but Rey laughs it off. Will “every man for himself” be true even for the Mysterio Familia?

The Mysterios VS The Street Profits!

Rey & Dom won alongside Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins last week, but now they’ll go against each other for some last minute momentum! Who will be on fire going into the Royal Rumble match after tonight?

Raw returns as the Mysterios make their entrance. The teams sort out, Dawkins starts against Dom. They circle, tie up, and Dom headlocks. Dawkins powers out, things speed up, Dom RANAS! Dom throws hands, knuckle locks and CHOPS, then goes up to FLYING ARM-DRAG! Dawkins dodges, Dom keeps moving, Dawkins hits a big back elbow! Cover, TWO! Dawkins drags Dom up, whips him to ropes, but Dom wheelbarrow sand throws Dawkins out of the ring! Rey gets in, holds the way open., Dom DIVES! Direct hit onto Dawkins, and then Rey crossbodies Ford! Rey runs, but Ford throws him out onto Dom!

Dom manages to catch Rey, but Ford FLIES! Direct hit and down goes everyone! Ohio is fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Dawkins grinds Dom down in a chinlock. Dom endures, fights up, throws body shots, but Dawkins DECKS Dom with a right! Cover, TWO! Dom is still in this but Dawkins wraps on another chinlock. Dom endures again, fights up, Rey coaches him through it, and Dom gets to his feet. Dom throws more body shots, but Dawkins knees low. Dom ends up in a corner, but he dodges the cyclone splash to kick and TORNADO DDT! Both  men are down and fans fire up! Dawkins and Dom crawl, hot tags to Ford and Rey! Rey dodges Ford to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Ford ends up in a corner, puts Rey on the outside, but Rey ROCKS him!

Rey goes up top, leaps, SEATED SENTON! Rey keeps moving, dodges again, but Ford FLAPJACKS Rey down! Ford somersaults, to a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Rey gets to ropes, Ford whips him, but Rey kicks back. Rey slides under, Dom gets in, and he gives Rey a boost to RANA Ford on tropes! The Mysterios dial it up but Dawkins trips Dom and drags him out! Ford runs in but Rey drop toeholds him to ropes! 6 1 NO! Ford blocks that, gets Rey up in an Electric chair, but Rey victory rolls! The Mysterios win!!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall

The King of Lucha finds a way to snatch this one away from the Profits! But then Dom gets behind Rey and lifts him up, but Rey RANAS Dom out! Rey tells Dom he needs to try better than that, but then Ford TOSSES Rey! But then Dawkins tosses Ford! Dawkins says he got Ford there! But then the DIRTY DAWGS get in, and they both throw Dawkins out! Roode & Ziggler talk trash, but then the Mysterios and the Profits get in to go after them! It’s a huge scrap, but the Dawgs get tossed! And then the remaining four all square off in their own corners! Will any of these men make it to the end of the Rumble match this Saturday?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

Kevin Patrick brings up how the Usos are barred from ringside during the Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble, and Rollins says that sounds so good. Rollins likes K-Peezy and will give him a little “insider information.” This was never about The Usos, or anyone else but Roman VS Seth, Seth VS Roman. Now they go 1v1 at the Rumble for the title, and historically speaking, Rollins likes his odds. Rollins knows he can beat Roman because he’s already done it. Roman knows Rollins has his number. Roman wants people to think very highly of him, but Rollins is the one who can put Roman in his place.

So speaking of Roman, Rollins is going to pay SmackDown one more visit this Friday, because unlike Roman, Rollins delivers his messages in person. See you Friday, brother! Rollins laughs it up, but will he have the last laugh this Friday? And will this Saturday be the first time Roman gets the better of Rollins?


The Miz heads to the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister promised it last week, and now it’s here! Maryse’s birthday celebration will be here on Raw, and the ring’s already filled with presents! Will all go smoothly for the It Couple this close to the Royal Rumble? We’ll see, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz welcomes us to the Maryse Birthday Extravaganza! It’s a celebration of his wife’s birthday, and then Saturday, we will celebrate The It Couple beating The Grit Couple! So without further ado, welcome the birthday girl, a woman more gorgeous, more sexier and more intelligent than anyone here, Maryse! Maryse makes her entrance, and there’s security at ringside. Miz says he speaks for everyone here when he says, “Open your first gift!” Maryse pulls the veil off a painted portrait of her and Miz as a prince and princess! Miz has done it! She feels even more special than the day she became a mother!

Or when he got her that pink Rolls Royce! Or when he got her that $500,000 ring. Well no expense spared. He got top of the line security to make sure there will be no intruders! They checked the ceiling so there wouldn’t be a Brood Bath! There will be no Edge or Beth here! Miz speaks for all of us when he says, “Open your second gift!” Miz hands it to Maryse, she pulls off the lid, and it’s… A custom hand purse! It says “No limit” on the side because there is no limit to their love. Wait, what’s this big one? Miz thought Maryse got him something. Uh, it’s her birthday. Why would she… Wait, then if he didn’t get that, and she didn’t get that… Then what’s in the box?

SECURITY! Get in here and open the box for Miz! The guard goes up to it, rips the paper away, and it’s all a trick! Miz put the brick that Maryse hit Beth with in a frame! This demonstrates that these two will always be one step ahead of Edge & Beth. Just watch this recap video as proof! Maryse asked Beth to call off the Mixed Tag, Beth refused, Miz tried to jump Edge but failed, but it still distracted Beth enough so Maryse could CLOBBER Beth! Fans boo but Miz & Mrs. just soak it up. Now it is time for everyone to get up out of their seats and sing Happy Birthday to Maryse. On three. One, two, DO NOT BOO! This is a birthday celebration! Stand up and sing!!

Now, one! Two! Three! HIT IT! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you~! Miz is so sour… But here comes EDGE! AND Beth! Edge has the music cut to tell Mike ‘n’ Maryse that they’ve been real clever. But being clever won’t matter on Saturday. All these security guards won’t matter on Saturday. Because Miz & Maryse stepped in it now! They’ve got a pissed off Rated R Superstar, and an extremely pissed off Glamazon on their hands. These two are gonna show everyone why that’s not a good thing. The Grit Couple storms to the ring, CLOBBER guard after guard, and Beth scoop SLAMS the next one! Edge TOSSES another, Beth sends one more into the steps!

The It Couple bail out of the ring, so Edge and Beth tear everything up! Beth SPEARS one guard, Edge SPEARS another! Miz & Maryse freak out over the cake being in harm’s way, but the Grit Couple give a guard a HART ATTACK! Shout out to the days of Beth teaming with Natty. Another guard gets in, he gets a 3D!! A shout out to some of Edge’s greatest rivals, before he BOOTS another guard! Edge sees the cake still standing, and Miz says he better not! Edge drags the guard up, reels him in, and POWERBOMBS him through the cake AND table! The terror on the It Couple’s faces is real this time! Will they even show up in St. Louis for that Mixed Tag match?

My Thoughts:

I have a feeling word got back that last week’s Raw was pretty sad, because they made sure this week’s Raw was really good. Now, a weigh-in segment for a title that doesn’t really have weight restrictions was really just an excuse to get Lesnar and Lashley to interact one more time. But Lashley and Lesnar are both doing really well on the mic these days, and Lesnar being dismissive of Lashley is such a great element of this. It’d be wild if Lashley won this but there’s a good chance Lesnar retains and we still get something of Lesnar VS Roman, title for title. Rollins has a good promo rather late in the night, but him hyping up the SmackDown go-home means something good is coming.

Bianca VS Vega was a short match, as was the Six Woman Tag, but sadly that’s how things are in RawDown these days… But at least we got a great promo segment from Becky and Piper. Piper leaving her room to find Becky and brawl with her was awesome stuff, and their match is going to be awesome stuff, but pretty sure Becky wins. Then they’ll set up Becky VS Bianca at WrestleMania, Bianca finally avenges her SummerSlam loss. Also, Alexa Bliss has to be returning to action during the Rumble. She might not win but she could have a really good showing to reestablish herself. Tonight’s vignette didn’t really do much, it just had her rambling about Lily’s origin story with no serious revelation.

We got a really good US Championship match, but it was a bit cheap for Priest to get disqualified when “Damian” let loose. Maybe Kevin comes back after the Rumble to try again and that builds to a US title match at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February. Styles VS Theory was a great match, too, just wish Vince would’ve let Theory and Finn have a match as good as that. And if Styles was still feuding with Grayson Waller, we could’ve built to Styles & Finn VS Theory & Waller, but nope. Vince has apparently given up on Finn, but not enough to cut him the same way they cut a lot of other great people. What a weird old man.

I loved so much of the Academic Challenge segment. Great promos from everyone, and I love that Gable got so cocky that he went with what he thought he heard and not what Kevin Patrick really said. Then we got an awesome match of Orton VS Gable, that also had the awesome aside of Riddle attacking Otis with the scooter. Now, going with a scooter race next week isn’t really something you’d see in gym class from what I’ve experienced, but it’s definitely a Riddle kind of choice. I’m not sure how, but Alpha Academy is definitely finding a way to win to push this to the third challenge, which RKBRO will win to get a tag title match.

The Mysterios VS Profits was really good, with Ford and Rey really standing out in this match. Mysterios get the win for momentum, but then the Dirty Dawgs get in on things for a nice brawl. I don’t see any of those six winning, though, but maybe the Mysterios come out tag title contenders for after RKBRO and Alpha Academy sort out. And then we got a pretty good final segment. As birthday parties that get ruined goes, I like that Miz swerved us with the giant box and then we get Edge & Beth straight up crashing the party. I spotted the Tate Twins among the security guards that got bodied, I hope that means they’re signing with NXT 2.0. The Grit Couple standing tall here, the math would suggest The It Couple finds a way to win, but who knows, Edge & Beth could defy the math.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/24/22)

Washington DC gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

AEW has eight for America’s capital!

Team Taz’s Ricky Starks & “Powerhouse” Hobbs look to clear out Dante Martin’s allies, Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty, as AEW continues in Washington, DC!


  • Leyla Hirsch VS Brittany Blake; Hirsch wins.
  • Private Party VS Myles Hawkins & Action Andretti; Private Party wins.
  • Brandi Rhodes VS Willow Nightingale; Brandi wins.
  • The Men of the Year VS Logan Easton Laroux & Mike Fowler; The Men of the Year win.
  • Red Velvet VS Janai Kai; Velvet wins.
  • Santana & Ortiz VS Breaux Keller & Goldy; Santana & Ortiz win.
  • Thunder Rosa & Ruby Soho VS Leva Bates & Jordan Blade; Rosa & Soho win.
  • Ricky Starks & “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty; Starks & Hobbs win.


Great to see Leva Bates back in action, but I have a feeling she and Jordan Blade will put Rosa and Soho over. Leyla Hirsch is in her first match since her Heel turn, so seeing how #LEGITHEEL wrestles compared to when she was a Face will be one to watch. And Team Taz taking on Sydal & Moriarty is going to be great, especially since it ties story in from Dynamite.

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