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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/10/21)

RKBRO on a Friday?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

The champions of SmackDown defend their turf!

Before facing off for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Day 1, The Usos and New Day take on RKBRO in a Triple Threat Tag!


  • Los Lotharios VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs; Nakamura & Boogs win.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Sheamus; McIntyre wins.
  • Naomi VS Sonya Deville; No Contest.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Toni Storm; Storm wins by disqualification and earns a future title match.
  • Triple Threat Tag: The Usos VS The New Day VS RKBRO; The New Day wins.


WWE mourns the loss of Jack Lanza.


Sami Zayn heads to the ring!

And he’s in a wheelchair, being wheeled out by muscular orderlies. Sami has a neck brace and a cast on a leg, too, all (supposedly) from being thrown around by Brock Lesnar and then Speared by Roman Reigns. Sami gets a mic to introduce himself as “the toughest man in the WWE history.” Don’t judge by what you see now, but by what it took to put him in this state. It took BOTH Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar to do this to Sami! You don’t think that’s a little weird? Two guys who can’t stand each other both worked to keep Sami from becoming Universal Champion. He won’t claim conspiracy, but c’mon! He was ROBBED!

But y’know what really hurt the most? It wasn’t the German Suplexes of the F5’s. It was the BETRAYAL. Now, Sami has to do something about it! Now Sami has to do what’s right! Now Sami has to stand by his convictions and he must SUE! It brings Sami no pleasure, but he’ll Adam Pearce, he’ll sue Sonya Deville, he’ll sue the ref who shouldn’t have let the match happen, he’ll sue Roman, Lesnar, Paul Heyman and anyone that had anything to do with robbing him of his opportunity! But Heyman walks out to say “Ladies and gentlemen…” He apologizes that we had to be subjected to the spiel of suing and litigation from, of all people, Sami Zayn.

Paul thinks Sami is kidding? This isn’t a joke. No, Heyman doesn’t think this is funny. Heyman’s people do the litigating. His people own Hollywood to begin with! Shabot shalom, Sami. But Heyman finishes his self-introduction but Sami interrupts by saying he wasn’t done talking. Get out of his shot. Heyman hushes Sami but Sami won’t let Heyman stay in the shot. But Heyman says that on behalf of the WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, Roman… Reigns…! Heyman is here- Sami stands up on his one good leg and says Heyman doesn’t understand. Sami isn’t done talking! And Sami happens to know that Roman isn’t here tonight.

Heyman says Roman is on a sabbatical to train for Day 1. Right, in Samoa. But Heyman’s here, all alone. Heyman wants to disrespect Sami? Neck brace or not, wheelchair or not, Sam is a world class athlete who will rip Heyman’s head off. There is NO ONE to save Heyman! Even the orderlies step up to Heyman. Wait, LESNAR is here! Lesnar grins as he has his pyro. And he gets a chair! Lesnar smacks the desk to show he’s serious about using it! Lesnar gets in the ring, and he sets it up to take a seat. Heyman says hey, but then Lesnar asks for the mic. Heyman hands it over as fans chant, “SUPLEX CITY!” Lesnar takes a seat to look Sami in the eye as he says, “How ya doin’, buddy?”

Not great. Sami isn’t great. But a wheelchair, a neck brace and a pair of male nurses? Oh is that funny, Brock? This is cuz of you! And shut your mouth! Lesnar wants Sami to calm down. They got off on the wrong foot. Ya think? Lesnar apologizes for last week. But on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does it hurt? TEN! It’s at ten! Okay. But Sami says the emotional pain is a 20. Aww. Lesnar feels that. Does he? Sami said they were friends, right? Sami thought they were! Well they’re both Canadian alpha males. Now Lesnar will ask Sami, does Sami really think he could’ve Single handedly beaten Roman? Lesnar did Sami a favor! A favor!? He throw Sami on his head!

Think about it, Sami. Sami was never gonna beat Roman Reigns on that night and Sami knows it. So then… Lesnar was thinking two steps ahead to hurt Sami so that Roman’s victory wouldn’t really count? Exactly! Sami’s a smart kid! And speaking of, Sami said he was from Canada, but what part? Montreal, Quebec. Oh… Lesnar knows a little French. Sami says they don’t really talk like that. Brock’s just trying to lighten this up. But from one alpha male to another, Lesnar wants to invite Sami to Saskatchewan. They can go hunting, fishing. Sami’s vegan… Oh, c’mon, Sami! Lesnar stands up and Sami gets scared.

Lesnar just thinks they should get outta Hollywood and enjoy something more fun. Sami says maybe. Lesnar wheels Sami to the ropes but Heyman asks, “The Hell am I looking at here?!” Did Heyman spend too much time at the dispensary? Three years ago, this would’ve been an automatic trip to Suplex City! Instead, it’s Canadian besties about to go moose hunting instead of watching The Beast! The Conqueror! The once and most likely future REIGNING! DEFNDING! UNDISPUTED! WWE UNIVERSAL! Lesnar gets fired up and he MAULS Sami’s nurses! Sami is stuck in his wheelchair and fans fire up! Lesnar KICKS Sami out of the chair! Then TOSSES the chair!

Lesnar drags Sami up by his neck brace, to fireman’s carry! AND F5!! Heyman likes what he sees! But will Roman like seeing that Heyman motivated this out of The Beast?


Backstage interview with Brock Lesnar.

Kayla asks the purpose of Lesnar going to the ring. Go ask his Advocate, Paul Heyman. Is that official?


Los Lotharios VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs!

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo wait in the ring as the King of Strong Style and his rockin’ bard make their entrance. Will these two teams finally settle the score in this tag team rematch?

The teams sort out, Boogs starts with Carrillo. Boogs runs Carrillo right over at the bell! Then he scoops, only for Carrillo to slip out, kick, and run into a POUNCE from Boogs! Fans fire up with Boogs but he runs into a cheap shot from Garza! Boogs HIP TOSSES Garza in, then trophy lifts him to TOSS him out of the ring! Boogs is fire dup but Carrillo jumps on and claws Boogs’ face! Carrillo rains down forearms then wraps on a chinlock. Boogs fights up, fans rally and Boogs has an inverted crucifix, for a spin! Carrillo falls, Boogs manages to take Nakamura! Nakamura hits the KINSHASA!! Cover, Nakamura & Boogs win!

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs, by pinfall

Well that was fast! Will the WWE Intercontinental Champion finally be able to focus on defending that belt with Los Lotharios out of the way?


Several superstars gather around backstage.

Ricochet, the Viking Raiders, Drew Gulak and Mansoor join Kofi Kingston and a veiled item. No touching! They’re waiting for King Xavier Woods. What will we see be unveiled? Find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Kofi says, “Hear ye, hear ye. Prepare yourselves to take in the presence of your king, King Woods. First of his name, bringing of New Days and clotter of Bloodlines.” Today is a special day. For now we have his new crown! BEHOLD! It has an X on it for Xavier! Now that Woods has his new, majestic crown, forged from the donated unicorn homes from across the land, he prepares for battle. he and Kofi will fight valiantly against the Bros from the Land of Raw, and the odious, orc-like Usos, to once again yet prove that they are the GREATEST Tag Team- No disrespect to the Viking Raiders- IN ALL OF WWE! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!


Adam Pearce is visited by Drew McIntyre.

And he has his sword, too. McIntyre brings up Pearce laving him out of the Black Friday Battle Royal. Uh, that list was approved by a higher authority. Sonya Deville heard from said higher authority that McIntyre isn’t allowed to bring his sword tot he ring… So McIntyre STABS the sword through the desk! Will the Scottish Warrior still be able to dish out a Claymore in the ring?


Sasha Banks finds Toni Storm backstage.

The Boss knows Charlotte Flair thinks Toni isn’t on her level, but Toni’s got this! Toni’s trained all over the world, from Australia to Japan to England, and she’s mastered all those styles. There is no better a competitor! Sasha’s known Charlotte a long time, and she was never angrier or more embarrassed than last week when Toni got her with that pie. Toni says, “Y’know what they say: Pie-back’s a bitch.” They laugh it up, because so is Charlotte Flair. But watch your back, Toni. Charlotte will come back hard. Don’t lose your cool before Charlotte. When Charlotte messes it up, it’ll be #ToniTime!


Drew McIntyre VS Sheamus!

The Swiss Cyborg is watching this backstage as we’re about to see the next chapter in The Scottish Warrior VS The Celtic Warrior! Will McIntyre take his frustrations out on the Fella’s face?

SmackDown returns and McIntyre makes his entrance. McIntyre may not have “Angela,” but Pearce meanwhile trying to remove the sword from his desk. Sheamus taunts McIntyre with the shillelagh, but McIntyre SWATS it away! The bell rings and the forearms fire off! McIntyre knees low, CHOPS  then whips, but Sheamus KICKS back! Sheamus CLUBS McIntyre, bumps him off buckles, but McIntyre body shots and buckle bumps back. McIntyre CHOPS, follows Sheamus around the ring and stomps him, to then CHOP him again! Sheamus CLUBS then CLOBBERS McIntyre, “I hate those chops!”

McIntyre goes to the apron, Sheamus brings McIntyre up to CLUBS him. An then he brings McIntyre into the Beats of the Bodhrain! But McIntyre stops it at one to elbow Sheamus, and turn it around! McIntyre gets five shot but Sheamus hotshots him back! Sheamus turns it back around to give him all TEN then a hotshot for good measure! Sheamus goes out to the apron and leaps, but McIntyre dodges! McIntyre gets Sheamus on the return, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans are fired up for this slugfest already as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and McIntyre kicks low. Sheamus blocks the Future Shock to Alabama lift! McIntyre sunset flips out, Sheamus rolls through to clinch and IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Sheamus soaks up the heat, “Are you not entertained?!” Sheamus CLUBS McIntyre at the ropes, fireman’s carries, but McIntyre fights free and CHOPS again! Sheamus swings but McIntyre spins him for FUTURE SHOCK! And a kip up! Fans fire up with McIntyre and he goes to the corner. He gives us the countdown, then- KNEE from Sheamus! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives and Sheamus is shocked!

Sheamus drags McIntyre around, he soaks up the heat from the fans and aims from the corner. Sheamus fires up, runs in, but McIntyre dodges the Brogue to roll-up! TWO, Sheamus mule kicks! Sheamus scoops, but McIntyre slips off and GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTTS! McIntyre whips, Sheamus reverses and gives him a headbutt right back! Sheamus whips, McIntyre rebounds to CLAYMORE!! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

And the Scottish Warrior stands tall over the Celtic Warrior! But wait, Happy Corbin & Mad Cap Moss have taken Pearce’s desk, sword still in it! What kind of bad practical joke is this?!


WWE pays tribute to “Blackjack” Jack Lanza.

“A true man’s man,” a star for three decades, and one-half of Bobby Heenan’s tag team, The Blackjacks, who would be AWA, NWA and WWE Tag Team Champions. After retiring, Lanza stayed on behind the scenes to pass on his knowledge and wisdom. His contributions in and out of the ring are immeasurable, and will be one of the most respected and beloved members of the WWE Family.


Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

Kayla startles him again, and he again tells her to stop that. But she just wants a quick word. She was told to ask Heyman about how Lesnar was here tonight. Is Heyman the Advocate to Lesnar again? “Please stop doing that, too. Okay? Good night.” But, um, how will Roman react to what we saw tonight? Heyman gets scared for a different reason now. And he’s speechless, so he just leaves.


Naomi VS Sonya Deville!

The deal was struck that these two would face off as competitors and equals, so long as Naomi respected Sonya’s authority up until the bell. Will Naomi get payback for all the biased abuse of power? Or does Sonya have one last devious trick up her suit’s sleeve?

SmackDown returns and Naomi has the mic. “Sonya knows all that she did. But I know what I’m about to do tonight. So why don’t you take off that suit, Cruella, and come get this glow! Where you at, girl?! Pull up!” Sonya makes her entrance and takes off the jacket to go right to the ring. She wants the mic now, and she says, “We’re going to get to the match, but first, I have a couple of surprises. As your special guest ring announcer, allow me to introduce to you, Natalya!” The Queen of Harts appears ringside, and then the special guest timekeeper is Sonya’s “good friend,” Shayna Baszler. The Queen of Spades has the watch and the bell hammer.

Naomi goes out to DECK Shayna! And hit an APRON BULLDOG! But then Natty grabs at Naomi, only for Naomi to ROUNDHOUSE her down! Sonya sees this isn’t going to work out so she bails out. Sonya tells the others to go after Naomi now! They flank Naomi, Naomi wants them all to bring it! But here comes XIA LI! The Protector makes her debut, doing just as she said she would: fight injustice! She joins Naomi in the ring, and she goes after Sonya! Natty & Shayna get in, they brawl, but Xia ROCKS Natty then back elbows and sobats! Sonya slithers in but Naomi gives Shayna a FLYING ROUNDHOUSE, into Xia’s HEEL KICK! Sonya is alone again!

Sonya tries to apologize, but she’s the one surrounded! She ducks a slap but not the BACK HAND from Xia! Naomi drags Sonya to a drop zone but Natty & Shayna get Sonya out of there! Naomi and Xia show respect to each other with a bow. Will this alliance of Protect and Glow finally force Sonya to be a good boss?


RKBRO talks backstage.

Friday Night SmackDown, Matt Riddle is excited! Riddle wants Orton to meet his friends. They are some of the gnarliest dudes ever here. Riddle introduces the cast of Jackass! Riddle says he’s been watching Jackass forever! Oh hey, that’s the name of the newest movie! But these guys have a ton of experience getting tossed around and hurt. Any advice for Riddle and Orton? Johnny Knoxville has a move. The Hook and Ladder. The what? This? CROTCH LIFT! Riddle’s seen that one before. That’s a good one. Party Boy just says, “Stay lubricated.” Does Orton have something to say to the cast of Jackass? “Nah, I don’t.”

Wow, that guy’s wound up tighter than nuts on a new bridge. That’s just Orton being Orton. You up for some shenanigans later? Yeah!


SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Toni Storm!

The Queen says she’s The Opportunity in the WWE Women’s Division, and after Toni got sweet revenge last week, Charlotte is giving her this huge opportunity! Will the Lightning From Down Under strike and get a golden ticket tonight? Or will Charlotte get revenge on Toni’s revenge and have the last laugh?

SmackDown returns and Toni makes her entrance. The bell rings and Charlotte DECKS Toni! Charlotte pushes Toni around, scoops her, but Toni slips out to sobat. Things speed up, Toni redirects and basement dropkicks! Charlotte goes to a corner, Toni runs in to HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up with Toni and she brings Charlotte up. Charlotte blocks the German Suplex and elbows out hard! Charlotte pushes Toni, runs, but Toni CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Toni and she brings Charlotte up to fire EuroUppers. Toni whips, Charlotte reveres but Toni goes under and dodges, to then BOOT! Toni runs in but Charlotte BOOTS her back!

Charlotte grins as fans “WOO~!” Charlotte drags Toni to a drop zone, steps on her on her way to the corner, then climbs up the ropes. Toni avoids the first moonsault, but not the STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Charlotte scowls at the ref, drags Toni around and gives Toni a KNEE JAMMER! And then another! Toni turns Figure Four into cradle, TWO!! Toni dodges the boot to GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Charlotte rolls away and fans rally up for Toni. Toni goes after Charlotte on the apron but Charlotte hotshots her down! Charlotte then POSTS Toni, dumps her to the apron and stomps away! Toni flops down before 4 so Charlotte doesn’t even have to worry about the count.

Charlotte drags Toni up to stomp her away, but this time she goes past 5! Toni wins by Disqualification!

Winner: Toni Storm, by disqualification (earns a future championship opportunity)

Charlotte doesn’t even care, she wants to hurt Toni! She puts Toni in to BOOT her down! Will Charlotte make sure Toni understands who’s on top when these two fight again? Or will Toni make her pay for crossing the line by taking her title?


Lesnar visits Pearce.

Lesnar gets in Pearce’s face since there’s no desk now. “Remember that suspension that you gave me? And that million dollar fine? I never had the opportunity to thank you.” Lesnar understands that million dollars went to charity so Lesnar appreciates that. And another thanks, that because of the suspension, Lesnar had time off and got to enjoy one of the great things that he loves, hunting. He scored a GIANT moose! Like, this thing was 2000 pounds! He has a picture on his flip phone. He still can’t quite figure out this stuff. He ends up breaking the phone! But Lesnar took the moose, strung it up, skinned the moose, and gutted it. There must’ve been about 225 pounds of guts alone.

And then after all that, Lesnar butchered the moose and ate it. You ever had moose? Pearce hasn’t. It’s very distinct. Lesnar rather enjoys moose. It’s a delicacy, really. But anyway, Lesnar just wanted to thank Pearce. Oh, and the other thing, Lesnar named the moose after Pearce! He hung the head up and said he wanted to remember this forever. So that moose is named “Pearce.” Thanks…? No, thank you! Lesnar gives Pearce a hard pat on the back and wishes him a good night.


Triple Threat Tag: The Usos VS The New Day VS RKBRO!

While no tag titles are on the line, this might as well determine THE BEST tag team in WWE today! Jimmy & Jey are the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Randy Orton & Matt Riddle are the Raw Tag Team Champions, but Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (along with Big E) are ELEVEN-TIME W! W! E! TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIONS~! Which team stands above all on the road to WWE Day 1?

SmackDown returns and the Usos have the mics. Jey says, “It seems like our boy, Woods, got a new crown tonight. You think we care about that?” Jimmy says, “NOPE!” RKBRO slinking around in the back. You think they care about that? NOPE! No, the only thing they care about is getting this W tonight! Just like at Day 1! They the Bloodline, they run this, and “WE! ARE! THE ONES!” But here comes the New Day! Woods wears his new crown as he and Sir Kofi go to the ring, but SmackDown goes to another break before this battle of the best begins!

SmackDown returns again, and RKBRO make their entrance. The WWE Twitter poll says RKBRO are the best, will they prove it here?

In this form of Triple Threat, only two teams start, so the Usos step out. Kofi and Riddle circle, fist bump, then tie up. Riddle shoots in, waistlocks and SLAMS Kofi down. Riddle gets an arm, rolls Kofi, but Kofi fights the armbar to a roll-up, ONE! The two stand off, circle, tie up with knuckle locks, but Kofi shoots in to waistlock. Riddle elbows free, whips, but Kofi goes up to dropkick Riddle down! Cover, TWO! Kofi drags Riddle over, tags in Woods, then runs to PENALTY KICK! Woods SLIDING LARIATS! Kofi REBOUND SPLASHES! Woods FIST DROPS! Cover, TWO! Woods wraps on a chinlock, stands Riddle up and CHOPS! Riddle fires a forearm, Woods hits back!

Woods and Riddle fire off shots, Woods mule kicks a leg out then takes a bow. Woods runs to SLIDING COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Woods keeps Riddle from Randy, throws a haymaker but Riddle counter punches! Riddle fires forearms, runs, but Woods ROCKS Riddle with a forearm! Woods runs but Riddle returns the forearm! “That’s right, bro!” Riddle runs but Woods follows, Jey tags in before Riddle BOOTS! Jey DECKS Riddle, Kofi gets in but Jimmy DECKS him! The Usos DOUBLE UPPERCUT Orton, then they both build speed! DOUBLE DIVE! The Usos take out everyone and LA fires up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns yet again, Woods ducks and dodges Jey to then ROLLING ELBOW! Woods drags Jey over, tags in Kofi. and Woods feeds Jey into Kofi’s shoulder! Kofi goes up to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Kofi drags Jey in a chinbar and armlock and thrashes him around. Fans chant, “We Want Randy!” but Riddle tags in to take over with KICKS! Riddle gut wrench suplexes Jey, covers, TWO! Jey fights back but Riddle fires forearms. Jimmy tags in, Jey reverses the whip, Jimmy traps Riddle at ropes! Jey jumps on Riddle and the Usos mug him against ropes! But Orton runs in to make the save! Fans fire up as the Usos get away, and Jimmy punches Riddle on the apron!

Jimmy POSTS Riddle while Orton is forced to go back to his corner. The Usos soak up the heat, Jimmy puts Riddle in the ring but fans rally with “BRO! BRO! BRO!” Jimmy STOMPS Riddle’s hand! Jimmy has Riddle in the Uso corner and throws more haymakers. The ref has him back off over closed fists, Jimmy CHOPS Riddle instead. Tag to Jey, he climbs up and Jimmy scoops. AX HANDLE BACKBREAKER COMBO! The Usos raise their fingers, #WeTheOnes, and Jey mocks Riddle. Jey dares Riddle to crawl to Orton, but then clamps on a chinlock. Jey shifts to a facelock and grinds Riddle down, but Riddle endures.

Fans rally, Riddle fights up, reaches out, but Jey whips him away! Riddle hits buckles in the Uso corner, Jey brings Riddle back up to put him in the open corner. Jey taunts Orton, “UCE! OH!” But Riddle ducks the splash! Jey hits buckles and post, Riddle crawls! Jimmy runs in but Riddle tosses him! Riddle hurries to find his corner, but Jey grabs a leg! Riddle kicks Jey away, but Jimmy trips Orton! Jimmy SMACKS Orton off steps, Jey hits a SAMOAN NECKBREAKER! Cover, the New Day break it! The match rolls on as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once again and Jimmy has Riddle in the corner. Tag to Jey, but Riddle fires off forearms on Jimmy! Riddle ducks, ripcords and gives Jimmy a FINAL FLASH! Jey runs in, into a fireman’s carry and BRO TO SLEEP! Both men are down, and fans are thunderous for Orton! Riddle crawls, but Kofi tags in off Jey! Kofi uses Riddle as a step to leap and CLOBBER Orton! The New Day can’t let Orton get in, either! Kofi hurries to tag Woods, then go up the corner. Woods whips Riddle into the FLYING DOUBLE STOMPS! Woods covers, TWO!! Woods drags Riddle up while fans chant for, “RANDY! RANDY!” Woods suplexes high and hard, covers, TWO!

Woods wraps on a chinlock and grinds Riddle down. Riddle endures, he fights up and throws body shots. Riddle ROCKS Woods, runs but Woods CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Woods drags Riddle up to CLUB him down. And CLUB him again. Woods drags Riddle back up to CHOP, Riddle staggers but he CHOPS back! Woods CHOPS, Riddle CHOPS, we have a CHOP fight until Woods mule kicks a leg out! Tag to Kofi, the New Day gets Riddle up. Riddle KICKS Kofi, KNEES Woods, then spins Kofi for the PELE! Fans fire up and Orton is back on the corner! Riddle crawls over, Jey tags in off Kofi, Riddle tags in Orton!

The fans explode as The Viper rallies on Jey! POWERSLAM! Jimmy gets in, he gets a POWERSLAM! Orton drags Jey through ropes, fans fire up but Jey slips out to trip Orton up. Orton blocks the table bump to SMACK Jey off the desk! Woods runs in but his dropkick misses! Orton gives Woods an ANNOUNCE DESK BACK SUPLEX! Kofi runs in, he gets an ANNOUNCE DESK BACK SUPLEX, too! Orton goes back in the ring and stalks Jey, Jey mule kicks! Jey runs in but is put on the apron and through the ropes! DRAPING DDT! Orton hears the voices and LA is loving it! Jey staggers up, but he rolls Orton up, TWO! Jey aims, mule kick again! Orton falls, Jey goes up top!

USO SPLASH but he has to bail out! Woods tags in off Orton! Jey runs in, denies the RKO, but Orton gives Jimmy the RKO! Jey SUPERKICKS Orton, Woods slides in! Jey turns around into the SUPERKICK! Tag to Kofi, whip and scoop, DOUBLE STOMP BACKBREAKER COMBO!! Cover, the New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall

Kofi & Woods are defy the Twitter poll and establish themselves as (unofficially) the BEST Tag Team in the WWE today! Will they make it undeniable when they take the tag titles off The Usos at Day 1?

My Thoughts:

A really good SmackDown, but just on paper, this seemed like WWE was a little desperate for ratings. They threw RKBRO into things for tonight, but that was an awesome main event tag match. Fans rally love RKBRO, and especially Orton, but being this is SmackDown, it makes a lot of sense for a SmackDown team to win. New Day getting the win off the Usos was a surprise, but there is still a lot of time to change the math. New Day could win at Day 1 or Usos could win, still too early to call. But they can also use this idea of “New Day are the best team” as part of the build, because any team that beats the New Day should be seen as the best team. Also, pretty cool new crown for Woods.

Nakamura & Boogs squashing Los Lotharios was a little lame, but I hope this just puts that feud to bed and Nakamura can focus on his Intercontinental Championship. Would’ve been nice if someone came out to call him out for it, but I guess there isn’t really anyone in position to do that right now. We got a great match out of McIntyre and Sheamus, but with Jeff Hardy released by WWE recently, that really complicates how McIntyre is supposed to feud with Corbin & Moss. Cesaro and McIntyre could join forces to face Sheamus and Ridge Holland, but not sure about getting the sword back from those dorks.

I knew Sonya would use her authority to pull something, but I also like that they brought Xia Li in through her “Protector” persona. Xia & Naomi VS Shayna & Natty is going to be a great match, and hopefully Vince learns to give a damn about the Women’s Tag Division. Shayna & Natty as well as Naomi & Xia are two tag teams they can use to actually give SmackDown a chance at those tag titles, since WWE went and massively screwed over Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox. Sasha giving Toni the pep talk was a good bit of Face stuff for The Boss, but I guess Charlotte getting herself disqualified keeps her strong while still giving Toni a shot, probably at Day 1.

There was great story stuff from Lesnar and everyone involved. Lesnar interacting with Sami and Heyman getting upset over Lesnar going soft was all really fun. But while Heyman in the moment returned to his days of being Lesnar’s Advocate, it seems after, he realized what happened and regretted it. Roman will return next week so that will definitely be some fun of him confronting Heyman. They teased it before with Heyman throwing the belt between both men and acting like he wasn’t choosing a side, but I hope this time, Heyman makes it clear where his allegiances lie. And with the Royal Rumble still being in January, Lesnar could win at Day 1, be around all the way to Royal Rumble, and maybe lose there so that Roman takes the WrestleMania build.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Monday is ImPAULsive!



The Road to WrestleMania gets even bigger!

On the same night Roman Reigns returns to Raw, Logan Paul hosts a special edition of his talk show, with The Miz as special guest!


  • Austin Theory VS Montez Ford; Theory wins.
  • Omos w/ MVP VS Mustafa Ali; Omos wins.
  • Dominik Mysterio w/ Damian Priest VS Johnny Gargano w/ Dexter Lumis; Dom wins.
  • Chelsea Green & Piper Niven VS Asuka & Bianca Belair; win.


Kevin Owens is here!

The fans fire up as the Prizefighter heads to the ring, but it turns out, he’s not alone! SAMI ZAYN is here, too! The best frenemies reunited on SmackDown, so they’re rolling together here on Raw! Fans sing Sami’s song and then cheer for “SAMI! SAMI!” Kevin says, “I think they like you.” Fans then chant for “KO! KO!” Sami says, “Sounds like they like you, too, pal.” Kevin appreciates them cheering, and Sami says it feels really, really, really good to come out here on the same page with Kevin again. And he didn’t get a chance to say this last week, but Sami says he gets it.

After Elimination Chamber, for weeks Sami came up to Kevin, talking about not being friends and working together, he had it wrong. He thought of it as a business transaction, and that’s not how they’ve done this. They’ve needed each other their whole careers, whether as friends or enemies, they’ve always used each other to get to the next level, and they did it as brothers. Kevin says Sami is right about that, but here’s something Sami might not understand. For 20 years, Kevin’s been Sami’s biggest fan. Whether fighting each other or fighting alongside each other, Kevin’s been Sami’s biggest fan. Whenever he would be asked who is the best wrestler he’s been in the ring with, he’d say Sami Zayn.

So for the last six months, it was frustrating to see Sami in the Bloodline, being held under Roman’ Reigns’ thumb, when the truth is, Sami is better than all of them! He outgrew the Bloodline right away! Kevin knew it, the Bloodline knew it, and the FANS knew it! Kevin couldn’t take seeing Sami stay under Roman. But Sami got through to Kevin, and Kevin realized it was time to get over that and take down the Bloodline together. Sami says they both know what comes next. They look to the WrestleMania sign! And here come the Usos! Jimmy & Jey glare right at Sami & Kevin, and they have mics of their own to speak their minds.

Fans boo but Jey says, “Look at ’em! You see what I see?” Jimmy sees ’em, Uce. That right there is a backstabber! Sami, what you whispering about? Kevin’s Sami’s biggest fan, they like you, too! You two are just gonna backstab each other! They’re the kind of family that cuts at each other’s throats! Sami says they’re gonna talk about family with cutthroats and backstabbers, we all know it is Jey’s dream to get back at Roman Reigns! Jimmy says Sami’s the only one dreaming! Wake up! The two of them staring at the Mania sign like something’s gonna happen there. Nothing’s gonna happen there. NOTHING!

Kevin says let’s just cut to the chase. We all know where this is going, what they’re thinking. And by the sound of it, the fans are thinking the same thing! There’s only one way to settle this, and only one place to do it: The Grandest Stage of Them All! Jimmy & Jey as brothers VS these brothers, Kevin & Sami, for the Undisputed Tag Team titles at WrestleMania! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Jimmy says the Usos are the greatest team in the world! Kevin & Sami don’t deserve anything! They’ve been on the same page for three minutes. The Usos have been down since day one! There won’t be a title match at WrestleMania!

Jey says, “To be honest, though… This might be our one shot to put this, uh, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens problem in the dirt. So yeah! Brother VS Brother at WrestleMania! WE ACCEPT!” In fact, why wait? The Usos rush the ring and the brawl is on! Kevin has Jimmy. Jey has Sami, but Jimmy POSTS Kevin and Sami TOSSES Jey! Jimmy then runs in to TOSS Sami! Sami throws hands, the Usos mug Sami, but Kevin CLOBBERS Jimmy into the timekeeper’s area! Now the Canadians mug Jey! They put Jey in the ring, Jey runs, into a SUPERKICK! And then Sami sets up, HELLUVA- NO, Jimmy bails Jey out!

Fans boo but the Usos regroup and grab chairs! But refs rush out, and a SUV pulls up backstage. The rest of the Bloodline arrives! Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman get the door for the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns! Kevin & Sami dare the Usos to do something, but the Usos retreat to regroup with the Bloodline. But the match is made all the same! Will the Bloodline stand or crumble in Hollywood?


Austin Theory VS Montez Ford!

The Now United States Champion didn’t like all the jokes made at his expense, and he took it out on Angelo Dawkins. But will he be able to do the same to the other half of the Profits? Or will A-Town go down this close to WrestleMania?

Raw returns and Ford makes his entrance. Dawkins sees him out to the ramp then falls back, as Ford did for Dawkins last week. The bell rings and Theory circles with Ford. Fans chant, “We Want The Smoke!” Ford and Theory tie up, Theory headlocks, but Ford powers up. Theory holds on tight, but Ford tries again. Ford gets free, but Theory runs him over! Theory does the running man then says, “All Day.” Fans boo but Theory talks trash on Ford. Ford ties up with Theory, headlocks back, but Theory powers out. Ford leaps over Theory, then CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up while Theory is dazed. Ford says, “You Can’t See Me!”

Ford stalks Theory, but Theory throws body shots and haymakers! Theory CHOKES Ford on the ropes! The ref counts, Theory lets off, but Theory storms up to bump Ford off buckles. Theory stomps away on Ford, the ref counts, but Theory lets off at 4. Fans boo but Theory soaks it all up. Theory then brings Ford up, but Ford turns things around and gives all those stomps back! Theory dodges the haymaker to kick and whip, but Ford reverses and follows to LARIAT! Theory stands, Ford clotheslines Theory up and out! Fans fire up, and Ford TOSSES Theory over the barriers! Fans fire up more as Ford celebrates with them and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Theory has Ford up top, but Ford fights back with body shots! Ford ROCKS Theory, Theory holds onto ropes to stay up, but Ford CLAWS his face then DECKS him! Ford stands up to CROSSBODY! Both men are down and fans fire up! Theory and Ford stand, Theory storms up but Ford counter punches! And again! Ford rallies with big clotheslines, then he dodges to UPPERCUT! Ford hits a BIG back suplex, to a handspring, “You Can’t See Me!” STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Theory survives but Ford has the fans behind him. Ford waits on Theory to stand, and then clinches, but Theory elbows free!

Theory brings Ford in, Ford wrenches out and ROCKS Theory! Theory rebounds to BOOT! Ford ENZIGURIS in return! Theory staggers, but he still fireman’s carries! Ford slips free to DDT! Theory bails out and sputters, but Ford kips up to then FLY!! Direct hit at the ramp and St. Louis is thunderous! Ford puts Theory back in, climbs up the corner, and FROM THE HEAVEN- NO, Ford has to roll through as Theory moves! Somersault SHOTGUN! Theory calls his shot, fireman’s carries, A-TOWN DOWN!! Cover, Theory wins!

Winner: Austin Theory, by pinfall

One miscalculation from Ford and Theory pulls out the victory! But as close as this was, will Theory find himself struggling against the living legend that is John Cena?

Theory gets the mic to say, “He didn’t believe in me, and now he does. And John, you don’t believe in me. But at WrestleMania, you will!” Theory points to the sign, will WrestleMania belong to The Now?


The Bloodline regroups in the private suite.

The Usos sit with Roman, and he says that wasn’t the best start to the night. Are they good? They’re good. Well, it looked like they took a beating. Well, yeah, a few shots. But y’know what? Nothing can hurt Jimmy or hit him harder than being torn away from his brother. Nothing! And then having to sit here and answer to it like it’s his fault! Is Jimmy standing up to Roman? “I will never forgive Sami Zayn for this.” At Mania, the Usos got him. Roman sure hopes so. He really does. “Wise Man!” “Yes, My Tribal Chief?” “Bring me Adam Pearce.” “Yes, My Tribal Chief.” Heyman heads out, as do Jimmy and Solo, but Roman tells Jey to stay.

Jey sits closer with Roman now, but what will the Tribal Chief have to say to him?


Raw returns as Roman and Jey continue to sit.

Roman says, “It’s been a minute. Haven’t seen you. Haven’t heard from you. I got to beg your brother to get some answers. And now you’re back, making decisions. In order to make decisions, you gotta be part of the Bloodline. Are you with us? Are you Bloodline? Are you still my family?” Jey says he is with Roman. He is Bloodline, Uce. The two look at each other, eye to eye, and Roman says, “I hope so. So I’ma let you do you. I’ll see you later.” Jey nods and goes to stand up, but then Roman puts a hand on his knee. “I love you.” Jey goes, and Heyman returns. “My Tribal Chief.” “Yes, Wise Man?” “Did you find out the answers you were looking for?” Roman says yes.


BREAKING NEWS for WrestleMania!

As first announced on SmackDown, there will be two Fatal 4 Way Tag Team showcase matches! While the women’s division is competing for their spots, the four men’s teams are decided! The Street Profits VS The Viking Raiders VS The Alpha Academy VS Braun Strowman & Ricochet!

Backstage interview with Adam Pearce.

Byron Saxton is with the WWE Official, and asks for some insight about this showcase matches. Yes, this is a great opportunity to showcase the best tag teams in the men’s and women’s divisions, and- Chelsea Green asks to talk to the manager. Hi, Chelsea, it’s him, Pearce. Then Chelsea wants him to know that she just made matching gear for herself and her tag team partner, Carmella, but Carmella isn’t available tonight! Yes, he knows, so- So he’ll have no problem to agreeing to this new tag partner she found, someone who has no love lost for Bianca Belair and Asuka. In comes Piper Niven!

Chelsea introduces Piper, and says she will help Chelsea destroy the competition. Talk to whoever you have to in order to make this official. For what feels like the thousandth time, Pearce is the one. He is the general manager, he makes things official, and he- Well if he’s so official, then go ahead and make it official that these two are in the Women’s Fatal 4 Way Showcase! That’s what he was in the middle of doing! Oh! Finalizing? Do you know who she is?! She is Chelsea green, she is a star, and you do not want to make her angry. Don’t make her go on social media and at WWE to put her on blast. Or worse, walk him! Put her in! ‘Kay, bye.

Pearce sighs, but at the very least, Chelsea and Piper are going to see if they’re a worthy duo against the EST and the Empress of Tomorrow.


It’s a tale of the tape!

“WrestleMania has played host to some of the biggest collisions in WWE history. And this year, two titans are set for a colossal showdown.” Brock Lesnar has used his natural physical gifts for roughly 20 years. He is 6’3″ and 285 pounds, with a wingspan of 81 inches, Lesnar has the ultimate tools to deliver suplexes and the F5. So it is no surprise that he has achieved so many accolades: seven-time WWE Champion, three-time Universal Champion, two-time Royal Rumble winner. He even dominated the octagon to become UFC Heavyweight Champion. It is clear that Lesnar is capable of decimating anyone he’s faced.

But he’s never faced someone like Omos. The Nigerian Giant’s sheer size made him a spectacle upon arrival. 7’3″, 416 pounds, making him dwarf even Khali, Kane and the Undertaker. The 87 inch reach gives him a foot of advantage over the average boxer, and his 14.5 inch hands are twice the size of a normal man’s. Omos has already cemented himself as a force of nature in the WWE. These two have all the components to overwhelm the ordinary competitor, but they’re both far from ordinary. This will be a battle unlike any other, on the only stage big enough to contain them!


Omos w/ MVP VS Mustafa Ali!

If that tale of the tape wasn’t enough for you, then prepare to see the Nigerian Giant in action! Will the Beacon be broken this close to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and Ali tries to reason with Omos. Ali believes in positivity now, and he will win with a smile on his face. Omos SHOVES Ali all the way to the corner! Omos talks trash on Ali, then CLOBBERS him! Ali flounders and Omos roars. Dolph Ziggler is watching backstage, he is not impressed by Ali’s overenthusiasm. Omos drags Ali up to MOUNTAINTOP SLAM!! Cover, Omos wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

MVP gets the mic and says the Nigerian Giant fears no man, animal or beast. But Brock Lesnar will learn to fear the Nigerian Giant at WrestleMania! But will The Beast be able able to build Suplex City on the huge foundation that is this mountain?


Security knocks on Logan Paul’s door.

Logan Paul and his entourage head out, and Miz walks over for a handshake. Miz was hoping to go over the questions for tonight, since Logan will surely want have him, this year’s host of WrestleMania, as his guest on ImPAULsive TV tonight. Yeah, no, hard pass. Logan leaves Miz hanging and heads to gorilla, but will he regret showing up on Raw tonight?


Logan Paul heads to the ring.

Fans are torn as “the Maverick” is ready to host the Raw debut of his talk show. “EY YOOO, ST. LOUIS~! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get a little ImPAULsive, shall we?” Logan knows last week, Seth Rollins said that the fans don’t want Logan here. Well too bad because tonight, you’re in HIS house! ImPAULsive TV, baby! Boo all you want, but here’s the reality, y’all. He doesn’t have to be here. He doesn’t. He’s made his millions off his name and his brands, but he’s here because he loves it. He hears you, and sadly, y’all don’t love him. Maybe two people do: his dad, who he dragged to St. Louis, and that kid who had the “Drink Prime” sign. Much love, kid.

But the rest of y’all, no matter how many times he gets on the mic for their entertainment, no matter how many of these “superstars” he beats up, the fans will never respect him. But guess what? He doesn’t care! It isn’t his fault you DORKS refuse to see the amount of talent standing in front of you! Logan is a 360 degree entertainer, there is nothing he can’t do, there is no seat he can’t fill, there is no person on this roster he can’t compete with. Whether you like him or not, yes, he IS that good. That’s why he didn’t invite anyone to be his guest tonight. Because he can do it all! And did you think any of his celebrity friends would come to a place like St. Louis?

“Two words: Get real!” They’d be outta here quicker than the St. Louis Rams! Oh, sorry, the LA Rams! In fact, he’s looking to joining the Rams back in LA when he challenged “your hear,” Seth Rollins, to a match at WrestleMania, April 1st, Logan’s 28th birthday. Happy birthday to himself, he gets to kick some ass. But jokes aside, the match will be great. Rollins is top three in the business. But Logan was talking with his brother, Jake, and Jake made a good point. It is hard to be afraid of a guy named “Seth.” Seths are nice guys. Seth Rogan, Seth Curry, though he’s not as good as Steph Curry, but hey.

And maybe, if Rollins hadn’t started this beef, they could’ve been friends! But now, Logan just wants to see himself knock Rollins out again. Actually, can we do that? Can we get a replay of him knocking Rollins out? It was two weeks ago, Rollins gave Miz a superkick and then Logan hit his One Lucky Punch. Do you guys like Rollins? Let’s see that again. Oh, so good! Rollins looked so dumb. Okay, one more time! Put some production value on it. BOP! SMACK! WHAM! Beautiful! Like watching Picasso paint. Logan could see that all day! But then Logan’s mic gets cut? Logan isn’t sure what’s going on here. Did the production team not get the mics right?

Fans cheer that Logan can’t be heard, but he just trades mic. But wait! Rollins is in the production truck! He “apologizes” to “Mr. Paul” about that. He isn’t sure what’s wrong. Logan’s audio isn’t working, the video isn’t working. What could the problem be? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now the real question, Logan, is how on Earth are we gonna save this terribly awful episode of ImPAULsive TV? Any ideas? OH! Rollins has one. HAHAHAHAHA! “BURN IT DOWN~!” See you soon, Logan! HAHAHAHA! Rollins struts all the way from the truck to gorilla, in a leopard print outfit, too. Logan mocks the fans singing as tone deaf.

Rollins heads to the ring and fans sing more, “OH~ OHH~ OHHHH~!” Logan says St. Louis can’t keep a football team and they can’t keep a tune. And Rollins’ outfit is stupid. Rollins stands with Logan in the ring as fans sing, has the mic, but then TACKLES Logan! The two brawl, spill out of the ring, and Rollins throws hands! Refs rush in, as does Adam Pearce! Fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” and the two get loose! They COLLIDE, and then Rollins TACKLES Logan over the announce desk! Logan scrambles away, but Rollins trips him on the desk!! Logan lands hard, Rollins wants more, but security drags him away!

Rollins rips up Logan’s set, and hurries up the corner! He SUPER CROSSBODIES onto the security! But Logan hits ONE LUCKY PUNCH!! Logan laughs more than Rollins and he takes his leave. Logan says that’s another one, so third time will be the charm. Will Logan get another lucky punch at WrestleMania? Or will Rollins finally burn this “tourist” down?


Dominik Mysterio w/ Damian Priest VS Johnny Gargano w/ Dexter Lumis!

“Ex-Con” Dom keeps pushing his father, Rey, to fight him, but Rey has not caved in. Will the “pathetic, punk-ass kid” take out his frustrations in this match tonight? Or will Johnny Wrestling slap some sense into one smartass before handling another at Stand & Deliver?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Dom gets around but Gargano wrenches to a wristlock. Gargano avoids the body shot to WRING Dom’s arm, then wrenches it again. Dom headlocks, Gargano powers out, and things speed up. Gargano hurdles, drops and CLOBBERS Dom! Dom flounders but Gargano puts him in a corner. Gargano climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count as Gargano goes WAY past ten! Gargano lets off and fans fire up, but Dom kicks Gargano in the ribs! Dom RAMS into Gargano in the corner, Gargano pushes past, but Dom whips him corner to corner. Dom runs in but Gargano goes up and over to schoolboy KICK!

Dom staggers, Gargano RANAS him out of the ring! Fans fire up, Gargano builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up but Gargano clutches his ribs. Gargano stands, Priest coaches Dom up, but Gargano brings Dom around. Dom RAMS Gargano into steel steps! Dom then RAMS Gargano into the barriers! Fans cheer Gargano on but Dom fireman’s carries to SNAKE EYES! Gargano falls to the mat and Dom soaks up the heat as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Dom taunts Gargano while tearing away the rib tape. Dom drags Gargano up, gives some Latino Heat, then suplexes for Uno Amigo! And then Dos Amigos! Fans boo but Gargano fights the third! Gargano suplexes Dom into buckles! Both men are down and fans rally up for Johnny Wrestling. Gargano stands, he fires hands on Dom, blocks a kick, then spins Dom to CLOBBER him! Gargano rallies with more clotheslines, then he ducks ‘n’ dodges to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up and Dom goes to the apron. Gargano avoids the shoulder to KICK Dom! But Dom HOTSHOTS Gargano!

Dom hurries up to SLINGSHOT- NO, Gargano avoids the senton! SLINGSHOT SPEAR! Cover, TWO! Dom survives but Gargano keeps his focus. Dom wants mercy now? Fans boo and Gargano storms up, but Dom sends him into buckles! Roll up, feet on the ropes! The ref notices in time and calls off the count! Dom argues with the ref, but Gargano SUPERKICKS Dom down! Cover, TWO!! Dom survives and Priest is relieved. Gargano drags Dom up, Dom throws body shots, but Gargano ROCKS Dom with a forearm! Dom ROCKS Gargano back, the forearms go back and forth! Gargano gets the edge, but Dom drop toeholds him!

Fans boo but Dom dials it up, only for Gargano to duck the 619! DISCUS LARIAT! Scoop and LAWN DART! Gargano aims from the corner, SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!!! Priest is relieved again but Gargano puts Dom up top. Gargano CHOPS and ROCKS Dom, then climbs up after him. Gargano CHOPS away on Dom, then stands him up. Dom throws body shots in return just as furious! Dom CLUBS away on Gargano, then SUPER GOURD BUSTERS! Dom adjusts to FROG SPLASH onto Gargano’s back! Cover, DOM WINS!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall

Priest celebrates with Dom, and Dom pulls it out on an NXT Triple Crown winner! But Dom isn’t done, as he gets the mic. Fans boo, but Dom says, “Last Friday night on SmackDown, my good for nothing father denied my challenge once again to a match at WrestleMania. But you know what, Jefe? I’m not gonna stop until I get what I want. And at the end of the day, I know that this Friday night on SmackDown in las Vegas, the entire Mysterio family will be there live. So I believe that’s the same family that blocked my number, kicked me outta the group chat, and wanted nothing to do with me. But that’s okay, because the Judgment Day group chat is much better.

“But I think I figured out a way to get you to accept my match, and that’s gonna be when I say hi to mom and ask for her permission for you to face me at WrestleMania. That’s if you have the balls to get them out of her purse.” Dom insults his father, but will he regret dragging the rest of the family into this?


The Usos and Solo talk backstage.

Then Heyman walks over and asks if they’re waiting on the Tribal Chief. Because he’s waiting on them to go to the jet. The seafood has been delivered. Shrimp, lobster, mahi mahi. Roman is so proud of all of them, they can take the rest of the night off and indulge. So they can go eat? Okay! Wait, not Solo. Roman needs to talk with Solo. Solo walks back into the suite with Heyman, and Jey says aight. No mahi mahi for Solo. Will the Usos not be needed for what Roman has planned later tonight?



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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Winnipeg gets Elevated!



The Naturally Limitless ride again!

Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee continue as a duo in AEW! Will they be rolling through the tag division on Elevation? And what of Swerve’s warning to Keith?


  • Skye Blue VS TFA (Taryn From Accounting); Skye wins.
  • Jake Hager w/ Angelo Parker VS Adam Knight; Hager wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Zoe Sager; Sakura wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Jason Geiger; Cutler wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Massive Damage, Mo Jabari & Sebastian Wolfe; Hardy, Kassidy & Ethan win.
  • Top Flight VS Michael Allen Richard Clark & Shaun Moore; Top Flight wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Taylor Rising; Athena wins and denies Taylor a title opportunity.
  • Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee VS Levi Night & Jessie V; Dustin & Keith win.
  • Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver; Reynolds & Silver win.


A great line-up, namely in some literally great names showing up. “Massive Damage,” “Taryn From Accounting,”  and of course, Michael Allen Richard Clark. M A R C, he’s a MARK! I almost hope some of these names stick around through ROH.

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