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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (1/28/22)

The Land is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

It’s a Beach Break Championship Friday!

The AEW World Tag Team and TBS Championships are on the line as Beach Break goes on a Rampage! Will Jurassic Express and Jade Cargill stay golden?


  • Jon Moxley VS Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster; Moxley wins.
  • Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard; FTR wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Julia Hart w/ Griff Garrison; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Jurassic Express VS Private Party; Jurassic Express wins and retains the titles.


Jon Moxley VS Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster!

The Maniac is back and he’s continuing right where he left off! Will he just use The Acclaimed’s Five Tool Player to keep things going? But of course, Platinum Max has a rap on deck! “Hey, yo, Moxley, welcome back. But your wifey still ain’t called me back! You’re not hard, you’re flimsy. We’ll send you right back to the garbage indies! For real, you gettin’ cooked. Bowens put you to sleep like he was your book! The Acclaimed will knock you out. The network called, he said, ‘Watch your mouth!'” CLEVELAND~! The Acclaimed have arrived! But then Moxley DECKS Caster while Bowens is on the corner!

Moxley drags Bowens down, the ring sounds and Moxley hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Moxley CHOPS Bowens in a corner, follow shim around the way and CHOPS again! Moxley bumps Bowens off buckles, stomps away on him, then climbs up to rain down fists! Moxley lets off, fakes Bowens out with a chop to SLAP Bowens down! Moxley drags Bowens up, puts some stank on it for another SLAP! Moxley CLUBS Bowens, Bowens bails out but Moxley pursues. Moxley brings Bowens around, puts more stank on it, but Bowens pushes free. So Moxley pokes him in the eyes! And then whips him into railing!

Moxley drags Bowens up to toss over the railing! Moxley then apologizes to the ref and raises her hand! Moxley goes out, fires off hands but Bowens hits back! Bowens ROCKS Moxley, CHOPS him, and Moxley staggers around the way. Moxley CHOPS Bowens, TOSSES him back over, then returns to ringside. Moxley gets Bowens’ arms and pulls him up, but Bowens YANKS Moxley into the post! Bowens RAMS Mox into railing, CHOPS him again, then pursues him into the ring. Bowens stomps Moxley, rains down rights, then puts him in a corner. Bowens CHOPS, and CHOPS, and then pulls Moxley’s arm around ropes!

The ref counts, Bowens lets off but boots the ropes to jam the arm! Bowens wrenches to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Bowens is annoyed, but he drags Moxley up and around to reel him in. Fans rally, Mox blocks the suplex, and Moxley pries free to throw knees over and over! Moxley suplexes for an X-PLEX! Bowens writhes but Moxley wants him to get back up. Moxley KICKS Bowens, and KICKS, and KICKS! Moxley runs, but Caster swipes at him! Bowens hits a ROLLING ELBOW! Ripcord and NECKBRAEKER! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Bowens is frustrated but he drags Moxley up for another NECKBREAKER!

AEW goes picture in picture as Bowens talks some trash. Caster coaches Bowens and Bowens hooks Moxley’s arm to drop a knee, and then drop a leg! Bowens pushes up for a modified short arm scissor, and he does push-ups to add leverage. Moxley gets away to ropes, Bowens chokes him! The ref counts, Bowens lets off, but then he brings Moxley up to throw him out. Moxley swings blindly but Caster CLUBS him from behind! Caster POSTS Moxley while Bowens keeps the ref busy! Bowens goes out to then climb the corner, but Moxley gets up to ROCK Bowens with a right! Moxley goes around, climbs up to join Bowens, and they brawl!

AEW returns to single picture as Moxley CLAWS Bowens’ back! Fans fire up as Moxley hooks the arms! Bowens fights free and DROPKICKS Moxley! Bowens climbs, gets Moxley up, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! The rough landing wasn’t enough to stop Moxley but Bowens CLUBS away on his neck! Bowens says “EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed!” then he goes to a corner. Bowens hops up, Moxley staggers up, turns around, but he kicks Bowens out of the air! Bowens avoids the underhooks and back elbows! But Moxley dumps Bowens out onto Caster! Fans fire up as Moxley DIVES, only getting Caster!

Moxley puts Bowens in the ring, tells Caster to suck it, but Bowens KICKS Moxley in the ropes! DRAPING SIDEWINDER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Bowens is beside himself! Bowens throws forearms and Moxley staggers around. Bowens brings Moxley in for more but Moxley hits back. Moxley eggs Bowens on and they go back and forth, forearm for forearm! Moxley gives boxing elbows, some knees, but runs into a forearm! Bowens runs but Moxley knees low! Moxley runs, Bowens follows, Moxley dodges but Bowens dodges to fire off chops and a SUPERKICK! Moxley stays up to SLAP Bowens!

Moxley brings Bowens in, PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives and shows his toughness! Moxley drags Bowens up and has him on ropes for elbow after elbow! The ref counts, Mox stops at 4, then he brings Bowens up to whip. Bowens reverses but Moxley sunset flips! Bowens stays up, sits on the cover, TWO! Moxley has the sunset, TWO! SHINING WIZARD from Bowens! Cover, TWO! Bowens gets Moxley up, ACCLAIM TO FAME! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives again and Caster gets the fans rallying! Bowens gets up first, he eggs Moxley on, and Moxley eggs Bowens on in return. Bowens throws forearms, and a SUPERKICK!

Bowens staggers, grabs the boombox but the ref sees that. She takes it from Bowens, but Caster tosses him the chain! But Moxley hits an RKO!?!? Caster gets in, he gets a LARIAT! Bowens waistlocks, Moxley switches to roll up, TWO!! KING KONG LARIAT!! Moxley drags Bowens back up, PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The Maniac brought out quite a lot in his arsenal, and it put away the Five Tool Player! Will Moxley continue to fight his way back up the ranks?

Bryan Danielson is watching backstage.

The American Dragon smirks as he walks away. Is Bryan looking to step in front of Moxley’s path to the title?


Nyla Rose speaks.

The Native Beast tells Ruby Soho that she can go about her business, “playing your dumbass air guitar, that’s fine. Because this Wednesday on Dynamite, it’s not over between you and me by a long shot.” Will Nyla avenge the loss in the TBS Championship Tournament? Or will she again end up in Destination Unknown thanks to the Runaway?


Andrade El Idolo has cameras following him.

He and Jose barge into Sting’s dressing room, but the Icon isn’t there. Darby Allin is there and Andrade asks where his “boss” is. Darby laughs and that confuses Andrade. Jose makes formal introductions, but Andrade says this is “the kid!” Finally! Andrade knows he works for Sting, but seeing as how Andrade and even Jose are very busy, they offer him a contract for Darby to work for them. Darby still laughs. They really think he works for Sting? Why are they wasting time talking? Darby respects Andrade as a wrestler, but he sure has lost his mind.

Darby’s lived in cars, under bridges and in parking garages. Money means little to him. There’s a lot of things you can buy, but his dignity isn’t one. So this “meeting” is finished. So just get the hell out. Jose gets in Darby’s face, so Darby brings out Sting’s bat! Andrade asks, “Why you so crazy? Take it easy.” Andrade wants to talk with Darby’s boss. Andrade and Jose leave, but will they get that meeting with Sting?


Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard!

The Nightmare Family’s young prospects were called out by Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood as a roundabout way to prove to The Enforcer that he should join up with The Pinnacle. Will Big Shotty & #BrocktheGlock shoot down the #TopGuys to keep Arn on their side? Or will they have no choice but to #FearTheRemoval of their coach?

The teams sort out, Cash starts against Lee. They circle, they tie up, and Cash gets the arm to wrench and wristlock. Lee rolls, kips up and wrenches back to hammerlock! Cash headlocks, grinds, Lee powers out but Cash runs him over. Things speed up, Cash runs Lee over again. Lee hurdles, leaps, but slips out of the fireman’s carry to shove. Cash whips but Lee dodges and tags Brock. Lee waistlocks, shoves Cash into Brocks’ elbow! Lee RANAS Cash, Cash gets away to his corner, and Brock dares somebody to bring it. Dax tags in, and Arn’s real son takes on the wannabe Arn’s son. They tie up, Dax waistlocks, Brock switches.

Dax wrenches out, wristlocks, Brock wrenches to wristlock back. Dax rolls, wrenches, slips through and headlocks for a takeover. Brock headscissors, Dax kips free to headlock takeover again, but Brock headscissors again. Dax kips free again, Brock ducks the haymaker but Dax ducks the haymaker. They both show punch but then both duck down! Fans fire up as these two have a standoff. Dax then kicks low, headlocks but Brock powers out. They RAM shoulders but neither falls. Brock and Dax circle, fans rally up, and the two tie up. Dax headlocks, Brock powers out again but Dax runs him over. Things speed up, Dax blocks a hip toss but so does Brock, and then Brock LARIATS Dax!

Cash runs in, Brock CLOBBERS him! Brock gets Dax up, tags Lee, and they double whip to double back drop! Lee dropkicks Cash out then clotheslines Dax out! Lee FLIES to take out Cash! Lee gets back in, Brock gives him a boost, to FLY and take out Dax! Lee puts Dax in, climbs up top, and leaps for a CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Dax escapes and Lee fires up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Lee drags Dax up, but Dax swings. Lee gets around, but Dax tags Cash before the atomic drop! Lee knocks Cash down, goes after Dax, whips him corner to corner, but Dax reverses. Lee goes up and over, ducks under Cash, but Dax LARIATS Lee on the return! Cash soaks up the heat for FTR and shows off the four fingers. Cash drives elbows and kicks Lee around, then digs his knee in at the rope! The ref counts, Cash lets off, and Dax drags Lee out to whip him hard into railing! Lee writhes on the floor while Dax gets away with it. The ref has a ring count and Tully mockingly applauds Lee as he crawls.

Cash gets impatient and brings Lee up to SMACK him off the apron and CHOP him over and over! Cash EuroUppers Lee down, then taunts the fans. Cash high-tens with Tully, gets back in and tags Dax. Dax gets Lee up to CHOP him back down. Dax puts Lee in the ring, drags him back up and reels him in, for a GORY ESPECIAL! Lee endures being stretched and bent as Dax walks around, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Dax whips Lee into a corner, but Lee boots back! Lee runs up to NECKBREAKER! Both men are down, fans rally up, hot tag to Cash! Cash intercepts Lee, whips him away, but Lee goes up, under, and hot tags Brock! Brock rallies on FTR with big lariats! Brock gives FTR a meeting of the minds! Then a BIG back suplex for Dax, and a RAM into Cash at the corner! Brock fires off shoulder after shoulder, then whips Cash hard into a corner. Gut wrench POWERBOMB! Brock fires up and the fans fire up with him! Brock gets Cash up but Cash wrenches and whips. Brock reverses, Dax saves Cash, but Brock runs in. Brock hits Dax, sits on the sunset, TWO!

Cash completes the sunset, TWO! Brock ducks, TACKLES Cash, then gets the legs! Tag to Lee, catapult into the GAMANGIRI! Brock hits a DDT! Lee is up top, FROG SPLASH! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Cash saves himself by inches and Lee can’t believe it! Tully sneaks over but Brock backs him down, into Arn! Arn DECKS Tully! Lee swings on Dax but Cash gets him. Lee dropkicks Dax to crossbody Cash! TWO!! Lee goes up, Cash pops him off but Lee elbows back. Lee goes up, but Cash ducks! Dax saves Cash from the German Suplex to tag in! Dax gets Lee up, Cash goes up the ropes, SPIKE PILEDRIVER! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

Tully went down but he was a strategic sacrifice! Cash & Dax win, but will they be able to convince Arn to join The Pinnacle?


AEW hears from Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez.

Rosa tells Mercedes, “I heard the message, and it’s very clear that you came for one thing and one thing only.” But what took Rosa so long? Mercedes said from the start that Rosa was her top priority. And Rosa will learn what the world already knows. Next Friday for Rampage, Rosa VS Martinez, 1v1! We’ll see who can back up the talk with action!


AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Julia Hart w/ Griff Garrison!

Still champion and still undefeated, #ThatBitch went out of her way to find herself a challenger. Of course, she did happen to choose a woman with only one good eye… But will Julia use that one good eye and this one big opportunity to step up to the next level? Or will even Rampage be #ThatBitchShow?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Julia can weather the storm that’s coming!

Jade and Julia circle, tie up, and Jade gets the headlock. Julia endures as Jade thrashes, and Julia powers out, only to get run over. Jade flexes, runs, but Julia hurdles, only to then leap into a BACKBREAKER! Jade steps on Julia to then drop an elbow! Cover, ONE but Jade says that’s fine. She does push-ups just to show off, and gets five to then turn to sit-ups. Jade kips up and talks some trash. But Julia rolls her up! ONE, and Julia dodges to LARIAT, but she bounces off! Jade is like a brick house as Julia keeps trying again and again. Julia HOOK KICKS, SUPERKICKS, and she runs in at the corner, to handspring clothesline!

Julia keeps going, side to side for the back body block! But Jade Electric Chair Lifts her, spins her, but Julia RANAS! Cover, TWO!! Jade escapes and is mad now! She BOOTS Julia down, then hooks the arms. JADED! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

#ThatBitchShow is 26-0, and she doesn’t look all that tired, either! Will Jade continue to hold the gold and stack that money as she stacks bodies on her undefeated streak? Or will she soon run into someone who can tear her down?


Mark Henry talks with the main eventers!

Private Party have Matt Hardy and Jurassic Express have Christian Cage. Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen came so close at The First Dance to defeating Jurassic Express. Now that Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus are the champions, does Private Party have the winning formula? Hardy says yes they do. We’re looking at the new and improved Private Party. And Hardy reminds us that Private Party did defeat Jurassic Express on the last Dynamite of the TNT Era. And who cost them that match? Christian Cage! But Captain Charisma says Hardy is quite the spin doctor. Is he trying to convince himself or his two dipsh*ts that they’re on Jurassic Express’ level?

Hardy says he’s never liked Christian, no one should trust him. But Private Party is primed to become the new tag team champions tonight! Christian says it won’t happen. When it comes to their history, Hardy was never on Christian’s level, and history will repeat itself because Private Party is not on Jurassic Express’ level. JB wants to speak up but Kassidy speaks over him. This isn’t about the past, this is about the future, and Cleveland is in for a treat. They’re about to see something they haven’t in years, and that is a championship celebration courtesy of the bottle poppin’, body droppin’, ass poundin’ and astoundin’, Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy!

JB says they always talk about pounding ass. But here’s the thing. At this point, Jurassic Express has ran through every configuration of that Hardy Family Office. Hardy has to learn that either his guys aren’t good enough, or he just isn’t leading them properly. Either way, when it comes to tonight, that’s apples and oranges. Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Whether apples or oranges, will tonight be a sweet, sweet victory for Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus? Or will it be cranberry vodka for Private Party?

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Jurassic Express VS Private Party!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who is on who’s level here in The Land!

Jurassic Express spot Gunn Club is watching as fans from the crowd, and Quen uses the distraction to CLOBBER JB! Luchasaurus grabs Quen but Kassidy DIVES to take out Luchasaurus! They get JB in, the bell rings, and they set up GIN ‘N’ JUICE!! Cover, TWO!?! JB survives and Private Party is shocked! They hurry to get JB back up, RAM him into the corner, and Quen tags in. NECKBREAKER DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! JB is still in this somehow but Quen scoops and SLAMS him! Quen tags Kassidy, they each take a corner, Hardy Party FLOPS!! Luchasaurus rises, JB BOOTS Kassidy and dodges Quen to slide under and go around.

JB shoulders into Quen, slingshots up and over then dodges Kassidy! Hot tag to Luchasaurus! The man dino scares off Private Party but he pursues! Fans rally up but Blade is there, only to get TOSSED! Hardy is there, Luchasaurus grabs him! Kassidy runs in, but gets an APRON FLAPJACK! Quen runs in, Luchasaurus catches him! But Kassidy distracts the ref so Hardy can JAM a chair into Luchasaurus’ leg! Blade stomps away on Luchasaurus while Private Party distracts the ref, but Christian fights off Blade while AEW goes picture in picture.

Hardy has the chair but Christian backs off. Kassidy goes out to stomp Luchasaurus’ bad leg, then brings him up to put in the ring. Luchasaurus shoves Kassidy hard into railing, but then Kassidy drags him onto the apron to SMASH the knee! Kassidy tags Quen, Quen stomps the bad leg. Quen kicks Luchasaurus at the ropes, CLUBS away on him, but Luchasaurus shoves him away. Luchasaurus staggers, Quen dropkicks the leg out! Tag to Kassidy, Private Party gets the leg for a DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! Then Kassidy BLASTS JB off the apron! Kassidy mocks the Tarzan Life arm waving, but Luchasaurus DECKS him!

Quen tags in, he boots Luchasaurus in the side. Quen drags Luchasaurus by the bad leg, tags Kassidy back in, and Private Party have the bad leg in a HALF CRAB before the SLINGSHOT SENTON! Kassidy flexes, mocks Luchasaurus’ pain, then covers. ONE and Kassidy is sent flying! Kassidy hurries back to SPLASH the bad leg! Tag to Quen, he basement dropkicks Luchasaurus down. Quen stands on the bad leg, the ref counts, but Quen lets off at 4. Luchasaurus crawls along the ropes but Quen puts him in the corner. Tag to Kassidy, they put the bad leg on the ropes and Kassidy kicks away. The ref pulls Kassidy away but Hardy gets his shots in!

Kassidy runs in to dropkick the bad leg! Kassidy says it’s done, but Luchasaurus choke grips to shove him away. Quen clubs Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus elbows him down! Kassidy runs back in but Luchasaurus tosses him up and out! Luchasaurus has a clear path, but Private Party anchors the legs! They trip Luchasaurus and YANK him backwards into the post! AEW returns to single picture as Luchasaurus flops to the floor. Andrade is watching from the VIP seats as his AHFO is doing well. Luchasaurus leans against railing, Kassidy and Quen set up, POETRY IN MOTION hits railing as Luchasaurus dodges!

Luchasaurus LARIATS Quen, and Christian rallies the fans. Luchasaurus gets in the ring, crawls his way over, but Hardy helps Kassidy get in. Kassidy anchors a leg, Quen gets in, he gets the other leg. Luchasaurus powers through to walk, even as he drags Private Party along! Private Party get up to yank him away! But Luchasaurus gets up to DOUBLE LARIAT! Hot tag to JB! JB elbows Kassidy, scoop SLAMS Quen, then whips Kassidy, Kassidy reverses, JB KICKS him away! JB clotheslines Kassidy out, then eggs Quen on. Quen run sin but is TOSSED out onto Kassidy! JB builds speed to DIVE and he takes Kassidy out!

JB keeps going, he runs and DIVES to take Quen out! Quen almost ends up in the crowd! JB runs again to FLY and takes Private Party out two for one! Fans are thunderous but Andrade is upset now. JB drags Kassidy up and into the ring, then drags Kassidy up. Suplex but Kassidy slips out and ripcords to a SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO!! JB is still in this and Hardy is fuming! Kassidy goes up top, fans rally, JB gets up to CHOP first! JB climbs, CLUBS Kassidy, but Kassidy hits back. Quen CLUBS JB, Electric Chair Lifts, but Luchasaurus picks JB up off Quen’s shoulders to put them on his own shoulders!

Luchasaurus BOOTS Quen, Kassidy leaps, JB gets him for a POWERSLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Kassidy survives, “This is Awesome!” but far from over! Gunn Club wants Private Party to win, Quen dodges JB’s superkick to BOOT him! Quen PELES Luchasaurus, but JB blocks Quen’s next kick. JB spins Quen into Luchasaurus’ HEADBUTT! Luchasaurus scoops, but Quen gets to the apron. Kassidy BOOTS JB, runs in at Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus sends him out. Private Party combine for SILLY STRING! JB gets Kassidy in a waistlock but Kassidy switches, only for JB to switch back! JB sends Kassidy into Quen, then rolls Kassidy up, TWO!!

INTO THE SNARE TRAP!! Kassidy endures, Quen hurries up top! SHOOTING STAR onto JB! All three men are down but Private Party get to their corner. Quen tags in, Private Party gets JB up. They put JB on the to rope and want it again! GIN ‘N’ DESTROYER!!! JB turns things around on Private Party, then pops Quen up into Luchasaurus’ BOOT! Back suplex to the THORASIC EXPRESS! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall (still AEW Tag Team Champions)

But then Gunn Club attacks! Christian tries to help but Billy Gunn RAMS him into steps! Colten & Austin grab the title belts before they POST Luchasaurus! They set JB up, BELT SHOT! Billy sets Luchasaurus up, DOUBLE BELT SHOT!! Fans call them Ass Boys, and maybe a few other things, but will we have to call them tag team champions soon enough?

My Thoughts:

What a great Rampage! Moxley opening was really good, he and Bowens had a great match, even with Caster trying to help as Heels do. Of course Moxley wins, but Bryan having a silent little bit was interesting. I actually think building through dialogue-less promos is very clever. These guys don’t really need to say anything, as those who saw them both in WWE know they’ve had history, and for those somehow new to them at least already know both guys just love to hit hard so they’re going to have a hard hitting match. FTR and #BrockLee had a very good tag match, but naturally FTR wins out. Arn getting to deck Tully was a good touch. Chances are this can continue into a few more matches, but I would think Arn sticks with his son’s team.

The pacing on this grudge match of Rosa and Mercedes has been rather poor but thankfully we’re finally getting to it. If this were WWE, they would’ve made it like week one after Mercedes went after Rosa, but at the same time it probably wouldn’t have been that good of a match. I’m sure Rosa VS Mercedes will be a great match, but the wait hurts it a bit. Jade VS Julia was good as Julia got to show some fire, but naturally Jade wins and quite easily. It’s really hard to say if anyone’s going to take this title off Jade, unless there happens to be another living, breathing superwoman out there in the world.

Andrade and Darby had a great promo segment together. I love that Andrade keeps misunderstanding tag teams and factions. We’re definitely getting a match of Andrade VS Darby, and they could even make the stipulation that if Darby loses, he has to work for Andrade. But then of course that’d mean Darby wins, no ways is AEW doing “loser becomes winner’s servant” stories like WWE has. And then we got an awesome main event for the tag titles. Really good promos from both sides and then I like that Gunn Club was ringside. Jurassic Express of course wins for Gunn Club to go after them and set up their own tag title match, and that is going to be great stuff, too. As I said on Dynamite, I feel like Jurassic Express is going to become a force of nature that then runs into House of Black for an epic match.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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