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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/4/22)

And you can’t! Teach! That!



AEW Dynamite 2021

This might be the realest Dynamite yet!

MJF continues to put Wardlow through the wringer, but now he’s bringing a seven foot tall mercenary to AEW to make quite the impact on Dynamite!


  • Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy VS Bobby Fish w/ Kyle O’Reilly; Hardy wins and advances to the tournament.
  • Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Angelico, The Butcher & The Blade; BCC wins.
  • Wardlow VS W. Morrissey w/ MJF; Wardlow wins.
  • Chris Jericho w/ The JAS VS Santana w/ Ortiz; Jericho wins.
  • Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Rey Fenix VS Dante Martin; Fenix wins and advances to the tournament.
  • Undisputed ROH Women’s World Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo VS Mercedes Martinez; Martinez wins and is the undisputed ROH Women’s World Champion.


Adam Cole is here!

The leader of the Undisputed Elite is going to join commentary so he can watch this opening match!

Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy VS Bobby Fish w/ Kyle O’Reilly!

The Charismatic Enigma takes on the Infamous One, with another spot in history on the line! Will Jeff deny the Undisputed Elite from having three men in the tournament? Or will this tournament be truly undisputed?

The bell rings and fans are fired up as the two stare down. They circle as fans rally, and they tie up. Hardy wrenches and CLUBS an arm, then wrenches and CLUBS it again. Hardy headlocks but Fish powers out, only for Hardy to run him over. Hardy does his dance, fans fire up, and things speed up. Cole says taunting is a mistake, but Hardy still reverses a hip toss into a hip toss! Cover, ONE, but Hardy keeps Fish down with a chinlock. Fans rally while Fish endures. Fish fights up and Cole says Fish is warming up. Hardy RAMS Fish into a corner, RAMS him some more, then whips corner to corner to bump him off buckles.

Fans duel, Fish kicks back but Hardy throws body shots. Hardy headbutts, RAMS into Fish, then bumps him off more buckles. Hardy whips but Fish reverses to RAM Hardy in return! Fish fires heavy shots in the corner, KICKS a leg, then he drags Hardy up to get the leg. Fish throws knees and kicks, then DRAGON SCREWS the leg! Fish stalks Hardy, runs and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Hardy is showing how hardy he is, but Fish drags him up. Fans rally, Fish BOOTS Hardy into a corner, and Fish fires more heavy hands. Fish brings Hardy around for knees, then he snapmares Hardy down.

Fish goes out then slingshot sentons but misses as Hardy bails out! Fish hurries after him but Hardy kicks back. Fish gets the leg again to DRAGON SCREW Hardy into railing! The ref checks on Jeff, Fish tells Matt to back up. Sting and Darby Allin watch from the rafters while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Fish stomps Hardy, drags him up, and RAMS him into the railing. Jeff slumps down but Fish tells Matt to back off again. Fish throws more shots on Jeff, then CLUBS him in the side. Fish refreshes the count while Jeff slumps against steps. Fish then brings Hardy around, only for Hardy to throw haymakers! Fish KNEES low, but Jeff gets in as Matt coaches him. Fish stares Matt down then gets back in the ring. Fish paces around Hardy, rains down fists and forearms, then paces again. Fish drags Hardy up to then clinch and bring him around. Hardy gets a cradle! TWO, and Fish KNEES Hardy down!

Fish paces around Hardy, drags him up, and wrenches an arm into a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fish is frustrated but he drags Hardy up to CLUB him with crossface forearms. Dynamite returns to single picture, Cole still likes what he sees, but Hardy spin back kicks! Fans rally for “BROTHER NERO!” as Hardy and Fish slowly rise. They stand, Hardy wants a jawbreaker but is denied! Hardy blocks Fish’s kick and tries again, but the jawbreaker gets a KNEE from Fish! Fish swings but misses, Hardy hits the JAWBREAKER on the third try! Fans rally up and Cole coaches Fish from commentary.

Fish and Hardy stand again, and Fish KICKS Hardy off his feet! Hardy gets up but Fish KICKS him down again! Hardy ducks the third kick but the mule kick hits. Fish runs but into an elbow! And then a lariat! Hardy whips, Fish reverses but Hardy CLOBBERS Fish! Fans fire up and Hardy gives Fish an atomic drop! Leg trip, leg splitter leg drop! Then basement dropkick and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Fish is still in this and Cole feels good about this. Hardy kicks and TWIST OF FATE! Fish is down, Hardy hurries to the corner and fans fire up! Cole shouts for Fish to get up but Hardy is up top!

Fish KICKS Hardy’s legs out! Hardy is stuck on the top rope and Fish throws haymakers. Fish climbs up after Hardy, for a SUPER FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Hardy survives but Fish has the KNEEBAR!! Cole says this is it! Squeeze, Bobby, squeeze! But Hardy endures, with his brother and the fans rallying! ROPEBREAK! Fish lets go at 4 in frustration, but Kyle is fired up for Fish. Cole says Fish has plenty in the tank, and he runs at Hardy corner to corner, but into an elbow! Hardy goes up, WHISPER IN THE WIND! Direct hit! Hardy crawls past Fish to go up the corner! Cole says big mistake, but Hardy’s up top! SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Jeff Hardy wins!

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by pinfall (advances to the Owen Hart Men’s Tournament)

Cole is upset because the sixth seed goes to the Charismatic Enigma! But then the Young Bucks make their way out! Cole says Matt & Nick Jackson are the sharpest dressed duo as they join the Hardys in the ring. Fans like where this is going and even Cole wants to see a match of those teams. Matt & Nick leave it at this as they check on Fish. But will the Bucks and the Hardys have a tag team war in AEW soon enough?


Rampage has another early episode this week!

With the NHL taking over TNT on Friday, May 6th, Rampage will be at 5:30 PM Eastern, 2:30 Pacific! Make sure to adjust your calendars accordingly so you don’t miss a thing!


William Regal speaks.

“It’s said the eyes are a window to the soul. But if you’re a professional wrestler, it’s the scars that actually tell the story of what your soul holds. Whether it be because of torture, because of punishment, because of conflict, scars are the things that separate us from people who won’t get into the ring and fight for a living.” We also get a video highlight reel of the Blackpool Combat Club training hard, and putting young Wheeler Yuta through grueling sparring sessions.

Regal continues to say, “If you gave 100 people a knife and told them to inflict punishment on the person they hate most in the world, 99% of those people would stab that person. The people in the Blackpool Combat Club wouldn’t. We would you cut you on the cheek. Because being stabbed, you’ll forget about it in six months. I prefer to think that all of us would get more pleasure out of knowing that every morning, when you wake up, you’re going to look in the mirror, and you’re going to remember us because of the scars we left on you.” Who will the BCC scar on their way to the top?


Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Angelico, The Butcher & The Blade!

We heard from their menacing mentor, now we will see those words put into action! The American Dragon, Maniac and Decoder have already gone two for two as a trio, will they make it three? Or will the Andrade Family Office finally gain some traction now that the South African Submission Specialist is back in action?

The AFO strike while Jon Moxley is still making his entrance! Butcher clobbers Moxley into railing and hammers away, Blade is stomping Bryan Danielson and Angelico is stomping Wheeler Yuta! Moxley hits back, Regal isn’t bothered at all, and Moxley throws Butcher into railing! Yuta and Angelico spill out of the ring but Blade chokes Bryan with his jacket! Yuta CHOPS Angelico, Angelico KNEES Yuta! The ref gets Blade to stop choking Bryan and then Blade gloats while raising his hands triumphantly. The bell rings to get this on record, and Blade CHOPS Bryan to a corner. And ROCK him with a right, and another CHOP!

Blade whips Bryan to ropes, to CLOBBER him! Blade drags Bryan over to tag Angelico, and they mug Bryan. Angelico wrenches an arm, hooks up both arms, then ties up both legs, for a HANGING BOW ‘N’ ARROW! But Bryan fights free to sunset flip, TWO! Bryan KICKS Angelico in the chest, then KICKS him again! Bryan bumps Angelico off buckles, CHOPS him, then keeps him up to KICK and KICK and KICK! Fans rally “YES! YES! YES!” and Bryan lets off, to then run in and DROPKICK! Bryan drags Angelico back in, wrenches and wristlocks then tags Yuta. They CLUB Angelico’s arm, then Yuta CHOPS!

Fans rally for Yuta but Angelico knees low. Angelico JABS Yuta, tags Blade, but Yuta back drops and arm-drags Blade to an armlock! Yuta wrenches the wrist, isolates the arm, then STOMPS it! Yuta then scoops but Blade slips off. Butcher tags in, Yuta dropkicks Blade then dropkicks Butcher, but Butcher stays up! Butcher eggs Yuta on, so Yuta fires forearms! Butcher shoves Yuta into Angelico’s cheap shot, but Yuta DECKS Angelico for it. Blade trips Yuta up, Butcher CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up, Butcher drags Yuta up and Dynamite goes picture in picture with the snap suplex!

Butcher drags Yuta up, bumps him off buckles, and he tags Blade. Blade fires haymakers, CHOPS, and then HCOKES Yuta! The ref counts, Blade lets off, but Yuta DECKS Angelico again! Butcher CLUBS Yuta down, Blade tags Angelico in, and they mug Yuta. Angelico drags Yuta down to trap one arm and pull the other into a modified triangle! Yuta endures, fans rally, Moxley shouts to Yuta, and Yuta moves around. ROPEBREAK, and Angelico thrashes the arms until the ref counts 4. Angelico drags Yuta up, tag to Butcher. They mug Yuta, then Butcher CHOPS Yuta against ropes. Yuta CHOPS back but Butcher CHOPS again!

Butcher CHOPS Yuta in the corner until Yuta falls down. Butcher bumps Yuta off buckles, tags Blade, and they double whip to run Yuta over. They roll Yuta to his feet to DOUBLE CHOP him down! Cover, TWO! Blade KICKS Yuta but now Yuta eggs him on. Blade scuffs Yuta but Yuta still wants more. Blade kicks, Yuta CHOPS, so Blade rakes eyes! Yuta ends up back in the AFO corner and gets mugged again. The ref counts and reprimands, Angelico tags in to add kicks and stomps and jabs! Tag to Butcher, he drags Yuta up to whip into the open corner hard! Yuta bounces off buckles, but Butcher whips him hard the other way!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Yuta stands back up. Butcher storms over and whips Yuta back to the other corner, but Yuta goes up and under and reaches for his corner! Butcher pulls him back but Yuta slips under and waistlocks. GERMAN SUPLEX on Butcher! Fans are fired up while both men are down. Yuta and Butcher crawl, hot tags to Moxley and Blade! Fans explode as Moxley rallies on Blade, then clotheslines him out of the ring! Moxley goes out after Blade to whip him into the timekeeper’s area! Moxley clears out space to dump Blade back over! Moxley whips Blade into steel steps!

Fans are thunderous as Moxley drags Blade up to put in the ring. Blade KICKS Moxley back then runs, into a CUTTER! Butcher gets in, Moxley BITES him! The ref counts, Moxley stops but Blade POSTS him! Tag to Angelico, he runs in to roll over Moxley’s back. Moxley jumps the sweep but the Eddy Gordo Kick hits! Angelico runs, into a LARIAT! Moxley shakes his head, tags Bryan in, and Moxley has Angelico by his ear! Bryan missile dropkicks Angelico down! Fans fire up as Bryan gets the wrists! Butcher and Blade rush in but are intercepted! REAR NAKED CHOKE for Blade, GUILLOTINE for Butcher!

Fans are thunderous as Bryan is free to give Angelico DANIELSON STOMPS!! Hammer ‘n’ Anvil Elbows for Butcher and Blade, too! Then check out these legs, NO HANDS TRIANGLE HOLD for Angelico while Yuta and Mox smother the mercenaries! Angelico taps, BCC wins!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club, by submission

Regal says that is beautiful brutality, and this trio is undefeated! Wheeler Yuta also has himself a spot in NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Will Yuta do AEW, ROH and the BCC proud in that grueling round robin?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks & Will Hobbs.

Last week, we saw Team Taz put out the challenge to the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and Starks says, “Are you surprised, Tony?” Look at him and Powerhouse Hobbs! They ain’t scared. But then Jurassic Express walk in, and Jungle Boy lets them know he took a week to think about it. Starks & Hobbs VS Jurassic Express for the tag titles sounds like fun to JB & Luchasaurus. But then JB thought a little bit more on it, and Starks seems like a “spicy” kind of guy. Let’s spice it up more. Before Team Taz gets their shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships, Starks gives JB a shot at the FTW Championship.

Starks laughs it off, but Christian Cage points out the fake shades came off. This means Starks is serious. Don’t get Christian started on that title on Starks’ shoulder that he never seems to defend. Hold up! The shades ain’t fake! And as for JB’s challenge, it’s accepted! Starks is FTW Champion for a reason! And next week, Starks shows JB what a real man is all about! An absolute man! Team Taz heads out, will JB become a double champion on the road to Double or Nothing?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland.

Tony Schiavone notes that Starks & Hobbs have a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships, but Keith & Swerve have unfinished business with them. Swerve says damn right. He peeped at Starks & Hobbs getting this shot. Rightfully so, as they’re a top five tag team. But there’s still business with Swerve and the Limitless One. Starks & Hobbs are going for prizes but there’s still payback coming! Keith adds that “dubious, questionable, unproven,” all describe what Team Taz did by using Taz himself against Keith & Swerve. Keith guarantees that when this is all said and done, Team Taz will have no choice but to #SwerveinOurGlory.


Wardlow VS ??? w/ MJF!

The security guards still escort a handcuffed War Dog from his “changing room” to ringside. Maxwell Jacob Friedman will not let him free from his contract until this ordeal is over. But is MJF just setting up another man for the Powerbomb Symphony? Or has MJF found the perfect opponent to put down the Piggy?

Speaking of, of course MJF and Shawn Spears have to make their way out. “I would love to say it’s great to be back here in Maryland, but then I’d be a lying piece of sh*t. Speaking of! Look, everybody, it’s Wardlow!” Fans cheer but MJF tells them to shut up. MJF tells Wardlow that MJF isn’t gonna stay out here because he can’t stand to look at the disgusting pigs in the crowd another second. He and Spears will watch this from the back. But Wardlow should be terrified of the man who is about to come out of the curtain! A man who is seven feet of sheer, unadulterated power and has never taken an L in his life! Ladies and gentlemen, the BIG DUB, WILLIAM MORRISSEY!

Impact’s mountainous Morrissey makes his way out, and MJF manages to give him a high-five on his way to the back. Morrissey and Wardlow stare down, the bell rings, and fans are fired up. Fans chant, “How You Doin?” as Morrissey and Wardlow tie up. Morrissey backs Wardlow down but Wardlow gets away. They go again, and Morrissey backs Wardlow down again, but Wardlow gets away again. Fans chant for “WARD~LOW!” as he and Morrissey reset. They tie up, Wardlow CARRIES Morrissey to the corner! Wardlow lets off but he does roar at Morrissey. Morrissey shrugs that off and the two reset again.

They tie up, Morrissey knees low then CLUBS Wardlow, then CLUBS him again. Morrissey CLUBS Wardlow once again, then gloats. Fans boo but Morrissey whips Wardlow into a corner. Morrissey runs in to SPLASH, and he keeps going, but Wardlow follows! Wardlow RAMS Morrissey, EuroUppers, then RAMS again! Wardlow repeats, but lets off as the ref counts. Wardlow runs back in but Morrissey leaps over him! Wardlow hits buckles, Morrissey keeps moving, and he BOOTS Wardlow down! Fans fire up and MJF is fired up, too, as he and Spears watch. MJF cheers on “Big Dub” as Morrissey clotheslines Wardlow out of the ring!

Wardlow gets up and Morrissey mocks the conducting of music. Morrissey then goes out after Wardlow with big haymakers. Wardlow staggers, fans duel now, “We Want Enzo!” “No We Don’t!” Wardlow hits back with haymakers and CLUBBING forearms, then he whips. Morrissey reverses and he POSTS Wardlow! Morrissey mocks the Enzo rope-a-dope then tells fans up theirs! Morrissey drags Wardlow up, CLUBS him, and then he refreshes the ring count. Morrissey SMACKS Wardlow off the apron, and again. Morrissey says Wardlow ain’t the big fish anymore, and then he dribbles Wardlow on the apron!

Fans chant for “WARD~LOW!” but Morrissey puts him in the ring. Morrissey takes his time returning into the ring, then he looms over Wardlow. Wardlow throws body shots and then haymakers! Wardlow backs Morrissey down, whips, but Morrissey reverses. Wardlow ducks and dodges, but runs into the SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Morrissey snarls but he stands over Wardlow. Morrissey brings him up, hoists him up to the top rope, then CLUBS him on the back. Morrissey climbs up to join Wardlow, but Wardlow fights back with elbows! Morrissey hops down, Wardlow adjusts, and Wardlow MOONSAULTS!! Direct hit and he even lands on his feet!

Fans are thunderous and the straps come down! Wardlow gets Morrissey up, for a POWERBOMB! High stack, Wardlow wins!!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

It didn’t take a symphony, just a single chord! MJF is FURIOUS! He even throws down Spears’ favorite chair! But of course, security approaches to cuff Wardlow. Wardlow puts out his hands, but then he HEADBUTTS the guard! And DECKS one, then BOOTS the other! Wardlow is fighting back against MJF’s contract! MJF and Spears rush out, but they’re just ushering in more guards. They all get CLOBBERED, one after another! BOOTS, FOREARMS, CHOPS, HAYMAKERS, this is the symphony of destruction Wardlow is putting on tonight! He even gets one up for a POWERBOMB outside the ring! The guards are all bowled over and Wardlow gets a mic!

“WHAT’D I TELL YOU!? I’M NOT GONNA STOP! It doesn’t matter how big they are. It doesn’t matter who they are. I will not stop until I get my hands on you and you release me from my contract!” MJF says everyone can just settle down. Let’s get this straight: Wardlow wants to get after MJF and to get his release, right? Fans chant “Wardlow’s gonna kill~ you!” at MJF. MJF says no! How would Wardlow feel if he and MJF had a match? And if Wardlow wins, he’s out of his contract with MJF. The fans wanna see it? “YES!” They wanna see it?! “YES!” Well then Wardlow’s on! But but but… MJF has some conditions. Of course he does.

MJF will give us these conditions in a contract signing. And MJF will assure us that it won’t happen in some dump like this! MJF is going to wait for when AEW is in “the most magical place in the world known as Long Island, New York!” MJF tosses the mic and waits until he has homefield advantage. But will that matter when Wardlow’s wrath is coming for his head?


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, Toni Storm & Ruby Soho.

Yet again, no physicality will happen backstage. But these four will make some history as their tag match opens Rampage, the first time Rampage has opened with a women’s match. Britt makes sure Schiavone refers to her as “Doctor Baker.” And she tells Hayter they clearly missed the memo to wear matching black pleather tank tops, all in mocking Storm & Soho. But c’mon, Schiavone. Every single page of the AEW history book has something about Britt Baker, so this Rampage opener only makes sense. You might as well call her Dr. Britt Baker, the History Maker. Hayter says that has such a good ring to it.

But Ruby says she cannot listen to Britt talk for one more second! Ruby doesn’t remember when anyone agreed to no physicality, but just know that Storm can’t wait to get at Hayter in the Owen Hart opening round. And Soho tells Britt that there’s a receipt coming. Soho & Storm are counting down the minutes until 5:30 Eastern on Friday when they can humble these two like they need so bad. And if Britt’s waiting for them to leave, “Bitch, we ain’t going nowhere.” Well they’re not leaving! What are they gonna do? Hit them? Schiavone wants them to keep the peace, and throws it to commercial.


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone in the ring.

Schiavone says that on May 29th, live on PPV, AEW Double or Nothing returns, and in the main event will be the AEW Heavyweight Champion of the World, HANGMAN PAGE! Fans fire up as the Cowboy makes his way out to the ring, pyro following him. Schiavone says Hangman is defending against CM Punk, who we heard from a week ago. Hangman’s response? “It would be real easy for me to come out here and say how much I love CM Punk, and how much I respect him. It’d be real easy to tell ya how much I look forward to shaking his hand in this ring, how much I look forward to standing across this ring from the Best in the World at Double or Nothing.”

And it’d be real, real easy for Hangman to tell us how much he’s looking forward to having an all time classic with CM Punk for the AEW World Championship. It’d be real, real easy… But that won’t happen. “At Double or Nothing, there’s not going to be a handshake. At Double or Nothing, there’s not going to be a masturbatory Bret Hart tribute match. I am going to destroy C M Punk!” Fans are torn on that proclamation, but plenty of fans chant for Punk. Hangman sees them out there with the shirts. They need to look Hangman in the eyes as he says this: from the bottom of Hangman’s heart, when he is done with Punk, those fans will be getting refunds, if they haven’t already burned those damn things.

Hangman hates to be the bearer of bad news, but as champion, it is his responsibility to tell us that the beloved Punk is not here tonight. And if Hangman were a betting man, and he sure is one, Punk is probably filming some other TV show. How ironic. But Punk, wherever you are, Hangman wants you to hear everything he is saying: “I am going to embarrass you! You said that you wanted a fight? Well you’ve got one. And Punk, it will be the fight of your life!” Hangman throws down the mic while throwing down the gauntlet! Will the Best in the World be ready for some serious #CowboyShit?


Konosuke Takeshita makes his Rampage debut!

The DDT Pro star has had big moments in AEW already, from The House Always Wins last year to Dark and Elevation this last week. But will Konosuke go on a Rampage and come out the winner?

Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh are laughing backstage.

Lethal says that video package for Konosuke was “cute,” and Sonjay says AEW is rolling out the red carpet for all these international stars. But what about for the greatest pro-wrestler from India, Satnam Singh? The one in a billion seven footer! Or for Sonjay and Lethal? Lethal is the longest reigning ROH World Television Champion ever! Where’s his red carpet? As for Konosuke, this isn’t even his fault. This is AEW’s fault! Lethal will prove AEW is backing the wrong horse! And on that special early Rampage, it’ll be Konosuke VS Lethal! Lethal will show us what a real international star is capable of! He’ll get that red carpet whether we like it or not!


Chris Jericho w/ The JAS VS Santana w/ Ortiz!

The Jericho Appreciation Society tried to break Proud ‘n’ Powerful, but they might’ve burned Eddie Kingston and done permanent damage! Will Santana make sure to do some serious damage to the Influencer in return? Or will “the All Elite Wizard” have another dangerous trick up his sleeve?

Fans sing Judas as the JAS approach ringside, and then Santana DIVES onto Jericho and Matt Menard! They go down while the rest freak out, and Santana rains down fists on Jericho! Ortiz dares the JAS to do something, and Santana drags Jericho around by his jacket. Santana stomps Jericho, stands him up and CHOPS him. Santana follows Jericho around the way, throws haymakers, but Jericho hits back. Santana CHOPS again, then follows Jericho around to whip him into railing! Fans fire up, Ortiz watches the JAS, and Santana gets the steel steps. Santana positions it but Jericho CLUBS Santana.

Jericho brings Santana around to ram into railing. Jericho commandeers a camera, but Santana flips him off first! Then BOOTS Jericho down! Santana says, “Not today, papi!” Santana CHOPS Jericho, but Jericho uses Aubrey as a shield. Aubrey reprimands, gets away, and Santana BOOTS Jericho down! Santana drags Jericho up, smacks him off the steel steps, then pushes him into the ring. Santana tosses Jericho’s jacket away, then he gets in the ring. The bell rings to make this a match, and Menard grabs at Santana! Ortiz grabs Menard and Santana elbows Jericho away. Ortiz shoves Menard away and Menard says there’s no problem.

Jericho triangle dropkicks Santana off the apron and Santana lands on the steel steps! Ortiz checks on Santana as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Aubrey also checks Santana, and somehow he’s okay to continue. Jericho gloats and the JAS cheer him on, and then Jericho flips the fans off. Santana drags himself up the steps but Jericho goes out to fetch him. The JAS shout at Ortiz, Jericho SMACKS Santana off the steps, then Jericho stands on the steps to soak up all the heat. Santana gets in the ring, and Jericho makes a big deal out of jumping from steps to apron. Jericho pretends to be Super Mario or something here as he jumps around. Then Jericho rains down furious fists on Santana! Jericho drags Santana up, reels him in, and hits a BIG back suplex!

Jericho takes a moment to catch his breath and soak up heat. He mocks the fans rallying for Santana, but Santana flips Jericho off. Jericho slaps Santana, Santana slaps Jericho! Jericho stomps Santana but Santana throws body shots. Jericho fires off forearms, then whips Santana to a corner to hit a clothesline! Jericho hoists Santana up top, CHOPS him, but Santana SLAPS back! Jericho distracts the ref, claiming he got hit in the eye, and Garcia shoves Santana off the top! Jericho pushes Santana down and chokes him while throwing down hands! Aubrey counts, Jericho stops, only to ROPE GUILLOTINE Santana!

Santana sputters and writhes while Aubrey reprimands Jericho. Jericho goes out to the apron to stomp and scuff Santana. Jericho then brings Santana to a corner, ROCKS him with a forearm, then climbs up top. Dynamite returns to single picture and Jericho jumps, into Santana’s dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally up. Jericho gets back up, he brings Santana up in a corner and CHOPS him. And CHOPS again. And CHOPS again! Jericho chokes but Santana turns things around to throw haymakers! Santana whips, Jericho reverses and Santana hits buckles. Jericho runs but Santana denies him the bulldog by THROWING him into the corner!

Jericho is stuck, fans rally, and Santana gets himself back up. Jericho gets himself free of the corner but Santana CLOBBERS him! And CLOBBERS him! And snap suplexes! Uno Amigo! Fans fire up as Santana hits Dos Amigos! Fans chant “EDDIE! EDDIE!” and Santana hits THREE AMIGOS! Santana gets to a corner and climbs up, He shouts out Latino Heat but Jericho ROCKS him first! Jericho throws more hands, climbs up after Santana, throws body shots, but Santana gives those back. Santana HEADBUTTS Jericho down, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Santana can’t believe it!

Santana brings Jericho up, whips, but Jericho reverses, only for Santana to fireman’s carry. But Jericho sunset flips, and he has the legs! Fans fire up as Jericho tries to turn Santana over! WALLS OF JERICHO! Santana endures as Jericho sits deep! Ortiz coaches Santana, he powers up and reaches out, but Menard is pulling the ropes back! Santana still gets the ROPEBREAK! Jericho gloats like he’s won but no, Santana is still in this. Santana gets Jericho in a cradle, TWO! Santana CHOPS so Jericho CHOPS! CHOP for CHOP, again and again, faster and faster! Santana gets CHOP after CHOP, but Jericho ducks the lariat!

Jericho waistlocks but Santana bucks the O’Conner Roll! Santana rolls back and springs up, STUNNER! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives but Ortiz coaches Santana to keep on him. Santana brings Jericho up, but Ortiz sees Angelo Parker with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Ortiz snatches Floyd from Parker and CRACKS him with it! Jericho shoves Santana away, Ortiz CLOBBERS Garcia! Jericho rushes in, Santana dodges and DECKS Hager! Then DISCUS for Jericho! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives again! Jericho drags himself to a corner, Santana runs in to CANNONBALL! Santana drags Jericho up but Menard distracts Aubrey!

Ortiz trips Menard off the apron and CLOBBERS him with Floyd! But Jericho LOW BLOWS Santana! Aubrey missed it, JUDAS EFFECT! Cover, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

The Wizard definitely used the power of misdirection to pull off this one! And then the rest of the JAS mugs Ortiz! They shove Ortiz into the ring, stomp away on Ortiz, but Ortiz drags Parker down! Hager drags Ortiz off Parker so he and Garcia can mug him! Menard keeps Santana down with stomps, and Jericho gets Floyd back! Jericho CLUBS Santana with the bat! Then he has Hager set Ortiz up, to CRACK him one! The Jericho Appreciation Society stands tall again, will they continue to do whatever they want to whoever they want?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Oh, Jay Lethal. You’re out here making challenges, but challenges are the territory of brave men! Is that what you are, Jay? Are you a brave man? Allow me to give you something to think about. To be brave for.” Friday on Rampage, Joe is coming for Lethal! Lethal may want to bury Konosuke, but will he end up torn apart by the ROH World TV Champion?


The Gunn Club speaks.

Colten & Austin want the cameras to follow them, but Billy looks rather annoyed already. The Acclaimed are writing raps, so the Gunn Club interrupt. The Gunn Club have arrived, and guess what? They did talk to Papa Gunn, and they got the Acclaimed some gifts. Oh, really? Wow, they shouldn’t have. Max Caster & Anthony Bowens open up the gifts, and no way! It’s scissors! Get it? Also, the key to their hearts. What does this mean, though? Billy says it means to stick it in, boys! They scissor with fingers! But no, not the real scissors, Max! That’s nuts! But will this new alliance make everyone love the Acclaimed and Gunn Club?


The Varsity Blonds are in the ring!

Brian Pillman Jr. has the mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here before you a very humbled young man. Humbled by my experiences not just here in AEW. Humbled by our encounter with the House of Black many months ago. The very encounter that led to the poisoning of the mind of Julia Hart. But perhaps the most humbling experience of all, was watching while everything you’ve every worked for being torn apart little by little.” Griff pats BPJ on the shoulder as BPJ brings up a quote from the best friend of his late father, John Harbaugh! Fans cheer the Baltimore Ravens’ coach as he is here in person.

BPJ says this quote has been with him his entire life. “Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” But John, BPJ would be lying if he said he didn’t lose sight of that. He got comfortable, complacent, and the Blonds lost that enthusiasm. That’s when the greed and malice crept in and drove them apart. But BPJ is here to tell us that today is a new day, and he is feeling gaddamn enthusiastic! He’s fired up about protecting the one thing that made them whole! He’s fired up about keeping the Blonds together! Ladies and gentlemen, the Varsity Blonds want to fight the House of Black in Baltimore!

The lights go out because they’re getting what they wanted! The eerie light shines behind the back of Malakai Black. Brody King and Buddy Matthews emerge from the shadows and follow their dark leader to the ring. And they surround BPJ and Griff! Julia hides in the corner, but no one makes a move. BPJ and Griff don’t get it, and then the brawling begins! The numbers are in the House of Black’s advantage, Brody fires off on Griff in a corner while Malakai BOOTS BPJ into Buddy’s tilt-o-whirl and LAWN DART into Griff! BPJ tumbles out, Brody CANNONBALLS Griff! Julia can only watch as Griff is put before Malakai.

But then Malakai stares at Julia. Julia is shivering in fear, but then Buddy helps her step forward. Brody holds out a chair and fans chant, “House of Black!” Brody stomps Griff to keep him down as Julia takes the chair! Julia raises the chair, and Griff begs for mercy! But she can’t do it! She drops the chair while starting to sob! Malakai storms up on Julia and rips away the eyepatch! He tells her to finish the transformation! But here comes DEATH TRIANGLE! Pac, Fenix and Penta rush in and run the House of Black off! Alex Abrahantes makes sure Julia is okay, but will she ever be okay?


Jade Cargill and the Baddies speak.

Mark Sterling says, “Not everybody realizes that we’ve actually kept that celebration going since Pittsburgh. Jade Cargill, undefeated, 30-0, still the TBS Champion.” Then last week, the world is talking about their trios debut. And then Red Velvet is also in the Owen Hart Cup! Great job! Thank you, Mark, that’s very sweet. Not only did Velvet qualify, but she’s gonna win the whole damn thing! Of course! And that’ll make two champions within The Baddies. Let’s keep the celebration going. It’s what baddies do. And that’s all, period!


Owen Hart Memorial Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Rey Fenix VS Dante Martin!

The Immortal Firebird returned and got the drop on the House of Black. But now, he wants to fly high into history! Will he blaze a trail to the cup in his comeback? Or will Angel Dorado be the one reaching new heights here tonight?

The introductions are being made but Death Triangle is still helping Julia. She seems to have calmed down and takes her leave. Dante makes his entrance and gets in the ring with Fenix. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Fenix backs Dante down but Dante powers his way back. Fenix turns things around to put Dante on ropes, then lets off as the ref counts. Dante pushes Fenix but Fenix rolls. Fenix runs in but Dante goes up and over! Fenix rewinds, Dante ducks the kick and kicks back. Danite whips, Fenix reverses and DROPKICKS Dante out! Fans fire up and Fenix goes up the corner to tightrope CROSSBODY! Direct hit!

Fans fire up and Fenix puts Dante in as Dynamite goes picture in picture. Fenix fires up, he springboards, but Dante kips up so Fenix bails out of the 450. The two stare down and fans fire up again. Dante rushes in but Fenix pops him up into a Gory Especial, only for Dante to arm-drag and Dragon’s Lair! ONE and Fenix has a ghost pin! TWO, Dante cradles, TWO, and Fenix sunset flips! TWO, Dante sits on the pin, TWO! Fenix spins around on the mat but Dante jackknife bridges, TWO!! Fenix manages to escape, and he has Dante down with a facelock while fans rally. Fenix drags Dante up, turns him, Gory Especial for the GORY- SUNSET FLIP! TWO!

Dante gets up, dodges and RANAS Fenix away! Fenix steadies himself in the corner, but he comes back, only for Dante to jump over him! Fenix can’t help but chuckle at Dante’s agility, and then he shows his own. Dante shoves Fenix, and hurdles him back! This is becoming a oneupsmanship about high jumps! Fenix rushes in again, they RAM shoulders, and then they come back to each try and hurdle! Dante bops Fenix in the air, then hops on for a DESTROYER! Fans are fired up as Fenix flops out of the ring! Dante builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Dante is fired up now and he gets Fenix up.

Dante POSTS Fenix, then drags him up again. Dante dropkicks Fenix against the apron, then looms over him. Dante puts Fenix in, slides in and stalks him. Dante CHOPS Fenix, Dynamite returns to single picture, but Fenix gets around. Dante headlocks, Fenix fights out but Dante throws body shots. Dante whips Fenix, Fenix reverses and then JUMP SOBATS! Dante staggers around, Fenix puts him up top and INVERTED SPANISH FLIES! Cover, TWO!! Dante survives and “This is Awesome!” Fenix aims from a corner, rushes in, but Dante turns rolling elbow into a spin and GUT WRENCH FACEBUSTER!

Dante aims from a corner now, he BOOTS Fenix, then whips Fenix to the corner. Fenix reverses again, Dante goes up and out to slingshot across the way! Fenix goes up but Dante GAMANGIRIS him first! Dante goes right up and MULE KICKS Fenix to the mat! Fenix gets up as Dante adjusts, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Dante grits his teeth but he keeps cool. Fans rally up, Dante brings Fenix up, but Fenix fires a forearm. Dante blocks and shoves, then tilt-o-whirls Fenix into another FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Dante SLAPS and ROCKS Fenix, then he runs, only for Fenix to somersault RANA! Cover, TWO!!

Fenix tumbles out of the ring but he stares down with Dante. Fenix gets up, blocks the baseball slide dropkick, but Dante avoids the boot to ROUNDHOUSE! Dante goes up the ropes but Fenix shoves him away! Dante lands on his feet, Fenix GAMANGIRIS! Fenix slingshots for a clinch, but Dante fights the bomb! Fenix tries again, to give Dante a POP-UP CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Dante is still in this, fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow! Fenix puts Dante up top, then tucks him in, BLACK FIRE- CRADLE!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix gets up, into a SUPERKICK! Dante hurries up top, but Fenix CLUBS him first!

Fenix goes up after Dante, CLUBS away on Dante more, then positions himself. INVERTED SPANISH FLY, but they land on their feet! Dante just stares Fenix down and fans are thunderous! Dante ducks the haymaker to POISON-RANA! Dante hurries to the corner, he wants Fenix to get up! Fans are losing their minds as Dante jumps, jumps, but Fenix gets under the Nosedive! Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY, but Dante shows he has power on top of agility as he catches Fenix! But Fenix slips off to inverted suplex, into a knee and FIRE THUNDER PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall (advances to the Owen Hart Men’s Tournament)

That’s seven, too! As in, Fenix is now the seventh seed in the tournament! And he shows respect to Dante by bringing him up and hugging it out! But who will be the eighth and final name to join Fenix and all the others? The bracket is revealed! Fenix will take on Kyle O’Reilly! Jeff Hardy takes on Darby Allin! Adam Cole takes on Dax Harwood! And a “joker” will be drawn to take on Samoa Joe! All this in the opening, who make history in the Owen Hart Cup?


Darby Allin speaks.

“There’s not a lot to say about this, Jeff. The match kinda writes itself. It’s gonna be a special night.” Sting adds that Jeff Hardy will pull out all the stops, but so will Darby. And yes, it will be special. Two daredevils who throw caution to the wind are going to collide, who moves on to the Owen Hart Men’s Tournament semifinals?


Thunder Rosa is here!

The fans fire up for the AEW Women’s World Champion as she has the mic. “Everybody has a story to tell. And me? I’m gonna tell mine. Mine is full of good guys and bad guys. Full of successes and failures. But I’m gonna start with a success. As you can see me tonight, I stand in front of you your undisputed Women’s World Champion. And it was… I fought hard to defend and retain this title against Nyla Rose in Texas. I love you, too.” But guys, when she first came to AEW, she came with no expectations. She just wanted to elevate Women’s Wrestling. Little did she know that she’d become a bloodline and backbone of the division.

She carried a heavy weight for a long time. But with a lot of hard work, she was able to become who she is today. And she was even able to elevate a division that some continue to criticize. Today, she can tell us with confidence that she IS La Mera Mera of AEW! She is the top competitor among some of the best. And as such, she wants to take on the best and the most experienced. Which brings us to another story. Before she was Thunder Rosa, she went along California’s coast just to see one wrestler an done wrestler only. The one that inspired her to become the best version of herself. And with that said, Rosa wants to call out the #1 contender: Serena Deeb!

The Professor of Pro-Wrestling makes her way out! Deeb solidified her spot as the #1 contender after defeating Hikaru Shida in that Philly Street Fight. And Deeb says it’s been a long time for these two. Deeb’s watched Rosa scratch and claw her way to the top, and she has earned where she is right now. Deeb respects Rosa. Well, thank you. But y’know what? Deeb truly believes that these two can make this the best Women’s Division in the world! Rosa agrees and so do the fans. But… In order for that to happen, the best woman wrestler has to be champion. Well, what is Deeb saying? Doesn’t she see that this title MAKES Rosa the best woman wrestler?

Deeb says sure, Rosa is champion, that suggests Rosa is the best. But to be real, everyone is thinking but no one wants to say. Everyone knows deep down, from the fans to the wrestlers to the coaches! Deeb is on another level! Deeb is in a class all her own! And it’s about time Deeb has a title to show it. Oh? You wanna place a bet? Sure. Deeb places a bet that Rosa is about to have the shortest reign in AEW history! At Double or Nothing, Deeb takes Rosa’s championship! See you in Vegas! The match is on the table, but who comes away with the pot?


John Silver speaks.

“C M Punk! You wanna dance with the Meat Man, huh? Next week, it’s me versus you! Mano y mano in my hometown of Long Island, New York!” And the reason Silver is the Meat Man is because of these humongous steaks right here! Let’s freakin’ go! Will the Best in the World make an impression on Hangman through the Meatman? Or will Johnny Hungy eat Punk alive?


Undisputed ROH Women’s World Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo VS Mercedes Martinez!

Speaking of championships, the Virtuosa is not impressed with the OG Badass being just an “interim” champion. But Mercedes still had to earn becoming interim champion like any other champion! Will Mercedes also earn the right to be THE champion in ROH? Or will Deonna deny Mercedes and stand alone as the one true Woman of Honor?

The introductions are made by Bobby Cruz, both belts are raised, and only one leaves Baltimore with both!

Deonna refuses the Code of Honor but Mercedes shrugs that off. They circle, fans rally and duel, and the two tie up. They go around, break, and Deonna grins as she and Mercedes reset. They tie up again, are in another deadlock, but Deonna wrenches the arm and wristlocks. Mercedes rolls then wrenches Deonna back, and fans rally up more. Deonna powers through and headlocks, then grinds Mercedes. Mercedes fights up, puts Deonna in a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Deonna shoos Mercedes and the two reset again. They tie up, go around, and Mercedes puts Deonna back in a corner.

The ref counts the break, Mercedes lets off slowly, but Deonna avoids the chop! Mercedes avoids Deonna’s chop, and the two get forehead to forehead. Fans fire up and Deonna shoves Mercedes. Mercedes shoves back, they go again, feeling out the knuckle lock. Deonna wrenches to have a wristlock, then she gets the arm between her legs to TWEAK it! Mercedes goes to a corner while Deonna struts about and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Deonna storms up on Mercedes and stomps a mudhole into her. The ref counts, Deonna digs her boot in but lets off at 4. Deonna brings Mercedes up to ROCK her with a forearm, then ROCK her again. Mercedes goes back to a corner, Deonna brings her up to reel her in for a short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Deonna is annoyed but Mercedes clutches the bad arm as she goes to ropes. Deonna stalks Mercedes, toys with her, but Mercedes throws body shots and haymakers! Deonna flounders, Mercedes stands her up to CHOP her down. Mercedes stands Deonna up to CLUB her, too, then stomp her at ropes.

Deonna goes to the apron, Mercedes follows her out, but Deonna wrenches the bad arm to wrap around the ropes! The ref counts but Deonna wrenches that arm before letting off at 4. Deonna then hops down to drag Mercedes into the corner, and she SLAMS the arm against the post! Mercedes writhes and drags herself up. Deonna is after Mercedes with forearms, then gets space. Mercedes blocks the boot to SPEAR Deonna onto the apron! Mercedes flops down and shakes out the bad arm while Deonna writhes on the apron. Deonna drops off, goes after Mercedes, and she throws forearms. Mercedes hits back, and they brawl right at ringside!

Mercedes gets the edge, CHOPS, then whips. But Deonna reverses to POST Mercedes! Deonna crawls away while the ring count is climbing. Dynamite returns to single picture and the count is 17 of 20! Both women get in at 19! Fans fire up and Deonna is furious! Deonna and Mercedes crawl towards the other, and the forearms start flying! They go back and forth, over and over, but Deonna shoves. Mercedes CLOBBERS Deonna! Mercedes rallies, and SAIDOS! Deonna flounders to a corner, Mercedes gets her bad arm moving, BIG clothesline in the corner! Mercedes runs side to side and BOOTS Deonna down! Then she goes again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up while Mercedes gets back to her feet. Mercedes scuffs Deonna, drags her up, and fires off forearms. Mercedes ROCKS Deonna, whips, but Deonna reverses to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, into the FUJIWARA! Mercedes gets up, rolls away, but Deonna BOOTS her down! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Deonna is growing frustrated that Mercedes is still in this. Deonna drags Mercedes up, reels her in, but Mercedes back drops the piledriver away! Deonna sunset flips but Mercedes rolls through to KNEE Deonna down! Mercedes drags Deonna up, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Mercedes is shocked but Deonna is still in this! Fans rally, Deonna drags herself to a corner, but Mercedes takes aim. Mercedes runs in corner to corner, but Deonna dodges! Mercedes elbows Deonna away, but runs into an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Deonna is furious that Mercedes survives! Deonna drags Mercedes back up, Gotch hold, but Mercedes trips Deonna to a jackknife bridge! TWO, FUJI- NO! Cradle, TWO!! DOUBLE LARIATS! Both women are down and fans fire up! A standing count begins, Deonna gets herself to a corner again. Fans rally, Mercedes stands at 6 of 10, and she runs in, into a BOOT!

Deonna goes up the corner, but Mercedes ROCKS her with a haymaker! Fireman’s carry, LANDSLIDE! And then Mercedes gets the arms, for a CURB STOMP! Mercedes then hooks the legs, SLAPS Deonna and gets the arms again, DRAGON SLEEPER SURFBOARD! But Deonna BITES the arm!! So Mercedes BITES Deonna’s head!! DRAGON SLEEPER!! Deonna taps, Mercedes wins!!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by submission (UNDISPUTED ROH Women’s World Champion)

Interim no more, the OG Badass is THE ONE AND ONLY! She made the Virtuosa tap out, so Deonna shakes Mercedes’ hand. With as hard as she fought to become champion, how much harder will Mercedes fight to stay champion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for Dynamite here, and what a great main event. Deonna and Mercedes gave us a great match, and a great moment for Mercedes to come out the winner. Thunder Rosa also had a very good promo segment with Serena Deeb to set up their title match, but also to confront the criticism of the AEW Women’s Division. The irony is, I don’t think people say AEW has a weak women’s division. They just don’t show it off enough. But getting to close out the night was a great move, as is the women’s tag match for Rampage. A good part of the promo from Britt, Hayter, Ruby and Toni is that the Faces were fed up with just having promos. The tag match is going to be a lot of fun, as will the Owen Hart Cup matches.

Speaking of, the men’s qualifiers from tonight were awesome stuff. We got a great opening with Jeff VS Fish, as well as Cole on commentary. Jeff winning makes a lot of sense, since the Undisputed Elite can’t just fill up the bracket. Plus, Jeff VS Darby is going to be awesome for the opening round. Bucks coming out to tease a tag match in AEW with the Hardys was also great, because that’ll be awesome stuff. Dante VS Fenix was just incredible with the innovation and the agility, and Fenix winning also makes sense. Fenix VS Kyle is going to be a great clash of styles match. And I can’t wait to see who the joker/wild card will be, they’ll give Joe a great match.

Joe has a really good promo to respond to Lethal and his team talking trash on Konosuke. I’d be a little disappointed if Lethal was the joker, and not someone from NJPW. And with Kyle and Cole on opposite ends of the bracket, I would love if AEW gave us Kyle VS Cole as a way to reference NXT but also put some tension within the Undisputed Elite. Really good segment out of Varsity Blonds and House of Black, and they really dangled that Julia Hart turn in front of us. Death Triangle going after House of Black was good, though, and I bet we get some more matches before Julia gives into that dark side and joins House of Black.

We got a good segment out of Gunn Club and Acclaimed to create a sorta super group. But this is totally falling apart as soon as they lose and one side blames the other. Good promo from The Baddies, though not much development. Very good promos from Team Taz and Jurassic Express, and I was hoping the FTW Championship would come into this. Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland also have a good promo to remind Team Taz that they’re not done with each other. I feel like Team Taz cheats to keep the FTW title on Starks, but then maybe Keith & Swerve find a way to keep Team Taz from getting the tag titles, setting up a tag title blow-off for Double or Nothing.

A great promo from William Regal, and a great trios match from the Blackpool Combat Club. I kinda want BCC to feud with the AFO to keep building up that trios record. They can take all sorts of combinations, from Private Party and Angelico to Private Party and Blade, and eventually Andrade gets added to the mix. Though, with NJPW’s BOSJ coming up, they may have to pull back a bit on trios matches since Yuta will be participating and that obviously means being away in Japan. But Moxley and Bryan can still feud 2v2 with Private Party, Butcher & Blade, and… Oh, well, no The Hybrid2 since AEW let Jack Evans go…

Great match out of Jericho VS Santana, but of course the JAS cheats to help Jericho win. Fans wanted Eddie Kingston but of course he didn’t show up, he’s still recovering from the fireball. But surely Kingston will be back before Double or Nothing, and maybe with reinforcements. I’d love a 10 Man Tag for Double or Nothing. And then a great promo from Hangman because you’d think this was a Heel turn, but it’s really just him upping things with Punk. Punk VS Silver is going to be good next week but of course Punk will win. Hangman VS Punk is going to be great stuff, and there’s a chance Punk does win the title. But it won’t hurt Hangman that much since it is CM Punk.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/31/23)

Orlando stays Dark!



Universal Studios is still the AEW Dark Arena!

As they prepare to go after the AEW World Trios Championships, AR Fox & Top Flight reunite to take on The Wingmen: Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi!


  • Six Man Tag: AR Fox & Top Flight VS The Wingmen; Fox & Top Flight win.
  • Red Velvet VS Sofia Castillo; Velvet wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Fulton; Clayton wins.
  • Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Arn Anderson VS Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander; Anderson & Pillman win.
  • Skye Blue VS Renee Michelle; Skye wins.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions VS Mr. G & Dante Casanova; Shane Taylor Promotions wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Avery Breaux; Yuka wins.
  • The Workhorsemen VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; The Workhorsemen win.
  • Angelico w/ Serpentico & Luther VS Konosuke Takeshita; Konosuke wins.


A solid line-up, and I like that we’re getting to see Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. in action together after a backstage promo on Elevation not too long ago. Not sure what the team name is but two second generation stars together is a logical combination. Angelico VS Konosuke, that is going to be a great match, but I give the win to Konosuke. Red Velvet is in action again after also being on Elevation, she’s definitely building momentum towards taking on Jade Cargill for Jade’s 50th match. And good to see Shane Taylor Promotions in action here. They’ll be a strong part of the ROH Tag Team Division, even after having lost to Keith Lee after Swerve abandoned Keith.

And good to see AR Fox & Top Flight in action, and against The Wingmen. For one, good to see Avalon, Nemeth & Bononi teaming all together again. And this will be a good match to build momentum for Fox & Flight.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!



Can All Heart overcome the Swiss Superman?

The ROH World Championship returns to AEW Dark: Elevation, and Claudio Castagnoli takes on Blake Christian. Will All Heart survive the Swiss Superman?


  • Red Velvet VS Billie Starkz; Velvet wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Workhorsemen; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Brian Pillman Jr; Rush wins.
  • Athena & Diamante VS Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki; Skye & Yuka win.
  • Top Flight VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Top Flight wins.
  • The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart VS Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum; The Kings of the Black Throne win.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Blake Christian; Claudio wins.


A pretty good line-up, and I think Athena will end up in a program for her ROH Women’s Championship coming out of that tag match. Good tune-up match for Top Flight going into their AEW World Trios Championship program with the Elite, that should be a good win. And Blake Christian is going places. He’s had good stints on NJPW Strong, he’s in ROH and AEW, he’s going to give Claudio a great match. Claudio will still win, this is mostly to get things going towards Supercard of Honor on March 31st, but Blake could easily find himself going for a midcard title like the ROH Pure Championship or AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

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