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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (2/11/22)

Will Charlotte Feel the Glow?



SmackDown 2022

The SmackDown Women’s Championship is on the line!

To keep Naomi from going after Sonya Deville, Adam Pearce gives her a SmackDown Women’s Championship rematch with Charlotte Flair! But will Sonya keep herself from interfering?


  • The New Day VS Los Lotharios; Los Lotharios win.
  • Hart Dungeon Style Match: Natalya VS Aliyah; Natalya wins.
  • “Happy” Corbin VS Cesaro; Corbin wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Naomi; Charlotte wins and retains the title.


Sonya Deville is in the ring!

And she welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown’s incredible show here in New Orleans. Her arm is still in a sling, and she first wants to acknowledge the “unprovoked, unprofessional, egregious attack” on her by Ronda Rousey. People like Ronda and Naomi think they can do whatever they want with no consequences, because they have no respect or regard for authority! Sonya is here to say it doesn’t matter if you’re Ronda, if you’re Naomi, or any other superstar on this roster. There will be consequences for their actions! That said, Sonya petitioned upper management to have Ronda fined $100,000 and effective immediately, suspended indefinitely!

But Adam Pearce counters Sonya! He realizes she isn’t checking messages in the ring, but upper management just responded to all that. This comes direct from the Chairman, Vince McMahon! It reads, “Sonya, it has come to my attention that you have been taking matters into your own hands and abusing your power. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a WWE official who abuses their power. So now, I will exercise some of mine. Your petition to fine and suspend Ronda Rousey is declined!” Fans cheer that but there’s more! “As for your inappropriate treatment of Naomi, you must face the consequences of your actions.

“You are not to lay a hand on Naomi in any way tonight, especially as it pertains to the championship match with Charlotte Flair.” And it concludes, “If you disobey me, your job will be in serious jeopardy.” And with that, here comes Naomi! Naomi is all smiles hearing Sonya is on thin ice. Naomi gets a mic to tell Sonya, “What’s the matter, Sonya? You never got ripped a new one by your boss before? You know, the funny thing is, Mr. McMahon says you can’t lay a hand on me. But he never said I can’t lay a hand on you.” SLAP! That didn’t feel good, did it?! Sonya tells Naomi to back up, but Naomi takes her leave. Will Naomi make sure to give Charlotte a few of those tonight?


The New Day VS Los Lotharios!

Kofi Kingston & Big E had a good time at the expense of Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo, both in the ring, and backstage when they ruined that vain Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Will they do it all over again this week? Or will they be eating their hearts out when Angel & Humberto get even with them?

SmackDown returns as Kayla interviews “two of the most handsome competitors” on SmackDown. Garza thanks Kayla for telling us what we already know. Garza and Carrillo are not only the most sensual Latin lovers ever, but they are the most fierce competitors. Last week, they almost defeated Kofi & Big E. Tonight, there won’t be an “almost.” They are lethal lovers, Los Lotharios! They make their entrance, mocking the fans who are less attractive than them, and then they debut the Los Lotharios Kiss Cam! The cousins look for someone to kiss, and find a young lady right at the corner of the front row. They both give her a kiss on the cheek, then go to the ring.

The teams sort out and Garza starts with Big E. Fans rally, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” but Carrillo helps Garza tune that out. Garza and Big E circle, Garza gets to ropes for defense and Big E has to back off. They tie up, Big E gets the headlock. Big E grinds and cranks the hold to the rhythm, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Garza kicks free, waistlocks, but Big E is too much for Garza to lift. Big E shakes his head, pries free, and hip tosses Garza down! Cover, ONE, but Big E stays on Garza. Tag to Kofi, Big E snapmares and Kofi leap frogs for the SENTON! Cover, ONE! Kofi keeps on Garza with a wrench and wristlock.

Garza knees low, CLUBS away on Kofi, then mocks New Day’s chant. Garza grins, drags Kofi into a Camel Clutch, and throws crossface forearms! Tag to Carrillo, they mug Kofi, and Carrillo CLUBS away on Kofi. Carrillo whips, Kofi reverses and then slides to trip Carrillo! Kofi drags Carrillo around, puts him on the apron and CLUBS away! Tag to Big E and he already has a target! APRON SPLASH! Carrillo flops down, but Garza runs in, only for Kofi to dump him out! Tag back to Kofi, he runs and Big E gives him a boost, BIG crossbody takes out Los Lotharios! New Day is fired up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Garza tags in. He struts then KICKS Big E in the back. Garza clamps on with a chinlock to keep Big E down, but fans rally and Big E fights up. Big E throws body shots, shoves Garza away, but Garza SHOTGUN dropkicks! Garza swivels his hips, then OFF COME THE PANTS! Garza throws the pants on to Big E, runs side to side like Big E, but then stands Big E up to whip. Big E reverses and clinches, Belly2Belly! Fans rally up, Big E and Garza stir and head for their corners. Hot tags to Carrillo and Kofi! Kofi springboards in to ax handle Carrillo! Kofi DOUBLE CHOPS and DROPKICKS!

Fans fire up as Kofi runs to LEAPING LARIAT! Kofi fires up, Garza runs in but Kofi throws him out! Kofi then hits the NEW~ DAY~ BOOM DROP! Kofi claps, Carrillo slowly rises. Kofi spins, Carrillo ducks and rolls him up! TWO, and Kofi dropkicks Carrillo! Tag to Big E, and Big E gets Carrillo up. Kofi goes up but he has to leap over Garza! FLYING RANA! Garza goes into barriers, but Carrillo RAMS Big E into a corner! Carrillo rains down fists, Kofi KICKS Carrillo! Kofi tags in, Big E carries Carr1illo while Kofi climbs, DOUBLE STOMP BOMB!! Cover, Garza breaks it! Fans can’t believe it!

Big E gets in, Garza dodges, then BACKSTABBER! Carrillo BOOTS Kofi down, Garza runs in and coordinates with Carrillo. Garza goes up, SUPER MOONSAULT onto Big E! Carrillo goes up, MOONSAULT onto Kofi! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives and Los Lotharios can’t believe it! Fans are thunderous but Garza tags back in. Carrillo Electric Chair Lifts but Kofi fights free! Kofi shoves Carrillo into Garza! Carrillo swings, into TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Kofi aims at Garza, but Garza dodges the double stomps! Kofi goes up, sunset flip, but Garza pushes through and high stacks! Los Lotharios win!!

Winners: Los Lotharios, by pinfall

They snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! New Day can’t believe it, but will they have to get a tiebreaker out of Garza & Carrillo?


Backstage interview with the Viking Raiders.

Erik lost to Jimmy Uso, but how will they rebuild momentum? Before Erik can really answer, the Usos jump Erik & Ivar! Jimmy & Jey aren’t going to let them get back up! They’ll see the Viking Raiders at Elimination Chamber! The Usos take the Viking Raiders’ headdresses, will Erik & Ivar have to fight to get those back, too?


Roman Reigns has a sit-down interview with Michael Cole.

Paul Heyman is of course just behind Roman as Cole thanks Roman for this time as he prepares to defend his title at Elimination Chamber. Last week was the reemergence of an icon. Heyman says you don’t need to call Heyman an icon, he’s just the Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief. No, Cole meant Goldberg. Goldberg? Really? Yes, the Hall of Famer, the man who once won 173 straight matches in WCW and defeated Hulk Hogan to become WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Wow, 173 straight? Wow. Roman says that’s pretty good. If he was in WCW back then, everyone would be winning, because they’d still be in business. Next question.

Cole points out that Goldberg has twice won the WWE Universal Championship. In fact, Goldberg a few years ago defeated The Beast, Brock Lesnar, at Survivor Series in just 86 seconds. A highlight reel shows that it took just a few spears and then the Jackhammer to win. Roman laughs that off. We still talking about Goldberg? Lesnar is old news, anyway. That guy is in Roman’s shadow. Does anyone even care about him anymore? Heyman doesn’t, he only cares about the Tribal Chief. “Weigning, defwending~!” Who wants Heyman to do that kinda intro anymore anyway? The ego that man has!

Two-time Universal Champion Goldberg? No one cares. Because Roman is here now, and is the greatest Universal Champion of all time. No one has done what Roman has done in the 35 years Goldberg’s been around. And if that Goldberg came back around, Roman would smack him in the face and run him outta here, too. Does Cole understand? Next question. Well, this match of Roman VS Goldberg was supposed to happen two years ago at WrestleMania. But finally, we’re getting it next Saturday. Is there any added pressure on Roman? Not at all. All the pressure is on Goldberg.

Two years ago, maybe Goldberg had a chance. “Everything’s different now. The whole world’s changed, I’ve changed. I’m Head of the Table now. Your Tribal Chief is untouchable, Cole. I’ve smashed everyone. Like I said before, the Greatest of All Time.” Roman will smash Goldberg, and has Heyman add on, “Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re about to hear is not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.” Roman looks at the camera to say that he’s gonna Goldberg Goldberg. Is Roman going to make sure that he’s not just next, but that he’s the last opponent Goldberg ever has?


Hart Dungeon Style Match: Natalya VS Aliyah!

First, the Queen of Harts’ ego gets the better of her and gives rise to #Aliyah3:17. Second, Natalya’s anger got the better of her and gave Aliyah a win by disqualification. Third, a bit of both ego and anger got the better of Natty and she lost by count-out. But now, they face off in a match that can only be won by pinfall or submission! Will Natty be able to win now that we’re playing by her rules?

SmackDown returns as Natty makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Natty headlocks to a takeover, and denies the headscissors. Aliyah gets it on the second try, but Natty kips free. Natty poses, then kicks Aliyah low. Natty headlocks, Aliyah powers out but Natty runs her over. Cover, TWO! Natty says Aliyah will never be as good as her, but Aliyah headlocks back. Natty powers out, Aliyah goes up and over in the corner, then handsprings over Natty’s drop down. Aliyah blows a kiss, Natty whips then hurdles, but Aliyah leaps over. Aliyah comes back, but Natty lifts her up! Aliyah sunset flips, TWO!

Natty KICKS Aliyah down, rubs in that she’s a three-time Guinness Book of World Records record holder, and Aliyah is “just a piece of crap!” Aliyah hits low but Natty CLUBS her down. Natty scoops, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Natty argues the count, then she drags Aliyah up. Natty scoops again, Aliyah slips off and O’Conner Rolls! TWO, but she hits a THESZ PRESS on the return! Natty shoves Aliyah away, Aliyah dodges to wheelbarrow, BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Aliyah grows frustrated, she pushes Natty around and gets the leg. HALF CRAB! Natty endures, powers out and throws Aliyah down!

Natty gets Aliyah’s legs, steps through, SHARPSHOOTER! Aliyah endures, crawls for the ropes, ROPEBREAK! There are no disqualifications, though! Aliyah realizes this, and TAPS! Natty wins!

Winner: Natalya, by submission

Natty doesn’t let off, though, she fires off fists and stomps at the ropes! Natty drags Aliyah back, but here comes XIA LI! The Protector won’t let Natty bully Aliyah any longer! Xia fires off fast forearms, then brings Natty around for a JUMP KNEE! SOBAT! HEEL KICK! Natty bails out before Xia cuts her down any more! But will the Queen of Harts have to face Xia head-on at some point?


WWE celebrates Black History Month.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson narrates as WWE looks back on the career of his father, Rocky Johnson. “Power and charisma. A Herculean physique with unparalleled athleticism. That was the Soul Man, Rocky Johnson. And that was my dad.” Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas became the Soul Patrol, the first African-American WWF Tag Team Champions. Outside the ring, Rocky married Ata, daughter of Peter Mavia, and then they would have a son, “Dewey.” The Rock’s father trained him in the world of sports entertainment, and he carried on the legacy by entertaining the millions (and millions!) of fans around the world.

In 2008, Rocky Johnson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by The Rock. Rocky was one of the most dynamic performers of all time, and is remembered for paving the road for all athletes, no matter their race, color or creed. His legacy will be remembered for generations to come. “Thank you, Dad, for paving the way. I’ll see you down the road.”


Sami Zayn heads to the ring!

The Great Liberator is ready to try another episode of his new talk show, InZayn! But will it go any better than last week’s premiere when he has Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs on as guests? We find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Sami is sitting at the table, mic at the ready. SmackDown shares footage of Johnny Knoxville using big pink highlighter to deface Sami Zayn’s merchandise. And also, he calls copyright infringement on the Sami Zayn Forever shirts being just like Jackass Forever merch. So, to the woodchipper with the shirts! Knoxville vows that Sami is going down! Sami wants fans to calm down, and says he will not dignify “Jackass Man” with a response. Sami is going to focus at the task at hand: reclaiming HIS Intercontinental Championship! And in the short term, hosting his live podcast!

This is InZayn, welcome to the show, this is Sami the host. No booing! That ruins the audio. Fans just boo harder, then. Now, they will discuss intellectual subjects, such as human consciousness. But Sami is dumbing it down for New Orleans, while also offering vegan Creole recipes, too. Food good, right? But then Boogs shreds on his guitar! He gets some call ‘n’ response with the fans, then introduces himself, and the Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke… NakamurrrrAAAAAAAA~! The King of Strong Style makes his way out and he heads to the ring with Boogs. Sami seems to have a headache already.

Sami has Boogs stop there. Sami welcomes Shinsuke and has him take a seat. Sami’s shocked that, despite the rude interruption, that Nakamura showed up. Because for over six weeks, Sami has been #1 contender, and Nakamura has been ducking him! But it doesn’t matter, because next week, they finally go 1v1 for the title. Sami can’t wait to see the look on Nakamura’s face when Sami beats him and reclaims HIS title! Sami knows what Nakamura’s been doing, too! He’s been working with Knoxville to distract him! Nakamura holds up a hand to disagree. Sami tells fans to be quiet again.

Nakamura asks Sami if he saw the movie. Jackass Forever? No, Sami got thrown off the red carpet. No, the movie they’re making next week: Jackass Defeated! Boogs says, “Nice! He means you, Sami!” Oh, that’s funny, huh? Sami says this IS funny. He used to have so much respect for Nakamura, and Sami was in Nakamura’s corner. Now, Nakamura goes from the Great Liberator to BOOGS?! Some meat head gorilla with a guitar? Sami tells Rick “Boobs” that he can lift all the weights, do his presses and benches and play his guitar- Oh for God’s sake, would you shut up!? Fans cheer Boogs getting in Sami’s face about it!

Boogs gets closer, but he gets ZAPPED by the mic?! Sami mockingly asks if Boogs is oaky, then he BOOTS Nakamura down! Sami laughs while trying to act dumb. He calls for medics to help these two. “That’s a shame. That’s really a shame.” Sami then leaves Nakamura and Boogs behind, but will he be ending next Friday night as Intercontinental Champion?


Happy Corbin checks on Mad Cap Moss’ eye.

It’s still a really bad shiner. But Corbin’s match with Cesaro is up next. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll! Moss says he’s going to skip this one tonight. Claymore? He needs clay less. Corbin cracks up, that’s a good one. No, Moss is being serious here. Corbin can handle Cesaro. Moss needs to get his eye looked at. Who knows? Maybe he won’t be medically cleared at Elimination Chamber. That’d be a shame, right? Hehehe… Moss might need some ice. But will Corbin end up with a bruised ego after facing the Swiss Cyborg?

“Happy” Corbin VS Cesaro!

SmackDown returns, Cesaro’s in the ring and the bell sounds. Cesaro rushes Corbin, Corbin picks Cesaro up but Cesaro fights free. Cesaro whips Corbin to a corner, runs in and EuroUppers, but Corbin comes back to back suplex and THROW Cesaro into the buckles! Corbin CLOBBERS Cesaro, then stomps away! Corbin stands Cesaro up, throws body shots, then bumps him off more buckles. Corbin paces, comes back to throws body shots, then reels Cesaro in for a suplex! Corbin stands over Cesaro and mockingly applauds, before he rains down elbows over and over! Corbin clamps on a half nelson chinbar but Cesaro endures.

Fans rally, Cesaro fights up and pries the hold. Cesaro throws body shots, powers out and whips, but Corbin reverses to DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin seethes but he drags Cesaro up. Corbin puts Cesaro on the top rope, but Cesaro throws forearms in return! Cesaro ROCKS Corbin, Cesaro reels Corbin in, TORNADO SNAP SUPLEX! Both men rise, Corbin clinches but Cesaro EuroUppers! Corbin knees low, whips Cesaro, run sin but has to slide out. Corbin slides back in, Cesaro dodges to EuroUpper! Cesaro clotheslines Corbin out of the ring! Corbin drags Cesaro out, but Cesaro whips Corbin into barriers!

Corbin winces, Cesaro runs in to EuroUpper! Cesaro puts Corbin in, dodges him and springboard FLYING UPPERCUTS! Cover, TWO! Corbin is still in this but Cesaro reels him right in! Gotch hold, but Corbin back drops free! Cesaro lands on his feet but runs into an elbow! Corbin uppercuts, Cesaro BOOTS him! Corbin rebounds to LARIAT! Corbin reels Cesaro in, END OF DAYS! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: “Happy” Corbin, by pinfall

Corbin has the ring announcer rub in that since his return to fortune, he’s undefeated! But is Corbin’s luck going ot run out again like it did last year?


Moss gets checked out.

He doesn’t know, Doc. He has trouble seeing, there’s spots on the right side here. As much as it pains him to say it, they may have to cancel his match with McIntyre at Elimination Chamber. The doc says he’ll have to properly test Moss’ vision first. Close both eyes. Open just the right eye and say what you see. A sword. WAHT?! McIntyre! Got him. Hey, Moss. McIntyre knows Moss is just fine, so he’s perfectly good to go at Elimination Chamber. Well, um, yeah, the vision is miraculously better… McIntyre pretends to be relieved. He was worried! He was just talking with Adam Pearce, and it isn’t just a normal match anymore!

See, it’s Elimination Chamber, so it has to be big! McIntyre VS Moss, Falls Count Anywhere! You never know, maybe McIntyre will Claymore the other eye so it evens out. Or, since it’s anything goes, Angela the sword can join in. McIntyre leaves, will Moss have nowhere to run from the Scottish Warrior?


Charlotte Flair speaks.

“Tonight, I’m snuffing out Naomi’s glow.” The Queen is very confident, but will she be able to stay on the Road to WrestleMania without Sonya Deville’s insurance policy?


Michael Cole has a sit-down interview with Goldberg.

Goldberg knows Cole has to do his job, but Goldberg wants him to know, he loves him like a brother. Well, there are very few who have accomplished what Goldberg has in this industry. These two have known each other a long time. But people are saying this could be one comeback too many. That’s the problem. The problem over the last number of years is that Goldberg’s listened to a few of those people. It’s taken Goldberg outta his game. But then he turned the page and finally realized he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Not Cole, not Roman Reigns, no one. So as far as comebacks go, this one’s gonna stick. It’ll be everlasting, and will call upon the old Goldberg.

Cole notes that this was meant to happen two years ago at WrestleMania, but it didn’t. And Roman said Goldberg is facing a much different world. It might be for Roman, who is calling himself The Tribal Chief, Head of the Table, all the other monikers with his entourage. But for Goldberg, nothing’s changed. he’s still Goldberg. And Roman will get what he deserves. It’s taken two years, 10 years, 15. it’ll finally happen. Cole notes that Roman believes he’ll A) make Goldberg acknowledge him at Elimination Chamber, and B) “Goldberg Goldberg.”

Firstly, Roman must have a short memory. Goldberg did acknowledge Roman, as his next victim. And what’s about to happen at Elimination Chamber, when Goldberg destroys him, is that Roman will acknowledge Goldberg as the NEW Universal Champion. Goldberg will take that title, walk into WrestleMania, and face Brock Lesnar. Then Lesnar’s ass will be next! And as far as “Goldberging” Goldberg, good luck with that. There’s only one Goldberg. It ain’t gonna happen. The Icon is focused, but will time catch up to him at Elimination Chamber?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Naomi!

The Queen had “Cruella” Deville watching her back the last time we saw this showdown. But Adam Pearce has ensured Naomi gets a fair opportunity against “THE Opportunity.” Will Charlotte keep her plans for facing Ronda at WrestleMania going? Or will everyone have to #FeelTheGlow?

SmackDown returns and Charlotte makes her entrance. She gets help with the ropes, and with her robe. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Naomi gets to feel the gold in New Orleans!

The two circle, tie up, and Naomi powers Charlotte back but Charlotte puts Naomi in the corner. Charlotte pie faces Naomi then taunts her. Naomi keeps cool, circles with Charlotte and ties up again. Charlotte headlocks, Naomi throws body shots and powers out. Charlotte runs Naomi over, dusts off her hands, then speeds things up. Naomi drops, hurdles, but Charlotte throws Naomi by her hair! Charlotte soaks up the cheers and jeers but Naomi kips up! Naomi pie faces, dodges, and headscissors Charlotte away! Charlotte staggers up, Naomi is after her with a whip to the corner. Charlotte tumbles up and out, but Naomi ENZIGURIS!

Charlotte goes to the floor, Naomi TORNILLO PLANCHAS! Fans fire up with Naomi as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Charlotte bumps Naomi off buckles. Charlotte hooks Naomi’s arms in the ropes, digs a boot in and pulls the arms! The ref counts, Charlotte lets off to whip, but Naomi reverses to give Charlotte SOLE FOOD! Charlotte staggers back, but she puts Naomi on the apron. Naomi ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte, climbs up top, and Naomi leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Charlotte flounders to ropes,. Naomi hurries over to waistlock. Charlotte holds the ropes, elbows free, but Naomi dodges to springboard, only for Charlotte to throw her down! Cover, TWO! Charlotte hurries to headscissor necklock, and she dribbles Naomi off the mat!

Charlotte squeezes the headscissors tight but Naomi endures. Fans rally for Naomi, and Naomi fights up, but Charlotte throws her away! Charlotte kips up, soaks up the cheers and jeers, and Naomi goes to a corner. Charlotte runs in, Naomi dodges the boot to KICK the leg! RUNNING JAWBREAKER! Roll up, ONE!! Naomi tackles Charlotte, jackknife bridge, TWO as Charlotte bridges up! Naomi and Charlotte spin around, Naomi slips off the backslide but Charlotte CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Naomi ducks, runs, tilt-o-whirls, but into a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Naomi is still in this and Charlotte grows frustrated.

Charlotte drags Naomi to a corner, and bends her against the post! The ref reprimands and counts, Charlotte lets go at 4. Charlotte against soaks up the heat, the ref has the ring count but Charlotte mockingly says he can continue. Charlotte gets in, Naomi BOOTS her! Naomi goes to a corner, Charlotte blocks boots but not the JUMP KICK! Naomi goes up top, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and New Orleans is fired up! Naomi works to keep her cool, and she sees Charlotte go to the apron. Naomi heads out after Charlotte, but Charlotte whips her into steel steps! The ring count is climbing as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Charlotte has Naomi down in a chinlock. Fans rally up as Naomi endures. Naomi fights up, even as Charlotte leans on her. Charlotte thrashes Naomi around to keep her down, but Naomi keeps fighting up. Charlotte shakes her head, but Naomi JAWBREAKERS free! Charlotte staggers, Naomi runs, but into a scoop! Naomi slips off, comes back, tilt-o-whirl CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Naomi runs, ducks and dodges, springboard for the FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Naomi is growing frustrated now. Naomi has the fans rallying up as she nods.

Naomi gets Charlotte up, headlocks, and BUCKLE BULLDOGS! Naomi goes up while Charlotte is down, but Charlotte gets under the leap! Naomi rolls through, comes back, but the rana is blocked for a POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Charlotte can’t believe Naomi survives! “This is Awesome!” and still not over yet! Charlotte scowls as she drags Naomi to a drop zone. Charlotte steps on Naomi on her way to the corner. Charlotte grins, climbs up the corner, MOONSAULT! Naomi moves, Charlotte MOONSAULT again, onto knees! REAR VIEW!! Cover, TWO!?!? Charlotte survives and now Naomi is shocked!

Both Naomi and Charlotte are down, catching their breath. Charlotte feebly says she’s still champion, but Naomi drags her to a drop zone! Up, up and SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT onto knees! Roll up, TWO!! Charlotte gets Naomi for a back suplex, Naomi lands on her feet! Naomi gets Charlotte for a full nelson, BUBBA BOMB!! Deep roll up, TWO!! Charlotte narrowly escapes! Naomi crawls over to Charlotte, fans are thunderous! Naomi headscissors and SPIKES Charlotte! Cover, TWO!!! Naomi thinks of what she has to do, so she just drags Charlotte back to the drop zone, Up, up, SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!?!?! HOW!?!

Naomi is almost in tears over Charlotte surviving her best shot! Naomi tries another cover, ROPEBREAK! Charlotte goes back to the apron, but Naomi watches closely. Naomi drags Charlotte up, Charlotte HOTSHOTS Naomi away! Charlotte hurries back in, but Naomi deflects the boot to fire off forearm after forearm after forearm! Charlotte grabs Naomi’s hair to reel her in! Naomi ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte away! They both stagger, Naomi runs in, Charlotte avoids Rear View to CHOP BLOCK the leg! NATURAL SELECTION!!! Cover, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

It was fair and square, and it was an instant classic! But wait, Sonya Deville appears and gets in the ring with Naomi. Sonya mocks Naomi’s pain, “Did you lose?” Sonya says Naomi will never be good enough. But Naomi fires off on Sonya!! Charlotte CLOBBERS Naomi! And BOOTS Naomi down! Sonya stomps away on Naomi now! But here comes RONDA! Charlotte dares her to do something, and the Baddest Woman gets in, to BOOT Sonya! Then she fires fast hands on Charlotte! Sonya turns Ronda around, but then remembers her bad arm. Ronda says she’ll give her a matching one! Judo throw, ARMBAR! But Charlotte drags Sonya out of the ring!

Ronda helps Naomi up, with the WrestleMania card very clear. Will Ronda dethrone the Queen by ripping out an arm or two?

My Thoughts:

This episode oddly felt like the go-home to Elimination Chamber, even though that’s next week. Only four matches in two hours just doesn’t feel like enough. Though, the vignette for the late, great Rocky Johnson was very well made. Roman and Goldberg both had decent interview promos with Michael Cole, but these and next week’s face-to-face won’t change the math. Roman wins to add Goldberg to his list of high level victories, and then he’ll go on to face Brock Lesnar, more than likely in Winner Takes All. The Usos jumping the Viking Raiders again looks like it’s burying the Viking Raiders. Are Erik & Ivar going to win the titles? That’s the only thing that saves them at this point.

I should’ve figured we’d get a tag rematch of New Day VS Los Lotharios, though I would’ve thought they’d split off into 1v1 matches at this point. But Los Lotharios had a decent promo backstage, and them winning tonight was pretty big. Pretty sure they’ll have a tiebreaker, and pretty sure it can be used to determine the next #1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Since there was the Usos VS New Day “last chance” match not too long ago, I would think Los Lotharios are up next, but that’d need Face tag champs. Are Erik & Ivar being “buried” just so their win will surprise us?

The Hart Dungeon Style match being No Disqualifications didn’t quite go how I’d hoped. I suppose revealing that ropebreaks don’t count at the end was a good twist, but there should’ve been a lot more of Natty doing all the things refs reprimand wrestlers for, like poking eyes, pulling hair, and straight up choking. Then, just as Aliyah thinks she gets a reprieve with the ropebreak, the ref says those aren’t a thing, and she breaks down and taps out. That would’ve been a much more effective build up to that ending, especially with Xia Li coming out to fight off the bully. Maybe somehow, some way, they’re pushing this closer to WrestleMania.

I like that Moss tried to chicken out of his match with McIntyre, only for it to fail. Falls Count Anywhere will keep Moss from running away and getting a count out, but we all know Moss is losing anyway. Corbin winning against Cesaro was whatever, but the real problem was the match was so short. Those two guys both deserve more than what that was, but it seems WWE isn’t going to put much effort into building Cesaro right now, even if it’d make Corbin look even better by proxy. This week’s InZayn was alright, it relied heavily on another really corny zap sound to sell things. But clearly, we’re still on the road to Sami VS Knoxville at WrestleMania, so I’m thinking Sami loses to Nakamura.

The SmackDown Women’s Championship stuff was the best stuff of tonight. Vince McMahon’s email was of course hypocritical, he has abused his power a lot over the years. But this one time, Vince uses his power the right way to put Sonya on notice. Naomi gets a bit of payback on Sonya, and then Naomi has an awesome main event with Charlotte. But of course, Charlotte wins, and then Ronda is brought out to stop her and Sonya. We’re going to get one more match of Naomi and Sonya for sure, and then we really are locked in for Charlotte VS Ronda.

My Score: 8.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page; wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; wins and
  • Ruby Soho VS Willow Nightingale; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; win(s).
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; wins and


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page!

The Young Pillars of AEW are all chasing Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the AEW World Championship, but that means someone has to become #1 contender. Will everyone be living the Jungle Life here in St. Louis? Or will V1 get it down for The Firm?


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Lucha Libre

Lucha Central Weekly: Is Dragon Lee Ready For His WWE NXT First Impression?

It’s the end of 2022, which means it’s time for the LCW Year End Awards! This week you get to meet your nominees!



Lucha Central Weekly (1)

Lucha Libre returns to WWE NXT when Dragon Lee debuts at Stand & Deliver! What to expect, and more on this edition of Lucha Central Weekly!

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Join Miranda Morales, Dusty Murphy, and Brendan Barr for another exciting edition of Lucha Central Weekly! This week your favorite lucha trio looks at Dragon Lee and his upcoming debut in WWE NXT at Stand…..AND DELIVER. Plus, where is Taya Valkyrie? And updates on the the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup! All that and more on this week’s Lucha Central Weekly!

About Lucha Central Weekly

Your one-podcast stop for all of the week’s top stories from around the world of lucha libre and lucha libre around the world. Join hosts Miranda Morales, Brendan Barr, and Dusty Murphy along with special guests as they cover Lucha Libre AAA, CMLL, top Mexico indies as well as lucha related matches in WWE, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor and beyond. Whether you are trying to dive deeper into the world of masked mayhem or you’ve been following for decades, you are going to find things here you won’t find on any other airwaves!

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Lucha Central Weekly (1)

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