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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/31/22)

BOSJ, round nine!




Who wins in the bottom of the ninth?

NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors has reached round nine, the round robin’s end! Who is moving on to the finals on June 3rd?


  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: Master Wato VS DOUKI; Wato wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Kanemaru wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: BUSHI VS EL LINDAMAN; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Clark Connors VS Alex Zayne; Zayne wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: Wheeler Yuta VS TJP; Yuta wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: YOH VS SHO; Sho wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS Titan; Titan wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Ace Austin VS Francesco Akira; Akira wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: El Desperado VS El Phantasmo; Desperado wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Taiji Ishimori; Hiromu wins.


Here are the current standings in A Block!

Taiji Ishimori: 6-2, 12 points
Ace Austin: 5-3, 10 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 5-3, 10 points
SHO: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
YOH: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Alex Zayne: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Clark Connors: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Francesco Akira: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Ryusuke Taguchi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the current standings for B Block!

El Phantasmo: 6-2, 12 points
Robbie Eagles: 5-3, 10 points
El Desperado: 5-3, 10 points
El Lindaman: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Wheeler Yuta: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
TJP: 4-4, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Bushi: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Master Wato: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Titan: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]


Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: YOH VS SHO!

The remnants of Roppongi 3K meet again, and though both men are out of the running, this one won’t be about the tournament. Will Direct Drive outlast the Murder Machine? Or does Sho have one more trick up his sleeve?

Surprisingly, Sho doesn’t try to surprise Yoh at the ramp. He does try to tune out Yoh’s theme song as he makes his entrance. And he leaves Yoh alone as Yoh enters the ring. The bell rings and fans rally, but Sho exits to get a mic to basically say he doesn’t care about Yoh, and is done fighting him. Sho drops the mic and walks up the rampway! Is he just handing Yoh this win? Sho smirks as he slips through the curtain and the ring count starts. Yoh decides to wait in the center of the ring. We pass 10 of 20, perhaps Yoh is calling Sho’s bluff. We’re at 15 of 20, and Sho hurries back out! Sho wasn’t going to just Yoh the win, he throws the bell hammer away!

Sho gets in the ring at 18 and is angry Yoh didn’t chase after him! Was Yoh really going to accept that win? Sho swings on Yoh but Yoh dodges and CLOBBERS Sho with forearms! Fans rally and Yoh whips. Sho reverses then dodges to slide out. Fans fire up, but Sho attacks a Young Lion and throws him in. That’s a distraction so he can get the bell hammer and get in again! Sho JAMS and HAMMERS Yoh after all! Sho throws Yoh out now and goes out after him. Sho stomps Yoh, then he gets a chair out from under the ring. Sho drags Yoh up, rakes the eyes, but stops as the ref reprimands. Sho brings Yoh through the crowd and to the back wall, to whip him into it!

Sho hurries back to ringside because he wants the chair. Sho brings the chair back to where he left Yoh, but the ref stops Sho. Sho gives up the chair, to grab the trophy! Not this again! Sho poses with the trophy he won’t get to have anyway, and then he gives it to the ref. So he can get the chair! Sho SMACKS Yoh! And then Sho takes a seat and applauds with the fans. Sho brings the ref back to ringside, he wants the count out. The count does start but fans rally up, “Y O H! Y O H!” Yoh crawls his way back, stands at 9 of 20, hobbles his way through the crowd and to ringside. He hustles up to get in at 18!

Fans cheer but Sho stands on Yoh’s neck! Cover but the ref refuses after the shenanigans. So Sho CHOKES Yoh! The ref reprimands, Sho stops but he kicks at Yoh. Sho taunts Yoh, scuffs him, but Yoh stares him down. Yoh forearms and CHOPS, but Sho rakes eyes! Sho wrenches, kicks, KICKS and SUPER- NO, Yoh blocks to DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up for Yoh as Sho crawls to ropes. Yoh gets a leg and DRAGON SCREWS again! Yoh keeps on that leg but Sho swings. Yoh ducks to dropkick the other leg! And then KNEEBAR! Sho scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Yoh stands up but Sho kicks him away.

Sho gets out of the ring, gets another chair, but the ref stops him. Sho shoves the ref down and gets his wrench! He aims at Yoh, fans rally up but Sho tells them to hush. Yoh dodges the wrench, and gets the chair! Fans fire up as the two stand off. Sho puts the wrench down and tells Yoh to do something then. Yoh puts the chair outside, but Sho grabs his wrench again! But now the ref is up and sees the wrench! The ref grabs at it, takes it from Sho, and fans cheer that this is a fair match again. DOUBLE LARIATS collide! And again! Yoh fires boxing elbows and fans rally up! Yoh ROCKS Sho, runs, but Sho dodges to SPEAR!

Fans fire up and Sho stomps around. Sho aims at Yoh and KICKS him down! Sho drags Yoh up, runs, but Yoh JUMP KNEES! Yoh runs, into Sho’s JUMP KNEE! Sho GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up, Sho mockingly asks what’s wrong, but Yoh gets up. Fans rally, Sho runs, Yoh dodges! LARIAT from Yoh!! Fans fire up with Yoh and he drags Sho back up. Yoh reels Sho in, suplex for the GHOSTBUSTER! Fans fire up with Yoh as he roars! Yoh gets Sho back up, reels him in, underhooks the arms, but Sho fights the Direct Drive to back drop free! Yoh goes to a corner, but he aims! SUPER- NO, Sho uses the ref as a shield! Then Sho shoves the ref into Yoh!

The ref goes down, Sho gets behind Yoh, LOW BLOW!! Truly underhanded! Sho then goes to the blue buckle pad, and he opens up the back? He had a hidden wrench!! Sho planned ahead, and now he aims at Yoh! Yoh slowly gets up, WRENCH SHOT!! Sho hides the evidence then tells the ref to do his job. Sho drags Yoh up, reels him in and double pump handles, SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, Sho wins!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Yoh earns 0)

He didn’t even have to go that far, but he did because he wanted to! And though Sho isn’t going anywhere in the block, will he finally be finished with Yoh?


Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS Titan!

The Sniper of the Skies is still in play, but he has to hit the mark! Will the CMLL World Welterweight Champion evade Eagles’ eye? Or will not even the Immortal be what kills Eagles’ run?

The bell rings and fans rally up. Eagles encourages them to get louder and faster and they oblige. Eagles and Titan circle, shake hands, and fans applaud the sportsmanship. Titan and Eagles tie up, fight for control, and Titan headlocks to a takeover. Eagles headscissors, Titan moves around, bridges then turns Eagles over. Titan floats up and over to have a HALF CRAB! Fans applaud the creative way to get there, but Eagles endures to turn back over. Titan holds onto the legs, Eagles fights him down to get a toehold. Titan moves, Eagles stands him up and wrenches to a wristlock. Titan spins, wrenches, spins Eagles, and wrenches to a wristlock.

Eagles rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Fans applaud the exchange, but Titan spins through to trip Eagles up. Titan rolls Eagles to his feet, snapmares, then gets an arm to trap it, modified La Magistrol! ONE, Eagles rolls Titan to a cover, ONE! Titan facelocks, Eagles wrenches free to wristlock, but Titan rolls and rolls and handsprings to arm-drag! Titan has the armlock but Eagles arm-drags back! Eagles sweeps, covers, ONE! Titan sweeps, rolls and whips, but Eagles reverses to go up and around to arm-drag! Titan handstand walks through to handspring! Fans applaud, Titan sweeps and covers, ONE! Double dropkicks cancel out, and both men kip up!

Fans fire up the exchange as the two stare down. They shake hands again, and fans applaud the sportsmanship. Fans rally up, Eagles and Titan tie up again. Eagles trips, runs, but Titan drops and hurdles. Eagles leaps over, Titan springboards to arm-drag! Titan runs in at the corner but Eagles puts him on the apron, Titan blocks the forearm to ROCK Eagles, then springboard CROSSBODY! Things keep moving, Eagles trips Titan and ties up the legs! Titan kicks Eagles away, both men kip up, but Eagles clutches his leg. But he kicks Titan’s leg! Fans fire up and Eagles CHOPS Titan at the ropes.

Eagles whips, Titan reverses but Eagles RANAS! Titan gets up, into Eagles’ WHEEL KICK! Eagles kips up, but again his leg bugs him. Eagles drops a knee on Titan’s head, covers, TWO! Eagles keeps focused, and he stomps Titan. Titan gets up to throw a right hand, but he falls down right after. Eagles eggs Titan on and Titan kicks back from below. Eagles stomps Titan down! Eagles drags Titan up and fans rally, “EA-GEL-SU!” “TI-TA-NN!” Eagles bumps Titan off buckles, CHOPS him in a corner, then stomps the leg. Titan hobbles along the ropes and Eagles stalks him to another corner. Eagles brings Titan up to whip corner to corner.

Eagles runs corner to corner, blocks Titan’s boot, clinches for a knee and a KICK, and Titan is down! Fans fire up, Eagles runs corner to corner, but Titan DRIVE-BY LARIATS! Eagles is down, Titan gets up on the apron! Eagles runs in but Titan slingshots to body scissor Eagles out! Titan then slingshots in, hero landing and fans fire up! Titan builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up as Titan scoops Eagles and SLAMS him on the floor! Titan gets back to the ring, and fans rally as he climbs up a corner. SUPER DOUBLE STOMPS miss as Eagles moves! Titan clutches his legs, he may have done more harm than good!

Eagles gets in the ring while Titan hobbles around. Eagles builds speed to SOMERSAULT TOPE! Direct hit and the Young Lions are there, but Eagles is going so fast he tumbles through them! Fans fire up while both men are down, and even more as Eagles rises! Eagles drags Titan up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally as Eagles waits on Titan. Titan slowly rises, Eagles runs and SHINING WIZARDS! Cover, TWO! Titan survives but Eagles has the fans fired up. Eagles goes corner to corner for DOUBLE KNEES! Then he rolls, but into a BOOT! So Eagles tiger feints the legs out, and METEORAS! Eagles drags Titan to a cover, TWO!

But Eagles has the leg! RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Titan endures, fans rally, and Titan reaches out! Titan drags Eagles with him, ROPEBREAK! Eagles lets off and fans rally up. Eagles goes up and 450, but he has to bail out as Titan moves. Eagles KICKS Titan’s leg out, but he runs into a SUPERKICK! Titan HEEL KICKS, then fires up to SUPER- NO! Eagles blocks and spins Titan to ROUNDHOUSE! SUPERKICK! But Titan ducks the enziguri! Titan brings Eagles up, Eagles BOOTS back, but Titan goes Matrix to dodge the lariat! CALF KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Titan gets up fast, reels Eagles into the Canadian Rack, FACEBUSTER and SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!!

Eagles survives and fans fire up! Titan hurries to get Eagles into position at the center. Titan goes to the apron and fans fire up. Titan springboards, DOUBLE STOMPS miss again! Eagles sees Titan go to the corner and runs in, but is put on the apron. GAMANGIRI, then springboards, missile dropkick tot he legs! RON- NO, Titan kicks Eagles away! Titan drags Eagles down, ties up the legs in a figure four, and hooks Eagles’ head! IMMORAL CRADLE, TITAN WINS!!

Winner: Titan, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Eagles earns 0)

Eagles loses and is OUT of the running! He is frustrated as he leaves, what will it take for him to be back at the top of the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Division? As for Titan, has he helped prove CMLL can still stand with the best in the world?


Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Ace Austin VS Francesco Akira!

The Inevitable fell away from the top, but if he plays his cards right, he’ll be the one going to the finals! Will the X-Division Champion make an impact on the BOSJ? Or will Bruciare burn him up and open the way for another?

Akira is in Austin’s face as soon as he’s in the ring, but the ref has them back off. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Austin puts Akira on ropes but Akira turns it around. The ref counts the ropebreak, Akira doesn’t but Austin shoves him away. Akira ROCKS Austin, then argues with the ref. Akira CLUBS Austin over and over then stomps him. Akira whips, Austin rolls to drop toehold and EDDY GORDO KICK! Fans fire up, Austin builds speed but Akira follows to wheelbarrow. Austin turns that into a waistlock but Akira elbows free. Akira runs, ducks the roundhouse and tilt-o-whirls Austin out!

Fans rally for “A! KI-RA! A! KI-RA!” as he builds speed. Akira slides, Austin ducks and dropkicks! Austin kips up from the apron, handsprings over the sweeps and SUPERKICKS! Fans fire up and Austin slingshots in to build speed. But Akira slingshots in as he comes back, CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Another, TWO!! Austin is still in this and fans fire up! Akira argues the count but the ref says it was all fair. Akira drags Austin up, snapmares and dropkicks. Cover, TWO! Akira kicks Austin around, taunting and toying with him. Akira digs his knee in at the corner, the ref counts and Akira stops.

Austin flounders in the corner and fans rally up. Akira walks over, Austin throws elbows and forearms. Akira knees low, whips corner to corner but Austin reverses. Austin runs in, is put on the apron, but he ROCKS Akira! Austin jumps up but Akira tucks him in! CHEEKY NANDOS! Cover, TWO! Akira CHOKES Austin! The ref counts, Akira lets off and he taunts Austin while fans fire up. Austin is on the apron, Akira stomps him back in. Akira drags Austin up, turns him, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Akira keeps on Austin by pulling his hair and sitting him up. Akira has the arms, for a motorcycle stretch!

Austin endures, even as Akira pulls back on the arms and digs his knee into the back. Akira keeps trying but Austin still reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! Fans rally and Akira lets off. Akira grows frustrated and he drags Austin up. Akira reels Austin in but Austin slips out to kick, knee lift, and RIPCORD SLAM! Then HOUSE- NO, Akira victory rolls, TWO! Akira ducks the heel kick, waistlocks, chicken wings, but Austin fights the pop-up! Austin elbows free, whips Akira into the corner, then runs in to A-LIST LARIAT! Austin fires off the point blank lariats over and over, then tosses Akira aside. Step in, FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up while Akira is still in this. Austin gets up and aims from a corner. Akira slowly gets up, and Austin runs in, THE- NO, Akira wheelbarrows to victory roll, STOMP 182! Fans fire up while both men are down! Akira runs corner to corner to SHOTGUN Austin in the corner! Akira drags Austin to a cover, TWO! Fans rally and Akira fires up! Akira drags Austin up, dribbles him off the mat, then CHOKES Austin! The ref counts, Akira lets off, and then he rains down fists! Fans rally, Akira rains down more fists, then Akira sits Austin up. Akira goes to a corner, runs in, but Austin ducks the Fireball! HEEL KICK!

Austin runs in from the ropes, HOUSE OF CARDS! Fans fire up as Austin aims from the corner! Akira flounders up, Austin runs in, but into a wheelbarrow! Austin blocks the victory roll to a cover, TWO! Austin suplexes Akira up to put him on the top rope! ENZIGURI! Fans rally and Austin climbs up behind Akira. Austin brings Akira up but Akira fights to SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Austin flounders all the way out of the ring, and fans rally for “A! KI-RA!” Akira aims as Austin gets up, and Akira slingshots to ASAI MOONSAULT! Direct hit and both men are down! Akira crawls while fans rally and the ring count starts.

Akira drags himself up at 5 but Austin grabs the leg to bring Akira back! They brawl as we reach 10 of 20, forearm for forearm! Fans rally, Austin gets the edge but Akira ROUNDHOUSES! The count is 15 as Austin pops Akira up to the corner! Akira FLYING FIREBALLS! Akira gets in, Austin is down, THE COUNT IS UP! Akira wins!!

Winner: Francesco Akira, by count out (gains 2 points; Austin earns 0)

The Nova Fireball just burned Austin’s chances to ashes! And on top of that, Akira grabs the X-Division Championship! Does Akira want to make an impact in the name of the United Empire?


Best of the Super Juniors 29 B Block: El Desperado VS El Phantasmo!

It all comes down to this! The Sniper of the Skies misfired, and though he beat both Rogue Luchador and Headbanga in the tournament, these two still have a chance! It’s win and you’re in, who will represent B Block in the finals?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. Desperado and ELP talk trash on each other. ELP says their match should be main event, but it’s not because Desperado choked! Desperado lost to Eagles last round so this match got demoted to penultimate. ELP gets out of the ring, but Desperado says it’s ELP who isn’t a main eventer. ELP tells Desperado STFU, and says they can just do a time limit draw. Desperado eggs ELP on, ELP gets back in but he keeps his distance. Desperado steps up but ELP backs out again. ELP wants to make this a draw so he wins the block by default, but Desperado wants ELP to stay still.

ELP is in the ring and taunting Desperado now. Desperado slides in and ELP bails out. Fans applaud the trolling as ELP does jumping jacks. Desperado is annoyed, ELP says he wants a timeout. Desperado still chases him in and out and in again! ELP then turns things around and gets Desperado’s arm! ELP wrenches to a wristlock and he SNAPS a finger! And CLAWS Desperado on the back! ELP stands on Desperado’s neck, lets off at 4, then goes out to BOOT Desperado on the apron! ELP drags Desperado out for a DRAPING DDT to the floor! Fans rally up as ELP gets the ref back to the ring. ELP wants the ref to count, but he also gets a chair!

The count starts, ELP puts the chair on the apron. ELP goes back to Desperado at 7 of 20, brings Desperado over, and SMACKS him off the chair! The ref still counts, we’re at 15! ELP wants the count to slow down now, but he also wants the ref to stay inside. But ELP is setting up more stuff. He has chairs sit face to face as the count restarts. Fans rally, ELP reels Desperado in, but Desperado fights to back drop ELP onto the chairs! The count is 13 of 20, Desperado gets in at 15. Desperado has the ref stop the count, so that he can build speed and DIVE onto ELP! Direct hit and down goes ELP!

Fans fire up and rally while Desperado and ELP stir. Desperado gets up as the new ring count begins. Desperado puts ELP in, then hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, ONE! Desperado is annoyed but he works on his bad shoulder. Desperado gets ELP’s leg for a SHINBREAKER! Then a takedown into the GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Desperado steps through and ties up the legs for the BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK! ELP endures, CHOPS Desperado, but he eggs ELP on. ELP CHOPS, Desperado still eggs him on, and ELP ROCKS him with a forearm! But Desperado falls back to put pressure on the hold! ELP hurries to sit Desperado up, and then rakes the eyes!

The ref reprimands but ELP gets free of the hold. Desperado stomps ELP, brings him up and suplexes, but ELP blocks. ELP goes to suplex but Desperado fights that off. They struggle for suplex control, ELP GOURD BUSTERS Desperado out of the ring! Desperado clutches his foot and ELP goes out after him. ELP CLAWS Desperado’s back! ELP blows his fingers clean onto Kanemaru who is on commentary. ELP puts Desperado in, covers, TWO! Fans rally up while ELP brings Desperado up to suplex, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Desperado is still in it, but ELP suplexes for another BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up but ELP is annoyed. ELP suplexes again, a third BRAINBUSTER! ELP then reels Desperado in, gets him up, LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives again and fans rally up. ELP hobbles, brings Desperado up and CLAWS him again! And again! Desperado writhes while ELP gets fans to clap, “E! L P!” ELP CLAWS Desperado over and over! ELP taunts “Despy” while standing on the mask’s tassels. ELP then stands Desperado up to ROCK with forearms! Desperado rakes eyes! Desperado whips corner to corner, ELP goes up and over and somersaults. ELP ducks and springboards, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

ELP somersaults to LIONSAULT, but he has to roll through as Desperado dodges! ELP dodges, but Desperado SPEARS! Fans fire up while both men are down! ELP and Desperado stir and fans rally. Desperado stands up, and CLAWS ELP in return! Desperado gut wrenches but ELP slips out to straitjacket and torture rack. But Desperado slips off to OLYMPIC SLAM! High stack cover, TWO! STRETCH MUFFLER! ELP scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Desperado lets off, to drag ELP from ropes! GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while both men are down again. Desperado goes to the apron and goes up the corner!

ELP GAMANGIRIS Desperado down to the floor! ELP then climbs up the corner, stands on the very top, and leaps for a SUPER THUNDER KISS 86! Direct hit crossbody style and fans fire up! The ring count starts, ELP gets up and hobbles around. ELP brings Desperado up at 12 of 20 and puts him in at 14. ELP then goes back up the corner, aims again, but Desperado gets away to the far corner. ELP hops down, his leg jams! Desperado CHOP BLOCKS! GROUND DRAGON SCREW! And STRETCH MUFFLER!! ELP flails, reaches out, but Desperado drags him away from ropes! ELP rolls Desperado to a cradle, TWO!!

ELP is up, SUDDEN- NO, Desperado blocks and spins ELP for a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO, TO STRETCH MUFFLER!! ELP rolls, but Desperado stays with him, and gets NUMERO DOS PLUS!! Fans fire up as ELP endures, fights to get an arm free, but Desperado fights to get it back! ELP sits up out of the muffler, but Desperado has the Alabama Lift! Desperado tucks ELP in, BASTARD DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? ELP survives and Desperado is shocked! Fans are thunderous and rally back up! Desperado fires up, gets ELP up, but he’s dead weight! Desperado drops ELP to stomp him!

Desperado drags ELP up, underhooks the arms, but ELP slips out! And steals EL ES CULERO! TWO!! Desperado escapes, but ELP dodges to SUDDEN DEATH!! But he has to crawl to the cover! TWO?!?! Desperado survives and fans are thunderous again! ELP fires himself up and fans rally up again. ELP drags Desperado around, reels him in and tucks the arms. But Desperado fights out of it, only for ELP to ROCK him! ELP tucks him in, C R II!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?!? Desperado survives and no one can believe it! ELP is freaking out and the fans are thunderous! ELP grins as he gets an idea.

ELP hobbles over, drags Desperado around and brings him up. ELP underhooks the arms! But the bad leg won’t let him lift and steal Pinche Loco! Fans fire up, ELP brings his kneepad down and goes back to Desperado. ELP gets Desperado up but Desperado gets a leg! ENZIGURI from ELP! ELP Hobbles around and takes aim. ELP takes aim, runs in, but Desperado ducks the kick to LOCO MONO!! Underhooks and PINCHE LOCO!!! But Desperado doesn’t cover, he rolls ELP into another underhook! But not to underhook? To tuck the arms?! Desperado steals C R II!!!! Cover a la the Deadman, Desperado wins!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ELP earns 0)

The Headbanga falls! He and Desperado end up tied at 6-3 with 12 points, but Desperado has the tiebreaker! Desperado’s comeback is almost complete, but who will he meet in the battle for the trophy? Desperado stays ringside to find that out for himself!


Best of the Super Juniors 29 A Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Taiji Ishimori!

It also all comes down to this! Akira trumped Austin, and now the way is open for another! Will the Ticking Timebomb make it back to the finals and go for the threepeat? Or will the BOSJ be reborn with THE IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion fighting for the trophy?

The bell rings and Taiji SHOTGUNS Hiromu down! Hiromu flops out, Taiji goes out after him, and Taiji drags Hiromu up to POST him! Fans rally up and Taiji stalks Hiromu. Hiromu CHOPS, Taiji eggs him on, so Hiromu CHOPS again! Hiromu runs in, but into a scoop! LAWN DART into the post! Hiromu clutches his shoulder while Taiji takes the long way around to his corner. Taiji shoots a glare at Desperado, then undoes the blue buckle pad. Fans rally up and Red Shoes starts the count. The Bullet Club Special is in play but Hiromu is still down at 7 of 20. Hiromu stands at 9, shakes out the bad arm, and takes a moment before getting in at 16.

Taiji storms over but Hiromu CHOPS! And CHOPS! Taiji dropkicks the bad leg! Hiromu writhes right out of the ring, still not 100% from the damage done by the likes of Kanemaru and Sho. Red Shoes starts the ring count again while Taiji waits. Hiromu is still down at 10 of 20. Hiromu stands at 13, gets in at 15, and fans rally up. Taiji CLUBS Hiromu down, then wrenches the bad arm. Taiji ELBOWS the bad shoulder and Hiromu writhes again. Taiji smirks and nods but fans rally up for “HI-RO-MU!” Taiji twists Hiromu’s wrist then stands on Hiromu’s head. Hiromu endures, Taiji covers, TWO!

Taiji keeps cool and he has Hiromu in a corner. Taiji snapmares Hiromu to get the arm for a cobra twist! Hiromu endures again, fights his way up and throws body shots. Taiji ripcords to ram shoulders then WRING the arm! Fans rally, Taiji paces around Hiromu, and then kicks at him toyingly. Taiji drags Hiromu up but Hiromu CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Taiji CHOPS back, CLUBS Hiromu down, then runs. Hiromu gets up and follows to RANA Taiji down! Fans fire up and Hiromu crawls to ropes. Fans rally again, Hiromu drags himself up and BOOTS Taiji! then HANGING HEADSCISSORS! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Hiromu lets off at 4.

Hiromu gets back in to put Taiji in a corner and corner clothesline! Snapmare and basement dropkick! Fans fire up and Taiji bails out. Hiromu goes to the apron and FLYING JOHN WOO DROPKICKS Taiji down! Fans fire up and Hiromu gets up slowly. Hiromu fires up and fans fire up with him, and he fetches Taiji. Hiromu puts Taiji in and brings him up to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Hiromu keeps cool and he shakes out his bad arm. Fans rally as Hiromu brings Taiji up. Hiromu fireman’s carries, but Taiji slips off! Hiromu is in the corner, Taiji runs in but Hiromu dodges. Hiromu runs in but Taiji BOOTS him!

Hiromu tries again, blocks the boots, but Taiji AX KICKS! And then BUCKLE SHOT! Fans fire up and Taiji drags himself from the corner. Both men are down as Taiji gets his arm moving. Fans rally, Taiji storms back up to Hiromu and brings him up to wrench and hammerlock. Taiji RAMS Hiromu into the bare steel! Red Shoes reprimands but the damage is done! Taiji gets the bad arm, wrenches it again, ARM CODE BREAKER! Fans rally and Taiji backs away towards his corner while Hiromu writhes. Taiji aims, Hiromu stands up, Taiji runs in to tilt-o- NO, Hiromu blocks the Mystico! Only for Taiji to turn the gut wrench onto Hiromu!

But Hiromu turns things back onto Taiji! Taiji turns it back around on Hiromu, CIPHER- SPIKE from Hiromu! Taiji blocks the superkick, but Hiromu CLUBS Taiji! Hiromu runs, into a low kick! Taiji runs but Hiromu clotheslines him at the ropes! Hiromu then fakes Taiji out and back elbows! Hiromu spins, but Taiji ROCKS him first! Taiji whips, Hiromu reverses but Taiji handsprings, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up from that exchange, but Hiromu fires back up to run! But Taiji blocks past, RUNNING DESTROYER!! Both men are down again and fans rally hard as ever! Taiji and Hiromu stir, and Taiji crawls over to Hiromu.

Taiji drags Hiromu up, but Hiromu throws the first forearm! And another! Taiji shakes his head, brings Hiromu up again, but Hiromu throws another forearm! Taiji gets frustrated, and he fires a forearm back! Hiromu throws another forearm, but Taiji gives that back. Hiromu wobbles but he comes back with another! Taiji steadies himself, and throws another! Fans rally up as they go build up speed! Taiji fires off a ton, then runs, into a SHOTGUN! Hiromu fire’s up, fireman’s carries, CORNER DEATH VALLEY! Hiromu fires up again and fans fire up with him! Hiromu hauls Taiji up, fireman’s carries, but Taiji slips off.

Hiromu elbows free, Taiji rebounds, into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO, into D!! Taiji endures the triangle hold, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Fans rally as Taiji survives and Hiromu lets him go. Hiromu gets back up, hobbles around, and he brings Taiji back up. Hiromu suplexes, but Taiji fights free. Taiji wrenches, ducks the elbows, but Hiromu wheelbarrows. No Complete Shot, but Hiromu tries the suplex again! VICTORY- NO, Taiji drags Hiromu down with the armbar! BONE LOCK!! Hiromu scrambles, ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer and Taiji lets him go. Taiji and Hiromu work on getting their sore arms moving while fans rally up.

Taiji brings Hiromu up, gut wrenches, but Hiromu blocks! They go around, fighting for gut wrench control! Taiji throws down elbows, then CLUBS Hiromu in the lower back. Taiji gut wrenches but Hiromu fights it! Hiromu CLUBS Taiji down, CLUBS him more, then drags Taiji up to his own gut wrench! But Taiji turns it around on Hiromu, CIPHER UTAKI! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu is still in this and fans fire up. Taiji hobbles over as fans rally up again. Taiji drags Hiromu up, reels him in, BLOODY- Arm-drag from Hiromu! But Taiji POP-UP POWERBOMBS! Cover, TWO, into D!!! Hiromu has Taiji caught as Taiji flails around!

Taiji endures, Hiromu pulls on the arm, and Taiji gets the ROPEBREAK! Hiromu lets go in frustration, and both men slowly stir. Fans rally back up, “HI-RO-MU!” and Hiromu stands. Hiromu hobbles back to Taiji, brings him up and suplexes, but Taiji knees free! Hiromu uppercuts, but Taiji ducks the kick to JUMP KNEE! Hiromu SUPERKICKS! HIROM-CHAN BOMBER! Fans fire up and Hiromu roars! Hiromu stands Taiji up, runs, ISHIMORI BOMBER!? Taiji roars, fans fire up, and Taiji dragon sleepers to inverted suplex! BLOODY SUNDAY!! Shoutout to the Prince, and both men are down again!

Fans rally up, Taiji drags himself to ropes, and Taiji takes aim. BANG, and he drags Hiromu back up. Taiji hauls Hiromu up, half hatch, BLOODY- Fireman’s roll from Hiromu! Fireman’s carry, for a CORNER- NO! Taiji slips off to POST Hiromu! Taiji drags Hiromu out and hammerlocks the arm. Half nelson and scoop, SHOULDER BUSTER! Hiromu writhes but Taiji slowly sits back up. Fans rally, Taiji gets himself to a corner, and he aims at Hiromu. Hiromu slowly gets back up, Taiji runs in, MYSTICO!! And then BONE- NO, Hiromu is fighting the armlocks! He wants the ropes but Taiji rolls him away! BONE- CRADLE! TWO!!!

Hiromu gets the arm, D!! But Taiji deadlift POWERBOMBS!! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Fans rally and Taiji drags himself to ropes. Taiji hurries to get Hiromu back up, and he reels Hiromu in, BLOODY- RANA!! And D!!! Taiji reaches out for ropes but Hiromu rolls away form them. Taiji deadlifts, but Hiromu slips out and HIROM-CHAN STUNNER!! Into D!!! Taiji endures, reaches out, fans are fired up, but Hiromu drags Taiji away again! Taiji tries another deadlift but Hiromu just rolls him back down! Taiji refuses to quit and the fans are thunderous! Taiji tries again, another deadlift, but Hiromu pulls the arm! Taiji is fading!! Red Shoes checks, TAIJI IS OUT!! HIROMU WINS!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by submission (gains 2 points; Taiji earns 0)

And that’s the game! The Ticking Timebomb takes out the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and is moving on to the finals!! It will be Hiromu VS Desperado for the trophy!! But while Hiromu is the main event winner, Desperado gets the mic as he gets in the ring.

“When the schedule for this tour came out, I wondered if it was planned by someone who had never seen a map of Japan. This Super Juniors had some wild travel routes. But when it was all said and done… It was the most fun series ever.” Fans applaud in agreement of that. Desperado continues to say, “The foreign wrestlers, guys like Lindaman, they had amazing matches all over. We talked about the future of the division heading into January 4th. Everyone gave their all and this was the result.” Fans applaud because they also like that.

Desperado continues with “Wasn’t this Super Junior damn great? I’ll get to end it having the most fun of all. We’ve already said it all to each other. I’ll wait for you at Budokan. The winner of the main event gets to talk now, not me. See ya.” Desperado sets the mic down and fans applaud as he leaves. Hiromu gets the mic to say, “For all that, you just talked a whole lot. Very on brand. But nothing else has to be said between us, right? I’m hyped for the final. It feels like I’ve been left with nothing to say, but I’ll say this… Ishimori, after Ota-ku, you said something. That me winning my third straight, fourth overall, would show the Junior Division hadn’t changed?

“Ishimori, you said you’d break the status quo? You didn’t do it at all, did you, Ishimori-san? But you’re one of the top Juniors who fit the same mold. Hiromu, Desperado, Ishimori, it’s not up to us. We’re the ones being broken.” Fans applaud, and Hiromu says Taiji is the champion, so he should stand taller! Hiromu takes a breath, and fans rally up for him again. He says he’s not giving up his spot, no one is! “What’s the fun of changing the leader? What’s the fun in all others standing at the side? That doesn’t sound fun to me. We’re almost there. Just one more match to go. One more match! One more match! One more match left! This Best of the Super Juniors has been a blast!

“Desperado, let’s see who gets to have the most fun!” Hiromu repeats “One More Match!” over and over. In the last match of the BOSJ 29, we’ll have more, more, more, more, more, MORE MORE MORE… FUN TOGETHER~!” The Timebomb is all fired up, but will he complete the threepeat? Or will the Rogue Luchador’s return to the top be completed with the BOSJ trophy?


Here are the FINAL standings in A Block!

Hiromu Takahashi: 6-3, 12 points [FINALIST]
Taiji Ishimori: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Ace Austin: 5-4, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
SHO: 5-4, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
YOH: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Clark Connors: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Alex Zayne: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Francesco Akira: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Ryusuke Taguchi: 3-6, 6 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the FINAL standings for B Block!

El Desperado: 6-3, 12 points [FINALIST]
El Phantasmo: 6-3, 12 points [ELIMINATED]
Robbie Eagles: 5-4, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
Wheeler Yuta: 5-4, 10 points [ELIMINATED]
Bushi: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
El Lindaman: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
TJP: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Master Wato: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Titan: 4-5, 8 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki: 3-6, 6 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great event, but obviously I skipped the first half because they were all between eliminated participants. But there were some great results in there, like Connors finishing strong against Zayne and Yuta beating TJP. Even though Sho and Yoh were both out of the running, I kept it because of the story between these two. Sho trying to sucker Yoh into the trap only for Yoh to see through it was a great opening bit. But Sho cheating to win was also a given, he finishes strong so that should Suzuki-Gun come for the NEVER Openweight Six Man titles, Sho is ready. Suzuki-Gun’s Douki and Kanemaru also split with Six or Nine, giving credence to a Junior Heavyweight Tag title match.

I was surprised how the Blocks paralleled each other in the end. Akira gets a great win over Austin that really could lead to a great NJPW Impact crossover over the X-Division title. Titan perhaps finishes strongest of all the eliminated because he spoiled Eagles’ shot even though he was very low in the block. And in the end, after great matches, we get Hiromu VS Desperado, a great rematch from their match last tournament with that time limit draw. They’re going to have an AMAZING finals match on Friday, it can go either way, and I can’t wait.

My Score: 9/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 12.8.2022

Josh Alexander finally addresses what happened at Over Drive! MCMG gets a title match! Eric Young was written out, how does Deaner change Violent by Design?



We get a new era of VBD, Motor City Machine Guns with a tag title shot and Josh Alexander will finally address what happened at Over Drive. I doubt we’re going to get a clean resolution to the tag match since Brian Myers and Matt Cardona are just assholes, but hopefully we get something fun.

Apparently since Deaner is the Violence, the group is just called The Design.


  • Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs Heath & Rhino (c): No Contest – ** 1/4
  • Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Taya Valkyrie w/Death Dollz: Savannah wins via Full Nelson Bomb – **
  • Kon w/The Design vs Sami Callihan: Kon wins via Death Valley Driver – **
  • IMPACT World Championship Open Challenge: Mike Bailey vs Josh Alexander (c): Josh retains via C4 Spike – *****


Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns vs Heath & Rhino (c)

Rhino and Sabin start off and they work to Shelley and Heath with a little bit of MCMG tandem work. Guns are tying up Heath, some corner work where the ref is allowing a little more contact than usual; main point is that Heath is getting twisted and torqued.

Heath tries to paint brush his way out of a Figure Four, but Shelley dips into his heel tendencies. Heath gets to the ropes and Shelley lays back and tells the ref he’s willing to break. He doesn’t and forces the referee to untie their legs, so he gets some extra damage in. Dragon Screw attempt gets turned around, Heath drops Shelley and finally gets Rhino back in.

Guns try to utilize some tandem attacks, but as we see Sabin and Heath swinging back and forth; the Major Players hit the ring and hit simultaneous Wake Up Calls on Heath and Sabin, causing the no contest.

Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Taya Valkyrie w/Death Dollz

Savannah starts off honestly just overpowering Taya. A few quick shoves, Bear Hugs, rag dolls…and Taya is on the back foot. A little bit of ducking and dodging gives Taya the chances to hit the Spear and send Savannah out.

Savannah puts the brakes on anything Taya can start, we go to commercial and Savannah throws Taya with a Butterfly Suplex…so there’s just a lot of Taya working from underneath. Flying Headscissors finally gives Taya a breather, Blue Thunder Bomb for 2 into an Indian Deathlock transitioning into an STF before Savannah fights out.

Road to Valhalla attempt, Savannah blocks it, a little back and forth before Savannah connects with the Full Nelson Bomb for the win.

Kon w/The Design vs Sami Callihan

Early on Sami is struggling with Kon’s power and size. This is hard to really swallow, even as an early “debut” of a new stable. Sami keeps fighting the good fight, grasps for a Jaw Breaker and turns a Kon charge into a Scoop Slam…but Kon tries to keep being the immovable object.

Sami buckles Kon’s knee and hits the Tanaka style forearm and tries to stay on the bigger guy. The numbers eventually start to distract Sami, Angels distracts the referee, Deaner stops Sami and Kon hits a Death Valley Driver for the win.

I’m not really impressed with this, but I guess you really can’t have the new stable get punked out. Even though they are all punks.

Josh Alexander comes out to address the Over Drive fallout and states an open challenge with the intent to drag out Bully Ray – but Bully has a whole video set up goading Josh and saying he’s not there. 

So Speedball Mike Bailey comes down to see if the open challenge is still on the table. 

IMPACT World Championship Open Challenge: Mike Bailey vs Josh Alexander (c)

Bailey tries to come at Josh hard, and Josh shows that his left arm is still bothering him some; but he generally shrugs off Bailey for the early goings. A big Forearm and Kitchen Sink have Josh slowly stalking his opponent. His attention isn’t on Bailey, so his style reflects as much.

Josh sends Bailey to the ropes, back handspring, machine gun kicks send Josh reeling and a Tope con Hilo finally gives Bailey some momentum. Commercial break comes back with Bailey hitting a big Double Knees, but a Running Boot from Josh puts things back in his favor. Josh lands kick after kick, big forearms, and just hits Bailey with disdain because he’s not Bully Ray.

A Shotgun Dropkick opens things up for Speedball, Sole Butt doubles over Josh, Axe Kick, Roundhouse into a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press for 2. Buzzsaw Kick missed, German Suplex train begins! Two in a row, Bailey tries to block, so Josh pins the arms and hits a Shutdown Suplex for 2. C4 Spike, spun out, Ankle Lock attempt, blocked and turned into a Kimura from Bailey, but now they’re just jockeying for submission positions. Josh counters the Octopus into running him into the corner twice, but Speedball doesn’t let go. One more attempted jam, but a Poison Rana gives Bailey a 2 count.

Another commercial comes back to Josh driving his knee into Speedball’s shoulder blades. Flipping Stomp miss from Bailey, Tornado Kicks land, Ultima Weapon misses and Josh goes for a C4 Spike but the arm gives out! They spill to the outside and Bailey strings together some offense. A big Missile Dropkick leads into Round Kicks, and then open hand chop exchange. Both men after just firing back and forth, neither is relenting. Forearms and kicks, finally into a proper Fighting Spirit spot that Bailey counters a Rolling Forearm with a Straight Side Kick. Bailey charges into the ropes, Josh catches him in Capture Suplex position but drags him over the ropes and slams him onto the apron.

This is a third commercial break and we’re perched with Bailey going for a Super Frankensteiner, Josh blocks, feigns the Avalanche Styles Clash, but Bailey counters! Flamingo Driver attempt, Josh gets pissed, counters and then throws Bailey with a Torture Rack Bomb. 2 count immediately into the Ankle Lock, but Bailey blocks, manages to get away, counters Josh in the corner, Ultima Weapon connects! But Bailey can’t get the pinfall as he sells his legs. Speedball gets up, PK as he keeps selling the legs but still uses his offense. PK again! Backflip Double Knees, a few missed kicks before finally connecting and then charging through with the snap kick. Open Hand Chops from Josh, Kicks from Bailey, Josh just grabs him and starts the locomotion German Suplexes.

Six suplexes and another commercial! Back perched, Kimura Lock from Bailey, Josh fights, Bailey tries a kick, but Josh grabs him and dumps him back into the ring with an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Josh climbs to the top, Moonsault misses! Bailey slowly climbs to the top rope, Josh pops up, Avalanche Olympic Slam for 2! Josh struggles to try and pick up Bailey, so they have a slow rise as both men are banged up. Bailey pops up with the Straight Kick to the face for a near fall, and we actually hear the 10 minutes remaining call from Penzer.

Ankle Lock again from Josh, but Bailey keeps squirming. Josh Death Rolls with the Ankle and doesn’t want to let go, he’s trying to end this. Bailey tries to stretch up to get out of it, but gets scooped into a Tombstone Piledriver but only another 2 and back into the Ankle Lock! Up Kicks break the submission, Bailey tries to stop Josh from charging back into the corner with a kick, but Josh drivers his knee into Bailey’s leg, drags him back to the center and Grapevine’s the Ankle. Speedball barely manages to claw to the ropes.

Josh tries to climb the corner with Bailey, but Bailey slips down and now he’s trying to get up to Josh but can’t quite muster the energy to get past Josh. Josh keeps clocking and dropping Bailey. Bailey finally powers through the offense, stares down Josh and Avalanche Frankensteiner! Ultima Weapon… connects again but foot on the bottom rope! Flamingo…nope, Styles Clash from Josh into the Ankle Lock again! Bailey grabs the bottom rope and tries to kick Josh away, but Josh finds adrenaline rips Bailey into his arms for an Inverted Piledriver. Josh and Bailey keep struggling as Josh is going for a C4 Spike, 2 C4 Spikes with about 15 seconds left!


Overall Score: 9/10

A Western company actually mentioning time remaining, having to bump a “scheduled main event” and dedicate the last hour of the show to literally one match is a little surprising. The show also did try to add credibility to The Design, Savannah Evans got to look impressive and the fact the tag match was interrupted…to no one’s surprise, helped sell the epic main event even harder.

I don’t really have a lot to say aside from that was a hell of a match, and the fact that it was about 15 seconds short of a Broadway is both crazy and almost feels dirty that it didn’t quite get there. But it was great, built off their previous match and was a great endcap to the year both men had as being fighting champions and two bastions of hope of the company in 2022. IMPACT loves to just to clip shows for the last two weeks of the year, so we only have 1 maybe 2 more real episodes before Hard to Kill is around the corner. But hot damn was this match amazing!

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (12/7/22)

The Super Jr. Tag League penultimate round!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

The Super Juniors are so close, they can almost taste it!

NJPW continues on and the Super Jr. Tag League is almost done! Is it inevitable that Ace Austin & Chris Bey are finalists in the tournament? Or will they get burned by the #GLEATSAUCE?


  • Yuto Nakashima & Ryohei Oiwa VS Oskar Leube & Kosei Fujita; Leube & Fujita win.
  • Six Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Bullet Club; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomoaki Honma & Master Wato VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; LIJ wins.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS TJP & Francesco Akira; TJP & Akira win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS YOH & Lio Rush; Yoh & Lio win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS SHO & Dick Togo; Douki & Kanemaru win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS BUSHI & Titán; Bushi & Titán win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey; Zayne & Lindaman win.


Here are the current Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Austin & Bey: 6-1, 12 points
Bushi & Titan: 5-2, 10 points
TJP & Akira: 5-2, 10 points
Yoh & Lio: 5-2, 10 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 5-2, 10 points
Taguchi & Connors: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Sho & Dick: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS TJP & Francesco Akira!

The Time Jet may be out of the running, but they could use this moment to turn it all around! Will Kushida & Knight find #Time2Fly? Or will Catch 2/2 not be denied their spot in the finals?

The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, is here to make the introductions for the Public Enemy & Nova Fireball. The teams sort out and fans applaud as Knight starts against TJP. Fans rally as the two circle. TJP avoids Knight’s rush at the legs, gets around to a waistlock, but Knight switches. TJP sits, pries at the hold, but Knight brings him up to SLAM him down! Knight floats to a facelock, TJP rolls but Knight stays with him, but TJP slips away. Fans applaud this opening exchange and the two reset. Knight and TJP circle, knuckle lock, and TJP spins to wrench and wrangle Knight with a top wristlock.

Knight rolls, stands, TJP wrenches his arm again. Knight rolls, handsprings and wrenches back! Fans applaud while TJP works on a return. TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, but Knight stops the headscissors to CHOP! Fans applaud as TJP staggers to ropes. Knight CHOPS TJP again, then whips TJP to ropes. They RAM shoulders but neither man falls. Knight flexes and fans applaud. TJP runs, they RAM shoulders again and Knight stays up. Knight says TJP doesn’t have it, but TJP kicks low! TJP runs, but Knight hurdles over! TJP rebounds, and he blocks the hip toss into a cobra twist! Fans applaud while Knight endures.

TJP drops for a ground cobra cradle, TWO! Knight whips, TJP stops himself and comes back to tie Knight’s one arm up, and he YANKS Knight’s other arm back! Fans applaud while TJP drags Knight away. Tag to Akira and Catch 2/2 mug Knight. They double whip but Knight DOUBLE FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES them down! Fans fire up as Knight brings Akira up. Knight wrenches Akira, tags Kushida, and he hands off the wrench. Kushida wrenches to a wristlock, then tags Knight back in. They hand off the wrench again, tag, and then hand it off again! Kushida CLUBS Akira’s arm, wrangles him down, and traps the arm to TWIST!

Fans applaud as Kushida drags Akira up to wrench again. Tag to Knight, they hand off the wrench again and again and again! Then they double snapmare to double knee drop both arms! Fans applaud but TJP runs in! Into a drop toehold and PENALTY KICK to the arm! Kushida & Knight secret handshake, then they double whip TJP to a corner. Then they double whip Akira into TJP! Kushida runs in to back elbow sandwich the champs! Knight runs in to STINGER SPLASH SANDWICH the champs! Knight pushes Akira aside to whip TJP corner to corner. TJP goes up and over, Akira returns for a RAILGUN DROPKICK!

Fans rally as Akira drags Knight up to CLUB him on the neck. Akira stomps Knight in the corner and digs his boots in! The ref counts, Akira stops at 4, then tags TJP. Catch 2/2 drag Knight up, they double whip him to ropes, and SOBAT, KICK, KICK and BASEMENT SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! TJP sits Knight up to KNEE him in the back! TJP drops knees on the arm, then on a leg. Then TJP has the leg for a standing toehold. Knight endures, even as TJP twists the ankle! Fans rally, Knight fights up and stands. TJP stays clear of the haymakers but Knight breaks free. Knight kicks with the other way but TJP blocks it!

TJP slips around, but Knight ENZIGURIS TJP down! Fans rally, Akira grabs Knight’s legs but Knight kicks him away. But TJP runs past Knight to BLAST Kushida! Knight run sin but TJP goes up and over to get a TARANTULA! Akira intercepts Kushida at the apron for a TARANTULA! Fans fire up for the double shoutout to Tajiri, and Catch 2/2 lets off as the ref counts. Akira returns to his corner, TJP stalks Knight and fans rally up. TJP drags Knight up, scoops and SLAMS him, then goes to the apron. Slingshot SENTON! Tag to Akira, and he runs to go up the Electric Chair! “Take Picture!” But Knight JET FLIGHT DROPKICKS Akira down!

Fans fire up while all three men are down! Knight crawls, hot tag to Kushida! Kushida climbs up and AX HANDLES TJP down! Kushida KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Akira, then whips him to ropes. Akira reverses but Kushida FLYING FOREARMS! Kushida dodges to PELE! TJP kicks Kushida, runs, but into a hip toss! Cartwheel, basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Kushida and he winds up, but Akira blocks the Buzzsaw! Akira whips Kushida to ropes, but Kushida reverses. Akira sunset flips but Kushida stays up! Kushida has the arm, for an ARMBAR! The fans fire up as Kushida pulls back, but Akira rolls to the ROPEBREAK!

Kushida lets go quickly and fans rally up. They clap for “KU-SHI-DA!” as he wrenches Akira’s arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Kushida aims, but Akira dodges the Penalty Kick! Akira CHOPS, but Kushida ROCKS! Akira SUPERKICKS, but Kushida SHOTEIS! Fans fire up while both men are down! Kushida crawls, hot tag to Knight! Knight hurries after Akira, brings him up and whips him to a corner. Knight runs in and Kushida runs in from the apron, SPLASH ENZIGURI COMBO! Knight hoists Akira up top, climbs up after him, but TJP gets in! TJP Electric Chair Lifts Knight, but Kushida HANDSPRING KICKS Akira!

Knight fights free of TJP while Kushida has a KIMURA on Akira! TJP lets Knight go to go after Kushida! TJP has the Electric Chair Lift, but Kushida fights free to get the HOVERBOARD KIMURA! Knight jumps to SUPER STEINER Akira! Fans fire up and Knight leaps, SATELLITE DDT!! Cover, TJP SLAMS Kushida onto it! Fans fire up while Kushida throws TJP out. Knight drags Akira up, fans clap “TIME TO FLY!” They double suplex but Akira fights it. Akira ROCKS and CHOPS on repeat! But Knight knees low! Time2Fly double whip but Akira shotguns the clothesline apart! And TJP runs in to DOUBLE BULLDOG!

Fans fire up and TJP blocks a kick to spin around, LEG CAPTURE BACK SUPLEX for Knight! Kushida DECKS TJP! Akira GERMAN SUPLEXES Kushida! Knight SLIDING SHOULDERS Akira down! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! Knight sits up, he brings TJP up but TJP throws a forearm. Knight forearms back, so TJP forearms again. The forearms keep going, then TJP UPPERCUTS! Knight UPPERCUTS in return! The forearms return, Knight gets the edge! Knight runs, into a ROLLING SOBAT! TJP runs, ducks a lariat and SUPERKICKS! TJP runs, into a DROPKICK! Knight kips up and fans fire up again!

Knight runs corner to corner at TJP, but TJP goes up and over! TORNADO DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Knight is still in this and fans are thunderous! TJP drags Knight to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Knight is up! Knight springs up to join TJP, he throws body shots, but TJP hits back. Fans rally as TJP slips under and trips Knight! Knight is in a Tree of Woe, TJP helps Akira walk the tightrope, for a MISSILE WOE DROPKICK! Knight is down in another drop zone and TJP goes back up! MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, but Kushida breaks it! Kushida CLUBS Akira, CLUBS TJP, then BUZZSAWS Akira! Kushida runs, but into an ALLEY-OOP!

Fans fire up as Catch 2/2 sit Knight up! 2 BY 2!! Cover, Catch 2/2 win!

Winners: TJP & Francesco Akira, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Kushida & Knight earn 0)

That’s two more points for a dozen total! Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions prove they are THE best tag team in the division?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS YOH & Lio Rush!

The Wild Hips haven’t had much luck in the league, but they’re not giving up! Will Taguchi & Connors stampede through Direct Drive & The Bad Child? Or will the Men of the Hour still have time on the clock?

Taguchi and Connors reach into their bags, and they have beer again! Fans applaud, and the Wild Hips offer some to Yoh & Lio. Really? Right now? Sure! Think of it like a party. Fans applaud but Yoh & Lio aren’t sure, they’re technically working. Yoh and Lio take a can each, Connors & Taguchi crack theirs open and drink. Fans applaud, it’s now or never for Lio & Yoh. They argue it out, but Lio says his stomach doesn’t feel good. Connors understands and fans applaud. The beers are put aside for now, and the teams sort out. Lio starts with Connors and fans rally up at the bell. Lio and Connors circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock.

Connors shoots in but Lio sprawls and facelocks. Connors slips out to facelock and then waistlock then back to a facelock. Lio slips out to waistlock, they stand up, and Connors pries free to switch. Connors drags Lio down, goes back for a facelock, but Lio switches that onto Connors. Connors fights back up, throws a knee, and fans applaud as Connors headlocks. Lio powers up and out but Connors runs him over! Fans applaud again and Connors runs the ropes. Lio drops, then redirects to whip Connors. Connors redirects, too, and then again! Lio handsprings to dodge, then he mule kicks and ENZIGURIS! Fans fire up and Lio covers, TWO!

Lio has the fans rally up, and Lio wrenches Connors’ arm. Tag to Yoh, they double whip Connors and double kick. Yoh whips Lio but Connors avoids the scissor kick! Lio whips Yoh now but Connors avoids Yoh to rebound and run them both over! Fans fire up with Connors and he calls to Taguchi. Taguchi hops in, Connors EuroUppers Yoh. Yoh is in one corner, Lio is in the other and the Wild Hips combine. WHIP HIP into Lio! WHIP HIP into Yoh! And then another for Lio! And another for Yoh! Then Taguchi WHIP HIPS Connors into Lio, and then WHIP HIPS him into Yoh! Fans fire up as the Wild Hips butt bump.

Taguchi sets up on the corner and Connors brings Yoh around. But Yoh reverses and sends Connors into the Funky Weapon! Lio returns to LARIAT Connors down! Taguchi hops down and runs at Yoh, but Yoh atomic drops the hip attack! Yoh scoops and SLAMS Taguchi, then he and Lio hook Taguchi’s legs into the ropes! Not quite a Tree of Woe, more a Bush of Woe. Fans rally as Lio and Yoh fire up. They hook up, ROLLING DIVING HEADBUTT into the Bush! Fans fire up while Taguchi flops over. Yoh drags Taguchi to the apron, and he uses the ropes in a Paradise Lock!? Yoh learned a form of Paradise!

Connors returns but Yoh kicks him down. Yoh drags Connors up to ROCK him with a forearm, and then stomp him in the corner. Tag to Lio, he and Yoh double whip Connors to DOUBLE ELBOW! Then Lio runs to get a wheelbarrow boost from Yoh, WHEELBARROW SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Lio taunts Taguchi then clamps onto Connors with a sleeper and body scissors! Yoh plays defense, but Taguchi can’t get free anyway. Connors fights up with Lio as a backpack, and he RAMS Lio into the corner! Yoh tags in, Connors hurries to his corner, but he can’t tag Taguchi like that! Lio whips Connors to the corner, Yoh & Lio mug him!

Yoh & Lio drag Connors up again, throw forearms and haymakers, then Yoh has Connors on ropes. Yoh throws more forearms, puts him back in the corner, but Connors fights back with forearms and elbows! Fans rally, Connors crawls, but Lio drags him up for a BIG back suplex! Fans rally, Yoh & Lio drag Connors up and double whip. Connors ELBOWS Yoh away but Lio kicks him low. Lio runs, Connors drops and POUNCES Lio into Yoh, and Yoh falls on Taguchi! Taguchi’s free from Paradise! Fans fire up as Connors hurries over, hot tag to Taguchi! Taguchi fires up, and he HIP ATTACKS Yoh at the ropes! Then HIP ATTACKS Lio at the ropes!

Taguchi keeps going, another HIP ATTACK for Yoh! Another HIP ATTACK for Lio! Baseball slide and APRON HIP for Yoh! Fans fire up and Taguchi takes aim from the apron. Springboard and MISSILE HIP! Taguchi covers, TWO! Taguchi drags Yoh up but Yoh swings, into a waistlock. Yoh elbows free, runs, but Taguchi follows! Yoh catches the hip attack into a waistlock, but Taguchi elbows free. Taguchi fakes Yoh out into running into a HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up and Taguchi runs side to side! PEOPLE’S T-BAG!! Cover, TWO!! Yoh survives and fans fire up. Taguchi calls upon the powers of Strong Style! “ORYA~!”

But Lio gets in the way, and offers the beer! He wants to have the drink now? Lio gets the fans to applaud for it, and they crack open the beers. They drink, and Lio hits a STUNNER on Taguchi! Lio laughs at Taguchi falling for it, then he HAANDSPRING KICKS Connors off the apron! Lio hurries to get another drink of beer, then he builds speed! But then Lio feels queasy! Connors runs in to SPEAR Lio down! Fans fire up, Connors drags Yoh up but Yoh throws forearms! Yoh ROCKS Taguchi, UPPERCUTS Connors, but runs into DOUBLE HIP ATTACKS! The Wild Hips combine their powers, take a drink, and show the RED UNDIES! CROSS HIPS!!! Cover, Lio breaks it!!

Fans fire up and Connors throws Lio out. Taguchi stands back up and fans rally. Taguchi stands Yoh up, to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up and Taguchi drags Yoh up into chicken wings! But Yoh wheelbarrows and victory rolls, only for Taguchi to sit on it! TWO!!! But Taguchi has OH MY GAH ANKLE!! Yoh flails, reaches out, moves around, and Connors keeps Lio on the outside! Yoh scrambles to get a BEER! Yoh stands up to make Taguchi drink!! Taguchi chugs, Yoh shakes him up!! Taguchi is dizzy now, but he SPITS the beer! He’s gone from The Rock to The Game! Taguchi kicks low, runs, but into 3K!!!! Cover, the Men of the Hour win!!

Winners: Yoh & Lio Rush, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Taguchi & Connors earn 0)

It’s all about the game and how you play it, but the Wild Hips got beat at their own game! Will Yoh & Lio close in on that outside shot to the finals?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS SHO & Dick Togo!

Japones Del Mal & The Heel Master got the biggest win they could by beating the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions! Will that momentum help them finish strong? Or will the House of Torture ruin things for them right before the end?

Both sides argue about the other needing to be thoroughly checked. After all, Douki has the pipe and Kanemaru has the whiskey, but the Murder Machine has a wrench and the Spoiler has his choker. But for now, the teams sort out and Dick starts against Kanemaru. Fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Dick powers Kanemaru to ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Kanemaru dodges the sucker punch and tells the ref that’s what he was talking about! Dick apologizes, and offers a handshake. Kanemaru says don’t even bother with that. Dick shakes Sho’s hand and Sho hops in to shake the ref’s hand. Dick also shakes the ref’s hand.

Douki steps in and the House of Torture offers him a handshake, too. Douki & Kanemaru reach out to accept, but then they block the cheap kicks! Douki throws Sho’s foot into Dick, then he throws Sho out while Kanemaru rolls Dick up! TWO!! Dick escapes, Douki goes out after Sho while Kanemaru stalks Dick to the corner. Dick pokes Kanemaru in the eye! Dick then whips corner to corner but Kanemaru reverses. Dick BOOTS Kanemaru, runs, but into a dropkick to the legs! Tag to Douki, Suzuki-Gun SMASH both knees! Cover, TWO! Douki stomps Dick around, then puts the leg on the ropes for a HIP DROP!

Fans rally while Douki drags Dick up. Douki kicks low, whips Dick to ropes, then runs in, only to be put on the apron. Dick swings but Douki shoulders into him. But Sho trips Douki up! Dick BLASTS Kanemaru, Sho stomps Douki around by commentary. Sho drags Douki up, brings him all the way to the back wall, rakes the eyes, and then goes into the rear stage area! Sho sends Douki into the wall! Dick keeps after Kanemaru while Sho whips Douki at the edge! Douki keeps from falling, he turns around and Sho BOOTS him off the stage! Fans applaud as Sho stands tall. Sho stomps Douki in front of the back row, then says to turn our attention back to ringside.

The ring count starts while Dick waits on Douki. Sho wants the count to go faster, and then he touches the Super Jr. Tag League trophy. Fans rally as Douki stands, and he hurries up the aisle! We’re at 12 of 20, Sho gets on the mic to shout that this is over! Sho rings the bell himself! The ref tells Sho no, but Sho makes the ref raise his hand in victory. Doukik returns! But Sho and Dick mug him! The ref reprimands them, counts, but both Sho and Dick let off at 4. Douki fights up but Dick fights off the scoop. Dick throws body shots and he CLUBS Douki down! Dick scoops and SLAMS Douki down! Dick then clamps onto Douki’s arms for a motorcycle stretch!

Fans rally as Douki endures and reaches out. Douki gets the ROPEBREAK, and Dick lets off. Dick scrapes his sole on Douki’s face, then he tags Sho. Sho runs to BLAST Kanemaru, then he and Dick mug Douki. Douki hits back but Sho rakes the eyes! Sho shoves Douki down, brings him back up, and throws him out of the ring. Sho distracts the ref so Dick can ROCK Douki! Dick puts Douki back in for Sho to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cover, the ref refuses because of shenanigans. Sho stomps Douki then covers, TWO! Fans fire up while Sho is upset with the ref. Sho drags Douki back up but Douki throws forearms! Sho rakes the eyes!

The ref reprimands but Sho grins as he brings Douki up again. Douki blocks the suplex and fans rally. Sho powers Douki up but Douki fights it. Douki powers Sho up, but Sho bends Douki’s fingers! Sho suplexes but Douki slips out! Douki waistlocks but Sho elbows free. Sho runs, but into a FLYING HEADBUTT! Fans fire up while both men are down again! Sho and Douki crawl, hot tag to Kanemaru! Kanemaru stomps on Sho then BLASTS Dick! Kanemaru whips, Sho reverses but Kanemaru dropkicks the legs out! Kanemaru drags Sho up, SHIN BREAKER and then a  dropkick to the legs! Kanemaru steps through for a FIGURE FOUR!

Sho endures the leglock and Kanemaru trashes about! Dick gets in to stomp away on Kanemaru! The hold is undone but the ref reprimands Dick. Kanemaru drags Sho around, stomps the legs, but Sho bends the fingers! So Kanemaru rakes Sho’s eyes! The ref reprimands them both, Kanemaru kicks Sho and runs. But Sho uses the ref as a shield! Sho then runs but now Kanemaru uses the ref as a shield! Kanemaru kicks low, ELBOWS Sho in the head, then runs, but Dick gets a cheap shot in! Sho SPEARS Kanemaru down! Tag to Dick and the House of Torture stomps away on Kanemaru. They whip him corner to corner, then Sho runs in.

Kanemaru dodges Sho, kicks Dick and sends him into Sho! ENZIGURI for Dick! Fans fire up while all three are down! Douki calls out and Kanemaru heads that way! Hot tag to Douki! Douki goes up to CROSSBODY! Dick staggers up, Douki dodges him to springboard BACK ELBOW! Douki drags Dick into the drop zone, for a RUNNING DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Douki drags Dick up and hooks him up! But Dick fights the Gory Especial to snapmare and ghost pin! TWO! CROSSFACE!! Fans rally while Douki endures! Douki reaches out, claws his way over, but Dick rolls him way!

But Douki slips out to waistlock! He baits Dick into a double pump handle and he flips Dick over! Douki then rolls Dick into ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Fans fire up while Dick endures! But then Sho drags the ref out! Sho gets in to stomp away on Douki! The Young Lions check on the ref while Sho gets his wrench! But Douki gets his PIPE! Fans fire up as Douki’s is bigger! Sho still swings but Douki dodges! Douki swings but Sho dodges! Douki blocks the wrench attack and Sho drops it! Douki JAMS Sho with the pipe, then CHOKES him with it! But Dick slides in to use the SPOILER CHOKER! But Kanemaru takes a swig!

Yujiro & Evil rush out from the back! But Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS Yujiro! Then he KICKS the ropes to hit Evil down low! Then Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS Dick! But Sho LOW BLOWS Kanemaru! Everyone falls at the same time! Fans fire up and rally as the ref returns! The ref can’t make heads or tails of what happened, but Dick and Douki stay in the ring. Dick drags Douki up, underhooks, but Douki blocks the Pedigree! Dick CLUBS Douki down, drags him back up and tries again. But Douki wrenches out! Dick rakes the eyes! Dick gets the whiskey and tags a swig!? But Douki HELL STABS! The whiskey spews into the air!

Douki drags Dick back down, ITALIAN STRETCH #32!!! Dick verbally quits, Suzuki-Gun wins!!

Winners: Douki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by submission (gain 2 points; Sho & Dick earn 0)

Incredible! Douki the underdog has gotten his team to three wins in this latter half of the tournament! Is this a sign that things are finally clicking for Japones Del Mal?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS BUSHI & Titán!

The Flying Tigers may not have a shot at the finals, but they can shoot down another team’s chances! Will the Sniper of the Sky and the Junior Heavyweight legend eliminate LIJ? Or will the Black Mask y El Inmortal stay alive for one more round?

The teams sort out, Eagles calls out Titan, so LIJ fist bumps. Fans applaud as Titan and Eagles circle. They tie up, Eagles wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Titan rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Eagles endures the wristlock now, but he uses the ropes to flip through and wrench back. Titan endures now, rolls, kips up and bridges to then handspring and wrench back! Fans rally as Titan wrenches again. Titan whips corner to corner, Eagles reverses but Titan goes up and over to handspring away. Fans cheer and things keep moving. Titan jumps over, whips Eagles but Eagles reverses to go up and around and arm-drag! But Titan handstands walks!

Titan rolls, handsprings, and fans fire up as things keep moving. Titan hurdles, Eagles counters the arm-drag to a takedown, and then he handsprings to basement dropkick! Fans cheer the opening exchange as Eagles covers, TWO! Eagles keeps on Titan, brings him over, and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Tiger and he KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Titan down! Tiger stomps Titan, brings him up and ROCKS him with a forearm. Tiger runs but Titan DROPKICKS him in return! Fans rally and Titan rolls to tag in Bushi! Bushi stomps Tiger, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! And CHOPS again!

Bushi pushes Tiger out, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bushi goes after Tiger’s mask! The ref reprimands, Bushi stops going after the laces to pull at the chin! The ref reprimands and counts, Bushi stops at 4. Bushi stomps Tiger down, then he tags in Titan. Titan climbs while Bushi drags Tiger up. Bushi wrenches an arm and Titan DOUBLE STOMPS it! Titan kicks Tiger around, then mule kicks him. Titan snapmares Tiger to PENALTY KICK! Fans rally and Eagles coaches Tiger, but Titan stands Tiger up. Tiger throws body shots, then throws KICK after KICK! Titan blocks a kick but Tiger SPIN KICKS him away!

Fans rally, Tiger rolls and hot tags Eagles! Eagles springboards up and over Titan, BLASTS Bushi, then RANAS Titan! Fans fire up as Eagles WHEEL KICKS Titan and kips up! Titan bails out, Eagles builds speed, but Bushi trips Eagles up! Titan mule kicks Tiger, CLUBS him down and gets back in the ring. Titan KICKS Eagles while he’s down, then he tags Bushi. Fans rally as LIJ mug Eagles, then double whip him corner to corner. Bushi runs in to back elbow Titan, and then sets up for INMORTAL IN MOTION! Feed to a lift, DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER COMBO! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Titan BLASTS Tiger!

Fans rally up as LIJ loom over Eagles. They kick Eagles around, drag him up and double whip again. Eagles reverses to send Bushi away and then he knees Titan low. Bushi returns and Eagles sends him into Titan! Titan falls, Eagles mule kicks Bushi then runs, BASEMENT DROPKICK BLINDSIDE LARIAT COMBO! Fans fire up while all three men are down! Eagles crawls for his corner, hot tag to Tiger! Tiger goes up top and CROSSBODIES Bushi down! Titan CLUBS Tiger, holds him up, but Tiger BOOTS Bushi and KANGAROO KICKS Titan! Bushi returns, into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Tiger brings Bushi back up. Tiger underhooks Bushi but Titan runs in! Tiger mule kicks Titan, Eagles runs in to KICK, and then DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES take Titan down! Fans fire up and Bushi fires forearms on both Flying Tigers! Bushi fires off on Tiger, but Eagles SOBATS Bushi! Eagles cravats Bushi and Tiger gives him a boost into the ASAI DDT! Roll and feed to the underhooks, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, Titan breaks it! Eagles throws Titan out and Tiger goes to a corner. But Titan POSTS Eagles! Tiger reaches the top but Titan attacks him first! Titan ROCKET LAUNCHES Tiger off the corner!

Bushi crawls to the LIJ corner, hot tag to Titan! Titan roars, fans fire up, and Titan springboard MISSILE DROPKICKS! Titan drags Tiger up, reels him in and suplexes for the GOURD BUSTER, to a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Tiger is still in this and fans rally up. Tiger goes to a corner, Titan powers up and runs in, LOCO- NO, Tiger BOOTS Titan away! Then crucifix takedown! TWO!! Into the REVERSE DOUBLE ARMBAR!! Titan endures, flails, Eagles intercepts Bushi into the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! But Titan gets the ROPEBREAK! The Flying Tigers let LIJ go and Eagles kicks Bushi out.

Eagles rallies the fans and he joins Tiger in bringing Titan up. The Flying Tigers double whip Titan to a corner, Eagles goes to the apron. They both run in, ENZIGURI ROUNDHOUSE COMBO! Fans fire up as Tiger brings Titan up to the top rope. Bushi rushes in but Eagles springboards and missile dropkicks the legs out! Tiger climbs up after Titan, underhooks the arms, and fans rally up! SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Titan survives, but Tiger has a KIMURA! Titan endures as Tiger also traps his head! Bushi barrels through Eagles to break it up! Fans rally as Bushi fires forearms on Eagles.

Eagles knees low, Bushi ducks a roundhouse to spin Eagles into a DDT! Tiger fires off on Bushi, knees low and SOBATS! Tiger runs, but into a DROPKICK! Bushi runs to BLAST Eagles! Then Bushi builds speed to DIVE onto Eagles! Fans fire up and Titan roars! Titan drags Tiger up, reels him in to a fireman’s carry, and spins for the LANDSLIDE! Cover, TWO!! Tiger survives again and fans fire up! Bushi returns as Tiger goes to a corner. Titan runs in, LOCO LARIAT! Bushi hits the CODE BREAKER! Titan springboards, but slips! Angel Inmortal is more a diving headbutt botch! Bushi hurries to get Titan back up and Titan resets.

Bushi watches Eagles while Titan COAST2COAST dropkicks Tiger!! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Bushi & Titán, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Eagles & Tiger earn 0)

It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective! LIJ stay alive for another round, will they make the Super Jr. Tag League finals tranquilo?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey!

The #SAUCEHEARTS holds their fate in their own hands! If they win, they take over the top spot! If they lose, their bubble bursts right before the end! Can Zayne & Lindaman stop the Inevitable? Or will Ace & Bey keep things Too Sweet?

The teams sort out, Zayne steps up and calls out his former friend, Ace. Ace & Bey Too Sweet and then point finger guns at Zayne. Lindaman says, “Boo~!” but Ace starts against Zayne. The fans rally as the two stare down, but then Ace tags out to Bey. Bey & Ace laugh at Zayne thinking he was going to get his way. Zayne and Bey circle, fans rally up again, and the two tie up. They go around, Zayne puts Bey on ropes but he stares Ace down. Red shoes counts the break, Zayne lets off with a pat on Bey’s shoulder. Bey acts like he’s gonna punch, but he just hands Red Shoes some of his gold chains that’re coming loose.

Zayne and Bey reset as fans rally up, and Bey gets around to waistlock. Zayne works on the hold but Bey shifts to a headlock. Zayne throws body shots, then elbows, then he powers out, only for Bey to pull on Zayne’s beard! Bey laughs and flexes while Red Shoes reprimands. Bey headlocks, but Zayne powers up to put Bey on ropes! Zayne then powers out to wrench Bey’s arm. Bey endures the wristlock, but Zayne pulls on Bey’s beard! Tag to Lindaman and Lindaman kicks Bey low. Fans applaud as Lindaman wrenches and wristlocks Bey to then YANK the arm! Lindaman YANKS the arm again, and he keeps Bey from Ace.

But Bey pulls Lindaman’s hair! Red Shoes reprimands but Bey knees Lindaman low, tags Ace, and Bullet Club mugs Lindaman. They double whip Lindaman corner to corner, Bey runs in but Lindaman picks Bey up! AIR RAID CRASH! Ace runs in and knees low. Ace whips, Lindaman reverses and SAYANAGIS! Then BASEMENT DDT! Fans fire up with Lindaman and he looms over Ace. Lindaman drags Ace, scoops him and SLAMS him, then rallies the fans as he goes to the corner. Lindaman runs, stomps and goes to the other corner! Fans fire up as Lindaman climbs, but Ace wants Red Shoes to check him. This is a distraction so Bey can trip Lindaman up!

Ace hobbles over and tags in Bey. Bey BLASTS Zayne, then he and Ace double whip Lindaman! POMMEL KICK, and then FINESSE IN MOTION! Bey feeds Lindaman to Ace’s drop toehold and Eddy Gordo Kick! Bey DOUBLE STOMPS Lindaman down! Bey stands on Lindaman in a cocky cover, TWO! Fans applaud while Bey drags Lindaman up. Bey ROCKS Lindaman, drags him up again, and then CLAWS Lindaman’s eyes! Red Shoes counts, Bey lets off and pretends he can’t hear the fans rallying up. Bey KICKS Lindaman in the side, then coordinates with Ace. Bey bumps Lindaman’s face off Ace’s boot!

Red Shoes reprimands while Bey tags Ace. Bullet Club double wrench Lindaman, double CLAW his back, then double drop toehold to Too Sweet CLAW his back! Fans applaud while Ace stomps Lindaman. Cover, TWO! Fans applaud more, Ace stomps Lindaman more. Ace CHOKES Lindaman with his shirt, then drags Lindaman up to gut wrench suplex! Ace stands on Lindaman before a LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Ace KNEES Lindaman in the back, and again, but Lindaman gets up to ROCK Ace! And again! But Ace NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Ace drags Lindaman up and tags in Bey.

Bullet Club mugs Lindaman, double whip him to ropes but Lindaman holds ropes. Ace runs in but Lindaman steps aside to send him tumbling out! Bey runs in but Lindaman puts him on the apron. Bey holds onto Lindaman to keep him from Zayne, and Bey shoulders in. Bey slingshots up and over, but Lindaman CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up, hot tag- NO, Ace trips Zayne off the apron! Bey CLOBBERS Lindaman while Ace stomps Zayne. Bey snapmares and UPPERCUTS Lindaman in the back. Cover, TWO! Bey argues the count while fans rally up. Bey sits Lindaman up for a chinlock and grinds him down.

Fans rally as Lindaman endures. Lindaman fights his way up, throws elbows, but Bey CLUBS Lindaman down! Tag to Ace, and Ace brings Lindaman around, DOUBLE SWEEP COMBO! And then the STANDING MOONSAULT LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Ace grows frustrated. Ace drags Lindaman up, whips him hard into the corner, and Bey CHOKES Lindaman while Ace distracts Red Shoes with talk about Zayne. Red Shoes keeps them apart, and then Ace goes over to Lindaman. Ace tags Bey, drags Lindaman up, and Bey takes a crane stance. Bey crane steps to then poke Lindaman in his eyes!

Fans applaud while Bey crane steps around. Bey drags Lindaman up, reels him in, and says he’s gonna give us three amigos. But Lindaman blocks the first amigo! Bey throws body shots, then a knee! Uno Amigo! Then Dos Amigos! Then THREE AMIGOS! Bey kips up and fans applaud. Bey goes up the corner, fans fire up, and Bey mocks Zayne with “ITADAKIMAAASU~!” MOONSAULT, but Bey has to roll through when Lindaman moves! Lindaman runs in, gets around, kicks Bey’s legs out then dropkicks him in the back! Fans fire up while both men are down, hot tags to Ace and Zayne! Zayne fires off hands on Ace, then spins him for the DISCUS LARIAT!

Fans fire up as Zayne storms up on Ace, fires off boxing elbows, then mule kicks! Zayne runs but Bey runs in to SOBAT! Bey whips, Zayne ducks ‘n’ dodges, then he DOUBLE RANAS Bey & Ace! Fans fire up and Zayne swings, but Bey catches him! Ace runs up but Zayne BOOTS him! Zayne elbows free of Bey to knee him low, then he runs again, DOUBLE ROLLING SCISSOR KICK! Fans fire up again as Zayne focuses on Ace. Zayne stalks Ace, drags him from the corner, and he pulls the kick pad away from the boot! Ace kicks Zayne away, but Zayne blocks the roundhouse! Zayne drags Ace down and Ace desperately claws for the ropes! ROPEBREAK!

Zayne holds on but Bey drags Ace out to safety. But then Lindaman runs in and he uses Zayne as a boost to SOMERSAULT SENTON out onto Bullet Club! Fans fire up with that direct hit, and Zayne waits on them to stand back up. Fans rally, Lindaman drags Ace up for Zayne and puts him in. Zayne drags Ace up, reels him in, but Bey SUPERMAN PUNCHES Lindaman! Zayne suplexes, Ace slips out and goes to ropes. Zayne runs in, he blocks Ace’s boot and flips him to the apron. Bey gets up to join Ace, Zayne runs in but he gets DOUBLE KNEES! Ace & Bey dump Zayne out, and then Bey gets in to build speed. Bey FLIES and takes out Zayne!

Lindaman swipes at Ace but Ace handsprings up and over! Ace PENALTY KICKS Lindaman down! Ace and Bey get Zayne up, Ace slingshots in and kips up to build speed! THE FALL TO GLORY! Fans fire up for the Fosbury Flop and Bey says that was great! Ace puts Zayne in the ring, fans rally up and Bullet Club sees Zayne go to the corner. Bey sets up, but Zayne ducks the pommel kick! Zayne BOOTS Bey, puts Ace in the corner to ELBOW, then he hoists Ace up top. Bey runs in but is sent into Ace’s knees! Zayne uses Bey to get up and SUPER STEINER Ace! And GERMAN SUPLEX Bey onto Ace! Fans fire up as Zayne drags Ace up.

Zayne scoops for the BAJA BLAST! Cover, TWO! Ace survives but Zayne keeps his focus. Lindaman returns, he and Zayne coordinate. Lindaman drags Ace up and Zayne goes to the corner. Lindaman hits KUMAGOROSHI, and Zayne shouts “ITADAKIMAAASU~!” Zayne climbs up, but Bey GAMANGIRIS him down! Lindaman storms over but Bey GAMANGIRIS him, too! Ace hits a BIG back suplex on Lindaman, and Bey climbs up after Zayne. Zayne is reclined along a top rope, Bey DOUBLE STOMPS him down! Bey drags Zayne up and torture racks! Ace steps in to FLYING CHUCK and Bey spins to RACK NECKBREAKER!! Ace covers, TWO!?!?

Fans are thunderous as Zayne survives! Bullet Club grows frustrated, but they decide to bring out the trump card. But Lindaman BOOTS Ace! And ROCKS Bey! And ROCKS Ace! Lindaman fires off on Bey, then BOOTS Ace! Lindaman whips but Ace reverses. Bey SPLASHES Lindaman, hoists him up top, and then Ace goes up top with Bey. They bring Lindaman up, but Zayne CLUBS them first! Zayne adds on now, for a TOWER OF DOOM, DOUBLE POWERBOMB SUPERPLEX!! Fans fire up as all four men are down! They all stir, and Bey slowly rolls out of the ring, as does Lindaman. That leaves Zayne and Ace alone.

Zayne crawls over to Ace, and Ace SLAPS Zayne! Zayne SLAPS Ace, and they SLAP back and forth! Then they throw forearms back and forth! Fans rally as the two fight up to their feet to throw more forearm shots! Ace gets the edge, knees low then swings, but Zayne spins him! Ace blocks the lariat, Zayne blocks the kick! Zayne ducks a kick to wrap Zayne up! TACO- NO, Ace slips out! Ace KNEES, KNEE LIFTS and HEEL KICKS! Zayne wobbles, Ace runs, THE FOLD!!! Cover, LINDAMAN BREAKS IT!! Fans are thunderous as Lindaman waistlocks Ace and deadlifts! Bey saves Ace to PELE Lindaman!

Fans fire up, Bullet Club coordinates, ONE TOO- NO, Lindaman catches the cutter to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bey lands on his feet, but Lindaman GERMAN SUPLEXES! Zayne kips up, Ace BOOTS him, but Zayne ducks the roundhouse! Lindaman GERMAN SUPLEXES! DOUBLE BRIDGE!! SAUCEHEARTS WIN!!!!

Winners: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Ace & Bey earn 0)

INCREDIBLE! The top team falls, and now we have a NEW top team! Can the Bullet Club still have an impact on the Super Jr. Tag League finals?

As for SAUCEHEARTS, Lindaman gets the mic to say he and Zayne just won! “This league started back on November 21st in Korakuen, and now we’re here. I’m delighted we won the main event here, in Sasebo.” Fans applaud as they’re happy to see it, too. Lindaman says he’s “got a lot of personal feelings for this place. My father was born and raised in Sasebo. My mother was also born and raised in Sasebo. Make no mistake, Sasebo runs in El Lindaman’s veins.” Fans applaud to know he’s one of theirs. But then Lindaman says, “Sorry, I lied! I’m from Tokyo! Sorry! I might have told a little white lie about Sasebo, but I’m not lying when I say we’re taking this Super Jr. Tag League!”

Fans applaud that, and Lindaman continues to say, “After this win here, we’ll continue to do the same when we face Douki & Kanemaru. Then we’re off to the finals in Sendai.” Fans also applaud that. Lindaman says he’s proud to be holding the mic after a NJPW main event, but some fans may not know him. “El Lindaman doesn’t belong to NJPW, but I represent the promotion known as GLEAT. But since I have the mic, mind if I close this the GLEAT way?” Fans applaud, they’d love to see it! Lindaman says, “For those of you unfamiliar in Sasebo, let me give you a crash course! Don’t worry, it’s very simple. Learn it and try it at home.

“When I say, ‘Let’s,’ you pump your fist and shout, ‘GLEAT!’ Did you get that?” Fans applaud, as that is pretty simple. So are they all ready? Lindaman then admits, he didn’t get the pin so Zayne should have a part to say. They can “remix” this for the occasion and get some “Itadakimasu” in. Lindaman asks, “Everyone, did you enjoy NJPW today?” Fans applaud because they did! “Did you enjoy Super Jr. Tag League?” Fans applaud because they did! Then watch them as they head for the finals in Sendai! “Everyone in Sasebo, let’s… GLEAT! And…” “ITADAKIMAAASU!” The SAUCEHEARTS are fired up, but will they bring the heat all the way to the tournament finals?


Here are the NEW Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Zayne & Lindaman: 6-2, 12 points
Austin & Bey: 6-2, 12 points
Bushi & Titan: 6-2, 12 points
TJP & Akira: 6-2, 12 points
Yoh & Lio: 6-2, 12 points
Taguchi & Connors: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-7, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Sho & Dick: 1-7, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great event for the Super Jr. Tag League, and I am surprised that we still have FIVE teams, aka half the block, still alive going into the final round! Hilarious stuff from Wild Hips VS Yoh & Lio with the beer and the references to The Rock, Stone Cold and I suppose Triple H. Douki & Kanemaru getting a win over Sho & Dick was great, even if it didn’t affect the finals. Eagles & Tiger gave LIJ a great match but LIJ was the team I expected to win out. I did not, however, think #GLEATSAUCE #SAUCEHEARTS Zayne & Lindaman were gonna get this one, and that is great stuff. It is revenge on Ace for him betraying Zayne and joining Bullet Club, and keeps him and Lindaman alive.

Now, three of the five matches on Friday the 10th matter, with LIJ VS Yoh & Lio, Zayne & Lindaman VS Douki & Kanemaru and Catch 2/2 VS Ace & Bey. Yoh & Lio have a “win and they’re in” scenario for having beaten SAUCEHEARTS and Bullet Club, and they’d eliminate LIJ from the running. And for LIJ, they beat Catch 2/2, who beat everyone else, but they lost to Bullet Club. Ace & Bey would have to lose for LIJ to get in, but then I think that gives us LIJ VS Catch 2/2 for the finals. That match-up seems to fit the story, but I wouldn’t mind another scenario just so we don’t get LIJ VS Catch 2/2 before a potential WrestleKingdom title match.

My Score: 8.8/10

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