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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/1/22)

Fallout from Vegas!



AEW Dynamite 2021

The Los Angeles Kia Forum is Dynamite!

AEW makes its Los Angeles debut, and Dynamite might just blow the roof off the Kia Forum! All the Double or Nothing fallout, and an UNDISPUTED 5v5!


  • Six Man Tag: CM Punk & FTR VS Max Caster & Gunn Club; Punk & FTR win.
  • Johnny Elite’s Open Challenge: John Morrison VS Miro; Miro wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Christian Cage, Darby Allin, Matt Hardy & Jurassic Express VS Hikuleo & The Undisputed Elite; Hikuleo & The Undisputed Elite win.
  • Wardlow VS JD Drake; Wardlow wins.
  • Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel VS Toni Storm & Ruby Soho; Storm & Soho win.
  • Jon Moxley VS Daniel Garcia; Moxley wins.


Six Man Tag: CM Punk & FTR VS Max Caster & Gunn Club!

The Best in the World and the NEW AEW World Champion joins forces with the #TopGuys, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood as a gold-studded team! Punk even dives into the crowd to celebrate with Los Angeles over his Las Vegas victory! But will Punk and the dual AAA & ROH World Tag Team Champions keep the celebration rolling? Or will Platinum Max & the Ass Boys rain on the parade?

But of course, Caster has a rap! “Acclaimed and the Gunns, what the fans prefer. We’re about to make y’all pay like Amber Heard! Look at Punk, y’all’re mortified! You lookin’ like you live underneath the 405! FTR’s better than most, but they gotta ride Punk’s coattails to get on the show. And by the way, Bret Hart’s trash, boys. You’re gettin’ served by Acclaimed ‘n’ the Ass Boys!” Austin & Colten still don’t approve of that nickname but the fans chant. Austin says, “SACRAMENTOOO~!” No, that’s not where we are! Colten gets the mic to say, “SAN DIEGOOO~!” Ugh… Bowens tells the idiots it’s like this. “LOS ANGELEEEEES! The Acclaimed have arrived~!”

Bowens and Billy scissor finger, Bowens gets the fans chanting “ASS~ BOYS~!” and the trios sort out. Fans are thunderous for CM Punk but we start with Dax and Austin. Dax hugs Cash and even hugs Punk, then circles with Austin. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Austin puts Dax on ropes. Dax turns things around but then Austin puts Dax in an open corner. The ref counts, Austin lets off at 4 then stares Dax down. Austin shoves Dax, but Dax smirks and ties up with Austin again. Austin headlocks, Dax powers up and out but Austin runs him over! Fans troll Austin with “ASS~ BOYS~!” as things speed up.

Dax drops, Austin hurdles but then Dax slides to CLOBBER Austin! And CHOP him to the corner! Tag to Cash, they double whip, drop toehold and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Cash brings Austin up but Austin throws a big body shot! Tag to Colten, they mug Cash, and Colten puts Cash off buckles. Colten stomps, whips corner to corner but Cash goes up and over. Cash ducks, dodges, hurdles and back drops Colten! Then dropkicks him down! And arm-drags him, too! Cash has the cording hold and joins in on the “ASS~ BOYS~!” Fans fire up, Colten pulls hair to put Cash in the corner. Caster tags in, Colten feeds the scoop but Cash slips out!

Cash backs away to his corner and that makes Caster and Colten hesitate. Fans fire up, Caster runs in but gets caught with a wristlock! ELBOW BREAKER, then shoulder grind. Fans fire up as Cash tags Punk in! Punk climbs up, AX HANDLE to the arm! Punk wrenches, RAMS shoulders, then ROCKS Caster as fans fire up behind him. Punk storms up on Caster but Caster sends him into buckles! Caster stomps a mudhole, rains down fists, Austin adds taunts and Caster lets off. Caster chokes Punk on ropes but lets off as the ref reprimands. Caster whips corner to corner, runs in but Punk BOOTS him! Punk goes up and CROSSBODIES!

Fans fire up and Punk brings Caster up to wrench. Punk tags Cash, Cash tags Dax. Punk and Dax get Caster up to Cash for a SUPER POWERSLAM! Dax covers, TWO! Dax looms over Caster, headlocks, but Caster hits a back suplex! Tag to Austin, he runs in to put Dax in the corner! Dax counter punches, fights off Colten and Caster, but Austin trips him up! Austin drags Dax up to bump off buckles and stomp a mudhole! The ref counts, Austin tags Colten in while Billy taunts Dax. Fans rally for Dax as Austin feeds him to Colten’s BIG right hand! Austin then feeds Dax to Colten’s dropkick! Austin adds a THROWBACK, then Colten covers, TWO!

Colten taunts the fans, tag to Caster. They whip Dax into buckles, Caster taunts Cash and the ref has to keep Cash back. Caster stretches Dax against ropes, and Billy gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo while Caster drags Dax to a cover, TWO! Caster drags Dax up, Austin tags in, and they double whip, only for Dax to toss Caster down and toss Austin out! Colten rushes in to intercept, but Dax gets him for a BIG back suplex! Fans fire up and Dax crawls, but Caster and Colten trip Cash and Punk! Fans boo as the Ass Boys drag Dax away. Tag and double whip, DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Colten covers, TWO!!

Dynamite goes picture in picture as Colten tags Caster. Caster stomps Dax, stomps his leg, and CHOKES Dax on the ropes! The ref counts, Caster lets off, Bowens JAMS Dax with his crutch! Cash protests but Bowens tells him to shut up. Caster whips Dax hard into buckles, then pushes Dax to a cover, TWO! Caster covers again, TWO! Caster clamps onto Dax with an armlock and chinbar but Dax endures. Dax fights up, reaches for his corner, throws forearms on Caster then headlocks. Caster powers out to CLOBBER Dax! Caster drags Dax over, tags Austin in and Austin stomps the bad leg. Tag back to Caster and he drops an elbow!

Dax flounders out of the ring, Austin distracts the ref and Colten gets a cheap shot! Billy helps Dax up so Caster can suplex him in! Dax slips out to GERMAN SUPLEX Caster away! Fans fire up and both men get up. Dax and Caster DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up, as do their corners, and Caster gets up to get Dax’s legs. Dynamite returns to single picture as fans boo Caster putting on the Sharpshooter! But Dax kicks free and sends Caster way! Austin tags in, he whips Dax but Dax slides under, rolls around, tag to Punk! Punk slips off the springboard but he still throws hands on the Ass Boys! Scoop SLAM for Austin, scoop SLAM for Colten!

Punk spins Austin around to a NECKBREAKER! DROPKICK for Colten! He traps Colten in a corner, dodges Caster’s cheap shot, and ROUNDHOUSES Caster down! Cash and Punk run corner to corner, STEREO SHINING WIZARDS! Cash pushes Colten down, then he gets a boost from Punk to CROSSBODY Colten and Caster! Punk CLOBBERS Austin, goes up top, MACHO ELBOW! Fans fire up and Punk says night-night! Billy gets on the apron to talk trash on Punk but Punk dares him do do something. Austin rolls Punk, TWO! Austin kicks low, FAMOU- NO! Punk blocks the Famouser to BOMB Austin into Billy!

Then a fireman’s carry, tag to Dax! GO TO the BIG RIG!! Cover, CM Punk & FTR win!!

Winners: CM Punk & FTR, by pinfall

The Best in the World and the Top Guys stand tall, champions all! But with these golden targets on their backs, who will be next to step up to them for those titles?

Punk gets a mic and he says, “I’ve never done drugs in my life, but I’d imagine this is what it feels like. And the magical thing about me being me is, boy, I still gotta lot of work to do. There’s still miles to travel, there’re still roads to travel, and hell, I know I gotta get better. That’s what this championship’s about. I wouldn’t be here if my road to success wasn’t littered with mistakes, and those mistakes are just learning moments, and gaddamit, I’m gonna learn. And I’m gonna get better. And you can call me what you want: positive, negative, but you gotta call me ‘the champ!'” Fans like the sound of that!

Dax says those things Punk hasn’t done, Dax’s done. And he’ll tell ya, yeah it feels that good. But uh, in seriousness, pro-wrestling means the world to him. His beautiful wife and baby girl are in the crowd, and they’re the only two things in this damn world that mean more to him than pro-wrestling. Being ROH Tag Team Champion means to world to FTR. So when you come on their stage, in their ring, and attack them, that don’t sit well. So what he’s getting at is, if you’re from another company, if you’re from the same company, sorry but bring your asses out here so they can kick your ass!

Punk says that brings us to NJPW. “Some of the best professional wrestlers in the world, but I happen to be standing in the world with two of the best! No jumping from behind, no back fighting. We’ve got a Pay-Per-View to sell. Forbidden Door, I know you’re back door, show me who I got!” And with that, it’s HIROSHI TANAHASHI! The Ace of NJPW is here in LA and fans are fired up to see him! The Once in a Century Talent is going to take on The Best in the World, who walks out the Forbidden Door the greatest of all time?


MJF is here!

Somehow, Maxwell Jacob Friedman is up and moving after the Powerbomb Symphony Wardlow played using his body this past Sunday. MJF has his music cut and he goes to the ring. Fans mostly boo as MJF has the mic. “I am in a lot of pain right now after what happened on Sunday. But all you people want is to hear me talk, right?” NO! Well MJF will talk, but as Max Friedman! “Big merger, boss. Lot of important executives here tonight to watch your product. It’d be a real shame if something bad happened. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you, man. Speaking of embarrassing, you’ve been trying to sit down with me to hash things out for quite some time now, haven’t ya?”

Fans tell MJF to STFU but MJF says, “Guess what? Too little too late! Here’s why! When this company first started, it was all friends wrestling. Everybody was handed a ticket, except for me! See, I had to write my own. And boy do I have good penmanship, because I created moment after moment after moment for this company, and I still get no respect!” Fans applaud because they’re starting to agree. MJF says NO ONE is on his level! Everything he touches turns to gold! There is nothing he can’t do! “Every time I come out here, I am not expected to hit home runs, I expected to hit grand slams, and I do that s*it on a weekly basis!”

MJF says that while everyone else settle for being great, he has to be perfect! Because he is the 26 year old constantly under a microscope because he is the only one who can carry this company on his back, as he has for MONTHS! “It’s funny I hear boos but I also hear clapping. That’s interesting. Where were you guys this whole weekend when you were calling me an unprofessional piece of s*it? I’m just curious.” They’re not the only problem, it’s the “boys in the back,” too. They all want MJF’s spot, but guess what? You can have it! MJF doesn’t wanna be here anymore.

Now to the “fans.” You all act like fans but you’re uneducated MARKS! You sit there on your phones, tweeting out opinions like they’re worth a damn. MJF will explain something to you: “YOU DON’T KNOW S*IT!! Your opinions suck, your opinions change at the drop of a dime, but then you pretend that your new opinions are the same as your old ones.” For example, people say they always knew MJF was a good wrestler. Except those same people pretended he sucked for a long time. And why is that? Because MJF isn’t like all the faves? Like he doesn’t pretend to watch NJPW? Because he doesn’t dump his opponents on his head and is reckless?

Is it because MJF doesn’t chase the star ratings? What is it? How could MJF possibly be the best? News flash: HE IS THE BEST! He is the only guy who makes you feel! And unlike all those boys, he doesn’t have to do a bunch of BS to get you there! MJF is a generational talent and yet everyone takes him for granted! But it’s not just the fans, it’s the big man in the back, too! Here’s something they can’t take for granted, and something Tony Khan doesn’t want you to know: Do you know who is the second best minute-to-minute draw for AEW? You wish! It’s MJF! If you don’t believe him, go ask “Stat Boy” what he has to say. But don’t ask him to pay the man who’s been busting his ass for him since day one!

No, no, no! Tony has to horde all that money to give to the newest ex-WWE guys he’s hiring! Who can’t even lace MJF’s GADDAMN BOOTS! Fans are giving MJF a standing ovation for this amazing venting! MJF asks Tony if he’d be treated better if he was an ex-WWE guy. Here’s the problem, boss. You have a position of power in a wrestling company, when the only position you should be assuming is behind the guard rails with all the fans! MJF doesn’t wanna wait until 2024 but Tony doesn’t listen, so MJF will make it easier: FIRE MJF!

And don’t try and play him off, he’s not done! MJF wants Tony to FIRE him, and then he curses so hard they have to bleep it all! MJF is incensed, Dynamite goes to break, how will “boss man” respond to this?


Johnny Elite’s Open Challenge: John Morrison VS ???

Speaking of one of those ex-WWE guys… Johnny Elite returns home to LA, and he wants to prove himself worthy of being here in AEW! He wants to face the best here, but who steps up to take him on?

“My God, it’s been a long time. I’ve been thinking, waiting, healing. Everything you’ve put me through made me realize that all I need is to get closer to you again. So I will return to AEW to help my fellow man. The Bastards, the Punks, the Cowboys, and the pagans, too. And I will redeem them all. And those good deeds are what’s going to bring me back to the Kingdom of Heaven. Where I will find you! You separated me from my gold and kept me from my home! But my neck of sand is now fixed! It’s my heart that’s broken… My God, I no longer wish to come home. I now want to come and take yours! The Redeemer is back, flawless!” AKA, MIRO has returned! Will he CRUSH Johnny Elite and be redeemed in combat?

The bell rings and fans fire up! Miro and Johnny circle, Johnny tries a testing kick but Miro stays up. Miro blocks Johnny’s next kick to CLOBBER him! Miro stomps Johnny, kicks him and throws hands, then bumps him off buckles! Miro fires off big hands and stomps away! The ref counts, Miro lets off and fans are fired up even more! Miro drags Johnny up, Johnny throws hands but Miro whips him to a corner. Johnny BOOTS, goes up the corner, but Miro drags him down to SAIDO! Miro snarls while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Miro flexes while fans rally up. Miro drags Johnny up, KICKS him in the back, then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Miro lets off and then KICKS Johnny in the back! Miro snarls as Johnny flounders to a corner. Miro brings Johnny up but Johnny throws body shots! Johnny runs, but Miro CLOBBERS him! Miro soaks up the cheers, then brings Johnny up to suplex! Miro stomps Johnny, drags him up and suplexes him again! Miro paces around Johnny, runs and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Miro stomps Johnny, sits him up and nods before he DECKS Johnny with a right! Miro clamps on a chinlock and squeezes tight!

Johnny endures, fights up, throws body shots and ROCKS Miro with a forearm! Dynamite returns to single picture as Johnny runs. Miro follows but Johnny elbows him away. Johnny runs in, ducks and dodges, but leaps into Miro’s arms! Miro swings and SLAMS Johnny down! Fans fire up and he aims from a corner. Miro stomps around, Johnny gets up, but Johnny avoids the kick, waistlocks, spins Miro around and ROUNDHOUSES! Miro wobbles, but he stands up again. Johnny fires off heavy strikes, but Miro throws him to a corner, only to miss in the corner. Johnny fires off more strikes, then runs, springboard, FLYING CHCUK!

Fans fire up as Johnny hits a STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, ONE!! Johnny keeps moving, SHINING WIZARD! Johnny gets up top, fans rally, BARREL ROLL, but Johnny has to roll through as Miro dodges! BEST KICK! Miro snarls with wide eyes and fans fire up with him! Miro shouts for it, and he stomps Johnny into the GAME OVER!! Johnny is bent back, he taps out! Miro wins!

Winner: Miro, by submission

Redemption! But this is just the first! Will Miro fight his way to the Pearly Gates, and end up with AEW gold?


The Jericho Appreciation Society heads to the ring!

The “recognized symbol of excellence in sports entertainment” was shockingly victorious in the bloody and brutal Anarchy in the Arena match. Fans sing Judas as the pyro pops off and Chris Jericho leads Jake Hager, Angelo Parker & Matt Menard to the ring. Jericho then has the song stop and fans boo. Parker clears his throat and says at Double or Nothing, they DOMINATED Anarchy in the Arena. “Therefore, AEW Galaxy, APPRECIATE US!” Wink wink. Menard then takes the mic to say Daddy Magic wants to know, Double or Nothing, did you see it!? HUH!? Did you order it? If you did, then you know that JAS are the Princes of Pain! Nobody does it better!

Jericho smiles and says, “I know you all wanted to sing, but you don’t deserve it tonight. What you deserve is the winners of the Anarchy in the Arena, the Jericho Appreciation Society. But winning that match was not without a price. We had our heads bounced off the floor, went through tables, covered in mustard. I had my hair pulled out, I was knocked down, beaten down, and even worse, that psycho, Eddie Kingston comes to the ring- SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Here’s your Eddie Kingston!” He comes to the ring with a gas can, pours gasoline all over Jericho, and wants to light him on fire?! What kind of man burns another man? Uh…

But another thing! That other piece of trash, Bryan Danielson, he says at the end, “I’m going to kick his expletive head in!” Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” for Bryan. But after that, Hager and Jericho choked Bryan OUT, and that lost the match! And Bryan isn’t here tonight! Fans boo but Jericho says “that is what Daniel Garcia will do to that fathead, Jon Moxley, here in the main even of Dynamite.” It is like the JAS says: every time sports entertainers VS pro wrestlers, sports entertainers win! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Sports entertainers always win! But wait, here comes Eddie Kingston! The Mad King has his music cut, too, as he and Regal are together!

Fans are thunderous for Kingston and Regal, and Kingston says he’ll fight all of them right now! Bryan isn’t talking to Eddie, he hasn’t really talked with Mox in weeks, “Monkey” Ortiz isn’t talking to him, either. But Eddie doesn’t care! He just wants to fight them all! But y’know what? Regal, let them know where he wants to fight them! BLOOD AND GUTS!!! That’s right! Blood & Guts II is going to happen! Jericho says Kingston wants Blood & Guts? Uh oh, Kingston is storming up! Well he ain’t getting that match! Get him! They mug Kingston 3v1 with Jericho taunting Kingston in the ring! Kingston deserves to be in a cage, not the JAS!

But when Jericho turns around, Ortiz is there! MAD BALL!! And then Ortiz has scissors! He’s going to cut Jericho’s hair!! He gets a BIG lock of it! Fans are shocked, and then Ortiz runs as the JAS return! Fans chant for “Monkey! Monkey!” as he and Kingston regroup. Jericho yells at the stupid SOB for cutting his hair! Jericho’s hair is worth more than Ortiz’s entire existence! But if they want Blood & Guts, if they want to face the JAS again.. THEY’VE GOT IT! But… There has to be something in return. Jericho vows to shave Ortiz bald! If they want Blood & Guts, then we need Jericho VS Ortiz, Hair VS Hair! Ortiz says okay then!

Jericho says he’ll beat Ortiz, shave him, and BURN him, because he’s a wizard!! But will Jericho end up the one burned by his own gamble before being bloodied inside the double ring, double cage?


AEW shares what happened after Double or Nothing.

Samoa Joe was backstage with a trainer working on his arm and Alex Marvez asking about his loss to Adam Cole in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament finals. Joe said his shoulder was fine, but then Jay Lethal attacked! They brawled, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt joined in! They hit Joe with a chair, then trap the arm in it! They RAM Joe’s bad arm into a road case! Joe writhes, holding his arm, will he be able to get revenge on Lethal and his lackeys?


10 Man Tag: Christian Cage, Darby Allin, Matt Hardy & Jurassic Express VS Hikuleo & The Undisputed Elite!

The “King of Harts,” Adam Cole leads the way for the Young Gun, the Young Bucks and reDRagon, a bit of a mixed bag of feelings from Double or Nothing. Cole obviously won the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament and the lovely belt that comes with it, Kyle O’Reilly outlasted the Relentless One, but Matt & Nick Jackson could not put away the Hardy Boyz. Will they all get to celebrate tonight in Young Bucks Country? Or will Captain Charisma, the Relentless One, Matt and the AEW World Tag Team Champions continue to DELETE the Elite?

The teams sort out and Jungle Boy starts against Kyle. They circle, knuckle lock, but Kyle kicks. JB kicks back, CHOPS, then goes up and up and rebounds to arm-drag! Kyle gets up but JB dropkicks him down! JB handsprings and fans fire up for their hometown hero! JB knuckle locks again but Kyle kicks him away. Tag to Fish, but JB arm-drags Fish down! JB brings Fish up, tags Christian, they mug Fish then double whip. They double hip toss, Nick runs in but they dodge to double hip toss the other way! Matt wants in, and his rival, Christian, obliges! Fans fire up as Matt gets the tag, and the tag team legends work together to DECK Fish!

Christian gets Fish up, Matt goes up and AX HANDLES! Cole is on commentary and is annoyed by all this. Matt rallies the fans with “DELETE! DELETE!” Fish gets up, Matt kicks low but no Twist! Fish kicks but Matt ducks! Fish sobats, tags to Christian and Matt Jackson! Christian gets around Matt, ROCKS him with an uppercut, then another! Christian climbs up in the corner to rain down fists! Fans count, Christian goes past 10, then turns things around. Nick rushes over, Christian DECKS him, BOOTS Matt, then TORNADO DDTs! Fans fire up, Christian covers, TWO! Christian gets Matt to the ropes and stands on him for the choke!

The ref counts, Christian hops off at 3 to slingshot and uppercut! Cole talks about the great bond The Undisputed Elite has but then gets mad that Matt is down. Christian goes up, but Fish anchors him! Darby goes after Fish! Then JB runs in to FLYING RANA Fish to the floor! Cole is stunned, Christian gives Matt Jackson a DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, the Bucks break it up! Kyle also gets in, but Christian’s teammates all rush in! It’s a huge brawl! Fans fire up, the Elite get tossed, Darby DIVES into Kyle! JB and Luchasaurus set up to STEREO MOONSAULT! JB takes out Fish while Luchasaurus takes out Cutler and Hikuleo!

Matt and Christian are up while Cole is upset! Christian chicken wings but Matt powers out and Nick SUPERKICKS Christian down! The Bucks regroup, Matt Jackson WRECKS Matt Hardy! Then Matt Jackson skins the cat so his brother Nick can FLY onto everyone! Cole and LA are all fired up as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Nick is fired up, Matt is fire dup, Matt starts thrusting! Matt drags Christian up but Christian gets a cradle! TWO!! Matt gets up to CLOBBER Christian! Matt drops a knee on Christian, tags in Kyle, and Kyle drops knees of his own. Cover, TWO! Captain Charisma is still in this but Kyle brings him up to whip into the open corner. Tag to Matt, who tags Nick, who tags Fish. Fish tags Hikuleo, Matt whips Nick in at Christian, but he puts Nick on the apron! Matt runs in, he’s also put on the apron! Kyle runs in and ROCKS Christian with a forearm smash! Then Fish runs in, he combos with the Bucks for a DOUBLE ENZIGURI KNEE SMASH COMBO!

Hikuleo tops things off with a corner SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Christian survives that onslaught but Hikuleo drags him up. Christian throws body shots, Hikuleo knees him low, then POSTS him in the Undisputed corner! Tag Nick and he taunts Christian’s team. He even SPITS at Luchasaurus! The ref keeps Luchasaurus back but that allows the Undisputed Elite to mug Christian! Nick does laps around Christian, then drags him up. Tag to Matt, Matt CLAWS Christian’s back, then he tags Nick. They push Christian around and taunt him, but Hardy rallies the fans. Nick stomps away, tags Matt back in, and the Bucks bring Christian up.

The Bucks wind up, but Christian dodges the double superkicks as Dynamite returns to single picture! Christian gets them both for a DOUBLE INVERTED DDT! Fans fire up and Christian crawls over, hot tag to Luchasaurus! The dino-man rallies on the Bucks, BLASTS the corner, then TOSSES Nick to a corner! Luchasaurus fires off big hands, then FLAPJACKS Matt! Corner clothesline for Matt, Kyle runs in but Luchasaurus catches him! Luchasaurus RAMS Kyle into Nick! Then he back body blocks Matt! Kyle and Nick dodge the corner attack but he DOUBLE LARIATS! The fans fire up and Cole is furious!

Luchasaurus choke grips Nick, but Nick slips out of the choke slam! Sobat, ROUNDHOUSE, but he runs into a back elbow! Luchasaurus rolls back, to SPIKE Nick! JB leaps off Luchasaurus to give Matt a DESTROYER! Luchasaurus CHOKE SLAMS Nick! Cole is having a breakdown while Luchasaurus STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, Hikuleo breaks it! Hikuleo drags Nick over, tags in, and now he stands against Luchasaurus! Fans fire up, Luchasaurus choke grips! Hikuleo breaks free to choke grip back! Luchasaurus breaks free to HEADBUTT! Hikuleo rebounds, Luchasaurus dodges, they come back and DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men are down, LA fires up!

Cole is freaking out, but hot tags to Kyle and Darby! Fans are thunderous as Double or Nothing is revisited! Darby dodges Kyle, SHOTGUNS him into a corner, then runs in to fire off forearms! Darby goes corner to corner, but Fish runs in !Darby dodges, fires off on Fish, then back body blocks! And one for Kyle! Another for Fish, another for Kyle! Fish dodges, runs in but into BOOTS! Darby rolls and shoots around, THROWBACK STUNNER for Kyle! Kyle manages to take Matt, Hikuleo runs in but Darby dumps him out! Rough landing for Hikuleo, Darby tags Matt Hardy! Darby goes up to SUPER COFFIN-

NO, Hikuleo catches Darby! Fish and Hikuleo mug Darby, then Cole fires up as Kyle ‘n’ Fish give Darby CHASING THE DRAGON! Hardy bumps Matt Jackson off buckles for “DELETE! DELETE!” Nick is in, but Hardy gives him “DELETE! DELETE!” bumps! Then “DELETE! DELETE!” for Kyle! Fish runs in, he gets “DELETE! DELETE!” Hardy completes all four corners! But Hikuleo returns, fans fire up but Hardy suckers him into an elbow! And “DELETE!” NOPE! Hikuleo whips Hardy away, runs in, but Hardy sends him into buckles! Christian missile dropkicks, then Hardy TWIST OF FATES! Hikuleo gets back up but he gets clotheslined out of the ring!

Christian SPEARS Hikuleo! But Kyle FLYING KNEES Christian down! Nick BLASTS Darby off the apron, the Bucks dodge Hardy to DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Luchasaurus handsprings through but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! JB tag sin, he leaps, into DOUBLE SUPERKICSK! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Luchasaurus again! Fans are thunderous and Cole is feeling great now. B T E- NO, Hardy saves JB! JB has Matt Jackson but Matt fights out of the Killswitch to shove JB into Hardy! Kyle gets Hardy in a SLEEPER! Matt Jackson gut wrenches JB, Fish gets in, and Nick is on the apron! TOTAL ANNIHILATION for Hardy!! MELTZER DRIVER for JB!! Cover, Undisputed Elite wins!

Winners: Hikuleo & The Undisputed Elite, by pinfall

Cole is all fired up! The Bucks just pinned the AEW World Tag Team Champions, they will get their match and those titles back, the Undisputed Elite will run AEW! No one can stop them! Will one of Cole’s golden prophecies become reality once again?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland.

Lexi Nair is with them and some special guests as she notes how close Keith & Swerve were to becoming new AEW World Tag Team Champions. How are they feeling now? Swerve wants to introduce us to his people first. We’ve got Gi from the MCU, man behind the Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War. Then there’s Flash Garments, man behind Swerve’s theme song. And last but not least, the fashion icon himself, Jeff Hamilton, presenting Swerve with a special jackets to sport around. In the Forum, we’ve had Jerry West and Chamberlain, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and Shaq. Two single stars on one team.

Keith says it is to be noted that whether it be as a tag team or as singles competitors, the goal has been gained before, and it will happen again, and when it does, Keith expects we will all #SwerveInOurGlory. When and where will the Limitless House of Swerve grab golden opportunities here in AEW?


Tony Schiavone is on stage.

He gladly introduces someone who made her AEW debut at Double or Nothing, and now she makes her Dynamite debut, it is ATHENA! The Fallen Goddess made her presence known to AEW and the Baddies when she made sure they couldn’t bully Anna Jay. Schiavone says Athena didn’t back down from Jade Cargill, and he welcomes her officially to AEW. She thanks him and the fans, and says she can finally say it: Athena is All Elite! And it is no surprise why she’s here. The top tier competition of the AEW Women’s Division, nonetheless that of one dominant TBS Champion, Jade Cargill.

But Jade, Athena wants to keep it 100, real talk. All streaks were made to be broken, and Athena will break Jade’s! So you can say this or that, but Athena is the Fallen Goddess, the Alpha- Jade storms out to tell Tony to “cut the s*it!” Jade, with The Baddies and now Stokely Hathaway instead of Mark Sterling, walks out to say that she is #ThatBitch. Now, let her introduce us to the best talker in the game, Hathaway! “Athena, Athena, Athena, Athena. How dare you interrupt us at Double or Nothing your first day on the damn job, too. What a shame. Shame, shame, shame.” It is Hathaway’s job as Jade’s publicist to inform Athena and everyone that Jade right here is a QUEEN.

Jade is a goddess, and is our TBS Champion! And Hathaway knows Athena wants a title shot, but guess what? Hathaway holds the mic up for Jade so she can say, “Not today!” HA! Athena says okay, but then Kiera gets in her way. Athena says okay, if it’s like that… Anna Jay walks out! AND Kris Statlander! Kris stares down Velvet, Hathaway has everyone stand down. Security, get out here! Refs rush out, too, but Athena still stares Jade down. Will the Fallen Goddess fight her way up and prove she can beat #ThatBitch?


Wardlow VS JD Drake!

MJF’s meltdown may have been about management, but his mood certainly wasn’t helped losing to the Maestro of Mayhem. Wardlow is now truly All Elite and looks to finally get himself some gold! Will he maintain his #1 contender’s spot now that he is unleashed? Or can Scrap Metal find a way to end Wardlow’s warpath?

The bell rings and JD CHOPS Wardlow! Wardlow doesn’t flinch, so JD CHOPS again! That one stings, and JD boasts about it, only to turn around into the wind-up LARIAT! Wardlow snarls, whips JD to ropes, but JD gets around to waistlock and shove. Wardlow goes up, over, rolls and RAMS into JD! Then Wardlow hauls JD up and carries him around, for a SPINEBUSTER! The straps come down already and fans fire up! POWERBOMB! But fans all know that’s just the first verse! POWERBOMB! And then the cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

At 52-8, Wardlow is still on top! Tony Schiavone gets in the ring with Wardlow to say here in LA, we will say it again: Wardlow is All Elite! But then Mark Sterling storms out with a lot of security, and he tells “Wardy” to hold on here. Give him the documents! Wardlow must be pretty proud of himself, huh? All tickled pink! Wardlow thinks he can wreak havoc across the nation and get away with it? Wardlow says Sterling doesn’t watch the product. Sterling says take a look at what those papers say! He’s being served with a lawsuit on behalf of the American Arena Security Professionals, the people he’s been beating up for weeks and weeks!

Sterling says he’ll see Wardlow in court! Wardlow looks to the fans with a look that says, “Is he serious?” Wardlow tosses the papers aside to grab the guy who handed him the papers! Sterling says no, that man has a family! Well he also gets a POWERBOMB! And Wardlow rips up the papers, to feed them to the security guard! Will Wardlow beat this frivolous suit the same way he has just about everyone else?


Backstage interview with Dan Lambert and the Men of the Year.

Lexi Nair stands with the victorious Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page and brings up this Friday on Rampage, it will be Scorpio Sky VS Dante Martin for the AEW TNT Championship. Lambert’s thoughts are that where you like Dante or not, which for the record Lambert doesn’t, no one can deny Dante’s ability or potential. But that means if Dante does everything right over the next couple of years, he’ll end up where Scorpio Sky is right now. Which would be great, if Dante had a couple more years. But he’s only got days, bro! And none of the potential gets him any closer to “Genie.” Scorpio won’t let Dante even touch Genie!

So here’s what Dante should do: enjoy this “California vacation.” Walk down Sunset Boulevard, get you some Rosco’s Chicken ‘n’ Waffles, because on Friday, you’ll get your ass handed to you by the only man worthy of being The Face of TNT. But Dante steps in to stop the snap! Dante “appreciates” all the confidence they have in his potential, but he thinks he is better than Scorpio is right now. And on Rampage, he proves it! Dante steps away, but will he step up to the plate to get struck out by The Closer? Or will he hit the biggest home run of his career?


Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel VS Toni Storm & Ruby Soho!

This looks familiar. But there is a change, actually: The Doctor is now “The Queen of Harts,” having defeated both the Lightning From Down Under and the Runaway in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament! Will she and her assistant do the same again in LA? Or will Storm & Soho avenge themselves in the aftermath?

The teams sort out, Storm and Britt start and they circle. Hayter talks trash to get at Storm but then gets away before Storm can hit her. Britt kicks Storm, fires off forearms, but Storm puts Britt in a corner to fire off forearms and stomps! The ref counts, Storm lets off and whips Britt to ropes. Britt holds ropes and bails out to regroup with Hayter and show off the Queen of Harts belt. Soho and Storm sigh, the belt is put back and Britt gets in. Storm waits on Britt, but Britt wants to tag Hayter. Hayter is hesitant, she did lose to Storm in the tournament. Storm rolls Britt up! TWO, Storm headlocks but Britt powers out.

Britt drops down but Storm redirects herself and basement dropkicks Britt! Fans fire up, Storm tags Soho and snapmares Britt. They DOUBLE PENALTY KICK, then Soho covers, TWO! Soho wrenches an arm, Britt pulls hair to throw Soho down! Britt drags Soho up, tags Hayter, and they mug Soho. Hayter stomps, but Soho JAWBREAKERS! Soho runs in, Britt tags and Hayter BOOTS Soho! Hayter puts Soho on the apron, BOOTS her again, then Britt trips Soho and spins her around! DRAPING SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Britt is all smiles as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

The ref has to keep Storm back so Hayter gets away with extra stomps. Britt puts Soho in, drags her to a cover, TWO! Britt drags Soho up, taunts Storm, then taunts Soho. Soho fires forearms! Britt gives them back, snap suplexes Soho, then covers, TWO! Britt drags Soho up by her hair, wraps her up in a seated cobra twist, and grinds her forearm into Soho’s face. Soho endures, the ref reprimands, but Britt CLUBS Soho in the chest! Soho fights up, throws body shots, but Britt pushes her to the corner. Tag to Hayter, and they mug Soho. Hayter snap suplexes Soho, covers, TWO! Hayter bumps Soho off buckles, then brings her around to do it again!

Hayter dusts off her hands, holds Soho in place but the ref counts. Hayter lets off, and Britt gets her shots in! Storm protests but Britt gets away with it. Hayter CLUBS Soho, then DECKS Storm! Hayter CLUBS Soho, scoops her and SLAMS her! Cover with a knee, TWO! Hayter is annoyed but she drags Soho up to tag Britt. Britt stomps Soho, pushes her down, and stomps her more. Cover, ONE! Britt clamps on a facelock and then fires off forearms. Dynamite returns to single picture and Britt mocks Soho before she throws another forearm. Britt reels Soho in but Soho fights the butterfly suplex to a backslide! TWO, and Britt keeps Soho from Storm.

Hayter goes around the way to trip Storm off the apron! Hayter taunts fans while Britt fires shots on Soho. Soho reverses the whip to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both women are down, and Soho crawls to her corner. Hot tags to Hayter and Storm! Fans fire up as these two meet again! Storm runs Hayter over, DECKS Britt, then gets around Hayter to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up, Storm HIP ATTACKS Hayter, then TORNADO DDTs! Hayter bails out, Storm goes to the apron, TORNADO- NO! Hayter blocks that one to put Storm on the apron, DRAPING SWINGING NECKBREAKER! But Soho’s up top, SUPER CROSSBODY!

Fans are thunderous, but Soho turns around into a SLINGBLADE from Britt! Britt gets Storm and Hayter in the ring, Hayter SLIDING KNEES Storm! Cover, TWO! Hayter gets up, underhooks Storm’s arms, but Storm blocks the lift! Storm Alabama Lifts, for the ALABAMA SLAM! Tag to Soho, she climbs up and SUPER- NO, Soho has to land on her feet as Hayter moves! Britt SUPERKICKS Soho!! Storm gets Britt for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Hayter BOOTS Storm, but Soho gives Hayter an ST- NO! Hayter fight off the STO for an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Fans are thunderous again and Hayter tags Britt!

Britt reels Soho into the corner, she climbs up and fans chant, “This is Awesome!” TORNADO BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Storm trips Hayter up! Britt is distracted, she hurries to superkick but Soho deflects and rolls her up! Cover, TWO!! Britt is up, wrench and NO FUTURE!! Soho covers, TWO!?! And into the RINGS OF SATURN! Britt wants her glove, Soho pushes up out of the hold but Britt still tries! Soho gets the cover, but Hayter tips it back over! Britt has the Rings, but Soho still tries! Britt uses that to get a cover, TWO!! FISHERMAN SCREW!! Britt and Storm talk trash, Hayter rushes in but almost hits Britt!

Britt and Hayter take a second, but now Storm trips Hayter up again! Soho gets a cradle! TWO!! But Soho blocks a kick to give a KICK! DESTINATION UNKNOWN!! Cover, Soho & Storm win!!

Winners: Toni Storm & Ruby Soho, by pinfall

Soho’s take on Bladerunner wins it for her, but then Hayter CLOBBERS Storm with the Queen of Harts belt! Soho goes after Hayter but Britt has her leg! BELT SHOT!! Fans boo and Hayter hands the belt to Britt. Britt and Hayter stand tall despite the loss, will AEW once again belong to Britt Baker, DMD?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

The Young Bucks look to prove themselves worthy of the AEW World Tag Team Championships by taking on the team that dethroned them! Young Bucks VS Lucha Brothers this Friday, will Matt & Nick Jackson fight their way to that match with Jurassic Express? Or will Penta & Fenix win their way back into the title scene?

After the confrontation between Jade and her enemies, Kiera Hogan takes on Athena! The Fallen Goddess has her AEW in-ring debut, will she get her first AEW win off one of Jade’s Baddies? And in a Forbidden Door teaser, we will see David Finlay make his AEW debut against the former AEW World Champion, HANGMAN ADAM PAGE! Will the Cowboy get his s*it together and get back up on the horse?


AEW also announces coming events!

Blood & Guts II is on the books! June 29th, in Detroit! But will it just be Kingston taking on the JAS? And for Road Rager 2022, it will be Hair VS Hair, Jericho VS Ortiz! If Jericho survives Blood & Guts, will he end up shaved bald by Monkey?


Jon Moxley VS Daniel Garcia!

Sure, Blackpool Combat Club and friends lost to the Jericho Appreciation Society in Anarchy in the Arena, but we know that the war is far from over! Blood & Guts is on the horizon, will the Maniac make Red Death bleed as much as he did at Double or Nothing? Or can the sports entertainer inflict more pain on the pro-wrestler?

Jericho and Regal are on commentary, talking trash on each other and their factions, and even take joy in seeing some of the celebrities in the crowd. The bell rings, Garcia and Moxley circle. They knuckle lock, then break. Fans rally up for Mox as he and Garcia tie up again. Moxley puts Garcia in a corner, Garcia turns it around, but the ref counts. Garcia lets off at 4, the two go again. They tie up, Moxley wrenches, headlocks, but Garcia powers out. Moxley runs Garcia over, then puts him in a corner. Moxley CHOPS Garcia, follows him to another corner, and CHOPS him again. Moxley follows Garcia to a third corner, and CHOPS again!

Moxley whips Garcia to ropes but Garcia kicks him! Garcia CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS in return, but Moxley just stands there! Garcia JABS, Moxley CHOPS! Garcia falls over, but he gets up to CHOP! Moxley CHOPS, we’ve got a CHOP fight! Fans “WOO!” with each one, but Garcia snapmares and PENALTY KICKS Mox in the back! Moxley snarls and gets up. Garcia talks trash and pie faces Moxley a couple times.  Moxley SLAPS him, snapmares and PENALTY KICKS in return! Moxley drags Garcia up to snapmare and KICK again! Garcia writhes but Moxley pushes him to a cover, TWO! They knuckle lock, Moxley pushes an arm down, ONE!

Moxley and Garcia stand, go forehead to forehead in the knuckle lock, and Garcia gives HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Then a haymaker! And another! But Moxley reels Garcia in for the underhooks! Garcia pushes Moxley back and they tumble out of the ring! Moxley’s stitches pop and he’s bleeding from the forehead! Not that he cares, he whips Garcia. Garcia reverses to RAM Moxley into steel steps! And then Garcia traps Moxley’s leg between steps and post, to run and SHOTGUN the steps! Moxley writhes and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Garcia puts the steps back in place to trap Moxley again. Garcia stomps and rains down fists on Moxley’s bloody forehead! Garcia paces around, then comes back to get Moxley free of the steps. Garcia hauls Moxley up into the ring, covers, TWO! Garcia grabs the bad leg and YANKS it! Moxley hobbles to a corner, Garcia is after the bad leg. Garcia puts it through ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Garcia lets off, and then he KICKS the ropes to jam the leg! Moxley has a crimson mask forming but he CHOPS Garcia! Garcia sweeps the legs! Garcia has the leg for a standing toehold, then the FIGURE FOUR!

Moxley endures, reaches out at Garcia, but Garcia puts more pressure on! Moxley moves around, rocking back and forth, and he turns the hold over onto Garcia! Now Garcia endures, turns it over, and they get the ROPEBREAK! The ref undoes the hold, Moxley hobbles away but Garcia grins. Garcia runs in at the corner, into a back elbow! Moxley goes up, but Garcia trips him up! Moxley is stuck up top, Garcia wags his finger. Garcia climbs up after Moxley and CLUBS away on that bloody forehead! And even BITES at it! The ref reprimands, Garcia stops at 4 and seems to enjoy the taste of Moxley blood.

Garcia goes back up after Moxley as Dynamite returns to single picture. Moxley fights Garcia with elbows, but Garcia CLUBS away on his bad leg! Garcia stands all the way up, SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Moxley shakes his head but his crimson mask is now all over his face! Garcia gets the legs and steps through, but Moxley rakes the eyes! Garcia staggers away, Moxley bails out, and Moxley goes to the steel steps. Garcia rushes out after Moxley, but runs into a kick! Moxley positions Garcia, X-PLEX onto the stairs! And he bounces off them!! Fans lose their minds while Moxley gets back in the ring.

The ref checks on Garcia, somehow he is okay to continue. Garcia hobbles up, gets in, Moxley rallies with lariats! Corner clothesline, then Moxley puts Garcia up top! Moxley climbs has a GROVIT, but then he has a SUPER HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! But Moxley gives him HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then a SLEEPER! REAR NAKED- NO, Garcia rolls through to copy the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL!! Jericho asks Moxley how it feels to take his own strikes! Garcia clamps on, REAR NAKED- NO, Moxley slips through now, and gives MORE HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL!! Then ARMBAR!! Garcia endures, uses his legs to get Moxley’s and rolls up!

Garcia ties up the legs and has the over-the-shoulder chicken wing, Garcia has Moxley in some kind of Queen Angelito meets Crossface! Even the Man of 1004 Holds Jericho is impressed! Moxley still endures, drags himself forward, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous as Garcia lets Moxley go. Garcia storms after Moxley in a corner, but Moxley elbows him away! But Garcia catches Mox with a body scissor roll, has the legs hooked up, but Moxley make sit a cradle! TWO!! Garcia swings, but into Moxley’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Garcia is right up to choke grip! Moxley slaps that away so Garcia SLAPS Moxley! SAIDO!!

But Moxley’s up! Garcia reels him in, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Fans are thunderous again, but Garcia grits his teeth! Garcia gets the legs, ties them up, SHARPSHOOTER!! And it’s in deeeeep! But Moxley grabs Garcia’s head and drag shim off! But Garcia turns that to a cradle, TWO!! Moxley and Garcia start firing off forearms! Moxley rebounds to ROCK, Garcia rebounds to BOOT! DOUBLE FOREARMS collide, and both men fall over! Fans are electric as both men bail out! Garcia jumps on Moxley for a SLEEPER! Moxley goes to the timekeeper’s area to BACKPACK SENTON onto the table!! They tip things over, fans are thunderous again!

Moxley drags Garcia up and back to the ring. Fans are loving “A E DUB!” but then Jericho rushes to the ring! The Wizard won’t let his guy lose like this! Garcia rolls Moxley but Moxley rolls through, REGAL KNEE!! Eddie Kingston returns, and though stumbling a bit, he goes after Jericho! PARADIGM SHIFT for Garcia!!! Then BULLY CHOKE!! Garcia is OUT, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission

Eddie is still raining down fists on Jericho! Fans are thunderous, and Eddie finally lets off, but he gets a chair. Eddie threatens Jericho with it, making sure he knows what’s coming on the road to Blood & Guts! Moxley gets a mic to say, “Eddie, you are one hard guy to love. But gaddamit, you know I love it. You want Blood & Guts? Sign up Jon Moxley, you’ve got BLOOD! AND! GUTS!!” June 29th, Motor City, The Jericho Appreciation Society at least has two opponents, but will we see Ortiz, Santana and Bryan Danielson join in like they did for Anarchy in the Arena?

My Thoughts:

This is how you follow up a PPV while also setting up another! First, a great surprise in teaming Punk with FTR, they had a great Six Man Tag against Acclaimed Gunn Club. Now of course the team of champions win, but we also got a great promo from them to plug Forbidden Door, and how awesome that it’ll be Tanahashi taking on Punk. Tanahashi may not be champion right now, but he is in that “above titles” space, and Tanahashi VS Punk is a dream match. FTR indirectly call out United Empire, and given last week’s attack, it’s a given that is another match. And great matches set for Rampage, such as Hangman VS Finlay in another Forbidden Door teaser.

Good promo segment from The Baddies and their enemies, and Kiera VS Athena is going to be very good. Athena surely wins but definitely expect Jade and Velvet to get involved after. We need the Six Woman Tag before Jade has another challenger. Great tag match out of Britt & Hayter VS Soho & Storm, and it was a great rematch from their pre Double or Nothing tag match. I almost thought Hayter was going to help Britt steal it, but Soho & Storm still win. Intriguing storytelling here where Soho & Storm can’t beat Britt 1v1 but can as a team. I just hope AEW gives Soho and Storm the big wins they deserve that WWE (Vince) never saw in them.

Johnny Elite’s open challenge sure didn’t go the way anyone expected it to. Miro returns, he dominates and defeats Morrison, and now it’s Miro who gets going post-PPV. Maybe Miro is going to find his way to a title and give whoever it is one hell of a match, fans sure loved seeing him back. Speaking of which, really good promo out of Men of the Year and Dante Martin to hype up the TNT Championship match. Scorpio VS Dante is going to be wild stuff but in the end, pretty sure Scorpio retains. Scorpio just got that awesome looking purple ‘n’ gold belt, he’s going to hold onto that for a good long time.

Great 10 Man Tag tonight, even with the alterations to it. Jeff Hardy is still banged up from the match with the Bucks, and understandably so with another of those steel step spots. Darby Allin steps in and it works since he wants payback on Kyle. Great stuff with Cole on commentary going back and forth between confident and frustrated, and the little bit of Matt Hardy and Christian working out their differences. Undisputed Elite wins out because they’re going to be rolling back up the rankings. Bucks VS Lucha Brothers on Rampage is going to be awesome stuff all over again, but I would think Bucks win to get after Jurassic Express and the titles. Bucks might get those off Jurassic Express, because then one day, we’ll get more FTR VS Bucks for those titles.

Wardlow of course squashes JD Drake, but I like that Mark Sterling is continuing story with him on behalf of MJF and the jobber security guards. Honestly, a story like that should’ve been done in wrestling by now, so very smart of Smart Mark Sterling and AEW to do that. Who knows how this goes but it is a brilliant way to keep Wardlow going while he waits for title scenes to sort out. He is #1 contender, he will surely stay that for a good stretch, then he’ll have his pick of titles, though why wouldn’t he go for THE AEW World Championship? Give us Wardlow VS Punk, even as Face VS Face, though Punk did a great job being Tweener against Hangman so he can do that here, too.

Great promo from Keith & Swerve with their special guests to make a point that they’re sticking together. They weren’t just in the AEW Tag Division to get even with Team Taz, they want to be AEW’s Two Man Power Trip, and that would be cool to see at some point. Great stuff out of Jericho Appreciation Society and the extended Blackpool Combat Club faction. Good promo to set up what I was hoping for at Double or Nothing with Blood & Guts, that will be on “free TV” so no one gets robbed of that experience. And while it looks like 5v2, it will of course be 5v5 before then.

Though a bit odd that they scheduled Hair VS Hair for after Blood & Guts. Don’t they want to give us Bald Jericho or Bald Ortiz inside that cage? Well, okay, maybe not, the bald guy could end up bleeding from really bad spots on his head… But either way, great to hear that Road Rager is coming back, and I am going to love seeing Jericho end up bald or at least crewcut. Moxley VS Garcia was AWESOME, Garcia needs to realize he is still a pro-wrestler at heart and he turns on Jericho to join BCC to be another of the young generation like Wheeler Yuta. Then you’ve got a tag team of Yuta and Garcia, Moxley and Bryan can go for the singles title, BCC is dripping with blood and gold!

And I saved the best for last. MJF, Max Friedman, a generational talent on the mic if ever there was one, and honestly, no one can take away from what MJF said in the ring. Modern Day Pipebomb? Maybe. But it’s really telling that when WWE and talent have a dispute over creative, the talent is stripped of the titles, suspended without pay, and as far as anyone knows, it’s 99.99% shoot. Meanwhile, AEW and talent have a dispute over pay, and it’s to give us an all time instant classic promo that can actually feed into creative! WWE may want MJF, but they do not DESERVE MJF, and AEW will surely give MJF what he’s owed and we’ll see MJF get himself a title before year’s out.

My Score: 9.4

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/7/23)

On the road to Collision!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Dynamite brings out the gold!

AEW Dynamite lands in Colorado Springs, and Kris Statlander defends her TBS Championship against Anna Jay A.S! Will Kris still be the Galaxy’s Greatest?


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Swerve Strickland; wins and
  • Texas Tornado Tag: #JungleHook VS La Faccion Ingobernable; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Chaos; wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Jay White; wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Anna Jay A.S; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/2/23)

Champions are on a Rampage!



Four championships on one Friday night!

AEW Rampage hosts FOUR (non AEW) championship matches on one night! Will the champions make it through with their titles?


  • AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico; Vikingo wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti; ZSJ wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura; Willow wins and retains the title.
  • ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty; Shibata wins and retains the title.


AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico w/ Jose!

Two of these men teamed up just last night on ROH to win a Six Man Tag, but now they are opponents for the top title in AAA Lucha Libre. Meanwhile, La Faccion Ingobernable’s Prince of Silver and Gold is hungry for gold, will he take it away from Vikingo?

The bell rings and the three circle. Fans rally up for “LUCHA! LUCHA!” and “LUCHA LIBRE!” Dralistico swings, Vikingo dodges, but then Komander ducks Vikingo’s kick! Dralistico picks Vikingo up, throws him at Komander, but Komander throws Vikingo back. Vikingo wheelbarrows and arm-drags Dralistico but handsprings through. Vikingo dodges Komander now, shoves him to ropes, but Komander springboards! Vikingo gets under the crossbody, Komander tumbles and rolls but Dralistico jumps over, and then Vikingo jumps over Dralistico. Komander jumps over Vikingo, Dralistico jumps over Komander again, and they cycle continues!

Fans fire up for jump after jump, and then the three stand off. Dralistico raises the LFI fist and the three circle. Dralistico shoves the other two to then DOUBLE SHOTGUN! They bail out, Dralistico runs to FLY! Dralistico wipes both men out and fans fire up! Dralistico RAMS Komander into steel steps, and then he runs and RAMS Vikingo into railing! Fans cheer, Jose pats Dralistico on the shoulder and Dralistico goes back to BOOT Komander down. Dralistico puts Komander in, aims and springboards, to SWANTON! Cover, TWO! Dralistico wants a faster count but the ref says his count was fair.

Dralistico stomps Komander but fans taunt him. Dralistico bails out, tells the fans he’s done with them, but then they boo. Dralistico goes back to the ring, brings Komander up and tells everyone to hush. Dralistico CHOPS and Komander sits right down! Fans cheer as Dralistico says one more time, and he CHOPS, and CHOPS, and whips Komander. Komander reverses, runs in but is put on the apron. Dralistico swings, Komander blocks, and then Komander CHOPS! Komander slingshots up but Dralistico trips him! Dralistico ROCKS Komander, puts him in the ropes, and then goes up the corner.

Fans fire up as Dralistico WOE STOMPS Komander to the apron!! Fans fire up but then Vikingo gets in to go up and up and AIRHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit on Dralistico and the fans are thunderous! Vikingo gets Dralistico and Komander in the ring, and then runs in at the corner. Dralistico stands up into the GAMANGIRI! Vikingo goes up the corner, to IMPLODER DRAGON RANA!! Fans fire up as Vikingo keeps Dralistico in the ring to then go up the ropes, OUTSIDE-IN PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, Komander breaks it! Fans fire up as this continues, they love “LUCHA! LUCHA!”

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Dralistico, Komander adds a knee, and they double whip corner to corner. Vikingo sends Komander in but Dralistico TOSSES him out! Vikingo and Dralistico step up face to face, and Vikingo CHOPS! Dralistico CHOPS! Vikingo CHOPS again! Dralistico drops to a knee, and fans rally up. Vikingo throws forearms but Dralistico gives them back. Dralistico then SOBATS, KNEES, and runs, but into a SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO! Dralistico survives and Vikingo is a bit surprised. Fans continue to rally as Vikingo sees Komander on the apron. Vikingo storms up to throw forearms on Komander while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Komander down to the floor, then he fires forearms on Dralistico. Vikingo gets the fans fired up as he whips corner to corner. Dralistico reverses, runs in, but Vikingo puts him on the apron. Dralistico bumps Viking off buckles, ROUNDHOUSES him, then springboards, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Vikingo is still in this and Jose is upset. Dralistico drags Vikingo up, pushes him to ropes, then goes out to look under the ring. He brings out a TABLE! Jose helps Dralistico set that up at ringside, then Dralistico goes to fetch Vikingo. Komander is there but Dralistico ROCKS him and RAMS him into railing.

Dralistico CHOKES Vikingo against the railing, Rampage returns to single picture, and Dralistico puts Vikingo in the ring. Fans rally up, Dralistico runs to SUPERKICK Komander in the corner! Dralistico tranquilos on the top rope and fans are torn. Dralistico runs side to side again but Komander avoids the boot wash to GAMANGIRI! Komander springboards and double jumps, FLYING RANA!! Not the cleanest but fans fire up. Vikingo returns, Komander goes Matrix to then arm-drag Vikingo around! And dropkick! Fans fire up again as Vikingo brawls with Dralistico on the outside, and Komander climbs the far corner!

Komander tightrope walks to double jump MOONSAULT! “This is Awesome!” as Komander puts Dralistico in the ring. Komander goes up the corner again, tightrope walks again, 450 SPLASH!! Cover, but Vikingo DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS it apart! Fans fire up as Dralistico flops out onto the table. Vikingo whips Komander, Komander reverses, but Vikingo goes up and Komander hits buckles! Vikingo then springboards to FLYING POISON-RANA Komander down!! Vikingo puts Komander out on the table with Dralistico, and then runs the ropes! Fans fire up as Vikingo goes up and 630 SENTONS through the senton!!

“This is Awesome!” but Dralistico avoided disaster! Dralistico puts Vikingo in, slashes his throat, POWER- RANA!! Cover, VIKINGO WINS!!

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo, by pinfall (still AAA Mega Champion)

Dralistico is furious that victory was snatched away from him in an instant! But this is why you cannot underestimate El Hijo del Vikingo! Will his AAA Mega reign continue through the summer?


Backstage interview with Team Triple J.

Lexi Nair is with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, as well as Jeff & Karen Jarrett, “and the talk all week has been that you, Sonjay Dutt, and your group will be suspended.” WHAT?! Fined? Suspended? The only ones who should be facing that is AEW itself! They backed Triple J into a corner and they came out swinging like any real fighters would! Lethal feels that there should be consequences for Aubrey Edwards! She’s been against Triple J since the dawn of time! Something needs to be done about her! Jeff adds that there’s been enough talk these past five days. Should the heat go on the promotion? Should the heat go on Briscoe? On Aubrey?

The reality of the fact is, these five people are walking, talking, fire-breathing heat! But wait, here comes Mark Briscoe! He wants everyone to simmer down. There will be no suspensions, he assures us that. Mark talked with Tony Khan, Tony promised them there would be no suspensions. Because if Triple J is suspended, then they can’t be here. Because if they aren’t here, then they can’t get the ass whooping they deserve! Lethal wants Mark to hold on but Mark tells Lethal to shut up! We ain’t talking about Lethal! We’re talking about Jeff and KAREN! What?! “We?” Who is “we?!” AUBREY EDWARDS!!

Triple J cannot believe this. Aubrey wants Karen? Then there’s nothing but air and opportunity between them. So then Aubrey CHOKES Karen!! Karen and Aubrey start scrapping and Triple J, other refs and security rush in to stop this! When and where will Double J & the one true Karen have to face off with the Sussex County Chicken and one pissed off zebra?


NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti!

Speaking of just last night on ROH, the Frontman of TMDK just defended this belt against Rocky Romero to prove a point to “Samoan Joseph” about who is the better, harder working Television Champion. And here he is again as part of this championship edition of Rampage! Will the ZSJ Show continue on into the summer block? Or will NJPW have some #LightsCameraAction?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Action gets his 15 minutes of fame!

The bell rings and we’re on the clock. The two circle, fans rally, feel things out, and ZSJ shoots in to waistlock and full nelson. Then he spins Action to a cravat, but Action pries at the hold. ZSJ facelocks now, Action wrenches out of that but ZSJ rolls and slips away. Fans cheer this opening exchange and the two reset. Action shoots in but ZSJ avoids him. They tie up with knuckle locks, ZSJ bridges back and wrenches around to then wrangle Action with a top wristlock. Fans cheer and ZSJ digs a knee into the shoulder. Action rolls, cartwheels, arm-drags, but fans cheer as ZSJ holds onto the wrist!

ZSJ twists the wrist, bends the fingers, drags Action up and wrenches the arm to wrangle him again. Action keeps his shoulders up, fans rally, and Action kips up to wrench and MONKEY FLIP! But ZSJ still holds onto the wrist! Fans rally, ZSJ bends the fingers and he tortures Action’s arm. Action fights up but ZSJ keeps after the fingers. ZSJ flexes but Action stands. Action spins, flips and arm-drags free! Action then CHOPS ZSJ, then knuckle locks to go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! ZSJ flounders up, Action DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up as Action runs to IMPLODER TORNILLO! Cover, TWO!

ZSJ is still in this but he goes to a corner. Action runs in, but ZSJ dodges. Action goes up, leaps, and FLYING RANAS! ZSJ bails out, fans fire up and Action builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into the railing! Fans are fired up with Action and he brings ZSJ back up. Action puts ZSJ in, slingshots, but ZSJ shoves him! Action lands safe but swings into body scissors, which ZSJ makes into a HANGING TRIANGLE! ZSJ did this to Rocky last night! The ref counts, ZSJ lets go at 4 and he drags Action back in, to WRING the arm out! Fans sing “OH~ Zack Sabre Junior~” as he stalks Action. ZSJ sits on the arm, hammerlocks it, and TWISTS!

Action writhes while fans are torn over the savagery. ZSJ gets Action’s leg, steps over to get the arm, and he STOMPS the arm! “OI! TV Tekkers, mates!” ZSJ stalks Action to a corner, brings him up and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! “This is Awesome!” and ZSJ knuckle locks to wrench Action. Action endures as ZSJ twists the wrist more, and then ZSJ KICKS a leg. Action stays up so ZSJ wrenches and twists the wrist. Action throws body shots and CHOPS! ZSJ jumps on to drag Action down to a DISARMER! Action endures, reaches out, and fans rally. Action kicks around, ZSJ pulls on the arm, but Action gets the ROPEBREAK!

ZSJ lets go in frustration but he storms up to drag Action up. ZSJ has a double wristlock but Action endures. Fans rally, ZSJ jumps on to body scissor! Action stays up but ZSJ keeps on that arm. Action throws body shots, then suplexes high and HARD! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Action roars, runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives and fans rally up again. Action brings ZSJ up, but ZSJ fights the torture rack to wrench and PELE the arm! And then he drop toeholds Action so he can STOMP the arm again! Fans are torn while Action clutches the bad shoulder.

ZSJ drags Action up, but Action blocks the Pele to ENZIGURI! Action puts ZSJ up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. But ZSJ gets the bad arm to twist it! And YANK it! Action throws body shots, forearms, but ZSJ DECKS Action! ZSJ eggs on the fans, the fans cheer, and Action kips up! PELE!! Action runs corner to corner and jumps up to SUPER STEINER!! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Action can’t believe it! Action drags ZSJ up, torture racks, but ZSJ has a SLEEPER! Action sputters, he starts fading! But Action powers up! ZSJ lets go, slips free, but Action drops to victory roll! TWO!!!

ZSJ KICKS Action in the leg! And then KICKS him in the arm! ZSJ is mad now, but he runs into a SUPERKICK! Action goes up, POISON-RANA!! ZSJ flops around, Action runs in again, “This is Awesome!” as Action SHOTGUNS ZSJ down! ZSJ is in the drop zone, Action goes up, SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives again but Action goes right to the apron. Action springboards, but flies into a TAKEDOWN! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! Action flails around, but ZSJ gets the other arm! Modified Rings of Saturn, into JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!! Action verbally quits, ZSJ wins!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission (still NJPW World TV Champion)

Action’s 15 minutes of fame were really just over 10 minutes as The Frontman does it again! But now he moves on to defend this title at NJPW Dominion on Sunday against Jeff Cobb in a highly anticipated rematch. The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will ZSJ get crushed by the Imperial Unit?


NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura!

The Babe with the Power, too sweet to be sour, is the very-first NJPW Strong Women’s Champion after a powerful run at Resurgence. But will Willow make it through her first defense? Or will the Queen of Joshi take Willow’s throne already?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, we witness a historic first defense!

The bell rings and the two RAM each other! Fans rally up as Emi and Willow RAM shoulders again! And again! Emi eggs Willow on so she says okay! Willow runs, RAMS Emi, but Emi roars! Emi runs, Willow follows and runs Emi over! Fans fire up and Willow waves. Willow brings Emi up to snap suplex! Willow runs up to CHOP Emi in the corner, then follows her along the ropes. Willow CHOPS Emi in the other corner and fans rally up. Willow puts Emi in the third corner, CHOPS, CHOPS and MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up but Emi avoids the big chop. Emi runs in but Willow goes out to the apron.

Emi stops from hitting buckles, but Willow still counter punches her! Willow then brings Emi up, and fans fire up as they go up the ropes! Emi fights the suplex, tries to suplex Willow, but Willow fights to try again. But Emi rakes the eyes! Emi runs to BODY CHECK Willow off the apron! Emi goes out, signals to media to move, and laughs before she TOSSES Willow at railing! Fans rally as Emi runs in to SPLASH Willow against the railing! The ring count climbs as Emi drags Willow up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Emi puts Willow in the ring, taunts the fans a bit, soaks up some heat, and then takes her time going up the steel steps. Willow sits up, Emi steps in, but Willow throws body shots! Emi CHOPS Willow, Willow goes to ropes, and Emi CHOPS her again! Willow goes to a corner, Emi soaks up the heat, and she storms up to CHOP again! And again! And again! Emi swaggers around, storms back up, but Willow CHOPS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! Willow CHOPS again! Willow falls, Emi hurries to sit her up into a DRAGON SLEEPER! Willow endures, fights around, but Emi cranks the hold!

Fans rally, Willow fights but Emi pushes her to a cover, TWO! Willow is free of the hold, but Emi CHOPS her! And CHOPS her again! Willow eggs Emi on but Emi pokes her in the eye! The ref reprimands but Emi just grins. Emi brings Willow up to HEADBUTT! Willow staggers but she throws body shots. Emi eggs Willow on and SLAPS her! Emi brings Willow around to reel her in and hook the arms. But Willow fights with body shots! Willow fires off but Emi CLUBS her down as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Willow has Emi in a corner. Willow goes corner to corner to back body block! And clothesline! And snapmare to then go up. Emi stands, Willow MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Emi survives, maybe even got Willow’s eyes again, but Willow comes back. Willow fireman’s carries but Emi slips fere to the DRAGON SLEEPER! Emi laughs, to TWISTING DDT! Willow staggers to a corner, Emi grins and runs in, BODY CHECK in the corner! Emi goes up top to TWISTING VADER! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives and Emi is frustrated. Emi reels Willow in, hooks the arms, but Willow fights again!

Willow Alabama Lifts but Emi sunset flips! Willow rolls through to BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Emi survives but Willow just runs in, only for Emi to sidestep and roll-up! TWO, but Emi steps over. Willow powers out of La Magistrol, and DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Willow fires up, DOUBLE LARIATS collide again! Willow fires up again, swings, but Emi gets around to CHOP LARIAT!! Both women are down and the fans fire back up! The ref checks and both women are still in this. Emi drags Willow up, fans rally, but Emi underhooks the arms. BUTTERFLY FACEBUSTER!! Emi fires up, she’s not done here!

Fans are thunderous as Emi waits on Willow to rise. Emi then CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS again! MACHINE GUN CHOPS, but Willow shoves her away. Emi CHOP LARIATS, then whips corner to corner. Willow comes back to POUNCE Emi into the corner! Fans fire up as Willow runs to CANNONBALL! And then she drags Emi out to high stack, TWO!! Emi is still in this and fans fire up! But the straps come down and Willow fires up! Fans fire up with her, she reels Emi in to gut wrench, but Emi fights the lift! Emi slips free to SLAP! SLAP! And SLAP! Emi runs, but Willow CLOBBERS her!

Gut wrench, and BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Women’s Champion)

Now that’s a first defense for the history books! How much better will Willow make this inaugural reign if this is just the beginning?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

After their encounter with Dralistico and Preston Vance last Wednesday, #JungleHook reunites for a TEXAS TORNADO TAG MATCH! Will Jack Perry & The FTW Champion tear apart La Faccion Ingobernable?


BIG news for ROH!

On Friday, July 21st in Trenton, New Jersey, ROH returns to PPV with Death Before Dishonor! Tickets go on sale next Friday, June 9th!


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, two technical masters go face to face when Lee Moriarty takes on Shibata for the ROH Pure Championship.” Nigel McGuiness says a competitor like Shibata can pick you apart, one body part by another. But Tony Schiavone and Taz say not enough is said about just how talented Moriarty is for such a young wrestler. It looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!

ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty!

The Wrestler defended this title just last night on ROH against his student, Alex “The Android” Coughlin. But now he faces #TAIGASTYLE, who has come close to snatching this title for his own not too long ago. Will tonight be Moriarty’s night? Or will Shibata make it through this Pure Wrestling Double Header?

The introductions are made, our judges are BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels & Jerry Lynn, and the belt is raised as we see who is truly THE Wrestler!

The bell rings and the clock is ticking on this 60 minute time limit. The two feel things out, Moriarty shoots in but Shibata holds him off with a sprawl. They clinch on the mat, Shibata slips to a waistlock and then a chinlock. Moriarty slips free but Shibata pushes him to a cover, ONE! Shibata wraps Moriarty up with his own arm and then goes for the armbar! Moriarty clasps hands but ends up in a TRIANGLE! Moriarty falls onto the ROPEBREAK, that is his first of three. Shibata even lets Moriarty know it as they reset. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, clinch, and Moriarty tries for a leg.

Shibata powers Moriarty down, gets around to a waistlock, and they stand up. Moriarty pries the hold, fans cheer this technical exchange, but then Moriarty elbows free! Moriarty stomps Shibata into a corner, the ref counts, but Moriarty digs his boot in. Fans boo, but Shibata powers up to back Moriarty down! Shibata throws the foot down but Shibata ROCKS him! Moriarty runs to dropkick the legs out! Fans boo while Moriarty grits his teeth, and then the fans rally up for Shibata as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Moriarty mocks the applause as he stands over Shibata. Moriarty then says they can stop all that, and he grabs a leg to DDT the foot! Moriarty kips up, air guitars, and he ties up Shibata’s legs into a unique crisscross toehold. Then he sits with it for a modified stump puller! Shibata’s shoulders are down, Moriarty is practically stealing Darby Allin’s Last Supper! TWO as Shibata kicks out and Moriarty argues the count. Moriarty drags Shibata around, stomps a leg, then stomps it more and more before another DDT to the foot! Moriarty mocks the clapping from the fans, and then he drags Shibata around for a spinning toehold!

Shibata endures as Moriarty ties up the legs into another cross toehold. Moriarty puts Shibata into an Indian Deathlock, then he knuckle locks Shibata for a cover. TWO as Shibata gets an arm up! Moriarty pushes the arm back down, TWO as Shibata gets the other arm up! Moriarty pushes that arm down, TWO as Shibata gets both arms up! Moriarty CHOPS Shibata, pushes on the legs, then lets Shibata go. Moriarty gets a leg, hooks it, and ties Shibata up in another cross toehold, only for Shibata to trip him! Shibata gets Moriarty’s legs, steps through, but Moriarty fights the figure four! Shibata powers through to sync it in!

Moriarty endures, reaches out, but his shoulders are down. TWO as Moriarty sits up, Shibata keeps on the pressure, and Moriarty falls back onto his shoulders. TWO as he sits up again! Shibata has the extended leg caught in a heel hook behind his back! Moriarty falls back again, shoulders are down, TWO as he sits back up! Moriarty endures, reaches out, claws at the hold, and he pries it open. Shibata works to keep it on tight, Moriarty is down again, TWO! Moriarty sits up, Shibata thrashes around, and Rampage returns to single picture. Fans rally, Moriarty drags Shibata along as he reaches back, but Shibata drags him from the ropes!

Moriarty scrambles and goes to the opposite side, ROPEBREAK! That’s his second, he has one left, and we’ve only just past six minutes! Shibata stomps Moriarty’s bad leg, has him in a corner, and he fires off forearms! The ref counts, Shibata fires again and again, but lets off at 4. Shibata runs corner to corner but Moriarty follows to KNEE him in the corner! And then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! TWO as Shibata fights out of the “pancake.” Moriarty HAMMERS away on the back of Shibata’s head! Fans rally, Moriarty suplexes, but Shibata blocks! Shibata powers out but Moriarty kicks low!

Moriarty runs but into a kitchen sink knee! Fans rally, Shibata stomps his legs into working, and he storms up on Moriarty. Shibata drags Moriarty up to whip him to a corner and BOOT! And he fires off more forearms! The ref counts, Shibata runs corner to corner, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Fans fire up for that Shibata signature and he drags Moriarty up. HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Moriarty is still in this but Shibata clamps right on with a chinlock! Moriarty fights to the ROPEBREAK, but that’s his last! Shibata waistlocks. Moriarty switches to roll up, TWO! But Moriarty rolls with to get the BORDER CITY STRETCH!!

Shibata endures, Moriarty pulls him back, but fans rally up. Shibata rolls things to a cover, TWO! Moriarty ROCKS Shibata, winds up, but Shibata ROCKS Moriarty! And then SLEEPER!! Shibata sits Moriarty down, runs, PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Shibata wins!!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by pinfall (still ROH Pure Champion)

Just past nine minutes and Shibata finishes things off, but wait! Daniel Garcia is here! The Dragonslayer is a former ROH Pure Champion, and he’s walking out right to the ring! Garcia steps in, he swaggers up to Shibata, and it is clear this is what’s next for Shibata. Shibata raises the belt to signal his accepting the challenge, will The Wrestler put down this sports… enner-tay-ner?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, though I’m surprised this wasn’t just a Battle of the Belts special. Excalibur said it himself on commentary in the main event, but it was great to start off with the epitome of lucha libre and finish on Strong Style technical wrestling. The AAA Mega Championship was a great opener, and was definitely another instance where I’m grateful we can pause things because they were going fast and furious. Or maybe at Flash speeds, since that’s a Warner Brothers movie they could plug. But as I figured going into this, all the champions retained, since none of these were AEW titles (directly, since ROH is a subsidiary of AEW now).

The NJPW World Television Championship continues to be a great title to watch because of the 15 minute time limit speeding things up. Likewise, ZSJ is always a great wrestler to watch, but so hard to write for cuz he has the biggest collection of named signature moves/holds of any wrestler I’ve seen. I had to double check what he was using to make Action tap, because I keep thinking things are Clarky Cat when they’re not Clarky Cat. ZSJ is setting a very high bar for this title, maybe he retains against Cobb at Dominion or maybe he loses, but it’s going to be hard for the second-ever NJPW World TV Champion to match what ZSJ has done.

Great first title defense for Willow and this title, she and Emi put on a great match. I wonder when Willow has her first defense on NJPW Strong, and who she’ll be facing. And we got a great Pure Championship match to finish, and I’m surprised it was so quick, even compared to the NJPW World TV Championship match. But great win for Shibata, I like that Garcia is stepping up, and that’s going to be an awesome match. I don’t know if they’re going to wait until Death Before Dishonor in July for that match, but knowing AEW and ROH, they can find a way to stretch things out. Especially with Garcia also busy being part of JAS and doing JAS things.

My Score: 8.7/10

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