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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/29/21)

SmackDown’s back on FS1!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

What’s next for Friday nights?

Charlotte Flair is once again SmackDown Women’s Champion, but will that change very quickly with Sasha Banks coming after her?


  • Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Shotzi Blackheart; Charlotte wins and denies Shotzi a title shot.
  • Open Challenge: Drew McIntyre VS Mustafa Ali; McIntyre wins.
  • Trick or Street Fight Tag: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss; Corbin & Moss win.
  • Naomi VS Shayna Baszler; Baszler wins.
  • The Usos VS The New Day; The New Day wins.


Charlotte Flair is here!

The Queen and once-again SmackDown Women’s Champion walks to the ring, gets an assist with the ropes, and gets a mic. “Well, well, well, well, well. As more things change, the more they stay the same. Charlotte Flair, the SmackDown Women’s Champion! How many times is that now? Six times? I’m not keeping count, because that’s what all of you do. Because none of you can do what I can do!” She is not only the face of the Women’s Division, she’s the face of this whole company, and the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history. No one, and she means NO ONE, can change that.

And here’s the thing. When anyone else in that locker room wins the title, there’s tears and celebrating. But when Charlotte wins, it’s just another Friday. So here’s the thing. After last week’s drama, order has finally been restored to SmackDown, and that is exactly what the division needs. They need a mentor to guide them and bring out the best in them. And that’s Charlotte. But here comes Sasha Banks! The Boss goes right to the ring and gets a mic to laugh at Charlotte saying she’s the leader. No one is buying that. Charlotte doesn’t care about helping the women in the back, only about holding them down. So let’s stop pretending. We know what Sasha wants, so when is the title match?

Whoa whoa whoa, Sasha. This is the NEW era of SmackDown! We all know Sasha thinks she deserves a title opportunity, but no no no, isn’t that selfish? How many chances has Charlotte given Sasha? And Charlotte always wins! Charlotte talked with Sonya Deville, and they think a new face deserves an opportunity. Oh, is this Charlotte being gracious? Or is she just scared? But here comes that new face! Shotzi Blackheart is here, and on her TCB Tank! “Charlotte, if you’re lookin’ for somebody that you’ve never faced before… Well then I’m your girl!” The Mohegan Sun fires up for that one!

Charlotte says okay. Shotzi did come to the ring in a tank so she must be ready for battle. That’s cute, right, Sasha? But y’know what? Shotzi gets her match, right now! And Shotzi fires the Nerf missile! Will the wild child hit the mark and get herself a title shot?

Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Shotzi Blackheart!

SmackDown returns and Sasha is still hanging around ringside to watch this one. The bell rings and Shotzi circles with Charlotte. They tie up, Charlotte waistlocks and SLAMS Shotzi then pushes her around. Shotzi gets up, circles with Charlotte again and they tie up. Charlotte waistlocks again and SLAMS Shotzi to a cover, ONE! Charlotte says it was that close, but Sasha coaches Shotzi to stay on Charlotte. They go again, Charlotte kicks low and puts Shotzi in a corner. Shotzi BOOTS back, hops up and sunset flips, TWO! Shotzi runs, slides under the boot and howls to the moon! Charlotte is annoyed already, Shotzi comes back but Charlotte waistlocks.

Shotzi switches, Charlotte trips her up, things speed up and Charlotte handsprings. Charlotte ducks and dodges and fakes Shotzi out to basement dropkick! Charlotte stalks Shotzi to a corner, bumps her off buckles, then wrenches to back suplex but Shotzi lands on her feet. Shotzi kicks low, hits a JAWBREAKER, then springboards to RANA Charlotte away! And then adds a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Sasha coaches Shotzi and Shotzi throws forearms in the corner over and over! Fans fire up with Shotzi and she whips Charlotte corner to corner. Charlotte reverses, Shotzi elbows back and then hops up again. But Charlotte YANKS Shotzi down and she hits buckles! Cover, TWO!

Sasha keeps coaching Shotzi but Charlotte CLUBS Shotzi down. Charlotte kicks Shotzi to ropes, chokes her on the ropes and mocks the count. She still lets off at 4 and Shotzi sputters. Charlotte brings Shotzi around to suplex but Shotzi makes it a small package, TWO! Charlotte CLOBBERS Shotzi and she clamps on with a neck wrench. Sasha is frustrated on Shotzi’s behalf, and Shotzi fights up. Charlotte kicks low, whips but Shotzi reverses. Charlotte tumbles up then out and BOOTS Shotzi away. Shotzi comes back to SCORPION KICK! Charlotte staggers into an ENZIGURI! Charlotte falls, Shotzi runs, WELCOME TO THE BALL PIT! Cover, TWO!

Shotzi grows frustrated but Sasha coaches her. Charlotte bails out as Shotzi climbs, but Shotzi hops down to build speed. Shotzi DIVES into a forearm! Charlotte and Sasha talk trash to each other, and Charlotte mocks the Boss’ dance. But Shotzi comes back and DIVES! Not the cleanest tope but she took Charlotte down! Sasha wants Shotzi to get back in this and Shotzi howls as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Shotzi is down on the outside as Charlotte climbs up the corner. Charlotte reaches the top but Shotzi gets in to hit her first! Shotzi climbs up to join Charlotte but Charlotte shoves her away. Charlotte adjusts but Shotzi’s right up to SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Shotzi drags Charlotte up, Charlotte shoves but Shotzi dodges the boot to ROLLING ELBOW! Charlotte drops, Shotzi fires up, and she covers again, TWO! Sasha coaches Shotzi but Charlotte dodges the Ball Pit to BOOT Shotzi down to the floor! Charlotte PLANCHAS but misses, Shotzi SUPERKICKS her down! Sasha tells Shotzi to hurry and Shotzi gets Charlotte in! Cover, TWO!

Shotzi is frustrated, Charlotte drags Shotzi into a ghost pin, TWO! Shotzi kicks but Charlotte ducks the enziguri! Charlotte wants the Figure Four but Shotzi makes it a cradle! TWO!! Charlotte boots but misses, Shotzi gets a TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Shotzi hurries to get Charlotte up and fans fire up. Charlotte elbows Shotzi away hard, Shotzi runs in but into a BACKBREAKER and BUCKLE SHOT! Charlotte then puts Shotzi in a drop zone, climbs up top, MOONSAULT but Shotzi moves, so Charlotte STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Figure four denied again, Sasha is there to get in Charlotte’s face!

Shotzi runs over, Charlotte moves and Shotzi hesitates! Charlotte ROCKS Shotzi then hits a NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by pinfall

Sasha’s help cost Shotzi in the end, and now The Queen leaves without a challenger! Sasha checks on Shotzi and helps her up but Shotzi shoves Sasha down! “How dare you! This is YOUR fault!” Sasha and Shotzi argue, Charlotte tries to sneak back in but Sasha runs her off. Shotzi CLOBBERS Sasha and rains down furious fists! Shotzi puts Sasha in a corner then bumps her off buckles! Shotzi stomps away, then drags Sasha up again to DECK her with a forearm! Shotzi dares Sasha to get back up, and then she ENZIGURIS Sasha back down! Shotzi runs as Sasha goes to the apron, and she WRECKS Sasha with a dropkick!

Shotzi goes out, and SMACKS Sasha off the tank! And then throws her into barriers! And then SMACKS her off the front of her tank again! Shotzi puts Sasha in the tank, climbs up top, and SUPER SENTONS! Shotzi howls to the moon, but will she be in for some legit consequences?


Backstage interview with Jeff Hardy.

The Charismatic Enigma is back on SmackDown officially, but what is he most looking forward to? He is so pumped to be here. He’s looking forward to a fresh start, facing new opponents, and maybe, just maybe challenging for a title he’s never held before. But then “Happy” Corbin and “Mad Cap” Moss walk in, laughing it up. Corbin says it is good to have Hardy here. Things have changed. Corbin is happy because he’s winning at life. And best of all, Hardy can watch Corbin & Moss beat up Boogs & Nakamura in a Trick or Street Fight. To celebrate this Halloween de-boo, how about a Halloween joke? Why don’t witches have kids? Their boyfriends have hollow weenies.

Well, it’s good to be back on SmackDown, but will tonight be no laughing matter for the dad joke duo?


SmackDown shares the additional sanctions put on Brock Lesnar.

After The Beast assaulted referees, fellow superstars and backstage producers, an indefinite suspension was handed down by Adam Pearce, only for Pearce to face the wrath of Brock Lesnar, as well! Pearce communicates from his home via video and again says Lesnar’s actions were reprehensible, and an act of total cowardice. How dare he attack the heart of the corporate engine? Pearce gives every piece of himself to this company and he will not…! Pearce calms down and says he will not be disrespected. This cannot and will not happen again. Pearce informed Lesnar on the phone that due to those actions, on top of the suspension, Lesnar is fined the sum of $1 MILLION!

Heyman is watching backstage and seems rather surprised by what he heard. Kayla Braxton walks over and asks how Lesnar will respond to this. Heyman is amazing she is still employed. But he knows how the Tribal Chief would respond. Roman Reigns would show up on SmackDown, smash everyone in sight, including Brock Lesnar, but Roman doesn’t have to do that because Roman smashed Lesnar at Crown Jewel. Okay… But again, how would Lesnar respond? Heyman repeats the question back and Kayla says this isn’t a trick. Heyman was Lesnar’s advocate, they want insight only Heyman can give.

Well Lesnar would rip everyone’s throats, starting with Adam Pearce! What an annoying man. The temerity of Pearce to talk about Lesnar like Lesnar wasn’t even in the arena and isn’t BROCK LESNAR and be a Beast! Like BROCK LE- Heyman calms himself down now, and says that’s how he thinks it would go. Heyman defends he has not spoken to Lesnar. So leave him alone, okay? Heyman hurries away, but are there still allegiances not even Heyman is aware of?


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

The Scottish Warrior has another open challenge on hand! Who will answer the call? We find out after the break!

Open Challenge: Drew McIntyre VS ???

SmackDown returns and McIntyre gets the mic. “This may come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, but Drew McIntyre is in an ass-kicking mood.” We surely don’t want open mic night, so how about an Open Challenge? Well you heard the fans! They want it, McIntyre wants it, who has the “testicular fortitude” to fight McIntyre right now?! The gauntlet has been thrown down, and here comes Mustafa Ali! Ali also has a mic and says “We get it, we get it. You’re big, you’re bad, but I’m better.” Ali has more athletic talent in his pinkie than McIntyre does in his entire body! Ali is quicker, more agile, and when it comes to in-ring talent, McIntyre doesn’t compare.

Ali tells McIntyre that he will be the one to beat him tonight! The bell rings and the two approach. Ali talks trash< McIntyre uses both hands to TOSS Ali! Ali dodges in the corner and CHOPS, but McIntyre doesn’t even flinch! Ali CHOPS again, still nothing. McIntyre grins and CHOPS Ali off his feet! Ali flounders away, BOOTS back from the corner, and dropkicks McIntyre’s arm! Ali fires away on that arm but McIntyre shoves him away. Ali KICKS the bad arm, runs, but into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre snarls, grabs Ali with both and throws him to a corner! McIntyre stomps away, CHOPS, then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes again!

Ali returns but into a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and fires up, as do the fans! McIntyre underhooks, Ali fights out, baits McIntyre into a corner and POSTS him! McIntyre is down, Ali goes up! Ali aims and 450 but has to roll through! Ali gets under the Claymore kick to run and tilt-o-whirl, but McIntyre blocks the DDT! McIntyre powers out to get a KIMURA ARMLOCK! Ali taps, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by submission

The Beacon shined for a second but McIntyre shows he isn’t just big and strong but has the technical savagery to win! Will the Scottish Warrior continue to slay the SmackDown roster?

Ali gets on the mic to vent. “You people choose to cheer for Drew McIntyre! You choose to root against me! And the only reason, the ONLY reason you choose to root against me is because my name is Mustafa Ali!” Ali throws down the mic but is he reverting back to the excuses he used to use to deflect?


The New Day walk backstage.

Kofi Kingston tells everyone to stand to their feet and show King Xavier respect. They spot Hit Row watching. He welcomes them to his kingdom and to SmackDown. They were incredible in SmackDown, and he loves seeing fellow musicians out there “doing the damn thing.” They appreciate him saying that. Hit Row gets to rub shoulders with royalty? Damn. Shouldn’t they respect the king. “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” Xavier allows them to rise. Kofi wants to hear them spit some hot fire for their king. “Bet.” King~ Woods~! King~ Woods~! They doubted he could be they knew that he would.

Woods and Kofi head to the ring as it is being prepared for another royal ceremony. The king is going to have a knight, after the break!


Xia Li is coming.

Who will be the first to feel her wrath?


SmackDown returns and…

Hear ye, hear ye, lend Kofi your ears that you may listen to the creed of King Woods. Woods calls to Pennsylvania. “Tis I, your king.” “HAIL! KING WOODS! HAIL! KING WOODS!” Woods wishes for a moment. Yes, last week, he finally received his Cape of Defense, his Scepter of Seduction, and Kofi was kind enough to place the crown upon his head, officially making him king. But everyone knows that a king is only as strong as the company he keeps. Fans chant, “You Deserve It!” Yes, Woods does deserve it. A lot of behind the scenes stuff to get here. Kofi’s heart is true, and is Woods’ most trusted confidant. Kofi, please bend the knee.

Kofi kneels before Woods, and Woods hopes Kofi’s bravery and strength become a shining example to the WWE Universe. King Woods, first of his name and bringer of new days, bestows this honor upon Kofi, making him SIR Kofi Kingston, The Hand of the King! You may rise. “Sir! Ko-fi! Sir! Ko-fi!” Woods also pins a unicorn medal to Kofi’s vest. REJOICE! The fans cheer, but the Usos come out to say “Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!” Hold on, Uce. Their they go again! It’s the Usos and the New Day. So what we got here? King Woods and the King’s Hand, Sir Kofi, huh? Well they the right hand man!

A lot’s changed since the New Day left. This is THEIR show! Call it the Bloodline show! Cuz #WeTheOnes! Halloween is Sunday, what’re they doing playing dress up? Kofi laughs and sees what this is. This is jealousy. They jealous cuz the New Day looking crispy clean in their new outfits, while the Usos wearing the same things since 2018. And they can’t get blood on the carpet, they just got this clean. Oh, they got jokes, huh? They won’t be laughing when Jimmy kicks that crown off Woods’ big ass head! Is that a threat, bruh?! SILENCE!! Because of their insolence, tonight will be the Usos and the New Day, in a TRIAL BY COMBAT. AKA a match. Challenge accepted!

But is that real gold? Jey wants to touch but Kofi slaps his hand down and says, “No no no.” But then Jimmy DECKS Kofi! Woods run the Usos off but this is far from over! Will we see the Usos and the New Day reignite their rivalry?


Trick or Street Fight Tag: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss

It’s time to rock! Boogs plays Nakamura’s theme as they head to the ring, ready to settle things with the pair of Jackass O’ Lanterns! Will this be a treat for the King of Strong Style and his rockin’ bard? Or will Corbin & Moss have the last laugh after all?

SmackDown returns and the duo of Corbin and Moss make their entrance. And they get pyro? The bell rings and the brawl is on! Moss is after Boogs and throws him out, Corbin whips but Nakamura reverses to GAMANGIRI! Nakamura hits a SLIDING KNEE, but Moos hurries in. Nakamura knees him low and AX KICKS him down! Boogs gut wrenches Moss around and around and then THROWS him into the pumpkins! Boogs hurries to get his guitar and he plays for the GOOD VIBRATIONS~! But Corbin kendo stick SMACKS Boogs down! Corbin throws Boogs into the ring, Moss drags Nakamura out. Corbin chokes Boogs on ropes but doesn’t have to let off because of No DQ!

Wait, Reggie jumps in!? The Viking Raiders are chasing him and the 24/7 Championship! Drew Gulak grabs at Reggie but he flips and flies out of the ring! Corbin is annoyed, but Boogs sends him into a corner! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES knock both men down! Moss gets Boogs up and throws him out to throw hands. “This your boy, huh, Pat? How ’bout them apples?” But Boogs blocks the apple dunk! He tries to dunk Moss in return, Nakamura SMACKS him with a kendo stick! Boogs dunks Moss, Moss comes up with an apple, and Nakamura SMACKS him down! Cheers with apples as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Boogs gets mugged by kendo stick smacks from Corbin and Moss! Fans boo as Corbin chokes Boogs and Moss knocks Nakamura off the apron. Corbin lets off to bring Boogs up and thro him out hard. Moss and Corbin bring Boogs and Nakamura up to throw into barriers! Fans chant, “We Want Pumpkins!” but Corbin shoves candy in Boogs’ face! Moss laughs but Nakamura kicks Corbin then ROUNDHOUSES him! The candy goes flying into the crowd! Nakamura fires a strike fest off on Moss, but Moss ducks and Nakamura’s kick goes into the post! Moss then CLOBBERS Nakamura with a clothesline!

Moss and Corbin regroup, bring Nakamura around and put him in the ring. Corbin picks up a pumpkin and the fans go wild! Corbin throws it away and gets in the ring. He and Moss mug Nakamura, Moss knocks Boogs off the apron. Corbin DECKS Nakamura, then they go outside the ring. They bring Nakamura to the table, but Boogs smashes pumpkins! Fans fire up as Boogs gives Moss a smack of pumpkin, then he uses the skeleton to smack away on Corbin and Moss! Boogs gets in the ring, Corbin chases but gets a LAIRAT! Moss gets in, Boogs LARIATS him, too! Nakamura returns with his own kendo stick! Boogs joins in, they pinball Moss around!

Boogs gut wrenches Corbin for a SUPLEX into the FLYING KNEE! Cover, but Moss breaks it up with a dead lift and FALL AWAY SLAM! But Boogs shows his power as he gives Moss an EXPLODER! Corbin staggers but he gives Boogs a DEEP SIX! But Nakamura kicks and gets Corbin with the WHEEL KICK! Nakamura aims from a corner, but Moss puts a pumpkin on Nakamura’s head! Corbin CLOBBERS pumpkin head Nakamura! Corbin and Moss double whip Boogs into a corner, Corbin runs in but Boogs POSTS him then CLOBBERS Moss! Nakamura CLOBBERS Corbin into the timekeeper’s area! Boogs gets Moss up, EXPLODER!

Boogs goes up top, fans fire up, but two men in costume SMACK him with kendo stick! Moss gives Boogs a NECKBREAKER to a pumpkin! Cover, Moss & Corbin win!!

Winners: “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss, by pinfall

The men in costume reveal themselves to be ANGEL GARZA AND HUMBERTO CARRILLO! The most handsome tag team in the WWE just screwed over Nakamura and Boogs! What a way to make an impact on SmackDown! But will their future be looking any good going after the King of Strong Style like that?


Backstage interview with Sonya Deville.

Naomi has a match with Shayna Baszler later tonight and some are saying Sonya’s stacking the deck against her. Is there any bias? No, she is a professional, and Megan’s boss, so- Sami Zayn walks in and interrupts. He just wants to tell Sonya it is a mistake to not have the “locker room leader” on the card tonight. It certainly wasn’t Sonya’s fault or her intention, but she’s going to need someone like him on her side. Survivor Series is just around the corner, after all. SmackDown cuts away from this to go to the ring!

Naomi VS Shayna Baszler!

SmackDown is going to #FeelTheGlow, but will Naomi get revenge for that 2v1 on at least one of her opponents? Or will the Queen of Spades break Naomi in body and spirit?

SmackDown returns and Shayna makes her entrance. Wait, where’s the ref? Sonya Deville walks out and says she understands there’s an issue. She tells Naomi that she is here because she forgot to mention something. After what Lesnar did last week, the ref meant for this match got injured. So Sonya needs to find someone professional and fair minded to step up to the plate last minute. And no one is better suited for this than Sonya. She asks for a spare ref shirt and gets one from the ring crew. She trades her suit jacket for the referee shirt and Naomi already doesn’t like where this is going. The bell rings and the match begins.

Shayna and Naomi tie up, Shayna gets around but Naomi throws her away. Naomi runs in but Shayna still goes for the clutch! Naomi drops, rolls but Shayna gets the foot! Naomi kicks away and gets free of the heel hook, then throws forearms! Shayna shoves her away, Naomi ducks and dodges to RANA Shayna to ropes! Naomi runs in at the corner to forearm smash! Naomi headlocks to BULLDOG Shayna into buckles! Sonya and Naomi argue, Naomi ROUNDHOUSES Shayna. Naomi springboards but trips! Naomi gets up fast and ENZIGURIS! Cover, but Sonya doesn’t count! Shayna turns things around, Sonya fast counts, Shayna wins!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by pinfall

Naomi gets mad at Sonya for the blatant rigging of this match, but Sonya tells her to stand down. KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Naomi drops as Shayna squeezes tight. Sonya leaves this behind and Naomi is out! Will Sonya continue to abuse her power and abuse Naomi at the same time?


Backstage interview with The New Day.

Kayla asks King Woods if he’s worried that his reign is being threatened. Woods knows that of course people would come after the throne, just as he did. He doesn’t hold it against anyone. But please understand that with The Hand of the King, literally nothing will go wrong. Kofi was named the Hand of the King to protect Woods. They’ve always had each other’s back, but the pin right here means it is for the kingdom. And it is time for them to dole out their very first royal ass-whooping! The music plays and the New Day head to the ring!


Backstage interview with Naomi.

She cuts off Megan and says that if Sonya ever decides to put away her little suit and get in the ring again, Naomi’s waiting for her. And if Shayna wants to step to Naomi again, all she’ll see is the Rear View and then some.


The Usos VS The New Day!

SmackDown returns and the Usos make their entrance. The teams sort out and Woods starts with Jey. They tie up, Jey knees low then whips Woods to a corner. Woods goes up and over and things speed up as he ducks and dodges. Woods slides to then DECK Jey! Cover, TWO! Woods brings Jey up, wrenches and tags in Kofi. Woods whips Jey, Kofi hits a FLYING FOREARM! Cover, TWO! Kofi mocks #WeTheOnes and uppercuts Jey. Jimmy tags in as Kofi whips, Jey reverses and the Usos double elbow Kofi down. They then drop double elbows, Jimmy covers, TWO! Jimmy CHOPS Kofi, then puts him in a corner for another CHOP!

Jimmy whips, Kofi goes up and missile dropkicks back! Jey tags in, Kofi clotheslines Jimmy out, Woods points Jey out to Kofi and Kofi dodges while Woods dropkicks Jey out! The Usos regroup but Kofi goes up, SUPER TRUST FALL, but the Usos catch him! They TOSS Kofi into the timekeeper’s area! The Usos talk trash on Woods’ knight as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more and Kofi fights out of the Usos’ corner! Jey tags in, Jimmy gets around to scoop, BACKBREAKER and an AX HANDLE from Jey! Jey covers, TWO! Jey stalks Kofi to an open corner, Jimmy talks trash but gets away as Kofi swipes at him. “UCE!” “SO!” “UCE!” “SO!” and Jey runs in to HIP ATTACK! Jey holds up a finger cuz #WeTheOnes but Woods coaches Kofi. “Ain’t no ‘Sir Kofi!'” Jey rains down fists, runs corner to corner but into a DOUBLE STOMP! Both men are down and fans fire up! Kofi and Jey crawl, hot tags to Jimmy and Woods! The King of the Ring rallies on Jimmy, ducks and dodges to LEG LARIAT!

Woods whips, Jimmy reverses but Woods tilt-o-whirls and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS! Woods runs to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Woods drags Jimmy up to throw hands, Jimmy staggers and Woods CHOPS him. Woods throws more hands, another CHOP, and another CHOP! Machine gun CHOPS! Woods whips, Jimmy reverses and wrenches to ROCK Woods with an uppercut! But Woods mule kicks back, and then reels Jimmy in for a suplex GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Jimmy survives but Woods drags him up. Jimmy kicks, Woods blocks, DRAGON WHIP! Jey tags in, Woods throws Jimmy out but Jey back suplexes to a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Jey argues with the ref but Jey goes back to Woods. Jey pushes Woods around, eggs him on, and Woods ROCKS him with a forearm! Jey hits back, runs but into a forearm! Woods runs, Jey follows and hits back! Kofi tags in as Jey runs, Jimmy also tags in! Jey dodges and SUPERKICKS Woods! Kofi FLYING AX HANDLES Jey! Jimmy dodges Trouble in Paradise to pop-up SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Kofi survives, Jey tags back in. The Usos get the corners, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS on Kofi!! Cover, TWO!?? Tag back to Jimmy and they each get a corner again. The Usos go up top but Woods trips Jey up! Jimmy USO SPLASHES onto knees!

Kofi DECKS Jey, but Jimmy rolls Kofi! TWO!! Kofi boots from a corner, Woods tags in! Jimmy SUPERKICKS Kofi down and covers but Woods Oklahoma Rolls, New Day win!!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall

Another HUGE win in this rivalry, and now the King and his knight have pinned the SmackDown Tag Team Champions! Will Woods and Kofi soon reign as champions once again?

My Thoughts:

A very good SmackDown, but still with quite a few lumps that could’ve been smoothed out. I do like that we opened with the women’s title story and that Shotzi got a part to play in it, but the match looked like they were holding back. Charlotte certainly isn’t the Face in this, Sasha still has the same attitude she had as a Heel but I guess she’s Face by default now. Shotzi could be seen as Heel now after snapping on Sasha, but she is justified that Sasha didn’t really need to be there and her distraction backfired and cost Shotzi. I wouldn’t mind if they did spice things up and went for more a Triple Threat before Survivor Series rather than just Charlotte VS Sasha.

I like that they used a kayfabe fine on Lesnar to rile up Heyman and continue to tease him being torn between Lesnar and Roman. Also hasn’t Lesnar made way more than a million dollars? I think he can handle that fine just fine. Decent promo interview for Jeff Hardy, and I do hope he gets to skip the midcard slog, aka Corbin and Moss, to give Roman a challenge at some point. The Trick or Street Fight was pretty fun, and I was surprised to see Carrillo & Garza get involved at the end there. I suppose after Nakamura VS Corbin for the Intercontinental Championship happens, there will be more tag division involvement from Nakamura and Boogs through a feud with Carrillo & Garza.

I like that McIntyre is having really good matches with “random” opponents, and I guess this is one way of keeping him preoccupied while waiting to get after Roman and the Universal Championship. Ali had a great showing, but I don’t like him having to revert to “You fans are racist!” I thought he got over that during the Retribution debacle. I’m thinking this is mostly just what happens when WWE has no idea what to do with Ali but they still want to feature him prominently. Ali would’ve had a better post match moment just throwing a generic tantrum. Kinda hoping they keep his feud with Mansoor going so that Mansoor can actually throw this in Ali’s face. The fans cheer Mansoor, they boo Ali, because it’s their personalities, not their names.

Naomi’s story with Sonya is developing fine, and a rigged special referee match was a nice touch. I still hope Naomi turns to The Bloodline and their influence for help. If the Tribal Chief is looking after his family, that includes the wife of his cousin. Also I have a feeling Sami’s talk with Sonya will lead to him being Team SmackDown’s captain for Survivor Series. Woods knighting Kofi was a good move for the King of the Ring story, and they had a great tag match with the Usos. It is clear they’re going to have a tag title match to see who goes to Survivor Series, and that could go either way. I think it’s been a long time since a King of the Ring also held a title, so Woods also getting that honor would be really cool.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/8/22)

It’s a golden Monday night!



WWE Raw 2022

Can Ciampa conquer the All Mighty?

Raw kicks off the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, AND sees Bobby Lashley defend the US Championship against Tommaso Ciampa! Who reaches golden glory in Cleveland?


  • Seth Rollins VS Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford; Rollins wins.
  • Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens; No Contest.
  • Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgement Day; wins.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley VS Tamina & Dana Brooke; win and advance to the next round.
  • WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley VS Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Miz; wins and


The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Bracket is here!

Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky are of course a team, and they’ll be taking on Tamina & Dana Brooke! Then Asuka teams with Alexa Bliss to take on Nikki A.S.H. and “Doudrop” Piper Niven, Raquel Rodriguez teams with Aliyah against Shotzi & Xia Li, and in quite the surprise, NXT’s Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark will be taking on Natalya & Sonya Deville! Who will make it to the finals to be the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky head to the ring!

The Role Model leads #CobraKai and the Evil Genius out here in The Land, and The Land boos them after all the cheap shots they’ve been taking. Bayley, Kai & Sky all get mics and Bayley says, “DING DONG~!” Fans boo but Bayley says c’mon, she hasn’t seen them in forever and this is what she gets? But Bayley, Kai & Sky are all excited to see your dumb, smiling faces! Trust her when she says they don’t wanna be here, either, but the fans need them. The fans are watching to see what these three do to salvage this division. Kai says, “Like crash SummerSlam and shake everyone up?” “Exactly!”

The fans can’t honestly sit here and say they enjoy watching Becky Lynch play dress-up every week. But they cheer! But they can’t honestly like that “champion” in Bianca Belair. But they cheer again! Bianca would be nothing without Bayley! And that’s why last week, they had to make a statement. For all the fans! First, they took care of stupid Becky’s shoulder, then they lit a fire under every single woman in the locker room, for the fans! These three are bringing back what’s been missing. Sky says it’s the hunger! Yes! The division needs to be hungry for more! But Bayley doesn’t blame the locker room. They’re just like the fans: sheeple who don’t know how to ask for more.

But if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, ask better questions! So here’s a question for all the idiots out there: “How am I the only one to realize what a lethal weapon Iyo Sky is? How am I the only person in this whole damn building who realized the benefits of bringing in someone like Dakota Skai?” Okay, yes, she said it wrong, big whoop! Shut up so she can think, dummies! They’re upsetting Bayley, but imagine how mad these two are? They’ve been boiling this whole time! Fans boo, Bayley gets mad, but Kai has her calm down. Bayley doesn’t have to tell them anymore. Kai & Sky will show them in this tag title tournament tonight and win it!

But wait! Here comes Alexa Bliss! AND Asuka! The Fury and the Empress are going to be in that same tournament, so this seems to be a reminder. But here comes BIANCA, too! The RawEST Women’s Champion walks down to the ring with Alexa and Asuka and they get mics, too. Alexa says, “Yeah, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.” Fans chant for the EST, and Alexa tells Dakota & Iyo that they’re not winning. If they win tonight, guess who they’ll face next? Alexa Bliss & Asuka!! And after what they pulled last week, there’s more incentive to beat the hell out of them and win the titles.

And Bianca tells Iyo they’re not done, either. Bianca IS hungry, and she’s ready to finish what they started last week. But if we’re playing the numbers game, the three of them have no problem dealing with Bayley’s three right now. Oh pipe down. Bayley knew this would get them all worked up. But Bayley calls the shots. They can do 3v3 where it counts, which isn’t here in Cleveland! The Six Woman Tag can happen at Clash at the Castle! Bianca looks to Alexa and Asuka, and challenge accepted! Okay, then! But while Bayley is trying to keep control, Bianca says tonight, she’ll lose it! And the brawl is own! Bianca fires off on Bayley, Asuka throws Kai out while Alexa is after Iyo!

Fans fire up as things spill out of the ring, and then into the crowd! Bianca throws knees on Bayley but refs rush out to break up the others. Bayley hits back, Iyo SMACKS Alexa off the desk! Then Iyo goes after Bianca! Asuka rushes after Iyo, but then Kai rushes after Asuka! Alexa gets on the barrier to CROSSBODY everyone!! Fans are fired up as Alexa drags Kai up to fire off forearms! Officials and management rush out now, will this chaos subside after the break?


Seth Rollins VS Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford!

The Visionary already burned it down with Montez Ford, but now he takes on the other half of the Street Profits! Will Rollins sweep the series? Or will the #CurseOfGreatness take down the Architect?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Rollins headlocks, but Dawkins powers up and out. Rollins wrenches to mule kick, but Dawkins avoids the Curb Stomp! Dawkins and Rollins circle, tie up, and Dawkins headlocks. Rollins powers up and out, things speed up and Rollins hurdles, but Dawkins handsprings! And DROPKICKS! Cover, ONE, but Dawkins wrenches to a wristlock, then YANKS the arm. Dawkins grinds the arm but Rollins pulls headbands to whip Dawkins to ropes. Dawkins hurdles then FLYING ELBOWS! Ford mocks Rollins’ short temper, then Dawkins POUNCES Rollins over the desk! Fans are fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Rollins has Dawkins down with an armlock. Dawkins fights up but Rollins wrenches. Dawkins ROCKS Rollins with forearm after forearm, then he whips Rollins to a corner. Dawkins runs in, into a BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins catches his breath but Ford is right there coaching Dawkins. Rollins kicks Ford away! Ford gets mad and gets a chair! Ford gets in the ring, the fans are fired up, but the ref has Ford stay back! Ford lets go of the chair and the ref throws it out, but he still has to keep Ford from hitting Rollins. The ref EJECTS Ford! And Rollins laughs while the fans boo. “Bye bye~!”

Rollins grins and laughs as he soaks up the heat from the fans, but Dawkins is up to clothesline Rollins up and out! Fans fire up, Dawkins builds speed, and he FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans are thunderous! Dawkins puts Rollins in, scoops him, PUMP HANDLE FALL AWAY SLAM! Dawkins then runs to CYCLONE SPLASH! And ENZIGURI! Then the underhooks for the SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and Dawkins can’t believe it! Fans fire up as Dawkins scoops but Rollins slips off to O’Conner Roll! TWO, Rollins comes back to turn Dawkins, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Rollins then runs, but Dawkins dodges!

Dawkins rolls Rollins up, but Rollins rolls through! Dawkins dodges again, SKY HIGH BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Rollins survives and Cleveland is losing their mind! Rollins flops out of the ring and Dawkins snarls. Dawkins goes out and runs in around the way, but is sent into steel steps! Rollins gets in the ring, Dawkins pursues, but the CURB- NO, Dawkins dodges again! SKY- NO, Rollins wrenches and WRINGS the arm, then underhooks! PEDIGREE!! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Visionary couldn’t hit his favorite, but wait! Here’s the CURB STOMP!! Ford rushes back out but the damage to Dawkins is done! Rollins runs off, having swept the Profits. Will he face the consequences? Or just head off towards the title?


The Mysterios talk backstage.

Dominik helps Rey prepare for Finn Balor, but in walks Edge! Rey’s cool but Edge can tell Dom’s heated up. Edge has their backs, because what happened last week with that Spear was an accident. Are they cool? Dom’s cool. But then he shoves Edge! Rey calms Dom down, it was an accident! Rey’s known Edge for 20 years, he’s like family! Rey’s known Dom for 25! How can Rey take Edge’s side?! Dom storms off but Rey assures Edge he’ll talk with Dom about this. Is it going to be harder to forgive the Rated R Superstar than expected?


Backstage interview with The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa.

The Hollywood A-Lister and the Psycho Killer are here after Ciampa’s phenomenal win last week to become Bobby Lashley’s challenger tonight. Does he feel tonight is the night? Miz points out the use of “phenomenal,” and asks if Kevin Patrick couldn’t think of another word. Miz says there is nothing phenomenal about someone who sides with a hack like Logan Paul! But who had the last laugh? Ciampa! And Ciampa says people always talk about overcoming adversity. When you want something you believe in, believe in Ciampa! Who believed in Ciampa? The first-ever US Champion, Harley Race! That man trained Ciampa and made him into the man he is today.

Three years ago to the day, Harley paced away. Tonight, Ciampa dedicates his win to the King, Harley Race! And, and, AND, with Harley looking down on him, and with the Miz in his corner, Ciampa will truly make this his moment. When he steps foot in that ring and Lashley looks into his eyes, Lashley will feel Ciampa’s sacrifice, and Lashley will realize that he has already lost. Will Ciampa’s blackheart finally beat with gold again?


Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens!

Once again, the younger brother of Elias is taking on the Prizefighter, and even though Kevin claims he’s over his obsession, this will be quite the test. Will Kevin focus on the fight and not Ezekiel’s identity? Or will he #ZekeOut all over again?

The bell rings and Kevin rushes Zeke! Kevin fires off forearms, maybe that obsession has rekindled already! Kevin stomps away in the corner, Zeke slips out but Kevin goes out to POST him! And the RAM him into the desk! And then again, making the desk move! Zeke crawls, Kevin drags him up and reels him in! Fans fire up for the APRON POWERBOMB!! Kevin’s mean streak has returned and Zeke writhes! The ref is calling this match, Zeke can’t continue!

No Contest

Kevin gets in the ring and looks down on Zeke while medics are rushed out to the ring. They bring a stretcher and board! Kevin laughs at the destruction he has wrought, but is this going to be the last time we see Zeke?


Rey Mysterio VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgement Day!

The King of Lucha and the Prince go another round, and things are even more tense after what happened at SummerSlam and last week on Raw. Will Rey finally end things with the Judgement Day? Or will he face the punishment for resisting?

Finn gets a mic to say, “Edge thinks we should fear him. Rey Mysterio thinks that we should fear him. Those two can’t even get on the same page! Poor little Dominik Mysterio’s already abandoned both of them! The Judgement Day isn’t afraid of anyone! Y’know why? Because fear isn’t real. Fear is a product of your imagination. But danger is real! Danger is very real! And Rey, tonight, you’re going to find out that I am danger!” Priest tells Edge that to be clear, if he wanted to, he could lay Edge out. But in two weeks, the WWE is in Toronto. Edge hasn’t wrestled on Raw in Canada in 12 years!

So here it is! Priest is officially challenging Edge, 1v1! The Rated R Superstar VS The Punisher! If Edge still has a set, then he and Priest can end this! Edge may have started the Judgement Day, but in Toronto, in front of Edge’s family and friends, the Judgement Day ends Edge! What will Edge say about that challenge? As for Rey, he can’t seem to find Dominik anywhere. Well, Edge’s offer still stands, especially after being called out. Rey says he knows Dom, Dom will come to his senses. Well, okay then. Go get ’em! Rey goes it alone for now, but will he be alone in the end? We find out, after the break.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; wins.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; win.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; win.
  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; wins.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; wins.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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