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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/20/22)

AEW returns to the Steel City!



AEW Dynamite 2021

Will the Doctor be in the Owen Hart Tournament?

Britt Baker returns to in-ring action in her hometown! Will #Brittsburgh go wild for the former AEW Women’s World Champion in tonight’s Owen Hart qualifier?


  • CM Punk VS Dustin Rhodes; Punk wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dante Martin, Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; The Blackpool Combat Club wins.
  • Wardlow VS The Butcher; Wardlow wins.
  • Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Jungle Boy VS Kyle O’Reilly; Kyle wins and advances to the tournament.
  • Hook VS Anthony Henry; Hook wins.
  • Owen Hart Memorial Women’s Tournament Qualifier: Britt Baker w/ Najee Harris & Pat Freiermuth VS Danielle Kamela; Baker wins and advances to the tournament.
  • Coffin Match: Darby Allin VS Andrade El Idolo; Darby wins.


CM Punk VS Dustin Rhodes!

The Best in the World and the Natural finally meet and Pittsburgh is ready for it! But with his pursuit of the AEW World Championship on the line, will Punk be able to keep focus? Or will Dustin remind us all why he’s been here for FOUR DECADES?

The bell rings and fans rally already as the two circle. They approach and then shake hands. Fans cheer the respect shown and the two feel things out. They tie up, then break, and they circle again. They tie up, Dustin wrenches, wristlocks, hammerlocks, then headlocks. Punk powers out but Dustin runs him over. Things keep moving, Dustin whips but Punk hurdles, only for Dustin to arm-drag him! Punk hip tosses back but Dustin kangaroo kicks! Fans cheer the standoff as the two reset. Fans rally and duel as the two get up again. They circle, feel things out, tie up, and Punk headlocks for a takeover.

Dustin headscissors, Punk kips free to headlock and takeover again. Dustin headscissors again, but holds on tight. Punk rolls and turns Dustin over to hook up the legs. Fans duel as hard as ever as Punk gets the Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Dustin fights it, Punk makes it a cover, TWO! Dustin arm-drags Punk again! Punk goes for a leg, trips Dustin and has a heel hook! Dustin endures while fans rally. Punk drags Dustin around, covers, TWO! Dustin wrenches to wristlock then knuckle lock. Dustin uses a straight arm lever to HOTSHOT that arm! Punk goes to a corner but Dustin CHOPS him! Dustin wraps the arm around ropes, then whips Punk corner to corner.

Punk BOOTS back, hurries to fireman’s carry but Dustin slips off to roll-up. TWO, but Dustin arm-drags again! Dustin has the armlock, fans rally as Punk endures, and Dustin even digs an elbow into the shoulder. Punk gets up, whips Dustin away but Dustin ducks and dodges but misses the crossbody! Dustin flops and falls out of the ring, clutches his knee, but he refuses to let this stop him. Fans rally for Dustin and Punk goes out to fetch him. Dustin shoves him away, walks off the bad leg, and Punk pushes him into the ring. Punk gets in, gets the bad leg, but Dustin KICKS him with the other!

Punk snarls but he drops an elbow on the knee! And again! And then he YANKS the leg before dropping another elbow! Dustin clutches the knee and snarls but Punk looms over him. Punk drags Dustin to ropes to put the leg on and hip drop! Fans rally and duel while Dustin crawls to a corner. Punk gets the bad leg and hip drops it again! Dustin seethes in pain but he refuses to call it. Punk gets the leg, drags Dustin around and then drops another elbow, then even knees! Punk YANKS the bad leg, but Dustin gets up and hobbles away. Fans fire up and Punk stalks Dustin. Punk KICKS the leg as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Punk KICKS the leg out from under Dustin, covers, TWO! Punk checks the count but it was fair, so Punk drags Dustin back around. Punk grabs both legs now, to HEADBUTT down low! Cover, TWO! Dustin gets up in a huff and he ROCKS Punk with haymakers! Dustin scoops but the bad leg gives out! Punk falls on Dustin and covers, TWO! Punk keeps cool, mocks Goldust, then gets the leg. But Dustin throws uppercuts from below! Punk stomps Dustin in the gut! Punk drags Dustin around, steps through, but Dustin makes the leglock a cradle! TWO, and Dustin LARIATS Punk down! Both men are on the mat but Dustin is powering up!

Dustin storms after Punk in a corner but Punk kicks the bad leg! Punk snapmares Dustin, and drops an elbow on the leg! Punk gets Dustin’s leg and puts it back on ropes to hip drop again! The ref reprimands but Punk goes for another. Dustin BOOTS Punk up and out! Punk tumbles and now he clutches an arm! Dynamite returns to single picture as fans rally up. Dustin goes to the apron, but Punk sweeps the legs with a roundhouse! Dustin lands hard on the apron, but Punk spins him around. Punk has the legs but Dustin boots him and POSTS him! Dustin then WRINGS Punk into the apron!

Fans fire up as the ref tells them to get in the ring. Punk rolls into the ring, “This is Awesome!” as Dustin gets in soon after. Dustin storms over, Punk wants the leg but Dustin knees him away! Punk KICKS the leg, Dustin CLUBS the bad arm! Punk KICKS, Dustin CHOPS! Punk throws a haymaker but Dustin gives it back! Punk then KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Dustin throws body shots, dodges Punk’s clothesline and back drops him! Punk gets up but Dustin rallies with lariats! Fans fire up with Dustin and he has Punk in a corner. Dustin climbs up, rains down fists, and fans count along, all the way to 9, where Dustin gives dirty birds before TEN!

Dustin hops down, but he forgot about his bad leg! The leg jams and he crawls to a corner. Punk runs in but Dustin moves and Punk knees buckles! Dustin hits CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives but Dustin is too tired to be frustrated! Fans rally up as Dustin gets himself back to the corner. He runs at Punk but into a fireman’s carry! Dustin uses ropes to get free, and then he kicks low to Rhodes Uppercut! And POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Punk escapes but Dustin shakes his head. Dustin grits his teeth, drags Punk back up, and he dragon sleepers! But Punk drops to kick Dustin away! And then CHOP BLOCK!

Dustin is down, Punk hurries to get the leg! Punk steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Fans “WOO~!” while Dustin endures. Dustin’s shoulders are down, TWO as he sits up! Punk puts as much pressure as he can on the hold and Dustin falls back again. TWO, and Dustin grabs Punk’s hand. Dustin SLAPS, Punk SLAPS, it’s a SLAP fight! Dustin even eggs Punk on while he fires off SLAPS! Dustin then works to turn the hold! Punk resists and turns it back! Dustin just uses that to go the other way! Dustin turns the hold onto Punk, but Punk gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, the hold is undone, and Punk goes to the apron.

Punk drags himself up the ropes as fans rally. Punk aims, springboards, but into a body shot! Dustin then hurries to dragon sleeper, CROSS RHODES! But Dustin ain’t done there! Dustin reels Punk in, for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives and Dustin is shocked! Both men are down but the fans are thunderous! Dustin stands, Punk follows. Dustin shouts out his dad with JAB after JAB after JAB! Flip, flop, fly, but ROUNDHOUSE from Punk! Dustin rebounds into the fireman’s carry! But his bad arm! Dustin slips to a sunset but Punk sits on it! PUNK WINS!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

The Natural did not go to sleep, but he could not escape that last one! He does still show respect to Punk and Punk shows it back. Will these two meet in the ring again some day? Will Punk be AEW World Champion by then?

But speaking of the champion, here comes Hangman Page! The Cowboy got past Adam Cole on Rampage, so it’s time to move on to bigger and better! Punk and Page stare down and fans are losing their minds! Punk gives a nod and heads out. Will this be the showdown we see this summer?


Wardlow arrives.

But then security stops him at the door? Mark Sterling has them move aside, and he thanks “Wardy” for showing up to work on time. But listen, going forward, when Wardlow arrives, security will bring him right to his closet- er, locker room. And then from locker room to the ring and then right out of the building. So if Wardlow wants to bring his luggage to the ring with him, that’s totally fine. Okay? Got it, Mark. But Sterling says he “forgot.” Wardlow needs to wear handcuffs while on the premises. A security guard cuffs Wardlow, and then Sterling “remembers” his message from MJF to Wardlow. “Eat sh*t, Pig.”

Wardlow tells Sterling, “Oink oink, bitch.” And can someone help him with his bags? Will the War Dog have no choice but to powerbomb and run tonight?


Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty & Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson!

The American Dragon, the Maniac and the Decoder proved they can be a team on Rampage, and now they’re going to show that they can be an unstoppable team by winning all over again! Will Angel Dorado, TYGA STYLE & The Son of the Enforcer see what they could be a part of up close and personal?

Teams don’t even sort out, the BCC just attacks! Moxley’s after Brock, Bryan’s after Moriarty and Yuta is after Dante! Mox and Bryan throw Brock and Lee out while Yuta just stomps away on Dante! The attacks continue outside, and the bell rings as Moxley whips Brock hard into railing! Yuta gets Dante’s legs, hooks those up, then gets the Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Dante pops free to cover, TWO! Dante gets around Yuta to whip him to ropes, then hurdles to ENZIGURI! Yuta staggers, Dante wrenches to a wristlock, but Yuta pulls on an ear to put Dante in the corner! Tag to Bryan and they mug Dante while fans fire up.

Bryan ROCKS Dante with a EuroUpper, then he puts Dante in a corner to CHOP! And KICK! And CHOP! And KICK! CHOP, then run, to DROPKICK! Dante staggers about while fans fire up for Bryan. Bryan runs back in but Dante slips out and slingshots around to ROUNDHOUSE! Dante springboards but Bryan gets under. Dante then hurdles to dropkick Bryan down! Moxley tags in but Dante dropkicks him, too! Fans fire up, Dante tags Brock and Brock rushes in to LARIAT Moxley down! Brock stomps a mudhole into Moxley in a corner and fires off hands! The ref counts, Brock lets off to whip corner to corner.

Brock runs in but Moxley dodges! Brock hits buckles, Moxley hits him with a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Tag to Bryan, Moxley hangs Brock out to dry and Bryan climbs up. Dynamite goes picture in picture as Bryan hits the FLYING KNEE! Brock flops to the floor and Bryan soaks up the cheers. Arn checks on his son but Yuta gets Brock up to RAM into steel steps! No mercy from BCC as Yuta puts Brock in and Bryan gets Brock for a neck wrench. Brock endures, Bryan fish hooks his face, then rakes the eyes. Tag to Yuta, they mug Brock, then Yuta CLUBS Brock down. Yuta clamps onto Brock’s face with fish hooks!

The ref reprimands, Yuta lets off, and he CLUBS Brock again. Brock elbows back but Yuta stomps him down. Yuta drags Brock up, tags Mox, and they mug Brock. Moxley CHOPS Brock, has him against ropes for knees, then he scoops and SLAMS Brock down. Moxley then stomps Brock, ties up the legs, and tags in Yuta. Moxley turns Brock over for Yuta to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Yuta clamps onto Brock, tags in Bryan, and they mug Brock some more. Bryan KICKS Brock in the chest, and then KICKS him again! Bryan facelocks but Brock fights his way towards his corner! Bryan turns Brock around to BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!

Bryan gets an ARMBAR! Brock scrambles but Bryan tags Moxley in. Moxley stomps Brock, then chinbars and hammerlocks. Moxley turns Brock over, pulls on the other arm, bends the fingers, but Brock endures. Dynamite returns to single picture and Arn coaches Brock. Moxley keeps torturing the arm, then YANKS it! Moxley flips off Moriarty but the ref keeps him back. Moxley DECKS Brock, brings him up, DECKS him again, then runs. Brock hits a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up as both men are down, and hot tag to Bryan and Moriarty! Pittsburgh’s own rallies on the BCC! BOOT from Bryan, then a PENALTY KICK for Yuta!

Moriarty springboards in to FLYING FOREARM Bryan! Moriarty kips up and Pitt fires up! Moriarty fires off knees but Bryan SLAPS him! So Moriarty SLAPS back! Bryan SLAPS again, EuroUppers again and again, then runs, into a EuroUpper! Moriarty whips, Bryan reverses but Moriarty turns it around to capture SAIDO! Cover, TWO! But into BORDER CITY STRETCH! Bryan endures the chicken wing crossface and gets to his feet, LEG CAPTURE SUPLEX! Dante tags in to missile dropkick! Moxley tags in and flips Dante! Dante slips around, Moxley falls out, Dante goes up to springboard and PLANCHA!

Dante puts Moxley in, goes up and up to NOSE- NO! REAR NAKED CHOKE! Moxley smothers Dante but Moriarty BUZZSAWS! Moxley doesn’t care, he wants more! Moriarty BUZZSAWS again, Moxley still has Dante, so Bryan ROLLING ELBOWS Moriarty down! Bryan gets Moriarty’s wrists, Brock runs in, but Yuta dropkicks Brock down! DANIELSON STOMPS for Moriarty! Yuta and Moxley give Brock and Dante stereo hammer ‘n’ anvil elbows! Pittsburgh is loving this! The ref has the others get out, so Moxley finishes with PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, BCC wins!

Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

That’s 2-0 for what could be the most dangerous trio in wrestling today! Will the BCC soon take over AEW?


The Elite are on the Cutler Cam.

“Brandon, are we live?” “We’re live, pal.” “Thanks, man.” Wait, what? No “shut up, Brandon?” Kyle O’Reilly says YES shut up, Landon. Guys, what’s up? Where are the Young Bucks’ rompers and $5,000 shoes? Where are the feisty Bucks of old? Okay, yes, they’re not seeing eye-to-eye after the Bucks lost to FTR. But reDRagon lost to Jungle Cruise, Cole lost to Hangman twice! Bobby Fish says, “Wait, we lost?” Kyle says things have to turn around and they need to live up to the name: The Undisputed Elite! That’s them! So tonight, Kyle will qualify for the Owen Hart Cup by kicking Jungle Boy’s ass!

Cole says, “Dammit, Kyle, you’re right.” They all did lose, but as a team, they can’t be stopped! The Bucks’ friends are gone, but Cole is still here, Kyle and Fish are still here. Cole knows as a unit, they can’t be stopped. So next week, Undisputed Elite Open Challenge for a 10 Man Tag! They’ll remind themselves and everyone just how dangerous they can be. There’s a reason Cole named this group the Undisputed Elite. The Bucks put the elite in it, the others need them. Cole also has something else to take care of, but please think about it.

Cole heads out, reDRagon tells Brandon to cut. Kyle surprises himself for remembering the name. But will AEW all remember just how good the Undisputed Elite really is?


AEW hears from Samoa Joe and his enemies.

Joe tells Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt that they may have gone out and found themselves a titan, a massive man. Lethal tells Joe that it was a surprise Joe even came out seeing the destruction that was going on during Rampage. Satnam Singh double choke slammed The Boys, blasted Dalton Castle, and played basketball with Jonathan Gresham’s body! Yet, Joe came out with his pipe! Joe is sure Lethal & Dutt feel safe and comfortable. Dutt says for the last 22 years, he has been the greatest professional wrestler India has ever produced, but Singh will carry on that legacy! Lethal says Joe can’t do a thing! Singh is one in a BILLION!

Joe says Lethal does not understand his teacher. He does not understand the kind of man he is. Like everything in this world, there are things that are inevitable. And now, Joe coming after Lethal is inevitable. But Singh tells Joe to get ready, “Your time is coming.” Will the skyscraper that is Satnam Singh send Samoa Joe falling to his doom?


Tony Schiavone is on stage.

He says is time for the HUGE announcement promised for tonight! He introduces the AEW President and CEO, Tony Khan! Tony and Tony shake hands, and fans are fired up. Khan thanks them for that, and he promises this is going to be big. “Ladies and gentlemen, the president of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Ohbari-san!” And yes, THE Takami Ohbari walks out to shake Khan’s hand. But then Adam Cole interrupts? “There’s only one person who should make an announcement of this magnitude, and that person is Adam Cole Baybay.” Cole is one of the biggest stars to ever wrestle in Japan, and this announcement wouldn’t even be possible without him.

So to get to it, June 26th, the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, AEW and NJPW present: Forbidden Door! Two of the biggest powerhouses giving us an event like we’ve never seen before! Rampage gives us a preview this week, because in an Owen Hart Qualifier, it’ll be Adam Cole VS TOMOHIRO ISHII. Fans are going nuts already but Cole’s not done. The Owen Hart tournament finals will be at Double or Nothing in May, and Cole promises us a member of the Undisputed Elite will take the whole damn thing! And speaking of special moments, Cole has a special friend who wants to say hello.

IT’S THE SWITCHBLADE! Pittsburgh goes nuts as Jay White, leader of Bullet Club, appears! White takes the mic from Khan to say, “Thank you for the introduction, Adam, very kind. It’s very fitting that I would be here for an announcement like this, seeing as the last time NJPW held such a large joint event, I single-handedly sold out Madison Square Garden! So, let me make this very clear. It’s not about NJPW. It’s not about AEW.” Fans cheer for Bullet Club and ” Too Sweet! WOOP WOOP!” White says it’s about the Undisputed Elite! AND Bullet Club. “Because it’s still OUR era.” White throws up the Too Sweet and leaves, but just what will happen as both companies open the Forbidden Door?


AEW shares a Marina Shafir highlight reel.

This was just from last night’s episode of AEW Dark, where Shafir easily put away Alejandra Lion.

Jade Cargill, Mark Sterling, and even Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan, finish watching that reel.

And while Jade yawns, Velvet and Kiera say, “Boo! Boring!” and throw popcorn at them. Jade says moving on from Shafir, will these two be in her baddie section for Rampage? Of course! They do need the hottest in that section. Sterling reminds us that on Rampage, we will see Jade Cargill VS Marina Shafir, for the TBS Championship. Jade tells him to shut up about that, she isn’t even worried. Shafir calls herself The Problem? Well Jade’s a problem solver. So see you Friday, bitch!


Wardlow VS The Butcher!

The Pinnacle may have kicked the War Dog out of the group and tried to drag him through the mud, but he isn’t just some pig about to be slaughtered! Will a Powerbomb Symphony ring out in the Steel City? Or will the AFO’s mercenary do exactly what MJF paid him to do?

And speaking of, Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s music plays, but he has them cut his music. He’s up in the VIP box with Shawn Spears! MJF says sorry, they wanna boo him? Well he doesn’t care, he sees who they cheer, and his name is Ben Roethlisberger! And they also cheer that pig, Wardlow! But Wardlow is a nobody, just like all the fans here! “And since he IS a nobody,” MJF says while he and Spears dump their popcorn onto the fans below, “he’ll be coming out to no music! Send the pig out here!” Security guards accompany Wardlow, just as Sterling told him they would, and Wardlow is still cuffed! Fans chant his name since there’s no song accompanying him.

Wardlow goes to the ring, the cuffs are removed, and the bell rings. Wardlow and Butcher stare down, and then they rush each other! They ram shoulders, but neither falls. They ram again and Butcher eggs Wardlow on. They ram again, then Butcher throws a forearm! Wardlow hits back, Butcher hits again, and fans fire up as Wardlow gets the edge with haymakers! Butcher growls, ROCKS Wardlow, but Wardlow grows. Butcher BITES Wardlow’s forehead! The ref counts, Butcher lets off but he fires off shots in the corner. He even HEADBUTTS over and over! Butcher whips Wardlow to ropes but Wardlow busts the clothesline to CLOBBER Butcher!

Wardlow rallies, runs Butcher over, and Butcher bails out! Fans fire up as Wardlow paces around. But Butcher gets chairs! This isn’t about winning, but about hurting Wardlow! The ref confiscates one chair, then the other. Butcher still paces on the outside, and he dares Wardlow to come out. Wardlow dares Butcher to come back, and Butcher returns to the ring, just to trip Wardlow up! Wardlow boots Butcher away and goes out after him, only for Butcher to RAM him into apron! And then into railing! Butcher CLOBBERS Wardlow, whips him back into the apron and clotheslines again! Then back the other way!

Butcher brings Wardlow around to POST him! Butcher tries again but Wardlow blocks! Wardlow elbows Butcher, POSTS him back, then reels him in! Fans fire up, but Butcher POSTS Wardlow to avoid the bomb! Then Butcher APRON BACK SUPLEXES! MJF and Spears finally eat popcorn as they enjoy what they’re seeing. Butcher gets Wardlow in the ring to then CLOBBER him! Butcher drags Wardlow up, reels him in, POWERBOMB! High stack, ONE?!? Even Butcher is shocked! Wardlow seethes as he gets back up. The straps come down and fans fire up! Butcher runs in but Wardlow kicks low!

Wardlow reels Butcher in, fans are thunderous, for the POWERBOMB!! MJF and Spears are worried now as Wardlow gets Butcher back up! POWERBOMB! Fans want that “One More Time!” and Wardlow gets Butcher up for a THIRD POWERBOMB! But that’s not enough! Here’s a FOURTH POWERBOMB! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

MJF paid good money for nothing! But per the edict, MJF’s guards come back. Wardlow scares one, but the cuffs are put back on. Wardlow blows a kiss to MJF, when and where will Wardlow finally get his hands on MJF?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“On Rampage, me and you, Garcia, and your JAS, all your friends and your King Jericho, not allowed in the building! Santana & Ortiz, not allowed in the building! So it’s just me and you, partner! Jericho, watch what I do to Garcia. Because everything I do to Garcia, I’m gonna do to you. Everything I do to Garcia is meant for you! I’m gonna have fun with you, boy. I’m gonna rip you real good. And when it’s all said and done, all your friends and family in Buffalo ain’t gonna recognize you. You reap what you sew. But people like me, my man? I don’t sew, I just reap.” Will Kingston become a grim reaper this Friday Night Rampage?


Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Jungle Boy VS Kyle O’Reilly!

While Jurassic Express retained the AEW World Tag Team Championships, there’s another prize for the taking. Will Jungle Boy swing into this inaugural tournament? Or will Kyle be the first of the Undisputed Elite to put their name in the hat for the cup?

The bell rings and the two stare down. The fans rally up as these two circle. They tie up, Kyle waistlocks but JB switches. Kyle switches back, JB drop toeholds and floats to a facelock. Kyle slips out to facelock, JB slips away and fans cheer the opening exchange. They go again, feel things out, knuckle lock and go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength. JB gets under but Kyle fights off the back drop. Kyle tries to turn it around but JB stops that. JB monkey flips and rolls back but Kyle fights the cover. Kyle pushes at JB’s arms, turns him around, drags him to a cover, ONE as JB gets his arm up.

Kyle moves to get that arm down, ONE as the other arm comes up. JB kips up, CHOPS then goes up and up, to rebound and arm- NO! ARMBAR! JB scrambles to the ROPEBREAK and Kyle lets off. Kyle stomps JB into a corner, stands him up to fire off strikes, but lets off as the ref counts. Kyle comes back, he wrenches and whips JB corner to corner, but JB goes up and over. JB keeps moving, he ducks and dodges then rolls off the back to slide under and dropkick! JB kips up and fans fire up, and JB stands Kyle up to CHOP! Kyle ROCKS JB with a forearm, but JB CHOPS back! JB CLUBS Kyle, then wrenches.

JB YANKS the arm, Kyle wrenches back but JB ROCKS him. Kyle hammerlocks, JB throws an elbow but Kyle wrenches to sweep the legs! JB clutches the arm but Kyle digs a knee in. Cover, TWO, but Kyle gets the arm for a top wristlock. JB endures and fans rally up. JB fights up and throws body shots, then runs. Kyle ducks, JB sunset flips, but into another ARMBAR! JB makes it a high stack, TWO! JB sobats, runs, but into a KNEE! Kyle underhooks, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX, and a roll through to BUTTERFLY SUPLEX again! BUTTERFLY FACEBUSTER tops it off! Fans fire up while Kyle covers, TWO!

Dynamite is picture in picture as Kyle gets a body scissors. Kyle also uses a chinlock, but JB fights that much off. Kyle traps an arm as part of the hold now, then gets the chinlock back. JB pushes back to a cover, TWO! Kyle lets JB go but stomps him down. Kyle stalks JB but JB back elbows. Kyle KICKS JB against ropes, then has JB in a corner. JB BOOTS back, BOOTS again, and Kyle backs off. Kyle storms up, blocks the boots this time and KICKS the bad leg! Kyle looms over JB, toys with him a bit, and he rains down elbows and forearms! JB can only guard as Kyle KNEES him! Kyle drags JB up but JB throws body shots!

Kyle HEADBUTTS JB, KICKS him down, then paces. Kyle drags JB into a chinbar, and he digs his elbow into JB’s face. The ref reprimands so Kyle shifts to a cobra clutch. JB endures but Kyle shifts right to a grounded cobra twist! JB still endures, Kyle drag shim into a cover, TWO! Kyle wrenches an arm, grinds JB down, but JB throws haymakers. Kyle holds onto the arm, JB throws more shots, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally, JB throws more body shots but Kyle trips him! JB boots Kyle away as fans duel. JB gets to a corner, then he elbows, ROCKS and CHOPS Kyle!

JB whips, Kyle reverses but JB CLOBBERS him! JB keeps moving for more forearms, but Kyle bypasses to KICK a leg out! Kyle runs, but into an uppercut! JB runs but sees Kyle coming and dumps him out! JB then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Kyle hits railing! JB hurries back in, Kyle grabs a leg! Kyle brings JB out to whip him into railing! But JB rebounds for a COMEBACKER! JB fires up and fans fire up with him as he drags Kyle back up. JB puts Kyle in, takes aim and steps in, but into a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! JB sits on the apron, Kyle storms over, but JB shoulders into him! Step-in TORNADO DDT! And GUILLOTINE!

Kyle endures, fights up to lift JB, and Kyle throws body shots to then clinch JB in a head ‘n’ arm triangle! JB lets go to get the ropebreak, but Kyle pump handles that arm to EXPLODER! JB staggers up, Kyle runs in to KNEE him! JB rebounds to COMEBACKER again! Fans fire up while both men are down! Fans rally and duel, the standing count starts, but JB and Kyle go to opposite corners. JB runs in corner to corner, but Kyle BOOTS him! Kyle runs in but JB OVERHEAD Belly2Belly throws Kyle into buckles! JB drags Kyle up but Kyle wrenches the arm! Kyle has JB in a corner and throws knees!

Kyle hoists JB up top, climbs up after him and still wants that arm! JB throws body shots, slips under and trips Kyle up! JB then drags Kyle into a Tree of Woe, only for Kyle to rake eyes! Kyle adjusts, but JB CLUBS him first! JB gets Kyle for headlock punches! The ref counts, JB lets off at 4 but then stomps Kyle in the Tree! The ref counts again, JB runs corner to corner to basement dropkick! Kyle flops out of the Tree, JB drag shim back by a leg. JB grits his teeth, sits Kyle up and says it’s done. JB runs, but Kyle ducks the blindside lariat to kick, knee  and KICK! JB hops the sweep to SUPERKICK! Kyle staggers, into a tilt-o-whirl and roll, to a body scissor clutch! TWO!!

Kyle gets JB’s leg! ANKLE LOCK! JB endures, rolls through, and he has a leg! SNARE TRAP!! Fans fire up, Kyle crawls around with JB on his back, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, JB lets go in exhaustion! “This is Awesome!” as JB drags Kyle to a drop zone. JB then goes up the corner, only for Kyle to kick his legs out! Kyle then goes up after JB, to SUPERPLEX! Roll back but JB catches the cradle, TWO!! Kyle has JB up again, BRAINBUSTER! But Kyle isn’t done there, he goes up top! KING KONG KNEE!! Cover, Kyle wins!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by pinfall (advances to the Owen Hart Men’s Tournament)

The killer Canadian is entering the tournament! Will he do Canada and the Undisputed Elite proud by taking the cup? As for JB, he apologizes to Christian Cage for failing him. Captain Charisma says he didn’t fail, and the two head off. Will JB just have to focus on defending those AEW World Tag Team Championships for now?


Backstage interview with MJF & Shawn Spears.

Alex Marvez says The Butcher couldn’t get the job done, and then MJF snatches the mic! Spears calms MJF down and MJF says yes, Butcher failed, but there’s a lot more money where that came from. MJF is a snake, and when he said those words, men, women and children around the world grew sick to their stomachs. How could a man so proudly say he’s a snake? Well much like a snake, when MJF decides that you are his prey, it doesn’t matter how big or how bad someone is. All it takes is one bite. Spears produces more money, and MJF gives it over to Jake the Snake! Don’t look surprised. This is what the world’s about.

Jake says that while some people need diamonds and title belts, that is for the little boys who chase the ladies. Jake chases money. And when the time is right, and that’s right now, Jake can smell it from a mile away. This will be like when Wardlow was a little boy lying to grammy just so daddy won’t slap him again. Hell is for children! Remember that! But then Lance Archer storms in and slaps the money down! He doesn’t need to be paid extra, he just wants to fight Wardlow! And if anyone, and he means anyone, gets in the way, #EverybodyDies! The Murderhawk Monster is next up, will he be the one to lay waste to Wardlow?


Hook VS Anthony Henry!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil has been on Rampage after Rampage and is now 6-0. But for the first time since his debut, he’s on a Dynamite! Will his streak hit lucky number seven? Or will he stumble before the Premier Athlete gets a chance to face him?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Hook goes for an arm and wrenches through to ankle pick. Henry kicks at him but Hook gets a HALF CRAB! Henry gets the ropebreak, Hook holds on until 4. Hook then goes right after Henry in the corner with heavy hand and knees! Then he TOSSES Henry across the way! Hook whips, reels Henry in, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Tony Nese and Mark Sterling are in the crowd to take notes but Nese doesn’t seem that impressed. Fans cheer Hook, though, and he runs ropes. Henry ducks once but the BLINDSIDE lariat hits! Hook then throws crossface forearms! And-

Wait, is that Danhausen? Danhausen CURSES Hook! But it still doesn’t do anything. Hook just CLUBS Henry more, before wrapping on REDRUM!! Henry taps, Hook wins!

Winner: Hook, by submission

Danhausen gets a mic to says it’s enough! He’s had it up to here with Hook! Hook things he can just ignore Danhausen week in and week out, then toss around and decimate these hard body super fools? NO! If Hook won’t be cursed by Danhausen, he will FIGHT Danhausen! Pittsburgh goes nuts as Hook looks at the finger pointed at him. Danhausen brings his finger back, but Hook just shoulder bumps him. When and where will Hook rip into his very nice, very evil stalker?


Backstage interview with Frankie Kazarian.

Tony Schiavone says Kaz, 10-1 in 2022, is here to make a challenge. Kaz is calling out Sammy Guevara! But then Scorpio Sky walks in. Kaz’s former SCU tag partner apologizes for interrupting, but this is very important. Since Battle of the Belts, Scorpio has time to reflect. 402 days undefeated, TNT Champion, Tag Team Champion, Face of the Revolution. One hell of a run, but none of it is possible without Kaz. Five years ago, Scorpio called Kaz for a favor. Scorpio was struggling, and he needed a shot. They formed SCU, the rest is history. But now, Scorpio has another favor.

Yes, Kaz wants to be TNT Champion, but Scorpio wants him to wait a little longer. Scorpio is going to challenge Sammy, get that belt back, and then he will give Kaz the first shot. Kaz tells Scorp that he’s always had his back. And he always will. Kaz is gonna let The Closer take his shot first! Will the Spanish God be willing to go another round with Scorpio Sky?


Thunder Rosa speaks.

“Last Saturday, at Battle of the Belts, well Thunder Rosa beheaded The Beast. Nyla Rose, you thought I was gonna be a stepping stone for you to retake the AEW Women’s World Championship? Damn, girl, you were absolutely wrong. I am nobody’s stepping stone! I have shown, over and over again, that I am one of the best in the world. And to continue to show that, I have to face the most experienced and the best competitors that there are. One defense done, and now it’s time to go Double or Nothing.” La Mera Mera is planning on taking this title to Vegas, but who will meet here there?


Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti are in the ring.

The Spanish God gets the mic as he stands with the Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty, and as Pittsburgh boos him, to say, “I love this. I feel on top of the world, right where I should be, as TNT Champion for a third time.” And with the love of his life, Tay. They kiss, and they say they love each other. Sammy also loves the fans. The ones that cheer and support them, he will give you his everything forever because they deserve it. But for the rest of you, and he can hear you, those that turned on them the first chance they got, he asks why. Is it cuz his girlfriend is hotter than theirs? Well they have one option: #BeMad.

“Oh so it’s gonna be like that, huh, Sammy?” Scorpio barges out with Ethan Page and Dan Lambert behind him. So it’s just screw the fans and Men of the Year, as well as all the people that supported him by watching those stupid vlogs? Well guess what? The feeling in this room is not screw us. It’s screw YOU, SamTay! Oh, really? Screw them? Ethan shouts at Sammy to shut the hell up! There’s not a single ass in the seat tonight that’s here to hear Sammy talk! And the only reason Men of the Year aren’t ripping Sammy’s head off his shoulders and putting 12 stitches in that ugly ass face is because Dan Lambert decided tonight is about business.

So shut your mouths, open your ears, and listen to #DynamiteDan! Fans actually cheer Lambert as he says Grandpa Lambert always said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” And that’s true, because while they have big dreams and the energy to go anywhere they like, they just lack the experience to make the wise choices. Sammy’s a perfect example, because he risks everything in the ring to earn the respect of the fans, and now he’s all up in his feelings, acting like some high school DOUCHEBAG who can’t keep his tongue out of his girlfriend’s mouth! But here’s one more choice: either Scorpio gets his rematch, or Scorpio & Ethan go to the ring to give Sammy the pounding Tay dreams about!

SamTay talk it over, and Sammy tells Dan, “I don’t give a sh*t about your or your dead grandpa.” All Sammy does care about is a match. So fine, they’ll have a rematch for the title next week, if SamTay gets their mixed tag match. What do they say? DONE! Well then, next week, it’s a LADDER MATCH! Sammy adds one last caveat before signing off, but will the Spanish God survive when he gives Scorpio Sky a fair shot?


The House of Black speaks.

Brody King says, “The last time we addressed you, we said that we would turn your eyes black. And yet, you kept us waiting, because you refused to draw blood.” Buddy Matthews says, “So the House had to change the narrative, because the House felt it needed to do so.” No fire will be resurrected, and the ashes will be washed away with the rain of shame. Malakai Black appears to say, “The House is owed a debt. Icarus flew too close to the sun, so next week, the sun dies.” Is the House of Black looking to extinguish Fuego Del Sol once and for all?


Owen Hart Memorial Women’s Tournament Qualifier: Britt Baker w/ Najee Harris & Pat Freiermuth VS Danielle Kamela!

The Steel City is ready for this one! The Doctor is back in action for the first time since losing the AEW Women’s World Championship, and she’s going for quite the prize! Will Britt continue to add to her accolades? Or will The Beautiful Vision make this real ugly for #Brittsburgh?

The bell rings and fans are thunderous for “D M D! D M D!” Britt and Kamela tie up, Kamela waistlocks then shoves, to then gloat and mock the chants. Kamela and Britt reset, tie up, and Kamela waistlocks again, to then SLAM Britt down. Kamela holds on as Britt fights up. Britt headlocks, wrenches, and hammerlocks. Kamela fights but Britt snapmares and ghost pins, TWO! Kamela gets up but into another roll up, TWO! Britt kicks low, brings Kamela in, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Britt leads the fans in “DMD” chants, then she ROCKS Kamela with a forearm. Britt ROCKS Kamela more, then climbs up to rain down some fists! But Kamela slips out to trip Britt up! Kamela brings Britt up to bump off buckles, then she goes corner to corner for a BLINDSIDE BRONCO BUSTER! Kamela bumps Britt off more buckles, throws her down, then soaks up the heat. Kamela stomps Britt around, but Britt throws body shots. Kamela CLUBS Britt down, shoves her down, then steps on her to go to the corner. VADER ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Kamela tries again, TWO! Kamela is annoyed but Britt hits back.

Kamela CLUBS and hammers Britt, this is some of that Super Bowl 43 grudge right now. The ref counts, Kamela lets off, and Britt mule kicks! Kamela kicks back, stomps away in the corner, then drags Britt out to WRING her arm! Kamela runs to CLOBBER Britt, then high stack! TWO, and right into the crossface! Kamela slips away to then CLUB Britt back down! Kamela drags Britt up into a chinlock and she grinds Britt down. Britt endures, pulls Kamela’s hair, but the ref reprimands. Britt fights up but Kamela throws her down again! Kamela soaks up heat while pacing around Britt. Kamela mocks Britt, lines up the shot, and KICKS Britt down!

Kamela says the kick was good, then takes a bow. Dynamite returns to single picture as Kamela taunts Najee and Freiermuth. She snatches the Terrible Towel to CHOKE Britt with it! The ref reprimands, Kamela lets Britt go to then swing around the towel. Britt TACKLES Kamela! Fans fire up as Britt rains down forearms! Kamela kicks free and kicks low to whip, but Britt ducks to ROLLING ELBOW! Kamela staggers, Britt ROCKS her again! Britt ROCKS Kamela more, has her against ropes and just fires off! The ref counts, Britt whips but Kamela reverses, only for Britt to SLINGBLADE! Fans fire up as Britt reels Kamela in.

Britt whips, Kamela reverses again but Britt dodges in the corner to SUPERKICK! Kamela staggers, Britt reels her in, FISHERMAN SCREW! Kamela flounders, Britt aims and CURB STOMPS! Britt calls to Freiermuth and he gives her a Steelers glove! Fans fire up as she puts it on, and wraps Kamela up, LOCKJAW!! Kamela taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission (advances to the Owen Hart Women’s Tournament)

The crowd goes wild! Britt gets the mic to tell Pittsburgh that finally, they have a woman in the ring with a mic who knows how to use it. The last few weeks have been very clear, and that is the division is a disaster without her. Let’s see what they’re left with without their DMD. T0here’s Ruby Soho, the Runaway, who literally needs to run away instead of coming out looking like a redheaded rascal. There’s Toni Storm, who sadly has Britt’s girl, Jamie Hayter, in round one. And guess what, Toni? If you thought cake to the face was bad, just wait until Hayter mops her face with the ring. Toni will wanna leave here, too.

And last but not least, if you noticed, Jade Cargill said Pittsburgh is ugly. The only people here tonight wanting to see Jade are the ones she gave free tickets to. And the latest addition to that “Baddies” club is Red Velvet, who if no one else remembers, Britt whooped Velvet last year. But the baddies can sit down, THIS is the baddest bitch on the block! And your future Owen Hart Women’s Tournament winner. Yours Truly, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.


AEW hears from Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida.

The Professor of Pro-Wrestling says this all started seven months ag in Philly. Serena said it then that Shida is not on her level, but Shida asks, “How long are we doing this? Let’s finish this!” Next week on Dynamite, they will end this, and they each vow to end the other! This will end where it started, because it will be a PHILLY STREET FIGHT!! Chairs, tables, kendo sticks, the challenge is accepted! Who survives this grudge match in the land of extreme?


Coffin Match: Darby Allin VS Andrade El Idolo!

That’s right, the Relentless One and the leader of the AFO are going around one more time, with the ONLY way to win being when you stuff your opponent into that pinewood box! Who will not so much win as survive this grim showdown in the Steel City?

Dynamite returns and Darby makes his entrance. The bell rings and the fans fire up. The BLADE appears ringside and Darby swings at him with his skateboard! Blade gets away but Andrade waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Darby lands on his feet! And JAMS Andrade with the board, then SMACKS him on the back with it! Darby eggs Blade on then JAMS Andrade again. Darby has to swipe at Blade again, but Marq Quen rushes out! The AFO is getting involved as always as Quen beats Darby down! Andrade high-fives his guys and they stalk Darby to a corner. Andrade stomps away on Darby, then soaks up the heat.

Darby bails out of the ring, but the AFO go out after him. Andrade tries to open the coffin but gets a splinter perhaps. Darby gets up to JAM Blade and JAM Quen! Then he steps on the coffin to LEAP, but Andrade catches Darby to SLAM him through railing! Darby crawls but Andrade grabs the skateboard. Andrade SMACKS Darby with it! Then Andrade lets Blade and Quen stomp away on Darby while he goes back for the coffin. A fan has a “I’m here for Darby Allin” sign, but Quen takes that and rips it up! But this fan takes off his Sting mask, and it’s ACTUAL STIIIIIIING! Sting beats up Quen and Blade!

Fans are thunderous as Sting keeps after Blade and Quen while Andrade keeps after Darby. These five are brawling through the crowd, Sting uses the trash can to hit everyone, and Darby rakes Andrade’s eyes! They move along the walkway, Sting throws Quen and Blade into railings, break ’em down, then keep going towards the crane mic. Andrade knocks Darby down, brings him over, and fans are loving this! Andrade fireman’s carries Darby but Darby fights free! Darby sends Andrade into the railing on the stairs! Blade is after Darby while Sting drags Quen up to the upper level! Sting has Quen up on the railing but Quen pokes his eyes!

Quen kicks Sting, Blade passes him a chair, and Quen SMACKS Sting! Sting doesn’t flinch!! Sting CHOPS Quen, then SHOVES Quen onto Blade and Andrade! Sting then goes up higher and fans are thunderous! Sting FLIES!! Direct hit on everyone!! Fans lose their minds while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Sting manages to get up, he and Darby regroup, and Sting howls and beats his chest! Sting goes after Blade, Darby is after Andrade. Darby uses a chair to SMACK Andrade! Sting brings Quen along now, Darby takes Andrade back towards ringside. Andrade whips Darby into and over the railing! Darby flounders and clutches his ribs while Andrade paces about. Andrade puts chairs in the ring, then hauls Darby up to SNAKE EYES off the apron! Darby flops, Andrade catches his breath, and Andrade puts Darby back in. Andrade gets the chair and wedges it in the corner. Andrade then storms over to Darby and fires up.

Andrade CLUBS Darby, but Darby just seethes. Darby throws forearms but Andrade gives them back! Darby staggers but he hits Andrade back. Andrade fumes but Darby throws more shots. Andrade winds back, but kicks low! Then he RAMS Darby into the chair! Andrade dusts off his hands while Darby is down in the corner. Andrade goes out to look under the ring, but he can’t find anything so he just takes a chair from the timekeeper’s area. Andrade holds the chair up high before he wedges it into Darby’s face! Dynamite returns to single picture as fans boo and Andrade soaks up heat. Andrade powers up and runs corner to corner, but Darby throws the chair at him!

The chair hits Andrade in the legs, and then Andrade hits buckles! Darby runs in to hop on and CODE RED! Darby kicks Andrade out of the ring, hurries up the corner and takes aim! SUPER COFFIN- NO! Andrade catches Darby for a GERMAN SUPLEX to the floor! Fans rally behind Darby but Andrade drags him up and over towards the coffin! The lid is up, Andrade SLAPS Darby into the coffin! And we see now that the lid is covered in thumbtacks! No wonder Andrade pricked a finger! But Darby has to block the lid from closing, meaning those tacks dig into his forearm! Darby then mule kicks Andrade away!

Andrade comes back to ROCK Darby, and then drag him up to suplex to the ramp! Andrade brought Darby halfway up the ramp with that, and he looks to the steel grate walkway by the stage. Andrade drags Darby up again, to suplex! Darby fights it, throws knees, then body shots. But Andrade still tries! Darby fights more, Andrade powers through to suplex and TOSS Darby onto the grate! Darby writhes, Andrade storms over and drags him back to the ramp. Andrade drags Darby down the ramp towards the coffin. Andrade hauls Darby up, RAMS him into steel steps, and then drags him up again.

Andrade scoops Darby, SNAKE EYES off the apron, and then Andrade boots the coffin? He’s breaking the lid off it! Andrade wants to use the lid as a weapon! The lid is attached pretty securely, so Andrade scoops Darby and carries him up to the apron! But Darby throws elbows! Darby turns things around, THROWBACK STUNNER HOTSHOT COMBO! Andrade falls towards the coffin, and Darby DIVES! Direct hit and they both fall into the coffin!! Fans are thunderous as Darby drags himself out. Darby puts Andrade’s legs back in, then gets the lid! Andrade sits up, but Darby SLAMS the lid into him!

Jose the assistant runs down, Andrade’s last hope! Jose steps on the lid to keep Darby from trying again, and then he BOOTS Darby! Jose rips off his shirt like he’s muy macho, and he reels Darby in. But Darby back drops Jose onto the lid! Jose gets tacks to his back, then Darby SLAMS the lid onto Andrade! Darby then jumps onto the lid to shut it completely, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin

Sting returns to regroup and celebrate with Darby, these two stand tall over the AFO once again! Even the Hardy Boyz show up to say Darby just DELETED Andrade! Darby slammed the lid on Andrade, but has he turned the page on his grudge with El Idolo?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Dynamite here, lots of great stuff leading into the Summer. For one, Tony Khan’s newest announcement was indeed huge, as they are officially working with NJPW and giving us a crossover event. I cannot wait to see what great match-ups we get in AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Of course, Cole VS Ishii for Rampage this week is a great sampler, and I would think Cole qualifies for the Owen Hart tournament. Jay White showing up to basically say Undisputed Elite and Bullet Club are on the same side was cool, but I bet something happens where they won’t be. UE VS any five guys will be a great 10 Man next week, too.

Great stuff from the Owen Hart tournament qualifiers tonight, too. I figured Kyle would win over JB because even without Cole promising Undisputed Elite winning the whole thing, Jurassic Express has the tag titles. Jurassic Express will be busy defending those at Double or Nothing so they don’t need to be in the Owen Hart Cup, as Kyle called it. Britt VS Kamela was pretty good stuff but it was definitely more for Britt’s homecoming than anything. Britt of course wins because of the hometown hero power as well as just her being more established than Kamela. Britt had a hard hitting promo that kept her Heel despite Pittsburgh loving her, and any of those names she called out will meet her (and lose to her) in the tournament.

But speaking of Velvet and Jade, I’m surprised they’re on the same page now. They basically hated each other in their feud, but I guess that’s just how it is in wrestling. When you and your rival end up the same, both Heels or both Faces, you’re allies now. The way they keep having Jade play it off like Shafir isn’t good enough, the more I think Sharfir becomes the one in 29-1. That would be pretty nuts, and then it totally frees Jade up to go after the world title. We got a great promo out of Rosa calling out basically everyone else, so Jade VS Rosa would make for a great Double or Nothing title match.

Deeb and Shida have a great vignette, their Philly Street Match is going to be wild and could go either way. I’m leaning towards Shida, though, as a momentum builder for the Owen Hart tournament. Good vignette from Samoa Joe, Lethal and Lethal’s group. I guess Joe will have to fight through Singh to get to Lethal, and that’ll actually be a really good first match for Singh. Eddie Kingston has another great promo, and his match with Garcia is going to be awesome. Kingston VS Jericho II should definitely happen for Double or Nothing, alongside a separate Santana & Ortiz VS Ever-Rise.

Punk VS Dustin was an awesome opening match, Dustin does still have it, but naturally Punk wins. Hangman staring Punk down basically solidifies that their title match is for Double or Nothing, and it is going to be a killer match. The Six Man Tag was also great stuff, and of course BCC wins. I was a little surprised it was Lee Moriarty and not Lee Johnson, but it makes sense with Moriarty as one of the names Bryan dropped when this story started. Moriarty should still definitely join up. That way, Bryan & Mox can Two Man Power Trip in AEW, Moriarty & Yuta can do the same in ROH for a huge Four Man Power Trip.

An interesting promo from the House of Black. I guess they’re after Fuego still, but does Fuego turn or join Death Triangle? Everything with Wardlow and the Pinnacle was great. MJF having Sterling as a messenger for the crappy deal Wardlow got tonight was great, as was Wardlow and Butcher having a great hoss fight. Wardlow of course wins, and MJF of course escalates. Archer and Jake had a good promo, Wardlow VS Archer is gonna be wild, and somehow, someway, Wardlow wins. I thought Hook was gonna face Nese tonight, but him tapping out Anthony Henry was still good. Danhausen finally having a match in AEW is going to be awesome, I can’t wait to see it.

In perhaps surprise of the year, we got a double turn between SamTay and American Top Team. I guess that’s just how bad things have got for Sammy where he’s the lesser of two jackasses when compared to Dan Lambert. But one way or another, we got the Mixed Tag Match coming, and Sammy is going to use that ladder match to keep the title from Scorpio. Kaz will step up after, Sammy probably gets another win, and who knows where it goes from there. And of course, an awesome main event in that Coffin Match. Sting and the AFO getting involved should’ve been obvious, but I did love Sting did the “wearing Sting mask” joke again.

If there was even another minute left at the end of the show, I am confident Darby was going to SUPER Coffin Drop to shut the lid on Andrade. The Hardys also got to show up at the very end so they get paid this week. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean things are over between AFO and Darby-Sting-Hardys. But at the same time, how much more do they escalate things? Maybe the final blow-off is Hardys VS Private Party since Quen & Kassidy betrayed Matt and now Matt & Jeff are gonna teach them a lesson. That would actually be great stuff, especially if it’s No Disqualifications.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/29/22)




AEW Blood & Guts 2022

Time to settle things the most violent way possible!

AEW brings back Blood & Guts, and only one team can survive! Will the Jericho Appreciation Society learn they’re not as tough as Blackpool Combat Club?


  • Ethan Page w/ Dan Lambert VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends; Cassidy wins.
  • Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage VS Serpentico; Luchasaurus wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Max Caster & Gunn Club VS Danhausen & ???; Danhausen & FTR win.
  • AEW TBS Championship Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ The Baddies VS Leila Grey; Jade wins and retains the title.
  • Blood & Guts: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz & Blackpool Combat Club; Kingston, Santana, Ortiz & The BCC win.


Ethan Page w/ Dan Lambert VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends!

All Ego isn’t in any good mood after losing to Miro on the road to the All-Atlantic Championship. Will he take out his anger on Freshly Squeezed and his new theme song? Or will Cassidy, Trent, Chuck and Motor City all rock out tonight?

Lambert has the mic to say, “It’s not the size of the man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the man! Says the 145 pound dork of a man with his hands in his pockets. I’m surprised you’re strong enough to pull those skinny jeans up. What’re you gonna do with a real-life heavyweight body slamming you all over that ring?” Lambert tells the ref to listen up. The Michigan Athletic Commission has rules and regulations, and since this isn’t an election, we’re gonna follow them! So unless those two idiots, Trent & Chuck, can show you a valid manager’s license, how about the ref does his job and tell them go be Best Friends backstage?

Fans tell Lambert to STFU but Lambert says he’s still right! The Best Friends aren’t officially managers, so they have to leave. At least their tie-dye suits look awesome. Lambert sings “Hey hey hey, good-bye~” while fans call BS but the bell rings all the same. Ethan mocks Cassidy putting hands in pockets, and says Cassidy should just go ahead and get that out of the way. Fans are thunderous for “Freshly Squeezed!” and Cassidy puts his hands up, to put them in the pockets. Ethan rushes in but Cassidy ducks, only for Ethan to throw him down by his hair! Ethan steps on Cassidy and flexes, but Cassidy kips up!

Cassidy dodges Ethan again, rolls and SHOTGUNS Ethan to a corner! Cassidy kips up again and now he flexes! Fans fire up and Cassidy says he’s gonna raise the roof. Cassidy goes to scoop Ethan but Ethan is pretty hefty. Ethan scoops Cassidy easily but Cassidy easily slips off  to waistlock. Cassidy shoves Ethan to ropes, things speed up and Cassidy hurdles, but Ethan blocks hip toss to hip toss, only for Cassidy to arm-drag! Ethan bails out, Cassidy builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Cassidy puts Ethan in fast! Cassidy goes up, CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE!! Cassidy flexes again and then says he’s gonna raise the roof!

Cassidy goes to scoop but Ethan throws down elbows! Fans boo as Ethan scoops Cassidy again. Cassidy slips off again, shoves Ethan into a corner, then runs, tilt-o-whirl- NO DDT as Ethan shoves Cassidy away then CLOBBERS him with the shoulder tackle! Fans boo but Lambert cheers as Ethan looms over Cassidy. Ethan drags Cassidy up, fans rally for “Freshly Squeezed!” but Ethan puts Cassidy’s hands in his own pockets. Ethan then throws a hard body shot, then taunts the fans. Ethan deadlift suplexes Cassidy, carries him around and then SLAMS him down! Ethan flexes again and grins while fans boo.

Ethan looms over Cassidy again, drags him back up, but Cassidy shoots around to roll him up! TWO, and Ethan BOOTS Cassidy out of the ring! Ethan wants after Cassidy but the ref keeps him back. All to plan as Lambert cracks open a bottle of OJ. Lambert gives Cassidy some sloth kicks of his own, and flexes. Lambert is having a laugh while Ethan lounges and AEW goes picture in picture.

Cassidy gets up, gets in the ring, but Ethan is right on him. Ethan ROCKS Cassidy with a forearm and has him in a corner. Ethan taunts the fans, throws down hands and stomps on Cassidy, but lets off as the ref counts. The ref also warns Lambert to stay back but Ethan drags Cassidy up. Ethan ROCKS Cassidy with another right and Cassidy falls over! Ethan trots around like he won already but it wasn’t a knockout blow. Cassidy slowly sits up at the ropes but Ethan drags Cassidy up. Ethan ROCKS Cassidy, ROCKS him again, and again! Ethan whips Cassidy to ropes to CLOBBER him! Ethan gloats while Cassidy stirs.

Ethan stomps Cassidy on his back, drags him up and bumps him off his boot. Ethan RAMS into Cassidy at the corner, and again, and again. The ref counts, Ethan lets off to reel Cassidy in for a PENDULUM BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ethan is annoyed but he drags Cassidy up again. Ethan ROCKS Cassidy with a haymaker, then has him in the corner again. Dynamite returns to single picture as Ethan whips corner to corner. Cassidy tumbles up and out then slingshot somersaults around Ethan to run and sunset flip! Ethan stays up, drags Cassidy up, and ROUNDHOUSES him into a suplex and SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up as Cassidy is still in this! Ethan drags Cassidy back up, Canadian Rack to a crucifix, but Cassidy reaches for his pockets! Ethan stops Cassidy from reaching all the way, but Cassidy keeps trying! Ethan stops Cassidy again, but third time is the charm! The hands are in pockets and Cassidy lands on his feet! But Ethan ROCKS him with a forearm! Ethan brings Cassidy back in, another crucifix lift, but Cassidy RANAS free! Ethan hits buckles, Cassidy shoves him back into the buckles and then table tops him! Fans fire up and Cassidy feeds off the energy! Cassidy climbs up but Lambert grabs at him! Cassidy kicks Lambert away but Ethan ROCKS Cassidy!

Ethan drags Cassidy off the top in a trophy lift! Fans boo but Ethan hits the POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy survives and fans fire up while Ethan is furious! Lambert tells him to finish off this grown up 12-year-old! Ethan rains down fists, fans rally for Cassidy, and Ethan drags Cassidy up. Ethan tells the kids to shut up about Cassidy, then he flips them off! Ethan says this is for the kids, then suplexes Cassidy, but he gets STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Fans fire up and so does Cassidy! Cassidy wants to raise the roof, and he goes to scoop, but Ethan switches and shoves, TILT-O-WHIRL DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Ethan survives but Cassidy throws off his elbow pad! Fans fire up and Cassidy aims, but Lambert creeps onto the apron! Fans boo, the ref warns Lambert, but Cassidy “pushes” Lambert! And “pushes,” and “pushes,” and “pushes!” Fans fire up for the “palm strikes”, Cassidy winds up, and Lambert actually puts up his guard! Cassidy just takes the orange juice from him and takes a swig. Cassidy gives it back, gives a thumbs up, but then dodges Ethan’s sucker punch! Ethan almost hits Lambert, but then he turns around into an ORANGE PUNCH! ORANGE MIST for Lambert! ORANGE PUNCH again! And then, a SLAM!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Now that was fresh! Cassidy gave Ethan and Lambert some Vitamin C, and the Best Friends return to celebrate, with a group hug! GOT to give the people what they want! Will Cassidy rebound from Forbidden Door and head for some gold?


Tony Schiavone is on stage.

“Nothing like being in Detroit, and nothing like Blood & Guts live on Dynamite! And here on TBS, he has a match scheduled coming up, but first, he has something he wants to say. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Christian Cage!” Fans boo Captain Charisma as he makes his entrance after what he did to Jungle Boy at the end of Road Rager. But for having a match in literal minutes, Christian doesn’t look dressed to compete at all! Schiavone isn’t sure what more Christian can say than what he said last week, fans fans boo harder.

Christian says that he was asked by upper management, if fans will give him a second to speak, that he is to come out here and apologize for the things he said about Jungle Boy and his family, namely when he brought up his late father. Christian has never apologized for anything he has said or done his entire career, but that being said, “Jungle Boy I’m sorry your entire family isn’t dead, and they had to witness me end you in that ring two weeks ago on Dynamite! Actually, let me clarify. Everyone in your family, except for your mom, Jungle Boy. Call me.” Fans call Christian an A-Hole and he has the nerve to be sarcastic back to them, “Classy as always, Detroit.”

Christian takes the mic now and says this scumbag city’s only good point is that it’s close to Canada. “Now, you Motor City sweat hogs might be wondering why I’m standing out here in street clothes when I requested a match this week. Well it’s simple. I requested a match but I never said it was for me.” And out comes… LUCHASAURUS?! Christian has turned Luchasaurus into his own personal muscle! Will the wrestling dinosaur destroy all who oppose Captain Charisma?

Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage VS Serpentico!

The bell rings and SNAKEMAN wants mercy! Luchasaurus isn’t going anywhere, so Serpentico shrugs and runs in, into a HEADBUTT! Luchasaurus drags Serpentico into a wheelbarrow GERMAN SUPLEX! Serpentico flounders and Christian grins. Serpentico staggers up, Luchasaurus scoops him into the JURASSIC FACEBUSTER! Luchasaurus then ties up the legs and puts on his own version of the SNARE TRAP!! Luchasaurus steals Jungle Boy’s signature hold, adding on a nerve hold shoulder claw! Serpentico taps, Luchasaurus wins!

Winner: Luchasaurus, by submission

Christian celebrates with his monster. But then, he says it’s not enough. Luchasaurus drags Serpentico out of the ring! Luchasaurus waits for Serpentico to stand, and he clamps on the choke grip! CHOKE SLAM to the floor! Will Captain Charisma unleash this real-life kaiju on all of AEW?


Backstage interview with Wardlow and Scorpio Sky.

There is a No Physicality Agreement right now as the Maestro of Mayhem is finally face-to-face with the AEW TNT Champion. Scorpio says he understands Wardlow is “feeling himself” right now, after beating up a bunch of security guards. But Scorpio ain’t no security guard, he is the TNT Champion! Last time Wardlow came after him, Scorpio laid him out, pinned him in the ring, no questions asked. Schiavone says that actually, there was some assistance. Wardlow says yes, but it doesn’t matter. No more talk, Wardlow is getting sick of it. “Bring every member of American Top Team, I’ll treat every one of them like they are security guards.”

And when Wardlow is done with them, he’ll beat Scorpio’s ass and take that title home with him, where it belongs. Oh, talking real big with the No Physicality Agreement, huh? Well let’s do it like this! Next week, Scorpio VS Wardlow, TNT Championship. And if Wardlow’s so tough, it’ll be a Street Fight! Wardlow’s all for that! But will it be Wardlow or Scorpio who comes to regret taking the gloves off?


Six Man Tag: Max Caster & Gunn Club VS Danhausen & ???

The Acclaimed and Ass Boys are in Michigan, but it’s rare they make their entrance first. Even so, Caster is ready with a diss track! “Acclaimed and the Gunns, we don’t rap with no undertones. We about to beat the sh*t out of a Juggalo! Danhausen is a lightweight, how you gonna cheer a White guy in whiteface? Embarrass my brothers again, we gon make you drink all the tap water in Flint! We’ll send ya ass to the trash, boys! This is what you get for callin’ them the Ass Boys!” Wait, he always does so… Fans chant it already, and Caster gets the mic to Bowens since Austin & Colten aren’t in the mood.

“DETROOOOOIT! The Acclaimed have arrived!! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” The message has been sent, but who has the Very Nice, Very Evil overlord found as his partners? Danhausen has a mic of his own to say, “Alright, well, Danhausen heard the Ass Boys. They had some sort of challenge for Danhausen to find partners or something. And I dunno, I thought I found some people who are pretty good at wrestling. IT’S FTR!! The THREE BELT TOP GUYS, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood, loaded up with the AAA, ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships, are here to bring the fight! Will #FTHausen make Caster eat those words he just rapped?

The teams sort out, Austin starts against Cash and fans are fired up. Cash and Austin circle, tie up, and go around. Austin arm-drags Cash away then flexes on the corner. Fans boo but Cash cools off. Cash and Austin tie up again, Cash headlocks but Austin pulls hair and wrenches free to headlock back. Cash powers out, but Austin runs him over! Austin speeds things up, hurdles, then trips Cash! Fans  taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~” and it annoys Austin. Austin rushes Cash but Cash sends him into a corner, then back drops him on the rebound. Austin gets up, swings wild, but ends up in a BIG atomic drop!

Cash SPANKS Austin, then arm-drags him down! Austin gets up but Cash tags Dax. FTR mug Austin and then Dax bumps Austin off buckles. Dax CHOPS, CHOPS and snap suplexes! Dax drops a leg, covers, ONE! Dax drags Austin up to tag Cash back in, and then Cash tags Danhausen. Fans fire up as FTR double whip and double drop toehold Austin, for Danhausen to run and drop an elbow! Danhausen covers, ONE! Danhausen drags Austin up, but Austin CHOPS! Austin bumps Danhausen off buckles, tags Colten, and Gunn Club mugs Danhausen. Colten bumps Danhausen off buckles then stomps a mudhole.

Fans rally for Danhausen but Colten whips him corner to corner. Colten runs in but into a BOOT! Danhausen goes up for a FLYING RANA! Danhausen gives Austin a hip toss! Caster gets in but Danhausen hip tosses him! Colten CLOBBERS Danhausen! Fans boo but Colten sits Danhausen up to rain down fists. Colten keeps on Danhausen while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Colten taunts the fans, drags Danhausen over and tags in Caster. They double whip Danhausen hard into the corner and he falls back. Caster looms over Danhausen, stomps him down, then clamps on a cobra clutch onto Danhausen. Danhausen endures, flails and fights up, and he throws body shots! Danhausen is free, but he runs into a BIG elbow from Caster! Caster drops a knee, covers, TWO! Danhausen is still in this but Caster drags him to the corner. Tag to Austin and they stomp Danhausen. Austin tells FTR to “SUCK IT!” while Caster stomps Danhausen. The ref has to keep Dax back as Austin eggs him on, and that allows even Colten to stomp Danhausen.

Austin drags Danhausen up, tags to Colten, and Colten bumps Danhausen off buckles. Colten whips Danhausen corner to corner hard and Danhausen bounces off buckles. Colten drags Danhausen up, puts him back in the Acclaimed Gunn corner, and tags Caster. Caster climbs up, and he drops ax handles on Danhausen. Caster clamps on with a chinlock and grinds Danhausen down. Danhausen endures, fights up, and hits a JAWBREAKER! Dynamite returns to single picture as both men get up. Fans rally but Caster clinches and puts Danhausen back in the corner. Danhausen DECKS Austin but Caster throws body shots on Danhausen.

Danhausen throws body shots back but Caster shoves Danhausen back. Caster rushes in but Danhausen spins him around to a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Both men are down, fans fire up as they crawl, hot tag to Colten and he grabs Danhausen. Colten feeds Danhausen to Caster’s BIG haymaker! Colten then DROPKICKS Danhausen, Austin tags in to cover, but FTR breaks it! Austin protests but fans rally for Danhausen. Austin drags Danhausen up, taunts FTR, and he suplexes. Danhausen slips out, dodges Austin, hot tag to Dax! Dax JABS away then DECKS Austin! Caster rushes in but Dax DECKS him! Colten rushes in but Dax dodges, and Cash DECKS him!

Cash DECKS Colten again, Austin gets up, but FTR get one Ass Boy each, DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEXES! They both hold on, FTR DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX again! And again! Fans fire up as Motor City becomes Suplex City! Cash tells Billy to SUCK IT before he CLOBBERS Colten! Colten bails out, Cash PLANCHAS him down! Dax still has Austin, GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! Five just for Austin, but here comes a sixth! Dax fires up and so do the fans, Dax whips but Austin reverses, only for Dax to reverse back. Austin dodges to run but into a hip toss! Austin handsprings through and hip tosses, only for Dax to resist, QUICK DRAW!

Both men are down from the partially disrupted move, and fans rally up. Danhausen rises! Dax tags him in! Danhausen aims at Austin, for a BOOT! And then a CURSE~! “Good night, Austin!” Fireman’s carry, but Billy gets in! The ref stops him, but Bowens gets in! He can walk on that leg?! Danhausen drops Austin, but he powers up another curse! Bowens swings his crutch, Danhausen dodges, and Austin gets CLOBBERED! Bowens freaks out, Dax drags him out and Danhausen covers Austin! #FTHAUSEN WINS!!

Winners: Danhausen & FTR, by pinfall

FTR destroy the wheelchair since Bowens doesn’t need it anymore! Will FTR continue to establish themselves as the top tag team in the world today? The Acclaimed Gunn Club try to figure out what went wrong, but maybe they were just CURSED! Bowens helps Austin up but Austin shoves him away! Austin’s obviously upset over the crutch shot but Billy tries to keep the peace. Austin gets heated and Billy shoves him down?! Billy is upset with his son over what happened, but what does this mean for the faction?


Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh speak.

Sonjay starts by saying, “Last week, I was happy, Samoa Joe. This week, I’m mad! Because you’re still not at work! And we need to make things official. July 23rd, ROH returns to PPV, Death Before Dishonor! And what we need from you won’t cut it with this pencil. We need you to take this pen, black ink, sign your name on the dotted line, let’s make this official!” Lethal asks, “How long is it going to take? How long’s it gonna take for you to defend that ROH Television Championship against me? Accept the challenge! The ROH Television Championship, let’s put it on the line! The current ROH Television Champion VS the longest reigning ROH Television Champion! Let’s make it official, Joe!” Singh leans in to tell Joe, “Jay is gonna kill you, man.”


AEW TBS Championship Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ The Baddies VS Leila Grey!

The UNDEFEATED 33-0 TBS Champion is ready to get yet another win under her belt. Will Leila come to regret accepting this Open Challenge? Or will she shock the world when she dethrones #ThatBitch?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Grey can get some gold!

Grey and Jade tie up, Jade has a cording hold then CLUBS Grey in the chest. And CLUBS her again! And again, then throws knee after knee! Jade scoops, fireman’s carries, then TOSSES Grey to BOOT her down! Grey flounders, the Baddies of Detroit cheer as Jade dribbles, but runs into BOOTS! Grey leaps, but into Jade’s arms! Jade hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Jade kips up and fans fire up as she watches Grey crawl. Jade kicks Grey, drags her up, and says she is THAT B- Grey rolls her up! TWO!! Grey fires off forearms, backs Jade down, and fires up! Grey runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Grey hits a BULL- NO, Jade tosses her! Then BOOTS her again!

Jade says Grey is stupid for trying, and then chicken wings the arms. JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

And now it’s 34-0! Stokely Hathaway gets the mic to say, “So-” But then Jade snatches the mic to say she is tired of all the fans and the women in the back bitchin’ and moanin’! “Now next time, Stokely, get me some real competition.” She shoves the mic back at him, and he says, “Wooooow~! She’s fired up, and I know why. Last night at 11:49 PM, this queen gave an opportunity to every single woman in this locker room. And y’know what happened? You wanna know what happened? Someone who doesn’t even work here, homegirl hasn’t even filled out a W2, even she had the wherewithal to seize the moment.

“Kris Statlander, Athena, you’re not overlooked. You’re just lazy!” But wait! Here comes the Fallen Goddess and Greatest Alien! They rush the ring, Kris CLOBBERS Kiera Hogan while Athena dodges the boot! Athena SHOTGUNS Jade down! Kris storms up to get Jade up and fans fire up as Athena climbs! But Leila Grey SHOVES Athena down!! Leila stomps Kris and Kiera SUPERKICKS Athena! Jade moves Leila aside to stomp Kris! Stokely gets in the ring with them, did Grey just become the newest Baddie on the block? Jade tells her thanks but hell no, and leads her team away. Will Grey use this as motivation to come at #ThatBitch again?


The Young Bucks speak.

Matt Jackson says, “And then there were only two.” Nick Jackson says, “You would think we would be happy, right?” Matt wonders where everyone went. Nick says they reached the Promise Land, AKA win the AEW World Tag Team Championships, not once but twice, Matt adding that they’re the first to ever do it. And yet, they’re still unhappy. All their friends are gone. Bobby Fish isn’t cleared, Kyle O’Reilly isn’t cleared, and now even Adam Cole isn’t cleared. Hell, the cameraman isn’t even Brandon Cutler! This is some intern. Good job, by the way, Fred, just keep it steady.

But the Bucks look around the locker room, and they can’t even find anyone who can relate to them. They literally have no friends left. Except… The titles! They’re the champions for good reason. The first TWO-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions, and Matt hears that the Forbidden Door might be creaked open just a little bit. He heard Yoshi-Hashi & Hirooki Goto want a shot at the best tag team in the world. “Well, boys, you can get a shot at us this Friday on Rampage. However, you’re not gonna just get a shot at the titles. No no no. You’re gonna have to beat us one time first to prove who the heck you are.”

The Bucks now who #BISHAMON is in Japan, but we need to show the American/AEW audience that they’re the superstars they claim to be. And if Goto-Hashi loses, they can go to HELL. Nice play on words. But Matt never thought he’d miss Brandon. Cut it, Fred, ya idiot! Will the Young Bucks throw a Superkick Party and kick the former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions back to Japan?


But wait! There’s so much more to Rampage this week!

On top of the AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator, we will see Nyla Rose VS Toni Storm 1v1 for the first time anywhere. And speaking of first times, it will be the first ever ROYAL RAMPAGE MATCH! Frankie Kazarian, John Silver, Orange Cassidy, Rush, Hangman Page, Konosuke Takeshita, Penta Oscuro, Will Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Darby Allin, The Butcher and The Blade, Dustin Rhodes, Max Caster, Tony Nese, Matt Hardy, Dante Martin and Brody King will compete for the first shot at Jon Moxley and his Interim AEW World Championship! Who wins that 5% chance of becoming a contender?


Jim Ross joins commentary!

Good ol’ JR is here for the main event, and as he knows not everyone is going to be okay after this main event is said and done!

Blood & Guts: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz & Blackpool Combat Club!

This has been building for months, and now it will all be settled in one bloody spectacle! And after winning the man-up advantage at Forbidden Door, will Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker win again and make the entire “AEW Galaxy” APPRECIATE them? Or will the Mad King, the Proud ‘n’ Powerful, the Decoder, the Maniac, and the newest member in the Swiss Cyborg, Claudio Castagnoli, show to everyone why they’re proud to be professional wrestlers, not sports entertainers?

The JAS also make their entrance first. They’re wearing matching red outfits of mesh shirts, suspender strapped tights and red fedoras. Will red be the perfect color to hide all the blood they’re about to lose? We’ll see, after the break.

Dynamite returns as Eddie makes his entrance with Santana & Ortiz. They’ve got the war paint on, and are even bringing weapons to the ring, such as Santana’s barbed wire baseball bat. Then William Regal accompanies Wheeler Yuta and Claudio. Regal joins JR, Taz and Excalibur on commentary, and all that’s left is Jon Moxley’s entrance! The Interim AEW World Champion, head bandaged up from what Hiroshi Tanahashi did to his forehead, makes his way through the crowd as always, and he joins his team. Sammy is already in the ring for the JAS, daring someone to get in with him. The extended BCC sorts out, and CLAUDIO steps up!

Detroit is thunderous already as the doors are closed. Sammy and Claudio stare down from across the double ring, and then rush in! Sammy jumps up but Claudio back drops him! Claudio gets Sammy up, OVERHEAD suplexes him, but Sammy lands on his feet! Sammy rushes back in, Claudio picks him up and RAMS him into a corner! Claudio whips Sammy corner to corner hard, then runs in to EuroUpper! Then he goes back the other way for another EuroUpper! And then again for another EuroUpper! Fans fire up and Claudio drags Sammy up. Sammy shoves Claudio away and undoes the suspender straps.

Sammy puts Claudio in the corner to CHOP him! But Claudio doesn’t flinch. Sammy throws a forearm, Claudio EuroUppers Sammy off his feet! Claudio rips off Sammy’s mesh shirt to CHOP him! Claudio whips Sammy into the gap between rings and Sammy tumbles with the ropes so close together. Claudio stalks Sammy to the JAS ring and Sammy tries to climb! Claudio grabs at Sammy as he clings to the rafters! Claudio chases Sammy, drags him down, but Sammy throws elbows. Claudio drops to bring Sammy down, and Sammy gets crotched on the top rope! Claudio shrugs while Tay Conti complains.

Claudio drags Sammy up, whips him to a corner, but Sammy stops himself. Sammy elbows Claudio back, goes up to springboards away to the BCC side ring! Fans boo while Sammy bows and then flips Claudio off. Claudio storms into the gap but Sammy attacks him! They brawl, Sammy puts Claudio into the corner and fires hands, but fans cuss Sammy out! Claudio shoves and EuroUuppers Sammy! Claudio TOSSES Sammy back into the JAS ring, whips Sammy and pops him up, but Sammy hits a CUTTER! Tay cheers but fans boo as Sammy stands up. Sammy kisses Tay through the cage, and then goes back to the ring, only to turn around into a trip!

Fans fire up, Claudio takes Sammy for a SWING! The countdown is done, Daniel Garcia gets in for the man-up advantage! Garcia watches out for the swinging Sammy, and he CLOBBERS Claudio from behind! Garcia fires off on Claudio, he stomps away and fans boo, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Garcia storms back up on Claudio but into EuroUppers! Garcia and Sammy mug Claudio, then Garcia facelocks Claudio while Sammy climbs. The young pillars of the JAS argue about who needs to do what, but Claudio throws body shots and EuroUppers on Garcia! Sammy hurries in but he also gets body shots! Garcia and Sammy are in opposite corners, so Claudio starts up a EuroUpper train! Garcia, then Sammy, then back to Garcia, but Garcia dropkicks the legs out! Sammy then KNEES Claudio down! Garcia and Sammy hug it out and stomp away on Claudio. They double suplex Claudio up and over, then stomp him more.

Sammy CLUBS Claudio to ropes, Garcia helps Sammy double whip to ropes. They double elbow Claudio down, Garcia hits a NECK SNAPPER! Sammy and Garcia get Claudio in a corner and bring him out again, but Claudio blocks the double suplex this time! Claudio DOUBLE SUPLEXES Sammy and Garcia! All three men are down, Garcia crawls away to the BCC ring. Claudio stalks after him, but Sammy hurries to CLOBBER Claudio! Garcia BOOTS Claudio at the ropes, then CHOKES him! And he doesn’t have to stop this time! Garcia talks trash on the BCC while Sammy chokes Claudio now, using the suspender straps he took off earlier!

Garcia takes off his do-rag and CHOKES Claudio with it! They both grind Claudio down at the ropes, taunting BCC the whole time. Dynamite returns to single picture as Sammy puts Claudio in a corner. Sammy and Garcia mug Claudio, but the countdown is almost up! Claudio fights back, and as soon as the door opens, Yuta is inside! Yuta wants after Garcia for the attack on AEW Dark last night but he ROCKS Sammy first! FLYING LARIAT for Sammy! GERMAN SUPLEX for Garcia! Yuta holds on, another GERMAN SUPLEX! Garcia swings wild but can’t get free, another GERMAN SUPLEX!

Yuta isn’t done, he hits a fourth GERMAN SUPLEX! Sammy waistlocks Yuta but Yuta shoves Garcia away to switch with Sammy. A GERMAN SUPLEX for the Spanish God! And then another! Tay gets worried as Yuta sets Sammy up, Claudio runs in, EUROUPPER GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO! Sammy is finally let go and fans fire up with Yuta’s half a dozen German Suplexes! Yuta and Claudio high-five and Claudio drags Garcia from the ropes. Claudio has the do-rag, Yuta has the suspenders, and they use those to CHOKE Garcia and Sammy! Claudio TOSSES Garcia across the ring like that! Yuta lets Sammy go to stomp him down!

Claudio hauls Garcia up to TOSS him into the steel! Yuta TOSSES Sammy into steel! But the countdown is done, and the JAS sends in Rock Hard Jake Hager! Hager rushes in and Yuta leaps at him, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Claudio chases Garcia into the JAS ring, Garcia runs but into a trophy lift! Claudio TOSSES Garcia to the BCC ring while Hager TOSSES Yuta to the JAS ring! Yuta gets hung up a bit on the ropes in the gap, but now Hager and Claudio stare down! Fans fire up, knowing these two have history. Claudio joins Hager in the same ring, and the haymakers start flying! Fans chant “WE THE PEOPLE!” as Hager whips but Claudio dodges!

Claudio springboards, FLYING EUROUPPER! Fans fire up as Claudio stomps and uppercuts Hager in the corner. But Garcia helps Hager while Sammy intercepts Yuta. Hager and Garcia mug Claudio, Yuta scraps with Sammy, but then Hager ROCKS Yuta. Hager has Yuta against the steel then RAMS into him! Hager runs again but Yuta dodges to KICK Hager! Claudio fights off Garcia but Sammy hits him back. Claudio EuroUppers Sammy while Yuta missile dropkicks Hager! Claudio bumps Sammy off buckles, Yuta fires off on Hager. Hager clinches Yuta but Claudio goes after Hager with body shots. Hager picks Claudio up for a SPINEBUSTER!

Sammy and Garcia stomp Yuta while Hager hammers Claudio. But the countdown is ending and the JAS get ready. Fans want to see him, so MOXLEY gets in! And he brings a chair! Moxley CHUCKS the chair at Hager’s head, and it bounces right off to hit the steel! Moxley then fires off on Garcia, kicks Sammy, and he stacks the young pillars in a corner to CLOTHESLINE SANDWICH them! And again! And again! Moxley brings Sammy around for an X-PLEX! Garcia tries to get away but Moxley traps him in the ropes and bends him backwards! With some fishhooks and crossface forearms for good measure!

Fans sing, “F ’em up, Moxley, F ’em up!” Moxley joins Garcia in the gap to rain down hammer fists! Claudio picks up the chair Moxley brought in and sets it down. Claudio gives Hager a BULLDOG onto the chair! Regal is loving this now as Moxley grinds Garcia’s face off steel like a cheese grater! Claudio sits the chair up and Yuta helps him bring Sammy over. They double whip Sammy and Yuta drop toeholds Sammy to SMACK off the seat! Eddie gives Moxley a fork to JAB into Garcia’s forehead!! Yuta stomps away on Hager, Claudio tosses Sammy to the JAS ring, and Hager uses the chair on Hager’s ribs.

Claudio taunts Tay with putting Sammy on the ropes and she shouts, “I HATE YOU!” He doesn’t care, Cesaro STRADDLE CHOKES Sammy on the ropes! Yuta and Moxley join Claudio, and Garcia is bleeding from the forehead. Moxley picks Garcia up for Yuta to run, they hit a HART ATTACK on Red Death! Claudio high-fives his team for that one, and then fetches Sammy. Tay is shrieking as Claudio trophy lifts Sammy, to toss him to Moxley’s CUTTER! Then Claudio drags Sammy around while Yuta climbs up top, and Claudio sets Sammy up for Yuta’s DIVING HEADBUTT! A nice shoutout to Bryan Danielson there.

Yuta keeps on Sammy while Claudio and Moxley go back to Hager. Moxley tells Claudio to fetch Garcia, and Yuta’s already working on the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS as fans chant for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Claudio and Moxley join in with their own HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans love the triple hammering, but the countdown is finishing again. JAS sends in “Cool Hand Ange” Parker, but he realizes he’s actually outnumbered right now. He stays on the outside of the ring but ends up cornered that way. Fans tell him “YOU F’D UP!” but he dodges Yuta to regroup with Garcia. That’s not enough, he grabs the chair, but then loses it as he has to scurry away!

Parker goes around a corner but Claudio catches him! Claudio gut wrench suplexes Parker into the ring! Yuta scoops Parker to MICHINOKU DRIVER, and then Moxley gives Parker a EuroUpper! Claudio EuroUppers Parker off his feet! Yuta EuroUppers, and Parker is punch drunk. Moxley EuroUppers Parker and he falls over again. The BCC shrug and Moxley gets a couple push-ups in just so he stays warm. Claudio goes back to fetch Hager and throw EuroUppers. Hager clinches and throws knees in return while Moxley throws the chair into the JAS ring. Yuta keeps on Garcia, but Parker JAMS Moxley with the chair!

Hager TOSSES Claudio into steel, Parker SMACKS Moxley on the back! Garcia, crimson mask at 100%, turns things around on Yuta while Parker RAMS into Moxley at the corner! Hager stands on Claudio, Parker helps Sammy up, and Hager has a chair of his own to SMACK Claudio’s leg! Yuta turns things back on Garcia while Hager smothers Claudio’s face with a chair. Garcia reverses Yuta’s whip to SHOTGUN Yuta into the corner! Moxley DECKS Parker, DECKS Sammy, and brings Sammy back to center. Hager SMACKS Claudio on the back with the chair! And then Hager digs the chair into Claudio’s neck!

The countdown is over, and Parker hurries to block the BCC door! Ortiz powers through and CLOBBERS Parker! Ortiz then CLOBBERS Sammy, CLOBBERS him again, CLOBBERS Hager, CLOBBERS Sammy again, then CLOBBERS Parker! Ortiz CLOBBERS Sammy a third time, then CLOBBERS Parker a third time! Ortiz whips but Sammy reverses, Ortiz comes back but Sammy dodges, so Ortiz CLOBBERS Parker a fourth time! Sammy dodges Ortiz again, but Ortiz comes right back to LARIAT! Fans fire up as Ortiz is a one man wrecking crew, and Dynamite goes picture in picture again.

Ortiz brings Sammy up to drag him up to a POWERBOMB! Yuta helps Moxley in the JAS ring but Parker then TOSSES Ortiz to that side! Hager hauls Claudio up but Claudio throws body shots. Ortiz hits Parker back, Claudio EuroUppers Hager in a corner! Yuta stands on Garcia’s neck, Moxley and Ortiz mug Parker, and Claudio RAMS Sammy into Hager! Ortiz RAMS Parker into steel! Yuta RAMS Garcia into steel! Moxley brings out a black bag! That is always a dangerous sign, and Moxley pours out broken glass! Hager suplexes Claudio while Moxley brings Parker over. PILEDRIVER onto the glass!!

Ortiz SMACKS Garcia with a chair! Ortiz SMACKS Parker with the chair! Parker is bleeding now, but of course he would from that glass to his forehead. Yuta holds Garcia down while Moxley goes after Hager and rakes the eyes! Claudio keeps Sammy down while Moxley ROCKS Hager with a haymaker. Moxley has Hager in a corner, climbs up and digs a piece of glass into Hager’s forehead! The Maniac is truly going nuts in Blood & Guts! Yuta kicks Parker around, Claudio climbs up to rain down fists on Hager from all sides! Claudio EuroUppers Hager, but Garcia kicks Claudio. Garcia and Hager CROTCH Claudio together!

Hager and Garcia shake the rope to really jam up Claudio’s junk but Moxley goes after them. Sammy goes after Moxley and now Moxley gets mugged. Sammy and Garcia double whip Moxley HARD into the steel! Hager ROCKS Claudio while he’s still on the ropes, and Dynamite returns to single picture again. The countdown is finishing as Parker crotches Yuta on ropes, and Sammy does the same to Ortiz. Now “Daddy Magic” gets in with a chair of his own. Menard SMACKS Yuta off the ropes! And he SMACKS Ortiz! And then SMACKS Claudio, and he CLOBBERS Moxley! Menard, Garcia, Sammy and Hager all stomp the Interim AEW World Champion!

Garcia SMACKS Claudio down with the chair, Parker and Menard go to the JAS ring to keep eyes on Yuta and Ortiz. Hager digs his knees into Moxley, Garcia joins Menard and Parker while they hit Ortiz with a DOUBLE DDT! Sammy brings Moxley up to snap suplex Moxley onto a chair! Moxley’s forehead is bleeding again, just like on Sunday. Hager POSTS Claudio, fans chant “We Want Tables!” while Menard CHOKES Moxley! Menard rains down fists, trying to make Moxley’s forehead even bloodier. Menard shoves Moxley through ropes to RAM him into steel! And dig him in, too! And ROCK him!

Claudio fires off EuroUppers on Hager in the gap! Yuta sees Garcia up top and SMACKS him with the chair! Claudio runs side to side but Hager manages to move and Claudio runs right into the wall! Menard throws back elbows on Moxley but Yuta’s CLAWING Sammy’s eyes! Menard spots Ortiz trying to crawl through the gap and intercepts him. Parker CLAWS Yuta’s eyes now! But the countdown is finishing again! And Eddie helps Santana get one of those tables! They put it in, and Ortiz helps bring it in. Santana gets the BAT! Santana dodges Menard, CLOBBERS Garcia, CHOPS Menard, then CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS again!

Santana CHOPS away on Menard in the corner, then brings Menard out to center for a ROLLING- NO, Menard ducks to waistlock. Garcia rushes in but Santana BOOTS him down! Santana then switches to SAIDO Menard down! Hager is digging his knee into Claudio at a corner, Garcia rushes back in at Santana, but Santana gives him an URENAGE! Eddie is watching Jericho from across the way, clearly waiting for The Wizard to finally join this fight. Wait, Santana is clutching his leg. Did he overdo the urenage and hurt himself? Santana falls back while Ortiz digs a chair into Garcia. Yuta, bleeding from his forehead, punches away on Parker’s crimson mask of a face!

Parker uses the cameraman to CLOBBER Yuta, then he RAMS Yuta into the steel! Sammy runs at Claudio but into a POP-UP UPPERCUT! Menard and Ortiz fight over the barbed wire bat, and Jericho looks worried since the time is finally approaching. Menard digs the bat into Ortiz’s face but Moxley has the FORK! Moxley JABS the fork into Menard’s head! And wait, Moxley has BAMBOO SHOOTS?! Moxley JAMS those into Menard’s head now!! Fans tell Moxley he’s a Sick F for that one, but Yuta helps Moxley stomp Menard down. Garcia puts Claudio into the ropes to pull him back, and Ortiz checks on Santana.

Menard is of course bleeding now, but he still throws punches on Moxley. Hager fires off on Ortiz, but Yuta has Parker so that he and Garcia can have some sort of sleeper hold stare down! Sammy gets back up to help Hager mug Ortiz, and Menard has the barbed wire bat! Menard digs that into Moxley’s face! Garcia and Yuta throw Parker and Claudio aside to start firing off SLAPPING palm strikes on each other! Fans fire up as they go faster and faster and faster! And then the countdown is back, and Jericho steps in! Jericho has Floyd to CLUB Claudio! Ortiz dodges and throws haymakers on Jericho! DDT!! Ortiz digs the chair into Jericho!

Parker CLOBBERS Moxley with a chair, Ortiz SMACKS Jericho with a chair, but Sammy climbs up and aims at Ortiz. Sammy leaps to FLYING CUTTER! Yuta gets Sammy with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Santana DECKS Parker, Menard rushes at Yuta but Yuta spins him around, OLYMPIC SLAM! Tay checks on Sammy while Hager hauls Yuta up for a SPINEBUSTER! Claudio spins Hager around to torture rack! RACK BOMB! Garcia roars and BLASTS Claudio with a EuroUpper! But Claudio fires up and comes back to POP-UP UPPERCUT Garcia!! Claudio stomps Garcia, but Jericho hits a CODE BREAKER!

Jericho grins as he’s the only one standing, but he hasn’t counted properly. The countdown is down, and here comes EDDIE!! Fans are thunderous as the Mad King, kendo stick in hand SMACKS Garcia then SMACKS Parker! The bell finally rings, because Blood & Guts can truly start! Which means it can finally end, too! Eddie stalks Jericho, SMACKS Menard, SMACKS Hager, SMACKS Menard more, then SMACKS Hager, too! That kendo stick is breaking, but it stays together so Eddie can go after Jericho! Jericho wants out but there’s no escape! SMACK and SMACK and SMACK from Eddie to Jericho!

Eddie tosses the broken stick, and he pulls out a bottle off… Is that rubbing alcohol? Gasoline? What is it?! Hager CLOBBERS Eddie before anyone can find out! Hager tosses Eddie into the ring, he and Garcia and Parker stomp away while Menard smothers Yuta and Sammy CLUBS Claudio. Ortiz punches Parker, he gets a chair and SMACKS Garcia, “This is Awesome!” as Ortiz fires off on everyone in the JAS! Moxley is after Garcia, Eddie gets his kendo stick back, but Tay manages to get whatever Eddie had and pass it to Jericho! But Ortiz brings the TABLE over! The BCC has the JAS on the floor, and that table makes its way to the gap.

The table is set up, Eddie SMACKS Hager into falling on the table, and Claudio EuroUppers Parker in a corner. Yuta and Moxley give Garcia their own version of DOOMSDAY! Ortiz helps Eddie get Hager up while Claudio BOOTS Menard against steel! Eddie and Ortiz give Hager a DOUBLE POWERBOMB through the table! The BCC regroup, they go after Garcia and Eddie brings Garcia around. Garcia resists but Eddie HEADBUTTS him! Garcia still resists his face touching steel, but Eddie FISHHOOKS his mouth. The BCC gather up more of those black bags, and they pour them out. It’s THUMBTACKS! And a TON of them!

The entire JAS ring has tacks, while Cesaro and Ortiz are tearing up the BCC ring’s mat! They are exposing the wood! They’re truly tearing the house down! Moxley gives Menard an X-PLEX onto the tacks!! Claudio whips Sammy but he reverses to RANA Claudio into the steel! Sammy BOOTS Claudio, BOOTS Eddie then SUPERKICKS him! Wait, how did Parker end up hanging from the girder on the outside of the ring?! It’s like something from a slasher horror movie! Garcia LASHES Yuta with his belt, then TOSSES him off the type while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Kingston goes after Garcia and JABS at him with the fork! Eddie and Ortiz are after Garcia together while Moxley shoots around Menard to have a SLEEPER! They’re both falling into the tacks while Eddie and Ortiz DOUBLE SUPERPLEX Garcia! Moxley has the BULLY CHOKE on Menard while they’re in the tacks! Jericho finally makes a move, and he squirts the bottle of rubbing alcohol on Moxley’s face! It stings his bloody wound, and then Jericho hits JUDAS EFFECT! Moxley falls onto the tacks!! Jericho snarls and he looms over Moxley, gloating as if he’s won already. Jericho then gathers up a handful of tacks, and DIGS them into Moxley’s forehead!

Jericho paces around, again the only one standing. Jericho drags Moxley up again, TOSSES him into the steel, then fires off hands. But Moxley brings Jericho in to BITE his face! Moxley then kicks, underhooks, but Jericho fights. Jericho LOW BLOWS Moxley! And then hits a DDT onto the tacks! Jericho THRUSTS a chair at Eddie! Jericho soaks up the heat and gets Moxley’s legs. Dynamite returns to single picture as Jericho drags Moxley around in the tacks, before WALLS OF JERICHO!! Moxley endures as he’s being pushed into the tacks, but here comes Eddie! Fans are thunderous as Eddie gathers up tacks, to THROW into Jericho’s face!!

Jericho lets Moxley go as he scrambles away to the BCC ring. Eddie hurries after him, and he throws haymakers! “F HIM UP, EDDIE, F HIM UP!!” Eddie wants to do just that as he whips Jericho into the steel! Eddie hobbles around, gets the barbed wire bat, but Jericho blasts the FIRE EXTINGUISHER at Eddie! Eddie flounders away and Jericho tells Tay to do something. Tay CLOBBERS referee Aubrey Edwards?! All to get the key to the cage?! Tay unlocks the cage door and fans boo, but here comes RUBY SOHO! The Runaway won’t let Tay get away with this! Ruby drags Tay down and fires off fists! The refs try to stop these two but the ladies brawl to the back!

Jericho climbs up the cage! Didn’t he learn from the first Blood & Guts this doesn’t work out well? But Eddie laughs and he follows Jericho up! Jericho and Eddie stand up, and Eddie fires off hands! Eddie BITES Jericho’s ear, Mike Tyson style! URAKEN! Jericho falls down but he is still on the top. Sammy hurries to climb up and help Jericho as Eddie says Jericho’s going off the edge! Sammy CLOBBERS Eddie first! Sammy looks around, trying to figure out what to do next. Fans rally as the three crawl up top and everyone else is regrouping down below. Sammy stands, he digs Eddie’s face into the steel, and fans chant “A E DUB! A E DUB!”

Sammy drags Eddie up but Eddie LOW BLOWS Sammy! Eddie says Sammy F’d up, and down come the straps! Eddie TOSSES Sammy off the edge!! Sammy CRASHES down through the timekeeper’s area!! Fans lose their minds and Eddie grins. But this fight is still going as Dynamite goes picture and picture again!

Eddie looks through the ceiling to check on his team. They’re still in this, too, but medics are checking Sammy. Jericho stands up, Eddie pursues, but Jericho goes to the far side. Jericho warns Eddie, but Eddie doesn’t care, he keeps heading that way. They get forehead to forehead and the forearms start flying! Then they become haymakers, and it’s a hockey fight! Detroit is loving this! Eddie BITES Jericho again, then rips at his shirt. Eddie CHOPS Jericho, Jericho wobbles, and Dynamite goes to break!

Dynamite returns one more time, and Eddie rains down fists on on Jericho. Jericho trips Eddie to rain down fists on him, then get the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Menard RAMS Ortiz into steel on the outside of the cage! The fight is spilling out of the steel, and CLAUDIO climbs! Will Claudio put away his grudge with Eddie to end this with Jericho? BOOT for Jericho, that is a yes! But here comes Menard! Daddy Magic is going to reinforce Jericho now, but Claudio has Jericho’s legs! SWISS SWING on top of the cage! Claudio goes around 10 times, then steps through, but Menard CLUBS Claudio. Menard rains down forearms, then drags Claudio up.

Menard reels Claudio in, Claudio fights the lift, and Eddie has Jericho in the STRETCH PLUM! Claudio trips up Menard, and has a SHARPSHOOTER!! DUAL SUBMISSIONS on top of the cage! Jericho and Menard endure, but MENARD TAPS!! The BCC WINS!!

Winners: Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz & Blackpool Combat Club, by submission

Eddie is confused, he thought he was gonna make Jericho tap. But a win is a win because Claudio finished off Daddy Magic! Eddie is a bit upset by that, but can’t he be happy for the group? Ortiz, Yuta and Moxley are, and even Santana, despite his apparent injury. Will winning take care of the hard feelings? Is the BCC finally through with the JAS?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, especially with it being Blood & Guts. A great opener with Cassidy and Ethan Page, with some Hellish cleverness from Lambert getting Best Friends ejected and putting advantage back to his side. But of course, that didn’t change anything and Cassidy came out the winner. It is also good to see Chuck Taylor is still here, there was concern he was leaving AEW after deleting tweets. But with Cassidy winning, he maintains momentum and could even win his way up to one of the midcard titles. There’s history between Cassidy and PAC, so an All-Atlantic Championship feud that also helps give us some Best Friends VS Death Triangle closure would be a great move.

It was fairly clear, though perhaps a bit mind-boggling, that Luchasaurus was going to turn Heel with Christian Cage’s influence. Luchasaurus looks pretty awesome in all black gear, mask included, and of course he demolished Serpentico. Jungle Boy is apparently actually injured, not just out with the kayfabe injury from the Con-Chair-To, but that will give Luchasaurus plenty of time to shine as a singles guy and as a Heel monster, and we’ll eventually get JB VS Luchasaurus on the way to JB going after Christian.

Wardlow and Scorpio had a good promo interaction to set-up their title match, and a Street Fight is of course setting up interference. I just can’t be sure which way this goes, because Scorpio could use interference to win again, or Wardlow becomes that powerful to win even with interference. When I saw that the Six Man Tag had mystery partners for Danhausen, I just knew it would be FTR. Fans love FTR, fans love Danhausen, this seemed like a natural combination. The Six Man Tag was a lot of fun, and of course #FTHausen wins to keep momentum after Forbidden Door. And while the split in Acclaimed Gunn Club was coming, it happening because of this loss was a small surprise. Billy is siding with the Acclaimed, of course, and I can’t wait to see how this sorts out.

Jade was of course winning her title match tonight, especially because it was Leila Grey, who hasn’t even won one match during her time on Dark and Elevation. But I was hoping that with Grey helping Jade and Kiera, Grey would get a spot as the new Baddie. Instead, Jade snubs Grey, and we’ll still wait to see who subs in. At the same time, I don’t get how that promo from Stokely was supposed to work this in kayfabe. If it’s an Open Challenge, I suppose Grey answered first and that’s it, but then he pokes holes by bringing up how Athena and/or Kris should’ve answered it to get their shot at Jade. Maybe they were just overthinking the logic of their own storytelling, but maybe this story still finds its way to giving one or both Athena and Kris Statlander their title shots.

The Young Bucks had a good promo to help the audience understand that sadly, yes, Adam Cole is hurt after Forbidden Door. But with Fish kayfabe out, and Kyle and Adam more or less legitimately out, this gives the Undisputed Elite a chance to return all together and do who knows what. But Bucks calling out Goto-Hashi, they’re going to have a really good match, but I would think Bucks win because the only ones taking those belts off them are the tag team belt collectors, FTR.

And what a big Rampage we’re having, with that match, Nyla VS Storm, and then the “Royal Rampage,” which I can’t see being like the Royal Rumble with sending one man out at a time. It could just be a huge battle royal, just on Rampage, but who knows. Out of those 20, I would think Hangman doesn’t get this, his story back to the world title needs to be a bit like his journey to the top the first time. He has to scratch and claw, no shortcuts, and I would love if Hangman gets the interim belt right before CM Punk returns so the Undisputed AEW World Championship can be between Hangman and Punk in a Double or Nothing rematch. As for who will/should get this, I’d love if it was Rush for someone completely fresh, or maybe Darby or even Dustin Rhodes for a fan favorite moment.

And of course, Blood & Guts was an epic main event because it was an entire hour. Great stuff from all 12 men, as well as Tay and Ruby Soho. Sadly, Santana got legit hurt from that rough urenage, it could be a torn ACL. It sucks because Santana surely had a lot to do in this match, and it sucks because he and Ortiz could’ve gotten in on some tag title story before the inevitable FTR VS Bucks for all the belts. But even with Santana going down, everything was a bloody as it should’ve been, and what a great way to finish things. Eddie throwing Sammy off was awesome, and explains why the timekeeper’s area got so big.

I almost thought that was a sign JAS was winning, but in the end, it’s BCC. If Bryan had been in this, I bet the finish would be exactly the same with Bryan getting Menard to tap/surrender, and Eddie being annoyed by that. It’s good that Eddie gets over his beef with Claudio, for now, and while Garcia VS Yuta for the ROH Pure Championship is already on the books, there could be a lot of different things the rest of these guys do, such as Claudio getting in on the All-Atlantic Championship and Eddie still settling things with Jericho 1v1 to put the feud to bed.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (6/28/22)

Wheeler Yuta gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

The ROH Pure Championship shines in Universal Studios!

AEW continues in Universal Studios, and the ROH Pure Championship is back in action! Will Wheeler Yuta retain his title against Premier Athlete, Tony Nese?


  • Willow Nightingale VS Ashley D’Amboise; Nightingale wins.
  • Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo VS Matt Vandagriff & Knull; Comoroto & Solo win.
  • Matt Sydal VS Jake Something; Sydal wins.
  • Athena VS Amber Nova; Athena wins.
  • Dante Martin VS Lucky Ali; Dante wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Valentina Rossi; Julia wins.
  • Fuego Del Sol VS Marcus Kross; Fuego wins.
  • JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth VS Evil Uno & Preston Vance; Uno & Vance win.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Caleb Konley; Daivari wins.
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Yuta wins and retains the title.


Great to see Fuego back in action, I hope we get to see him take on Sammy Guevara for that impersonation angle. Good to see Athena (Ember Moon) in action with a returning Amber Nova. Good to see Ariya Daivari on the same night as old WWE running mate, Tony Nese. And speaking of, Nese VS Yuta is going to be a good one, might even cover that one because of how unique the Pure Rules matches are.


ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling!

The Decoder has been doing the Blackpool Combat Club proud, from Best of the Super Juniors 29 to holding onto this title. Will Yuta still have this title as AEW heads into Blood & Guts? Or will the Premier Athlete finally put some money where his 8 pack is?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the 150th episode of Dark has a golden main event!

The judges for this match are BJ Whitmer, Mercedes Martinez and Christopher Daniels. The ref calls for the Code of Honor handshake, Nese is obliged to take it, but he doesn’t shake Yuta’s hand long. Fans rally for Yuta as he and Nese circle. Nese flexes on Yuta, but Yuta hooks that arm for a fireman’s carry takeover! Cover, ONE and Nese gets away. Yuta flexes back, the two circle and feel out the grapple. They tie up, Nese waistlocks and SLAMS Yuta, but Yuta sit sup and pries free to wrench the arm. Yuta drags Nese down into a double wristlock, then hammerlocks. Nese reaches back, rolls, and wrenches to wristlock.

Nese facelocks, snap suplex to a cover, TWO! Nese facelocks, Yuta slips out and hammerlocks. Nese reaches for ropes, but in Pure Rules, each man can only have three ropebreaks so he decides to forgo using one. Nese fights up but Yuta cranks the hammerlock. Fans rally, Nese drop toeholds and facelocks. Yuta slips out again and Nese is frustrated as he’s back in the hammerlock. Nese fights up again, Yuta wrenches but Nese knees low. Nese whips Yuta to a corner, Yuta reverses but Nese stops himself to elbow back. Nese goes up to moonsault but Yuta dodges! Yuta goes up and over in the corner, then scoops to SLAM and SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Yuta as he clamps onto the arm again. Nese fights up, but Yuta wrenches to headlock. Yuta BOPS Nese in the head, and Sterling protests! But Yuta used an open palm, it is legal! Nese shoves Yuta and argues, but Yuta rushes back in. They tie up, go around and end up on the ropes. The ref wants them to let off, and Nese DECKS Yuta with a cheap shot! Fans boo but Nese gets away with it. Nese then LARIATS Yuta and covers, TWO! Nese hurries to get a leg and he KICKS Yuta in the back over and over to get him in the HALF CRAB! Yuta endures, thinks about it, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Nese lets off, and that’s one down for Yuta.

Nese looms over Yuta, brings him up, and ROCKS him with a forearm. Yuta staggers to a corner, the judges are making notes, and Nese whips Yuta corner to corner hard! Yuta bounces off buckles and flounders around while Nese flexes. Fans rally, Nese drags Yuta up, but Yuta throws body shots. Nese whips Yuta hard into another corner! Yuta writhes, Nese covers, TWO! Nese hurries to facelock Yuta and bring him up for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Nese wraps on the body scissors! Yuta endures, fans rally, but Nese puts on the squeeze. Nese dares Yuta to use a ropebreak but Yuta pushes back to a cover, TWO!

Nese keeps on the squeeze but Yuta still endures. Yuta pushes back again, another cover, TWO! Yuta throws elbows back and gets free! Fans rally but Nese RAMS Yuta to a corner! Nese puts Yuta up top, climbs up after him, but Yuta fights the suplex. Yuta throws body shots and Nese hops down. But Nese rolls to SHORYUKEN! And then a fireman’s carry, but Yuta is holding ropes! That’s ROPEBREAK #2! The ref counts, Nese lets go and everyone, even Sterling, makes note. Yuta has one ropebreak left, will Nese make Yuta use it? Nese kicks Yuta around, pie faces him, but Yuta CHOPS! And forearms! Yuta fires off forearms but Nese shoves him away.

Yuta runs in at the corner, Nese BOOTS him away, then leaps, into an atomic drop! ENZIGURI! Yuta fires up, goes corner to corner, A-LIST LARIAT! Nese staggers, Yuta goes up top, FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up and Nese goes out. Yuta kips up to build speed and DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans rally up for Yuta but Sterling tells them to shut up. Yuta puts Nese in, but Sterling trips Yuta!! Nese gets Yuta in a facelock, and now the third ROPEBREAK is used! Sterling cheers like that’s the win already! Yuta is upset but he storms up to Nese. Nese trips Yuta into the BOSTON CRAB! Yuta endures, and he throws Nese away!

Nese returns but Yuta DECKS him! Wait, that was a closed fist to the face! Those aren’t allowed in Pure Rules, so that’s a warning on Yuta! Sterling tells Yuta that’s what he gets! Yuta calms down but Nese eggs him on. Nese SPITS at Yuta, and Yuta rushes in! Nese fireman’s carries, Yuta slips off but Nese elbows him away. Yuta uses ropes to rewind and waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Nese escapes and Yuta, a bloody nose or lip, is roaring! Fans fire up with Yuta and he rushes in at Nese to whip him to ropes. Nese reverses, slips under to pump handle and scoop, PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as Yuta survives, but Nese puts on the BOSTON CRAB! No ropebreaks means Yuta has to get free on his own! Yuta fights, reaches out, gets the ropes out of instinct, but then climbs the ropes and uses leverage to trip Nese up! Nese comes back to HEEL KICK Yuta! Yuta flops, Nese goes to the corner. Nese climbs up top, for a PREMIER 450 FLOP as Yuta moves! HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then the STF!! With a STRAITJACKET VARIANT! Nese taps, Yuta wins!!

Winner: Wheeler Yuta, by submission (still ROH Pure Champion)

Yuta was up against it, but he came out the victor! And though Nese doesn’t want to, he shakes Yuta’s hand to uphold the Code of Honor. The Decoder proves he can grit it out and fight through the blood, but will he be able to help Blackpool Combat Club make it through Blood & Guts?

Wait, speaking of! Daniel Garcia LEAPS off the stage and CLOBBERS Yuta! Jericho Appreciation Society’s Red Death punches away on Yuta’s bloody face, and then Angelo Parker & Matthew Menard join in! They all stomp Yuta, put him back in the ring, and stomp him more! Fans boo as Menard gets the mic. “Take a look! Take a look! You like it, Yuta? Huh? Blackpool Combat Club, huh? Take a look! Tomorrow night, live on Dynamite in Detroit, Michigan, BLOOD & GUTS! You think you’re ready? I don’t think so! YOU GOT NOTHING!”

Parker then takes the mic and says the Jericho Appreciation Society proved they are the five-star symbol of excellence. So at the end of Blood & Guts, the AEW Galaxy will see that Yuta and his “pro-wrestler pieces of garbage” APPRECIATE them! Garcia stands on Yuta and says, “After Blood & Guts, I’ma strip you of your honor, and I’ma strip you of your belt, too.” Garcia stakes his claim to the Pure Championship, but will he have to survive pure carnage inside that double cage?

My Thoughts:

A very good main event from Yuta and Nese, and I like that there were some great parallels between this match and Yuta’s previous ROH Pure title defense, such as running low on ropebreaks. Yuta wins, of course, but then a great go-home bit with the attack from JAS. Garcia, Parker and Menard gave good promos there and it is clear this is going to extend past Blood & Guts, regardless of who wins the match. There’s still so much about Garcia that makes me think he should be in BCC rather than fighting them, but Garcia VS Yuta is going to be an awesome ROH Pure Championship match. You can bet the Code of Honor won’t be upheld there, though.

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