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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/20/22)

Fuego is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

Does Fuego finally have the House of Black’s number?

Fuego del Sol is no longer alone, as the Dark Order is by his side against the House of Black! Will AEW’s favorite luchador finally burn down the house?


  • Six Man Tag: The House of Black VS Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno & Preston Vance; The House of Black wins.
  • Shawn Spears VS Big Damo; Spears wins.
  • Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Opening Round: Red Velvet VS Kris Statlander; Statlander wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson w/ William Regal VS Matt Sydal & Dante Martin; Moxley & Bryan win.


Six Man Tag: The House of Black VS Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno & Preston Vance!

Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews have been pushing the Fire of the Sun around, but he’s pushing back! And with the Dark Order backing him up, will Fuego finally get even with them? Or will the House always win?

The trios sort out and Brody starts with Uno. They tie up, Brody puts Uno in a corner but Uno dodges the splash to CHOP. Brody just gets mad! Uno dodges Brody’s chop, headlocks, but Brody powers out. Uno ducks and RANAS! Uno then CHOPS Brody in the corner, runs, but Brody runs him over! Uno gets up but Brody CHOPS him down! Brody brings Uno up, tags in Malakai and the House mugs Uno. Malakai brings Uno around to fire off fast hands and a KICK! Malakai KICKS Uno but Uno forearms and CHOPS back! Malakai forearms, headlocks but Uno powers out. Malakai rams Uno but Uno runs Malaki over!

Uno wrenches, fans duel, Vance tags in. The Dark Order mug Malakai in return, then they double whip! Vance whips Uno in to SPLASH in the corner, then a feed to the OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Vance drags Malakai to a cover, ONE! Vance drags Malakai up, puts him in the corner, but Malakai BOOTS back! Malakai fights Uno and Fuego off then gets Vance’s leg! HEEL HOOK! Vance powers up to rain down forearms! Vance gets free, blocks a kick and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then tags- Fuego!? He tagged himself in! But Malakai arm-drags Fuego down! Fuego fight sup, throws haymakers, but Malakai knees low.

Malakai shoves and CLOBBERS Fuego! Malakai drags Fuego up, wrenches and Buddy tags in. Buddy climbs up to DOUBLE STOMP the arm! Buddy wrenches and WRINGS Fuego out! Buddy hooks up the arm then grabs the other to mock “CERO! MIEDO!” DARK ARMBAR!! Fuego writhes and Buddy laughs at his pain. Then Buddy stands on the arm, but Fuego gets free! Tag to Uno! Uno fires off forearms and CHOPS on Buddy, Buddy headlocks but Uno powers out. Malakai tags in, Buddy BOOTS, Malakai sweeps the leg! Brody tags in to SENTON! The House flanks Uno, DOUBLE PENALTY KICKS! Then DOUBLE BOOTS for Vance!

Fans rally as Brody gets Uno up. Brody gets Uno up but Uno fights free! Fuego tags in again! Fuego GAMANGIRIS Brody, but Brody BLASTS Fuego off the apron! Fans fire up while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Brody goes out and CHOPS Fuego against the apron! And CHOPS him again! Brody puts Fuego in the ring, drags Fuego up, and CHOPS Fuego to the corner. Tag to Buddy, he brings Fuego out to CHOP him down! Buddy goes after the bad arm with a top wristlock but Fuego endures. Fans rally, Fuego fights up, but Buddy cranks the bad arm harder! Fuego still endures, still fights up, and he arm-drags free! Fuego kicks, Buddy blocks and duck the enziguri to waistlock. Fuego elbows and elbows until he’s free! Rampage returns to single picture as Buddy blocks another kick. Buddy flips Fuego but he lands on his feet! SPANISH FLY!!

Fans fire up while both men are down! Buddy and Fuego crawl to their corners, hot tags to Malakai and Vance! Vance dodges Buddy, ROCKS Malakai, BOOTS Brody, CLOBBERS Buddy then Malakai! BIG back suplex for Buddy! Brody waistlocks but Vance elbows free! Brody shoves Vance, scoops but Vance slips off to shove and clothesline Brody out! Malakai creeps up, but Vance ducks Black Mass! Vance wheelbarrows Malakai while Uno BOOTS Brody! HOTSHOT GERMAN! Uno then CANNONBALLS the rest of the House! Vance covers, TWO!! Malakai survives and fans fire up as Vance calls for “TEN! TEN! TEN!”

Vance drags Malakai up but Malakai arm-drags free. Malakai ROCKS Vance, blocks a kick to KNEE Vance back, but Vance choke grips! Buddy gets in, but also gets a choke grip! Vance shoves Buddy, but Malakai KNEES Vance and drags him down, HEEL HOOK! Vance endures, reaches out, but Buddy goes after Uno. Uno sends Buddy into railing! Uno gets in, flips Malakai off and stomps him! Fans fire up, Malakai KICKS Uno back! Malakai throws Uno out, but turns around into a DISCUS!! The leg slows Vance down, he and Malakai go to corners. Hot tags to Brody and Uno! Uno ducks and dodges to BOOT!

Brody comes back but Uno dropkicks the legs out! Uno runs, to BOOT Brody again! And again! And again! Three boots but Brody is still up! Uno brings Brody up, reels him in, but Brody back drops free! Vance gets back in but Brody knees him down. Brody throws Vance out, Fuego returns but gets caught! Brody feeds Fuego to Buddy while Malakai ARIHARA MOONSAULTS Vance down! Brody DRAPING DDTs Fuego!! Brody runs in but Uno BOOTS him! Uno ducks one lariat but not the LEFT! Canadian rack, GONZO BOMB!! Cover, the House of Black wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

The Numbers could not get it down, but wait! DEATH TRIANGLE makes their way out! Penta Oscuro, Rey Fenix, PAC and even Alex Abrahantes are here, and they unveil a tombstone. The House of Black’s name is on the stone, and the date: DOUBLE OR NOTHING, May 29th!! Will the House finally fall when Death Triangle puts it all on the line?


Backstage interview with Max Caster & The Gunn Club.

Lexi Nair cues up a clip from Dark: Elevation, after the Gunn Club & The Acclaimed were victorious as a quartet. It seems Bowens had a horrible spill on the stairs and now he’s injured! What does the group do now? Yeah, what do they do, father? Yes, Papa, what do they do? Yeah, daddy, what do they do? Billy Gunn moves past Austin to put his arm around Max Caster to say, “Well, son, all factions have to deal with adversity. But what makes a faction great is how they come out on the other side.” Bowens is watching at home, get well soon. And when you get back, get ready! They’ll have a big ol’ scissor party! Will Austin, Colten & Platinum Max keep things going in the Five Tool Player’s absence?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Tony Schiavone brings up the challenge set by Roppongi Vice, Trent Beretta & Rocky Romero, and Cash says that FTR are ROH World Tag Team Champions, as well as fighting champions, so on Dynamite, they have their match! Because FTR also wants to be AEW World Tag Team Champions and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, so if they beat RPG Vice, that’ll put FTR in line for those titles. Dax knows RPG Vice likes to joke around, but this ain’t a joke to FTR. The titles are how he makes a living and provides for his family. RPG Vice isn’t going to make a joke out of this. If they want a fight, FTR will give them a fight. #TopGuysOut.


Shawn Spears VS ???

The Chair Man vows to be a #GiantKiller when he takes down Wardlow, but he has another big tune-up match. But what giant does he look to take on this week? It’s BIG DAMO! The Belfast Behemoth comes to AEW! Spears knows this man from the past, can he still be a giant killer in the present?

The bell rings and the two circle. Damo rushes Spears but Spears bails out. Damo rushes out but Spears gets back in and BOOTS Damo down! Spears slingshots but fakes Damo out, then SUPERKICKS from the apron! Damo glares and shakes his head! Damo hits Spears with the DIVIDE! Damo puts Spears in but Spears bails out the other side. Damo drags Spears up but Spears ROCKS Damo. Damo grits his teeth, Spears springboards in but Damo dodges! Damo fireman’s carries for the WASTELAND and SENTON! Damo goes up, VADER FLOP as Spears moves! Fans boo but Spears brings down the kneepad! KAMI-GOYE!

Damo stays up but Spears fireman’s carries him! “WARDLOW!!” C4!! Spears covers, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

The Chair Man gets a mic and says he is Wardlow’s Kryptonite! He left Wardlow laying in the ring, proof that Wardlow is not Superman. Fans still chant for “WARD~LOW~” but Spears says next week, he won’t be trapped in a cage with Wardlow. Wardlow is going to be locked in a steel cage with Spears, the Giant Killer!


The Undisputed Elite speak.

Brandy Cutler, SHUT YOUR STUPID FACE! But at least he’s doing his job right. And speaking of doing something right, Kyle O’Reilly beat Rey Fenix in the Owen Hart Cup, and he did Adam Cole’s dirty work for him when he took to Sting! Kyle is on fire! Cole finds it is poetic that Cole VS O’Reilly in the finals is about to happen. The two best in the tournament! Kyle knew Cole would like what he did to the Stinger Man. And hopefully Vegas is ready for a little finger poke o’ doom. No, in all seriousness, it’ll be an honor to face his best friend and a great wrestler. Let’s do this!

In other news, the Hardy Boyz have an open schedule, right? The Hardy Boyz, the best tag team of the early 2000s. The Young Bucks, the best tag team of the 2010s and 2020s. Time to give Vegas a show. At Double or Nothing, it is a modern day tag team dream match! Young Bucks VS Hardy Boyz, Matt & Jeff are invited to a massive SUPERKICK PARTY! Now cut it, Brandon, you idiot!


Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Opening Round: Red Velvet w/ The Baddies VS Kris Statlander!

Two great friends are now bitter enemies! They say they no longer need each other, and that’s just fine when only ONE can move on in this tournament! Who meets Ruby Soho in the semifinals?

The bell rings Kris and Velvet tie up. They go around, Kris puts Velvet in a corner, but Velvet goes up the corner. The ref counts, Kris lets off but Velvet SLAPS her! Then kicks her! Kris grabs Velvet to trophy lift her! Fans fire up as Kris carries Velvet out, and uses just ONE ARM! Then Kris DROPS Velvet and fans fire up more! Velvet flounders to a corner but Kris whips her to ropes. Velvet ducks and dodges to tilt-o-whirl and merry-go-round! But Kris stops that to TOSS Velvet away! Velvet flounders out of the ring and fans fire up again. Kris builds speed and slides, but into the apron skirt trap! Velvet fires off on Kris but fans boo.

Chris Jericho says Velvet is the Sports Entertainer of the Week for that one, and Velvet stirs it up for the Baddies. Velvet aims from the apron, LEAPS, but Kris catches her! Kris SLAMS Velvet on the apron, while staring Jade down! The Baddies talk trash while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Kris gets in but Velvet fires off body shots! Velvet talks trash, pie faces, but Kris comes back, things speed up, and Velvet’s jump gets caught! Velvet says they’re still cool, right? Nope! Kris pops Velvet up but Velvet slips off, and then covers up as Kris shows haymaker. Kris hesitates, and Velvet trips her up! Velvet stomps away on the leg, then drops an elbow on the knee! Velvet hits a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Kris clutches her leg but Velvet slaps her around. Velvet pushes Kris to a cover, ONE! Velvet drags Kris up, and RAMS her into buckles, face first! Velvet talks trash, puts Kris in the corner and digs her boots in while doing the splits!

The ref counts, Velvet lets off at 4 and laughs before she goes out. Velvet SLAMS Kris’ leg on the apron! The Baddies fan Velvet off and clean up her hair, and then Velvet claims something is in her eye. The ref checks, and Kiera Hogan CHOKES Kris! Kiera gets away with that, and Velvet SLAMS Kris’ leg into the post! Velvet gets in the ring, puts Kris’ leg on ropes, and HIP DROPS it! The Baddies applaud and Velvet sets the leg up again. Velvet stands on the leg, mocks the fans cheering Kris on, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns, Kris KNEES Velvet in the corner! Velvet staggers, Kris runs up to O’Conner Roll, CHAOS THEORY! Cover, TWO!! Velvet survives and Kris can’t believe it! Fans rally, Kris drags Velvet up and suplexes, but Velvet knees free! Velvet CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg, then sets Kris up, the FINAL SLICE!! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives and shocks The Baddies! Velvet talks trash on Kris, calling her stupid, then she ROCKS her with a forearm! And another! Kris gets around to hit a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Velvet gets to the apron, Kris storms over but Velvet HOTSHOTS her!

Velvet hurries in, runs, and DOUBLE KNEES Kris against ropes! Velvet YANKS Kris back, wheelbarrows, VICTORY FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!?! Kris barely kicks out and Velvet is furious! Houston heats up and the Baddies coach Velvet. Kris slowly gets up, and she blocks the kick to LARIAT! Then she hauls Velvet up, gut wrenches, tucks her in, but Velvet rolls her! TWO, Kris has it deep! KRIS WINS!!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

But Kiera attacks! The Baddies beat up Kris! But Ruby Soho leaves commentary to rush in! Ruby DECKS Velvet, and gives Kiera an STO! Velvet gets up to fire hands, and now Jade gets in! The TBS Champion SLAMS Ruby down! The Baddies then get Kris back up, but here comes ANNA JAY! She CLOBBERS Mark Sterling and takes his crutch! The Baddies run away, the Queenslayer was ready to swing on them! Will the Baddies have to watch their backs from now on?


AEW takes a closer look at #Hookhausen VS Nese & Sterling.

Tony Nese is confident as he runs the bleachers. Sterling is still banged up but somehow Nese expects him to keep up. Hook does chin-ups, Danhausen just hangs there. Sterling does weak squats, Danhausen does weak curls. Hook jogs on the treadmill, Danhausen just kinda walks. Nese uses Sterling as a weight, then throws him around with suplexes! Is Nese going to do more damage to Smart Mark than #Hookhausen will? Or will the tough love whoop Sterling into shape?


Dan Lambert & The Men of the Year are in the ring.

Though Scorpio Sky is AEW TNT Champion, he doesn’t have his belt! Ethan Page has the mic to point out that bad things happen when they cross paths with MOTY & ATT! If you don’t believe them, ask the Inner Circle. Not that they exist anymore. But why not just look at one of the most beloved wrestlers on the roster and his girlfriend, and exposed them as the biggest pieces of trash they really are! And speaking of Sammy, talking is not something Scorpio came here to do. Bring your narrow ass out here with the belt, or he will bury you! Just like he did SCU.

Speaking of Sammy, he’s on the tron! Oh, hey, is this what you’re looking for? He holds up the TNT Championship, and says it is beautiful. Sammy pretends to drop it but he would never do that. He’ll carefully set this down. He’d never do anything to hurt the belt. But his friend, the sledgehammer, has different plans. So if Scorpio wants the belt back, they have to give SamTay the match they want. Lambert says, “What part of ‘no’ do you not understand, moron?” Figures. So Sammy SMASHES the belt!! And here’s an old friend of Scorpio’s who wants to join in! Frankie Kazarian tells Sammy to shut up a minute. No wonder no one likes him.

Kaz says here’s some facts. Last week, if not for Ethan Page & Dan Lambert, KAZ would be champion right now. And what Kaz is about to do to the belt is just a precursor of what’s coming for Men of the Year! Kaz starts smashing the belt!! Scorpio is freaking out as Kaz SLAMS the belt on the ground! Sammy says whether they like it or not, the match is happening. BE MAD! Will the mixed tag happen after all?


Backstage interview with Britt Baker and Toni Storm.

Tony Schiavone says The Doctor and the Lightning are meeting 1v1 in the Owen Hart Cup, the winner moving on to the finals. That’s pretty big, Storm. Can you handle that high pressure match? Uh, can Britt handle it without the help of her little friends? Speaking of which, you saw what Storm did to Hayter, and that will happen to Britt. If there is any funny business, any at all, so help her God, Storm will rearrange all of their teeth and become their DMD. Understand? Britt is speechless so she walks away. But will Britt have to admit it is #ToniTime in AEW?


Mark Henry talks with tonight’s main eventers!

He starts with Dante Martin & Matt Sydal requesting this match. What do they hope to get out of this? Dante wants to get one of the biggest wins to date, and to fly tot he top of the AEW Tag Division. Sydal says he’d like to show Blackpool Combat Club what it really means to mentor someone. He doesn’t want beat up Dante and bloody him. He wants to encourage him, show him the way to the top. Peace, love and pro-wrestling. They won’t become violent monsters, they’ll stay true to who they are.

Bryan Danielson says he loves peace, love and pro-wrestling, just not all together. He likes violence in pro-wrestling and it’s proven successful with Wheeler Yuta becoming ROH Pure Champion. You’ll see that violence works here tonight. Moxley adds that he can’t believe Sydal even said, “Peace, love and pro-wrestling.” They’re not just pro-wrestlers, they’re not just competitors and warriors, they are teachers. They teach with pain, torture and the most important lesson you’re about to learn: when you enter the ring with the BCC, abandon all hope. Then there’s been enough talk, it’s time for the main event!


The Baddies speak.

Tony, cut the shit! Get out, they don’t need him! Jade calls out Anna Jay. Since she felt like she can step up tot he plate and get her ass beat again, then at Double or Nothing, come get that ass-whooping! It’s official! TBS Championship, Jade Cargill VS Anna Jay, round two! Will Number 99 be the one in 30-1? Or will she just end up number 31 on #ThatBitchShow?


Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson w/ William Regal VS Matt Sydal & Dante Martin!

Chris Jericho says the Blackpool Combat Club has issues, but the Maniac & American Dragon get along enough to fight alongside each other just fine. Will they prove to the Jericho Appreciation Society and the high-flying teacher and student that blood, sweat and tears are thicker than water?

The teams sort out and BCC just rush Sydal & Dante! Mox throws Sydal out and Bryan CHOPS Dante! Mox sends Sydal into railing! Bryan uppercuts, KICKS and uppercuts again! Bryan DECKS Dante with an uppercut, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mox, he clotheslines Dante again and again! Moxley snapmares, runs and PENALTY KICKS Dante down! Cover, ONE! Moxley drags Dante up for a BIG suplex, covers, TWO! Dante reaches out but Moxley drags him away from Sydal. Moxley anchors the leg, tags Bryan and Bryan stomps Dante down. Bryan brings Dante around, turns him over and locks up the legs to then get the arms.

Dante endures as Bryan rocks him back into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Fans fire up while Dante endures, Bryan sets him down, fish hooks and CLUBS away on him! The ref reprimands, Bryan lets off to cover, TWO! Dante shows his toughness but Bryan tags Moxley. The BCC mugs Dante, Moxley throws more body shots over and over in the corner! Then he digs a knee in! The ref counts, Moxley lets off but then runs back in, but Dante moves and Moxley POSTS himself! Hot tag to Sydal, and he rills Moxley up for a school boy with bridge! TWO, but Sydal SOBATS! And ROUNDHOUSES! And KICKS, then whips.

Moxley reverses, scoops Sydal, but Sydal dragon sleepers for the SLICE! Cover, TWO! STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Moxley gets up, Sydal throws a forearm.  Moxley CHOPS, Sydal CHOPS, repeat! It’s a CHOP fight, but then Moxley throws a forearm. Moxley whips, Sydal reverses, but Moxley catches the leap to HOTSHOT Sydal down! Tag to Bryan, Moxley tosses Sydal out, and Bryan FLYING KNEES! “Who’s the best wrestler?!” Fans fire up for Bryan as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bryan drags Sydal up and puts him in the ring. Bryan has Sydal’s arm, brings him up, wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, then drags Sydal down with a hammerlock. Sydal endures but Bryan digs his knee in while he pulls on the arm! Bryan SNAPS a finger! Tag to Moxley, he drops a knee on the arm! Moxley keeps the hammerlock, scoops Sydal up, and SLAMS Sydal on the bad arm! Cover, TWO, but Moxley keeps on the bad arm for a half straitjacket. Moxley makes it a full straitjacket, and Sydal endures. Dante reaches out, Sydal fights up, goes around, and JAWBREAKERS free! Sydal staggers to a corner, and he BOOTS Moxley!

Sydal goes up, but Moxley ROCKS him! Sydal tumbles to the floor! Moxley goes out after him, and RAMS him into the timekeeper’s area! Moxley then brings Sydal back to scoop and SLAM on the floor! Moxley gets back in and Houston fires up. Sydal slowly gets up as the ring count climbs, and he flounders to the ring. The count is past 5 of 10, now 8, but Sydal hobbles in. Only for Moxley to DECK him! Moxley waits on Sydal to get up, and DECKS him again! Moxley stalks Sydal to ropes, brings him up in the BCC corner, and CHOPS him! Even Dante felt that one. Sydal dodges the haymaker to KICK back!

Sydal KICKS and KICKS but Moxley eggs him on! Moxley then SLAPS Sydal, but Sydal QUESTION MARK KICKS! Both men go down and Houston fires up! Sydal and Moxley crawl for their corners, hot tags to Bryan and Dante as Rampage returns to single picture! Dante springboards up and over Bryan to ROCK Moxley! Dante flips up and over Bryan, elbows him down, then runs to springboard and dropkick! Bryan bails out, Dante FLIES! Direct hit on both Bryan & Moxley with that crossbody! Dante gets Bryan in, and CROSSBODIES again! Cover, Moxley breaks it in time! Sydal goes after Mox and throws him out!

Sydal PLANCHAS, but Moxley catches him for a SLEEPER! Dante goes up top, but Bryan trips him up! Bryan ROCKS Dante with a forearm, climbs up top, and has Dante for a SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!! And into the LEBELLE LOCK!!! Dante endures, crawls forward, reaches out, but Bryan changes things to a RINGS OF SATURN!! Dante shakes his head, he uses his foot for the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Bryan lets go at 4, and Bryan snarls. Dante sits up, Bryan KICKS him! And again! And again! And again! And the BUZZSAW! Fans are thunderous and Bryan tags Moxley in.

Moxley drags Dante up, lifts him up, and Bryan runs, into a WHEEL KICK from Sydal! Moxley brings Sydal up to back suplex but Sydal lands on his feet! Sydal goes Matrix to dodge, and Dante ROUNDHOUSES Moxley! Then Sydal & Dante DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE! Moxley wobbles, Sydal gives Dante a boost in the SHOTGUN! Sydal goes up top and aims at Bryan on the apron! APRON METEORA!! Dante aims at Moxley, up, up and NOSEDIVE!! Cover, Bryan breaks it!?! Bryan managed to survive Sydal’s attack and save Moxley! “This is Awesome!” as Moxley and Dante slowly rise. Dante spins Moxley around, but Moxley kicks low!

Dante fights the Paradigm Shift, springboards, but into the SLEEPER! Dante pushes off the corner, cover, TWO!! SUPERKICK! Dante hurries to go back up the corner! MISSILE- POWERBOMB! Moxley rolls Dante through, brings him up, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Dante survives and Houston is thunderous! Bryan keeps Sydal out and Moxley rains down elbows! Bryan drags Sydal into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Elbows rain down all over the place!! Moxley then brings Dante up, underhooks, DEATH RIDER!!! Cover, BCC wins!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The high-flyers proved they can take a beating, but they couldn’t beat the American Dragon & Maniac! But then Jericho leaves commentary so that he and the rest of the JAS can mug them! It’s 3v1 on Moxley, 2v1 on Bryan, but then Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz run out! It’s a sample of Anarchy in the Arena, how much crazier will this get when it’s the real deal?!

My Thoughts:

A wild episode for Rampage here, with a lot more stuff set up for Double or Nothing. The Six Man Tag was an awesome opener, and we got a great showing out of Fuego, Uno & Vance, even though they were of course losing. Again, I hope Fuego ends up joining Dark Order full time since we’re not getting much out of Dark Order and Hangman. Death Triangle coming out just to use a tombstone to make the Double or Nothing match was good stuff, and that Six Man Tag will be awesome. Real bummer about Bowens, who knew it was so dangerous just walking back to gorilla? But good promo from Acclaimed Gunn Club to pivot, especially with Billy treating Caster as more a son than his real sons.

Spears continuing his “Giant Killer” streak kinda buried the lead that Big Damo is All Elite now. After WWE’s cutting spree from last year, I was wondering where Damo would show up, and it’s great to see him here. But speaking of burying, Spears sure squashed him here. They should’ve had it be Bear Bronson so that Spears could sweep Bear Country. But all this makes me think Wardlow is just going to destroy Spears. Great group promo from Undisputed Elite. I like that Kyle and Cole are totally okay that they’ll be facing each other, and I would love if the match gets chippy, bringing things back to NXT. And of course, Bucks VS Hardys is happening, that’ll be great.

FTR has a very good interview promo, FTR VS RPG Vice for the ROH tag titles is going to be awesome stuff for the go-home Dynamite. Storm’s part of the backstage promo was great stuff, really intense without having to yell. I’m still thinking Britt wins, she and Cole are on parallel paths and could both win these tournaments. Velvet VS Statlander was great stuff, and it was quite the surprise that Statlander won when Baddies were helping Velvet the whole time. But Soho VS Statlander could go either way now since both are Faces. Anna Jay helping them out against the Baddies was great, too, but I guess there really isn’t anyone for Jade to beat up right now. Jade VS Jay II will still be great, though, Jay’s solid in the ring.

The Hookhausen & “Premier Smark” montages were great, that match is going to be a lot of fun. The segment with Men of the Year, Sammy and Kaz was somehow both a lot of fun and yet still very cringe worthy. Sammy leaning into being the obnoxious guy with his obnoxious girlfriend seems to fit him well, but does walk the line of the heat he wants and the go away heat he doesn’t want. But one, yeah, that mixed tag match is finally happening after all the real-life circumstances have delayed it. And two, smashing that TNT belt is probably a way to give Scorpio his own custom one, just as Miro had for his reign.

And of course, a great main event. Sydal’s promo did have a good point, there are different ways to teach the future of pro-wrestling. And we need all those ways, because it’s great to have gritty Faces and clean Faces, so long as none of them are pushover Faces. The match was awesome, Dante gets tons of points for toughing it out like that. But of course BCC wins, this was the duo that works well together. Were this “sports entertainment,” maybe it would’ve been Bryan and Kingston in a “can they coexist?” booking, which ironically would make sense in story for me, but it’s fine that BCC would see ahead and avoid that scenario.

The brawl after was a good way to sign off, but apparently there was a scary mishap. Bryan got his leg stuck between ring and ramp for about 10 minutes, had a bad limp after, but seems to be otherwise okay. Anarchy in the Arena is still on for 5v5, and I’m sure Bryan will be 100% for that.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/26/23)

The Acclaimed are on a Rampage!



Get ready to scissor in Sin City!

Just days before Double or Nothing, AEW Rampage sees The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn continue in trios action! Will they be aiming for The House of Black soon enough?


  • Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable; The Acclaimed & Billy win.
  • Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???; Ethan & The Gunns win.
  • Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir; Britt & Shida win.
  • Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey; Moriarty & Morrissey win.


Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS La Faccion Ingobernable!

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass won the Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal over three weeks ago and are still building momentum in the Trios Division. But will they be able to bring down Rush, Dralistico & Preston Vance? Or will LFI make Sin City tranquilo?

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “Acclaimed in the house, we the nicest ever. This is not a game, this is not Fight Forever. Rush, you’re losing your cred. How you gonna fight us with all your pubes on your head? Wait, is this guy from Tijuana, bro? He looks like the dominatrix at the donkey show! We’ll make your crew say adios. Acclaimed here to win this match mas rapido!” Bowens gets the mic to say, “LAAAAS VEGAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” And he does~! But will this be muy bien for The Acclaimed? Or muy malo?

The trios sort out and fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Bowens starts against Dralistico and the two circle. Dralistico copies the conducting of the choir, and even offers the scissor finger. Bowens goes to accept but Dralistico kicks low! Dralistoco CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! But Bowens turns things around to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Dralistico CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bowens whips, Dralistico goes up and over and then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Bowens comes back with a mule kick, front kick, and KOTARO KRUSHER! Fans fire up because “EVERYONE Loves The Acclaimed!”

But Dralistico gets away and tags in Perro Peligroso. Bowens tags in Caster, and The Dangerous Dog circles with Platinum Max. They tie up, Vance headlocks, and Caster powers up and out. Vance runs Caster over, mocks the scissors, then runs. Caster drops, hurdles, then arm-drags! Caster has Vance’s arm and thrusts with it! Then Caster clamps the armlock, but Vance fights up to ROCK him with a forearm! Vance whips, Caster ducks ‘n’ dodges, and leaps, but into Vance’s arms! Vance FALL AWAY SLAMS Caster towards his corner! Billy tags in and fans fire up! Billy is a big man, just like Vance.

Billy takes off the brand new “I ♥ 2 Scissor” shirt, and shows off the DADDY ABS! Billy raises the hands, calling for a test of strength. Vance goes to oblige, but then Billy tells him “SUCK IT!” Fans fire up but Vance CHOPS Billy! Vance tells Billy to “SUCK IT!” then runs, but into a scoop! Billy carries Vance around, to FALL AWAY SLAM! What Vance can do, Billy can do better! Billy scoops and SLAMS Vance, tags Bowens in, but then Rush rushes in to ROCK Billy! Dralistico attacks Bowens and Caster, the LFI turn things around as they throw out Billy and Bowens. Billy is sent into the steps! Bowens and Caster are sent into railing!

Fans rally for The Acclaimed but the LFI all stomp away on Caster in the ring. The LFI mock the scissors, and then just flip off Caster before raising the LFI fists. Fans boo while Rampage goes picture in picture.

The LFI mug Caster more, then Rush CHOPS him in a corner. Dralistico CHOPS Caster, and then Vance stands Caster back up to CHOP him, too! LFI double whip Caster corner to corner, Dralistico runs in to SPLASH, and then Vance runs in to clothesline! Rush powers up, runs, and jumps just to BOOT Caster! Rush rolls back to tranquilo while the rest of LFI raise the fists. Fans rally for The Acclaimed while Vance bumps Caster off buckles. Vance then runs to BOOT Bowens! Rush drags Caster out, throws body shots, and then he and Dralistico put Caster back in for Vance. Vance then sends Caster back out to them, to send into railing!

Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but then LFI brawls with The Acclaimed on the outside! Rampage returns to single picture as fans chant “REF YOU SUCK!” Billy is sent into railing, and Dralistico dumps Bowens over into the front row! Vance keeps on Caster while Dralistico HEADBUTTS Bowens while he’s sitting on a fan’s lap! The fans help Bowens get up, Vance drags Caster up and tags in Dralistico. Dralistico CHOPS, then throws forearm after forearm. Dralistico goes side to side for a SUPERKICK! Dralistico lounges up top and the fans boo. Dralistico drags Caster up to whip but Caster blocks!

Dralistico CHOPS Caster, has him in an open corner, and he whips Caster corner to corner again. Caster dodges the splash! Dralistico rushes back after Caster, Caster dodges, and they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men are down, they crawl for their teams, hot tags to Vance and Billy! Daddy Ass rallies on LFI! He SPLASHES Vance in a corner, brings him out, kicks low and, well, “SUCK IT!” FAMOUSER!! Cover, but Jose helps with the ropebreak! Fans boo, they know the truth! Jose mocks the scissor fingers while celebrating his antics. But Caster tosses Jose in! Billy drags Jose up while Caster RAMS Dralistico into railing!

Bowens RAMS Rush into railing on the other side, then goes to the corner. Billy scoop SLAMS Jose into position! Bowens is up top, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Jose flounders out of the ring, and the fans fire up as The Acclaimed- NO, Rush & Dralistico drag Caster & Bowens out of the ring! Billy swings on Vance but he dodges, to DISCUS LARIAT!! Cover, Caster breaks it! Caster says Billy but Rush CLOBBERS Caster! Billy is in the corner, Rush stomps him! Fans boo, but El Toro Blanco says “When you mess with the bull,” only to turn around into Bowens’ Five Tool Strike Fest! SUPERKICK!!

Rush bails out, but Dralistico springboards in, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Dralistico drags Bowens up, but Bowens wrenches and clinches, THE ARRIVAL! Caster hurries, he tags in off Billy and climbs up! MIC DROP!! Cover, The Acclaimed win!!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

A fast ‘n’ furious battle, and Daddy Ass and his boys make it through! Bowens gets the mic to say, “How we doin’ tonight, Vegas?” Fans cheer, they’re doing great! “The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, we feel the exact same way, because we’ve been running through this Trios Division all month long! And seeing as though we are in Vegas, I think we should do some gambling. What do you say?” Bowens says that if Vegas is gonna gamble, maybe Sunday night, remember this: The House always wins, but never bet on Black! Because EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED! Bowens, Caster & Billy call out Malakai, Brody & Buddy, will the scissors cut down the House of Black?


Six Man Tag: Ethan Page & The Gunns VS ???

From one trios match to another, All Ego & The Ass Boys are taking on The Hardy Party at Double or Nothing, with Ethan’s contract on the line! Will Ethan, Austin & Colten be rolling into Sunday to exact revenge on Matt & Jeff?

The trios sort out, Austin starts against ??? and the two circle. Ethan & Colten distract ???, and Austin CLOBBERS him! Austin swaggers, then tags in Colten. Colten drags ??? up, puts him in the corner and stomps away on him! The ref counts, Colten lets off to tell her to shut up! Tag to Austin, Austin stomps a mudhole now, but the ref counts again. Austin lets off and shouts, then tags Colten back in. The Gunns whip, body shot, knee lift, and then LARIAT! Fans boo but the Gunns soak it up. Colten says if Ethan wants some, here he goes. Tag to Ethan and he soaks up the heat while trotting around ???

Ethan stomps ??? then brings him up, only to get a JAWBREAKER! Hot tag to 222! The Gunns jump in but Austin misses, Colten gets a BOOT, and then Austin gets a haymaker! 222 throws more heavy hands, but then Ethan BOOTS him down! Fans boo as Ethan looms over 222 and shouts, “Are you kidding me?” The Gunns take care of ??? and 333 by throwing them into the railing! Ethan puts 222 up, crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM! And then he and the Gunns get 222 up, feed to the 3:10 TO YUMA!! Cover, Ethan & The Gunns win!

Winners: Ethan Page & The Gunns, by pinfall

Ethan isn’t done, either, he wants a mic! A mic is given, and Ethan says he wants to talk to the “bozos” in Vegas. “Shut up, you basic ass civilians.” Ethan doesn’t care if anyone here was watching, he wants The Hardy Boyz to have been watching. Because if so, they just saw what a REAL three man crew, a REAL trio, can do! A REAL team! And on Sunday, guess we won’t find out what the Hardy Party can do because these three took out Kassidy! FOR GOOD! So it is clearly going to be 3v2 now. But wait, here come the Hardy Boys! Fans fire up as Matt & Jeff are on stage, and Jeff has a mic of his own!

Jeff says, “The Ass Boys are looking good out here on Rampage with a boost of ego. This Sunday, the Egos will be DELETED, compliments of us.” Matt tells Ethan that his contract and his ass will belong to Matt now! If they have to fight 3v2, they’re not afraid to. Because to them, fear is only a four letter word. Wait, Kassidy is here with a neck brace? Ethan mocks them to come on down, and Austin mocks the moaning and squealing. Kassidy says unfortunately, the doctor did not clear him to compete. However… He found a replacement. It’s HOOK!! The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil did help Hardy Party in the Firm Deletion, so he has returned to help them again!

Fans fire up as Hook follows the Hardy Boys to the ring, and that sends Ethan & The Gunns running! Will the remnants of The Firm be torn down once and for all now that Kassidy has #SentHook?


Backstage interview with Naturally Limitless.

Lexi Nair is with Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes, and we all know things have been heating up between them and the now Mogul Embassy. It has just been announced that Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage are both in the Blackjack Battle Royal, as are they. What does that mean for them? Imagine that, huh? Swerve and Cage in a battle royal. So after Keith & Dustin eliminate them, because this is all for the International Championship, then Keith & Dustin can just eliminate everyone else and then make a decision on who wins it all. Dustin is confident he and Keith can come to an agreement.

But Swerve and Cage, you know it’s heated. You know it’s coming. Be ready. Keith adds that if the Embassy is in this, then he can’t wait! Keith heads out, and Dustin hopes Swerve saw that. Will nothing stop Keith & Dustin settling things with Swerve’s House this Sunday?


Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir!

While The Doctor & The Full Metal Warrior couldn’t put away the Outcasts, they are sticking together in this ongoing battle of AEW Homegrowns and everyone else. Will these former AEW Women’s World Champions prove they are still a formidable team? Or will the Vicious Vixens be a major problem for them?

The teams sort out, Shida starts against Nyla as no strangers to each other. They circle, and then Nyla kicks low and CLUBS Shida on the back! Nyla bumps Shida off buckles, then tags in Marina. The Vixens double whip, but Shida ducks the double ax handles to shove Marina into Nyla, and then shove them both into a corner! Shida runs corner to corner to KNEE them both down! Shida then snap suplexes Marina onto Nyla! Fans fire up with Shida and she points to Britt. Fans fire up as Shida tags in Britt! Britt fires off on Marina, but Marina shoves her back. Britt dodges, comes back, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Britt keeps on Marina with hammering elbows, then she wraps on a chinlock. Britt brings Marina up but Marina blocks the suplex. Britt powers up and still suplexes Marina up and over! Cover, TWO! Britt brings Marin up, ROCKS her, and then whips her to ropes. Marina reverses to CHOP and BOOT Britt down! Marina scowls, storms up on Britt, and tags in Nyla. The Vixens mug Britt in the corner, and Nyla CHOKES Britt on the ropes! Nyla laughs right into the corner camera before she lets go at 4. Fans boo as Nyla stands on Britt and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Nyla lets off as the ref counts, and then Nyla drags Britt up. Nyla scoops Britt to SLAM her down, then she soaks up the heat. Nyla stomps Britt, drags her up, and scoops to SLAM her again! Nyla mocks the “D! M! D!” and then stalks Britt to scoop her again. Britt slips off, but Nyla choke grips her for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Marina and Shida shout at each other, and Nyla brings Britt up to CLUB her on the back. Nyla bumps Britt off buckles, tags Marina, and Marina fires off body shots! Marina kicks Britt’s legs out, then tags Nyla back in. The Vixens drag Britt up to whip her hard into the corner!

Marina whips Nyla in to SPLASH! And then Nyla feeds Britt to Marina’s BOOT! Marina taunts Shida, clamps onto Britt with an armlock, and she grinds Britt down. Britt endures, reaches out, throws slapping hands on Marina, but then Marina whips Britt back into the corner! Nyla tags back in, the Vixens mug Britt more, and Nyla RAMS Britt in the corner! And again! And again! Nyla sits Britt down, digs her boot in, and mockingly counts along with the ref before letting off at 4. Nyla snapmares, clamps claws onto Britt’s shoulders, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and the Vixens double whip Britt into their corner again! Marina sends Nyla in but Britt avoids the splash! Marina hurries after Britt, misses, and she stubs a toe on the ropes! Gotta be careful going barefoot! Hot tag to Shida! Shida dodges Marina, ENZIGURIS her down, then rolls to SHOTEI Nyla! Marina throws a forearm, but Shida throws a flurry in return! Fans fire up with Shida as she just hammers away on Marina! Marina staggers around, swings, but Shida DECKS her! Shida puts Marina in a corner, climbs up, and Shida rains down more fists! The fans count along and Shida gets all the way to TEN!

Shida roars, brings Marina out with a kick, and then adjusts up top to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Shida tags Britt then runs to ROCK Nyla! Britt brings Marina up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, but Nyla scoop SLAMS Shida onto it! Nyla is mad and she hoists Britt up. Nyla hangs Britt out to dry, then goes to the corner! Nyla climbs, aims, but Shida saves her from the knee! Nyla runs back in, but Shida & Britt dump her out hard! And then a METEORA to the floor wipes the Native Beast out! Britt has a glove, she spells it out, “D! M! D!” But Marina CHOPS, KICKS and KICKS! But Britt dodges to SUPERKICK!

Britt hurries to ripcord and- NO, Marina gets around to ripcord and SAYANAGI! Cover, TWO into a ghost pin! TWO into the RINGS OF SATURN! Shida is in, KATANA puts Marina into the LOCK JAW!! Marina is OUT, the ref calls it! Britt & Shida win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida, by submission

A hard fought victory for the Doctor and the Warrior! But wait, The Outcasts are on the tron! And they’re all shaking their heads but smirking as they stand over JAMIE HAYTER! They went after her backstage! Shida & Britt hurry to the back but the damage has been done! Will Hayter be able to defend the AEW Women’s World Championship after this?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, ahead of the Blackjack Battle Royal, Lee Moriarty & Big Bill take on Best Friends. Let’s see which team comes out on top. Well, it looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!” Will Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor have the hot hand going into the International Championship match? Or will #TAIGASTYLE and the human skyscraper make bust them already?

Best Friends VS Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey!

As Best Friends make their entrance, we see their best amigos, Bandido, Komander and even The Lucha Brothers all watching from the front row. They’re all going to be in the battle royal, too, and well, look at that. It would seem The Superbad Squad and the Varsity Athletes had the same idea. They’re all together in one section watching this in person, too.

Anyway, the teams sort out and Moriarty starts against Chuck. They circle, Chuck does some drop steps, and then the two tie up. Chuck waistlocks, wrenches an arm, then wristlocks. Moriarty works on the escape, but Chuck cranks the wrist. Moriarty stomps a leg, rolls and kips up to then arm-drag free. Chuck backs off and Moriarty does his dance. Fans boo but Bill cheers. Trent tags in and he circles with Moriarty. They tie up, Moriarty gets around to a waistlock but Trent switches. Moriarty switches back, Trent switches again, but Moriarty elbows free and hits a headlock takeover.

Trent headscissors, Moriarty kips free and hits another headlock takeover. Trent headscissors again, Moriarty kips free again, and fans cheer the standoff. Moriarty does his dance and fans boo again. Moriarty claps at Trent, but Trent offers a handshake. Moriarty accepts, but he sees the cheap shot coming! Trent laughs it off, but Moriarty rakes the eyes! Moriarty CHOPS Trent to ropes, whips him, but Trent reverses. Chuck hits Moriarty, but Moriarty DECKS him! But then Trent CLOBBERS Moriarty! Fans fire up with Trent and he brings Moriarty up. Trent CHOPS Moriarty down, then tags Chuck.

Best Friends double whip Moriarty to a corner, then Trent sends Chuck in to clothesline! Trent runs in to ELBOW! Trent brings Moriarty out, Best Friends double suplex! They both flex on Morrissey, then SLAM Moriarty down! Fans cheer but Big Bill runs in! He breaks the double clothesline to DOUBLE LARIAT the Best Friends! Bill clotheslines Chuck out, then he whips Trent corner to corner hard! Trent tumbles up and out and Bill paces. Best Friends are down while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bill goes out to stomp Trent around, then stalks Trent. Bill rains down fists on Trent, but Chuck is after Moriarty! Chuck whips but Moriarty reverses to send Chuck into railing! Bill drags Trent up, ROCKS him, and Moriarty puts Chuck in the ring. Moriarty drags Chuck up, UPPERCUTS him, and then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Moriarty lets off, and he distracts the ref so Bill can BOOT Chuck down! Moriarty covers, TWO! Moriarty drags Chuck up, the Varsity Athletes and Superbad Squad aren’t impressed with any of this, but Bill tags in. Bill throws body shots, the Lucha Brothers cheer Chuck on.

Bill digs his boot in, but steps off as the ref counts, and Moriarty CHOKES Chuck now! Trent protests but Moriarty scurries away. Bill soaks up the heat from Vegas, then he DECKS Chuck! Bill drags Chuck up, ROCKS him again, then tags in Moriarty. They mug Chuck, stomp away on him, and the ref counts. Moriarty lets off and roars, then goes back to Chuck. Moriarty drags Chuck up to wrench an arm into an ELBOW BREAKER! Moriarty snapmares Chuck, wraps him up, but Chuck fights the straitjacket. Moriarty turns Chuck over and hammerlocks an arm, to then SNAP LOCK it!

Chuck endures, even as Moriarty bridges over! Moriarty then goes back around to SNAP LOCK the arm again! Chuck endures, Moriarty bridges again, and then SNAP LOCKS a third time! Chuck manages to sit up, he throws some elbows, and he gets free! Only for Moriarty to DECK Trent with a cheap shot! Moriarty CLUBS Chuck, brings him around and tosses him out! The ref is distracted with Moriarty and Bill goes over to run at Chuck. But Chuck dodges, and the big boot from Big Bill gets stuck on the railing! That’s not good for Little Willie! Rampage returns to single picture and Moriarty rushes out! Chuck dodges and slides in, to hot tag Trent!

Fans fire up as Trent gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Moriarty! And then GERMAN SUPLEX again! And HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX! Fans fire up while Moriarty flops out of the ring. Trent builds speed to DIVE, but into Big Bill’s  big hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM!! The Lucha Amigos all wince from that and Trent flops to the floor. Bill drags Trent up, puts him in the ring, and then he tags in. Bill runs in at Trent, but Trent dodges the splash! Bill hits buckles and maybe even post! Trent half nelsons but Bill elbows free, only to get a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! Trent then reels Bill back in, SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF!!

Fans fire up with Best Friends, and Best Friends HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! Trent then drags Bill up while Chuck climbs the corner. But Moriarty CLUBS Chuck down off the corner! Bill turns Alabama Lift into Canadian Rack, but Trent slips free! Trent runs, but into the BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!! Fans fire up from that feat of strength, and Bill tags Moriarty. They haul Trent up, Bill full nelsons and Moriarty gets the legs, NARAKU!! Cover off the full nelson swinging bomb, but Chuck breaks it!! Fans fire up as Best Friends survive! Moriarty drags Chuck up to TOSS him! Tag to Bill and they go back to Trent.

Moriarty wants Bill to go to the corner and Bill climbs up. Moriarty brings Trent up, but Chuck anchors Bill! Trent sends Moriarty into Little Willie! Moriarty flops out of the ring, and Best Friends fire off hands on Bill! They adjust Bill’s position up there, then climb up after him! DOUBLE SUPERPLEX!! Trent crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Bill survives and the Varsity Athletes are amused. The Lucha Amigos rally for Trent & Chuck as Chuck reels Bill in. But Moriarty slides in to claw Chuck’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Trent whips Moriarty. Moriarty reverses to send Trent out and then BOOT him down!

But Chuck kicks Moriarty and reels him in! AWFUL WAFFLE!! But Bill BOOTS Chuck!! Bill choke grips, and SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAMS him!! Cover, Bill & Moriarty win!

Winners: Lee Moriarty & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Moriarty & Morrissey stand tall, but this was in tag team action. The battle royal is every man for himself, will it come down to these two at the end? Wait, they go up to the Lucha Amigos to talk some trash, and Bandido gives thumbs down right to their faces. Bill shoves Bandido, so Bandido throws a forearm! Moriarty goes after Bandido, the Lucha Brothers go after Moriarty and Bill! And then Butcher, Blade, Kip, and the Varsity Athletes join in! People are sent into railing, and the Varsity Athletes mug Trent in the ring! Sterling tells them to keep going, but here comes ORANGE CASSIDY himself!

The Freshly Squeezed International Champion is here, he runs the Varsity Athletes off swinging his backpack, but the other entrants are still brawling it out on the outside! Cassidy shows off the prize, but here comes THE MACHINE! Brian Cage storms his way down to the ring, but here comes KEITH LEE! He and Dustin Rhodes storm their way down to the ring, and they add a lot of beef to the brawl! Naturally Limitless mugs Cage, the Varsity Athletes still mug Trent, and Cassidy just looks around at the chaos. But then “Whose House? SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve is here in person, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to save Cage.

Keith eyes Swerve from the ramp, but Dustin still throws hands on Cage. Keith storms up after Swerve, but Swerve laughs and dares him to follow backstage. Cage turns things around on Dustin, all the other teams keep beating on each other! If this is how it is to close Rampage, how much wilder will it get when the title is on the line?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage for the go-home of Double or Nothing, and obviously since we didn’t see the traditional pre-battle-royal brawl on Dynamite, of course we saw it here to close the show. The main event tag match was great stuff, and what a great surprise that Best Friends didn’t win! The go-home math now says Moriarty & Morrissey aren’t winning, though I would love if one of them did have a belt. Honestly, they’re trying to make it seem like Cassidy is going to retain the title, since almost everyone else in the battle royal either A) has a feud going already or B) just isn’t at midcard champion level yet.

For example, Swerve & Cage VS Keith & Dustin. We should’ve had some kind of blowoff way sooner than this, maybe on a themed Dynamite and in a No Disqualification style match. Same thing for Ricky Starks, Jay White and Juice Robinson being in this match. But that problem goes all the way back to how AEW handled Starks VS Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. In the end, if anyone new is winning this belt, I would actually want it to be Komander. Komander is still with AAA, so I would love to see him do a tour of Mexico with the title the same way Pac toured the UK with it to establish that first reign.

Decent squash match from Ethan & Gunns beating those jobbers we never even got the names of, and great promo with Hardy Party to establish a new take on the Six Man Tag. Hook joining is a natural choice given he helped the Hardys against The Firm before, but something about this feels like the same backwards pacing as we’ve seen with Starks. The Hardys should’ve turned the contract control tables on Ethan way before The Firm Deletion, with The Firm Deletion being the blowoff that sends the Hardys and Ethan in different directions. Hook & Hardys will definitely win, and we will get who knows how many months of shenanigans where Matt orders Ethan around.

Really good women’s tag match with Britt & Shida winning, even though there’s nothing to win for women’s tag teams in AEW anymore/right now. But of course The Outcasts attack Hayter 3v1 to put her on the defensive. This go-home math would mean Hayter overcomes the odds because she has Britt & Shida helping against Saraya & Ruby. Personally, I’m hoping Taya Valkyrie beats Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, so that Jade can then jump up to the world title scene and really just tear into all six ladies. What bigger way to lead into AEW Collision, AEW All In and AEW All Out this Summer than with Jade finally being more than the midcard champion?

And great stuff at the beginning with The Acclaimed VS LFI. I just knew Acclaimed would find a way to win and then call out The House of Black. Apparently House of Black issued an open challenge for Double or Nothing, so The Acclaimed has answered it already. I am curious to know what stipulation The Acclaimed will bring to the Open House, but I really can’t be sure who wins. The House of Black have made the Trios Championships unique from the other titles, and have a growing popularity with the fans, but The Acclaimed are also really popular. This is like how AEW booked themselves into a corner with Hobbs VS Wardlow, and look where that’s gotten Hobbs.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/24/23)

Viva Las Vegas!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Dynamite is upping the ante!

Even before Double or Nothing, AEW has THREE championships on the line! Will Orange Cassidy still be International Champion going into Sunday? Or will he bust even before the Blackjack Battle Royal?


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Kyle Fletcher; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Trios Championships Open House Rules Match: The House of Black VS AR Fox, Blake Christian & Metalik; The House of Black wins and retains the titles.
  • Taya Valkyrie VS Lady Frost; Taya wins.
  • Roderick Strong VS Daniel Garcia; Strong wins.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta; The Lucha Brothers win and retain the titles.


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Kyle Fletcher!

Freshly Squeezed is still a fighting champion, even after all the damage he’s taken. Meanwhile, “Dunkzilla” Mark Davis is unfortunately injured, so Aussie Open had to vacate the tag titles they’d collected. Will the Aussie Arrow rebuild the collection? Or will Cassidy be on a roll going into Double or Nothing?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Kyle beats the pulp out of Orange!

The bell rings and Kyle rushes up but Cassidy stays in the corner. The ref has Kyle stay back, and Cassidy takes his sunglasses off. And Kyle GAMANGIRIS! And suplexes to BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy survives this fast and furious start, and Kyle drags Cassidy up. Kyle swings but Cassidy slips out! Cassidy shoves Kyle to a corner, runs in, but Kyle dodges to shove Cassidy. Cassidy goes to the apron but Kyle DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up, Kyle builds speed and he DIVES! Direct hit and Cassidy hits railing! Kyle puts Cassidy in, then runs to LARIAT him down! Cover, TWO! Cassidy is still in this and he hurries away.

Kyle is annoyed and a ring count starts. Kyle goes out to the apron, then climbs up the corner. Cassidy rises, and Kyle mocks putting hands in his pockets. But Cassidy SHOVES Kyle off! Kyle crashes hard on the apron! Cassidy then climbs up, leaps, and APRON DDTS! Kyle falls to the floor, Cassidy rolls into the ring and lets the count handle this. Kyle stands at 6 of 10, so Cassidy goes out to give him BEACH BREAK to the floor!! The ring count restarts and Cassidy leaves Kyle behind. The count passes 5 of 10, Kyle sits up at 7, but he’s dazed! Kyle springs in at 9.5!! But Cassidy covers, TWO! Kyle covers, TWO!

Cassidy runs in, Kyle dodges the punch but Cassidy blocks the kick. Cassidy holds his hands up, but then he ducks the superkick to SHOTGUN! Cassidy kips up but Kyle SUPERKICKS! Fans fire up, Kyle covers, TWO! Kyle rains down fists on Cassidy, and even elbows! Fans rally and duel as Kyle goes to a corner. “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “FRESHLY SQUEEZED!” Kyle drags Cassidy up, suplexes, and he holds Cassidy up! Kyle walks around with Cassidy, Cassidy drops his hands, and Kyle SLAMS him down! Cover, TWO! Cassidy is still in this and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Kyle is frustrated, but Cassidy still clutches his neck as he goes to a corner. Kyle wants Cassidy to stand, and then Kyle runs in corner to corner. But Cassidy drops out of the ring! Kyle is further frustrated while Cassidy rests on the ramp. The count starts, there is Champion’s Advantage here, but Cassidy dares Kyle to come out after him. Kyle obliges, but then Cassidy slides into the ring! Cassidy now dares Kyle to get back in. Kyle slides in, but Cassidy rolls out. Kyle does his best to keep his cool over Cassidy but Cassidy raises his hands, and puts them in his pockets! Kyle mockingly applauds, and then rushes out!

Cassidy rolls back in, and he lounges! The trolling continues but Kyle is keeping his cool. Kyle hops onto the apron, and Cassidy rolls all the way out the other side. Kyle rushes after Cassidy, the cat ‘n’ mouse continues but Kyle runs around the outside. Cassidy just rolls around inside so that he’s perfectly at the center. And then Cassidy lounges and gives a thumbs up. Kyle rushes in, Cassidy runs and tilt-o-whirls, but Kyle blocks it! Kyle suplexes, and then blocks Stun Dog Millionaire to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Kyle says that’s it while Cassidy flounders around. Dynamite returns to single picture as fans rally up.

Kyle brings Cassidy up, suplexes, but STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE hits! And then Cassidy tilt-o-whirls, DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives, but Cassidy is too sore to be upset. Cassidy goes to the apron, climbs up a corner, but Kyle hurries to anchor a foot. Cassidy stomps Kyle, kicks him away, but Kyle comes back to GAMANGIRI! Cassidy drags himself back up the apron but Kyle drags him up the corner. Fans fire up and Kyle deadlifts, but Cassidy throws body shots! Cassidy CLUBS and ELBOWS Kyle on the back and neck, then shoves Kyle down! Cassidy adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY, but Kyle catches him!

Kyle swings for the MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy survives and fans fire up again! Kyle grows further frustrated but fans continue to duel. Kyle drags Cassidy up, reels him in, but Cassidy fights off the lift. Kyle CLUBS away on Cassidy’s bandaged back, and then ROCKS him with a right! But Cassidy Alabama Lifts! Kyle sunset flips, ONE and deadlift, but Cassidy slips out of the bomb! Cassidy then ducks the lariat, blocks a kick, and he brings Kyle around. Kyle breaks free to ROCK Cassidy! Kyle drags Cassidy up, ROCKS Cassidy with a forearm, then has him in a corner.

Kyle stands Cassidy up, fires off forearm after forearm, then rolls back. Kyle runs back in, to GAMANGIRI! And then Kyle reels Cassidy in, but Cassidy suplexes for a BRAINBUSTER!! Both men are down and fans rally up. A standing count starts but Cassidy shakes his head and stands up at 5 of 10. Cassidy brings Kyle up but Kyle ROCKS Cassidy! Cassidy “rocks” Kyle, and “rocks” him again! And again, and again, and again! Cassidy winds up, but he ducks the leg lariat to SUPERKICK! Scoop and MICHINOKU DRIVER! TWO, Kyle rolls through to a TOMBSTONE!! But then Kyle brings Cassidy up, for JUMPING TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO!!!

Cassidy survives and Kyle cannot believe it! Vegas is thunderous, “This is Awesome!” Kyle shakes his head, he drags Cassidy to a corner and climbs up. Kyle reels Cassidy up to join him, and then scoops again! Fans freak out but Cassidy fights the gut wrench! Kyle switches his grip, SUPER MICHINOKU DRIVER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? How did Cassidy survive that?! Kyle is at a loss for words but fans hope they “Fight Forever!” This has to end somehow, this is just the first match of the night! Cassidy crawls to ropes, drags himself up, and Kyle fires up. Kyle aims, runs, and CALF KICKS Cassidy in the back!

Kyle hammerlocks, half nelsons, scoops, but Cassidy kicks off buckles to TORNADO DDT!! Fans fire up and Cassidy is fired up! Off comes the elbow pad, but Kyle SUPERKICKS the bad hand! Wrench, hammerlock, half nelson, scoop and- Victory roll from Cassidy! Crisscross clutch, CASSIDY WINS!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Aussie Arrow missed the mark and Orange Cassidy holds onto the gold! But now it’s on to the Blackjack Battle Royal, will Freshly Squeezed win when he’s facing 20 other men?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks.

Renee Paquette is with The Absolute and notes that last week, Starks got himself disqualified against Jay White. Just what is going on with him right now? Starks says it is no secret he is a hot head. And last week, people probably thought he was acting out of emotion. But he wants us all to know, he was in full control. “Every single week, it’s the same. I get beat up by Jay ‘n’ Juice, every single match. And I am sick of it, I am tired of it, and if no one here is gonna do anything about it, I am gonna take matters into my own hand! Because I have nothing to lose anymore! This Sunday at the Blackjack Battle Royal, I am refocusing my energy on winning the International Title.

“Because guess what? Guess what I can do to two guys I can do to 20 men?” But then Starks gets attacked by Juice! Juice eggs Starks on as he beats him down, and then Starks hits back! But White joins in! Bullet Club Gold beats Starks down, and THROW him into a road case! The Switchblade mocks the pose while Rock Hard rains down fists! Juice sets Starks on the case, and White ahs a chair! White SMACKS Starks on the back! White then takes a seat and says, “You think you’re done with us? You think you’re done with Bullet Club Gold?” Juice shouts, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

White says they’re having too much fun making Starks’ life hell! And they’re gonna keep having fun, so see you around, sweet boy. Bullet Club Gold leaves Starks black ‘n’ blue, but will Starks absolutely tear them apart in the battle royal?


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry speaks.

“Y’know, I drove into Vegas last night. And I thought about all the times in my life I drove down that exact same road to get here. I used to drive down here with my buddies to wrestle at a little casino down the street. I drove down here during one of the most difficult times of my life, for the first Double or Nothing. Last year after Double or Nothing, I drove home with Christian Cage in the car next to me, and I had no idea that a few weeks later, my world would be turned upside-down.

“And every single time I make that drive, it’s a little bit different than the time before. But one thing is always the same, and that is the feeling that I get when I stand inside of that ring. That ring has given me a purpose. That ring has let me be the man that I wanna be. That ring has let me live the life that I choose to live. And on Monday morning, when it comes time to drive back home over that very same road, I’m going to do it as the AEW World Champion.” Will Jungle Boy’s road soon be paved with gold after Double or Nothing?


FTR is here!

Las Vegas cheers as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler head down to the ring and get the mics. Cash tells Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal that “it’d be easy for me to stand here and say that you are ‘carny.’ It would be easy for me to say that you are trash. It would be easy for me to say that you only are where you are because you politicked your way there. But the bottom line is, every step of the way, you’ve outsmarted us. Every step of the way, we’ve known what you’re gonna try, we’ve known what you’re gonna do, and you still done it, because you’re smart.” That can’t be taken away from Triple J, they are smart and they are good.

But more importantly, Triple J’s been lucky. “Sunday, Double or Nothing, your luck runs out.” Fans like the sound of that! Dax says that if you think those guitars are gonna keep them down, they’re mistaken. Jarrett, you could smash a million guitars and you still ain’t relevant! So what they do is attach their names to the greatest tag team int he world today, and Dax doesn’t blame ’em! He’d probably do the same damn thing! But if Triple J thinks that for one second, the head of the tag team division is gonna be a couple of rejects from TNT, nuh-uh! Ain’t gonna happen!

“After Double or Nothing, you might wanna make a call to the Queen of the Mountain and make sure you got some job security.” And by that, Dax doesn’t mean Jeff’s “b*tch of a wife, Karen.” Dax means Dixie! #TopGuysOut! But wait, here comes Mark Briscoe! Mark has a mic of his own, and he joins FTR in the ring. Cash wants Mark to wait. They know he’s mad and he has every right to be, but don’t let Triple J make you look stupid. Last year, three times, FTR went to hell and back with the Briscoes. And this year, they’d go to hell and back for Mark! The fans cheer that. Mark says no doubt, they are blood brothers for life.

That is why Mark has to know. What was Dax’s piledriver all about? Dax wants Mark to understand, he couldn’t see, he was trying to piledriver some “carny a-hole,” not Mark. Dax apologizes and says to shake hands like a man. Mark slaps the handshake away! Dax says he loves The Briscoes, but he can’t disrespect Dax like that on TV. Shake his hand! Mark looks at his hand, and SLAPS Dax!! Fans fire up and Cash stops Dax from retaliating. This is Triple J getting in Mark’s head! But Mark isn’t listening anymore and he takes his leave. And wouldn’t you know, here comes Triple J? Mark shoves Karen aside and shoves Sonjay, too! Then he SLAPS Jarrett himself!

Fans fire up as Mark eyes Lethal and Satnam. Lethal doesn’t understand, but Mark tells him he doesn’t give a damn “about none of these clowns.” Lethal is Mark’s friend, not them. But also, he’s getting tired of this BS. Mark shoves Lethal aside and storms off. Will the Sussex County Chicken call this down the middle just because he can’t stand any of them?


Backstage interview with Sammy Guevara.

Renee is with the Spanish God and says that as much as she’d love to have nothing to do with MJF, MJF did ask her to relay a message. The offer still stands: If Sammy lies down in the main event Fatal 4 Way, MJF would still pay Sammy “that handsome, handsome check.” Sammy says that he knows MJF is gonna watch this. So y’know what? That’s a lot of money. HELL NO! Sammy ain’t laying down for MJF! This may be a hard concept to grasp for a rich guy, but you can’t buy everything. Sammy is not for sale! And he never would’ve gotten here if he was. People have tried to buy him out of his dreams before.

Bosses offered promotions and more money, but told Sammy to “live in the real world and grow up.” Sammy told those bosses the same thing he is telling MJF now: shove that offer up your ass because he IS living the dream! He IS all grown up! And not only did that kid make it, that kid is the man who will take the AEW World Championship from MJF! Will the rest of Sammy’s wildest dreams come true on Sunday?


AEW World Trios Championships Open House Rules Match: The House of Black VS AR Fox, Blake Christian & Metalik!

Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews laid down their own rules, from no ropebreaks to enforced disqualifications and a 20 count for being outside the ring, and so far, they’ve succeeded at winning by those rules. But with “Dealer’s Choice” being Lucha Rules, one man in as soon as one man’s out, will the All Heart Air Force bring down the House?

Dynamite is picture in picture as The House of Black makes their entrance, followed by their challengers. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who rules the Trios Division!

Dynamite returns to single picture as the trios sort out. Blake and Buddy start and fans rally up. The two circle, Blake shoots around to a waistlock but Buddy wrenches back. Buddy YANKS the arm, YANKS it again, and then grinds the shoulder down. Buddy wrenches, Blake rolls, cartwheels, but Buddy blocks the kick! Blake tries to swipe at Buddy but he can’t reach. Buddy flips Blake to then V-TRIGGER him down! Blake falls out of the ring, but Lucha Rules activate and Metalik springboards in! FLYING ARM-DRAG! Metalik runs, RANAS, and Buddy bails out! Metalik waits but forgets Lucha Rules go both ways!

Metalik runs around into Malakai and a kitchen sink knee! Metalik bails out but Fox is in! Malakai still ELBOWS Fox away! Malakai runs in at the corner, Fox puts him on the apron but Malakai ROCKS him! Malakai then hops down and Brody SPLASHES Fox in the corner! Brody TOSSES Fox, Fox bails out and Blake springboards back in! Brody dodges, Blake handsprings and NEURALIZERS! Brody stays up, Blake runs again, handspring and- NO, Brody catches Blake for a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up and Brody tags Malakai in. The Kings of the Black Throne mug Blake, a big BOOT knocks him down!

Malakai drags Blake up, Blake throws forearms, and then runs in, but into a KNEE! Blake kicks but Malakai blocks to sweep the leg! Malakai stalks Blake to a corner, goes out onto the apron with him, but Blake POSTS Malakai! But Malakai KNEES Blake down! They get back in, Malakai GERMAN SUPLEXES, but Blake lands on his feet! Blake staggers back, Metalik tags in, and Blake goes up and over Malakai as he rushes in! Metalik GAMANGIRIS, and then Blake waistlocks. Malakai ELBOWS free but Metalik springboards, into a KNEE! Malakai drags Metalik up, tags Buddy in, and they double whip Metalik corner to corner.

Metalik goes up the corner, around the ropes, and then DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS back! Fans fire up as Malakai and Buddy both bail out. Blake and Metalik coordinate, they both build speed, and FLY! Metalik wipes out Buddy, and Blake gets Malakai in a dragon sleeper, FINAL CUT to the floor! And with Lucha Rules, Fox and Brody are now legal. Fox goes to run but Brody’s in his way! So Fox BOOTS him! Brody eggs Fox on so Fox BOOTS! And BOOTS! Brody wobbles, Fox realizes he’s in trouble. Fox runs, but into a CHOP! Brody drags Fox up, runs, but Blake and Metalik trip him up! Fox DROPKICKS Brody out!

Fans fire up as Blake and Metalik go after Brody, but then Malakai and Buddy go after them! The brawl is 3v2 and now a ring count can start with no one in the ring for The House! Fox hurries to the apron and climbs up a corner. Fox IMPLODER SENTONS and takes everyone out! Fans are thunderous and Julia is upset! Fox puts Buddy in, climbs up the corner, and 450s, but has to bail out! Buddy runs in, Fox goes Matrix, but Buddy dodges! CURB STOMP!! Buddy drags Fox into a PRISM TRAP!! Fox endures, reaches out, but there’s no ropebreaks! Fox forgot just like Bandido did before!

Malakai intercepts Malakai into a KNEEBAR! Blake returns, he SUPERKICKS Buddy, but Buddy holds on!? Blake SUPERKICKS again, but still not enough! Brody catches Blake for a HANGING SLEEPER!!! Fox taps, the House wins!!

Winners: The House of Black, by submission (still AEW World Trios Champions)

Even with Lucha Rules, the House adjusted and comes away with the gold!


AEW looks ahead at Anarchy in the Arena II.

Good ol’ JR says that this comes down to how tough Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page are physically and mentally. If they can’t step up, we know the outcome. The BCC says they are the genuine article, they live it and breathe it every single effing day! But The Elite are the heart, the soul and the spirit of AEW!

The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Bryan Danielson says, “Here it is. Big week. We have two objectives this week for the BCC. Number one: tonight, Claudio, Yuta, they win the ROH Tag Team titles and take tag team wrestling to a whole new level. Objective number two is this Sunday at Anarchy in the Arena, when we end the Elite.” Moxley says, “We are the best in the world. And I don’t say that lightly, I don’t say that because it sounds cool, I’m not trying to sell you anything. And when I say that, my hand doesn’t shake. I say that because that is the standard we set for ourselves every single day and every single time we step foot into the ring.

“And fans open their pockets and part with their money and their time to watch the greatest sport in the world. We do the job the way it’s meant to be done, and there is nobody, nobody in this world, better at it than us. This is the major leagues, kids. And at this level, only one thing matters: Are you willing to stand in the line of fire? Are you willing to step up to the plate and deliver when it counts? This Sunday is gonna count. And this Sunday, the BCC will deliver. Anarchy in the Arena, in a storm of violence, we will stand calm, ready, take aim, and fire. See the difference between professionals and amateurs.”


MJF is here!

The AEW World Champion goes over to commentary before going to the ring. He drinks Tony Schiavone’s water, then splashes what’s left of it on Schiavone! MJF then continues to the ring and he spits whatever he was chewing on at the fans. MJF gets a mic and has them cut his music. Fans boo but MJF says, “Y’know, it’s funny. They call this place Sin City, but I look around this arena, I have a feeling that we’re gonna have to change the name to Virgin Vegas.” Fans boo but MJF smirks.

People wanna know how he feels with the match stacked against him. This is how he feels: He wants Sammy to stick his tongue out into a light socket; he wants Darby Allin to have his wish granted of climbing Mount Everest, with his shoelaces untied; he wants Jungle Boy Jack to get thrown into an echo chamber and be forced to speak, so he can bore himself to death. “But unlike you disgusting, lowlife poors, I’m intelligent. I am fully aware of how important and monumental this match up is heading into Sunday. The four of us, the main event of a PPV for the world title.

“A lot of people like to throw around the word, ‘homegrown.’ Doesn’t get more homegrown than us. We have been here since day one, and unlike some of your favs, we didn’t have the cheat code of being on national television prior. Four years ago, you people didn’t know who we were. Four years later, we have beaten the best this sport has to offer. Four years later, we have given you the best matches and the best moments in the history of this company! We aren’t just a part of AEW, gaddammit, we ARE AEW!!” Fans agree with that. MJF says, “However… I don’t wanna be anymore, to be perfectly honest.”

To be honest, MJF is getting bored. He’s sick of this place. He’s sick of the lack of competition, the lack of competency, and he is sick of the lack of respect from the fans he so greatly deserves! Tony Khan knows that. And he also knows Daddy’s contract is coming up. Oh, people don’t like it when he brings that up? Well facts are facts, and it’s no coincidence he is wrestling three other men and doesn’t have to get pinned to lose his belt. “Tony Khan and all of you are hitting the panic button because you desperately want somebody to take the Triple B off me, don’t you?” Well you should be worried! Because MJF just may take his ball and go home.

Because this is MJF’s ball! MJF earned this ball! MJF took this ball, and he has run with it faster than anyone can keep up with it around here! And this Sunday, the fans find out that those three men are extremely talented. But much like the rest of the roster, none of them are on the level of the Devil! MJF soaks up the heat from the fans, but here comes Darby Allin! The Relentless One has a mic and he heads to the ring now, but MJF has the music cut. Fans chant for Darby but MJF tells him that it’s cute Darby came out here on his cute little stilts. But MJF’s a little busy. Does Darby have something important to say to MJF’s face?

Darby tells Max, “I’ve lost a lot in this life. A lot. But I never lost my mind. I know exactly who Darby Allin is and where I’m going. But that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2011, I graduated high school in Seattle, and everybody told me, ‘Play it safe. Don’t expect much in life.’ And I listened to those people. And y’know where that got me? It got me working at the 99 cent store, cleaning toilets. And this one life I have isn’t meant to be spent cleaning toilets. It’s meant to be spent as a professional wrestler. So I moved from Seattle to Atlanta, and I started living in my car.

“Long nights in that car, I used to talk to myself, and I always said that you do not deserve to leave this car until you make it as a professional wrestler. And then AEW came and saved my sanity. Because this company gives me something. It lets me live the way I wanna live inside this ring and outside. For example, no other company’s gonna let me skateboard with Tony Hawk. No other company’s gonna let me take a car and jump it over my house with Travis Pastrana. Hell, even next year, I am climbing Mount Everest.” Fans cheer that, and Darby says he is not a moldable puppet. You cannot create Darby, he IS Darby.

Darby wants to be the face of AEW, and to become the face of AEW, he has to become the AEW World Champion. This Sunday at Double or Nothing, I am taking your championship. And I might even do it with a headlock takeover.” MJF thinks that’s amusing, and then he LOW BLOWS Darby! Fans boo and MJF puts on the Dynamite Diamond Ring! But here comes Sammy! MJF bails out and runs away! MJF says this is as close as Sammy gets to the title! But them Jungle Boy is here! MJF lost count of his challengers, but he rushes JB with the belt! JB dodges and then CLOBBERS MJF! JB picks up the belt, will he be the one leaving Las Vegas with it?


Wardlow speaks.

“Christian, you think you’re at the advantage with it being a ladder match. It’s what you made famous, it’s what you’re known for. I spent my entire life climbing ladders. I am the Face of the Revolution Ladder match winner. You got a real big mouth, and I’m betting I can fit a sixteen foot ladder in it.” Arn Anderson wants us to imagine the damage that Wardlow can do to Christian and Luchasaurus with an 80 pound steel ladder in his hands. Christian’s done a lot of dirty things, but nothing compares what’s gonna happen to him in about four days. Hmm, how fitting. Will the Maestro of Mayhem mangle Captain Charisma in his favorite match type?


Taya Valkyrie VS Lady Frost!

La Wera Loca is getting another shot at Jade Cargill and the TBS Championship, and this time she CAN use her finisher, the Road to Valhalla! But first, she’s up against a very cool customer. Will Taya melt Lady Frost before she burns #ThatBitch?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally, Taya and Frost tie up, and then they break. They circle, tie up again, and Taya waistlocks. Taya SLAMS Frost down, then flips her over. Frost kips up but Taya throws her down to cover, ONE! The two stand off and fans cheer. Taya and Frost speed things up, Frost ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Taya staggers up, keeps moving, and turns arm-drag into arm-drag! Frost is in a corner, Taya ELBOWS her down! Fans fire up and Taya KICKS Frost, snapmares, and then SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Taya smiles and brings Frost up.

Taya whips Frost to a corner, runs in and ELBOWS her again! Taya CHOPS Frost, and then whips her corner to corner. Frost reverses but Taya reverses to send her back in. Taya runs in but Frost dodge! Taya POSTS herself, then staggers back. GAMANGIRI from Frost! Taya sits down, Frost runs to handspring in, but into a LARIAT! Taya covers, TWO! Taya smiles, but here come the Baddies! Jade Cargill and Leila Grey, as well as Mark Sterling, are watching Taya and she dares them to come closer as AEW goes picture in picture.

Jade says Taya doesn’t want none right now. Taya goes back to Frost, bumps her off buckles, and then stomps her around. Taya brings Frost up, sits her against ropes, and runs to DOUBLE KNEE! Frost is practically half out of the ring, so Taya kicks her the rest of the way out. Taya waves to Jade, drags Frost up, and SMACKS Frost off the apron. Taya brings Frost around the way, to CHOP against the apron! Jade laughs, thinking Taya’s full of herself. Taya struts, but then Frost RAMS her into the apron! Frost CHOPS Taya now! But then Taya KICKS Frost! Taya puts Frost int he ring and hurries after her.

Jade and Leila annoyed as Taya kicks Frost low and throws her by her hair. The ref reprimands and Taya apologizes, then she goes back to Frost. Taya covers, TWO! Taya brings Frost up, Frost breaks free to knee and knee and kick! Taya drops, she ducks one kick but not the HEEL KICK! The Baddies approve of that. Frost bumps Taya off buckles, then CHOPS! Again, The Baddies approve. But then Taya turns things around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! The ref counts, Taya lets off to then whip corner to corner. Frost reverses, Taya blocks, so Frost tries again. Taya reverses now and then runs in, but into a BOOT!

Frost catches her breath while Dynamite returns to single picture. Frost CHOPS Taya, sits her in the corner, and the Baddies applaud as Frost handsprings to CANNONBALL! Frost drags Taya out and fires up! Frost climbs, fans rally, and Frost TORNILLO CROSBODIES! She bounces off the cover, and Taya SPEARS her down! Fans fire up and Jade is annoyed again. A standing count starts, Taya rises at 5 of 10. Taya drags Frost up, ROCKS her, but Frost ROCKS Taya back! Taya ROCKS Frost, Frost ROCKS Taya! They go back and forth, Taya gets the edge, and then Taya wrenches to a scoop, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Frost is showing heart and the Baddies say Taya will never get the title. But Taya hooks up Frost’s legs, pulls on the arms, and CURB STOMPS Frost down! Fans fire up as Taya smiles. Frost staggers around, Taya taunts Jade, but then Frost ROUNDHOUSES! Frost runs, ducks ‘n dodges, tilt-o-whirls, but into a BACKBREAKER from Taya! Taya KNEES Frost in the face, then brings her around! “Take a good look!” Chicken wings and ROAD TO VALHALLA!! Cover, Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall

Jade says alright, game on. Will Double or Nothing see Jade go 60-0? Or will Taya be the one to finally cancel #ThatBitchShow?


Tony Khan speaks.

“It’s great to be here tonight, where it all began for AEW. Right here at the MGM Grand, right here in Las Vegas. And it’s very fitting that we’re here tonight where it all began, to make an announcement about the start of a new beginning for AEW. AEW Collision, starting June 17th on TNT. Last week, we announced some of the cities for our opening tour, with events coming up in Toronto, Hamilton, Regina, Calgary and Newark. But what we haven’t announced yet is the location for the very first AEW Collision. The first episode of AEW Collision will take place Saturday, June 17th, at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, on TNT, from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

“I’m looking forward to a great show, and I’m sure you are two. It’s going to be a big night of wrestling, and a lot to look forward to this weekend at AEW Double or Nothing. I’ll see you this weekend, back to you guys.”


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Alex Marvez is with the Cowboy, and he says we know it’ll be The Elite VS The BCC, Anarchy in the Arena II on Sunday. But the question for Hangman is this: What is the status of your friendship with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega? Hangman says it’s funny he uses “that word.” Hangman thinks he and the Bucks used to be the best of friends, but he and Kenny were always different. Hangman isn’t sure if they were ever really friends, let alone best friends. But what they’ve all been through, Hangman realizes they’re actually something more than friends, something more important than friends, and that’s family.

And family sticks together no matter where life takes them. And this Sunday, life takes them into Anarchy in the Arena. In the lead up, Blackpool Combat Club has taken so much from The Elite. They took Hangman’s eye, they took Matt’s arm, they took Nick’s shoulder. And while Hangman ain’t mad about it, somehow, the BCC cost Kenny his relationship with Don Callis. The price that the BCC has run up is too high. This Sunday, the BCC pays in blood.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

And with a table and some chairs, it is time for the contract signing for an upcoming match at Double or Nothing. First of all, Adam Cole BAYBAY! Cole heads to the ring, with Roderick Strong by his side. Fans fire up for the “BOOM!” and of course they “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!” Schiavone then introduces Cole’s opponent, Chris Jericho! The Wizard makes his entrance, fans sing Judas, and Jericho has the Jericho Appreciation Society with him. The JAS join the Undisputed in the ring, then Cole and Jericho take their seats.

Schiavone reminds everyone of the No Physicality Agreement and thanks them all for agreeing to it. Especially since emotions are running very, very high. This contract is for the Unsanctioned Match, meaning that by signing it, AEW is not to be held responsible for what happens during the match between them. This is a personal contract between Jericho and Cole. Jericho puts his feet up while Cole glares at him. Cole goes first and signs his part quickly. Cole then slides the contract to Jericho, and the fans cheer.

Cole gets the mic to tell Jericho, “For weeks, I wondered why you did what you did. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t process why you thought it was a good idea to have me handcuffed to the bottom rope and make me watch as Britt was beaten over and over again with that kendo stick. And you, you directed traffic! You screamed ‘Again! Again! Again!'” Jericho doesn’t really seem to care Cole is calling him out on this, but Cole says that maybe, it was because Jericho is a scumbag. Maybe it’s because Jericho is a disgusting human being. And while Jericho is both of those things, that’s not why he did it.

Jericho did it because he truly believes he is invincible. Jericho thinks he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, because he’s Chris Jericho, and that AEW should be thankful to have you. The JAS says of course that’s how it is! But Cole says we find out how invincible Jericho really is, when Cole beats the living hell out of him. Fans like the sound of that. Cole says honest to God, AEW should be thankful that this is an Unsanctioned Match! Because the blood won’t be on their hands, it’ll be on Cole’s, and that’s just the way Cole likes it! Fans cheer on Cole but the JAS tell them to stop that.

Cole hopes Jericho knows that it is taking all the power Cole has not to just dive across the table, beat Jericho within an inch of his life, right here and right now! But Cole can’t, so instead, let him explain what happens this Sunday at Double or Nothing. Sunday night, they’ll find out if Jericho can still walk, because Cole will break both legs. They find out if Jericho can still run his damn mouth because Cole will shatter his jaw! They find out if Jericho can still write, because Cole will bring those hands! If Cole was Jericho, he’d “hurry up and sign the paper, b*tch!” Schiavone reminds everyone, no physicality.

Jericho stands up, and the fans start chanting, “SIGN IT, B*TCH!” Jericho says he’s not a b*tch cuz he’s not from Las Vegas! Jericho grabs the pen, looks at the contract, and says that before he signs, he thinks maybe Cole’s concussion might’ve affected his memory. Because what happened with Cole and Britt the way Cole described it. Jericho remembers exactly how it happened, and he’ll remind us right now. Roll the clip! The tron plays the footage from almost a month ago, as Saraya used the kendo stick on Britt Baker again and again!

Cole is furious again, and Jericho says, “What kind of a man would allow the love of his life to get the crap kicked out of her a mere inches away from him? That was you! She got destroyed with a kendo stick- Oh, you wanna touch me? Touch me!” Strong keeps Cole back and Cole tells Jericho he will destroy him! Jericho says Cole is a coward, this all proves it. And on Sunday, Cole wants the Unsanctioned Match? No rules? No accountability? Jericho will knock Cole’s teeth down his throat! Cole can’t beat The Ocho, and he knows he can’t! Cole wants to end Jericho? No, Cole won’t end Jericho.

Jericho signs his part, and says that once again, Cole got outsmarted. No rules? There’s five of them and only two of the Undisputed. Cole says that’s right, there is five JAS and two Undisputed. Which is why Cole made to a call to someone who lives here in Las Vegas. A guy Cole idolized growing up, and trust him when he says, this guy as one man is crazier than all five of the JAS combined. Who’s crazier than the JAS?! “Homicidal! Suicidal! GENOCIDAL! His name… IS SABU!!!” Jericho freaks out and the fans fire up as the ECW legend arrives here in AEW!! Sabu goes to the ring and Jericho looks like he’s seen a ghost!

Cole gives Sabu a chair, and Sabu SMACKS Matthew Menard with it! After all, Sabu didn’t agree to the No Physicality Agreement! Sabu gets the chair again and he runs off the rest of the JAS! Fans are thunderous for Sabu, will he help this Unsanctioned Match get extreme?


AEW looks closer at Jamie Hayter VS Toni Storm.

The AEW Women’s World Champion says that when she won this title, that was a promise that she’d be a reigning and defending champion. But the Lightning From Down Under points out that Hayter only won thanks to Britt. But Toni has help in her corner now, too. Hayter says injury or not, she will defend this title at Double or Nothing. Toni knows Hayter isn’t 100%, and that is why Toni will rip that arm off the bone and eat it raw! Hayter vows to still be champion, but will The Outcasts make sure it is #ToniTime after Sunday?


Roderick Strong VS Daniel Garcia!

While Adam Cole is after the head of the snake, the Savior of the Backbreaker is looking to eliminate at least one part of the JAS before Double or Nothing! Will the Dragonslayer end up a broken man after taking on Strong?

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, Strong puts Garcia in a corner but then they go along ropes. Fans rally for “RODDY! RODDY!” but Garcia pushes Strong to center. Garcia goes for a leg but Strong sprawls and facelocks to block. They gator roll, Garcia fights up and puts Strong on ropes. The ref counts, Garcia lets off slowly, and he throws a body shot. Garcia wrenches, hammerlocks, but Strong fights up to switch the hammerlock onto Garcia. Strong then hits a headlock and takeover, and he grinds Garcia down. Garcia keeps his shoulders up, chinbars back, and fights to his feet.

Garcia powers Strong to ropes, the ref counts the break again, and Garcia lets off slowly, just to RAM into Strong! Garcia CHOPS, Strong CHOPS back! Garcia CHOPS, Strong CHOPS, they CHOP back and forth! Strong CHOPS Garcia off his feet and fans fire up! Strong puts Garcia in the corner and he CHOPS again. Garcia swings but Strong dodges to CHOP again! Strong fires forearms, Garcia hits back, they end up back on ropes, and Garcia throws body shots. Strong shoves back, then BOOTS! Strong brings Garcia around to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Strong is in control as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Strong pushes Garcia to a cover, TWO! Strong kicks Garcia around, drags him up and puts him in a corner, to then RAM into him! And CHOP him! Garcia staggers, Strong follows him and KNEES him low! Strong stands Garcia up to CHOP him again! Garcia staggers to another corner, Strong is on him for another CHOP! Strong then reels Garcia in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Garcia scrambles away to the outside but Strong builds speed. But Garcia avoids the dropkick and sends Strong into steel steps! Garcia soaks up the heat from Vegas as he struts around. Strong crawls, Garcia goes back for him, and SMACKS him off the steps!

Garcia goes up the steps, does his dance, and fans boo and give thumbs down. But Strong CHOPS Garcia in the gut! And then CHOPS him on the chest! Strong puts Garcia in the ring, only to drag him to the apron. Strong hauls Garcia up, but Garcia fights and HOTSHOTS Strong first! Garcia POSTS Strong and he falls to the floor! Strong clutches his arm, Garcia soaks up the heat, and then flips everyone of a la The Ocho. Garcia is still stinging, though, so he stomps away on Strong! Garcia stands on Strong and flexes, but the ref counts. Garcia steps off, drags Strong out, and he steps through to have a deathlock!

Garcia grabs the arms as Dynamite returns to single picture, and Garcia STOMPS Strong down! Fans boo but Garcia does his dance again! Strong rises up, and he CHOPS Garcia down again! But Garcia knocks Strong down to stomp away on him! Garcia yells but fans boo. Strong crawls away but Garcia storms up after him. Fans chant “You Can’t Dance!” Garcia says nuh-uh, and he does his dance again. Garcia reels Strong in, but Strong turns it around into a GOURD BUSTER! Fans rally up, Strong goes to a corner, and then he runs at Garcia to LARIAT! Strong rallies with more lariats, then whips to ropes, for a DROPKICK!

Fans fire up, Strong runs to KNEE Garcia against ropes! And then ATOMIC SLAM! Cover, TWO! Garcia hangs tough, but Strong pushes his hands away. Strong drags Garcia up, fireman’s carries, but Garcia slips off to throat chop! Garcia runs, into a single leg capture and BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Strong keeps on Garcia and puts him in a corner. Strong tries to lift but Garcia fights back. Garcia BOOTS Strong, dodges the knee, and rolls Strong up! TWO, and Garcia hurries up, but into a knee! Strong brings Garcia in, but Garcia JAWBREAKERS! Strong comes back, Garcia choke grips, but Strong breaks free.

Garcia SLAPS! And SLAPS! And SLAPS! Then he catches Strong in a clinch, URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Strong hangs tough, but Garcia brings him up. Strong fireman’s carries but Garcia rakes the eyes! Garcia then body scissor captures and rolls Strong, into the DRAGON TAMER!! Strong endures as Garcia sits back on the hold! Strong turns over, boots Garcia away into ropes, and Garcia comes back. Fireman’s carry, GUT BUSTER DROP! And then suplex, END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover, Strong wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

Strong takes care of Garcia, will things be a bit more even going into Double or Nothing?


Willow Nightingale speaks.

“This past weekend, I represented All Elite Wrestling in the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship tournament.” The Babe with the Power made it to the finals against Mercedes Moné, and she WON!! Willow wants to prove to everyone just how strong she is! Will this historic inaugural reign be one to remember?


ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta!

It was The Swiss Superman’s win in Double Jeopardy that earned the Blackpool Combat Club this match, and now Claudio could become an ROH Double Champion! Will the BCC be rolling into Double or Nothing? Or will they be stopped by CERO MIEDO?

The introductions are made by Bobby Cruise, Bryan Danielson joins commentary, and the tag titles are raised as we see who will be saying “Viva Las Vegas” in the main event!

The teams sort out but they also start talking trash to each other. Yuta shoves Penta and Penta shoves Yuta, same as Claudio shoves Fenix and Fenix shoves Claudio. No Code of Honor here as the brawl breaks out! The ref rings the bell to get this on record! Penta SOBATS Yuta but Claudio CLUBS Fenix! Claudio then ROCKS Penta, but Fenix ENZIGURIS Claudio! Yuta BOOTS Fenix, but Penta SUPERKICKS Yuta! Claudio runs in but Penta dodges, and the Lucha Bros DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Claudio bails out, fans chant “CERO MIEDO!” and then Penta says it himself! The Lucha Bros build speed to DOUBLE TOPE!

Fans fire up as the BCC is wiped out at the ramp! The Lucha Bros get back in and feed off the energy, then Penta SUPER CROSSBODIES the BCC back down! Penta drags Yuta & Claudio up, Fenix climbs, and fans fire up as Fenix jumps, jumps and balances to then jump and SUPER CROSSBODY! Another direct hit and fans are thunderous! Fenix puts Yuta in, Penta half nelsons, pump handles, and MADE IN MEXICO! Cover, Claudio breaks it! Bryan wasn’t paying attention during his “The Elite are Amateurs” rant and is surprised by all this! Fenix DROPKICKS Claudio out, then Penta brings Yuta up.

Penta tags Fenix, Fenix climbs and Penta positions Yuta. But Claudio gets in to UPPERCUT Fenix! Yuta slips free and Claudio CLOBBERS Penta! Yuta crawls, tags Claudio, and Claudio hurries in. Penta dodges, comes back, and SLINGBLADES! Claudio gets up but Penta puts him against ropes, so Fenix can TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK! The Lucha Brothers coordinate again, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Yuta anchors Fenix! Penta slides out to SUPERKICK Yuta! Fenix springboards, but into the UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives but the BCC has control as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio drags Fenix up, but Fenix CHOPS him! And CHOPS him again! Claudio eggs Fenix on, Fenix CHOPS again, but Claudio gives him a short arm LARIAT! Claudio drags Fenix back up, whips him hard into the corner, then clotheslines him in the corner! Tag to Yuta, the BCC mugs Fenix, and Yuta CHOPS! Fenix flops against ropes but Yuta drags him back up. Fenix CHOPS back, but Yuta DECKS Fenix! Yuta taunts Fenix, stomps him, then drags him around. Tag to Claudio and the BCC mugs Fenix again. Claudio snapmares Fenix to a cover, TWO! Claudio keeps on Fenix’s arm but the fans rally.

Fenix fights up, reaches out, and throws body shots. Fenix throws forearms, Claudio shoves him away, and then scoops for a BACKBRAEKER! Cover, TWO! Claudio argues the count but the fans says it was fair. Tag to Yuta, the BCC stomp Fenix, then split the wishbone! Fenix steps through for a toehold, then he ties up the legs in a deathlock. Fenix sits up and CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Yuta stands up to put on the pressure! Fenix bridges to try and relieve it, but then Yuta bridges to add more! Fenix reaches for ropes, but then Claudio storms in to DOUBLE STOMP him down! The ref reprimands Claudio but Yuta keeps on the deathlock.

Fenix sits up to CHOP again, but Yuta ROCKS him with a forearm! Yuta then lets Fenix go, drags him over, and tags in Claudio. They split the wishbone again! Dynamite returns to single picture as Claudio tags Yuta back in, and they split the wishbone again! Yuta clamps onto Fenix with the cravat and wrenches the neck. Fans rally, Fenix fights up, but Yuta throws knees. Fenix staggers away, and Yuta BOOTS Penta! Fenix comes back, and he back drops Yuta! Claudio tags in, he keeps Fenix from Penta with a trip! And the SWING! Fenix goes around and around and around, and then Yuta DROPKICKS Fenix down! Cover, TWO!!

Fenix survives and Claudio is annoyed. Claudio drags Fenix up, crosses the arms and lifts, RICOLA- NO, DESTROYER!! Fans fire up while both men are down and Bryan admits, Fenix is a great athlete. Fenix and Claudio crawl as fans rally up, hot tags to Penta and Yuta! Penta goes up to CROSSBODY! Penta then puts Yuta up in the corner, to SUPERKICK him down! Claudio rushes back in but Penta dodges to RANA! Yuta returns, but Penta pops him up, POWER BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!! Yuta survives but Penta says he’s gonna do it! Penta hammerlocks one arm, grabs at the other, but Claudio BOOTS him down!

Claudio denies the Sacrifice and he puts Penta in the corner. Claudio runs in but only gets buckles! Then a GAMANGIRI! Penta runs to GAMANGIRI Yuta! Tag to Fenix, he runs to JUMP SOBAT Claudio! SOMERSAULT FOREARM for Yuta! Snapmare and “Uno! Dos! Tres!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! The fans are thunderous again and Fenix somersaults, but Claudio trophy lifts him! But Penta SUPERKICKS Claudio, and he drops Fenix onto Yuta! And then Penta jumps off Claudio to hit a DESTROYER!! Fenix drags Yuta up to fireman’s carry, swing and BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Yuta shows toughness that shocks everyone else but Bryan says, “What did Regal tell you?! We tuck our necks so that when we get piledriven like that, we can kick out every single time! You think the Bucks are doing that?! You think Hangman’s doing that?! You think Kenny’s doing that?! NO!” But Alex fires the fans up and Fenix drags Yuta around. Fans chant “CERO! MIEDO!” as Fenix holds Yuta open. Penta goes up top, but Claudio SHOVES him down! Yuta rolls Fenix to a Samson Clutch, TWO! Fenix has the cover, TWO and Fenix is sent into an UPPERCUT!! Yuta goes up, Claudio tags him in, ROCKET LAUNCHER SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!?!

Fenix survives, he might truly be immortal! Bryan is upset with Yuta, they trained to hook both legs for this very reason! But Vegas is electric as Fenix goes to ropes. Yuta holds him against ropes, the ref counts and Yuta lets off. Claudio UPPERCUTS Fenix behind the ref’s back! Fans boo but Yuta drags Fenix up. Alex gets on the apron to distract the ref, and Fenix SUPERKICKIS Yuta! Tag to Penta, he SOBATS Yuta! Claudio wants in but Fenix goes up! Wait, THE BUCKS appear from under the ring!! And they anchor Claudio! The Lucha Brothers hit the FEAR FACTOR!!! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

And the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK Claudio for good measure! Bryan is pissed but the Bucks slip away into the night. Moxley also rushes out so that he and Bryan can rush down to the ring, but they’re too late, the Bucks are halfway up the bleachers. Moxley gets the mic to say, “Hey! You laugh and you smile while you still can. You take pictures with those fans while you still have all your teeth. You go back to your rooms and you FaceTime your family while they can still recognize you. Because this Sunday, at Double or Nothing, you and your weak-ass little friends are gonna get plastered on the pavement of Las Vegas Boulevard!!”

Moxley says this Sunday, “Anarchy in the Arena will be the wildest, most violent match in the history of All Elite Wrestling because we will not accept anything less! And if you think the BCC has gone too far, if you’ve been offended, if you’re squeamish at the sight of blood, buckle your gaddam seatbelt, because you haven’t seen anything yet!” The Bucks fire the first salvo but The Maniac has sent his ultimatum! Who will win and who will survive when The Elite and the BCC battle all over the MGM Grand?

My Thoughts:

A great go-home for Dynamite, though at the same time, not much different from every other week as they’re always hyping up this or that and just giving us great matches. Of course Starks’ promo calling out Jay ‘n’ Juice cue them to go after him, and that’s three of the 21 guys in the AEW International Championship battle royal. The International Championship was an awesome opener, but I figured Cassidy would retain the title. He can still lose out in the battle royal with so many people in that match. That will keep Cassidy strong even in defeat, and he can even feud with the winner going into the summer.

Great promo segment with FTR, Mark, and all of Team Triple J. I was a little disappointed Mark didn’t accept Dax’s apology, but then it worked out with Mark pushing Karen, Sonjay, Double J and even Lethal. The tag title match is going to be awesome stuff, and I just hope FTR retains. It’ll probably be because Mark finally has enough of Triple J’s antics and just decks Sonjay or Jarrett. Great Trios title match and I like that they went with Lucha Rules. It mostly negates the longer ring count since anyone can come in when a teammate goes out. But at the same time, of course The House wins. I still think The Acclaimed get their title shot first before The House loses.

Good promos from all the Young Pillars, though I feel like Darby and JB copied each other on the “AEW helps me live how I wanna live” motif. But of course MJF starts trouble but then runs off when Sammy and JB run out. JB standing tall here makes me think MJF finds a way to retain, but also seems to solidify that JB will get another shot at MJF in a 1v1 story. Wardlow had a good promo to call out Christian Cage, but I can’t say it adds anything to the build. Arn already seems to understand that Wardlow will have to fight off both Christian and Luchasaurus, where in the world are Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. to be Wardlow’s back-up?

Great acknowledgment of Willow winning the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship, and good stuff out of Taya VS Frost. Though, I kinda wish The Baddies had shown up just a bit closer to ringside so that we wouldn’t have to keep cutting back and forth between what was going on in the match and their reactions to it. Because trust me, at least one of those cuts made us home viewers miss what happened in the ring. But Taya wins here, who knows if she wins at Double or Nothing. I personally hope so, because then Jade can move on to the top title. Good promo from Toni and Hayter, who knows how that goes but I’m leaning towards Toni because of The Outcasts’ presence.

Could Tony Khan be more bland delivering that news, while also using more words than he needed? I mean, it was very obvious we were getting AEW Collision in Chicago, because AEW is at least hoping to bring CM Punk back. There’s been talk that it might not be so easy, and pretty much everyone in Chicago will be disappointed if they don’t get Punk on Collision. And personally, I haven’t missed Punk. What would he really have done that would’ve been so much better than what AEW gave us without him? I could probably go on and on about this but I’ll just leave it at Tony Khan needing to be less fun boss and more actual boss in keeping the egos in check.

Great stuff out of the contract signing segment with Jericho and Cole. I can’t be sure how much editing Jericho did with that replay, it didn’t create the illusion that Cole wasn’t cuffed and was just sitting there like Jericho wanted it to. But I love that SABU is back for this moment. Has Sabu even aged from the last time he was on TV? Anyway, this Unsanctioned Match is going to be almost an Unsanctioned tag match with all these extra people getting involved, but that’s going to be a lot of fun, and in a way keeps it from being all on Jericho and Cole, as I would think there is still some concern about Cole post-concussion.

And of course, great stuff with the BCC and Elite. Good promo from Bryan and Moxley, good promo from Hangman, and a great main event from BCC and Lucha Brothers. However, they definitely booked themselves into a corner just a bit here. The Lucha Bros couldn’t lose the tag titles and give them to the BCC while Claudio is still ROH World Champion, and Claudio couldn’t lose cleanly while still ROH World Champion. Not even sure why they did the Double Jeopardy angle in the first place. But at least the solution fit within the Anarchy in Arena build, i.e. the Bucks screwing the BCC over. I suppose The Elite stands tall in this scenario, which would mean the BCC wins at Double or Nothing, which seems surprising given how this story’s been going, but maybe this story goes all the way to All In and/or All Out.

My Score: 8.7/10

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