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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/25/22)

Rampage is Absolute!



AEW Rampage coverage

The FTW Championship is on the line!

Ricky Starks says Rampage is Team Taz territory, and he’s putting the FTW Championship up to prove it! But will Fridays finally belong to Swerve Strickland?


  • Dustin Rhodes VS Lance Archer w/ Dan Lambert; Rhodes wins.
  • reDRagon VS Alan Angels & Preston Vance; reDRagon wins.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Madi Wrenkowski; Nyla wins.
  • FTW Championship: Ricky Starks w/ “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Swerve Strickland; Starks wins and retains the title.


Dustin Rhodes VS Lance Archer w/ Dan Lambert!

The Natural and the Murderhawk Monster are both from the great state of Texas, but only one home state hero can win! Will Dustin avenge that bloody and brutal loss to Archer during the early days of Empty Arena Era? Or will Archer make even that bigger in Texas?

Oh no! Archer drags out a Dustin Rhodes trainee from the back out to the stage! Archer carries that guy down the ramp, but Dustin makes the save! Dustin ROCKS Archer with uppercuts to send him towards the ring! Archer CLUBS Dustin in return, Lambert cheers him on, but Dustin fires haymakers! Archer CLUBS Dustin again, then scoops him, only for Dustin to slip off and POST Archer! Dustin then gets his hands on loudmouth Lambert! Lambert begs for mercy, but Dustin kicks low and reels him in! But Archer CLUBS Dustin! Archer saves Lambert, DECKS Dustin, then finally puts him in the ring.

The bell rings, and Dustin gets up only for Archer to boot him to a corner! Archer then ROCKS Dustin with a forearm, throws knees and CLUBS Dustin down! Fans boo and Archer rips away a buckle pad! This is a direct reference back to that previous match! Archer drags Dustin up as fans rally, and Archer ROCKS Dustin with a right. Archer fires off hands at the ropes, the ref counts and Archer lets off while telling the ref to shut up. Dustin blocks the buckle bump! Dustin fires off hands in return, but Archer ROCKS him again! Archer whips, Dustin holds ropes, then dodges! Dustin clotheslines Archer over and out!

Fans fire up with Dustin and he goes to the apron. Dustin runs in, CANNONBALL! But Archer moves and Dustin crashes down on the ground! Archer throws off his shirt before he drags Dustin back up. Archer CHOPS Dustin against railing, the ring count is climbing, and Archer refreshes the count. Archer puts Dustin back in, taunts Dustin, and he drags Dustin up. Dustin throws body shots, then haymakers! And a CHOP! But Archer SLAPS Dustin down! The ref checks, Dustin is bleeding from his ear’s fleshy outside, and Archer stomps Dustin into a drop zone. Archer goes up, TWISTING VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO!

Archer drags Dustin up to dig his fingers into the eyes! The ref counts, Archer stops at 4, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Archer soaks up the heat while the ref checks on Dustin again. Archer throws Dustin out, mocks the applause as fans rally up, and then Archer builds speed! But Dustin moves aside, so Archer just steps outside to BOOT Dustin down! Archer stalks Dustin to the timekeeper’s area but Dustin fires hands in return! Dustin CHOPS, Archer ROCKS and CLUBS him again! Dustin gets in the ring, Archer follows, and Archer stands on Dustin’s head! The ref counts, Archer steps off at 4, and he soaks up more heat. Archer looms over Dustin as Dustin fires himself up. Archer eggs Dustin on, brings him up, and CLUBS him again!

Archer reels Dustin in but Dustin dodges to fire off hands! Rampage returns to single picture, Dustin runs but into another BOOT! Archer digs his heel into Dustin’s chest, then steps off to get in the ref’s face. The ref tells him to respect his authority, and Archer grabs Dustin’s arm. Archer BITES a finger! The ref reprimands, Archer lets off and pie faces Dustin. Dustin sits up, Archer pie faces him more. Dustin slowly gets up, Archer stands him up, and Dustin fires off haymakers! Archer whips, Dustin LARIATS! Archer stays up, so Dustin runs to LARIAT again! Archer still only staggers, so Dustin flips him off, kick and RHODES UPPERCUT!

Dustin dodges Archer, but the powerslam is blocked for a Belly2Belly! Fans rally and Archer soaks it all up. Dustin gets up in a corner, Archer runs in, but Dustin dodges to fire off body shots and CHOPS! And haymakers, and CHOPS again! Dustin climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along and Dustin goes past 10! Dustin tells him SUCK IT before an ELBOW DROP! Dustin headlocks, but no bulldog! Archer runs in, into a boot! Dustin goes up now, and he leaps, FLYING BULLDOG! Dustin gets Archer back up, dragon sleeper, and fans fire up, CROSS RHODES! Cover, TWO!! Archer survives but Dustin keeps fired up!

Fans rally behind Dustin, he brings Archer up and reels him in. But Archer suplexes Dustin away! Dustin sits up and grits his teeth, he’s not going down easy! But then he swings into a FULL NELSON SLAM! Cover, ONE?!? Lambert is frustrated but Archer is liking this! Archer choke grips, and CHOKE SLAMS! Cover, TWO!?! Dustin is proving why he’s been around 30+ years! Archer gets Dustin up, puts him up top, and he has the inverted crucifix lift! Dustin slips away but he flops to the mat! Archer decides he wants to use that bare buckle! Archer drags Dustin up and brings him over, but Dustin drop toeholds Archer into that steel! Jackknife, Dustin wins!!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

Lambert is beside himself, but Archer isn’t done! Archer CLUBS Dustin, and dribbles him off steel steps! Lambert wants Archer to destroy Dustin, and Archer agrees. Archer snarls, Dustin sits up with blood from his forehead, and Archer KNEES Dustin’s head against railing! Fans boo, more Rhodes Academy students rush out but Archer CLOBBERS each of them! Archer scoops the luchador and SLAMS him onto Dustin! Archer drags Dustin up again, brings him to the timekeeper’s area, and with Lambert cheering, CHOKE SLAM through the table!! Archer may have lost, but when #EverybodyDies, will he be unstoppable?


Backstage with Jay Lethal.

Lexi Nair interviews Lethal after losing to Adam Cole, resulting him falling in the rankings. What is next? Well, back to the drawing board, of course. Lethal isn’t one to complain, especially when he has a great winning record. There are two real blemishes on there, though, and Lethal can’t see past them. Those are Adam Cole and Ricky Starks. Lethal knows he should be happy that on national television, he took both those guys to their limits. The similarity between those two is that those two had to cheat. Lethal should be happy, but he isn’t!

When he looks at Cole and Starks, they’re both getting opportunities Lethal doesn’t. They’re both making money Lethal isn’t, so there has to be a better way! Lethal just needs to find it. Lethal has some thinking to do. Lethal knows there’s a better way, but what must he do to get there?


Rampage returns with Fuego Del Sol in the ring.

The young luchador is here and says, “From the second I stepped foot in this company, I knew nothing would be handed to me, I’d have to fight for every single thing that I got.” Fuego heard commentary last week calling him the undersized underdog. Jericho even poked fun at his pink gear. But this “kid in pink” took the fight to the Juggernaut, Buddy Matthews! This kid in pink stared down the Immovable Monster, Brody King! And this kid in pink brought one of the deadliest strikers in AEW, Malakai Black, to his knees! And for that moment, the fans were chanting his name! Fans chant for him now, even!

Fuego knows the people believe in the fire! The heart! The fight! So House of Black, here in Austin, Texas, Fuego is ready to FIGHT! But then the lights go out! And the House of Black has appeared! Fuego rushes in, but gets kicks and knees from Buddy, a BOOT from Malakai, and then a tilt-o-whirl LAWN DART into a KNEE! Brody finally steps forward, and with his brothers in arms watching on, Brody gets Fuego up for a crucifix FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!! The House of Black just snuffed out the Fire of the Sun! Will these three continue until there is nothing but darkness in AEW?

Wait, here comes the Dark Order! Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, numbers one through four, stare down the House of Black. They want to fight? Malakai has Buddy and Brody stand down. If this is what the Dark Order wants, then this is what they’ll get. Will the battle of these ambivalent yet violent bands spark a fire of their own in the Spring?


Backstage interview with Dan Lambert & The Men of the Year.

Lexi is with the TNT Champion, Scorpio Sky, as well as All Ego Ethan Page, and Lambert, as they have asked for this time. What is on their minds? Lambert says they are here to announce that the co-championships are no longer subject to open challenges. “These are the most prestigious titles in all of professional wrestling. And anybody wanting a shot at them better damn well build a resume that shows they deserve it first.” Ethan says that is the exact stuff they’ve been complaining about. While Scorpio was in the top five for MONTHS, he was never granted a title match. And when he finally got it, he took it!

Scorpio says that for 380 days, they’ve been trying to “crack the Skyvinci Code, and why? Because I can’t be beat! But if you want a shot, you gotta get it the hard way. Consider the open door closed.” Scorpio snaps his fingers and we cut away. Who will fight up the long and winding road to the top and go after the Face of TNT?


reDRagon VS Alan Angels & Preston Vance!

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish won alongside Adam Cole against the AEW World and World Tag Team Champions and are just itching to get another shot at Jurassic Express. But will they overlook Numbers 5 and 10 and end up on the wrong side of the 1-2-3?

The teams sort out and Kyle starts against Angels. They circle and Kyle already sits down to dare Angels to do something. Angels stays away from the leg guard, so they tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Kyle powers Angels back to ropes, the ref counts, and Kyle forearms and KICKS Angels down! Tag to Fish, he brings Angels around for knee after knee! Fish ROCKS Angels with shots, KICKS the leg out, then tags back to Kyle. Kyle throws knees, reDRagon mugs Angels, and they double back suplex! Angels lands on his feet! He dumps out Fish, dodges Kyle, hot tag to Vance! Vance rallies on Kyle, then knuckle locks.

Kyle throws forearms but Vance holds the knuckle lock, to then RAM Kyle with a shoulder! Kyle forearms again, so Vance throws another shoulder! Vance then short arm levers and carries Kyle around! Fans fire up, Vance drops Kyle, but Fish gets in! Vance RAMS Fish down! Kyle BOOTS Vance away, he and Fish run in, but into a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Vance bowls reDRagon down and fans fire up as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Vance has Kyle up, CHOPS him against ropes, then whips him. Kyle holds ropes, bails out, and dares Vance to follow. Vance pursues, and he falls for the trap! Fish ROCKS him, but Vance stays up to BOOT Kyle! And ROCKS Fish! Vance puts Kyle in, blocks a punch to ROCK Kyle, but then Fish sweeps the legs! Angels protests but reDRagon gets away with one. Kyle HEEL HOOKS through the ropes! The ref counts, Kyle lets off at 4, and Vance clutches his bad leg. Tag to Fish, and Fish drags Vance up to fire off forearms. Fish grabs the bad leg, KICKS away on the other leg, then DRAGON SCREWS Vance down!

Fish drags Vance up, runs and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Fish taunts Angels, but Vance throws hands. Fish CLUBS Vance down, tags Kyle, and Kyle rains down forearms! Vance guards but Kyle fires off from all sides! Kyle then ties up the legs in a figure four, talks trash and TWISTS the legs! Vance writhes, Kyle stomps him around, then brings him up for knees. Tag to Fish, he and Kyle mug Vance again, and then Fish throws more knees. Fish fires off shots, KICKS, and then snap suplexes Vance down! Cover, TWO! Vance is still in this but reDRagon is still in control as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Kyle KNEES Vance in the corner to then feed to Fish’s- LARIAT FROM VANCE! Kyle hurries to hop on with a sleeper, but Vance still reaches for Angels! Fish uses Kyle to reel Vance back, but Vance powers up to drag them both! Tag to Angels! Angels goes up, DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Angels rallies with lariats of his own! Angels headlocks, Kyle powers out but Angels rolls and sidesteps to keep things moving. CALF KICK! Fish swings, into an ENZIGURI! Fans fire up with Angels but Kyle knees low! AX misses, but Kyle avoids the roundhouse! Angels ROLLING ELBOWS to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridge, TWO into a GUILLOTINE!

Vance gets in, Fish rushes him, SPINEBUSTER onto Kyle and Angels! Vance saves his partner but at what cost? Vance scoops Kyle, but Kyle slips out and pulls the mask around! Vance can’t see, TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Tag to Fish, they get Angels up, CHASING THE DRAGON!! Cover, reDRagon wins!

Winners: reDRagon, by pinfall

They may have faced 5 and 10, but they’re still not number one yet. But here come Jurassic Express! Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus won’t let Fish & O’Reilly pick on the Dark Order, but wait! Adam Cole steals the tag titles!! Cole & reDRagon have literally stolen the top belts!! But will Cole & reDRagon have to fight to actually own those belts?


AEW hears from Nyla Rose, and Thunder Rosa.

The Native Beast knows everyone saw what she did to Thunder Rosa on Dynamite. “Everyone whining and crying that we disrespected Thunder Rosa by robbing her of her moment. Disrespect was the entire, frickin’ POINT, ya boneheads!” Nyla beat Riho to win the AEW Women’s World Championship in this very building! So of course Nyla will take that moment away from Rosa. How many big moments does one woman need? “Actions speak louder than words, and I’m gonna do just that. I’m gonna show you how dominant of a force I can be!”

La Mera Mera responds with, “When you think you’ve reached the top, there is always one person that comes to rain on your parade. That was you, Nyla Rose, and yes, that was you, Vickie Guerrero! I’ve gotta lot planned for you, mija.” Because she is coming for Nyla’s blood!


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Madi Wrenkowski!

We just heard the Native Beast speak her mind, and she’s even given the inaugural “Chris Jericho’s Sports Entertainer of the Week Award.” But now we will see her back up those words. Just how loud will her actions speak against the returning Madi?

Nyla CLOBBERS Madi during introductions! That’s how loud! The bell rings, Nyla looms over Madi and drags her up with body hands, to then lift her and THROW her with both hands! Nyla runs to drop a SENTON! Fans boo but Nyla roars as she drags Madi back up. Fireman’s carry, but Madi slips off! Nyla blocks the punch to KNEE low, and bring Madi up for a BEAST BOMB!! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

A loud and direct message sent to Thunder Rosa as Madi gets A-NYLA-LATED! Vickie gives Madi a shirt to make up for the beat down. Will they have such a consolation prize for Rosa when she and Nyla clash for the title?


Rampage returns with The Factory in the ring.

QT Marshall and Aaron Solo stand there, and QT has the mic. “Ladies and gentlemen, the recipient of the first ever QT Marshall Certificate of Accomplishment, HOOK!” Austin fires up for the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, and he actually does walk out to the ring! QT lets Hook into the ring, but naturally Hook is wary. QT says this is a big night. He lets the fans chant for Hook, and normally a mentor would get jealous when a protégé surpasses him. But not QT, he’s not that kind of a selfish guy. He isn’t! But he’ll just get right to it. “Hook, congratulations. This’ll be something you can tell your grandkids about.”

QT says Hook is the recipient of this first-ever certificate, and they show it off. It is admittedly nicely framed and well designed, with Hook’s name in big orange letters. Solo even fires off a big party popper with the confetti and everything. QT hands the certificate to Hook, fans chant, “You Deserve It!” Hook RAMS Solo into the frame! Hook broke the thing and QT is speechless! And then out comes Danhausen?! Did he just curse Hook?! Hook doesn’t even care! Danhausen’s just as speechless as QT! Will anything ever faze Hook? Will the Factory get back at Hook for this ungratefulness?


BIG stuff is coming next week!

Firstly, qualifying matches for The Owen Hart Memorial Tournament begin this Wednesday, and The Bunny will face a huge free agent signing in their AEW debut! Plus, keep an eye on AEW’s various social media accounts as Tony Khan will be announcing big matches for Dynamite and Rampage!


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

He first asks Ricky Starks about defending his FTW Championship against Swerve. What’s his plan? Starks says, “Well wouldn’t you like to know.” He’ll make this perfectly clear. Starks has no problem with the newcomers to AEW. But he has a problem with the sense of entitlement that guys like Swerve are coming in with. Swerve wants to ask, “Whose house?” Well, last house Swerve was in, he got evicted from. Swerve is now in STARKS’ house, on Starks’ show, in Starks’ hometown! Last time they faced off, don’t forget! Starks came out on top! Swerve may have all the confidence he wants, but guess what? Starks has the skills that kills confidence.

Swerve gets that. But it’s a different week, different city, same punk ass Ricky running his mouth. If there’s one thing that being in the last house Swerve learned, it’s that it’s not about earning or deserving, just taking! And that is what Swerve will do when he takes that FTW title. Swerve’s “entitled” as hell, and he said that from day one when he signed with AEW at Revolution. Friday here in Austin, Rampage will be whose house? “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Starks says to cut that. He’s heard that week in and week out. Mark Henry has them cool it off. There’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Starks absolutely lose his cool against the ice cold Shane Strickland?

FTW Championship: Ricky Starks w/ “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Swerve Strickland!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Swerve can bring out that FTW mindset and take away Starks’ swagger!

Starks and Swerve circle, fans rally up with “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Starks and Swerve tie up, Starks waistlocks and drags Swerve down to then float all around and have the rear mount. Swerve fights it, Starks facelocks, but Swerve fights up to wrench out. Starks shoves, Swerve runs and Stars hurdles to arm-drag! Starks strikes a pose and fans fire up! Swerve stays cool as he stares Starks down. They circle again, tie up, and Swerve cording holds. They end up on ropes, the ref counts, and Swerve whips. Swerve hurdles, Starks leaps but tumbles and Swerve kips up to headscissor and dropkick!

Swerve swaggers, copies Starks’ dance moves, but then he ducks the chop to SLAP Starks! Starks ends up in a corner, Swerve fires off, then snapmares and STOMPS! Cover, ONE! Starks ROCKS Swerve, Swerve shakes it off and fans duel. Swerve CHOPS, Starks CHOPS back. Swerve fires a forearm, Starks BOOTS from the corner! Starks dodges and Swerve returns and Swerve eats buckle! Then Starks stomps him down! Starks soaks up the cheers and jeers as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Starks digs his boots into Swerve, the ref counts, and Starks lets off. Starks drags Swerve up, brings him around, and scoops to SLAM! Starks runs and runs and runs, to then stop and set up, for a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Starks smirks, saying it was that close. Starks brings Swerve up but Swerve cording holds again. Swerve then hammerlocks and RAMS Starks into buckles! Fans still rally and duel, Swerve stalks Starks to a corner. Swerve goes after the arm but Starks blocks, so Swerve KICKS him. Swerve wraps the bad arm around ropes, but the ref counts. Swerve lets off at 4, to then BOOT the bad arm!

Starks bails out, Swerve grabs his hair! Swerve brings Starks back up to the apron, ROCKS him with a forearm, but Starks hits back! Swerve kicks, Starks kicks, they get scrappy on the edge! Swerve fireman’s carries but Starks fights free. Starks trips Swerve and Swerve hits apron hard! Swerve hobbles, Starks stands on Swerve’s hand! Starks then hits a FALLING KNEE DROP onto Swerve! Swerve sputters, Starks drags him up and puts him back in. Starks covers, TWO! Starks mocks the applause and drags Swerve back up. Starks clinches, Swerve haymakers free! Swerve throws more hands, body shots, and kicks!

Swerve runs, but into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Starks then drags Swerve into a gut wrench POWERBOMB! Starks then drags Swerve to a drop zone, goes up, and MOONSAULTS! Swerve moves and Starks lands on his feet as Rampage returns to single picture. Starks clutches his leg from that rough landing, and he hobbles into haymakers! Starks still spins around, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives and Starks grows frustrated. Starks clamps onto Swerve for a grounded cobra twist but Swerve endures. Fans rally, Starks leans on Swerve, but Swerve fights up and throws body shots! Then Swerve RAMS Starks to a corner!

Swerve hobbles away but Starks rushes in to back suplex! Swerve lands on his feet, JUMP KNEE and LARIAT! Swerve starts rallying, he whips Starks to a corner, then he runs in to back elbow! Snapmare and Swerve goes up, DIVING UPPERCUT! Starks flounders to a corner, Swerve runs in to clothesline! Whip corner to corner, Starks reverses but Swerve dodges and Starks hits buckles! Swerve shoves, somersaults, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Starks survives but Swerve goes to a corner. Swerve hops up as fans rally, but Starks gets under the leap! Now Swerve’s leg jams, and Starks fireman’s carries.

Swerve slips off, half nelsons, but Starks blocks to slip around and kick low! Starks reels Swerve in, underhooks, but Swerve fights the lift! Swerve throws more body shots, clubs the leg, then whips. Starks reverses, waitslocks on the rebound but Swerve uses that momentum to throw Starks out of the ring! Starks staggers up and Swerve BOOTS him from the apron! Swerve then runs and BOOTS Starks again! And then RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Fans are thunderous as Swerve drags Starks back up and into the ring! Swerve goes up the corner, “This is Awesome!” Starks sits up, KILLSTOMPS!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Starks survives and Swerve can’t believe it! But those eyes are glazed over! Swerve drags Starks up, Starks holds ropes but Swerve brings him away. Half nelson, but Starks wheelbarrows and victory rolls! TWO!! Starks hurries but Swerve gets around to waistlock! O’Conner Roll, TWO! Swerve rolls out, Starks builds speed and DIVES into a forearm! Starks is stuck in ropes but then Hobbs TRUCKS Swerve! The ref only saw Starks, he missed the Powerhouse! Starks gets Swerve up, ROSHAMBEAUX!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall (still FTW Champion)

Starks’ fan club walks out with a banner. “Austin, TX <3’s Ricky.” Starks loves it, but wait, someone throws the one guy through the banner! It’s KEITH LEE! The Limitless One shocks Starks! Keith CLOBBERS the rest of the fan club, throws them into the railing, and then he glares at Absolute. Keith gets up, Starks fires off hands but Keith HEADBUTTS him down! Swerve goes after Starks while Keith and Hobbs brawl! Keith ROCKS Hobbs, blocks a haymaker, and puts Hobbs in a corner! Hobbs fires back, Starks and Swerve are in a hockey scrum! Keith fires off hands on Hobbs, referees rush out to stop this!

Austin wants to “Let Them Fight!” as Starks goes after Swerve for more! Hobbs keeps on Keith but Keith keeps on Hobbs! Starks is snarling as he takes his belt back, and then he goes after Keith! Swerve goes after Starks again, this is bedlam! Will all four of these men be fighting forever and light up the Spring?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode of Rampage here, and with a lot of great set-up for the coming weeks. For one, good promo from Jay Lethal in reaction to his loss, but unless he’s getting matches here on Rampage more regularly, I see him just doing his best to pad his record through Dark and Elevation. Or he returns to ROH now that it’ll be under AEW ownership. Good promos from Nyla and Rosa, and great to see Madi is back but of course Nyla dominates. Nyla and Rosa will have a great match but of course Rosa will retain. Good promo from Lambert, Scorpio & Ethan, but typical Heel move to stop the open challenge series. And I guess Lambert got that belt cleaned before putting it back on.

Fuego had a great promo and he took a great beating from House of Black. Can’t wait to see House of Black VS Dark Order in a Six Man, that’s going to be great stuff. Can’t wait to see who shows up in AEW to take on The Bunny and clearly qualify for the Women’s Division’s Owen Hart Memorial Tournament. And of course, Hook didn’t accept QT’s certificate, but I like that he used Solo to smash it. And how hilariously random that Danhausen appears and has no power over Hook.

We got a great match out of Dustin and Archer to open the night, and it was fun to see Archer bringing back his attacks on random people. Dustin wins to bring Archer off the top of the rankings, cuz y’know, AEW has to remember they still have that kayfabe in play. This allows Adam Cole to move up so he can logically be Hangman’s next challenger. Archer still stands tall by decimating Dustin, so maybe Archer is the one who earns that shot at Scorpio Sky. I would love that since it pits guys Lambert has thrown his support behind against each other.

We got a great match out of reDRagon VS Dark Order, but of course reDRagon wins. Jurassic Express rushing out was a good use of typical Face tropes, and gave Cole a great opening to steal those tag belts. Not Undisputed Era is technically draped in gold but they obviously have to challenge for those belts first. But it at least feeds into that story, and as I’ve said, reDRagon VS Jurassic Express is the one where we’re likely to see a title change. The FTW Championship main event was great stuff, but I should’ve known Hobbs would interfere to help Starks. Keith tossing those guys around of course gonna happen, the brawl of Team Taz VS #LimitlessSwerve was great stuff, we’re definitely getting that tag match before Keith faces Starks for the FTW title.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (11/28/22)

Chicago gets Elevated!



Elevation has Thanksgiving leftovers!

AEW continues in Chicago with ten extra helpings of action! Will Matt Hardy & Private Party continue to get that money for The Firm?


  • The Bunny VS Blair Onyx; The Bunny wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS “Man Scout” Jake Manning; Cutler wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Emi Sakura & Maki Itoh; Nyla & Shafir win.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Ari Daivari; Takeshita wins.
  • Lee Moriarty w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Robert Anthony; Moriarty wins.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS GPA & Joe Alonzo; Lethal & Singh win.
  • Six Man Tag: Best Friends & Rocky Romero VS Davey Bang, Freedom Ramsey & Yabo; Best Friends & Rocky win.
  • Athena VS Laynie Luck; Athena wins.
  • Six Man Tag: #HardyParty VS Chaos Project & Isaiah Moore; Hardy Party wins.
  • Eddie Kingston & Ortiz VS Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto w/ The Factory; Eddie & Ortiz win.


Nice to see some of these names back. It’s been a minute since Robert Anthony’s been on an AEW YouTube show, he’ll give Moriarty a real good match. Maki Itoh is always great to have on the show. Satnam Singh having another match is good, it probably means he’s gearing up to get in on a feud soon. And Chaos Project being in a match means Luther is back. Pretty sure Isaiah Moore takes the lose in that match, though, so that Luther’s return is ruined with him or Serpentico looking bad. Though, it’s not like they were looking all that strong, either.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (11/25/22)

It’s a special Black Friday Rampage!



Rampage Coverage 2022

FTR is on a Rampage!

AEW Rampage is on at a special time for Black Friday, and talk about a deal! Will FTR still be ROH World Tag Team Champions after facing Top Flight? Or will be Dante & Darius Martin be the new #TopGuys?


  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight; FTR wins and retains the titles.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Darby wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade; Rush, Butcher & Blade win.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are still THREE BELT CHAMPIONS, and have been itching for a challenge. Darius & Dante Martin have stepped up based on the mutual respect these two teams have for each other. But who will be the real top guys around here after today?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and there’s a golden deal on this Black Friday!

Dax starts with Darius and they circle. They tie up, break, and go again. Darius arm-drags Dax and stares him down. Fans rally up, Dax keeps cool and he circles with Darius again. They tie up, Dax headlocks but Darius powers out. Dax runs Darius over, scoops and SLAMS him, but Darius kangaroo kicks back. Darius arm-drags Dax, but Dax headscissors! Darius kips free and wags his finger as fans fire up. Dax still stays cool and circles with Darius again. They tie up, Darius headlocks but Dax powers out. Darius runs Dax over, covers, ONE! Darius runs Dax over again, covers, ONE! Dax CLOBBERS Darius and fans fire up.

Dax drops a leg, pushes Darius to a cover, TWO! Tag to Cash, FTR DOUBLE HEADBUTT Darius! Cash EuroUppers Darius, CHOPS him against the ropes, and brings Darius around to whip and scoop. Darius slips off to arm-drag! Tag to Dante, Top Flight go after the arm with a wrench and a kick. Cash swings, Dante ducks but Cash comes back with the elbow! Cash ROCKS Dante then CHOPS and HEADBUTTS him! Cash headlocks but Dante powers out. Cash runs Dante over, things speed up, and Cash whips the back drop away. Dante ducks, Darius tags, Dante blocks a hip toss but Cash blocks one back.

Dante throws a body shot, goes up and over Cash and then shoves him into a GAMANGIRI! Top Flight double whip, duck and hurdle, then body shot, front kick and LEG SWEEP DDT COMBO! Darius covers, ONE!! Cash is tough but Dax was there, too. Darius tells Dax to back off and then he goes back for Cash. But Cash whips Darius to RAM him at the corner! Cash pushes Darius to the corner, tags Dax, and Dax CHOPS Darius down! Fans rally and duel, Dax drags Darius up to EuroUpper! Dax snarls, he drags Darius up, but Darius CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS, Darius CHOPS, Dax DECKS Darius! And then DECKS Dante!

Dax tags Cash, FTR double whip but Darius sunset flips! Dax keeps Cash up but Dante springboards in, MISSILE DROPKICK for Dax! Darius finishes the sunset while Dante covers Dax, TWO! FTR pop up both brothers but Top Flight both RANA free, to covers! TWO!! Dante BOOTS Dax down, Darius mule kicks Cash! TORNADO DDT and a tag! Dante goes up but Dax gets Cash outta there! Fans fire up and Dante hops down to go out and ROCK Cash! AEW goes picture in picture as Dante puts Cash in.

Dax goes after Dante! They brawl on the outside, Dante ROCKS Dax, but slides into stomps from Cash! Cash snapmares Dante to KICK him in the back! Cash EuroUppers Dante down, then drags him over. Tag to Dax, Dax stomps Dante then drags him up to back suplex! Cover, TWO! Dax keeps Dante from Darius and bumps him off buckles. Dax CHOPS Dante, but Dante turns things around to CHOP Dax! Dax turns it back around to CHOP Dante! Dante flops over and Dax drags him back up. Dax hits a back suplex but Dante lands on his feet! Dante CLOBBERS Dax, and again! Cash runs in but Dante CLOBBERS him!

Dante whips but Dax reverses, only for Dante to go up and out and GAMANGIRI! Rampage returns to single picture as Dante springboards and DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS FTR! Fans fire up and Darius rushes in. The Martins have FTR in opposite corners and then whip them, but FTR reverse to send the Martins in. The brothers do-si-do, duck ‘n’ dodge, and DOUBLE DROPKICK! FTR regroups but the Martins clothesline them both up and out! Fans fire up as Dante holds the ropes for Darius to DIVE! Then Dante comes back to go up and FLY! Dante doesn’t have the best takeoff but he still take FTR down!

Darius puts Cash in, Dante goes back up top to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives that aerial assault but Dante tags Darius. Dax fights them back with forearms and CHOPS! Darius kicks but Dax DECKS him! Dante PELES Dax, but all three men are down! Dax hurries over to his corner, Dante runs in. Dax puts Dante on the apron and Cash tags in. Dante fights off FTR with haymaker and elbows, then HEADBUTTS Cash while jumping in! Dante drags Cash up, but Dax hops up behind Dante! Dante elbows Dax away, drags Cash back up, but Cash throws Dante to Dax’s Electric Chair! SLINGSHOT BOMB, and then a DIVING SPLASH from Cash! Cover, Darius breaks it!!

Fans fire up as all four men are down! Dax snarls and brings Darius up. He ducks a kick, jumps a sweep and ROCKS Darius! Darius ROUNDHOUSES, whips, but Dax reverses to wrench and short arm LARIAT! Dax hurries to his corner, tags in, and FTR drags Dante up. FTR double whip Dante, but Darius breaks up Big Rig! Dante sunset flips but Dax rolls through! Dax swings on Darius but misses, and Darius shoves Dax into another sunset flip! With bridge! TWO!! Top Flight is frustrated as Dax escapes, and they throw forearms on Dax! Dante gives Darius the boost, TORNADO DDT! Dante goes up, SPLASH! Cover, Cash barrels in to break it!!

Fans are thunderous as all four men are down again! Chicago is dueling as the teams regroup. Darius SOBATS Cash but Cash JABS, JABS, JABS! Darius bobs ‘n’ weaves but Cash dodges to UPPERCUT! Darius rebounds to whip and SPANISH FLY! But Dante deadlifts to a BRAINBUSTER! And then he deadlifts Dante, but Dante slips out to hop up, victory roll! TWO!! Dax scoops, Dante makes it a cradle! TWO! Wheelbarrow cradle, TWO!! Dante hops up, but Dax throws him away! Dax waistlocks, Dante switches, Cash tags! O’Conner Roll, but Dax sends Dante into an alley-oop! Dante lands safe on the ropes to BOOT Cash!

Dante adjusts, springboards, but FTR get under the Nosedive! BIG RIG!!! Cover, FTR wins!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Cash & Dax are still the best tag team in the world! But wait, Austin & Colten Gunn come out to mockingly praise the champs. Will the Ass Boys get their turn at the titles come ROH Final Battle?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs speaks.

He’s back home in Oakland, California as he says, “When you open up the Book of Hobbs, you look death in the face. And you read word-for-word, and look in my eyes, you believe the good word. This is life. A life you know nothing about. A life you want nothing a part of. So whatever higher being you believe in, I want you to look up in the sky, I want you to look down low. Just like everyone has taken everything that’s meant something to me, I’m taking everything that means something to you.” Who will Hobbs take from first to be back where he wants to be?


Chris Jericho is here!

The Wizard is still Le Champion! After a brutal and bloody battle with Tomohiro Ishii, Jericho is still #THEOCHO! The rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society walks out with him while Chicago sings Judas for them. Jericho and Garcia chest bump just to show that the bloody spot on Jericho’s chest doesn’t bother him. Angelo Parker starts by telling Chicago to pipe down because Cool Hand Ange has something to say: “ALL HONOR THE OCHO~!” Fans are  bit torn on that but it’s the truth. Jericho says, “Is there any doubt that I am the greatest ROH champion of all time? Any doubt?” Fans are again torn.

Jericho says he’s beaten everyone thrown in his way, including in one of the greatest matches in Dynamite history against Tomohiro Ishii! Fans do agree with that a bit. “I’ve bled for this title, I have sweat for this title, I have earned this title. I am The Ocho. And not even Claudio Castagnoli can come out on the stage and give me a cheap shot, not even that’s gonna slow me down!” So the question to everyone is: who will uncrown the king of ROH? The fans? That four-eyes in the fifth row? But wait, here comes Claudio! Jericho’s jaw starts feeling sore again as Claudio says, “Chris, you asked if there’s any doubt that you are the greatest ROH champion. Well, there is no doubt in my mind that you are not.

“I know that I can beat you. I beat you twice! The problem is, I started doubting myself when I couldn’t beat you when it counts. And to me, the most important thing is believing in yourself. When I came here, I wanted to be the best professional wrestler I can be. And I know I am the best professional wrestler when I don’t doubt myself. So to me, I don’t just need to beat you for this ROH World Champion, I have to beat you!” Jericho says, “Okay, you have to beat me. Maybe you should be more worried about the Blackpool Combat Club since they’re falling apart at the seams, Claudio.”

Claudio says that is a problem. He cannot focus on anything else. He hasn’t slept since Saturday and losing to Jericho. Claudio can’t sleep, focus, can barely talk. It all bothers him. He NEEDS a shot at the ROH World Championship. So he wants another shot at Jericho’s title? Should Jericho give Claudio a shot? Chicago seems to think so! Jericho tells Claudio, “You want it? Forget it.” Fans boo and the JAS laughs. Claudio sighs as Jericho says there is nothing Claudio has to offer Jericho. But then Matt Menard says maybe there is something he can offer.

“Daddy Magic has an idea! Claudio, you’re a hell of a professional wrestler. But let’s not forget there was a time when you were a fantastic sports entertainer. I think you would make an excellent addition to the Jericho Appreciation Society. How about that, Chris?” Jericho likes how Daddy Magic thinks! He’s making Jericho’s nipples hard. Jericho tells Claudio that despite the fact Claudio sucker punched him, Jericho will give Claudio that one more chance. BUT if Claudio loses, and he will lose, he will join the JAS! Claudio considers that challenge.

“You’re right. I was a great sports entertainer. And I still am a great sports entertainer. And I would be a tremendous asset to the Jericho Appreciation Society. But I know deep in my heart, despite all my doubts, and I have a feeling you know as well, I’m an even better professional wrestler! Look in my eyes, Chris. Come Final Battle, I will throw you around like a little kid, and I will beat you for that ROH World Championship! I’ll bring honor back to this title, and I will be the NEW ROH World Champion!” Fans like the sound of that! But will December 10th be Claudio’s final battle as a pro-wrestler?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

Renee Paquette sits with the former champion, and knows she and Hayter had an amazing match at Full Gear. Unfortunately, Toni did lose the title. But Renee wants to talk about how Hayter won. Toni says deep down, she’s actually proud. She always knew Hayter could do it, and at Full Gear, they tore the house down. And they got to see just how tough Hayter is. But we didn’t see Jamie Hayter beat Toni Storm, she needed Britt & Rebel again. And if Hayter can look in the mirror and be cool with that, fine. But Toni could never do that. And that’s the difference between them.

Renee steers things to the news from Dynamite that there is no more “interim” and even Toni’s reign counts as a true world title reign, what is her reaction? Well just look at Toni’s face. She never saw the title as “interim.” She went out there, week after week, holding onto the title as if it was always official, because that is what this division deserves. Then with all of these things, what’s next? Toni broke her face losing the belt, she’ll break it again to get it back. When will the Lightning From Down Under strike back against the Hayter?


Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake!

The Relentless Icons won another big PPV tag match, but they’re not slowing down here! Will Darby get back on the singles track against one half of the Workhorsemen?

The bell rings and Darby stares Henry down. Fans rally for Darby, he and Henry slowly circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Henry arm-drags. Darby holds on, fight sup, and arm-drags back. They’re still locked up collar ‘n’ elbow, and Henry fights back up. Darby gets around to a waistlock, Henry switches but Darby switches back. Henry snapmares and KICKS but Darby just smiles. Henry snapmares again and KICKS again, but Darby just stands up. Henry snapmares but Darby cradles, TWO!! Henry knees low and snarls. Henry whips but Darby sunset flips! Henry stays up, drags Darby up in a deadlift suplex, but Darby gest to the apron!

Henry ROCKS Darby, runs, but Darby goes up and over! Darby comes back to DIVE into JD! Scrap Metal takes the hit for the Saint, and Darby gets in. Things speed up, Henry fireman’s carries to HOTSHOT Darby! Henry goes out, SPITS at Darby, then APRON STO’s Darby down! Henry taunts the fans while AEW goes picture in picture.

Henry drags Darby around and CLUBS him on the back. Henry whips Darby hard into railing! Darby drops to his knees and Henry kicks him down. Henry drags Darby back up, puts him in the ring, and watches Sting as he gets back in. Henry paces around while soaking up heat, and then he gives Darby a NECK TWIST! He even holds on after as he falls! Henry KICKS Darby around, wraps him up in a straitjacket stretch, but Darby endures. Darby fights up, knees low and throws body shots. Henry shoves, Darby ducks the kick to fire off palm strikes and a HEADBUTT! Darby hops on but Henry shrugs the Yoshi-tonic off!

Henry waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Darby lands on his feet! Darby ducks ‘n’ dodges to COFFIN- GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Henry is seething but he stalks Darby to a corner. Sting coaches Darby up but Henry whips Darby corner to corner hard! Darby falls in a heap, Henry pats himself on the back. Henry mocks the fans booing him, and he drags Darby up to whip the other way. Darby hits buckles hard again and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Henry has Darby in a Tree of Woe! Henry KICKS away on Darby’s chest, the ref counts, but Henry lets off at 4. Henry soaks up more heat, then runs in to HESITATION DROPKICK! Henry sits Darby up, and then hits a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and Henry is losing his cool. Henry goes to the corner and climbs up. Darby moves and the King Kong Knee hits mat! Darby runs in to CODE RED! Cover, TWO! Henry survives and slides out of the ring. JD helps Henry around the way but Darby rushes over. Darby puts Henry in, but then Henry distracts the ref so JD can pop-up and CLOBBER Darby!

JD drags Darby back up and puts him in for Henry, but here comes Sting! Henry covers, TWO!! JD turns around, Sting CLOBBERS him! Sting whips JD into railing! Henry is furious at Sting, but he hoists Darby up top. Henry climbs up after Darby and says this is for Sting! SUPERPLEX! And then a roll through to a suplex, but Darby turns it into a SCORPION DEATHDROP! Fans fire up and Darby roars! Darby goes to the corner, he climbs up top, and COFFIN DROPS!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Relentless as always, it’s another big win for Darby! Sting joins Darby in the ring to check on him, will they both be rolling to the top of the ranks?


Backstage interview with Athena.

Lexi Nair notes that The Fallen Goddess is back from suspension, and Athena asks why was she suspended! “We have this big ass TV, a billionaire boss, modern technology, but yet no footage. What am I supposed to do? I got docked a week’s pay, I’ve been suspended, what else do you need from me?” Maybe an apology to referee, Aubrey Edwards? Oh! A public apology! Well, sorry. Oh, then she’ll be reinstated for Monday. Good, dismissed. Athena scares Lexi off, and then talks to the camera. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to show up, Mercedes. I beat trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler, and finally you show up!

“So when are you gonna put the ROH Women’s Championship on the line? Cuz I’m waiting, and I’m game.” The Fallen Goddess is aiming for the OG Badass, but will she be the one shot down?


Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata!

Speaking of returns, The Full Metal Warrior is back in action, and she is surely wanting after more gold! She is still International Ribbon Tag Team Champion and Regina de Wave Champion, but will she find her way back to THE AEW Women’s World Championship?

Wait, before the match begins, The Bunny and Penelope Ford frolic their way out here. What do they have with Shida? Aminata just CLOBBERS her from behind in the distraction! The bell rings, Aminata bumps Shida off buckles, then puts her through the ropes. Aminata goes to the apron to BOOT WASH Shida into the post! Shida flounders, Aminata drags her up and around to Alabama Lift into the- NO, Shida sunset flips and jackknife bridges, TWO!! Aminata escapes, kicks low, and she runs, but Shida follows! Aminata redirects herself but Shida DECKS her! And then FALCONW ARROW!

Shida roars and fans fire up! Shida aims, for the KATANA!! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The warrior deals with the queen, but what about the Superbad Girls? They back down for now, but will they pounce on their prey soon enough?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

Well, more like this afternoon’s. But the World’s Strongest Man says it was a tag match originally, but was promoted to a Trios Match given the history between LFI and Dark Order. But uh, where’s Preston Vance? John Silver says they really have no idea. Evil Uno is searching, but Alex Reynolds promises Number Ten will be here. The LFI have been annoying the crap out of them for months, so this ends here! But Braxton “The Blade” Sutter says, “Nah nah nah nah! Listen, newsflash, slick! It doesn’t matter if Ten shows up, Fourteen, 26, 37! All we know is the three of us are here to kick ass!”

And Andy “The Butcher” Williams says Blade ain’t lying, there WILL be an ass-kicking party tonight! The only ones invited are The Dark Order! Rush says he is sick and tired of talking, he wants to fight! He is ready to fight! He NEEDS to fight! “Let’s go, perros!” Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will El Toro, Butcher & Blade be satisfied with just Three & Four? Or will Vance come through and back up his friends?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Lexi Nair congratulates them on their title defense, adding to their amazing year. Dax says yes, it has been a great year. But please, let him and Cash handle it from here. Dax says, “What a great ’22 it’s been. I’m told I’ve got 30 seconds. What a great ’22 it’s been, and this is my best friend in the world and I love him more than anybody else, aside from maybe my family. And we have a great legacy as a tag team, but 2022 has done something for me that no other year has done. It has allowed me to etch my name with the greatest wrestlers in the world, so right now, I gotta shoot my shot before the year is done, okay?

“I am challenging for Wednesday night, I challenge the best wrestler in the world. What do you say, Bryan Danielson, huh? Me and you, Wednesday night. Top Guys, out.” This match is NOW official! Will Dax the Ax slay the American Dragon?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade w/ LFI!

Preston Vance may be Number Ten, but he’s been the number one prospect for La Faccion Ingobernable. But he’s also been resisting their offers because of loyalties to the Dark Order. Will he come through for Alex Reynolds & John Silver? Or will El Toro Blanco and his mercenaries make him pay for being so stubborn?

As the Dark Order make their entrance, there is no Number Ten, so this looks to be 3v2. The bell rings, and the brawl is on 3v2! Silver gets mugged and thrown out but Reynolds takes it to Blade! Rush ROCKS Silver, he and Butcher whip Silver into railing! Blade whips Reynolds but Reynolds dodges in the corner to elbow smash! Reynolds keeps moving, FLYING ELBOW and a BOOT! Fans fire up but Butcher anchors Reynolds. Blade CLOBBERS Reynolds, drags him up and puts him in the corner. Blade CHOPS, Rush pulls Reynolds’ hair, and Butcher tags in. They mug Reynolds with a DOUBLE HEADBUTT!

Butcher drags Reynolds up to COHP him back down! Tag back to Blade, Reynolds throws body shots but Blade suplexes him. Reynolds knees free, shoves Blade into Butcher, and he scrambles to tag Silver! Johnny Hungy dodges the mercs to DECK Rush! Silver ROUNDHOUSES Butcher, FLAPJACKS Blade, then runs! Silver ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Butcher! And then he OLYMPIC SLAMS Blade! Fans fire up with the Meat Man, and he runs to DIVE onto Butcher! But Butcher catches him and feeds him to Rush’s HAYMAKER! LFI drags Silver up to put in the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade rains down fists, then he tags in Butcher. Butcher stomps Silver, drags him up, and then throws him out! Rush has the spare cables to LASH Silver! And then CHOKE him! The ref is busy keeping Reynolds back and Rush gets away with choking Silver! Rush drags Silver up and CHOPS him, the ref reprimands that, so Rush puts Silver in. Butcher bumps Silver off buckles, CHOPS him more, then stalks him as he crawls on the mat. Butcher brings Silver over, tags in Blade, and the mercs mug Silver. Blade stands Silver up to ROCK him with a right but Silver throws body shots! Silver THROWS Blade out!

Silver crawls but Rush storms in to kick him down. Rush kicks Silver but Silver BOOTS Rush! But Blade trips Reynolds off the apron! Blade hurries away and Butcher CLOBBERS Reynolds! Blade puts Silver in the corner, Rush runs to jump and BOOT! Rush tranquilos while the ref reprimands them all. Blade drags Silver up to KICK him in the back. Blade clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Silver down. Silver endures, fights up, and throws body shots over and over! Silver then KICKS and KICKS and ROCKS Blade! Silver runs, but Blade CLOBBERS him! Tag to Butcher and Butcher drags Silver up to CHOP back down!

Butcher stalks Silver to ropes, drags him back up, and CLUBS him back down. Butcher CHOKES Silver on ropes, and Rush tranquilos while digging his boot in! The ref reprimands them both, Butcher lets off and Rush shrugs. Rampage returns to single picture and Blade tags in. The mercs drag Silver up, fireman’s carry and TOSS, but Silver blocks the kick! Silver spins Blade, SUPERKICKS Butcher, then gets around Blade to STANDING SLICED BREAD! Fans fire up for Silver as he crawls over, but Rush CLOBBERS Reynolds! Fans boo but Rush looms over Silver. Rush kicks Silver around, stomps him, but lets off to argue with the ref.

Bunny talks trash on Silver but here come Uno, Negative One and… YES, NUMBER TEN!! Vance runs to the ring, he gets right up in Rush’s face, and… He CLOBBERS Silver!! Fans boo as Vance is no longer loyal to Dark Order! The mercs hold Uno back, Rush hits BULL’S HORNS on Silver!! Cover, LFI win!! Then Uno is sent hard into the steps! Reynolds rushes in at Vance but Rush CLOBBERS him first! Feed to the DISCUS!! Negative One can’t believe it! His best friend uses his father’s move in this betrayal! Vance flips off Chicago, and Rush drags Uno into the ring. Uno pleads with Vance, but Vance stands him up, for a DISCUS!!

Fans are booing harder as Rush & Vance RIP UP Uno’s mask! They then bring a table to ringside! Reynolds is brought over, Vance and Rush drag him up on the apron, DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM through the table!! Chicago is thunderous with boos and jeers as Vance puts up the Ingobernable fist! Vance walks up the ramp, Negative One asks why, but Vance just throws the mask down at his feet! Number Ten is no more, Preston Vance has shown his true colors! Will this be a new era for LFI in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, especially for being on at a different time (blame NHL if you wanted this to be on later). FTR VS Top Flight was a great opener, but I figured FTR would win. Ass Boys/Gunn Sons showing up at the end was also a natural move, they’ve been slowly (perhaps too slowly) building to FTR VS Gunns for the ROH World Tag titles and Final Battle is definitely the place to do that. Hell, it’ll be even more obvious should Austin & Colten do something during Dax VS Bryan on Dynamite next week. And speaking of Final Battle, no offense to Claudio, it might’ve just been Chicago being rowdy, but that promo with Jericho wasn’t as crisp as it should’ve been. Jericho VS Claudio II with the stipulation of Claudio joining JAS if he loses is a nice move, and definitely makes it feel like either guy could win.

Great match from Darby VS Henry, but I’m surprised nothing really came of it. I suppose there’s a way to give us Relentless Icons VS Workhorsemen, even though I don’t know what that really does for Darby & Sting. Good promo from Toni Storm, and it was clear that she broke her nose with the puffy black eyes she had. Storm isn’t done with Hayter, clearly, but she’ll have to fight her way up to the front of the line. Ford & Bunny showing up during Shida’s match was an interesting tease, I’m just not sure at what. Perhaps Shida bringing her tag team partner, Ibuki Hoshi, to bring Ice Ribbon Wrestling into AEW’s family of partnerships?

And we got great stuff out of the main event. The Dark Order VS LFI in the main event seemed a bit odd, but it foreshadowed something big happening, so of course Vance turns and joins LFI. It is a shame that The Dark Order has fallen so far since the passing of Mr. Brodie Lee, but I suppose it was inevitable. Vance giving up his mask was obviously more symbolic than anything, as The Dark Order had moved away from everyone wearing masks, and it was really just Vance and Uno. Brodie Lee said to wear a mask, Vance was holding onto that for the memory, but now he doesn’t care because he’s been losing. Vance is going to be a strong addition to LFI, he can be their midcard guy while Rush is a top title guy, and this might be what Vance needs to get up to that level.

My Score: 8.6/10

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