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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/13/22)

Now that’s entertainment!



AEW Dynamite 2021

AEW Championship Week begins tonight!

Jurassic Express defends the AEW World Tag Team Championships against reDRagon, and the ROH World Television Championship makes a Dynamite debut!


  • CM Punk VS Penta Oscuro w/ Alex Abrahantes; Punk wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Jurassic Express VS reDRagon; Jurassic Express wins and retains the titles.
  • MJF w/ Shawn Spears VS Capt. Shawn Dean; Dean wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz; The JAS wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Skye Blue; Shafir wins.
  • Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland VS Team Taz; Team Taz wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Minoru Suzuki VS Samoa Joe; Joe wins and becomes the new ROH World Television Champion.


CM Punk VS Penta Oscuro w/ Alex Abrahantes!

New Orleans goes nuts for the Best in the World as he makes his entrance! But while the fans all shout “CLOBBERING TIME!” with him, will CM Punk continue his climb up the rankings? Or will his run hit a road block at the hands of the man with no fear?

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two stare down. Fans chant for “CM PUNK!” and Punk does his best to signal C and M with his hands. But then fans start to duel, “CERO MIEDO!” “CM PUNK!” Penta and Punk throw up the hand signs, and then they go forehead to forehead. Penta wants Punk to listen but Punk shoves him first! So Penta shoves back. “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces but Punk kicks and CHOPS! Penta CHOPS, so Punk forearms. Penta forearms, so they go back to CHOPS! Fans “WOO!” with every CHOP and it is fast and furious already! Punk throws forearms, Penta responds, and now they just throw haymakers!

Punk kicks low, but Penta dodges the haymaker to SUPERKICK! Fans are fire dup for “A E DUB!” as both men wobble. Penta runs, into a sobat! Punk blocks the chop to knuckle lock, ROCK Penta, then go up and up to tumble and arm-drag Penta away! Fans are fired up as Punk adds a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Punk keeps close to Penta and brings him up to CHOP! And CHOP again! Punk reels Penta in for the fireman’s carry, but Penta blocks the GTS to have an ANKLE LOCK! Punk endures, fans fire up, and Punk rolls to send Penta into buckles! Penta shakes the stars out of his head and Alex rallies the fans.

Punk runs in, SHINING WIZARD! Punk does his C M hands again and then reels Penta in, but gets a SLINGBLADE! And then another SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Penta is a bit frustrated but fans rally up. Penta fires up as the dueling continues, “CERO MIEDO!” “CM PUNK!” Penta runs in and KICKS Punk’s leg! Penta then tosses Punk out, swaggers a bit, then says, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Punk avoids the dive to run and DIVE in return! Direct hit and Penta hits barriers while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Punk gets up and tells Alex to back off. Then he hobbles over to fetch Penta into the ring. Cover, TWO! Punk rallies the fans but Penta eggs him on. Punk wants Penta to hit him, but Penta dares Punk to hit him. Punk still eggs Penta on so Penta CHOPS him! Punk eggs him on more so Penta CHOPS again! Punk KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Penta in return, then rains down rights! Punk gets Penta up, to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Penta is still in this but Punk keeps his cool. Punk gets a leg then chinbars to have a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Penta endures, Alex rallies the fans, and the dueling continues. Penta gets the ROPEBREAK!

Punk lets go quickly, and he brings Penta up to whip him to a corner. Penta bounces off buckles and falls to the mat. But even then, Penta eggs Punk on! So Punk KICKS Penta, drags him back up, and whips him in again. Penta reverses and runs in but is put on the apron. Punk ROCKS Penta, takes a breath, then goes up the corner as Dynamite returns to single picture. Penta GAMANGIRIS Punk first! Penta then climbs up after Punk, HEADBUTTS him, then HEADBUTTS again! Punk throws hands back, gets to the top, but slips off before the steiner! Penta manages to roll through but Punk is in bad shape!

The ref has Penta stay back while he checks Punk’s knee. Fans rally, but Penta KICKS the bad leg! Penta drags Punk up, CLUBS him, and Punk is in the corner. Fans rally and duel, but Penta tells them all to hush. Penta whips corner to corner, but Punk hobbles and falls! So Penta stomps away on him at the rope! The ref counts and backs Penta off! Penta brings Punk up again, puts him up top, but Punk blocks the chop to fire off hands! Punk then turns things around, and puts Penta up top, to SUPER STEINER! Punk completes what he started in the other corner, then runs back in to SHINING WIZARD!

Punk fireman’s carries, but Penta elbows over and over and over until he’s free, then he rains down on Punk! Penta traps the one arm, and has the other! But Punk fights up to fireman’s carry takeover, into the ANACONDA VICE!! Penta endures, reaches out, crawls his way around, to the ROPEBREAK! Fans are fired up again as Punk lets go. Fans rally as Penta goes to the apron. Punk follows and throws a haymaker! Penta CHOPS, but Punk ROCKS Penta with another forearm. Penta CHOPS, so Punk haymakers. They brawl on the edge, Punk gets the edge but Penta kicks low! Penta reels Punk in, tucks the arms, but Punk fights it!

Punk kicks, he reels Penta in, but Penta fights the driver! Penta swings and misses, and Punk ROUNDHOUSES him back into the ring! Punk aims from the apron, and even with a bad leg, he springboards to FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Fans rally as Penta goes to a corner. Punk SHINING WIZARDS again, then short arm LARIATS! Punk says night-night, and he waits on Penta. Fans chant for the “GO TO SLEEP!” and Punk gets a wrist. Penta resists so Punk kicks him. Fireman’s carry, GO TO- NO! Penta blocks again, and tells Punk, “CERO! MIEDO!” Tuck and PACK- NO! Punk fights free, but Penta ducks the roundhouse to ENZIGURI!

Penta traps an arm, CLUBS away on Punk, and gets the other arm! But Punk pushes through to roll it, TWO! Penta has the ghost pin, TWO! Punk spins Penta around, but Penta slips out to SUPERKICK! Penta runs, springboards, but into the fireman’s carry!? GO TO SLEEP!! Cover, Punk wins!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

The Best in the World pulled it out, proving he’s still top five material! Like all of us, Punk will be watching Rampage’s TEXAS DEATHMATCH for the AEW World Championship! Which Adam survives to take on CM Punk?


AEW shares footage from the New Orleans airport.

The Jericho Appreciation Society arrived earlier today by private jet, or at least Jericho, Jake Hager and Daniel Garcia did. Because that is how sports entertainers travel! But just as Jericho was bragging about it, Eddie Kingston and his crew pulled up! Remember, ON SIGHT! They’re going to see Jericho and his boys later tonight! The car then pulls away, to reveal Kingston, Santana & Ortiz already dealt with Matt Menard and Angelo Parker! And took their shoes! Jericho shouts to get their car, and then shouts at Kingston! Will The Influencer, Rock Hard and the Red Death make the Mad King and company pay for this?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Jurassic Express w/ Christian Cage VS reDRagon!

Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus have had enough of Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish, to the point where they put aside the rankings system! But will giving the Undisputed Elite this shortcut to the titles come back to bite them? Or will Jurassic Express make reDRagon extinct?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see how hard these two teams fight in the Big Easy!

JB and Fish start and fans fire up already. Fish and JB circle, tie up, and Fish knees low. Fish wrenches, wristlocks, but JB handsprings to wrench back. JB headlocks, Fish powers out, but JB runs him over! JB runs, Fish stays low so JB handsprings and runs again to RANA Fish then dropkick him down! JB kips up and fans fire up! JB fires a forearm, wrenches an arm, but Fish knees low! Fish KICKS a leg, DECKS JB with a right, then tags Kyle. Fans boo as reDRagon mugs JB. Kyle throws knees, headlocks and grinds JB down. JB endures, fights up and throws body shots. JB powers out, Luchasaurus tags in, and JB drops while Luchasaurus hurdles!

Kyle rebounds, but into Luchasaurus’ hip toss! JB basement dropkicks Kyle, Luchasaurus BOOTS Fish, then cover on Kyle. TWO, and Kyle gets away to a corner. Luchasaurus storms over to fire off big hands, and he ROCKS Kyle with an uppercut! Luchasaurus whips, Kyle holds ropes and BOOTS back! Luchasaurus goes to boot but Kyle ducks! Luchasaurus gets caught on the ropes, Fish tags in, and Kyle gets the leg for a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Fish is there as Luchasaurus tumbles down to grab the leg, KICK it, then DRAGON SCREW Luchasaurus into railing! The ring count climbs, Fish puts Luchasaurus in at 4. Cover, TWO!

Fish brings Luchasaurus up and trades hands, then tag to Kyle. Fish fires more shots, then boots Luchasaurus back for Kyle to KICK a leg out! Luchasaurus falls and Kyle gets a leg for a HEEL HOOK! Luchasaurus grabs the ropes but Fish stands on the hand. Fish tags in to slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Tag back to Kyle and reDRagon mugs Luchasaurus. Kyle fires off knees, but Luchasaurus boots him away! Luchasaurus knocks Fish down then KNEES Kyle down! Kyle hurries to grab a leg, but Luchasaurus still tags JB! JB rallies on Kyle, scoops Fish and SLAMS him, then mule kicks Kyle to run, into a KNEE!

Kyle whips JB but JB hits the COMEBACKER! Fish runs back in but is sent right back out! JB Builds speed to DIVE! Kyle takes the hit but JB keeps moving! JB DIVES onto Fish this time! JB gets back in, he keeps on moving, but reDRagon bail out the side. But Luchasaurus is there to ASAI MOONSAULT! Down goes Kyle and fans fire up for “A E DUB!” But Fish CHOP BLLOCKS Luchasaurus! So JB FLIES out onto Fish! JB gets back on the apron but Kyle swings a punch. JB ducks to shoulder Kyle away, but Fish anchors the springboard! Kyle gets the other leg, DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! The ref backs Kyle off, but Fish WRINGS the arm into the apron!

Fans boo as reDRagon takes control, and Dynamite goes picture in picture. Fish looms over JB, drags him up and into the ring, and Kyle sits JB up. Kyle wrenches an arm to an ELBOW BREAKER, then hammerlocks the arm to BOOT JB into buckles! Tag to Fish, reDRagon mugs JB again with knee after knee after knee! Then they double snap suplex JB down! Fish covers, TWO! Fish drags JB up, JB throws hands, but Fish stomps him down. Fish stomps away on JB, then WRINGS the arm again! JB writhes but Fish drags him away. Fish wrenches and uppercuts the arm, then he tags Kyle in.

Kyle drags JB up but JB throws hands with the good arm! JB CHOPS, but Kyle tackles him down! Kyle gives JB some ground ‘n’ pound and even a KICK to the back! Kyle taunts Luchasaurus, then drags JB back up. Kyle wrenches the arm again, but JB ROCKS Kyle with a right! Kyle wrenches, JB haymakers, but Kyle hammerlocks and snapmares to put on a top wristlock. JB endures, Kyle lean son the hold, and Fish even talks trash from the apron. JB fights his way up, Dynamite returns to single picture, but Kyle whips JB. JB wants the comebacker but Kyle gets an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! JB clasps hands, makes it a cover, TWO!

JB CHOPS but into an armlock! JB gets the ropebreak, the ref counts, Kyle KNEES JB and keeps on the arm. JB tiger feints to arm-drag free! JB dodges, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on reDRagon with big hands, and a BOOT for Fish! He puts Kyle in a corner, then runs in to back elbow! Luchasaurus back body blocks Fish, gives one to Kyle, then another to Fish! Kyle runs in but Luchasaurus moves so the BOOT hits Fish! Then Luchasaurus GERMAN SUPLEXES Kyle away! Luchasaurus ducks Fish’s kick to kip up and TAIL WHIP! Kyle is back, he gets a BOOT but he yoyos to LARIAT! Luchasaurus rebounds to DOUBLE LARIAT reDRagon!

Luchasaurus choke grips Kyle, then fish, for a DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM! STANDING MOONSAULT onto Kyle! Cover, TWO! Kyle survives so reDRagon is still in this, and fans rally up! JB wants in but Fish sweeps the legs! No tag for Luchasaurus and Kyle CHOP BLOCKS him down! Fans boo but Fish hustles back to tag in from his corner. Kyle then runs in to forearm smash, Fish adds a knee! Kyle runs in but is put on the apron! JB SUPERKICKS Kyle! Luchasaurus boots, Fish blocks but Luchasaurus uses that to reel him in for a KNEE! JB tags back in and goes up top! Luchasaurus scoops Fish, for the MACHO ELBOW SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO!!

JB checks with the ref but that was a fair count. Fans fire up again and JB drags Fish up. JB runs, “This is Awesome!” but Fish ducks the blindside lariat! JB ducks the buzzsaw to waistlock, but Kyle tags in before the O’Conner Roll. Kyle then drags JB into underhooks, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX, and a roll through! Fish helps out, ELEVATED BUTTERFLY DDT into a BOOSTED WHEELBARROW GERMAN! Cover, TWO!! But into the ARMBAR!! JB fights, endures, reaches around, and gets the ROPEBREAK with a toe! Kyle lets go in frustration and fans are fired up again! Kyle drags JB up and brings him to the reDRagon corner.

Kyle puts JB up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up to go after the arm. JB throws body shots, CLUBS Kyle, but Fish anchors JB! The ref reprimands but Luchasaurus BOOTS Fish! Luchasaurus then Electric Chair Lifts Kyle, but Fish trips JB up! Kyle fights off to a GUILLOTINE! Fish tags in and  goes up after JB, and SUPER FALCON ARROWS JB over Kyle and Luchasaurus! Fans are thunderous as Fish covers, but Luchasaurus SLAMS Kyle onto the pin! Fans are thunderous again as all four men are down! Kyle manages to get up but he’s punch drunk, so Luchasaurus ROCKS him! Kyle KICKS, Luchsaurus ROCKS Kyle again!

Kyle KICKS, Luchasaurus uppercuts! Kyle fires off a strike fest but gets caught with a choke grip! Kyle knees low, AX ‘n’ SUPERKICK from JB! Fish CLOBBERS JB, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS Fish! Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS Luchasaurus, but JB uses Luchasaurus as a springboards for a TORNADO DDT! Kyle falls out of the ring, Fish spins JB around to a fireman’s carry! But JB feeds Fish to a TAIL WHIP! Jurassic Express combines, THORASSIC EXPRESS!! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

JB & Luchasaurus got one hell of a fight from former IWGP Junior Heavyweight, ROH World and NXT Tag Team Champions, but this train is still rolling! Wait, Kyle gets a chair! He JAMS Luchasaurus in the leg, and he SMACKS JB off a corner! The Undisputed Elite are sore losers! But Kyle says, “UP YOURS!” as he and Fish fall back. But here comes FTR! The joint AAA & ROH World Tag Team Champions aren’t letting reDRagon run away! But that turns into a fight on the ramp! Referees hurry to keep this from getting any more heated, but is it only a matter of time before Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood cross reDRagon and Jurassic Express of their hit lists?


Backstage interview with the Blackpool Combat Club.

Tony Schiavone stands with William Regal, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta as he notes this Friday for Rampage, it will be a Trios Match! BCC VS Gunn Club! Regal says he couldn’t possibly be happier because he is surrounded by three tough gentlemen! Yes, a big match for Rampage, and Bryan says, “Why do you think we’re all fired up? Why do you think? Because Wheeler Yuta, for the first time, is fighting with us!” Yuta bled with Mox, spat in Bryan’s face, and these three are going to fight the 24-0 Gunn Club. Moxley says he doesn’t really know the Gunn Club, but he doesn’t like them. They’re a bunch of goofs! That’s what they need less of here in AEW!

Moxley says they plan on breaking the Gunn Club’s faces open. “Time to get mean, Wheeler!” Yuta himself says, “Tony, on Friday, the real work begins.” Will the ROH Pure Champion give us yet another star making performance when he, the Maniac and the American Dragon rip into Billy and his boys?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter.

Tony Schiavone again meets with these two, who again agreed to no physicality this week. “The fans have spoken. We don’t know the brackets for the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament yet, but we do know that Tony Khan has signed what the fans want to see: in the first round, Jamie Hayter VS Toni Storm.” Hayter says she is glad Tony made Toni her first opponent. Hayter wants this more than Tony Khan does, and more than the fans do. And why is that? Well, there are a lot of parallels between these two. They both honed their craft in Japan, in the UK and Europe, a lot like Owen Hart.

But Hayter says this is going to be HER crowning moment, and Toni will not stop that. Hayter will win and break Toni’s face. Toni scowls but Hayter asks, “Cat got your tongue? Just gonna walk away?” She does. Hayter says she knew Toni would do that, but will the Lightning From Down Under let her actions speak for her?


MJF w/ Shawn Spears VS Capt. Shawn Dean!

The last time the Salt of the Earth faced Shawn Dean, CM Punk got involved and handed the win to Dean through a GTS and disqualification. It ruined MJF’s otherwise spotless win-loss record, and now Max wants to “right the wrong.” But will MJF be too busy looking over his shoulder and around ringside for Wardlow? Or will the Captain sweep MJF before MJF even has to worry about that?

The bell rings and MJF apparently can’t unzip that fancy jacket of his. Fans chant for “WARD~LOW!” and Spears has to help MJF! Fans taunt MJF and cheer Dean on, but MJF tells them to shut up! MJF still struggles with the zipper, and Spears talks trash on Dean. Dean is distracted and MJF sucker punches him! MJF stomps away on Dean in the corner, then surprise! The zipper was never really stuck. Fans boo as MJF whips his jacket around then tosses it aside. MJF drags Dean up, whips him corner to corner and WRINGS him out at the same time! MJF then gets on the corner to soak up all the heat.

But wait! For the third week in a row, we look backstage, and security has been decimated! Wait, is one guy missing his shirt? MJF is freaking out! Is Wardlow using a security shirt to “sneak” around? MJF hurries to get Dean up and throw him out! MJF headlocks and drags Dean around the way, to then whip into railing! Fans chant, “WE WANT WARDLOW!” but MJF just puts Dean in the corner. MJF soaks up the heat, but a rather big security guard walks up. SURPRISE! It’s Wardlow! MJF thinks the cheers are for him because he’s just that arrogant, and he turns around to see Wardlow! MJF runs away but Wardlow is in pursuit!

MJF scurries into the ring, then right back out, and to the ramp! Wardlow gets to the ramp, and Spears SMACKS him with a chair! But that barely tickles the War Dog! Wardlow turns his attention on Spears, reels him in, and throws off the shirt! But real security hurries out, only to get CLOBBERED One after the other! Then the last guy gets the APRON POWERBOMB! MJF sends another wave but they’re just dominoes for Wardlow to knock down! But all of them gather around and keep Wardlow back! But wait! The ring count is still going! MJF tries to get around but the cluster is too big!

MJF shouts on the mic to have the ref wait! “I don’t know what Tony Khan is paying you, but I will triple it if you don’t count to ten! I’ll triple it!” Fans chant, “TEN! TEN! TEN!” The ref says TEN, MJF LOSES!!

Winner: Capt. Shawn Dean, by count-out

Another win over MJF and Dean celebrates! Wardlow goes peacefully now, having done far more damage to MJF than he could have with his own hands. MJF storms into the ring to get at the ref! The ref gets in MJF’s face back! Spears keeps MJF back, this could be a fine! Meanwhile, Wardlow gets rough with the security now so he can shout right into the camera! “MAX! I’M NOT GONNA STOP! NOT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! AND YOU RELEASE ME FROM MY CONTRACT!” The message has been sent, but how will MJF respond?


AEW hears from Darby Allin.

The Relentless One has sent another video in. A casket frame in the middle of an intersection. Darby skateboards downhill towards it. Darby then drags his board, and he says, “Andrade. I’m going to put a nail in this whole thing. Coffin Match.” Enough said, will El Idolo face some grave consequences in this war with Darby?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “Tell me, Fuego. But your hopes and dreams… Are they still the same? As what they were when you were a child? There in lies the main difference between you and I. Say if we were to uh… Cut open my neck, and push our hands through the wound, and rip open my throat, you would find a dark abyss of razor blades.” Maybe one day, Fuego will appreciate this. But he appreciates hollow things, like a fanbase that loves and adores and thanks Fuego, because the House wanted it so. What the House gives, the House can take. And they will take the brightest light and drag it down into the deepest part of Fuego’s soul and kill it.

If you wonder why Malakai is here alone tonight, he wants Fuego to fear the shadows. Will the Fire of the Sun be extinguished in the bottomless pit that is Malakai’s soul?


Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz!

The JAS was warned that this grudge would be on sight, and they got just a taste of it at the airport. Will things only be more brutal with them going 3v3 in the ring? Or will Jericho, Hager & Garcia “future endeavor” the Proud ‘n’ Powerful trio for good this time?

Ortiz shows off that he has Parker’s shoes! The teams sort out and Santana starts against Jericho, and Jericho just flips everyone else off, especially Santana. Then he tries to step, but Santana isn’t intimidated. He just SMACKS Jericho, then puts him in the corner to fire off more hands! Santana climbs up and fans fire up as Santana rains down rights! Santana goes all the way to 10, then whips Jericho corner to corner. Santana runs in but Jericho BOOTS him! Jericho runs in, but into a BOOT! Santana whips Jericho to ropes but Jericho reverses. Santana stops and KICKS, but Jericho CHOPS!

Santana CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS, it’s a CHOP fight! Santana gets the edge with CHOP after CHOP after CHOP! Fans fire up but Jericho throws a haymaker! Jericho shoves but Santana tackles Jericho! The teams then drop off the corners, Ortiz SHOTGUNS Hager and Kingston CLOBBERS Garcia! Kingston rains down fists, Ortiz keeps on Hager but Hager knees and whips Ortiz into barriers! Kingston digs fingers into Garcia’s face, Jericho bails out but Santana pursues. Hager chokes Kingston to get him away from Garcia, and Jericho goes into the ring. Santana dodges the cheap shot to CLOBBER Jericho with an elbow!

Santana looms over Jericho, sits him up, and rains down more fists! Fans fire up as Kingston BITES Hager! Santana drags Jericho up and Kingston gets in. They put Jericho in the corner, Ortiz tags in and Ortiz whips Santana in for a back elbow! Ortiz hits a SPLASH, then PNP feed Jericho to an STO from Kingston! Ortiz looms over Jericho to grind his forearm into Jericho’s face! Ortiz rushes Hager but into a haymaker! But Kingston trips Garcia off the apron! Kingston goes back after Garcia but Jericho CLOBBERS Ortiz! Jericho tags Hager, they double whip Ortiz and FLAPJACK him! Hager digs a knee into Ortiz and talks trash.

Hager lets off but Ortiz gets up to throw hands. Hager DECKS Ortiz, but fans rally up. Ortiz dropkicks a leg, CHOPS then forearms and CHOPS again! Ortiz runs but into a lift! Ortiz manages to sunset flip, TWO! Hager CLOBBERS Ortiz! Hager hauls Ortiz up, tags in Garcia, and then SPINEBUSTER and some ground ‘n’ pound! Fans boo as Garcia roars, but Garcia tags Jericho in. Ortiz fights back but the JAS mugs him. Jericho back suplexes Ortiz, then has the cocky cover, TWO! Fans boo but Jericho soaks up the heat, only for Kingston to shove him! The ref has Kingston stand down and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Jericho shouts at Kingston but then Ortiz DECKS Garcia! Ortiz goes after Hager again but Hager ROCKS him with a right. Jericho fires off on Ortiz now, then digs his knee in. The ref counts, Hager tags in, and Ortiz BITES Jericho! Hager RAMS into Ortiz, digs his shoulder in, then RAMS in again! Hager lets off but that allows Garcia and Jericho to get cheap shots in! Kingston protests but the ref is now busy with him! The JAS get away with it, and Hager scoops Ortiz to SLAM him! Hager looms over Ortiz, then runs to the corner, HAGER BOMB! Cover, Santana breaks it! Hager goes after Santana for that, but almost hits the ref!

The ref gets right in Hager’s face, but Garcia gets his shots in! Jericho tags in and has everything clam down a bit. Jericho CLUBS Ortiz, argues with the ref, but Ortiz crawls to his corner! Jericho sees it in time to elbow Ortiz down! Jericho brings Ortiz up to CHOP him to another corner. Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS then hoists Ortiz up top. Jericho throws hands, soaks up some heat, then climbs up after Ortiz. Ortiz BITES Jericho again! The ref reprimands, but Ortiz shoves Jericho down! Ortiz adjusts up top, leaps, and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!! Jericho escapes and he CLOBBERS Ortiz!

Jericho throws down hands, but Ortiz starts to get up. Jericho keeps throwing hands, and Ortiz staggers to ropes. Dynamite returns to single picture as Ortiz throws hands! Ortiz runs, into a dropkick! Jericho taunts Santana and Kingston, runs, LIONSAULT FLOPS as Ortiz moves! Fans rally up, Ortiz crawls, but Jericho grabs a foot! Ortiz gets up to break free but Jericho ROCKS him! Jericho whips but Ortiz comes back to CLOBBER Jericho! Fans are thunderous as the two crawl, hot tag to Garcia and he CLOBBERS Ortiz! Garcia CHOPS Ortiz, whips him to ropes, but Ortiz still goes up and over! Hot tag to Kingston!

Fans fire up as the Mad King rallies on the JAS! Haymakers for everyone, ENZIGURI for Hager! Garcia ROCKS Kingston, whips, but Kingston reverses to KNEE low! BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Tag to Santana! Santana hurries to get Garcia up, snap suplex! Uno Amigo! Fans fire up and Garcia fights but DOS AMIGOS! Santana then gets THREE AMIGOS! Kingston shouts out the other Eddie and Santana goes up to FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Santana tags Kingston. Kingston fires off the MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Tag to Santana, feed to a clinch and URENAGE! Ortiz then tags in and goes up for a FLYING LEG DROP!

Fans fire up again with Ortiz and he tells Santana to go up. Ortiz reels Garcia in, Kingston intercepts and DECKS Hager! Kingston then DIVES to take Hager out! Ortiz gets Garcia up, but Jericho gets in, so Ortiz POWERBOMBS Garcia onto Jericho! Santana adjusts course to SUPER CANNONBALL Hager down! Fans are thunderous again but here come Menard & Parker! So Ortiz DIVES to take them out! Ortiz hurries back in, tags Kingston, and Garcia wants mercy? He gets palm strikes instead! And then an EXPLODER! Kingston then powers up, but Garcia ducks the Uraken to shove Kingston!

Garcia distracts the ref as Jericho uses FLOYD THE BASEBALL BAT!! Kingston falls from that shot, Garcia covers, JAS wins!

Winners: The Jericho Appreciation Society, by pinfall

And of course, they all mug Kingston now! The 5v3 advantage is just too much, and Jericho is hitting Kingston with the bat! Hager returns, they drag Ortiz in and feed him to a JUDAS EFFECT! They stomp Santana while fans boo, and the JAS stand tall! That may not have been entertainment, but will this be a lesson in the numbers game for Kingston and his team?


Backstage interview with MJF, Shawn Spears & Mark Sterling.

Alex Marvez can’t help but chuckle as he says, “Another upset win,” and MJF gets mad. Is that funny? Does Marvez think it funny?! How about the fans?! “YES! YES!” MJF shouts, “Maybe people have forgotten just who the hell MJF is! I am the prodigy, I am the phenom! I’m the pinnacle of professional wrestling!” But it’s so funny, right? No sympathy for the devil, but he doesn’t need it. He has MONEY. And that is what makes the world go ’round. Tell ’em, Mark! Sterling reads the contract between MJF and Wardlow, and says MJF has the unfettered right to book or not book Wardlow against anyone he wishes.

MJF then makes Marvez hold the mic in front of him as he says, “That means no more just showing up to the arena to have a good time, Pig. Nah. See, I’m gonna put you to work! And I have the BEST idea on how to slaughter a greedy little pig like you.” Spears hands MJF an envelope, and then Andrade’s assistant, Jose, steps into frame! The answer: A BUTCHER! The AFO’s Butcher steps in and roars at the camera! Will he chop Wardlow down into bacon bits?


Marina Shafir VS Skye Blue!

Before facing the undefeated TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, #TheProblem finally has a match on Dynamite! Will the US Open Judo National Champion be seeing red as she takes on Blue before going for gold?

The bell rings and the two circle. Sterling and Jade are watching backstage. Well, Sterling is watching and taking notes on his clipboard, Jade is scrolling through her phone, probably more interested in what her baddies post on social media. Speaking of, the baddies section is full tonight, they’re paying more attention to this than Jade. Shafir kicks Skye low, throws her with a sayanagi, and then looms over her menacing. Wait, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet are also in the audience watching this, they are cheering on Skye Blue as they’re friends and training partners. But Shafir scoops Skye and just carries her around.

Shafir pops Skye up, but Skye slips out and runs in to get a GUILLOTINE! Shafir isn’t even worried, through, as she turns this into a BEARHUG, and then SWINGING SLAM! Shafir again stands over Skye menacingly, trying to send her aggression through the screen and right at Jade. Jade actually looks up right as Shafir says, “Shame, shame,” with her fingers. Jade rolls her eyes, but Shafir says she should watch this. Shafir drags Skye up, CLUBS her down, then brings her up to DECK her! Skye gets to ropes and drags herself up as the baddies all boo. Skye throws forearms and haymakers! But then Shafir KICKS, pump handles, and FALL AWAY SLAMS!

Shafir glares at the baddies as they boo, but if anything, it amuses Shafir. She eggs them on, but Skye chicken wings! Shafir breaks free, waistlocks, but Skye gets ropes. Skye drops down for a cover, TWO! Shafir blocks the kick, PALM STRIKES the chest, then fisherman roll to a leg capture TRIANGLE!! Skye taps, Shafir wins!

Winner: Marina Shafir, by submission

Shafir makes Skye wave hi to her friends, and then goes out to blow a kiss to everyone. Jade brushes this off, but is this one Problem not even an undefeated baddie can solve?


Lexi Nair interviews Hook.

For the third time in as many events, Lexi tries to get Hook to talk. Next week, in Pittsburgh, it will be Hook’s first match on Dynamite. How is he feeling? But even before he opens his mouth, Sterling walks in with his newest client, Tony Nese. Sterling says of course they’re interviewing Hook. But why not the hottest free agent signing in the Premier Athlete? Nese tells Sterling that AEW doesn’t want to hear from someone who actually earned their success, but from someone who was handed it. Hook stands up and Sterling wants him to calm down. This was just about an interview.

Nese & Sterling leave, and surprise! Danhausen is here! Is it working yet? Hook just throws the medicine ball at him. Danhausen catches it but falls over. Will anything ever faze Hook? Will anything ever get him to talk?


AEW hears from Dan Lambert & The Men of the Year.

Ethan Page starts by saying Sammy Guevara threatened them with, “Wait ’til you see what we do next.” Turns out, all that was next was crawling to management and begging for a TNT Championship match! And it’ll be in the only place in America that Sammy and his future ex-girlfriend won’t get booed out of the building in! Lambert says that might not be true. “Turns out, the most obnoxious couple in the history of AEW are still right here.” But what happened to the Mixed Tag they wanted so badly? Guess maybe it’ll be another Saturday night where she goes unsatisfied.

Scorpio says Sammy desecrated their car, the title, and their names, and he still didn’t get what he wanted. But now, Scorpio will give Sammy the ass-kicking he needs. And the only thing bigger in Texas than that will be Scorpio’s win streak. Sammy and Scorpio are going to be part of Battle of the Belts II, but will Sammy get the belts back, and some revenge, too?


Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland VS Team Taz!

Ever since AEW became Limitless in Swerve’s House, Ricky Starks & Will Hobbs have been absolute bullies! But Keith & Swerve don’t run from bullies, then run over ’em! Will the #AbsolutePowerhouses have no choice but to #BaskinTHEIRGlory?

The teams sort out and we start with Starks and Swerve. Fans rally and sing for Keith, but Starks then tags out to Hobbs. Swerve and Hobbs circle, they tie up, and Hobbs shoves Swerve away. Swerve says alright, but then Hobbs pushes him! Swerve bobs ‘n’ weaves, fans chant, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” as he wrenches and wristlocks Hobbs. Hobbs resists, whips, and runs Swerve over! Hobbs then gets Swerve up, taunts Keith, and scoops Swerve to FALL AWAY SLAM! Hobbs stares Keith down but Keith applauds. Hobbs mocks the conducting of the chorus, then he drags Swerve up to wrench.

Tag to Starks and New Orleans goes nuts for their hometown hero! Starks wrenches Swerve’s arm, wristlocks, then knuckle locks to CHOP! Starks goes up and up and goes a little Old School, to then CLUB Swerve! Swerve goes to a corner, Starks whips him corner to corner but Swerve reverses! Starks goes up and over to run and shoulder Swerve down! Starks strikes a pose and fans fire up. Things speed up, Swerve makes Starks stumble but Starks whips him away. Swerve flips through, rolls up and Eddy Gordo headscissors to then dropkick! Fans fire up, Swerve drags Starks over, tag to Keith!

Fans fire up as Swerve holds Starks open for Keith to kick. Starks avoids the Grizzly Magnums to CHOP, but Keith doesn’t flinch. Keith puts Starks in the corner, tags Swerve, and the two coordinate. Swerve sits up top and uses his legs to trap Starks! Starks asks for mercy, but Keith just gives him a GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Starks falls over, and Swerve adds the FALLING UPPERCUT! Cover, ONE! Swerve keeps close on Starks, brings him back, and tags Keith back in. Fans chant, “RICKY! WOOP WOOP!” as Swerve kicks Starks on the way out. Hobbs gets in but Keith intercepts to toss him!

Keith tosses Starks, too, and Team Taz regroups at the ramp. Tag to Swerve, and Keith goes to the apron. Keith gives Swerve an assist, for the ARIHARA MOONSAULT off Keith’s chest! Direct hit onto Team Taz at the ramp and fans go wild! Swerve does a dance over Starks while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Swerve and Keith are all smiles, and Swerve puts Starks in. Swerve clamps onto an arm but Starks fights so Swerve kicks him and whips him. Starks reverses, Hobbs holds the ropes down and Swerve tumbles out! Hobbs then CLOBBERS Swerve with a full body attack! Starks smirks now and Hobbs scowls over Swerve. Starks goes out and Hobbs drags Swerve up. Hobbs scoops to SNAKE EYES Swerve off the apron, then Starks puts Swerve in. Starks gets a leg, Swerve tries to kick free but Starks stomps him in the gut! Starks toys with Swerve as he slaps him around, then he tags Hobbs in.

Starks CHOPS Swerve, then Hobbs whips Starks to taunt Keith and back elbow Swerve! Hobbs adds a SPLASH, tag to Starks, and Hobs holds Swerve for Starks to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Starks drags Swerve back to the corner, tags Hobbs back in, and Team Taz mugs Swerve more. Hobbs clamps onto a shoulder and he grinds Swerve down. Swerve endures and fights up, and he ROCKS Hobbs with a right! Swerve slips under but Hobbs catches him to whip at the corner. Swerve uses that to elbow Starks down! Hobbs hurries over but Swerve BOOTS him away. Swerve then dumps Hobbs out in return for earlier!

Swerve crawls for his corner but Hobbs intercepts! Dynamite returns to single picture as Hobbs pops Swerve up, but Swerve STOMPS Hobbs down! Both men crawl, hot tags to Starks and Keith! The Limitless One rallies on Absolute, and then he TOSSES Starks to a corner! Starks JABS back, Keith HEADBUTTS Starks! Keith then stands Starks up, but Hobbs CLOBBERS Keith! Hobbs waistlocks but Keith elbows free! But Starks KNEES Keith! Hobbs runs in, but Keith hurdles him, and Hobbs RAMS Starks instead! Keith then throws Hobbs aside, to TOSS Starks at Hobbs! Fans are fired up again as Team Taz tumbles!

Tag to Swerve, Keith sends Starks into a KNEE! Starks pinballs between forearms, then Keith fireman’s carries! Starks is tossed into a ROLLING ELBOW ROUNDHOUSE COMBO!! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives and Swerve can’t believe it! Fans fire up but Swerve drags Starks up. Half nelson, but Starks arm-drags free! Starks runs in but is sent right out! Swerve goes to the apron, BOOTS Starks, then drags him back up and in. Swerve aims from the apron, but Hobbs is there! Hobbs swipes at Swerve but misses, Swerve trips Hobbs up! Swerve slingshots and somersaults, into a SPEAR from Starks!!

Starks BOOTS Keith down and fans are fired up! Starks runs in, ROLLING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Starks cannot believe it and New Orleans is losing their minds! Starks puts Swerve up top. Starks climbs up after him but Keith tags in! Swerve fights back with body shots, fireman’s carries, and Keith is in! Keith runs, SUPER FIREMAN’S POUNCE!! Cover, but Hobbs breaks it! Keith and Hobbs get in each other’s faces and the ref has to back Hobbs down! Keith drags Starks up but Starks ENZIGURIS! Starks tags Hobbs and Team Taz hurries to get Keith up! Taz himself is here now to make sure his guys do this!

Starks tries to gut wrench but Keith gut wrench suplexes him away first! Hobbs is up top but Keith ROCKS him first! Taz shouts at his team, Keith gets Starks up. Keith pops Starks up, Swerve climbs, but Hobbs SHOVES Swerve off the top! Starks RANAS Keith away! Hobbs scoops Swerve, but Swerve slips off to POST Hobbs! Starks uses ropes for the TORNADO, but Keith blocks that! Keith puts Starks on the top, Starks boots back! FLYING SPEAR!! Cover, but Swerve 450 SPLASHES it apart! Hobbs returns to SPLASH Swerve in a corner! “This is Awesome!” as Hobbs goes after Keith, only for Keith to fireman’s carry!

Hobbs slips off but Keith elbows him first! The ref is busy checking on Starks as Keith fires up! Keith is going Super Saiyan, but Taz trips him up! SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, Team Taz wins!

Winners: Team Taz, by pinfall

Team captain Taz himself gets a big assist in that! He made sure his guys won, and Starks’ homecoming is victorious! Will Starks & Hobbs be unstoppable all over AEW?


ANOTHER match has been made for Battle of the Belts II!

The ROH World Championship will make its AEW debut as The Octopus, Jonathan Gresham, defends against The Peacock, Dalton Castle! This golden week just keeps getting bigger, who will come out of it holding onto the titles?


Backstage interview with Thunder Rosa.

Tony Schiavone speaks with the AEW Women’s World Champion about her BOTB II main event title match. La Mera Mera is so excited, but she is again interrupted by the Vicious Vixens. Vickie Guerrero & Nyla Rose have brought a cake. Nyla says it was supposed to have writing on it, but that costs extra, and frankly, Rosa ain’t worth it. But they want to let everyone know they’re celebrating Rosa having AEW’s shortest world title reign! Rosa plays along with the sarcasm, saying they’re both so sweet for this. Vickie, Nyla, do you think she’s stupid? Yes, they do! Well then ESTUPIDA! Rosa shoves the cake into Nyla’s face!

Vickie is furious and tells Nyla to get Rosa! But with all that frosting in Nyla’s face, she DECKS Vickie! Then Rosa CLUBS away on Nyla! But Nyla kicks her back and RAMS her into road cases! And again! Referees rush over to stop this, and Nyla says, “Joke’s on you! I love cake! And violence!” The Native Beast just gave Rosa an appetizer, but will Nyla sink her teeth back into the AEW Women’s World title?


AEW hears from Hangman Adam Page, and Adam Cole.

The Panama City Playboy tells the Cowboy, “You have some preconceived notion that I’m afraid of this match-up.” Cole ain’t scared of sh*t! But Hangman says, “The best lessons in life are lived, not preached.” Cole is scared of how he will feel waking up the next morning, thinking he didn’t do all he could have to become THE AEW World Champion. Because that feeling of disappointment at Revolution, when he couldn’t beat Hangman, to go back to his hotel room and say to himself, “Dammit, you’re the best!” Hangman says this Friday Night Rampage, Texas Deathmatch, he will rip Cole limb from limb, knock his teeth down his throat and make him swallow his own blood!

Cole says he can’t wait to go home this time and say, “That’s right, the AEW World Champion is here, baybay.” Adam VS Adam II raises things to a whole new level, but who will be the Adam that survives?


ROH World Television Championship: Minoru Suzuki VS Samoa Joe!

The Meanest Man in the World defeated Rhett Titus and took this title at Supercard of Honor 2022. But now, the ROH Hall of Famer has come to take that title for his own! Will the Samoan Submission Machine make the King of Pancrase bow down? Or will Suzuki prove why he is universally respected and feared in this ring?

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt are watching ringside, sarcastically chanting for Joe. Bobby Cruise makes the introductions, “KAZE NI NARE!” and the belt is raised as we perhaps have the most violent normal match ever!

Joe offers a handshake but Suzuki just gets in Joe’s face. Fans are fired up and Suzuki CHOPS! Joe CHOPS, Suzuki CHOPS, repeat! CHOP after CHOP after CHOP and fans are loving this as both men’s chests are turning red already! Suzuki eggs Joe on, the CHOPS keep going! Joe then throws forearms so Suzuki gives those back! Suzuki laughs and fans fire up, so Joe CHOPS again! Suzuki CHOPS back! Joe throws another CHOP, so Suzuki CHOPS again! Joe CHOPS, Suzuki nods and CHOPS again! Joe roars and CHOPS, Suzuki roars and CHOPS! This is like Suzuki taking on Hiromu in the New Japan Cup, just beefier!

Joe CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Suzuki isn’t budging! Suzuki revels in it, if anything! And the fans are reveling in it, too! Suzuki CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! So Joe CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! And CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Suzuki still stays up, and he shakes his head. “This is Awesome!” and it’s been all CHOP after CHOP! Suzuki just keeps throwing those overhand CHOPS, but Joe comes back with CHOPS of his own! They finally go back to forearms and Suzuki staggers! But Suzuki forearms back, they go back and forth, Joe elbows but Suzuki ROCKS him! Joe ROCKS Suzuki back!

Fans fire up as these two just stare down. Suzuki ROCKS Joe with a forearm but Joe gives it right back! Suzuki smiles again, and he ROCKS Joe. Joe smiles and he ROCKS Suzuki! Suzuki gets the edge with forearm after forearm, and Joe wobbles! Suzuki runs, but Joe runs him over! Fans are thunderous as someone finally falls over! Suzuki gets to the apron, Joe drags him up, but Suzuki gets a HANGING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go at 4. Suzuki drags Joe out as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Suzuki throws another forearm and he follows Joe along the way. Suzuki throws a forearm, Joe hits back! Joe CHOPS, Suzuki CHOPS, we’re back to the CHOP fight! Suzuki eggs Joe on so Joe CHOPS again. Suzuki CHOPS, Joe CHOPS, again and again! Joe CHOPS and Suzuki has to step back, but he comes right back. They tell the ref to be patient, but then tell each other to get in. So they both do, and the forearms start flying again! Joe gets the edge, runs, but Suzuki catches him for a takedown! Suzuki wants and gets the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Suzuki even bends the fingers! Joe endures, but Suzuki omoplatas that arm!

Suzuki reaches out and gets Joe’s other arm to pull it back! Suzuki pulls back as hard as he can but Joe still endures! Joe moves around, ROPEBREAK! Suzuki lets go at 4, and he kicks Joe around. Suzuki KICKS Joe in the chest, throws more forearms, then wrenches the bad arm to dig an elbow into the shoulder. Joe endures, even as Suzuki has a standing crossface! Suzuki lets off to throw a haymaker, but Joe just HEADBUTTS! So Suzuki HEADBUTTS! Joe HEADBUTTS again and again and again! Then he reels Suzuki in for a POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO, but into the STF!! Now Suzuki endures!

Dynamite returns to single picture once again as Joe focuses on the crossface! Suzuki endures as Joe cranks him back, so Joe shifts to have RINGS OF SATURN! Suzuki endures, fans rally, and Suzuki reaches out with a leg for the ROPEBREAK! Joe lets go, has Suzuki in a corner and JABS! Joe whips corner to corner but Suzuki reverses and BOOTS Joe down! Suzuki drags Joe up, snapmares and runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Suzuki grins and fans fire up again. Suzuki drags Joe up, but Joe breaks free! They clinch, throw more forearms, and Suzuki reels Joe in. Fans fire up, but Suzuki knows already the piledriver won’t work.

Suzuki shoves Joe, and he dares Joe to keep throwing those chops! So Joe CHOPS! Suzuki CHOPS, Joe CHOPS, repeat! Both men are red across the chest, fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end! Joe CHOPS and CHOPS, but then Suzuki gets around, SLEEPER HOLD! But Joe scoops to SIDEWALK SLAM! Fans are thunderous again, Lethal and Sonjay continue to cheer Joe on. Joe CHOPS Suzuki against the ropes. forearms him, then CHOPS again, Joe runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Suzuki and he roars! Suzuki wraps on the SLEEPER HOLD! Joe is already purple, and Suzuki tries it this time!

But Joe fights the Gotch lift, so Suzuki KNES Joe in the corner. Suzuki goes for the sleeper but Joe RAMS him into the buckle! Joe puts Suzuki up top, and GAMANGIRIS! Suzuki wobbles, Joe reels him in, but Suzuki gets him for a HANGING TRIANGLE! Joe resists the extension, drags Suzuki in and fires more forearms! Joe gets Suzuki up, MUSCLE BUSTER!! Cover, Joe wins!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall (NEW ROH World Television Champion)

Former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, former ROH Pure Champion, and now finally, ROH World Television Champion! But to “celebrate” with him, Sonjay says congrats to Joe! Lethal says that just like they promised, they’ve brought a very special surprise present that they know Joe will love. Drum roll please. And tada! A middle finger. And then lights go out?! Seems the surprise present was a two-parter! The lights come back up, and a GIGANTIC man has appeared in the ring! Wait, that’s SATNAM SINGH! The NBA’s first Indian born Sikh basketball player, is now ALL ELITE!

Singh CLOBBERS Joe, pushes him out of the ring, and both Lethal and Sonjay mug Joe! Singh then whips Joe into the steel steps! The 7’2″ Singh puts Joe in for Lethal, and Lethal takes off his jacket. But Joe CHOKES Lethal! Singh gets in to SQUEEZE Joe’s head! Joe gets mugged again as fans boo! Joe passes out from Singh’s double claws! Then Singh stands Joe up, just for the LETHAL INJECTION! Lethal picks up the ROH World TV title to place on Joe, and then Sonjay puts a towel over Joe like he’s dead! Will Joe’s reign end before it even begins?

My Thoughts:

An awesome AEW Dynamite right here. Punk gets to be in another great opener, and Penta really gave him a great match. I was a little worried about Punk’s knee but I suppose that’s just Punk playing it up like the pro he is. Punk wins to be poised as #1 contender to whoever wins this Friday. Cole and Hangman had a very good promo vignette to hype up the Texas Deathmatch, and that is going to be awesome. I’m sticking with Hangman winning but he and Cole are definitely both gonna bleed. We got a great AEW World Tag title match, too, but I had a feeling Jurassic Express was gonna win. FTR showing up to confront reDRagon was good stuff, and I would love if FTR challenges Jurassic Express, ALL the belts on the line!

Good stuff from Blackpool Combat Club, they’re going to have a great Six Man against Gunn Club, and Gunn Club is not gonna know what hit them. Good stuff from Hook and Nese and Danhausen, Hook is going to have a great match on Dynamite next week, and you can bet Hook will also be facing Nese soon enough. Pretty good promo from Lambert, Ethan & Scorpio, and for once, I gotta agree: what happened to the Mixed Tag plans? Though, at the same time, I think we should be looking at Paige VanZant not being pro-wrestling ready in time. But maybe, win or lose between Sammy and Scorpio, we get that Mixed Tag later, for like Fyter Fest 2022 or something.

Great segment out of Rosa, Nyla and Vickie. Nyla proved that the reason she sticks around in these top feuds and title programs is because not only is she imposing in the ring, she’s hilarious on the mic. Rosa VS Nyla is going to be great stuff on a stacked Battle of the Belts II, which now includes the ROH world title. Gresham and Castle are going to have a great match and The Boys reuniting with The Peacock is an underappreciated part of this. We got a good video from Darby and that Coffin Match is gonna be wild. Malakai Black had a really good promo, and that thing about fearing the shadows, the House of Black is definitely adding new members.

Hayter VS Storm in the first round of the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament is great to hype things up, but there goes a semifinal match in my bracket. But at the same time, it takes away predictability since it was gonna be clear those two would meet in the later rounds. Great stuff out of The Pinnacle and Wardlow, and Dean benefits again. Wardlow VS Butcher is going to be badass, and as with all MJF’s feuds, he will have no choice but to face Wardlow in the end and their match can even be Wardlow winning his freedom from MJF.

Really good stuff out of JAS and Kingston-Santana-Ortiz. Good use of “on sight” on location at the airport, and then a great Six Man Tag. JAS of course cheat to win, they mug Kingston, Santana & Ortiz, but this is far from over. Not sure if two other guys join Kingston’s side, but that would be great for a 10 Man Tag, maybe even Blood & Guts II. Shafir VS Skye might be the only letdown of the night. It wasn’t even so much Shafir and Jade failed to play their parts. It was just too much interplay between Shafir and “the baddies,” and Shafir should’ve just had a solid match with Skye instead.

We got great stuff out of Keith & Swerve VS Team Taz because New Orleans was so hot for Starks, but quite the surprise from Taz interfering for his guys. Big win for Hobbs & Starks, we can continue this feud and get great singles matches between all these guys. And of course, we got an awesome main event out of Suzuki VS Joe. Suzuki loves chops, I love chops, I love that Suzuki loves chops, and I love that Joe, who is in both ROH and AEW, gets that ROH title. Now, some mixed feelings about how Lethal & Sonjay added on at the end. Lethal’s first surprise being a middle finger was hilarious, and for Satnam Singh, this is great for him to debut in a big story as Lethal’s muscle.

At the same time, that’s all this is. Lethal goes extra Heel by needing a giant like Singh, and my personal moment of, “Who is that?” killed the momentum. Could’ve been Lethal adding someone fans know from wrestling, like any name from ROH or AEW not doing a damn thing, but this sounds like some weird deal between AEW and Turner since Turner does a lot of NBA stuff. But it’s clear, Joe VS Lethal is the ROH World TV title feud, and the match will be awesome until Singh and/or Dutt interfere.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Best Friends are on a Rampage!



You GOT to give the people what they want!

Best Friends returned on Dynamite to help Orange Cassidy keep the International title, but now they are after AEW Trios Champions, The House of Black! Will Trent & Chuck be able to beat Malakai & Brody?


  • Sammy Guevara VS Konosuke Takeshita; Sammy wins.
  • Best Friends VS The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart; The Kings of the Black Throne win, by disqualification.
  • Taya Valkyrie VS Marina Shafir; Taya wins.
  • Juice Robinson VS Action Andretti; Juice wins.


Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo VS Konosuke Takeshita!

The Spanish God watched Jungle Boy beat Matt Hardy on Dynamite and wasn’t particularly impressed. But that does mean Jack Perry is in the lead for the #1 contender’s race. Will Sammy catch up to JB? Or will the Future of Wrestling block his path?

The bell rings and Sammy has everyone hold on as he hands his vest off to his lovely wife, Tay. Fans chant “SAMMY SUCKS!” but Sammy just shrugs that off. Sammy and Konosuke circle, tie up, and Sammy shoots to a waistlock. Konosuke pries the hold, hooks a leg, and he elbows free. Konosuke runs, Sammy hurdles, flips and DROPKICKS! Sammy kips up smooth and takes a bow while fans boo. Sammy spins and poses, but Konosuke sits up and and snarls. Sammy kicks Konosuke around, “You’re not on my level.” Sammy pie faces Konosuke, but Konosuke makes Sammy put his hands at his side. Then DECKS him!

In a surprise twist, Jack Perry is watching backstage like Sammy was on Wednesday. He likes what just happened there. Fans fire up as Konosuke stands over Sammy then stands him up. Konosuke whips, Sammy reverses, but Konosuke ducks ‘n’ dodges to TAKESHITA LINE! And then Konosuke spins and poses to copy Sammy! Tay is furious but the fans are loving it! Darby is also watching backstage, though less anxious as he was on Wednesday. Konosuke bumps Sammy off buckles, then ROCKS him again. Fans rally, Konosuke suplexes but Sammy knees free. Sammy suplexes to hang Konosuke out to dry!

Sammy CLUBS Konosuke, goes up a corner, and he GUILLOTINE SENTONS! Konosuke hits the mat then bails out of the ring. Sammy soaks up the heat, builds up the speed, but Konosuke returns to BOOT! Sammy falls out of the ring and Konosuke runs to FLY! Direct hit and fans fire up more! Tay checks on Sammy but Konosuke drags him up and in. Sammy crawls, Konosuke stalks him, and fans rally up again. Konosuke hoists Sammy up to the top rope, then climbs up behind him. Fans fire up but Sammy fights, and he claws Konosuke’s eyes! Konosuke sits on the top rope, Sammy pushes him into the Tree of Woe!

Sammy hurries to run side to side, TREE STOMP! Fans boo but Sammy soaks up the heat as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Sammy paces while Konosuke stirs. Sammy stands on Konosuke at the ropes but lets off as the ref reprimands. Sammy soaks up more heat, brings Konosuke back up, and he snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Sammy keeps on Konosuke with stomps. Sammy drags Konosuke up to throw him out and Konosuke staggers to the barrier. Sammy distracts the ref so that Tay can sucker punch Konosuke! And again! Tay scurries away, Sammy goes out and CLOBBERS Konosuke! The “lovely” couple soak up the heat, and Sammy puts Konosuke back in the ring. Rampage returns to single picture and Sammy brings Konosuke up.

Konosuke throws hands but Sammy CLUBS him down. Sammy calls his shot, “Brainbuster!” But Konosuke suplexes to BRAINBUSTER! Tay is shocked but the fans fire up! Konosuke goes to the corner, runs in, but KNEES collide as both men think the same thing! Sammy hobbles but goes to run, only for Konosuke to reel him in. Sammy mule kicks Konosuke’s leg out! Sammy aims but Konosuke ducks the buzzsaw! Konosuke waistlocks while on his knees, to BASEMENT GERMAN SUPLEX! Sammy staggers up, into a LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Tay is still very worried as the standing count climbs.

Konosuke is up first, h e brings Sammy up and whips him to a corner. Konosuke runs in but into an UPPERCUT! Sammy goes up and wheelbarrows, but Konosuke blocks the victory roll to a CRUNCHY! Then a deadlift GERMAN, but Sammy lands on his feet! Sammy fires up, but Konosuke dodges, only to run into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Konosuke survives but Sammy slashes his throat. Sammy drags Konosuke to a corner, he climbs up top, SHOOTING STAR- NO, Sammy has to land on his feet as Konosuke moves! Konosuke runs in to ROCK Sammy! ROLLING- SUPERKICK! Sammy reels Konosuke in, DESTROYER!!

Sammy goes up as Konosuke staggers, FLYING- NO! Konosuke catches the cutter for a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! High stack, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Sammy survives! Konosuke fires up and fans are with him. “This is Awesome!” as Konosuke climbs. But Sammy GAMANGIRIS first! Sammy climbs up, brings Konosuke back up, but Konosuke CLUBS away on Sammy! Sammy sits back down, Konosuke gets around behind him, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Tay is panicking, Konosuke runs, LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives again but fans are thunderous for Konosuke! But Tay grabs at his foot!

The ref misses that while busy with Sammy, and Sammy’s JUMP KNEE hits! Torture rack, GO TO HOSPITAL! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Darby sarcastically applauds but JB shakes his head. The Brazilian Goddess had to help the Spanish God win this one, but will Sammy still find his way to Double or Nothing?


It’s an all-new episode of QTV.

QT Marshall wishes the team a belated Powerhouse Hobbs Day. And Hobbs successfully retained the TNT title against Penta, even with “a fan” running in the ring. That’s QT mocking Rey Fenix, as footage Harley recorded reminds us that Fenix made the save before QT, Solo & Hobbs could put a beating down on Alex Abrahantes. So who is next for Hobbs? Start up the rumor mill. Harley has some DMs. They should make it Alex Abrahantes! QT remembers buying a computer from him. Solo says that’s a little cringe. Inspiration strikes Harley and she says it should be Bow Wow! Okay, moving on…

Did everyone see QT’s new finisher? As debuted on AEW Dark, QT hits a suplex to powerbomb, the “Dirt Sheet Driver.” He stole it from Kobashi. The sausage? No, Solo! The Japanese legend! A true pillar of pro-wrestling! And because it’s from Japan, the marks already love it! HAHA! Inspiration strikes Harley again, and she suggests QT should hit it four times in a row! Solo adds that QT can call it the “Dirt Sheet Symphony.” They mock Wardlow conducting the fans and they sing “Q~ T~!” Will all this joking and trolling only bring about the wrath of Wardlow?


Backstage interview with Matt Hardy & Ethan Page.

Lexi Nair is with members of The Firm and notes that after months and months of ups and downs, it looks like it all comes to a head next Wednesday as Ethan Page faces Hook 1v1. Hardy is holding up the contract for the match, and Ethan says, “Finally. You go the paperwork done, Matt?” “I got it right here.” “It’s official?” “It sure is. It is absolutely official. Right here, Ethan Page VS Hook. The match, the contract. I personally oversaw every single bit of wording in this contract, it is set.” Good, because Ethan doesn’t know how this work. Stokely being away, it is great to see Hardy handling this for them. He is literally the man.

Hardy knows they had miscommunication on Dynamite, but Ethan doesn’t have to worry. They are best friends, they are always gonna be best friends. He has a pen, and he says Hook signed his part. Hardy’s got Ethan’s back, so Ethan uses Hardy’s back to sign on the dotted line. Hardy winks at the camera, and Ethan tells Hook he’ll see him in New York. Hardy says that’s right! Hook belongs to Ethan! But what was that little wink about?


Best Friends VS The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart!

Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor are back and ready to pick up where they left off. Will that mean conquering two of the meanest men in AEW? Or will they just be sent back into the darkness?

The teams sort out and Trent starts against Malakai. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up. Malakai waistlocks, drags Trent down, but Trent slips free to facelock. Malakai turns things around to headlock Trent, but Trent powers up and out. Things speed up, but Malakai stops himself to knee low! Malakai runs but into a STANDING METEORA! Fans fire up and Trent brings Malakai up. Malakai KICKS Trent down! Malakai drags Trent up but Trent powers him to the corner. Chuck tags in, Best Friends mug Malakai but Malakai fires off on Chuck. Chuck hits back, knees low, but Malakai fires off a strike fest!

Malakai BOOTS then KITCHEN SINK KNEES! Cover, TWO! Malakai stomps Chuck right on the face! Malakai brings Chuck up, puts him in a corner and fires off hands. Malakai brings Chuck over, tags in Brody, and Brody runs to BLAST Trent! Malakai fires off on Chuck, fans duel, but the House of Black double whips Chuck to the corner. Malakai runs in but Chuck dodges to send him back! Malakai rolls off Brody’s back but Chuck KNEES Brody! Brody swings, misses, but Malakai BOOTS Chuck into the SOUTHPAW LARIAT from Brody! Cover, Trent breaks it! Brody TOSSES Trent back out then pursues!

Brody RAMS Trent into barriers! Fans fire up while Malakai does the same to Chuck on the other side. Brody stands Trent up to DECK him, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Malakai drags Chuck up, Brody does the same with Trent, and Brody TOSSES Trent into barriers while Malakai CLUBS Chuck down. Malakai stands Chuck back up while Brody stands on Trent! Malakai BOOTS Chuck, and Brody puts Chuck in the ring. Brody stands Chuck up to CHOP him to a corner. Chuck falls over, Brody digs his boots in. The ref counts, Brody lets off, and he drags Chuck up to CHOP him again. Brody puts Chuck in the corner, tags Malakai, and they mug Chuck. Malakai snapmares to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Malakai keeps cool and he brings Chuck back up.

Chuck throws body shots but Brody tags in. The House mugs Chuck again, Brody ROCKS and CHOPS Chuck in the corner, then he brings Chuck out to bump off buckles. Brody CHOPS Chuck in the other corner, Chuck hits back, but Brody DECKS him! Brody stands Chuck up, claws his face and CHOPS him again. Brody CHOKES Chuck on ropes, then grinds his face along them! The ref counts, Brody tags Malakai, and the mugging continues. Malakai brings Chuck around to snap suplex low and hard! Chuck crawls to a corner but he hits back. And BOOTS back as Rampage goes to break!

Rampage returns and Malakai fires off forearms, but Chuck gives them back! Malakai keeps Chuck from Trent but Chuck JAWBREAKERS! Hot tag to Trent! Trent dodges Malakai, BLASTS Brody, then fires off on Malakai! Brody storms in but Trent BOOTS him! Malakai goes after Trent but Trent forearms and ROLLING ELBOWS! Brody gets in, puts Trent in a corner, but Trent dodges the splash! Trent deflects Malakai’s boot to GERMAN SUPLEX! Brody fireman’s carries but Trent fights free to TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up as Brody flops out of the ring, and Trent builds speed! Trent FLIES, direct hit at ringside!

Fans fire up more as Trent climbs. Trent leaps at Malakai, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while Trent snarls. Julia isn’t happy, either, as Trent tags Chuck. Best Friends coordinate but Malakai fights the lift to KNEE Trent down! Chuck leaps, but into a waistlock! Chuck elbows free, Trent half nelsons, SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Fans fire up, and Best Friends hug! You GOT to give the people what they want! But then Brody CLOBBERS Chuck! Trent CHOPS, Brody CHOPS Trent off his feet! Brody CLUBS Trent, runs, but Trent dumps him out! Fans fire up as Trent builds speed again, to DIVE, into Brody’s hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM!!

Fans hoot and bark as Brody gets a chair! The ref tells Brody now, but Chuck snatches the chair! Chuck kicks low, ROCKS Brody, but Brody ROCKS Chuck! Brody brings Chuck around, POWERBOMB through the timekeeper’s table!! So Trent SMACKS Brody with the chair!! The irony is that no one can ring the bell now! But then Malakai BOOTS the chair into Trent’s face! The ref wants this to stop, the timekeeper finds the bell in the wreckage and rings it!

Winners: The Kings of the Black Throne, by disqualification

Malakai wonders what that’s about, but then just smiles. Malakai rains down fists on Chuck, then he and Brody drags Chuck up. They put Chuck in the ring, circle him like sharks with blood in the water, and the ref says they should stop, this is over! But here comes Orange Cassidy! Freshly Squeezed is gonna save his Best Friends like they did him! WAIT! Buddy Matthews rushes him on stage! Cassidy dodges the knee to ORANGE- NO, the belt was a shield! V-TRIGGER! Buddy drags Cassidy up and TOSSES him down the ramp! And Malakai continues with Brody, they drag Chuck up for DANTE’S INFERNO!!

Fans are going wild as the House of Black stands tall over Best Friends. Malakai then stands over Cassidy and tells him, “I know exactly how people like you think. And it takes something as simple as that to make you come out like I thought you would.” Buddy mockingly pats Cassidy on the head, then the House of Black take their leave. Will Best Friends not only fail to take the trios titles, but fail to keep the International title from Malakai and his brethren?


AEW looks closer at the grudge between Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee.

The Mogul Affiliates leader says, “The thing I pride myself on is the fact that my words have weight to it. My meaning, my purpose, has consequence too it. Same with you, Keith. That’s honestly what I respect about you and admire the most. There is a danger about you.” The Limitless One says that Swerve is upset that Keith took out Trench. Swerve is upset that Keith took out Parker Boudreaux. “And yet somehow, you’re proud that you took me out?” Swerve watched Keith be so triumphant in his career, and then he watched him be thrown out like trash.

Keith warns Swerve that just because Keith looks benevolent doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who Swerve is. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he has to do to stop Swerve. Swerve says he will “cherish the day” he gets rid of Keith for good. Keith says Swerve presents himself as this mogul. “If I put you six feet deep, will that just make you an underground rebel?” Swerve says he has everybody, everything, an entire army assembled to take Keith out for good. Swerve promises us, his words have weight to them. Will all that weight come crashing down on Keith? Or will it come crashing down back on Swerve’s house?


Taya Valkyrie VS Marina Shafir!

La Wera Loca is gunning for Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak and TBS Championship, but right now, she isn’t worried about #ThatBitch and her flimsy lawsuits. Will Taya be able to solve The Problem here in just her third AEW match?

The bell rings and fans rally up. Taya and Marina tie up, are in a deadlock, but Taya gets around to a waistlock. Marina pries at the arms, wrenches out and drop toeholds Taya to get the legs. Taya kicks her away but Marina cartwheels and returns. Taya trips Marina and goes for a leg, but Marina kicks her away. Fans applaud after that exchange and the two reset. Marina and Taya feel things out, but here come The Baddies. Sterling has the paperwork from Wednesday, but Taya focuses on the wristlock Marina puts on. Taya swings but Marina kicks her first. Marina wrenches but Taya rolls, only for Marina to power her over!

Marina floats and has as half straitjacket. Taya fights up, but Marina ripcords, only for Taya to arm-drag! Taya dodges the knee, mule kicks the knees in return, and LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Taya brings Marina up but Marina breaks free to CHOP and CHOP and KICK and KICK! Marina kicks the legs out and Taya falls over. Marina gets as leg, brings Taya around and wraps her up in a body scissor. Taya fights but Marina makes it a cover, ONE! The two fight for control, Taya CHOPS and CHOPS and Marina backs off. Marina storms up, Taya swats the knee to KNEE and DECK Marina! Fans fire up with Taya as she brings Marina up!

Taya chicken wings, lifts Marina, ROAD TO VALHALLA! Jade is furious but Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall

Jade has the music cut so she can talk. “Mark, handle this.” Sterling says he’ll handle it! By making his processor, Tootie Lynn, handle it! Tootie takes the document, storms down to the ring, and Sterling says Taya’s messed up for the last time! That is a court order Tootie has! Jade is SUING Taya! “You’ve been served!” Taya takes the paper, pretends to be scared, but then just throws that aside to chicken wing Tootie! If she’s already in trouble, then she’ll just hit the ROAD TO VALHALLA again! Jade loses her cool! Jade runs down the ramp but both Leila and Sterling stop her! Fans want to “Let them fight!” but Sterling says that’s not best for business.

Taya grins and Jade frowns, but only one can be the alpha female! Will it all come down to who hits the chicken wing facebuster first?


Backstage interview with Anna Jay.

Lexi is with the Queenslayer, the Star of the Show, and asks her about the vicious attack on Julia Hart. Why did she do it? Anna says she was watching JAS VS The House of Black VS The Elite, and, well, Julia just pisses Anna off! Anna almost died in that street fight, TayJay VS Ruby & Willow. “Does anyone know how painful dislocated ribs are?” But what Anna realized was that pain doesn’t bother her, because she’s got a phat ass and a bad attitude! House of Black claims to like pain, so Anna is gonna test that “spooky b*tch,” and choke her out! ANNA’S GONNA CHOKE YOU OUT!! Anna scares Lexi off, but will Julia be the one scaring Anna?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage next week!

Not only will Rampage on April 7th be immediately followed by Battle of the Belts SIX, they will both be LIVE! Don’t miss what will be a loaded Friday night in Kingston, Rhode Island!


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, Juice Robinson takes on Action Andretti, will there be lights, camera, Action? Or will the Juice be loose?” Juice says “Rock Hard Juice Robinson against Action Andretti. But it’s not gonna be the wrestling match you signed up for, Action. You’re in a fight against somebody who’s real mad. Who’s got tunnel vision on right now for Ricky Starks! Every punch is gonna be for Ricky Starks. You’re gonna be feeling it, Action. You do yourself a favor, Ricky Starks, pull up a chair and you watch the example I make out of Action Andretti. And you need to know that that’s just a small pinprick of the ass kicking that I’m gonna give you in New York City!”

It looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!

Juice Robinson VS Action Andretti!

The Booster is looking past Double A because he wants after The Absolute, but will he come to regret it? Or will Action not get satisfaction here in St. Louis?

The bell rings and Juice runs in! Action dodges, Juice hits buckles and Action rolls him up! TWO, and Juice starts swinging! Action bobs ‘n’ weaves, headlocks, but Juice powers out. Action slides under, headlocks again, but Juice back suplexes. Action lands on his feet, waistlocks, Juice bucks the O’Conner and runs in again. Action wrenches him around and CHOPS! Action knuckle locks, goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Fans fire up while Juice flounders to a corner. Action runs in, into an ELBOW! Juice bumps Action off buckles, then CHOPS! Juice tells the fans to shut up, then he tells the ref off, too.

Juice stands Action up, CHOPS again, then eggs on “Ricky Starks.” Remember, you’re Ricky tonight, boy! Juice whips Action corner to corner, Action goes up and over, he ducks the leg lariat and tilt-o-whirl RANAS! Fans fire up, Action runs to springboard and TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Action keeps his cool as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Action brings Juice up to CHOP him to the corner. And CHOP him again! Juice staggers away to the far side but Action goes after him. Action CHOPS again! Juice staggers to another corner, Action whips him to ropes, but Juice reverses and reels Action in. Juice suplexes, but Action slips free to get a SLEEPER! Juice flails and reaches out. They go around, Action holds on, Juice thrashes but Action uses that to arm-drag him away! Juice bails out, Action builds speed, and Action DIVES into a haymaker! Juice drags Action up to whip him hard into steel steps! Juice slides into the ring and Action writhes.

The ring count climbs, Action is still down at 5 of 10 so Juice goes out to scoop him. And SNAKE EYES off the steel steps! Juice grins as the ref reprimands and the ring count starts again. Juice drags Action up, scoops again, and SLAMS him on the floor! Juice talks trash on “Ricky,” then mocks the ring count. Juice drags Action up, puts him in the ring, and argues with the ref. Juice goes after Action at the ropes, whips him and FLAPJACKS! Then he brings Action up to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Juice sets up to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Action is hanging tough and Juice is annoyed by that.

Juice drags Action back up, whips him to ropes, and Rampage returns to single picture for the kitchen sink knee! Juice asks “Ricky” how those ribs feel. Juice gut wrenches Action to GUTBUSTER! Fans boo Juice but he stalks Action to a corner. Juice drags Action up, fans chant “THAT’S NOT RICKY!” Action CHOPS and CHOPS, whips, but Juice reverses to kitchen sink knee again! Juice snarls, he kicks Action around, and eggs him on. Juice puts Action in the corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Action bounces off buckles! Cover, TWO! Juice argues with the ref but the count was fair.

Juice smirks and mocks the fans that that’s Ricky Starks. Juice drags Action up, but Action SLAPS him! Juice staggers, runs in and knees low, then whips Action out of the ring. Action lands on the apron, shoulders back in and slingshots up and over. Action keeps moving, and he FOREARMS Juice! Juice wobbles, Action RUNNING FOREARMS again! Action keeps moving, he ducks another leg lariat and UPPERCUTS Juice down! Mule kick! Knee lift! Juice ducks the roundhouse but the ENZIGURI sends him tumbling out! Action builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and fans fire up with Action!

Action brings Juice up, Juice shoves him away, but Action comes back. Juice pops Action up but Action lands on the apron again. Action aims to SUPERKICK, then ARABIAN PRESS! Direct hit and down goes Juice! Action puts Juice back in, aims and springboards, to FLYING LARIAT! Action kips up and fans fire up! Action fires forearms, whips, but Juice reverses and scoops, only for Action to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! SUPERKICK! Juice is down, Action aims from a corner. Action runs in, into the LEG LARIAT! Juice drags Action out, JUICE IS LOOSE! Cover, Juice wins!

Winner: Juice Robinson, by pinfall

Action could not break through Rock Hard Robinson, Juice drops him! But Juice isn’t done, he drags Action back up. Fans boo as Juice mocks Starks’ pose. But wait! Here comes Ricky Starks! The REAL Ricky Starks! Starks chases Juice all around the ring then back up the ramp! Will Starks catch Juice by the time AEW is in Long Island?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage, with a lot of story progression here. Sammy VS Konosuke was a great match, building the story of the Young Pillars chasing after that #1 contender spot. But with Sammy being Heel cuz of JAS and Tay helping him win, and MJF being THE Heel, pretty sure JB or Darby will win out on this build. Solo saying Alex VS Hobbs is cringe, QTV continues to border on cringe. But I did appreciate Harley mentioning Bow Wow. What happened to Bow Wow messing with Jade? Very early 2000s WWE move to have a storyline start but not see it through. And really good promo from Hardy and Ethan, and that wink totally foreshadows that there is fine print where if Ethan loses, Hardy and Private Party are free of The Firm, to finish the one true long term booking story in AEW.

Great match from Best Friends VS House of Black, a bit confusing DQ finish there but I’m pretty sure Trent hitting Brody was the thing, not Malakai booting Trent. Cassidy and Buddy had a great appearance, and we’re def getting a trios title match of those two factions. A little surprised House of Black pivoted away from JAS so soon, but this could just be a minor detour before a much bigger House of Black VS JAS feud. Which is further implied by Anna calling out Julia. Anna and Julia both need something to do other than just being in the factions, so this will be a really good feud here on the side of the Trios title scene.

Good vignette from Keith and Swerve, but this match just needs to happen already. However it goes, like Swerve having new faction members, it just needs to happen. And good stuff from the Taya VS Jade build, though it was also pretty copy-paste from before. Taya wins, though her match with Marina was a better match than the others, and then Taya makes one of Jade’s many minions look foolish. Just like with Keith VS Swerve, Jade VS Taya should happen already. Or, they should’ve found a way to wait so that this would all be closer to Double or Nothing in May. As great as AEW’s action is, they don’t pace stories well for only having half the PPVs other companies have.

And really good stuff from the main event, though I’m disappointed that Juice’s video promo was the exact same one from Wednesday, and that we got nothing out of Action so that we can see how Action does on the mic. Juice constantly calling Action “Ricky” was great, and of course Juice wins. Starks running Juice off after was also expected, but it was a logical move. Starks VS Juice on Dynamite is going to be good stuff, but it also needs to be the blowoff of this so that Starks can do better things. Honestly, while AEW is trying to make Wardlow VS Hobbs work, Starks needs to be Hobbs’ next real challenge because of their history.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page; JB wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; The BCC wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; Omega wins and retains the title.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • Ruby Soho w/ The Outcasts VS Willow Nightingale; Ruby wins.
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; Cole wins.


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page!

The Young Pillars of AEW are all chasing Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the AEW World Championship, but that means someone has to become #1 contender. Will everyone be living the Jungle Life here in St. Louis? Or will V1 get it down for The Firm?

The bell rings, Hardy and JB shake hands, though Ethan is annoyed by that. Fans duel between “JUNGLE BOY!” and “DELETE!” The “DELETE!” starts to win out, and JB ties up with Hardy. They go around, Hardy puts JB on the ropes, but JB turns it around, and they end up in a corner. Hardy lets off, and he has Ethan stay back, because he can handle this. Fans rally and duel more, the two tie up again, and Hardy waistlocks. JB wrenches free to a wristlock, but Hardy wrenches back. Hardy ELBOW BREAKERS again and again, shouting “DLETE! DELETE!” each time. But JB rolls and wrenches back to wristlock again.

Hardy drops to a knee, but he fights up to wrench and headlock. JB arm-drags free and has a top wristlock. Hardy headscissors to bring JB down, but JB kips free. They go again, Hardy headlocks, but JB powers out. Hardy runs JB over, fans rally and things keep moving. JB blocks the hip toss to body shot, get a leg up and flip through, to then dodge Hardy’s haymaker. JB DROPKICKIS Hardy down and kips up! Fans fire up and JB copies the V1 finger just a moment. JB then builds speed, but Ethan stands in the way! Fans boo but Hardy tells All Ego that it’s okay. But then JB DIVES! Hardy catches him! SIDE EFFECT to the floor!

Fans fire up and Ethan sees Hardy was right, mostly. Darby Allin is watching backstage, keeping his eyes on fellow Young Pillar. We also see Sammy Guevara and wife, Tay Melo, are watching, but also kissing, on the couch. Hardy gets in the ring, the ref checks him, and Ethan takes advantage by TOSSING JB over the barriers! Fans boo but All Ego gets away with things. Hardy wonders what happened, fans rally up for JB while he slowly sits up. Hardy goes out after JB but JB ROCKS Hardy with haymaker after haymaker! JB them hops up onto the barriers to AX HANDLE Hardy down!

Fans fire up with JB as he CLUBS Hardy and puts him in the ring. JB has Hardy on the apron, brings him up, but hardy throws body shots. Hardy shoves JB but JB ROCKS Hardy! Hardy ROCKS JB back! The two brawl on the apron, haymaker for haymaker and forearm for forearm! They go back and forth, fans duel, and it turns into a hockey fight! Hardy wobbles and staggers, JB runs in, but into a SIDE EFFECT to the apron! Fans fire up and Ethan coaches Hardy up. “DELETE! DELETE!” Hardy staggers up and fetches JB while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Hardy RAMS JB into the apron, stalks him around the way, CLUBS him on the back, and then SMACKS him off the apron. Hardy then pushes JB into the ring, crawls to a cover, TWO! JB is hanging tough but Hardy soaks up the cheers and jeers. Hardy bumps JB off buckles, again and again and again, and on all levels! Hardy finally lets off and he leads the fans in saying, “DELETE! DELETE!” But JB kicks back from below! Hardy grabs the legs, to YANK JB into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! JB is still in this, but Hardy drags him up. JB throws body shots, Hardy throws haymakers, they go back and forth again!

Hardy CLUBS away on JB, then grabs the legs. JB is in the ropes, for the ROPE GUILLOTINE! JB sputters, Hardy covers, TWO! Hardy looms over JB, drags him back up, and shoves him to ropes to CLUB him on the back! Hardy then stands on JB’s back and uses the ropes to add pressure. The ref reprimands, Hardy lets off, and Hardy brings JB back up. Hardy puts JB through the ropes now to bend him back against them! The ref counts, Hardy lets off at 4, and the ref warns Hardy. Hardy apologizes and Dynamite returns to single picture. Hardy shoves JB to ropes again, to CLUB him on the back again!

Hardy eggs JB on but fans rally up. Hardy shoves JB, COMEBACKER from JB! Fans fire up again as JB and Hardy rise up. Hardy swings but into counter punches! JB runs, but Hardy CLOBBERS him! Ethan fires up, but Hardy runs into a DROPKICK! JB fires up and so do the fans! JB goes to a corner, climbs up, but Ethan distracts! The ref reprimands, but Hardy ROCKS JB first! Hardy climbs up, brings JB in, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Wait, is that…? IT’S HOOK! The Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil has seen enough of Ethan messing around, and they brawl at the ramp! Hardy goes after Hook, Ethan swings, but HITS HARDY!!

Fans fire up, Hook fires off on Ethan and backs him up the ramp! JB DIVES onto Hardy! Direct hit! JB puts Hardy in and hurries up top, for a leap, into a kick! Hardy reels JB in, TWIST- NO, BACKSLIDE! TWO, and Hardy clinches! SIDE- NO, arm-drag! SUPERKICK! Hardy wobbles, into a COMPLETE SHOT! JB keeps moving, BLINDSIDER LARIAT! Cover, JB wins!

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, by pinfall

Darby seems worried, Sammy is being fed snacks by Tay, because JB is in pole position! But wait, here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion has the mic and fans are torn as he kisses his Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF has his music cut, and he continues towards the ring. MJF tells them, “I know you people aren’t very bright around these parts, but I run the show around here, so shut your mouths.” MJF then tells JB that he didn’t appreciate JB ruining the Re-Bar-Mitzvah. On the sly, kind of a Kanye move on JB’s part. MJF isn’t sure why the fans are booing, though, they’re from St. Louis! Not exactly forward thinkers around here.

But MJF wants to tell JB this. “There was one thing you said that really stuck to my craw. You said that after our match at Double or Nothing 2020, that our career paths were very different. You had the audacity to say that I had it easy? Really? Okay. You had the audacity to say that I got to waltz away up to the top of the card.” Fans boo because they agree with JB. But MJF says JB “had the audacity to say this place was The MJF Show. And let me tell you something.” Fans tell MJF to STFU but he just says, “No. And guess what, Jack. You’re right! My job’s a joke, dude! I barely wrestle, I barely break a sweat, I get to come out here and I get to absolutely obliterate these losers.

“I waltz to the back, I collect a fat check, I get on my fat Learjet back home, the most magical place in the world, known as Long Island, New York. Which we will be going to next week, tickets still available,! Don’t miss it, baby! And then there’s your career after our match, Jack. Let’s be honest, it’s been kind of mid. But I’ll give you credit, I’ll give you credit. You worked your ass off. You scratched and you clawed your way back up the ladder here in AEW by having standout match after standout match, leaving blood, sweat and tears in this ring for these fans.” Fans cheer that because it’s true.

MJF says he’s honest about that. But he doesn’t recall the fans ever saying thanks. Fans chant it now, “Thank You, Jack!” Too late, St. Louis. And MJF doesn’t remember JB being rewarded with that much TV time, either. So y’know what? JB has every right to be mad. But here’s the problem: JB has no right to be made at MJF. JB can’t even be mad at AEW. The only person JB should be mad at is himself. Allow MJF to explain. “After our match at Double or Nothing 2020, when we stole the show, when we went to war in 95 degree weather in Jacksonville, Florida, all to prove we were the future of this sport…

“I walked to the back and I had a foreign funny feeling for the first time in my career. I felt like I had just met my equal inside this ring. For the first time in my career, I had felt like I’d met the man I would be waging war with for the rest of my life. For the first time, I met a man inside this ring that I respected. So I swallowed my pride, I found you in the back that night, and I shook your hand. Do you remember what I said to you that night? I gave you very pertinent advice, Jack. Do you remember what I said?” JB nods and gets a mic of his own.

“Let me see if I can remember the advice that I got from the great MJF. What did you say to me? You told me I had all the skills, and all the potential in the world, blah blah blah. But what did you say? ‘Nice guys always finish last.’ And you told me that if I ever wanted to be as big and successful as you, what’d I have to do? I had to ditch all of my friends and not care about anybody but myself. Is that right? Is that what you told me?” MJF says that is literally what he told JB. And what’d JB do? He continued to hang out with Marko Stunted Growth, Dino Douche, and to make things even worse, Christian Cage! Great call there, by the way.

And all those guys were holding JB back. By the way, don’t think Hook will be any different. JB could’ve listened to MJF, followed him to the top, and they could’ve ran this place. JB could’ve been the world champ by now! This place could’ve been not just the MJF Show, but the Jack Perry Show. But no, JB had to be the good guy for these people? Really? The fans cheer but MJF says the fans might cheer him, but where has it gotten JB? Where has being a good guy gotten him? Three years later, and MJF is the best pro-wrestler in the world! The man with the grandest prize of them all, he is the AEW World Champion!

And Jack…? He’s still just “Jungle Boy.” JB says if he’s being honest, a long, long time ago, he thought that maybe, somehow, someway, JB and MJF were gonna be friends. And to be very honest, in a lot of ways, JB wishes he was more like MJF. He wishes he could talk like MJF. He wishes he had the confidence that MJF has. He wishes that he didn’t care about anyone else but himself. He wishes that he didn’t care about lying and stabbing people in the back to get what he wanted! He wishes that he didn’t care about being the most selfish, narcissistic piece of SH*T in this entire place! Fans cheer the biting sarcasm.

MJF tells the fans to shut up about the POS. But JB says all that ain’t him. If his road to the top is harder than MJF’s because of that, then so be it! JB does it his way! And when JB beats MJF and becomes AEW World Champion, at least JB won’t wake up alone every day and hate what he sees in the mirror. MJF scowls but then laughs. That was really good! Give it up for Jungle Boy! That was actually really good. Congrats, it only took JB four years to learn how to talk! But now listen to MJF. JB is right, there is one thing that JB said that is right. At one point, maybe, just maybe, they could’ve been friends. Partners, even.

“But not anymore, man. Because you turned out to be a massive disappointment. Because you have turned out to be no different than everybody here and everyone watching at home. You’re weak, Jack. Weak in the body, weak in the mind, weak in the soul, weak in the heart, and by the way, I pulled aside that hot piece of ass girlfriend of yours, Anna Jay… And you know what she told me, Jackie Boy? She told me you’re weak between the knees!” JB TACKLES MJF!! JB rains down fists and fans fire up! MJF CLAWS JB’s face! Fans boo but MJF stomps JB into a corner. MJF whips but JB reverses and MJF hits buckle! JB stomps away on MJF now!

Fans are thunderous and JB drags MJF up. MJF whips, but the COMEBACKER hits! JB is all fired up as he stands over MJF, then he stands him up to run and- NO, MJF bails out! Fans boo as the Devil of AEW runs away from Jack Perry. MJF says he’s still champion, and Jack is just Jungle Boy! But will AEW soon be living that Jungle Life?


Alex Marvez is backstage with Kenny Omega and Don Callis.

They’re in the trainer’s room as Omega gets his arm checked. Callis sees Marvez and says to clear the air, there’s drama with everything from last week. Omega knows Callis. Well, okay, given that, it is fair. Callis was the one who grabbed Hangman, Hangman is strong, he broke free and Callis fell over. He feels the fool, but he accepts the fault. But then Callis’ question to Omega is, why would Omega automatically think his “friend” (complete with air quote fingers) was the one who attacked Callis? What is it about their friendship? Well, Hangman’s pushed things before. But Callis says there’s no time to think about that!

Omega is coming off what is perhaps the greatest match in Dynamite history last week, and he’ll do it again tonight against Jeff Cobb. Callis wants Omega to focus on the match while Callis takes care of this drama with Hangman. Callis will apologize! Callis heads off, but will his apology go over well? Will the Best Bout Machine be able to focus on giving Cobb his best?


Matt Menard & Angelo Parker are out on the town with The Acclaimed!

Daddy Magic says, “Here we are! We are going to have a night on the town. We hired a camera guy to document the whole thing.” We’re getting a montage already of the good times Menard, Parker, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn have. They rented a private suite for the St. Louis Blues game! And they have giant scissors! Get it? And this is all on Chris Jericho’s dime! Billy says that means they’re setting themselves up. For what, a good time? YEAH~! They enjoy the game, they get shakes, they get steaks, and the JAS appreciates the Acclaimed. Whatever they want, on the house! But how will the night end?

So it comes down to this: are you in or are you out? Bowens says they will make a decision next Wednesday. Just tell The Ocho thanks, salutations, and see you soon. Menard thinks it went well, and Parker sees the bill. He hopes this goes well…


Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys!

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta have been ripping into whoever gets in the ring with them, claiming it is all business. Will the Peacock and the Tate Twins think it’s just business here tonight? Or will the BCC start to take over the AEW and ROH Trios Divisions?

OH NO! The BCC doesn’t even wait for their entrance, they attack Castle & The Boys from behind! Fans fire up as Moxley RAMS Castle into steel steps! Yuta does the same to Brent Tate! Claudio throws Brandon Tate into railing! The BCC just mugs the former ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions, and then Claudio puts Brandon in the ring. The bell rings, Castle RAMS Moxley! Moxley hits back, but Claudio UPEPRCUTS Brandon! Claudio puts Brandon up top to TOSS across the way! Yuta still rains down fists on Brent! Claudio CLOBBERS Brandon, kicks him around, and looms over him.

Fans boo as Moxley chokes out Castle while Claudio deadlift CHOKE SLAMS Brandon! And then the arms are tucked, for the RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, the BCC wins!

Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

The Peacock and Tates never stood a chance! The BCC celebrate, have their hands raised, and then Claudio taunts Brandon by doing push-ups because he hasn’t even broken a sweat. But will the BCC continue to dominate even through the Supercard of Honor this Friday?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Marvez is with the Cowboy now and asks him about last week. Hangman rode with one of the Young Bucks in the ambulance to the hospital, so first and foremost, how are they doing? Hangman says they’ve been better. Nick has a separated shoulder, Matt has a partial bicep tear. But they’re going to heal. Then second question: who did this? Is Marvez kidding? The Blackpool guys, the BBC or whatever. Wait, who invited Callis in here? Callis says he deserves that, but after grabbing the wrist, falling over, he’s very embarrassed. But that’s okay, Callis said he will make this right. Callis is sorry, he shouldn’t have gotten in between Hangman and Omega.

Hangman is a great talent, so he is welcome to come around, and Callis sincerely apologizes. Really? But then the BCC attacks Hangman! Callis is stunned but still holding out his hand as the BCC stomp away! Callis says hello, and then Moxley DECKS him! Claudio takes Callis’ sunglasses. Yuta says he looks good. The BCC then head off, and Callis sits up, his eyebrow busted open! What is to become of Omega’s focus now with all this and his match up next?


IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb!

The Cleaner won this title off Will Ospreay at WrestleKingdom 17 back in January, but the Imperial Unit claims Omega’s been ducking him. Will Cobb’s return to stateside help him bring this title back to NJPW and the United Empire? Or will he not be able to stop the God of Pro-Wrestling?

Backstage, Tony Schiavone asks Omega about what happened to Callis & Hangman. What? Omega didn’t even know! And now he has this title match… Omega says he has to focus on that. The long introduction is trimmed down, the belt is raised, and we see if Omega keeps his reign going past three months!

Fans fire up with the bell and chant for “KENNY! KENNY!” Cobb tells Omega there’s no more running, and the two circle. They tie up, Cobb puts Omega on the ropes, but the ref counts. Cobb lets off, and aims his hang loose a la Omega’s finger gun. Omega shrugs that off, shoots in to waistlock then headlock. Cobb powers up and carries Omega but Omega holds on. Cobb powers out, they RAM shoulders, but neither man falls! Omega sighs and dusts himself off. Omega runs, RAMS Cobb, but Cobb is solid! Omega runs, ducks the lariat, but Cobb is too big to scoop! Cobb CLUBS Omega on the back then runs. Omega jumps to RANA!

Cobb bails out, fans start the Terminator Drums! Omega BLASTS Cobb off the apron, runs, then FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp, and fans fire up! Omega clutches the bad ribs but he’s still feeling good as he puts Cobb in. Omega then hurries to slide, run and KOTARO KRUSHER! Omega waits on Cobb, Cobb stands, and Omega scoops! But he falls over! Cobb squishes Omega, then deadlift suplex to run and SLAM! Cobb stomps the bad ribs, then stands Omega up to ROCK him with rights. Cobb puts Omega in a corner, throws body shots, then whips corner to corner hard! Omega bounces off buckles and hits the mat.

Cobb mocks the Terminator Drums, then he stands on Omega’s back! Omega is a surfboard but the ref reprimands. Cobb steps off and Omega bails out to the apron. Cobb kicks Omega off the apron, goes out after him, but Omega CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Cobb CHOPS in return! And RAMS him into barriers! Cobb brings Omega around to CLUB him on the back. Omega CHOPS again! And again! And again! Cobb picks Omega up to POST him! Fans are torn, Cobb breaks the count, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cobb fetches Omega, brings him around, and has the fans look as he makes Omega do the finger gun to his own face. Cobb then HEADBUTTS the bad ribs! Omega staggers, but he comes back to kick and CLUB and ROCK and JAB and fire off! Omega whips but Cobb reverses, and Omega hits the barriers hard! Cobb refreshes the count again, storms up on Omega, and puts him back in. Fans rally but Cobb steps on Omega. Cobb shrugs, KNEES Omega in the side, then stalks him to ropes. Cobb CHOKES Omega on the ropes! The ref counts, Cobb lets off, and Cobb argues that he couldn’t hear. Cobb stands Omega up to kick him in the ribs!

Omega goes to a corner, he throws elbows and haymakers and jabs! Omega JABS and JABS and JABS, but Cobb throat chops! The ref reprimands but Cobb just drags Omega up and brings him around. Omega throws body shots and haymakers! Cobb just takes them! Omega CHOPS, fires up, and CHOPS again! And again! Omega runs but Cobb reels him in to CLUB him in the back! Cobb then picks Omega up for a BEARHUG! Omega endures, Dynamite returns to single picture, and the fans rally up. Omega endures, BELL CLAPS Cobb, then BELL CLAPS again! Omega ROCKS Cobb with forearm after forearm!

Omega BOOTS Cobb to a corner, then goes to the opposite. Cobb runs in but Omega BOOTS him! And then SLAM DUNKS! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Cobb up but he can’t lift for the fireman’s carry! Cobb lifts Omega up, ATHLETIC PLEX! Omega sputters and writhes but Cobb watches from a corner. Cobb runs in to SPLASH! Cobb runs, but Omega follows to- NO, Cobb catches the back body block! Cobb brings Omega around to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Omega lands on his feet!! Omega spins to POLISH HAMMER! Omega spins again, but Cobb JABS! Cobb shakes out his hand, he hit Omega harder than he thought.

Cobb runs, but Omega catches the lariat to a backslide! But Cobb rolls through, only to get a V-TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives being hit at pointblank range! Omega gets up as Cobb goes to ropes, and Omega says BANG! Omega runs side to side, but into a DROPKICK!! Cobb gets air and shocks fans! Cobb drags Omega up to a fireman’s carry, but Omega slips off to full nelson! SNAP DRAGON! Cobb staggers up, into another SNAP DRAGON! Omega grits his teeth, the fans are thunderous, and Omega stalks Cobb. Omega full nelsons again, but Cobb breaks free! Omega BOOTS Cobb, then V-TRIGGERS!

Omega full nelsons, SNAP DRAGON! Cobb is right up!? LARIAT!! St. Louis is electric as both men are down! A standing count starts, both men stir, and we reach 5 of 10. Omega and Cobb find each other, and they stand by pulling each other’s hair. Omega throws a forearm, but Cobb throws it back. Omega CHOPS, but Cobb throws a haymaker! Omega spins to CHOP! Cobb ROCKS Omega! They go back and forth, faster and faster, haymaker for haymaker, until Cobb throws a body shot! Omega staggers to a corner, Cobb FLYING UPPERCUTS! Cobb puts Omega up top, climbs up after him, but Omega ridge hands and HEADBUTTS!

Cobb wobbles, but he comes back with a HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Cobb stands up tall. Cobb brings Omega up to stalling SUPERPLEX!! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down! Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but it has to end somehow. Cobb crawls to a cover, TWO, into the GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Cobb is too tired to be shocked. Cobb stands, waits on Omega, and he mocks Omega with the BANG loose! Cobb runs, to steal the V-TRIGGER!! Cobb then hoists Omega up into an Electric Chair Lift!? But Omega slips off!!

Omega tries but the ribs won’t let him lift! Cobb reels Omega in, TOUR OF- NO, Omega slips free! Ripcord V-TRIGGER! V-TRIGGER at the ropes! Omega fires up, fans are with him, and Omega drags Cobb back up. Omega uses the ropes to help with the Electric Chair Lift! ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion)

The Best Bout Machine pulls off another instant classic! But with all the damage he’s taken, he’s a sitting duck as the BCC are back! Omega sees Moxley, Claudio & Yuta flank the ring. No Bucks, no Hangman, and the BCC creep in. But wait! Bryan Danielson is here! The American Dragon returns for the first time since Revolution, and he slides into the ring. He has his BCC teammates stand down and fans are fired up! “YES! YES! YES!” The BCC back down but they’re confused as to why Bryan is defending Omega. Bryan looks to Omega and Omega is unsure what to make of this, too. Fans chant “NO! NO! NO!” but Bryan offers a hand.

Fans cheer while Omega is surprised. Omega accepts the hand, and Bryan helps Omega stand. But Yuta gets on the apron! Omega rushes at him, Yuta gets away, and now Bryan takes aim!? Omega turns around into a BUSAIKU KNEE!! The American Dragon was just suckering Omega in! And now, LEBELL LOCK! And then BCC stomp away on Omega’s legs! Fans can’t believe it! Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa and security all rush up, but Moxley, Claudio & Yuta take them all down while Bryan continues to make Omega suffer! Bryan even holds on with just one arm as he holds Omega’s nose closed! Omega passes out!

Fans boo as Bryan stands with his Blackpool Combat Club. They celebrate together, then Bryan shouts in Omega’s face, “You are everything that is wrong with professional wrestling!” Bryan has shown his true colors, will the BCC soon own AEW and ROH?


The Gunns speak.

Austin tells FTR, “There’s no doubt that you guys are one of the best tag teams we’ll ever see in this generation. The sad thing about it is, it took you 19 years to get to that point. It took me and Colten two.” Colten says they’ve already held the AEW World Tag Team Championships as many times as FTR have. The Gunns have busted their asses for these titles, and showed up week after week. Meanwhile, FTR took time off to bitch and moan and politic for a title shot. And these guys are heroes to fans? FTR, look deep into their eyes when the Gunns tell you this. “You used to be our heroes. Then we met you. Now we hate you. And we do not respect you.”

“We’ve respected one person our whole lives, that’s our father. And you saw what we did to him.” “What the hell do you think we’re going to do to you?” Next week, AEW Careers VS AEW Titles. And this time, FTR’s tagline will make sense. Because it’ll be #TopGuysOut of the company. Will the Gunns prove they’re not just Ass Boys? Will they prove they’re worthy champions?


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade!

From one title to another, Dynamite gets Freshly Squeezed! But will Cassidy finally be able to beat Andy Williams in 1v1 competition? Or will the Superbad Squad’s burly Butcher bring home the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we’ll see if The Butcher is… whatever.

But wait! Blade attacks Cassidy from behind! He and Butcher stomp away and the fans boo. The ref reprimands, but Blade brings out a crowbar! The ref tells him no, and that Blade is EJECTED! Fans cheer but Butcher still stomps away on Cassidy! Blade leaves but he takes his time, and the ref stops Butcher from getting his shots in. Butcher backs off, Cassidy crawls to a corner and takes off his denim jacket. Fans rally for Cassidy while the ref checks him. Cassidy still wants to go, and he throws off his shirt. Cassidy stands, raises his shirt, and tells Butcher, “Bring it on!” The bell rings and Butcher runs in, only for Cassidy to dodge!

ORANGE- NO, Butcher swats the punch away! Butcher kicks but Cassidy dodges to Alabama Lift! Butcher is too big, he pushes Cassidy away, but Cassidy comes back with the “devastating” shin kicks! Butcher kicks low, CLUBS and CHOPS Cassidy down! Cassidy gets to a corner, Butcher whips him corner to corner, but Cassidy goes up and out. Butcher runs in but Cassidy bumps him off buckles. Cassidy runs Butcher side to side to bounce him off more buckles! And then again! Cassidy climbs while Butcher staggers, for the CROSSBODY! But Butcher catches him! Butcher pops Cassidy up, to TOSS him onto the corner!

Butcher drags Cassidy off the corner, to GUTBUSTER! Cassidy flops out of the ring but Butcher goes out after him. Butcher stalks Cassidy, kicks him around, grabs Cassidy’s legs, and stomps him! Butcher then deadlifts Cassidy, to SWING him into barriers! And again! And again! Butcher drops Cassidy and goes to the ring while fans boo, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cassidy clutches his ribs, the ref starts the ring count, and Butcher paces around. Cassidy drags himself up, crawls to the ring, and Butcher watches. Cassidy rolls into the ring, and right into stomps! The ref counts, Butcher drags Cassidy from the ropes to stomp his hand! Cassidy clutches the fingers but Butcher whips him hard into the corner! Cassidy falls to the mat, and Butcher drops a HEADBUTT! Butcher stands Cassidy up to CLUB him down! Butcher KNEES Cassidy in the back, and again. Fans rally while Butcher stomps Cassidy, and then Butcher drags Cassidy up for a BEARHUG! Cassidy endures the squeeze!

Cassidy throws down elbows, but Butcher lets go to KNEE him low! Cassidy falls over, but Butcher drags him back up, for a BACKBREAKER! Butcher holds Cassidy in place in a backbreaker rack! Cassidy still endures, and the fans rally behind him. Cassidy throws hands, but Butcher just picks him up for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Butcher soaks up the heat, then runs as Dynamite returns to single picture. Cassidy avoids the leg drop, brother! Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl, but Butcher KNEES the DDT away, then LARIATS Cassidy inside-out! Cover, TWO! Butcher snarls, he grabs both legs and ties them up, TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

Cassidy endures as Butcher sits deep on the hold! Cassidy reaches out, crawls his way forward, but Butcher brings him back! Cassidy uses that to tuck, roll and swing up to throw hands! Butcher just shifts his grip to deadlift POWER- NO, Cassidy CLAWS Butcher’s face! Butcher lets go, and Cassidy tries to Alabama Lift! Butcher is still too big, and he lifts Cassidy again. Cassidy slips free of the bomb to run in and ORANGE- NO, Butcher dodges! CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! And then, suplex into- STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls and- NO, Butcher blocks and swings Cassidy around again! But Cassidy DDTs out of it!!

Both men are down, Cassidy crawls to the cover, TWO! Cassidy hurries to the corner, climbs up, and fans rally. Cassidy leaps, DEEP IMPACT! Cover, TWO! Butcher survives but Cassidy grits his teeth. Off comes the elbow pad! Butcher distracts the ref, here comes Blade! CROWBAR TO THE BACK!! Blade runs away, Butcher hits the CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cassidy survives and shocks everyone! And here come Best Friends! Chuck & Trent beat up Blade! They send him into steel steps! They also take the crowbar away. The ref reprimands the Best Friends for being ringside, but Butcher shoves the ref down as he storms out after them!

Trent SMACKS Butcher with the crowbar! Chuck puts Butcher back in, ORANGE PUNCH!! Butcher wobbles, into BEACH BREAK!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Kentucky Gentleman & #JustTrent help Cassidy hold on, cheating the cheaters out of this one! And of course, they HUG!! You GOT to give the people what they want! But will Cassidy continue to give the people top tier title matches like this?


Jade Cargill speaks.

The undefeated AEW TBS Champion stands with Leila Grey, the beat-up Mark Sterling, and Mark’s new assistant. “This Taya girl is a huge problem here at AEW. Not only did we serve her a Cease & Desist, she ignored it!” Leila echoes that Taya ignored it, and Jade shouts, “But not just that! She used MY move, the Jaded, on MY Baddie, but not just that, but on my lawyer! This is truly an outrage!” Leila echoes, “Outrage.” Sterling says it is outrageous that Taya broke Sterling’s nose. But that’s why this week, he brought his assistant and processor.

They know Taya is set for another match on Rampage, and if she uses the Jaded, the chicken wing facebuster, they will send the official court order and SUE her! Ow, his nose… Jade says Taya thinks she’s the only goddess. But understand this: Jade is THE Goddess here in AEW! Because she’s #ThatBitch. Now, Sterling, go get the job done. Will La Wera Loca listen to any of this? Or will Rampage be another outrage?


Juice Robinson speaks.

“Friday night, on Rampage, Rock Hard Juice Robinson against Action Andretti. But it’s not gonna be the wrestling match you signed up for, Action. You’re in a fight against somebody who’s real mad. Who’s got tunnel vision on right now for Ricky Starks! Every punch is gonna be for Ricky Starks. You’re gonna be feeling it, Action. You do yourself a favor, Ricky Starks, pull up a chair and you watch the example I make out of Action Andretti. And you need to know that that’s just a small pinprick of the ass kicking that I’m gonna give you in New York City!” The Booster is fired up, but will he be ready for Action?


Ruby Soho w/ The Outcasts VS Willow Nightingale!

The Runaway ran away from all the good will she had built up in AEW, all because she wasn’t number one. She ran back to what was familiar in some old friends who’d been where she’s been, not caring what her new friends thought about that. Will Willow show Ruby that it’s better to be sweet than sour? Or will Ruby show Willow there’s No Future for goodie two shoes?

The bell rings and Ruby bails out. Fans boo but Ruby just swaggers around as she regroups with Saraya & Storm. Saraya has the ref keep Willow back, but fans rally behind Willow. Willow herself looks conflicted since she thought Ruby was better than this. Ruby and Willow tie up, go around, and Willow puts Ruby in the corner. Ruby wants Willow off her, and the ref has Willow back away. Ruby goes out to the apron to talk with Saraya & Storm, but Willow drags her back in! Fans fire up and Willow starts to tell Ruby off, but Ruby SLAPS her! Willow scowls, but Ruby stomps the foot, wrenches, but Willow blocks No Future!

Willow stands Ruby up but Ruby kicks low. Ruby reels Willow in but Willow shoves her away. Ruby rebounds, tilt-o-whirls, but Willow blocks that! Willow swings Ruby for a SIDEWALK SLAM! And then a RUNNING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Willow brings Ruby up. Willow scoops and SLAMS, and she scowls as she scoops and SLAMS again! And then again! And then again! Willow’s rage is bubbling up, and she CHOPS Ruby in a corner! Willow bumps Ruby off buckles, CHOPS again, and the Outcasts protest. Willow fires off on Ruby, the ref has her back off, and Ruby flounders away.

Fans rally behind Willow, but then Ruby asks for mercy. She wants to make up, but then she YANKS Willow into ropes! Ruby CHOKES Willow on the ropes, the ref counts, and Ruby lets off. Ruby and the ref argue, Saraya grabs Willow to fire off knees! Fans boo but Saraya scurries away. Willow staggers into a ROUNDHOUSE! Ruby smirks and fist bumps her buddies. Ruby KICKS Willow in the side, brings her around, and reels her in. Ruby snap suplexes Willow, covers, TWO! Ruby gets in Willow’s face and smothers her! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Ruby CHOKES Willow on the ropes again! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Ruby CHOKES Willow again, mockingly saying they’re best friends. Ruby CLUBS Willow, argues with the ref, and Storm CHOKES Willow! Storm scurries away, and Ruby puts Willow in a corner. Ruby CHOPS Willow, but Willow comes back with body shots! Ruby CLAWS Willow’s face to put her back in the corner. And Ruby CHOPS again! Ruby stalks Willow to another corner, stands her up, and puts some stank on the- NO, Willow blocks the chop to CHOP back! And again! And again! Ruby pulls hair to throw Willow down! The ref reprimands but the damage is done. Ruby catches her breath and clutches her stinging chest.

Ruby kicks Willow around, but Willow just scowls. Willow throws body shots but Ruby CLUBS her on the back. Ruby drags Willow up, ROCKS her, and then taunts her. Willow ROCKS Ruby! Ruby ROCKS Willow! Ruby eggs Willow on, they fire off forearms back and forth, and then Willow fireman’s carries! Ruby CLAWS Willow’s face to get free! Then Ruby throws Willow down by her hair again! Cover, ONE!! Ruby is furious and she clamps on a chinlock. Ruby squeezes tight and brings Willow down to the mat. Saraya tells fans to shut up as they’re rallying for Willow. Willow fights up but Ruby throws her down by her hair again!

Ruby puts Willow on the ropes and CHOKES her again! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Saraya goes after Willow again! But Willow slips free to ROCK Saraya, and POST her! Saraya falls, Storm hurries to help her. Ruby whips, Willow reverses and then runs in, to back body block and clothesline in the corner! Snapmare and BOOT! Willow fires up, the fans are with her, and Willow whips to then SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Ruby again tries to ask for mercy from her old friend. Willow YANKS Ruby up into a fireman’s carry! Ruby slips free and shoves Willow away.

Willow stops from hitting buckles, turns around and dodges Ruby. Ruby elbows back, goes up and headscissors, only for Willow to pop Ruby up into a fireman’s carry! RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!! Ruby survives and Willow is seething! Ruby sits up in a daze, Willow goes to a corner and she climbs up. Fans rally, but Storm distracts! Ruby gets an arm, wrenches, SUPER NO FUTURE! And then another NO FUTURE!! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe it, least of all Ruby! Ruby is furious, and she drags Willow up. Ruby turns Willow around, clinches, but Willow backslides it! TWO!!!

Ruby escapes but Willow runs through the clothesline to POUNCE Ruby into ropes!! Fans are thunderous as Willow brings down the straps! Saraya & Storm are freaking out as Willow gut wrenches Ruby. Saraya distracts the ref so that Storm can drag Ruby to safety! Willow grabs at Storm, only for Ruby to roll her up! Feet on the ropes! And Storm even holds them in place! Ruby wins!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

The Outcasts were all over this one and Willow is furious! But Storm just CLOBBERS Willow from behind! Fans boo as the Outcasts stomp Willow! Then they bring out the spray paint! Ruby says that’s not good enough, and she goes looking under the table. She brings out a chair! Fans boo more as the stomping continues. Ruby puts Willow in a drop zone, then puts a chair around a leg! Storm rains down fists to keep Willow down, but here come Riho and Skye Blue! They slide in, and they fire fists with the Outcasts! That’s still 3v2 and Skye gets mugged by Ruby and Saraya! Storm BOOTS then DECKS Riho!

Fans boo as The Outcasts keep beating up on the heroic Skye and Riho. Ruby tosses Skye out, Storm drags Riho up, and Saraya has the spray paint! But here comes JAMIE HAYTER! The AEW Women’s World Champion rushes in, she DECKS Saraya, ROCKS Ruby, DECKS Storm, then catches Ruby for the HAYTEBREAKER! Storm stands up, into the ripcord, but Storm dodges! The Outcasts run away and fans fire up! Hayter sees Riho, and helps her stand up. These two are allied against the Outcasts, but these two are going to fight over the title next week! Riho makes the motion that she’ll be champion again, and Hayter nods respect.

Will the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion become the first-ever two-time champion? Or will Riho learn that #HayterHitsHard?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of Juice VS Action, Sammy Guevara is in action against Konosuke Takeshita! Will the Spanish God keep pace with Jungle Boy on this #1 contender’s race? And with Best Friends back from injury, they’re back in action, going up against the House of Black’s Kings of the Black Throne! Will Brody King & Malakai Black soon send Trent & Chuck back onto the injured list? And as mentioned, Taya Valkyrie has her second match in AEW, and she’s up against Marina Shafir! Will La Wera Loca look to solve The Problem before taking on Jade Cargill?


Will Hobbs speaks.

“March 24th, 2023 was proclaimed Powerhouse Hobbs Day. With the Book of Hobbs already proclaimed that I was the man who was gonna crash into Wardlow’s World. Who’s the man that beat Rey Fenix? Who’s the man that beat Penta? Who’s the man that beat the legend, Christopher Daniels himself? Just like the good Book of Hobbs states, this TNT Championship will never, ever leave my waist.” The Powerhouse has spoken, will there ever be a final chapter in his story?


Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia!

With AEW All Access premiering tonight, right after Dynamite, this long awaited return was right on time. Will AEW continue to be all about the boom? Or will Red Death go from Dragonslayer to major buzzkill?

The bell rings and fans chant, “ADAM COLE!” “WELCOME BACK!” Garcia shrugs that off as he talks some trash. He and Cole tie up, go around, and Cole wrenches to a wristlock. Garcia pie faces, wrenches, and wristlocks back. Cole rolls, wrenches and wristlocks again, but Garcia rolls to shoot around and waistlock for the SLAM! Garcia slaps Cole around then “kicks dirt” at him. Fans boo the disrespect but Garcia says things have changed since Cole was last in the ring. Cole keeps cool and he resets with Garcia. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Cole shoots to a waistlock. Garcia reaches back and brings Cole into a headlock.

Cole pops out the back, headlocks in return, but Garcia powers out. Cole runs Garcia over and fans fire up. Things speed up, Garcia drops, but Cole fakes out the hurdle to headlock again. Garcia back suplexes, Cole lands on his feet but he does stumble. Cole still gets up to headlock again. Garcia powers out, Cole goes up and over in the corner, then headlocks for a takeover. Garcia tries the headscissors but Cole shrugs that off. Fans rally, Garcia pulls hair and the ref reprimands. Garcia uses the hair to get the headscissors, and he flexes while fans boo. Cole kips free, but Garcia throat chops! And then lift, PILEDRIVER!!

Cole scrambles out of the ring and Garcia wants this one called. The ref checks Cole while fans boo. Garcia soaks up the heat, fans chant “You’re a Wrestler!” and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Garcia waits on Cole, and Cole is somehow okay to continue. Garcia grows a bit impatient, then says Cole must not be as good as he thinks. Cole slowly sits up as the count climbs, and Garcia wags his finger at the fans. Cole finally crawls to the apron but Garcia goes out after him! Garcia brings Cole back in, but Cole resists the lift to back drop Garcia away! Garcia flounders on the flour while Cole gets in the ring. Garcia drags himself up and to the apron, Cole storms over, and Garcia HOTSHOTS him away! Cole sputters, Garcia rushes in to stomp away! Garcia soaks up more heat as he roars and flexes.

Cole flounders but Garcia stands on his hair. Garcia pulls the arms to also pull the hair! The ref reprimands, Garcia stops at 4, and then he stalks Cole to ropes. Garcia CHOKES Cole while talking trash, then lets off as the ref counts. Garcia stalks Cole to a corner, brings him out, and DECKS him with a haymaker! Cole sits up in a daze while Garcia taunts him. Garcia drags Cole back up and DECKS him again! Garcia talks trash on the fans while Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans boo, Garcia brings Cole back up, but Cole throws body shots. Garcia UPPERCUTS! Cole ROCKS Garcia with a forearm, so Garcia throws a haymaker!

Cole fires off forearms and he backs Garcia down. Cole whips, Garcia reverses but Cole clotheslines! And elbows! And BOOTS! Fans fire up and Cole waits on Garcia. Fireman’s carry, but Garcia throws elbows to get free. Garcia runs, but into the fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Garcia kicks at Cole from below and Cole gets space. Fans rally as both men rise. Cole aims, but Garcia blocks the superkick! Garcia stands to SLAP Cole! Garcia runs, into a BOOT! Cole runs, into a BOOT! Cole PELES but misses! Garcia deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans boo but Garcia roars and Cole writhes.

Garcia aims from a corner with a smug grin. Fans chant, “You’re a Wrestler!” but Garcia ignores that to tune up the band. Cole stands, Garcia rushes in, but Cole SUPERKICKS first! Cole pushes Garcia down to a cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Cole goes to a corner. Cole sits Garcia up, but Garcia stops Cole from bringing the kneepad down. Cole throws hands again and again and Garcia lets go. The kneepad comes down, Cole runs, but Garcia ducks the Boom! To throw HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then REAR NAKED CHOKE! Cole rolls back to a cover, TWO! 52 Fake Out takes out the knees!

Cole goes to a corner, goes up, and Garcia crawls over. Cole leaps, PANAMA- NO, Garcia back drops it! Cole tries to sunset flip it but Garcia has the legs! Step through, DRAGONTAMER!! Cole endures as Garcia sits deep! Cole crawls forward, reaches out, even as Garcia makes it a CALF KILLER! ROPEBREAK!! The ref counts, Garcia lets go quickly, but in frustration. Fans rally behind Cole but that upsets Garcia. Cole goes to a corner, the ref has Garcia stay back so he can check Cole. Garcia just soaks up the heat in the meantime. Cole crawls back out, Garcia reels him back in! Garcia tucks the arms, STRAITJACKET PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Garcia is furious but the fans are thunderous that Cole survives! Cole goes to a corner, Garcia runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cole goes back up, PANAMA SUNRISE!! But Cole isn’t done! Garcia sits up in a daze, Cole runs and BOOM!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

The comeback is complete! Cole’s head was a bull’s eye, but Cole’s head was always in the match. And here comes Britt Baker to celebrate with her man! They even kiss! Gold ‘n’ black streamers fly, will this be a new era for the Undisputed One?

Wait, here comes Chris Jericho! The Ocho, the Wizard, Le Champion storms right to the ring to check on Garcia. Fans sing Judas as Jericho helps Garcia out of the ring. Jericho glares at Cole, then helps Garcia up the ramp and out of those streamers. Jericho is tempted to glance back at Cole but chooses not to. Does the Jericho Appreciation Society have a new pro-wrestler to target in Adam Cole, BAYBAY?

My Thoughts:

A great AEW, and given AEW All Access debuts tonight, it makes good business sense for Cole to main event. It was his big return, he is a big part of the All Access material, and it was a great win in a great match with Garcia. Jericho coming out at the end to try and steal the spotlight for just a moment of course is a sign that Cole is going to feud with Jericho going towards Double or Nothing, and that is going to be great stuff. Good quick promo from Hobbs, and him still mentioning Wardlow, they’re just making sure we all understand this is still gonna circle back to Hobbs VS Wardlow even though there should’ve been a way to cap this off before. Darn you, QT.

Really good match from Ruby VS Willow, but of course the Outcasts get at Willow the whole time. Willow loses but it is technically protected because of the interference, and we get another moment of Riho and Skye Blue making a save. It didn’t work out, so good move to have Hayter go out there. Hayter VS Riho happening next week will be good stuff, probably up until The Outcasts interfere. Then somehow, someway, we’ll finally get Blood & Guts set up for the Women’s Division. And then decent promo from Jade and her faction. Between only booking one women’s match a show and stretching things towards special episodes or PPVs, this is gonna be a build that’s too long, again.

Decent promo from Juice, but it kinda flies in the face of Juice saying he isn’t gonna wrestle in Missouri since he hates Missouri. He should’ve thrown in that he is being forced into this. Juice will definitely win against Action, and maybe Juice beats up on Action so that Ricky Starks shows up to chase Juice off, thereby hyping up their match for next Wednesday in Long Island. Good promo from The Gunns to hype up the tag team title match next week. Obviously since that match is happening after WrestleMania, it would seem FTR isn’t leaving to go back to WWE,  they’re likely going to win to take those titles back.

Really fun montage of The Acclaimed hanging out with Menard & Parker in St. Louis. I do like that The Acclaimed is stringing Menard & Parker along, they’re definitely not joining the JAS. That will upset them and the JAS will want a match where I’m sure the stipulation is, if The Acclaimed loses, they must join the JAS. And then the JAS will lose that and look like dummies. Anyway, great title match from Cassidy VS Butcher. Good overbooking as Blade, Trent and Chuck get involved, and this was a great return moment for Best Friends. Trent & Chuck VS Malakai & Brody on Friday is going to be really good stuff, and maybe Best Friends challenge for the trios titles at some point.

Really good stuff out of this BCC VS Elite story they’re building. The BCC of course beat Castle & The Boys, but they really up the Heel heat with the ambush. And then they beat up Hangman and bust open Callis, which was really surprising. Face Moxley bled all the time, but Heel Moxley makes everyone else bleed. Omega VS Cobb was awesome stuff, but I suppose it’s fine that Omega wins. Bryan making his return was a great surprise, and then what a wild moment with him turning to be on the same page as the rest of the BCC. And right there is this year’s match for Men’s Blood & Guts: the full BCC against the OG Elite, Omega, Hangman & Bucks, and that is gonna be awesome.

And of course, great stuff in the opening. JB VS Hardy was really good, and it tied into The Firm’s story with Hook, which did have the #JungleHook story on the side. MJF and JB had a great promo segment to follow, and I have a feeling MJF is gonna have segments like that with the other Young Pillars before we get the official #1 contender. Sammy VS Konosuke on Rampage is going to be awesome stuff, and I hope Callis comes around to keep on that whole recruiting of Konosuke. I would think Sammy will win because he needs to keep pace with JB, and then Darby will also win a big match on Dynamite or Ramage to do the same. Honestly, this needs to end in a Triple Threat of JB VS Darby VS Sammy to name THE #1 contender, that’d be the best course of action.

My Score: 8.8/10

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