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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/23/22)

It’s Tag Tag Revolution!



AEW Dynamite 2021

Who grabs the first spot in Revolution’s tag title match?

Jurassic Express will defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution, and the first of TWO contenders will be determined in a battle royal!


  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Contenders Battle Royal: reDRagon wins and will challenge for the titles at Revolution.
  • The House of Black VS Death Triangle; Death Triangle wins.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricky Starks VS Preston Vance; Starks wins and advances to the Face of the Revolution.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS The Bunny w/ Matt Hardy; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Daniel Garcia; Bryan wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Contenders Battle Royal!

While all the other teams of AEW, such as Best Friends, the Young Bucks, reDRagon and FTR, Jurassic Express makes their way out to watch the madness! Who will be the first of two teams to earn a spot at Revolution?

The bell rings and all the teams rush into the ring! The Bucks are after Best Friends, Santana & Ortiz find FTR, reDRagon is after Private Party, but Billy Gunn wisely advises his sons, Austin & Colton, to hang back. You can’t win the match outside but you can’t lose it, either. The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver also mix it up, but then Butcher & Blade drag Best Friends out under the ropes to brawl. Blade shoves Chuck Taylor into steel steps, then he and Butcher get Trent up to SNAKE EYES off the barriers, then LARIAT! Reynolds DIVES to take them both out! Reynolds puts Blade back in, gets in and BOOTS Blade!

Blade dumps Reynolds up and out, then BLASTS him off the apron to ELIMINATE him! Blade flexes but Silver snarls and comes up to THRWO Blade out! Silver ELIMINATES Blade! But then the Gunn Club get in to CLOBBER Silver! Fans boo  and taunt the “Ass Boys,” and Austin tries to tune them out. Santana & Ortiz creep up and fire off hands on the Gunn Club! Kyle O’Reilly mugs Matt Lee of 2point0, the Gunn Club starts fighting back on Santana & Ortiz. Colton holds ropes down and Austin whips, but Ortiz reverses and sends Austin out! Ortiz ELIMINATES Austin! Colton freaks out, and Santana grins. Big thumbs up before he dumps Colton out and ELIMINATES him!

Billy is upset his boys are out already, but then 2point0 goes after Santana & Ortiz. Drop toehold and BOOYAH elbow! But then Butcher CLOBBERS 2point0! The Bucks kick and whip Butcher but he busts through to DOUBLE LARIAT! But then reDRagon mug and whip Butcher, but he busts through their kicks! DOUBLE LARIATS! Trent CHOPS Butcher but Butcher eggs him on. Trent fires forearms but Butcher whips Trent to a corner. Butcher runs in, misses, and Trent gives him- NO! Butcher block the tornado to RUNNING JACKHAMMER! Butcher throws Trent out but Trent holds on!

Butcher ROCKS Trent but he still holds on! Butcher tries again but Chuck makes the save! They even hug! Butcher runs back in, the Best Friends toss him out and ELIMINATE him! But then reDRagon goes after Best Friends! Fish swings into SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! FTR mug Kyle, Trent whips Chuck in at Kyle but is put on the apron! Kyle BOOTS Trent, Chuck ROCKS Kyle! Fish staggers over, gets a leg, DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Kyle BOOTS and ELIMINATES Chuck! Trent fires off CHOPS on reDRagon, back and forth, but into an armlock! Trent gets mugged by reDRagon!

Isiah Kassidy is put on the apron, then Silver dumps Quen! Quen hits the floor, Silver ELIMINATES him! Matt Hardy saves Kassidy, but then Silver DROPKICKS Kassidy! Quen and Hardy miss, Silver ELIMINATES Kassidy! Party’s over for Private Party! Meanwhile, there’s a cluster in a corner with the Bucks, reDRagon and 2point0. FTR hangs back in one corner, Santana & Ortiz are in another, and Johnny Hungy is all alone in his corner. Silver dodges 2point0 but gets 2 FOR THE SHOW! Silver is down but Ortiz fires off on Jeff Parker! 2point0 throws Ortiz over and fire off hands! Santana rushes over to dump and DOUBLE ELIMINATE 2point0!

But then the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK and ELIMINATE Ortiz! Santana reels the Bucks in, QUEBRADA into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Silver runs in, into BIG RIG from FTR! The Bucks and FTR meet again and fans fire up! But then reDRagon mugs FTR! The mutuals of Adam Cole are all cool, but then Cash CHOPS Kyle! Fish brawls with Dax, Trent is after the Bucks. Dax gives CHOP and forearm on repeat to Fish, Matt Jackson is trying to scrape Santana off the apron while Nick is after Trent. Nick SHINING WIZARDS, ROUNDHOUSES, and forearms Trent down. FTR is after Kyle while Nick BULLDOGS Trent!

Nick swaggers as the Macho Buck, Fish helps Kyle against FTR. The Bucks mug Santana but Silver gets after Matt. Nick stomps Trent down low, Kyle adds on. Fish mule kicks Cash, Nick hits Santana, Dax goes after Fish. FTR CLUBS Kyle then brings him up. The Bucks mug Santana, fans rally behind Silver as he fires off on Fish. FTR dumps Kyle out but he holds on. FTR tries again, double trophy lift, but Nick saves him! FTR whips Nick! They ELIMINATE Nick! Matt is shocked, but reDRagon is busy mugging Trent. Santana TACKLES Matt! FTR holds back while reDRagon give Trent a BUTTERFLY DDT to WHEELBARROW SUPLEX!

Santana stomps Matt down, reDRagon double whip Trent up and out, but Trent holds on! Orange Cassidy appears from under the ring! He helps Trent to get back in! Trent CLOBBERS Fish, but Kyle gets a GUILLOTINE! Only for Trent to SUPLEX Kyle! Trent clotheslines Fish, then TORNADO DDT’s! Fish is up, Trent clotheslines and ELIMINATES Fish! But then FTR pounces, only for Trent to hold onto the ropes!

AEW is picture in picture as FTR try to dump Trent up and out. Trent kicks and holds on tight! Kyle stomps Silver, Santana fires off on Matt Jackson in the corner, and FTR let off on Trent so they can mug him. Silver kicks and forearms Kyle in return, but then FTR goes after Silver! Santana CHOPS Matt, Trent fights back on FTR! CHOP and kick and repeat! Trent CHOPS Cash’s ass! FTR falls back but Trent is after them in the corner with CHOPS! Matt rains down right hands on Santana but Santana dumps Matt over! Matt holds onto the corner and Santana is frustrated. Trent tries to dump Dax but Cash reels him in, BIG back suplex!

Santana tries to scrape Matt off the ring as receipt for earlier. FTR gets Silver up, suplex but Silver knees free! Silver throws body shots to snap suplex Dax! Cash stomps Silver down for that! Cash also CLUBS Trent to keep him down. Matt gets away from Santana to turn things around on him. Trent fires off on Kyle, FTR chokes Silver on the ropes. Kyle turns things around on Trent, Trent turns things around on him repeat. Silver fires off on FTR, but that’s still 2v1! Cash kicks low, CLUBS Silver against ropes, and AEW returns to single picture. Refs keep Tully Blanchard from helping out, but Silver is still outnumbered.

But then something gets the ref’s attention elsewhere, and Tully pulls Silver over the ropes! But Silver headscissors Cash and ELIMINATES him! Take that, Tully! And now, our final six are all one man each! FTR’s Dax Harwood, the Dark Order’s John Silver, reDRagon’s Kyle O’Reilly, Best Friend’s Trent Beretta, Proud ‘n’ Powerful’s Santana, and the Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson. Fans fire up as the six try and figure out who to go after. Trent goes after Dax, Santana is after Kyle, leaving Matt to brawl with Silver! Matt JABS then whips, but Silver dodges in the corner to KICK and SNAP GERMAN!

Silver fires off more, then cobra clutch BACKBREAKERS! But Kyle KICKS and fires off on Silver, leg sweep! Dax swings, Kyle ducks. Kyle kicks, Dax ducks. Dax fakes a punch to DDT Kyle! Trent BUSAIKU KNEES Dax! Santana staggers over and stares Trent down. Fans fire up even more as these two meet again after that insane feud between PNP and Best Friends! Santana does, too, and he flips Trent off before firing haymakers! Trent gives them back and fans rally for the brawl! Santana gets the edge, spins, but into Trent’s SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent runs, into a DISCUS LARIAT!

Fans are thunderous, Santana runs at Trent, BOOT and Trent goes out! He’s still on the apron and he reels Santana in! Trent suplexes Santana out to join him but now they battle over suplex control! Santana gets Trent up but Trent knees free! They both throw forearms and BOOTS! Matt and Kyle BLAST them both and ELIMINATE them both! Cole’s friends are working together, and now stare down with Dax and Silver! FTR and Dark Order have no love lost for The Elite, so it’s them against Kyle and Matt! Dax CHOPS Kyle, Kyle fires back! Silver powers Matt up as Dax CHOPS Kyle again. Kyle throws knees but Dax bumps him off buckles.

Dax CHIPOS again, Kyle KICKS and KICKS in return. Matt fights Silver, Dax hammerlocks to back suplex Kyle! Kyle clutches his arm while Matt tries to power Silver out! Kyle goes out to the apron from under the ropes. Kyle catches Dax for a GUILLOTINE against the ropes! Kyle drags Dax up and out! Dax hurries to get ropes but Kyle has his arm! Dax elbows free of the armbar, and they brawl on the edge with forearms! Kyle KICKS, Dax CHOPS, repeat! Dax ROCKS Kyle, and again! Kyle wobbles, Matt pushes Silver aside, Kyle BOOTS Dax! Dax teeters, but he gets up to CHOP and ROCK and ROCK Kyle!

Dax stomps Kyle but Fish returns to SWEEP the legs and ELIMINATE Dax! Fans boo as reDRagon gets away with that one! Kyle regroups with Matt and they have Silver all to themselves. They mug Silver, bring him up, but Silver DOUBLE SUPLEXES them!! Fans are thunderous as Johnny Hungy rallies on The Elite! BIG back drop for Kyle! Matt runs in, into a drop toehold! Matt’s on ropes, Silver BOOTS him from behind! Then the SPIN DOCTOR! Silver is fired up, fans are going nuts, and Silver scoops Kyle. But Matt SUPERKICKS Silver down! Kyle gets Silver up, CHASING THE DRAGON REMIX!

Kyle says his arm is bad so Matt keeps on Silver. Matt throws Silver out, but Kyle also dumps Matt! KYLE WINS!!

Winners: reDRagon (advance to AEW Revolution)

So much for being friends with the Bucks! Jurassic Express is rather shocked, but the Bucks are furious! Nick & Matt argue with Kyle & Fish, but it won’t change what’s just happened. Will the Bucks even have make it to Revolution now? And speaking of that, here comes Hangman Adam Page! The AEW World Champion gets in, and he fires off on reDRagon for what they did last week! What do the Bucks do? Well, they’re just watching right now. Hangman DECKS Fish, DECKS Kyle, then looks a the Bucks. The Bucks wash their hands of this, but here comes ADAM COLE! Hangman blocks his superkick to CLOBBER him! And again!

Hangman rains down fists on Cole, and again the Bucks do nothing! Cole gets away, Hangman takes aim, but reDRagon saves Cole from Buck Shot! Wait, Silver CANNONBALLS reDRagon! Silver puts Kyle in for Hangman, to give Kyle BUCKSHOT! Cole is furious but fans are loving the #CowboyShit that just went down! Hangman then gets a chair to take a seat while he has a mic. “Who’s ready for story with Adam Page, baybay?” Cole is more upset now because that’s his thing!

Hangman takes a seat, and Hangman says this tale begins in 2008. A young, overconfident, smug little prick named Adam Cole entered the world of pro-wrestling. Cole became a world champion everywhere he went. “But uh, as he could see the writing on the wall and feel his world crumble around him, he clambered back to his old friends and decided to come for the most precious prize in professional wrestling, the AEW World Championship.” And Cole kept his eyes on that prize as he walked towards it step after step, never realizing that he was drawing closer and closer to a six foot hole in the ground.

And at Revolution, when Cole climbed into the ring thinking he’d leave as a champion, he took one step too close to that grave, “and the better Adam laid him down in it.” The world listened to the sound of Cole’s body hitting dirt with a freshly cut Buckshot, and that sound was BOOM. Hangman Page has called out the Panama City Playboy, what will Cole do to get his momentum back?


Backstage interview with Bryan Danielson.

The American Dragon is in the main event against Red Death, Daniel Garcia. Bryan says he’s been really impressed by Garcia, and is reminded of a younger version of Bryan. Garcia is technically excellent, vicious and violent on the mat, but the big difference is, Bryan had a great mentor in William Regal. Garcia’s hanging out with 2point0. Imagine if Garcia trained with Bryan or Moxley. That would be an entirely different level, and Bryan shows Garcia that difference tonight. But speaking of Moxley, Moxley said that before they fight together, they need to bleed together. Well, tonight, after this match, Bryan gives Moxley his answer.

Will the American Dragon win Garcia over? And will he convince Moxley to take that next step towards their partnership?


MJF heads to the ring.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has a mic, but he doesn’t look in a good mood after CM Punk told the world they’d be having a Dog Collar Match. MJF has the music cut and then he gets in the ring. Fans chant for CM Punk and MJF says, “Guys, I get it. I used to love CM Punk, too. And I get that you guys want to boo me, I’m not exactly the easiest person in the world to like. But just give me an opportunity here.” MJF says CM Punk showed a photo that for him was “just another Friday.” For MJF, that wasn’t. He knows it’s easy to think he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, or that we understood his upbringing.

But there was a time in MJF’s life, where the only reason he got up in the morning was pro-wrestling. Just like all the fans, MJF loves pro-wrestling! He loves AEW! And yes, that day did mean more to MJF than just a Friday. He goes back to 2007 when he was just 11 years old. He was dealing with a litany of learning disabilities, such as a severe case of ADD. Every day in school was hell. But the one thing that MJF was good at was football. He tried out for the team, one of only two Jewish kids that tried out. Oh, any Jews in the house? Sweet. But shockingly, MJF actually made it as a starting middle linebacker. For once, he felt he fit in.

And then the next day, he’s walking around school, his teammates walk up to him and he gets excited because he thinks he’s got friends. They look angry, though. And in their hands, they have rolls of quarters. All of them decided to throw the quarters at him as hard as they could, and told him to pick the quarters up. MJF went home, cried and cried and cried, but stopped because it was Friday. That meant he would meet his hero, CM Punk. Punk, the guy MJF looked up to. CM Punk, the Best in the World! That day meant everything to MJF. MJF promised that he’d be just like his hero, CM Punk. He’d speak up for himself! A 5 foot nothing ADD Jewish kid would be the best in the world!

Fast forward to December, 2013. MJF got stronger, faster, has football scholarships, but he doesn’t care. He wants to be like CM Punk! He wants to be a pro-wrestler! MJF studies tape, watches matches, until his eyes bleed. MJF practices promos in the mirror until he gets hoarse, all because he wants to be just like Punk! But then in January of 2014, “you leave me. When I needed you most, when I believed in you, you left me! You left ALL OF US!” MJF realized that if the Best in the World couldn’t do it, then why would some dumb, ADD riddled Jewish kid be able to? So MJF packed his bags, went off to college, and quit on his dreams, burying his happiness deep down.

Until one day, MJF is in his dorm room, scrolling on Instagram, and he sees an account known as The Wrestling Classic. And they have a photograph of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. CM Punk, the same guy MJF believed in, the same guy who left when MJF needed him most… MJF was livid. He packed his bags, got in his car and made a new promise. MJF would become the Best in the World in spite of CM Punk. MJF promised that whatever outcast kid at school was getting bullied, had MJF to watch on his screen! MJF was not going to leave them high and dry like Punk did, the “gutless coward!”

So at Revolution, March 6th, Punk can choke MJF with the chain, whip him with it, make him bleed buckets, but MJF will not quit! If he quits, he’ll be no better than Punk. And we all know that’s not the case! Because this is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he is BETTER than you, and you know it!! Mic drop and the fans actually respect MJF for that. But then here comes Punk! Punk gets up on the apron, he asks what MJF is doing and MJF just shrugs. Fans are all fired up as Punk gets in the ring. MJF stays put as Punk asks if that was true. Was it? MJF has a tear in his eye as he looks at Punk.

MJF then leaves, and fans boo again. MJF leaves it at this, and Punk isn’t sure what to make of it. Will the Best in the World be able to go after the Salt of the Earth after hearing all that? Or is this just where MJF wants him?


Backstage interview with Daniel Garcia & 2point0.

Tony Schiavone brings up what Bryan Danielson said, but Jeff Parker wants to clear the air. These three walked through these doors together. And now that Garcia is becoming the best, Bryan wants to swoop in? Matt Lee says, “No one gives a rat’s ass what it would’ve been like if you and Mox were his mentor! You wanna taste?! You’re gettin’ a taste tonight!” Garcia tells Bryan that Bryan may think he needs a lesson, but one thing Garcia doesn’t need to learn is violence. He was born into that, molded by that, and he’ll be the one teaching Bryan. Will Red Death look to slay the American Dragon?


The House of Black VS Death Triangle!

Malakai Black & Brody King thought they’d finished it. But instead, they may have only awoken something much darker than even their own hearts. Will the resurrection of PENTAGON DARK burn down the House of Black?

Pac makes his entrance alone, and then with a wild look on his face, he waves to the stage. Alex Abrahantes is there as a dark priest as Penta Oscuro rises from behind the headstone! He brings a shovel to the ring, will he use that to bury the Black Throne? The teams stare down, the ref tries to sort things out, but the brawl is on! Brody throws Pac out, Malakai ROCKS Penta! But Penta SUPERKICKS Malakai out! Then he SUPERKICKS Brody down! Penta goes up, to CROSSBODY and take them both down! Fans fire up and Penta puts Malakai in the ring. Pac has the ref ring the bell then he climbs up, for a 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Pac and Penta argue the count, but Pac drags Malakai up to bump him off buckles. Tag to Penta and they mug Malakai. Penta wrenches an arm, KICKS away on a leg, but then Malakai throws forearms. Malakai BOOTS, but Penta stays up to throw body shots. Pac tags in, Death Triangle mugs Malakai more. Pac BOOTS Malakai down, then kicks him around. Pack brings Malakai up but Malakai powers him back. Tag to Brody and now the House of Black mug Pac. Brody CHOPS then whips, but Pac dodges, only for Brody to CLOBBER Pac with the left! Cover, TWO!

AEW goes picture in picture as Brody scoops and SLAMS Pac. Brody runs to drop a SENTON! Brody drags Pac up to ROCK him, then he digs his boots in. The ref counts, Brody lets off, and then he tags Malakai. They mug Pac again, and then Malakai snap suplexes Pac down. Cover, TWO, but Malakai holds onto an arm. Malakai wrenches an arm, snapmares Pac then KICKS him in the back again and again. Malakai drops knees on Pac’s head, covers, TWO! Malakai kicks Pac more, then drags him up in a facelock. Malakai hooks the arms while throwing knees, then he tags Brody. They mug Pac again, then Brody CHOPS Pac off his feet!

Brody drags Pac back up, scoops him, but Pac fights free! Pac runs but into a BOOT! Brody looms over Pac, and drags him up into a neck wrench. Pac endures as Brody digs his elbow into Pac’s head! Then Brody shifts to have an arm, CLUBS away on Pac’s chest, then covers. TWO, and Brody grows frustrated, but he taunts Pac and brings him up. Brody CLUBS Pac down, then stands Pac up to CHOP him off his feet again. Brody dares Pac to get up, then snap suplexes him down! Cover, TWO! Brody is frustrated again but he drags Pac back up. AEW returns to single picture as Brody CLUBS away on Pac’s back.

Fans rally but Brody taunts Penta. Penta run sin but into a knee! Brody puts Pac on Penta’s shoulders in an Electric Chair, and Brody CHOPS Pac into giving Penta a POISON-RANA! Fans fire up as Brody takes out Death Triangle with one move! Deaths Triangle regroups outside, Brody slashes his throat and builds speed! Malakai tags in before the DIVE! Direct hit on both Penta and Pac! Brody puts Pac in for Malakai, METEORA! ROUNDHOUSE to SNAP GERMAN! Bridging cover, but Penta breaks it! Malakai whips Penta out, then tags to Brody. Malakai drags Pac up, Brody waistlocks, and Malakai runs. But Pac kicks free, Malakai’s knee hits Brody!

Pac sobats and runs, Penta tags in before Pac ENZIGURIS Malakai down! Brody LARIATS Pac inside out, but Penta CROSSBODIES! All four men are down and fans fire up! A standing count begins, and it’s 5 of 10 before Malakai sits up. Malakai staggers over to get Penta up. Brody heads over, but Pack saves Penta from Dante’s Inferno! Pac rams Brody into Malakai and Malakai tumbles out of the ring! Brody fires off forearms and CHOPS on Death Triangle, then Brody runs, into a BOOT from Pac! Brody wobbles but stays up. Brody runs again, into another BOOT! Brody whips Pac away, runs in at the corner but misses!

Malakai tags in before Pac GERMAN SUPLEXES Brody! Death Triangle DOUBLE SUPERKICK Brody! Fans fire up as Pac goes to a corner and Penta brings Brody up. “CERO! MIEDO!” but Malakai gets in! Penta blocks the mist!! Then wheelbarrow for a victory roll, Death Triangle wins!!

Winners: Death Triangle, by pinfall

But Brody CLOBBERS them for it! Brody scoop SLAMS Pac onto Penta! Brody digs his boots into Penta’s face and neck! Malakai sputters, having his mist smothered back into him. Brody CLUBS away on Penta for it, then digs his fingers into Penta’s face. Pac gets up but Brody DECKS him! Malakai breathes again, and he CLOBBERS Abrahantes. Malakai gets Penta’s shovel! Brody hauls Penta up, scoop SLAMS him, and Malakai gets in the ring. Malakai has the shovel, and he aims it at Penta’s neck! But then the lights go out! That’s usually the House of Black’s move, but when the lights come up, BUDDY MATTHEWS is here!!

Malakai has seen a ghost! He can’t believe Buddy is here and neither can the fans! But at least the fans are excited about this! Brody and Malakai stay back as Buddy stands in between them and Death Triangle. But then Buddy KNEES Pac and stomps away on Penta! It was all an act from Malakai! Brody then goes out to CLOBBER security before they can stop this! Buddy rain s down fists on Penta, but Malakai pulls him away. Buddy is all fired up, Brody finishes mauling security, and he brings out a batch of chairs! Malakai has Buddy move aside as he gets a chair. Buddy helps put Penta on the chair, and Malakai tells Buddy to finish this.

Buddy has the arms, and he CURB STOMPS Penta into the chair! The lights go out again, and when they come back, the House of Black is gone. Their power grows by one, is all of AEW going to #FadetoBlack?


AEW hears from Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

The AEW Women’s World Champion says when Thunder Rosa walked through the door, she became a star. It was “Thunder! Rosa!” and that was it. But then La Mera Mera says, “Britt Baker and friends~! Oh my God, Britt, guess what? There’s a contract signing to make this official for Revolution on March 6th. You and your little friends have to come and show up.” Britt questions if Rosa is really a star. Britt beat her, Rosa never beat her on paper. That has to sting. Rosa says she’s bringing the pen, Britt can bring her friends and pals. Because guess what? This time, it will count.


Eddie Kingston heads to the ring!

And the Mad King is rather surprised security (probably not the guys Brody King demolished) is already here. He and Chris Jericho are of course having a face-to-face meeting here, but Kingston doesn’t get what this is about. He mocks them by standing next to them with hands together in front of him, just like them. Then Le Champion makes his entrance! Fans sing Judas for Jericho as he gets in the ring and gets himself a mic. Kingston says, “Okay, we’re done now? Are we done massaging your ego with that song? Are we done? Good!” First off, why is the cameraman in the ring? Kingston hates that guy.

Second, what is with the security? Jericho tells Kingston to calm down, but Kingston says he can’t because he doesn’t know these guys. Jericho says security is here so they can talk like men. No fighting like common street thugs, which Jericho knows Kingston likes to see himself as. Oh, Kingston’s a thug? Jericho doesn’t know Kingston. Fans rally behind Kingston as Kingston says, “This dude… Give me a second, because in all honesty, I have no idea why we’re doing this. I’m not a ‘sports entertainer,’ Chris. I’d rather just fight you.” But since Jericho won’t fight here, Kingston asks Tony Khan a favor. Give him any two women wrestlers here. Do something!

This is a wrestling company, not a sports entertainment company. Maybe go down the block for that. Fans are all fired up after that one! Jericho says they are just down the road from Stamford, so maybe he’ll give Kingston some sports entertainment. Except at least this one will be entertaining. Jericho has a story for Kingston about Kingston. “When I first heard that you were coming to AEW, Eddie, everyone in the locker room was so excited.” But Jericho had no idea who the hell Eddie Kingston was. He kept an eye on the independent scene but maybe he’d just missed Kingston. Maybe they meant Eddie Edwards.

But then, Jericho saw Kingston and realized why he’d never heard of him. Kingston just looks like a jobber. But wait, then Jericho saw the match against what’s his name, and heard that promo, and Jericho realized, that though he never heard of Kingston, Kingston was good. Kingston is very good. He’s special! He’s got what it takes to go to the top! And Jericho said that a few days later. And Jericho even said it’d be only a matter of time before Kingston was a huge Babyface in AEW because the people will love him! And he’s right! Kingston asks, “The hell’s a Babyface?”

But Jericho continues to say that it was such a good feeling seeing Kingston busting his ass and getting over and overcoming his issues. Kingston finally, after all those years, signed a contract with AEW and made it to the big time at the age of 38. Everyone was so happy for Kingston! He deserves it, they’re excited, except for Jericho. Jericho didn’t give two shits about the sob story or about Eddie. And the reason why is because Jericho saw Kingston is just jealous of Jericho. Kingston didn’t make it until he was 38, but Jericho made it when he was just 22. Worldwide, man!

By the time Jericho was 38, he’d main-evented PPVs, toured the world, headlined arenas, was a multiple time world champion, and had made millions. Kingston is jealous! Oh, is Jericho done? Nope. Jericho says the reason Kingston is jealous is because deep down, Kingston doesn’t believe he can ever achieve what Jericho has, or can ever be on Jericho’s level. Well first off, “Christopher,” talking about this and that, do you want a cookie? Guess who doesn’t care? The only reason Jericho main-evented all over is because Kingston wasn’t there. Kingston is a different type of cat, dog. He doesn’t leech off people. He isn’t a lying carny or undercut people.

Kingston’s the type to tell the promoters to F off because he’ll do what he does and be himself until he dies. And he can look himself in the mirror. Now Jericho is out here, doing this, saying that, but Kingston doesn’t want to talk to Jericho. Jericho’s just sucking the blood outta Kingston but Kingston’s blood is too tough for Jericho. Kingston doesn’t pump Kool-Aid, y’know? Jericho can do this to the young guys, telling them they have bright futures and to work with him, PFFT! Kingston would rather do things on his own. And y’know what? Kingston just wants to fight. So how about it? Kingston VS Jericho, at Revolution. C’mon!

Jericho will answer that, but first he has a question of his own. Has Kingston ever heard of “Achievophobia?” Does Kingston know what that means? No, he just has a GED. Well, it means the fear of success. And that is Kingston to  a T. Kingston is terrified to make it to the top, the level that Jericho lives on. If he did, he’d fall right off the other side and Kingston knows it. Kingston sees himself and his destiny as one of a failure. Jericho’s read the stories, the family history. Kingston shared it with the world. His first hero was his uncle, and he was a failure. Kingston drops his mic, he’s not for talking anymore.

But Jericho continues. Kingston also looked up to his father, a failure. Deep down, Kingston thinks he’s a failure, too. Jericho’s seen guys like him come and go and he knows what the problem is: Kingston doesn’t think he can win the big one. Kingston challenging Jericho, in this company, JERICHO is the big one! Not Moxley, not Bryan, not Punk, not Hangman Page. Jericho is the big guy in AEW! The Influencer, the Demo God, Le Champion, and if Kingston wants that at Revolution, then he’s got it! Jericho VS Kingston is happening! But like Jericho said, Kingston can’t win the big one and he won’t.

But if he does, Jericho swears to God he will look Kingston in the eye, shake his hand and tell him that he has his utmost and ultimate respect. That will mean Jericho helped Kingston get over what’s holding him back, and that is the fear of success. Ya dig?! Kingston picks the mic back up to tell Jericho this: They have the match, great. But don’t give him the Jericho that did the mimosa match. Don’t give him the Jericho that MJF shoved off the cage. Give Kingston the Jericho that was AEW’s first world champion! The Jericho that bled buckets in Tennessee! The Jericho that got respect from Kingston’s heroes.

Give Kingston the Jericho that turned WCW upside-down! Give Kingston the Jericho that his close friend Paul Levesque hated! Give Kingston that, or else Kingston will eat him alive. Fans are fired up again, and Jericho tells Kingston, “I’m gonna give you that Chris Jericho and so much more, Eddie Kingston. And I’ll say it again. I can see it in your eyes right now. You don’t believe that you can beat me. You don’t believe that you can win the big one. And your opinion of yourself deep down inside is the same opinion that I have of you. You are nothing more than a loser, and you always will be. You can’t win the big one, ever. Hit my music!”

Jericho leaves, working on the self doubt lurking inside Kingston. Will the Jericho Kingston wants be the very thing that takes him out? Or can the Mad King finally break through?


The Andrade Hardy Family Office meets backstage.

Big Money Matt tells El Idolo that he will be the winner this Friday on Rampage. Andrade is bringing the AEW TNT Championship to the AHFO as he takes out Sammy Guevara. But is Andrade going to tag Isiah Kassidy in like he did on Elevation? Andrade doesn’t need anyone in his corner to win. But they are a company. They have each other’s backs. Of course! Hardy was just teasing. Of course Andrade wins. But since Kassidy did win it for them on Monday, how about they get Andrade, Hardy and Kassidy in a Six Man against Sting, Sammy and Darby in the first-ever TORNADO TRIOS match at Revolution?

A huge challenge has been issued, but will the Icon, Spanish God and Relentless One make the AHFO regret gambling like that?


Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricky Starks w/ “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Preston Vance!

Keith Lee, Wardlow and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs have all qualified for this match, making it more like a land of giants than a ladder match. Will the FTW Champion add himself to give Team Taz a mathematical advantage? Or will the Dark Order’s Number 10 be the fourth giant in?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, Vance throws Starks down, but Starks gets up in a huff. Starks dusts himself off and ties up with Vance again. Starks waistlocks, headlocks, but Vance powers out to run Starks over. Things speed up, Starks hurdles and kicks low. Starks CLUBS Vance, brings Vance around to whip, but Vance reverses. They ram shoulders, Starks tries again and fires a forearm. Starks runs and runs Vance over! Starks strikes a pose, but Vance gets up. Vance TOSSES Starks to the corner and CHOPS, forearms, repeat! Vance climbs up, rains down fists, but Starks slips out at 5.

Vance stalks Starks and ROCKS him with a right. Vance has Starks in a corner, brings him up, but STarks wrenches, kicks and TORANDO- NO! Vance blocks to suplex, and he holds Starks up! Fans rally and count, Vance drops Starks at 10! Fans fire up with Vance while AEW goes picture in picture. Vance covers, TWO!

Vance keeps cool, he stalks Starks again, and brings Starks up to throw forearms. Vance runs, but Starks sidestepse to hit Vance in the back with forearms! Starks springboard stomps Vance down, then swaggers about. Starks mocks the Dark Order hand, but Vance throws body shots. Starks CHOPS, then scoops to BACKBREAKER! Starks kisses his biceps, then slaps Vance around. Starks brings Vance up, RAMS into him at the corner, and then again. The ref counts, Starks lets off and knees Vance low. Vance goes down in a heap, so Starks hops up the corner to soak up the heat. Starks strikes another pose, then drops a stomp on Vance’s ribs!

The ref counts as Starks digs his boots in, but Starks lets off. Starks swaggers while Vance slowly gets up. Vance throws more body shots, but Starks CLUBS him down! Starks runs to drop a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Starks hears the fans chanting but brings Vance around. Vance ROCKS Starks with a right, then CHOPS! Vance ROCKS and CHOPS Starks in the corner, and repeat! Starks CHOPS back, then knees low. Starks throws forearms, Vance staggers and Starks kicks him at the ropes. Starks clubs and CHOPS, AEW returns to single picture as he whips. Vance ducks, dodges, and RAMS Starks down!

Starks flops out of the ring as fans fire up with Vance! Vance goes out to get Starks, but Starks slides into the ring. Vance pursues, catches Starks and pops him around, FULL NELSON! Starks scrambles, goes up the corner, but can’t get free! Vance shoves him and hits a DISCUS LARAIT! That was for Mr. Brodie! Vance wants to finish this off, he drags Starks up, FULL NELSON!! Starks pulls the mask!! Vance lets go to secure the mask, Starks runs to SPEAR!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall (advances to the Face of the Revolution)

Hobbs cheers Starks, the FTW Champion is going to Revolution! Will Team Taz be guaranteed to take that brass ring and go after the TNT Championship next?


The Cutler Cam is live.

Adam Cole is in a bad move but reDRagon is feeling great after their win in the battle royal. Fish tells Brandon to keep it rolling, they’re going to the PPV! But then the Bucks storm in and are upset that one, Cutler is rolling, and two, reDRagon cheated them! That was a double cross! A what? Kyle claims he blacked out when he did that to Matt. Hell, they’ve still got a shot in next week’s Casino Battle Royal. Nick is still mad but Matt calms him down because that’s true. They have a shot. And now, they’re even more motivated. They’ll go to the PPV to kiss reDRagon’s ass! Oh well good luck~!

Cole shouts at reDRagon to stop egging the Bucks on. For the love of God, Cole has enough on his plate, he wants his friends to all get along. They’re a team! Then tell the Bucks! Well he’s telling reDRagon! Alright, well, Landon, stop rolling. Cole is again left alone, torn between two sides. Will Cole be able to focus on Hangman at all with this going on?


AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS The Bunny w/ Matt Hardy!

Still undefeated at 27-0, the money just keeps rolling in for the Jade Brand. But with the AHFO’s “wascally wabbit” coming for her, will Cargill be able to keep this #ThatBitchShow? Or will it soon be The Bunny’s show?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who brings home the green and gold!

Jade and Bunny stare downface to face, then back up to tie up. They go around and Jade puts Bunny on the ropes. The ref counts, Jade lets off then SLAPS Bunny! Bunny ties up with Jade again, but Jade puts her in a corner. Bunny pulls hair to turn things around, but lets off at 4 to pie face Jade! Jade BOOTS Bunny down! Jade drags Bunny up, wrenches an arm to a wristlock, then brings her up with a straight arm lever! Jade SLAMS Bunny down, then drops a leg on the arm! Jade has the short arm scissor, then does push-ups to show off. Jade does three, flexes, then rolls Bunny into an omoplata!

Jade shifts to a hammerlock as Bunny fights up. Bunny moves around and throws Jade out to the apron! Bunny shakes out the bad arm, storms over, ducks the haymaker and HOTSHOTS Jade down! Jade sits on the apron, Bunny hits a SLIDING FOREARM to the back! Bunny then RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS Jade into railing! The ref checks them both as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bunny and Jade are both okay, and now Big Money Matt walks out to ringside. What took him so long? Hardy tells sterling, “DELETE”! Sterling says no but Hardy keeps saying, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Manager chases lawyer around, Bunny gets in and DROPKICKS Jade headlong into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Jade survives being jammed but Bunny stomps her around. Bunny even CLAWS Jade on the back !Bunny whips but Jade blocks! Jade whips and scoops Bunny for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Jade kips up and smiles as fans fire up. Bunny writhes, Jade drags her back up and fireman’s carries.

Bunny fights off, shoves Jade and waistlocks, but Jade bucks the O’Conner Roll. Bunny ducks the boot to CULB away on Jade’s back! Bunny storms up, RAMS Jade into buckles, and then stomps a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Bunny lets off, but runs in corner to corner for another SLIDING FOREARM! Bunny laughs right into the camera, then covers. TWO!! Jade survives and Sterling breathes easy. Bunny seethes, wraps Jade up in a straitjacket stretch, but Jade endures. Bunny brings Jade back with body scissors but Jade fights up to her feet and RAMS Bunny into buckles! AEW is single picture as Jade dribbles and DUNKS on Bunny!

Jade fireman’s carries Bunn but Bunny claws her eyes! Bunny brings Jade around, kicks low and runs, KNEE LIFT! Jade staggers, Bunny runs in to THESZ- NO! SPINEBUSTER! Hardy gets on the apron to distract the ref, and he tosses the brass knuckles in! But then Sterling gives Jade the belt! Each woman has a shiny weapon while STerling and Hardy argue. Belt shields knuckles, and then the ref sees the evidence! Aubrey Edwards EJECTS Hardy! Oh, and also EJECTS Sterling! She could tell they each did something shady! Bunny rolls Jade! TWO!!! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK!! Bunny reels Jade in, DOWN THE- NO! Chicken wings, JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

And still undefeated! She moves up to 28-0, and this is still #ThatBitchShow! Schiavone says to mark it on the board, but Jade snatches the mic to tell him to cut the shit! She is 28-0, soon to be 30 and 50 and zero! So the question is, who’s next? No, better yet, who’s left?! But before Jade can even say “open challenge,” here comes TAY CONTI! The Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty has a mic to say, “Hey, Jade. I’m not just next. Actually, I’m the one who’s gonna beat your ass, bitch!” Jade counters with, “At Revolution, bring it.” Tay does, as she gets right in the ring and right in Jade’s face! Jade eggs Tay on with a kiss on the forehead.

Tay swings on Jade, but Bunny gets in! Bunny fires off on Tay, but Tay shoves her away, spins her, TAY K O!! Jade then BOOTS Tay down! Jade holds up the belt right over Tay, but then here comes Anna Jay! Jay has a chair so Jade takes her leave. Will Tay get her revenge at Revolution? Or is there just no stopping Jade?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Alex Marvez says Keith Lee was the first to make it into the Face of the Revolution match, and the field has grown ever since. Lee says it has substantially grown. Wardlow, big bad Hobbs, and now Starks. Starks is the only one he’s familiar with, actually. Starks says that’s right, and he walks right into view. Old faces, new territory. Starks puts bass in his voice as he says, “Hello, Keith Lee. How are you?” Starks knows Keith is new here, so here’s the rules: Team Taz runs things around here, and Starks ‘n’ Hobbs don’t care where you’ve come from or what you’ve done. Here, you start all over. So stay in your lane and mind your p’s and q’s. That’s all.

Hobbs snarls at Keith, but Starks says to save it for Revolution. Keith can take his time, they’ll be around. Has the Limitless One just become a target for Team Taz? Or has Team Taz just become a target of Keith Lee’s?


AEW is returning to Las Vegas!

May 25th is Wednesday Night Dynamite! May 27th is a LIVE Friday Night Rampage! And then on Sunday, May 29th, it will be AEW Double or Nothing 2022! It is the week fans have been waiting for, get your tickets on Friday, March 4th!


Bryan Danielson VS Daniel Garcia!

The American Dragon faces yet another young name he mentioned a few weeks ago. Bryan brought out the violence within Lee Moriarty, will he get plenty more of that from Red Death? Or will he get more than he bargained for from 2point0’s “son?”

The bell rings and fans fire up already as the two stare down from across the ring. They circle, feel things out, and tie up with knuckle locks. They go around, Bryan puts Garcia on ropes, traps an arm behind Garcia’s back, then ROCKS him with a forearm, and then with a EuroUpper! Bryan eggs Garcia on, uppercuts again, but Garcia gives those back. Bryan EuroUppers again and Garcia staggers away. Bryan eggs Garcia on but Garcia comes back. They circle, Bryan wants a leg but Garcia gets around to a waistlock. Garcia CHOPS but Bryan grins! Garcia eggs Bryan on now, then CHOPS again. Bryan shoots in, gets a leg pick and steps through for the Indian Deathlock!

Bryan taunts Garcia while SLAPPING him, and throwing down body shots! Garcia endures while doing his best to guard but Bryan drags him up into underhooks, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX into ARMBAR! Garcia clasps hands, Bryan shifts, omoplata but Garcia rolls. They go around, Bryan still gets the LeBelle Lock! Garcia still gets the ropebreak, so Bryan lets off at 4. Bryan gives Garcia a boot to the face, but Garcia is right up! Garcia forearms, Bryan EuroUppers again. Bryan puts Garcia in a corner, whips him corner to corner but Garcia reverses. Bryan goes up and over, things speed up and Bryan dodges, only for Garcia to CHOP BLOCK!

Fans fire up while Garcia seethes. AEW goes picture in picture as Garcia drags Bryan to step through for a toehold of his own! Garcia pulls back on almost a kneebar type, and he holds on as Bryan rolls to then tie Bryan’s legs up in a figure four. Garcia takes a moment to soak it all in before he rains down forearms on Bryan! Bryan rolls but Garcia still has the leg. Garcia drops elbows on the knee, but Bryan catches Garcia! Garcia clasps hands, hooks a leg with his legs, and has an ANKLE LOCK! Bryan rolls through to get on top and dig his knuckles into Garcia’s face! Garcia kicks Bryan away and gets to a corner.

Bryan storms over to drag Garcia up and stands him up in the corner. Bryan KICKS Garcia, but Garcia shakes his head. Bryan KICKS him again, and Garcia staggers on his knees. Bryan KICKS Garcia down again, then waits on him to get up. Garcia kicks Bryan, throws EuroUppers, and he DECKS Bryan with one! Garcia goes out to drag Bryan to the corner! Garcia SLAMS a leg into the post! Bryan winces but Garcia gets the bad leg again. Garcia SLAMS the leg into the post again! Garcia digs his knuckles into the leg but lets off as the ref counts. Garcia gets in the ring to stop the ring count, and he drags Bryan up to CHOP him to the corner.

Bryan staggers to another corner, Garcia is on him again with another CHOP! Garcia stalks Bryan to a third corner, for another CHOP! Bryan turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Garcia blocks the kick, DRAGON SCREW! Garcia catches his breath, covers, TWO! Garcia seethes as he stalks Bryan to ropes. Garcia has the leg as AEW returns to single picture. Bryan hobbles but Garcia still DRAGON SCREWS him again! The ref reprimands about the ropebreak but Garcia apologizes. Garcia stands Bryan up to ROCK him with a forearm. Garcia then suplexes but Bryan blocks!

The ref counts the ropebreak but Garcia still tires. Bryan blocks again, to then suplex Garcia out to the floor! Garcia hits apron on the way down, Bryan waits for him to stand. FLYING KNEE! Fans fire up while Garcia checks his jaw. Bryan gets up, snarls and gets Garcia up to fireman’s carry and put him in the ring. Bryan then climbs the corner, leaps, missile dropkick! Bryan asks the fans if they want violence and they say “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan gets a leg, KICKS it, and then KICKS it again! Bryan drags Garcia by that leg for a HALF CRAB, to a HEEL HOOK! Garcia endures, reaches for Bryan’s face, but Bryan wrenches the foot!

Garcia gets Bryan’s foot for a HEEL HOOK! They have dueling submissions, but they also stomp each other over and over and over! Bryan sits up to rain down elbows! The two get away from each other, but Bryan comes back to get the arms. TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, ONE!! So Bryan gest CATTLE MUTILATION!! Garcia refuses to quit, and he powers up and around to roll and ANKLE LOCK! Bryan endures, Garcia stomps his head to keep him down! But Bryan turns, pushes Garcia down with his legs, and then rains down more elbows! Bryan has the knuckle locks for a cover, TWO as Garcia gets one arm up!

The two fight up, forehead to forehead, but they throw forearms while still keeping the knuckle locks! They go back and forth like this, wobble, and then fire more shots! Bryan breaks the knuckle locks to SLAP Garcia! Bryan spins, but into Garcia’s choke grip! Bryan breaks free so Garcia SLAPS him! DRAGON- NO! Bryan blocks the screw to get DANIELSON STOMPS! And then TRIANGLE HOLD!! No hands, all flex! Garcia is OUT, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission

Now that was violence! Bryan gets himself a mic, and he has the music stop so he can speak. “Garcia, that is exactly what I wanted to see. Was Garcia violent enough?” Fans are torn. But 2point0 jump Bryan from behind! They won’t stand for Bryan bullying their boy, but here comes MOXLEY! Fans go nuts as the Maniac storms down through the crowd and to ringside! 2point0 spot him and go after him, but he fights through to throw Matt Lee out, then clotheslines Jeff Parker out to join him! Garcia gets in with a chair, but Bryan stops him! So Garcia just goes bare handed, into a PARADIGM SHIFT!! And a nasty one!

Moxley kicks Garcia out, and now Moxley watches Bryan closely. Bryan has the chair, but he promised Moxley would get an answer. Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Bryan gets the mic to say, “So, in order for us to fight together, we need to bleed together. I don’t need this to make anybody bleed.” The chair is tossed aside, and Bryan says if Moxley wants a match at Revolution, he’s got one! “But don’t be surprised if you’re the only person bleeding.” Will Maniac and American Dragon shed plenty of blood, sweat and tears before becoming the most violent duo AEW has ever seen?

My Thoughts:

Another great Dynamite with a lot more set up for Revolution. For one, we got an awesome Tag Battle Royal to open things. Battle royals are one of the spots AEW shines because they know how to innovate that kind of match. It was great for it to come down to six different halves of teams, and then from there, using the story of Cole and his friends to the advantage. I thought the Bucks were gonna get this one, so that was a good move to have reDRagon win this one. They also skillfully incorporated things with Hangman into this, where he goes after reDRagon more for himself than to help the Bucks, and then the Bucks don’t return the favor.

Hangman did great in his promo, we got a good set-up for Hangman & Dark Order taking on Undisputed Era, and this will all play into the go-home math for both the AEW World and World Tag titles. Cole and all his mutual friends also had a good promo to further the dysfunction in the group. We got one hell of a promo from MJF tonight. I heard the story about MJF being bullied for being Jewish back when he did that interview with Cody Rhodes in the early days of AEW, but it’s still a strong story when also tied into his passion for pro-wrestling. This could’ve been MJF’s Face turn, but I doubt it changes much of anything for Revolution. That Dog Collar match will still be brutal, and it could go either way.

House of Black VS Death Triangle was a very good match, and Penta Oscuro had quite the epic entrance. But what a way to take away from all that for Brody to beat the hell out of Penta and Pac, and then Buddy Matthews (FKA Buddy Murphy) to swerve them and be part of the House of Black. I hope Fenix can return soon so that they can have a Six Man match. We got a good promo vignette to announce the AEW Women’s World Championship contract signing for Rampage, I expect Mercedes Martinez to reinforce Rosa if Britt and her team start something. And then Britt VS Rosa is going to be an awesome match, this is the match I was hoping they’d give us last year, and this could finally be the time Rosa takes the title off Britt.

Kingston and Jericho had a great promo segment, which seems to be easy as anything for these two. They’re having the match I expected this whole time, it’s going to be awesome, and it could go either way. I’m leaning towards Kingston as Jericho has done a good job putting over the other guys he’s feuded with. We got a good AHFO group promo to hype up both the TNT Championship match this week and give us a big Tornado Trios match for Revolution. I feel like the AHFO will break even: if Andrade loses the TNT title match, he, Hardy and Kassidy find a way to win the tornado match.

It feels like Hardy is on his way out of his own faction so that it’ll end up the Andrade El Idolo Office or something. He wasn’t ringside with Bunny until late in the match, but he did add quite a bit to things once he was there. Naturally, Jade Cargill still wins, and I like that they jumped right into her next challenger. Tay getting knocked down was fine but Anna Jay rushing out there almost undercuts Tay being the challenger. But at the same time, people would wonder where Jay was if she didn’t since she’s Tay’s friend and tag partner. I don’t see Tay winning at Revolution but she will definitely give Jade an awesome match.

Great Face of the Revolution qualifier out of Starks VS Vance, but after Cole found a way to cheat Vance’s Full Nelson, of course Starks had his own way of doing that. Starks and Hobbs both being in the ladder match is going to be a great element to the match, and they’re probably going to be why Keith Lee doesn’t win. Great to hear AEW is going back to Vegas for Double or Nothing this year, that is going to be a wild week for AEW. Then we got a great main event out of Bryan VS Garcia. Of course Bryan won, and of course Bryan is going to have a match with Moxley at the PPV. That match could go either way, but it is guaranteed to be bloody, and I would love if they do still become a team no matter who wins.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (7/4/22)

Detroit gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Spend the Fourth of July with Best Friends!

AEW brings some fireworks to Motor City with half a dozen matches for Dark: Elevation! Will you be celebrating with Best Friends for the Fourth?


  • Anna Jay w/ Negative One VS Megan Myers; Jay wins.
  • Best Friends VS Isaiah Broner & GPA; Best Friends wins.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS Ryan Jones & Cage Alexander; Lethal & Singh win.
  • Anthony Ogogo VS Project MONIX; Ogogo wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki & Hikaru Shida VS Laynie Luck & Heather Reckless; Sakazaki & Shida win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & 10) VS The Factory; The Dark Order wins.


A fun line-up but with the usual obvious outcomes. Obviously with Chuck Taylor sticking around, he and Trent Beretta are back at it as Best Friends. They’ll get a good win here, but who knows if they’ll get back up towards tag titles or not. Good to see Shida is back, she and Sakazaki will also get a good win. While both the AEW Women’s World Championship and TBS Championship both have stories, this match could still help Shida get going again towards a title story of her own. And the Dark Order’s Uno, Reynolds & Vance will surely beat QT, Solo & Comoroto.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/1/22)




AEW Rampage coverage

Who gets the first shot at Jon Moxley’s interim title?

To determine Jon Moxley’s first challenger as Interim AEW World Champion, it’s a ROYAL RAMPAGE with 20 of the best fighting for that shot!


  • The Royal Rampage: Brody King wins and will challenge Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW World Championship on Dynamite.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator: The Young Bucks VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI; The Young Bucks win and deny Goto & Hashi a title match.
  • Toni Storm VS Nyla Rose w/ Marina Shafir; Storm wins.


The Royal Rampage!

Twenty men are about to battle for the golden ticket to face Jon Moxley for his Interim AEW World Championship! The entrants will alternate between the two rings, “Red” and “Blue,” for two separate 10 Man Battle Royals! Once there is only one man in each ring, it will be Red VS Blue, with the winner getting their shot! Who goes on a rampage and takes on The Maniac?

Already waiting in the “red” ring on the left is “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, and in the “blue” ring on the right is The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese. Hangman Page makes his entrance to join Hobbs, and Darby Allin, with Sting by his side, heads for the blue ring. The bell rings and Darby SHOTGUNS Nese while Hobbs and Hangman start throwing hands! Darby rushes Nese at the corner with haymaker and fans fire up! Hobbs RAMS Hangman into a corner, RAMS into him again, and again. Darby throws his shirt at “Smart” Mark Sterling, then CLUBS Nese down. Darby drags Nese up while Hobbs stomps Hangman.

Nese stops Darby from throwing him over and then elbows Darby away. Darby staggers, Nese SOBATS Darby in the head! Fans boo but Nese soaks up the heat. The countdown is almost over as Hobbs rushes Hangman. Hangman holds the rope and dumps Hobbs out! Hobbs lands safe on the apron and dodges the Triangle Jump Lariat as Ricky Starks is next! Hobbs HEADBUTTS Hangman and Absolute reinforces him in the red ring! Hangman ROCKS Hobbs and gets in Starks’ face. The fists start flying and fans fire up! Hangman whips Starks to a corner to clothesline! But Hobbs BOOBS and Starks SPEARS Hangman back!

Nese keeps on Darby as we get a moment of split screen. Nese whips Darby but Darby springboards to COFFIN SPLASH! Darby runs but Sterling swipes at him! Fans boo but Darby sees Nese rushing in. Darby TOSSES Nese up and out and onto Sterling, Darby ELIMINATES Nese! Then Darby DIVES through the ropes to smash Nese into railing for good measure! The countdown is ending, though, and joining the blue ring is  THE BUTCHER! Bunny accompanies him to the ring and he hauls Darby up to SWING into the railing again and again! Butcher then drags Darby’s dead weight back to the ring.

Team Taz tries to throw Hangman out together but he fights them both off. Butcher stalks Darby, and we already have another man entering the red ring. It’s JOHN SILVER! The Dark Order’s Meat Man is here to help his old buddy, Hangman, and he RAMS Hobbs! Hobbs wobbles, Silver dodges Starks to ENZIGURI! Sliver gets around Hobbs, but Hobbs is too much to back suplex alone! So Hangman helps out Silver for a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX! Silver and Hangman stare down, and they HUG! Fans love it, but then Hangman grabs Silver! Oh, it’s just a fake out to keep him on his toes. But then Silver- No, wait, another fake out!

Hangman stomps away on Starks in a corner. The countdown is done again, and entering the blue ring is Max Caster! “Platinum on the mic, with my legendary status. I’m about to do the new man that’s in the palace. Now tell me who can stop me? I’m about to beat you bitches down like you Rudy Giuliani! And none of y’all above me. I’ma win the title, then Tony Khan will hug me! Remember the name in Detroit. Everybody loves The Acclaimed.” Silver dances to the beat as Bowens says, “DETROIT, MICHIGAN~! The Acclaimed have arrived!” And it seems Billy Gunn is still part of their team.

Caster gets in finally, and Butcher is right on him! Caster and Butcher stop and come to an agreement to go after Darby, but he BOOTS each of them away! And after all that rapping, the time is already up! Entering the red ring, representing “La Faccion Ingobernable,” aka the OG Los Ingobernables, it’s RUSH! Caster tackles Darby while Rush gets in and DECKS Starks! And DECKS Hobbs! Butcher already ends his alliance with Caster to go after him in a corner! Rush DECKS Hangman, but Silver CHOPS Rush. Rush doesn’t even flinch! Caster CLUBS Butcher while Silver pulls up Rush’s shirt to CHOP skin. Still nothing!

Rush CHOPS Silver off his feet! Then Rush hits Silver with a deadlift BRAINBUSTER! Hangman whips Rush but Rush reverses, to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly the Cowboy! The countdown is done and entering the blue ring is The Blade! He reinforces Butcher against Caster and Darby while Rush suplexes Starks! Butcher sets Darby up for Blade’s KICK! Butcher then digs his knees into Caster while Blade does the same to Darby. Bunny mocks their pain, and the countdown is already done to add to the red ring. Hobbs saves Starks from Rush, and here comes Penta Oscuro! Rush goes out the bottom to go after Penta at the ramp!

Penta dodges Rush to SUPERKICK! Then SLINGBLADE to the ramp! Fans fire up as Penta KICKS Rush back to ringside, then puts him back in. “CERO MIEDO!” echoes out and that upsets Andrade. Penta goes up the corner and jumps, only for Rush to DROPKICK him out of the sky! Hobbs hauls Silver up, puts him on the apron, but Silver drags Hobbs onto the ropes! Starks hurries over to SPEAR Silver off and ELIMINATE him! Butcher and Blade mug Darby, and the countdown is done again. SWERVE heads to the blue ring! Darby isn’t his favorite person but Swerve saves him by going up and over Caster to COMPLETE SHOT Butcher!

Swerve BOOTS Caster, blocks Blade’s kick to slip around and hit a BACKBREAKER! Then a LARIAT! Fans fire up for “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Caster runs in but is put on the apron. Swerve sweeps the legs and Caster sits down, for the SUPERKICK! Caster falls to the floor, Swerve ELIMINATES Platinum Max! The countdown is done again, and entering the red ring is KEITH LEE! The Limitless One and Swerve won’t have to worry about getting in each other’s way, but what if they end up the last two left? For now, Keith gets in as Rush snapmares Hangman, Swerve smiles and conducts “OH~ BASK IN HIS GLO~RY!” for his teammate.

Swerve wants a fist bump to show they’re cool, but Team Taz attacks Keith before he can respond! Swerve feels bad he can’t help his friend, but then Butcher goes after him while Blade is after Darby! Swerve fights back while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Blade digs his boots into Darby, Team Taz mugs Keith and even rakes the eyes, and Rush CHOKES Hangman until Penta BOOTS him down. Penta then CLUBS Rush to the corner, only for Rush to turn things around. Rush stomps away on Penta’s face! But the countdown is done, and Matt Hardy is heading to the blue ring! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Hardy gets in to go after his former mercenaries with big forearms and elbows! Matt bumps Blade off buckles again and again, allowing Swerve to help Darby with Butcher. But Butcher DECKS Swerve, and rushes Hardy! Hardy dodges and Butcher gets buckles now!

Hardy bumps Butcher off buckles again and again and again, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Blade staggers up, Penta KICKS Rush down, and another countdown ends as Rampage returns to single picture. Entering the red ring is the Natural, Dustin Rhodes! We get some split screen as Hardy and Darby work together to go after Blade while Swerve keeps Butcher down. Dustin gets in to POWERSLAM Stars! Hobbs CLOBBERS Dustin so the rally ends already, but then Dustin gets up and kicks back. Penta tells everyone to listen. “CERO! MIEDO!” Rush just CHOPS Penta! Penta CHOPS back! Rush throws off his shirt to CHOP back!

Penta throws a forearm but Rush gives it back and fans fire up as the brawl heats up! Penta CLUBS Rush but Rush JUMP KNEES! Rush runs, into a SUPERKICK! Penta runs to RANA Rush up and out and both men are on the apron! Penta stands Rush up, they CHOP each other more and more! Rush shoves but Penta SUPERKICKS! Penta waistlocks Rush but Rush holds onto ropes to LOW BLOW MULE KICK! Seems that’s an Ingobernables signature! But Penta holds onto Rush and brings him along! They both hit the floor, DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Dustin DECKS Starks, Hobbs fights off Keith, and Andrade aims at Penta with a chair!

Penta gets up while Jose mugs Alex Abrahantes, and Penta turns around for Andrade to CHUCK the chair into his face! The countdown is over, and joining the blue ring is the Heavy Metal Rebel, Frankie Kazarian! Rush snatches Penta’s mask!! Insult to injury! Kaz sees Swerve storm up, and he avoids the punch and the shoulder to GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Kaz gets in to go after Darby while Butcher and Blade mug Hardy. But Hardy fights free to SIDE EFFECT Blade! Hardy says “DELETE!” and he kicks Blade, to TWIST OF- NO, Blade pushes him away! Butcher tosses Hardy up and out! Hardy holds onto the ropes!

The Butcher & Blade go after Hardy with stomps! Hardy can’t hold on forever, and he falls! The mercenaries ELIMINATE Hardy! Bunny is there to laugh at her former boss while the countdown is zero again. Dante Martin heads for the red ring! Angel Dorado slips under Starks to KANGAROO KICK! Starks flounders, Dante kicks him out and Starks does his best to keep his feet up! Hobbs goes after Dante with a full nelson! Starks gets in, Team Taz mugs Dante, things still not settled between all of them. Darby and Swerve try to kick out the mercenaries! Kaz helps out, Hangman ROCKS Keith, and another countdown is ending.

Joining the blue ring is Konosuke Takeshita! The Future of DDT Pro slides in, dodges Swerve, shoves him into Darby, then whips him to ropes. Swerve reverses Konosuke duck sand dodges and his a LEAPING LARIAT! Konosuke whips Darby for a BIG BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Konosuke waistlocks Swerve, Swerve gets Darby! DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! Motor City is all fired up for Konosuke! Kaz fires off haymakers on Blade, Dante and Dustin go after Starks, and Hangman takes a moment to rest while Keith is after Hobbs. Kaz whips Blade at Butcher but Blade reverses! Butcher holds ropes down but Kaz manages to stay in!

Kaz DECKS Butcher, but Blade clotheslines Kaz out to ELIMINATE him! Another countdown is ending, and the final entrant for the red ring is the House of Black’s Brody King!! He is becoming more tattoo than man at this point. But Brody storms right in, and Dustin fires off on him! They brawl, Brody gets the edge and he ROCKS Dustin! Brody CLOBBERS Dustin, fires off body shots and forearms and a CHOP! Brody throws more heavy hands and Dustin wobbles. Brody DECKS Dustin, then he CLOBBERS Dante and Starks at the same time. And now, the last man for the blue ring, the last entrant overall, is Freshly Squeezed, Orange Cassidy!

Brody DECKS Dante while Cassidy takes his time to get to the ring. Blade & Butcher double whip and double clothesline Swerve! Starks AX HANDLES Keith, he and Hobbs mug Keith, and Brody puts Dante on the ropes. Dante clings for dear life but Brody CHOPS him to the floor! Brody ELIMINATES Dante! Dustin CLOBBERS Brody in the corner and fires off hands! Hangman helps out, both knowing Brody is literally a big threat. Cassidy dodges the mercs to DOUBLE RANA! Fans fire up as Cassidy and Konosuke stare down now. Cassidy “shoves’ Konosuke, so Konosuke CHOPS Cassidy off his feet!

Konosuke whips, Cassidy ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Konosuke blocks the DDT, for a BRAINBUSTER! Starks dangles out of the ring and Dustin is after him! But Hobbs dumps Dustin and ELIMINATES him! Butcher & Blade DOUBLE HEADBUTT Konosuke, then DRAG THE- NO, Konosuke fights and RANAS Butcher! Konosuke runs at the corner but Blade saves Butcher! Konosuke’s knee hits buckles, the mercs dump him out and ELIMINATE him! Hobbs mocks Keith’s conducting of the fans while Hangman CHOKES Starks! Brody storms up on Hangman while Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUMS Hobbs!

Swerve gets Cassidy and Darby to side with him against Butcher & Blade. Butcher & Blade dare them to bring it, and Darby rushes in, but Swerve swerves Cassidy! Swerve throws Cassidy out and ELIMINATES him! Swerve can’t be trusted! Keith ROCKS Hobbs, then clotheslines him out to ELIMINATE him! But then Starks dumps and ELIMINATES Keith! Blade kicks Swerve, brings him in, he and Butcher DRAG THE LAKE!! They haul Swerve back up to dump him out and ELIMINATE him! Hangman runs at Brody, Brody pops him up, but Hangman RANAS Brody! Starks runs in, Hangman jumps over the spear!

Hangman takes aim but Starks dodges and the DISCUS LARIAT hits Brody! Starks tosses Hangman but Hangman lands on the apron! Hangman BOOTS Starks, then baits him in! Hangman dumps Starks out to ELIMINATE him! Then Hangman slingshots, but Brody CLOBBERS him!! Brody King is Mr. Red! and he watches as the blue ring still sorts out. Darby tosses and DROPKICKS Blade out to ELIMINATE him! Butcher rushes in and Darby dumps him out, to ELIMINATE him!! Darby is Mr. Blue! And now that just leaves these two to fight it out! Brody storms right into the blue ring, hauls Darby up in a gut wrench, GUT WRENCH BOMB!!

Brody then TOSSES Darby through ropes to get him into the red ring! Brody storms back over while Darby crawls to a corner. Fans fire up for Darby but Brody says he’s going to destroy him! Brody runs in, CANNONBALL! Brody snarls while Darby flops over. Brody hauls Darby up to RAM him into a corner, hoists him top, and then CHOPS him! Fans fire up but Brody climbs up. Darby fires off haymakers and CLUBBING forearms! Brody ends up on the apron, Darby gets in the ring and he fires off! Darby BITES Brody’s fingers! Brody CLUBS Darby! And has a SLEEPER in the ropes! Brody uses that to drag Darby up and over! Darby is literally HANGING! Brody DROPS Darby, and WINS!

Winner: Brody King as Mr. Red (will challenge Jon Moxley for the Interim AEW World Championship)

The tattooed titan is victorious! Will Jon Moxley be able to hold onto the interim title against such a villainous foe? Or will CM Punk return to see the House of Black?


Backstage interview with Hook.

Alex Marvez sits with the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil on the couch and thanks him for taking this time. Last week, Hook got a big win over NJPW’s The DKC as part of Forbidden Door weekend. But the world wants to know, what is next for Hook? Hook just eats his chips. Well, Marvez did see some of Hook’s previous interviews, to call them that. Marvez is starting to think Hook is more of a “go with the flow” kind of guy. Hook stands up, pushes Marvez down, and tells him, “That’s the problem, Alex. Most people don’t think. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” Hook is a deep thinker, it seems. Has he already seen four steps ahead of the AEW roster?


AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator: The Young Bucks VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI!

Matt & Nick Jackson feel alone right now without the rest of the Undisputed Elite, but they have the gold to keep them warm. Will they be able to shine bright in this high stakes match? Or will it be lights out, courtesy of #BISHAMON?

The teams sort out and Nick starts with the Fierce Warrior, Hirooki Goto. They circle, tie up, and Goto powers Nick to a corner. The ref counts, Goto lets off at 4, and fans applaud the clean break. Nick and Goto go again, they tie up and Nick puts Goto on ropes. Nick lets off, but then kicks low! Nick fires off punches and stomps to the corner, then whips corner to corner. Goto bounces off buckles to run Nick over! Tag to Hashi, they double whip Nick to run him over! Matt wants in but the ref says he missed the tag, Hashi runs for the hip toss senton! Fans fire up as Goto & Hashi intercept Matt with a kick! And they drum away on his back!

Nick gets up, but he gets a kick and the drumming! Fans fire up while Nick is punch drunk. Hashi CLUBS Nick, whips him to ropes, but Nick holds ropes to BOOT back. Tag to Matt, Nick aims for a corner but Hashi blocks the buckle bump to give a buckle bump! Matt runs in but into an elbow! Hashi runs in, into the NORTHERN LIGHTS! The Polar Express begins! Another, and another, and then Goto gets in, for a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans fire up and Matt flexes! Matt gives Nick a boost to ESCALARA! Direct hit on Bishamon and fans fire up while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Nick puts Hashi in for Matt, and Matt paces around the Head Hunter. Matt stomps Hashi, waves hi to fans, then throws down fists. Matt drags Hashi up, Nick says “SUCK IT!” and Matt whips Hashi into the corner. The Bucks coordinate, CLOTHESLINE ENZIGURI COMBO! Matt hits a fist drop, then he keeps on Hashi with haymakers. Matt throws more hands, pie faces Hashi, and eggs him on. Hashi throws body shots back! Hashi CHOPS Matt, CHOPS him again, but Matt rakes eyes! Matt whips, Hashi reverses but Matt slips out and trips Goto! Matt then shoulders into Hashi, slingshots up and over, and runs to LEAPING LARIAT!

Matt kips up, then mockingly goes to the Bishamon corner to reach out for a tag. But then Goto yanks Matt down! Nick PENALTY KICKS Goto from the apron, ROCKS Hashi, then springboard DOUBLE STOMPS Hashi down! Nick soaks up the cheers and jeers while Matt gets back in the ring. Matt KNEES Hashi in the back, kicks him around, and Matt paces around while Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Nick reels Hashi in, but Hashi suplexes Nick first! Fans fire up while both men are down, and both men crawl to their corners. Hot tags to Matt and Goto! Goto rallies with shoulders and elbows, then a hip toss! Matt goes to a corner, Goto runs in to MURAMASA! And BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto drags Matt up, fireman’s carries, but Matt slips off and ROCKS Goto with a haymaker! And another! Matt runs, Nick tags in, Matt trips Goto up to whip. Goto reverses but Matt goes up and over, Nick SHINING WIZARDS! Matt cravats, Nick gives him the boost, SLICED BREAD! SHINING WIZARD again and Nick covers, Hashi breaks it!

Matt drags Hashi up, he and Nick mug him and toss him out. The Bucks drag Goto up to whip him into the corner.  Nick runs in, Goto dodges and CLOBBERS Matt! Goto then fireman’s carries Nick! Nick slips off, Goto backs him down, and Hashi runs in to CLOTHESLINE in the corner! Feed to Goto’s kick, Goto hooks Nick up and Hashi runs, GOTO GOTO HUNTER! Cover, TWO!! Nick survives the Russian Leg Sweep Blockbuster, but Hashi WRECKS Matt off the apron. Fans fire up, Bishamon gets Nick up but Nick BOOTS Hashi away and Matt drags Hashi out! Matt sends Hashi into railing, Nick slips out of the dragon sleeper but Goto ROCKS him!

Goto whips, Nick flips up and around but Goto dodges. Nick dodges again, Goto follows and LARIATS! Matt returns to ROCK Goto, but Goto follows, only for Matt to SUPERKICK Goto down! Hashi returns, Matt SUPERKICKS! Hashi rebounds to LARIAT! All four men are down and the fans fire up again! A standing count starts, Hashi and Matt bail out but Nick runs in from the corner. Goto fireman’s carries! USHIGOROSHI! But Goto is down again! Fans rally up, both men crawl, hot tag to Hashi! Hashi fires up and runs, but Nick blocks the lariat! Hashi spins around to CHOP! Nick aims but Hashi blocks the superkick! Hashi spins Nick to SUPERKICK back!

Nick wobbles, Hashi calls to Goto! Hashi feeds Nick to the fireman’s carry, SUPERKICK to USHIGOROSHI, the Fierce Flash! Cover, TWO!! Nick survives again! Fans fire up with Bishamon and they reset with the dragon sleeper and leg hold! But Matt SUPERKICKS Hashi! Matt then saves Nick from Goto’s suplex, and they DOUBLE SUPERKICK Goto down! The Bucks have Hashi’s arms and fans fire up for the B T E TRIGGER!! But they want to finish Goto! Goto is in the blue ring, Nick goes up and up to CROSSBODY Goto down! Matt gets Hashi back up in a gut wrench, and Nick springboards from ring to ring! SUPER MELTZER DRIVER!! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (deny Bishamon a title shot)

Goto & Hashi could not shut down the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and they will return home to Japan without a title shot. Will others from NJPW look to creep through the Forbidden Door to try their hand? Or are the Bucks on to some big prey of their own?


AEW hears from Jonathan Gresham and Tully Blanchard.

“Last week, I made a handshake agreement with Tully Blanchard. And I’m a man of my word. I said that Lee Moriarty and myself would take on two of his best clients in a tag team match. Now I’m happy, I’m really excited to announce that that match will happen right here on Rampage next week.” The mastermind Tully himself tells us that we are “going to see what it’s like to come up against the best in the business!” Gresham knows fans aren’t quite used to hearing his name on television, but we will all get used to it. We’re used to a couple of guys in particular, Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson, claiming they are the best technical wrestler, when we all know GRESHAM is the best?

Gresham is tired of being left out of important conversations! They know that HE is the best technical wrestler, and he has spent 17 YEARS chasing that dream. He has accomplished that by being THE ROH World Champion! And next week on Rampage, Gresham shows us all why. Will the Octopus deny Tully Blanchard Enterprises their shot at his title while also sending a message to the Swiss Cyborg and American Dragon?


Mark Henry talks to tonight’s main eventers!

The World’s Strongest Man starts with asking the Native Beast and The Problem why they brutally attacked Toni Storm last week. Why? Uh, great question. Let’s go to the weather map for answers. The “Toni Storm” is really just a high pressure system of hot air and BULL- Wait, hold on. It might be late but the kids are watching, so Nyla won’t go there. But Nyla will say that “Toni Storm is encroaching on my territory here in All Elite Wrestling.” Nyla is the #1 contender! All roads to the championships lead through HER! Last week, Storm had a problem in Shafir. And if Shafir is The Problem, then Nyla is a GADDAMN CATASTROPHE!

Storm tells Nyla that while Forbidden Door didn’t go as planned, that doesn’t mean her momentum stops here. Storm will finish Nyla and go back after Thunder Rosa, and she won’t stop until she becomes THE AEW Women’s World Champion. Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will the Lightning From Down Under strike the Native Beast down? Or will this Vicious Vixen be the gatekeeper to the gold?

Toni Storm VS Nyla Rose w/ Marina Shafir!

The bell rings, the two tie up and fans fire up as they’re in a deadlock. Nyla knees and CLUBS Storm down, then pie faces her. Nyla runs but Storm avoids the punt to fire off forearms! Nyla throws body shots back but Storm hits her more and more! Storm runs, tilt-o-whirls, but Nyla blocks that to CLOBBER Storm! Marina likes what she sees while Nyla toys with Storm. Nyla kicks Storm around, sits her up and rains down fists. Nyla runs, but into a drop toehold! Storm runs to basement dropkick! Fans fire up, Storm runs corner to corner, and she uppercuts in the corner! Storm fires off stomps and forearms, then an uppercut!

Storm runs but Nyla CLOBBERS her again! Nyla snarls and she clamps onto Storm’s arm to twist the wrist and bend the elbow! Storm endures, fights up, but Nyla double wristlocks to then suplex! Nyla brings Storm up again, but Storm fires off forearms! Storm ROCKS Nyla, runs the ropes, but Nyla claims something is in her eye. The ref checks, and misses Marina holding the ropes open! Storm takes a tumble, and The Problem is definitely a problem at ringside! Marina BOOTS Storm back down, and fans boo while Rampage goes picture in picture.

The ref questions what happened but Marina plays dumb. Nyla goes out to stomp Storm, drag her up and whips her into steel steps! Nyla smirks and Shafir applauds while Nyla refreshes the count. Nyla hauls Storm up to scoop and SLAM Storm, then she gets back in the ring. The count climbs, Shafir mockingly coaches Storm up, but Nyla distracts the ref again so Marina can step on Storm! Marina gets away before Storm can kick her back. Nyla goes out to fetch Storm, and she brings Storm around to CLUB her against the post. Nyla winds up but Storm dodges and Nyla hits post herself! Then Storm shoves and POSTS Nyla!

Storm RAMS Nyla into barriers, then CLUBS her against the apron. Storm tries to get Nyla up and in but Nyla CLUBS Storm back. Nyla talks trash while standing on Storm’s hand! The ref counts, Nyla lets off and drags Storm up, only for Storm to RAM her into more barriers! Storm puts Nyla in the ring, but Nyla drops an elbow on Storm as she enters! Nyla whips Storm to ropes, fireman’s carries, but Storm fights free! Storm CLUBS away, but Nyla TACKLES Storm! Cover, TWO! Nyla clamps on a QUEEN ANGELITO STRETCH and bends Storm back! Storm endures, even as Nyla thrashes her around!

Storm refuses to give up, so Nyla fishhooks her face! The ref counts, Nyla shifts to make Storm smile. The ref reprimands again, Nyla lets off, and Storm fights with hammer fists. Nyla holds on, pulling harder on the chinlock. But Storm fights, crawls, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Nyla lets off at 4 and Rampage returns to single picture. Fans fire up for Storm while Nyla runs in at the corner, for a SPLASH! Storm sits down, Nyla runs in again, but the CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Fans fire up and Storm runs in, HIP ATTACK! Shafir tries to save Nyla but Storm BOOTS her away! Nyla HOTSHOTS Storm!

Nyla runs side to side, but Storm dumps her out! Shafir helps Nyla up, but Storm is on the apron! FLYING DOUBLE DDT to the floor!! Fans fire up with Storm and she puts Nyla in the ring. Storm climbs up and Nyla rises, into the CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE!! Storm hurries to get Nyla up, reel her in, and use the corner. No tornado, though, and Nyla CLOBBERS Storm! Cover, TWO!! Nyla and Shafir grow frustrated, Nyla drags Storm up. Nyla reels Storm in, gets her up, but Storm pops out of the bomb to sunset flip! Nyla DROPS on the cover! TWO!! Storm survives and fans fire up again! Nyla ROCKS Storm but Storm fires back!

The forearms go back and forth, fans rally behind Storm, but Nyla kicks low. Nyla scoops but Storm slips out to shove her into the corner. Nyla grabs the buckles, Storm pulls her back, and a buckle pad goes flying! The ref hurries to fetch that, Nyla SUPERKICKS Storm down! Cover, TWO!! Storm is still in this and Nyla can’t believe it! Shafir is frustrated on Nyla’s behalf, and Nyla hangs Storm out to dry. Nyla goes to a corner, climbs up top, FLYING KNEE MISSES as Storm dodges! Nyla storms over but Storm HOTSHOTS her away! Storm gets in, waistlocks, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up while both women are down. Shafir is on the corner, Storm has Nyla, and Storm BOOTS Shafir as part of the TORNADO DDT! Storm hurries to get Nyla back up, SATELLITE DDT!! Cover, Storm wins!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

But Shafir gets in to sucker punch Storm! And SAYANAGI! And then some ground ‘n’ pound! But here comes THUNDER ROSA! The AEW Women’s World Champion blows past Shafir to SHOTGUN Nyla! Shafir returns but she gets an ENZIGURI! Thunder & Storm go after them and it’s a wild brawl! SHOTGUN for Shafir, and a LARIAT for Nyla! Fans are thunderous as La Mera Mera and her previous challenger stand tall! Storm shakes hands with the champ, will we see these two rumble again down the line? Or will they have to wash away those Vicious Vixens first?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, and I really like how the “Royal Rampage” works. NXT should’ve thought to do a match like that whenever they did WarGames. But I will say, I was really hoping they were going to give us Keith VS Swerve at the end of this. It’d be a great way to add to their story while also giving one of them a great match against Moxley. But Keith and Swerve are sticking together a little longer since they need to still settle things with Team Taz. And in the end, we did get a fresh match-up for Moxley in Brody King. That is happening already, and it’s going to be badass even without build, I can’t wait to see it.

Good segment from Hook. He is exactly how a strong silent type Face should be written in my opinion. Since he rarely talks, when Hook chooses to talk, it is more impactful. Also this could just be that they aren’t quite sure where to put Hook right now, but he just needs to start having longer, more competitive matches with some of the other established names. Maybe against Caster real quick before the Ass Boys come back around to fight The Acclaimed for their father’s love. Plus, imagine the rap Caster could come up with about Hook.

Good promo from Gresham, and one line from Tully, to set up the coming ROH on Rampage match. Gresham also calling out Bryan and Claudio is great, I think everyone would love to see that happen as part of Death Before Dishonor on July 23rd. One thing I do want to say, and it isn’t a knock on Gresham but more a choice of the companies, it feels like they downgraded the world title’s design. I know it’s based on the original design, but the design they had looked amazing. This legacy design looks too much like the ROH Tag Titles which FTR have. But again, not really anything that affects Gresham or his booking, it’s just something visual that I wish they didn’t do.

The Bucks VS Bishamon not being main event was a bit of a surprise, but then I realized they probably didn’t want any language barrier affecting the promo with Mark Henry. It was a great tag match, definitely worthy of the tag titles, but that is why Bucks win. I would think FTR makes it through DBD with the ROH tag titles, and then they and the Bucks can start towards All Out for FOUR TITLES AT ONCE for the most amazing tag match ever! And then we got a good promo segment with Nyla and Storm before a very good main event. Storm winning is great, they could easily give us Rosa VS Storm 2, and at the very least, we’re getting Rosa & Storm VS Nyla & Shafir to help build the next title story.

My Score: 8.6/10

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