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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (3/21/22)

3, 2, 1, RAW!



WWE Raw 2022

Grudges all over this Monday night!

The Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, will explain herself, while RKBRO takes on The Alpha Academy, and Finn Balor goes after Austin Theory!


  • The Mysterios VS The Dirty Dawgs; The Mysterios win.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez VS Omos; Omos wins.
  • Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley VS Shayna Baszler & Natalya; Shayna & Natalya win.
  • Finn Balor VS Austin Theory; Balor wins.
  • RKBRO VS The Alpha Academy; RKBRO wins.
  • Tornado Mixed Tag Match: Dana Brooke & Reggie VS Tamina & Akira Tozawa; Dana & Reggie win.
  • AJ Styles VS Seth Rollins; Styles wins, by disqualification, and will face Edge at WrestleMania 38.


STONE COLD is here?!

Fans fire up for the glass shattering, but it’s really just Kevin Owens doing a bad Steve Austin cosplay. The Prizefighter tricked everyone in Chicago, and perhaps even us here watching at home. Fans now boo as Kevin continues to copy Austin’s mannerisms. Kevin then gets a mic to ask Chicago if they wanna see him open up a can of whoop ass on Stone Cold. Kevin says if they’re ready to see him raise hell on that sorry SOB, give him a hell yeah! They boo instead. What? What? What? WHAT?! Fans chant “You Suck!” but Kevin continues the charade.

Kevin pretends to be Austin as he says he heard all the things that Kevin said about Texas. And they were horrible things, but all true! That got Austin’s attention, and so when Kevin invited Austin to the most stupendous KO Show of all time, we all saw that horrible video. Austin stood in the middle of nowhere and pretended to be badass in front of his little golf cart! Austin didn’t know what to do so he just decided to run his mealy mouth and accepted the invitation without thinking. But that’s the problem, Austin doesn’t think much these days. The lights are on but is anybody home? UH-UH!

Fans boo but Kevin keeps going. “Now, well, here we are. I am goin’ to WrestleMania, I am goin’ to the KO Show.” Fans chant, “We Want Austin!” and then the glass shatters again! Kevin freaks out, looks around, but this was another fake-out. Kevin laughs and fans boo more. “What’s that saying? Fool you once, shame on you. Fool you twice, shame on… well, you, for being absolute idiots! And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!” Now the only thing left to do for ol’ Stone Cold is drink some beer, get that liquid courage before Kevin gives Austin the ass kicking of a lifetime!

Kevin catches- Well, nope. He drops that first one. And the second. As if Kevin didn’t feel foolish before coming out here. He has the music stop and he asks the bald guy where he learned to throw beer. Maybe he’s from Chicago! Just take a beer, get in the ring, and hand it to Kevin. The guy does as he’s told, and Kevin congratulates him. “Now get your sorry ass out of my ring. No, wait.” STUNNER! Kevin even mocks Austin’s way of talking trash to someone. Kevin then pops the beer cans open, says cheers, and pours it all out on the poor guy. Kevin then throws the beer to the stage, cuz he doesn’t drink beer.

Kevin steps on the guy, goes up the corner, and Kevin’s music plays. But while he’s joking around now, will he be doing anything but laughing after WrestleMania?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

What is the Visionary’s state of mind knowing he still is not on WrestleMania’s card? Rollins takes a moment to think while fans chant, “Cody! Cody!” Rollins then starts to laugh… Rollins says he’s going to borrow this mic. Rollins heads out, but what will he have to say?


The Mysterios VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Rey & Dominik are preparing to take down The Miz & Logan Paul, by going up against the NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode! Will one of the Mysterio familia end up earning an NXT Championship opportunity while warming up for the A-Lister and the influencer?

Raw returns as the Dawgs make their entrance. But of course, The Miz makes his entrance, too! The Most Must-See Superstar is going to join commentary while his buddies take on his WrestleMania opponents. The teams sort out, Dom starts against Ziggler and they circle. They tie up, Dom headlocks but Ziggler powers out. Things speed up, Ziggler hurdles, Dom rolls and arm-drags! Ziggler shakes out that arm, Dom fires off forearms! Dom knuckle locks, goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Ziggler flops out of the ring and Dom goes out after him, only for Ziggler to RAM him into the apron!

Ziggler puts Dom in, tags Roode, and the Dawgs double whip Dom to double hip toss for the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Rey breaks it! Ziggler ROCKS Rey, throws him out, but Rey shoulders back in! Rey slingshots to headscissor Ziggler up and out! Dom slips out of Roode’s back suplex, dropkicks Roode to ropes, then the Mysterios coordinate! They both build speed, DOUBLE DIVE at the corner! Down go the Dawgs, but here comes Rollins?! The Visionary says “cut it down,” because no no no, this show isn’t going to move another second until the world hears what he has to say!

Rollins wants a WrestleMania spot, and he’ll get a WrestleMania spot, because he is Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! And he doesn’t want just any spot! He wants a spot on WrestleMania that- Wait, his mic is cutting out. Rollins says he wants a spot that’ll live forever! He- Wait, it cut again. What’s going on? Hey, leave him on! Rollins wanted Stone Cold last week because that’ll live forever, but now he- The mic’s cut again! So they’re trying to shut Rollins up, huh? Huh?! Well you can’t! But then Raw cuts to break.

Raw returns and Ziggler has Rey up top! Rey resists the superplex, throws body shots, and he CLUBS Ziggler down! Rey headbutts Ziggler away, BOOTS Roode, then adjusts to leap, SEATED SENTON! Both men are down and fans fire up! Rey crawls, Ziggler grabs a foot, but Rey ENZIGURIS Ziggler away! Roode tags in, and he hurries to get Rey’s foot! Roode drags Rey away, then DECKS Dom! Roode scoops Rey, carries him around, but Rey swings to TORNADO DDT Roode down! Hot tag to Dom! Dom goes up, he leaps, CROSSBODY! Then he dodges Roode, RANAS Roode, and runs in, but is put o the apron.

Dom HOTSHOTS Roode, fires up and slingshot sentons! Dom then gets around Roode to NECKBREAKER! Cover, Ziggler breaks it! Ziggler swings, Dom gets around, CUTTER! Rey leaps but Ziggler avoids it! Roode gives Dom a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Miz says that’s Dom’s inexperience, he should remember to keep his head on a swivel. Roode gets Dom up, but Dom slips out of the DDT to roll Roode up! TWO!! Dom drop toeholds Roode to ropes! 619 from Dom! Dom goes up, FROG SPLASH! Cover, Mysterios win!

Winners: The Mysterios, by pinfall

SUPERKICK from Ziggler to Dom! Rey chases Ziggler, Miz BODIES Rey! Then SKULL CRUSHING FINALE to the floor! Miz gets his shot in, and then he TAKES REY’S MASK!! The ultimate disrespect from the ultimate glory hog! Will he and Logan Paul do just as awful to the Mysterios at WrestleMania?


Seth Rollins talks with management.

He’s almost still laughing as he says Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville are of course trying to shut him up. They know what he wants: the biggest spotlight possible at WrestleMania! It doesn’t matter if it’s night one or night two, he wants it! Pearce tells him disrupting the show like a lunatic won’t get him what he wants. And what will? Relying on these two buffoons for anything? Sonya says they understand he’s frustrated. But they gave him a chance to beat Kevin Owens and replace him, but he failed. Pearce says we can all calm down, and maybe there is something they can do. Rollins laughs and leaves, but will management be able to find him anything? Will they want to?


The Miz talks on the phone backstage.

He and Maryse are both giddy over what he just did. The mask came right off! The easiest thing he’s ever done! But Kevin Patrick interrupts and Miz does the “No I love you more” with Maryse before hanging up. KP asks why Miz did that to Rey, and Miz says that KP may not know this, but as a child, Logan Paul was a huge Mysterio fan. Logan’s always wanted a Mysterio mask of his own. But as the saying goes, never meet your heroes. Logan found out Rey was a jerk, and that Dom is even worse. The Mysterios have shown Miz and Logan nothing but disrespect, and have done nothing but try to humiliate them! But Miz didn’t try, he DID humiliate Rey!

Miz goes Hamlet and says, ‘To humiliate, or not to humiliate. To humiliate the Mysterios!” The Most Must-See Tag Team will beat them at WrestleMania! And Logan, this is all for you! And Miz dares Logan to wear it next week! BOOYAKA BOOYAKA! But will this disrespect not go unpunished before WrestleMania?


2v1 Handicap Match: Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez VS Omos!

The Pride of Nigeria and his personal bodyguard have already been dominated by this mountain of a man 1v1, but will working together be what topples him? Or will Omos reach another level of unstoppable?

Raw returns and Apollo & Azeez make their entrance. They flank the ring, Omos goes after Azeez but he gets away and Apollo dropkicks Omos in the back! Omos stay sup, but then Azeez anchors a foot! Omos still shoves Apollo away, then he grabs Azeez by the hair! Apollo ENZIGURIS Omos, and Azeez drags Omos down to fire off haymakers! But Omos choke grips! Apollo runs in but into another choke grip! Azeez clubs free, kicks low and fires off forearms Omos UPPERCUTS and Azeez wobbles! Omos choke grips Apollo, but Azeez POSTS Omos! Omos staggers, Apollo gets in the ring and he wants the bell!

The ref says they have to wait for Omos. Omos gets up, palms Apollo’s head like a basketball and shoves him away! Omos gets in the ring, he shouts at the ref for the bell and the bell sounds! This is finally official and Apollo runs in, into a BOOT! Apollo tags Azeez in, and Azeez circles with Omos again. Omos tells the punk to show him something! Azeez runs in, Omos dodges and then scoops! He carries Azeez around and then SLAMS Azeez down! Apollo leaps but into Omos’ arms! Omos laughs as he pops Apollo up to a fireman’s carry and TOSS! Azeez runs in again, into a ROUNDHOUSE!!

Omos drags Apollo up, shows him what happened to Azeez, and says it is Apollo’s fault! Azeez tries to get up but Omos TWO HAND SLAMS Apollo down right next to him! Omos stacks these two, covers them, and wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

There’s just no way Omos is merely human! And he gets a mic to say, “It doesn’t matter how big they are. It doesn’t matter how many of them there are. All that means is I am undefeated and I am unstoppable! And anybody who has the BALLS to step up against me, whether it’s Monday Night Raw or WrestleMania, they are all gonna be dominated!” Will Omos prove his supreme dominance time and time again?


AJ Styles is back!

After being gone for weeks because of what Edge did to him, the Phenomenal One returns! And he’ll respond to the Rated R Superstar’s ramblings, after the break!

Raw returns and Styles looks at the WrestleMania sign. Styles has the mic to say, “Chicago.” Fans fire up and chant his name. Styles continues to say that for the past two weeks, he’s been missing out on stuff like this. He’s been at home, nursing an injury. He had nothing but time on his hands. And if you have enough time on your hands, it can be a dangerous thing. Styles watched that clip of what Edge did to him with that chair over, and over, and over again, tot he point where he was going crazy! Styles didn’t want to be around his wife and kids, he just wanted to be alone. And lo and behold, who’s on TV but Edge?

Edge has his mood lighting and his mouth is spewing nonsense as he answers, “Why?” But Styles doesn’t care why. He isn’t here to ask why or to get answers. He’s here to kick Edge’s teeth down his throat! Styles says Edge wanted the Pitbull, so he’ll get him! But why wait until WrestleMania?! Edge can come out now and get what’s coming to him! “Be a man and get out here!” Styles paces and waits, but when Edge doesn’t show, Styles calls him a coward! But wait! Here comes Seth Rollins! The Visionary has a mic again and he joins Styles in the ring. Fans chant “Cody!” at him but Rollins has that simmer down. Rumors are fun, but they don’t make moments! And Rollins is living for W WrestleMania moment!

Styles tells Rollins to “cut the crap” and get to what he wants. Rollins says he’s here because like everyone else, he is concerned about Styles’ health and safety. After what Edge did to Styles, is Styles physically and emotionally capable of fighting Edge at WrestleMania? Rollins has a proposition. Styles should go home to his wife and kids, hug them close, get 100%, and come back after WrestleMania. Let Rollins do what he should’ve done in Hell in a Cell and end Edge’s career on the Grandest Stage of Them All! Because THAT is a moment worthy of Seth Freakin’ Rollins! Think about it, Styles.

No, he doesn’t have to think about it. Styles won’t let Rollins take his spot. So long as he can walk, Styles will be at WrestleMania facing Edge. Oh, so as long as he’s able to walk, hmm? So if for some unfortunate reason, Styles got taken out, Rollins could have the spot? Styles sees what this is. This is what Rollins tried to do to Kevin. Rollins admits it sounds pretty great to him. What about it, Chicago? Rollins VS Styles, winner takes on Edge at WrestleMania! Desperate times call for desperate measures! And Rollins is running outta options! Styles says Rollins comes out, dressed like an idiot, and also delusional. Styles is NOT giving up his spot at WrestleMania.

But y’know what? Styles will do what Rollins couldn’t. Styles will destroy Edge, and then we can get back to this. How does that sound? Adam Pearce walks out, and Sonya is also here. Rollins doesn’t want them raining on his parade! But he’s been talking about getting a WrestleMania moment, and they talked it over. Rollins will get one last chance. If he can defeat AJ Styles tonight, he will replace AJ Styles at WrestleMania! Rollins is fired up but Styles is furious, much like Kevin Owens last week! So Styles DECKS Rollins and rains down fists! Rollins bails out and gets back up the ramp, laughing all the way!

Rollins has one more opportunity to go to WrestleMania, but will he win it this time? Or will Styles beat him, just as Kevin Owens did last week?


Queen Zelina finds Carmella backstage.

But Mella is too busy on her phone. What’s up, girl? Uh, what’s up is Mella’s total lack of focus just two weeks away from WrestleMania! They’re supposed to have each other’s backs, but all Mella can do is focus on herself. Mella says Zelina needs to stop freaking out. Mella is focused on Mania. It might be Vega not watching Mella’s back while Mella has very important things going on in her life. Well, Vega is doing enough work for the both of then. Mella is too busy with her wedding and her stupid little reality YouTube show! Their titles are on the line in a FATAL 4 WAY!!

Yes, Mella knows how those work. Four teams competing at once, the champs don’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose the belts. Blah, blah, blah. Vega snatches the phone and throws it away! Is the “ugly bridezilla” seriously not taking this seriously? Uh, that phone cost more than that tacky dollar store crown on the little hobbit’s head!! And then Mella SLAPS Vega! Vega takes off the crown, to fire off on Mella! They’re brawling and security rushes over to stop it! How are these two supposed to retain their titles when they’re at each other’s throats?!


AJ Styles barges into the management office.

What are they doing?! Why are they risking Styles’ match with Edge because Rollins is crying like a child? And don’t waste your breath explaining, Pearce sucks at this. And Styles hasn’t exactly heard good things about Sonya, either. Styles will beat Rollins and keep his WrestleMania moment.


Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley VS Shayna Baszler & Natalya!

Speaking of that coming WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match, #Liv4Brutality is in action again, looking to settle things with the Queen of Spades & Queen of Harts after what happened on SmackDown! Will Liv & Rhea make Shayna & Natty pay for raising the stakes? Or will someone #TapNapOrSnap to these submission specialists?

Raw returns and the Queens make their entrances. The teams sort out, Shayna starts against Rhea. They circle, tie up, and Rhea gets around to waistlock and slam! Shayna fights up, pries free and bends Rhea’s arm around to a double wristlock! But Rhea scoops and SLAMS free of it! Rhea drags Shayna back up, but Shayna swings on Rhea. Rhea blocks to ROCK Shayna, but Shayna hits back! Shayna fires off strikes, kicks but the knee misses! Rhea HEADBUTTS, then runs to dropkick! Fans fire up with Rhea and she atomic FACEBUSTERS! Tag to Liv, and Liv runs to get a boost from Rhea, SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Liv drags Shayna up but Shayna wrenches the arm and drags Liv over. Tag to Natty, the Queens mug Liv, and then Natty whips Liv to a corner. Liv goes up and over and rolls back, then RANAS Natty down! Natty ends up in a corner, SHINING WIZARD from Liv! Liv shoves Natty down, Shayna storms over but Liv swipes at her! Shayna stays back, Natty gets Liv for a rebounds SIT-DOWN! Tag to Shayna, Natty steps on then basement dropkicks Liv! Shayna KNEES Liv down, cover, TWO! Liv survives but Shayna has a top wristlock. Shayna twists the wrist, focuses on the elbow, but Liv endures.

Wait, Mella storms out to ringside? She complains to Corey Graves about Vega, and Graves does his best to calm her down. Shayna ignores this while she keeps on Liv, but Liv fights up and arm-drags free! Liv runs, but Shayna keeps her from Rhea! Tag to Natty while Shayna throws hands, Liv fights back, throws Shayna out and BOOTS Natty down! Liv hurries over to the corner, but Shayna trips Rhea off the apron! Natty gets in but Liv cradles her, TWO! DISCUS from Natty! Natty hurries to tag Shayna, and the Queens drag Liv up. They coordinate, HART ATTACK! Cover, the Queens win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Natalya, by pinfall

Rhea rushes in but Shayna & Natty bail out! Mella complete missed the point of the match in the ring, but then Vega gets in to CLOBBER Rhea with her scepter! And then Mella RAMS Shayna into the apron! And ROCKS Natty, to whip her into steps! Mella dodges to FABULOUS KICK Shayna down! Mella and Vega stare down in the ring, but they realize they actually took care of everyone else. So they hug and make up! The champions are refocused, but will they still be able to defy the 25% odds?


WWE has a medical update on Bianca Belair.

Given Becky Lynch’s attack that involved a chair around Bianca’s neck, The EST has a fractured hyoid bone in her throat, and has been ruled out of action for an unspecified amount of time. Does this put her WrestleMania match with Becky in question? Speaking of…

Becky Lynch is here!

The Man has her Raw Women’s Championship and the chair that damaged Bianca, as well as somewhere between Tron and something Charlotte Flair wore not too long ago for an outfit. But what will #BigTimeBecks have to say about the roughEST attack she committed just last week? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Becky has taken a seat in the chair. She also has a mic to say, “There’s a question that I ask myself a lot. Maybe you ask it, too, but your minds don’t think in symphonies like mine does. ‘What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose is soul?'” Well first, what does it mean to even gain the world? To a lot of people, that can mean different things. Becky’s answer was about eight months ago, when she first faced Bianca at SummerSlam. But she’ll come back to that because it was 15 long months that Becky went without holding the belt. Not because anyone had beaten her for it, no. No one has beaten her for a title in three YEARS.

No, Becky was forced to give up the belt. Every day that went by grew more and more painful and agonizing. When the time came, Becky knew she’d do everything it took to get back Her Precious. “So what does it profit a man? It profits him this! The only thing that matters inside and outside the confines of these ropes! For this is everything I am. I am power, I am glory, I am the prize at the top of the mountain!” This is Becky’s world. When she came back, and all of us chose Bianca over her, that is when Becky knew! That is when she knew that she would sell her soul to keep the title.

Becky wants Bianca to know, she doesn’t have what it takes to beat Becky! Whip her with that hair, scar Becky’s body, crush her throat, but Becky will crush her worse. Bianca didn’t mean to damage Becky, but Becky meant to damage her, and that’s the difference! Eye for an eye, throat for a throat! And last week, Becky said she would come for the hair. But Bianca’s not here. Maybe that’s because Becky hospitalized Bianca like Bianca did her. Or maybe that if Becky takes the thing that means the most to Bianca, Bianca’s hair, crown, identity, that she will lose a part of her soul.

“Bianca, you don’t wanna lose your souls. I’ve already sold mine.” And Becky will sell it every day of the week and twice on Mondays if it means keeping the title on her shoulder! So then, Bianca. Becky will ask you: What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? Becky will show Bianca and everyone at WrestleMania, if Bianca makes it. The Man has said her piece, but how, and where, will Bianca respond?


Backstage interview with Austin Theory.

What is his reaction to Pat McAfee’s “apology” on SmackDown? Theory doesn’t care if Pat wasn’t sincere or not. He’s just a dumb jock! But he did do something smart: he apologized and kept his job. Smart man. But while Pat had a great NFL career, he has no business getting in the ring with Theory. Theory’s mentor, Mr. Vince McMahon, will see Theory beat Pat at WrestleMania. Theory could even get Pat fired as a commentator! Well, then how has Theory prepared for tonight’s match with Finn Balor? Theory has so many selfies of a knocked out Balor in his phone, Theory’s running out of storage! But he might have room for just one more on HIS road to WrestleMania!

Since Theory is WrestleMania bound, Finn knows what it is: A Town Down! But will it be Theory who is down on the mat this close to his showdown with Pat McAfee?


Veer is finally coming!

April 4th, the Raw after the most stupendous WrestleMania Weekend, the Million Dollar Arm finally arrives! But who will this lion on the hunt choose to go after first?


Finn Balor VS Austin Theory!

Raw returns and the WWE United States Champion makes his entrance. But then we’re getting a special guest commentator? It’s PAT MCAFEE! Theory is furious but what does he expect given all the visits he’s made to SmackDown? The bell rings, Theory ties up with Finn and Finn waistlocks. Theory elbows out and headlocks but Finn powers out. Theory runs Finn over but Finn gets up while Theory is shouting at Pat. Pat tells him to shut up, and Finn rolls Theory up! TWO and Theory kicks Finn low! Theory throws forearms, then puts Finn against ropes for shots to the back.

Theory whips Finn but Finn reverses. Theory sunset flips but Finn rolls through to basement dropkick! Finn KICKS Theory at the ropes, stomps him down, but Theory falls out of the ring. Fans fire up, Pat creeps over and mocks Theory’s pain. Theory is mad, Pat does windmilling “SUCK IT” chops! Theory is furious, Finn SHOTGUNS Theory into barriers! Pat does a Finn Freeze, and he gets Too Sweets from Finn! The fans fire up and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Theory has a rear bearhug. He squeezes and thrashes Finn to the mat, but Finn endures while fans rally up. Pat leaves commentary again to drum the apron and rally the fans more. Theory is distracted, Finn fights up, and Finn pries free, only for Theory to knee low. Theory puts Finn in a corner but Finn BOOTS back! Finn rallies with forearms, whips but Theory reverses, only to get a FLYING FOREARM! Finn then trips Theory and DOUBLE STOMPS! Pat gets ideas for what he’ll do to Theory, as Finn runs in and CHOPS Theory in the corner! Finn whips corner to corner, but Theory blocks!

Theory kicks Finn out literally, then he bumps Finn off the desk! Theory says this will be Pat at Mania! But Finn blocks and body shots to smack Theory off the desk! Again and again! Pat says hell yeah that’ll be him! FInn puts Theory in to SLINGBLADE! And then SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Theory hits buckles and falls into the drop zone! Fans fire up as Finn goes up! COUP DE- NO! Theory dodges, cradles, TWO!! Finn escapes, but Theory CLOBBERS him! Theory rains down fists, Pat gets on the apron to shout at Theory! Theory snarls, Pat jumps away and the fans fire up for “PAT! PAT!” Theory drags Finn up, fireman’s carry, but Finn slips off to KICK!

Finn KICKS Theory more, then gets around to dragon sleeper. Theory powers through, fisherman hooks the leg, AOI SHODOU! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and Pat is fired up again! Theory snarls, tells Pat to watch this, and he goes to the apron. But Pat distracts him again! The ref warns Pat but Pat just says he’ll stay over here. Theory slingshots, but Finn catches him in a cradle! FINN WINS!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Theory is furious but Pat and Finn are celebrating! Will Theory go complain to Vince McMahon about this? Will Vince just chalk it up to, “Expect the unexpected?”



The Raw Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania will now be a TRIPLE THREAT! The Street Profits get their shot, but so does the Alpha Academy! And speaking of…

RKBRO VS The Alpha Academy!

The tables have turned and now the Viper and Stallion will be in a match that doesn’t mathematically favor them. But will they prove they still have the number of Chad Gable & Otis here 2v2? Or is this the chance for Gable & Otis to win it all back #ForTheAcademy?

Raw returns and the Academy makes their entrance. Gable has the mic and he of course says, “SHOOOOSH! Shoosh, please. So that I can explain that what you witnessed us do last week was called retribution.” Gable knows the crime rate is much higher than the literacy rate in Chicago, so he’ll spell this out for the dumdums! That means they got vengeance for being wronged. And believe him when he says RKBRO committed a wrong when they accepted a title match with anyone other than the Academy. Luckily, vengeance was served! You can’t get one over on Master Gable and his big, beautiful brain.

Especially when Gable is standing next to this tree trunk of a man, his greatest student, Otis! Step aside, Batman, this is the new face of vengeance! They get in the ring now, and Gable says RKBRO messed things up making it a Triple Threat. But the Academy will prevail, and it will be the most stupendous night when they walk out the Raw Tag Team Champions. A THANK YEW~! The teams sort out, Orton starts with Gable and fans fire up as the two tie up. Gable wrenches, hammerlocks, headlocks, then wrenches to wristlock. Orton endures but Gable steps over to wrench the arm more.

Orton fights up, wrenches out and EuroUppers Gable down! Tag to Riddle, they work together for an ASSISTED FLOATING BRO! Cover, ONE! Gable uppercuts Riddle, and BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES, with a bridging cover! TWO, but Gable tags Otis in. Gable tackles Riddle and has the legs, catapult into Otis’ BODY BLOCK! Fans boo while Otis roars, and Otis stomps Riddle down. Otis tags Gable back in, Gable bumps Riddle off buckles. Gable fires off forearms, whips corner to corner, but Riddle goes up and over and spins Gable for a PELE! Riddle handsprings, runs in and forearm smashes, then he DECKS Otis!

Riddle gets Gable for a BROSPLODER! The Academy regroup but Riddle goes out. Gable blocks the Penalty Kick to trip Riddle! Then Otis POUNCES Riddle to barriers! Fans boo but the Academy stands tall as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Riddle runs into a ROLLING ELBOW! Gable chickens wings, but Riddle victory rolls through! TWO, Riddle DECKS Otis! Riddle dodges Gable, hot tag to Orton! Orton rallies on Gable, dodge sand POWERSLAMS! Fans fire up and Orton puts Gable through ropes! But Otis hurries up, only for Orton to fire off on him! Orton climbs up the corner to CLUB away on Otis’ back, then he DECKS Otis! But Gable HOTSHOTS Orton back! Only for Orton to KICK him in the ropes! Orton has Gable back in position, DRAPING DDT! Fans fire up and Orton hears those voices!

Orton waits on Gable, but Gable powers out! Tag to Riddle, Gable gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Orton !Orton staggers up, Gable clotheslines him out! Gable turns around, ducks the roundhouse and waistlocks to put Riddle in a corner! CHAOS THEORY!! But Riddle slips out!? FINAL FLASH, to a gut wrench! BRO DEREK!! Cover, RKBRO wins!

Winners: RKBRO, by pinfall

But Otis RAMS Orton into barriers, and then gets in to CLOBBER Riddle! The Dozer does not care that they lost the match, he’s going to ensure they have the edge going into the title match! Otis has Riddle in a drop zone, then he goes up top, but here come the STRET PROFITS! They DUMP Otis out, whip Gable and hit a FLAPJACK DDT!! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins help Riddle up, and Riddle is thankful, but he gets the ANOINTING! And then Ford goes up, and comes in FROM THE HEAVENS! The Profits are wearing Chicago Bulls style jerseys, are they going to have a Jordan style performance at WrestleMania?


WWE shares a digital exclusive.

Dana Brooke says it is thanks to Reggie that she is still WWE 24/7 Champion. Well maybe it was their good luck kiss? Yeah, Dana did feel a little inspired. But wait! Akira Tozawa drops in while sliding down a pole! Reggie wants Tozawa to wait, but Tozawa says Dana cheated! Dana cheated the woman of Tozawa’s dreams out of that title! No she didn’t! But then Tamina attacks from behind! A brawl ensues, Dana manages to put Tamina into a trunk but Tamina knocks her down! R-Truth pushes Tamina aside but Tamina keep shim from covering! Reggie shoves Tozawa into Tamina and then he gets Dana outta there!

Tamina and Tozawa are down on the ground together, and Tozawa asks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Tamina grabs him by the face, and says, “Yeah. You let them get away!!” Tamina denies Tozawa a kiss now, but will he earn a kiss in tonight’s rematch?

Tornado Mixed Tag Match: Dana Brooke & Reggie VS Tamina & Akira Tozawa!

No more need for tagging in or out, what happens when these two very different pairs of love birds battle it out with no limitations?

Raw returns and Tamina & Tozawa make their entrance. The bell rings and Dana and Reggie combine! They want to do a game of chicken! But Tozawa can’t lift Tamina… So instead, Tozawa gets on Tamina’s shoulders! They tie up like this, Dana SLAPS Tozawa! Tamina kicks Reggie! Reggie drops, so Dana kicks Tamina! Tozawa falls on his face, then staggers up into Reggie’s kick! Reggie and Dana double whip Tozawa into Tamina! Dana then handspring back elbows them together! Tozawa falls first, but then Tamina falls head first into Tozawa’s ninja stars! Dana then KICKS Tamina out of the ring!

Reggie hits the 450 SEATED SENTON! Cover, Reggie & Dana win!

Winners: Dana Brooke & Reggie, by pinfall

Dana mocks Tozawa’s pain, then dances with Reggie. Tamina drags Tozawa out of the ring. He can’t really walk, so Tamina carries him away. Will they make a comeback and get that title from Dana somehow?


Raw has BIG plans for next week!

After the utter disrespect The Miz showed Rey Mysterio, the A-Lister and King of Lucha will go 1v1 before the tag match at WrestleMania! And speaking of tag matches, after the Profits went hard on RKBRO and the Alpha Academy, Ford & Dawkins take on Gable & Otis days before the Raw Tag title match! Plus, the four teams in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 will go 4v4! 8 Woman Tag of Liv, Rhea, Sasha Banks & Naomi VS Shayna, Natty, Mella & Vega! Will the teams be able to coexist? Which side comes away with the momentum going into the most stupendous WrestleMania Weekend ever?


AJ Styles VS Seth Rollins!

This is it! Either the Visionary beats the Phenomenal One and takes away his showdown with Edge, or there is absolutely NOTHING for Rollins at WrestleMania! Will the Pitbull inside Styles take a bite out of Rollins? Or will Rollins get a chance at redemption from Crown Jewel?

Raw returns and Rollins makes his entrance. The bell rings and fans sing Rollins’ theme as he circles with Styles. They tie up but Rollins slips away to soak up the admiration. Rollins and Styles tie up again and Styles wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Rollins rolls, handsprings, breaks free, and does Scott Hall fingers at Styles. They circle again, tie up, and Styles headlocks now. Styles grinds Rollins, Rollins powers up but Styles holds tight. Rollins fights up, throws Styles away and then dodges. Things speed up. Rollins goes the other way to redirect Styles and SLINGBLADE! Fans are torn as Rollins paces around.

Rollins brings Styles up, underhooks, but no Pedigree as Styles back drops free! Styles runs corner to corner but Rollins dodges! Rollins runs in but Styles throws him out and Rollins hits apron! Styles aims and slingshots, FLYING FOREARM! Rollins is down and fans fire up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Rollins has Styles in a cravat neck wrench. Rollins grinds Styles down but fans rally as Styles endures. Rollins tells Styles this isn’t personal, it’s WrestleMania. Styles fights up, reaches out, but Rollins keeps him from ropes. Styles throws body shots, but Rollins KNEE Styles down! Rollins gets Styles up, back suplexes, but Styles lands on his feet! Styles CHOPS and CHOPS and whips, but Rollins kicks, only for Styles to block! Styles CLUBS the leg, KNEES the knee, and hits a DRAGON SCREW! Rollins goes to a corner, Styles storms over, but Rollins throws haymakers!

Styles runs back in, but Rollins dodges and Styles COLLIDES with buckles! Styles flops out of the ring, the count begins! The count is 5 of 10, Styles drags himself up at 7, hobbles over at 8 and gets in at 9! Rollins stomps Styles at the ropes but the ref counts. Rollins drags Styles up to hit a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Rollins grows frustrated but he stalks Styles to a corner. Rollins CHOPS Styles now, then CHOPS him again! Styles falls over, fans cheer and jeer, but Rollins gets Styles up to the top rope backwards, Tree of Woe! Rollins runs corner to corner, HESITATION DROPKICK! Rollins drags Styles to a cover, TWO!

Styles is dazed but somehow he survives. Rollins is annoyed, he pushes Styles’ hand away, then tells him this is HIS WrestleMania moment! But Styles hits back with counter punches! Styles fires off more haymakers, but Rollins knees low! Rollins whips corner to corner, but Styles BOOTS him back! Styles goes out, springboards, but Rollins trips him up! Styles takes another tumble out of the ring, and Rollins builds speed! DIVE! Direct hit and Styles hits the desk! Rollins looks to the WrestleMania sign with wild eyes and a smile as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again and Rollins again has Styles in a cravat neck wrench. Styles endures and fights up again but Rollins headbutts him and throws elbows! Fans boo but Rollins tells Styles that this isn’t personal! Rollins actually likes Styles! He wants Styles to go home to his family! Rollins SLAPS Styles down, then slaps him more! Rollins says he needs this then he slaps Styles again! Styles SLAPS and SLAPS and forearms Rollins back! Rollins throws just as many forearms back, but Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! LARIAT! Fans fire up as Styles hits a SLIDING FOREARM!

Rollins gets to a corner and Styles runs in, BIG forearm smash, to USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Rollins survives but Styles keeps his cool. Styles gets himself back up, brings Rollins around and reels him in. But Rollins jackknifes, TWO!! Styles dodges to CHOP and atomic FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Styles and Rollins are both down, Chicago says “This is Awesome!” Styles gets up, drags Rollins up and reels him in, but Rollins slips out! Rollins spins Styles to ROLLING ELBOW! Then a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Rollins gets to a corner, he aims as Styles rises, but Styles catches the stomp for a-

NO! No bomb as Rollins ranas through! TWO, and Styles sunset flips, TWO! Rollins high stacks, TWO, to a deadlift, but Styles fights the buckle bomb to snap suplex into buckles! Both men are down in the corner and fans rally up. Styles drags himself up, he steps over Rollins and goes up the corner. But Rollins gets up to ROCK Styles first! Styles sits on the corner, Rollins climbs up to join him. Rollins goes to the very top but Styles resists! Styles knocks Rollins down, adjusts, but Rollins gets right up top! Styles slips out and trips Rollins! Then torture rack, for a TOWER HACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Both men are down but stirring. Styles gets up first, he goes to a corner and aims from the apron! Springboard, PHENOMENAL SUPERKICK! Rollins gets Styles out of midair, then gets him up for a BUCKLE BOMB! Rollins goes up top, looks to the sign, FROG SPLASH onto knees!! Both men are down again as Styles saves himself! Styles resets on the apron, Rollins rushes over, but Styles ROCKS him with a forearm! But then someone SMACKS Styles with a chair!! It’s EDGE!!

Winner: AJ Styles, by disqualification; will still face Edge at WrestleMania 38

The Rated R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist, SMACKS Styles with the chair again! He not only robbed his enemy Rollins of a WrestleMania moment, he just ensured his WrestleMania opponent in Styles is still not 100%! Two birds, one chair shot! Rollins is livid, understandably, and he starts throwing things around ringside! He snatches a mic from Mike Rome and gets up on the desk to vent. “This! Is! BULLSH*T!!” Rollins says next week, Raw will not happen unless Rollins gets what he deserves! He WILL have his WrestleMania moment!

Rollins keeps shouting BS and fans chant for “CODY! CODY!” as Rollins tarts ripping at the ringside barrier! Rollins even tips over the announce desk, the steel steps, and he pulls off part of the LED casing on a corner post! Rollins’ rage finally quiets, but will it reignite on the last Raw before WrestleMania?

My Thoughts:

This was a pretty great Raw. For one, what a great little swerve from Kevin Owens pretending to be Steve Austin. He kept character the whole time, maybe even for when that guy failed to throw him beer cans. Well, that could’ve been Kevin’s honest feelings, too, but it still worked. The Mysterios get a tag win to keep up momentum on Raw, though the Dirty Dawgs taking the loss makes me think RawDown needs to expand by at least one tag team each. Dawgs could have just been left out while they’re also part of NXT and that other team could’ve taken the loss. But the main thing was, Miz snatching away Rey’s mask was to get him more heat. Chances are, Logan really does wear that mask for next week’s go-home.

Omos gets another win but I say again, is this really doing Omos any good? He’s becoming the strongest superstar without a title. And honestly, why doesn’t he already have a title? Realistically speaking, his undefeated singles streak should have put him in the US Championship story a long time ago. But then, Finn probably wouldn’t have the title. Finn had a very good match with Theory, but Pat McAfee showing up was also a great part of it. I was hoping Pat would visit Raw like this, and he helps Finn win over Theory, but let’s just hope the story doesn’t become Finn having to defend that title against a lot of people as punishment. Actually, maybe it should. Finn winning a big match would be great for him. But I just fear that it would be Vince’s way (kayfabe and shoot) of getting that title off Finn.

I really like what we got out of the RawDown Women’s Tag Division. Vega and Mella brawling backstage was a bit premature of the tensions I was hoping would boil over, but of course they only tease it to have these two patch things up on the same night. Rhea & Liv VS Shayna & Natty was great stuff, and at least we got a decision before Mella & Vega attacked everyone. The 8 Woman Tag will be a lot of fun, but I feel like the Heels win to have the go-home math say the champs lose. At least, I hope so. That tension tease tonight, the fact there are three other teams, Mella and Vega really should have a story against each other.

Veer finally has a date! At this point, of course they’re waiting until after WrestleMania. For his sake, let’s hope he doesn’t get Dan Matha’d. The 24/7 Division has become an extension of the NXThirst we see on Tuesdays, but there’s still good chemistry and comedy in the segments. I was hoping that the co-ed nature of the Tornado Mixed Tag was going to lead to Tozawa taking the title off Dana, and then literally lying down for Tamina to give the title to her. Becky had a very good promo, though part of it was based on her social media post from when her throat got injured. But I suppose that’s the poetic justice off her promo. Hopefully Bianca’s injury is just kayfabe and they’re using it so Bianca has a “miraculous” return to then have her Mania match and title win.

We got a great segment out of the Raw Tag Team Championship picture. Another Triple Threat has been made so WWE is really going hard for this WrestleMania season. RKBRO VS Academy was great stuff, great win for RKBRO and what a way for the Profits to show off their new aggression. But wow, that Flapjack DDT is nuts, I almost thought Gable got hurt there. Profits VS Academy is going to be a good go-home match, and there will be a lot of telling signs in the go-home math there for who wins at Mania.

And last but not least, in a rehash that was actually creative, Rollins tries to take away Styles’ moment while also going after his old foe, Edge. Great promos from Rollins and Styles, as well as interactions with management, and naturally a phenomenal match. Edge attacking was actually brilliant stuff. It’s exactly what Heel Edge, whether now or in the past, would’ve done. We still get Edge VS Styles, and Rollins got to throw one heck of a tantrum. Haven’t seen someone rip up the post casing like that before, so that was cool. And Rollins wanting to hijack the go-home episode next week, that will definitely be a great moment to set up Rollins’ real Mania moment <cough> Cody Rhodes </cough>.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 6.30.2022

The Go Home to Against All Odds with the main event of Battle of the Futures Redux! TNA vibes and hype in the Asylum!



Against All Odds is tomorrow, and the one thing IMPACT has excelled with are the quick turnaround angles. Plus we also HOPEFULLY get a real finish to the Battle of the Futures 2022 edition. Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin have a main event that could definitely be something special.


  • Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey: Trey wins via Meteora – ***
  • Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw: Gisele wins via Knee Strike – ** ¼
  • Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace: Jordynne wins via Muscle Buster – **
  • IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More: Karl retains via Roll Up – ** ½
  • Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne: Ace wins via The Fold – ** ¾
  • Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley: Sabin wins via Cradle Shock – *****



Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey

Early on the smaller men gang up on Maclin, which of course is the smart thing to do. Trey and Bey trade a few shots, Laredo tries to interject himself but Maclin comes back in and starts taking over. Wipes out most of the guys then they start trickling in for pinfall saves and each guy chopping at the bigger man. Trey does however go for a John Woo, misses and Tree of Woes himself to set up for Maclin’s Caught in the Crosshairs corner spear.

Action continues to be pretty fluid, Trey takes out Maclin, Bey looks for an Asai Moonsault, but turns it into the 5 Hole Dive that MCMG do when Laredo Kid dives through Bey’s legs. Then Bey hits the Asai Moonsault and Bey brings Laredo into the ring and tries to find a winning angle. Pop Up Cutter from Bey, but Trey saves it. A little back and forth, Trey goes to the top, misses the Meteora, but lands on his feet and manages a Running Meteora for the pinfall victory.

Trey beat Speedball before Slammiversary, so Speedball has some payback in his mind.

Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood are at the commentary desk for this match since Gisele did offer to fill in for an injured Madison for the Knockouts Tag rematch.

Rosemary controls Gisele early and then bends her backwards and bites her forehead. Gisele almost starts taking back over, but then Rosemary gets out of a headlock the Crazzy Steve way. Rosemary takes some control early until Gisele powders and tries to find a way back into the match. Commercial break brings us to Gisele taking Rosemary’s head off with a Lariat.

Now Gisele is in control, throws Rosemary into a corner and starts pandering for a photo op and posturing to The Influence. Gisele strings together a lot of corner attacks, whips her into the corner again and lays her out with a Flying European Uppercut. Gisele tries to hit the knee in the back of the head, but Rosemary moves and starts her comeback. Big Suplex from the corner and Rosemary keeps her down for 2. Rosemary is in control until Gisele hits and Oscutter out of nowhere for 2. Reverse DDT from Rosemary for another near fall and then The Influence is on the move. They ambush Taya, Rosemary tries to go for her Spear anyway and Shaw kills Rosemary with a great Knee Strike. Rosemary is out, Gisele wins.

A small beat down, and then The Influence pause in the ring for a little, before posing with Gisele and seemingly giving their mark of approval on her being in The Influence now.

Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace

Savannah bulldozes Jordynne into the corner, but the power game is pretty even here. Savannah has some height, but Jordynne is quicker. Jordynne manages to turn the tables on Savannah, up and over in the corner and whips her into the ropes while setting up behind her causing Evans to trip and fall. Savannah powders, Jordynne tries to break up the discussion, but after a quick flurry, Savannah hits an Apron Chokeslam and takes over.

After some back and forth, Jordynne takes back over and then Muscle Buster on Savannah Evans and its over!

IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More

Karl and Vincent start things off, and corner to corner we see the Machine Gun in control, but a thumb to the eyes and quick strike give Vincent the chance to tag in PCO. French Canadian Frankenstein starts beating on Karl, throws him into the ropes, Vincent kicks him and it just pisses off Karl. But Karl getting distracted gives PCO the ambush chance and Karl is just getting rocked. Vincent tagged back in, quick strikes including a corner Facewash with the elbow, sliding Flatliner and PCO is back in.

PCO goes Splash into dropping DDT before hitting the middle rope Guillotine Leg Drop. LG has gotten no action while Karl is getting killed. Deanimator set up looks to take out Karl even further, and it hits! Vincent tags in, and finally Anderson Spinebuster gets LG a hot tag. Big Boot takes out PCO on the apron, Superkick and flying Big Man flattens Vincent, tag to Karl, Magic Killer set up…but PCO with the save. Satellite Russian Leg Sweep from Vincent, RedRUM misses and Karl scoops the Small Package for the win.

Immediately Honor No More attacks. Chris Harris slides in and Honor No More choose to jaw and tease him instead of attacking immediately. HEATH’s music hits before they can attack Harris, and he comes loaded with pipes. Harris and Heath lay out Honor No More with pipes, Wake Up Call from Heath, Pump Kick, Gun Stun and then only Taven is left. Last Call Superkick sends Taven to sleep.

Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne

Zayne tries to start immediately, but Ace takes a page from the Jay White book and powders right away. Ace stays a step ahead until a nice Flipping Bodyscissors out of the corner keeps Ace rolling and eating some kicks. Ace tries a top corner move and Zayne flips into a Headscissors for the advantage before commercial. Coming back Ace is in control after driving Zayne into the post.

Ace and Zayne trade, we see Zayne finally get the best of the situations. Cinnamon Twist or Crunchwrap Supreme are hinted at, but Ace rolls away. Zayne tries to get Ace in position for his Taco Driver, but Ace has all the answers. Big kicks and strikes, Ace goes for the Outside/In Avalanche Headscissors, but Zayne mostly flips the through it, but eats a Triangle Kick for his attempted counter. The Fold – gets countered with a Sauce Trigger! Ace powders, Moonsauce to take out Bey and Ace, but Bey grabs his foot before he can get back in, Ace keeps the referee distracted…THE FOLD as soon as Zayne is back in the ring and Bullet Club wins!

Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

If this is as good as I anticipate…I may forget how to type. So fair warning if I get sucked in, this could be a short review.

We saw both men had a plan, Sabin went after Kaz’s legs early and often, where Kaz focused on the neck. There were great callbacks, classic moments, even the feint with the Flux Capacitor which is how Kaz won the original Battle of the Futures.

This was Brian Hebner’s final match, and hot damn was it a classic. Everything about this was great.

Overall Score: 9/10

Starting out hot with the X Division match, 2 solid Knockouts matches and a main event that could’ve easily been on any PPV over the last 20 years. This set the stage well for tomorrow’s Against All Odds and could’ve been one of the best Go Home episodes from any company in recent memory. Also it was really awesome getting the Raven vignette to hype the Clockwork Orange House of Fun.

My review of Against All Odds will be a little late since I had prior engagements because Fridays aren’t usually PPVs, but I’ll get to it on Saturday. Watch it live yourself, catch the run down Saturday, either way IMPACT is killin it with that TNA vibe. Maybe its time we go back to a certain 3 letters…a 6 sided ring, or hell, just announce Lethal Lockdown. Bring that back from the dead dammit!

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/30/22)




Artful Dodger or dastardly coward? You decide!

Last time he was on NXT UK, Trent Seven gave us crocodile tears and betrayed Tyler Bate! What will Seven say this week about what he’s done?


  • Blair Davenport VS Angel Hayze; Davenport wins.
  • Emilia McKenzie VS Fallon Henley; Henley wins.
  • Wolfgang VS Sha Samuels w/ Noam Dar; Wolfgang wins.


Blair Davenport VS Angel Hayze!

NXT UK beware, it’s the return of the heir! The gothic gladiator is back after that freak accident during her NXT UK Women’s Championship match with Meiko Satomura. Will Blair prove that nothing will stop her from taking the throne this time? Or will Angel leave her in a haze in her first match back?

The bell rings and the two circle. Blair and Angel tie up, go around, and Blair puts Angel on the ropes. The ref counts but Blair lets off fast. Blair and Angel reset, tie up, and Blair shoves Angel down! Fans rally up as Angel and Blair reset again. They tie up, Angel gets around to waistlock, Blair arm-drags free and Angel flounders to a corner. Blair runs in but Angel goes up and over, TWO! Angel boots Blair’s punch away, sobats then runs, to SHOTGUN Blair down! Cover, ONE!! Fans rally, Angel drags Blair up and reels her in, but Blair fights the suplex. Blair powers up, wrenches out and WRINGS the arm!

Fans rally as Blair snarls and stalks Angel. Blair runs in at the corner, Angel goes up and over again, but runs into a CHOP BLOCK! Blair DROPKICKS Angel in the back! Blair pushes Angel over to CLUB her on the back. Blair pushes Angel around, kicks her, and Angel gets to a corner. Blair is after her already and throws a heavy body shot! Angel hits back but Blair CLUBS her down again. Blair hauls Angel up, whips her to ropes and runs her over! Cover, TWO! Blair clamps onto Angels with a chinlock and she grinds Angel down. Fans rally as Angel endures, but Blair thrashes her around. Blair cranks the hold but Angel fights up to her feet.

Angel throws body shots, Blair CLUBS her again! Blair hauls Angel up to whip her to a corner. Blair runs in and GAMANGIRIS! Blair shoves Angel onto ropes, then runs side to side, SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO! Angel survives and Blair is annoyed but the fans rally up. Blair shoves Angel to a corner, but Angel hits back. Blair CLUBS Angel, stands her up and whips her corner to corner. Blair runs in but Angel dodges and Blair hits buckles! Angel returns with a forearm smash! And then a back elbow! Angel keeps moving, she evades the lariat to fire off forearms and a ROLLING ELBOW! Angel runs again, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Blair goes to a corner. Angel runs corner to corner but into a BOOT! Blair hops up and leaps to missile dropkick! Blair drags Angel up, reels her in, but Angel wrenches out to reel Blair in! GUILLOTINE! Angel has Blair in the body scissors, too! Blair endures, stays up, CLUBS Angel and powers out with a BIG suplex! Fans fire up, Blair hauls Angel up for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

And the heir gets right back on track! Blair gets the mic to say she is back! And she is here to crush all of your hopes. Is that key word a message to a certain someone? Or is it a message to everyone who would dare defy the heir?


NXT UK Media caught up with Sid Scala.

The Assistant General Manager returns to his office, and Kenny Williams is there waiting! Kenny says it’s about time Sid showed up! Kenny’s been working all night, as we can see by the conspiracy web taking over Sid’s office, and Kenny claims he has finally figured it out! Tiger Turan has to be none other than… Sid says Kenny needs to stop, this isn’t why Sid asked to meet with him. This is about next week, a match between Kenny and Tiger Turan! And just as Sid says that, Tiger steps in. Kenny says this is just who he was looking for. But here’s what will happen. Kenny will win, knock Turan out and take off his mask to reveal it’s Amir Jordan!

So right now, Tiger Turan can clean up this mess while Kenny prepares. Is the Scum of the Earth on to something? Is Tiger Turan obsessed with Kenny because it’s Amir Jordan, the man Kenny banished from NXT UK over a year ago? Or is he going to lose this match along with his mind?


Noam Dar & Sha Samuels enter the NXT UK Performance Center.

The Scottish Supernova isn’t sure why they’re here, but the East End Bookie/Butcher promises it is for good reason: they’re going to make some big money. Dar then sees the ring and the training session Mark Coffey is helping with. Dar & Sha taunt them and Mark walks over to ask, “What’s wrong? Run out of ways to cheat?” Dar says he never needs to cheat, and certainly not to beat Mark. Dar didn’t need to cheat to beat “Dog Man” Wolfgang, or to beat big brother Joe and run him out of town. Mark points out Dar only won because of his bookie at ringside. Mark guarantees that if Sha isn’t around, Mark wins the cup.

Sha says no way, Dar is the best ever! Mark says they can bet on it. Sha takes that bet! 100 to 1, Dar still beats Mark! Sha puts money on it quite literally, and says the market is open! Everyone else swarms Sha, wanting to put money on this, too! Dar looks worried with just how many want to join in. Are they betting all on Mark? Dar is a bit upset by that, but will he prove Sha right and take everyone, including Coffey, to the cleaners?


Emilia McKenzie VS Fallon Henley!

#SuplexMillie is still Meiko Satomura’s protégé, but she might be feeling the pressure as of late. The Final Boss demands the best out of her disciple, but will those expectations be met? Or will the Cowgirl rope herself a big win just like Briggs & Jensen did?

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, end up in a deadlock, but Millie shots around to waistlock. Fallon pries at the hold, standing switches, and SLAMS Millie down. Millie slips out to hammerlock and fans rally for Millie as she cranks the hold. Fallon fights to sit up, rolls out and has the wristlock. Millie slips through, wristlocks back, but Fallon pries at the hold. Fallon slips through, hammerlocks Millie now, but Millie works on the hold. Fallon rolls Millie up, TWO! Fans applaud the opening exchange as the two stare down. Fallon and Millie reset, tie up with knuckle locks, and they have a test of strength!

Millie wrenches the wrists, kicks an arm, rolls and trips Fallon to have a standing toehold! Fallon endures, uses her free leg to kick free, but Millie cartwheels through. Fans applaud again, and even Fallon offers a handshake. Millie accepts and fans cheer the sportsmanship, and the two tie up again. Millie powers Fallon back but Fallon turns it around to arm-drag Millie away. Fallon shoots in but Millie sits on the cover, ONE! Fallon sunset flips, ONE! Millie tries a jackknife but Fallon rolls through it, TWO! Millie has the sunset, TWO!! Fans fire up for that exchange and the two reset again.

They tie up, Millie headlocks, but Fallon powers up. Millie holds tight, Fallon pries the hold open and turns it around onto Millie! Millie endures, powers out but Fallon runs her over! Fallon does a two step then runs, but Millie keeps up with the drop, sidestep, but Fallon counters hip toss with a hip toss! Fallon arm-drags Millie away and Millie takes a moment to catch her breath. Fallon is on her but Millie EuroUppers! Millie kicks low, CLUBS Fallon on the back, and has her on the ropes. Millie CLUBS Fallon again, has her in a corner now and kicks her low. Fallon throws shots back but Millie CLUBS Fallon, into the TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Millie clamps on a chinlock. Millie shifts to have almost a bully choke but Fallon endures. Fans rally again as Fallon fights up. Fallon throws elbows, body shots, but Millie EuroUppers! Fallon catches on to hooks and a backslide, TWO! Fallon rolls Millie again, TWO! Millie CLOBBERS Fallon! Cover, TWO! Millie is on Fallon again, going after the arms. Fallon fights but Millie still gets a COBRA CLUTCH! Fallon endures, resists, and fans rally as Millie still tries to lock this on! Fallon fights, Millie might just have it! Fallon is fading as Millie bends her backwards!! But Fallon gets a second wind and pries free to arm-drag Millie away!

Millie comes back to ROCK Fallon, Fallon ROCKS Millie! They throw hands, and Fallon DECKS Millie! Fallon fires up to back elbow Millie in a corner! And then a RUNNING FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Millie survives! Fallon drags Millie up, fireman’s carries, but Millie slips off and shoves to then LARIAT! And again! Millie shoots around to get Fallon up for a BIG bag suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Millie snarls as she hauls Fallon up. Fallon fights the German Suplex, pops free to switch, but Millie elbows Fallon. Millie whips Fallon to a corner but Fallon goes up and over. Fallon’s leg tweaks! Millie shows no mercy, CHOP BLOCK!!

Millie stomps away on Fallon’s leg and fans fire up! Millie drags Fallon up, reels her in, SHIN BREAKER! And then another SHIN BREAKER! Fallon hobbles, Millie gets her again, but Fallon sunset flips! FALLON WINS!

Winner: Fallon Henley, by pinfall

Millie showed her killer instinct, but maybe she let it get the better of her! Will this be the exact opposite of what Meiko wanted for Millie?


NXT UK Media catches up with Oliver Carter.

They ask him if he’s been keeping in contact with Ashton Smith while he’s out with injury. Of course! Oliver has Ashton on speed dial. They are brothers, that’s never gonna change. But then Teoman and his Die Familie “brothers,” Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey slither in and say hi to “Oli.” They sit with him and they feel like this is deja vu. Oliver’s alone, no Ashton Smith, no titles. Oliver needs a family to watch out for him. It is a dangerous place out there. Join them! It’s in his best interest. They’ll let him think about it, and take their leave. Is there anything to think about? Or will the Hottest Superstar Under the Sun actually consider their invitation?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sarray.

The Warrior of the Sun is about to get in a set of squats as they ask her how she feels after her NXT UK debut. Sarray says it was very good. She got a win over Nina Samuels, and she- “Aww~, look!” Xia and Eliza return to mock Sarray for simply training in the UK PC after her first win. It’s so cute. But has Eliza heard the good news? Sarray’s sticking around for a bit. Oh, is she? But then Meiko and Millie step up to back the bullies down. Eliza tells Sarray that she better just play by their rules, or they’ll be more than happy to teach Sarray a few things.

Meiko tells Eliza that she talks too much. If Eliza & Xia want a match with Meiko and Sarray, then Eliza & Xia will be the ones being taught a lesson. Millie seems a bit surprised Meiko didn’t choose her, while Xia & Eliza storm off, Xia complaining about who is teaching who lessons. But with that, Sarray finishes putting up the weights for Meiko to take a turn. Will Final Boss & Warrior of the Sun prove to the bullies the power of Joshi Strong Style?


Wolfgang VS Sha Samuels w/ Noam Dar!

The Last King of Scotland heard the East End Butcher talking some smack like he wouldn’t hear it. But since he did, it’s time for Sha to put his money where his mouth is! Will Wolfgang get a big win and cash in? Or will Sha find another way to weasel out another victory?

The bell rings and the two circle. Sha gets some last minute pointers from Dar. They say they can frustrate Wolfgang and get the edge. But then Dar needs to give Sha another pointer. The ref insists they get this started already, and Wolfgang rushes in. Sha dodges, then dodges again. Sha goes back to Dar for that last pointer but Wolfgang throws Sha out of the corner! Wolfgang fires off haymakers, then an arm-drag! Wolfgang keeps on the arm with a wristlock, then stands Sha up to RAM shoulders. And again! And then a straight arm lever and SLAM! Fans fire up and Wolfgang drags Sha up again to RAM shoulders again.

Wolfgang wrenches, and hits a straight arm suplex! Cover, ONE! Dar is upset but Wolfgang keeps on Sha’s arm. Sha ROCKS Wolfgang with his free arm, then bumps Wolfgang off buckles. Sha bumps Wolfgang off more buckles, then throws heavy back elbows. Sha runs in to SPLASH Wolfgang. Wolfgang shoves Sha away, runs in, but Sha sends Wolfgang into buckles! Fans boo but Dar wants to throw up the X. Sha grabs the bad arm for an ARMBAR DDT! Sha CLUBS the bad arm, uppercuts it, then hip drops on it! Wolfgang clutches that arm, tries to get it working, but Sha drops an elbow on it!

Sha clamps onto the arm, Wolfgang fights the cobra clutch and throws body shots. But Sha wrenches and WRINGS the bad arm! Dar offers a drink but Sha says no, he has to keep working. Sha throws down elbows into the bad arm, then stands on Wolfgang to say, “ON THE MONEY~!” Sha KICKS the bad leg, then shouts out “EAST~!” Sha stomps Wolfgang but fans chant, “You’re a Mug! You’re a Mug!” Dar says yeah, Wolfgang’s the mug! But that’s not who they mean. Sha RAMS Wolfgang into the buckles, stomps away on the bad arm, then runs in to stomp it again! The ref backs Sha off, and Dar SMACKS Wolfgang around with the papers!

Wolfgang gets mad and he CHOPS Sha! And CHOPS again! And counter punches! Wolfgang suplexes Sha, but Sha fights to get to the apron. Sha HOTSHOTS the bad arm! Wolfgang staggers away and Sha gets in to run and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang is still in this, and Dar offers another drink. Sha says no, and he drops elbow after elbow on Wolfgang! Sha then goes up a corner, and leaps for a FLYING ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang is still in this and fans rally up. Sha stalks Wolfgang, CLUBS him at the ropes, then pulls on the bad arm. Wolfgang ROCKS Sha and gives him a kitchen sink knee! BASEMENT SENTON!

Dar is worried as Wolfgang suplexes Sha for the CAB- NO, no toss! Sha slips off, CLUBS Wolfgang and has a top wristlock on the bad arm! Fans rally as Wolfgang endures, fights up, but Sha wants the arm! Wolfgang arm-drags free! Wolfgang goes to the corner, Sha runs in but Wolfgang sends him into buckles! Wolfgang bumps Sha off buckles, fires off haymakers, then keeps Sha cornered to CHOP! Wolfgang whips corner to corner, then runs in, into an uppercut! Wolfgang snarls, shoves Sha back in, and SPLASHES in the corner! Sha flops and Wolfgang is on the apron, working on the bad arm.

Wolfgang climbs but Dar distracts! The ref reprimands but Wolfgang leaps, into a SPINEBUSTER from Sha! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for Wolfgang while Sha is furious! Sha hauls Wolfgang up, reels him in and whips, but Wolfgang slips off the scoop to POINT-BLANK SPEAR!! But the bad arm holds Wolfgang back from making the cover, and Sha crawls away to his corner. Dar fans Sha, but fans rally for Wolfgang. Wolfgang grabs at Sha on the apron, hauls him up the corner, but Sha throws body shots. Sha HOTSHOTS the bad arm again! Wolfgang is stuck up top and Sha ROCKS him with haymakers! Sha DECKS Wolfgang!

Sha climbs up again, for the FROG SPLASH onto knees! Wolfgang saves himself but both men are down and writhing. Fans rally up again and Wolfgang grits his teeth as he gets back up. Wolfgang rallies on Sha with the one good arm! Wolfgang whips Sha to then back drop him! Fans fire up, Sha gets to a corner and Wolfgang runs in to fire off forearms! Wolfgang howls and runs, to SPLASH again! Dar is up on the apron but Wolfgang BOOTS him down! Fans cheer and Wolfgang SLINGSHOTS to SPEAR!! Cover, Wolfgang wins!!

Winner: Wolfgang, by pinfall

Fans cheer as the Last King of Scotland stands tall! This Gallus Boy is on top, but will Mark Coffey be on top in two weeks after he gets one more shot at Dar and the Heritage Cup?


Trent Seven heads to the ring.

And what a strange thing, for all the fans to boo this Founding Father of NXT UK. He gets a mic and “thanks” us all for that reception. Seven heard the chant of “Why, Trent, Why?” Good question! He will use visual aids to explain just exactly why. The tron shows Trent giving Tyler Bate that truly underhanded low blow uppercut. Trent gets teary eyed as he says it is just beautiful. “It’s the best low blow ever. That’s what it is.” Just look at his positioning! A work of art, really. And more importantly, it represents a turning point. “That right there is the most important moment in British Sports.” Fans chant, “No it’s not! No it’s not!”

But he says yes it is, and we all know it is, “because it’s the moment that Trent Seven saved the industry.” Fans boo but Seven asks they listen. It is the truth “because this place was dead! This studio was a ghost town! And now look at you all! Now look at you all back! The largest crowd in NXT UK BT Sports history is here because Trent Seven is on top!” Fans boo more but Seven says, “It’s a fact. This is where I like to be. Right here. Right at the top, right in the middle, the CENTER of attention!” Fans chant, “We Want Tyler!” and Seven is annoyed. “Tyler Bate is done. Now I am the center of attention, and we were the center of attention as British Strong Style! And as Moustache Mountain.”

Seven goes on about how they were touring the world, selling out every arena, and promotors were begging them to even be on the shows. “Please~! We need you~!” Yes, they did. And that is why fans need to understand it isn’t Seven who changed, it’s Tyler who changed. Seven never lost the killer instinct, he never stopped doing what was needed to win, but it was Tyler who lost his nerve. That will to win is gone, because “it’s all that rubbish, sitting in a field, hugging a tree.” But Bate isn’t coming back, and we know he won’t because he won’t fight Seven! Fans chant, “Yes, He Will!” Seven says no, he won’t, because Bate lost his fighting spirit.

“Tyler Bate is the Little Weak Boy. And I am NXT UK! I am this brand! I am NXT! I am British Strong Style! Come here! Come here! I am Moustache Mountain!!” Fans boo as Seven sets down the mic, and Seven says everyone knows he’s telling the truth. Is he telling the truth about the future of NXT UK? Or will Tyler Bate prove Trent Seven is a liar and make a heroic return?

Wait, a fan gets really heated about Seven saying Tyler is weak and afraid. So much so, friends and security are trying to get him to calm down. But the fan jumps the barrier instead! Security rushes in to stop this man from getting closer and Seven says, “We’ve got a live one!” And then he LOW BLOW KICKS the fan!! Referees rush out and say Seven is out of line! Seven says the fan is the one who got up in Seven’s face. Is there nothing Seven won’t do just to make himself feel like the bigger man?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of NXT UK with some good set-up for the summer episodes. Blair Davenport gets a good return match win, with Angel Hayze still looking very good in the loss. And Blair emphasizing “hope” at the end of her promo has to be her setting up something with Amale before moving on to the title again. Kenny and Sid had a good interaction to set up Kenny VS Tiger Turan. But sadly for me and my theories, if Kenny also thinks Amir Jordan is Tiger Turan, then that must mean it isn’t because they wouldn’t do that. They can’t let Kenny be right about this, right? It’d be pretty wild for Kenny to win and be right about who Tiger Turan is under the mask.

Millie VS Fallon was a very good match, but I feel like they could’ve played up more of Millie struggling to be aggressive before it backfired on her. But Millie losing does help build her story of disappointing Meiko and herself. Millie also had a very good bit of character work showing her surprise and bit of hurt feelings when Meiko chose Sarray to be her tag partner against Xia & Eliza. But that’s still going to be an awesome match with Sarray and Meiko side by side. Meiko & Sarray will surely win and that will surely set up Meiko VS Sarray for an awesome NXT UK Women’s Championship.

We got a decent interaction from Oliver Carter and Die Familie. I would think Carter rejects Die Familie’s invitation, and he could easily team up with other superstars who don’t like Die Familie, like Mastiff & Starz or even A-Kid. And we got a pretty good promo with Sha, Dar and Mark Coffey about how we’re getting that 100 to 1 betting odds Heritage Cup match. If Mark is getting one more shot in what Dar claims should be his “retirement” match, does that mean Mark wins? Someone from Gallus should get something more, and Dar losing will be his own reason for “not retiring.” Plus, if Mark wins, and Joe Coffey comes back, I’d love seeing Mark VS Joe for the cup.

Wolfgang VS Sha was a great main event match, and I figured Wolfgang would win to get Gallus back up. I don’t know what’s next for Wolfgang, but he’s always been a solid character and in-ring worker. And then, we closed with a very good promo from Seven, with him playing off the crowd’s chants and booing very well. That final bit with “the fan” was quite a surprise but it sure adds to Seven’s Heel heat. But obviously, Bate is coming back and he is going to have one hell of a match with Seven. Can’t be sure who wins that, but it’d make a lot of sense if Seven cheated to win, and then somehow, Seven uses that to go after Ilja Dragunov and the UK Championship.

My Score: 8.5/10

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