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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/31/22)

It’s a Women’s Championship Summit!



The Toxic Attraction and their challengers meet to sign all the contracts!

Before defending the NXT Women’s and Women’s Tag Team Championships at In Your House, Mandy, Gigi & Jacy must sign on the dotted line! But will they behave themselves sitting across from Wendy Choo & KC Squared?


  • Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp VS Pretty Deadly; Pretty Deadly wins.
  • Cora Jade VS Elektra Lopez; Cora wins.
  • Wes Lee VS Xyon Quinn; Lee wins.
  • Solo Sikoa VS Duke Hudson; Solo wins.
  • Grayson Waller VS Josh Briggs w/ Fallon Henley & Brooks Jensen; Waller wins.
  • Ivy Nile VS Kiana James; Nile wins.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Nathan Frazer; Grimes wins.


The Diamond Mine heads to gorilla.

The Creeds and Ivy Nile accompany Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp, but Strong tells them they have the night off. Strong & Kemp can handle Pretty Deadly on their own. What? Diamond Mine doesn’t take nights off! But with no choice, they let Strong & Kemp go to the ring. Will the Savior of the Backbreaker and the Diamond Gopher take the fight to the NXT Tag Team Champions?

Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp VS Pretty Deadly!

The teams sort out and Strong starts with Elton Prince. Kit Wilson distracts and Prince fires off on Strong! Scoop and SLAM, then an elbow drop! Cover, ONE, but Wilson EuroUppers Strong against ropes. And then in the corner! Prince talks trash, ROCKS Strong, and has him in a corner. Prince whips corner to corner hard and Strong falls. Fans taunt “Pretty Ugly!” but tag to Wilson. Pretty Deadly double suplex Strong and then Wilson covers, ONE! Wilson drags Strong up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Strong CHOPS and forearms on repeat! Wilson kicks low, turns Strong, but Strong fights out of the neckbreaker!

Strong ROCKS Wilson, trips him, but Wilson kicks him way. Wilson kicks low, whips, but Strong reverses and CALF KICKS! Fans fire up and Strong drags Wilson by his hair to CLUB away on his chest! Strong shoves Wilson down, pushes him down, and stomps him! Tag to Kemp and Strong brings Wilson up. Wilson scrambles away to his corner, tag to Prince. Kemp waits on Prince and they circle. Kemp shoots in but Prince blocks the takedown, floats around, and slaps him around! “Who’s the wrestler? Who’s the wrestler?” Prince does drop steps to taunt Kemp, and Kemp asks Strong what’s going on. Strong SLAPS Kemp to fire him up!

Kemp runs in at Prince, dodges and clinches to EXPLODER! Fans fire up as Kemp suplexes Prince high and hard! Then he RAMS Prince down with a flying shoulder! Fans fire up and Kemp has a chinlock! Kemp grinds Prince down while fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Prince fights up, Kemp drags him over and tags Strong. They mug Prince, CLUB him, and Strong CHOPS Prince to a corner. Then CHOPS him on the back, then CHOPS him on the front! Strong brings Prince out to ROCK, but Prince KNEES low! Prince stomps Strong in the corner, tags Wilson, and Wilson scrapes Strong out of the ring.

Wilson RAMS Strong into the apron, then clamps on with fishhooks to put him in. Wilson CHOPS Strong but Strong throws a forearm! Wilson gives those back, they brawl, but Wilson facelocks! Tag to Prince and they mug Strong. Prince suplexes Strong high and hard, then covers, TWO Prince stares Kemp down then stomps Strong. Tag to Wilson, they mug Strong, and Wilson whips. Strong holds ropes to stop himself, then tags to Kemp! Kemp runs in, shoots around and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then a TWISTING SUPLEX! Kemp keeps going, whips Wilson to a corner and RAMS into him! Fans fire up and Kemp slingshot SPEARS!

Fans fire up with Damon Wrestling, but Prince rushes in! Strong CLOBBERS Prince, and Diamond Mine coordinates. DOUBLE BACKBREAKERS! Fans fire up and Strong fires Kemp up! Fans rally behind them as NXT goes picture in picture.

Pretty Deadly tries to retreat but Strong chases after! Wilson gets back in the ring and Kemp drops down on him! Kemp facelocks to grind Wilson, then sits him up for a chinlock. Wilson endures, Kemp leans on him, and then shifts his position. Kemp almost has a Bully Choke but Wilson still endures. Wilson fights, reaches out, but has to fight up to his feet. Wilson throws Kemp but Kemp holds on! Kemp grinds the headlock but Wilson fights up to a JAWBREAKER! Kemp still gets him for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Kemp grins and nods but Wilson bails out. Wilson then gets in, tags Prince, and though Kemp gets Wilson, Prince CLOBBERs Kemp!

Prince whips and CLOBBERS Kemp again! Prince stomps away, covers, TWO! Prince clamps onto Kemp and rains down fists on top of Kemp’s head! But Kemp TACKLES Prince in return! Prince headlocks but Kemp make sit a cover, TWO! Prince drops an elbow! Prince hauls Kemp up, powers him to the Pretty Deadly corner, and tags Wilson. They mug Kemp, Prince keeps him trapped and Wilson runs in for the back body block! Kemp flops down and Wilson talks trash. Wilson drops his knees on Kemp, then clamps on with a cobra clutch! Kemp endures, fights up, but Wilson wrangles him down!

NXT returns to single picture and fans rally up. Wilson KNEES Kemp then CLUBS him down! Wilson drives elbows into Kemp’s head, then wraps on another chinlock. Kemp endures, fans rally more, and Kemp fights. Wilson grinds the hold but Kemp moves around. Wilson rakes Kemp’s eyes! Wilson clamps back on, grinds the chinlock, but Kemp fights up. Fans rally, Kemp throws body shots. Wilson ROCKS Kemp, runs in but Kemp tries to get to Strong! Wilson keeps Kemp away with a wristlock but Kemp keeps fighting his way over! Fingertips away but Wilson whips Kemp away. Kemp dodges the back body block!

Prince tags in, gets between Kemp and Strong, but Kemp slides under! Hot tag to Strong! Fans fire up as Strong rallies with big lariats and CHOPS! Strong fires off in the corner, RAMS his shoulder in, then hoists Prince up for a half nelson BACKBREAKER! Then a fireman’s carry and GUT BUSTER DROP! Wilson runs in but gets caught, BACKBREAKER! Strong ROCKS Prince with elbow after elbow, then gets the legs! Wilson runs in but Strong CHOPS him down! Strong CHOPS Wilson, CHOPS Prince, and repeat! Wilson swings, but is sent into Prince! Fans are thunderous and Strong gets Prince hooked up.

Prince holds ropes to fight the lift. Prince elbows Strong, tags Wilson, but Strong throws Prince out. Wilson swings into a BIG back suplex! Prince RAMS Kemp into steel steps! Wilson and Strong DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up and Prince sneaks a belt to Wilson! Prince wants to use his belt, but the ref stops him! The Creeds show up! Brutus gets after Prince, Wilson runs in at Strong, but JULIUS takes the hit!! Strong rolls Wilson up, TWO!! Strong argues with the Creeds, but Prince tags in! SPILT MILK!! Cover, Pretty deadly wins!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall

Strong let his ego as leader get in the way and now he loses it for his team! But will Julius & Brutus be able to sort themselves out in time for In Your House?


Solo Sikoa checks in with Cameron Grimes.

Solo says he’s got Grimes’ back so that Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams won’t try anything. Grimes can take care of business tonight, beat Melo at In Your House, and then as they promised, Solo’s got next. But Duke Hudson says  Solo has next in what? This video games at the arcade? Pff, Solo has next. But Duke says that after he beat Bron Breakker, he’s next for the NXT Championship. Grimes laughs that off. Nice haircut, Duke. Solo tells Duke that he beat Bron by DQ, and needed Gacy. That doesn’t count. Well that’s one way to look at it. But Solo is young and inexperienced. Solo wouldn’t get it because he’s not on Duke’s level.

Oh, so if Solo can’t beat Duke, he’s not ready for any title? Now he’s got it. Then let’s find out! Solo wants a match, Duke says he’ll see what he can do. Will the Street Champion of the Island show Duke he’s got more than what it takes to be a contender?


Grayson Waller vents to everyone backstage.

Does anyone even understand that Roxanne girl? Is she a fan or a fighter? She has no hope against Tiffany Stratton! Roxie should just sit on the other side of the barricade and learn a thing or two. No, everyone can learn! You can’t just hang around and expect to be handed things! You have to go out there and take the opportunity! Sure, some of you don’t have any athletic ability, or looks, but maybe some of you have a chance. Tiffany ran through that Bogan, Fallon Henley, and it was so good! Bogan? It’s Australian for stupid, unsophisticated American hick!

But Josh Briggs all this as Waller says Tiffany is on her way to the top while Fallon and her hick good ol’ boys are headed back to Hicksville, USA where they belong. But then Briggs walks right up to Waller. Waller says hey and Briggs says if he wants to impress people, go to the ring and take a country ass whooping. Waller tries to fake bravado, but will he just end up having both his foot in his mouth while having Briggs’ foot up his ass?


Tony D’Angelo and his good fellas visit Legado del Fantasma.

Just as promised, The Don brings Channing Lorenzo & Troy Donovan to Santos Escobar’s territory. But is this the right place? Has to be, it’s the biggest yacht on the dock. Just watch out, anything can happen. Escobar walks in from the lower deck and Tony says they’re late. Oh, Tony, what’s that saying? When you’re El Jefe, the people wait on you. Captain, take them somewhere nice. They go out to the water, and Escobar says Tony called for this meeting. What is this about? Or is he going to wait for his confidant, AJ Galante? Tony smiles and takes off his hat. A comedian, huh? Well Tony discussed this with AJ. And they all knew this was going to turn into a turf war

Santos has a smug on his face, walking around acting better than everyone. Emperor of his own empire. But Tony doesn’t trust him, doesn’t respect him, and if Escobar was dying of thirst in the desert, Tony wouldn’t give him a drop  of water! Well Escobar isn’t shocked. This coming from Tony D himself, the street kid who made it big by stabbing everyone in the front, and stepping on their backs on the way to the bread store. Escobar knows a snake when he sees one. And this paizon is a cobra. But in the jungle, Escobar is king. He is a python, and he’d love to squeeze every last breath out of Tony and watch him perish.

Then let’s settle this! Brilliant, Don! Shut up, Wilde! Both bosses have their men stand down. What’re they gonna do, El Jefe? Lopez says Escobar already won, what is it in for Legado? Well, senorita, the sun shines on a dog’s behind every once in awhile. But check the tape. Escobar used brass knuckles that time. Escobar laughs and says now Tony wants to play fair? But La Madrina is right. There is nothing in this for Legado. So unless they have something better to offer, see yourselves off the boat. Oh, he wants to raise the stakes? How about this? Since their guys want in, it’ll be a Six Man Tag In Your House!

Now listen to him closely, you prick. If Tony’s family wins, Legado is under the family. And if Legado wins, then Tony’s under Legado’s command. Why make such a dangerous bet that he can’t afford to win but also cannot win? Tony says that when you’re The Don, you make moves no one else can see. Not that Escobar would understand. The only thing Escobar sees is another three members of Legado that will work for him. Tony likes the yacht. He’ll use it for a celebration after they win on Saturday. Stacks says they might need a bigger boat. But after In Your House, the streets will be talking about how The Don’s crew took over Legado and gained some foot soldiers.

So do they have a deal? The bosses stand up, and Escobar says deal. They shake on it, see you at In Your House. Now get off the boat. Who will take over at NXT In Your House?


Cora Jade VS Elektra Lopez!

The scrappy skater girl won’t let anyone look down on her after how she went to the limit against Natalya. Will #GenerationJade take La Madrina down a peg? Or is it still too soon to say the future of NXT is now?

NXT returns as Lopez makes her entrance. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. Cora shoots in, waistlocks, but Lopez switches and SLAMS her! Lopez tells her she has to stay outta Lopez’s business. Lopez waistlocks, Cora switches but Lopez elbows her away. Lopez waistlocks, Cora slides under then kangaroo kicks! Cora wheelbarrows and drop toeholds, then uppercuts! Cora snapmares and rolls to run and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Lopez gets to a corner, Cora runs in, but Lopez turns wheelbarrow into a SLAM! Lopez dribbles Cora off the mat, kicks her around, then chokes her against the ropes!

The ref counts, Lopez lets off at 4, but Cora throws back elbows! Lopez elbows Cora, TOSSES her, then storms up on her at the ropes. Lopez trips Cora, dribbles her of the mat more, then rains down fists! Fans duel and Lopez drags Cora by her hair! The ref reprimands, Lopez lets off and brings Cora up to scoop and SLAM! Lopez talks trash on Cora, hauls her up again, and scoops. Cora slips off, ROCKS Lopez with forearms, and backs her to a corner. Cora runs in but Lopez dodges the knee to CHOP BLOCK the leg! Lopez gets the legs, YANKS Cora to center, and then runs to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Lopez snarls, she clamps onto Cora and ties up the legs. Lopez uses a modified HALF CRAB to bend Cora’s leg back! Cora reaches for ropes but Lopez dribbles her head again! Lopez ties up the legs for that modified crab again, but Cora gets the ROPEBREAK! Lopez holds on, yanks Cora up but Cora RANAS Lopez out! Fans fire up, Lopez rushes back in, Cora gets up and fires off forearms and elbows. Cora starts to rally, tilt-o-whirls and headscissors Lopez to a corner! ENZIGURI! Fans fire up with Cora and she grits her teeth to springboard and DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Cora gets Lopez up, but Lopez wrenches and BLUE THUNDER BOMBS! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!

Lopez is shocked, she didn’t realize Cora would survive! Lopez stomps Cora to the apron, drags her up the corner, but Cora fires off forearms! Lopez bumps Cora off a buckle, but Cora RISING KNEES! Lopez is down, Cora is up top! SUPER SENTON! Cover, CORA WINS!!

Winner: Cora Jade, by pinfall

It was a gritty fight, but Cora came out on top! Cora is feeling good, but will she feel even better when her friend, Roxanne, wins the Women’s Breakout Tournament?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie asks Wes about giving it his all with Sanga only to challenge Xyon Quinn to their rematch. Why? He’s been wanting this for weeks now. And things haven’t been the best for him, he should take time off, but who knows, Xyon could throw his back out just getting out of bed. Yeah, he lost to Sanga. But as long as Wes can breathe, he’ll keep fighting. Speaking of Sanga, he walks over and says Wes is against Quinn. Fight him like you did Sanga. Wes isn’t ten feet tall, but Sanga knows Wes has a giant heart. Best of luck tonight. Wes doesn’t respond to the wishes, but will he follow through on Sanga’s sage advice?


Roxanne Perez speaks.

“Growing up in a small city like Laredo, Texas, it was really hard to dream big.” Roxie got to meet her heroes in the (then) Diva’s Division, like Natalya and Brie Bella. They encouraged her, and despite the health challenges growing up, her family also supported Roxie’s dream. That dream was to be in the WWE! Next week are the finals, a moment she’s been wanting her entire life. While her friends were watching Pretty Little Liars, she watched the WWE. She wants to be like Paige, Nikki Bella and Michelle McCool. She trained with Booker T in the Reality of Wrestling. Booker didn’t care that she was the youngest or smallest, he pushed her to go past what she thought she was capable of.

Roxie missed hanging out at the mall, going to concerts, and even prom, to have wrestling matches. Her friends didn’t get it, but the one person who knew how she felt was Cora Jade. She was doing the exact same thing. They became close pretty quickly, and they’re practically sisters. Tiffany Stratton is twice Roxie’s size and much stronger, but she is NOT more determined. Winning this tournament and that contract would change Roxie’s life. So next week, Roxie fights for her life until she gets that contract!


Wes Lee VS Xyon Quinn!

The Must-See Kid finally gets his rematch with the Gentleman Fighter, who was being less of a gentleman and more of a condescending coward. Will Wes bring Quinn down a peg with this one?

The bell rings and Wes rushes right in! Xyon picks him up and puts him in a corner! Xyon TOSSES Wes, but Wes lands on his feet! Fans fire up, Wes gets around, KICKS and KICKS and ENZIGURIS! Then DOUBLE STOMP! Fans fire up, Wes covers, TWO! Wes goes to the apron, he shoulders into Xyon and slingshots. Xyon stays up, Wes goes for a leg, but Xyon drags him right up into a Canadian Rack, to hang Wes out to dry! Fans boo but Xyon YANKS the rope to toss Wes! Xyon smooths his hair, stalks Wes and gets the arm. Wes throws body shots but Xyon stomps him down. Wes throws more shots but Xyon KICKS the legs!

Fans rally for Wes, he kicks from below! Xyon KICKS Wes in the back, stands on Wes’ stomach and pulls the arm! Wes endures, Xyon lets off, and he KICKS Wes again. Xyon drags Wes up to scuff him with his boot. Fans rally, Xyon talks trash but Wes throws more shots! Xyon pulls on the arm while standing on Wes’ face. WEs fights up and throws hands, but Xyon has a hard head! Xyon runs Wes over, whips him to a corner and back elbows! Then Xyon scoops to SLAM Wes down! Fans boo but Xyon covers, TWO! Fans rally, Xyon drag Wes up and RAMS him into a corner! And again! And again! The ref counts, Xyon lets off and then runs back in, into a KNEE!

Wes goes up to KICK Xyon down! Wes QUEBRADAS off the corner, but Xyon catches him! Xyon runs to LAWN DART Wes into buckles! Fans lose their minds, Xyon fires up, and Xyon runs in, but Wes rolls him up! WES WINS!!

Winner: Wes Lee, by pinfall

Xyon tried to run it straight through Wes again, but Wes turned it right around on him! Will Xyon be much more eager to get the rematch this time?


Roderick Strong chews out the Creeds.

What is their problem?! He told them to stay in the back and clearly they cannot follow orders! They cost Strong the match! Ivy says he is the one who doesn’t get it! Pretty Deadly was going to hit Strong with the belts, and Julius saved him! Is that true? Yeah. It is supposed to be Diamond Mine forever. But it still cost Strong! It would’ve been a DQ! Strong is the leader so when he says to do something, you do it! Strong knows what is best for them, and what is best is that In Your House, the Creeds win. Yeah, they’ll smash ’em, then- No, Brutus, Strong wasn’t done. Ivy, Creeds, right now, failure is not an option! If the Creeds lose at In Your House, they’re OUT of Diamond Mine!

Can Strong do that? He storms off and leaves the others speechless. Will the Creeds give it there all with that Diamond Mine ultimatum?


Joe Gacy speaks.

“How fitting that Saturday is called In Your House. Because it was in Bron Breakker’s house where those first embers of that fire, that anger, was cultivated. As a child, Bron would sit in front of his TV and watch his father blaze a Hall of Fame career, winning multiple championships in multiple companies. One of the greatest ever to step foot inside the ring, all based on uncontrollable power and excessive physicality. And during commercial braeks, Bron and his two brothers would continue where his father left off. Rick would come home, and instead of breaking it up, he would allow it to continue.

“Why not? Brothers fighting was normal for Rick and his brother, Scott. It wasn’t just survival of the fittest in the ring, but also at th ekitchen table. Instead of correcting course of his childhood anger, Bron took that uncontrollable rage onto the grid iron. He was a freight train, running over and through anyone in his way. Bron, you gave a new meaning to the term, ‘Red Zone.’ But you knew your aggression needed a better home. It needed to live in the squared circle, like father like son.” Bron ascended quickly to the NXT Champion and is now a two0time champion. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

But how does Gacy know all this? Gacy learned all of it from spending time with Bron’s hero, his father. When a man is helpless, the walls come down and the truth is revealed. In a family that settles things with fists, it is natural for Bron to lash out. So lash out, Bron! Let it all out at In Your House and be the man you truly are! Be the one everyone loves to watch! Let that anger consume Bron so that Gacy gets what he deserves. It is more important to get even than to win. Bron doesn’t want to just beat Gacy, huh? He needs to go outside the rules to avenge his family. But one way or another, that title is coming home with Gacy!

Bron watches this in the locker room.

McKenzie walks in to ask Bron his reaction. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, huh? Bron’s lost the belt once already, he can’t afford to lose it again. Gacy’s spooky laughter fills Bron’s room and it pisses Bron off! Why not do this right now? Born wants to smash his TV but then he calms down. Bron says maybe Gacy has a point. Bron is predictable, but his anger is not a weakness. It will be his strength! And this Saturday, Bron will rip Gacy apart! But will the anger take over and lose him everything he’s worked to have in NXT?


Wade Barrett is in the ring!

He welcomes the fans to the NXT Women’s Championship Summit ahead of In Your House! The champions and challengers are already here, and they’ve already signed the contracts outside of- Gigi wants Wade to hold on, but then Katana Chance tells her to hold on. Toxic Attraction has been talking for eight months, it’s time for someone else. They are all sick of hearing from Toxic Attraction, and sick of seeing them with the gold. They’ve all had a nice run, but on Saturday, KC Squared & Wendy knock Toxic Attraction of the top of the mountain. Kayden Carter adds “PREACH!”

Gigi “loves” this delusional confidence the challenges all have. She does. But you think you’re the first to think you can dethrone them all? There has been a long list already, and some can’t even show themselves in NXT. Either because they left or that time has passed them by. Or maybe they just weren’t talented to begin with. Wendy tells Mandy to just sign her part. Jacy says they understand the nerves, the butterflies in their stomachs. This is their first major event, of course. Better late than ever, though, right?

But seriously, while KC Square were making cringey TikToks and dancing in the clubs, Toxic Attraction was here! They were dominating in this ring and controlling the entire division! Kayden laughs at that! It’s easy to be on top when you barely defend the titles! KC Squared have been through hell and back, they are best friends, and that is more than we can say about Toxic Attraction! Wade wants things to stay civil, but Kayden brings up how KC Squared is the only team that’s ever beaten Gigi & Jacy! There is no way in hell these airheads win again. At In Your House, we’ll see how tight Toxic is without the titles!

Well that’s funny, because KC Squared are here representing the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild~! Wendy groans again, “Just sign the contract…!” Katana dares Jacy to make fun of them again and see fists go through their faces! Mandy finally speaks up, saying she’s heard enough. Toxic attraction are the best because the belts say so. And Saturday, the ones with the most pressure aren’t Bron Breakker, Cameron Grimes or- JUST SIGN THE CONTRACT! Mandy says it’s not even Tony or Legado. it is MANDY! Fans tell her to “SIGN THE CONTRACT!” Mandy says she wants them to quiet down while she talks!

Mandy says she will do whatever it takes so this child is not their next champion! She looks like she should be in Candy Land! Or Wonderland! Or Neverland! This is who they want as the face of the division? She’s in a cow onesie! When Mandy won at Halloween Havoc, they all thought she’d have a short reign. Well how many days has it been? 200 and counting! She’s said it before, will say it again: PUT SOME RESPECT ON MANDY’S NAME! NOW she will sign. Finally…! Mandy signs, everything is official. But Mandy says Wendy can play games, run her mouth, and wear stupid pajamas, but- Wendy just shoots a SPITBALL at Mandy!!

Mandy BOOTS Wendy! The fight is on and Wade bails out! KC Squared toss Gigi & Jacy while fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Katana PLANCHAS Jacy, Kayden SUPER CROSSBODIES Gigi! Mandy fires off on Wendy but gets turned around into a CODE BREAKER and a SUPERKICK! Wendy gets up and KC Squared set up the table! They get Mandy on it! Fans are thunderous, Wendy stands up and SUPER SLEEPY ELBOW through the table!! Toxic Attraction has all just gotten wrecked and the fans are loving it! Wendy, Kayden and Katana hold up the gold, will this be how it goes at In Your House?


Kiana James walks up to Ivy Nile.

Is working out all she does? Well, when she’s not competing, she’s training. What does Kiana want? Well, is Ivy going to talk to the Creeds after Saturday? What does that mean? Well after they lose to Pretty Deadly, Diamond Mine will need new members. Oh is that what you think? Ivy says the Creeds will win. Diamond Mine forever! Well according to the math, the Creeds have a less than 12% chance of winning. That’s pretty small. Ivy shoves Kiana up against the locker and asks what the numbers say about Ivy kicking her ass? About the same as they do for her boys. We’ll see about that. Ivy lets Kiana go, is she about to break The Calculator?


Solo Sikoa VS Duke Hudson!

The Street Champion’s got next on the North American Championship, but that’s just a verbal promise from Cameron Grimes. Will Duke swoop in and take that opportunity from him? Or will this win only solidify Solo’s place in line?

The bell rings and Duke circles with Solo. They tie up, Duke powers Solo to a corner, and the ref counts. Duke lets off with a pie face, but Solo ROCKS Duke! Solo bumps Duke off buckles, then off more buckles! Then even more buckles! Duke swings back but Solo ROCKS him first! And again, and again! Duke knees low, whips but Solo bounces off buckles to CLOBBER Duke! Fans fire up and Solo snarls, but Duke JABS! And swings, into a HEADBUTT! Solo has Duke in another corner, back body blocks, then goes corner to corner, only for Duke to bail out. Solo bails out of the hip attack, to drag Duke up by his hair!

Duke HOTSHOTS Solo away, RAMS into him, then slingshots up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans boo but Duke rains down fists on Solo! Duke drags Solo up to stomp back down, then he rains down more fists! Duke stomps Solo then has him at the ropes. Solo throws body shots but Duke CLUBS him! Duke whips Solo to ropes, CLOBBERS him, then paces around. Duke clinches to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Duke taunts Solo, brings him up, but Solo throws haymakers! Duke throat chops! Duke hauls Solo up to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly again! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up but Duke clamps onto Solo with a neck wrench.

Solo endures, Duke wrenches harder, and fans duel. Solo fights up, Duke CLUBS Solo then reels him in. Solo stops the bomb to RAM Duke into the corner! And again, and again! Solo back drops Duke away, then dodges Duke in the corner. Solo fires off hands, uppercuts, and a boot! SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Solo runs corner to corner, SPLASH! And SUPERKICK! Duke sits down, Solo goes corner to corner again, HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up and Solo goes to the top rope! FLYING SOLO!! Cover, Solo wins!

Winner: Solo Sikoa, by pinfall

Solo wins it all on his own, and now he won’t be denied! But who will he be meeting after In Your House? Will Grimes win to keep his promise? Or will Melo once again be the A Champion?


Tiffany Stratton speaks

“Last week, I corrected the biggest injustice in NXT history. Actually, more like history of the universe. How do you have a Women’s Breakout Tournament and not put me in it? But of course, I came to my own rescue and saved the tournament when I took Nikkita’s spot. But now everyone feels bad for Nikkita. Who cares? Good leg, bad leg, it’s not like she would’ve won anyway. Now I’m where I belong: in the finals.” She has a trophy room full of awards from body building, cheerleading and gymnastics. “When you expect greatness to happen to you, success follows you around like a personal assistant.” Tiffany is better than everyone, but average people can’t comprehend that.

But let’s talk about Roxie. Did you hear that story? OMG, eye roll. She’s as exciting as cardboard. Roxie rode a bus ten HOURS to get to Reality of Wrestling. Um, sweetie, there are these things called airplanes invented over a hundred years ago. And why do we care Roxie skipped her prom? She probably didn’t have a date anyway. Tiffany is so over everyone loving Roxie. After the finals, Roxie can go cry on Cora’s shoulder while Tiffany gets the contract and moves on to be the next NXT Women’s Champion.


Thea Hail sits down for a press conference.

After graduating from Plum High School with a 4.0 GPA, the youngest superstar in the NXT locker room is ready to reveal her choice for college. She has Norte Dame, Alabama and North Carolina hats on her table. She is going to train at the Performance Center but attend college in the fall. Thea is excited to accept enrollment at Norte- No, something feels off about that after wearing the hat. And neither does Bama or North Carolina. She is attending CHASE UNIVERSITY! Chase and Bodhi are super pumped to hear that news! Will Thea become the valedictorian of NXT with their help?


Grayson Waller VS Josh Briggs w/ Fallon Henley & Brooks Jensen!

The 21st Century Success Story stepped in it once again, and now he’s facing big bad Briggs 1v1! Will Waller have to cheer Tiffany on from a wheelchair after tonight? Or will he make this match go viral?

NXT returns and Waller complains about Briggs having Fallon & Brooks in his corner! How about the horse face and Fallon to go backstage so this can be a good ol’ fashioned slobber knocker? Well, Brooks & Fallon are fine with that. Briggs is here all on his own, will that even matter against Waller?

The bell rings, Waller jabs but right into Briggs’ grip! Briggs whips, runs Waller over, and things speed up. Waller hurdles but Briggs CLUBS him! Then runs him over! Briggs fires up, runs and slides, to ROCK Waller with a right! Fans fire up with Briggs, and he gets back in the ring. Waller uses ropes as defense, then he sucker punches Briggs! Waller fires off shots, Briggs shoves him down, but Waller kicks low then EDDY GORDO KICKS! Waller knees Briggs, clamps on a cravat and neck wrench, but Briggs endures. Waller throws shoulders, knees, and he ROCKS Briggs with that last one!

Waller mocks Briggs by sitting on him and whippin’ a lasso. Briggs snarls and CHOPS Waller! Waller ROCKS Briggs, but Briggs GOURD BUSTERS! Waller avoids the elbow drop to stomp Briggs. ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Waller throws down hands and knees, then he bumps Briggs off buckles. Waller throws back elbows, whips corner to corner but Briggs reverses. Waller goes up and over, Briggs hits buckles, Waller SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO! Waller pushes Briggs down, covers, ONE! Waller huffs and puffs, mocks the two step square dancing, but Briggs fires off hands! Briggs whips corner to corner, Waller goes up but gets caught in a back suplex!

But here come the Robert Stone Brand! Stone and Sophia Cromwell walk out here, Briggs fires off hands on Waller Briggs runs, BOOTS Waller, then runs at him in the corner for a clothesline! Then he POUNCES Waller out of the ring! Fans fire up but VON WAGNER shows up! Briggs BOOTS Von, but turns around into the SOMERSAULT STUNNER! Cover, Waller wins!

Winner: Grayson Waller, by pinfall

Waller gets an assist, and now Von goes after Briggs directly! Von throws down hands, then he drags Briggs to the corner. Von SLAMS Briggs’ arm into the post! Brooks rushes out to run Von off before it can get worse! Sophia tells Von to stand down, he did what he came here to do. But will Brooks & Briggs look to break Von’s face like he did their hands?


Ivy Nile VS Kiana James!

Diamond Mine’s Female Titan doesn’t much care for Strong’s attitude lately, but she really doesn’t like someone questioning Diamond Mine. Will Ivy crunch the number cruncher? Or will the Professional Professional Wrestler prove her brain can beat the Diamond Pitbull’s brawn?

The bell rings and the two tie right up! Ivy puts Kiana in a corner, Kiana turns it around, but fans chant, “Ivy’s gonna kill~ you!” Kiana lets off as the ref counts and she shoves Ivy! So Ivy shoves Kiana down! Ivy then clamps on with a chinlock and floats around to keep Kiana down. Kiana gets up, but Ivy fireman’s carry takeovers, then drags Kiana back up to wrench the wristlock. Kiana throws body shots but Ivy KICKS her leg. Kiana rolls, kips up, wrenches and fires a forearm! Ivy stays up to swing, but Kiana gets around to CLUB Ivy on the back! And again! Ivy’s just getting mad! She DECKS Kiana! Kiana scrambles away, then YANKS Ivy into buckles!

Kiana stomps Ivy in the corner but fans still chant for Ivy. Ivy gets up, Kiana RAMS into her! Kiana scoops Ivy to SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Kiana clamps onto the shoulders, then the arms. Fans rally for Ivy and she resists. Ivy gets up, arm-drags free, and then sets up to roll and trip Kiana! Ivy runs Kiana over, KICKS away on the legs, the chest, and an ENZIGURI sends Kiana down Fans fire up, Ivy runs around the world to CALF KICK! Cover, TWO! Ivy stalks Kiana, brings her up, but Kiana RAMS Ivy to a corner! Kiana runs in, RAMS into Ivy, then tells her, “You can’t learn that in the gym!” Kiana short arm LARIATS, then says brains always beats brawn!

Kiana suplexes but Ivy blocks! Ivy throws shots, and has the dragon sleeper! But Kiana snapmares free and ghost pins, TWO! Ivy gets up, Kiana CLOBBERS her! Kiana drags Ivy up but Ivy CLOBBERS her right back! Ivy rains down fists, Kiana shoves her away, but Ivy KICKS her in the chest! And again! And then a scoop POWERSLAM! Cover, Ivy wins!

Winner: Ivy Nile, by pinfall

Ivy defied the odds! But wait, here comes Pretty Deadly! And they’re wearing cut up mockeries of the Diamond Mine shirts! “Oh, Ivy. Ivy, well done on your victory tonight. It’s a shame the Creed Brothers can’t share in your jubilation this Saturday at In Your House. Where not only Pretty Deadly are victorious, but we’re the reason they get kicked out of Diamond Mine.” It must break Ivy’s heart, so they ask her: What’re they gonna do when Diamond Mine closes? But the Creeds rush in from the other side! Easy now, easy now. See you on- NOPE, the Creeds hip toss the champs into the ring! They CLOBBER the champs, TOSS and LARIAT the champs back out, and Diamond Mine stands tall! Will the Creeds crush Pretty Deadly under the pressure and be forged in gold?


NXT has another message in Italian.

“There are blue chip athletes, and then there is this man. He gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘World-class sportsman.’ Carving through the snow of the Alps with grace and precision, he cascades down the mountain at speeds an ordinary man wouldn’t dare attempt. When everyone feels the need for speed at the movies, he accelerates in real life. Leaving his past in the rearview mirror, he is now behind the wheel of his own destiny. Fine dining for a refined man with a refined palate. Every aspect of his life is exceptional. Style, class and athleticism is coming to NXT. Veni Vidi Vinci.” Giovanni Vinci is on his way to NXT.


Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams join commentary!

They want to be ringside for this main event that has the North American Champion in action! But will they simply sit by and watch? Or will they have an influence on the Carolina Cash Money Caveman’s momentum going into In Your House?

Cameron Grimes VS Nathan Frazer!

NXT returns and the British Prodigy makes his entrance. The bell rings and Grimes stares down with Frazer. They circle, fans rally and the two tie up. Grimes waistlocks, SLAMS Frazer, but Frazer has the foot! Grimes gets Frazer’s arm and WRINGS it, but Frazer handsprings through! They circle and Grimes goes for a leg, but Frazer clinches. Grimes wrenches to a wristlock, but Frazer spins and arm-drags, but Grimes holds on to wrangle Frazer. Frazer fight sup, rolls, rolls and handsprings to cartwheel and WRING Grimes! Frazer gets the legs but Grimes kicks him away! Both men kip up and fans cheer the standoff!

Fans cheer, “This is Wrestling!” as the two reset. They tie up, Grimes trips Frazer to cover, but Frazer goes Matrix! Grimes headlocks, Frazer powers up and powers out, but Grimes runs him over! Grimes runs, things speed up and Frazer hurdles to then sidestep and DROPKICK! Grimes bails out and fans fire up as Frazer builds speed. Grimes gets in to EuroUpper! Frazer goes to a corner, Grimes whips corner to corner, but Frazer goes up and over. Frazer handsprings across the ring, elbows back then goes out to shoulder in. Frazer slingshots and runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, to RANA! Grimes bails out again, and Frazer builds speed again!

Frazer has to abort the dive as Grimes gets in the ring! Grimes then PENALTY KICKS Frazer from the apron! Down goes Frazer and fans fire up while NXT goes picture in picture.

Grimes stares Melo down a second before he fetches Frazer. Grimes KICKS Frazer against barriers, then brings him around the way to give Frazer a BOOT! Grimes brings Frazer along more, puts him in the ring just to refresh the count, before hitting an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Grimes is fire dup, fans fire up with him, and Grimes gets in to cover. TWO, and Grimes is annoyed. Grimes keeps on Frazer with a top wristlock but Frazer endures. Frazer fights up, throws body shots, then runs, into a KICK! He’s down again and sputtering while Grimes leans on ropes. Grimes storms up on Frazer, pushes him to a cover, TWO!

Grimes is more annoyed, but he brings Frazer up for a double wristlock. Frazer endures, Grimes digs his elbow into the shoulder, and Grimes wrenches. Frazer throws a forearm, and another, but Grimes wrenches to WRING Frazer out this time. Cover, TWO! Frazer is showing his toughness and Grimes is even more annoyed. NXT returns to single picture as Grimes runs in at the corner, only for Frazer to give him a BUCKLE SHOT! Just like mentor Seth Rollins! Frazer drags himself up but Grimes gets his leg! Grimes spins Frazer to a GERMAN SUPLEX, but Frazer lands on his feet! Frazer ducks, dodges, QUEBRADA to ELBOW DROP DDT!

Fans fire up and chants for “NXT! NXT!” for giving us this main event! Grimes and Frazer get up, Frazer throws forearms but Grimes throws a haymaker! Frazer throws more forearms, but Grimes EuroUppers! Grimes whips but Frazer CLOBBERS him! Frazer starts to rally, he spins Grimes around, but Grimes suplexes to GOURD BUSTER! Grimes runs to CLOBBER Frazer! And again! Frazer goes to a corner, Grimes runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Fans fire up as Frazer drags himself to a corner. “This is Awesome!” and Frazer RUNNING SHOOTING STARS onto knees! Grimes waistlocks, fans are loving “Both These Guys!” but Frazer victory rolls, TWO!!

Grimes swings, Frazer dodges, but Grimes avoids the Quebrada! Frazer runs into an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Frazer survives and Grimes is beside himself, but the fans are still loving “NXT! NXT!” Melo likes what he’s seeing, too, because this is taking it out of Grimes. Grimes and Frazer throws forearms from their knees, fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” The CHOPS and the forearms and the uppercuts keep going back and forth! Grimes ROCKS Frazer, but Frazer gives it back! Grimes KICKS Frazer down, but Frazer comes back with forearms! Grimes ROCKS Frazer again, but Frazer PELES! Frazer then runs, into a LARIAT!

Grimes gets Frazer up, but Frazer RANAS out of the bomb!! Cover, TWO!! Grimes escapes and fans say that had to be three! But Frazer just shrugs that off, builds speed again and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Melo says Frazer is crazy! Frazer puts Grimes in, then he goes to a corner. Frazer climbs, but Grimes goes up after him! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Grimes sets up, “TO! THE! MOON!” CAVE-IN!! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Melo is bummed now, but he also gets off commentary! Trick rushes in first, but gets tossed! Melo and Grimes throw hands, Grimes whips but Trick saves Melo from a Cave-In! Grimes is sending Melo running for now, but will Melo be returning home with the title? Or can Grimes stay golden and meet Solo for the summer?

My Thoughts:

What a great go-home for NXT here! Now, on one hand, we didn’t get flooded with recap videos no one needs. On another, it has been some time since we’ve gotten Prime Target video, and I would’ve loved to have gotten one for Bron and Gacy. Might’ve worked to undo some of the cheesy stuff we got tonight. Gacy’s laugh and the flickering of the lights just to “trigger” Bron was so corny, Prime Target profiling Bron and the Steiner family but also Gacy’s journey to this character would’ve been way better. But all that said, it feels like Bron is going to find a way to retain this title, as he’ll expect all the tricks Gacy will use to egg him on. Also I’d love if Gacy’s goons are replaced by the Steiner Brothers so that they swerve Gacy back.

Great opening from Diamond Mine, and Strong is so close to getting himself kicked out of the group. Great booking of the match where the Creeds try to help Strong like he “helped” them, and then Strong gets mad at them for it. Good story integration to have Kiana pick a fight with Ivy over it, and of course Ivy gets a win here. Pretty Deadly dressing up as flamboyant Diamond Mine members was a great part of their promo, and the Creeds going after them was a good response. I have a feeling Pretty Deadly retains, because even though they won the match, the Creeds get the last bit of momentum.

I was hoping the NXT Women’s Breakout Finals were tonight, or at In Your House, but nope. That’ll be next week, so we won’t get the winner cashing in on whoever wins the women’s title matches this Saturday. That’s a mistake to me but I suppose at the same time, Tiffany VS Roxie isn’t TakeOver level. They both had good promo vignettes, especially Tiffany talking trash on Roxie’s. But I have a feeling Roxie wins, given how the Women’s Championship Summit segment went. Good promos from both sides, and the fans loved all the burns KC Squared gave Toxic Attraction. But with Wendy & KC Squared all standing tall and holding onto the belts, they’re doomed to lose. Roxie can then step up to challenge Mandy via her Breakout contract.

Great tie-in for the Breakout story and Waller’s relationship with Tiffany. Waller talking trash and getting himself in trouble was a good way to give him a match with Briggs, and they had a very good match, even with the Robert Stone Brand getting involved. That’s gotta be a Six Person Tag of Von, Stone and Sophia VS Briggs, Brooks & Fallon. Giovanni’s newest vignette all but said this is Fabian Aichner’s new identity, so that’s pretty wild that this is where he’s going after leaving Imperium. And I just knew Thea Hail would choose Chase U. She is going to be a great addition to that stable, we could even see them get in on a Mixed Six Tag at some point.

Wes Lee getting the win on Xyon was a great turnaround of their story. I bet we’ll see their tiebreaker very soon and with Sanga getting in on the story, I bet Sanga saves Wes from Xyon’s sore loser attack to give us Xyon VS Sanga. We got a fairly good promo skit from Legado and The Don’s family, but of course we were getting a Six Man Tag. The stipulation of the losing faction folding, this might go either way, but I feel like fans are going to crap all over Legado folding into Tony’s team. The fans in Florida have loved Legado the entire time, even with them as Heels, they are not gonna be happy with Tony being the boss of them.

Cora VS Lopez was good but felt a little sloppy. Maybe these two needed more time to blend together in the ring but I had a feeling Cora was going to pull off the win. Cora’s story is going to take the long route, and there’s half a chance Roxie uses her Breakout Contract to get the both of them a tag title match. Hell, if Io Shirai & KLR can use the Dusty Cup to get a singles shot, we might as well make up for that by giving the tag champions some challengers. And good stuff from Solo VS Duke. Solo of course wins so he has momentum going into his North American Championship since he’s got next.

And speaking of, what an awesome main event from Grimes VS Frazer. Melo & Trick were on commentary so they could attack after, but they probably wanted to see this for themselves anyway. I said this when he was Ben Carter and had that match with Lee Johnson in AEW, and I’ll say it here again for Nathan Frazer: he is the future of pro-wrestling. So long as WWE doesn’t screw this up royally, at least. Frazer needs to be in a title scene before this year is out, he’d be amazing as North American or even THE NXT Champion.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (12/7/22)

The Super Jr. Tag League penultimate round!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

The Super Juniors are so close, they can almost taste it!

NJPW continues on and the Super Jr. Tag League is almost done! Is it inevitable that Ace Austin & Chris Bey are finalists in the tournament? Or will they get burned by the #GLEATSAUCE?


  • Yuto Nakashima & Ryohei Oiwa VS Oskar Leube & Kosei Fujita; Leube & Fujita win.
  • Six Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Bullet Club; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomoaki Honma & Master Wato VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; LIJ wins.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS TJP & Francesco Akira; TJP & Akira win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS YOH & Lio Rush; Yoh & Lio win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS SHO & Dick Togo; Douki & Kanemaru win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS BUSHI & Titán; Bushi & Titán win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey; win.


Here are the current Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Austin & Bey: 6-1, 12 points
Bushi & Titan: 5-2, 10 points
TJP & Akira: 5-2, 10 points
Yoh & Lio: 5-2, 10 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 5-2, 10 points
Taguchi & Connors: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Sho & Dick: 1-6, 2 points [ELIMINATED]


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS TJP & Francesco Akira!

The Time Jet may be out of the running, but they could use this moment to turn it all around! Will Kushida & Knight find #Time2Fly? Or will Catch 2/2 not be denied their spot in the finals?

The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, is here to make the introductions for the Public Enemy & Nova Fireball. The teams sort out and fans applaud as Knight starts against TJP. Fans rally as the two circle. TJP avoids Knight’s rush at the legs, gets around to a waistlock, but Knight switches. TJP sits, pries at the hold, but Knight brings him up to SLAM him down! Knight floats to a facelock, TJP rolls but Knight stays with him, but TJP slips away. Fans applaud this opening exchange and the two reset. Knight and TJP circle, knuckle lock, and TJP spins to wrench and wrangle Knight with a top wristlock.

Knight rolls, stands, TJP wrenches his arm again. Knight rolls, handsprings and wrenches back! Fans applaud while TJP works on a return. TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, but Knight stops the headscissors to CHOP! Fans applaud as TJP staggers to ropes. Knight CHOPS TJP again, then whips TJP to ropes. They RAM shoulders but neither man falls. Knight flexes and fans applaud. TJP runs, they RAM shoulders again and Knight stays up. Knight says TJP doesn’t have it, but TJP kicks low! TJP runs, but Knight hurdles over! TJP rebounds, and he blocks the hip toss into a cobra twist! Fans applaud while Knight endures.

TJP drops for a ground cobra cradle, TWO! Knight whips, TJP stops himself and comes back to tie Knight’s one arm up, and he YANKS Knight’s other arm back! Fans applaud while TJP drags Knight away. Tag to Akira and Catch 2/2 mug Knight. They double whip but Knight DOUBLE FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES them down! Fans fire up as Knight brings Akira up. Knight wrenches Akira, tags Kushida, and he hands off the wrench. Kushida wrenches to a wristlock, then tags Knight back in. They hand off the wrench again, tag, and then hand it off again! Kushida CLUBS Akira’s arm, wrangles him down, and traps the arm to TWIST!

Fans applaud as Kushida drags Akira up to wrench again. Tag to Knight, they hand off the wrench again and again and again! Then they double snapmare to double knee drop both arms! Fans applaud but TJP runs in! Into a drop toehold and PENALTY KICK to the arm! Kushida & Knight secret handshake, then they double whip TJP to a corner. Then they double whip Akira into TJP! Kushida runs in to back elbow sandwich the champs! Knight runs in to STINGER SPLASH SANDWICH the champs! Knight pushes Akira aside to whip TJP corner to corner. TJP goes up and over, Akira returns for a RAILGUN DROPKICK!

Fans rally as Akira drags Knight up to CLUB him on the neck. Akira stomps Knight in the corner and digs his boots in! The ref counts, Akira stops at 4, then tags TJP. Catch 2/2 drag Knight up, they double whip him to ropes, and SOBAT, KICK, KICK and BASEMENT SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! TJP sits Knight up to KNEE him in the back! TJP drops knees on the arm, then on a leg. Then TJP has the leg for a standing toehold. Knight endures, even as TJP twists the ankle! Fans rally, Knight fights up and stands. TJP stays clear of the haymakers but Knight breaks free. Knight kicks with the other way but TJP blocks it!

TJP slips around, but Knight ENZIGURIS TJP down! Fans rally, Akira grabs Knight’s legs but Knight kicks him away. But TJP runs past Knight to BLAST Kushida! Knight run sin but TJP goes up and over to get a TARANTULA! Akira intercepts Kushida at the apron for a TARANTULA! Fans fire up for the double shoutout to Tajiri, and Catch 2/2 lets off as the ref counts. Akira returns to his corner, TJP stalks Knight and fans rally up. TJP drags Knight up, scoops and SLAMS him, then goes to the apron. Slingshot SENTON! Tag to Akira, and he runs to go up the Electric Chair! “Take Picture!” But Knight JET FLIGHT DROPKICKS Akira down!

Fans fire up while all three men are down! Knight crawls, hot tag to Kushida! Kushida climbs up and AX HANDLES TJP down! Kushida KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Akira, then whips him to ropes. Akira reverses but Kushida FLYING FOREARMS! Kushida dodges to PELE! TJP kicks Kushida, runs, but into a hip toss! Cartwheel, basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Kushida and he winds up, but Akira blocks the Buzzsaw! Akira whips Kushida to ropes, but Kushida reverses. Akira sunset flips but Kushida stays up! Kushida has the arm, for an ARMBAR! The fans fire up as Kushida pulls back, but Akira rolls to the ROPEBREAK!

Kushida lets go quickly and fans rally up. They clap for “KU-SHI-DA!” as he wrenches Akira’s arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Kushida aims, but Akira dodges the Penalty Kick! Akira CHOPS, but Kushida ROCKS! Akira SUPERKICKS, but Kushida SHOTEIS! Fans fire up while both men are down! Kushida crawls, hot tag to Knight! Knight hurries after Akira, brings him up and whips him to a corner. Knight runs in and Kushida runs in from the apron, SPLASH ENZIGURI COMBO! Knight hoists Akira up top, climbs up after him, but TJP gets in! TJP Electric Chair Lifts Knight, but Kushida HANDSPRING KICKS Akira!

Knight fights free of TJP while Kushida has a KIMURA on Akira! TJP lets Knight go to go after Kushida! TJP has the Electric Chair Lift, but Kushida fights free to get the HOVERBOARD KIMURA! Knight jumps to SUPER STEINER Akira! Fans fire up and Knight leaps, SATELLITE DDT!! Cover, TJP SLAMS Kushida onto it! Fans fire up while Kushida throws TJP out. Knight drags Akira up, fans clap “TIME TO FLY!” They double suplex but Akira fights it. Akira ROCKS and CHOPS on repeat! But Knight knees low! Time2Fly double whip but Akira shotguns the clothesline apart! And TJP runs in to DOUBLE BULLDOG!

Fans fire up and TJP blocks a kick to spin around, LEG CAPTURE BACK SUPLEX for Knight! Kushida DECKS TJP! Akira GERMAN SUPLEXES Kushida! Knight SLIDING SHOULDERS Akira down! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! Knight sits up, he brings TJP up but TJP throws a forearm. Knight forearms back, so TJP forearms again. The forearms keep going, then TJP UPPERCUTS! Knight UPPERCUTS in return! The forearms return, Knight gets the edge! Knight runs, into a ROLLING SOBAT! TJP runs, ducks a lariat and SUPERKICKS! TJP runs, into a DROPKICK! Knight kips up and fans fire up again!

Knight runs corner to corner at TJP, but TJP goes up and over! TORNADO DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Knight is still in this and fans are thunderous! TJP drags Knight to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Knight is up! Knight springs up to join TJP, he throws body shots, but TJP hits back. Fans rally as TJP slips under and trips Knight! Knight is in a Tree of Woe, TJP helps Akira walk the tightrope, for a MISSILE WOE DROPKICK! Knight is down in another drop zone and TJP goes back up! MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, but Kushida breaks it! Kushida CLUBS Akira, CLUBS TJP, then BUZZSAWS Akira! Kushida runs, but into an ALLEY-OOP!

Fans fire up as Catch 2/2 sit Knight up! 2 BY 2!! Cover, Catch 2/2 win!

Winners: TJP & Francesco Akira, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Kushida & Knight earn 0)

That’s two more points for a dozen total! Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions prove they are THE best tag team in the division?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS YOH & Lio Rush!

The Wild Hips haven’t had much luck in the league, but they’re not giving up! Will Taguchi & Connors stampede through Direct Drive & The Bad Child? Or will the Men of the Hour still have time on the clock?

Taguchi and Connors reach into their bags, and they have beer again! Fans applaud, and the Wild Hips offer some to Yoh & Lio. Really? Right now? Sure! Think of it like a party. Fans applaud but Yoh & Lio aren’t sure, they’re technically working. Yoh and Lio take a can each, Connors & Taguchi crack theirs open and drink. Fans applaud, it’s now or never for Lio & Yoh. They argue it out, but Lio says his stomach doesn’t feel good. Connors understands and fans applaud. The beers are put aside for now, and the teams sort out. Lio starts with Connors and fans rally up at the bell. Lio and Connors circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock.

Connors shoots in but Lio sprawls and facelocks. Connors slips out to facelock and then waistlock then back to a facelock. Lio slips out to waistlock, they stand up, and Connors pries free to switch. Connors drags Lio down, goes back for a facelock, but Lio switches that onto Connors. Connors fights back up, throws a knee, and fans applaud as Connors headlocks. Lio powers up and out but Connors runs him over! Fans applaud again and Connors runs the ropes. Lio drops, then redirects to whip Connors. Connors redirects, too, and then again! Lio handsprings to dodge, then he mule kicks and ENZIGURIS! Fans fire up and Lio covers, TWO!

Lio has the fans rally up, and Lio wrenches Connors’ arm. Tag to Yoh, they double whip Connors and double kick. Yoh whips Lio but Connors avoids the scissor kick! Lio whips Yoh now but Connors avoids Yoh to rebound and run them both over! Fans fire up with Connors and he calls to Taguchi. Taguchi hops in, Connors EuroUppers Yoh. Yoh is in one corner, Lio is in the other and the Wild Hips combine. WHIP HIP into Lio! WHIP HIP into Yoh! And then another for Lio! And another for Yoh! Then Taguchi WHIP HIPS Connors into Lio, and then WHIP HIPS him into Yoh! Fans fire up as the Wild Hips butt bump.

Taguchi sets up on the corner and Connors brings Yoh around. But Yoh reverses and sends Connors into the Funky Weapon! Lio returns to LARIAT Connors down! Taguchi hops down and runs at Yoh, but Yoh atomic drops the hip attack! Yoh scoops and SLAMS Taguchi, then he and Lio hook Taguchi’s legs into the ropes! Not quite a Tree of Woe, more a Bush of Woe. Fans rally as Lio and Yoh fire up. They hook up, ROLLING DIVING HEADBUTT into the Bush! Fans fire up while Taguchi flops over. Yoh drags Taguchi to the apron, and he uses the ropes in a Paradise Lock!? Yoh learned a form of Paradise!

Connors returns but Yoh kicks him down. Yoh drags Connors up to ROCK him with a forearm, and then stomp him in the corner. Tag to Lio, he and Yoh double whip Connors to DOUBLE ELBOW! Then Lio runs to get a wheelbarrow boost from Yoh, WHEELBARROW SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Lio taunts Taguchi then clamps onto Connors with a sleeper and body scissors! Yoh plays defense, but Taguchi can’t get free anyway. Connors fights up with Lio as a backpack, and he RAMS Lio into the corner! Yoh tags in, Connors hurries to his corner, but he can’t tag Taguchi like that! Lio whips Connors to the corner, Yoh & Lio mug him!

Yoh & Lio drag Connors up again, throw forearms and haymakers, then Yoh has Connors on ropes. Yoh throws more forearms, puts him back in the corner, but Connors fights back with forearms and elbows! Fans rally, Connors crawls, but Lio drags him up for a BIG back suplex! Fans rally, Yoh & Lio drag Connors up and double whip. Connors ELBOWS Yoh away but Lio kicks him low. Lio runs, Connors drops and POUNCES Lio into Yoh, and Yoh falls on Taguchi! Taguchi’s free from Paradise! Fans fire up as Connors hurries over, hot tag to Taguchi! Taguchi fires up, and he HIP ATTACKS Yoh at the ropes! Then HIP ATTACKS Lio at the ropes!

Taguchi keeps going, another HIP ATTACK for Yoh! Another HIP ATTACK for Lio! Baseball slide and APRON HIP for Yoh! Fans fire up and Taguchi takes aim from the apron. Springboard and MISSILE HIP! Taguchi covers, TWO! Taguchi drags Yoh up but Yoh swings, into a waistlock. Yoh elbows free, runs, but Taguchi follows! Yoh catches the hip attack into a waistlock, but Taguchi elbows free. Taguchi fakes Yoh out into running into a HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up and Taguchi runs side to side! PEOPLE’S T-BAG!! Cover, TWO!! Yoh survives and fans fire up. Taguchi calls upon the powers of Strong Style! “ORYA~!”

But Lio gets in the way, and offers the beer! He wants to have the drink now? Lio gets the fans to applaud for it, and they crack open the beers. They drink, and Lio hits a STUNNER on Taguchi! Lio laughs at Taguchi falling for it, then he HAANDSPRING KICKS Connors off the apron! Lio hurries to get another drink of beer, then he builds speed! But then Lio feels queasy! Connors runs in to SPEAR Lio down! Fans fire up, Connors drags Yoh up but Yoh throws forearms! Yoh ROCKS Taguchi, UPPERCUTS Connors, but runs into DOUBLE HIP ATTACKS! The Wild Hips combine their powers, take a drink, and show the RED UNDIES! CROSS HIPS!!! Cover, Lio breaks it!!

Fans fire up and Connors throws Lio out. Taguchi stands back up and fans rally. Taguchi stands Yoh up, to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up and Taguchi drags Yoh up into chicken wings! But Yoh wheelbarrows and victory rolls, only for Taguchi to sit on it! TWO!!! But Taguchi has OH MY GAH ANKLE!! Yoh flails, reaches out, moves around, and Connors keeps Lio on the outside! Yoh scrambles to get a BEER! Yoh stands up to make Taguchi drink!! Taguchi chugs, Yoh shakes him up!! Taguchi is dizzy now, but he SPITS the beer! He’s gone from The Rock to The Game! Taguchi kicks low, runs, but into 3K!!!! Cover, the Men of the Hour win!!

Winners: Yoh & Lio Rush, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Taguchi & Connors earn 0)

It’s all about the game and how you play it, but the Wild Hips got beat at their own game! Will Yoh & Lio close in on that outside shot to the finals?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS SHO & Dick Togo!

Japones Del Mal & The Heel Master got the biggest win they could by beating the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions! Will that momentum help them finish strong? Or will the House of Torture ruin things for them right before the end?

Both sides argue about the other needing to be thoroughly checked. After all, Douki has the pipe and Kanemaru has the whiskey, but the Murder Machine has a wrench and the Spoiler has his choker. But for now, the teams sort out and Dick starts against Kanemaru. Fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Dick powers Kanemaru to ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Kanemaru dodges the sucker punch and tells the ref that’s what he was talking about! Dick apologizes, and offers a handshake. Kanemaru says don’t even bother with that. Dick shakes Sho’s hand and Sho hops in to shake the ref’s hand. Dick also shakes the ref’s hand.

Douki steps in and the House of Torture offers him a handshake, too. Douki & Kanemaru reach out to accept, but then they block the cheap kicks! Douki throws Sho’s foot into Dick, then he throws Sho out while Kanemaru rolls Dick up! TWO!! Dick escapes, Douki goes out after Sho while Kanemaru stalks Dick to the corner. Dick pokes Kanemaru in the eye! Dick then whips corner to corner but Kanemaru reverses. Dick BOOTS Kanemaru, runs, but into a dropkick to the legs! Tag to Douki, Suzuki-Gun SMASH both knees! Cover, TWO! Douki stomps Dick around, then puts the leg on the ropes for a HIP DROP!

Fans rally while Douki drags Dick up. Douki kicks low, whips Dick to ropes, then runs in, only to be put on the apron. Dick swings but Douki shoulders into him. But Sho trips Douki up! Dick BLASTS Kanemaru, Sho stomps Douki around by commentary. Sho drags Douki up, brings him all the way to the back wall, rakes the eyes, and then goes into the rear stage area! Sho sends Douki into the wall! Dick keeps after Kanemaru while Sho whips Douki at the edge! Douki keeps from falling, he turns around and Sho BOOTS him off the stage! Fans applaud as Sho stands tall. Sho stomps Douki in front of the back row, then says to turn our attention back to ringside.

The ring count starts while Dick waits on Douki. Sho wants the count to go faster, and then he touches the Super Jr. Tag League trophy. Fans rally as Douki stands, and he hurries up the aisle! We’re at 12 of 20, Sho gets on the mic to shout that this is over! Sho rings the bell himself! The ref tells Sho no, but Sho makes the ref raise his hand in victory. Doukik returns! But Sho and Dick mug him! The ref reprimands them, counts, but both Sho and Dick let off at 4. Douki fights up but Dick fights off the scoop. Dick throws body shots and he CLUBS Douki down! Dick scoops and SLAMS Douki down! Dick then clamps onto Douki’s arms for a motorcycle stretch!

Fans rally as Douki endures and reaches out. Douki gets the ROPEBREAK, and Dick lets off. Dick scrapes his sole on Douki’s face, then he tags Sho. Sho runs to BLAST Kanemaru, then he and Dick mug Douki. Douki hits back but Sho rakes the eyes! Sho shoves Douki down, brings him back up, and throws him out of the ring. Sho distracts the ref so Dick can ROCK Douki! Dick puts Douki back in for Sho to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cover, the ref refuses because of shenanigans. Sho stomps Douki then covers, TWO! Fans fire up while Sho is upset with the ref. Sho drags Douki back up but Douki throws forearms! Sho rakes the eyes!

The ref reprimands but Sho grins as he brings Douki up again. Douki blocks the suplex and fans rally. Sho powers Douki up but Douki fights it. Douki powers Sho up, but Sho bends Douki’s fingers! Sho suplexes but Douki slips out! Douki waistlocks but Sho elbows free. Sho runs, but into a FLYING HEADBUTT! Fans fire up while both men are down again! Sho and Douki crawl, hot tag to Kanemaru! Kanemaru stomps on Sho then BLASTS Dick! Kanemaru whips, Sho reverses but Kanemaru dropkicks the legs out! Kanemaru drags Sho up, SHIN BREAKER and then a  dropkick to the legs! Kanemaru steps through for a FIGURE FOUR!

Sho endures the leglock and Kanemaru trashes about! Dick gets in to stomp away on Kanemaru! The hold is undone but the ref reprimands Dick. Kanemaru drags Sho around, stomps the legs, but Sho bends the fingers! So Kanemaru rakes Sho’s eyes! The ref reprimands them both, Kanemaru kicks Sho and runs. But Sho uses the ref as a shield! Sho then runs but now Kanemaru uses the ref as a shield! Kanemaru kicks low, ELBOWS Sho in the head, then runs, but Dick gets a cheap shot in! Sho SPEARS Kanemaru down! Tag to Dick and the House of Torture stomps away on Kanemaru. They whip him corner to corner, then Sho runs in.

Kanemaru dodges Sho, kicks Dick and sends him into Sho! ENZIGURI for Dick! Fans fire up while all three are down! Douki calls out and Kanemaru heads that way! Hot tag to Douki! Douki goes up to CROSSBODY! Dick staggers up, Douki dodges him to springboard BACK ELBOW! Douki drags Dick into the drop zone, for a RUNNING DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Douki drags Dick up and hooks him up! But Dick fights the Gory Especial to snapmare and ghost pin! TWO! CROSSFACE!! Fans rally while Douki endures! Douki reaches out, claws his way over, but Dick rolls him way!

But Douki slips out to waistlock! He baits Dick into a double pump handle and he flips Dick over! Douki then rolls Dick into ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Fans fire up while Dick endures! But then Sho drags the ref out! Sho gets in to stomp away on Douki! The Young Lions check on the ref while Sho gets his wrench! But Douki gets his PIPE! Fans fire up as Douki’s is bigger! Sho still swings but Douki dodges! Douki swings but Sho dodges! Douki blocks the wrench attack and Sho drops it! Douki JAMS Sho with the pipe, then CHOKES him with it! But Dick slides in to use the SPOILER CHOKER! But Kanemaru takes a swig!

Yujiro & Evil rush out from the back! But Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS Yujiro! Then he KICKS the ropes to hit Evil down low! Then Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS Dick! But Sho LOW BLOWS Kanemaru! Everyone falls at the same time! Fans fire up and rally as the ref returns! The ref can’t make heads or tails of what happened, but Dick and Douki stay in the ring. Dick drags Douki up, underhooks, but Douki blocks the Pedigree! Dick CLUBS Douki down, drags him back up and tries again. But Douki wrenches out! Dick rakes the eyes! Dick gets the whiskey and tags a swig!? But Douki HELL STABS! The whiskey spews into the air!

Douki drags Dick back down, ITALIAN STRETCH #32!!! Dick verbally quits, Suzuki-Gun wins!!

Winners: Douki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by submission (gain 2 points; Sho & Dick earn 0)

Incredible! Douki the underdog has gotten his team to three wins in this latter half of the tournament! Is this a sign that things are finally clicking for Japones Del Mal?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS BUSHI & Titán!

The Flying Tigers may not have a shot at the finals, but they can shoot down another team’s chances! Will the Sniper of the Sky and the Junior Heavyweight legend eliminate LIJ? Or will the Black Mask y El Inmortal stay alive for one more round?

The teams sort out, Eagles calls out Titan, so LIJ fist bumps. Fans applaud as Titan and Eagles circle. They tie up, Eagles wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Titan rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Eagles endures the wristlock now, but he uses the ropes to flip through and wrench back. Titan endures now, rolls, kips up and bridges to then handspring and wrench back! Fans rally as Titan wrenches again. Titan whips corner to corner, Eagles reverses but Titan goes up and over to handspring away. Fans cheer and things keep moving. Titan jumps over, whips Eagles but Eagles reverses to go up and around and arm-drag! But Titan handstands walks!

Titan rolls, handsprings, and fans fire up as things keep moving. Titan hurdles, Eagles counters the arm-drag to a takedown, and then he handsprings to basement dropkick! Fans cheer the opening exchange as Eagles covers, TWO! Eagles keeps on Titan, brings him over, and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Tiger and he KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Titan down! Tiger stomps Titan, brings him up and ROCKS him with a forearm. Tiger runs but Titan DROPKICKS him in return! Fans rally and Titan rolls to tag in Bushi! Bushi stomps Tiger, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! And CHOPS again!

Bushi pushes Tiger out, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bushi goes after Tiger’s mask! The ref reprimands, Bushi stops going after the laces to pull at the chin! The ref reprimands and counts, Bushi stops at 4. Bushi stomps Tiger down, then he tags in Titan. Titan climbs while Bushi drags Tiger up. Bushi wrenches an arm and Titan DOUBLE STOMPS it! Titan kicks Tiger around, then mule kicks him. Titan snapmares Tiger to PENALTY KICK! Fans rally and Eagles coaches Tiger, but Titan stands Tiger up. Tiger throws body shots, then throws KICK after KICK! Titan blocks a kick but Tiger SPIN KICKS him away!

Fans rally, Tiger rolls and hot tags Eagles! Eagles springboards up and over Titan, BLASTS Bushi, then RANAS Titan! Fans fire up as Eagles WHEEL KICKS Titan and kips up! Titan bails out, Eagles builds speed, but Bushi trips Eagles up! Titan mule kicks Tiger, CLUBS him down and gets back in the ring. Titan KICKS Eagles while he’s down, then he tags Bushi. Fans rally as LIJ mug Eagles, then double whip him corner to corner. Bushi runs in to back elbow Titan, and then sets up for INMORTAL IN MOTION! Feed to a lift, DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER COMBO! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Titan BLASTS Tiger!

Fans rally up as LIJ loom over Eagles. They kick Eagles around, drag him up and double whip again. Eagles reverses to send Bushi away and then he knees Titan low. Bushi returns and Eagles sends him into Titan! Titan falls, Eagles mule kicks Bushi then runs, BASEMENT DROPKICK BLINDSIDE LARIAT COMBO! Fans fire up while all three men are down! Eagles crawls for his corner, hot tag to Tiger! Tiger goes up top and CROSSBODIES Bushi down! Titan CLUBS Tiger, holds him up, but Tiger BOOTS Bushi and KANGAROO KICKS Titan! Bushi returns, into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Tiger brings Bushi back up. Tiger underhooks Bushi but Titan runs in! Tiger mule kicks Titan, Eagles runs in to KICK, and then DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES take Titan down! Fans fire up and Bushi fires forearms on both Flying Tigers! Bushi fires off on Tiger, but Eagles SOBATS Bushi! Eagles cravats Bushi and Tiger gives him a boost into the ASAI DDT! Roll and feed to the underhooks, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, Titan breaks it! Eagles throws Titan out and Tiger goes to a corner. But Titan POSTS Eagles! Tiger reaches the top but Titan attacks him first! Titan ROCKET LAUNCHES Tiger off the corner!

Bushi crawls to the LIJ corner, hot tag to Titan! Titan roars, fans fire up, and Titan springboard MISSILE DROPKICKS! Titan drags Tiger up, reels him in and suplexes for the GOURD BUSTER, to a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Tiger is still in this and fans rally up. Tiger goes to a corner, Titan powers up and runs in, LOCO- NO, Tiger BOOTS Titan away! Then crucifix takedown! TWO!! Into the REVERSE DOUBLE ARMBAR!! Titan endures, flails, Eagles intercepts Bushi into the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! But Titan gets the ROPEBREAK! The Flying Tigers let LIJ go and Eagles kicks Bushi out.

Eagles rallies the fans and he joins Tiger in bringing Titan up. The Flying Tigers double whip Titan to a corner, Eagles goes to the apron. They both run in, ENZIGURI ROUNDHOUSE COMBO! Fans fire up as Tiger brings Titan up to the top rope. Bushi rushes in but Eagles springboards and missile dropkicks the legs out! Tiger climbs up after Titan, underhooks the arms, and fans rally up! SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Titan survives, but Tiger has a KIMURA! Titan endures as Tiger also traps his head! Bushi barrels through Eagles to break it up! Fans rally as Bushi fires forearms on Eagles.

Eagles knees low, Bushi ducks a roundhouse to spin Eagles into a DDT! Tiger fires off on Bushi, knees low and SOBATS! Tiger runs, but into a DROPKICK! Bushi runs to BLAST Eagles! Then Bushi builds speed to DIVE onto Eagles! Fans fire up and Titan roars! Titan drags Tiger up, reels him in to a fireman’s carry, and spins for the LANDSLIDE! Cover, TWO!! Tiger survives again and fans fire up! Bushi returns as Tiger goes to a corner. Titan runs in, LOCO LARIAT! Bushi hits the CODE BREAKER! Titan springboards, but slips! Angel Inmortal is more a diving headbutt botch! Bushi hurries to get Titan back up and Titan resets.

Bushi watches Eagles while Titan COAST2COAST dropkicks Tiger!! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Bushi & Titán, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Eagles & Tiger earn 0)

It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective! LIJ stay alive for another round, will they make the Super Jr. Tag League finals tranquilo?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey!

The #GLEATSAUCE holds their fate in their own hands! If they win, they take over the top spot! If they lose, their bubble bursts right before the end! Can Zayne & Lindaman stop the Inevitable? Or will Ace & Bey keep things Too Sweet?

The teams sort out, Zayne steps up and calls out his former friend, Ace. Ace & Bey Too Sweet and then point finger guns at Zayne. Lindaman says, “Boo~!” but Ace starts against Zayne. The fans rally as the two stare down, but then Ace tags out to Bey. Bey & Ace laugh at Zayne thinking he was going to get his way. Zayne and Bey circle, fans rally up again, and the two tie up. They go around, Zayne puts Bey on ropes but he stares Ace down. Red shoes counts the break, Zayne lets off with a pat on Bey’s shoulder. Bey acts like he’s gonna punch, but he just hands Red Shoes some of his gold chains that’re coming loose.

Zayne and Bey reset as fans rally up, and Bey gets around to waistlock. Zayne works on the hold but Bey shifts to a headlock. Zayne throws body shots, then elbows, then he powers out, only for Bey to pull on Zayne’s beard! Bey laughs and flexes while Red Shoes reprimands.


Here are the NEW Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Austin & Bey: 6-1, 12 points
Bushi & Titan: 6-2, 12 points
TJP & Akira: 6-2, 12 points
Yoh & Lio: 6-2, 12 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 5-2, 10 points
Taguchi & Connors: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-7, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Sho & Dick: 1-7, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (12/7/22)

The best tag teams collide!



AEW Year 4

Will The Acclaimed hold onto their forever reign?

In an epic clash, The Acclaimed defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships against the THREE BELT CHAMPIONS, FTR! Will Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood move up to FOUR belts tonight?


  • Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal: Ricky Starks wins and will challenge MJF for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Darby Allin; Joe wins and retains the title.
  • Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta; Claudio & Yuta win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Jade Cargill & The Baddies VS Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan; Jade & The Baddies win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Acclaimed VS FTR; The Acclaimed win and retain the titles.


Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal!

Another year, another battle for that coveted $150,000 diamond ring! But things are a little different, as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, our NEW AEW World Champion, has the prerogative to not participate in this match. Instead, think of this more as a #1 contender’s battle royal with the winner getting to choose when and where they face MJF for that ring. Ricky Starks vows that when he wins this match, he’ll make next week’s title match into a Winner Takes All! Will this be an Absolute Victory for Ricky Starks? Or will someone else in this crowded field take that diamond ticket instead?

Fans go wild as Starks makes his entrance, and then they go wild as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry makes his entrance. We already have Brian Cage, The Butcher, The Blade, Orange Cassidy, Captain Shawn Dean, Matt Hardy, Ethan Page,  Lee Moriarty, W. Morrissey, Kip Sabian, Dalton Castle and The Boys at ringside, but wait! Here comes The Natural, Dustin Rhodes! Fans fire up for the hometown hero, the bell rings, and everyone rushes into the ring! Well, almost everyone as Kip plays things a bit more shrewdly, and even Castle & The Boys wait as things sort out. Cassidy takes his time because that’s just the way Freshly Squeezed rolls.

The Butcher brawls with Dean, The Blade is after JB and Dustin is on Hardy while The Firm’s All Ego and #TAIGASTYLE mug Starks. Castle slides in to help Starks out, and Kip yanks Cassidy out under the bottom rope, wanting to continue things from Rampage’s All-Atlantic Championship Lumberjack Match! Kip RAMS Cassidy into railing! Ethan bumps Castle off buckles and Starks turns things around on Moriarty. Ethan CHOKES Castle while The Boys protest. Castle hits Ethan back, Moriarty turns things around on Starks to rain down fists. Starks stops that and hits an atomic drop! Hardy helps Ethan by going after Castle.

Dustin digs his boots into Ethan while Hardy dribbles Castle off buckles. Kip throws Cassidy around ringside, Dustin bumps Ethan off buckles. Dustin CHOPS Ethan, Cassidy turns things around on Kip but Kip sends Cassidy into the apron! Fans rally for Starks, Castle gives Hardy a raspberry? Dustin ROCKS Butcher, Dean throws hands on Cage. Kip and Cassidy are finally in the ring and Cassidy bounces Kip off buckles. And again! And again! Butcher CLUBS Cassidy down! Butcher and Kip work together on Cassidy but he kicks at them. Cassidy gets free, dodges Kip, and runs in at Kip, only for Kip to send him up and out!

Cassidy holds onto the ropes, but Kip BITES one of Cassidy’s hands! Cassidy still skins the cat to headscissor Kip! Kip resists, pushes Cassidy away, but Cassidy hits him back! Blades sucker punches Cassidy and drags him off! Blade ELIMINATES Cassidy, then POSTS him! Fans boo but the damage is done and Kip is all smiles. Dustin runs at Kip and hits a DESTROYER! Dustin clotheslines Kip up and out to ELIMINATE him! Fans fire up but then Butcher CLUBS Dustin! Butcher fires off hands but Dustin gives them back! They brawl with haymakers but Butcher knees low! And again! Butcher fireman’s carries but Dustin fights free!

Dustin is on the apron, he throws hands on Butcher while fans go nuts over Starks narrowly avoiding elimination at the hands of Matt Hardy! Dustin ROCKS Butcher, Hardy kicks at Starks. Moriarty is after Castle in a corner while Butcher rakes Dustin’s eyes! Butcher CLOBBERS Dustin and ELIMINATES him! Fans boo but Blade high-fives with Butcher while staying safe on the outside. Butcher fires off on Dustin, Cage throws Castle out! Cage KNEES Castle off the apron, but The Boys catch him! Cage ROCKS Castle again, the Boys keep Castle up again! And again! They carry Castle to safety on the other side of the ring!

But Cage is there! Cage swings, Castle ducks to ROCK Cage back! Castle gets in safe, but Cage scoops him! Cage TOSSES Castle out onto the Boys and ELIMINATES him! Fans boo but JB DROPKICKS Cage out of the ring! Cage  stays on the apron, he ROCKS JB in the ropes, suplexes him, but JB slips out to waistlock! Cage elbows JB away, but JB SUPERKICKS Cage! Meanwhile, Starks is fighting off both Hardy and Ethan Page! He gets them to back off, before he DOUBLE AX HANDLES them both down! JB goes up a corner, he leaps at Cage, APRON METEORA! JB ELIMINATES Cage! Prince Nana is furious but fans are fired up as AEW goes picture in picture!

JB checks his leg as he gets in the ring. Moriarty is right on JB by pulling his hair! Moriarty UPPERCUTS JB, has him in a corner, and digs his boots in! Ethan stomps Dean while Hardy rushes Butcher. Butcher dumps Hardy but Hardy holds the ropes! Hardy fights his way back in, he CLUBS Butcher down, and Ethan applauds. The Firm give Hardy thumbs up as Hardy picks Butcher up and works to dump him out! Butcher holds on while Moriarty stomps Starks and Ethan keeps on Dean. Butcher fights off Hardy, then catches his breath leaning against ropes. Ethan makes Starks look at the camera before he CLUBS him down!

JB CLUBS Ethan! Moriarty full nelsons JB but JB elbows him away. JB digs a boot into Ethan and Starks joins in! They let off, drag Ethan up, and they work together to pick Ethan up! Ethan fights and Hardy helps Ethan for The Firm. Hardy bumps Starks off buckles again and again and again! JB fights Ethan off while Hardy shouts, “DELETE! Dean turns things around on Moriarty JB stomps Ethan then CLUBS Butcher. Dean scoops and SLAMS Moriarty while Hardy tries to throw Starks out again. But Starks drags Hardy up and over instead! Hardy dangles but so does Starks! Dynamite returns to single picture as Ethan hurries to save Hardy!

Starks fights Hardy but Ethan HOTSHOTS Starks! Starks sputters, Hardy gets in safe. Butcher fights off JB and Dean, but Dean fights him with forearms. The Firm all mug Starks, but fans rally up behind Starks. Starks fires off on Butcher while he can but Butcher ROCKS Starks! Starks runs to BLAST and ELIMINATE The Butcher! But then The Firm jumps right on him! Moriarty throws Starks out but Starks stays safe on the apron. Starks ROCKS Moriarty, JB runs in to RANA Moriarty up and out to ELIMINATE him!! But Morrissey BOOTS JB while he’s hanging on, and that ELIMINATES JB!!

Fans boo, Morrissey isn’t even really in this match! But Moriarty & Morrissey aren’t done with JB, either, as they drag him up, APRON CHOKE SLAM!! Hardy meanwhile hits Dean with a SIDE EFFECT! The refs reprimand, Moriarty and Morrissey back off, leaving Ethan, Hardy, Starks and Dean as our final four. Hardy drags Starks up to give him a SIDE EFFECT! Fans boo, but then Ethan tells Hardy to stop doing his V1 and raise Ethan’s hand in victory. But Ethan hasn’t won yet! Hardy says, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” and then Ethan tells him to get Starks up. Hardy does as told, The Firm mugs Starks, and then they put him on the ropes.

Starks holds on as both Hardy & Ethan lift, but Dean makes the save! Dean fires off hands on Ethan! Hardy goes after Dean, but Dean fires off hands on Hardy! Dean UPPERCUTS Hardy but Ethan CLUBS Dean! Ethan whips Dean, Dean gets around, FLOAT-OVER DDT! Dean kips up and fans fire up! Stokely is upset but Dean drags Ethan up to throw him up and over! Ethan holds on desperately and Hardy kicks Dean! TWIST OF FATE! Ethan shouts to throw Dean out and Hardy tells Ethan to do it. Ethan says fine, he drags Dean up and tosses Dean to ELIMINATE him! Fans are thunderous as now Starks is 2v1 against The Firm!

Ethan tells Hardy to do his job and help him win. Hardy shouts, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” But he BLASTS Starks! The Firm mugs Starks and fans boo hard as ever! Ethan feeds Starks to the facelock, TWIST OF- NO, Starks shoves Hardy up and out to ELIMINATE him! Ethan fires off on Starks, it’s just the two of them now! Starks wrenches and TORNADO DDTS!! Fans are thunderous as Starks is electric! He runs in but Ethan dodges the Spear! ROUNDHOUSE! Ethan snarls, he drags Starks up, fireman’s carry, but Starks RANAS Ethan out! STARKS WINS!!

Winner: Ricky Starks (#1 contender to the Dynamite Diamond Ring)

But to rain on the parade already is MJF! The AEW World Champion and #TripleB, the Big Burberry Belt, are here with a mic as fans boo hard as they can. The fans then cheer on Starks and MJF smirks. MJF tells Starks, “I’ll be with you in one second.” MJF then says, “Bryan Danielson, a little birdy told me you didn’t wanna show up tonight, and I think I know the real reason why. The real reason why is because you’re terrified of me. And I don’t blame ya, bud. After what I did to your boy, Willy Reegs, I’d be scared, too.”

Fans boo but MJF says, “Because I’m a bad, bad man. And that’s why in a week from now, I’m gonna be a FOUR-TIME, FOUR-TIME, FOUR-TIME, F-F-F-FOUR-TIME beautiful Dynamite Diamond Ring Champion. And I will still be the holder of the grandest prize of ’em all, the Triple B, baby! Now Richard, people seem to really like you around here, huh?” Fans cheer Starks on again, and MJF says “They talk about you like you’re some underutilized god of professional wrestling. And trust me, you are very talented, you really are. But you wanna know the truth, bud? Here’s the truth, Absolute.” Fans tell MJF to STFU but he just shrugs that off.

MJF says the truth is that in comparison to MJF, Starks is the Absolute drizzling sh*t! Or should MJF say, “You’re a roody poo candy ass!” After all, Starks stole literally everything else from that guy. But no offense, Richard, you’re just “a Dollar Store Dwayne.” So MJF will call Starks “The Pebble.” So here’s what happens next week in the main event of Dynamite, little Pebble. Fans chant for the “PEBBLE~! PEBBLE~!” MJF says he’s gonna put The Pebble in his pocket, hop in his brand new Porsche, because unlike all the “simple-minded humanoids” of Austin, MJF is rich. MJF will drive Pebble to the nearest body of water, take him out of his pocket, and skip “your scrawny little pigeon-toed ass all the way back to Billy Corgan’s NWA so you can wrestle on YouTube where you belong!”

Fans boo but Starks just smirks. MJF says “Facts don’t care about your feelings, Texas!” But MJF doesn’t care that Starks is Absolute, because MJF is a Generational Talent, and his Reign of Terror has only just begun. MJF soaks up the heat and then Starks pushes right past him to get a mic of his own. Fans cheer on Starks but MJF tells them all to shut up. Starks tells “Maxi Pad”, which fans now chant at MJF, that he should’ve expected a fifth-rate Roddy Piper to come out here and try to steal the spotlight. Oh~, he trashed the city! OH~! He trashed the fans! How much more shtick does MJF got? Cuz the low hanging fruit is running dry!

Starks says every week, MJF walks out here smelling like paint thinner and ass, having spray tanned his eczema to where if he took his shirt off, his back would look like he laid on an ant colony for seven hours. MJF has his crappy shoes, pants that are never ironed, a shirt that is too small, that stupid scarf, and that even dumber haircut, and he acts like he’s better than Starks?! Give us a break!! Fans are fired up hearing that! “Everything about you screams, ‘Cheap.’ The cheap suits, the cheap shoes, the cheap heat. Oh my God, and you are our new AEW Champion, huh? Well here’s the thing. With that AEW Championship comes a big responsibility that you know nothing about!

“The difference between you and me is that when these people got behind me, I gave them a reason to keep going. When they put faith in you, you let them down. When Regal put faith in you, you let him down. But brother, when it comes to Ricky, I delivery on time, every time, every night, every week, every month! And you can take your little ass to Greece for three months because oh~, you didn’t get paid enough! Oh~, you got out politicked by somebody smarter than you! But the fact remains is that I’ve been here, busting my ass. You wanna talk responsibility? Let’s talk about the fact that you avoid responsibility! You avoid any type of pressure.

“I show up to sign meet ‘n’ greets, where you, you don’t care! You just blow it off because hey! Everybody hates Max, so he has nothing to lose, right? Yeah, well, guess what, buddy? There comes a lot of responsibility when it comes to people actually liking you. And beside your nose being a lot darker than the rest of your body, me on the other hand, I live with dignity, I live with respect. You know nothing about that! When I lived in my car in South Austin, guess what I was doing? I was grinding! I knew the responsibility of taking care of myself! When it comes to that woman right there, it’s MY responsibility to get her a car, to get her a house.

“And you think because you paid people, because you kissed ass, that Maxwell ‘I’m better than you,’ you can get whatever you want? Please, gimme a break.” Fans are all fired up! Starks tells MJF that next week is a BIG deal. Starks is putting up and shutting MJF up for once in his miserable, narcissistic, punk-ass little life! MJF doesn’t deserve the title but Starks does! Wrestling on YouTube? Guess what? Been there, done that, busted his ass to get here! He never needed a name to make it here, and he doesn’t need one to beat MJF’s ass! He is Ricky Starks, he is stand ten toes down right here.

Next week, Starks smacks that mole of MJF’s neck, stomps a new hole right into MJF, and then he takes that title! Fans are thunderous for Starks as he says he’s doing MJF a favor he’s never had done in his life: Starks takes the responsibility off this “little boy’s” plate. MJF LOW BLOWS Starks! Fans boo as MJF takes off the belt, the scarf, and brings out the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF puts the ring on, takes aim, and fans shout “F YOU MAX!” But Starks dodges to SPEAR!! Fans are THUNDEROUS as MJF falls out of his shoes and then falls out of the ring! Starks holds up the world title, will he be holding that and the Dynamite Diamond Ring at the end of Winter is Coming?


Darby Allin speaks.

“May 12th, 2021 was when I lost the TNT Championship. From that time ’til now, I feel like a lot of people have all said to me, ‘Darby Allin is being slept on. Darby Allin is forgotten about.’ Well it’s up to me to wake everyone up, and I’m gonna win that TNT Championship. I said that this crowd chants one thing, ‘Joe is gonna kill~ you.’ Well Joe, you’re gonna have to bury me with that TNT Championship, because I am not leaving Austin, Texas without it.”

Samoa Joe responds.

“Darby Allin, the curious little dead boy. I know exactly what you see when you look at me. You see a crucible that you wanna put yourself through. You see the violence that I inflict and you say to yourself, ‘That is a trial I can endure.’ Well, Darby, tonight you’re gonna learn that curiosity has a price that is about to get real expensive.” Will the Relentless Underdog put it all on the line just to get back that title? Or will he fail to dethrone the King of Pro-Wrestling Television?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“You think last week got a little outta hand? I don’t. In fact, I’m starting to really, really like The Cowboy, Hangman. Because he fell off his horse, dusted himself off, and got right back in the saddle, and he did his talking with his fists. There’s not enough of that around here. There’s too much talking. This is All Elite Wrestling, not All Elite Talking. There is no Blackpool Microphone Club. This is COMBAT! This is the sport of kings! Tonight, myself, Wheeler, Claudio, this Weekend at Final Battle, this Friday night on Rampage, we bring back 100 proof, in-your-face, ass-kicking wrestling! Jericho Appreciation Society. I’m so over the Jericho Appreciation Society.

“I’m gonna be out there tonight, just to make sure there’s no sports entertainment shenanigans. And this weekend, we put the JAS in our rearview mirror for good! Hangman Page, you want another piece? You know where to find me.” The Maniac heads out, but will he be able to focus on the JAS with the Cowboy coming for him?


AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Darby Allin!

#TwoBeltJoe has been intimidating and brutal even when he’s had no belts. How much more vicious will he become in order to keep his throne as King of TV?

The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and we see if Darby wins, or even survives!

The bell rings and fans rally as Darby and Joe stare down. Fans do sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Joe steps up to Darby, daring him to do something. So Darby fires off fast hands! Joe puts Darby in a corner, but Darby dodges him to fire off hands again! Joe shoves Darby away, but Darby SHOTGUNS Joe out of the ring! Darby keeps moving to DIVE, but Joe casually moves aside and Darby crashes into railing! Joe grins as he goes back for Darby while fans lose their minds. Joe CLUBS Darby, drags him up, and sits him on the apron to then SWING him into the railing! And SWING into the apron! And back into railing!

Fans are torn but Joe soaks it all up. Joe goes back for Darby, and he tears up the floor mats! Joe drags Darby up and smacks him off the apron. Darby flounders around in a daze, but Joe drags him back up. Joe puts Darby in the ring, just to drag him out after refreshing the ring count. Joe then hits Darby with a BIG back suplex to the floor! Darby writhes, but at least that was a padded part. Joe refreshes the count himself now, and he drags Darby back up. Joe brings Darby to the bare patch now, and fans boo while the ref counts. Darby fights the lift but Joe still gets Darby up! Darby bends Joe’s fingers to get free!

Darby runs in, but Joe POWERSLAMS Darby to the bare concrete!! Joe shouts at Darby, “Do you wanna die, Darby?! HUH!?!” The ref checks Darby while AEW goes picture in picture.

Joe leaves Darby behind while he clutches an arm and his ribs. Joe returns, having refreshed the count, and he puts Darby in the ring. Joe stalks Darby, mockingly applauds, and then drags Darby up. Joe CHOPS Darby and he flops down into a corner. Joe stands on Darby’s neck, the ref counts, and Joe lets off at 4. Joe smirks as he paces around. Darby drags himself up in a corner but not very far. Joe drags Darby up but Darby throws body shots! Darby runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Joe is fired up and he drags Darby into a neck wrench! Darby endures, even as Joe looms over him. Joe throws Darby down but fans rally up.

Darby flounders about and it amuses Joe. Darby kicks back, manages to kick harder, and he BOOTS Joe away! Darby stands to throw more body shots, but Joe HEADBUTTS Darby down! Joe snarls, he drags Darby back up, and he dumps Darby to the apron. Joe drags Darby up as Dynamite returns to single picture. Joe JABS Darby, and then runs him side to side to POST him! Fans lose their minds again and Joe pretends he can’t see where Darby went. Doc Sampson checks Darby and the ring count starts. Fans count along while Joe just strolls around the ring and flexes. Darby is somehow okay to continue, and he crawls his way over at 5 of 10.

Darby flounders up at 7 and in at 8! Fans cheer but Joe is annoyed. Joe asks Darby what more has to happen. Joe kicks him around, Darby gets mad. Darby SLAPS Joe and it staggers him! Darby runs, gets around, but Joe hits an atomic drop! And then runs to BOOT Darby down! Then he SENTONS! Cover, TWO!! Darby is still in this though he goes to the apron, and Joe can’t believe it! But then Joe builds speed! But Joe has to bail out as Darby slides back in! Darby PLANCHAS, but into a fireman’s carry! Darby fights free to RAM Joe into steel steps! Darby then goes up the corner for a SUPER COFFIN DROP!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!”

Darby staggers about, but he pushes Joe into the ring. Darby keeps moving, COFFIN- NO, the splash is caught to a SLEEPER! But Darby drops to KICK Joe away! Darby slips around, THROWBACK STUNNER!! Joe stays up so Darby hops on, CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!!! Joe survives but Darby has new life! Fans are giving a standing ovation as Joe and Darby rise. Joe goes to a corner, Darby runs in but into the URENAGE! Joe drags Darby up and puts him on the top rope. But Darby claws Joe’s face! Joe CHOPS Darby, climbs up after him, and hoists Darby up. But Darby BITES Joe’s forehead!! Joe falls back, Darby adjusts, COFFIN DROP!! Into the COQUINA CLUTCH!!!

Darby flails, he reaches out, but the sleeper and body scissors squeezes tight! Darby has a wild look in his eyes, until those eyes roll back! Darby is OUT, Joe wins!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by submission (still AEW TNT Champion)

Darby fought his heart out, but we are still in the #TwoBeltJoe Era! Darby manages to stand up again, and he says he’s not dead! Joe has to put him down for him to stop! Darby dares Joe to keep fighting, but Joe HEADBUTTS Darby down! Joe grabs Darby’s own skateboard and he brings it over. Fans boo as Joe scares off the ref with the board! Joe then drags Darby up, puts the board down wheels up, and he puts Darby on the corner. Joe tucks Darby in! MUSCLE BUSTER on the wheels!!! Darby isn’t even moving, but Joe still puts the COQUINA CLUTCH back on!! The ref reprimands, more refs rush out but HERE COMES WARDLOW!!

Wardlow rushes to the ring and Joe runs away! Fans cheer on “WARD~LOW! WARD~LOW!” as he reminds Joe that they’re not through with each other! Joe moves on to ROH Final Battle to defend his ROH World Television Championship against Juice Robinson, will Joe make it through The Booster only to find Wardlow’s World waiting for him?


Backstage interview with Kip Sabian and Orange Cassidy.

Tony Schiavone says there is a No Physicality Agreement in place as these two are here to talk. What is on Cassidy’s mind? Cassidy doesn’t know what Kip is doing, but he doesn’t need to do this. If he wants a title shot, just ask. Kip says, “How convenient, my sweet little Clementine. You wait until an unprovoked attack by Dustin Rhodes. I’m hurt. You just don’t want me at my best.” Cassidy says if Kip isn’t gonna fight this Friday on Rampage, then find someone who can. Kip ponders the idea, and heads out. Cassidy asks Schiavone if that’s a yes. Seems so. Then who will crazy Kip find as a Superbad proxy to take on the All-Atlantic Champion?


Chris Jericho speaks.

“Initially, what started out as a deliberate desecration of the legacy of ROH has now led me to become the greatest ROH Champion of all time. Oh, the irony. Claudio, you don’t have the belief that you can beat me when it counts and become the ROH World Champion once again. Isn’t that true? That is why I’m gonna beat you at Final Battle, and it is why you’re gonna have to join the Jericho Appreciation Society. But Claudio, I am telling you this right now, it is going to be the best thing for you. I am looking so forward to taking you under my wing, and most importantly, I am looking so forward to beating you at Final Battle. I’ll see you then, Claudio. All Honor The Ocho.”


Jake Hager & Daniel Garcia w/ Sammy Guevara VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta w/ Jon Moxley!

Speaking of the war between JAS and BCC, another battle happens here in Austin! Will “Rock Hard” Hager & the “Dragonslayer” use sports entertainment to gain the momentum before the Final Battle? Or will the Swiss Superman & Decoder use a pro-wrestling solution on their JAS problem?

The teams sort out and Yuta starts against Garcia in a preview of their ROH Pure Championship rematch set for Saturday. They circle, then Garcia tags to Hager. Hager and Yuta circle, but then Hager has everyone hold on. Because he’s brings out the purple bucket hat, and throws it to Claudio! Hager says Claudio needs to get used to wearing that. Claudio considers it, he holds the hat up, but then he PUNTS the hat to the crowd! Hopefully Austin likes that hat. Hager KNEES Yuta, CLUBS him, then back suplexes! Yuta lands on his feet, CHOPS Hager, but Hager swings. Yuta dodges but Hager CLOBBERS Yuta!

Hager drags Yuta up, bumps him off buckles and tags Garcia in. The JAS mugs Yuta with a CHOP and some stomps. The ref counts, Garcia digs his boots in but he lets off at 4. Yuta gets up to COHP and forearm and repeat! Garcia CHOPS, Yuta CHOPS, repeat! Yuta whips, Garcia reverses and runs in but Yuta goes up and over. Yuta scoops Garcia to SLAM him, then SENTON! Cover, TWO! Yuta keeps on Garcia with a pull of the ear, then he tags Claudio. BCC double whip and DOUBLE BOOT! Garcia scrambles away, tags Hager, but Hager runs into a drop toehold! Claudio facelocks then armlocks while fans chant, “WE THE PEOPLE!”

Claudio chinbars then goes after an arm, but Hager throws elbows. Hager ROCKS Claudio with rights, whips him corner to corner, but Claudio goes up and over. Claudio hip tosses then covers, ONE!! Claudio keeps on the arm, tag to Yuta, and Yuta climbs up to AX HANDLE the arm! Yuta wrenches, but Hager shoves him to a corner. Hager runs in but into a BOOT! Yuta hops up, leaps and MISSILE DROPKICKS Hager down! Garcia runs in but Yuta slips around, OLYMPIC SLAM! Garcia bails out, Yuta builds speed and Yuta DIVES to take out both Hager and Garcia! Fans fire up as Yuta puts Hager in.

Yuta climbs up, but Sammy distracts! Garcia shoves Yuta off the top and Hager catches him! Claudio protests but Moxley grabs a chair! Hager SLAMS Yuta down while Moxley storms after Sammy. Hager runs to the corner for the HAGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Yuta survives, Moxley backs away from Sammy, but Hager tags Garcia in. Garcia and Hager mug Yuta, Garcia throws EuroUppers and forearms. Yuta fights back with forearms and elbows of his own! Garcia kicks low then CHOPS Yuta down! Garcia fishhooks Yuta’s face, pushes him down, then argues with the ref. Garcia storms after Yuta, but then sucker punches Claudio!

Yuta headbutts Garcia low! Garcia suplexes, Yuta turns it around to suplex and he puts Garcia up top. Yuta climbs up after Garcia, brings him up, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down and fans fire up while AEW goes picture in picture! Garcia and Yuta crawl, Moxley coaches Yuta up, but Garcia tags Hager! Hager runs in to BLAST Claudio! Hager bumps Yuta off buckles and digs his boot in! The ref reprimands and counts, Hager lets off, and Garcia CHOKES Yuta while the ref is busy with a protesting Moxley. Sammy also gets a shot in before Garcia lets Yuta go. Hager looms over Yuta, drags him up and chicken wings the arms.

Yuta endures as Hager grinds a shoulder, but fans rally up. Yuta fights up, reaches out, but Hager whips him away from Claudio. Yuta holds ropes then he dumps Hager out! Hager hurries back up to drag Yuta out! Hager RAMS Yuta into railing! And then Hager puts Yuta back in to cover, TWO! Hager hauls Yuta up, tags Garcia in, and the JAS mug Yuta again. Garcia grinds his forearm into Yuta’s face, fishhooks Yuta’s nose, and he talks trash to the fans. The ref counts, Garcia lets off, and he snapmares Yuta to then mock Claudio’s cannon arms. Garcia wraps on a chinlock and he grinds Yuta down. Yuta endures while Garcia pushes up for added pressure.

Moxley and Claudio coach Yuta as he fights his way up. Garcia clinches but Yuta JAWBREAKERS free! Dynamite returns to single picture as both men crawl. Yuta reaches out, but Garcia drags him away! Yuta slips under to ROCK Garcia! Garcia BOOTS Yuta, but Yuta rewinds and slips around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up and both men crawl again. Hot tags to Hager and Claudio! Fans fire up as Claudio rallies on Hager with EuroUpper after EuroUpper! Claudio whips Hager to a corner for a BIG uppercut! Then he whips Hager corner to corner for another BIG uppercut! Claudio fires off more EuroUppers, but the ref counts.

Claudio lets off at 4, then jukes to EuroUpper again and again and again! Claudio puts Hager up top, EuroUppers again, then climbs up to join him. Claudio stands on the very top, for a SUPER STEINER! It wasn’t the cleanest but it worked! Cover, TWO!! Hager survives but clutches a shoulder. Claudio trips Hager to have the legs! Fans fire up but Garcia hops on with a SLEEPER! Claudio stays up, Yuta climbs, and Claudio SLAMS Garcia down for Yuta’s DIVING SPLASH! Fans fire up, but Hager trips Claudio to an ANKLE LOCK! But Claudio turns, BOOTS Hager, only for Hager to lift! Claudio sunset flips through, to get the SWISS SWING!!

Fans count along, Hager goes around and around and around for TEN! Sammy is freaking out as Hager staggers, into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Hager is still in this but Claudio drags him up. Claudio reels Hager in, Gotch Lifts, but Hager back drops! Claudio lands on his feet, dodges, but Sammy stops the springboard! The ref reprimands, but Moxley trips Sammy off the apron! Moxley DECKS Sammy and fans fire up! Claudio finishes the leap, but into a SPINEBUSTER from Hager! Hager has the leg for the ANKLE LOCK! Claudio endures, reaches out, but Hager drags him from ropes! Garcia runs in to intercept Yuta!

Garcia has Yuta’s legs for the DRAGON TAMER!! The JAS have double submissions and fans boo! But Claudio rolls to send Hager into Garcia! EUROUPPER! Cover, BCC wins!!

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta, by pinfall

Fans fire up and Moxley joins his brothers in the club to celebrate! Tony Schiavone joins them all to interview them. He knows they just got a big win ahead of a big night on Saturday, but they have to talk about what happened at Full Gear. Here is an interview Schiavone did with William Regal a few weeks back that might explain some things.

The footage plays and Schiavone talks with his “long time friend,” Regal. Regal says it will be 30 years in January. Full Gear was unbelievable, but Schiavone wanted to know about how all that transpired. Regal told Schiavone before that “people are only going to see this if something bad happens to me. And when you’re somebody like me, and spent your life being as horrible as I have, you’re always expecting something bad to happen.” Schiavone says Regal is the Villain of Villains. Well, Regal took great exception to what MJF did to Schiavone. And MJF seems to be made about emails and this and that, so Regal just gave MJF what he wanted.

MJF is world champion now. But do you know that saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Because now, everyone in the company will be chasing MJF. Regal realized a few months ago that the three veteran members of the Blackpool Combat Club don’t need Regal around anymore. He’s “surplus to requirements.” But he knew they wouldn’t let him go, either. But he needed to show them why they don’t need him, and why they can teach Wheeler Yuta how to become the greatest professional wrestler in the world, because they’ve all got that capability. “But you have to lead by example.”

So hopefully, and Regal knows he will, because Moxley is a very calculating man, Moxley will understand this. “The reason I did what I did, and to lead by example, was to teach you the final thing that I could ever teach you. Always stay one step ahead, and make sure you always keep eyes in the back of your head. I’m Blackpool Combat Club ’til the day I die. Fellas, it’s been emotional.” Lord William Regal’s message ends, and Schiavone says that was two weeks ago, before what MJF did. He knows they’re all a bit speechless, but does anyone have a comment?

Moxley takes the mic to say, “All I know is one thing for sure. The three men in this ring live and breathe for the sport of professional wrestling! You can call us whatever you want, but December 10th, ROH Final Battle, this war with the Jericho Appreciation Society is OVER! These men make a statement. This Friday night on Rampage, I make a statement! I’m gonna challenge any wrestler in the world to come right here in this ring and find out just where you stand on the food chain. This Friday on Rampage, I make a statement! At Final Battle, they make a statement! Pro-wrestling is about to make a serious statement!”

The fans fire up hearing that from Moxley, but who will step up to his Open Challenge? And can Claudio and Yuta both take back the ROH titles to restore that honor to those championships?


The House of Black speak.

Malakai says, “This company has allowed itself to be corrupted. Corrupted by people that point fingers at others while still holding the shovel in their hands that they used to dig the graves for others. And now, it is sick and it is dying. And perhaps it is time for myself and the House to… put down this corruption. Ms. Hart, what is the crime?” Julia steps out from the shadows to say, “The crime is treason.” Malakai asks “Mr. Matthews, what is the verdict?” Buddy walks out from the shadows to say, “Verdict: War.” “And Mr. King, what is the sentence?” Brody walks out to say, “It as if you throw a side of beef to a pack of wild dogs. We will tear the meat from the bone. The sentence is extermination.”

Malakai says it has been decided. “To anyone that has an issue with what we have done over the past two weeks, or anything that’s been said here, well next week Wednesday, come one, come all.” The House of Black drifts into the shadows, who will be the first to be torn apart?


AEW returns with Jamie Hayter’s sit-down interview.

Tony Schiavone sits with the undisputed AEW Women’s World Champion, and he notes that last week, she asked the question, “Why not a sit-down interview with me?” Well, here we are, and the floor is hers. Hayter says Saraya got a sit-down, cool. Toni Storm got one, alright. But not with Hayter? That baffles her. So no, Schiavone, you ask her something. What does he wanna know? Well, Schiavone notes the AEW Women’s Division has been blossoming. Great competitors are showing up, and this week on Rampage, we will see Hikaru Shida VS The Bunny for Shida’s Regina di Wave Championship. What are Hayter’s thoughts on the division?

Hayter says it is getting “interesting.” But unfortunately for everyone else, Hayter is on top now. And everyone is trying to grind their way to the top to get her title. She will do her duty as champion to be both reigning and defending. Hayter will have a very, very close look at that Regina de Wave title match on Rampage. “Thing is, it doesn’t really hold a candle to the AEW Women’s World Championship, does it?” Schiavone says nothing does, and Hayter agrees. This is AEW. But Hayter will “give one of those girls the opportunity of a lifetime. Whoever wins that match, they get to wrestle me for the AEW Women’s World Championship, if they dare.”

Schiavone says Hayter’s going to be a fighting champion and she says that’s right. She is a fighting champion, “and a bloody good one at that.” Who will be the Regina di Wave Champion after Rampage? And will they accept Hayter’s challenge to them?


Six Woman Tag: Jade Cargill & The Baddies VS Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan!

The UN-DE-FEA-TED AEW TBS Champion got her belt back but got rid of the weak link, as she puts it. Red Velvet is back, Leila Grey is still around, but Kiera Hogan got kicked to the curb! Will Kiera get revenge on #ThatBitch with help from the Coach & Student? Or will Jade be undefeated even in trios action?

The teams sort out, Jade starts against Skye. The fans rally up but Jade says no, she’s above Skye. Tag to Velvet and Velvet gets her return to action already. Velvet and Skye tie up, they go around, and Velvet wrenches to a wristlock. Skye cartwheels, wrenches and wristlocks back. Then she slips around to hook, but Velvet blocks the arm-drag. Velvet brings Skye up but Skye shifts sides to arm-drag Velvet from the other arm! Velvet staggers up and fans fire up. Skye and Velvet tie up again, Velvet headlocks but Skye snapmares free. Skye steps over an arm, and wraps Velvet up for a creative take on La Magistrol, TWO!

Velvet has a cover now, TWO! Skye has it back, ONE! Velvet has the cover again, TWO! Fans fire up for that exchange, and Velvet has to admit that was good. Velvet offers a handshake, Skye accepts, and then Skye turns to her partners. But Velvet throws Skye down by her hair! The ref reprimands, fans boo, and Velvet bumps Skye off buckles. Tag to Grey, the Baddies double whip to double CHOP! Grey covers, ONE!! Fans rally, Grey drags Skye up to whip her to a corner. Grey runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Grey then headlocks but Skye denies the bulldog to kick the legs out! Grey blocks a superkick but Skye spins through to KICK Grey down!

Fans fire up as Skye drags Grey back up, tag to Rayne. Skye & Rayne double whip, trip and basement dropkick Grey! Rayne covers, ONE!! Rayne drags Grey up to bump her off buckles! Tag back to Skye, Rayne snapmares but Grey scrambles away to tag in Velvet! Velvet ducks Skye’s clothesline to come back, but Skye dodges to SUPERKICK! Velvet flops to the outside and fans rally as Skye builds speed. Skye falls into the apron skirt trap! Velvet fires off on Skye! The ref reprimands, Velvet lets off, then she climbs over Skye to stand on the apron while AEW goes picture in picture.

Velvet stirs it up and has a taste while Skye flops out of the skirt. Velvet puts Skye back in the ring, clamps onto an arm and grinds the shoulder. Velvet bumps Skye off buckles, tags in Grey, and Grey taunts Rayne and Kiera while Velvet uses Skye as a boxing bag! Jade also talks trash on Skye while the ref reprimands Grey and keeps Kiera back. Grey hurries over to pull Skye’s hair! The Baddies mug Skye, then Grey tags in. The Baddies double suplex Skye high and hard! Jade applauds her team while Grey covers, TWO! Grey is annoyed but she rains down fists on Skye. Grey wraps on a headlock and she grinds Skye down.

Fans rally as Skye endures. Grey stands over Skye while pulling on the hold, but Skye still fights her way up. But Grey wrangles Skye back down! Grey grinds the hold, Skye keeps her shoulders up, and fans rally again. Skye fights up a second time, she throws body shots, and then she JAWBREAKERS! Grey staggers away, tag to Velvet, and she runs to BLAST Rayne! Velvet stands Skye up to mule kick, then she covers, TWO! Dynamite returns to single picture as Velvet tells the ref something’s in her eye, while choking Skye with a knee! The ref notices the choke, she counts and Velvet steps off at 4. Velvet talks trash to Rayne, covers Skye, TWO!

Velvet drags Skye up but Skye breaks free. Velvet mule kicks, brings Skye around and- NO, Skye slips out of the Final Slice! DOUBLE LARIATS take them both down! Fans fire up as Skye and Velvet crawl. Velvet grabs Skye’s leg to keep her from her team, but Skye fights up to stand up. Velvet throws the leg down, but they both SUPERKICK! Both women go down again and fans fire up! Skye crawls, as does Velvet, hot tags to Kiera and Jade! Jade storms up, Kiera dodges and Kiera fires off forerams and CHOPS! Jade shoves back but Kiera SHOTGUNS Jade! Kiera sees Grey coming and tosses her out! Kiera goes side to side to BOOT WASH Jade!

Velvet runs in but Kiera sends her out now! Fans fire up with Kiera while Rayne DECKS Grey! Kiera runs in but Jade blocks the boot for a SPINEBUSTER!! Jade taunts Kiera, drags her up to chicken wings, but Kiera switches out! Hot tag to Rayne! Rayne dodges jade, ENZIGURIS, then reels her in! Ripcord, RAYNE- NO, Jade ROCKS Rayne first! Then chicken wings, for the JADED! Cover, The Baddies win!

Winners: Jade Cargill & The Baddies, by pinfall

Just as Kiera was on fire, she let off to see if Rayne could stop Jade. Jade was not stopped, she is 43-0 overall now, and still TBS Champion. Will The Baddies continue to dominate AEW?


Backstage interview with Saraya.

Tony Schiavone is with The Revolution on a very festive set. Schiavone congratulates Saraya on her return to action and the win, and she thanks him for that. Saraya is actually surprised Britt isn’t- Oh, wait, here she is. Britt says no one needs to worry now. And Britt also congratulates Saraya on “the biggest win” of her entire career. It will never happen again. Also, Britt was thinking about something Saraya mentioned to her. Something about everything being handed to her on a silver platter. But Saraya came to AEW, and her first match was a PPV match against “the biggest star in the Women’s Division.”

So here’s one more thing handed to Saraya: Tickets to the Kia Forum, for the January 11th edition of Dynamite. Saraya can be front row and watch Britt be the star that she is, or maybe she can step in the ring again. Saraya tells “Baby girl,” she would love to beat Britt again. Of course! Round two! Uh, no, Britt didn’t say it’d be against her. Saraya forgot that Britt has the AEW Women’s World Champion, Jamie Hayter, with her at all times. Except right now. But it will be a tag match, Britt & Hayter VS Saraya and whoever Saraya can find to tag with her. But good luck, Saraya will never beat Britt & Hayter.

Britt heads out and Saraya asks Schiavone if he wants to get in the ring. Britt brings Schiavone with her so Saraya accepts that she’ll have to find someone. She has a little over a month, who will The Revolution invite to her house?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

Jon Moxley’s open challenge has been answered by THE FUTURE! Konosuke Takeshita is stepping up to take on The Maniac, will Konosuke be the one to make a statement? Plus, we see Moriarty & Morrissey of The Firm in action, we hear from Ruby Soho and Tay Melo about their renewed feud, and we hear from Athena ahead of her ROH Women’s World Championship match against Mercedes Martinez!


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Acclaimed VS FTR!

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens want to prove they’re the best, so that means facing the best! Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood have been AEW World Tag Team Champions before, but they want to make history be becoming FOUR BELT CHAMPIONS! Will FTR stand for #FourTitleReigns? Or will Platinum Max & the Five Tool Player prove they are AEW’s Forever Champions?

Caster of course has a rap on deck! “Acclaimed on the mic, it’s about to be a problem. You the Top Guys but you ’bout to the bottoms. Whole world just scissoring. We gonna beat y’all down right in the ring! FTR, you’re a joke. I think your name stands for Find The Remote! Yo, you just a hocker. You gonna lose just like Herschel Walker.” Bowens gets the mic to say, “AUSTIIIIN, TEXAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” And he does! The introductions are made, the AEW belts are raised, and we see who has what it takes to be THE BEST team in the world!

The teams sort out and fans are thunderous for both teams. Bowens and Dax start, they circle, and fans sing, “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Bowens smirks and conducts the fans while Dax keeps his cool. They tie up, go around, and Dax puts Bowens in the corner. Tag to Cash but Bowens gets away. Cash and Bowens circle now, and we see Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett all watching backstage. Cash and Bowens tie up, Bowens headlocks but Cash turns it around. Bowens powers out but Cash runs him over. Things speed up, Cash hits a headlock takeover but Bowens headscissors. Cash kips free and hits another headlock takeover.

Bowens headscissors again, Cash kips free again, avoids a sweep and waistlocks to roll and bridge to a cover, TWO! Cash hits another headlock takeover but Bowens rolls that to a cover, TWO! Bowens and Cash stand off and fans fire up. Cash talks with Dax, then Bowens tags Caster in. Cash tags Dax, Caster swaggers and taunts Dax. They circle, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Caster powers out, Dax runs him over! Things keep moving, Caster hurdles and hip tosses! Caster then dropkicks Dax, arm-drags him, and he grinds the shoulder! Fans fire up as Caster brings Dax over. Tag to Bowens, they hand off the wrench to ELBOW BREAKER! But Dax ROCKS Bowens!

Dax bumps Bowens off buckles, CHOPS him, and fans “WOO~!” Bowens fires forearms in return, then CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS! Bowens CHOPS! Bowens fires more forearms, then whips, but Dax blocks a hip toss, only for Bowens to block a hip toss, and repeat! They go around and around, they end up on the ropes and the ref counts. Fans fire up as Dax slowly lets off, but Bowens shoves him. Cash steps in, but then so does Caster, and things are heated between the teams. The ref has them cool off, but then the brawl erupts! Austin is loving this as Cash UPPERCUTS Caster while Bowens has Dax in the corner!

Caster gets up, he dodges Cash to clothesline Cash out! Cash lands hard while Dax turns things around on Bowens. Dax ROCKS Bowens but Caster scoops him to SLAM him! Bowens goes up, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Fans fire up and Bowens calls to Caster. They SCISSOR FINGER! Bowens tags Caster back in, then he drags Dax up. The Acclaimed mug Dax, Caster whips but Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges then trips Caster! Dax ties Caster up, but Caster punches and BOOTS his way out of the Sharpshooter! Caster has the legs now, and he figures out the hook. Cash runs in but Bowens trips him! Bowens steps through, The Acclaimed have DOUBLE SHARPSHOOTERS!!

Fans are thunderous as FTR endures! Dax crawls, ROPEBREAK, and The Acclaimed let off. FTR regroups on the outside while Daddy Ass SCISSOR FINGERS his boys! Caster goes out to ROCK Dax, and Bowens is after Cash. Cash POSTS Bowens, Dax ROCKS Caster! Cash BOOTS Caster, Dax moves the apron skirt out of the way so Cash can bump Caster right off the edge! Then they put Caster under the ring, to CATAPULT GUILLOTINE Caster with the ring frame! Caster writhes while checking his teeth, and FTR SCISSOR FINGER! Fans aren’t sure what to make of that as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cash mocks the fans with the scissor fingers while Billy checks Caster. Dax shouts at him to get back, then he puts Caster in the ring. Dax storms up on Caster and BOOTS him down! Tag to Cash, and Dax bumps Caster off Cash’s knees. Caster staggers, Cash CHOPS him! And CHOPS again! Caster flops over and Cash soaks up the cheers and jeers. Caster gest to ropes, Cash is on him with a EuroUpper! Cash flexes and then drags Caster up to snapmare. Cash clamps on a chinlock and he thrashes Caster around. Caster endures as Cash grinds him down into the mat. Caster fights up, throws body shots, but Cash shoves and RAMS into him!

Cash headlocks, then short arm LARIATS Caster down! Tag to Dax, he drops a leg, then covers, TWO! Dax drags Caster up and around, for a BIG back suplex! Tag to Cash, he stays between Caster and Bowens, and he sits Caster up for the chinlock. Caster endures again as Cash grinds him back down. Fans rally, Caster fights up, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Caster throws body shots, arm-drags free, but Cash KNEES Caster down! Cash brings Caster up to CHOP him, then he hoists Caster to the top rope. Cash ROCKS Caster, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Caster resists, throws body shots, and fans fire up!

Caster shoves Cash down! Caster adjusts, CROSSBODIES, and both men are down! Austin is thunderous as both men crawl. Team Double Jay all critique what they’re seeing, wanting someone to capitalize. Hot tag from Cash to Dax! Dax stays between The Acclaimed and he DECKS Caster! Dax takes a swing on Bowens but he avoids it, and then Dax turns around into a BIG back drop! Hot tag to Bowens! Bowens rallies on FTR with haymakers and elbows! Bowens kicks Dax low, then CLUBS and CLUBS and ELBOWS and CLUBS away on Dax! Fans fire up with Bowens and he dodges Cash to mule kick, front KICK and FAMOUSER!

Dax returns but Bowens ELBOWS, JABS, CHOPS and SUPERKICKS Dax down! Bowens runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives and Bowens grows frustrated. Billy coaches him through it and fans are dueling. Bowens watches Dax rise, to mule kick, front KICK and FAM- NO, Dax slips out to GERMAN SUPELX! Dax holds on to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Dax drags Bowens up again, but Bowens switches! They go to ropes, O’Conner, TWO and Cash is there! Bowens stops from running into Cash, but then Dax rushes in! Bowens moves, Dax stops from running into Cash! Bowens runs in, Dax moves, and Bowens does run into Cash!

Cash goes down, Bowens wobbles, Dax O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Dax stops himself in time from hitting buckles, but he turns around into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives and Bowens is beside himself! Fans are thunderous all over again! Bowens drags Dax up, ducks his haymaker, but Cash tags in before the atomic drop! Bowens elbows Cash, ROCKS Dax, then wrenches Dax’s arm. Dax ROCKS Bowens, reels him in, Cash goes up! SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Bowens survives and FTR can’t believe it! Cash cools off, he drags Bowens around and tags in Dax.

Fans rally for Bowens but FTR drag Bowens up again. They double suplex, but Caster SPEARS Cash! Bowens cradles Dax, TWO!!! Bowens ROLLING ELBOWS Dax down, then tags Caster! They roll Dax into Caster’s wheelbarrow, Bowens runs around, WHEELBARROW CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!!! Dax survives again and The Acclaimed can’t believe it! The Acclaimed hurry as fans duel again. Caster drags Dax up, coordinates with Bowens, but Dax slips out of the bomb! Dax BOOTS Caster into Bowens! Bowens falls out, Cash slides in! Dax whips, but Caster fights the flapjack! Bowens shoves Cash into Dax!

Dax stays up and swings on Caster, but Caster dodges! Caster gets Dax up, but now Dax fights the flapjack! Cash CLOBBERS Bowens! Dax sunset flips, Caster rolls through and runs at Dax! Dax POSTS Caster with that! And then the BIG RIG!!! Cover, Bowens breaks it in time!!! Fans are shocked and FTR cannot believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Cash watches Bowens on the apron. Cash runs in to BLAST him to the railing! Dax drags Caster up, he hoists Caster up top then tags Cash. Dax climbs up after Caster while Cash goes to the other corner. But Bowens DECKS Dax! Cash leaps but into the ARRIVAL!! Caster adjusts, for the MIC DROP FLOP!!

Cash avoids disaster, but Bowens CLOBBERS Dax! Bowens swings at Cash, but into a Gory Especial, and GORY BOMB!! Caster rolls Cash up! TWO!! Caster BOOTS Cash, CHOPS him, but Cash DISCUS LARIATS!! Cover, TWO!! Cash drags Caster up, short arm LARIAT! And then another short arm LARIAT! Cash reels Caster in, hauls him up, POWERBOMB! Jackknife, but Caster rolls it through!! THE ACCLAIMED WIN!!!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

FTR is shocked! Caster & Bowens win by the skin of their teeth, but all it takes is a moment! But to show respect to Cash & Dax, they offer up the scissor fingers. FTR join in on a HUGE SCISSORING! But then from the back, the Gunn Sons, Austin & Colten, are sarcastically clapping. Austin tells FTR, “So close! Legacy, bye-bye. And Colten, the fans thought we would get involved? Haha, no. You guys are TRASH!” Colten says, “But Austin, they’ve had a pretty good year. And we don’t want it to end yet. So we got you guys some Christmas presents.”

Austin & Colten bring out a couple stockings, and Austin reads the card. “Oh, it looks like it’s written in blood. It’s from… DEM BOYS! The Briscoe Bros! Saturday, Final Battle!” But wait, there’s more! In the stockings, Austin & Colten bring out DOG COLLARS!! The Briscoes want a Double Dog Collar Tag Team Match! “Merry Christmas, b*tch!!” Jay & Mark Briscoe threw out the challenge, and FTR are all for it! But will the three-belt champions soon lose one of those in the most brutal way possible?

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