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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/5/22)

TBS is Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite 2021

AEW moves to the mothership network!

AEW is on a new network, and we will see a new champion crowned as Jade Cargill and Ruby Soho battle for THE TBS Women’s Championship!


  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Page VS Bryan Danielson; Hangman wins and retains the title.
  • MJF VS Shawn Dean; Dean wins, by disqualification.
  • Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS Antonio Zambrano; Wardlow wins.
  • AEW TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Ruby Soho; Cargill wins and is the inaugural AEW TBS Women’s Champion.
  • Malakai Black VS Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart; Malakai wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Jurassic Express w/ Christian Cage; Jurassic Express wins and become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.


AEW World Championship: Hangman Page VS Bryan Danielson!

New Year, new channel, and a different take on the classic we saw at Winter is Coming! The Millennial Cowboy and the American Dragon took it to the 60 minute time limit, but there won’t be a draw this time as there will be a panel of judges calling it if need be. It will be Mark Henry, Paul Wight and Jerry Lynn giving their votes, but will Hangman and Bryan make sure this ends long before 60 minutes?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we run it back from 2021!

Hangman rushes Bryan at the bell but Bryan gets away then bails out! Fans boo but Hangman stays in the ring. Bryan jogs around the ring and shows off with jumping jacks right in front of the judges. Hangman goes out after him but Bryan gets back in the ring. Bryan smirks but Hangman stays stone faced as the two circle. They tie up, go around, and end up in a corner. Hangman lets off as the ref counts, but Bryan avoids his chop to give a CHOP! Hangman storms up on Bryan but Bryan trips him up and goes for the legs. Hangman kicks Bryan away but Bryan bails out, wagging a finger. Bryan wants to determine the pace of this rematch.

Bryan takes his time returning, and he calls for a test of strength. Fans rally for Hangman as he knuckle locks with Bryan, but Bryan drops, breaks and wrenches, then wrenches again. Hangman rolls, breaks, wrenches Bryan back to a hammerlock then snapmare. Bryan gets up, avoids the back elbow, and does more jumping jacks. Bryan hopes the judges took note of all that, and he resets with Hangman. They tie up, Bryan headlocks and then wrenches with some grit. Fans duel, Hangman wrenches and headlocks but Bryan powers out. Things speed up, Bryan bails out but Hangman DIVES out onto Bryan! And then he goes right up for a ARIHARA MOONSAULT!

Bryan gets clear, runs in but into an APRON POWERBOMB! Hangman puts Bryan in, takes aim as fans fire up, but Bryan bails out the far side to avoid the Buckshot. Hangman is annoyed but he just builds speed again, and DIVES! But Bryan sends him into railing! Fans are chanting, “A E W! A E W!” which is a little odd but Bryan drags Hangman up to wrench and POST that bad arm! Bryan drags Hangman by the bad arm while the ring count climbs, and Bryan hammerlocks Hangman as he POSTS him again! Bryan goes into the ring to soak up some heat, and then he goes back out after Hangman to wrench for an ELBOW BREAKER!

Bryan puts Hangman in as the count restarts, and he has Hangman in a corner for KICKS! Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS, but Hangman CHOPS back! And CHOPS! But Bryan wrenches the bad arm to an ELBOW BREAKER, then he wrangles Hangman down to STOMP the bad arm! Fans are fired up as Bryan drags Hangman up. Bryan wrenches, hits another ELBOW BREAKER, then wrangles Hangman back down for a hammerlock. Bryan KNEES the arm, pulls on the arm, but Hangman endures. Fans rally, Bryan gets the far arm and gets a recliner cradle, TWO! Bryan stands Hangman up to EuroUpper!

Bryan whips, Hangman reverses, Bryan ducks and dodges but leaps into a FALL AWAY SLAM! Bryan goes to the apron, but Hangman kips up! Fans fire up, Hangman triangle jumps, but Bryan dodges the lariat! Hangman ducks the back elbow to triangle jump and LARIAT again! Then he PLANCHAS Bryan down! Hangman puts Bryan in the ring and goes up the corner. Fans fire up, Hangman leaps, FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Both men slowly stand and fans rally up. Hangman CHOPS, then whips, but Bryan reverses. Hangman kicks Bryan away, then runs, only for Bryan to toss him up and out! Now Bryan builds speed, and he DIVES! But Hangman catches him for a BACK DROP!

Fans fire up for “COWBOY SH*T!” Hangman runs in but Bryan drop toeholds him into steel steps! The ref tells Bryan to get in the ring so he does, and he soaks up the heat while gloating. Hangman is busted open, just like Winter is Coming! Bryan goes out after Hangman to punch the wound! “Who’s the best?!” Bryan shouts as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bryan goes into the ring, the ref checks on Hangman, and Bryan looks to the judges at ringside again. Bryan goes back out to get himself a drink of water while Hangman flounders by the steps. Bryan brings Hangman up to dig his forehead into the steps! Bryan smacks Hangman off the steps, then whips him into railing! Bryan refreshes the ring count, drags Hangman back up, and he wrenches the bad arm to hammerlock it again. Bryan brings Hangman over to the railing and fish hooks his face right in front of the judges! Bryan lets off to then go back to the ring and refreshes the count again.

Hangman gets up and chops, but it doesn’t do enough. Bryan wrenches to another ELBOW BREAKER, then he hammerlocks and POSTS Hangman’s bad arm again! Hangman is dazed on the floor but Bryan drags him up and into the ring. Bryan soaks up the heat as he taunts Hangman, and he wipes Hangman’s blood off on the ref! AEW returns to single picture as Bryan headbutts the bloody forehead! And again! And again! Bryan keeps after that wound while holding hair but the ref reprimands. Bryan headbutts again but Hangman CHOPS! Bryan headbutts, Hangman CHOPS, repeat! Bryan gets the edge with the headbutts, then he HALF HATCH SUPLEXES!

Bryan shifts to a top mount for a ground ‘n’ pound! Bryan then gets the ARMBAR! Hangman clasps hands but Bryan sits up to punch the forehead again! The ref reprimands, Bryan lets off, and the judges are definitely taking notes here. Bryan stands Hangman up to CHOPS him! And KICK! And whip corner to corner, but Hangman reverses! Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, but Hangman fireman’s carries for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Both men are down again and fans are loving “A E DUB!” for this opener. The ref has a standing count, but Bryan gets up in the corner at 4. And Hangman CHOPS him!

Hangman CHOPS again, Bryan turns it around to CHOP! And headbutt! And KICK! Bryan whips, Hangman reverses again, and he hits the clothesline! Hangman reels Bryan in but Bryan gets around, GERMAN SUPELX But Hangman lands on his feet! He gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Bryan! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans are thunderous as both men slowly rise. Bryan KICKS Hangman, and KICKS, and KICKS! Hangman stands up as the KCIKS keep coming, and he throws forearms! Bryan forearms back, but runs into a BOOT! Hangman reels Bryan in but Bryan resists the suplex. Bryan tries to suplex but Hangman resists.

Hangman suplexes himself and Bryan up and out, then suplexes again! Bryan slips off to POST Hangman, face first! The blood keeps pouring and “This is Awesome!” as it’s far from over. Bryan drags Hangman up, brings him back to the corner, and says, “You asked for it!” But Hangman blocks the yank, and he YANKS Bryan in! And again! And again!! The ring count is climbing, Hangman drags himself in at 5 of 10. The ref goes out to check on Bryan but Hangman comes back for more. Hangman puts Bryan in, stands Bryan up, and he gives back headbutts! Hangman wants to bust Bryan open in return!

Bryan is floundering, it’s hard to tell if it’s Bryan’s blood, but Hangman is doing jumping jacks! Fans are loving this as AEW goes back to picture in picture.

Hangman sits back in a corner while Bryan is dazed. The ref checks on Bryan but he’s somehow okay to continue. Bryan flounders, he looks to be bleeding on his own now, and the ref keeps Hangman back. Hangman backs away and the medic now checks on Bryan. Bryan refuses, though, he doesn’t want this to stop the match. Bryan flounders into the ring, so Hangman gets back in and stomps him! Bryan eggs Hangman on, Hangman drags Bryan up to throw hands! Hangman now smears himself with Bryan’s blood! Hangman hoists Bryan up top, CHOPS him, then throws a forearm. Hangman climbs up and throws more hands on Bryan’s forehead!

AEW returns to single picture again as Hangman throws even more haymakers! Bryan headbutts back! Hangman forearms, Bryan headbutts, Hangman headbutts, and headbutts and headbutts and headbutts! Fans are loving it, Hangman’s getting red hair from so much blood! He stands Bryan up for a SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and fans are still loving this! Bryan goes to the apron, Hangman runs to triangle- NO! Bryan shoves Hangman down to the floor! Hangman gets back to his feet, Bryan goes to that apron and LEAPS, into the Alabama lift, and the DEADEYE!! Bryan is twitching as Hangman puts him in the ring!

Hangman’s wild eyes are clear through the crimson mask, and he wants Bryan to get back up! Slingshot, but Bryan just drops under the Buckshot! Hangman takes his time going to Bryan, but Bryan gets a cradle! TWO!! Bryan was playing possum, but now he gets Hangman’s arm! Omoplata, LEBELLE LOCK!! Hangman endures, Bryan pulls back as hard as he can, and the hands are on Hangman’s eyes! Hangman fights up, has the legs, and he catapults Bryan out! Bryan has the ropes, but he can’t skin the cat at this point. Hangman BOOTS Bryan down! Hangman goes out, climbs back up top, ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit!!

Hangman gets Bryan back in fast, takes aim again, and fans are electric! Slingshot, but Bryan dodges to BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! No one can believe Hangman survives! Bryan sputters, the ref checks him but he’s okay to continue. Bryan and Hangman sit up slowly, Bryan grabbing the hair. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Hangman headbutts, Bryan headbutts back! Hangman headbutts, Bryan headbutts back. And again, and again. Hangman gives just as many back! Bryan rebounds to get a RUNNING HEADBUTT! Hangman rebounds to RUNNING HEADBUTT! They’re still giving headbutts!!

Bryan ROUNDHOUSES, and ROLLING ELBOWS! And then ROUND- NO! Hangman gets under, but no Alabama! Bryan Gotch lifts, for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Minoru Suzuki wouldn’t like that! Bryan drags himself up and starts to grin! Bryan staggers back to Hangman, gets the arms, and unleashes the DANIELSON STOMPS! Bryan lets off, hobbles to a corner, and he takes aim as Hangman stands. BUSA- NO! POP-UP POWERBOMB! But Bryan gets Hangman in a TRIANGLE! Bryan rains down elbows, but Hangman deadlifts! Bryan lets go, gets the leg and has a HEEL HOOK! Hangman kicks with the free leg!

Bryan lets go, Hangman turns him over and gives clubbing crossface forearms! Hangman gets Bryan up, BIG back drop driver!! Hangman goes to the apron, throws off his armband and he takes aim again. Bryan slowly rises, Hangman slingshots, BUCKSHOT!!! Cover, Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Champion)

The judges weren’t needed, we have a decision! And we still have so much more still in store for tonight! What more does Hangman have in his reign as he leads the way into 2022?


The Acclaimed speak.

“Yo, listen.” Last week on Rampage, Anthony Bowens had Darby Allin beat, but just like everyone else in his generation, Sting had to get involved. “OK, boomer.” But in typical fashion, the Acclaimed still stood tall. Mwah! Three cheers for sweet revenge, and they’re not done with Darby’s “Nightmare Before Christmas lookin’ ass.” Next week, they’ll show Sting how their generation handles business. They’ll have a viral video! A brand new music video debuts next week! Will Platinum Max have a new diss track classic on deck?


MJF VS Shawn Dean!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is still undefeated even now, and he wants to finally make his way to the AEW World Championship. But will the Captain pop MJF’s bubble and let out all that hot air?

The bell rings, fans rally up, but here comes CM Punk! Punk wants after MJF, but MJF bails right out! MJF mocks Punk, “Aw, waaah~!” and even Dean wants to know what’s up. Dean eggs MJF on, Punk attacks Dean?! That’s a disqualification win for Dean!

Winner: Shawn Dean, by disqualification

And to top it off, Punk gives Dean a G T S! So MJF loses!! That makes MJF 0-1 in the New Year! Punk gets the mic to say, “This is your future. This happens every single time you step in the ring, until you step in the ring with me, you little bitch!” MJF says it’s bad enough that he is inside the cesspool that is “herpes infested” Newark, New Jersey…! Punk says MJF can’t get at them, they’re winners while MJF just lost! And it’ll be real hard to fight for a title if you keep losing. MJF says if we’re talking about being a loser, everything that comes out of Punk’s mouth is fake! It is fake and boring. Fans tell MJF to STFU but he shrugs that out.

Punk came out last week and said he was done with MJF. Punk wanted to focus on becoming champion. But look at what just happened. And why? Punk might have the fans fooled, but MJF knows the truth. The truth is that deep down, that without MJF, Punk has nothing! MJF gives Punk his edge, that chip on his shoulder, and makes him relevant. Fans call BS now, but MJF says for fans to come out and claim he’s some waste of money, when Punk is the one who sold the company nothing but a bill of goods. Punk ain’t who he used to be. He ain’t the savior the fans have been waiting for. But y’know who is? Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

And by the way, MJF finds it interesting that Punk has a problem MJF saying he’s like Roddy Piper. So MJF is just curious, “PG Punk,” who do you think you are? Because last time MJF checked, unlike Punk, Piper was actually talented enough to main event WrestleMania. MJF wants the fans to shut up, he’s talking. And if MJF isn’t starting to be shown the proper respect, maybe MJF will go main event a Mania, too. Punk laughs at that one and MJF asks him why. “All I’m trying to do is kick your ass, so how about you stop talking and get in the ring?” MJF ran away, hid behind FTR, all Punk wants is to give MJF the beating he deserves.

Oh, and if MJF thinks the grass is so much greener on the other side, go right ahead. Leave, main event “Night Four of a buy one, get one free extravaganza,” and then get released faster than you last in the sack! When MJF comes back, Punk will still be here, and that ass kicking will be waiting. MJF asks if Punk wants the match! He asks if the fans want the match! Well then, listen here you SOB! Next week, it’ll be CM Punk… VS WARDLOW! Of course MJF finds a way out of this. MJF says he doesn’t need Punk because he’s better than him. Fans still call BS.

Punk says the difference between himself, Piper and a worm like MJF, is that Punk and Piper will fight anyone, any time. MJF is going to run out of people to hide behind eventually, and Punk will put MJF to sleep. The clock is ticking! Will MJF’s muscle save him from the Best in the World? Or will Punk be unstoppable in his mission to shut MJF up?


AEW looks closer at Battle of the Belts.

Jennifer Nettles, Cody’s cohost/fellow judge on the Go Big Show, narrates. “In 2022, at the inaugural Battle of the Belts, it will all begin again. The TNT Champion, the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, does everything big.” He won on the first AEW Dynamite, defeating Sammy Guevara. But Sammy’s story doesn’t end there, as he continue on to establish himself as a Pillar of AEW, and two years later, upset Miro and became TNT Champion. But on Christmas, Cody went big again and won the title for a third time. The big week continues with Go Big Show’s return, and then Saturday Fight Night. Will Sammy take the title back? Or will he fail to go big enough to stop Cody?


Chris Jericho is here!

Fans sing Judas for him as he heads to the ring. Jericho applauds Newark and he gets the mic. “NEW JERSEY~! What a historical night here tonight. The very first episode of AEW on TBS here tonight!” Fans chant for TBS and Jericho continues to say that’s the first time ever in wrestling history. A bit of a homecoming, too, as Jericho hasn’t been on TBS since April 7th, 1999, when Jericho was on WCW Thunder losing to Booker T. “I think he cheated.” But it is great to be back on TBS and in Newark, and most of all, great to be back anywhere after “those two jerkoff 2point0 jagoffs” hit him with a chair six weeks ago.

It took Jericho a bit to get the cobwebs out, and that is why he didn’t come out to save Eddie Kingston, but to get some revenge on the 2point0 dipsh*ts, baybay! But speaking of, here they come! Matt Lee & Jeff Parker have mics as they go to the ring, and they say, “Isn’t this nice?” “Welcome back, Chris Jericho! How ya doin’?” “Got the sing along going. How nice.” Jericho says, “Ladies and gentlemen, Terrence & Philip!” Real funny guy, Jericho. A comedian, even. Maybe he doesn’t remember last time, but they gave him a taste of a steel chair! How do ya like that? Sorry, he didn’t like the taste. And Jericho can’t help it, he is distracted by Lee’s square head.

Lee looks like a talking Post-It Note, or a waffle! Doesn’t he have a square head? Fans chant “Square Head!” but Parker tells Jericho to shut his mouth! Don’t call Lee a square head! Right, then can he call Parker a pinhead? Fans chant, “PIN~ HEAD!” Let’s hear it for Square Head & Pinhead! Lee says Parker isn’t a pinhead, and Parker says Lee isn’t a square head! Does he want another taste? No, but he’ll grab Floyd the Baseball Bat and knock both their blocks off! But then Garcia gets in the ring! Jericho hits Garcia down but then gets mugged by 2point0! But here come Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston!

They run Garcia & 2point0 off and fans are fired up! This Friday, Rampage sees a No Holds Barred Six Man Tag! Will The Mad King and Proud ‘n’ Powerful get revenge on Red Death and 2point0?


Adam Cole & reDRagon speak.

That thing on, Brandon? Yeah? Good. Because last week, that was awesome. Think about it: these three whooped Orange Cassidy’s ass, then Best Friends’ ass, and “the boys” are back together. Cole knows Kyle didn’t mean to kick him in the face. That was an accident. But what wasn’t an accident was the Young Bucks coming down and making sure these three got the win. Think about this: together, all five will be unstoppable! They’re a super group! These are exciting times! And speaking of, Jake Atlas made the news by being the newest young star signed to AEW. Cole thinks on Rampage, Cole VS Atlas!

That way, Cole can remind all the new kids that Cole is STILL the guy everyone’s talking about. Cole can even buy Atlas a one-way ticket back to Orlando. This is a New Year, but the same Adam Cole Baybay. Cut, Brandon. Cut, Landon! Kyle doesn’t care to know Brandon’s name, but will Cole learn to show respect to the Muscle of El Camino?


Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS Antonio Zambrano!

Mr. Mayhem still has his accountabilibuddy with him, but will The Chair Man let Wardlow do things his way?

Zambrano gets out of the ring a moment before the match starts, but Spears goes right after him! C4 to the floor! Spears puts Zambrano back in, the ref rings the bell and Wardlow can’t believe Spears did that! But Wardlow decides to pick the bones anyway, POWERBOMB! Fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” and Wardlow obliges, he drags poor Zambrano back up for another POWERBOMB! And then again for a third POWERBOMB! Spears sighs but Wardlow drags Zambrano up yet again, for a fourth POWERBOMB! And then right back up to a FIFTH POWERBOMB! One foot cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

Spears still gets a CHAIR SHOT in, and he celebrates with Wardlow as they exit. Wardlow does his own dirty work, but will he be satisfied with doing MJF’s next week against CM Punk?


AEW TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Ruby Soho!

The tournament is finally coming to a close, and one way or another, TBS is getting their first Women’s Champion! Will it be the undefeated and nearly unstoppable Jade Cargill? Or will the Runaway make her hard journey worth it by reaching the goal?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, history is being made in Newark!

Jade and Ruby stare down as they approach each other. Fans rally and duel, the two tie up, and Jade arm-drags Ruby to then kip up. Ruby shakes it off, she circles with Jade and they tie up again. Jade puts Ruby in the corner, she lets off with a push, but Ruby JABS and fires forearms! Ruby eggs Jade on, Jade runs in but Ruby dumps her out! Ruby runs and RAMS Jade off the apron! Ruby then goes tot he apron to PENALTY KICK! And even a missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Ruby while Jade gets back in the ring. Ruby follows after her but Jade BOOTS her down! Jade stomps Ruby, CLUBS her down, then goes up the corner.

Jade goes to the very top, Ruby stands, Jade leaps to DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Sterling fires up and wants that again! Jade goes up again, Ruby staggers up but she gets Jade first with a SUPER ARM-DRAG! Ruby flops out of the ring, though, clutching her arm. But then Mercedes Martinez shows up! Mercedes helped Jade before, is she here to do it again. But Thunder Rosa shows up and goes right after Mercedes! They brawl back up the ramp and fans are fired up! Jade gets to the apron while the ref checks on Ruby. Ruby drags herself in the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ruby sees Jade on the apron, but she runs into knees! Jade has Ruby on the apron now, and she chicken wings the arms! Ruby grabs the corner with her legs, fights back, and reels Jade in. Jade blocks the back suplex, throws hands, then pushes Ruby away. Jade CLUBS Ruby, wraps the bad arm around ropes, and then POSTS Ruby! Ruby clutches the shoulder but Jade just smiles as Ruby crawls away. Jade goes in after Ruby, shoves her down and stomps her, then drops a knee on the arm! Ruby writhes and flails but Jade drops another knee! Ruby crawls away to ropes, kicks back from below, but Jade KICKS her in the back!

Jade stomps Ruby, drags her up and puts her in the corner to fire forearms! Jade TOSSES Ruby across the ring, and she soaks up the heat. She even does push-ups just to show off! Jade goes back to Ruby but Ruby throws body shots. Jade CLUBS Ruby, looms over her, then CLUBS her again. Jade drags Ruby up, wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Jade lets off, and she bumps Ruby off buckles. Jade runs in but into a BOOT! Ruby runs, gets around Jade, bumps her off buckles and has the O’Conner Roll! TWO and Ruby is sent into buckles! AEW returns to single picture, Jade “dribbles” and runs, but she misses the slam dunk!

Ruby runs side to side to BOOT! And then the other way to BOOT! And then again for another BOOT! Fans fire up but Jade swings, only for Ruby to spin her! Ruby blocks a kick, gives a KNEE then a SUPERKICK and ENZIGURI! Jade staggers, Ruby gets her for a waistlock, but Jade blocks the suplex! Jade headlocks, Ruby powers out and sends Jade to a corner. Jade stops herself but she might’ve jammed her leg! Jade staggers into Ruby’s STO! Cover, ONE!! Jade staggers but Ruby KICKS her bad leg at the ropes! And again! And again! Ruby brings Jade around, sobats, runs, but Jade scoops and brings Ruby around for a SHOULDER BREAKER!

Ruby staggers up, Jade BOOTS her back down! Cover, TWO!! Ruby is still in this and Jade is furious! Sterling coaches Jade and she drags Ruby back up. Jade brings Ruby around to whip to ropes, pops her up, fireman’s carry for- Sunset flip from Ruby! Jade stays up, drags Ruby back up but Ruby ROCKS Jade with a forearm! Jade blocks the saido again, throws elbows over and over, but Ruby reels her back in for a SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Jade survives and Ruby grows frustrated. Sterling gets on the apron to distracts the ref, but the ref EJECTS him! Sterling throws a fit, and throws off his jacket! Ruby laughs at Sterling, but Jade gets the arms! JAD- NO! Victory roll, TWO!!

Ruby hurries to get Jade’s arm, wrench and NO FUTURE KICK! Cover, TWO?!?! Ruby can’t believe it and neither can the fans! Ruby grits her teeth and fights through the pain as fans rally up. Ruby drags Jade up, bumps Jade off buckles, runs in, but Jade boots her back! Jade gets the arms, Ruby drops to victory roll, TWO! Jade gets up in a huff, misses in the corner and Ruby fires off forearms and CHOPS! And then she just hammers away on Jade’s back! Fans fire up with Ruby and she hoists Jade up to the top. Ruby goes for the arm but Jade punches her away! Ruby staggers, fans duel, Ruby goes up and up to get the arm!

Jade blocks the super arm-drag, gets the chicken wings, SUPER JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (inaugural AEW TBS Women’s Champion)

Jade’s daughter is in the front row, and she just witnessed her mom make history! Jade is 23-0 and the first-ever TBS Champion, how much higher will she climb?


Jim Ross interviews Serena Deeb.

There are so many things to be excited about working for AEW, and one is the evolving rivalry of Serena and Shida. Serena says her intention was respect. She wanted to wrestle “civilized matches,” but she didn’t get that as Shida got fluke victories. From here on out, this is now about Serena hurting Shida, and claiming her spot at the top of the division, where she belongs. JR thinks she’s taking this rather personally, and that something is eating away at Serena about Shida. He can’t put his finger on it, would she like to elaborate? She turns it around with a question of her own: “Do you think there is any woman on this roster that’s on my level?” A tough question, but probably not.

Damn right. The reason she’s the Professor of Professional Wrestling is because she has “a PhD in this sh*t!” She’s paid her dues more than enough for every woman in the locker room. Yes, Serena takes issue with Shida. She doesn’t whine, she takes what she wants. She demanded a match with Shida next week! Serena takes 17 years of anger and frustration out on Shida to the point where Shida will not be walking out on her own! Will the Woman of 1000 Holds look to use all 1000 to torture the Full Metal Warrior?


Malakai Black VS Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart!

The Dark Father misted Julia Hart and damaged Griff Garrison, but there’s still one Varsity Blond putting up a fight. Will Bulletproof Brian Pillman Jr. get revenge for his brother and sister in arms? Or will he simply be made to #FadeToBlack?

Surprisingly, Julia is here, but she is wearing an eyepatch in the eye Malakai hit with the mist. The bell rings, BPJ and Malakai stare down, and the two approach. They circle, tie up, and go around the ropes. They end up in a corner, scrap, keep moving, and BPJ pushes Malakai against ropes. BPJ lets off with a pat on the shoulder, but he narrowly avoids the Black Mass! BPJ rushes back in, Malakai headlocks but BPJ powers out. Malakai runs BPJ over, things keep moving and BPJ dropkicks Malakai to a corner! BPJ runs in, Malakai elbows him back then goes up to QUEBRADA! BPJ gets under, he throws Malakai out and WRECKS him with a dropkick!

BPJ fires off on Malakai as AEW goes picture in picture! He hammers away on Malakai, the ref has him let off and put Malakai back in the ring. BPJ aims from the apron, springboards in, but Malakai ROUNDHOUSES him down! BPJ staggers away, Malakai goes out and BOOTS BPJ down! Malakai drags BPJ up, wraps his arm around the post and PULLS! Then Malakai BOOTS the bad arm! BPJ staggers away, Malakai goes around the way and ROCKS him with a forearm! Malakai hammerlocks the arm again for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fans rally up as Malakai follows BPJ back into the ring. Malakai kicks BPJ around, but BPJ CHOPS back!

Malakai ROCKS BPJ with another forearm, then he wrenches an arm to another hammerlock. BPJ fights the back suplex, kicks, but Malakai blocks. BPJ kicks Malakai to a corner, then runs in, only to get POST! BPJ flops out of the ring and to the floor, but Malakai goes out after him. Malakai drags BPJ up and into the ring, drags him back up and whips him to KNEE him against ropes. Malakai snapmares, then gets the arm for a short arm scissor! BPJ endures, moves around, high stack, TWO!! BPJ kicks, reels Malakai in and suplexes, but the bad arm stops him! Malakai waistlocks, BPJ elbows out, but Malakai blocks kick to get an STO!

Malakai looms over BPJ, drags him up, but BPJ powers up to SINGLE LEG SUPLEX! Both men are down and a standing count begins. Malakai gets up, BPJ CHOPS him! Malakai throws a forearm and AEW returns to single picture. BPJ CHOPS, Malakai KCIKS! BPJ ducks another kick, rolls him up, TWO! ROUNDHOUSE! BPJ drops and Malakai lifts him up with a foot. BPJ pushes the foot away, Malakai DECKS him. Malakai lifts BPJ again, but BPJ won’t let go of the foot! BPJ spins Malakai to ROCK him with a right! BPJ whips, Malakai swings but BPJ dodges to CLOBBER Malakai! BPJ starts to rally and fires up!

BPJ runs but into a BOOT! He still CHOPS back! BPJ reels Malakai in, suplex, JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! BPJ goes to the corner, fans fire up and BPJ springboards, but he trips up on the ropes! BLACK MASS!! Kneeling cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

Julia goes into the ring to check on BPJ, but Malakai turns his attention to her. She’s already lost one eye, but here come the Lucha Brothers! They’re here for revenge on Pac’s behalf, but then the lights turn off! When the lights turn back on, Malakai has switched places with them! The Lucha Brothers still want him to fight them, but he takes his leave. Will Penta & Fenix be able to switch focus back to their tag title defense?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho.

Schiavone says that was a great match, Ruby fought from first round to the last, but then Britt Baker and friends walk in. What does she want?! Britt says this is the second time Ruby couldn’t get the job done. Big talk coming from someone who can’t even win without her broads. Come to think of it, Britt hasn’t beaten her coming opponent, Riho, at all, with or without help. So maybe Britt should prepare for Saturday and just leave Ruby alone. Britt DECKS Ruby and then fires off on her! Jamie Hayter gets her shots in, but RIHO rushes in! The refs and security hurry to stop this before it gets any worse! Will Britt put up or shut up when Battle of the Belts comes ’round?


The Factory speaks.

Everyone’s talking about Hook, but they’re not mentioning how he learned everything from QT Marshall at his school. “That little delinquent used to do nothing but show up late, leave early, eat chips and stretch people.” QT can’t understand where that behavior came from when Hook’s dad is such a great guy. But one guy Hook didn’t stretch is Aaron Solo. Solo tells Hook, “Stretch me if you can, survive if I let you.” Solo mocks Taz’s famous catchphrase, but will Solo find that it’s going to be the other way around?


This just in!

After that scrap we just saw, Rampage adds one more match! Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter VS Ruby Soho & Riho! Will The Dentist be feeling so confident if she loses to Riho just 24 hours before the title match?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Jurassic Express w/ Christian Cage!

Tension has been rising between these two teams the closer and closer Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus got to being #1 contenders. Now things have come to a head, and we’ll see if Fenix & Penta can continue to reign in the New Year, or if it is finally time for Tarzan Life to take over!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we revisit that instant classic from the summer Rampage!

JB starts against Fenix and fans rally up. “CERO MIEDO!” “JUNGLE BOY!” The two feel out the grapple and knuckle lock. They go around, Fenix flips JB over but JB cranks the knuckle locks. Fenix turns things around and wraps JB up, to then ripcord, only for JB to dodge and knuckle lock again. JB NORTHERNLIGHTS, bridging covers, TWO! Fenix monkey flips, both men are down for a double cover, TWO as Fenix rolls back. Cover, TWO as JB gets an arm up. Fenix pushes it down, TWO, JB bridges! JB jumps up to RANA, cover, TWO! Fenix sunset flips, TWO! Fenix sobats but JB blocks so Fenix CHOPS! Fenix whips and DROPKICKS JB right down!

Fenix stares Luchasaurus down, then drags JB over to tag in Penta. They double back suplex but JB lands on his feet! Luchasaurus tags in and fans fire up! The four men stare down, Penta SUPERKICKS JB and Luchasaurus BOOTS Fenix! Luchasaurus and Penta stare down, but Penta takes his time to take off the glove. Penta tosses it to Alex and the catch is good! “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” Luchasaurus swings, Penta dodges and CHPOS, but Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch! Penta CHOPS again, and again, and now Luchasaurus feels it. But then he spins Penta to CHOP Penta down! Fenix gets in to SUPERKICK Luchasaurus, but JB SUPERKICKS Penta!

Fenix sobats JB and knuckle locks to then run, but JB stops him to CHOP him. JB runs, but Penta is there. JB knuckle locks them both, kicks and kicks, but the Lucha Brothers keep him from jumping up. Fenix and Penta CHOP JB, then Fenix CHOPS Luchasaurus. Fenix knuckle locks Luchasaurus, JB kicks Penta while Fenix kicks Luchasaurus. JB and Fenix stare at each other, they both go up and rebound to ARM-DRAG the others! Fans fire up as JB and Fenix kip up! But then Penta SUPERKICKS JB down! Luchasaurus DOUBLE LARIATS the brothers! Fans fire up while Luchasaurus glares at Penta.

Luchasaurus brings Penta up, puts him in a corner and fires off heavy hands. Then a GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Penta back up, fireman’s carries, but Penta slips off and shoves him to the corner. BLINDSIDE SUPERKICK! Fenix adds a GAMANGIRI, Penta swings but Luchasaurus swats him! JB tags in, but so does Fenix. The Lucha Brothers intercept JB with double wrench and whip to the corner. Fenix runs in but JB puts him on the apron. JB slips out to evade Penta, slides under, but Fenix springboards in! JB slides out to avoid stomps, then shoulders into Fenix.

JB GAMANGIRIS Penta, then slingshots over Fenix, to run and HEADSCISSOR ARM-DRAG COMBO! The brothers bail out, JB builds speed and slides, but Penta ducks! Penta pops JB up, Fenix tightrope walks and KICKS JB down! Fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Penta drags JB up, stands him against the apron and CHOPS him! JB flops down, Penta drags him up and puts him back in. Fenix drags JB up to fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Fenix then rebounds off ropes to SPLASH! Fenix drags JB around, wraps on a chinlock and grinds JB down. JB endures, even as Fenix throws elbows. Fenix has a standing cradle cover, TWO! Fenix stomps JB more, then holds him open for Penta’s QUE PASO! Double stomps to the banana bunch while Fenix SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus down! Fenix tags Penta in, they drag JB up to CLUB him down, then Penta has JB against ropes. Penta puts a leg on the rope to run and KICK it!

JB writhes, clutches his leg, but Penta keeps him away from Luchasaurus. JB hits Penta but Penta CLUBS JB down. Penta hears the fans chanting for him, and he drags JB up to whip to ropes, to then SUPERKICK! JB flops down, Penta talks trash to Luchasaurus, then he covers. TWO, but Penta drags JB up and tags in Fenix. They have JB in the corner, Fenix CHOPS JB down! Fenix drags JB up, reels him in and suplexes, but JB blocks! JB throws body shots, AEW returns to single picture, but Fenix shoves him to the corner. Fenix runs in but JB ducks the sobat! Fenix hurries to keep JB away from Luchasaurus, shoves him to ropes, COMEBACKER!

Fenix hurries to tag in Penta, and Penta reels JB in. Back suplex, but JB lands on his feet! JB dodges and hot tags Luchasaurus! The wrestling dinosaur rallies on the brothers! He puts Penta in one corner, Fenix in the other, Luchasaurus runs to back elbow Penta, then back elbow Fenix, and repeat! Fenix dodges, but Luchasaurus DOUBLE LARIATS the Lucha Brothers! Fans fire up, Luchasaurus gets Fenix with a choke grip, then he gets Penta with the inverted grip. Penta slips out to KICK, Fenix SUPERKICKS! Luchasaurus swings but into double mule kicks! Uno, dos, tres! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Then wheelbarrow victory roll SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

The ref wants the Lucha Brothers to be one at a time, so Fenix gets out. Penta stomps Luchasaurus, he tags Fenix in, and then Penta climbs. Fenix wants to set Luchasaurus up, but JB anchors Penta! Luchasaurus rolls back to SPIKE headscissor Fenix into the mat! Then Luchasaurus BOOTS Penta! Luchasaurus fireman’s carries Penta. JB LEAPS over to hit a DESTROYER on Fenix! POWERSLAM on Penta! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives and fans lose their minds Luchasaurus drags Penta up, he tags in JB, and Luchasaurus scoops Penta. Penta slips out to SUPERKICK Luchasaurus, and SUPERKICK JB!

Luchasaurus sees Fenix on the apron and grabs him with both hands! He yanks Fenix right up, but Fenix hits a DESTROYER of his own!! Penta gets JB in the half nelson, pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! JB survives now and fans are thunderous! The Lucha Brothers get JB up, “CERO! MIEDO!” They have JB set up, but then the lights turn off again! It can’t be! The lights turn back on, Malakai is nowhere to be seen. Was he just playing mind games? The Lucha Bros bring this to the apron, but Luchasaurus gets up to save JB! He shoves Penta, dodges Fenix, but Penta ENZIGURIS! Fenix steps up to SOBAT!

Penta gets JB set up again but Luchasaurus is there. Penta puts JB’s legs on the corner, Fenix runs and TORNILLOS! Down goes Luchasaurus! Penta hits a DRAPING FEAR FACTOR!! “This is Awesome!” and Fenix tags in as he goes up! DOUBLE STOMP FEAR FACTOR!! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe JB survives, but he did! Wait, Alex is getting the timekeeper’s table?! He sets it up at ringside, he wants them to finish this off! But Christian chases Alex off! Fenix and Penta coordinate, but Luchasaurus gets back up. Fenix CHOPS away on him, but Luchasaurus BOOTS Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus but he holds on! Another SUPERKICK but he’s still holding on!

Penta tries again but Luchasaurus blocks and then HEADBUTTS Penta back! Fenix runs in, goes up, but Luchasaurus catches him! CHOKE SLAM through the table!!! Fans lose their minds, but Fenix’s arm is broken!! The replay confirms, that elbow shouldn’t bend that way!! Penta hurries to finish this off in the meantime, and he gets JB up! JB slips out, chicken wings, and he shouts out Captain Charisma! No, no Killswitch! Penta shoves, avoids the Comebacker, and he tucks JB in, but JB victory rolls it! JURASSIC EXPRESS WINS!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Penta can’t believe he got caught, but he did! Jungle Boy’s mom and sister are ringside, they’re crying tears of joy as he and Luchasaurus win the gold! Christian raises their arms in victory, he is so proud of his guys! But the rest of the AEW Tag Division walks out on stage, and we also see Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz, and even Malakai Black watching from up high. Who will be coming to challenge the new champions first in the New Year?

My Thoughts:

Another great AEW Dynamite, but especially for opening the year and the TBS era. Opening with the AEW World Championship was a great move, because it again gives the match time to breathe, and does make you wonder if they’ll go to the hour limit again. It didn’t quite go that long, but that was also very fitting. All that blood was concerning, especially as Bryan looked pretty bloody pretty quickly. But in the end, Hangman retains and there’s a lot of match-ups they can go with from here. Maybe Miro shows up, maybe they go with who is actually ranked next, maybe Hangman calls out someone he’s been wanting to face.

The Acclaimed calling out Darby & Sting was logical, and I’m definitely looking forward to their newest diss music video. Then I found it a little disappointing but still pretty creative that Punk cost MJF his match by attacking Dean. The promos were good, but we should’ve figured Wardlow would be set up against Punk. Wardlow of course decimates his opponent, even with Spears getting his shot in first. Wardlow VS Punk could turn into a mess if Spears and/or MJF are ringside. And of course another of the Go Big Show celebrity judges puts Cody over. The vignette was good stuff, and while I’m sure it’ll be a great match, I feel like Cody retains to keep the TNT title part of his story.

Jericho had a decent promo segment with 2point0, and of course he brought up “square head” again. But clearly things aren’t settled with Kingston, Santana & Ortiz, and their No Holds Barred Six Man is going to be great stuff. I feel like the only way this ends is with Jericho and Kingston having a match together against 2point0. We also got a good promo from No Longer Undisputed Era plugging Jake Atlas being signed but also their own story with the Young Bucks. Cole VS Atlas is going to be very good, and I wonder if reDRagon and the Bucks will get in each other’s way trying to help Cole, furthering the tension between them.

Serena Deeb had a very good interview promo segment with JR, and she is going to have one hell of a match with Shida. The TBS Championship match was also great, the story of Ruby’s arm and Jade’s leg was well done, but it was pretty clear Jade was going to win. She easily came up with the great catchphrase #ThatBitchShow, the Heel as the champion is a great standard for Faces to chase her, and it’ll be even bigger when someone finally beats Jade because then Jade’s first loss will also lose the title. Britt and Ruby had a good segment backstage, including the brawl with Hayter and Riho jumping in. Their tag match is going to be good, could be very telling about the math, but I sense then that Britt loses the tag match so that she finally beats Riho 1v1.

Malakai VS BPJ was really good, but naturally Malakai wins. He’s building up while his faction is forming in the shadows, and I can’t wait for the moment The House of Black is fully realized. I also like the segments being arranged so that they can use connected stories, aka the Lucha Brothers wanting to avenge Pac. Again, another moment where Malakai is waiting for his faction to form, and then he’ll take on… Well, it’ll just have to be Penta for Death Triangle, because Fenix legit broke/dislocated his elbow in tonight’s main event. Aside from that, this was an awesome main event, and I was surprised Jurassic Express won.

At the same time, knowing Fenix was legit injured, they could’ve called an audible. The Lucha Bros would probably have had to vacate the titles at this point, so putting it on Jurassic Express instead keeps things moving smoothly. No need for a vacant title tournament situation, just send the next team(s) up. Jurassic Express against any one of those teams that stood on stage makes for great stuff, and maybe this helps get teams like Private Party or Proud ‘n’ Powerful back in the mix after being cooled off by faction based story detours.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (12/7/22)

The best tag teams collide!



AEW Year 4

Will The Acclaimed hold onto their forever reign?

In an epic clash, The Acclaimed defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships against the THREE BELT CHAMPIONS, FTR! Will Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood move up to FOUR belts tonight?


  • Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal: Ricky Starks wins and will challenge MJF for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Darby Allin; Joe wins and retains the title.
  • Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta; Claudio & Yuta win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Jade Cargill & The Baddies VS Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan; Jade & The Baddies win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Acclaimed VS FTR; The Acclaimed win and retain the titles.


Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal!

Another year, another battle for that coveted $150,000 diamond ring! But things are a little different, as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, our NEW AEW World Champion, has the prerogative to not participate in this match. Instead, think of this more as a #1 contender’s battle royal with the winner getting to choose when and where they face MJF for that ring. Ricky Starks vows that when he wins this match, he’ll make next week’s title match into a Winner Takes All! Will this be an Absolute Victory for Ricky Starks? Or will someone else in this crowded field take that diamond ticket instead?

Fans go wild as Starks makes his entrance, and then they go wild as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry makes his entrance. We already have Brian Cage, The Butcher, The Blade, Orange Cassidy, Captain Shawn Dean, Matt Hardy, Ethan Page,  Lee Moriarty, W. Morrissey, Kip Sabian, Dalton Castle and The Boys at ringside, but wait! Here comes The Natural, Dustin Rhodes! Fans fire up for the hometown hero, the bell rings, and everyone rushes into the ring! Well, almost everyone as Kip plays things a bit more shrewdly, and even Castle & The Boys wait as things sort out. Cassidy takes his time because that’s just the way Freshly Squeezed rolls.

The Butcher brawls with Dean, The Blade is after JB and Dustin is on Hardy while The Firm’s All Ego and #TAIGASTYLE mug Starks. Castle slides in to help Starks out, and Kip yanks Cassidy out under the bottom rope, wanting to continue things from Rampage’s All-Atlantic Championship Lumberjack Match! Kip RAMS Cassidy into railing! Ethan bumps Castle off buckles and Starks turns things around on Moriarty. Ethan CHOKES Castle while The Boys protest. Castle hits Ethan back, Moriarty turns things around on Starks to rain down fists. Starks stops that and hits an atomic drop! Hardy helps Ethan by going after Castle.

Dustin digs his boots into Ethan while Hardy dribbles Castle off buckles. Kip throws Cassidy around ringside, Dustin bumps Ethan off buckles. Dustin CHOPS Ethan, Cassidy turns things around on Kip but Kip sends Cassidy into the apron! Fans rally for Starks, Castle gives Hardy a raspberry? Dustin ROCKS Butcher, Dean throws hands on Cage. Kip and Cassidy are finally in the ring and Cassidy bounces Kip off buckles. And again! And again! Butcher CLUBS Cassidy down! Butcher and Kip work together on Cassidy but he kicks at them. Cassidy gets free, dodges Kip, and runs in at Kip, only for Kip to send him up and out!

Cassidy holds onto the ropes, but Kip BITES one of Cassidy’s hands! Cassidy still skins the cat to headscissor Kip! Kip resists, pushes Cassidy away, but Cassidy hits him back! Blades sucker punches Cassidy and drags him off! Blade ELIMINATES Cassidy, then POSTS him! Fans boo but the damage is done and Kip is all smiles. Dustin runs at Kip and hits a DESTROYER! Dustin clotheslines Kip up and out to ELIMINATE him! Fans fire up but then Butcher CLUBS Dustin! Butcher fires off hands but Dustin gives them back! They brawl with haymakers but Butcher knees low! And again! Butcher fireman’s carries but Dustin fights free!

Dustin is on the apron, he throws hands on Butcher while fans go nuts over Starks narrowly avoiding elimination at the hands of Matt Hardy! Dustin ROCKS Butcher, Hardy kicks at Starks. Moriarty is after Castle in a corner while Butcher rakes Dustin’s eyes! Butcher CLOBBERS Dustin and ELIMINATES him! Fans boo but Blade high-fives with Butcher while staying safe on the outside. Butcher fires off on Dustin, Cage throws Castle out! Cage KNEES Castle off the apron, but The Boys catch him! Cage ROCKS Castle again, the Boys keep Castle up again! And again! They carry Castle to safety on the other side of the ring!

But Cage is there! Cage swings, Castle ducks to ROCK Cage back! Castle gets in safe, but Cage scoops him! Cage TOSSES Castle out onto the Boys and ELIMINATES him! Fans boo but JB DROPKICKS Cage out of the ring! Cage  stays on the apron, he ROCKS JB in the ropes, suplexes him, but JB slips out to waistlock! Cage elbows JB away, but JB SUPERKICKS Cage! Meanwhile, Starks is fighting off both Hardy and Ethan Page! He gets them to back off, before he DOUBLE AX HANDLES them both down! JB goes up a corner, he leaps at Cage, APRON METEORA! JB ELIMINATES Cage! Prince Nana is furious but fans are fired up as AEW goes picture in picture!

JB checks his leg as he gets in the ring. Moriarty is right on JB by pulling his hair! Moriarty UPPERCUTS JB, has him in a corner, and digs his boots in! Ethan stomps Dean while Hardy rushes Butcher. Butcher dumps Hardy but Hardy holds the ropes! Hardy fights his way back in, he CLUBS Butcher down, and Ethan applauds. The Firm give Hardy thumbs up as Hardy picks Butcher up and works to dump him out! Butcher holds on while Moriarty stomps Starks and Ethan keeps on Dean. Butcher fights off Hardy, then catches his breath leaning against ropes. Ethan makes Starks look at the camera before he CLUBS him down!

JB CLUBS Ethan! Moriarty full nelsons JB but JB elbows him away. JB digs a boot into Ethan and Starks joins in! They let off, drag Ethan up, and they work together to pick Ethan up! Ethan fights and Hardy helps Ethan for The Firm. Hardy bumps Starks off buckles again and again and again! JB fights Ethan off while Hardy shouts, “DELETE! Dean turns things around on Moriarty JB stomps Ethan then CLUBS Butcher. Dean scoops and SLAMS Moriarty while Hardy tries to throw Starks out again. But Starks drags Hardy up and over instead! Hardy dangles but so does Starks! Dynamite returns to single picture as Ethan hurries to save Hardy!

Starks fights Hardy but Ethan HOTSHOTS Starks! Starks sputters, Hardy gets in safe. Butcher fights off JB and Dean, but Dean fights him with forearms. The Firm all mug Starks, but fans rally up behind Starks. Starks fires off on Butcher while he can but Butcher ROCKS Starks! Starks runs to BLAST and ELIMINATE The Butcher! But then The Firm jumps right on him! Moriarty throws Starks out but Starks stays safe on the apron. Starks ROCKS Moriarty, JB runs in to RANA Moriarty up and out to ELIMINATE him!! But Morrissey BOOTS JB while he’s hanging on, and that ELIMINATES JB!!

Fans boo, Morrissey isn’t even really in this match! But Moriarty & Morrissey aren’t done with JB, either, as they drag him up, APRON CHOKE SLAM!! Hardy meanwhile hits Dean with a SIDE EFFECT! The refs reprimand, Moriarty and Morrissey back off, leaving Ethan, Hardy, Starks and Dean as our final four. Hardy drags Starks up to give him a SIDE EFFECT! Fans boo, but then Ethan tells Hardy to stop doing his V1 and raise Ethan’s hand in victory. But Ethan hasn’t won yet! Hardy says, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” and then Ethan tells him to get Starks up. Hardy does as told, The Firm mugs Starks, and then they put him on the ropes.

Starks holds on as both Hardy & Ethan lift, but Dean makes the save! Dean fires off hands on Ethan! Hardy goes after Dean, but Dean fires off hands on Hardy! Dean UPPERCUTS Hardy but Ethan CLUBS Dean! Ethan whips Dean, Dean gets around, FLOAT-OVER DDT! Dean kips up and fans fire up! Stokely is upset but Dean drags Ethan up to throw him up and over! Ethan holds on desperately and Hardy kicks Dean! TWIST OF FATE! Ethan shouts to throw Dean out and Hardy tells Ethan to do it. Ethan says fine, he drags Dean up and tosses Dean to ELIMINATE him! Fans are thunderous as now Starks is 2v1 against The Firm!

Ethan tells Hardy to do his job and help him win. Hardy shouts, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” But he BLASTS Starks! The Firm mugs Starks and fans boo hard as ever! Ethan feeds Starks to the facelock, TWIST OF- NO, Starks shoves Hardy up and out to ELIMINATE him! Ethan fires off on Starks, it’s just the two of them now! Starks wrenches and TORNADO DDTS!! Fans are thunderous as Starks is electric! He runs in but Ethan dodges the Spear! ROUNDHOUSE! Ethan snarls, he drags Starks up, fireman’s carry, but Starks RANAS Ethan out! STARKS WINS!!

Winner: Ricky Starks (#1 contender to the Dynamite Diamond Ring)

But to rain on the parade already is MJF! The AEW World Champion and #TripleB, the Big Burberry Belt, are here with a mic as fans boo hard as they can. The fans then cheer on Starks and MJF smirks. MJF tells Starks, “I’ll be with you in one second.” MJF then says, “Bryan Danielson, a little birdy told me you didn’t wanna show up tonight, and I think I know the real reason why. The real reason why is because you’re terrified of me. And I don’t blame ya, bud. After what I did to your boy, Willy Reegs, I’d be scared, too.”

Fans boo but MJF says, “Because I’m a bad, bad man. And that’s why in a week from now, I’m gonna be a FOUR-TIME, FOUR-TIME, FOUR-TIME, F-F-F-FOUR-TIME beautiful Dynamite Diamond Ring Champion. And I will still be the holder of the grandest prize of ’em all, the Triple B, baby! Now Richard, people seem to really like you around here, huh?” Fans cheer Starks on again, and MJF says “They talk about you like you’re some underutilized god of professional wrestling. And trust me, you are very talented, you really are. But you wanna know the truth, bud? Here’s the truth, Absolute.” Fans tell MJF to STFU but he just shrugs that off.

MJF says the truth is that in comparison to MJF, Starks is the Absolute drizzling sh*t! Or should MJF say, “You’re a roody poo candy ass!” After all, Starks stole literally everything else from that guy. But no offense, Richard, you’re just “a Dollar Store Dwayne.” So MJF will call Starks “The Pebble.” So here’s what happens next week in the main event of Dynamite, little Pebble. Fans chant for the “PEBBLE~! PEBBLE~!” MJF says he’s gonna put The Pebble in his pocket, hop in his brand new Porsche, because unlike all the “simple-minded humanoids” of Austin, MJF is rich. MJF will drive Pebble to the nearest body of water, take him out of his pocket, and skip “your scrawny little pigeon-toed ass all the way back to Billy Corgan’s NWA so you can wrestle on YouTube where you belong!”

Fans boo but Starks just smirks. MJF says “Facts don’t care about your feelings, Texas!” But MJF doesn’t care that Starks is Absolute, because MJF is a Generational Talent, and his Reign of Terror has only just begun. MJF soaks up the heat and then Starks pushes right past him to get a mic of his own. Fans cheer on Starks but MJF tells them all to shut up. Starks tells “Maxi Pad”, which fans now chant at MJF, that he should’ve expected a fifth-rate Roddy Piper to come out here and try to steal the spotlight. Oh~, he trashed the city! OH~! He trashed the fans! How much more shtick does MJF got? Cuz the low hanging fruit is running dry!

Starks says every week, MJF walks out here smelling like paint thinner and ass, having spray tanned his eczema to where if he took his shirt off, his back would look like he laid on an ant colony for seven hours. MJF has his crappy shoes, pants that are never ironed, a shirt that is too small, that stupid scarf, and that even dumber haircut, and he acts like he’s better than Starks?! Give us a break!! Fans are fired up hearing that! “Everything about you screams, ‘Cheap.’ The cheap suits, the cheap shoes, the cheap heat. Oh my God, and you are our new AEW Champion, huh? Well here’s the thing. With that AEW Championship comes a big responsibility that you know nothing about!

“The difference between you and me is that when these people got behind me, I gave them a reason to keep going. When they put faith in you, you let them down. When Regal put faith in you, you let him down. But brother, when it comes to Ricky, I delivery on time, every time, every night, every week, every month! And you can take your little ass to Greece for three months because oh~, you didn’t get paid enough! Oh~, you got out politicked by somebody smarter than you! But the fact remains is that I’ve been here, busting my ass. You wanna talk responsibility? Let’s talk about the fact that you avoid responsibility! You avoid any type of pressure.

“I show up to sign meet ‘n’ greets, where you, you don’t care! You just blow it off because hey! Everybody hates Max, so he has nothing to lose, right? Yeah, well, guess what, buddy? There comes a lot of responsibility when it comes to people actually liking you. And beside your nose being a lot darker than the rest of your body, me on the other hand, I live with dignity, I live with respect. You know nothing about that! When I lived in my car in South Austin, guess what I was doing? I was grinding! I knew the responsibility of taking care of myself! When it comes to that woman right there, it’s MY responsibility to get her a car, to get her a house.

“And you think because you paid people, because you kissed ass, that Maxwell ‘I’m better than you,’ you can get whatever you want? Please, gimme a break.” Fans are all fired up! Starks tells MJF that next week is a BIG deal. Starks is putting up and shutting MJF up for once in his miserable, narcissistic, punk-ass little life! MJF doesn’t deserve the title but Starks does! Wrestling on YouTube? Guess what? Been there, done that, busted his ass to get here! He never needed a name to make it here, and he doesn’t need one to beat MJF’s ass! He is Ricky Starks, he is stand ten toes down right here.

Next week, Starks smacks that mole of MJF’s neck, stomps a new hole right into MJF, and then he takes that title! Fans are thunderous for Starks as he says he’s doing MJF a favor he’s never had done in his life: Starks takes the responsibility off this “little boy’s” plate. MJF LOW BLOWS Starks! Fans boo as MJF takes off the belt, the scarf, and brings out the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF puts the ring on, takes aim, and fans shout “F YOU MAX!” But Starks dodges to SPEAR!! Fans are THUNDEROUS as MJF falls out of his shoes and then falls out of the ring! Starks holds up the world title, will he be holding that and the Dynamite Diamond Ring at the end of Winter is Coming?


Darby Allin speaks.

“May 12th, 2021 was when I lost the TNT Championship. From that time ’til now, I feel like a lot of people have all said to me, ‘Darby Allin is being slept on. Darby Allin is forgotten about.’ Well it’s up to me to wake everyone up, and I’m gonna win that TNT Championship. I said that this crowd chants one thing, ‘Joe is gonna kill~ you.’ Well Joe, you’re gonna have to bury me with that TNT Championship, because I am not leaving Austin, Texas without it.”

Samoa Joe responds.

“Darby Allin, the curious little dead boy. I know exactly what you see when you look at me. You see a crucible that you wanna put yourself through. You see the violence that I inflict and you say to yourself, ‘That is a trial I can endure.’ Well, Darby, tonight you’re gonna learn that curiosity has a price that is about to get real expensive.” Will the Relentless Underdog put it all on the line just to get back that title? Or will he fail to dethrone the King of Pro-Wrestling Television?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“You think last week got a little outta hand? I don’t. In fact, I’m starting to really, really like The Cowboy, Hangman. Because he fell off his horse, dusted himself off, and got right back in the saddle, and he did his talking with his fists. There’s not enough of that around here. There’s too much talking. This is All Elite Wrestling, not All Elite Talking. There is no Blackpool Microphone Club. This is COMBAT! This is the sport of kings! Tonight, myself, Wheeler, Claudio, this Weekend at Final Battle, this Friday night on Rampage, we bring back 100 proof, in-your-face, ass-kicking wrestling! Jericho Appreciation Society. I’m so over the Jericho Appreciation Society.

“I’m gonna be out there tonight, just to make sure there’s no sports entertainment shenanigans. And this weekend, we put the JAS in our rearview mirror for good! Hangman Page, you want another piece? You know where to find me.” The Maniac heads out, but will he be able to focus on the JAS with the Cowboy coming for him?


AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Darby Allin!

#TwoBeltJoe has been intimidating and brutal even when he’s had no belts. How much more vicious will he become in order to keep his throne as King of TV?

The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and we see if Darby wins, or even survives!

The bell rings and fans rally as Darby and Joe stare down. Fans do sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Joe steps up to Darby, daring him to do something. So Darby fires off fast hands! Joe puts Darby in a corner, but Darby dodges him to fire off hands again! Joe shoves Darby away, but Darby SHOTGUNS Joe out of the ring! Darby keeps moving to DIVE, but Joe casually moves aside and Darby crashes into railing! Joe grins as he goes back for Darby while fans lose their minds. Joe CLUBS Darby, drags him up, and sits him on the apron to then SWING him into the railing! And SWING into the apron! And back into railing!

Fans are torn but Joe soaks it all up. Joe goes back for Darby, and he tears up the floor mats! Joe drags Darby up and smacks him off the apron. Darby flounders around in a daze, but Joe drags him back up. Joe puts Darby in the ring, just to drag him out after refreshing the ring count. Joe then hits Darby with a BIG back suplex to the floor! Darby writhes, but at least that was a padded part. Joe refreshes the count himself now, and he drags Darby back up. Joe brings Darby to the bare patch now, and fans boo while the ref counts. Darby fights the lift but Joe still gets Darby up! Darby bends Joe’s fingers to get free!

Darby runs in, but Joe POWERSLAMS Darby to the bare concrete!! Joe shouts at Darby, “Do you wanna die, Darby?! HUH!?!” The ref checks Darby while AEW goes picture in picture.

Joe leaves Darby behind while he clutches an arm and his ribs. Joe returns, having refreshed the count, and he puts Darby in the ring. Joe stalks Darby, mockingly applauds, and then drags Darby up. Joe CHOPS Darby and he flops down into a corner. Joe stands on Darby’s neck, the ref counts, and Joe lets off at 4. Joe smirks as he paces around. Darby drags himself up in a corner but not very far. Joe drags Darby up but Darby throws body shots! Darby runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Joe is fired up and he drags Darby into a neck wrench! Darby endures, even as Joe looms over him. Joe throws Darby down but fans rally up.

Darby flounders about and it amuses Joe. Darby kicks back, manages to kick harder, and he BOOTS Joe away! Darby stands to throw more body shots, but Joe HEADBUTTS Darby down! Joe snarls, he drags Darby back up, and he dumps Darby to the apron. Joe drags Darby up as Dynamite returns to single picture. Joe JABS Darby, and then runs him side to side to POST him! Fans lose their minds again and Joe pretends he can’t see where Darby went. Doc Sampson checks Darby and the ring count starts. Fans count along while Joe just strolls around the ring and flexes. Darby is somehow okay to continue, and he crawls his way over at 5 of 10.

Darby flounders up at 7 and in at 8! Fans cheer but Joe is annoyed. Joe asks Darby what more has to happen. Joe kicks him around, Darby gets mad. Darby SLAPS Joe and it staggers him! Darby runs, gets around, but Joe hits an atomic drop! And then runs to BOOT Darby down! Then he SENTONS! Cover, TWO!! Darby is still in this though he goes to the apron, and Joe can’t believe it! But then Joe builds speed! But Joe has to bail out as Darby slides back in! Darby PLANCHAS, but into a fireman’s carry! Darby fights free to RAM Joe into steel steps! Darby then goes up the corner for a SUPER COFFIN DROP!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!”

Darby staggers about, but he pushes Joe into the ring. Darby keeps moving, COFFIN- NO, the splash is caught to a SLEEPER! But Darby drops to KICK Joe away! Darby slips around, THROWBACK STUNNER!! Joe stays up so Darby hops on, CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!!! Joe survives but Darby has new life! Fans are giving a standing ovation as Joe and Darby rise. Joe goes to a corner, Darby runs in but into the URENAGE! Joe drags Darby up and puts him on the top rope. But Darby claws Joe’s face! Joe CHOPS Darby, climbs up after him, and hoists Darby up. But Darby BITES Joe’s forehead!! Joe falls back, Darby adjusts, COFFIN DROP!! Into the COQUINA CLUTCH!!!

Darby flails, he reaches out, but the sleeper and body scissors squeezes tight! Darby has a wild look in his eyes, until those eyes roll back! Darby is OUT, Joe wins!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by submission (still AEW TNT Champion)

Darby fought his heart out, but we are still in the #TwoBeltJoe Era! Darby manages to stand up again, and he says he’s not dead! Joe has to put him down for him to stop! Darby dares Joe to keep fighting, but Joe HEADBUTTS Darby down! Joe grabs Darby’s own skateboard and he brings it over. Fans boo as Joe scares off the ref with the board! Joe then drags Darby up, puts the board down wheels up, and he puts Darby on the corner. Joe tucks Darby in! MUSCLE BUSTER on the wheels!!! Darby isn’t even moving, but Joe still puts the COQUINA CLUTCH back on!! The ref reprimands, more refs rush out but HERE COMES WARDLOW!!

Wardlow rushes to the ring and Joe runs away! Fans cheer on “WARD~LOW! WARD~LOW!” as he reminds Joe that they’re not through with each other! Joe moves on to ROH Final Battle to defend his ROH World Television Championship against Juice Robinson, will Joe make it through The Booster only to find Wardlow’s World waiting for him?


Backstage interview with Kip Sabian and Orange Cassidy.

Tony Schiavone says there is a No Physicality Agreement in place as these two are here to talk. What is on Cassidy’s mind? Cassidy doesn’t know what Kip is doing, but he doesn’t need to do this. If he wants a title shot, just ask. Kip says, “How convenient, my sweet little Clementine. You wait until an unprovoked attack by Dustin Rhodes. I’m hurt. You just don’t want me at my best.” Cassidy says if Kip isn’t gonna fight this Friday on Rampage, then find someone who can. Kip ponders the idea, and heads out. Cassidy asks Schiavone if that’s a yes. Seems so. Then who will crazy Kip find as a Superbad proxy to take on the All-Atlantic Champion?


Chris Jericho speaks.

“Initially, what started out as a deliberate desecration of the legacy of ROH has now led me to become the greatest ROH Champion of all time. Oh, the irony. Claudio, you don’t have the belief that you can beat me when it counts and become the ROH World Champion once again. Isn’t that true? That is why I’m gonna beat you at Final Battle, and it is why you’re gonna have to join the Jericho Appreciation Society. But Claudio, I am telling you this right now, it is going to be the best thing for you. I am looking so forward to taking you under my wing, and most importantly, I am looking so forward to beating you at Final Battle. I’ll see you then, Claudio. All Honor The Ocho.”


Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia w/ Sammy Guevara VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta w/ Jon Moxley!

Speaking of the war between JAS and BCC, another battle happens here in Austin! Will “Rock Hard” Hager & the “Dragonslayer” use sports entertainment to gain the momentum before the Final Battle? Or will the Swiss Superman & Decoder use a pro-wrestling solution on their JAS problem?

The teams sort out and Yuta starts against Garcia in a preview of their ROH Pure Championship rematch set for Saturday. They circle, then Garcia tags to Hager. Hager and Yuta circle, but then Hager has everyone hold on. Because he’s brings out the purple bucket hat, and throws it to Claudio! Hager says Claudio needs to get used to wearing that. Claudio considers it, he holds the hat up, but then he PUNTS the hat to the crowd! Hopefully Austin likes that hat. Hager KNEES Yuta, CLUBS him, then back suplexes! Yuta lands on his feet, CHOPS Hager, but Hager swings. Yuta dodges but Hager CLOBBERS Yuta!

Hager drags Yuta up, bumps him off buckles and tags Garcia in. The JAS mugs Yuta with a CHOP and some stomps. The ref counts, Garcia digs his boots in but he lets off at 4. Yuta gets up to COHP and forearm and repeat! Garcia CHOPS, Yuta CHOPS, repeat! Yuta whips, Garcia reverses and runs in but Yuta goes up and over. Yuta scoops Garcia to SLAM him, then SENTON! Cover, TWO! Yuta keeps on Garcia with a pull of the ear, then he tags Claudio. BCC double whip and DOUBLE BOOT! Garcia scrambles away, tags Hager, but Hager runs into a drop toehold! Claudio facelocks then armlocks while fans chant, “WE THE PEOPLE!”

Claudio chinbars then goes after an arm, but Hager throws elbows. Hager ROCKS Claudio with rights, whips him corner to corner, but Claudio goes up and over. Claudio hip tosses then covers, ONE!! Claudio keeps on the arm, tag to Yuta, and Yuta climbs up to AX HANDLE the arm! Yuta wrenches, but Hager shoves him to a corner. Hager runs in but into a BOOT! Yuta hops up, leaps and MISSILE DROPKICKS Hager down! Garcia runs in but Yuta slips around, OLYMPIC SLAM! Garcia bails out, Yuta builds speed and Yuta DIVES to take out both Hager and Garcia! Fans fire up as Yuta puts Hager in.

Yuta climbs up, but Sammy distracts! Garcia shoves Yuta off the top and Hager catches him! Claudio protests but Moxley grabs a chair! Hager SLAMS Yuta down while Moxley storms after Sammy. Hager runs to the corner for the HAGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Yuta survives, Moxley backs away from Sammy, but Hager tags Garcia in. Garcia and Hager mug Yuta, Garcia throws EuroUppers and forearms. Yuta fights back with forearms and elbows of his own! Garcia kicks low then CHOPS Yuta down! Garcia fishhooks Yuta’s face, pushes him down, then argues with the ref. Garcia storms after Yuta, but then sucker punches Claudio!

Yuta headbutts Garcia low! Garcia suplexes, Yuta turns it around to suplex and he puts Garcia up top. Yuta climbs up after Garcia, brings him up, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down and fans fire up while AEW goes picture in picture! Garcia and Yuta crawl, Moxley coaches Yuta up, but Garcia tags Hager! Hager runs in to BLAST Claudio! Hager bumps Yuta off buckles and digs his boot in! The ref reprimands and counts, Hager lets off, and Garcia CHOKES Yuta while the ref is busy with a protesting Moxley. Sammy also gets a shot in before Garcia lets Yuta go. Hager looms over Yuta, drags him up and chicken wings the arms.

Yuta endures as Hager grinds a shoulder, but fans rally up. Yuta fights up, reaches out, but Hager whips him away from Claudio. Yuta holds ropes then he dumps Hager out! Hager hurries back up to drag Yuta out! Hager RAMS Yuta into railing! And then Hager puts Yuta back in to cover, TWO! Hager hauls Yuta up, tags Garcia in, and the JAS mug Yuta again. Garcia grinds his forearm into Yuta’s face, fishhooks Yuta’s nose, and he talks trash to the fans. The ref counts, Garcia lets off, and he snapmares Yuta to then mock Claudio’s cannon arms. Garcia wraps on a chinlock and he grinds Yuta down. Yuta endures while Garcia pushes up for added pressure.

Moxley and Claudio coach Yuta as he fights his way up. Garcia clinches but Yuta JAWBREAKERS free! Dynamite returns to single picture as both men crawl. Yuta reaches out, but Garcia drags him away! Yuta slips under to ROCK Garcia! Garcia BOOTS Yuta, but Yuta rewinds and slips around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up and both men crawl again. Hot tags to Hager and Claudio! Fans fire up as Claudio rallies on Hager with EuroUpper after EuroUpper! Claudio whips Hager to a corner for a BIG uppercut! Then he whips Hager corner to corner for another BIG uppercut! Claudio fires off more EuroUppers, but the ref counts.

Claudio lets off at 4, then jukes to EuroUpper again and again and again! Claudio puts Hager up top, EuroUppers again, then climbs up to join him. Claudio stands on the very top, for a SUPER STEINER! It wasn’t the cleanest but it worked! Cover, TWO!! Hager survives but clutches a shoulder. Claudio trips Hager to have the legs! Fans fire up but Garcia hops on with a SLEEPER! Claudio stays up, Yuta climbs, and Claudio SLAMS Garcia down for Yuta’s DIVING SPLASH! Fans fire up, but Hager trips Claudio to an ANKLE LOCK! But Claudio turns, BOOTS Hager, only for Hager to lift! Claudio sunset flips through, to get the SWISS SWING!!

Fans count along, Hager goes around and around and around for TEN! Sammy is freaking out as Hager staggers, into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Hager is still in this but Claudio drags him up. Claudio reels Hager in, Gotch Lifts, but Hager back drops! Claudio lands on his feet, dodges, but Sammy stops the springboard! The ref reprimands, but Moxley trips Sammy off the apron! Moxley DECKS Sammy and fans fire up! Claudio finishes the leap, but into a SPINEBUSTER from Hager! Hager has the leg for the ANKLE LOCK! Claudio endures, reaches out, but Hager drags him from ropes! Garcia runs in to intercept Yuta!

Garcia has Yuta’s legs for the DRAGON TAMER!! The JAS have double submissions and fans boo! But Claudio rolls to send Hager into Garcia! EUROUPPER! Cover, BCC wins!!

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta, by pinfall

Fans fire up and Moxley joins his brothers in the club to celebrate! Tony Schiavone joins them all to interview them. He knows they just got a big win ahead of a big night on Saturday, but they have to talk about what happened at Full Gear. Here is an interview Schiavone did with William Regal a few weeks back that might explain some things.

The footage plays and Schiavone talks with his “long time friend,” Regal. Regal says it will be 30 years in January. Full Gear was unbelievable, but Schiavone wanted to know about how all that transpired. Regal told Schiavone before that “people are only going to see this if something bad happens to me. And when you’re somebody like me, and spent your life being as horrible as I have, you’re always expecting something bad to happen.” Schiavone says Regal is the Villain of Villains. Well, Regal took great exception to what MJF did to Schiavone. And MJF seems to be made about emails and this and that, so Regal just gave MJF what he wanted.

MJF is world champion now. But do you know that saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Because now, everyone in the company will be chasing MJF. Regal realized a few months ago that the three veteran members of the Blackpool Combat Club don’t need Regal around anymore. He’s “surplus to requirements.” But he knew they wouldn’t let him go, either. But he needed to show them why they don’t need him, and why they can teach Wheeler Yuta how to become the greatest professional wrestler in the world, because they’ve all got that capability. “But you have to lead by example.”

So hopefully, and Regal knows he will, because Moxley is a very calculating man, Moxley will understand this. “The reason I did what I did, and to lead by example, was to teach you the final thing that I could ever teach you. Always stay one step ahead, and make sure you always keep eyes in the back of your head. I’m Blackpool Combat Club ’til the day I die. Fellas, it’s been emotional.” Lord William Regal’s message ends, and Schiavone says that was two weeks ago, before what MJF did. He knows they’re all a bit speechless, but does anyone have a comment?

Moxley takes the mic to say, “All I know is one thing for sure. The three men in this ring live and breathe for the sport of professional wrestling! You can call us whatever you want, but December 10th, ROH Final Battle, this war with the Jericho Appreciation Society is OVER! These men make a statement. This Friday night on Rampage, I make a statement! I’m gonna challenge any wrestler in the world to come right here in this ring and find out just where you stand on the food chain. This Friday on Rampage, I make a statement! At Final Battle, they make a statement! Pro-wrestling is about to make a serious statement!”

The fans fire up hearing that from Moxley, but who will step up to his Open Challenge? And can Claudio and Yuta both take back the ROH titles to restore that honor to those championships?


The House of Black speak.

Malakai says, “This company has allowed itself to be corrupted. Corrupted by people that point fingers at others while still holding the shovel in their hands that they used to dig the graves for others. And now, it is sick and it is dying. And perhaps it is time for myself and the House to… put down this corruption. Ms. Hart, what is the crime?” Julia steps out from the shadows to say, “The crime is treason.” Malakai asks “Mr. Matthews, what is the verdict?” Buddy walks out from the shadows to say, “Verdict: War.” “And Mr. King, what is the sentence?” Brody walks out to say, “It as if you throw a side of beef to a pack of wild dogs. We will tear the meat from the bone. The sentence is extermination.”

Malakai says it has been decided. “To anyone that has an issue with what we have done over the past two weeks, or anything that’s been said here, well next week Wednesday, come one, come all.” The House of Black drifts into the shadows, who will be the first to be torn apart?


AEW returns with Jamie Hayter’s sit-down interview.

Tony Schiavone sits with the undisputed AEW Women’s World Champion, and he notes that last week, she asked the question, “Why not a sit-down interview with me?” Well, here we are, and the floor is hers. Hayter says Saraya got a sit-down, cool. Toni Storm got one, alright. But not with Hayter? That baffles her. So no, Schiavone, you ask her something. What does he wanna know? Well, Schiavone notes the AEW Women’s Division has been blossoming. Great competitors are showing up, and this week on Rampage, we will see Hikaru Shida VS The Bunny for Shida’s Regina di Wave Championship. What are Hayter’s thoughts on the division?

Hayter says it is getting “interesting.” But unfortunately for everyone else, Hayter is on top now. And everyone is trying to grind their way to the top to get her title. She will do her duty as champion to be both reigning and defending. Hayter will have a very, very close look at that Regina de Wave title match on Rampage. “Thing is, it doesn’t really hold a candle to the AEW Women’s World Championship, does it?” Schiavone says nothing does, and Hayter agrees. This is AEW. But Hayter will “give one of those girls the opportunity of a lifetime. Whoever wins that match, they get to wrestle me for the AEW Women’s World Championship, if they dare.”

Schiavone says Hayter’s going to be a fighting champion and she says that’s right. She is a fighting champion, “and a bloody good one at that.” Who will be the Regina di Wave Champion after Rampage? And will they accept Hayter’s challenge to them?


Six Woman Tag: Jade Cargill & The Baddies VS Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan!

The UN-DE-FEA-TED AEW TBS Champion got her belt back but got rid of the weak link, as she puts it. Red Velvet is back, Leila Grey is still around, but Kiera Hogan got kicked to the curb! Will Kiera get revenge on #ThatBitch with help from the Coach & Student? Or will Jade be undefeated even in trios action?

The teams sort out, Jade starts against Skye. The fans rally up but Jade says no, she’s above Skye. Tag to Velvet and Velvet gets her return to action already. Velvet and Skye tie up, they go around, and Velvet wrenches to a wristlock. Skye cartwheels, wrenches and wristlocks back. Then she slips around to hook, but Velvet blocks the arm-drag. Velvet brings Skye up but Skye shifts sides to arm-drag Velvet from the other arm! Velvet staggers up and fans fire up. Skye and Velvet tie up again, Velvet headlocks but Skye snapmares free. Skye steps over an arm, and wraps Velvet up for a creative take on La Magistrol, TWO!

Velvet has a cover now, TWO! Skye has it back, ONE! Velvet has the cover again, TWO! Fans fire up for that exchange, and Velvet has to admit that was good. Velvet offers a handshake, Skye accepts, and then Skye turns to her partners. But Velvet throws Skye down by her hair! The ref reprimands, fans boo, and Velvet bumps Skye off buckles. Tag to Grey, the Baddies double whip to double CHOP! Grey covers, ONE!! Fans rally, Grey drags Skye up to whip her to a corner. Grey runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Grey then headlocks but Skye denies the bulldog to kick the legs out! Grey blocks a superkick but Skye spins through to KICK Grey down!

Fans fire up as Skye drags Grey back up, tag to Rayne. Skye & Rayne double whip, trip and basement dropkick Grey! Rayne covers, ONE!! Rayne drags Grey up to bump her off buckles! Tag back to Skye, Rayne snapmares but Grey scrambles away to tag in Velvet! Velvet ducks Skye’s clothesline to come back, but Skye dodges to SUPERKICK! Velvet flops to the outside and fans rally as Skye builds speed. Skye falls into the apron skirt trap! Velvet fires off on Skye! The ref reprimands, Velvet lets off, then she climbs over Skye to stand on the apron while AEW goes picture in picture.

Velvet stirs it up and has a taste while Skye flops out of the skirt. Velvet puts Skye back in the ring, clamps onto an arm and grinds the shoulder. Velvet bumps Skye off buckles, tags in Grey, and Grey taunts Rayne and Kiera while Velvet uses Skye as a boxing bag! Jade also talks trash on Skye while the ref reprimands Grey and keeps Kiera back. Grey hurries over to pull Skye’s hair! The Baddies mug Skye, then Grey tags in. The Baddies double suplex Skye high and hard! Jade applauds her team while Grey covers, TWO! Grey is annoyed but she rains down fists on Skye. Grey wraps on a headlock and she grinds Skye down.

Fans rally as Skye endures. Grey stands over Skye while pulling on the hold, but Skye still fights her way up. But Grey wrangles Skye back down! Grey grinds the hold, Skye keeps her shoulders up, and fans rally again. Skye fights up a second time, she throws body shots, and then she JAWBREAKERS! Grey staggers away, tag to Velvet, and she runs to BLAST Rayne! Velvet stands Skye up to mule kick, then she covers, TWO! Dynamite returns to single picture as Velvet tells the ref something’s in her eye, while choking Skye with a knee! The ref notices the choke, she counts and Velvet steps off at 4. Velvet talks trash to Rayne, covers Skye, TWO!

Velvet drags Skye up but Skye breaks free. Velvet mule kicks, brings Skye around and- NO, Skye slips out of the Final Slice! DOUBLE LARIATS take them both down! Fans fire up as Skye and Velvet crawl. Velvet grabs Skye’s leg to keep her from her team, but Skye fights up to stand up. Velvet throws the leg down, but they both SUPERKICK! Both women go down again and fans fire up! Skye crawls, as does Velvet, hot tags to Kiera and Jade! Jade storms up, Kiera dodges and Kiera fires off forerams and CHOPS! Jade shoves back but Kiera SHOTGUNS Jade! Kiera sees Grey coming and tosses her out! Kiera goes side to side to BOOT WASH Jade!

Velvet runs in but Kiera sends her out now! Fans fire up with Kiera while Rayne DECKS Grey! Kiera runs in but Jade blocks the boot for a SPINEBUSTER!! Jade taunts Kiera, drags her up to chicken wings, but Kiera switches out! Hot tag to Rayne! Rayne dodges jade, ENZIGURIS, then reels her in! Ripcord, RAYNE- NO, Jade ROCKS Rayne first! Then chicken wings, for the JADED! Cover, The Baddies win!

Winners: Jade Cargill & The Baddies, by pinfall

Just as Kiera was on fire, she let off to see if Rayne could stop Jade. Jade was not stopped, she is 43-0 overall now, and still TBS Champion. Will The Baddies continue to dominate AEW?


Backstage interview with Saraya.

Tony Schiavone is with The Revolution on a very festive set. Schiavone congratulates Saraya on her return to action and the win, and she thanks him for that. Saraya is actually surprised Britt isn’t- Oh, wait, here she is. Britt says no one needs to worry now. And Britt also congratulates Saraya on “the biggest win” of her entire career. It will never happen again. Also, Britt was thinking about something Saraya mentioned to her. Something about everything being handed to her on a silver platter. But Saraya came to AEW, and her first match was a PPV match against “the biggest star in the Women’s Division.”

So here’s one more thing handed to Saraya: Tickets to the Kia Forum, for the January 11th edition of Dynamite. Saraya can be front row and watch Britt be the star that she is, or maybe she can step in the ring again. Saraya tells “Baby girl,” she would love to beat Britt again. Of course! Round two! Uh, no, Britt didn’t say it’d be against her. Saraya forgot that Britt has the AEW Women’s World Champion, Jamie Hayter, with her at all times. Except right now. But it will be a tag match, Britt & Hayter VS Saraya and whoever Saraya can find to tag with her. But good luck, Saraya will never beat Britt & Hayter.

Britt heads out and Saraya asks Schiavone if he wants to get in the ring. Britt brings Schiavone with her so Saraya accepts that she’ll have to find someone. She has a little over a month, who will The Revolution invite to her house?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

Jon Moxley’s open challenge has been answered by THE FUTURE! Konosuke Takeshita is stepping up to take on The Maniac, will Konosuke be the one to make a statement? Plus, we see Moriarty & Morrissey of The Firm in action, we hear from Ruby Soho and Tay Melo about their renewed feud, and we hear from Athena ahead of her ROH Women’s World Championship match against Mercedes Martinez!


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Acclaimed VS FTR!

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens want to prove they’re the best, so that means facing the best! Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood have been AEW World Tag Team Champions before, but they want to make history be becoming FOUR BELT CHAMPIONS! Will FTR stand for #FourTitleReigns? Or will Platinum Max & the Five Tool Player prove they are AEW’s Forever Champions?

Caster of course has a rap on deck! “Acclaimed on the mic, it’s about to be a problem. You the Top Guys but you ’bout to the bottoms. Whole world just scissoring. We gonna beat y’all down right in the ring! FTR, you’re a joke. I think your name stands for Find The Remote! Yo, you just a hocker. You gonna lose just like Herschel Walker.” Bowens gets the mic to say, “AUSTIIIIN, TEXAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” And he does! The introductions are made, the AEW belts are raised, and we see who has what it takes to be THE BEST team in the world!

The teams sort out and fans are thunderous for both teams. Bowens and Dax start, they circle, and fans sing, “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Bowens smirks and conducts the fans while Dax keeps his cool. They tie up, go around, and Dax puts Bowens in the corner. Tag to Cash but Bowens gets away. Cash and Bowens circle now, and we see Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett all watching backstage. Cash and Bowens tie up, Bowens headlocks but Cash turns it around. Bowens powers out but Cash runs him over. Things speed up, Cash hits a headlock takeover but Bowens headscissors. Cash kips free and hits another headlock takeover.

Bowens headscissors again, Cash kips free again, avoids a sweep and waistlocks to roll and bridge to a cover, TWO! Cash hits another headlock takeover but Bowens rolls that to a cover, TWO! Bowens and Cash stand off and fans fire up. Cash talks with Dax, then Bowens tags Caster in. Cash tags Dax, Caster swaggers and taunts Dax. They circle, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Caster powers out, Dax runs him over! Things keep moving, Caster hurdles and hip tosses! Caster then dropkicks Dax, arm-drags him, and he grinds the shoulder! Fans fire up as Caster brings Dax over. Tag to Bowens, they hand off the wrench to ELBOW BREAKER! But Dax ROCKS Bowens!

Dax bumps Bowens off buckles, CHOPS him, and fans “WOO~!” Bowens fires forearms in return, then CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS! Bowens CHOPS! Bowens fires more forearms, then whips, but Dax blocks a hip toss, only for Bowens to block a hip toss, and repeat! They go around and around, they end up on the ropes and the ref counts. Fans fire up as Dax slowly lets off, but Bowens shoves him. Cash steps in, but then so does Caster, and things are heated between the teams. The ref has them cool off, but then the brawl erupts! Austin is loving this as Cash UPPERCUTS Caster while Bowens has Dax in the corner!

Caster gets up, he dodges Cash to clothesline Cash out! Cash lands hard while Dax turns things around on Bowens. Dax ROCKS Bowens but Caster scoops him to SLAM him! Bowens goes up, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Fans fire up and Bowens calls to Caster. They SCISSOR FINGER! Bowens tags Caster back in, then he drags Dax up. The Acclaimed mug Dax, Caster whips but Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges then trips Caster! Dax ties Caster up, but Caster punches and BOOTS his way out of the Sharpshooter! Caster has the legs now, and he figures out the hook. Cash runs in but Bowens trips him! Bowens steps through, The Acclaimed have DOUBLE SHARPSHOOTERS!!

Fans are thunderous as FTR endures! Dax crawls, ROPEBREAK, and The Acclaimed let off. FTR regroups on the outside while Daddy Ass SCISSOR FINGERS his boys! Caster goes out to ROCK Dax, and Bowens is after Cash. Cash POSTS Bowens, Dax ROCKS Caster! Cash BOOTS Caster, Dax moves the apron skirt out of the way so Cash can bump Caster right off the edge! Then they put Caster under the ring, to CATAPULT GUILLOTINE Caster with the ring frame! Caster writhes while checking his teeth, and FTR SCISSOR FINGER! Fans aren’t sure what to make of that as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cash mocks the fans with the scissor fingers while Billy checks Caster. Dax shouts at him to get back, then he puts Caster in the ring. Dax storms up on Caster and BOOTS him down! Tag to Cash, and Dax bumps Caster off Cash’s knees. Caster staggers, Cash CHOPS him! And CHOPS again! Caster flops over and Cash soaks up the cheers and jeers. Caster gest to ropes, Cash is on him with a EuroUpper! Cash flexes and then drags Caster up to snapmare. Cash clamps on a chinlock and he thrashes Caster around. Caster endures as Cash grinds him down into the mat. Caster fights up, throws body shots, but Cash shoves and RAMS into him!

Cash headlocks, then short arm LARIATS Caster down! Tag to Dax, he drops a leg, then covers, TWO! Dax drags Caster up and around, for a BIG back suplex! Tag to Cash, he stays between Caster and Bowens, and he sits Caster up for the chinlock. Caster endures again as Cash grinds him back down. Fans rally, Caster fights up, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Caster throws body shots, arm-drags free, but Cash KNEES Caster down! Cash brings Caster up to CHOP him, then he hoists Caster to the top rope. Cash ROCKS Caster, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Caster resists, throws body shots, and fans fire up!

Caster shoves Cash down! Caster adjusts, CROSSBODIES, and both men are down! Austin is thunderous as both men crawl. Team Double Jay all critique what they’re seeing, wanting someone to capitalize. Hot tag from Cash to Dax! Dax stays between The Acclaimed and he DECKS Caster! Dax takes a swing on Bowens but he avoids it, and then Dax turns around into a BIG back drop! Hot tag to Bowens! Bowens rallies on FTR with haymakers and elbows! Bowens kicks Dax low, then CLUBS and CLUBS and ELBOWS and CLUBS away on Dax! Fans fire up with Bowens and he dodges Cash to mule kick, front KICK and FAMOUSER!

Dax returns but Bowens ELBOWS, JABS, CHOPS and SUPERKICKS Dax down! Bowens runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives and Bowens grows frustrated. Billy coaches him through it and fans are dueling. Bowens watches Dax rise, to mule kick, front KICK and FAM- NO, Dax slips out to GERMAN SUPELX! Dax holds on to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Dax drags Bowens up again, but Bowens switches! They go to ropes, O’Conner, TWO and Cash is there! Bowens stops from running into Cash, but then Dax rushes in! Bowens moves, Dax stops from running into Cash! Bowens runs in, Dax moves, and Bowens does run into Cash!

Cash goes down, Bowens wobbles, Dax O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Dax stops himself in time from hitting buckles, but he turns around into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives and Bowens is beside himself! Fans are thunderous all over again! Bowens drags Dax up, ducks his haymaker, but Cash tags in before the atomic drop! Bowens elbows Cash, ROCKS Dax, then wrenches Dax’s arm. Dax ROCKS Bowens, reels him in, Cash goes up! SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Bowens survives and FTR can’t believe it! Cash cools off, he drags Bowens around and tags in Dax.

Fans rally for Bowens but FTR drag Bowens up again. They double suplex, but Caster SPEARS Cash! Bowens cradles Dax, TWO!!! Bowens ROLLING ELBOWS Dax down, then tags Caster! They roll Dax into Caster’s wheelbarrow, Bowens runs around, WHEELBARROW CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!!! Dax survives again and The Acclaimed can’t believe it! The Acclaimed hurry as fans duel again. Caster drags Dax up, coordinates with Bowens, but Dax slips out of the bomb! Dax BOOTS Caster into Bowens! Bowens falls out, Cash slides in! Dax whips, but Caster fights the flapjack! Bowens shoves Cash into Dax!

Dax stays up and swings on Caster, but Caster dodges! Caster gets Dax up, but now Dax fights the flapjack! Cash CLOBBERS Bowens! Dax sunset flips, Caster rolls through and runs at Dax! Dax POSTS Caster with that! And then the BIG RIG!!! Cover, Bowens breaks it in time!!! Fans are shocked and FTR cannot believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Cash watches Bowens on the apron. Cash runs in to BLAST him to the railing! Dax drags Caster up, he hoists Caster up top then tags Cash. Dax climbs up after Caster while Cash goes to the other corner. But Bowens DECKS Dax! Cash leaps but into the ARRIVAL!! Caster adjusts, for the MIC DROP FLOP!!

Cash avoids disaster, but Bowens CLOBBERS Dax! Bowens swings at Cash, but into a Gory Especial, and GORY BOMB!! Caster rolls Cash up! TWO!! Caster BOOTS Cash, CHOPS him, but Cash DISCUS LARIATS!! Cover, TWO!! Cash drags Caster up, short arm LARIAT! And then another short arm LARIAT! Cash reels Caster in, hauls him up, POWERBOMB! Jackknife, but Caster rolls it through!! THE ACCLAIMED WIN!!!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

FTR is shocked! Caster & Bowens win by the skin of their teeth, but all it takes is a moment! But to show respect to Cash & Dax, they offer up the scissor fingers. FTR join in on a HUGE SCISSORING! But then from the back, the Gunn Sons, Austin & Colten, are sarcastically clapping. Austin tells FTR, “So close! Legacy, bye-bye. And Colten, the fans thought we would get involved? Haha, no. You guys are TRASH!” Colten says, “But Austin, they’ve had a pretty good year. And we don’t want it to end yet. So we got you guys some Christmas presents.”

Austin & Colten bring out a couple stockings, and Austin reads the card. “Oh, it looks like it’s written in blood. It’s from… DEM BOYS! The Briscoe Bros! Saturday, Final Battle!” But wait, there’s more! In the stockings, Austin & Colten bring out DOG COLLARS!! The Briscoes want a Double Dog Collar Tag Team Match! “Merry Christmas, b*tch!!” Jay & Mark Briscoe threw out the challenge, and FTR are all for it! But will the three-belt champions soon lose one of those in the most brutal way possible?

My Thoughts:

A pretty awesome episode for AEW here as a go-home to a lot of things going on under the AEW umbrella. For one, great battle royal to open the night. I knew Starks would win but AEW still does a great job with the chaotic nature of battle royals, and in using them to give us a lot of story at once. I bet Jungle Boy moves on from Luchasaurus & Christian Cage (for now) by taking on The Firm after that just nasty looking apron choke slam JB took from Morrissey. Plus, there was a lot going on with Matt Hardy and Ethan Page, Hardy is going to be conflicted all the way until the moment Hardy can’t take it anymore and he rebels against The Firm.

Then after the win, Starks and MJF have an amazing promo. Starks tore into MJF, but because Starks stood tall tonight, I’m pretty sure MJF retains his title and diamond ring. A bit of a shame for Starks then, but he’s proven himself a world title picture guy, so surely Starks finds his way back around during MJF’s “reign of terror.” Great promos from Darby and Joe ahead of their title match, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone take a powerslam to bare concrete and still wrestle. I figured Joe would retain, though, as he now has Wardlow coming for him. Joe VS Juice happens at Final Battle, Joe surely retains there, too, and then I think we get Joe VS Wardlow for Holiday Bash or New Year’s Smash. Joe can try ducking Wardlow but he can’t duck him for three months to get to AEW Revolution.

Speaking of one of the things to come out of the battle royal, I like that Cassidy and Kip had an interaction. But at the same time, Kip using what happened in the battle royal as an excuse not to face Cassidy for Rampage was pretty good Heel stuff. Cassidy could be facing just about anyone with Kip able to bring anyone in, but I would love if they used this moment to bring Miro back. There’s a lot of reasons why, from Kip being the guy who brought Miro into AEW to begin with, and Miro wanting the All-Atlantic Championship from how he almost had that title in the first place. And that’d be something to make Rampage an amazing episode.

Good promos from Hayter, Saraya and Britt, and I like that Hayter wants to be a fighting champion. She helped hype up Shida VS Bunny, and now that the winner gets a title match, that’s going to be even better stuff. I think Shida wins to retain, and then Shida and Hayter can have a big match for one of the holiday episodes. Britt challenging Saraya for a match in January is pretty interesting stuff, and of course it’s a tag match so Britt doesn’t have to face Saraya 1v1. I think Saraya ends up bringing Toni Storm into that match, and there’s a way to get them all into the title scene. I would love if this led to Britt VS Hayter to give us the story they could’ve/should’ve before.

Good match from The Baddies VS Kiera, Skye & Rayne. It was rather awkward booking that Kiera tags in right as she was doing great, but someone needed to take that loss other than her. Jade stays undefeated but Kiera could be the one they’ll build into taking the TBS Championship off her. Kiera is also returning to her “Fire” look from Women of Wrestling, so that’s pretty cool. Kiera and Jade can go full Starfire VS Blackfire from the Teen Titans and that’d be a great little nod to both their nerdier sides given all of Jade’s great cosplay ring gears for her big matches. Now, sadly, Bow Wow might still be a distraction for Jade, but at least Kiera will be someone we’ve seen in AEW and not someone brand new brought in just to beat Jade.

Great promo from Moxley to call out Hangman while hyping up BCC VS JAS. And good promo from Jericho to hype up his match with Claudio. Great tag match as well, and BCC winning out makes sense. The go-home math adds up to where JAS finds a way to retain the titles. Regal having a video message that was rather “If you’re seeing this, I’m dead” trope. But I’m a little perplexed by Regal’s logic, and by the BCC more or less shrugging it off. I thought it would’ve been more effective if someone attacked during that moment but I supposed that’d be too much given BCC VS JAS has to still wrap up. Moxley VS Konosuke will be great stuff, but Moxley is surely winning, and then Hangman probably comes out to make a challenge for Winter is Coming or New Year’s Smash.

Really good promo from The House of Black, and who knows who they’ll face first, because it’s all to bide their time until Death Triangle VS The Elite settles. Then the House can go after the AEW Trios Champions for the next feud. And then we got an awesome tag team championship main event. Acclaimed VS FTR was borderline PPV level, but I’m honestly surprised The Acclaimed won. This really should’ve been a bigger moment than it was treated, because we were then just given the Ass Boys being the proxies to the Briscoes. This is sadly a spotlight on how Tony Khan isn’t able to handle both companies at once, because one, should we not have had FTR VS Gunn Sons by this point? The Gunns have been pestering FTR for so long, they should get a shot at the ROH titles!

Yes, Briscoes VS FTR Part 3 with dog collars is going to be awesome stuff that makes Final Battle even better, but c’mon. Unless FTR is dropping those belts to Briscoes, it’s going to be even worse when the Ass Boys take the titles off them. I know FTR has been busy with the other two belts of theirs, but c’mon. The Gunns were mocking FTR a couple months ago at Battle of the Belts 4, that should’ve given us a promo of the two teams arguing, an ROH tag title match happens, and there, done. Ass Boys get their shot, they miss, they move on to try the AEW World Tag titles because The Firm wants all sorts of belts.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/6/22)

Atlantic City gets Dark!



Anyone feeling luck in the Dark?

With AEW Dynamite tomorrow and ROH Final Battle this weekend, Dark brings out Dalton Castle & The Boys! Will the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions find worthy opponents in time for December 10th?


  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Justin Corino, Jaden Valo & Defarge; Castle & The Boys win.
  • Leva Bates VS Abadon; Abadon wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Leon Ruffin; Cage wins.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS The Brick City Boyz; Lethal & Singh win.
  • Athena VS B3CCA; Athena wins.
  • Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Trent wins.


A shorter card here, and from way back a month ago when AEW was in Atlantic City ahead of Full Gear. Dalton Castle & The Boys are in action on this episode because per last night’s Elevation, they more or less called out The Embassy. Castle & The Boys VS Cage & The Gates of Agony probably ends up a Final Battle preshow match, and I feel like that would/should be the time The Embassy takes those titles. Castle & The Boys have been great ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, but The Embassy is going to look like a joke if they can’t get a pin off one of the Boys.

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