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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/18/21)

Family VS Family!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

NXT UK is in for a family feud!

Brothers in arms do battle as Teoman and Rohan Raja take on Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, to see which is more worthy of being called “family!”


  • A-Kid VS Sam Gradwell; A-Kid wins.
  • Nina Samuels VS Aleah James; Aleah wins.
  • Saxon Huxley VS Kenny Williams; Williams wins.
  • Gallus VS Teoman & Rohan Raja; Teoman & Raja win.


A-Kid VS Sam Gradwell!

The Spanish Sensation’s growing fame is only getting on the Thunderstorm’s nerves. But will A-Kid show Gradwell who the real yogurt is here?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, AK waistlocks but Gradwell wrenches to an elbow breaker. AK rolls and gets away and fans rally up. AK and Gradwell tie up, Gradwell wrenches the arm but AK headlocks to a takeover. Gradwell headscissors but AK kips free and the two stand off again. Fans rally as the two circle again. They feel things out, tie up, and Gradwell is after the arm again. Gradwell wrenches to clamp onto the shoulder, step over and hook AK down with a leg. AK endures, kips up and fans taunt Gradwell with “You Look Stupid!” AK rolls, bridges, breaks free but Gradwell deflects the dropkick to get the headlock!

Fans rally, AK powers up but can’t power out as Gradwell holds tight. AK powers up again, cartwheels free and has the cravat! Gradwell powers up but can’t power out as AK holds tight now. Gradwell fights up, pulls AK’s nose then scoops to SLAM him! Cover, TWO! AK bridges to snapmare to a cover, TWO! AK keeps the cravat, Gradwell powers up but AK flying mares! Cover, TWO! Gradwell digs his knee brace into AK”s face! And then whips AK to CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Gradwell pushes AK down to another cover, TWO! Gradwell stomps AK in the corner and digs his boot in. The ref counts, Gradwell lets off and soaks up the heat from fans.

Gradwell CLUBS AK, then CLUBS him again. Gradwell has a neck wrench, then fish hooks the face! The ref reprimands, Gradwell whips AK to a corner but AK goes up and arm-drags to then dropkick! AK storms over but Gradwell CLOBBERS him! Gradwell stands on AK’s face, but AK twists the ankle! AK has a toehold but Gradwell boots him away. Gradwell CLUBS AK, digs his boots in, but lets off. Gradwell drags AK up to butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Gradwell clamps on with a chinlock but fans rally up. AK slaps at Gradwell but Gradwell SLAPS him right down! And SLAPS him while he’s down! Gradwell gets the legs for a BOSTON CRAB!

AK endures, powers his way to a sunset flip! TWO, AK wants the legs but Gradwell throws him. AK cartwheels through to come back with an ENZIGURI! Gradwell bails out before the superkick but AK DIVES! Direct hit into the barriers and fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” AK puts Gradwell in, goes up top and leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Gradwell is still in this but AK keeps focus. AK drags Gradwell up to throw forearms! Gradwell covers up and AK grabs at him, but Gradwell grabs an ear! Gradwell whips AK to ropes, AK tilt-o-whirls on the return, but Gradwell tosses him for a LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire back up!

A standing count starts, AK and Gradwell slowly rise. Gradwell has AK at 6, and DECKS him with a right! Gradwell stands AK back up just to DECK him again! Gradwell says “Bye-bye!” But Gradwell spins into an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Gradwell moves around, AK has the omoplata! Gradwell fights as AK wants his other arm so AK uses a chinbar! Gradwell fights, AK still wants the far arm! Gradwell powers back, dead lifts AK, ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Both men rise slowly again, Gradwell is up at 5 to DREAM CRUSHER ELBOW AK right out of the ring! Gradwell waims from the apron, FLYING LARIAT into a takedown!

AK has the sleeper, Gradwell fights up but AK makes it a guillotine! But Gradwell powers out with a HALF HATCH SUPLEX! The ring count is climbing, Gradwell is in at 6! AK gets up at 8, flounders about, and in at 9.5! Gradwell CLOBBERS him again! Cover, TWO!! AK staggers, fights the fireman’s carry, but runs into an STO!! Deep stack cover, TWO!?! AK survives again and Gradwell seethes. Gradwell gets AK up to ROCK him with haymakers! AK falls, Gradwell rains down rights. AK gets the arm and drags Gradwell down! Gradwell rolls, rains down hands again, but AK gets him for an ARMBAR!

Gradwell dead lifts but AK WRENCHES the arm! Gradwell drops, and then he taps! AK wins!!

Winner: A-Kid, by submission

Gradwell just learned that A-Kid lives up to the hype! Will Gradwell finally be humbled once and for all?


Medical update on Flash Morgan Webster.

It would seem the damage done by Rampage Brown in their brutal match-up a few weeks ago was more than the Modfather realized. He is currently out with a shoulder injury, but hopefully makes a speedy recovery.


NXT UK Media catches up with Ilja Dragunov.

It’s just come down that his NXT UK Championship match with Rampage Brown is now official. His thoughts? “Rampage is a monster. Most people should be afraid to stand in front of him in a fight. But… Do I look like most people? I’m the NXT UK Champion, Unbesiegbar, Ilja Dragunov. Rampage, I offered you my respect. But you just knocked me out. But it’s okay. It’s okay, because when the pain’s coming, I don’t run away. I embrace it! Because there’s one thing I know for sure: That legends and myths weren’t written about the giants. They were written about the courageous heroes who made them fall! Long live the Czar.” Will Dragunov become a legend by slaying another giant?


Nina Samuels VS Aleah James!

The Leading Lady want an exclusive, and she ended up becoming the story! Will she make headlines by being only the second person ever to lose to the young hopeful in NXT UK?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Nina powers Aleah to a corner, then pats her on the head as she lets off. Aleah comes back to headlock! Aleah holds on as Nina tries to power out, and then she hits a takeover! They move around, Nina gets up and pops free to wrench the wristlock. Nina YANKS the arm, but Aleah cartwheels and wrenches to wristlock back! Nina cartwheels, arm-drags, but Aleah holds onto the wrist to wrangle Nina down! Aleah wrenches but Nina pulls hair to turn things around on her. Aleah goes to a corner, goes up and flips through to snapmare and heel kick! Nina scrambles to ropes as fans cheer Aleah.

Aleah runs in, is put on the apron, but she ducks the slap to slingshot RANA! Nina bails out but Aleah is right after her, only to get a HOTSHOT! Nina hurries in, and stands on Aleah’s hair as she pulls the arms! Nina stomps Aleah down, drags her up and whips her to a corner. Aleah rebounds into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Fans rally, Aleah throws forearms back on Nina. Nina DECKS Aleah, then drags her back up to whip her to a corner. Aleah goes up and over and dropkicks Nina into the corner! Nina comes back with another BACKBREAKER, then a gut wrench to another BACKBREAKER, and another BACKBREAKER!

Nina then turns Aleah over to bend her leg to the back of her head! Aleah’s a scorpion as Nina bops her with her own foot! Nina laughs at her own creativity as she fireman’s carries. Aleah sunset flips, TWO! Nina knees low, scoops Aleah but Aleah slips out to roll up, TWO! Nina swings, misses, and Aleah rallies with big shoulder tackles! And a dropkick! Aleah CROSSBODIES, cover, TWO! Aleah grows frustrated while Nina scrambles to a corner. Nina drop toeholds Aleah into buckles! Dragon sleeper, inverted suplex! Cover, TWO, to a ghost pin! TWO!! Nina CLUBS Aleah and kicks her around! Nina drags Aleah up to THROW her by her hair!

Aleah flounders, Nina drags her back up and whips, but Aleah tilt-o-whirls to cradle! Aleah wins!!

Winner: Aleah James, by pinfall

Nina is shocked! The spotlight just got stolen from her by Aleah! Is there going to be a new leading lady in NXT UK now?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sam Gradwell.

They say that was a “devastating” loss to A-Kid. Is this really a good time right now, mate? But then Noam Dar and Sha Samuels come in, still singing the new Heritage Cup Champion’s praises. He wants them to move on, this locker room is full. Yeah, full o’ winners! So they’re still celebrating, are they? Three weeks has been quite enough, don’t you think? Not enough for them, mate. But Sam, you do make a good point. They should go because Gradwell’s ruined the buzz. Plus the ladies are waiting! Let’s get going! Dar and Sha head out, but will the Thunderstorm look to rain on their parade next?


NXT UK Media catches up with Aleah James.

A quick word on her second win. She can’t even describe how good this feels! She wants to keep things going. The crowd helps give her that edge. They congratulate her and she thanks them, but then she’s mugged in the hall by Isla Dawn! Dawn snatches away Aleah’s scrunchie! What is the Wicked Witch of NXT UK planning on doing to the women’s division as she keeps adding to her collection?


Saxon Huxley VS Kenny Williams!

The raving mad Divine Beast of the Astral Plane looks to crush “Kenny Cockroach,” but the Scum of the Earth has proven he’s slippery, slimy and incredibly savvy. Will Kenny survive extermination once again?

The bell rings and Huxley ties right up with Kenny, then tosses him! Kenny comes back to go after a leg, but Huxley gut wrenches him right off! Huxley stands, Kenny kicks and punches and CHOPS, but Huxley isn’t even bothered! Huxley tosses Kenny, runs in but misses and Kenny KICKS the leg! Huxley comes back again but Kenny gets around to headlock. Huxley powers out but Kenny pulls hair to reel Huxley back in. Huxley lifts but Kenny grinds the headlock to bring him do. Huxley blocks the takeover, powers up and powers out, but Kenny ducks and dodges, only for Huxley to run and run him over! Kenny gets up, and Huxley KNEES him against the ropes!

Huxley whips and KNEES Kenny again, then whips to kitchen sink knee Kenny down! Cover, TWO! Huxley barks, Kenny goes for ropes but Huxley drags him away. Huxley chokes and dribbles Kenny on the mat with both hands! The fans cheer and Huxley roars as he gets Kenny up to toss him out! Kenny flounders, fans rally and Huxley paces. Huxley goes out, Kenny scurries back in. Huxley gets in but Kenny stomps away on him! The ref counts, Kenny lets off and he CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Cover, TWO! Kenny tries again, ONE! Kenny puts Huxley down to scrape his soles off Huxley’s face! Then he CLAWS Huxley on the back! That only angers Huxley!

Kenny throws body shots, goes for a leg and puts it on the rope to pull! The ref counts, Kenny lets off and then hops up to kick and stomp Huxley from above. Kenny lets off as the ref counts, then he dropkicks the leg on the ropes! Cover, TWO! Kenny comes back to STRADDLE ATTACK! And then he clubs Huxley and clamps on a chinlock. Kenny thrashes, pulls hair, jams his elbow in, but fans rally up. Huxley pries the hold apart, Kenny clamps it back on but Huxley pulls free again. Kenny changes things to a motorcycle stretch, turning slightly. Huxley fights up but Kenny CHOP BLOCKS again! Kenny stands on Huxley’s head but Huxley shoves him away.

Kenny comes back, but Huxley scoops him and RAMS him into the corner! Kenny is stuck in the ropes, Huxley clotheslines him from behind! Huxley runs to BOOT Kenny down! Kenny staggers up, into a two hand toss to the corner! Corner splash! Side to side, KNEE! Huxley fires up and the fans are with him as he drags Kenny up. Huxley scoops and TOSSES Kenny across the ring! Huxley storms over to stomp away on Kenny at the ropes, but lets off at 4. Kenny gets up, Huxley CROSSBODIES him against ropes! Kenny flops down and out, fans rally. Huxley wants after but the ref keeps him in. Kenny scurries under the ring?!

Huxley goes out, can’t find Kenny, Kenny comes out the side to POST Huxley! Kenny shoves Huxley into the ring, reels him in, BAD LUCK! Cover, Kenny wins!

Winner: Kenny Williams, by pinfall

The headlock driver finished this off but what won was Kenny sneaking around in the dark. Will Kenny continue to use his scummy ways to win himself a golden opportunity?


NXT UK Media catches up with Xia Brookside.

She’s in a good mood, but they bring up the tension between her and Sid Scala. Well he’s going to go see him real soon so- Someone comes over and says Xia’s 15 minutes late for training. Right, but she doesn’t have to train. She has her own one-on-one classes. It’s okay if the trainer didn’t know, it’s fine. But she has a note, too. You go ahead and read that. Xia heads off, but will the second gen star’s new spoiled streak start to grow?


NXT UK Media catches up with Mark Andrews.

How is he feeling after that win over Nathan Frazer? He’s psyched! A big win for sure, but let’s talk about Frazer. That kid has tons of potential and is a breath of fresh air. Jordan Devlin walks over and disapproves. Andrews has been around forever and is still making these rookie mistakes. You get 30 seconds on camera and you want to talk about someone else? Act more like an ace, less like a bit part player. Maybe Andrews can drop the nice guy attitude and take some notes. The Irish Ace, huh? Real professional. But this encounter sparked a match! Will the high-fiving, stage-diving rockstar show Devlin what a nice guy can do in the ring?


Gallus VS Teoman & Rohan Raja!

While Wolfgang isn’t Markus’ blood brother, the firm is looking to show the Babo and his young ward what family is really about! Will the Gallus boys still be on top here in NXT UK?

The teams sort out and Wolfgang starts against Raja. They circle, tie up, and Wolfgang DECKS Raja with that EuroUpper! Wolfgang wrenches Raja, CLUBS it, wrenches it again, then whips Raja to the corner. Tag to Mark, Gallus mugs Raja and Mark has the cravat. Raja throws Mark off but runs into an arm-drag! Mark keeps on the arm while staring down Teoman. Raja gets up but Mark has a half straitjacket chinlock. Tag to Wolfgang, Mark ripcords Raja for a shoulder! Wolfgang CLUBS Raja on the back, wrenches, but Raja breaks free to ROCK Wolfgang! Tag to Teoman but Wolfgang gets him for a knuckle lock and arm-drag!

Teoman fights up but Wolfgang arm-drags again! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang whips Teoman hard to a corner! Tag to Mark, Gallus get Teoman for a DOUBLE MONKEY FLIP! Raja run sin but into double shoulders! Mark then baseball slides and WRECKS Teoman! Fans fire up as Mark throws forearms then puts Teoman in the ring. Teoman bails out but Mark runs, but the baseball slide is caught into the apron skirt! Raja and Teoman mug Mark, Wolfgang wants to go after them but the ref has him stay back. Teoman puts Mark in the ring, hops up and missile dropkicks Mark in the back! Teoman taunts Mark, then he CULBS Mark to the corner.

Tag to Raja, he stomps and kicks Mark around. Raja CLUBS and stomps Mark but fans rally up. Raja whips Mark into the corner, tag to Teoman. Teoman whips Raja in for a BIG splash! Cover, TWO! Joe coaches up his brother but Teoman has the rear mount, and stomps Mark right between the shoulder blades! Teoman drags Mark up to wrench the arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Tag to Raja, they mug Mark, Raja snapmares to a chinlock. Fans rally up, Mark fights up and throws body shots. Raja shoves and CLOBBERS Mark with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Tag to Teoman, they mug Mark again, and Teoman knuckle locks to wrangle Mark down.

Teoman tortures Mark’s arm from wrist to elbow, and bends the fingers way back! Mark hits back but Teoman stomps him down. Mark gets up, Teoman kicks but Mark fires off forearms! Teoman wrangles Mark again, and PENALTY KICKS the bad arm! Then he sucker punches Wolfgang! Fans boo but Teoman tags Raja. Teoman whips Raja in but Raja is TOSSED up and out! Mark dodges Teoman to POLISH HAMMER Teoman down! Fans fire up as Mark crawls, but Raja gets in his way to pick him up! But Mark keeps reaching, and he tags Wolfgang after all! Wolfgang rallies on Teoman and Raja with big lariats and shoulders!

Wolfgang fires off hands on Raja, whips him to ropes and back drops him high and hard! Wolfgang howls before he hits the splash in the corner! Wolfgang shoves Raja, goes up top, DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Wolfgang DECKS Teoman as payback! Raja runs in, but into an elbow. Wolfgang goes up, SPLASH to a standing Raja! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang drags Raja up, suplexes but Raja slips out to tag Teoman. Teoman runs in, into a hip toss! Wolfgang keeps going, for a SENTON! Teoman flounders after the #SlideBy, but he gets another SPLASH in the corner! Wolfgang goes up, leaps, but Teoman dodges the ax handles! Teoman baits Wolfgang into a BUCKLE SHOT!

Raja tags in, Teoman again baits Wolfgang, Raja ripcords and ROCKS Wolfgang with a forearm! Teoman ENZIGURIS, Raja hits the BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang is still in this and fans fire up! Teoman tags in, he and Raja get Wolfgang up, WHEELBARROW DDT! Cover, Mark breaks it! Raja storms in and throws Mark out! Raja and Teoman get Wolfgang again, handspring but Wolfgang slips out to DOUBLE LARIAT! Wolfgang crawls over, hot tag to Mark! Mark gets Teoman for a HALF NELSON SLAM! Cover, TWO! Teoman survives, Mark tags back to Wolfgang. Gallus gets Teoman up, scoop, but Raja gets on the apron.

Mark DECKS Raja, but Teoman slips out and shoves Wolfgang to ropes. Wolfgang rebounds and collides head to head with Teoman! Mark looks to Wolfgang, but is that Charlie Dempsey!? Dempsey attacks Joe from behind! And he throws Joe into steel steps! Mark goes out after him but Raja CLOBBERS Mark from behind! The ref reprimands them all, is Dempsey part of Teoman’s family!? Teoman tags Raja, gets Wolfgang up, ROLLING INVERTED DDT! AKA, the Evil Eye! Then feed to Raja’s COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, Raja & Teoman win!!

Winners: Rohan Raja & Teoman, by pinfall

Former tag team champions fall, because Teoman has a new brother in arms! They all stomp away on Wolfgang! Teoman DECKS Mark as soon as he gets in the ring, but here comes Joe! Joe rallies with big hands on all of them, but that’s 3v1! Dempsey CHOP BLOCKS, Raja SHOVES Joe into ropes! Gallus boys are down as Dempsey has Joe in the ropes with a GROVIT! Fans chant “You Suck!” but that doesn’t change that Teoman’s family has grown bigger and stronger?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of NXT UK, and I was right about Dempsey being steered towards joining “the family.” It still doesn’t quite feel like the right fit but it was definitely how they were setting this up so it makes sense it all happens here. There’s obviously a Six Man Tag coming from this, and that should be really good. We got a very good opener from A-Kid VS Gradwell, and I had a feeling AK would win. I do find it interesting that Gradwell had more the Face role in the interaction with Dar & Sha, but I suppose it’s hard to out Heel Dar & Sha. Unless this turns into a rare Heel VS Heel thing here. All three guys are great at showing attitude, I think these guys will show the RawDown writers what good promos are really like.

Nina VS Aleah was good, and how great for Aleah to get another win. Did not see Isla attacking her so suddenly, but I am waiting for when all this brings us like supernatural, very powerful Isla. Then and only then does someone take the title off Meiko Satomura. Good match from Kenny VS Huxley, and that was actually the least cheaty way for Kenny to beat Huxley. Maybe we get a rematch and Kenny cheats even harder. Good interaction from Andrews and Devlin and we’re going to get a really good match there. Xia’s promo didn’t really give the feel of being that spoiled but she was definitely coming off as trying to slack off. Dragunov had a very good promo to hype up his match with Rampage, and of course that one is going to be badass.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/8/22)

It’s a golden Monday night!



WWE Raw 2022

Can Ciampa conquer the All Mighty?

Raw kicks off the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, AND sees Bobby Lashley defend the US Championship against Tommaso Ciampa! Who reaches golden glory in Cleveland?


  • Seth Rollins VS Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford; Rollins wins.
  • Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens; No Contest.
  • Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgement Day; wins.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley VS Tamina & Dana Brooke; win and advance to the next round.
  • WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley VS Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Miz; wins and


The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Bracket is here!

Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky are of course a team, and they’ll be taking on Tamina & Dana Brooke! Then Asuka teams with Alexa Bliss to take on Nikki A.S.H. and “Doudrop” Piper Niven, Raquel Rodriguez teams with Aliyah against Shotzi & Xia Li, and in quite the surprise, NXT’s Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark will be taking on Natalya & Sonya Deville! Who will make it to the finals to be the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky head to the ring!

The Role Model leads #CobraKai and the Evil Genius out here in The Land, and The Land boos them after all the cheap shots they’ve been taking. Bayley, Kai & Sky all get mics and Bayley says, “DING DONG~!” Fans boo but Bayley says c’mon, she hasn’t seen them in forever and this is what she gets? But Bayley, Kai & Sky are all excited to see your dumb, smiling faces! Trust her when she says they don’t wanna be here, either, but the fans need them. The fans are watching to see what these three do to salvage this division. Kai says, “Like crash SummerSlam and shake everyone up?” “Exactly!”

The fans can’t honestly sit here and say they enjoy watching Becky Lynch play dress-up every week. But they cheer! But they can’t honestly like that “champion” in Bianca Belair. But they cheer again! Bianca would be nothing without Bayley! And that’s why last week, they had to make a statement. For all the fans! First, they took care of stupid Becky’s shoulder, then they lit a fire under every single woman in the locker room, for the fans! These three are bringing back what’s been missing. Sky says it’s the hunger! Yes! The division needs to be hungry for more! But Bayley doesn’t blame the locker room. They’re just like the fans: sheeple who don’t know how to ask for more.

But if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, ask better questions! So here’s a question for all the idiots out there: “How am I the only one to realize what a lethal weapon Iyo Sky is? How am I the only person in this whole damn building who realized the benefits of bringing in someone like Dakota Skai?” Okay, yes, she said it wrong, big whoop! Shut up so she can think, dummies! They’re upsetting Bayley, but imagine how mad these two are? They’ve been boiling this whole time! Fans boo, Bayley gets mad, but Kai has her calm down. Bayley doesn’t have to tell them anymore. Kai & Sky will show them in this tag title tournament tonight and win it!

But wait! Here comes Alexa Bliss! AND Asuka! The Fury and the Empress are going to be in that same tournament, so this seems to be a reminder. But here comes BIANCA, too! The RawEST Women’s Champion walks down to the ring with Alexa and Asuka and they get mics, too. Alexa says, “Yeah, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.” Fans chant for the EST, and Alexa tells Dakota & Iyo that they’re not winning. If they win tonight, guess who they’ll face next? Alexa Bliss & Asuka!! And after what they pulled last week, there’s more incentive to beat the hell out of them and win the titles.

And Bianca tells Iyo they’re not done, either. Bianca IS hungry, and she’s ready to finish what they started last week. But if we’re playing the numbers game, the three of them have no problem dealing with Bayley’s three right now. Oh pipe down. Bayley knew this would get them all worked up. But Bayley calls the shots. They can do 3v3 where it counts, which isn’t here in Cleveland! The Six Woman Tag can happen at Clash at the Castle! Bianca looks to Alexa and Asuka, and challenge accepted! Okay, then! But while Bayley is trying to keep control, Bianca says tonight, she’ll lose it! And the brawl is own! Bianca fires off on Bayley, Asuka throws Kai out while Alexa is after Iyo!

Fans fire up as things spill out of the ring, and then into the crowd! Bianca throws knees on Bayley but refs rush out to break up the others. Bayley hits back, Iyo SMACKS Alexa off the desk! Then Iyo goes after Bianca! Asuka rushes after Iyo, but then Kai rushes after Asuka! Alexa gets on the barrier to CROSSBODY everyone!! Fans are fired up as Alexa drags Kai up to fire off forearms! Officials and management rush out now, will this chaos subside after the break?


Seth Rollins VS Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford!

The Visionary already burned it down with Montez Ford, but now he takes on the other half of the Street Profits! Will Rollins sweep the series? Or will the #CurseOfGreatness take down the Architect?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Rollins headlocks, but Dawkins powers up and out. Rollins wrenches to mule kick, but Dawkins avoids the Curb Stomp! Dawkins and Rollins circle, tie up, and Dawkins headlocks. Rollins powers up and out, things speed up and Rollins hurdles, but Dawkins handsprings! And DROPKICKS! Cover, ONE, but Dawkins wrenches to a wristlock, then YANKS the arm. Dawkins grinds the arm but Rollins pulls headbands to whip Dawkins to ropes. Dawkins hurdles then FLYING ELBOWS! Ford mocks Rollins’ short temper, then Dawkins POUNCES Rollins over the desk! Fans are fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Rollins has Dawkins down with an armlock. Dawkins fights up but Rollins wrenches. Dawkins ROCKS Rollins with forearm after forearm, then he whips Rollins to a corner. Dawkins runs in, into a BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins catches his breath but Ford is right there coaching Dawkins. Rollins kicks Ford away! Ford gets mad and gets a chair! Ford gets in the ring, the fans are fired up, but the ref has Ford stay back! Ford lets go of the chair and the ref throws it out, but he still has to keep Ford from hitting Rollins. The ref EJECTS Ford! And Rollins laughs while the fans boo. “Bye bye~!”

Rollins grins and laughs as he soaks up the heat from the fans, but Dawkins is up to clothesline Rollins up and out! Fans fire up, Dawkins builds speed, and he FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans are thunderous! Dawkins puts Rollins in, scoops him, PUMP HANDLE FALL AWAY SLAM! Dawkins then runs to CYCLONE SPLASH! And ENZIGURI! Then the underhooks for the SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and Dawkins can’t believe it! Fans fire up as Dawkins scoops but Rollins slips off to O’Conner Roll! TWO, Rollins comes back to turn Dawkins, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Rollins then runs, but Dawkins dodges!

Dawkins rolls Rollins up, but Rollins rolls through! Dawkins dodges again, SKY HIGH BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Rollins survives and Cleveland is losing their mind! Rollins flops out of the ring and Dawkins snarls. Dawkins goes out and runs in around the way, but is sent into steel steps! Rollins gets in the ring, Dawkins pursues, but the CURB- NO, Dawkins dodges again! SKY- NO, Rollins wrenches and WRINGS the arm, then underhooks! PEDIGREE!! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Visionary couldn’t hit his favorite, but wait! Here’s the CURB STOMP!! Ford rushes back out but the damage to Dawkins is done! Rollins runs off, having swept the Profits. Will he face the consequences? Or just head off towards the title?


The Mysterios talk backstage.

Dominik helps Rey prepare for Finn Balor, but in walks Edge! Rey’s cool but Edge can tell Dom’s heated up. Edge has their backs, because what happened last week with that Spear was an accident. Are they cool? Dom’s cool. But then he shoves Edge! Rey calms Dom down, it was an accident! Rey’s known Edge for 20 years, he’s like family! Rey’s known Dom for 25! How can Rey take Edge’s side?! Dom storms off but Rey assures Edge he’ll talk with Dom about this. Is it going to be harder to forgive the Rated R Superstar than expected?


Backstage interview with The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa.

The Hollywood A-Lister and the Psycho Killer are here after Ciampa’s phenomenal win last week to become Bobby Lashley’s challenger tonight. Does he feel tonight is the night? Miz points out the use of “phenomenal,” and asks if Kevin Patrick couldn’t think of another word. Miz says there is nothing phenomenal about someone who sides with a hack like Logan Paul! But who had the last laugh? Ciampa! And Ciampa says people always talk about overcoming adversity. When you want something you believe in, believe in Ciampa! Who believed in Ciampa? The first-ever US Champion, Harley Race! That man trained Ciampa and made him into the man he is today.

Three years ago to the day, Harley paced away. Tonight, Ciampa dedicates his win to the King, Harley Race! And, and, AND, with Harley looking down on him, and with the Miz in his corner, Ciampa will truly make this his moment. When he steps foot in that ring and Lashley looks into his eyes, Lashley will feel Ciampa’s sacrifice, and Lashley will realize that he has already lost. Will Ciampa’s blackheart finally beat with gold again?


Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens!

Once again, the younger brother of Elias is taking on the Prizefighter, and even though Kevin claims he’s over his obsession, this will be quite the test. Will Kevin focus on the fight and not Ezekiel’s identity? Or will he #ZekeOut all over again?

The bell rings and Kevin rushes Zeke! Kevin fires off forearms, maybe that obsession has rekindled already! Kevin stomps away in the corner, Zeke slips out but Kevin goes out to POST him! And the RAM him into the desk! And then again, making the desk move! Zeke crawls, Kevin drags him up and reels him in! Fans fire up for the APRON POWERBOMB!! Kevin’s mean streak has returned and Zeke writhes! The ref is calling this match, Zeke can’t continue!

No Contest

Kevin gets in the ring and looks down on Zeke while medics are rushed out to the ring. They bring a stretcher and board! Kevin laughs at the destruction he has wrought, but is this going to be the last time we see Zeke?


Rey Mysterio VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgement Day!

The King of Lucha and the Prince go another round, and things are even more tense after what happened at SummerSlam and last week on Raw. Will Rey finally end things with the Judgement Day? Or will he face the punishment for resisting?

Finn gets a mic to say, “Edge thinks we should fear him. Rey Mysterio thinks that we should fear him. Those two can’t even get on the same page! Poor little Dominik Mysterio’s already abandoned both of them! The Judgement Day isn’t afraid of anyone! Y’know why? Because fear isn’t real. Fear is a product of your imagination. But danger is real! Danger is very real! And Rey, tonight, you’re going to find out that I am danger!” Priest tells Edge that to be clear, if he wanted to, he could lay Edge out. But in two weeks, the WWE is in Toronto. Edge hasn’t wrestled on Raw in Canada in 12 years!

So here it is! Priest is officially challenging Edge, 1v1! The Rated R Superstar VS The Punisher! If Edge still has a set, then he and Priest can end this! Edge may have started the Judgement Day, but in Toronto, in front of Edge’s family and friends, the Judgement Day ends Edge! What will Edge say about that challenge? As for Rey, he can’t seem to find Dominik anywhere. Well, Edge’s offer still stands, especially after being called out. Rey says he knows Dom, Dom will come to his senses. Well, okay then. Go get ’em! Rey goes it alone for now, but will he be alone in the end? We find out, after the break.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; wins.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; win.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; win.
  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; wins.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; wins.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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