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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/9/22)

A deadly Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite 2021

AEW arrives in Atlantic City!

Hangman Page defends his AEW World Championship against Lance Archer, in a TEXAS DEATHMATCH! Will the Murderhawk Monster end the cowboy shizz?


  • Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS The Blade; Wardlow wins.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Isiah Kassidy w/ AHFO VS Keith Lee; Lee wins and advances to the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • FTR VS CM Punk & Jon Moxley; Punk & Moxley win and Punk gets his rematch with MJF.
  • AEW TBS Championship Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS A.Q.A; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • The Professor’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb VS Katie Arquette; Deeb wins.
  • AEW World Championship Texas Deathmatch: Hangman Page VS Lance Archer; Hangman wins and retains the title.


Wardlow finishes set-up for something.

He sighs as he brings out cardboard cut-outs of MJF and walks down a beige plaid carpet. Fans chant for “CM Punk! CM Punk!” but as the cut-outs show, these are highlights of MJF’s dirty win over the Best in the World. Wardlow then gives Justin Roberts his introduction notes. “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first, being accompanied by pro-wrestling great, Tully Blanchard, they are the living legends, FTR.” Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler make their way out with Tully, all holding glasses of champagne as they strut to the ring. “Next, we have the greatest accountabilibuddy of all time, the Chair Man, Shawn Spears.”

Spears makes his way out, chugging the bottle of bubbly. And Spears gives Justin a big folder to read, “Soon to arrive to the ring, he hails from the most magical place in the world, Plainview, Long Island, New York. He is the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring Champion, the man who has never been beaten clean in the middle of the ring and is undefeated in AEW. The man who pins shoulders on mats and bangs all the rats; the king of All Elite Wrestling; the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned AEW World Champion; the past, the present and the future of professional wrestling; the greatest of all time; the sprawl god; the Salt of the Earth…

“The man who beat PG Punk twice in that dumpster fire known as Chicago in the M-M-M-MID west, ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to the man who is better than you, and you know it… Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF.” Fans boo as MJF makes his entrance from the center of the stage, with men carrying him on a palanquin and young women leading the way in fancy dresses. MJF blows kisses to the Atlantic City crowd as they boo and jeer. The palanquin is brought right up to the apron, the young ladies give MJF kisses, that redhead really going for it.

MJF gets in to work up into a big group hug, that oddly doesn’t include Wardlow. And then confetti falls from the ceiling! MJF gets the mic to have his music stop. “It’s hot in AC tonight, baby!” So he’ll make this perfectly clear, he’s holding the mic so settle down. He’s pretty sure he made it crystal clear that he is the best wrestler on the planet. Not Kenny Omega, not Bryan Danielson, not Adam Cole, not Hangman Page. No no, you’re looking at the Best in the World! Scratch that. He beat Punk twice in Chicago, he’s better than the best in the world! But last week was bittersweet, he must admit. Fans tell MJF to STFU but he says he’s just getting started.

Last week, as MJF was on top of CM Punk after beating him twice in Chicago, a lot of emotion came over him. He realized he beat someone he grew up watching. So he leaned over to whisper two heartwarming words into his ear: “You Suck!” MJF high-fives Spears for the gottee, but seriously. If anyone deserves to hear “Thank you,” it is the man who helped him beat CM Punk twice in Chicago. That strapping young man’s name is… SHAWN SPEARS! What? Spears helping him in the warm-ups really helped. Fans chant, “Wardlow! Wardlow!” but Spears says given MJF’s historic win, he got MJF a gift!

Spears points to the titantron, and it’s a new graphic! “Better than the Best in the World, and you know it!” New shirt, too! Available now on AEW Shop. They can get that right now? Wow! But hold on, hold on. MJF isn’t here just to party, he’s here to make a statement. MJF is better than Bret in Canada, better than Piper in Portland, and damn sure better than Punk in Chicago! “It’s time I become your NEW AEW World Champion!” Fans boo that idea as hard as they can. But here comes CM Punk! No music, just Punk waving Tony Schiavone over.

Schiavone hurries over with a mic, and Punk says, “Gosh, y’know, I’m watching the monitor in the back, and you’re talking about beating me in Chicago. Your win in Chicago is about as suspect as your tan! I’m a little bit of an island amongst myself. I don’t like to ask for help. Luckily today, I learned from my mistake a couple of weeks ago.” Pinnacle is a bunch of jackasses that like to beat up one guy, so today, Punk’s got some friends. Fans fire up as out comes DARBY ALLIN and STIIIING! And they’ve brought baseball bats!

Punk warns the Pinnacle, “Take the jackets off, get your the dress shoes off, this is going to go one of two ways. I’m either gonna get what I want, or I’m going to come down here with my friends and I’m gonna beat it outta you!” Punk wants a rematch! MJF says he won twice, but Punk says he isn’t even talking to him! Punk means the guy who really beat him, WARDLOW! Cuz let’s face it. The whole lotta Pinnacle wouldn’t have won a thing if it wasn’t for that guy. And big man, listen up. You can be on the end of this beating, or you can grow some balls and leave those jerks. MJF wants everyone to just hold on!

First of all, MJF won all by himself! We all know it! Punk hopes Wardlow is hearing this. MJF says second of all, Wardlow hangs with Pinnacle not just cuz he’s under contract with MJF, but because he is their best friend! Everyone knows that! Max, shut up. MJF wants to say third of all, but Dax asks Punk if Punk thinks Dax likes dressing like this. No, he doesn’t look good in a damn suit. Dax is more comfortable in his ring gear. But if Punk’s talking rematches, then how about the absolute best tag team in this world getting a rematch?!

Punk talks it over with Sting and Darby, and all Dax had to do was ask. Punk, Darby and Sting have been itching for a rematch from Greensboro, especially since it lets him get his hands on “lil’ Max.” MJF still wants everyone to hold on! No way MJF wrestles in the cesspool of Atlantic City! Plus, this does give MJF an idea. If Punk wants a rematch against MJF, and MJFTR wants a rematch with Punk, Darby & Sting, then how about we roll the dice? Tony Khan will love this, too. Given the condition Punk’s in, if he can beat the greatest tag team, FTR, with any partner he chooses, MJF will give Punk any match, any time, anywhere!

However! The deal is, it can’t be “twiddle dumb or twiddle dipsh*t,” Darby and Sting. Of course. Those two have to head to the back, so good luck finding someone who doesn’t hate Punk’s guts! In the meantime, Wardlow, suit up because you’ve got a match up next. MJF is gonna keep this party rolling, because he is better than the Best in the World, and you know it! Will Punk find someone to join him against the AAA Tag Team Champions? Will he then win and get his rematch with MJF?


Andrade El Idolo meets with Darby & Sting backstage.

Schiavone holds the mic for Andrade as this “business” meeting finally happens. Finally, Andrade finds Darby’s boss. Nice to meet you, Senor Sting. Andrade knows, Darby knows, and everyone knows that the kid works for Sting. Sting thought Darby made it clear that’s not the case. Darby thought he did, too. A couple things, Andrade. One, Darby isn’t a kid. Number two, if you wanna talk to Darby and have a dispute with him, just talk to him mano a mano. Darby says Andrade needs to stop wasting his time. Darby has better things to do than work for Andrade. Like become the next TNT Champion.

Andrade smirks and says Darby will work for him. They have something in common. Darby wants that TNT Championship, but Andrade IS the next TNT Champion. Andrade leaves, and Sting can tell he means it. It seems the lines have been drawn, will Darby handle his business before Andrade snipes that title?


Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS The Blade!

The accountabilibuddy follows Mr. Mayhem out, who got ready as quickly as he could. Will the Pinnacle’s War Dog take one step closer to that Face of the Revolution Ladder Match? Or will he be cut down by the Andrade Hardy Family Office’s main mercenary?

Blade CHOP BLOCKS Wardlow from behind! The bell rings to get this on record as Blade stomps a mudhole into Wardlow! The ref backs Blade off, Wardlow gets up and hobbles to another corner. Blade runs in, but into a back elbow! Fans chant for Wardlow as he gets the bad leg moving. Blade kicks the leg out, throws forearms, then runs. Wardlow CLOBBERS Blade! Blade staggers up, Wardlow gets him for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Wardlow still has to get his bad leg going, but he storms up on Blade for another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Spears cheers Wardlow on, and Wardlow stalks Blade for a third OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Wardlow hobbles on the bad leg as Spears coaches him up. Blade bails out, Wardlow goes out after him and bumps him off the apron. Wardlow walks better as he RAMS Blade into a post! Spears says to keep on him as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade CHOPS, Wardlow CLUBS Blade! Wardlow SMACKS Blade off the chair in the corner! Wardlow walks off the pain in his leg, stomps Blade, then puts him in the ring. But then Wardlow drags Blade out to POST him! Blade staggers, kicks the bad leg, then hurries away. Wardlow still stalks Blade, drags Blade up and bumps him off the apron. Blade is dazed, Spears steps up but Wardlow says he’s got this. Spears backs off, but Blade kicks Wardlow low! Then throat chops him! Blade whips. Wardlow reverses and Blade hits the apron! Wardlow puts Blade in, Spears is fired up but Wardlow again says he needs to stay out of this.

Wardlow walks up the steel steps and Spears looks worried. Wardlow gets in, Blade ROCKS him with a right! Blade kicks low, Wardlow kicks back! Wardlow ROCKS Blade, puts him in a corner and stomps his leg in return. Wardlow hobbles, CLUBS Blade, and snarls as he reels Blade in. Wardlow suplexes, and even with the bad leg, he holds Blade up for a count of 10 before the SLAM! Wardlow flexes, makes the pecs dance, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Blade CHOPS, but Wardlow just gets pissed! Blade CHOPS again, Wardlow RAMS Blade into the corner! Wardlow RAMS his shoulder in, EuroUppers, then RAMS his shoulder again!

Wardlow repeats shoulders and EuroUppers but lets off as the ref counts 4. Wardlow rushes in, Blade KICKS him first! Then again! Wardlow staggers to the corner, Blade runs in, but Wardlow turns jump kick into POWERBOMB! Fans fire up and Wardlow has adrenaline helping him through the pain. Fans want “One More Time!” so Wardlow obliges! He gets Blade up, reels him in, POWERBOMB! Fans still want more, so Wardlow drags Blade up and in, for the third POWERBOMB! And then right back up for the FOURTH POWERBOMB! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

The Powerbomb Symphony comes to Atlantic City, but of course Spears adds a CHAIRSHOT encore! Spears heads out and Wardlow’s mood is ruined. But did Wardlow at least prove he is worthy of the Face of the Revolution match?


Penta El Zero M has a message.

Alex Abrahantes says, “Penta says that when Malakai misted his face, he spit into his soul.” Penta drives into a graveyard and pulls out a shovel. “Penta says that if Malakai Black wants to live in darkness, he should be prepared to face the consequences. Penta says, ‘It’s time to rise, Penta Oscuro!'” The darkness within Penta is being resurrected! Will the House of Black regret pushing him this far?


Chris Jericho heads to the ring!

The mandatory meeting for the Inner Circle has come, and so Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager are following Le Champion out. But where are Santana & Ortiz? Fans still sing Judas for Jericho, and Jericho gets the mic. “Listen, I know that I said the whole Inner Circle was going to be out here tonight, but honestly, we haven’t seen Santana & Ortiz all day.” But here they come, on their own, as Proud ‘n’ Powerful. They aren’t wearing Inner Circle gear in any way, perhaps already sending a message to Jericho. Jericho says alright, he sees what they’re doing. That’s cute. They do deserve their own spotlight.

But something not cool was a couple weeks ago, when they refused to tag Jericho in during their Six Man Tag against Daniel Garcia & 2point0. They embarrassed Jericho, it was demeaning, and it robbed the fans who paid good money for their tickets of seeing Jericho wrestle. That’s unacceptable, disrespectful, and Jericho just wants to know why. Santana tells Jericho, “Enough with this corny sh*t. For the past few months, I’ve been struggling with this seeing the cup half full kind of mindset. But sometimes, you just got to see things for what they are and call a spade a spade. And at the end of the day, Chris Jericho only cares about one person, and that’s Chris Jericho.”

Any little fight they’ve had, anything they’ve had to shift their focus towards, has always been for the advancement of one person, and that’s Jericho. Is Santana wrong? And at any time it seems Santana & Ortiz have had a bit of spotlight, or making towards the top prize that is the AEW World Tag Team Championships, what happens, Jericho? It gets shut down, thrown to the side, so that they can come to his rescue! Is Santana wrong?! Fans say, “NO!” Santana says he ain’t done, either. Funny that they’re all out here, because Santana & Ortiz came out here to tell Jericho that the days of them playing second fiddle are over and done with!

And don’t raise the mic, Santana still ain’t finished. At the end of the day, it was Jericho always in their way! Jericho was always keeping them from having a bigger spotlight than him! It was always the fans who kept them going! Santana continues more, “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell you,” as he points to Jericho, Sammy and Hager each in turn, and the same to the fans at home, look at Ortiz’s face and thank him with everything you’ve got. If not for Ortiz, Santana would’ve dropped Jericho’s ass a long time ago! Now Jericho can speak.

Jericho says Santana reminds himself of Eddie Guerrero. Super hyped up, blames everyone else, but goes back to an issue about the tag titles that Eddie Kingston planted in their heads. Kingston, what the hell has he ever done for Santana in AEW? What stroke does he have in AEW? ZERO! Jericho is the influencer here! And since he brought them here, on October 2nd, 2019, they’ve been in the main event of Pay-Per-Views, Dynamites, Rampages, and have made more money than they ever have before! And yet they still wanna put their shortcomings on him?!

Santana & Ortiz had a chance to be tag team champions on February 17th, 2021. But they lost to the Young Bucks. That had nothing to do with Jericho. Yet they wanna pool all their problems on him? Jericho brought them into the Inner Circle, he could kick them the hell out! As a matter of fact, when Jericho thinks about how he put this faction together, with attitudes like this, he has to ask himself, “Maybe I invited the wrong two members of LAX to join.” Oh no… Does Hager still have the numbers of Homicide and Hernandez? Santana goes to choke Jericho!! Sammy jumps in to stop them both, and reminds them that they are a family!

Jericho tells Sammy to shut up! Then Jericho immediately regrets it. Fans chant for Sammy and Santana tries to get Sammy to see things his way. Sammy tells Jericho to save the apology. He doesn’t know what’s going on right now, but he still loves these guys. They’re his family. Inner Circle forever, that’s what they always said. But to be honest with Jericho, Sammy’s goal is to become one of the greatest champions in pro-wrestling ever. And all this bickering, that’s not going to help things. So maybe… Sammy takes off his vest?! “I’ve quit this group before, and unless you guys can figure this s*it out, I’m gonna quit it again.”

The Spanish God has given an ultimatum to all sides of the Inner Circle! Ortiz grabs the mic to say, “What do you expect, Chris? You’re throwing around threats. First Sammy walks away, what’s next?” Jericho could’ve have it more twisted. He’s acting like Eddie Kingston’s never done anything for Santana & Ortiz? He couldn’t be more wrong. Just like the Inner Circle, Kingston is a brother in arms. And one thing is for sure, all this bickering they’re doing in the ring, it isn’t going to settle anything. So here’s a history lesson for where Proud ‘n’ Powerful come from.

“Where we come from, if we have an issue, we don’t settle it by doing this,” and he makes a talking motion with his hand. “We deal with it by using this.” And then he makes a fist! So next week, Santana & Ortiz VS Jericho & Hager! They settle it once and for all! Jericho says he never wanted it to come to this, but if they want a fight, then they’re gonna get one! And after Jericho & Hager slap them around, Santana & Ortiz will have an attitude adjustment. If they don’t, they’ll have to make some changes. See you next week. Attendance is mandatory! Will having a match be what makes or breaks the Inner Circle?


Backstage interview with Roppongi Vice.

Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero are with Schiavone, and coming up on this Friday’s Rampage, Roppongi Vice has its reunion against the Young Bucks! Rocky’s 100% and is ready! The world is ready for this! But then the Bucks show up because they saw on the format that they were having this interview. Matt & Nick don’t want to say hi, they wanna go! And then Adam Cole attacks from behind! Matt watches Cole stomp Rocky, and Nick facelocks Trent so Cole can LOW BLOW him! Matt & Nick sit Rocky up, “If you know what’s coming, say it with us out loud.” B T E TRIGGER! Then they get Trent up, and Cole sees someone walking up.

JAY WHITE?! The Switchblade is here in AEW!? And he RAMS Trent into the truck! Jay compliments Nick’s earrings, are things about to get Too Sweet in All Elite?


Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Isiah Kassidy w/ AHFO VS ???

Well, he may not have won the TNT Championship on Rampage, but one half of Private Party has another shot, if he wins this to go to the ladder match. But who is his opponent? We find out, after the break.

Dynamite returns, and it’s KEITH LEE!! The Limitless One is here, is he about to make this All E-LEE-TE Wrestling?

The bell rings and fans sing, “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~!” Lee soaks it up, Kassidy fires up and gets in his face! Quen hypes Kassidy up, too, but Lee TOSSES Kassidy across the ring! Matt Hardy is freaking out! Lee then drags Kassidy up by his head, but Kassidy throws forearms! Kassidy kicks low but Lee blocks the whip to reverse and HURDLE! Things keep going, Lee CROSSBODIES Kassidy down! Kassidy hurries out of the ring as fans fire up. “Keith Lee! WOOP WOOP!” Lee goes out, Quen puts Kassidy in. Quen shrugs, Lee says he sees him. Lee gets up, Kassidy punches but Lee blocks to buckle bump Kassidy.

Lee slingshots to CROSSBODY again! Kassidy twitches on the mat as Lee rises up. Lee looms over Kassidy, drags him up and brings him in. Lee smiles, but Kassidy slips under and around to dropkick! Lee wobbles, Kassidy runs, but Lee follows. Lee runs through the clothesline to POUNCE Kassidy out of the ring! Quen and Hardy can’t even register what happened! Hardy bails, going through the crowd! Lee fetches Kassidy, puts him in the ring, and keeps his eyes on Quen. Quen backs off, Kassidy distracts the ref, and Quen tries to grab Lee’s leg. Lee boots Quen away, but Kassidy triangle jump HOTSHOTS!

Lee staggers down, Quen shouts and Kassidy builds speed to TORNILLO! Both men are down, Kassidy hurries to get back in! Kassidy lets the ring count handle this, and Lee slowly rises. Lee stands at 5, gets in at 6. Kassidy runs in to fire off, but Lee shoves him away. Kassidy comes back for more, Lee shoves him away again. Kassidy mule kicks, BOOTS, but Lee just gets mad. Lee SWATS the screw high kick! Lee looms over Kassidy again, brings him up and fans rally. Lee shoves, pops Kassidy up, to the fireman’s carry! BIG BANG CATASTROPHE!! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (advances to the Face of the Revolution)

Quen attacks from behind! Lee shrugs him off, but Quen dropkicks and dropkicks !Lee just roars, Quen dodges, Private Party DOUBLE DROPKICK! Lee falls out of the ring, and Kassidy PLANCHAS! But Lee catches him! Quen runs and FLIES, Lee drops Kassidy to catch Quen! Lee then POWERBOMBS Quen onto Kassidy! Lee drags Quen back up, to APRON POWERBOMB! Now Keith Lee can enjoy the moment. Have we just seen the Limitless Face of the Revolution?


AEW hears from Britt Baker, Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa.

The Doctor says, “Just to make things clear for those who didn’t get it the first time, I brought in Mercedes Martinez. I paid her.” But La Mera Mera says she is never surprised. And at Rampage, it was no different. Britt makes sure Mercedes understands this time, that her rematch with Rosa will be a No Disqualifications match! Mercedes says No DQ means no excuses. “Everyone knows that the OG Badass performs best when there’s no rules.” But Rosa promises Mercedes that she’s not backing down. Next week, Rosa is ready for No DQ, and guess what? Mercedes has no idea what she’s gotten herself into!


Sammy Guevara returns for a cue card promo.

AEW goes picture in picture as Sammy “says,” “Earlier tonight, I set down my vest. I walked away. I did what you said, Chris. I ‘shut up.’ My actions spoke volumes, though. Not about the unraveling of the Inner Circle. Instead, the TNT Championship. Last week, I retained my title. But that doesn’t mean I’m safe. Andrade… Darby… And now… Keith Lee. My focus belongs on one thing: the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match! No matter who enters, or who wins, I will be watching! I will be ready! I am a FIGHTING champion! Let the revolution begin! Sincerely, Sammy Guevara, your UNDISPUTED TNT Champion.”


FTR VS CM Punk & ???

The bet is on, and the #TopGuys are doing MJF’s dirty work again. Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood stand in the way of a rematch, who joins the Best in the World against The Pinnacle? It’s MOXLEY!! MJF and Spears are watching backstage, they can’t believe the Maniac is working with Punk! Will FTR stand a chance against two of the best in the world?

The teams sort out, Punk starts against Dax and fans are all fired up! Punk and Dax circle, tie up, and Dax headlocks for a takeover. Punk headscissors, Dax kips free and they stand off. Dax and Cash talk real quick, Dax and Punk tie up again, and Dax headlocks. Punk powers out, Dax runs him over, then things keep moving. Dax counters hip toss with a hip toss but Punk arm-drags then hits a headlock takeover. Dax headscissors, Punk kips free, and the two stand off again. Dax throws a tantrum while Punk smirks. The two circle again, tie up, and Dax spins Punk around to tag in Cash. Cash CLUBS Punk’s arm then wrenches it to a wristlock.

Punk endures as Cash hammerlocks, then Cash shifts to a headlock. Punk powers up, powers out, but Cash runs him over! Things keep moving, Punk hip tosses Cash down! Then arm-drags! Punk has the armlock now, Cash reaches out but Punk wrenches. Cash breaks free and gets away to his corner. Fans cheer for Moxley as Cash tags Dax. Punk hears the chants, does the shoulder slink, and tags in Moxley! Mox and Dax circle, they tie up, and Moxley headlocks to a takeover. Dax headscissors, Moxley kips free but Dax headlocks for the takeover. Moxley fights up, Dax grinds the hold, but Moxley powers out.

Dax runs Moxley over, things keep moving, and Moxley scoops to SLAM Dax! Moxley runs, PENALTY KICK! Then another PENALTY KICK! Moxley sits Dax up for a third PENALTY KICK! Moxley drops an elbow, covers, ONE! Moxley wrenches, ELBOW BREAKER, then tag to Punk! Dax claws at Moxley but Punk kicks Dax down. Punk stomps Dax to a corner but Cash swipes at him. The distraction allows Dax to CHOP BLOCK a leg! FTR soaks up the heat, Dax GROUND DRAGON SCREWS the leg! Tag to Cash, they stomp the leg then straddle attack it! Cash “surfs” on the bad leg but lets off at 4, for a DEATHLOCK SNAP!

Cash talks trash, Dax tags in and he SHOVES Cash to add to the DEATHLOCK SNAP! Punk writhes, Cash mocks the pain, but Dax drags Punk up. Fans rally but Dax puts Punk in a corner. Dax CHOPS, Punk shoves Dax, but Dax CHOPS again. Punk haymakers, then dodges, and Dax hits buckles! Both men are down and crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Cash and Mox! Moxley rallies on Cash, whips him to ropes then back drops him! Moxley gets Cash right up, X PLEX! Kick to Dax, Dax slips out of the suplex, but Moxley standing switches to GERMAN SUPLEX! Cash returns, Mox gets around him, GERMAN SUPLEX!

Mox kicks Dax, then kicks Cash! DOUBLE DDT!! Fans fire up as FTR bails out. Moxley builds speed, but Cash trips him! Cash hurries in, Punk springboards for a FLYING LARIAT! Punk gets the bad leg moving, he PLANCHAS, but FTR catches him! Moxley DIVES! Down goes everyone! Fans are loving this and AEW goes picture in picture!

Moxley and Punk regroup and get back up. Moxley gets Cash up and in, but Dax yanks Mox out. Mox RAMS Dax into railing! Moxley gets back in after Cash but Cash bails out. Moxley pursues, he fights both FTR members, but they mug him to the corner of railings. They RAM Mox into apron, but then Punk fires off on Dax! They fight in the corner, Moxley hits Cash back. Punk stomps away on Dax. Moxley TOSSES Cash over railing! Mox and Cash brawl in the crowd and the ref hurries to keep with them! Moxley throws hands, Cash staggers around, Moxley CLAWS Cash’s head! The ref reprimands, Mox stops to sit Cash down and CHOP him!

Moxley CHOPS Cash more, Punk snap suplexes Dax to the floor! Moxley brings Cash back to ringside, but Cash RAMS Moxley into steel steps! Cash gets Moxley up and smacks him off the apron. The ref tries to restore order but things move to the timekeeper’s table. FTR gets Moxley up for a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX through the table! Moxley is down, Punk hobbles over as the ref checks on him. Moxley’s still in this somehow, FTR mocks his pain. Punk rallies with the fans and Moxley rises from the wreckage! AEW returns to single picture, the count is 4 of 10 as Moxley flounders over.

Moxley grits his teeth at 5 of 10, but he’s still on his knees. The count gets to 8, Moxley pushes himself up and in at 9! Cash stomps away on Moxley, digs his knee in, then drags him over to tag in Dax. FTR stomp away and dig their boots into Moxley. The ref counts, FTR lets off at 4, and Tully says to finish this. Dax EuroUppers Moxley down, then tags Cash back in. They DOUBLE GUILLOTINE CATAPULT Moxley into buckles! Cover, TWO! Moxley has a bloody cut on his head but he’s still in this. Dax tags in, he basement dropkicks Moxley down! Dax drops a leg, an elbow, and a headbutt! Cover, TWO!

Dax is frustrated but he keeps Moxley down with a chinlock. Fans rally up, Moxley fights up, but Dax ROCKS Moxley with a right! Mox ROCKS Dax back, but Cash hooks tights! Moxley still spins Dax around, but Cash tags in before the atomic drop! Cash tries but Mox denies the bulldog to a SAIDO! Fans fire up, Dax rushes Punk but Punk fires off hands! Moxley has no one to tag! Punk BOOTS Dax, hurries back but Cash BLASTS him off the apron! Cash uses the corner SHINING WIZARD, a la Punk! Cash then brings Mox over, tags in Dax, and FTR coordinates, WHEELBARROW LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!!

FTR can’t believe Moxley is still in this, but Dax goes up the corner. MACHO ELBOW misses! Moxley hurries, Cash tags in. Cash runs in, but into a LARIAT! Fans fire up as Moxley and Cash are both down! Moxley sees his corner, hot tags to Dax and Punk! Punk rallies on Dax, whips and CALF KICKS! Fans are thunderous as Punk runs in to SHINING WIZARD! And short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Punk gets up, brings Dax up, but Dax shoves him to EuroUpper! Dax CLUBS Moxley, too! Dax puts Moxley up top, Cash climbs the other corner. But Punk shoves Cash down! Moxley fires off on Dax, then slips inside for an Electric Chair Lift!

Punk and Moxley coordinate, DOOMSDAY DEVICE!! Fans are electric as Moxley PLANCHAS out onto Cash! Punk covers Dax, TWO!! FTR survives and Tully is relieved. Cash is after Moxley on the outside, TORNADO DDT to the floor! Cash gets the ring bell!? Dax ROCKS Punk, suplexes, but Punk slips out and O’Conner Rolls! TWO, into the BELL SHOT!!! Dax hits a BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO?!?? Punk survives and no one can believe it! This is how bad Punk wants after MJF! Dax drags Punk back up, EuroUppers hard, and Punk falls to his knees. Dax dares Punk to get back up, and then stands him up for another EuroUpper!

Punk leans against ropes, Dax stands him up again to EuroUpper, into arm hooks! Dax tags in as he and Punk spin around. Punk BOOTS Cash down, flips over the backslide, and fireman’s carries! Cash gets in, Dax blocks GTS, BIG RIG!! Cover, Moxley breaks it!! All four men are down and fans are loving this! “This is Awesome!” and still not over as Moxley sticks close to Punk. All four men stand, FTR throw haymakers but Punk and Mox give them back! It’s a brawl back and forth in stereo, and Punk and Moxley get the edge! Double whip, FTR reverses but Punk spins Dax around. Dax slips off so Punk lifts Cash!

Moxley kicks Dax low and underhooks the arms! Cash flails to get free, and he sends Punk into Mox and Dax! FTR hurries to get Punk in position, but Moxley saves Punk by putting a SLEEPER HOLD on Dax! REAR NAKED CHOKE! Punk catches Cash’s crossbody for the ANACONDA VICE!! Cash is tapping but the ref is too busy with Moxley and Dax! TULLY gets in!? He SMACKS Punk with his jacket! Punk is more annoyed than anything. Punk laughs and the ref sees Tully in the ring. Punk blocks a punch, scoops Tully to the fireman’s carry, GO TO SLEEP on Tully!! Cash rolls Punk with tights! TWO!!!

Cash gets Punk up, but Punk fireman’s carries! Moxley intercepts Dax quickly, PARADIGM SHIFT and GO TO SLEEP simultaneously!! Cover on Cash, Punk & Moxley win!

Winners: CM Punk & Jon Moxley, by pinfall (Punk gets his rematch with MJF)

And MJF is throwing a fit! Anytime, anywhere, in any kind of match Punk wants! Will MJF survive the rematch with THE Best in the World?


AEW TBS Championship Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS A.Q.A!

Undefeated at 26-0, the inaugural TBS Champion and her lawyer promise she’ll continue to 27-0. But will the 25-year-old graduate of Booker T’s wrestling school become the 1 in 27-1? Or will A.Q.A find herself SOL in her AEW debut on #ThatBitchShow?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if AQA can weather the storm that’s coming.

Jade and AQA circle, tie up, and Jade headlocks. Jade spins it around to a waistlock and a SLAM! AQA scrambles away and Jade says that’s one. Jade dares AQA to bring it, and they tie up again. Jade wrenches to a wristlock, grinds AQA down, but AQA fights up. Jade wrangles AQA down to the mat again, but AQA kips up, hooks a leg, but Jade shoves her away. AQA arm-drags Jade down! AQA gets a short arm scissor, but Jade rolls through and deadlifts AQA with one arm! And she flexes with the other arm! ELECTRIC CHAIR SLAM! And then Jade kips up! Fans cheer the power and athleticism as Jade gets AQA up.

Jade whips, flapjacks but AQA dropkicks! Jade tumbles out of the ring, AQA slides but Jade dodges to then DECK AQA! Fans rally up as AEW goes picture in picture and Jade smacks AQA off the apron.

Jade smacks AQA off the apron again, drags her back up, and THROWS her into the railing! Jade takes her time fetching AQA, and snap suplexes her to the floor! Jade kips up again while AQA is dazed. Jade drags AQA back up and throws her into the ring. Jade stalks AQA as she staggers around. Jade brings her in, but AQA JAWBREAKERS free! AQA runs, but leaps into Jade’s arms! Jade sighs and rolls her eyes before she hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! And again, Jade kips up. Jade says that’s three now. Jade drags AQA up just to throw her down, then drops an elbow! Cover, ONE but Jade lets off because she says that’s not enough.

Jade does push-ups just to show off! Jade gets five in, sees AQA going to the corner, and she “dribbles” before she DUNKS on AQA! Jade ROCKS AQA, hoists her up top, and tells her “I’m! That-” AQA ROCKS Jade with forearms! Jade ROCKS AQA back, and again, then lifts AQA off the corner! Jade carries AQA around before she DROPS her! Then she drops a SENTON! Cover, TWO!! AQA actually kicks out and Jade is upset. AEW returns to single picture, Jade drags AQA back up. AQA breaks free to ROCK Jade with more forearms! JUMPING FOREARM! Jade is still up so AQA throws her whole body at her!

Jade is still only wobbling, so AQA runs, to SLINGBLADE! Both women are down, AQA grits her teeth and fans fire up. Sterling coaches Jade but AQA is up first. AQA staggers over, brings Jade up, but Jade ROCKS her back! Jade whips, AQA tilt-o-whirls, DDT!! AQA puts Jade in the drop zone and goes up top! Fans fire up, AQA takes aim, SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Cover, TWO!! That’s the closest anyone’s come to beating Jade! AQA hurries back up top, fans fire up again! Jade gets up to trip AQA and ROCK her! Jade whips AQA, AQA BOOTS her back! Jade fires off forearms, hoists AQA up top, and throws more forearms.

AQA shoves Jade, leaps into her arms, but into a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Jade chicken wings and deadlifts AQA, for the JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

And still undefeated! She’s 27-0 and only getting stronger, can anyone ever stop the force of nature that is Jade Cargill?


Adam Cole and the Young Bucks speak.

Brandon Cutler says they’re live, and says Matt’s tan looks great. Thanks, Brandon. Matt says this Friday night on Rampage, it’ll be the Young Bucks VS Roppongi Vice, who are supposedly at 100%. Right? Remember earlier? Nick says it’s time they climb back to the top of the rankings. Those tag team titles are coming back to the Bucks. And Adam Cole says speaking of Rampage, just like earlier tonight, if the Bucks need any back-up, Jay White’s their guy. Matt’s glad Cole mentioned White. Would it have killed Cole to even just text that he was going to invite someone like White?

Matt isn’t sure Cole’s aware, but uh, at one point, Jay White and Kenny Omega were archenemies. What’s going on here? Cole knows all that, but at this point, trust him. He’s never steered them wrong in the past, and so they can trust White. They may be The Elite now, but remember the oath: When you’re Bullet Club, you’re Bullet Club 4 Life. And just like White made a statement tonight, the Bucks make a statement on Rampage. And Cole has a statement of his own that he has to make. He’ll catch up with them in a bit. Okay. Cutler, did you know about White? He thinks he saw something on Reddit about it. Just what is going on around here?


The Professor’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb VS Katie Arquette!

The Professor of Professional Wrestling, the Wolf, has a mic to say, “The last time you people saw me, it took me under three minutes to defeat Skye Blue. And let’s be real, there’s not a woman in the back that is on my level.” In fact, Deeb thinks there’s not a woman that can even go five minutes with her! So that’s why tonight, she issues the Professor’s Five Minute Rookie Challenge. Emphasis on rookie. Her opponent should be honored that she has the privilege to be in the ring with Deeb! And sweetheart, if you wanna put your life on the line, Deeb will gladly be the one to dig that grave. Is Deeb taking no prisoners here tonight?

The bell rings, the clock is ticking, and Deeb ties up with Katie. They go around, Deeb puts Katie in a corner. Deeb grinds forearms in, the ref counts, Deeb lets off at 4, but then EuroUppers! Deeb laughs and swaggers as she waits on Katie. Deeb gives Katie a free shot from behind. Katie waistlocks, Deeb switches and spins Katie around, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Deeb mockingly shakes Katie’s hand, omoplatas the arm, and even takes some time to mock Katie. Deeb gets the leg, SERENITY LOCK! Katie taps right away, Deeb wins

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

With four minutes to spare! Deeb says, “I told you.” But will there come a rookie that Deeb finds can hang with her?


AEW hears from Jurassic Express and Gunn Club.

Jungle Boy recounts that the Gunn Club attacked Christian Cage, and they threw him in the snow. But what bothers JB most of all is their entitled attitudes. Gunn Club think they deserve to be in the top five. Colten Gunn says there’s been a lot of talk on what the Gunn Club deserves. But why wouldn’t they? JB says the simple matter of fact is that in the ring, Gunn Club is NOT on Jurassic Express’ level. Austin counters with how he and his brother are gorgeous and athletic. And to go old school, Billy says, “If you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya. New champs.” Nice! Gottee! But will Gunn Club take those titles off Jurassic Express? Or will they truly be nothing more than Ass Boys?


AEW World Championship Texas Deathmatch: Hangman Page VS Lance Archer!

For whatever reason, Jake the Snake Roberts and Dan Lambert criticized the validity of the champ’s cowboy credentials. But the Murderhawk Monster simply wants to rip the gold out of Hangman’s cold, dead hands! In a match where only knockout or submission wins, will Archer prove #EverbodyDies? Or will Hangman break out some serious #CowboyShit and keep the title around his waist?

But wait! Hangman and Archer are already brawling backstage! Hangman RAMS Archer into the road cases, then into the scissor lift! Hangman pushes Archer up the steps to gorilla position, fans fire up as Hangman CLUBS him along. Archer DECKS Hangman in return, then choke grips! The bell rings to get this on record, and Hangman fights free with elbows. Hangman takes off the belt, to CLOBBER Archer with it! Archer staggers, Hangman RAMS him through the glass in the Murderhawk Monster door! At least it gets used… Fans fire up with Hangman and he throws off the vest, then gives the belt to the ref.

Hangman fetches Archer from the tunnel, Archer is already bloody! Hangman runs Archer down the ramp and into the ring. Hangman aims from the apron as Archer staggers up. Slingshot, BUCKSHOT!! Archer flops out of the ring, the standing count begins! If Archer can’t get up, he’s lost! The count is 5 of 10 quickly, but Archer stirs. Hangman paces as he waits, the count is 7, but Archer stands at 9! Hangman PLANCHAS! Down goes Archer, and Hangman gets back in the ring. Hangman builds speed, DIVES, into a trash can lid! Archer takes Hangman outta the air, then SMACKS Hangman over and over!

Oh, now Lambert shows up to be in Archer’s corner. And he’s working on undoing a corner?! Archer staggers around, Lambert finishes unscrewing the crossbar! Archer SMACKS Hangman off a chair, Jake the Snake coaches him on. Archer drags Hangman up, TOSSES Hangman over railing, and then follows after to throw Hangman into the wall! Archer choke grips, to CHOKE- NO! Hangman lands on top of the barrier, kicks Archer away, and QUEBRADAS! Direct hit and down goes Archer! Fans are loving this “COWBOY SH*T!” as Hangman hobbles. Hangman brings Archer back to ringside but he realizes the top rope is gone! No more Buckshots!

Hangman glares at Lambert, grabs a corner, but Archer uses the ropes to reel Hangman in for a LARIAT! Archer pushes the ref aside to finish unhooking the top rope. AEW goes picture in picture as Archer ripcords and HELLACOASTERS!

Archer fires up but he has to wait on the standing count. Hangman is stirring, so Archer sees the hook on the end of the crossbar! Archer goes after Hangman’s face, and digs the hook into Hangman’s forehead!! The ref reprimands, but it’s not like there’s any disqualifications in this match! Archer lets off, the ref checks Hangman, but Archer goes out to bring out a TABLE from under the ring! And then a second table! Hangman is of course bleeding from where the hook got him, and Archer sets up the tables near the ring. Lambert tries to give Archer suggestions but Archer tells him to shut up.

Archer finishes setting the tables up, and Hangman flops out of the ring. Archer keeps looking for things under the table, and he brings out kendo sticks and a trash can. Archer goes to Hangman, kicks him and ROCKS him, then stalks him around the corner. Archer DIGS his fingers into the wound! Archer pushes Hangman back into the ring, moves things out of the way, and then brings Hangman up. Archer ROCKS Hangman with a right, and Hangman leans against the second rope. Archer goes to the apron, drags Hangman up and reels him in. Archer of course aims for the tables, but Hangman fights back!

Archer CLUBS Hangman, hoists him up, and AEW returns to single picture as Archer scoops. Hangman fights free of the inverted crucifix to ROCK Archer with forearms! Archer drops to a knee, Hangman Alabama lifts! Archer fights that off to choke grip! Hangman throws elbows! Hangman gets in the ring, BOOTS Archer, but Archer holds onto the ropes to stay up! Hangman BOOTS again, Archer wobbles! Hangman sputters through his own blood, to run in, but Archer ROCKS him first! And then throws him into the buckle! Hangman flops to the apron, Archer goes out after him. Archer pulls up the floor mats!

Jake the Snake gets involved, short arm LARIAT! Fans fire up for Jake, but Archer won’t let Jake have any more fun. Hangman kicks Archer back, and hits the DDT! Hangman says, “How’s that?!” and Jake just flips him off. Hangman gets Archer up, puts him back in the ring, and Hangman gets a kendo stick. Fans fire up as Hangman swings the stick around. Hangman SMACKS Archer on the back! Archer seethes, but Hangman SMACKS him again! Archer is firing up from these SMACKS! Hangman SMACKS away on Archer’s head! Hangman sets up the trash can, but Archer blocks the kendo stick!

Archer takes the stick, BREAKS it, then CHOKE SLAMS Hangman on the trash can!! That can is folded in half, and Hangman is down! The standing count begins, it’s already 5 of 10. Hangman sits up at 6, Archer uses a FORK to dig into Hangman’s wound! Archer JABS away! Fans chant, “You Sick F*ck” as Archer tastes the blood! Archer follows Hangman out of the ring, and CANNONBALLS off the apron! Down goes Hangman, and Archer holds up the belt as if he’s already won! The standing count begins, Archer looms over Hangman. Archer drags Hangman back into the ring, and looks under the ring for more.

Archer puts chairs in the ring, throwing them really. One almost hits Hangman, but Archer finds one with barbed wire woven into it! Archer is almost salivating as he puts that chair in the ring. Hangman flounders up, Archer BOOTS him down! Archer then gets the steel ring steps and brings them around. Archer used these last week, he wants to do it again! Archer scoops Hangman, inverted crucifix, BLACKOUT on the steel steps!! Hangman bounces off them, and fans are losing their minds! Archer grins as the count rises, but then the ref takes a moment to check. Hangman is somehow still in this, so Archer gets him back in the ring!

Archer has Hangman up, CLUBS away on his back, but Hangman snatches some of the barbed wire! Archer gets Hangman up, but Hangman throws down barbed wire fists! Hangman fights free of the bomb, puts the wire around his arm, ROLLING ELBOW! And then another ROLLING ELBOW! Archer BOOTS, ripcords, but Hangman gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hangman fires up and fans fire up with him. Hangman gets the barbed wire off his arm, he uses the ref to handspring?! BUCKSHOT off the apron and THROUGH THE TABLES!!! Both men are down and the fans are losing their minds!

A standing count begins on both men! We’re at 4 of 10 as Hangman stirs. Lambert shouts for Archer to get up, but we’re at 8 of 10! Hangman stands and gets in the ring, the count hits 10!! Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by knockout (still AEW World Champion)

The Murderhawk Monster couldn’t kill the fighting spirit of the Millennial Cowboy, but here comes ADAM COLE, BAYBAY! Cole’s said he wants the world title, so he gets right in the ring to snatch it from the ref. Cole looks at the belt, Hangman realizes someone else is in the ring with him. Cole puts the belt on Hangman’s shoulders, then pats the belt. The Panama City Playboy is coming for Pretty Platinum, will Hangman be ready when he does?

My Thoughts:

An AWESOME episode for AEW here. And for once, they give us two women’s matches on one Dynamite! Granted, the second was Serena Deeb’s own personal challenge where she literally won’t give anyone more than five minutes with her. But it works in story because Deeb is very arrogant, and she made a point of it being rookies, not veteran talent. Deeb took her time and still got it down in a minute, so I bet this escalates to where someone really does give her trouble. This could be a great thing for one of the newer stars, like those we’ve seen on Elevation or Dark, while still building Deeb up until Shida makes a return.

Jade Cargill VS AQA was a pretty good match, and certainly a good showing for AQA. But of course, Jade wins. That streak is going to climb, and there’s even a chance Jade might get a shot at the AEW Women’s world title before losing at this point. Britt, Mercedes and Rosa have a good promo to set up the rematch, and I figured it’d be No DQ. Rosa will win, she’ll go after Britt at Revolution, and depending on the details, like Hayter’s growing distrust of Britt, Rosa might end up winning. Rosa is definitely the one that should take the title off Britt to go with their great feud from last year. No idea who takes the TBS title off Jade, though.

We got a pretty great opening segment with the Pinnacle, Punk and more. Of course MJF completely downplays Wardlow’s importance, and I like that Punk was the one to suggest Wardlow leave the group. Of course MJF tells Punk to find someone other than Darby or Sting to team with, and what a great surprise that it was Moxley. No Bryan Danielson tonight but he might bring up his offer to Moxley on Rampage. Of course Moxley and Punk win, and I would think Punk challenges MJF to a match at Revolution, and perhaps it’ll be an Ironman match to add onto how MJF was rubbing it in that he won “twice” in one night, so that whoever gets the most falls wins.

Wardlow gets himself another great win, they should’ve just made this the Face of the Revolution qualifier that puts Wardlow in, but maybe they’re going to let those matches fill up the coming weeks since we’ve still got a month before the PPV. Andrade had a good promo with Darby and Sting, and I would think both Andrade and Darby are going to be in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match. They will probably cancel each other out and branch off into a match where if Andrade wins, Darby has to work for him, but then I think Darby wins just so we don’t have to go through those couple of weeks where Darby does stuff for Andrade.

We got good promos from Jurassic Express and Gunn Club to hype up their tag title match for Rampage, and I’m pretty sure Jurassic Express wins. Penta has a great vignette and Alex Abrahantes does a great job narrating, and Penta Oscuro = Pentagon Dark, he’s reviving his Lucha Underground persona! Pentagon Dark VS Malakai Black 1v1 is going to be awesome stuff that helps build the feud of Death Triangle VS House of Black. The Inner Circle “mandatory meeting” was good stuff, but also how I expected. Santana & Ortiz are basically halfway out the door, and so is Sammy. The tag match next week should definitely go PNP’s way, and they split off to go after Jurassic Express for Revolution, who knows if they win.

Tony Khan teased some new arrivals and “forbidden door” stuff, and y’know what? He delivered! Super Kliq jumps Roppongi Vice, but Switchblade helps out! We definitely need more Bullet Club in AEW, as we really only got Kenta to this point. Obviously, COVID is in the way of a lot of that, but what a great way to add dimension to the story developing within The Elite. And then KEITH LEE shows up and hell yes, he is in the Face of the Revolution match. I wanted Wardlow to win that, get the TNT title and clobber MJF with it in his Face turn, but maybe All E-LEE-TE Wrestling is the way to go, because Keith Lee definitely deserves the spotlight.

And WOW that main event. Texas Deathmatch just by name implies it’s going to be brutal, but this was something else. This even outdid some of the “Unsanctioned” Lights Out matches we’ve seen. It was incredibly clever for Lambert to take away the top rope so Hangman couldn’t do Buckshots over and over, but then also for Hangman to find a way around that and that to be the winning move. Hangman’s had one of the more competitive and literally bloody reigns for an AEW World Champion, that’s gotta earn him some points with people. But of course, Cole gets his moment at the end handing the belt to Hangman, that could make for one hell of a match at Revolution.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (8/10/22)




AEW Quake

Can the Maniac tame the Lionheart?

Jon Moxley puts up the Interim AEW World Championship, but not against The Wizard of the Painmaker, but against LIONHEART Chris Jericho!! Will Dynamite never, ever, EEEVER… be the same, again?


  • Coffin Match: Darby Allin VS Brody King; wins.
  • Tornado Tag: The Lucha Brothers VS La Faccion Ingobernable; win(s).
  • Ricky Starks VS Aaron Solo w/ The Factory; wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ The Baddies VS Madison Rayne; wins and
  • Interim AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Chris Jericho; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/9/22)

Best Friends get Dark!



AEW Dark 2


Before entering the AEW Trios Championship Tournament, Best Friends are in action, in separate matches! Will tonight’s Dark be Freshly Squeezed?


  • 8 Man Tag: Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Isaiah Broner, Brayden Lee, James Alexander & Sam Moore; Private Party, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Anna “Jay A.S.” w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Megan Meyers; Anna wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Danhausen VS Rohit Raju & Ren Jones; Best Friends win.
  • Evil Uno & Preston Vance VS Peter Avalon & JD Drake; Uno & Vance win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Heather Reckless & Joseline Navarro; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Kris Statlander VS Sierra; Statlander wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss, Zack Clayton & Xavier Walker; The Trustbusters win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Ruby Soho, Athena & Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb, Leva Bates & Emi Sakura; Soho, Athena & Shida win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Cassidy wins.


So it seems Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux & Slim J are a trio now under The Trustbusters name. Good to see Sonny Kiss back in action but Kiss, Clayton & Walker aren’t winning that one. And I’m still wondering if The Wingmen are really a thing with JD Drake also spending time with Anthony Henry as the Workhorsemen. For that matter, why wasn’t it Best Friends VS The Wingmen in a 3v3? Or are they going to use that as an easy win in the opening round of the AEW Trios Championship Tournament?

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