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Mitchell’s WWE Royal Rumble Results & Report! (1/29/22)

The 35th annual!



St. Louis, get ready to rumble!

WWE enters The Dome in St. Louis for the Royal Rumble! 30 men, 30 women, but only two golden tickets to WrestleMania 38!


  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins by disqualification, and Roman retains the title.
  • 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match: Rhonda Rousey wins and will challenge a champion at WrestleMania 38.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven; Becky wins and retains the title.
  • WWE World Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP; Lashley wins and becomes the new WWE World Champion.
  • Mixed Tag Match: The Miz & Maryse VS Edge & Beth Phoenix; Edge & Beth win.
  • 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match: Brock Lesnar wins and will challenge a champion at WrestleMania 38.


It’s the Royal Rumble Kickoff show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Kevin Patrick, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action here tonight!


Sonya Deville joins the panel.

How is she feeling an hour ahead of the Women’s Royal Rumble? She’s excited and ready. She’s here to do it all as a WWE official and superstar. How is that not a conflict of interest, though? Well, she’s explained to Naomi, when the jacket is on, she is an official. When it’s off, she’s a superstar. The jobs have evolved since Booker T and the others have been here. Peter finds it hard to defend Sonya’s actions, though. She uses her official authority as she wants. Sonya says he has it all misconstrued from last night.

What had happened was, Dan Angler was going to call things down the middle but he was on Naomi’s side that entire match. So Sonya is in the Rumble as a competitor and official to make things go right. But she left the ring and- Well, she had to do something because of how out of control that official was. Kayla turns things to Charlotte Flair and how she is participating as SmackDown Women’s Champion. What are Sonya’s thoughts on that? Sonya says we’ve seen how obsessive Charlotte can get, and she usually finds a way to get it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way with the Flairs. But the Rumble is about surprises, Liv Morgan is an underdog that could take this,

Kayla points out Bianca Belair’s great year since last year, and Sonya would love seeing a back to back win. Then why isn’t Sonya doing her job to help them? Well she runs both brands, that is a heavy load. She is giving every woman an equal opportunity. So she’s not up to the job? No, she’s doing just fine. She had a long match last night and here now, then in the Rumble. But then she’s saying someone else is going to win the Rumble? That’s her being an unbiased official. Then why is she talking about it before she gets in the match? That’s a double standard. Sonya says she can do it all. Kayla thanks Sonya for her time, and there’s more kickoff to come!


Sonya Deville returns.

Just to be clear, she’s in the jacket, so she’s an official. Respect her. Kayla asks Sonya’s opinion on Becky VS Doudrop for the title tonight. We know Doudrop is a force to be reckoned with given her size and ferocity. Sonya didn’t really know that was in her but Doudrop’s stepped it up. But Becky is The Man, she’s overcome odds bigger than this, she comes away with this. Kevin Patrick points out, Becky has been champion since WrestleMania 35. Booker thinks there’s favoritism as an Irishman. But Sonya says the thing about Becky, she’s never claimed to be the strongest, but she is the little engine that could and is now Big Time. Good enough?

Sonya has Kayla go, and Kayla says Sonya has a point. Becky’s used questionable tactics, will she do that to Doudrop here? And Becky even tweeted for “Who’s next?” Sonya is so sad that she cleared the floor for Kayla to throw that. But Kevin points out that Doudrop won a Triple Threat to get here. But Sonya says this is The Man we’re talking about. Kayla again thanks Sonya and wishes her luck as the kickoff continues.


Damian Priest speaks.

As United States Champion, he’s faced the best of the best on Raw. But this is the Royal Rumble, he’ll see a lot of fresh faces and a lot of people unfamiliar with both sides of him. So they better be careful not to run into Damian. Whatever you do, “Don’t. Wake. Him. Up.”


The Road to WrestleMania starts here!

For the 35th time in a row, we see who heads for WrestleMania. The Gateway City opens the path to the top, so get ready to rumble. Dreams, opportunity, chaos, the Royal Rumble is what it is. So there’s only one thing left to do: win. And it all starts… now!


WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins!

Once upon a time, the Tribal Chief and the Visionary were brothers in the Shield. But betrayal and a thirst for success turned brotherhood into a blood feud! Rollins got the Usos banned from ringside for this, and he’s had Roman’s number time and time again in the past. Will history repeat itself to start us on the Road to WrestleMania? Or will the Head of the Table finally be the one to burn The Architect down?

Roman has his entrance as we’ve gotten used to over the last year, but Rollins revives the Shield entrance!! The call out, the ring gear, the entrance through the crowd, but all with that Seth Freakin’ Rollins swagger. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who history acknowledges tonight!

Fans are thunderous already as the two stare down. Rollins swaggers about, but Roman storms up on him. Rollins waistlocks, Roman switches but Rollins slips away. They circle. Roman swings but Rollins dodges to haymaker and jab! Roman THROWS Rollins to a corner to clothesline him over an dover! Rollins dodges to fire off fast hands and stomp Roman down. Rollins runs corner to corner to forearm smash! Rollins keeps moving, ducks and dodges, to SLINGBLADE! Roman staggers up, Rollins clotheslines him out! Roman leans against barriers, Rollins plays it up and builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit and Roman hits barriers!

Rollins gets going again, and he DIVES! Another direct hit and Roman is down! Fans fire up, Rollins puts Roman in the ring, then Rollins waits on the apron. Rollins is having fun waiting on Roman to get up, and then he springboards, into an UPPERCUT! Roman seethes while Rollins sputters, and Roman goes out to DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Rollins bails out the side, Roman watches him closely and goes back out after him. Fans rally up, Roman runs in to leap off the steps, into a kick! Rollins reels Roman in, gets him up, and POWERBOMBS him through the announce table!!

Fans go nuts as Rollins has a wild eyed look over hitting what was a Shield signature! Rollins drags Roman up, gets him in the ring, and goes to a corner. Rollins goes up top, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and Rollins is surprised, but he drags Roman to another drop zone. Rollins goes back up, grins, and PHOENIX SPLASH but he has to roll through! Roman comes back, but Rollins KNEES him away! ROLLING ELBOW, turn and DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Then another lift, for a BUCKLE BOMB! CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO!?!? Roman survives by nanoseconds, and no one can believe it!

Rollins manages to laugh this off, though. “This is Awesome!” and really only just begun as Rollins goes to a corner again. Rollins wants Roman to get back up. Rollins runs in, into a LARIAT! Roman and Rollins are both down now after that desperation shot! Both men slowly rise, Rollins dazed but Roman furious. Roman rains down forearms on Rollins! Fans are torn as Roman lets off to shout at the ref. Roman shakes out the cobwebs, drags Rollins up into a deadlift POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Rollins sputters again but Roman shakes his head. Roman dares Rollins to laugh now as he rains down more forearms!

Rollins gets Roman for a TRIANGLE HOLD! Rollins squeezes as tight as he can but Roman fights back up. Roman deadlifts Rollins again, for another POWERBOMB! Roman grimaces as he watches Rollins sputter and get up. Roman POSTS Rollins, and Rollins flops to the floor! Roman paces, goes out after Rollins, and he RAMS Rollins into the barriers! Rollins tumbles into the timekeeper’s area but Roman drags Rollins back up. Roman RAMS Rollins into steel steps! The ring count is climbing past 5 of 10, Roman puts Rollins in at 6. Roman goes to the corner as fans are torn. Rollins staggers up, Roman locks ‘n’ loads! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!

Roman sits in frustration as Rollins drags himself away to the apron. Roman goes out the opposite end, says he’s no longer playing around, and he runs in around the way. SPEAR!! Roman puts Rollins back in, goes back to the corner and he fires up as fans cheer and jeer. “OOAH~!” SPEAR- PEDIGREE!!! Rollins turns the spear into a Pedigree! Cover, TWO?!?! Again, Roman survives by the smallest of gaps! Fans are thunderous again and Rollins gets to his feet. Rollins has that wild look in his eyes again as he goes to the corner. Rollins stomps and fans chant, “BURN! IT! DOWN!” Rollins aims, runs in, but Roman dodges! But Rollins blocks the Rock Bottom!

Rollins gives Roman Kowata Kicks but Roman UPPERCUTS! Rollins dodges, Roman SPEARS!! But he can’t make the cover! Roman has to crawl his way over, Rollins laughs as he offers the fist bump! Roman seethes as Rollins says he’ll always love his brother. Roman paces, trying not to lose his cool. Rollins still offers the fist bump, but Roman drags him into the GUILLOTINE!! Rollins flails as he’s caught in the body scissors! Rollins powers his way forward, but he’s fading out!! The ref checks, Rollins gets the ROPEBREAK! Roman is furious but the ref counts! Roman wants to squeeze the life out of Rollins! Roman gets disqualified!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by disqualification (Roman retains the title)

“HE DESERVES THIS!” The ref can’t get Roman to let Rollins go until Roman is satisfied! Fans boo as Roman went too far but Roman says this is Rollins’ fault. “Roman Sucks! Roman Sucks!” Rollins wakes up again while Roman is being haunted by those chants. Roman exits the ring, grabs a chair, and brings it back to the ring. Roman looks at Rollins as he slowly stands back up. CHAIRSHOT to the back! And again! And again! Rollins’ past has come back to bite him as Roman keeps going off on him with that chair! And then Roman smiles. Roman starts to leave again, but then he starts looking under the ring!

Roman brings out another chair, and says you don’t take from the Tribal Chief. He SMACKS away on Rollins again and again and again! The chair breaks apart! And Roman raises a finger, because he’s the one who is standing tall tonight. Roman finally leaves Rollins behind, but does this mean he’s finally put the past behind him?


2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match!

Thirty women will fight for that golden ticket to WrestleMania! But somewhere in this field is Charlotte Flair, who is SmackDown Women’s Champion! If the Queen wins, she chooses her challenger! Will Charlotte have her destiny in her hands? Or will someone else take the win and then come after her?

First out, it’s SASHA BANKS! The Boss has drawn one of the hardest spots to start, but will she make this spot LEGIT? And drawing second, it’s MELINA!? Melina is back for the Rumble, and she can still do the splits! Will she make this the biggest return yet?

The bell rings, Sasha and Melina are soaking in this moment, and they circle. Sasha says she’s going to Mania, but Melina says she’ll take that from her! Melina kicks, Sasha blocks to KNEE back! Sasha gets Melina up and right out!? Sasha ELIMINATES Melina, then does the splits! Sasha has time on her hands now to wait for the next entrant. The countdown is here, and number three is… Tamina! Ain’t nobody meana! Tamina storms right up tot he apron but Sasha baseball slides! Then she slips out to METEORA! Sasha puts Tamina in and gets back in after her to lift her! Tamina holds the ropes, elbows Sasha away, then CLUBS her down!

Tamina whips, Sasha wheelbarrows and BULLDOGS! Tamina staggers to a corner, Sasha runs in to METEORA! Sasha goes again, METEORA! Sasha gets Tamina up, but Tamina again holds ropes. Sasha fires off forearms, but Tamina HEADBUTTS her down! Tamina drags Sasha up as the countdown’s back already. Number four is… KELLY KELLY! Another classic returns while Tamina tries to lift Sasha up and out. Sasha pulls hair, but ends up on the apron. Sasha SLAPS Tamina away and gets back inside. Kelly slides in and fires forearms on Tamina! Tamina shoves, Kelly ducks and dodges to tilt-o-whirl headscissor Tamina into buckles!

Kelly fires up, handsprings in and back elbows Tamina! Kelly gives a little twerk but Tamina CLOBBERS her! Sasha goes after Tamina, bumps her off buckles, then snapmares her down for stomps. Sasha runs at Kelly but into a BOOT! Kelly goes up to get a HANGING NECKLOCK! But Sasha breaks free, BOOTS Kelly and ELIMINATES her! But the countdown is back again and number five is… Aliyah! The new kid is in, she slides in but Sasha fires off on her! Sasha scoops but Aliyah slips off to then duck, dodge and THESZ PRESS! Talk about Aliyah 3:17! Aliyah fires up but Tamina SLAPS her! Aliyah ROUNDHOUSES back!

Aliyah goes after Tamina but Sasha’s after Aliyah! Sasha throws Aliyah at ropes but Aliyah fights her back. Sasha runs in but Aliyah dodges. Sasha puts Aliyah on the apron but Aliyah ROCKS her! Aliyah slides in but Sasha KNEES her down! The countdown is back as Sasha hauls Aliyah up, and number six is… LIV MORGAN! She rushes right in, dodges Aliyah and fires off forearms! Aliyah shoves her but Liv SHOTGUNS Aliyah down! Liv CLUBS Sasha but Sasha pushes her back. Liv gets the arms, WINGSNAPPER and a boot at the ropes! Liv hurries to get Sasha up but Tamina CLOBBERS Liv to bump her off buckles.

Tamina runs in but into a KNEE! Liv goes up and up and missile dropkicks! Sasha is after Aliyah but Liv is after Sasha. Liv stomps Sasha into Aliyah, then digs her boots into both of them! Liv points to the sign, takes a bow, but Aliyah hits her back. Sasha is after Aliyah and snap suplexes! Una Amiga! Then Dos Amigas as the countdown comes in! THREE AMIGAS! But number seven is… Queen Zelina Vega! She takes her time waving to the fans as she goes to the ring. Liv and Aliyah work together to try and throw Tamina out but Zelina throws each of them down! She KNEES Liv, then Aliyah. Sasha blocks to KNEE Vega back!

Tamina is after Sasha, fireman’s carries, and puts her on the apron. Sasha BOOTS Tamina, but Zelina BOOTS and ELIMINATES Sasha!! Zelina waves by to the Boss while Tamina goes after Liv. But Liv hits back and throws her down! Tamina lifts Aliyah, Aliyah grabs the ropes and the countdown is back! Number eight is… Bianca Belair! The EST won last year, she wants to make history with a repeat! And she starts rallying on everyone! Bianca whips Tamina, Tamina reverses but Bianca sends her into the POST! Then BOOTS her down! Zelina hops onto Bianca, but Bianca drags her around into a suplex!

Vega tries to fight free but Bianca holds on to then SLAM her down! Bianca kips up but Liv hits her! Bianca tosses Liv but Liv stays on the apron. Bianca decides two for one! Handspring attack to Liv, MOONSAULT for Zelina! Bianca throws Zelina at ropes but Tamina CLOBBERS Bianca! The countdown is back, number nine is… Dana Brooke! The WWE 24/7 Champion has Reggie accompanying her out, they high-ten and Dana gets in. Dana dodges Zelina, lifts Aliyah, but Zelina is after Dana. Dana elbows Zelina to scoop her and put her on the ropes. Zelina holds on, Tamina drags Dana away. Dana ROCKS Tamina, fires off KICKS, then handsprings to a basement dropkick!

Dana fires up, she runs to handspring and back elbow Bianca! Dana boots Liv and hits a ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Dana CLUBS Tamina, Zelina CLUBS Dana. Bianca has Aliyah up on the top rope and clubs away on her. Liv goes to dump them both! The countdown is back, number ten is… MICHELLE MCCOOL! Another classic Diva’s Champion, she slides in and lines up a shot. She BOOTS Tamina, KNEES Dana, but Reggie is there to save Dana! McCool whips, Liv reverses but BELLY2BELLY! McCool BOOTS Bianca, blocks Vega’s Code Breaker and blocks the rana for a STYLES CLASH! Dana is up top, but she leaps into a BOOT!

McCool hauls Dana up, dumps her out and ELIMINATES her! Tamina CLOBBERS McCool, not caring about any of that. McCool fights Tamina in the corner, Bianca has Zelina in another, while Liv is after Aliyah. The countdown returns, number 11 is… Sonya Deville! The WWE official put herself in the match, mostly to make sure Naomi doesn’t win. But will she still get herself the win at the same time? She decides to keep the jacket on to say she’s still a WWE official, and she goes to take a seat at commentary! Liv and Tamina are both after McCool while Bianca is after both Zelina and Aliyah. Vega ends up on the apron but she fights back.

McCool drags Aliyah up, Liv and Bianca work together on Tamina. Aliyah lifts McCool in return while Sonya repeats what she said on the kickoff show about Bianca and Liv being her personal choices. The countdown is back, number 12 is… Natalya! The Queen of Harts wants to add records to her resume, but Liv is right on her! Liv puts Natty in the corner, back body blocks, then runs in again. Natty dodges to put Li von the apron! Liv shoulder sin, slingshots up and over to sunset flip, but Natty rolls through to BOOT Liv down! Bianca fireman’s carries Natty, but Tamina CLUBS Bianca! Tamina lifts Bianca, Aliyah is after Natty!

But Natty dumps Tamina out to ELIMINATE her! Bianca holds on for dear life, she kicks Natty away, and survives! Aliyah fires off on Natty, Liv and Vega scrap. McCool helps Aliyah with Natty, as does Bianca. The countdown is back, number 13 is… CAMERON! It has been some time since the Funkadella has been here! She struts her way to the ring, dodges Liv and RANAS her down! And then CODE BREAKER for Zelina! Sonya decides to get in since Cameron is a friend of Naomi’s. Cameron gives Natty a wheelbarrow BULLDOG! Sonya DECKS Cameron! Sonya hopes Naomi is watching backstage as she roughs Cameron up more!

Sonya suplexes, puts Cameron on the apron, but Cameron hits back! So Sonya POSTS Cameron! Cameron falls, Sonya ELIMINATES her! Sonya hopes Cameron sees Naomi backstage to say hey. The countdown is back, number 14 is… NAOMI! What timing! Naomi gives out glow sticks, checks on Cameron, and then gets in the ring. Sonya and Naomi scrap and fans fire up! Sonya throws knees, Naomi ducks and dodges to springboard, FLYING CHUCK! Naomi throws Sonya up and out but Sonya holds on! ROUNDHOUSE! Down goes Sonya, Naomi ELIMINATES her! But Natty goes right after Naomi! Naomi gives Natty a springboard STUNNER!

Naomi gets Natty up, the countdown is back. Number 15, the halfway point, is… Carmella! The Most Beautiful Woman and Zelina’s tag partner is here, but she takes her time strutting to the ring. Naomi drags Zelina around, Natty is after Bianca and Liv on the top rope! Bianca gets back in so Natty CLOBS Natty and stomps her down. Mella says hi to Corey Graves, wants commentary to say how pretty she is, while Natty goes after Bianca and McCool! Zelina CLOBBERS Naomi, Aliyah and Liv scrap in a corner. The countdown is back again, number 16 is… RHEA RIPLEY! Time to make the Rumble into a nightmare!

Rhea takes a moment before getting in, she goes around to get Mella! Rhea puts Mella in the ring, just as she has her protective mask on. Mella and Vega fire off on Rhea together, then feed her to Natty’s DISCUS! Naomi bumps McCool off buckles, Natty helps out, and Rhea scowls as Vega and Mella try to get her up. She picks them both up instead! DROPKICK! Double ELIMINATION! Hook kick for McCool, FLAPJACK for Liv, SHOTGUN for Bianca! HEADBUTT for Natty! The countdown is back, number 17 is… CHARLOTTE FLAIR! The SmackDown Women’s Champion begins her WrestleMania mission!

Bianca and Naomi work together against Natty, Liv helps out but Natty holds on. Aliyah gets her part in on Natty while McCool fights off Rhea. Charlotte finally arrives at the ring and she CLOBBERS Rhea, BOOTS Aliyah, and then throws Aliyah up and over! Charlotte ELIMINATES Aliyah! Then she gives Liv a FALL AWAY SLAM! Charlotte kips up, dodges Naomi, and back suplexes. Naomi lands on her feet but Charlotte CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Naomi dodges to leap, but Charlotte throws Naomi to the apron! Naomi falls, but her feet hook the bottom rope! Sonya returns! And YANKS Naomi off to ELIMINATE her!

Fans boo as “Cruella” can’t get over her grudge with Naomi! Naomi is furious, Sonya has no suit jacket, Naomi wants to get at Sonya the competitor for that one! Natty fights back in and the countdown returns. Number 18 is… IVORY!! Mind your manners, ladies! “Yes, it has been an awful long time. But I can see that nothing has changed.” She can’t even look at these girls. All she sees are wayward, lost little girls. She points Rhea out particularly. Rhea scoops Ivory! Rhea throws Ivory to the apron, pats her on the head, then SHOVES her to ELIMINATE her! “How dare you!” Rhea waves bye, and then goes after Natty.

The countdown starts again, number 19 is… BRIE BELLA! One Bella is in, and she’s ready to go #BrieMode! She LARIATS Natty, ROCKS McCool, ROCKS Liv, ROCKS Rhea, and chants, “YES! YES! YES!” with the fans. Brie runs in to KNEE Natty against ropes! Brie gets Natty up but Natty holds the ropes! Brie stomps Natty, pries at the hands, but Natty slides under to get back in. Natty picks Brie up but Brie holds tight to ropes! Brie kicks Natty away and gets back in. Bianca and Rhea double suplex Charlotte! They put her on the apron, but Charlotte holds on tight! The countdown is back, number 20 is… MICKIE JAMES! The Impact Women’s Champion is ready to go hardcore country!

Mickie holds up her title up high as fans go nuts! McCool BOOTS Mickie off the apron, slips out to get her back in, and they revive their Diva’s Era feud! Mickie dropkicks McCool down, and MICK KICKS Rhea! FLAPJACK for Liv! McCool RAMS Mickie into a corner but Mickie gives her a RANA! McCool’s feet touch, Mickie ELIMINATES her! Mickie helps Liv stomp Rhea down as the countdown returns. Number 21 is… Alicia Fox! Time to get crazy! Alicia slides in to DROPKICK Liv! And dropkick Rhea! And kick Mickie to run and SCISSOR KICK! Alicia and Natty run at each other, DOUBLE FACEBUSTER!

Charlotte fights her way back in, Alicia dropkicks Natty. Rhea drags Alicia up, fireman’s carry, and Liv helps push Alicia to the ropes. Mickie and Bianca go after Brie, Natty holds on even as Charlotte pushes her. The countdown returns and number 22 is… NIKKI A.S.H! Rhea’s ready for the Almost Superhero but where is she? Nikki gets in from the crowd side! And she tosses Rhea over the ropes! Rhea holds on, Nikki fires off on her, but Rhea blocks the punch! Rhea tells Nikki isn’t getting away with that. Rhea gets in the ring, Nikki wants Rhea to talk this out, but Rhea backs her down. Nikki goes out the bottom so Rhea just waits.

Charlotte CLOBBERS Rhea from behind! Mickie is after Liv, Alicia is after Bianca. Nikki slips back in to go after Alicia but Bianca scoops Nikki. Rhea turns things around on Charlotte to CHOP her! Natty throws knees on Brie and the countdown is back. Number 23 is… Summer Rae! She’s all fired up and she goes right after Natty! THESZ PRESS and fast hands! Natty shoves her away, blocks the slap, and SLAPS Summer! Summer scowls to SLAP Natty. It’s a SLAP fight! Natty whips, Summer reverses and HEEL KICKS! But then Charlotte CLOBBERS Summer! Natty drags Summer up, scoops her and TOSSES her to ELIMINATE her!

Charlotte and Natty say bye to Summer, but then Charlotte goes after Natty! Natty holds the ropes, the countdown is back and number 24 is… NIKKI BELLA! The other twin is here, ready to back her sister up! Nikki Bella shoves Bianca off Brie to then hit a KNEE SMASH! And a KNEE SMASH for Natty! SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up for the #FearlessNikki but Bianca hits her down! Bianca suplexes, Brie makes the save. The Bell Twins regroup as Alicia gets sent out! The Bellas DOUBLE FLAPJACK Bianca down! The Bellas high-five, say hi to Alicia, then DECK her! Nikki Bella ELIMINATES Alicia! But Liv fires off on them!

Brie throws Liv away, Rhea fires off on Charlotte, and the countdown is back. Number 25 is… SARAH LOGAN! The Country Valkyrie is back and she storms right into the ring! She helps Liv against the Bellas! SHOTGUN KNEES for Brie! POP-UP HEADBUTT for Nikki Bella! Mickie is after Bianca, Liv and Sarah reunite! But then the Bellas CLOBBER them both! The Bellas toss Sarah up and out and ELIMINATE her! Fans boo, but then Liv CROSSBODIES! But gets caught! They dump her out but Liv drags Nikki out with her! They scrap on the apron, Brie BOOTS and ELIMINATES Liv!

Brie and Nikki mock the “losers,” and the countdown returns. Number 26 is… LITA! The Dome explodes for the extreme diva! Lita dodges Brie, DECKS Nikki then CLOBBERS Brie! She even kicks Nikki A.S.H. for a snap suplex! Mickie CLUBS Lita, but Lita ROCKS Mickie! Lita whips Mickie to a corner, runs in but into the headscissors. Lita throws Mickie out, Mickie shoulders in, but into a DRAPING DDT! Lita tosses Mickie up and out to ELIMINATE her! Lita waves bye, then stares down Charlotte. Fans fire up for this one, and they start brawling! CHOP! Haymaker! CHOP! The countdown returns and number 27 is… MOLLY HOLLY!

Mighty Molly heroically goes to the ring, but gets BLINDSIDED by Nikki A.S.H! Not very superhero of her! She RAMS Molly into the steps! Lita has Charlotte up top but Charlotte brawls back. Nikki puts Molly in the ring and says, “You don’t deserve this!” She throws Molly’s cape away! Then dumps and ELIMINATES her! The countdown returns, number 28 is… RHONDA ROUSEY!?! She’s back, and everyone in the ring gulps down their fear. Nikki A.S.H. wants an alliance of Nikkis but they both miss Rhonda! Rhonda DECKS Bella and fires off on A.S.H! Rhonda tosses each Nikki out, then has DOUBLE GUILLOTINES!

Rhonda HOTSHOTS the Nikkis, then BOOTS A.S.H. out to ELIMINATE her! Bella wants mercy, but Brie runs in! Brie is sent into Nikki, so she figures to DECK her! Brie ELIMINATES Nikki! But then Rhonda fires off on Brie! Rhonda keeps on Brie as the countdown returns. Number 29 is… SHOTZI BLACKHEART! The wild child is ready to TCB! Bianca and Rhea scrap, she CROSSBODIES them both! And ENZIGURIS Charlotte! Shotzi is after Lita but Lita kicks her away. Rhonda DECKS Brie and ELIMINATES her! Lita ROCKS Shotzi, and uses a leg hook to trip her! Rhonda fires off on Rhea, Shotzi whips Lita.

Shotzi runs in but into a knee! Lita headscissors to throw Shotzi down! Rhonda fires off on Bianca! Rhea comes back to get at Rhonda! So Rhonda just hits Rhea! The countdown returns, Natty POWREBOMBS Charlotte, and number 30 is… SHAYNA BASZLER! The Queen of Spades is here, and Rhonda is excited to see her old friend. Rhonda sets Rhea up for Shayna’s KNEE! Shayna GERMAN SUPLEXES Shotzi! And then SAIDOS Bianca! Lita kicks Shayna but no Twist! Gut wrench SLAM! Rhonda keeps on Rhea, Shayna KNEES Natty! Shayna and Rhonda now circle, but Charlotte runs the fun by hitting Shayna!

Natty and Rhonda brawl, Rhonda fireman’s carries to throw her out! Natty holds the ropes but Rhonda throw s knees! Shotzi hits Rhonda, but Rhonda ROUNDHOUSES and tosses Shotzi! Shotzi holds on now but Rhonda pries the arms free! Shotzi drops, Rhonda ELIMINATES her! Rhonda is after Natty again, but Bianca DECKS Natty to ELIMINATE her! So Rhonda gets Bianca in a SLEEPER! So Natty slips back in to lift Rhonda! Rhonda whips Natty away to re-eliminate her! Rhonda kicks Bianca around, Lita has Charlotte, TWIST OF FATE! Rhea RAMS Lita into a corner! Rhea puts Lita up top but Lita ROCKS Rhea! FLYING RANA!

Lita runs in but Rhea dodges to Electric Chair lift! Lita kicks Rhea away, and is up top! But Rhea shoves Lita out! Lita lands on the apron, shoulders Rhea, but Charlotte BOOTS Lita down! Charlotte ELIMINATES Lita! Rhea gets Rhonda up in the Electric Chair, but Rhonda holds ropes! Rhea clubs the arms, Rhonda has a HANGING TRIANGLE! Rhea pops free but her arm is still caught! Charlotte dumps Rhea over! Rhea holds on, ROCKS Charlotte, then POSTS Rhonda! Rhonda gets stuck, Charlotte BOOTS Rhea down and ELIMINATES her! The final four are Charlotte, Bianca, Rhonda and Shayna!

Bianca tires to toss Charlotte but Charlotte fights back and CHOPS away! Charlotte CHOPS again, whips Bianca but Bianca reverses! Charlotte tumble sup and out but shoulders in. She BOOTS Shayna, too, then spots Rhonda. Bianca intercepts with a DROPKICK! Shayna gets Bianca in a KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! But Bianca snapmares free to SPINEBUSTER Shayna down! Bianca handsprings for the- KIRAFUDA! Shayna drags Bianca up, but Bianca fights and slips around to torture rack! But Charlotte gets in to DUMP THEM BOTH!! DOUBLE ELIMINATION! It’s just Charlotte and Rhonda now!!

Fans are going nuts as Queen and Rowdy Rousey stare down from opposite corner. They circle, Rhonda fires up, and Charlotte scowls. Charlotte runs in, but boot is caught for a lift! Rhonda DUMPS Charlotte and wins!!

Winner: Rhonda Rousey (2022 Women’s Rumble winner)

The baddest woman on the planet is going back to WrestleMania! But the only question is, will she choose Charlotte and beat her again? Or will she be aiming for whoever holds the Raw Women’s Championship after tonight?


Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven!

The Man thinks she did Doudrop a favor, but she may have only doomed herself! Will Big Time Becks stay golden? Or will she have no choice but to Doudrop the title to the colossal Celt coming after her?

The introductions, the belt is raised, and we see who is really big time!

Becky and Piper circle, tie up, and Piper shoves Becky down. Becky manages to shrug that off and gets up. Becky waistlocks, headlocks, but Piper powers out. Becky holds ropes to stop herself but she’s already annoyed. Becky goes back for the waistlock but Piper powers out to then run Becky over. Piper keeps moving, but Becky hurries out of the ring to avoid the splash. Piper keeps cool while Becky cools off. Becky gets back up, dodges Piper and KICKS her to then ROUNDHOUSE! Becky goes up, but Piper ROCKS her first! Piper lifts Becky to TOSS her across the ring! Becky gets to the corner, Piper runs in but Becky dodges!

Becky jumps but Piper blocks the kick to HEADBUTT Becky down! Piper puts Becky in the drop zone, goes up but Becky bails out again. Piper is annoyed now, but Becky trips her! Piper BOOTS Becky into barriers, then goes out to put her back in. Becky gets moving, but she bounces off Piper! Piper runs Becky over again! SENTON! Becky bails out once again but Piper goes out after her. Becky rests against steps, Piper runs in, CANNONBALL into steps as Becky moves! Becky got the better of Piper there and she gets in the ring. The ring count climbs, we’re at 5 of 10 while Piper crawls. Piper stands at 7 and gets in, but Becky stomps away!

Becky kicks Piper around, kicks her down, then stomps her more. Becky clamps onto the chinlock and grinds Piper but Piper endures. Piper fights up, Becky knees her low. Becky whips but Piper blocks to whip Becky into a corner. Becky back elbows, goes up and leaps, but the DDT is denied! Piper scoops but Becky slips around to a SLEEPER! Becky is a backpack and fans rally up! Piper drops to a knee, Becky leans on her, but Piper fights her way up. Becky claws Piper’s face! Piper still fights up, and she RAMS Becky into buckles! Piper is free, and she runs back in, but Becky dodges and Piper POSTS herself!

Piper is down, Becky goes up! Missile dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Piper shocks Becky and Becky snarls. Becky stomps Piper, says, “I’m the friggin’ champion!” Becky stomps Piper more, slaps her around, “You don’t know who you’re in here with.” She SLAPS Piper, but that just pisses Piper off. Piper SLAPS Becky! Piper reels Becky in, SAIDO! Piper DOUBLE CHOPS Becky then scoop SLAMS! Piper runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Becky survives and Piper can’t believe it! Piper shakes out her head, gets moving again, but Becky avoids the splash! DISARM-HER!! Piper endures as Becky pulls way back on the arm!

Piper fights up, but Becky turns it to an ARMBAR! Becky stomps away on Piper’s face as she pulls the arm back! Piper might be out just from those! Piper fights up, she stacks Becky and deadlifts for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Piper is in disbelief again! Piper shakes out the arm, goes to the corner, and Becky is in the other. Piper runs in to SPLASH! And then CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Piper is growing frustrated with Becky, but she goes up the corner. VADER BOMB onto knees! Becky saves herself and then drags herself up the corner. Becky leaps for a MOLLY-GO-ROUND! Cover, TWO!!

Becky is in shock that Piper survives! Becky snarls, storms over to Piper at the apron, and drags her through the ropes for forearms and EuroUppers! The ref counts, Becky lets off but then jukes to fire off on Piper! The ref counts again, Becky lets off to go back up the corner. GUILLOTINE- NO! Piper dodges the leg drop to HEADBUT! And HEAEBUTT, and HEADBUTT! Piper keeps going, lets off as the ref counts 4, and then she drags Becky up. Piper suplexes Becky but Becky fights it off. Becky HOTSHOTS Piper off the top rope! But Piper grabs Becky again, so Becky drags Piper up for an even bigger hotshot!

Becky goes up top again, LEG DROP GUILLOTINE! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives and Becky is beside herself! Becky grits her teeth, demands Piper get up, and then reels her in. Piper fights the urenage to scoop and SIT OUT GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives again and now Piper is beside herself! Piper drags Becky to a drop zone and goes up top, but Becky grabs a leg. Piper kicks her away but Becky comes back to chop block the leg! Becky goes up top, SUPER MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, Becky wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

That was a big time strategy! Becky used Piper’s own tactics against her, and comes away with a big win! But now, will she be on Rhonda’s radar when it comes time to choose a WrestleMania opponent?


The Dome sets a record!

44,390 people makes for an attendance record, and WWE thanks the fans for that!


WWE World Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP!

The Beast and the Rocky Mountain Machine, though having lived parallel lives, never crossed paths in the ring before 2022. Now, one on one for the first time, we will see if Suplex City can withstand the wrath of the All Mighty!

The introductions are made, Heyman of course making Lesnar’s. The belt is raised, and we see who is the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World after tonight!

Fans rally up as the two titans circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and then they shift to a clinch. They get away from each other clean, and they circle again. They tie up, are in another deadlock, and Lesnar gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! And so it begins! But Lashley gets up quickly while Lesnar laughs. They circle again, fans duel, and they tie up. Lashley waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX Lesnar! Lesnar actually likes that! The two circle yet again, and they tie up. Lesnar waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! But he holds on, to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Lesnar lets Lashley off easy there, because he could’ve done the hat trick.

Lashley gets annoyed now and they circle again. Lashley kicks low, throws haymakers at the ropes, but lest off as the ref counts. Lashley whips, Lesnar reverse to fireman’s carry! Lashley slips off and shoves to SPEAR! But he chooses not to cover, because he reloads and SPEARS again! Lesnar gets out of the ring but Lashley goes out the side. Lashley runs in around the way, but Lesnar moves! Lashley crashes through the barriers! Lesnar says he outsmarted Lashley there! Lashley drags himself up but Lesnar brings him around to fireman’s carry. Lashley slips off again and POSTS Lesnar! Lashley puts Lesnar in and sees him go to a corner.

Lashley runs in, but Lesnar moves and Lashley POSTS himself! Lesnar tricks Lashley again, brings him out to a waistlock, but Lashley holds ropes. Lesnar kicks one arm away, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Lashley slowly gets up but Lesnar is on him again. GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar has five to Lashley’s one, and Lesnar wants more! GERMAN SUPLEX! That’s six in all but Lesnar is only getting started. Lesnar looms over Lashley, waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! That’s seven in all for Suplex City, and he CLUBS Lashley down. Lesnar waistlocks Lashley again, for another GERMAN SUPLEX!

Lashley is down after eight total suplexes. Lesnar walks up to Lashley, brings him up, fireman’s carries, but Lashley slips off again! HURT LOCK!! Lesnar is caught and MVP is fired up while Heyman is freaking out! Lesnar endures longer than most, and he’s turning red! Lesnar fights up, reaches out, but he ends up RAMMING Lashley into the ref! Lashley snarls and he gets the half nelson! Lesnar lifts Lashley up, F5 into the ref!! There’s no one to count! Lesnar would’ve won twice over by now! Lesnar is annoyed, but wait! Roman SPEARS Lesnar!! Roman gets back at The Beast and the former Special Counsel turned back to Advocate!

Roman tells Heyman to give him the world title? HEYMAN GIVES ROMAN THE WORLD TITLE!?!? Is Heyman still the Special Counsel!? Roman smirks and takes aim at Lesnar, BELT SHOT!! MVP freaks out, and Heyman leaves with Roman! Lashley covers Lesnar, the ref is back to count, LASHLEY WINS!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall (NEW WWE World Champion)

The Beast was betrayed and now he has no Advocate and no title! The Tribal Chief helps Lashley restore the All Mighty Era, but what does this mean for Lesnar?


Mixed Tag Match: The Miz & Maryse VS Edge & Beth Phoenix!

The Hollywood A-Lister picked a fight with the Rated R Superstar, lost, and couldn’t let it go. So then, the It Couple went and picked a fight with the Grit Couple. Edge & Beth ruined Maryse’s birthday celebration on Raw, will they add their first-ever mixed tag victory to that? Or will Miz & Mrs. find a way to win and inflate their egos even more?

The couples sort out, and it is ladies first. Maryse runs away from Beth but Beth pursues! They go around the ring, back in, and Beth grabs Maryse before Miz can get her out of the ring! Miz pulls, Beth lets go and Maryse flops onto Miz! The It Couple are frustrated now, thinking Beth is making fools out of them. Maryse gets in, and tags in Miz. Edge gets in automatically and he ROCKS Miz with haymakers! Edge whips corner to corner, clotheslines fast, then whips back the other way for a back elbow. Edge whips back again fore a forearm smash, then he whips Miz to ropes. Miz reverses, Maryse swipes at Edge, and then Miz dumps Edge out!

Miz and Maryse get away before Beth can get at them. Miz drags Edge up to bump him off the apron, then puts Edge back in. Miz taunts Beth, runs and basement BOOTS Edge down! Miz soaks up the heat, taunts Beth more, then straddle attacks Edge down. Beth is seething but Miz says he won’t let her in. Miz KICKS away on Edge, and KICKS more and more! Edge ducks the buzzsaw to roll Miz up, TWO! Miz catches Edge for a BACKBREAKER to NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Edge survives the A-List Combination but Miz taunts Beth to tag in. Miz drags Edge up onto ropes and chokes him. The ref counts, Miz lets off, and Maryse SLAPS Edge down!

Beth storms around the ring to get after Maryse anyway! With a chair, even! The ref tells Beth to stop it right there, so Beth throws the chair down. Beth goes back to her corner so Maryse goes back to hers. Edge gets Miz for an IMPALER! Fans fire up while both husbands are down! Maryse is panicking as Edge crawls over. Miz gets Edge’s leg but Edge boots him all the way out of the ring! Maryse get sin to anchor Edge’s feet, but Beth still tags in! The Glamazon rallies on Maryse with big lariats! Beth dribbles Maryse off the mat over and over! Maryse flounders, Beth stands Maryse up and has her by the hair!

Beth whips Maryse, scoops her for a SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, Miz breaks it! The ref reprimands, Miz gets Maryse to the corner. But Beth storms up on Miz! Miz chuckles, thinking that’s somehow funny. “You want me? You want me?” Fans chant, “YES! YES! YES!” Miz tells he’ll kick Edge’s ass and then Maryse will kick Beth’s ass! But Beth RAMS Miz into a corner and fires off hands! The ref backs Beth off, but Maryse has the loaded purse! Maryse CLOBBERS Beth!! Cover, TWO!! Beth survives but Maryse tries again, TWO! Beth gets to ropes but Maryse stomps her down. Maryse stalks behind Beth, stomps her down and rains down fists!

Miz soaks up the heat, Maryse does the hair toss. Maryse drags Beth around into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Beth endures, Maryse SLAPS away on Beth’s head and shoves her face into the mat. Maryse puts the camel clutch back on but Beth endures. Fans rally up for Beth and she fights up to her feet! Beth has Maryse in an Electric Chair, pops her into the chicken wings, but Maryse kicks Beth away! Beth avoids the DDT, DOUBLE LARIATS take them both down! Fans rally as the ladies stir and crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Edge and Miz! Edge rallies on Miz, whips him to ropes but Miz reverses, only to get a FLYING CLOTHESLINE!

Edge hits the EDGE-O-MATIC! Cover, TWO! Edge goes to the corner while Miz is down and Edge climbs up. Maryse distracts Edge, Miz ROCKS Edge! Miz climbs up, Beth DECKS Maryse! Miz is distracted, Edge ROCKS Miz! Beth gets Miz up, POWERBOMB! Edge adjusts, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Miz survives but the Grit Couple keeps their focus. Maryse YANKS Beth off the apron! And RAMS her into steel steps! Edge hits a FLAPJACK on Miz, and fans fire up as Edge aims from a corner. Maryse swipes at Edge, but Edge still dodges Miz! Edge runs in, Miz sends him into buckles! Miz distracts the ref and Maryse is up top!? FLYING RANA!

Maryse gets Beth with the DDT! Miz drags Edge up, SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Cover, TWO!?! Edge survives and shocks the It Couple! But they get Edge up, but Beth SPEARS Maryse! Edge arm-drags Miz away, DOUBLE SPEAR on Miz!! Fans fire up with the Grit Couple, and they stalk Miz and Maryse. Edge clamps onto Miz, Beth has Maryse. They each chicken wing, DOUBLE GLAM SLAMS! Cover, the Grit Couple wins!

Winners: Edge & Beth Phoenix, by pinfall

The Rated R Superstar and Glamazon just made Miz & Mrs. face reality! Will the It Couple learn to leave well enough alone?


2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match!

The Tribal Chief is still reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and he even made sure Bobby Lashley became WWE World Champion. Now both champions will be watching as 30 men step into the ring, hoping to be the one heading for WrestleMania! Who will be the last man in the ring, and the first to know their future is set?

The first man out is AJ Styles! The Phenomenal ONE debuted at the Rumble just a few years ago, will he make this his year? And second out is Shinsuke Nakamura! The King of Strong Style is no stranger to Styles, will their rivalry propel this match to another level?

Styles and Nakamura circle, tie up, and then break. They circle again, tie up again, and Nakamura throws knees and forearms. Nakamura KICKS Styles against ropes, but Styles blocks the leg! DRAGON SCREW! Styles KICKS the leg, whips Nakamura but Nakamura reverses to kick and WHEEL KICK! Nakamura has a sleeper, but Styles fights off the inverted exploder. Styles elbows Nakamura, runs, but into a knee! AX KICK! Nakamura lines it up, but Styles avoids the Kinshasa to SLIDING FOREARM! Fans rally as Styles stalks Nakamura to a corner. The countdown is here as Styles has Nakamura in the corner. Number three is… Austin Theory!

Theory has his phone, but will he be able to focus on the match? Nakamura hits Styles, Styles knocks him down. Styles sees Theory getting in, runs over but gets a shoulder, and slingshot SHOTGUN! Theory gets around Nakamura for a back suplex! Theory reps Atlanta as he throws Nakamura at ropes. Nakamura holds on, Styles goes to toss Theory! Theory holds on, hits Styles back and stomps him in a corner. Nakamura kicks Theory, CLUBS him down, then stomps him down. Nakamura throws knees, then has Theory in a corner. Nakamura and Styles work together but the countdown is back. Number four is… Robert Roode!

The GLORIOUS “Big Bob” gets in the ring as Nakamura throws knees on Theory. Bad Vibrations! But Roode hits a SPINEBUSTER on Nakamura! And then a SPINEBUSTER on Theory! Roode flexes, but then he stares down Styles. They’ve had this a long time coming, but Styles dodges to ROCK Roode. Roode puts Styles on the apron but Styles slingshots to sunset and drag Roode up! Roode is on the ropes, he counter punches then gets in to throw Styles. Styles reverses to put Roode on the apron and DECKS him! Styles ELIMINATES Roode, but Theory DECKS Styles! Nakamura gets Theory for the INVERTED EXPLODER!

Nakamura fires up as he aims, KI- NO! Swinging BACKBREAKER from Theory to Nakamura! The countdown returns, number five is… Ridge Holland! Northern Grit still has the protective mask Sheamus gave him and he hurries to the ring. Nakamura ends up on the apron but Holland POUNCES Theory! Ridge clinches Theory’s arms, throws headbutts then THROWS Theory! Styles DECKS Nakamura and ELIMINATES him! But he runs into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly from Ridge! Ridge stomps Theory in the corner, DECKS him, but Styles KICKS Ridge’s leg. Styles punches Ridge but that mask hurts his hand!

Ridge put styles in the corner for uppercuts, the countdown returns, and number six is… Montez Ford! One half of the Street Profits is here to show what he can do solo like the cup! Ford slides in, whips Styles but Styles holds on! Theory goes after Ford but Ford holds on to elbow Theory away. Ford then goes up an dover and shows off agility before he dropkicks Theory! Ford throws Theory up but Theory holds onto ropes! Ridge CLUBS Ford, back suplexes but Ford lands on his feet to mule kick, front kick and ENZIGURI! Ford keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl POWERSLAM from Ridge! Styles CHOPS Ridge to whip but Ridge reverses to back drop!

The countdown is back, and number seven is… Damian Priest! The US Champion CLOBBERS Ridge, drags Styles up to throw him over, but Styles holds on. Theory fireman’s carries Priest but Priest fights free to hit a BACKBREAKER! Styles goes after Priest, Ford stomps Ridge, Priest fires off strikes on Styles! Styles ducks the roundhouse to push Priest to ropes! Theory actually tries to help Styles against Priest, but then Styles goes after Theory! Priest tries to help Styles now, Ridge CLOBBERS Ford! Priest DECKS Styles, pushes Theory, but Theory still holds on. The countdown is back and number eight is… Sami Zayn!

The Great Liberator is ready to go #InZayn, but then he decides to wait things out as the others battle. Ford is after Sami first, but Sami goes to dump Ford out! Ford holds on, Sami stomps Ford and fans sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~!” Styles and Sami scrap, Priest ROCKS Sami. Ridge DECKS Theory, Priest ROCKS Sami. Sami elbows Priest away, Styles DECKS Ford. Sami CLOBBERS Priest, Styles goes after Sami, the countdown returns and number nine is… Johnny Knoxville! That’s who Sami wanted to see most and yet also least! The King of Jackass rushes in, and he TACKLES Sami! Knoxville fires off hands on Sami and even an elbow drop!

Knoxville points to the WrestleMania sign! Styles taps Knoxville on the shoulder and offers a free shot. Okay! Knoxville ROCKS Styles, and Styles likes that. Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! LARIAT takes Knoxville down! Ford goes up top? He comes in FROM THE HEAVENS onto Knoxville! Sami chuckles and Ridge drags Knoxville up! Ridge puts Knoxville on the apron, but Sami BOOTS Knoxville down to ELIMINATE him! Sami says that’s what he told Knoxville would happen! Styles DUMPS Sami out and ELIMINATES him! But Priest dumps Styles! The countdown returns and number 10 is… Angelo Dawkins!

The Profits have united, and Dawkins fires off hands on Priest then on Styles! Ford is invigorated and he stomps away on Ridge! Dawkins tries to lift Priest, Theory digs his boots into Styles! The Profits go after Priest together but Ridge DECKS Ford! Theory is after Dawkins, Priest throws hands on Ridge. Styles ROCKS Dawkins, Theory ROCKS Ford. Dawkins ROCKS Styles back! The countdown returns and number 11 is… OMOS! The Mountain of a Man is here and everyone sees him coming. Ridge runs in but gets run over! Omos CLOBBERS Ford, DEFLFECTS Theory, and shoves Dawkins to then TOSS him out! Omos ELIMINATES Dawkins!

Ford goes up top, but then he sees he’s only a little taller than Omos. Ford leaps, into a choke grip! Omos TOSSES Ford out! Omos ELIMINATES the Profits! Theory fires hands but Omos knees him low! Styles stares Omos down, throws hands, but Omos BOWLS Styles into the corner! Omos roars, he’s owning The Dome! Omos CLUBS Theory and the countdown is back. Number 12 is… Ricochet! The One and Only hurries up to the top to springboard and dropkick! Omos stays up so Ricochet keeps moving, but he runs into a FLAPJACK! Omos stands on Ridge, but Theory SPALSHES in from behind!

Ricochet and Theory both go after Omos but he throws them both away! Omos ROCKS Theory, Ricochet fires hands and kicks but Omos just CHOPS him down! Theory gets Priest up, AOI SHODOU! The countdown is back, number 13 is… Chad Gable! The Alpha Academy’s professor is optimistic as he gets in the ring, but then he sees Omos. Gable says they’re doing it all wrong. The plan is for everyone else to go after Omos! Priest, you first! Priest fires off hands, CHOPS Omos, then runs, only for Omos to CLOBBER him! Omos shoves Priest out and ELIMINATES him! But then everyone goes after Omos together! The countdown is back, number 14 is… Dominik Mysterio!

Dom adds onto the lift! Omos is holding on but Styles runs to give it a push! Everyone ELIMINATES Omos!! Gable says it was all his idea! Then things fall apart as Gable goes after Styles, Dom is after Theory and Ridge ROCKS Ricochet. Theory turns things around on Dom but Dom holds on. Ricochet throws body shots on Ridge, then KICKS away. The countdown is back again and the halfway point, number 15 is… Happy Corbin! Corbin gets in and he CLOBBERS Ridge! He ROCKS Ricochet, ROCKS Dom, choke grips Theory for a CHOKE SLAM! Ricochet fires off kicks, tiger wall kick and springboard, but Corbin shoves him out to ELIMINATE him!

Corbin laughs it up but Styles is after him! Corbin claws Styles eyes and ROCKS Styles with aa haymaker. Theory fights off Ridge, Gable and Dom brawl, Corbin keeps after Styles. The countdown returns, number 16 is… Dolph Ziggler! The Show-Off enters his fifteenth Rumble here, he dodges Corbin to SUPERKICK! Ziggler fires off on Corbin, but Corbin HEADBUTTS Ziggler down. Dom stomps Corbin, Corbin knees him low. Corbin whips Dom to a corner but Dom slips out and goes up to leap over Corbin. Dom runs into DEEP SIX! Corbin tosses out Dom to ELIMINATE him! Guess Dom won’t have to worry about turning on Rey now…

Theory and Styles fight for suplex control, Styles fights free to PELE and ELIMINATE Theory! The countdown is back and number 17 is… SHEAMUS! The Fella storms to the ring while Styles is after Ridge. Styles PELES Ridge, clotheslines him out and ELIMINATES him, right in front of Sheamus! Sheamus says not to worry, he’ll get Styles. Sheamus gets in to ROCK Styles with heavy shots, and then bumps Styles off buckles. Sheamus fireman’s carries but Styles fights free to ROCK Sheamus. Styles runs, into a KNEE! Gable fire off on Sheamus, whips, but Sheamus reverses to IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!

Corbin and Sheamus trade shots but Sheamus throws Styles out! Styles holds on as the countdown returns. Sheamus gives Styles Beats of the Bodhrain! Number 18 is… Rick BOOGS! Boogs slides in, gut wrenches Gable and throws him around before the toss! Boogs flexes, kicks and reels Gable in, but Gable fights the bomb! Boogs puts Gable on the top rope but Gable knocks him away. Gable gets a HANGING ARMBAR! But then he realizes he miscalculated! Boogs drags Gable up to SLAM him down! Sheamus fires off on Corbin, Boogs trophy lifts Gable! Boogs does a one arm military press to TOSS and ELIMINATE Gable!

Styles is after Ziggler, Corbin throws hands on Sheamus, and the countdown is back. Number 19 is… Mad Cap Moss! Corbin is even happier to see Moss, and Moss gets in so the Happy Folks can mug Sheamus! Moss then goes after Styles while Ziggler is after Boogs. Corbin throws Sheamus out but Sheamus holds on to get in. Boogs lifts Ziggler now, does some presses, but Ziggler holds onto the ropes! Ziggler headscissors Boogs but Boogs holds on. Styles ENZIGURIS Corbin! Moss whips Styles to a corner but Styles BOOTS him! Styles ROCKS Moss, springboards, but Moss gets under! Corbin catches Styles, CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER!

Moss TOSSES Styles and ELIMINATES him! The hyenas ruin Styles’ run, but the countdown is back. Number 20 is… “Bro…” Matt Riddle is scootering his way in, and gets in to kick off the flip flops! He dodges Moss to GERMAN SUPLEX! Corbin goes after Riddle, the Happy Folks mug the Bro! Boogs goes after Corbin and then after Moss with a gut wrench! Corbin saves Moss from the Boogs Cruise to CLOBBER Boogs! Moss throws Boogs over, Corbin CLOBBERS Boogs and ELIMINATES him! Fans boo but Riddle attacks the Happy Folks! Moss DECKS Riddle and stomps him, but the countdown is back. Number 21 is… DREW MCINTYRE?!?

The Scottish Warrior shocks everyone, he’s back from that neck injury already! And the Happy Folks are more like the Frightened Dopes! Moss shoves Riddle at him but McIntyre CLOBBERS Riddle! Same for Ziggler! McIntyre fires off on Moss, Corbin goes after him! McIntyre HEADBUTTS each of them away, then clotheslines Moss out to ELIMINATE him! McIntyre TOSSES Corbin to ELIMINATE him! Now that’s how you make a return! McIntyre then slides out the bottom to POST Corbin, and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly Moss! McIntyre takes the steel steps apart and he RAMS Corbin down! Then he RAMS Moss down!

McIntyre RAMS Corbin again! McIntyre drags Moss up, to suplex him onto the steps!! The countdown is back, number 22 is… Kevin Owens! The Prizefighter fires off with McIntyre! McIntyre throws knees, RAMS him into the apron, and he puts Kevin in. Kevin pops McIntyre up for the POWERBOMB! Kevin stomps McIntyre, CANNONBALLS Ziggler, and shouts, “This is MY show!” Kevin goes after Sheamus with furious forearms, then hauls him up. Riddle goes after Kevin, then after Sheamus. Riddle kicks but Kevin blocks to stomp Riddle’s foot! Kevin stomps the other foot, then SUPERKICKS Riddle down!

McIntyre and Sheamus brawl! The countdown is back, number 23 is… REY MYSTERIO! The King of Lucha slides in under Kevin, tilt-o-whirl headscissors Kevin down, then crossbodies Sheamus! Riddle whips, Rey elbows back. Rey goes up to hop onto Riddle’s shoulders and RANA him over the ropes! Riddle holds on for dear life and gets in! Kevin scoops, Rey slips out, then Rey runs and rolls, into a STUNNER! Kevin fires off on McIntyre but Sheamus goes after Kevin. These three scrap, McIntyre and Sheamus pinball Kevin around! The countdown is back, number 24 is… Kofi Kingston! Green Ranger Kofi is ready to thrill us again!

Kofi gets in, he fires off on Kevin, and Riddle tries to throw Sheamus out. Kevin knees low, throws Kofi over, but Kofi shoulders back in. Kofi goes up, Kevin SHOVES him, but Kofi CLINGS to the barriers! What about his feet? Replay shows that both feed unfortunately did hit the floor, Kevin ELIMINATES Kofi! Riddle fires off on Sheamus, Ziggler rakes McIntyre’s eyes. The countdown returns, number 25 is… OTIS! The Dozer is ready to avenge Gable #ForTheAcademy! WRECKING ELBOW for Ziggler! EXPLODER for Riddle! Otis stomps Kevin, Sheamus brings Rey up, Otis goes after McIntyre in the corner.

Otis scoops McIntyre for a POWERSLAM! “For The Academy!” Otis headlocks Kevin, Ziggler tries to toss Riddle, and Sheamus stomps Rey. The countdown is back, number 26 is… BIG E! The Powerhouse of Positivity is going Black Lightning in this one! He SIDE Belly2Belly slams Kevin, then picks up Riddle to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Big E swivels the hips over Kevin, runs and hits the BIG SPLASH! Big E claps and fans clap along, but Sheamus hits a BROGUE! Sheamus drags Big E up but Rey hops onto Sheamus! Sheamus RAMS Rey into buckles, but Rey elbows back. Rey goes up, leaps, but into Sheamus’ arms!

Sheamus hits a BACKBREAKER, then another! The countdown returns and number 27 is… BAD BUNNY!? He’s back?! Bunny is taking a break from that world tour to hotshot Sheamus! Bunny goes up top, leaps, CROSSBODY! But Kevin is there to give Bunny- NO! Bunny denies the Stunner to run and tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Riddle loves Bunny’s music so they fist bump. But then Bunny kicks low, reels Riddle in, and fans fire up! BUNNY DESTROYER!! But then Sheamus CLOBBERS Bunny from behind! DUBLIN SMILE! Sheamus throws Bunny up and out, but Bunny holds on! Sheamus scowls, runs in, but Bunny ducks the Brogue to ELIMINATE Sheamus!!

Fans go nuts as Bunny gets the better of the Celtic Warrior! Ziggler CLOBBERS Bunny and fires off on him, but Rey headscissors Ziggler! Ziggler runs in, Bunny drop toeholds Ziggler onto ropes! Rey dials it up, 619! Bunny throws Ziggler up and Rey holds the ropes, they ELIMINATE Ziggler! They shake on it, but then Bunny tosses Rey! Rey holds ropes, Bunny smiles, but Kevin hits a STUNNER! The countdown returns, number 28 is… SHANE MCMAHON!? Otis DECKS Rey to ELIMINATE him! Shane and Kevin fire off hands! Shane O’Mac turns around, Riddle fires off hands but Shane gives them all back!

Kevin SUPERKICKS Shane, and SUPERKICKS him again! Kevin whips, Shane reverses and tosses Kevin to ELIMINATE him! But Shane turns around to see McIntyre. They used to be buddies, but now they throw hands! McIntyre bumps Shane off buckles, brings him up but Shane holds the ropes. Riddle ROCKS Otis, Otis CHOPS back. Big E CLUBS Riddle, throws him over, but Riddle holds on! Big E and Otis work together but the countdown is back. Number 29 is… RANDY ORTON! The Viper is here and St. Louis goes wild! Riddle fights off Shane, Orton gets in, he dodges Big E to RKO! Orton and Riddle work together, they ELIMINATE Big E!

Orton gives Otis an RKO! Riddle uses Otis to step up and RKO McIntyre!! Fans fire up as RKBRO gets Otis up to throw him out and ELIMINATE him! Orton stomps McIntyre, Shane hits Riddle. Orton drags Bunny back into things but Bunny clings to the ropes. The countdown returns, and number 30 is… BROCK LESNAR?!?! The Beast is pissed after what Roman did to him! Now he has his pick of the other five! Riddle is both excited and afraid of finally getting in the ring with Lesnar. Lesnar COBBERS Shane, CLOBBERS Riddle, and TOSSES Orton! Then he TOSSES Shane! Then he fires off knees on Riddle before he TOSSES him, too!

Bad Bunny is alone with the Beast, but Lesnar THROWS Orton and ELIMINATES him! Lesnar smiles at Bunny, fireman’s carries, F5!! Lesnar then drags Bunny up to throw him out and ELIMINATE him! Then Lesnar TOSSES Shane again! And he TOSSES Riddle to ELIMINATE him! Lesnar has Shane up for a snap suplex! He clotheslines Shane, KNEES him low, then clotheslines him out to ELIMINATE him! The final two are McIntyre and Lesnar! Lesnar wants revenge for that Claymore. McIntyre says that’s fine, it’ll happen again. And this time, there’s people! They fire off hands, Lesnar hauls McIntyre up to RAM him into a corner!

Lesnar fireman’s carries, but McIntyre lands on his feet! GLASGOW KISS! CLAY- NO! Lesnar dodges, fireman’s carries, and F5’s McIntyre OUT! Lesnar wins!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar (2022 Men’s Rumble winner)

The Beast points to the WrestleMania sign. He may not be going as world champion, but he’s going as a hungry, angry challenger! And is it all too clear who he’ll be choosing?

My Thoughts:

This was a great Royal Rumble PPV until the ending went as many people expected, and perhaps feared. The Universal Championship opening was quite the surprise, but seeing how everything went, it makes a lot of sense.  It was an awesome match, and Roman uses Champion’s Advantage to win since he didn’t have the Usos, but it did work in story as Rollins was pushing him further emotionally than anyone had yet. But then Roman goes and screws Lesnar over during what was ramping up to be a great match. And then Lesnar apparently just takes the 30th spot, implying that no one was assigned that number. If he’d mauled someone to take that spot, then it might’ve been better received, but this was a cop-out way of giving us Lesnar VS Roman and then leaving the world title hanging.

Between the two Rumble matches, even with the Lesnar BS finish, the men’s went better than the women’s in my opinion. Something about the Women’s Rumble felt too fast, and we couldn’t really appreciate what was going on or who was in it. Everyone in it did great, but they could’ve taken time to let it breathe. Rhonda showing up was talked about a lot and so naturally it happens, and naturally she wins. And Becky of course finds a way to beat Piper, so I guess this means we’re getting Becky VS Rhonda 1v1 as WWE probably wanted to happen a few years ago. But I’m not sure if even THE Rhonda Rousey is going to take the title off The Man.

Saving the Mixed Tag for after all the title matches was a bit of a surprise, but clearly it was to give Lesnar time to rest before being 30th. It was a great mixed tag, though, with Miz & Maryse playing up the Heel tactics perfectly, and then the Faces making a great comeback. I was hoping for a double spear in that Miz & Maryse each took one, but Miz taking both spears was great. The Grit Couple wins, and who knows what their WrestleMania plans will be. Just no more with Miz & Maryse, have The It Couple move on to… I don’t even know. Is Miz even in position for something bigger?

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; wins and
  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ The Firm; wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS Willow Nightingale; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; win(s).
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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Lucha Libre

Lucha Central Weekly: Is Dragon Lee Ready For His WWE NXT First Impression?

It’s the end of 2022, which means it’s time for the LCW Year End Awards! This week you get to meet your nominees!



Lucha Central Weekly (1)

Lucha Libre returns to WWE NXT when Dragon Lee debuts at Stand & Deliver! What to expect, and more on this edition of Lucha Central Weekly!

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Join Miranda Morales, Dusty Murphy, and Brendan Barr for another exciting edition of Lucha Central Weekly! This week your favorite lucha trio looks at Dragon Lee and his upcoming debut in WWE NXT at Stand…..AND DELIVER. Plus, where is Taya Valkyrie? And updates on the the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup! All that and more on this week’s Lucha Central Weekly!

About Lucha Central Weekly

Your one-podcast stop for all of the week’s top stories from around the world of lucha libre and lucha libre around the world. Join hosts Miranda Morales, Brendan Barr, and Dusty Murphy along with special guests as they cover Lucha Libre AAA, CMLL, top Mexico indies as well as lucha related matches in WWE, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor and beyond. Whether you are trying to dive deeper into the world of masked mayhem or you’ve been following for decades, you are going to find things here you won’t find on any other airwaves!

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