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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/13/21)

It begins again!




NJPW WTL X BOSJ 2021 begins!

NJPW once again holds two tournaments at the same time! World Tag League, Best of the Super Juniors, who come out ready to challenge the champs?


  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS DOUKI; Douki wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Taiji Ishimori; Kanemaru wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Robbie Eagles; Taguchi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Master Wato VS El Phantasmo; Wato wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: YOH VS Hiromu Takahashi; Hiromu wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: El Desperado VS SHO; Sho wins.


Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS DOUKI!

The Junior Heavyweight Division kicks off this newest side-by-side event, and the Black Mask and Japones del Mal get to kick BOSJ 28 off! Who gets the very first win to set the pace for the round robin?

The bell rings and fans rally already as the two circle. They tie up, Douki gets a headlock and grinds, but Bushi powers out to have his own headlock. Douki powers out, things speed up, Douki hurdles but Bushi rolls off his back. Bushi runs to RANA Douki out of the ring! Fans cheer as Bushi slingshots to RANA again! Bushi drags Douki up to whip him into railing! Douki writhes, Bushi stomps him down. Bushi drags Douki up and whips him into more railing! Douki falls, the ring count is 10 of 20 but Bushi puts Douki in at 12. Bushi takes off his shirt and uses it to choke Douki! The ref counts, Bushi lets off, and he drags Douki back up.

Douki throws forearms but Bushi ROCKS him with one. Bushi ROCKS Douki again, runs but Douki dumps him out! Douki hurries to the apron to ASAI MOONSAULT! Fans cheer that athleticism and Douki fires himself up! The ring count starts again, Douki stomps Bushi then gets him up to whip into railing! Payback for earlier, and Douki leaves Bushi behind at 10 of 20. The count reaches 15, Bushi stands at 17 and gets in at 19! Douki stomps Bushi, drags Bushi up and whips him to ropes to elbow down! Cover, TWO! Douki clamps on with a chinlock and digs a knee into Bushi’s back. Bushi endures, fans rally up, and Bushi moves around.

Douki cranks back on the chinlock, powers his way over and gets the ropebreak! Douki lets go, paces around, then drags Bushi back up. Bushi throws elbows, Douki knees low and scoops for a SLAM. Douki runs to double stomp but Bushi avoids them! Douki kicks him low, suplexes, but Bushi slips out to get a BIG back suplex! Fans fire up as both men are down. Douki rolls to a corner but Bushi heads over. Bushi stomps Douki, stands him up and throws forearms. Bushi whips, Douki reverses, but Douki runs into a BOOT! Bushi goes up to FLYING RANA! Fans rally, Bushi gets Douki up to spin him to a DDT! Cover, TWO!

Bushi keeps his cool while Douki writhes. Bushi drags Douki up, knees him to a corner then whips corner to corner. Bushi runs in to back elbow, then he goes up to missile dropkick! Bushirooni! Fans cheer, Bushi gets Douki back up, but Douki slips out of the fisherman. Bushi kicks low but runs into a boot! Douki tumbles to the apron, shoulders back in, slingshot into an enziguri! Douki is stuck on the rope, Bushi goes to the corner to hop up and missile dropkick Douki down! Fans rally up, Bushi aims from a corner and Douki rises, into the RUNNING CODE- NO! Douki blocks the Code Breaker to drop down and put Bushi in the ITALIAN STRETCH #32!

Bushi endures and fans rally up as Douki pulls harder on the hold! Bushi moves around, reaches out, but Douki drags him away from the ropes to reapply the Italian Stretch! Bushi endures all over again, moves around the other side, and rolls to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Douki lets go at 4, and fans rally up for Bushi. Douki slashes the throat, vowing to end this. He goes to the apron, takes aim as Bushi rises, slingshot to DAYBREAK! Cover, TWO!! Bushi survives and Douki can’t believe it! Douki calls for the end, and he wheelbarrows Bushi, but Bushi fights out of the full nelson. Douki ENZIGURIS, runs, but into a DROPKICK from Bushi!

Both men are down again as fans rally up. Bushi and Douki slowly rise, Douki runs in but Bushi dodges to kick. Douki blocks, then ducks the enziguri, but not the mule kick! Bushi runs to CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Douki survives but Bushi fires up and goes to the corner! Bushi climbs, leaps, but into the HELLSTAB! Douki runs, but into the Gory Especial! Douki fights it, spins Bushi, torture rack to a spin, MARISHIKI!! Cover, TWO!?! Bushi survives and Douki can’t believe it! Fans fire up, Douki wheelbarrows Bushi for SUPLEX DE LUNA!! Bridging cover, DOUKI WINS?!?

Winner: Douki, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bushi earns 0)

Bushi was wearing golden gear but maybe that jinxed him here! Will Douki prove to even his Suzuki-Gun teammates that he has value?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Heel Master may have lost the Junior Heavyweight Tag titles, but he could be an insurance policy for his tag partner, El Desperado. Will Bone Soldier Reborn ruin that possibility by giving him a loss out the gate?

But living up to his nickname, the Heel Master attacks Taiji at the entryway! Kanemaru stomps away on Taiji and the ref shouts at him to stop. Kanemaru has the fans behind him as he brings Taiji around the way to whip, only for Taiji to reverse! Kanemaru hits railing and the bell rings to put this on the record. Taiji throws his jacket off to stomp Kanemaru down! Taiji puts Kanemaru in the ring, stomps him more, then throws hands in the corner. Taiji wrenches, whips Kanemaru corner to corner but Kanemaru reverses. Taiji slips out to the apron, baits Kanemaru in to slide under then go out the other side, and shoulders in to then springboard.

Kanemaru gets under, he dodges the clothesline and tilt-o-whirls, but Taiji throws him off to snapmare and step over to an omoplata! Kanemaru rolls and gets away to the outside! Fans cheer but Taiji is frustrated. He goes out and chases after Kanemaru, but Kanemaru baits him in to kick low and whip into railing! Taiji writhes and staggers away, Kanemaru keeps after him. Kanemaru whips him into even more railing! Kanemaru wants more but Taiji reverses the whip to fireman’s carry and SNAKE EYES Kanemaru off railing! Kanemaru falls and the ring count begins. Fans rally, Taiji takes his time catching his breath and the count passes 10 of 20, then 15! Taiji gets in at 19, as does Kanemaru!

Taiji aims from a corner, runs in and DOUBLE KNEES Kanemaru, to then wrench and ARM CODE BREAKER! Omoplata, YES LOCK! Kanemaru endures, Taiji pulls back hard but fans rally up. Kanemaru scoots around, Taiji grabs at the arm reaching out. Taiji keeps on the crossface, Kanemaru keeps moving around, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Taiji lets off cleanly. Taiji paces, but walks into a victory roll! TWO and Taiji kicks low. Taiji runs, into a BOOT, then an ENZIGURI! Kanemaru reels Taiji in but Taiji scoops to CYPHER UTAKI! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Taiji drags Kanemaru into a drop zone.

Taiji climbs the corner, to 450, but has to roll through as Kanemaru moves! Kanemaru gets out of the ring, Taiji goes out after him and kicks him at the railing. Kanemaru blocks the suplex to suplex back! Taiji slips out to RAM Kanemaru into the railing! Kanemaru yanks Taiji back into the railing, then goes to suplex. Taiji blocks, the ring count is past 10 of 20 again as they fight for control! Taiji throws body shots to suplex, Kanemaru slips out to POST Taiji! Kanemaru throws a Young Lion into Taiji before he gets into the ring! Taiji gets counted out!!

Winner: Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by count-out (gains 2 points; Taiji earns 0)

The Heel Master’s got many, many tricks, and this one paid off! Taiji can’t believe it, either! Kanemaru takes a celebratory swig, will he and Suzuki-Gun be toasting later tonight?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Robbie Eagles!

The Funky Weapon takes aim against the Sniper of the Skies, who just lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at Power Struggle. Will Eagles start on his redemption? Or will Taguchi add a bit of insult to injury?

The bell rings and fans rally for “TA-GU-CHI!” “EA-GLE-SU!” It seems Eagles is wondering if Taguchi is still a Junior Heavyweight with that muffin top. But the two circle, approach and tie up. Eagles wrenches to a wristlock, Taguchi spins through to wrench back. Eagles endures the wristlock as Taguchi twists, then he rolls through to wrench Taguchi. And wrench, and wrench, and wrench! Taguchi rolls, trips Eagles and has the toehold. Eagles uses his free leg to pull Taguchi down but Taguchi clasps hands to resist the armbar. Eagles rolls, gets the leg for a toehold and has it trapped. Eagles clamps his hands on the knee to pull it tight!

Taguchi endures, turns over, uses his fee leg to bring Eagles down to a cover, but Eagles gets the ropebreak. Taguchi twists the foot as he lets off and the ref reprimands. Fans cheer as Taguchi backs away to shake out a hamstring. Eagles gets up and the two reset. Eagles calls for a test of strength and Taguchi obliges. They knuckle lock but Eagles kicks an arm, CHOPS, then goes up and around to arm-drag! Things speed up as Eagles ducks and dodges, but then Taguchi just has Eagles pass by and pick up speed. Eagles ducks a chop, then whips Taguchi to return the favor by having Taguchi speed up. Taguchi slides out to put a stop to that, and then he dares Eagles to join him.

Eagles slides out but Taguchi slides back in. Eagles goes to the apron to get a HIP ATTACK! Taguchi builds speed, but Eagles stays away so Taguchi rebounds off the ropes. Eagles slides in, Taguchi avoids his boot to waistlock. Eagles switches, Taguchi breaks free but Eagles trips him. Eagles fakes out the drop down to drop a knee on Taguchi’s leg! Eagles stomps Taguchi, Taguchi clutches his leg, Eagles kicks it more. Eagles gets a modified toehold, almost a kneebar, but Taguchi scoots and crawls to the ropebreak. The fans cheer as Eagles lets off cleanly, and Eagles brings Taguchi up to CHOP! And CHOP again! Taguchi goes to a corner but Eagles looms over him.

Eagles digs his boot in, Taguchi pushes him away. Eagles stomps away on Taguchi but Taguchi bails out. Eagles pursues, CHOPS Taguchi again, then brings him around to CHOP even harder! Taguchi drops to the floor, Eagles drags him up and in, then mocks the hip swiveling. Eagles looms over Taguchi, turns him over as he traps the arm in a hammerlock, then he ties up the legs. Fans fire up as he figure four STOMPS the legs! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Eagles eggs Taguchi on. Taguchi throws body shots and chops but Eagles eggs him on more. Eagles then BOOTS Taguchi to a corner, runs in to DOUBLE KNEE, then rolls back, but Taguchi BOOTS him!

Eagles comes back to Tiger Feint the legs out! Eagles then runs in to METEORA! Eagles pushes Taguchi to the center, high stacks, TWO! But to the RON MILLER SPECIAL! Taguchi endures and crawls over, ropebreak! The fans cheer, the ref counts, Eagles lets off. Fans rally up, Eagles gives Taguchi toying kicks. Taguchi throws body shots and Eagles feels those! Taguchi fires off more and more, then runs, but the hip attack meets ATOMIC DROP! Eagles runs but Taguchi follows, HIP ATTACK! Eagles bails out and fans fire up as Taguchi runs to the corner! TRIANGLE JUMP PLANCHA! Both men are down but fans fire up again!

Taguchi stands, brings Eagles up and into the ring, then aims from the apron. Eagles stands, Taguchi springboards, MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! Fans keep rallying, Taguchi drags Eagles up to snap suplex! Uno Amigo! Snap suplex, Dos Amigos! But Eagles blocks number three! Eagles tries but Taguchi blocks. Taguchi tries again, Eagles slips out and waistlocks but Taguchi blocks the lift. Taguchi spins it back around to get THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO! Eagles goes to a corner, fans fire up as Taguchi runs in to HIP ATTACK! Taguchi brings Eagles out to a BULLDOG! Taguchi then loops the arm but Eagles blocks La Magistrol! TWO, but Eagles dropkicks the leg out!

Eagles gets the arm, wants La Magistrol but Taguchi trips him up! OH MY GARFUNKLE!! Eagles endures the ankle lock, rolls and kicks Taguchi away, but Taguchi ducks and dodges, only to miss the hip attack! Taguchi crashes and burns to the ropes but both men are down. Fans rally up, Eagles gets to a corner. Taguchi gets himself to the opposite, Eagles runs in but is put on the apron. Eagles GAMANGIRIS, then springboards to missile dropkick the legs out! Fans fire up with Eagles, he rolls Taguchi up but no Turbo Backpack as Taguchi fights! Taguchi wants chicken wings but Eagles switches and drags him down to a chicken wing pin! TWO, Eagles trips, but Taguchi rolls him, TWO!

OH MY GARFUNKLE!! Eagles reaches, gets up, but Taguchi reels him in to chicken wing, DODON- Victory roll from Eagles! Taguchi rolls it back, TWO! OH MY GARFUNKLE!! Eagles rolls to send Taguchi into buckles! Taguchi comes back, hip attack into ATOMIC DROP! ROUNDHOUSE, SUPERKICK, PELE! But Taguchi PELES back! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Eagles rises first but Taguchi follows. Taguchi throws a forearm from the mat, Eagles gives it back. The forearms go back and forth, Eagles stands to throw another. Taguchi gives it back, and they keep going. Fans rally as they pick up speed, then Taguchi gets the edge!

But Eagles knees low, KICKS Taguchi down, then KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Eagles fires up and runs, LEG LARIAT! Taguchi comes back with a HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up as Taguchi sits Eagles up for Point Blank Hips! Taguchi goes for another but Eagles blocks! Taguchi elbows Eagles but Eagles sobats! No Shiranui, Taguchi chicken wings! DODON, but Eagles slips out, so Taguchi makes it a DODON ATOMIC DROP! Cover, TWO! Eagles is still in this and fans rally up. Taguchi calls upon the powers of Strong Style, “ORYA!” But Eagles gets around to schoolboy and bridge, TWO! Taguchi scoops Eagles but Eagles turns Blue Thunder into a SHIRANUI! Cover, TWO!!

Eagles aims from a corner as fans fire up, SUPERKICK! Taguchi goes down, Eagles goes up! 450 onto knees! Cradle, TWO!! Eagles escapes, kicks, then blocks a kick to fire off! But Taguchi turns Turbo Backpack into DODON BUSTER!! Cover, TAGUCHI WINS!

Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Eagles earns 0)

The Funky Weapon just shot down the Sniper of the Skies! This could be one of the biggest wins in the tournament already! Will Taguchi prove he’s still got what it takes to be champion?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Master Wato VS El Phantasmo!

The Way of the Grandmaster is still searching for his chance to prove himself. But will he be able to get past The Headbanga? Or will ELP and his mysterious boot kick Wato out of the way?

The bell rings and fans rally up. Wato and ELP circle, feel things out, and Wato tests with a kick. ELP doesn’t take that seriously, and gives a testing kick of his own to mock Wato. They tie up, ELP wrenches an arm to a wristlock, Wato rolls and handsprings to wrench and headlock. Wato hits the takeover, ELP headscissors but Wato kips free. The two stand off and fans cheer. ELP checks his boot and ties up with Wato again. ELP headlocks, Wato powers up but can’t power out as ELP holds tight. ELP brings Wato down, Wato fights up, and Wato powers out this time, only for ELP to pull hair! ELP brings Wato into a headlock takeover, and he fights the headscissors.

Wato endures as ELP grinds the headlock. ELP digs a forearm into Wato’s face, then bops him with a palm strike. The ref reprimands, but Wato rolls ELP to a cover! ONE, they get up, and Wato throws body shots. Wato powers ELP to ropes then powers out of the headlock, but ELP runs him over! ELP flexes and kisses the biceps before he runs. Wato stays low, ELP walks all over him then struts. Wato gets up and keeps his cool as fans rally back up. ELP encourages them to get louder, then he ties up with Wato. Wato waistlocks, ELP switches, Wato switches back and headlocks. ELP powers out, hurdles, Wato leaps over. ELP whips but Wato RANAS, and ELP handsprings through!

ELP shows off with knee steps, then lounges on the top rope. Wato wants ELP to get serious, so ELP hops down. Wato shoves ELP, ELP throws a forearm. Wato ROCKS ELP back! ELP steadies himself to ROCK Wato! ELP does jumping jacks but Wato ROCKS him with another forearm. The forearms fly back and forth and fans rally up as they pick up speed! ELP knees low to stop that, then CHOPS Wato on the back. ELP runs, Wato hurdles to elbow, uppercut and SOBAT! Fans fire up as Wato dodges to RANA! ELP bails out, Wato builds speed, but ELP moves so Wato slams on the brakes. Wato dares ELP to bring it, and then he mocks ELP’s gestures.

ELP gets in, Wato continues to mock him, so ELP CHOPS! Wato CHOPS back, but ELP throws another forearm. Wato throws a forearm, ELP and Wato get forehead to forehead, then they throw fists fast and furious! They both slow down, but then start right back up! Fans fire up as they slow down again, and then go a third time! ELP knees low, snapmares Wato and KICKS him on the back! Wato gets up to snapmare and KICK and KICK and KICK away on ELP! ELP goes down, wants some mercy but Wato just KICKS him in the corner over and over! ELP sits down, the ref has Wato back off. Wato brings ELP back up to whip, but ELP goes up and over in the corner.

ELP dodges Wato to then springboard CROSSBODY, then somersault to a LIONSAULT! But ELP has to Hero Land out of it as Wato moves! ELP ducks the buzzsaw to schoolboy, TWO! Wato backslides ELP, TWO! ELP STOMPS Wato’s hand! The loaded boot might have just crushed Wato’s fingers! Wato writhes and falls out of the ring, ELP goes out the side. ELP mockingly asks what’s wrong, then he drags Wato up to SLAM his bad hand on the apron! ELP puts Wato in, covers, TWO! ELP grabs the bad hand and tortures the fingers! Wato endures, the ref reprimands, and ELP stops. ELP drags Wato up to knuckle lock, CHOP, and go up, up and jump around, just to hop down and CLAW Wato’s back!

ELP cartwheels around, rolls and handsprings, does knee steps, then CLAWS Wato again! Cover, TWO! ELP traps Wato’s hand in a vice between elbow and knee, then JAMS the fingers! ELP drags Wato up, throws forearms and whips him corner to corner. ELP lets out a “WOO~” to run in, but the Stinger Splash only gets buckles! Wato fires off forearms in the corner, then shakes out his bad hand. Wato whips corner to corner, ELP reverses but Wato goes up. The bad hand doesn’t let him maintain it, though! ELP KICKS Wato in the bad arm, wrenches to a straitjacket torture rack, then the SPINNING NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!

ELP grows annoyed but fans rally up as Wato is still in this. ELP whips Wato to ropes, Wato holds them and BOOTS back! ELP runs in again but is sent to the apron. Wato ducks the clothesline to TRIANGLE JUMP KICK! ELP is down, Wato builds speed to TORNILLO! Direct hit and both men are down! Wato gets up, drags ELP into the ring, then aims. Springboard FLYING UPPERCUT! Fans fire up with Wato as ELP bails out again. Wato goes up and up and ESCELERA PLANCHA! Another direct hit and fans fire up! Wato fires himself up, drags ELP up as the ring count climbs, and he puts ELP in at 7 of 20.

Wato climbs up the corner to the top rope. He aims, but ELP slow rolls away to the far corner. Wato storms over, and blocks the superkick! SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps his cool and drags ELP up to wrench and reel ELP in. MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO! ELP survives, but Wato BUZZSAWS him down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Wato drags ELP up to scoop. ELP slips off, Wato elbows him back. Wato runs, into a LOW SOBAT! That boot takes Wato down! Fans rally up as Wato gasps and sputters! ELP takes aim, BANG! Electric Chair lift, but Wato turns that to a sunset flip, then prawn hold! WATO WINS!!

Winner: Master Wato, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ELP earns 0)

Another shocking upset in this opening round! Did ELP overlook Wato? Or is Wato truly coming into his own in the Junior Heavyweight Division?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: YOH VS Hiromu Takahashi!

Direct Drive made a shocking return when he ran off the House of Torture! But before settling things with High Voltage, he has the Ticking Time Bomb to focus on. Will Hiromu make sure Yoh’s return to action is a lot of fun for Hiromu?

Hiromu hands his BOSJ 28 picture diary to Milano Collection AT, only to turn around into a PLANCHA from Yoh! Yoh builds speed to FLY and take out Hiromu! The bell rings as fans fire up with Yoh! Yoh drags Hiromu up and into the ring to then get him up for underhooks. Hiromu breaks out, wrenches, but Yoh ROCKS him with a right. Yoh then dodges to rally on Hiromu with forearms. Yoh whips, Hiromu reverses but Yoh hits FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up and Yoh hurries to get Hiromu up. Underhooks, but Hiromu breaks free. Yoh blocks the superkick and spins Hiromu around, but Hiromu fights the full nelson. Yoh waistlocks but Hiromu fights that, too.

Hiromu runs but Yoh elbows him then wrenches to DECK Hiromu with a forearm! Yoh gets Hiromu up to suplex, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Yoh as he roars! Yoh drags Hiromu up, reels him in, underhooks again, but still no Direct Drive as Hiromu fireman’s carries. Yoh slips out to waistlock but he dodges Hiromu’s elbow. Yoh elbows, Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Yoh flops but rewinds to SUPERKICK! Hiromu staggers, but he side steps to SNAP GERMAN! Yoh is right back up?! But into Hiromu’s LARIAT! Fans rally for this fast and furious start! Hiromu crawls to a corner, but storms back over to pick Yoh up. Yoh slips off the fireman’s carry to roll up, TWO!

Hiromu mule kicks, front kicks then fireman’s carries again. CORNER DEATH VALLEY! Fans fire up with Hiromu now as he drags Yoh up. Another fireman’s carry, but Yoh sunset flips! TWO, Yoh tries a cradle! TWO, and Yoh goes for a backslide. Hiromu turns that around on Yoh, Yoh rolls through but Hiromu fireman’s carries again! Hiromu throws Yoh to a dragon sleeper, for the inverted suplex! But Yoh slips out of Time Bomb II to full nelson! DRAGON SUPLEX! Yoh holds on to underhook, DIRECT- Hiromu slips out?! Hiromu wrenches, pump handles and rolls Yoh to a cradle! HIROMU WINS!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Yoh earns 0)

This was shocking more for how fast it was over than for who won! But again, it only takes three seconds. Will Hiromu be able to do the same as the BOSJ continues? Will Yoh be able to redeem himself in his second match back?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: El Desperado VS SHO!

The Rogue Luchador, the NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, takes on the Bullet Club’s High Voltage turned “Murder Machine” in the big opening night main event! But will Sho get another shocker like he did last year? Or will Desperado shut him down to establish his reign?

The bell rings and fans rally up already. Desperado and Sho slowly circle, but then Desperado advances and Sho backs away to his corner. Desperado taunts Sho, but Sho stays by the ropes. Desperado grabs at Sho, Red Shoes has him back down, and Sho gets out of the ropes. They circle, but then Sho bails out of the ring. Desperado taunts Sho and fans cheer but Sho keeps cool on the outside. Desperado holds the ropes open for Sho but Sho wants Desperado to back off. Red Shoes has Desperado stay back, Sho slides in and CLOBBERS Desperado with an elbow! And then with a forearm! Desperado rakes eyes, whips, but Sho reverses to back drop!

Sho complains about the eye rake, then he stomps Desperado down. Sho rakes Desperado’s eyes in return! Desperado gets the ropebreak, Red Shoes counts, Sho lets off but still complains about when Desperado did it. Sho stomps Desperado, wrenches an arm to a wristlock then CLUBS the shoulder. Sho KICKS Desperado to a corner, then puts his arm around ropes and pulls! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets go and Desperado CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Sho take the chops to ROCK Desperado with a forearm! Sho whips corner to corner, runs in, but Desperado boots him! Sho tries again but Desperado dodges, then runs in, but Sho puts him on the apron.

Sho sweeps the legs, runs side to side, but Desperado gets off the apron. Sho redirects to get on the apron, but Desperado dodges the Penalty Kick to dropkick Sho’s legs out! Fans fire up as Sho falls and clutches his knee. Desperado composes himself, brings Sho around and mockingly asks what’s wrong before he SLAMS the leg on the apron! Desperado paces, brings Sho down and whips him into railing! Sho writhes, Desperado drags him by the bad leg and SMASHES the knee into the floor! Desperado clears some space in the blue corner as he stomps Sho’s leg, then makes Sho straddle the post so he can SLAM the leg into the steel!

Desperado gloats, goes for another round, but Sho BOOTS him into railing! Sho gets on the apron to PENALTY KICK Desperado down! Sho takes a moment before he fetches Desperado, and whips him hard into railing! Desperado grits his teeth as he asks Sho wait. Sho doesn’t care, he drags Desperado to the corner and wraps his arm around the bottom crossbar! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets go at 4, and Desperado writhes and crawls away. Sho gets Desperado’s arm again to wrap it around railing and kick away on the steel! The ring count is 10 of 20, Sho stops kicking to get in the ring. Desperado rises at 18 and rolls in at 19! Then he goes back outside to give himself more time to recover.

But Sho goes out to stomp Desperado! Sho stands on Desperado’s head, then lets off to stand Desperado up. Desperado RAMS him into railing! Desperado gets in, Sho follows, but Sho is standing as he stomps Desperado down. Sho knuckle locks and then bends the fingers to torture Desperado! Desperado throws body shots but Sho wrenches the arm for a DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Desperado scrambles and gets the ropebreak! Sho lets go, digs his boots into Desperado’s chest and neck, then has Desperado’s head on the apron! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets off, and fans rally up for Desperado. Desperado sits up to throw forearms and chops, but Sho isn’t bothered.

Sho then rakes Desperado’s eyes! Sho throws Desperado down, drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Sho digs his boots in again and stands on Desperado! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets off, but he knuckle locks to drag Desperado back up. Sho wrenches, but Desperado blocks the suplex. Fans rally up as the two fight for control, and Desperado gets Sho up, only for the bad hand to hold him back! Sho grabs the fingers to bend them! Red Shoes counts, Sho CLUBS the arm, but runs into a scoop! But Sho drags Desperado down with another double wristlock! Desperado endures, scoots back and gets a ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets go at 4, and Desperado falls to the floor.

Sho goes out the side as fans rally, and Sho finds a chair! Sho aims but Red Shoes reprimands. Sho SMACKS Desperado on the bad arm! And then SMACKS Desperado while he’s down! And again! And again! Until the padding falls off the chair! Red Shoes gets Sho to stop and Desperado clutches his arm again. Sho wants Red Shoes to call it but Desperado is still in this. Sho drags Desperado up and puts him back in the ring. Fans rally up, Sho steps in but Desperado kicks the ropes! The rope gets Sho in his high voltage! Desperado runs to DIVE! Somersault Tope into the railing! Fans fire up even more as Desperado stands tall!

Desperado hobbles after Sho as he crawls. Desperado gets what’s left of the chair Sho was using, stands on Sho’s leg to SMACK the other! Sho writhes, Desperado moves the padding aside. Desperado gets Sho up to TOSS him into railing! Sho falls in a heap, Desperado gets him back up and back in the ring. Fans rally up, Desperado stalks Sho to a corner, and Desperado stands Sho up to CHOP him! Sho grimaces, Desperado runs in and blocks Sho’s boot to dropkick the other leg! Desperado gets that leg for something between leg DDT and a splash! Sho writhes, but Desperado isn’t done! STRETCH MUFFLER! Sho writhes and endures, reaches out and gets the ROPEBREAK!

Desperado holds on, thrashes around, but lets off as Red Shoes counts 4. Desperado drops knees on Sho’s knee! Fans fire up as Desperado stalks Sho again. Desperado stands on Sho’s bad leg and taunts him for all the bravado earlier. Sho hobbles up to rake Desperado’s eyes! But Desperado CHOPS! Sho fires off boxing elbows, but Desperado kicks his bad leg! Sho hobbles but he mule kicks Desperado’s bad leg! Sho aims from a corner but Desperado dodges the Penalty Kick to CHOP! Sho JUMP KNEES and Desperado goes down! Fans rally up again and Sho PENALTY KICKS the bad arm! DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Desperado clasps his hands but Sho pulls them apart!

Sho twists the wrist, has the double wristlock even deeper, but Desperado kicks and flails! Desperado reaches, kicks and gets the ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go at the count of 4, but fans rally up even harder as he drags Desperado up. Sho wrenches, brings Desperado to his knees, then KICKS Desperado in the chest. Sho reels Desperado in, tucks the arms, but Desperado back drops out! Desperado runs but into a SPEAR! Sho gets Desperado up, reels him in, tucks the arms but Desperado drags him into EL ES CULERO! Cover, TWO!! Sho escapes but Desperado hurries up. Sho kicks, runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO!

Desperado floats over to gut wrench, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL!! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives and fans are thunderous as both men are down! Desperado gets up and roars, drags Sho up, reels him in, but Sho wrenches! Desperado rolls, swings but into a ripcord and DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Sho thrashes the arm, fans rally up, Desperado moves around again, but Sho drags him into SNAKE BITE! Sho’s take on Hell’s Gate could be a choke but he’s keeping it at just a sleeper hold level! Desperado is fading, Red Shoes checks on him. Desperado gets a second wind and gets the ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go and fans rally up again.

Sho slashes the throat, takes aim with his bow, then drags Desperado up. Desperado is practically dead weight but Sho still stands him up and reels him in. Double pump handle, SHOCK- Desperado lands on his feet to HEADBUTT! Desperado fires up, ducks Sho’s forearm, and gets the inverted Gory Especial, GUITARRA DE LA MUERTE!! Cover, TWO!?! Sho survives and Desperado is furious! Desperado pounds the mat and fans rally behind him. Desperado drags Sho up, reels him in to underhook, but Sho powers out to cross arm PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives and fans are thunderous again! Sho argues the count but Red Shoes says that was fair!

Wait, who is this storming in? Dick Togo is here, he distracts the ref, and Sho has the wrench! The same wrench he used to help House of Torture win the Six Man Tag titles! But Desperado dodges that, to shove Sho into Dick! LOCO MONO WITH THE WRENCH!! Fans are thunderous again as Desperado pushes Sho around. Desperado tosses the wrench away and vows to end this. But Sho shoves him into Red Shoes! Desperado blocks the low blow to schoolboy to STRETCH MUFFLER! Sho endures, reaches, but Desperado gets an arm! NUMERO DOS! And he rolls Sho away, NUMERO DOS PLUS!!

Sho endures with no limbs to use, but now Yujiro Takahashi is here! And he drags Red Shoes out of the ring! House of Torture is not letting their young stud lose! Dick gets in to use the SPOILER CHOKER!! Desperado fades out, Sho has the wrench! SPANNER SHOT!! Sho grins as he vows to end this. Sho drags Desperado up, reels him in, double pump handle for the SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, Red Shoes returns, and he has no choice but to count. Sho wins!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Desperado earns 0)

Tokyo Pimp and the Spoiler celebrate with Sho, and the King of Darkness himself appears to join in. Evil stands with his House of Torture. Did Sho just win the actual most important match of the entire tournament? Sho gets the mic to say, “Sweet! That was Sweet! Desperado, beating you tastes so sweet. Even this air tastes good.” Sho remembers being told this a year ago: “The strongest one doesn’t win. The one who wins is the strongest.” That’s exactly right.

And Desperado is the Junior Heavyweight Champion, right? “That’s crazy! Something’s off about the power balance in this Junior Heavyweight Division.” But Sho will change that. “Everyone in this Best of the Super Juniors is just another to add to my body count.” The Murder Machine drops the mic, will he drop every single opponent in this round robin until HE is the Best of the Super Juniors?


Here are the current BOSJ 28 standings!

SHO: 1-0, 2 points
Douki: 1-0, 2 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 1-0, 2 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 1-0, 2 points
Master Wato: 1-0, 2 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 1-0, 2 points
El Desperado: 0-1, 0 points
YOH: 0-1, 0 points
El Phantasmo: 0-1, 0 points
Robbie Eagles: 0-1, 0 points
Taiji Ishimori: 0-1, 0 points
Bushi: 0-1, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A great opening night for the Best of the Super Juniors half of this year’s parallel tournament series, with quite a few shocking outcomes. I did not see Douki or Wato winning at all, and I sure didn’t see Hiromu winning so quickly. Kanemaru winning by count out was rather unique, but it was a great way to give Suzuki-Gun two big wins before the main event “screw job” where literally all of the House of Torture was needed to beat Desperado. Sho still gets a win over the champion so even if he doesn’t win BOSJ, he will essentially be owed a title match, which works out just fine because Wrestle Kingdom is three nights. Sho could get his shot on Night One, winner of that takes on BOSJ 28 winner in Night Two.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/6/22)

Big fights tonight on Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite 2021

The Maniac takes on a monster!

The AEW TNT Championship in a Street Fight, and the Interim World Championship in a battle of badasses, what a way to follow Blood & Guts!


  • AEW TNT Championship Street Fight: Scorpio Sky w/ Dan Lambert VS Wardlow; Wardlow wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • Swerve in Our Glory VS The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny; Swerve in Our Glory wins.
  • Penta Oscuro w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Rush; Rush wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Gunn Club VS Fuego Del Sol & Ruffin’ It; The Acclaimed & Gunn Club win.
  • Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir; Thunder & Storm win.
  • Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Brody King; Moxley wins and retains the interim title.


AEW TNT Championship Street Fight: Scorpio Sky w/ American Top Team VS Wardlow!

The Closer is finally 100%, and he’s ready to go all out just to prove he IS the Face of TNT! But will he be able to hold onto “Genie” when there’s nothing holding the Maestro of Mayhem back? Or will Scorpio win this war?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who Mr. Brodie Lee smiles down upon in a battle for this title.

Scorpio and Wardlow circle, Scorpio fires off testing punches and kicks, but Wardlow TOSSES him to a corner! Wardlow rushes in but Scorpio dodges to fire off body shots. Wardlow choke grips Scorpio and backs him down, but Scorpio fights free. Scorpio fires off knees and a KICK, then runs, only to get run over! Fans fire up with Wardlow as he stalks Scorpio. Wardlow whips Scorpio but Scorpio reverses, only for Wardlow to block and reverse! But Scorpio LOW BLOWS right on the rebound! No disqualifications but that’s just dirty! Scorpio runs, but into a clinch! And OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Wardlow seethes and he storms up and Scorpio to TOSS him across the way! Wardlow storms up on Scorpio in the corner to then TOSS him back the other way! Wardlow soaks up the cheers from the fans but Scorpio bails out. Wardlow takes a moment to catch his breath after Scorpio’s low blow, and then Wardlow goes out to fetch Scorpio. Dan Lambert suddenly grows a pair and smacks Wardlow on the back. Wardlow scowls at Lambert but Lambert shrinks behind his wall of MMA fighters. Wardlow dares one of them to bring it, but then Scorpio RAMS Wardlow into the steel steps! Wardlow tumbles over, then American Top Team swarms him!

The trained fighters all stomp Wardlow like goons but Scorpio has them clear out. Scorpio says he’s got this, and he stalks Wardlow back into the ring as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Wardlow gets up in a corner but Scorpio KICKS him in the leg. Wardlow shoves Scorpio away and goes to another corner but Scorpio rams into him. Wardlow clubs Scorpio but Scorpio knees low, snapmares Wardlow down and clamps on a chinlock. Wardlow endures the grind and fans rally up. Scorpio leans all his weight but Wardlow fights up and RAMS Scorpio into a corner! And again! And again! Wardlow backs off to run in, but Scorpio sends him into buckles! Scorpio fires off haymakers until Wardlow sits down, then Scorpio flexes. Ethan Page is fired up for his tag partner, but Wardlow gets up to CLOBBER Scorpio!

Wardlow shakes out the arms as he gets back up and he CLOBBERS Scorpio again. Wardlow is getting mad now, and he CLUBS Scorpio on the back. Wardlow puts Scorpio in a corner, RAMS into him, and then uppercuts! Scorpio sits down and Ethan talks trash but Wardlow gives it back. Wardlow stands Scorpio up to RAM into him again. Scorpio claws Wardlow’s eyes! Scorpio kicks Wardlow’s leg and has him in a corner for more haymakers. Scorpio whips corner to corner but Wardlow reverses. Wardlow runs in but Scorpio dodges, Wardlow hits POST! Dynamite returns to single picture as Scorpio climbs up to rain down fists on Wardlow!

American Top Team coach Scorpio on and he bumps Wardlow off buckles. Fans cuss out Lambert as Scorpio drags Wardlow to the top. Wardlow resists the superplex and shoves Scorpio down! Wardlow adjusts, and SWANTON BOMBS! Fans are thunderous for Wardlow as he looms over Scorpio. Wardlow says it’s time, and he drags Scorpio up and reels him in! Lambert sends his men in, but Wardlow CLOBBERS and BOOTS and DECKS and CLOBBERS and CLOBBERS and TOSSES them all out! Wardlow hauls one up to trophy lift and TOSS onto the pile! Fans fire up but Scorpio has the belt! Wardlow turns around into a BELT SHOT!! Cover, TWO!!

No one can believe Wardlow survives the screw job! Lambert tells Scorpio to keep after him, and Scorpio pretends the straps are down. Scorpio reels Wardlow into a fireman’s carry, but Wardlow slips off and shoves Scorpio into Lambert! Down goes the fat head and now Wardlow hits a SPINEBUSTER on Scorpio! The straps actually come down, and fans are thunderous again! Wardlow drags Scorpio up, reels him in, points to the belt, and hits a POWERBOMB! Wardlow grins and fans are thunderous for just the first verse! The second one is going to be the same, a POWERBOMB! And then a third POWERBOMB!! Cover, Wardlow wins!!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

The Men of the Year and American Top Team could not withstand the War Dog, the War Machine, the War Hammer, THIS IS WARD~LOW!! The confetti flies and Wardlow holds the belt up high, will the new champion blaze a path of destruction through the roster?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“A lot of people have tried to make a name off of me. A lot of people have lost a lot of money betting against me. And tonight, those people are licking their lips. They’re watching me and waiting for me to be caught off guard, and hope that one day, somebody’s gonna come along and surprise me and put a beating on me that I never recover from. They think tonight, Brody King is gonna surprise me, they think he’s gonna catch me off guard, they think I don’t know exactly what kind of monster I’m dealing with in Brody King. But maybe y’all forgot exactly what kind of monster you’re dealing with in me.

“Ten days ago, I took a man I deeply respect and admire in Hiroshi Tanahashi, and I beat his face in. A few days after that, I was carving dudes’ faces up like hamburger in a steel cage! For fun! Blood & Guts is like golfing on a Sunday for me. And then a few days after that, I signed on the dotted line to defend the AEW World Championship against Brody King. Yeah, I know exactly who Brody King is. Y’all think I didn’t do my homework? I’ve seen him in NJPW, I’ve seen him in ROH, I know his friends, I know his enemies. Only one question left: How big is his heart? Does he have a monster sized heart beating in that chest?

“We’re gonna find out because he’s gonna be swimming in the deep waters with the biggest shark in this game, the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. When you step into the ring with anybody from the Blackpool Combat Club, we find your limits and we push them. We find out just how bad you want it! Being made for the BCC, being world champion, it ain’t for everybody. But it’s what I do every day. Step up or get stepped on.” The Maniac gives his ultimatum, how will the House of Black’s hulking beast respond?


Mark Sterling and Tony Nese speak.

Smart Mark asks if the camera is rolling. It is, and it seems Sterling wants us to see them get a very big signature on their petition. Keith Lee is walking up, and Sterling says this is “The People Against Swerve Strickland” to remove Swerve from the roster. Swerve is untrustworthy, he stabs people in the back, just like Keith! Sterling thinks Keith should sign it. Keith says greetings to Mr. Sterling and Mr. Nese. And yes, he has trust issues with Swerve, but they are still a tag team, and they are still winning. Unlike Nese and Sterling. Keith heads out and Nese tries to figure out what Keith meant by that. But will Swerve only prove Sterling right tonight?


Christian Cage & Luchasaurus are here.

Captain Charisma and his brainwashed behemoth are in Rochester, New York, and fans boo because of how they’ve both betrayed Jungle Boy. Christian has a mic to say, “Here we are, on the heels of Blood & Guts, and I am the Cage that everybody is talking about. Now, you ignorant pieces of crap think that you deserve to know the reason why I turned my back, and said and did the things that I did to Jungle Boy and his family, are now demanding answers, wanting to know why Luchasaurus decided to remain aligned with me.” Fans boo but that is technically true, we do want to know why.

But wait! MATT HARDY is here! And he has a mic to tell Christian, “You are unreal. You’re like the Michael Jordan of being an asshole. Every time I don’t think you can top yourself again, you somehow do.” Hardy will be honest, JB was his friend. Hardy got to know JB well these last few months. JB trusted and respected Christian, and Christian screwed him over! No one, let alone JB, deserved what Christian did. Hardy gets up at the ring but Christian wants to get this straight. “You’re going to sit here and pretend you’re suddenly buddy-buddy with Jungle Boy, like you know him the way that I know him? Or the way that Luchasaurus knows him?

“Here’s the thing, Matt. You’re starting to make your brother sound like the sober one.” No one can believe Christian went there! The fans double down on calling Christian an A-Hole. Hardy sees what’s going on here with Luchasaurus now. Hardy and Christian have been at this a long time, and in the last few years, Christian is just using Luchasaurus to make as much money as he can. But Hardy can’t be a hypocrite, he did the same. He took advantage of Private Party, Butcher & Blade, and he used them. But he hates himself for that and regrets that time so badly. And in a twist of fate, his last month has been upside-down, it’s been a mess.

Hardy says maybe he deserves that, it’s karma coming to get him. But right now, Hardy won’t let another be taken advantage of. Not Luchasaurus or anyone else. Christian says no, Hardy is here because of his ego! We all know Matt Hardy is a clout chaser, which is why he can’t stand when his name isn’t in the headlines for more than two seconds. Right? He’ll use everyone around him! His kids, his wife, his father-in-law, his dog Sparky, his Aunt Jenny, a dilapidated boat, a lawnmower, and hell, he’ll even turn a blind eye to his own brother’s issues just to ride his coattails for one last run!

Hardy says Christian is delusional, but Christian says Hardy is here under the guise of caring for Jungle Boy, when the fact is, Hardy realized that Christian is the most influential star in AEW and Hardy needs to be near him. That is embarrassing, Matt, it really is. But what’s even worse, Matt’s screw-up brother isn’t the most embarrassing part of his family, MATT is! Hardy wans to throw down but Luchasaurus steps in his way. And Christian cheap shots Hardy! Hardy chokes Christian but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS Hardy out of the ring! Luchasaurus goes out and RAMS Hardy into the steel steps!

Christian tells Luchasaurus to finish Hardy, but Hardy fires forearms back! Luchasaurus UPPERCUTS Hardy, digs his head into the post, and then BOOTS him against the steel! But this isn’t enough, Christian has Luchasaurus clear the timekeeper’s table! Luchasaurus then choke grips to CHOKE SLAM Hardy through the table!! Christian then sits by Hardy to say, “There you are. Your name is in the headlines. Enjoy your relevance.” Christian leaves with Luchasaurus, will they continue to stoop to new lows in order to rise up the ranks?


AEW has the aftermath of Blood & Guts.

A bloody Matt Menard says that the only reason the others agreed to such as match is because of Chris Jericho. And if the Jericho Appreciation Society got anything out of that night, it’s that they stole the privilege of seeing Eddie Kingston make Jericho tap! Menard was the one who gave up when Claudio Castagnoli had the Sharpshooter on, sparing Jericho from Eddie’s stretch plum. William Regal says that after 39 years in this business, he has never ever witnessed such horror as Blood & Guts. Ortiz says he wants more! More blood, more guts, just MORE! Regal says that is what the Blackpool Combat Club is all about.

Claudio says you can call him The Mailman now, because he always delivers! Menard says if you want big money, you gotta do that “big boy sh*t.” Angelo Parker, as bloody as he ended up, vows that the JAS will not stop until Eddie Kingston is in a grave!! Will there be no end to the war of JAS VS BCC? Speaking of…

Tony Schiavone interviews Claudio and Jake Hager backstage.

Not just that, but it’s the parking lot. Schiavone says this may not be the best place for this, but he is here with two giant men who know each other well. They’ve both signed a waive, No Physicality. Hager says that’s right, no physicality here tonight. The 16 THOUSAND people at Forbidden Door cheered Claudio on, and that may have him thinking he’s tough, but deep down inside, he knows he’s not as tough or as hard as Jake Hager. Claudio knows he’s not a world champion like Hager. Claudio was never world champion in ROH or in WWE, and he won’t be one here in AEW. Hager is an UNDEFEATED MMA pro-fighter, and it is about time he got some respect.

Claudio tells Hager that everyone who says, “I want my respect,” doesn’t deserve respect! Claudio beat Zack Sabre Jr, one of the best technical wrestlers, in his first match here. And then Claudio went on to lead his team to victory against Hager’s team- Oh, sorry, Hager just carries the bags for Jericho, right? But while Hager got his arm wrapped, Claudio got his raised, and it’ll happen again next week when they go 1v1. Hager may be undefeated in MMA, but Claudio is undefeated in AEW, where rankings matter. And next week, Claudio is going to go 3-0! Will the Swiss Cyborg dismantle Rock Hard Hager when they meet man to man once again?


Swerve in Our Glory VS The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny!

Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland are still trying to smooth things out, but they at least have common enemies to focus on tonight. Will their Limitless House still stand? Or will the mercenaries help stick that knife in Keith’s back for Swerve?

The teams sort out and Blade steps against Keith. Fans rally up for Keith but Blade talks trash as he conducts the singing. “OH~ BASK IN HIS GLORY~!” Blade SLAPS Keith, but Keith HEADBUTTS Blade! Butcher tags in and fans fire up to see him tie up with Keith. They are in a deadlock, break, and go again. Keith powers Butcher to a corner, Butcher goes up the corner, but Keith TOSSES him away! Keith stalks Butcher but Butcher bails out to get a chair! Blade wants Butcher to calm down but Swerve is backing Keith up. Butcher cools off and puts the chair down to get in the ring. Butcher tags Blade and Keith tags Swerve.

Fans rally as Swerve and Blade go around. Blade wants a leg but Swerve counters with a chinbar. “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve headlocks but Blade pries free. Blade headlocks, Swerve powers out and things speed up. Swerve hurdles but not high enough and he basically hip drops onto Blade’s head! Blade drags himself up the ropes, Swerve storms up but Blade throws elbows. Blade runs, but he fakes Swerve out then dodges. Swerve trips Blade to headlock, but Blade pulls hair. the ref reprimands, Blade waistlocks but Swerve tags in Keith! Keith pulls Swerve and Blade into the corner, Swerve switches to O’Conner Roll, and Keith CLOBBERS Blade!

Swerve steps in to basement SHOTGUN Blade, then Keith hauls Blade up. Keith bumps Blade off buckles, tags Swerve back in, and Swerve holds Blade in for the GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Swerve then stalks Blade as he staggers, but Blade JAWBREAKERS back! Blade runs in but Swerve TOSSES him out. Swerve goes out, Blade staggers, but Butcher is lurking. Bunny gets in the way and Swerve hesitates. Butcher CLOBBERS Keith off the apron, then runs at Swerve! Swerve holds the ropes down and Butcher takes a tumble! Swerve aims at Blade but Blade sweeps the legs! Swerve crashes down and Bunny laughs at his pain while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Blade drags Swerve up to turn him for a NECKBREAKER to the floor! Swerve crawls away but Butcher and Blade drag him up. Blade puts Swerve in the ring, drags him over and tags in Butcher. The mercs mug Swerve, Butcher HEADBUTTS him, and then CHOPS Swerve in the corner. Butcher digs his forearms into Swerve at the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and Butcher whips Swerve hard into the corner! Swerve falls and Blade tags in to drag Swerve into ropes. Blade CHOKES Swerve, lets off as the ref counts, but Bunny CHOKES Swerve now! The ref misses that but Keith protests. Bunny frolics while Blade drags Swerve up.

Butcher tags in and the mercs hit a LEG DROP SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Butcher sits Swerve up to KNEE him in the back again and again! Butcher CLUBS Swerve, Swerve kicks and CHOPS back. Butcher CHOPS Swerve, Swerve kicks back but Butcher throws haymakers and CHOPS! Tag to Blade and they mug Swerve in the corner. Blade digs his boots in but the ref counts. Bunny mocks Swerve and Butcher CLUBS Swerve against the apron. Butcher shoves Swerve in for Blade to drag him. Butcher tags in, the mercs mug Swerve more, and then Butcher puts Swerve up on the top rope.

Butcher climbs up after Swerve as Dynamite returns to single picture. Swerve resists the superplex and wrenches an arm! Swerve bends and BITES fingers, but the ref reprimands. Swerve ROCKS Butcher with forearms, then DECKS him off the ropes! Swerve adjusts, leaps, and FALLING UPPERCUTS! Both men are down, fans rally up, and Swerve crawls to hot tag Keith! Keith rallies on Blade, ROCKS Butcher, and then SPLASHES in the corner. SPLASH for Blade, too! Butcher runs in but Keith SWATS him! Then Keith TOSSES Blade at Butcher! Both men fall over and fans fire up with Keith!

Keith stalks Blade, ROCKS him to the corner, and he tags Swerve. Swerve goes up, Keith brings Blade out but Butcher goes after Keith! The ref reprimands, Butcher fires off forearms but Swerve slingshots and somersaults to COMPLETE SHOT on Butcher! Keith fireman’s carries Butcher for a pop-up, ROLLING ELBOW SCREW HIGH KICK COMBO! Keith runs while Swerve staggers over to Blade, Blade pulls Swerve into the way! Keith POUNCES Swerve!! Keith freak out but turns around into a STUNNER! Butcher LARIATS Keith! Swerve BOOTS Butcher, hops up, but Butcher TOSSES him into a KNEE from Blade!

And then Butcher runs to LARIAT Swerve!! Cover, Keith breaks it just in time!! Bunny freaks out and the New York fans wanted their guys to win that one! Blade & Butcher focus on Keith but Keith fires off hands on them! That’s still 2v1, but Keith powers up! DOUBLE LARIATS collide, but then Blade KNEES Keith! Swerve gives Butcher a HOUSE CALL! Blade RAMS Swerve into a corner and puts him up top! But Keith SPLASHES Blade into Swerve’s knees! Keith keeps Swerve up and they fist bump. Pop-up and SWERVE BOMB!! Cover, Swerve & Keith win!!

Winners: Swerve in Our Glory, by pinfall

Somehow, someway, Keith & Swerve pull it out! But Team Taz barges out to say this is really starting to piss them off! Will Hobbs says the fans can feel it. “You think we’re going to allow you two to still come out here and disrespect us? What you have in front of you is two grown ass men, trick ass bitch!” Ricky Starks has Hobbs hold the FTW Championship so he can have the mic. They’ve been playing real nice right now, because they could’ve ended Keith’s & Swerve’s careers online and on the mic. If you don’t believe them, ask their former teammate!

But if Swerve & Keith wanna act like they’re somebody, when every time they’ve stood in the ring against Team Taz, every time they try to get on the mic against them, Team Taz has proven there are levels to this, and Swerve & Keith are NOT on their level! They are levels below them! Starks says that just because of where they came from, Swerve & Keith think they can get a shot at them! Well if you want to talk about it, Starks will beat their asses right now! But if we’re talking about who the best tag team is, then- “SUPERKICK! PARTAAAY~!” The AEW World Tag Team Champions, the YOUNG BUCKS, are here!

Matt Jackson has the music cut, and he says Starks may as well have just been in the back to cue up their music for them. That was pretty sweet. And gentlemen, sorry to interrupt- Or, no, the Bucks don’t have to apologize for anything, they started this damn company! But hey, great match from Keith & Swerve, they have been killing it. All the teams in the back have been killing it, this whole AEW Tag Division is on fire! “Everyone is eating well. But let us not forget who set the damn table in the first place.” Nick takes the mic to say no disrespect here, because these two teams are very good.

In fact, at Double or Nothing, Team Taz and Swerve in Our Glory “had one hell of a match. It was four and a half stars, that’s unbelievable. But that’s an off-night for the Young Bucks!” And they couldn’t even get the job done, Jurassic Express won. But then look who beat Jurassic Express a few weeks later. “Read it and mother effin’ weep it! WE did!” Now there is a proposal here. How about it’s Triple or Nothing? Next week, a TRIPLE THREAT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH…! Team Taz, Swerve in Our Glory, and though the fans chant for FTR, Nick says, “We’re better than them, and you guys know that, come on.”

But the point is, it will be Team Taz VS Swerve in Our Glory VS “The best damn tag team of all time…! THE YOUNG BUCKS!” Another big opportunity for the #AbsolutePowerhouses in Hobbs & Starks, as well as the Limitless House of Keith & Swerve! Will this Triple Threat finally be a chance for one of those teams to shine with gold? Or are Matt & Nick just taking out two birds with one stone?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “I envy you, Jon. I envy you for the decisions that you made, and the violence that you inflicted on yourself. We didn’t get the luxury of your decisions. No, our violence is by design. But what I truly envy is the experience that you’re about to have. You think you know pain? You think you know anger? You think you know violence? No, you don’t. But I’ll make sure that Brody King will eave his mark on you. Because the House will make sure that anything that you experience tonight goes far beyond the physical realm of pain. I envy you, Jon.” Just how much brutality will Brody King unleash upon Jon Moxley?


Eddie Kingston is here!

The Mad King goes to the ring where Tony Schiavone is waiting. Schiavone reminds us that a week ago, it was Blood & Guts, and we all saw what happened. But there is still a name on Eddie’s hit list and that is Chris Jericho. Eddie says that before we get to that, please, hold the mic up like a professional, thank you. Eddie says before getting to Jericho, he congratulates Wardlow on tonight’s win. And two, congratulations to everyone that was on the winning team of Blood & Guts, even Claudio. See? Eddie’s a nice guy, he’s maturing. Pbbt. But anyway, here’s the real deal why he’s out here.

“Chris Jericho. You made me a liar. I didn’t taste your blood, you didn’t bleed. SO, I’m gonna get you again, and I’m gonna make you bleed, and I’m gonna taste your blood!” But Chris Jericho, as well as Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti, shout at Eddie via the titantron. They want him to pay attention. Eddie wants to taste Jericho’s blood? Eddie wants to get crazy? You’ll see how crazy Jericho can get. The camera pans over and Tay has been beating up Ruby Soho! There’s an open car door, and Tay has Soho stagger into the gap, to SLAM the door on Soho’s arm!! Soho drops to the floor, clutching her arm!

“Watch yourself Kingston, or this will happen to you!” The JAS rushes off before security rushes in. They call for a medic, has the JAS just broken Soho’s arm just to get at Eddie?


The Dark Order is here!

Fans cheer as Negative One leads the way for Evil Uno, Preston Vance, Alex Reynolds, John Silver & Anna Jay to the ring here in Rochester. Fans cheer for “BRODIE! BRODIE!” to honor Negative One’s father, and Silver has the mic to say, “The Dark Order is in Rochester! And Rochester is Dark Order Country!” Uno takes the mic to say that is why it is very important they’re here today. They have very important news for everyone, and everyone here should here it because they have followed the Dark Order since the beginning, and they made the Dark Order what it is today. Uno wants to personally thank all the fans for showing up and supporting them.

And that is why it is so important that Uno gets to say this. “The six of us… Are here to stay!” Fans cheer as Uno says Dark Order is forever! A new chapter begins, and that begins with a proclamation, and he knows just who should say it. Negative One is given the mic! Fans cheer but then QT Marshall comes out to ruin everything. He doesn’t know how long AEW has to put up with the “charity case” for. Until he’s 18 or something? Fans boo but QT says he gets it. Negative One’s dad was from right here in Rochester. “But you ain’t your father! Your father’s a legend in AEW! He beat me within five minutes in his first match ever here.”

Uno has to hold Negative One back as QT continues to say that Negative One takes after his MOM! QT says that he didn’t bring his friends out here. So Negative One can get his friends out of here to face QT man to man! Or else QT will go to his private locker room and grab each and every one of his action figures to rip their heads off! But wait, here comes HANGMAN PAGE! The Cowboy is still a friend of the Dark Order, and that means he is a friend of Negative One! QT freaks out, but then turns around for Uno to ROCK him with a forearm! Hangman ROCKS QT back, and then they both toss QT into the ring!

Fans fire up as Vance whips QT into a corner for Silver to GAMANGIRI! Silver feeds QT to Reynolds’ ROLLING ELBOW! ENZIGURI! STUNNER! GERMAN SUPLEX! QT flounders from the Beaver Boy Blitz, but then he’s fed to the DISCUS from Vance! Brodie would be proud of that one! Uno has Brodie Jr. tell ’em! “QT, QT, QT. I would pin you right now, but y’know what? I’m gonna wait until I’m 19.” Negative One makes a promise about a decade in the making, will he follow in his father’s footsteps and whoop QT’s ass in his AEW debut?


Good ol’ JR joins commentary!

Jim Ross lends his analysis to the second hour, and it’s going to be a slobber knocker!


Penta Oscuro w/ Alex Abrahantes & Rey Fenix VS Rush w/ La Faccion Ingobernale!

Death Triangle is looking for revenge on #LFI, and that begins with the clash of #CeroMiedo and El Toro Blanco! Will Penta look to bury the White Bull under the cover of night? Or will Rush go on a stampede and start towards the top of AEW?

The bell rings and fans rally behind Penta. Rush rushes in but Penta dodges to CHOP! Rush CHOPS and it’s a CHOP fight already! Fast and furious, back and forth, CHOP after CHOP after CHOP! Penta spins to CHOP, then he runs, but Rush follows to CHOP! Penta jumps up but Rush denies the rana. Penta still fires off fists, then hooks the arms,. Rush slips out to throw a body shot, and he suplexes, only for Penta to cradle counter! TWO, and Penta SUPERKICKS Rush down! Rush bails out but Penta builds speed as fans rally. Penta slides but Rush dodges to waistlock. Penta switches but Rush elbows out hard!

Rush whips but Penta stops from hitting steps. Penta elbows Rush back, then whips him at the steps. Rush stops himself, but Penta goes up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Fans fire up while Jose fans Rush off. Penta stands Rush up to CHOP again. Penta gets back in the ring, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta builds speed but Rush gets in to DECK Penta! Rush mocks Cero Miedo and then he soaks up the heat. Rush stands on Penta’s head, drags him up and throws body shots. Rush whips corner to corner and clotheslines, then he whips the other way for a SPALSH! And then a snapmare and basement dropkick! Rush does push-ups just to show off before the cover, TWO!

Rush is annoyed but he drags Penta up. Fans rally but Rush is after the mask! The ref reprimands, but Penta KICKS Rush! Penta runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges to SLINGBLADE! And then another SLINGBLADE! Fans fire up and Rush flounders out. Penta builds speed again to FLY! Direct hit on Rush at the ramp and fans fire up with Penta again! Jose storms over with his tablet of doom, but Alex snatches that away and SPEARS Jose! Alex fires off hands but Jose hits back, and then Fenix and Andrade El Idolo get involved and the ref tries to restore peace while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Fenix and Andrade get Jose and Alex to separate, but then Alex rushes back in! They brawl up the ramp, which is fine because the ref is EJECTING them! Andrade is confused but Fenix tells Alex to keep after Jose! The sidekicks fight all the way backstage while Penta puts Rush in the ring. Penta climbs up a corner while fans fire up, then leaps, but into Rush’s anti-air dropkick! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Rush is upset but the ropes are the ropes. Rush drags Penta up to wrap on a chinlock, but again Penta gets to the ropes. Rush drags Penta away and turns him from the ropes while leaning on the hold. Penta still endures as Rush grinds him down.

Rush drags Penta up to put him on the top rope backwards, then he climbs up behind him. Rush is after the mask again! Penta resists, so Rush drops him into the Tree of Woe! Rush then BUZZSAWS Penta out of the Tree! Rush dusts off his hands and takes a bow as he soaks up the heat. Rush then goes back for Penta to kick and stomp him in the corner. Rush digs his boots in, the ref counts and Rush lets off. The ref reprimands but Rush paces while Andrade talks some trash. Rush drags Penta up, brings him to center and throws a heavy body shot. Rush chinlocks, then digs at the mask! The ref counts but Rush lets off.

Penta throws body shots but Rush KNEES Penta down! Dynamite returns to single picture as fans rally for Penta. Rush brings Penta up but Penta CHOPS again. Rush CHOPS, Penta CHOPS, Rush eggs Penta on! Penta throws forearms but Rush gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Penta dodges the haymaker to hit a BACKSTABBER! Penta then runs in, into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Rush is annoyed but Andrade says to keep on him. Rush whips Penta but Penta goes up and over to hit another BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Rush survives and gets to a corner but fans rally up. Penta stomps Rush down but lets off as the ref counts.

Penta pie faces Rush and eggs him on before throwing haymakers. Rush gets mad and choke grips Penta, but Penta CHOPS! Rush CHOPS, Penta CHOPS, they keep going! Penta fires forearms, runs, but Rush HEADBUTTS! Penta wobbles, but he HEADBUTTS back! DOUBLE HEADBUTTS!! Penta’s mask almost comes off from that, but he SUPERKICKS! JUMP KNEE from Rush!! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! A standing count starts, Penta and Rush stir. Penta gets to a corner, Rush goes to the opposite. Rush runs in but Penta dodges! Rush hits buckles and Penta CHOPS him! And CHOPS!

Rush turns things around to CHOP, CHOP, but Penta CHOPS and CHOPS! Rush CHOPS, CHOPS, sweeps the legs then stomps away! The ref counts, Rush stops at 4, and then he goes out to the apron. Rush slashes his throat, climbs up top, but Penta ROCKS Rush! Rush HEADBUTTS Penta away, then adjusts to leap and missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Penta is still in this but Rush wants to end it! Rush drags Penta to a drop zone and then goes up the corner. Fans boo but Penta SUPER SENTONS! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives, but Rush hurries to ROCK him with a forearm! Penta sits in a corner, Rush runs corner to corner, but into a SOMERSAULT STUNNER!

SUPERKICK! Penta reels Rush in, “CERO! MIEDO!” Tuck and FEAR FACTOR!! Cover, but Andrade puts the foot on the ropes! The ref sees the ropebreak but Fenix points out it was Andrade! Too late to make a difference now, Rush is still in this. Penta goes back to Rush while the ref is reprimanding Andrade, and Rush LOW BLOWS Penta!! AND snatches the mask!! Insult to injury before the cradle, RUSH WINS!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

The White Bull pulled off some major bull, that’s for sure! But will both Lucha Brothers get their revenge on Rush & Andrade soon enough?


Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh speak.

They’re all very happy, and Sonjay says they’re celebrating already because “Samoa Joe decided to crawl out of that hole that he’s been hiding in.” It is official for July 23rd, Death Before Dishonor, and the ultimate celebration begins when Sonjay’s best friend in this entire world, Jay Lethal, pins Samoa Joe to become the NEW ROH World TV Champion! And Lethal says he will tell us God’s honest truth, “I know that this is not going to be an easy fight.” Samoa Joe is one tough champion. But that’s why Lethal isn’t taking him lightly. But they are taking his championship. They all share a laugh, and Singh adds that Lethal will be the new champion! Will Lethal be able to back up all those words? Or will the Samoan Submission Specialist make Lethal suffer?


Tony Nese & Mark Sterling are still looking for signatures.

They go to the Best Friends, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta & Orange Cassidy, saying they’re the last signatures the petition needs to remove Swerve Strickland from AEW. After all, Swerve backstabbed Cassidy during the Royal Rampage. Cassidy says he never reads anything without his lawyer present. He has a lawyer? Yes, it’s DANHAUSEN! He has the paperwork right here. Nese says forget asking, he is going to make Cassidy sign. Chuck & Trent step up to push Nese back but Sterling has everyone just hold on a second. There is money to be made here. Nese VS Cassidy for Rampage! Wait, Danhausen has a better idea! Cassidy VS Nese on Rampage! That’s the same idea!

But anyway, if Nese wins, Cassidy has to sign the petition. Danhausen says objection sustained, and Cassidy says he will allow it. Overruled. What? No, Sterling’s the real lawyer, HE allows things! Hearsay! Sterling grumbles and storms off with Nese, but the deal is struck. Will Cassidy win and strike down this frivolous lawsuit?


8 Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Gunn Club VS Fuego Del Sol & Ruffin’ It!

It’s rather surprising that Max Caster, Anthony Bowens and the Ass B- er, Austin & Colten Gunn, are agreeing to team up again after the heated argument that happened last time. But will they be able to let cooler heads prevail and get another win for the team? And of course, Caster has a rap! “Acclaimed & The Gunns-” GASP! Austin snatches the mic from Caster?! Caster is upset but Bowens keeps him from going after Austin. No disses this week, will the Acclaimed Gunn Club hold it together?

The bell rings and Fuego starts against Austin. Austin turns around into a kick and facelock! TORNADO- NO, Austin FLAPJACKS Fuego away. Tag to Colten and he CLOBBERS Fuego! Colten is fired up but fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” as he stomps Fuego in the corner. Bowens tags in and he drags Fuego out to CLUB away on him. “EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED!” Bowens then DECKS Bear Boulder, ELBOWS Ruff and DECKS Bear Bronson! Fuego kicks Bowens and TORNADO DDTS!! Fans fire up as Fuego crawls, and Bronson is back! Hot tags to Austin and Bronson! Bronson rallies on the Gunn Club, and even Caster!

Bronson breaks through the line to DOUBLE LARIAT the Gunn Club! Fans fire up with Bronson and he clotheslines Colten out! Austin staggers into choke grip, SIT OUT SPINEBSUTER! Cover, Caster breaks it! Ruff goes after Caster but Caster TOSSES him! Austin crawls, tag to Bowens! Bowens ELBOWS Bronson, CHOPS him and SUPERKICKS him! Bronson wobbles but Bowens hits a LEAP FROG FAMOUSER! They’re doing Daddy Ass proud as Bowens tags Caster. Caster goes up, but then Austin tags in!? MIC DROP, and then Austin snipes the cover! Acclaimed Gunn Club still wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Gunn Club, by pinfall

Billy is upset that his boys aren’t getting along with his sons again, and Bowens shoves Austin! Austin and Colten CLOBBER The Acclaimed! Billy gets in, and he throws Austin away! And the same to Colten! Billy keeps telling them to cut it out, but then he CLOBBERS Caster! The Ass Man sides with his Ass Boys and Bowens doesn’t understand. What happened to scissor fingers? Billy kicks him low for a FAMOUSER! The Gunn Family sticks together, but will they finally get up to the top where they want to be?


Miro speaks.

“Malakai Black… We are different kind of men. You collect the weak, I dispose of them. You stab their backs, while I break them. Don’t you understand? You, a man who preys on the flawed, have enraged a man who is flawless! I, who rattles the gates of Heaven, will destroy the gates of Hell! So go ahead and buy yourself a bag of coins, because when I’m done with you, the House of Black will have many eyes to cover. Because the Redeemer is coming, enraged!!” Will Miro’s wrath wreak havoc on Malakai and his entire house?


Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir!

La Mera Mera and the Lightning From Down Under are forces of nature to be sure, but the Native Beast & The Problem have brought their umbrellas. Will these Vicious Vixens be safe from the #ThunderStorm? Or will they still be blown away by the AEW Women’s World Champion and the #1 contender?

The teams sort out and Shafir storms up on Storm to BOOT her down! Nyla gets after Rosa and throws her out while Shafir fires off knee son Storm! The ref reprimands but Shafir whips Storm to ropes. Storm tilt-o-whirls to RANA Shafir! Storm drop toeholds, then runs to basement dropkick! Storm whips Shafir into the corner, where Rosa adds a BOOT! Rosa tags in, fires off body shots on Shafir, then tags Storm back in. Storm stomps Shafir, EuroUppers, then tags Rosa. Rosa runs to DECK Nyla, then she comes back to elbow Shafir! Rosa whips Storm in to uppercut Shafir, then Storm sets up as a step! LA MERA MERA IN MOTION!

Fans fire up and Rosa brings Shafir around to cover, TWO! Rosa keeps on Shafir with a facelock and Storm tags in. They double suplex Shafir, then Storm covers, TWO! Storm keeps on Shafir with a facelock and grinds her down. Fans rally, Shafir endures, and Shafir fights up but Storm bumps her off buckles. Tag to Rosa and Rosa snapmares Shafir for a KICK to the back! Cover, ONE! Shafir grits her teeth but Rosa clamps onto her with a chinlock. Shafir slips out, wrenches an arm to a double wristlock, but Rosa has a leg to trip Shafir to a cradle! ONE, Rosa powers Shafir to a lateral press, ONE!

Rosa keeps on Shafir with the facelock but Shafir fights up. Storm tags in, she stomps Shafir down, and Storm brings Shafir up to CHOP! Storm snapmares and HIP ATTACKS Shafir, then tags Rosa. Rosa CHOPS Shafir, then CHOPS her! Then GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! Tag to Storm and she brings Shafir out. Shafir throws body shots and KICKS the leg! Shafir DECKS Storm, then DECKS Rosa! Storm ROCKS Shafir back with forearms then runs, but the ref is busy keeping Rosa out of the ring, so he misses Nyla SMACK Storm with the umbrella! Nyla shrugs and Shafir fireman’s carries for a WASTELAND SLAM!

Tag to Nyla and Nyla stomps Storm while Dynamite goes picture in picture. Nyla drags Storm up to snap suplex, then roll through to a GOURDBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Nyla keeps Storm from Rosa, drags her around and Shafir tags in. They mug Storm, Shafir CLUBS Storm down, then has her on ropes. Shafir chicken wings the arms, drags Storm around, and she taunts Rosa. Storm fights but Shafir spins her for a SAYANAGI! Shafir taunts Rosa more while she paces between her and Storm. Shafir drags Storm up to tag in Nyla and they mug Storm more. Storm hits back, brawls with Nyla, but Nyla throws Storm down by her hair!

Nyla stomps Storm at the ropes and then drags her away. Tag to Shafir, they continue to mug Storm, and then Nyla gives Shafir a boost for the SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Shafir snarls while fans rally up. Shafir grabs Storm’s hand to bend the fingers and drag her to the corner. Tag to Nyla and she gets Storm’s legs to drop an elbow on the knee. Nyla runs to SPLASH down! Cover, TWO! Rosa rallies the fans but Nyla drags Storm up. Nyla scoops and SLAMS Storm, then drags her up again for another scoop. Storm slips off and RAMS Nyla into a corner! Dynamite returns to single picture as Storm O’Conner Rolls Nyla back!

Nyla rolls through but Storm is on her with a SLEEPER! Storm becomes a backpack but Nyla THROWS her off! Storm crawls, fans rally, hot tag to Rosa! Fans fire up as Rosa goes up top and leaps, CROSSBODY! She bounces off Nyla to then HIP ATTACK Shafir! Rosa CHOPS and forearms over and over and fans fire up! Rosa roars and ROCKS Nyla again! Rosa whips but Nyla blocks by holding ropes! Rosa keeps trying but Nyla swings on her. Rosa dodges, drop toeholds Nyla to ropes, and then stomps away! The ref counts, Rosa runs side to side to DROPKICK! Rosa says una mas, and she runs again, to DROPKICK!

Nyla flounders but fans fire up with Rosa. Still one more, but Nyla reels Rosa into an URENAGE! Tag to Shafir and she hurries after Rosa. Rosa kicks at Shafir but Shafir cartwheels through to get an arm. Shafir pump handles Rosa and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cover, Storm breaks it! Nyla BOOTS Storm and reels her in but Storm SATELLITE DDTS! Storm ducks the roundhouse to GERMAN SUPLEX Shafir! Fans fire up as Storm fires up and hits the HIP ATTACK in the corner! Storm goes up for Rosa to drag Shafir out. Rosa scoops Shafir, Storm is ready on the corner, THUNDERSTORM DRIVER!! Cover, Thunder & Storm win!!

Winners: Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm, by pinfall

And with that, #ThunderStorm wins! Will we see these two continue on as a team? What about the chances of them clashing for the AEW Women’s World Championship once again?


Tony Schiavone is backstage with The Baddies.

Jade Cargill, the still undefeated TBS Champion, tells Tony to “cut the sh*t,” then she asks Stokely Hathaway, “What the hell was that last week?” He says hold on, listen! If a wrestling company can have an Interim World Champion, then they can have an Interim Baddie! Leila Grey walks in and offers a handshake to Jade. Jade refuses, but what about Kiera Hogan? Nope, still rejected. Stokely knows the world wants to know what exactly he said to Leila last week, and he’ll tell us! $1100, because that is what it cost to get Leila to step up.

Stokely knows his math, and he knows 3v2 is better than 2v2. “And it takes a special type of finesse to get someone to go from wanting to beat your ass, to saving your ass.” And you know what they say, “Trust the process.” Stokely goes to put his arm around Leila but she shrugs that off. Jade says if Leila fails to deliver, then that’s Stokely’s ass. Jade and Kiera head out, but Stokely asks if Leila trusts him while offering a fist bump. She doesn’t respond, but he says they’ll talk later. Will Leila prove she can be a true Baddie through and through?


Tony Schiavone now interviews Daniel Garcia.

Garcia requested this time to call out Wheeler Yuta. “Hey, Yuta, last week on Dark, I put my foot on your neck and I held your title above my head, and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it. Last week at Blood & Guts, I spent an hour with you in the ring. I felt all that you could give me, you had my blood on your hands. But I’ve determined that you don’t strike an ounce of fear into my heart whatsoever. You’re not scaring nobody with that fake tough guy act, let me tell you.” And at Death Before Dishonor, don’t be scared, Yuta. Give Garcia that shot for the ROH Pure Championship, and whether he’s a pro-wrestler or a sports entertainer, you damn sure will call him the best.


FTR speaks.

Cash Wheeler says, “So we call ourselves ‘7 Star FTR,’ the living legends. We are the current AAA, IWGP and ROH Tag Team Champions, and I can stand here before you and comfortably say that no match has ever taken more out of us than when we won these at ROH Supercard of Honor.” But uh, we’re just a few weeks away from Death Before Dishonor and the PPV return of ROH. And despite the fact that they beat the Briscoes for the ROH titles, despite the fact that they’re on the run of a lifetime, there are still some people who doubt they’re the best in the world, and that doesn’t sit right with them.

Dax Harwood says, “That’s the beauty of professional wrestling. You can think whatever you want, believe whatever you want, but you can also be wrong. If ROH wants to sell a PPV, they gotta put on the rematch of the decade. So I’m telling you right now, Briscoes VS FTR II, one last time to prove who is the absolute best tag team on this planet! Briscoes, if you want to be a king, you got to kill a king. And we ain’t dead yet.” #TopGuys out. FTR is calling out Jay & Mark Briscoe, will Death Before Dishonor 2022 be one for the ages?


Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Brody King!

The Best in the World is away, but the Maniac vows to prove he is the rightful owner of that title. But will he be able to remind everyone that he’s also the scariest monster in wrestling today? Or will the House of Black soon shine in the shadows with gold on the mantle?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and even if this is for the interim title, this fight is going to be legit!

Fans are thunderous already as Moxley and Brody stare down. They slowly circle, tie up, and Brody puts Mox in a corner. The ref counts, Brody lets off to CHOP, and Moxley staggers away to the opposite corner. Fans fire up as Brody watches Moxley get back up. Moxley gets in Brody’s face, and right up in there! Brody and Moxley talk some smack and then Moxley fires forearms and CHOPS! Brody ROCKS Moxley, eggs him on, and Moxley throws a forearm back, only for Brody to ROCK Moxley again! Moxley rebounds but Brody throws him out. Brody then pursues, CLUBS Moxley to the timekeeper’s area, then CLUBS him again.

Brody whips Moxley into railing! Fans fire up, Brody stands Moxley up to CHOP him, and the ring count climbs. Brody ROCKS Moxley, follows him around the way, and then runs in, only to be sent into steel steps! Fans fire up and Moxley brings Brody up to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP into the railing! Moxley refreshes the ring count, headlocks Brody and brings him around the way, then throws knees. Moxley even fishhooks Brody and brings him around, only for Brody to back drop him onto the ramp! Moxley writhes and Brody shakes out the stars. Brody drags Moxley up to whip him into the timekeeper’s area! Moxley tumbles with the table while the ring count climbs!

Brody storms up to Moxley to CHOP him against railing! Brody then puts Moxley back in the ring at 6 of 10, only for Moxley to dropkick the legs out! Moxley throws knees, gets the leg and DRAGON SCREWS! Moxley steps through to have a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Fans “WOO~!” while Brody endures. Brody clubs Moxley’s legs, pries at the hold, but Moxley keeps the hold on. Brody keeps clubbing, but Moxley lets off. Moxley shoots in to get the leg but Brody CLUBS him. Moxley trips Brody to drop an elbow on the leg, and then another. Brody clamps on with a chinlock to keep Moxley down but Moxley fights free.

Moxley turns Brody over as fans rally, and Moxley hooks the leg. DEATH LOCK SNAPPER! Brody clutches his leg and gets to ropes but Moxley is after him. Moxley stands Brody up but the forearms start flying again. Fans rally as the forearms go back and forth, Moxley gets boxing elbows going, but runs into a BOSS MAN SLAM! Cover, TWO! Moxley survives and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Brody shakes out the bad leg while Moxley crawls to the apron. Brody storms over that way, BLASTS Moxley off the apron and Moxley crashes into the railing! Brody goes out after Moxley and drags him up to scoop and SLAM on the floor! Moxley writhes but Brody KICKS him in the back. Brody paces around, drags Moxley up, and CHOPS him again! Moxley gets into the ring but Brody pursues. Brody clamps onto Moxley with a neck wrench, and even digs his forearms in. Moxley endures, Brody shifts to a cobra twist and he CLUBS away on Moxley’s chest! Cover, TWO! Brody keeps cool and he kicks Moxley against ropes.

Brody scrapes Moxley, CHOKES him against the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Fans rally, Brody throws forearms but Moxley CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Brody just CHOPS Moxley right off his feet! Moxley flops over onto his face but Brody stands him back up to CHOP again. Moxley staggers around and falls into a corner, but Brody storms right up after him. Brody drags Moxley up, CHOPS him again, and Moxley is frozen in place! Brody CHOPS him again, and CHOPS him again! Moxley falls down and Brody eggs the fans on as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans boo as Brody eggs Moxley on, then fireman’s carries.

Moxley fights with elbows, Brody starts to drop, but then Brody stands back up! The elbows keep coming, Brody powers up again, and he runs for a corner! Moxley slips off, Brody hits buckles, and Moxley gets to the opposite corner. Brody runs corner to corner, to CANNONBALL into buckles! Moxley avoids disaster and Brody crashes ‘n’ burns! Fans fire up and the standing count starts while both men are down. Moxley and Brody stir, and Moxley runs in to clothesline! Moxley hoists Brody up, CHOPS him, CHOPS again, then climbs up after him. Moxley CLUBS and CLAWS Brody’s back, but Brody throws body shots.

Moxley BITES Brody’s forehead! Then SUPERPLEX!! Fans fire up as Moxley puts on the SLEEPER! Brody fights up to fight off the Bully Choke and he snapmares free. Moxley shoots around to full nelson and DRAGON SLEEPER! Cover, TWO!! Brody is still in this but Moxley shouts out Bryan Danielson with DRAGON STOMPS! Moxley then drags Brody up, reels him in, but Brody fights the lift. Moxley ROCKS Brody, Brody ROCKS Moxley, but Moxley ROLLING ELBOWS! Brody stays up, Moxley runs to LARIAT! Brody still stays up! Brody swings, Moxley dodges, but then the LEFT LARIAT takes Moxley down!

Brody drags Moxley up into a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for Moxley but Brody clamps on with a SLEEPER! Is he going to put Moxley out like he did Darby Allin? Moxley RAMS Brody into buckles, but Brody holds on! Brody climbs the corner, HANGING SLEEPER!! The ref counts, Brody lets Moxley go and Moxley flops down! Brody goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley barely gets out of that, but Brody scoops! Moxley slips out to CLUB Brody but Brody throws a back elbow! Brody runs, but Moxley follows to forearm Brody at the ropes! Moxley runs but Brody follows, only to miss in the corner! Roll-up, TWO!!

Moxley hurries to wrench and reel Brody in, PARADIGM SHIFT!! But Moxley has to push Brody over, so Moxley rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Brody withstands those so Moxley goes for the Bully Choke! Brody stands up, it’s a BACKPACK SLEEPER! Brody is fading, but he drops back, BACKPACK SENTON! But Moxley rises to SLEEPER HOLD! Brody moves around but ends up in the BULLY CHOKE!! Brody is fading, the ref calls it! Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission (still Interim AEW World Champion)

It was a fight to be sure, but Moxley holds onto the title! Who will step up to him next while we await CM Punk’s return? As for Brody King, fans cheer his valiant effort, and Malakai Black walks out. Malakai looks Brody in the eye, and pats him on the back. But then DARBY ALLIN AND STING appear?! The #RelentlessIcons show Brody King respect! Darby says Brody kicked his ass last week, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says! Brody EARNED his spot here. Darby offers a handshake, but Brody leaves Darby hanging. The House of Black doesn’t do anything for respect, but will they take on Darby & Sting for supremacy in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for Dynamite, but they sure stretched that first hour. Only two of the six matches happened before Jim Ross joined commentary at the halfway point, and I would’ve liked if they’d tried to split things up a bit more evenly. But even with that, we got a great opener with the TNT Championship. It was obvious the Street Fight would bring out a bunch of American Top Team scrubs for Wardlow to throw around like nothing and then he wins the title. This is still great for Wardlow, but maybe it would’ve been more powerful if he’d won this title sooner, or if it was just Scorpio VS Wardlow 1v1 in a real epic match, not a Heel using all his resources to protect himself.

So apparently Mark Sterling, having been fired by Jade Cargill and not having MJF around, has resorted to filing frivolous lawsuits as his gimmick. It’s pretty funny, though, as he fails to convince Faces to side with him, a Heel. The promo with Best Friends and Danhausen was really funny with Danhausen just spouting legal terminology. Nese VS Cassidy will surely go Cassidy’s way so he can keep building momentum towards a title. Pac defends his All-Atlantic Championship at Rev-Pro’s event this weekend, but I’m pretty sure Pac retains, and then maybe we can get Pac VS Cassidy for this title at All Out.

That’s made even more likely by how Miro is going after Malakai Black. Miro had a very good promo as always, and he’s going to have an awesome match with Malakai. We got quite the promo segment with Christian, Luchasaurus and Matt Hardy. Hardy’s line about the “Michael Jordan of A-Holes” was really good, and of course Christian stoops to bringing up what happened with Jeff Hardy. A bit cheap, but of course Luchasaurus demolishes Matt Hardy. Sounds like this is setting up a tag match where Jungle Boy joins Matt Hardy to take on Christian & Luchasaurus, and we’ll see if JB can turn Luchasaurus back to the light side or if Luchasaurus stays Heel. Honestly, Luchasaurus could probably benefit most from his Heel turn.

We got a good Blood & Guts aftermath promo where a few different guys got to say their piece, and of course we’re getting more Eddie VS Jericho. Tay Conti hurting Ruby Soho could be a way to give us a Mixed Tag before the final blow-off. And adding Claudio VS Hager to things, that match is going to be great, and I would think Claudio wins to stay hot in AEW. We got a very good tag match out of Keith & Swerve VS Butcher & Blade, and I did like that they at least teased the “accidental attack misunderstanding.” Swerve totally understood the Pounce was an accident, and they finished off Butcher & Blade. Hobbs & Starks had a very fired up promo, and the Bucks had a good on to set up another Triple Threat for the titles. I would think the Bucks win that, just as Jurassic Express did.

FTR had a good promo to call out the Briscoes, and you can bet that match will be added to the Death Before Dishonor card. That will be a great match, and FTR will win so they can move on to face Young Bucks at All Out. Garcia had a good promo to call out Yuta, their ROH Pure Championship match will be great stuff, and that could probably go either way. I think Joe VS Lethal for the ROH World TV Championship could go either way, too, because Lethal has Singh and Sonjay on his side to overbook that match. Maybe after DBD, Tony Khan and other executives find a way to put on an ROH TV show, but no idea if I’ll be able to cover it if it happens.

We got a very fun segment out of The Dark Order and QT Marshall. Great to see Hangman join up with Dark Order again, and though not delivered with quite the stank it should have, Negative One at least got through his line about sparing QT more humiliation until he’s an adult. It would be amazing if 10 years from now, we do see Negative One/Brodie Lee Jr. face an old man QT and win in five minutes like his father. And moreover, it was good that Evil Uno assured us that the members of Dark Order we have left are going to stay in AEW one way or another. It’s a shame the faction ran out of steam like it did, but maybe they can rebuild.

We got a pretty good tag match out of #ThunderStorm VS Nyla & Marina, and of course the Faces win. Rosa and Storm can easily have another title match as part of the July themed episodes, like Fyter Fest or Fight for the Fallen. Stretching this to All Out in September would just seem odd to me, so maybe someone comes out of another story primed to face Rosa. Jade not accepting Leila Grey is a natural move for their story, but who knows where it goes from here. Leila could prove herself worthy, because I don’t see Stokely being fired by Jade so soon, and then we could have that Six Woman Tag I expected but Leila in for Red Velvet.

We got a pretty good 8 Man Tag, with the dysfunction finally adding something to the match. The Gunn Club turning on The Acclaimed was quite the surprise, though, but I had a feeling Billy was going to find a reason to be proud of his sons. And this could be the Face turn for The Acclaimed, and that is going to be great because fans love them. Penta VS Rush was awesome stuff, especially with how Alex and Jose got in on it. A Six Man Tag of La Faccion Ingobernable VS Death Triangle where Jose and Alex are the third men would be pretty fun.

And of course, we got an awesome main event out of Moxley and Brody. Moxley was of course retaining, but we all know Brody is badass, and it was cool for Darby to show him respect. Even with Miro coming for Malakai, we need to get House of Black VS Darby & Sting first. Miro could even go after Malakai after the match, regardless of who wins. I don’t know if it has to be a full Face turn for Miro, but he will come off the Face against Malakai since fans still love Miro. As for Mox, the possibilities really are endless for who he can face for the Interim title at All Out. Personally, whether or not Joe wins against Lethal at DBD, give me some Mox VS Joe!

My Score: 8.9/10

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GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Championship Postponed 

Due to Chris Ridgeway being unable to get a Visa in time for the Nippon Budokan event on July 12th, the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Championship match has been postponed. Therefore, Yoshinari Ogawa and Yuya Susumu will team together against Eita and Kotaro Suzuki. Susumu says he knows he cannot replace Ridgeway, but will fight with him in mind.

Seiki Yoshioka attacks HAYATA (repeatedly)

Following his GHC Junior Heavyweight challenge to HAYATA, Seiki Yoshioka turned the tension up a notch by fighting with HAYATA after the match in Fukushima on the 2nd (HAYATA had made him bleed) and introducing him to his new superkick, and then intruding on the match in Yamagata on the 3rd, which got the match thrown out. Poor HAYATA had been kicked in head quite a few times over the course of the two days, and so was not in any position to speak. Seiki Yoshioka was though, he had taken the belt backstage, and holding it up the camera announced that he was putting everything on the line to win, and he would knock HAYATA out again at The Budokan. Yuya Susumu later posted on his Twitter that he felt he had to apologize for how Yoshioka was behaving.

Speaking of STINGER (HAYATA, Yoshinari Ogawa & Yuya Susumu) came out wearing the green NOAH baseball shirts in Yamagata for the match against Perros Del Mal De Japon (Kotaro Suzuki, NOSAWA Rongai & Super Crazy). They never explained why they were wearing green, and fans were left to speculate that either they were showing their solidarity as NOAH Juniors to Perros, or it was an Ogawa mind game to remind Kotaro where he came from and who he belonged with. The singles match between Kotaro and Ogawa on July 2nd was naturally ruined by Perros who got the match thrown out by intrusion. Given NOSAWA’S comments backstage to Kotaro about “trying harder”, I am wondering how long Kotaro is going to put up with this.

Kenoh, Kojima (and Kobashi)

Following two frustrating pre matches in which neither the champion or the challenger won over the other, and an escalation in “competition” where Kenoh did press ups backstage next to a fallen Satoshi Kojima in Fukushima, and Kojima demonstrated Lion press ups to Kenoh in Yamagata (who comically appeared in front of him and then attacked him screaming about “The Mark of The Lion” and how if he missed it so much he should wear his new t-shirt), Kenoh sought advice from the master of the lariat, Kenta Kobashi by making a first visit to his gym. Lariats are not something Kenoh has used before, so it will be interesting to see if the teaching he got from Kobashi was how to throw them or how to withstand them.

GHC Heavyweight Tag Champion Humiliation

Satoshi Kojima might have had a frustrating stalemate, but at least Kojima was spared the humiliation that the GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions endured, when again they lost via Masa Kitamiya submitting to Hideki Suzuki in Yamagata. Suzuki had said he was doing a kind of scouting mission as he wanted to know their strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of their techniques. Timothy Thatcher was given a firsthand look, when the champions demonstrated their new tandem move, a double powerbomb, to win the match.

Go Shiozaki & Shuhei Taniguchi miss events

Go Shiozaki was absent from the 2nd and 3rd July weekend events due to being a close contact with someone with Coronavirus. This necessitated a card change as it was almost last minute. What was last minute (as in about seven minutes before the event started) was Shuhei Taniguchi being withdrawn from the event due to mild heatstroke.

Yoshiki Inamura’s Fire Festival 2022

Although Yoshiki Inamura did not defeat Masato Tanaka, his Fire Festival opened with a time limit draw at thirty minutes. Inamura didn’t feel that he had approached Tanaka with this, but has sworn to beat everyone else and return to NOAH with the sword.


– Tadasuke is wondering why there has been no comeback from the NOAH Junior Regulars regarding his banishment of Haoh (who seems to have vanished off the face of the earth). I think Tadasuke will get his answer when NOAH are back in Tokyo.

– Alejandro greeted the Yamagata crowd as the Fukushima one, to be scolded by Hajime Ohara for his mistake.

– Kenoh’s Michinoku Pro rival, Fujita “Jnr” Hayato, made his return to the ring following a five year absence due to cancer. He named two people he wanted to fight, Hiromu Takahashi and of course, Kenoh. Kenoh says that he should fight Hayato first. Not only did Hayato mention him first, but even by the Japanese (gojūon) syllabary Kenoh (i.e. KE) comes first. Kenoh then returned to his preoccupation that seems to be obsessing him these days, “The Lion Mark” (New Japan logo).

– Kenoh grumbled that he preferred the sea to rivers just before he posted a video of himself doing Lion Push ups by one.



Fukushima Big Palette (Saturday, July 2nd)

Event recap

Post match interviews

  • Yamagata Big Wing (Sunday, July 3rd)

Event recap

Post match interviews


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima
    Challenger: Kenoh, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Seiki Yoshioka, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Masa Kitamiya & Michael Elgin
    Challengers: The Sugiura Army (Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher), “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Chris Ridgeway & Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: Perros Del Mal De Japon (Eita & Kotaro Suzuki), Postponed, replacement date to be advised
  • GHC National Champion: Masakatsu Funaki
    Challenger: TBA


(July 2022 schedule)


Friday, July 8th: vs Hide Kubota

July 9th: Road to Nippon Budokan special autograph session

Sunday, July 10th

Venue: Fujisan Messe, Shizuoka

Time: 13:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (event will not be streamed live)


“Fire Festival 2022” Press Conference B Block – Yoshiki Inamura comments

I AM NOAH Ring Announcer

Keiji Mutoh Final Countdown Series


Donmai-Donmai (Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary)

GIF taken from NOAH Official Twitter & NOAH Official YouTube

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