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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/4/22)

Rampage before Revolution!



AEW Rampage coverage

The TNT Championship is in a Triple Threat!

Rampage is LIVE and AEW TNT Championship is on the line! Sammy VS Darby VS Andrade, who holds the gold going into Revolution?


  • AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin VS Andrade El Idolo; Guevara wins and retains the title.
  • Keith Lee VS JD Drake; Lee wins.
  • The Professor’s Five Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb VS Leila Grey; Deeb wins.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Ethan Page VS Christian Cage; Christian wins and joins the Face of the Revolution match.


AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin VS Andrade El Idolo!

The Spanish God and Relentless One will be teaming with The Icon, Sting, at Revolution against the Andrade Hardy Family Office, but for now it is every man for himself! Will Sammy stay golden this close to the PPV? Or will someone take advantage of this chaotic situation?

The introductions are made, the two TNT belts are raised, but only one man will leave with them, what a way to open Rampage!

Fans fire up as the three men stare down. They circle, watch each other, and then Sammy and Darby decide to bring Revolution early and join forces! Andrade tells them to bring it, but then he bails out. Fans boo as Andrade tries to force Darby and Sammy to face each other. They don’t fall for it, they go out to flank Andrade! Andrade gets back in, they pursue again. They dodge him, speed things up, FLYING arm-drag from Darby to Andrade! Darby whips Sammy in but Andrade BOOTS him! Darby COFFIN SPLASHES, then Sammy runs in to RAM a shoulder in! ENZIGURI, then CODE RED! Cover, but Sammy has to roll Darby here, TWO!

Sammy shrugs, they can’t just let the other win. But they shake hands, then Darby reels Sammy into a headlock. Darby hits a takeover, he pushes the shoulders down, ONE as Sammy rolls it to his own cover. TWO, and Darby keeps on that headlock. Fans rally and duel as Darby grinds Sammy. Sammy fights up, powers out, then hurdles and flips over to dropkick Darby down! Sammy kips up so smooth and takes a bow. Darby drags himself to a corner, Sammy brings Darby up to CHOP him! Sammy puts Darby up top to then climb up and join him. Darby resists the superplex, shoves Sammy away, but Sammy JUMP KNEES!

Darby is stuck up top and Sammy GAMANGIRIS! Fans rally and duel more as Sammy climbs back up to join Darby. Andrade slips in and adds on! Stalling Superplex and POWERBOMB!! Fans are loving this as all three men are down! A standing count begins on all three, but Andrade covers Sammy, TWO! Andrade grits his teeth and checks his back as he gets up. “This is Awesome!” and only just begun! Andrade gets Darby up, suplexes him to hang him out to dry! Darby gasps and sputters as he flops down, Andrade takes off his belt to LASH Darby! Fans boo but Andrade soaks it all up as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Andrade sits Sammy up to LASH him on the back! Sammy flounders and writhes, the ref confiscates Andrade’s belt. Andrade drags Darby up, fireman’s carries him and then SNAKE EYES! The hardest Snake Eyes ever! Andrade goes out after Sammy, brings him up and fireman’s carries to SNAKE EYES Sammy on railing! Sammy gasps and sputters while clutching his throat. Andrade drags Sammy back up and puts him in the ring. Andrade stomps Darby, then holds Sammy’s legs to stomp him in the stomach. Andrade shakes his head, hearing the fans chant for the others. Andrade says HE is the champion, and Rampage returns to single picture.

Andrade drags Sammy back up, reels him in, snap suplex! Uno Amigo! Then again, Dos Amigos! Andrade gets up again, but Sammy stops the hat trick! So Andrade snap suplexes Sammy into buckles! Andrade grins but Darby SLAPS him! Andrade swings, Darby dodges to SLAP again! And headbutt low! And then run in, into an URENAGE BACKBREAKER! Andrade seethes and says he is the champion! Andrade goes up top, MOONSAULT, but he lands on his feet as the others both move! STANDING MOONSAULT onto Sammy! Cover, TWO! CIEN KNEES for Darby! Cover, Sammy breaks it!

Fans cheer “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as all three men are down. The standing count starts again, Darby goes to ropes and drags himself up at 5 of 10. Darby staggers, Andrade ROCKS Sammy. Darby SLAPS Andrade! Sammy ROCKS Andrade! Andrade CHOPS Darby, Sammy ROCKS Andrade! Darby CHOPS Andrade, Andrade CHOPS then BOOTS Darby! Darby is up, they’re brawling! Sammy joins in, he and Darby CHOP and CHOP and CHOP Andrade! Andrade rebounds, Darby ducks but Sammy gets CLOBBERED! Darby comes back, COFFIN- NO! Andrade waistlocks but Darby resists! Darby ducks, Sammy SUPERKICKS Andrade!

Sammy whips Darby to a corner, then runs in, but is put on the apron! Darby shoves Sammy down, but Andrade KNEES Darby back! Fans are thunderous as Andrade scoops Darby and SLAMS him into a drop zone. Andrade climbs up, Darby trips him up! Darby takes off his studded belt to LASH Andrade! And again! And again! Darby pulls Andrade into the Tree of Woe, but Sammy is up top! Darby rushes over but Sammy jumps over to COAST2COAST on Andrade! It was double-edged for everyone as Darby even tumbles out of the ring! Andrade gets himself free of the Tree, “This is Awesome!”

Andrade drags himself out of the ring, Darby drags himself back in. The young pillars stand and fans fire up. Darby runs in, Sammy jumps up and Darby DIVES onto Andrade! Sammy sees Darby get up, and these two lock eyes. Darby goes around the way to go up the steel steps. Sammy is ready as Darby gets in, cradle! TWO!! Darby has it now, TWO!! Sweep and cover, ONE as Sammy slips out! Roll up, TWO!! Sammy trips, jackknife, TWO!! Darby bridges, spins, backslide but Andrade runs over. Sammy BOOTS Andrade, Andrade BOOTS Darby! Andrade rolls Sammy, TWO! DEADLIFT for the BRILLANTE DRIVER!! Cover, Darby breaks it!!

Fans are thunderous again as all three men are down and this match continues! A standing count starts again, Darby drags himself up the ropes. Darby runs in, waistlocks, but Andrade elbows free! Andrade runs in but into BOOTS! Darby runs in, gets around again, THROWBACK STUNNER! Sammy torture racks Andrade, for the G T H!! Darby throws Sammy out!! Darby goes up top, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Sammy SWANTONS in outta nowhere! Cover, Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Now that’s how you open a Rampage! Sammy retains at the last second, but he offers a handshake of respect to Darby. Darby slips out of the ring, frustrated with himself. But will Darby be able to brush it off in 48 hours and work alongside Sammy against the AHFO?


Rampage returns and Death Triangle is in the ring.

PAC, Penta Oscuro and even the “dark priest,” Alex Abrahantes are here. “Malakai Black says the House always wins. But it seems as if the House only wins with deception. You see, a week and a half ago, you lost to us. And it seems as if you want to ignite a war. The Death Triangle says, allow us to add some fuel to that fire this Sunday! We may be down one Lucha Brother, but there are three of you. And there are three of us! An eye for an eye, an arm for an arm!” Is Alex going to get in on the match!? The lights go down, and from the titantron, Malakai speaks! “Wow, Alex. That’s really admirable. Sacrificing yourself for your fallen teammate. You said something about the House losing.”

Buddy Matthews asks, “But did the House really lose, Alex?” Brody King says, “Don’t worry, Alex. Your sacrifice to the House will be honored.” The House of Black returns to the shadows, but they appear behind the Death Triangle in the ring! Alex knew they’d pull this move. And Malakai should wait. Alex never said the three he spoke of are all here in the ring. Malakai may have his monster, but Death Triangle has theirs! ERICK REDBEARD!? He’s here on the side of Death Triangle, and he storms right into the ring! Security rushes in to stop this, but they just end up part of the casualties! Malakai and Buddy bail out, Erick CLOBBERS Brody King!

Security swarms Erick but he just BLASTS free of them all! He gets two in choke grips, BOOTS a third, DOUBLE CHOKE SLAMS! One more guy gets up, he gets a scoop and SLAM! Pac makes this one pay while the House of Black watches! Penta gets the arm, hooks it up, DARK ARMBAR!! Will the House of Black be demolished by the Death Triangle and their #Dreadbeard?


Dan Lambert & Scorpio Sky speak.

“Congratulations to Sammy Guevara for again defending your TNT title against everybody in the world except the real #1 contender.” But before Lambert lost his temper for the first time in years, he thought back to his mom telling him that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. That is an appropriate proverb for negotiating with a steaming pile of crap for a wrestling company. Lambert called Tony Khan up, gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse: Scorpio Sky VS Sammy Guevara for Dynamite, and in return, Lambert gets Paige VanZant to show up to Revolution to officially sign with AEW.

So while Sammy puts his body through hell in the Six Man Tag, the Men of the Year will be sipping water in the skybox and Scorpio prepares to put his 364 day unbeaten streak up against that TNT title. And Lambert promises that Sammy is not going to the back of the line. Scorpio snaps his fingers, but will it be his winning streak that is snapped?


Keith Lee VS JD Drake!

The Limitless One is preparing for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match, in spit of the warning given by Team Taz. Will The Wingmen’s rugged redneck Romeo just be the next to #BaskInHisGlory? Or will Ricky Starks absolutely come through on that ultimate?

The bell rings and fans are singing for Keith. Keith has JD wait so he can conduct the Limitless Choir. Keith and JD then circle, fans chant “KEITH LEE! WOOP WOOP!” JD CHOPS but Keith doesn’t flinch. Keith smirks, in fact, and JD CHOPS again! Keith fires up and GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! JD comes back into another GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Keith whips JD to a corner, runs in but JD goes up and over. JD staggers but he keeps moving, only for Keith to POUNCE him! Fans are thunderous for Keith already as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Keith sees JD bail out of the ring, so he goes out after him. Keith throws body shots on JD, follows him around the way and JABS! JD CHOPS, but Keith still eggs him on. JD CHOPS, Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! JD flops down, Keith refreshes the ring count, and then Keith follows JD around the corner. Keith keeps JD from getting away into the ring, and he CHOPS him. JD CHOPS, Keith starts to feel that, so Keith HEADBUTTS JD down! Keith smiles as he looms over JD, and then brings him up to pose for pictures. Keith SMACKS JD off the timekeeper’s table, then turns him around to GRIZZLY MAGNUM!

Keith gets back in the ring to refresh the count, and fans continue to chant for Keith. They want that “ONE MORE TIME!” so Keith sits JD up to GRIZZLY MAGNUM again! JD is stinging as he makes his way to the ring on noodle legs. Keith still doesn’t let JD get away, and he brings JD up at the ropes. JD HOTSHOTS Keith down! JD then stomps Keith around as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and JD eggs Keith on. Keith throws body shots, JD knees low. JD runs to LARIAT but Keith stays up to HEADBUTT! JD staggers to a corner, Keith runs in but JD dodges! JD fires off forearms and COHPS! JD whips, Keith reverses, but JD reverses back to CHOP and CHOP! Keith roars to shove JD. JD comes back to SHOTGUN BOOT! Keith staggers, JD goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! JD drags Keith to a drop zone to go up top! MOONSAULT! Cover, ONE!! And with authority! JD can’t believe it but fans are loving this! “KEITH LEE! WOOP WOOP!” Keith gets back up in the corner, JD runs in, but gets caught!

Keith puts JD up top but JD JABS! JD leaps, into Keith’s arms! Keith carries JD around, squats, and pops JD up to a fireman’s carry! BIG BANG CATASTROPHE!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

The Wingmen rush out to attack! Keith throws Ryan Nemeth off to SWAT him down! Keith CLOBBERS “Pretty” Peter Avalon, then he clubs and POPS Cezar Bononi up! SPIRIT BOMB!! Starks and Hobbs decide to head for ringside, but Keith gets Avalon up! He TOSSES Avalon onto his Wingmen! Team Taz storms down the ramp, but Keith just smiles. Wait, here comes Orange Cassidy! Freshly Squeezed will also be in the Face of the Revolution match, he’s quietly putting Starks & Hobbs on notice. But we still have one last qualifier tonight, how does everything change after we see All Ego VS Captain Charisma?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite.

CM Punk, bloody and battered, responds to what MJF did to him. He applauds! “Woo! Few people are gonna understand that being in this much pain makes certain people feel so very alive. I think you understand, Max. And if you don’t, on March 6th, you will. You are going to find out exactly what you think you already know: that CM Punk is the master. And I know exactly who the F*** I am. You wanna call me PG Punk? You wanna pretend like I’m not that same guy? You want that same guy that you grew up idolizing? Congratulations, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, but you’re NOT ready!”

Punk will walk MJF like a dog, beat him and beat him and beat him until his own mother won’t recognize him! Punk will leave parts of MJF left in that, and all over Orlando! This is what MJF wanted, and this is what he deserves. At Revolution, Punk will become a monster to fight the monsters of the world! “Because I’m CM Punk. And I’m better than you.” In brutalizing the Best in the World, has the Salt of the Earth only brought about his own demise?


Backstage interview with Jade Cargill & Mark Sterling.

Tony Schiavone says Sunday at Revolution, Jade defends the AEW TBS Championship against Tay Conti. Sterling says they are absolutely locked and loaded on the last stop before the PPV, and he made sure there would be no “shenanigans” leading into the event. That contract stipulation makes sure there is no contact initiated by Tay Conti until 48 hours before Revolution. Jade says no one cares about “that little bitch and her karate shit.” But Anna Jay walks over and asks Sterling what today is. Uh, Friday because it’s Rampage, one of Jade’s two network shows. Jade doesn’t even wanna talk to Jay.

That’s fine, because BLAM! Tay boots Jade down! And Tay reminds Jade she has less than 48 hours as a champion, BITCH! And Sterling’s a dumbass. TayJay leaves and Jade is pissed. Is this title match going to turn into an all-out fight?


The Professor’s Five Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb VS Leila Grey!

The first week, the Woman of 1000 Holds took one minute to finish her opponent. The second week, closer to two minutes. And the third, closer to three. But much of that was the Wolf playing with her prey. Will Deeb take things seriously? Or will she end up needing four minutes to put away Leila Grey?

The bell rings and the clock starts ticking. Grey bails out because she knows time is on her side! Deeb is annoyed already, she chases Grey but Grey gets back in. Grey dares Deeb to get in now, then she bails back out. The cat ‘n’ mouse game doesn’t last much longer as Deeb catches up to Grey and drags her out of the ring hard! Deeb kicks Grey around, drags her up and into the ring, then drags her up through ropes. NECKBREAKER HOTSHOT! Grey flounders, Deeb storms in and drags her up to CLAW her back! Deeb also puts on the front GUILLOTINE! Grey taps out, Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by submission

Deeb’s anger made her get serious, and she won in under a minute! But this isn’t enough! She puts Grey in the omoplata, and the SERENTIY LOCK! Grey taps again but it doesn’t matter! Wait! Here comes HIKARU SHIDA! The Full Metal Warrior is back, and she SMACKS Deeb with her kendo stick! And again! Deeb bails out but Shida is in hot pursuit! SMACK after SMACK, Shida is getting payback! Deeb tries to get over the timekeeper’s table but Shida just fires off with the kendo stick! That stick splits and security pulls Shida away, but the rage is not satiated! Deeb gets away, but will Shida hunt her down?


Backstage interview with Eddie Kingston.

Schiavone says it’s less than 48 hours away from Revolution, and Kingston counts that out for himself. It checks out. We’ll see Kingston VS Jericho at Revolution, and get that on your PPV providers and what not. But then why is Kingston here now? To talk about the match that everyone’s been wanting to see. Well, yeah, that’s nice, but Kingston doesn’t wanna talk. Jericho was talking about doing promos, and everyone wants to use insider terms, hahaha. Listen, here comes one: kayfabe may be dead, but don’t piss on its grave. Just relax, this is for everyone. Now to Chris, if he wants to doubt Kingston, get in his head, flip the script, he’ll regret that.

Kingston said before, he’ll eat Jericho alive. He’ll EMBARRASS him when he leaves him laying in the ring. Jericho will have to suck it up, shake Kingston’s hand, and that’ll be the best part. But does Schiavone know what’s great about today? No, what? That Reese’s peanut butter pie in catering. Let’s go. Alright. They’ll do that, so cue the match card graphics. Will Le Champion be made to bow down to the Mad King?


Mark Henry talks with tonight’s main eventers!

Ethan Page was in the Face of the Revolution Ladder match last year, and his partner, Scorpio Sky, even won it. Does that give Ethan a leg up tonight? Of course it does. But Ethan’s mind is stuck on something different. Last year, he and Christian Cage debuted. AEW wanted to advertise the Hall of Fame worthy talent was coming, and everyone thought it was Christian. But tonight, Ethan proves that it was him all along. Christian tells Ethan that he likes where his head is at. Christian likes all the confidence, and Ethan’s day will come. That’s not today. No one in AEW knows ladder matches as much as Christian Cage. He made the ladder match famous!

And at the Face of the Revolution, after Christian wins, if by some miracle Scorpio Sky gets past Sammy on Dynamite, then Christian will be waiting on the other side. Then Scorpio will just be a transitional champion. Well then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Ego VS Charisma, Page VS Cage, who takes that coveted final spot?

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Ethan Page VS Christian Cage!

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Ethan powers Christian to the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Christian ROCKS Ethan with an uppercut, puts him in the corner and fires off more, but then Ethan turns it around to fire off in return! The ref counts again, Ethan hammers away, but lets off at 4 to shout, “I’M THE MAN!” But he turns around into BOOTS! Christian goes up, FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, ONE! Christian brings Ethan up to headlock but Ethan powers out. Things speed up, Christian whips Ethan out of the ring! Fans fire up with Christian as he builds speed, and he WRECKS Ethan with a dropkick!

Rampage goes picture in picture as Christian puts Ethan back in. Christian brings Ethan up but Ethan pokes him in the eye! Ethan then shoves Christian off the apron and into the railing! Christian is down while Ethan has a big grin. Ethan waits on the ring count, Christian slowly stirs at around 5 of 10 and Ethan “checks his watch.” Ethan mocks the count, but Christian gets in at 8! Ethan rains down rights then lets off to storm around the ring. Ethan brings Christian up to ROCK him, then throw him right back out! Christian crawls under the ring? The ref starts the count but then doesn’t see where he went.

Ethan still counts, and Christian slides in the back! Roll up, TWO!! Ethan CLOBBERS Christian for his trickery! Ethan bumps Christian off buckles, then ROCKS him with another right. Ethan stomps Christian down, digs his boots in, but lets off as the ref counts. Ethan drags Christian up, throws body shots, Christian hits back! Christian goes up, reels Ethan in, but Ethan breaks free to give Christian ICONOCLASM! Ethan gets Christian back up, for a stalling suplex! Ethan holds until a count of 10, and even holds Christian up with one arm for another 10, before the SLAM! Fans cheer that showing of strength and Ethan tells them to kiss his ass!

Ethan grins as he circles Christian, then he wraps on a rear bearhug. Christian endures the squeeze as Ethan leans all his weight. Rampage returns to single picture, Christian fights up and fights free with elbows. Christian runs, into a BIG forearm from Ethan! Ethan goes out after Christian, but Christian blocks the throw to smack Ethan off steel steps instead! Christian then goes up the steps, TORNADO DDT to the floor! Fans rally up as Christian puts Ethan in the ring. Ethan gets to the corner, Christian climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along and Christian goes way past 10! Christian then jumps up the corner to sunset flip! TWO!

Ethan gets to ropes, Christian stands on his back to choke him against the ropes! The ref counts, Ethan lets off to slingshot and uppercut! Christian climbs back onto the apron, but Ethan elbows him away before the hotshot! Ethan then scoops Christian in, but Christian makes that a REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Ethan is still in this but Christian heads to the corner. Christian climbs up top, but Ethan bails out to the far side. Christian hops down and storms over, but into Ethan’s step-in CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Christian gets to ropes but Ethan runs to swing, but into the HOTSHOT! Christian goes up again, for a DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!!

Christian waits for Ethan to get up in a corner. Christian runs in, but gets run over! Cover, TWO! Christian survives but Ethan drags him up and reels him in. Christian fights the lift, slips out and SPEARS on the return! Cover, TWO!! Ethan survives again but fans fire up. Christian waits for Ethan to get up again, and he hooks the arms! Ethan gets his arms free to rake the eyes! Ethan then POSTS Christian! Christian flounders out and Ethan reels Christian in. Ethan gut wrenches to the crucifix, but Christian slips off! He has the arms, KILLSWITCH! Cover, Christian wins!

Winner: Christian Cage, by pinfall (advances to the Face of the Revolution)

And now we have our field of six! And Jurassic Express heads out to celebrate with him! With them all competing in big time matches, will these three be leading the Revolution? But wait, here come the Young Bucks and reDRagon. Matt & Nick Jackson, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish all go to the ring to put the AEW World Tag Team Champions on notice. It’s 4v3, but the four only slip in long enough to grab the belts! Kyle has one and uses it to air guitar while Matt has the other. Well, hold on, they each want the other to complete the pair. Matt and Kyle hold those belts up while Fish and Nick jaw at each other, and Luchasaurus snatches the belts back!

Jungle Boy FLIES out onto all four opponents! Will Jurassic Express run through all of Adam Cole’s mutual friends to stay the top team in AEW?

My Thoughts:

Now THIS is a go-home! Rampage loves opening up with fire and that happened again here. That was an awesome Triple Threat, practically PPV level as it was. Sammy retains and as I figured, there was some dysfunction planted between Sammy and Darby. As I said before, I’m thinking this leads to AHFO finding a way to win by taking advantage of that. Then Sammy can go in as an underdog of sorts against Scorpio Sky on Dynamite for another great title match. Lambert had a good promo to frame all this, as well as lets us know they’ll still have a Paige VanZant segment for Revolution even without Brandi Rhodes in the company.

That was a great segment from Death Triangle and The House of Black to bring Erick “Redbeard” Rowan back to AEW. They’re going to have an awesome match just on Brody King brawling with Erick. Keith Lee and JD Drake had a great match, you really get a sense of how awesome Keith Lee is going against a guy as hefty as JD. Same as for the rest of the Wingmen coming out and getting tossed around. We got a good segment from Jade, Sterling and TayJay, but it only adds to the fact Jade is going to retain. I was surprised Deeb actually won this week’s five minute challenge that quickly, but of course Shida returned. They’ll have their newest rematch on a Dynamite, I’m sure, and I would think Shida gets the win.

Good promo from Kingston, and I do like that he pointed out the meta of using “insider terms.” I still can’t figure out who’s winning this one but that makes it a lot of fun. Of course, I find it funny that Kingston asks wrestlers stop breaking kayfabe and using insider terms but then Christian goes and uses “transitional champion” in his promo like Kingston didn’t just say stuff. Christian VS Ethan was a great main event, and Christian getting in might very well change things. He and Jurassic Express stand tall against the Bucks and reDRagon, but maybe that means they aren’t winning? I feel like Wardlow should still win the ladder match, and that Bucks and reDRagon should cancel out in the Triple Threat, but who knows if that’s still the plan.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (11/28/22)

Chicago gets Elevated!



Elevation has Thanksgiving leftovers!

AEW continues in Chicago with ten extra helpings of action! Will Matt Hardy & Private Party continue to get that money for The Firm?


  • The Bunny VS Blair Onyx; The Bunny wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS “Man Scout” Jake Manning; Cutler wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Emi Sakura & Maki Itoh; Nyla & Shafir win.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Ari Daivari; Takeshita wins.
  • Lee Moriarty w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Robert Anthony; Moriarty wins.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS GPA & Joe Alonzo; Lethal & Singh win.
  • Six Man Tag: Best Friends & Rocky Romero VS Davey Bang, Freedom Ramsey & Yabo; Best Friends & Rocky win.
  • Athena VS Laynie Luck; Athena wins.
  • Six Man Tag: #HardyParty VS Chaos Project & Isaiah Moore; Hardy Party wins.
  • Eddie Kingston & Ortiz VS Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto w/ The Factory; Eddie & Ortiz win.


Nice to see some of these names back. It’s been a minute since Robert Anthony’s been on an AEW YouTube show, he’ll give Moriarty a real good match. Maki Itoh is always great to have on the show. Satnam Singh having another match is good, it probably means he’s gearing up to get in on a feud soon. And Chaos Project being in a match means Luther is back. Pretty sure Isaiah Moore takes the lose in that match, though, so that Luther’s return is ruined with him or Serpentico looking bad. Though, it’s not like they were looking all that strong, either.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (11/25/22)

It’s a special Black Friday Rampage!



Rampage Coverage 2022

FTR is on a Rampage!

AEW Rampage is on at a special time for Black Friday, and talk about a deal! Will FTR still be ROH World Tag Team Champions after facing Top Flight? Or will be Dante & Darius Martin be the new #TopGuys?


  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight; FTR wins and retains the titles.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Darby wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade; Rush, Butcher & Blade win.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are still THREE BELT CHAMPIONS, and have been itching for a challenge. Darius & Dante Martin have stepped up based on the mutual respect these two teams have for each other. But who will be the real top guys around here after today?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and there’s a golden deal on this Black Friday!

Dax starts with Darius and they circle. They tie up, break, and go again. Darius arm-drags Dax and stares him down. Fans rally up, Dax keeps cool and he circles with Darius again. They tie up, Dax headlocks but Darius powers out. Dax runs Darius over, scoops and SLAMS him, but Darius kangaroo kicks back. Darius arm-drags Dax, but Dax headscissors! Darius kips free and wags his finger as fans fire up. Dax still stays cool and circles with Darius again. They tie up, Darius headlocks but Dax powers out. Darius runs Dax over, covers, ONE! Darius runs Dax over again, covers, ONE! Dax CLOBBERS Darius and fans fire up.

Dax drops a leg, pushes Darius to a cover, TWO! Tag to Cash, FTR DOUBLE HEADBUTT Darius! Cash EuroUppers Darius, CHOPS him against the ropes, and brings Darius around to whip and scoop. Darius slips off to arm-drag! Tag to Dante, Top Flight go after the arm with a wrench and a kick. Cash swings, Dante ducks but Cash comes back with the elbow! Cash ROCKS Dante then CHOPS and HEADBUTTS him! Cash headlocks but Dante powers out. Cash runs Dante over, things speed up, and Cash whips the back drop away. Dante ducks, Darius tags, Dante blocks a hip toss but Cash blocks one back.

Dante throws a body shot, goes up and over Cash and then shoves him into a GAMANGIRI! Top Flight double whip, duck and hurdle, then body shot, front kick and LEG SWEEP DDT COMBO! Darius covers, ONE!! Cash is tough but Dax was there, too. Darius tells Dax to back off and then he goes back for Cash. But Cash whips Darius to RAM him at the corner! Cash pushes Darius to the corner, tags Dax, and Dax CHOPS Darius down! Fans rally and duel, Dax drags Darius up to EuroUpper! Dax snarls, he drags Darius up, but Darius CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS, Darius CHOPS, Dax DECKS Darius! And then DECKS Dante!

Dax tags Cash, FTR double whip but Darius sunset flips! Dax keeps Cash up but Dante springboards in, MISSILE DROPKICK for Dax! Darius finishes the sunset while Dante covers Dax, TWO! FTR pop up both brothers but Top Flight both RANA free, to covers! TWO!! Dante BOOTS Dax down, Darius mule kicks Cash! TORNADO DDT and a tag! Dante goes up but Dax gets Cash outta there! Fans fire up and Dante hops down to go out and ROCK Cash! AEW goes picture in picture as Dante puts Cash in.

Dax goes after Dante! They brawl on the outside, Dante ROCKS Dax, but slides into stomps from Cash! Cash snapmares Dante to KICK him in the back! Cash EuroUppers Dante down, then drags him over. Tag to Dax, Dax stomps Dante then drags him up to back suplex! Cover, TWO! Dax keeps Dante from Darius and bumps him off buckles. Dax CHOPS Dante, but Dante turns things around to CHOP Dax! Dax turns it back around to CHOP Dante! Dante flops over and Dax drags him back up. Dax hits a back suplex but Dante lands on his feet! Dante CLOBBERS Dax, and again! Cash runs in but Dante CLOBBERS him!

Dante whips but Dax reverses, only for Dante to go up and out and GAMANGIRI! Rampage returns to single picture as Dante springboards and DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS FTR! Fans fire up and Darius rushes in. The Martins have FTR in opposite corners and then whip them, but FTR reverse to send the Martins in. The brothers do-si-do, duck ‘n’ dodge, and DOUBLE DROPKICK! FTR regroups but the Martins clothesline them both up and out! Fans fire up as Dante holds the ropes for Darius to DIVE! Then Dante comes back to go up and FLY! Dante doesn’t have the best takeoff but he still take FTR down!

Darius puts Cash in, Dante goes back up top to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives that aerial assault but Dante tags Darius. Dax fights them back with forearms and CHOPS! Darius kicks but Dax DECKS him! Dante PELES Dax, but all three men are down! Dax hurries over to his corner, Dante runs in. Dax puts Dante on the apron and Cash tags in. Dante fights off FTR with haymaker and elbows, then HEADBUTTS Cash while jumping in! Dante drags Cash up, but Dax hops up behind Dante! Dante elbows Dax away, drags Cash back up, but Cash throws Dante to Dax’s Electric Chair! SLINGSHOT BOMB, and then a DIVING SPLASH from Cash! Cover, Darius breaks it!!

Fans fire up as all four men are down! Dax snarls and brings Darius up. He ducks a kick, jumps a sweep and ROCKS Darius! Darius ROUNDHOUSES, whips, but Dax reverses to wrench and short arm LARIAT! Dax hurries to his corner, tags in, and FTR drags Dante up. FTR double whip Dante, but Darius breaks up Big Rig! Dante sunset flips but Dax rolls through! Dax swings on Darius but misses, and Darius shoves Dax into another sunset flip! With bridge! TWO!! Top Flight is frustrated as Dax escapes, and they throw forearms on Dax! Dante gives Darius the boost, TORNADO DDT! Dante goes up, SPLASH! Cover, Cash barrels in to break it!!

Fans are thunderous as all four men are down again! Chicago is dueling as the teams regroup. Darius SOBATS Cash but Cash JABS, JABS, JABS! Darius bobs ‘n’ weaves but Cash dodges to UPPERCUT! Darius rebounds to whip and SPANISH FLY! But Dante deadlifts to a BRAINBUSTER! And then he deadlifts Dante, but Dante slips out to hop up, victory roll! TWO!! Dax scoops, Dante makes it a cradle! TWO! Wheelbarrow cradle, TWO!! Dante hops up, but Dax throws him away! Dax waistlocks, Dante switches, Cash tags! O’Conner Roll, but Dax sends Dante into an alley-oop! Dante lands safe on the ropes to BOOT Cash!

Dante adjusts, springboards, but FTR get under the Nosedive! BIG RIG!!! Cover, FTR wins!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Cash & Dax are still the best tag team in the world! But wait, Austin & Colten Gunn come out to mockingly praise the champs. Will the Ass Boys get their turn at the titles come ROH Final Battle?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs speaks.

He’s back home in Oakland, California as he says, “When you open up the Book of Hobbs, you look death in the face. And you read word-for-word, and look in my eyes, you believe the good word. This is life. A life you know nothing about. A life you want nothing a part of. So whatever higher being you believe in, I want you to look up in the sky, I want you to look down low. Just like everyone has taken everything that’s meant something to me, I’m taking everything that means something to you.” Who will Hobbs take from first to be back where he wants to be?


Chris Jericho is here!

The Wizard is still Le Champion! After a brutal and bloody battle with Tomohiro Ishii, Jericho is still #THEOCHO! The rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society walks out with him while Chicago sings Judas for them. Jericho and Garcia chest bump just to show that the bloody spot on Jericho’s chest doesn’t bother him. Angelo Parker starts by telling Chicago to pipe down because Cool Hand Ange has something to say: “ALL HONOR THE OCHO~!” Fans are  bit torn on that but it’s the truth. Jericho says, “Is there any doubt that I am the greatest ROH champion of all time? Any doubt?” Fans are again torn.

Jericho says he’s beaten everyone thrown in his way, including in one of the greatest matches in Dynamite history against Tomohiro Ishii! Fans do agree with that a bit. “I’ve bled for this title, I have sweat for this title, I have earned this title. I am The Ocho. And not even Claudio Castagnoli can come out on the stage and give me a cheap shot, not even that’s gonna slow me down!” So the question to everyone is: who will uncrown the king of ROH? The fans? That four-eyes in the fifth row? But wait, here comes Claudio! Jericho’s jaw starts feeling sore again as Claudio says, “Chris, you asked if there’s any doubt that you are the greatest ROH champion. Well, there is no doubt in my mind that you are not.

“I know that I can beat you. I beat you twice! The problem is, I started doubting myself when I couldn’t beat you when it counts. And to me, the most important thing is believing in yourself. When I came here, I wanted to be the best professional wrestler I can be. And I know I am the best professional wrestler when I don’t doubt myself. So to me, I don’t just need to beat you for this ROH World Champion, I have to beat you!” Jericho says, “Okay, you have to beat me. Maybe you should be more worried about the Blackpool Combat Club since they’re falling apart at the seams, Claudio.”

Claudio says that is a problem. He cannot focus on anything else. He hasn’t slept since Saturday and losing to Jericho. Claudio can’t sleep, focus, can barely talk. It all bothers him. He NEEDS a shot at the ROH World Championship. So he wants another shot at Jericho’s title? Should Jericho give Claudio a shot? Chicago seems to think so! Jericho tells Claudio, “You want it? Forget it.” Fans boo and the JAS laughs. Claudio sighs as Jericho says there is nothing Claudio has to offer Jericho. But then Matt Menard says maybe there is something he can offer.

“Daddy Magic has an idea! Claudio, you’re a hell of a professional wrestler. But let’s not forget there was a time when you were a fantastic sports entertainer. I think you would make an excellent addition to the Jericho Appreciation Society. How about that, Chris?” Jericho likes how Daddy Magic thinks! He’s making Jericho’s nipples hard. Jericho tells Claudio that despite the fact Claudio sucker punched him, Jericho will give Claudio that one more chance. BUT if Claudio loses, and he will lose, he will join the JAS! Claudio considers that challenge.

“You’re right. I was a great sports entertainer. And I still am a great sports entertainer. And I would be a tremendous asset to the Jericho Appreciation Society. But I know deep in my heart, despite all my doubts, and I have a feeling you know as well, I’m an even better professional wrestler! Look in my eyes, Chris. Come Final Battle, I will throw you around like a little kid, and I will beat you for that ROH World Championship! I’ll bring honor back to this title, and I will be the NEW ROH World Champion!” Fans like the sound of that! But will December 10th be Claudio’s final battle as a pro-wrestler?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

Renee Paquette sits with the former champion, and knows she and Hayter had an amazing match at Full Gear. Unfortunately, Toni did lose the title. But Renee wants to talk about how Hayter won. Toni says deep down, she’s actually proud. She always knew Hayter could do it, and at Full Gear, they tore the house down. And they got to see just how tough Hayter is. But we didn’t see Jamie Hayter beat Toni Storm, she needed Britt & Rebel again. And if Hayter can look in the mirror and be cool with that, fine. But Toni could never do that. And that’s the difference between them.

Renee steers things to the news from Dynamite that there is no more “interim” and even Toni’s reign counts as a true world title reign, what is her reaction? Well just look at Toni’s face. She never saw the title as “interim.” She went out there, week after week, holding onto the title as if it was always official, because that is what this division deserves. Then with all of these things, what’s next? Toni broke her face losing the belt, she’ll break it again to get it back. When will the Lightning From Down Under strike back against the Hayter?


Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake!

The Relentless Icons won another big PPV tag match, but they’re not slowing down here! Will Darby get back on the singles track against one half of the Workhorsemen?

The bell rings and Darby stares Henry down. Fans rally for Darby, he and Henry slowly circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Henry arm-drags. Darby holds on, fight sup, and arm-drags back. They’re still locked up collar ‘n’ elbow, and Henry fights back up. Darby gets around to a waistlock, Henry switches but Darby switches back. Henry snapmares and KICKS but Darby just smiles. Henry snapmares again and KICKS again, but Darby just stands up. Henry snapmares but Darby cradles, TWO!! Henry knees low and snarls. Henry whips but Darby sunset flips! Henry stays up, drags Darby up in a deadlift suplex, but Darby gest to the apron!

Henry ROCKS Darby, runs, but Darby goes up and over! Darby comes back to DIVE into JD! Scrap Metal takes the hit for the Saint, and Darby gets in. Things speed up, Henry fireman’s carries to HOTSHOT Darby! Henry goes out, SPITS at Darby, then APRON STO’s Darby down! Henry taunts the fans while AEW goes picture in picture.

Henry drags Darby around and CLUBS him on the back. Henry whips Darby hard into railing! Darby drops to his knees and Henry kicks him down. Henry drags Darby back up, puts him in the ring, and watches Sting as he gets back in. Henry paces around while soaking up heat, and then he gives Darby a NECK TWIST! He even holds on after as he falls! Henry KICKS Darby around, wraps him up in a straitjacket stretch, but Darby endures. Darby fights up, knees low and throws body shots. Henry shoves, Darby ducks the kick to fire off palm strikes and a HEADBUTT! Darby hops on but Henry shrugs the Yoshi-tonic off!

Henry waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Darby lands on his feet! Darby ducks ‘n’ dodges to COFFIN- GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Henry is seething but he stalks Darby to a corner. Sting coaches Darby up but Henry whips Darby corner to corner hard! Darby falls in a heap, Henry pats himself on the back. Henry mocks the fans booing him, and he drags Darby up to whip the other way. Darby hits buckles hard again and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Henry has Darby in a Tree of Woe! Henry KICKS away on Darby’s chest, the ref counts, but Henry lets off at 4. Henry soaks up more heat, then runs in to HESITATION DROPKICK! Henry sits Darby up, and then hits a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and Henry is losing his cool. Henry goes to the corner and climbs up. Darby moves and the King Kong Knee hits mat! Darby runs in to CODE RED! Cover, TWO! Henry survives and slides out of the ring. JD helps Henry around the way but Darby rushes over. Darby puts Henry in, but then Henry distracts the ref so JD can pop-up and CLOBBER Darby!

JD drags Darby back up and puts him in for Henry, but here comes Sting! Henry covers, TWO!! JD turns around, Sting CLOBBERS him! Sting whips JD into railing! Henry is furious at Sting, but he hoists Darby up top. Henry climbs up after Darby and says this is for Sting! SUPERPLEX! And then a roll through to a suplex, but Darby turns it into a SCORPION DEATHDROP! Fans fire up and Darby roars! Darby goes to the corner, he climbs up top, and COFFIN DROPS!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Relentless as always, it’s another big win for Darby! Sting joins Darby in the ring to check on him, will they both be rolling to the top of the ranks?


Backstage interview with Athena.

Lexi Nair notes that The Fallen Goddess is back from suspension, and Athena asks why was she suspended! “We have this big ass TV, a billionaire boss, modern technology, but yet no footage. What am I supposed to do? I got docked a week’s pay, I’ve been suspended, what else do you need from me?” Maybe an apology to referee, Aubrey Edwards? Oh! A public apology! Well, sorry. Oh, then she’ll be reinstated for Monday. Good, dismissed. Athena scares Lexi off, and then talks to the camera. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to show up, Mercedes. I beat trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler, and finally you show up!

“So when are you gonna put the ROH Women’s Championship on the line? Cuz I’m waiting, and I’m game.” The Fallen Goddess is aiming for the OG Badass, but will she be the one shot down?


Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata!

Speaking of returns, The Full Metal Warrior is back in action, and she is surely wanting after more gold! She is still International Ribbon Tag Team Champion and Regina de Wave Champion, but will she find her way back to THE AEW Women’s World Championship?

Wait, before the match begins, The Bunny and Penelope Ford frolic their way out here. What do they have with Shida? Aminata just CLOBBERS her from behind in the distraction! The bell rings, Aminata bumps Shida off buckles, then puts her through the ropes. Aminata goes to the apron to BOOT WASH Shida into the post! Shida flounders, Aminata drags her up and around to Alabama Lift into the- NO, Shida sunset flips and jackknife bridges, TWO!! Aminata escapes, kicks low, and she runs, but Shida follows! Aminata redirects herself but Shida DECKS her! And then FALCONW ARROW!

Shida roars and fans fire up! Shida aims, for the KATANA!! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The warrior deals with the queen, but what about the Superbad Girls? They back down for now, but will they pounce on their prey soon enough?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

Well, more like this afternoon’s. But the World’s Strongest Man says it was a tag match originally, but was promoted to a Trios Match given the history between LFI and Dark Order. But uh, where’s Preston Vance? John Silver says they really have no idea. Evil Uno is searching, but Alex Reynolds promises Number Ten will be here. The LFI have been annoying the crap out of them for months, so this ends here! But Braxton “The Blade” Sutter says, “Nah nah nah nah! Listen, newsflash, slick! It doesn’t matter if Ten shows up, Fourteen, 26, 37! All we know is the three of us are here to kick ass!”

And Andy “The Butcher” Williams says Blade ain’t lying, there WILL be an ass-kicking party tonight! The only ones invited are The Dark Order! Rush says he is sick and tired of talking, he wants to fight! He is ready to fight! He NEEDS to fight! “Let’s go, perros!” Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will El Toro, Butcher & Blade be satisfied with just Three & Four? Or will Vance come through and back up his friends?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Lexi Nair congratulates them on their title defense, adding to their amazing year. Dax says yes, it has been a great year. But please, let him and Cash handle it from here. Dax says, “What a great ’22 it’s been. I’m told I’ve got 30 seconds. What a great ’22 it’s been, and this is my best friend in the world and I love him more than anybody else, aside from maybe my family. And we have a great legacy as a tag team, but 2022 has done something for me that no other year has done. It has allowed me to etch my name with the greatest wrestlers in the world, so right now, I gotta shoot my shot before the year is done, okay?

“I am challenging for Wednesday night, I challenge the best wrestler in the world. What do you say, Bryan Danielson, huh? Me and you, Wednesday night. Top Guys, out.” This match is NOW official! Will Dax the Ax slay the American Dragon?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade w/ LFI!

Preston Vance may be Number Ten, but he’s been the number one prospect for La Faccion Ingobernable. But he’s also been resisting their offers because of loyalties to the Dark Order. Will he come through for Alex Reynolds & John Silver? Or will El Toro Blanco and his mercenaries make him pay for being so stubborn?

As the Dark Order make their entrance, there is no Number Ten, so this looks to be 3v2. The bell rings, and the brawl is on 3v2! Silver gets mugged and thrown out but Reynolds takes it to Blade! Rush ROCKS Silver, he and Butcher whip Silver into railing! Blade whips Reynolds but Reynolds dodges in the corner to elbow smash! Reynolds keeps moving, FLYING ELBOW and a BOOT! Fans fire up but Butcher anchors Reynolds. Blade CLOBBERS Reynolds, drags him up and puts him in the corner. Blade CHOPS, Rush pulls Reynolds’ hair, and Butcher tags in. They mug Reynolds with a DOUBLE HEADBUTT!

Butcher drags Reynolds up to COHP him back down! Tag back to Blade, Reynolds throws body shots but Blade suplexes him. Reynolds knees free, shoves Blade into Butcher, and he scrambles to tag Silver! Johnny Hungy dodges the mercs to DECK Rush! Silver ROUNDHOUSES Butcher, FLAPJACKS Blade, then runs! Silver ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Butcher! And then he OLYMPIC SLAMS Blade! Fans fire up with the Meat Man, and he runs to DIVE onto Butcher! But Butcher catches him and feeds him to Rush’s HAYMAKER! LFI drags Silver up to put in the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade rains down fists, then he tags in Butcher. Butcher stomps Silver, drags him up, and then throws him out! Rush has the spare cables to LASH Silver! And then CHOKE him! The ref is busy keeping Reynolds back and Rush gets away with choking Silver! Rush drags Silver up and CHOPS him, the ref reprimands that, so Rush puts Silver in. Butcher bumps Silver off buckles, CHOPS him more, then stalks him as he crawls on the mat. Butcher brings Silver over, tags in Blade, and the mercs mug Silver. Blade stands Silver up to ROCK him with a right but Silver throws body shots! Silver THROWS Blade out!

Silver crawls but Rush storms in to kick him down. Rush kicks Silver but Silver BOOTS Rush! But Blade trips Reynolds off the apron! Blade hurries away and Butcher CLOBBERS Reynolds! Blade puts Silver in the corner, Rush runs to jump and BOOT! Rush tranquilos while the ref reprimands them all. Blade drags Silver up to KICK him in the back. Blade clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Silver down. Silver endures, fights up, and throws body shots over and over! Silver then KICKS and KICKS and ROCKS Blade! Silver runs, but Blade CLOBBERS him! Tag to Butcher and Butcher drags Silver up to CHOP back down!

Butcher stalks Silver to ropes, drags him back up, and CLUBS him back down. Butcher CHOKES Silver on ropes, and Rush tranquilos while digging his boot in! The ref reprimands them both, Butcher lets off and Rush shrugs. Rampage returns to single picture and Blade tags in. The mercs drag Silver up, fireman’s carry and TOSS, but Silver blocks the kick! Silver spins Blade, SUPERKICKS Butcher, then gets around Blade to STANDING SLICED BREAD! Fans fire up for Silver as he crawls over, but Rush CLOBBERS Reynolds! Fans boo but Rush looms over Silver. Rush kicks Silver around, stomps him, but lets off to argue with the ref.

Bunny talks trash on Silver but here come Uno, Negative One and… YES, NUMBER TEN!! Vance runs to the ring, he gets right up in Rush’s face, and… He CLOBBERS Silver!! Fans boo as Vance is no longer loyal to Dark Order! The mercs hold Uno back, Rush hits BULL’S HORNS on Silver!! Cover, LFI win!! Then Uno is sent hard into the steps! Reynolds rushes in at Vance but Rush CLOBBERS him first! Feed to the DISCUS!! Negative One can’t believe it! His best friend uses his father’s move in this betrayal! Vance flips off Chicago, and Rush drags Uno into the ring. Uno pleads with Vance, but Vance stands him up, for a DISCUS!!

Fans are booing harder as Rush & Vance RIP UP Uno’s mask! They then bring a table to ringside! Reynolds is brought over, Vance and Rush drag him up on the apron, DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM through the table!! Chicago is thunderous with boos and jeers as Vance puts up the Ingobernable fist! Vance walks up the ramp, Negative One asks why, but Vance just throws the mask down at his feet! Number Ten is no more, Preston Vance has shown his true colors! Will this be a new era for LFI in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, especially for being on at a different time (blame NHL if you wanted this to be on later). FTR VS Top Flight was a great opener, but I figured FTR would win. Ass Boys/Gunn Sons showing up at the end was also a natural move, they’ve been slowly (perhaps too slowly) building to FTR VS Gunns for the ROH World Tag titles and Final Battle is definitely the place to do that. Hell, it’ll be even more obvious should Austin & Colten do something during Dax VS Bryan on Dynamite next week. And speaking of Final Battle, no offense to Claudio, it might’ve just been Chicago being rowdy, but that promo with Jericho wasn’t as crisp as it should’ve been. Jericho VS Claudio II with the stipulation of Claudio joining JAS if he loses is a nice move, and definitely makes it feel like either guy could win.

Great match from Darby VS Henry, but I’m surprised nothing really came of it. I suppose there’s a way to give us Relentless Icons VS Workhorsemen, even though I don’t know what that really does for Darby & Sting. Good promo from Toni Storm, and it was clear that she broke her nose with the puffy black eyes she had. Storm isn’t done with Hayter, clearly, but she’ll have to fight her way up to the front of the line. Ford & Bunny showing up during Shida’s match was an interesting tease, I’m just not sure at what. Perhaps Shida bringing her tag team partner, Ibuki Hoshi, to bring Ice Ribbon Wrestling into AEW’s family of partnerships?

And we got great stuff out of the main event. The Dark Order VS LFI in the main event seemed a bit odd, but it foreshadowed something big happening, so of course Vance turns and joins LFI. It is a shame that The Dark Order has fallen so far since the passing of Mr. Brodie Lee, but I suppose it was inevitable. Vance giving up his mask was obviously more symbolic than anything, as The Dark Order had moved away from everyone wearing masks, and it was really just Vance and Uno. Brodie Lee said to wear a mask, Vance was holding onto that for the memory, but now he doesn’t care because he’s been losing. Vance is going to be a strong addition to LFI, he can be their midcard guy while Rush is a top title guy, and this might be what Vance needs to get up to that level.

My Score: 8.6/10

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