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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania Backlash Results & Report! (5/8/22)

Backlash in Providence!



Backlash 2022

Who proves they’re the Baddest Woman on the Planet?

WrestleMania 38 didn’t settle anything, so here comes the Backlash! Charlotte Flair VS Ronda Rousey, SmackDown Women’s Championship, in an I QUIT MATCH!


  • Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins; Cody wins.
  • Bobby Lashley VS Omos w/ MVP; Omos wins.
  • AJ Styles VS Edge; Edge wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Charlotte Flair VS Ronda Rousey; Rousey wins and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Happy Corbin VS Mad Cap Moss; Moss wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Bloodline VS RKBRO & Drew McIntyre; The Bloodline wins.


It’s the WrestleMania Backlash Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Kevin Patrick, Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action tonight!


MVP joins the Panel.

Montel Vontavius Porter says he’s a little nervous being on the panel. But with everything he’s done for Bobby Lashley, leaving him and joining Omos is what for him? Booker T corrects Kevin Patrick by saying Lashley abandoned MVP. MVP thanks Booker for that, and JBL says MVP ought to slap Kevin Patrick. Booker asks how MVP feels about being abandoned. Well he felt some kinda way, but he never let those emotions affect his business decisions, because that is what this was. It was a business decision to move on to bigger and better.

So there is no concern that emotions will hinder his guidance of Omos? If MVP allowed his emotions to guide his decisions, he’d be a very unpopular radio show host who is unpopular with hip hop fans in New York. Kayla says some might use- Who are those people? Well, just some people. MVP was key to Lashley’s success, but MVP is perhaps hopping on an Omos “bandwagon.” Why is Omos more of an attraction? Because MVP is with him. MVP is the X factor. Without MVP, Lashley is just “Bobby.” Then MVP made him the All Mighty. But now, Omos has MVP and becomes The Colossus, the Nigerian Nightmare, and with MVP’s guidance, become bigger than even Lashley.

JBL says they need to get past the woke, “oh how are you feeling?” questions and that crap. How BAD is Omos gonna beat up Lashley? That’s what MVP was waiting for! Omos will make a point. At WrestleMania 38, that was embarrassing. Omos came to MVP, knew what MVP did for Lashley, and that Lashley abandoned MVP. So Omos wanted MVP to give him that guidance. Expert tutelage and coaching! So Omos told MVP that the goal tonight is to literally break Lashley in half! His whole body! Kevin Patrick remembers that from Raw, but Lashley says MVP is selfish, and that this is the biggest mistake of Omos’s career because MVP makes things all about MVP.

MVP asks how he is selfish. Is he the one who went to WrestleMania 38 all alone to hog the spotlight? No. Lashley did. It’s all about Lashley. So how dare someone repeat something so ridiculous! MVP selfish? That’s insane. Do they just give journalism credentials away in Dublin? Kevin says yes, they do. Just six months and you’re in. Before MVP leaves, Kayla wants everyone to predict the match. Booker says Lashley had a great thing going. He had a huge bus. Booker is going with OMOS. Kevin Patrick says we’re forgetting Lashley’s recent achievements. He’s sorry, but he goes with LASHLEY. MVP says yes, Kevin is sorry.

MVP says to remember that Lashley was impressive before MVP helped him. After MVP helped him, Lashley become the single most dominant force in WWE. Omos is the biggest, strongest and most impressive specimen in WWE today, and he came to MVP for tutelage. MVP wants us to know, he is the X factor. JBL says there have been all sorts of X factor managers, and MVP is among them. JBL goes with OMOS. Peter says 7’3″, 400 pounds, that makes him a “big guy.” Peter goes with OMOS, not just cuz MVP is here but because he sees it. Lashley’s had a great year, t twice a day. MVP says even a broken clock is right twice a day. MVP wants us ready for big things.


Mad Cap Moss joins the panel.

Booker’s fired up for this one! Before we get to questions, let’s get a joke. Moss appreciates Booker wants a good joke, but tonight’s not the night for jokes! He just roasted Corbin on SmackDown, the Big Bald Wolf went running with his tails between his legs. Fans chant “Big Bald Wolf!” and Moss says he’ll embarrass Corbin with a checkmark in the L column! Kayla was hoping Moss would get past the dead weight of Corbin, but it still stings that a friendship fell apart. Does any part of Moss feel bad about how this turned out? Moss says they had great times together, cracking up and spending money, but that was when things were good.

As soon as things got bad, Corbin pointed the finger and passed the blame onto Moss. Corbin treated Moss like dirt, and Moss can only be pushed so far before he hits back. Corbin couldn’t take the blame, he though the was better than everyone just because of money, but Moss taught him a lesson. Booker remembers back to when The Miz and Alex Riley had a fallout. Is this Moss breaking out on his own? Well, Moss wasn’t thinking that at the time, he was just standing up for himself, reacting naturally. There was no master plan, but y’know what? Moss sees the fans behind him, he hears them chanting for him, and he gets chills! He wants it all!

JBL asks Booker, which one was he comparing Moss to, Miz or Riley? Booker says Riley stopped sucking up, and that’s what Moss did. Booker has fashion advice, though. Suspenders and a belt? That’s too much, choose one. Moss says he wants as much protection as possible. His pants are NOT falling down tonight! He will be ready to go all match. Kevin says Corbin acts like he’s better, but there is an argument to be said that Corbin is better, given he was former WWE US Champion, a King of the Ring and more experience. What makes Moss think he can win?

Moss admits, Corbin has all that, he even retired Kurt Angle. He is a Golden Gloves winner and the End of Days is powerful. Moss has his work cut out for him, but Corbin is underestimating Moss, thinking he can just walk right past. Moss has speed, athleticism and toughness, and RHODE ISLAND! Fans cheer Moss, and Kayla will be the first to choose sides: she says MOSS! Kevin sides with Kayla, MOSS all the way. Peter likes Moss, he is a great guy, with a bright future. But Corbin has the edge, go bald brothers. Well Peter will look even dumber than he does now but Moss understands.

JBL’s pick says Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union, who cares? Moss might be the one at fault, Corbin annihilates him. JBL sounds like Corbin to Moss. But Booker likes the energy. He likes Moss being serious tonight, this is business! Booker says Moss! Moss has 3-2 from the panel, but will he get the 1-2-3 in the ring?


Backstage interview with The Bloodline.

Or rather, just Paul Heyman and The Usos. Sarah wants to talk the Six Man Tag main event. Heyman can’t believe she didn’t wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Roman Reigns’ mom! What is wrong with her? But Happy Mother’s Day to the Tribal Chief’s mother. She should have statues and monuments in her honor. And the same for the mother of the Usos, she gave birth to the greatest tag team ever, and not even separately. These two being born at the same time, more mothers should aspire to be like Mama Uso. Jimmy & Jey say they love their mama. Well, what does this have to do with the main event?

Everything! Jimmy, Jey & Roman Reigns are going to look across the ring at Orton and Riddle, and the fans will realize their mothers failed them. They failed to raise men who could stand up to the Bloodline! Um, Heyman didn’t mention McIntyre… Well, he named a sword after his mom. That is someone in need of psychotherapy, which he will receive at the hands of Roman… Reigns…! The Usos and Heyman head out, but will them insulting #RKMcBro and their mothers only make things more intense tonight?


The Most Stupendous WrestleMania… Backlash?

“Imagine if there was a place. A new dimension. A dimension of change. A dimension of possibility. Where an anomaly created a reaction of events past, creating the way for an alternate future. Tonight, we cross over. And what happens here will ripple across the universe. There is no going back. There is no undoing. As we cross over into WrestleMania Backlash.”


Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins!

The American Nightmare made a thrilling return to the WWE at WrestleMania 38, as the surprise opponent chosen by Vince McMahon. The Visionary claims that was the only reason he lost, and vows to avenge himself here at Backlash! Will the Architect make that vision a reality? Or will Cody go 2-0 against Seth Freakin’ Rollins?

The bell rings and they circle. Rollins grins as they feel out the grapple. They knuckle lock but Rollins slips away from the leg pick. They go again, Rollins keeps away but then they tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Rollins wrenches to a hammerlock the n back suplexes, but Cody lands on his feet! Cody drops, but Rollins blocks the Rhodes Uppercut! Rollins says he knows Cody’s game plan, he won’t fall for it. They circle again, feel out another knuckle lock and they go shoulder to shoulder. Cody wrenches, puts Rollins in a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Rollins turns things around but he lets off, only to kick low!

Rollins whips corner to corner, Rollins runs in but Cody goes up and over, only for Rollins to fake him out! Oklahoma Roll, ONE! Rollins smiles while Cody frowns and the two reset. They circle, tie up, and Cody waistlocks. Rollins switches, Cody switches, repeat, Rollins SLAPS Cody on the back of the head! Cody DECKS Rollins! Cody fires off hands in the corner, then climbs up to rain them down! Rollins bails out before even three, but Cody gives chase! They get in the ring and Rollins CLUBS Cody down! Rollins throws hands on Cody, the ref counts as they’re in the ropes. Rollins lets off to stomp Cody in the corner.

The ref counts, Rollins lets off at 4, then he goes back to dig his boots into Cody. Rollins scrapes Cody out of the ring, waits for him to get up, and then runs to KNEE Cody down! Fans boo but Rollins grins and soaks up the heat. Rollins then goes out and pursues Cody, but Cody blocks the steel step bump to give it to Rollins! Cody chases after Rollins, only for Rollins to CLOBBER him! Rollins puts Cody in, covers, ONE! Rollins keeps cool as he watches Cody closely. Fans rally for Cody but Rollins rakes eyes and CLUBS Cody in the head! Rollins DECKS Cody, then clamps on a chinlock. Rollins shifts to a neck wrench but Cody fights up to his feet.

Cody throws body shots and forearms but then blocks a kick to give a kick! RHODES UPPERCUT! Rollins staggers into Cody’s suplex! Cody holds Rollins up for a count of 10 before the GOURD BUSTER! Cody then runs and springboards, DISASTER KICK! Cover, TWO! Cody keeps cool while Rollins scrambles to ropes. Cody  hobbles his way after Rollins but Rollins goes for a cheap shot! Cody gets a headlock and punches Rollins! Cody runs, but Rollins dumps him up and out of the ring! Cody tumbles and Rollins catches his breath. Rollins then bails out, goes around the way, and he RAMS Cody into barriers!

Rollins drags Cody up to SMACK off the announce desk then shove into the ring. Rollins rains down fists, then lets off to soak up the heat. Cody gets up as fans rally, and Rollins sneers. Rollins stomps Cody on the shoulder then CLUBS him on the back. Cody gets up to ROCK Rollins with a forearm but Rollins ROCKS Cody back. Rollins and Cody start trading shots! Fans rally behind Cody as he gets the edge, and then he whips corner to corner. Rollins reverses and Cody hits buckles hard! Then Rollins CHOKES Cody on the ropes! The ref counts, Rollins lets off at 4. Rollins drags Cody up and snapmares to then KICK Cody in the back.

Fans rally but Rollins drops knees. Rollins clamps on a chinlock but Cody fights up. Rollins grinds and leans on Cody to keep him down, then shifts to a full SLEEPER HOLD! Cody endures, fights up, reaches out, grabs at Rollins’s hair, but Rollins holds on. Cody throws body shots but Rollins CLUBS Cody. Rollins ROCKS Cody to a corner, then talks trash. “Do you understand who I am?!” Rollins CLUBS Cody but Cody ROCKS Rollins back! Cody back hands and haymakers, then whips corner to corner. Rollins reverses, Cody goes up and over and hops on, but Rollins blocks the sunset flip! He’s holding ropes! TWO, and Cody has the sunset! TWO!

Rollins runs in but is put on the apron. Rollins ROCKS Cody and goes up, but Cody ROCKS Rollins back! Cody climbs up, fans fire up as Cody CLUBS Rollins and brings him up, for a stalling SUPERPLEX! Fans are fired up while both men are down! Rollins and Cody slowly rise, and they head for each other. Rollins stands, and he CHOPS Cody. Cody CHOPS back! Rollins CHOPS Cody, and Cody CHOPS back! They go CHOP for CHOP back and forth, faster and faster! Fans “WOO” with every shot and then it just becomes a scrap! Rollins kicks low, runs, but Cody follows to CLOBBER Rollins! Cody goes up and over in the corner, POWERSLAM!

Rollins staggers up, Cody clotheslines him out! Fans fire up as Cody runs, TRIANGLE JUMP CROSS- NO! Rollins gets in the ring and Cody hits barriers! Rollins builds speed to DIVE into a forearm! Cody hurries in, duck sand springboards, CODY CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives but Cody keeps his focus. Fans rally up as Rollins rolls away to ropes. Cody stalks Rollins to ropes and waistlocks but Rollins elbows Cody away. Rollins kicks low and hooks the arms but Cody bails out. Rollins PELES, then rolls to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Rollins is frustrated while he and Cody are down again.

Rollins conducts the fans as they sing “OH~ OH~ OHH~!” Rollins then aims, runs in, but no curb stomp! Dragon sleeper, but Rollins slips out to RAM Cody! Rollins whips, Cody goes up and out then ROCKS Rollins! Cody goes up top, leaps, but into a kick! Rollins hooks the arms but Cody wrenches out! Cody hooks the arms!! But Rollins fights out to ROLLING ELBOW! And then DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Then FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives but Rollins is too tired to be upset! Fans say “This is Awesome!” while Rollins grits his teeth and drags Cody up. Rollins reels him in, but Cody blocks the lift!

Rollins CLUBS Cody over an dover, then whips to ropes for a knee. And then the other way for another knee. Cody reverses the third, kicks and springboards, into the BUCKLE BOMB! Rollins goes up top, FROG SPALSH! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives again and Providence is thunderous! Rollins shakes his head, he doesn’t know how Cody’s still moving. Rollins sees Cody still down, though, and he goes back up top. PHOENIX- NO! Cody dodges, then SUPERKICKS Rollins down! Fans fire up with Cody and Cody goes up. Rollins springs up after him! SUPERPLEX! Roll through, FALCON ARROW- NO! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!

Cody cannot believe it! Rollins survives by mere inches! Fans are thunderous again, and Cody goes out after Rollins. Cody brings Rollins over to SMACK off the desk! And then rains down fists! The ring count is climbing as Cody SMACKS Rollins off the desk again! Cody hops up on the desk, fans fire up, and Cody CLUBS Rollins. Cody puts Rollins in at 8 of 10, then hurries back up top. MOONSAULT FLOPS! Rollins kicks low, hooks the arms, PEDIGREE!! Cover, TWO!?! Cody survives and no one can believe it! Rollins seethes, and he kicks at Cody. “Don’t you touch my shoes!” Rollins gives Cody Kowata Kicks!

Rollins talks trash, saying Cody isn’t good enough to lace those boots. Then more Kowata Kicks! Cody still gets up, Rollins grabs his ear, and he JABS! Rollins grins as he JABS, JABS and JABS! Rollins mocking the flip, flop ‘n’ fly, but he swings into a CROSS RHODES!! But Cody holds on, only for Rollins to knee free! Cody still goes after Rollins but Rollins snapmares, only to swing into a spin around! Inverted Gory Especial, DINN’S- NO! Rollins slips out, O’Conner Rolls with tights! TWO, and Cody has tights!! CODY WINS!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

Turnabout is fair play, and Cody beat Rollins at his own game! Rollins can’t believe he got caught, but a win is a win! Will Cody leave Rollins behind as he heads for his dream of becoming Undisputed WWE Universal Champion?


Bobby Lashley VS Omos w/ MVP!

The All Mighty defeated the Colossus at WrestleMania 38, and defeated him in an Arm Wrestling Contest. But Omos did not let Lashley walk away from those victories, and vows Lashley won’t even walk away tonight! Will Omos obliterate the Rocky Mountain Machine? Or will we see another 2-0 sweep from WrestleMania to Backlash?

The bell rings and Lashley circles around Omos. They tie up, Lashley gets around and CLUBS Omos with big haymakers! Omos choke grips but Lashley breaks free! Lashley fires off more hands, has Omos on the ropes, but Omos shoves him away. Lashley mule kicks, throws more and more and more haymakers, then fires up. Lashley runs but MVP is in his way! Lashley turns around into a BOOT from Omos! Omos looms over Lashley drags him up and whips him into a corner. Omos runs in to back elbow Lashley and MVP wants Omos to smash him! Omos SPLASHES, then goes corner to corner for an even bigger SPLASH!

Lashley falls over, Omos stalks behind him and clamps on hands for a massive neck wrench. Lashley endures, fights, and fans rally up. Lashley throws body shots and haymakers but Omos clamps on an IRON CLAW! Omos POWERS Lashley out of the ring! MVP is fired up while Lashley is down on the ground. Omos waits as the ring count climbs and MVP talks trash on Lashley. Lashley gets up and glares at MVP before he gets in at 7 of 10. Omos drags Lashley up to scoop and carry Lashley. Omos says Lashley is small! SNAKE EYES to a BOOT! Omos gloats and so does MVP, and Lashley drags himself to ropes.

Omos drags Lashley up to CHOKE him on the ropes! The ref counts, Omos lets off at 4, and MVP talks more trash. Is Lashley rethinking his decisions? The ref tells MVP to back off, and Omos drags Lashley up for another scoop. But Lashley slips off, elbows Omos back, then kicks low. Lashley gets to a corner, he elbows Omos away again, then hurries to hop on for a SLEEPER HOLD! Omos stays up and MVP coaches him, Omos throws Lsahley off! Omos runs in, but the splash hits buckles! Lashley gets moving, and he RAMS into Omos! Lashley RAMS Omos in the corner, then runs side to side to RAM into him again!

Lashley fires off more haymakers, then runs to LARIAT Omos against ropes! Lashley ties Omos up in the ropes! MVP protests but Omos is trapped! Fans fire up as Lashley fires off haymakers! The ref counts, Lashley gets 10 shots in! Lashley then lets off, to fire off more haymakers! Lashley gets another 10 in, and MVP tries to crowbar Omos free with his cane! Lashley goes out after MVP! THE HURT LOCK!! Omos gets free, grabs at Lashley, but Lashley HOTSHOTS that arm! Lashley gets in, runs and dropkicks a leg out! Lashley reels Omos in, COMPLETE SHOT! Fans fire up as Lashley stalks Omos.

Lashley gets a half nelson but Omos is big! Lashley works on the full nelson! HURT LOCK!! Omos endures, MVP coaches him, and Omos fights up, only to fade again! But Omos gets a second wind to RAM Lashley into buckles! MVP says Lashley still has to let go! Lashley is letting go as the ref counts, and Omos is free. Omos throws back elbow after back elbow, even as the ref counts! Omos stops at 4, then CLUBS Lashley in the chest! And then again! And again! Lashley drops and the ref reprimands but MVP coaches Omos. Fans boo as Omos runs corner to corner, into BOOTS from Lashley!

Lashley fires off more shots, bumps Omos off buckles, then bumps him again. Lashley fires forearms over and over, then runs side to side to RAM into him again! Lashley brings Omos out, reels him, and wants to suplex?! Omos throws body shots to get free, and then runs, into a SPINEBUSTER!! Fans are thunderous as Lashley aims from a corner. MVP shouts for Omos to get up, and Lashley runs in, but into a knee! Omos then POSTS Lashley, but the ref has him back off. MVP JABS Lashley with the walking stick! Omos gets the hands, COLOSSAL BOMB!! Cover, Omos wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

The Nigerian Giant gets a huge assist from Montel Vontavius Porter! MVP talks trash in Lashley’s face, saying “I told you!” But with things tied up 1-1, will Lashley be back for revenge on both traitor and titan?


AJ Styles VS Edge!

The Phenomenal One almost had The Iconoclast at WrestleMania 38, but Damian Priest appearing and joining the dark side tipped the scales in Edge’s favor. Judgement Day vows to sentence those who oppose them to pain and defeat, but will Priest being barred from ringside be enough to give Styles a fair shot? Or will Edge prove he is now, then and forever the top of the mountain in the WWE?

The bell rings and the two start throwing hands! Styles gets the edge, headbutts and stomps Edge in the corner, then lets off as the ref counts. Fans are fired up with Styles and he storms back in to whip corner to corner. Edge slides to a stop, but runs into a dropkick! Styles goes out after Edge and SMACKS him off the barriers, and then off the steel steps! And then back into barriers! The ring count climbs, Styles gets back in just to refresh the count. Styles then gets Edge for a COMPLETE SHOT to the desk! Fans fire up, Styles puts Edge in at 5 of 10, then hurries after him. Edge bails out the other side but Styles just runs and WRECKS Edge with a dropkick!

Fans fire up as Styles looms over Edge. The ring count starts again, Styles goes up to the apron to ASAI MOONSAULT! Direct hit and down goes Edge at the ramp! Styles brings Edge up and puts him in the ring, and Styles prepares that forearm already! Edge stands and he BOOTS Styles mid-springboard! Styles holds his left arm, the shoulder Edge went after on Raw. Edge POSTS Styles and Styles even hits steps on the way down. Edge PULLS on the bad arm around the crossbar! The ref counts, Edge lets off, and then hurries to untie buckle pads! Fans boo but Edge goes out after Styles to ROCK him!

Edge hauls Styles, trips him and CATAPULTS him into ring post and steps! Styles flops down and Edge soaks up heat. Edge then goes back out after Styles to SLAM the bad arm on the steps! Edge puts Styles in, rips the tape off and stomps the shoulder. Styles gets to ropes but Edge wrenches and WRINGS the bad arm! Styles writhes but Edge just stalks him. Edge rams a knee into the bad shoulder, then clamps on an armlock and chinbar. Styles endures, fans rally, but Edge grinds the shoulder. Styles still fights his way up, throws haymakers and backs Edge down. Styles whips, Edge hits an ARMBAR DDT! Cover, TWO!

But Edge has a wristlock then keylock to shoulder lock! Styles endures again as Edge grinds the arm. Edge even talks trash about the bad arm while fans rally up. Styles fights to his feet, powers Edge back to a corner, and the ref counts. Edge lets go but then hoists Styles up to HOTSHOT off the ropes! Styles is down in the corner but Edge stomps him. The ref counts, Edge stops at 4, then Edge drags Styles up. Styles throws haymakers with the good arm! Edge kicks and swings, but Styles dodges to PELE Edge down! Edge is dazed and Styles drags himself away. Styles runs back in but Edge dodges, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide!

Fans rally while both men are down. Styles drags himself up the ropes, runs in, and he rallies with LARIATS! Styles keeps moving, SLIDING FOREARM! Styles fires up and the fans are with him! Styles runs in at the corner, BIG clothesline, then a fireman’s carry! But the bad arm holds him back! Edge slips off, but swings into a wheelbarrow FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Styles winces as he clutches the bad arm and gets back up. Styles hoists Edge up the corner and climbs up after him. Edge CLUBS the bad arm and Styles hops down. Styles throws body shots, climbs back up, and SUPER STEINERS! Cover, TWO!

Styles shakes his bad arm then drags Edge back up. He calls for it but Edge blocks the Clash! Edge wrenches out but Styles avoids the Impaler to USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Edge drags himself to ropes and to his feet. Styles storms over to get a leg and CLUB it! And KICK it! Edge pokes Styles in the eyes! Then dragon sleepers for a BACKBREAKER! Edge has the CROSSFACE, trapping the bad arm! Styles pries free, goes for the leg, CALF CRUSHER! Edge endures, reaches out, but Styles cranks the bad leg! Edge still fights, grits his teeth and pulls his hair, to then grab at Styles and SLAM his head down!

But Styles keeps on the CALF CRUSHER! Edge reaches out desperately, ROPEBREAK! Styles lets go quickly but he’s no less frustrated. Edge drags himself up to his feet in the corner but Styles goes after his leg again. Edge holds on, Styles tries a waistlock. Edge undoes the buckle pad but Styles GERMAN SUPLEXES! Styles wants another, Edge elbows free and then runs, but Styles sends the Spear into buckle!! Roll-up, TWO!! Edge survives his own error, but Styles hurries to run in, into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!!! Styles survives Edge’s best shot! “This is Awesome!” as Edge and Styles get to opposite corners.

Edge aims again, runs in, into a V-TRIGGER! KENNY~! Styles reels Edge in, hangs him out to dry, then reels him into position! STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO?!? Edge survives Styles’ best shot now! Styles hurries to the apron, he prepares the arm again, but the bad arm is holding him back. Styles decides to just climb the corner then! Fans fire up, but is that Damian Priest? He’s barred from ringside, but he’s at the border, the ramp! But wait, here comes FINN BALOR! The Prince goes after Priest, they brawl into the ring, and then back out of it! The ref is busy yelling at them, but someone else HOTSHOTS Styles!!

Edge hurries to get Styles’ arm! CROSSFACE!! Styles endures, reaches out, but Edge changes it to a BULLY CHOKE!! Styles is OUT, Edge wins!!

Winner: Edge, by submission

And the Iconoclast is 2-0 over the Phenomenal One! Priest was thwarted but who was the masked figure? They get in the ring and kneels by Edge’s side. Who is this? Edge bids them rise, and they reveal themselves to be RHEA RIPLEY!! She darkened her hair to be even darker and more brutal than before! Judgement Day grows stronger, will Rhea bring their brutality to the Raw Women’s Division?


SmackDown Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Charlotte Flair VS Ronda Rousey!

The Daughter of the Dirtiest Player in the Game knows how to lose without really losing, and that happened at WrestleMania 38 when the ref went down and missed Charlotte tapping out. Charlotte pretends it never happened, but she won’t be able to deny what happens tonight. Will she say those dreaded two words? Or will she still have this title, no matter what Rowdy Ronda does to her?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who is truly the Baddest Woman on the Planet!

Ronda dodges the boot to fire off knees! Charlotte ROCKS Ronda back with a forearm, but then runs into a KNEE! Ronda drags Charlotte up in a waistlock but Charlotte elbows out hard! Ronda just shrugs that off, blocks the clothesline and throws Charlotte around with drop sayanagi after drop sayanagi! Charlotte goes to a corner, Ronda runs in but into a boot! Charlotte CLOBBERS Ronda, then soaks up the heat. Charlotte asks if this is too easy, and she hauls Ronda up to scoop and- FISHERMAN from Ronda! Ronda gets that leg again, rolls through to a fireman’s carry, but Charlotte fights free to DECK Ronda!

Charlotte waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX Ronda high and hard! Charlotte kips up and fans “WOO~” as she dusts herself off. Charlotte paces around, taunts Charlotte and fans, then gets Ronda’s leg. But Ronda turns figure four into arm-drag! STEP-UP KNEE! Charlotte flounders, Ronda runs in and goes up for a FLYING ARMBAR! Charlotte scrambles out of the ring and they both fall to the floor! They get up, Charlotte RAMS Ronda into barriers! And again! Fans rally and duel as Charlotte CHOPS Ronda against barriers. The ref asks and Ronda says she has to chop harder than that. So Charlotte CHOPS again!

Charlotte brings Ronda around, CHOPS her against the apron, “WOO~!” Ronda says Charlotte chops like a bitch, so Charlotte whips her. But Ronda reverses and POSTS Charlotte! Charlotte staggers away and Ronda storms up on her. Ronda hauls Charlotte up to TOSS her into the timekeeper’s area! Ronda goes after Charlotte, but Charlotte BOOTS her! Charlotte gloats and soaks up the heat, but Ronda refuses to say the words. Charlotte goes looking under the ring, and she brings out a kendo stick! But Ronda dodges! And then fires elbows! Ronda has the stick, and Charlotte freaks out! Charlotte gets in the ring, Ronda chases her out the other side!

They’re at the ramp and going to the stage! Charlotte wants mercy but then she ducks around backstage. Charlotte brings out double kendo sticks! They CLASH sticks, Ronda is disarmed! Charlotte SMACKS, but then Ronda catches them both! Ronda reels Charlotte into a MONKEY FLIP! Ronda dual wields now, and she shows her how it’s done! Ronda SMACKS and SMACKS and SMACKS Charlotte all the way back to ringside! The ref asks but Charlotte says “HELL NO!” Ronda SMACKS Charlotte more, the sticks start breaking! Charlotte get a camera and TOSSES it! Ronda dodges, the camera goes flying!

Charlotte runs away into the crowd but Ronda pursues! They brawl right in front of fans! Charlotte can only defend, Ronda ROCKS her, then runs in, into a SPLASH of water! Charlotte TOSSES Ronda into the wall! Ronda refuses to stop, but Charlotte drags her back up. Charlotte brings Ronda along in a headlock up the bleachers! Charlotte puts Ronda through the railing to throw KNEE after KNEE! Ronda endures even as Charlotte pulls her back with a chinlock! Ronda pries at Charlotte’s fingers but Charlotte shoves her down. Charlotte drags Ronda back out, kicks her down the steps, and Charlotte SLAPS Ronda!

Charlotte tells fans to clear out, and she grabs a chair. But Ronda blocks the chair shot and kicks low! Charlotte runs for it! Charlotte goes under the ring as Ronda stalks her. Charlotte gets a chair now, and she BOOTS Ronda’s chair away! Charlotte SMACKS Ronda off the desk, then again! Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” and Charlotte snarls as she brings Ronda around the way. Charlotte gets Ronda up to POWERBOMB against barriers! Ronda writhes, Charlotte tells her to give up, this is HER belt! Ronda says NO, but Charlotte snarls. Charlotte pie faces Ronda around, says this is HER house, HER title, and HER company.

But Ronda grabs that arm to SLAP Charlotte down! Ronda says Charlotte is tasting a real slap for once. Ronda throws body shots, uppercuts, then fireman’s carries for a- NO, Charlotte rakes eyes! And she POSTS Ronda! Then she RAMS Ronda into steel steps! Ronda writhes, clutches her arm, and Charlotte grins. Charlotte climbs up the corner, fans still want tables, but Ronda trips Charlotte up! Charlotte is in a Tree of Woe, and Ronda gets the ARMBAR!! Charlotte is caught, what will she say?! Charlotte shouts and cries but refuses to give up! So Ronda makes it a HANGING ARMBAR!!!

Charlotte cries in pain but she is refusing to give up! She gets her leg free and they both fall to the floor! Fans rally as both women slowly rise. Charlotte grabs a chair, manages to get up, and she RAMS Ronda! Then SMACKS her on the back! Ronda won’t give up with that, so Charlotte puts the chair in the ring. Charlotte puts Ronda in the ring now, then has an even smirk. FULL METAL NATURAL SELECTION!! The ref asks Ronda but Ronda might not even be conscious to say anything! Ronda manages to say NO, so Charlotte grows frustrated. Charlotte gets the leg, Figure Four! Ronda grabs at the legs but Charlotte SLAPS her!

Charlotte bridges to the FIGURE EIGHT!! Ronda endures, but she can’t go anywhere! What does she say? “NEVER, BITCH!” Ronda uses the chair to SMACK Charlotte!! Charlotte lets the Figure Eight go, but she BOOTS Ronda back down! Charlotte goes back to the chair, sits it up, and she warns Ronda that this is her last chance. ‘Happy Mother’s Day.” But Ronda turns this around, FULL METAL ARMBAR!! Charlotte shouts NO over an dover, but Ronda was hoping for that. Ronda uses the chair to pull DEEPER! CHARLOTTE SAYS SHE QUITS!! RONDA WINS!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey (NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion)

And the Baddest Woman on the Planet proves that title is accurate! Ronda also adds the SmackDown Women’s title! Will Charlotte ever live this down? Will Ronda ever let that title go after how hard she fought to get it?


Happy Corbin VS Mad Cap Moss!

The Happy Folk had fun while they were winning, but losing turned things sour. Corbin tried to put Moss down, but that only made Moss rise up! Will Moss have the last laugh? Or will Corbin be the happiest man in the WWE after putting down his former sidekick once and for all?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally for Moss as he ties up with Corbin. They are in a deadlock, but Moss powers Corbin to ropes. Corbin kicks low and then throat chops! Corbin bumps Moss off buckles, brings him around but Moss elbows and forearms back! Moss throws hands, knees then another knee. Moss runs and RAMS Corbin, but Corbin rebounds. Moss blocks the kick to give a kick! Moss says Corbin’s the joke, and things speed up. Moss hurdles then hip tosses! Fans fire up, Moss runs in but is put on the apron. Moss still ROCKS Corbin, but Corbin KICKS Moss as he gets in! Corbin then choke grips for a CHOKE SLAM!

Corbin seethes while fans boo, and Corbin stomps Moss out of the ring. Corbin goes out, runs up behind Moss, and KNEES him into the POST! Corbin looms over Moss, grinds him into the barrier, then rains down forearm after forearm! The ring count climbs, Corbin puts Moss in the ring and fans boo. Corbin gets in, he taunts the fans but they taunt him back with “Big Bald Wolf!” Corbin gets Moss up but Moss throws body shots! Moss runs, but Corbin CLOBBERS him! Corbin covers, TWO! Corbin is annoyed but he looms over Moss. Corbin drags Moss up, puts him in a corner, and he throws body shots and haymakers.

Corbin whips corner to corner hard and Moss bounces off buckles. Corbin looms over Moss as he crawls and then taunts him. Corbin brings Moss up to drive down elbows! Corbin thrashes Moss around in a half nelson chinbar combo but Moss endures. Corbin tells Moss that Moss is the joke, and then leans on the hold. Fans rally up and Moss fights his way up. Moss throws body shots, backs Corbin down, and then whips him corner to corner. Corbin reverses and Moss hits buckles again, but he dodges! Corbin slides out, slides in and LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Moss is still in this and Corbin grows frustrated.

Corbin grins while fans taunt him, but he tells them to hush. Corbin brings Moss up, reels him into a half nelson, and then fisherman’s, for a SLAM, and SENTON! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated that his new moves didn’t finish this, but he goes back to Moss. Corbin stands Moss up to ROCK him with a right. Moss staggers, Corbin runs in and Moss ELBOWS him away! Corbin tries again but Moss tosses him out! Corbin gets back in, Moss dodges and ducks to RAM Corbin out of the ring! Moss then goes out to CLOBBER Corbin! Moss rains down fists, gets Corbin up and POSTS him! Moss fires off more hands as the ring count climbs!

Fans fire up with Moss as he gets Corbin in at 7 of 10. Moss runs and RAMS Corbin into the corner! Corbin staggers, Moss runs in but into a knee! Corbin runs, but Moss catches him for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cover, TWO! Moss stalks Corbin, reels him in, and turns Corbin, but no Punchline yet! Corbin back suplexes for a SLAM! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated and he looms over Moss. Corbin says he’s better than Moss and Moss should’ve listened to Corbin! Corbin throws hands but Moss ROCKS him! Moss runs in but is put in the corner for stomps and haymakers! Corbin lets off as the ref counts, and then he hoists Corbin up top.

Corbin hears the fans taunting “Big Bald Wolf!” as he climbs, and Moss fires forearms! Moss leaps, Corbin dodges, but Moss comes back! DEEP SIX from Corbin! Cover, TWO!! Moss survives and Corbin can’t believe it! Corbin argues with the ref but the count was fair. Corbin SPLASHES in the corner, then goes corner to corner, but Moss dodges! Corbin slides out, slides in, Moss dodges and sunset flips! MOSS WINS!

Winner: Mad Cap Moss, by pinfall

Corbin is furious! Moss got Corbin with a quick pin, will Moss be laughing all the way to the bank? Will Corbin do another name change and be Frustrated Corbin?


Medical update on Charlotte Flair.

Kayla has an update on Charlotte’s arm. The x-rays confirm a fractured radius. Stay tuned to WWE’s outlets for more on this.


Six Man Tag: The Bloodline VS RKBRO & Drew McIntyre!

Roman Reigns is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and he wanted The Usos to become Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, but plans changed when Randy Orton & Matt Riddle looked poised to defeat Jimmy & Jey. The Tribal Chief savagely beat down the Viper & the Stallion, and the Scottish Warrior stepped up! Will this star-studded match prove Roman had reason to worry? Or can the Bloodline show #RKMcBro are the twos and #WeTheOnes?

The trios sort out and fans chant for “Randy! Randy!” With that, Orton steps up and starts against Jimmy. They circle, fans still chant for “Randy! Randy!” and Orton teases using McIntyre’s sword. Orton and Jimmy tie up, Jimmy puts Orton in a corner but then fires off haymakers and body shots! The ref counts, Jimmy lets off, Orton pokes an eye! Orton EuroUppers Jimmy down, tags in Riddle, and gives the ASSISTED FLOATING BRO! They stomp Jimmy around, then Riddle covers, ONE! Riddle keeps after Jimmy, whips him corner to corner but Jimmy reverses and Riddle hits buckles hard! Jimmy drags Riddle up to CHOP!

Jimmy uppercuts Riddle, whips him corner to corner, but Riddle goes up and over and KICKS Jimmy down! Riddle then gut wrenches Jimmy, tags McIntyre, then suplexes Jimmy away! McIntyre looms over Jimmy, stares Roman down, then bumps Jimmy off buckles. McIntyre CHOPS Jimmy, glares at Roman, then CHOPS Jimmy again. McIntyre stays between Jimmy and his corner but Jimmy throat chops! Jimmy storms after McIntyre, whips him corner to corner but McIntyre reverses. Jimmy goes up but McIntyre KICKS him out of the air! Then McIntyre deadlift suplexes Jimmy up and down!

Jimmy scrambles away, McIntyre points at Roman! Fans fire up but Roman frowns. Roman and Heyman talk it out, the Special Counsel tells the Tribal Chief that he doesn’t have to. Roman still wants to! He tags in and fans are thunderous as he gets in with McIntyre! They circle, Roman talks a bit of trash, and then he tags out to Jey. Heyman laughs at all the fans and Roman says HE runs the show! HE’s the shot caller, not the fans! The Right Hand Man rushes McIntyre, into a BOOT from McIntyre! McIntyre hauls Jey up to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Jey ends up in the RKMcBro corner, tag to Riddle.

Riddle stomps Jey’s hand, then gut wrench suplexes him! Riddle fires forearms, Jimmy sneaks a tag and Jey shoves Riddle into an ENZIGURI, to add a LARIAT! The Usos drag Riddle over, stomp away on him, and then let off as the ref counts. The Bloodline holds up their fingers, #WeTheOnes! Jimmy CHOKES Riddle on ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and Jey gets a cheap shot in! Riddle flounders and both Orton and McIntyre protest but the ref can’t do anything about what he misses. Tag to Jey, the Usos split the wishbone! Riddle writhes more but Jey drags him up. Jey scoops and SLAMS Riddle, then looms over him.

Jey stomps Riddle’s hand in return, then pushes him to the ropes. Fans rally but Jey CHOKES Riddle! The ref counts, Jey lets off and Jimmy gets a cheap shot in! Orton wants after Jimmy but the ref keeps him by his corner. Jey drags Riddle up, scoops him and tags Jimmy. Jimmy climbs, BACKBREAKER AX HANDLE COMBO! Cover, TWO! Riddle flounders but Jimmy grins. Roman talks some smack, and now Heyman says it’s good to tag in. Jimmy ROCKS Riddle, tags Roman, and fans fire up again. Roman stalks Riddle, drags him up, and throws him down by his hair. Roman talks trash on Orton and McIntyre, then drags Riddle up again.

Roman bumps Riddle off buckles, throws hands over and over, but lets off as the ref counts. Roman argues with the ref but the ref says he is the authority in the ring. Fans rally and duel, Roman turns and Riddle fires off haymakers and forearms! Roman knees low, whips Riddle to ropes and CLOBBERS him! Fans cheer and jeer while Roman taunts Orton and McIntyre. Roman drags Riddle up and reels him in, URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Roman smirks and he drags Riddle back up. Roman puts Riddle in the corner, tag to Jimmy and they mug Riddle. Jimmy bumps Riddle off buckles, CHOPS him, then points to Orton.

Jimmy runs in but Riddle dodges the splash! Jey manages to tag Jimmy and he gets in to CLOBBER Riddle! Jey POSTS Riddle, then tells fans to hush. Jey SUPERKICKS Orton down! Jey says night night! Jey tells fans to sit down as he raises the finger. “UCE! OH! UCE! OH!” Jey runs corner to corner, but into a BUSAIKU KNEE! Riddle and Jey are down and fans fire up again! Jey flops out of the ring, Riddle flounders around, but Roman goes over to Jey to put him in. Roman tags Jey, Riddle hot tags McIntyre! Roman sees the mistake he just made but there’s no going back now! Fans are thunderous as warrior and chief stare down!

Heyman tells Roman that McIntyre disrespected him! McIntyre says he wants this fight! They start throwing hands and fans are loving it! McIntyre gets the edge, but Roman KNEES low! Roman whips corner to corner but McIntyre comes back to LARIAT! And again! McIntyre clinches, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Then NECKBREAKER! McIntyre sees Jimmy coming, he gets a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and fans fire up! McIntyre loads up, but he has to DECK Jey first! Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES! McIntyre bails out, Roman shakes his head as fans rally. Roman goes out after McIntyre to SMACK him off apron, then RAM him into barrier!

Roman puts McIntyre back in the ring and runs to BOOT McIntyre down. Roman runs again for another BOOT. Roman drags McIntyre up, throws hands, and talks trash on RKBRO. Roman hears fans chanting for “Randy! Randy!” but he gives point blank lariats to McIntyre! Roman goes all the way to 10, then he runs for a LEAPING LARIAT! Roman soaks up the cheers and the jeers and then has Heyman hand him the belts. Roman holds the belts up to gloat, then hands those back to Heyman. Roman talks trash then DECKS Riddle! The ref keeps Orton back and Roman grins. But then he turns around into a CLAYMORE!!!

Both men are down and fans are thunderous! McIntyre fumes as he gets back up! Roman also gets up, hot tags to Jimmy and Orton! The Viper rallies on Jimmy, then dodges for the POWERSLAM! Jey gets in, Orton gives him a POWERSLAM, too! Orton has Jimmy on the apron! Fans are fired up for the DRAPING DDT! Orton hears the voices and the fans are thunderous again! But Jey gets in, so Orton kicks him and kicks him out! Orton dusts off his hands, Roman gets in, RKO FOR ROMAN!! Fans are electric as Orton turns around, into a SUPERKICK! But he stays up!? RKO!!! Cover, Jey breaks it! The Bloodline keeps this going!

McIntyre gets in and he TOSSES Jey to a corner! McIntyre fires off on him with haymakers, then suplex TOSSES Jey away! McIntyre wants a countdown! “Three! Two! One!” But Jey SUPERKICKS! Jey gets Jimmy up, they load up, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for McIntyre! McIntyre flops out, Orton is down, but Riddle is ready! Jey drags Jimmy away to the corner, Jey tags in! Orton hot tags Riddle! The Bro gets around to PELE Jey! Kip up and forearm smash in the corner! Riddle KNEES Roman down, then gets Jey for a BROSPLODER! KNEE for Jimmy, but Jey avoids Penalty Kick and moonsault. But not the BROTON!

PENALTY KICK! Then FISHERMAN BUSTER! Riddle hurries up top, FLOATING BRO!! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Riddle can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Riddle hears the voices, bro! Jey stops the RKO to roll-up, TWO! Jey ducks a roundhouse, POP-UP NECKBREAKER! Cover, Orton breaks it! Jimmy goes after Orton, they brawl, and Orton CLUBS to TOSS Jimmy! Orton goes out after Jimmy to hit him off barriers, off post, and then he fires off uppercuts and haymakers! Jimmy shoves Orton away and Roman FLYING SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Down goes Orton! But McIntyre RAMS Roman into steel steps!

McIntyre eyes the announce desk. He clears it off and fans are thunderous again! The fans wanted table in the I Quit match, but they might get it here! McIntyre reels Roman in but Jimmy makes the save! GLASGOW KISS for his troubles! But Roman URENAGES McIntyre through the table!! Roman helps Jimmy up, but Riddle FLIES! Direct hit on them, but Jey DIVES onto Riddle! All six men are wrecked, but Jey gets up to put Riddle in! Jey ducks a kick, Riddle blocks a kick, but Jey DRAGON WHIPS! FINAL FLASH from Riddle! SUPERKICK from Jey! Riddle is down and fans are thunderous as Jey climbs!

Jey is up top, but Riddle gets right up there, SUPER RKO!! But Roman tags in! SPEAR!!! Bloodline wins!!

Winners: The Bloodline, by pinfall

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is the one who strikes #outtanowhere to finish this off! Is there any stopping the Tribal Chief and The Usos from reigning over all of the WWE?

My Thoughts:

This was probably one of the better Backlashes in a long time. Granted, only six matches, and not all of them had the best builds. But what a wild three hours, with some great matches. The four WrestleMania rematches from tonight might’ve even outdone the WrestleMania matches, though that would make sense. Good promos in the kickoff show, and I liked the intro video’s very clear shoutout to Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, as well as some Twilight Zone vibes. Cody VS Rollins opening was a bit of a surprise but what an awesome opener. I was surprised Cody won, but he did it with that tight pull to get Rollins with what he would’ve done, doing that same “Heel Not Heel” tease from Cody’s AEW days. Hell in a Cell is up next, I bet that’s another Cody VS Rollins match.

Lashley VS Omos was also great stuff, but naturally MVP had something to do with Omos winning. They’re 1-1, I wonder if they get in on Hell in a Cell as their blow-off if Cody VS Rollins isn’t doing that. That’d be pretty great for Omos win or lose, as he and Lashley can just throw hands and bounce off the steel cage. Styles VS Edge was also a great rematch, and Priest coming very close to breaking the ringside ban was a fairly expected move, as was Finn going after him. But that was quite the twist in giving Judgement Day a third member already, and it being Rhea Ripley. I would’ve thought another male superstar joins here, but maybe Liv Morgan sides with Styles and Finn?

One little flaw was Backlash being clearly cut into a Raw half and a SmackDown half. I feel like they could’ve switched things up since the Raw grudge matches were so great, and then they have the I Quit Match before Moss VS Corbin. It’s great for Moss to win here but it was a sunset flip finish, and it honestly only felt like a strong TV match. I would’ve had that as the halfway point of the show and then finish strong with the I Quit and Six Man matches. The I Quit match was awesome stuff, especially Ronda dual wielding kendo sticks. The chair based armbar was a great finish, and I figured Ronda would win. Charlotte’s injury is definitely kayfabe, and is a clever way to keep Charlotte and Ronda apart to give another Heel a shot.

And speaking of the Six Man Tag, while it sprang from a change to the tag title unification, these six guys are all great and this was one of the best Six Man Tags WWE has put on in a long time. The fans were eating it up, too, and that was quite the finish. I’m not so sold on the Bloodline winning when they need to be setting up Roman’s first Undisputed Champion feud and keep the tag title unification idea on the table. They could’ve turned it around, McIntyre getting the sudden Claymore on an Uso, but I suppose this puts the pressure on the Faces in the chase. Hell in a Cell could give us one or both RKBRO VS Usos and McIntyre VS Roman, but maybe they still want to wait for something more.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 6.30.2022

The Go Home to Against All Odds with the main event of Battle of the Futures Redux! TNA vibes and hype in the Asylum!



Against All Odds is tomorrow, and the one thing IMPACT has excelled with are the quick turnaround angles. Plus we also HOPEFULLY get a real finish to the Battle of the Futures 2022 edition. Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin have a main event that could definitely be something special.


  • Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey: Trey wins via Meteora – ***
  • Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw: Gisele wins via Knee Strike – ** ¼
  • Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace: Jordynne wins via Muscle Buster – **
  • IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More: Karl retains via Roll Up – ** ½
  • Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne: Ace wins via The Fold – ** ¾
  • Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley: Sabin wins via Cradle Shock – *****



Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey

Early on the smaller men gang up on Maclin, which of course is the smart thing to do. Trey and Bey trade a few shots, Laredo tries to interject himself but Maclin comes back in and starts taking over. Wipes out most of the guys then they start trickling in for pinfall saves and each guy chopping at the bigger man. Trey does however go for a John Woo, misses and Tree of Woes himself to set up for Maclin’s Caught in the Crosshairs corner spear.

Action continues to be pretty fluid, Trey takes out Maclin, Bey looks for an Asai Moonsault, but turns it into the 5 Hole Dive that MCMG do when Laredo Kid dives through Bey’s legs. Then Bey hits the Asai Moonsault and Bey brings Laredo into the ring and tries to find a winning angle. Pop Up Cutter from Bey, but Trey saves it. A little back and forth, Trey goes to the top, misses the Meteora, but lands on his feet and manages a Running Meteora for the pinfall victory.

Trey beat Speedball before Slammiversary, so Speedball has some payback in his mind.

Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood are at the commentary desk for this match since Gisele did offer to fill in for an injured Madison for the Knockouts Tag rematch.

Rosemary controls Gisele early and then bends her backwards and bites her forehead. Gisele almost starts taking back over, but then Rosemary gets out of a headlock the Crazzy Steve way. Rosemary takes some control early until Gisele powders and tries to find a way back into the match. Commercial break brings us to Gisele taking Rosemary’s head off with a Lariat.

Now Gisele is in control, throws Rosemary into a corner and starts pandering for a photo op and posturing to The Influence. Gisele strings together a lot of corner attacks, whips her into the corner again and lays her out with a Flying European Uppercut. Gisele tries to hit the knee in the back of the head, but Rosemary moves and starts her comeback. Big Suplex from the corner and Rosemary keeps her down for 2. Rosemary is in control until Gisele hits and Oscutter out of nowhere for 2. Reverse DDT from Rosemary for another near fall and then The Influence is on the move. They ambush Taya, Rosemary tries to go for her Spear anyway and Shaw kills Rosemary with a great Knee Strike. Rosemary is out, Gisele wins.

A small beat down, and then The Influence pause in the ring for a little, before posing with Gisele and seemingly giving their mark of approval on her being in The Influence now.

Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace

Savannah bulldozes Jordynne into the corner, but the power game is pretty even here. Savannah has some height, but Jordynne is quicker. Jordynne manages to turn the tables on Savannah, up and over in the corner and whips her into the ropes while setting up behind her causing Evans to trip and fall. Savannah powders, Jordynne tries to break up the discussion, but after a quick flurry, Savannah hits an Apron Chokeslam and takes over.

After some back and forth, Jordynne takes back over and then Muscle Buster on Savannah Evans and its over!

IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More

Karl and Vincent start things off, and corner to corner we see the Machine Gun in control, but a thumb to the eyes and quick strike give Vincent the chance to tag in PCO. French Canadian Frankenstein starts beating on Karl, throws him into the ropes, Vincent kicks him and it just pisses off Karl. But Karl getting distracted gives PCO the ambush chance and Karl is just getting rocked. Vincent tagged back in, quick strikes including a corner Facewash with the elbow, sliding Flatliner and PCO is back in.

PCO goes Splash into dropping DDT before hitting the middle rope Guillotine Leg Drop. LG has gotten no action while Karl is getting killed. Deanimator set up looks to take out Karl even further, and it hits! Vincent tags in, and finally Anderson Spinebuster gets LG a hot tag. Big Boot takes out PCO on the apron, Superkick and flying Big Man flattens Vincent, tag to Karl, Magic Killer set up…but PCO with the save. Satellite Russian Leg Sweep from Vincent, RedRUM misses and Karl scoops the Small Package for the win.

Immediately Honor No More attacks. Chris Harris slides in and Honor No More choose to jaw and tease him instead of attacking immediately. HEATH’s music hits before they can attack Harris, and he comes loaded with pipes. Harris and Heath lay out Honor No More with pipes, Wake Up Call from Heath, Pump Kick, Gun Stun and then only Taven is left. Last Call Superkick sends Taven to sleep.

Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne

Zayne tries to start immediately, but Ace takes a page from the Jay White book and powders right away. Ace stays a step ahead until a nice Flipping Bodyscissors out of the corner keeps Ace rolling and eating some kicks. Ace tries a top corner move and Zayne flips into a Headscissors for the advantage before commercial. Coming back Ace is in control after driving Zayne into the post.

Ace and Zayne trade, we see Zayne finally get the best of the situations. Cinnamon Twist or Crunchwrap Supreme are hinted at, but Ace rolls away. Zayne tries to get Ace in position for his Taco Driver, but Ace has all the answers. Big kicks and strikes, Ace goes for the Outside/In Avalanche Headscissors, but Zayne mostly flips the through it, but eats a Triangle Kick for his attempted counter. The Fold – gets countered with a Sauce Trigger! Ace powders, Moonsauce to take out Bey and Ace, but Bey grabs his foot before he can get back in, Ace keeps the referee distracted…THE FOLD as soon as Zayne is back in the ring and Bullet Club wins!

Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

If this is as good as I anticipate…I may forget how to type. So fair warning if I get sucked in, this could be a short review.

We saw both men had a plan, Sabin went after Kaz’s legs early and often, where Kaz focused on the neck. There were great callbacks, classic moments, even the feint with the Flux Capacitor which is how Kaz won the original Battle of the Futures.

This was Brian Hebner’s final match, and hot damn was it a classic. Everything about this was great.

Overall Score: 9/10

Starting out hot with the X Division match, 2 solid Knockouts matches and a main event that could’ve easily been on any PPV over the last 20 years. This set the stage well for tomorrow’s Against All Odds and could’ve been one of the best Go Home episodes from any company in recent memory. Also it was really awesome getting the Raven vignette to hype the Clockwork Orange House of Fun.

My review of Against All Odds will be a little late since I had prior engagements because Fridays aren’t usually PPVs, but I’ll get to it on Saturday. Watch it live yourself, catch the run down Saturday, either way IMPACT is killin it with that TNA vibe. Maybe its time we go back to a certain 3 letters…a 6 sided ring, or hell, just announce Lethal Lockdown. Bring that back from the dead dammit!

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/30/22)




Artful Dodger or dastardly coward? You decide!

Last time he was on NXT UK, Trent Seven gave us crocodile tears and betrayed Tyler Bate! What will Seven say this week about what he’s done?


  • Blair Davenport VS Angel Hayze; Davenport wins.
  • Emilia McKenzie VS Fallon Henley; Henley wins.
  • Wolfgang VS Sha Samuels w/ Noam Dar; Wolfgang wins.


Blair Davenport VS Angel Hayze!

NXT UK beware, it’s the return of the heir! The gothic gladiator is back after that freak accident during her NXT UK Women’s Championship match with Meiko Satomura. Will Blair prove that nothing will stop her from taking the throne this time? Or will Angel leave her in a haze in her first match back?

The bell rings and the two circle. Blair and Angel tie up, go around, and Blair puts Angel on the ropes. The ref counts but Blair lets off fast. Blair and Angel reset, tie up, and Blair shoves Angel down! Fans rally up as Angel and Blair reset again. They tie up, Angel gets around to waistlock, Blair arm-drags free and Angel flounders to a corner. Blair runs in but Angel goes up and over, TWO! Angel boots Blair’s punch away, sobats then runs, to SHOTGUN Blair down! Cover, ONE!! Fans rally, Angel drags Blair up and reels her in, but Blair fights the suplex. Blair powers up, wrenches out and WRINGS the arm!

Fans rally as Blair snarls and stalks Angel. Blair runs in at the corner, Angel goes up and over again, but runs into a CHOP BLOCK! Blair DROPKICKS Angel in the back! Blair pushes Angel over to CLUB her on the back. Blair pushes Angel around, kicks her, and Angel gets to a corner. Blair is after her already and throws a heavy body shot! Angel hits back but Blair CLUBS her down again. Blair hauls Angel up, whips her to ropes and runs her over! Cover, TWO! Blair clamps onto Angels with a chinlock and she grinds Angel down. Fans rally as Angel endures, but Blair thrashes her around. Blair cranks the hold but Angel fights up to her feet.

Angel throws body shots, Blair CLUBS her again! Blair hauls Angel up to whip her to a corner. Blair runs in and GAMANGIRIS! Blair shoves Angel onto ropes, then runs side to side, SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO! Angel survives and Blair is annoyed but the fans rally up. Blair shoves Angel to a corner, but Angel hits back. Blair CLUBS Angel, stands her up and whips her corner to corner. Blair runs in but Angel dodges and Blair hits buckles! Angel returns with a forearm smash! And then a back elbow! Angel keeps moving, she evades the lariat to fire off forearms and a ROLLING ELBOW! Angel runs again, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Blair goes to a corner. Angel runs corner to corner but into a BOOT! Blair hops up and leaps to missile dropkick! Blair drags Angel up, reels her in, but Angel wrenches out to reel Blair in! GUILLOTINE! Angel has Blair in the body scissors, too! Blair endures, stays up, CLUBS Angel and powers out with a BIG suplex! Fans fire up, Blair hauls Angel up for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

And the heir gets right back on track! Blair gets the mic to say she is back! And she is here to crush all of your hopes. Is that key word a message to a certain someone? Or is it a message to everyone who would dare defy the heir?


NXT UK Media caught up with Sid Scala.

The Assistant General Manager returns to his office, and Kenny Williams is there waiting! Kenny says it’s about time Sid showed up! Kenny’s been working all night, as we can see by the conspiracy web taking over Sid’s office, and Kenny claims he has finally figured it out! Tiger Turan has to be none other than… Sid says Kenny needs to stop, this isn’t why Sid asked to meet with him. This is about next week, a match between Kenny and Tiger Turan! And just as Sid says that, Tiger steps in. Kenny says this is just who he was looking for. But here’s what will happen. Kenny will win, knock Turan out and take off his mask to reveal it’s Amir Jordan!

So right now, Tiger Turan can clean up this mess while Kenny prepares. Is the Scum of the Earth on to something? Is Tiger Turan obsessed with Kenny because it’s Amir Jordan, the man Kenny banished from NXT UK over a year ago? Or is he going to lose this match along with his mind?


Noam Dar & Sha Samuels enter the NXT UK Performance Center.

The Scottish Supernova isn’t sure why they’re here, but the East End Bookie/Butcher promises it is for good reason: they’re going to make some big money. Dar then sees the ring and the training session Mark Coffey is helping with. Dar & Sha taunt them and Mark walks over to ask, “What’s wrong? Run out of ways to cheat?” Dar says he never needs to cheat, and certainly not to beat Mark. Dar didn’t need to cheat to beat “Dog Man” Wolfgang, or to beat big brother Joe and run him out of town. Mark points out Dar only won because of his bookie at ringside. Mark guarantees that if Sha isn’t around, Mark wins the cup.

Sha says no way, Dar is the best ever! Mark says they can bet on it. Sha takes that bet! 100 to 1, Dar still beats Mark! Sha puts money on it quite literally, and says the market is open! Everyone else swarms Sha, wanting to put money on this, too! Dar looks worried with just how many want to join in. Are they betting all on Mark? Dar is a bit upset by that, but will he prove Sha right and take everyone, including Coffey, to the cleaners?


Emilia McKenzie VS Fallon Henley!

#SuplexMillie is still Meiko Satomura’s protégé, but she might be feeling the pressure as of late. The Final Boss demands the best out of her disciple, but will those expectations be met? Or will the Cowgirl rope herself a big win just like Briggs & Jensen did?

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, end up in a deadlock, but Millie shots around to waistlock. Fallon pries at the hold, standing switches, and SLAMS Millie down. Millie slips out to hammerlock and fans rally for Millie as she cranks the hold. Fallon fights to sit up, rolls out and has the wristlock. Millie slips through, wristlocks back, but Fallon pries at the hold. Fallon slips through, hammerlocks Millie now, but Millie works on the hold. Fallon rolls Millie up, TWO! Fans applaud the opening exchange as the two stare down. Fallon and Millie reset, tie up with knuckle locks, and they have a test of strength!

Millie wrenches the wrists, kicks an arm, rolls and trips Fallon to have a standing toehold! Fallon endures, uses her free leg to kick free, but Millie cartwheels through. Fans applaud again, and even Fallon offers a handshake. Millie accepts and fans cheer the sportsmanship, and the two tie up again. Millie powers Fallon back but Fallon turns it around to arm-drag Millie away. Fallon shoots in but Millie sits on the cover, ONE! Fallon sunset flips, ONE! Millie tries a jackknife but Fallon rolls through it, TWO! Millie has the sunset, TWO!! Fans fire up for that exchange and the two reset again.

They tie up, Millie headlocks, but Fallon powers up. Millie holds tight, Fallon pries the hold open and turns it around onto Millie! Millie endures, powers out but Fallon runs her over! Fallon does a two step then runs, but Millie keeps up with the drop, sidestep, but Fallon counters hip toss with a hip toss! Fallon arm-drags Millie away and Millie takes a moment to catch her breath. Fallon is on her but Millie EuroUppers! Millie kicks low, CLUBS Fallon on the back, and has her on the ropes. Millie CLUBS Fallon again, has her in a corner now and kicks her low. Fallon throws shots back but Millie CLUBS Fallon, into the TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Millie clamps on a chinlock. Millie shifts to have almost a bully choke but Fallon endures. Fans rally again as Fallon fights up. Fallon throws elbows, body shots, but Millie EuroUppers! Fallon catches on to hooks and a backslide, TWO! Fallon rolls Millie again, TWO! Millie CLOBBERS Fallon! Cover, TWO! Millie is on Fallon again, going after the arms. Fallon fights but Millie still gets a COBRA CLUTCH! Fallon endures, resists, and fans rally as Millie still tries to lock this on! Fallon fights, Millie might just have it! Fallon is fading as Millie bends her backwards!! But Fallon gets a second wind and pries free to arm-drag Millie away!

Millie comes back to ROCK Fallon, Fallon ROCKS Millie! They throw hands, and Fallon DECKS Millie! Fallon fires up to back elbow Millie in a corner! And then a RUNNING FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Millie survives! Fallon drags Millie up, fireman’s carries, but Millie slips off and shoves to then LARIAT! And again! Millie shoots around to get Fallon up for a BIG bag suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Millie snarls as she hauls Fallon up. Fallon fights the German Suplex, pops free to switch, but Millie elbows Fallon. Millie whips Fallon to a corner but Fallon goes up and over. Fallon’s leg tweaks! Millie shows no mercy, CHOP BLOCK!!

Millie stomps away on Fallon’s leg and fans fire up! Millie drags Fallon up, reels her in, SHIN BREAKER! And then another SHIN BREAKER! Fallon hobbles, Millie gets her again, but Fallon sunset flips! FALLON WINS!

Winner: Fallon Henley, by pinfall

Millie showed her killer instinct, but maybe she let it get the better of her! Will this be the exact opposite of what Meiko wanted for Millie?


NXT UK Media catches up with Oliver Carter.

They ask him if he’s been keeping in contact with Ashton Smith while he’s out with injury. Of course! Oliver has Ashton on speed dial. They are brothers, that’s never gonna change. But then Teoman and his Die Familie “brothers,” Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey slither in and say hi to “Oli.” They sit with him and they feel like this is deja vu. Oliver’s alone, no Ashton Smith, no titles. Oliver needs a family to watch out for him. It is a dangerous place out there. Join them! It’s in his best interest. They’ll let him think about it, and take their leave. Is there anything to think about? Or will the Hottest Superstar Under the Sun actually consider their invitation?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sarray.

The Warrior of the Sun is about to get in a set of squats as they ask her how she feels after her NXT UK debut. Sarray says it was very good. She got a win over Nina Samuels, and she- “Aww~, look!” Xia and Eliza return to mock Sarray for simply training in the UK PC after her first win. It’s so cute. But has Eliza heard the good news? Sarray’s sticking around for a bit. Oh, is she? But then Meiko and Millie step up to back the bullies down. Eliza tells Sarray that she better just play by their rules, or they’ll be more than happy to teach Sarray a few things.

Meiko tells Eliza that she talks too much. If Eliza & Xia want a match with Meiko and Sarray, then Eliza & Xia will be the ones being taught a lesson. Millie seems a bit surprised Meiko didn’t choose her, while Xia & Eliza storm off, Xia complaining about who is teaching who lessons. But with that, Sarray finishes putting up the weights for Meiko to take a turn. Will Final Boss & Warrior of the Sun prove to the bullies the power of Joshi Strong Style?


Wolfgang VS Sha Samuels w/ Noam Dar!

The Last King of Scotland heard the East End Butcher talking some smack like he wouldn’t hear it. But since he did, it’s time for Sha to put his money where his mouth is! Will Wolfgang get a big win and cash in? Or will Sha find another way to weasel out another victory?

The bell rings and the two circle. Sha gets some last minute pointers from Dar. They say they can frustrate Wolfgang and get the edge. But then Dar needs to give Sha another pointer. The ref insists they get this started already, and Wolfgang rushes in. Sha dodges, then dodges again. Sha goes back to Dar for that last pointer but Wolfgang throws Sha out of the corner! Wolfgang fires off haymakers, then an arm-drag! Wolfgang keeps on the arm with a wristlock, then stands Sha up to RAM shoulders. And again! And then a straight arm lever and SLAM! Fans fire up and Wolfgang drags Sha up again to RAM shoulders again.

Wolfgang wrenches, and hits a straight arm suplex! Cover, ONE! Dar is upset but Wolfgang keeps on Sha’s arm. Sha ROCKS Wolfgang with his free arm, then bumps Wolfgang off buckles. Sha bumps Wolfgang off more buckles, then throws heavy back elbows. Sha runs in to SPLASH Wolfgang. Wolfgang shoves Sha away, runs in, but Sha sends Wolfgang into buckles! Fans boo but Dar wants to throw up the X. Sha grabs the bad arm for an ARMBAR DDT! Sha CLUBS the bad arm, uppercuts it, then hip drops on it! Wolfgang clutches that arm, tries to get it working, but Sha drops an elbow on it!

Sha clamps onto the arm, Wolfgang fights the cobra clutch and throws body shots. But Sha wrenches and WRINGS the bad arm! Dar offers a drink but Sha says no, he has to keep working. Sha throws down elbows into the bad arm, then stands on Wolfgang to say, “ON THE MONEY~!” Sha KICKS the bad leg, then shouts out “EAST~!” Sha stomps Wolfgang but fans chant, “You’re a Mug! You’re a Mug!” Dar says yeah, Wolfgang’s the mug! But that’s not who they mean. Sha RAMS Wolfgang into the buckles, stomps away on the bad arm, then runs in to stomp it again! The ref backs Sha off, and Dar SMACKS Wolfgang around with the papers!

Wolfgang gets mad and he CHOPS Sha! And CHOPS again! And counter punches! Wolfgang suplexes Sha, but Sha fights to get to the apron. Sha HOTSHOTS the bad arm! Wolfgang staggers away and Sha gets in to run and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang is still in this, and Dar offers another drink. Sha says no, and he drops elbow after elbow on Wolfgang! Sha then goes up a corner, and leaps for a FLYING ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang is still in this and fans rally up. Sha stalks Wolfgang, CLUBS him at the ropes, then pulls on the bad arm. Wolfgang ROCKS Sha and gives him a kitchen sink knee! BASEMENT SENTON!

Dar is worried as Wolfgang suplexes Sha for the CAB- NO, no toss! Sha slips off, CLUBS Wolfgang and has a top wristlock on the bad arm! Fans rally as Wolfgang endures, fights up, but Sha wants the arm! Wolfgang arm-drags free! Wolfgang goes to the corner, Sha runs in but Wolfgang sends him into buckles! Wolfgang bumps Sha off buckles, fires off haymakers, then keeps Sha cornered to CHOP! Wolfgang whips corner to corner, then runs in, into an uppercut! Wolfgang snarls, shoves Sha back in, and SPLASHES in the corner! Sha flops and Wolfgang is on the apron, working on the bad arm.

Wolfgang climbs but Dar distracts! The ref reprimands but Wolfgang leaps, into a SPINEBUSTER from Sha! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for Wolfgang while Sha is furious! Sha hauls Wolfgang up, reels him in and whips, but Wolfgang slips off the scoop to POINT-BLANK SPEAR!! But the bad arm holds Wolfgang back from making the cover, and Sha crawls away to his corner. Dar fans Sha, but fans rally for Wolfgang. Wolfgang grabs at Sha on the apron, hauls him up the corner, but Sha throws body shots. Sha HOTSHOTS the bad arm again! Wolfgang is stuck up top and Sha ROCKS him with haymakers! Sha DECKS Wolfgang!

Sha climbs up again, for the FROG SPLASH onto knees! Wolfgang saves himself but both men are down and writhing. Fans rally up again and Wolfgang grits his teeth as he gets back up. Wolfgang rallies on Sha with the one good arm! Wolfgang whips Sha to then back drop him! Fans fire up, Sha gets to a corner and Wolfgang runs in to fire off forearms! Wolfgang howls and runs, to SPLASH again! Dar is up on the apron but Wolfgang BOOTS him down! Fans cheer and Wolfgang SLINGSHOTS to SPEAR!! Cover, Wolfgang wins!!

Winner: Wolfgang, by pinfall

Fans cheer as the Last King of Scotland stands tall! This Gallus Boy is on top, but will Mark Coffey be on top in two weeks after he gets one more shot at Dar and the Heritage Cup?


Trent Seven heads to the ring.

And what a strange thing, for all the fans to boo this Founding Father of NXT UK. He gets a mic and “thanks” us all for that reception. Seven heard the chant of “Why, Trent, Why?” Good question! He will use visual aids to explain just exactly why. The tron shows Trent giving Tyler Bate that truly underhanded low blow uppercut. Trent gets teary eyed as he says it is just beautiful. “It’s the best low blow ever. That’s what it is.” Just look at his positioning! A work of art, really. And more importantly, it represents a turning point. “That right there is the most important moment in British Sports.” Fans chant, “No it’s not! No it’s not!”

But he says yes it is, and we all know it is, “because it’s the moment that Trent Seven saved the industry.” Fans boo but Seven asks they listen. It is the truth “because this place was dead! This studio was a ghost town! And now look at you all! Now look at you all back! The largest crowd in NXT UK BT Sports history is here because Trent Seven is on top!” Fans boo more but Seven says, “It’s a fact. This is where I like to be. Right here. Right at the top, right in the middle, the CENTER of attention!” Fans chant, “We Want Tyler!” and Seven is annoyed. “Tyler Bate is done. Now I am the center of attention, and we were the center of attention as British Strong Style! And as Moustache Mountain.”

Seven goes on about how they were touring the world, selling out every arena, and promotors were begging them to even be on the shows. “Please~! We need you~!” Yes, they did. And that is why fans need to understand it isn’t Seven who changed, it’s Tyler who changed. Seven never lost the killer instinct, he never stopped doing what was needed to win, but it was Tyler who lost his nerve. That will to win is gone, because “it’s all that rubbish, sitting in a field, hugging a tree.” But Bate isn’t coming back, and we know he won’t because he won’t fight Seven! Fans chant, “Yes, He Will!” Seven says no, he won’t, because Bate lost his fighting spirit.

“Tyler Bate is the Little Weak Boy. And I am NXT UK! I am this brand! I am NXT! I am British Strong Style! Come here! Come here! I am Moustache Mountain!!” Fans boo as Seven sets down the mic, and Seven says everyone knows he’s telling the truth. Is he telling the truth about the future of NXT UK? Or will Tyler Bate prove Trent Seven is a liar and make a heroic return?

Wait, a fan gets really heated about Seven saying Tyler is weak and afraid. So much so, friends and security are trying to get him to calm down. But the fan jumps the barrier instead! Security rushes in to stop this man from getting closer and Seven says, “We’ve got a live one!” And then he LOW BLOW KICKS the fan!! Referees rush out and say Seven is out of line! Seven says the fan is the one who got up in Seven’s face. Is there nothing Seven won’t do just to make himself feel like the bigger man?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of NXT UK with some good set-up for the summer episodes. Blair Davenport gets a good return match win, with Angel Hayze still looking very good in the loss. And Blair emphasizing “hope” at the end of her promo has to be her setting up something with Amale before moving on to the title again. Kenny and Sid had a good interaction to set up Kenny VS Tiger Turan. But sadly for me and my theories, if Kenny also thinks Amir Jordan is Tiger Turan, then that must mean it isn’t because they wouldn’t do that. They can’t let Kenny be right about this, right? It’d be pretty wild for Kenny to win and be right about who Tiger Turan is under the mask.

Millie VS Fallon was a very good match, but I feel like they could’ve played up more of Millie struggling to be aggressive before it backfired on her. But Millie losing does help build her story of disappointing Meiko and herself. Millie also had a very good bit of character work showing her surprise and bit of hurt feelings when Meiko chose Sarray to be her tag partner against Xia & Eliza. But that’s still going to be an awesome match with Sarray and Meiko side by side. Meiko & Sarray will surely win and that will surely set up Meiko VS Sarray for an awesome NXT UK Women’s Championship.

We got a decent interaction from Oliver Carter and Die Familie. I would think Carter rejects Die Familie’s invitation, and he could easily team up with other superstars who don’t like Die Familie, like Mastiff & Starz or even A-Kid. And we got a pretty good promo with Sha, Dar and Mark Coffey about how we’re getting that 100 to 1 betting odds Heritage Cup match. If Mark is getting one more shot in what Dar claims should be his “retirement” match, does that mean Mark wins? Someone from Gallus should get something more, and Dar losing will be his own reason for “not retiring.” Plus, if Mark wins, and Joe Coffey comes back, I’d love seeing Mark VS Joe for the cup.

Wolfgang VS Sha was a great main event match, and I figured Wolfgang would win to get Gallus back up. I don’t know what’s next for Wolfgang, but he’s always been a solid character and in-ring worker. And then, we closed with a very good promo from Seven, with him playing off the crowd’s chants and booing very well. That final bit with “the fan” was quite a surprise but it sure adds to Seven’s Heel heat. But obviously, Bate is coming back and he is going to have one hell of a match with Seven. Can’t be sure who wins that, but it’d make a lot of sense if Seven cheated to win, and then somehow, Seven uses that to go after Ilja Dragunov and the UK Championship.

My Score: 8.5/10

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