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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Battle of the Belts Results & Report! (4/16/22)

Battle of the Belts II!



AEW Battle of the Belts

AEW Championship Week has quite the finale!

AEW brings Battle of the Belts back, and with a special appearance by the ROH World Championship! Will Octopus or Peacock leave with gold?


  • AEW TNT Championship: Scorpio Sky VS Sammy Guevara; Guevara wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham VS Dalton Castle w/ The Boys; Gresham wins and retains the title.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa VS Nyla Rose; Rosa wins and retains the title.


AEW TNT Championship: Scorpio Sky w/ Dan Lambert & Ethan Page VS Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Conti!

American Top Team may not have wanted to give in, but they had to give into the Spanish God’s demands! Will Sammy take back this title now that he’s 100%? Or will Scorpio keep that undefeated streak going and stay the Face of TNT?

The introductions are made, Scorpio’s belt is raised, and we see if Scorpio and Lambert stay “co-champions!”

Sammy tackles Scorpio to a corner and fires! But Scorpio fights up to SPINEBUSTER! Scorpio rains down fists on Sammy over and over but the ref reprimands those closed fists. Scorpio drags Sammy up to put him in a corner, ROCK him with a right, then go up to rain down fast hands! Scorpio even BITES Sammy’s forehead! The ref reprimands and counts but Scorpio lets off. Sammy CHOPS, then throws forearms before climbing up to rain down elbows. Sammy BITES Scorpio, too! The ref counts, Sammy lets off, and he CHOPS Scorpio before a BIG back suplex! Sammy rains down rights as Dallas duels.

Sammy drags Scorpio up, suplexes, but Scorpio blocks! Scorpio throws body shots, Sammy hits back and CLUBS Scorpio down. Sammy CHOPS Scorpio, and Scorpio goes to ropes. Sammy grinds his forearms in, the ref counts and Sammy lets off. Sammy whips Scorpio, but Scorpio catches the hurdle! T K- NO! Sammy lands on his feet to COHP! Scorpio CHOPS back, but Sammy CHOPS again! Scorpio CHOPS, Sammy CHOPS, then Sammy LARIATS! Sammy gets Scorpio up to whip, hurdle, and flip before a dropkick! Fans fire up with the smooth kip up! Scorpio bails out, Sammy goes out and Lambert talks trash.

Sammy stalks Scorpio to CLUB him down. Ethan protests but Sammy RAMS Scorpio into railing! Fans fire up, Sammy high fives one, then he drags Scorpio back up. Sammy bring Scorpio around but Scorpio hits back. SNAKE EYES onto railing! Sammy falls and fans are dueling hard, “Let’s Go, Sammy!” “Sammy Sucks!” Scorpio scoops and SLAMS Sammy, then refreshes the ring count. Scorpio drags Sammy up to ROCK him with a right, then he refreshes the count again. Lambert and Tay talk trash on each other, but Sammy blocks the steel step bump to mule kick! Sammy then goes up to MOONSAULT! Direct hit!

Sammy puts Scorpio in the ring and then climbs up onto the apron. Sammy drags Scorpio up, but Scorpio fireman’s carries first! APRON TKO!! Both men are down on the floor as BOTB II goes picture in picture.

The ref checks both men and Tay is worried about Sammy, but she tells Lambert to stay back. The ring count starts again as both men are down. Tay coaches Sammy and Lambert coaches Scorpio. Scorpio gets up first, then drags Sammy up. Sammy’s a bit of dead weight but Scorpio whips him into the steel steps! Sammy writhes and Tay is concerned but Scorpio leaves him behind. The count is at 8, but Sammy springs in at 9.5! Scorpio brushes himself of as BOTB II returns to single picture. Scorpio drags Sammy up, ROCKS him with a forearm, then throws knee after knee in the corner!

Scorpio keeps firing off shots, the ref counts, but Scorpio lets off at 4. Sammy tumbles back out of the ring as fans rally and duel again. Scorpio puts Sammy back in, he drags Sammy up, then scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER! Scorpio just watches Sammy writhe, then he watches Sammy rise. Fans rally, Scorpio reels Sammy in and scoops again, for another BACKBREAKER! Sammy flops and Scorpio talks trash to him on the mat. Fans continue to duel, and many want that “One More Time!” Scorpio waits on Sammy, then reels him in, BACKBREAKER! Scorpio even makes it a rack as he pushes Sammy back against the knee!

Tay coaches Sammy but Scorpio brings Sammy back up! Sammy kicks and flips through to then ENZIGURI! Both men are down and fans fire up! The standing count begins now, Sammy slaps sense into himself and he rallies with LARIATS! Sammy whips, Scorpio swings but Sammy ducks, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO! Scorpio survives but Sammy keeps his cool. Fans duel, Sammy drags Scorpio up to CHOP! Sammy whips, Scorpio goes up and over but Sammy goes up to RYDER KICK! Sammy drags himself out to the apron and says he’s going up! Fans duel as Sammy climbs, but Ethan drags Scorpio out of the ring!

Tay gets in All Ego’s face and they argue. Sammy takes aim, and SHOOTING STAR PRESSES the Men of the Year!! Fans lose their minds and Sammy puts Scorpio back in! Sammy hurries but Scorpio cradles, TWO!! Sammy escapes, but Scorpio ROCKS him then fireman’s carries. Sammy fights that, shoves Scorpio to a corner but Scorpio puts Sammy on the apron. Sammy GAMANGIRIS, then springboards, FLYING CUTTER! It wasn’t the cleanest but Sammy still covers, TWO!! Scorpio survives, Sammy’s near miss being what saved him. But Lambert distracts the ref just as Sammy torture racks!

Scorpio slips off, Sammy switches, they go to ropes but Scorpio holds ropes! Tay SLAPS the arms away! O’Conner Roll, TWO!!! Lambert wants after Tay, so he calls for PAIGE VANZANT! Paige and Tay have it out on the ramp! They fall over, scrap on the floor, and in the ring, Scorpio pokes Sammy in the eyes! Scorpio wants another assist but the ref keeps Lambert and Ethan back! Sammy uses that distraction to LOW BLOW! Torture rack, G T H!! Cover, Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Tay and Sammy kiss to celebrate, they got their revenge! The Men of the Year tried to cheat him so he cheated them first! Will this force American Top Team to give Tay the match she wants?


ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham VS Dalton Castle w/ The Boys!

The Octopus became the UNDISPUTED ROH World Champion at Supercard of Honor, and is now representing the company in AEW! And Gresham doesn’t just want to be champion, he NEEDS to be champion! But he’s up against The Peacock, who says Gresham’s goose is already cooked! Will Gresham grinds Castle down to the ground? Or will Castle use the Foundation as the foundation of a new kingdom?

Bobby Cruise gives us the introductions, the belt is raised and the Code of Honor is upheld. Who comes away with the ROH gold at Battle of the Belts?

The two circle and feel things out. They tie up and Gresham wrenches to a wristlock. Castle gets the ropebreak and Gresham lets off cleanly. They go again, Castle gets an arm to wrench, but Gresham wags his finger. Castle wrenches again, but Gresham still eggs him on. Castle wrenches again and again but Gresham wrenches back, headlocks and hits the takeover. Castle headscissors, Gresham kips free but Castle backs out of the ring for The Boys to fan him down. Gresham waits as Castle takes his time returning. They go again, Castle gets a leg pick and he rolls Gresham into a waistlock for more rolling.

Castle has a gut wrench but Gresham fights it. Castle powers through to throw Gresham around! Again and again and again, before the SUPLEX! Fans fire up and Castle gets a leg. Gresham kicks, Castle keeps hold but Gresham clacks the hands together! But The Peacock poses! Gresham backs off, and the two circle again. Castle blocks one arm to elbow Gresham then LARIAT him down! Gresham staggers to a corner, Castle runs in but Gresham goes up and over. Things keep moving, Castle BOOTS! Gresham hurdles, Castle leap frogs, Gresham handsprings! Gresham springboards to RANA! Fans fire up as Gresham eggs Castle on.

Gresham runs in, Castle dodges but then Gresham fakes him on the dropkick! Gresham shin kicks then says neener neener before the dropkick! Gresham shouts out some legends while BOTB goes picture in picture.

Gresham stalks Castle, then arm-drags him down! Castle clutches his arm and goes to ropes but Gresham sneaks up on him. Gresham goes for the arm but Castle shoves him away. Gresham tries again but Castle holds ropes. The ref reprimands but Gresham brings Castle out to wrench and wristlock and wrench some more. Gresham wrangles Castle to the mat and clamps on a headlock. Castle endures, slips out the back to waistlock, but Gresham hooks a leg! Gresham gets a wristlock takedown, then has a headscissor! Gresham pulls fingers and bends the elbow! Castle endures and fights up, but Gresham hammerlocks.

Castle tries to put the hold on Gresham but Gresham just puts it back on Castle. Castle fights up, throws elbows and is free. But Gresham gets a leg pick! Then he goes from toehold to hammerlock, and he traps that arm to grab at the other. Castle resists so Gresham digs his knuckles into ribs. Gresham gets Castle’s other arm, and steps over to trap it, too! Gresham SLAPS the hand, then DROPS to crank the arms! Castle reaches out with a foot and gets a ROPEBREAK! Gresham lets Castle go and BOTB goes to break.

Battle of the Belts is back and Castle is on the apron. Castle gets to the floor and The Boys fan him off again. Gresham PLANCHAS, but the Boys save Castle! Gresham lands on his feet, kicks Castle and whips him at the apron, but Castle tiger feints to RANA Gresham down! Fans fire up, Castle puts Gresham in the ring, and he storms after Gresham in a corner. Gresham dodges but Castle dodges, back and forth like that over and over! Gresham waistlocks to shove Castle away then CHOP him! But Castle hits an EXPLODER! Fans fire up, Gresham kicks but Castle blocks for a SAIDO! Fans fire up and Gresham goes to a corner.

Castle runs corner to corner but into an elbow! Gresham storms in, but Castle catches him, another EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Castle keeps Gresham down with a bearhug. Castle CLUBS Gresham as fans rally and duel. Castle hauls Gresham up, whips him and Alabama lifts, but Gresham gets ropes! Gresham slips away, but Castle runs corner to corner, into Gresham’s BOOT! Gresham leaps, but into Castle’s arms! Alabama lift, and Castle spins around, but Gresham turns Bangarang into Victory Roll! Cover, TWO and Castle has the cover, TWO! Gresham has it back, TWO! Castle has it back, TWO! Gresham, TWO! Castle, TWO!

Gresham, Castle, they roll around and around and around and around! Gresham ends up on top, TWO!! Castle BOOTS Gresham down, but Gresham is right back up to ENZIGURI! Only for Castle to LARIAT! Castle roars, fans fire up, and Castle runs in, but misses in the corner! Gresham blocks the boot to stomp a foot! Gresham reels Castle in, IRON OCTOPUS!! Gresham drags Castle down, Castle taps! Gresham wins!!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by submission (still ROH World Champion)

The Octopus got his tentacles on the Peacock and is victorious! He and Castle show respect with the Code of Honor, but wait! Here comes Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh! Lethal lets his 7’2″ giant lead the way, and he gives The Boys a DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM! Castle DIVES, into Singh’s hands! Singh whips him into steel steps! Singh then storms into the ring, but Gresham doesn’t back off! So Lethal runs in to hit LETHAL INJECTION! Then Singh clamps on his claw to DRIBBLE Gresham’s body! But here comes Lee Moriarty! Matt Sydal is here, too, but on crutches. Moriarty fires off forearms, but Singh whips Moriarty to FLAPJACK him!

Wait, Sydal SMACKS Singh with a crutch! Singh doesn’t budge! He just takes the crutch to BREAK it! Lethal and Sonjay mug Sydal, then feed him to Singh. But wait! Here comes SAMOA JOE! And he has a PIPE!! Lethal and Sonjay actually have Singh fall back! Joe narrowly misses hitting either of them with the steel equalizer, but has Lethal’s crew picked a fight with the wrong champions?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa VS Nyla Rose!

La Mera Mera was the one to finally dethrone Britt Baker, but didn’t get much time to celebrate. The Vicious Vixens have interrupted Rosa time and again, but now she’ll get to shut them up! Will the Native Beast be thunder struck? Or will she sink her teeth back into this title and tear it away from Rosa?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who stands atop the AEW Women’s Division to close this Battle of the Belts!

They tie up and Nyla shoves Rosa down to then CLOBBER her! Fans fire up as Rosa bails out, but Nyla is after her with big forearms! Nyla whips Rosa hard into railing, then kicks her around. Nyla CHOPS Rosa against the railing! And then makes the front row look at their champion before she CLUBS Rosa down. The ref reprimands, Nyla kicks Rosa then refreshes the ring count. Nyla scoops but Rosa slips off to POST Nyla! Rosa then headlocks to run Nyla along, and Rosa uses the post to TORNADO BULLDOG! Rosa stomps Nyla around, refreshes the ring count, then stands Nyla up to CHOP back!

Rosa whips Nyla hard into railing in return! Nyla crawls, Rosa refreshes the count again, and she fires off more forearms before putting Nyla in. Rosa climbs up, aims, and missile dropkicks Nyla down! Cover, ONE!! Nyla has power to spare but Rosa KICKS her in the back! And again! And again! Fans fire up as Rosa fires more kicks, then runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, ONE! Rosa sits Nyla up to CHOP and forearm and CHOP again! Fans are fired up for Rosa but Nyla claws the eyes! The ref reprimands but Nyla HEADBUTTS Rosa down! Rosa gets to ropes but Nyla chokes her against them!

The ref counts, Nyla lets off at 4. Nyla then stomps Rosa, bumps her off buckles, and fires off body shots and stomps! The ref reprimands as Nyla digs her boots in. Nyla lets off at 4 to get in the ref’s face. Nyla drags Rosa up, CLUBS her, then whips her to ropes. Rosa holds ropes and elbows back! Fans fire up, Rosa dumps Nyla out! Nyla tumbles but gets to her feet, and Rosa is on the apron! Rosa fires up, the fans rally, but Nyla turns rana into an APRON POWERBOMB! Nyla roars and CLUBS Rosa while BOTB goes picture in picture.

Nyla drags Rosa around to then elbow her on the back against the apron. Nyla pie faces Rosa, then drags her out for a suplex to the floor! Rosa writhes but she manages to get up. She throws body shots but Nyla clamps claws onto Rosa’s head! Nyla whips Rosa into steel steps! Rosa drops, writhes more, but Nyla just watches from the apron. Nyla licks her lips, she still wants more. She drags Rosa up and into the ring, whips her to ropes, and then fireman’s carries. Rosa fights free to fire off forearms and elbows from all sides! Fans fire up as Rosa throws knees into the mix! Rosa runs, but Nyla turns the crossbody into a SHOULDER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Rosa survives but Nyla clamps onto an armlock. Nyla stands over Rosa to lean on the hold but Rosa endures. Nyla shifts things into a grounded cobra twist, but still Rosa endures. Rosa fights her way up, throws body shots, then runs. Tilt-o-whirl RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, into a CROSSFACE! Nyla fights up quickly, fireman’s carries, RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!! Rosa survives again and Nyla can’t believe it! Nyla stands on Rosa’s hand but Rosa bridges to avoid a cover. So Nyla floats around to get a leg for a modified HALF CRAB! Rosa endures, Nyla knocks her down, and then stands her up to fire forearms.

Rosa forearms back, the two go back and forth, and BOTB returns to single picture. Fans rally as Rosa ROCKS Nyla, runs and LARIATS! Nyla stays up so Rosa runs again to LARIAT! Nyla still stays up, Rosa gets around her and dropkicks her to ropes! Nyla rebounds, into a STUNNER! Fans fire up as Nyla gets to a corner. Rosa runs corner to corner, A-LIST LARIAT! Nyla sits down. Rosa swings in for DOUBLE KNEES! Rosa runs corner to corner again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Fans are thunderous as Rosa has Nyla on the ropes! Rosa runs in to WRECK Nyla with the dropkick! Nyla flops out of the ring, Rosa WRECKS her again!

Rosa goes back to the apron and climbs the corner. Fans rally as she reaches the top, and Rosa steadies herself for a TORNILLO!! Direct hit and down goes Nyla! Fans fire up with Rosa as she drags Nyla into the ring. Rosa climbs up again and Nyla stands, CROSSBODY! Nyla falls, but she rolls through to scoop Rosa! But Rosa slips out to go for a roll up. Nyla’s too big and strong, she mule kicks Rosa away! Nyla then hangs Rosa out to dry! Nyla goes to the corner and climbs up, GUILLOTINE KNEE misses! Rosa avoids it and goes back up, FLYING RA- NO! BEAST- NO! CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!!

Both women are down and fans fire up again! Rosa roars and pounds the mat, and fans rally up behind her. Rosa drags Nyla up, throws down hands, then runs, but into a LARIAT! Nyla drags Rosa back up, reels her in, short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Nyla clamps a choke grip onto Rosa, drags her right up, and CHOKE SLAMS! Nyla then goes to a corner, climbs up, and SPLASH- No, Rosa gets a boot up! Only for Nyla to block it! Back suplex, but Rosa lands on her feet! Rosa shoves, follows, but into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Nyla is beside herself, but she drags Rosa up as fans rally. Nyla vows to end this, and she suplexes, for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!!

Rosa survives again and she gets to ropes. Rosa flounders but Nyla follows her out to the apron. Nyla goes up a corner from here, APRON SENTON misses as Rosa moves! Rosa uses ropes to get an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Rosa dodges Nyla to CROSSBODY into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nyla is losing her cool, but Rosa drags her into a sunset! TWO, and Rosa hops up to RANA! Cover, ROSA WINS!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

La Mera Mera snatches the victory, and she celebrates with the fans! Rosa has slain the Native Beast, who else will step up to her throne?

My Thoughts:

A very good hour for AEW and Battle of the Belts II. The TNT Champion opening makes sense, it gets this hour going (with this being after Rampage I think?) with a title and two guys AEW fans would know. Sammy was getting booed during this, which isn’t surprising after a certain audio clip got out there. At the same time, Dan Lambert, Men of the Year and American Top Team all come off like spoiled food. Still a really good match, and taking fan reactions out of it, Sammy cheating the cheaters was a clever bit of turning things around. I have a feeling we will still get that Mixed Tag after all now that Paige VanZant is back and had that great brawl with Tay.

The ROH World Championship match was very good, and we got quite a bit out of both Gresham and Castle. Gresham retaining makes sense, he has beef with Lethal after Supercard of Honor so that he and Samoa Joe are of course going to be allies against Lethal, Dutt & Singh. Castle might even help so that we can get a Six Man Tag that helps get Singh going in the ring. And then we got a great main event out of Rosa VS Nyla. Great ring gear, too, with Nyla as Venom and Rosa a sorta cross between DC’s Mera and then the Iron Spider Spiderman costume. Rosa was of course retaining, her first defense is out of the way and we’ll have to wait and see who steps up for Double or Nothing.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/31/23)

Orlando stays Dark!



Universal Studios is still the AEW Dark Arena!

As they prepare to go after the AEW World Trios Championships, AR Fox & Top Flight reunite to take on The Wingmen: Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi!


  • Six Man Tag: AR Fox & Top Flight VS The Wingmen; Fox & Top Flight win.
  • Red Velvet VS Sofia Castillo; Velvet wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Fulton; Clayton wins.
  • Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Arn Anderson VS Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander; Anderson & Pillman win.
  • Skye Blue VS Renee Michelle; Skye wins.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions VS Mr. G & Dante Casanova; Shane Taylor Promotions wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Avery Breaux; Yuka wins.
  • The Workhorsemen VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; The Workhorsemen win.
  • Angelico w/ Serpentico & Luther VS Konosuke Takeshita; Konosuke wins.


A solid line-up, and I like that we’re getting to see Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. in action together after a backstage promo on Elevation not too long ago. Not sure what the team name is but two second generation stars together is a logical combination. Angelico VS Konosuke, that is going to be a great match, but I give the win to Konosuke. Red Velvet is in action again after also being on Elevation, she’s definitely building momentum towards taking on Jade Cargill for Jade’s 50th match. And good to see Shane Taylor Promotions in action here. They’ll be a strong part of the ROH Tag Team Division, even after having lost to Keith Lee after Swerve abandoned Keith.

And good to see AR Fox & Top Flight in action, and against The Wingmen. For one, good to see Avalon, Nemeth & Bononi teaming all together again. And this will be a good match to build momentum for Fox & Flight.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!



Can All Heart overcome the Swiss Superman?

The ROH World Championship returns to AEW Dark: Elevation, and Claudio Castagnoli takes on Blake Christian. Will All Heart survive the Swiss Superman?


  • Red Velvet VS Billie Starkz; Velvet wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Workhorsemen; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Brian Pillman Jr; Rush wins.
  • Athena & Diamante VS Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki; Skye & Yuka win.
  • Top Flight VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Top Flight wins.
  • The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart VS Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum; The Kings of the Black Throne win.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Blake Christian; Claudio wins.


A pretty good line-up, and I think Athena will end up in a program for her ROH Women’s Championship coming out of that tag match. Good tune-up match for Top Flight going into their AEW World Trios Championship program with the Elite, that should be a good win. And Blake Christian is going places. He’s had good stints on NJPW Strong, he’s in ROH and AEW, he’s going to give Claudio a great match. Claudio will still win, this is mostly to get things going towards Supercard of Honor on March 31st, but Blake could easily find himself going for a midcard title like the ROH Pure Championship or AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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