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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/22/22)

Dynamite knocks on the door.



AEW Dynamite 2021

The AEW X NJPW crossover continues!

Before opening the Forbidden Door, AEW and NJPW meet in Milwaukee! Can Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi work together before fighting each other?


  • Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice VS The United Empire; Cassidy & RPG Vice wins.
  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship Qualifier: Malakai Black VS Penta Oscuro; Malakai wins and advances to The Forbidden Door.
  • Hangman Page VS Silas Young; Hangman wins.
  • Toni Storm VS Marina Shafir w/ Nyla Rose; Storm wins.
  • Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Chris Jericho & Lance Archer; Moxley & Tanahashi win.


Bryan Danielson is here!

Milwaukee fires up for the American Dragon’s return! Bryan has been out of action for a few weeks but he is still standing, and Tony Schiavone is in the ring to give him a formal introduction. And Schiavone also adds the big week for AEW! This Sunday, The Forbidden Door, and next Wednesday, BLOOD & GUTS! Schiavone says it’s great to have Bryan back for such a big week, and hands the mic over. Bryan says that he’s not giving it back. “This week is a great week to be an AEW fan. This week is a great week to be a professional wrestling fan!

Fans cheer all that, and Bryan says again, Sunday is Forbidden Door, “an inter-promotional PPV with the two BEST pro-wrestling companies in the WORLD! You are going to see some excellent professional wrestling. And a week from today, on Dynamite, you get nearly the complete opposite with the bloody spectacle that is Blood & Guts!” Fans like the sound of that, and even chant, “Blood and Guts!” Bryan tells Milwaukee that he loves how they’re just excited for that violence as he is. And Bryan was expecting to be part of both those events. Chris Jericho had paid the self-proclaimed best technical wrestler in the world, Zack Sabre Jr., to challenge Bryan to a match.

ZSJ claims he was going to prove he is a better technical wrestler than Bryan Danielson. But Bryan was not only excited to prove that wasn’t true, but also to crush ZSJ’s throat. Bryan was excited to get into Blood & Guts to get revenge on Jericho and his “flaccid crew of cocksmen” for what they did at Double or Nothing. But unfortunately, Bryan has some good news and some bad news. Fans dread the bad news as Bryan begins. “Because of what Chris Jericho and Jake Hager did at Anarchy in the Arena, I am not cleared to compete, either at Forbidden Door or at Blood & Guts.”

But then Bryan has the good news! “Lest anybody be concerned about my overall health, you can tell that my mind is working at full, 100% capacity, I can jump into the ring, I can read 500 words a minute, I can run two miles and I won’t even break a sweat! So don’t worry about me coming back! I broke my neck, separated my shoulder, detached my retina, and there’s not a man in this world who can wrestle in this ring like I do right now!” Fans cheer that! “And that’s not even the good news! Here’s the good news! Eddie Kingston has gone on record to say that I’m a judgmental prick. Guess what? You’re damn right I am!

“And because I’m a judgmental prick, I have really, really high standards. So you know that when I promise you that something is going to be amazing, you know it’s going to be amazing. I have found… the one person I trust to take my place at Forbidden Door. The one person I trust to take my place at Blood & Guts. The one person I know in the entire world who will take it to ZSJ from a technical level, and then go and kick Chris Jericho’s head in at Blood & Guts! I have found that one person, and you are all going to be astounded by what he does in AEW!” But who is it? Who who who? Bryan points out he came out the “bad guy” tunnel, he’s not telling!

But do you know what? He won’t tell ZSJ either! So tune in this Sunday and you’ll see the greatest technical match of your lives! Fans are upset but Bryan wants to hear from them who is the best technical wrestler in the world! But wait! Zack Sabre Jr. is HERE! And the Submission Master eggs on Bryan “Dickhead” to give him something. Who is it that meets ZSJ in Chicago for the greatest technical showdown in wrestling? Will ZSJ be able to make him #JustTapOut?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“Sometimes it’s business, and sometimes it’s personal. But in a week’s time at Blood & Guts, it will most definitely be personal, Jericho Appreciation Society. What an ego trip. They blinded my best friend with fireball, and put my partner on the shelf, and last week, they came after me. In Vegas, we found out those guys can fight, and next week, we find out of this guys can survive. Because they’ll be locked in there with dogs who don’t know how to do anything else. Santana & Ortiz survived the streets of New York City. Eddie Kingston survived grinding in this business for 17 years! Wheeler survived everything we could throw at him. And me? I’ve been around the block a time or two.

“God, I hate Chris Jericho. Men like that, driven by money, fame, ego. We’ll find out just how much they’re wiling to suffer, just how much they’re willing to endure next week, inside that bloody steel cage. But before that, this Sunday, there’s a little matter of, oh, maybe the biggest match in my entire life, for the AEW World Championship against maybe the greatest wrestler who ever lived in Hiroshi Tanahashi.” This means more to Moxley than Tanahashi can imagine. These last three years of transforming into a better man and a father, this Sunday, Moxley will transform into what he always knew he could be after stepping into the ring with The Ace.

Tonight, Moxley and Tanahashi handle business. Then Sunday, it’s personal. Once the bell rings, Moxley has no respect for anyone. Will the Maniac be able to handle business so that he can finally get back to the top?


Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice VS The United Empire!

Chaos’ AEW branch assembles to take on the Commonwealth Kingpin and the Aussie Open! Freshly Squeezed is challenging Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship while Rocky Romero & #JustTrent are part of a MASSIVE Triple Threat Tag Team Championship battle! Will Chaos have all the momentum going into that monumental PPV? Or will Ospreay, Fletcher & Davis conquer them here for the glory of the Empire?

The trios sort out and Rocky starts against Fletcher but the fans are fired up for Ospreay. Ospreay tells them to quit it, he doesn’t need their cheers. Rocky and Fletcher tie up, Fletcher waistlocks but Rocky elbows out and headlocks. Fletcher lifts Rocky, throws him, but Rocky dodges the haymaker to headlock again. Fletcher powers out, they RAM shoulders, but neither moves. So Rocky KICKS a leg! Rocky runs, slides, sobats and UPPERCUTS! Tag to Trent and fans fire up as RPG Vice double whip to double body shot. They both run, KNEE and LARIAT! Fans fire up but Fletcher flounders away to tag Mark Davis in.

Trent and Davis circle, Davis shoots in to get a leg but Trent kicks him away. Trent avoids a boot and CHOPS Davis, then forearms and CHOPS again! Davis BOOTS Trent down! Davis huffs and puffs and brings Trent up, only for Trent to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX him! Davis flounders up, Cassidy wants in? Fans fire up as Trent tags in Freshly Squeezed! Cassidy dodges Davis, waistlocks, but Davis switches and shoves Cassidy to a corner. Davis runs in but Cassidy tells him to hold on. Cassidy holds up his hands, and puts his hands in his pockets! Then he dodges Davis and SHOTGUN dropkicks him down! No hands kip-up!

Rocky tags in, then tags Trent. Rocky whips Cassidy so Cassidy can whip Rocky in for a clothesline! Rocky goes corner to corner while Cassidy winds up, another clothesline! Cassidy is finally back at the corner, and he just feeds Davis to RPG Vice’s DOUBLE LARIAT! Ospreay gets in but Trent back drops him! Chaos flexes, then Cassidy DECKS Davis! Chaos coordinates, Cassidy and Rocky build speed, and they DOUBLE DIVE, but into the arms of Aussie Open! Ospreay drags Trent out to DECK him! Aussie Open meet to SANDWICH Cassidy and Rocky! Then the Empire gets Chaos up, DOUBLE APRON BACK SUPLEX and an APRON POWERBOMB!!

Dynamite is picture in picture as the Empire gloats and Chaos writhes on the floor. Fletcher puts Trent in for Davis and Davis drags Trent up to scoop and SLAM! Davis drops a SENTON! Then a kneeling cover, ONE! Davis kicks Trent around, drags him over, and Ospreay tags in. The Empire mugs Trent, Ospreay CHOPS Trent down, then KNEES and ELBOWS and CLUBS him while he’s down! Ospreay soaks up the cheers and jeers and he drags Trent back up. Ospreay CHOPS Trent, then CHOPS him again! Ospreay then reels Trent in for the SPIN-OUT BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Ospreay drags Trent over, tags in Fletcher, and Fletcher stomps Trent. Fletcher stomps Trent’s leg then steps through to have a HALF CRAB! Trent endures, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Fletcher lets go at 4, then tags in Davis. Davis stomps Trent now, paces around him, then brings him up to ROCK him with a forearm. Tag to Fletcher, and Fletcher whips Davis for Davis to whip Fletcher for Fletcher to whip Davis, but Trent BOOTS Davis away! Trent then catches Fletcher for a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Fans fire up as Dynamite returns to single picture! Trent crawls past Aussie Open, hot tag to Cassidy!

Cassidy… well, he gets in, and he “kicks” away on Aussie Open’s legs. Aussie Open barely even notices, but then they turn around. Cassidy avoids the double clotheslines to DOUBLE RANA! Fans fire up and Cassidy knuckle locks Fletcher, dodges Davis, and goes up top to FLYING RANA Davis! Cassidy runs, ducks and dodges Fletcher to tilt-o-whirl DDT! And kip up! Fans fire up again and Cassidy stares Ospreay down! Fans chant “Freshly Squeezed!” as Cassidy raises his hands, and eggs Ospreay on! Ospreay tags in and rushes over, but Cassidy moves and Rocky FLYING RANAS! Trent clotheslines Ospreay out hard!

Chaos builds speed, now they DOUBLE DIVE and PLANCHA! All three targets are hit and fans are thunderous! Trent puts Ospreay in and brings him up while fans fire up for “A E DUB!” Trent hangs Ospreay out to dry, Rocky missile dropkicks Ospreay down, and Trent adds a SLIDING BOOT! Cassidy is up top, FALLING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Cassidy throws off the elbow pad, and fans fire up as he takes aim. Ospreay avoids the Orange Punch to CHOP! Ospreay whips, Cassidy tilt-o-whirls but Ospreay blocks the DDT to suplex! Cassidy slips out, waistlocks, but Ospreay switches. Cassidy elbows free, runs, but into the tiger wall kick and ENZIGURI!

Ospreay gets Cassidy up, but STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down! Cassidy flounders, Ospreay stirs, hot tags to Davis and Rocky! Rocky dodges Davis’ boot to run, and RANA! Rocky CHOPS Davis, CHOPS again, but Davis CHOPS Rocky off his feet! Tag to Fletcher, Aussie Open puts Rocky in a corner and they whip cycle for the BIG forearm! GAMANGIRI from Fletcher, then feed to the double underhooks! Davis lifts Rocky in a BUTTERFLY feed to Fletcher’s POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives and Milwaukee is thunderous again! Tag to Davis and Aussie Open gets Rocky back up.

Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Davis fireman’s carries Rocky, pop-up to the- NO! Rocky blocks Fletcher’s roundhouse and sends it into Davis! Then Rocky hits SLICED BREAD on Fletcher! Davis ENZIGURIS Rocky, Cassidy CROSSBODIES Davis! PIP PIP CHEERIO from Ospreay! Trent dodges Ospreay to LARIAT him inside-out! Fletcher SUPERKICKS Trent, runs, but into DOUBLE JUMP KNEES! Trent goes back to the corner, tags in, and fans fire up again. Trent Alabama Lifts, but Davis trips Rocky on the apron! Ospreay gets in to ROUNDHOUSE Trent into a DESTROYER from Fletcher! Davis YANKS Trent by his legs into a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Cassidy breaks it!!

Fans are thunderous again but Ospreay throws Cassidy out. Ospreay builds speed, handsprings and SASUKE SPECIALS, but Cassidy moves! Ospreay lands on his feet to see Cassidy give him a thumbs up. And then Rocky SUPER CROSSBODIES Ospreay down! Davis tags Fletcher in, Aussie Open gets Trent up! But Trent fights free, kick and TORNADO DDT! Hot tag to Cassidy! Fletcher flounders into the ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Chaos wins!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Roppongi Vice, by pinfall

Talk about chaos! A hectic finish sees Freshly Squeezed and friends standing tall! But wait, here comes the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb! They help the Empire regroup, and then the five of them get on the apron. Fans chant for them, and so here comes FTR! Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler may be RPG Vice’s opponents this Sunday, but they aren’t going to let NJPW wrestlers just do what they want in AEW! Who will reign supreme in tag team wrestling when both IWGP Heavyweight and ROH World Tag Team Championships are on the line?


Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh speak.

Sonjay says he is so happy, he just ordered a bunch of new pencils. He is so happy because Satnam’s in-ring debut went amazingly! Big wins for Jay Lethal left and right, too, and that means it is time for a celebration! They’re going to India! But Lethal says the biggest celebration is yet to come. Lethal is going to become the NEW ROH World Television Champion, but that only happens if Samoa Joe can get back to work. How long has he been gone? Satnam says it’s been a month! Yes, that means Joe is almost out of time.

So as Lethal sees it, Joe has two options: tape up the shoulder and come back to work to defend his title; or he just vacates the title so it goes to its rightful owner, the longest reigning ROH World TV Champion, Jay Lethal! The clock is ticking, Joe! What will the Samoan Submission Specialist choose to do with his title?


Tony Schiavone is back in the ring.

Dynamite returns and Schiavone brings up how last week’s episode had a shocking end! This man has so much to answer for, it’s Captain Charisma, Christian Cage! Fans boo as the living legend makes his way out, having betrayed Jungle Boy after losing the AEW World Tag Team Championships, hitting both a Killswitch and a Con-Chair-To. Christian joins Schiavone in the ring, and Schiavone brings up the “chairshot heard around the world.” Christian was a mentor to Jurassic Express, so why did he do what he did? Fans boo, and Christian says that he could stand here all night until they shut up, it’s up to Milwaukee.

Fans keep booing but Christian says the people here aren’t very smart so he’ll give them another chance. It is rude to make him talk over them, so maybe some decorum. SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTHS! Christian answers the question by saying, “You didn’t think I was gonna let Jungle Boy eliminate me from the Casino Battle Royal last year and get away with it, now did you?” This is all because of that? That’s petty! Maybe, but here’s the thing: what’s more bothersome to Christian than losing a Casino Battle Royal was the reaction of each and every fan when it happened. “I am a legend in this business, and I deserve more respect than to be cheered when I get eliminated from a battle royal, do you understand me?”

Fans boo more but Christian says JB also cost him a massive winning bonus that night, and the fast track to the world title. So yeah, it pissed him off. But it got Christian thinking. If fans liked JB so much, Christian should to a little background check on him. Fans tell Christian to STFU but Christian says that despite his better judgement, he went on social media and look into the kid. “Man, what a cesspool social media has become, especially considering the wrestling corner of social media.” There are losers just like these fans here, tweeting away like their opinions matter or that they know anything about this business. You know NOTHING about Christian’s business!

Christian doesn’t need anyone’s comments about who he should be wrestling, what title he should be going for, or who he should be aligned with. He is one of the best to ever step foot in this ring, so he knows better than us, thank you. It’d be like if Christian pulled up to the drive-thru and told one of you idiots how to do your job! Schiavone wants to move to another subject but Christian says he’s not done yet. And if Schiavone interrupts again, he’s pulling that earring out of Schiavone’s head! Christian says JB cost him a lot of money, so Christian had to recoup it.

So in his research, Christian found that JB is actually pretty talented, so he hitched his wagon to that train and ride it until it went dry. Christian thought it was going to go for a long time, and he was making some easy money just giving JB those pep talks, standing beside him and in his corner, doing minimal work while cashing in big fat checks! You think Christian came back to elevate the younger talent? You think he’s here to help the next generation? No, that’s BS! He’s here to make money! Others out here complain about their paychecks, this and that, well here’s some advice, and since the fans are all too poor, it’ll be free. And this is for anyone in AEW, too.

“You wanna earn my paycheck? Here’s the deal. Try having a match that people actually talk about more than a week after it happens. Can you do that? I’m talking the type of match that parents sit their kids down and make them watch it over and over again. The type of match that changes the industry. The type of match they name PPVs after. Do that, and then you can be on my pay grade. Until then, eat my crumbs and enjoy it!” As for JB, Christian said he was gonna recoup that money, and JB does have the talent. JB just doesn’t have the brains. JB just doesn’t have the killer instinct. And somewhere along the way, Christian saw it happening.

The final nail in the coffin is that the one time Christian doesn’t give JB some pre-match advice, the one time he doesn’t walk down to the ring with them, JB loses the tag team championships. The gravy train ran dry, so as the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.” Christian is going to take control, get his hands dirty, and that pisses him off! Schiavone cuts Christian off here, because he wants to bring up what everyone was talking about on social media, and that is what Christian told JB’s mom and sister after the show. Christian went right up to them and said they raised JB as a POS!

Why would he do that to them?! Christian says he was just giving JB’s mom the chance to apologize for giving birth to JB, but instead she flipped Christian off. But here’s why she’s really mad: she saw her knight in shining armor go off into the sunset. She was a little sweet on Christian here, and wanted him to be JB’s new father. JB did look up to Christian like a father figure, but here’s the thing: Christian never wanted to be a father figure, JB has no father, because his father is dead. But that’s a good thing, because he’d be embarrassed to see how his son turned out! To see his son crumpled like a ball of paper at Christian’s feet, unable to get up and fight back!

Fans boo even harder as Christian tells JB, “Enjoy your early retirement at 25! Stay gone!” But wait! Here comes Luchasaurus! Christian says he’s been meaning to talk to Luchasaurus about this! Luchasaurus won’t listen to Christian, he just chokes him in the corner! Christian says that hurts, they need to talk but not in front of the people! Remember what happened to Marko! What?! Christian asks Luchasaurus let go, but bringing up Marko only angers him more! Christian then says Luchasaurus is like a son to him! Fans laugh at that but Luchasaurus actually lets him go. Christian says they need to talk but in private. Christian whispers something to Luchasaurus, and then hugs him?

Fans boo, but somehow, Christian has convinced Luchasaurus to show him mercy. They go to the back, just what has Captain Charisma got to say to Luchasaurus?


The Cutler Cam is live.

The Young Bucks and Kyle O’Reilly are impressed, Brandon’s finally doing his job right. But take a look at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They’re back on the best tag team in the world! The Tag Division is number one again, and all is right with the world. The Bucks are back on top, as the first-ever TWO-TIME, TWO-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions. Now you might be asking, “Young Bucks, are you gonna be on the Forbidden Door PPV this Sunday?” Well, geez, since they’re the original locksmiths that created the key that opened that damn door in the first place, yes, they’ll be there!

Matt asks Kyle how he’s feeling, and Kyle is pretty far from okay! Darby Allin takes out Fish, and then The Man Called Sting should be in jail for what he did to Kyle! That was completely unprovoked! If Kyle’s hands weren’t classified as lethal weapons, he’d sue Sting’s ass. But Forbidden Door, there’s Bullet Club’s Hikuleo, El Phantasmo, and oh yes, the greatest tag team of any generation, the Young Bucks, to take on Sting and all his cronies! Bucks back in the Bullet Club, one night only! They’re gonna Superkick the Forbidden Door down, because it’s SHOWTIME, folks! WOOOO~! CACAW~! Now cut it, Brandon!


AEW All-Atlantic Championship Qualifier: Malakai Black VS Penta Oscuro!

The Forbidden Door is open for one more as this new championship will be granted to the victor of the Fatal 4! The Bastard, PAC. The Redeemer, Miro. And the Stone Pitbull, Tomohiro Ishii. They all are heading to Chicago, but will it be the House of Black’s Dark Father, or the Man with No Fear that takes the final golden ticket?

The bell rings and fans chant for “CERO MIEDO!” Penta gets in Malakai’s face and tells him to listen! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces Malakai, but then narrowly avoids the Black Mass! They brawl, Malakai knees low and runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Malakai bails out and Penta builds speed, but Malakai gets back in to CLOBBER Penta with an elbow! Penta bails out, Malakai goes to the corner. Malakai goes up and out, but Penta trips Malakai up! Penta gets back in the ring and builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up! Penta hobbles over to get Malakai back in the ring, and then brings him around.

Fans fire up and duel as Penta reels Malakai in, but Malakai trips Penta! Malakai rolls Penta to his feet to ROCK him in the back! Penta drops to his knees but Malakai drags him back up to throw another forearm in the back. Malakai whips corner to corner but Penta reverses. Malakai goes up and over, but then so does Penta, to BACKSTABBER! Both men are down but Penta crawls to the cover, TWO! Penta gets Malakai’s arm but Malakai rolls him up, TWO! SLINGBLADE! Malakai bails out again, fans fire up, and Penta slingshots. Malakai moves so Penta lands safe on the apron, only for Malakai to sweep the legs!

Penta crashes down, Malakai RAMS him into the railing, and then KICKS him! Malakai POSTS Penta, then RAMS him into more railing while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Penta writhes, but Malakai refreshes the ring count and comes back to put Penta in the ring. Malakai stomps Penta, turns him over, then stomps away on his back! Malakai even drops a knee! Penta crawls to ropes and then the corner, but Malakai brings him up. Malakai RAMS into Penta’s back, brings him around and wrenches to tuck the arm for an OCTOPUS STRETCH! Penta endures but Malakai throws elbows into his ribs! Penta fights, Malakai shifts to have a chinlock, but Penta throws body shots. But Malakai tucks Penta back in for another Octopus! Penta endures, arm-drags free, but Malakai KICKS him in the chest!

Penta ends up in a corner, Malakai runs in but Penta elbows him away. Penta superkicks but Malakai blocks, only to rush into Penta’s OVERHEAD Belly2Belly into the corner! Malakai flounders, Penta gets space and he runs in, but Malakai BOOTS him! Malakai QUEBRADAS but flops as Penta moves! Penta springboards to SLINGBLADE! Both men are down and a standing count begins while Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally and duel, Malakai stands first and he hobbles over to Penta. Malakai drags Penta up, waistlocks, but Penta elbows free. Malakai shoves Penta but Penta LARIATS! And then again!

Penta runs, wheelbarrows, victory roll and Penta goes up top for a CROSSBODY SPLASH! Malakai flounders to the apron, Penta goes out after him. Penta brings Malakai around, CHOPS him, and reels him in. Fans fire up as Penta tucks Malakai’s arms, but the back doesn’t allow Penta to lift! Malakai gets free and BOOTS Penta to the post! Malakai then drags Penta up to spin, but Penta ducks the heel kick to GAMANGIRI! Malakai wobbles, Penta reels him in and tucks the arms! Fans fire up for the lift, but Malakai slips back into the ring! ROUNDHOUSE, and then Malakai runs. Penta somersaults for a STUNNER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up while both men are down again. Malakai gets himself to ropes, fans rally up, and Penta storms over. Penta hoists Malakai up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Malakai resists the lift then trips Penta up! Penta falls to the mat, Malakai goes back up top. COUP DE- NO, Penta avoids the double stomps, but Malakai blocks the kick to JUMP KNEE! Penta flops out of the ring, Malakai goes to the corner, ASAI MOONSAULT! Direct hit and fans fire up! Malakai gets Penta up and in again, then goes back up the corner! Penta rolls away, but Malakai still jumps, COUP DE GRACE! Cover, TWO!!

Penta survives and grits his teeth but Malakai brings him up. Penta shoves Malakai to the corner, but Malakai ROUNDHOUSES back! Malakai goes up again, but Penta GAMANGIRIS him first! Penta stretches his back, gets up top to get Malakai, and he tucks the arms! SUPER FEAR FACTOR!!! But Malakai rolls away and Penta can’t cover! Fans fire up while losing their minds, and Penta crawls to the far side. Penta grabs at Malakai, drags himself to the cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Malakai survives by mere inches and Penta can’t believe it! Fans chant, “This is Awesome!” as Penta gets Malakai back up and brings him around. Pump handle and half nelson, but the back gives up!

Malakai stands again, blocks Penta’s superkick, BLACK MASS!!! Cover, Malakai wins!!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall (advances to The Forbidden Door)

But here comes PAC! The Bastard stares Malakai down, but then MIRO is on the tron! “My God. A week after I called you out, the All-Atlantic title came in. Is this your apology to me? All I wanted was my God, my gold, and my gorgeous wife. But you couldn’t help but test me, could you? Good. Because I will walk through The Forbidden Door, dragging all the Bastards and the Pagans with me, and I will redeem them all!! So to Malakai, Pac and Ishii, this Sunday at Forbidden Door, when I send you to meet your maker, you tell that coward The Redeemer wants to talk.” Miro is ready, Pac is ready, and Malakai will have to be ready, because only ONE can hold the gold!


Wardlow speaks.

“I always get what I want. And if I don’t, I take it. And the only thing I want is the TNT title. I’ve been waiting three years for this opportunity. I don’t take orders anymore. I told you, I’m coming for everything I want and everything I deserve. Scorpio Sky, when you’re healed and ready, I will gladly welcome you into Wardlow’s World!” When and where will the Face of TNT finally face the Maestro of Mayhem?


Adam Cole is here!

The Panama City Playboy, the “King of Harts,” and the #4 ranked singles wrestler in the AEW Men’s Division is joining commentary once again, because guess who is in the next match!

Hangman Page VS Silas Young!

The Cowboy still wants to start sh*t with NJPW’s IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, even if is Jay White now. But the ROH’s Last Real Man is making his AEW debut in a rather surprising crossover! Will Milwaukee’s own take the fight to Hangman? Or will Hangman prove he is worthy of something on Forbidden Door’s card?

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two tie up. Hangman wrenches an arm but Silas rolls, kips up, cartwheels and wrenches back. Hangman rolls, kips up, wrenches, hammerlocks, snapmares and the two stand off as fans applaud. Silas mockingly applauds as he and Hangman reset. They approach, Silas knees low and CLUBS Hangman. Silas headlocks, Hangman powers out to get his own headlock and a takeover. Silas headscissors, Hangman kips free, but Silas sweeps the legs! Cover, ONE, and Hangman sweeps, covers, ONE as Silas goes Matrix! Silas Oklahoma Rolls Hangman, ONE, and Hangman avoids a sweep to BOOT Silas down!

Fans fire up and Cole is annoyed that Hangman has the advantage. Silas gets to a corner, Hangman storms over and CHOPS! Hangman says one more and he CHOPS Silas again! Silas turns things around to CHOP Hangman! Hangman gets in Silas’ face, so Silas CHOPS again! Hangman CHOPS Silas down! Silas gets to ropes, Hangman whips but Silas reverses and rakes the eyes! Cole says that’s just getting a tactical advantage. Silas whips, Hangman reverses and sends Silas out hard! Hangman then aims and PLANCHAS, but Silas moves! Silas kicks low, puts Hangman back in, but Hangman swings right around to LARIAT Silas down!

Fans fire up while Hangman goes up the corner. Cole says Hangman is making a mistake, but Hangman hits the ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit and Silas goes down, and Hangman smirks at Cole as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Hangman brings Silas up and into the ring, then aims from the apron. Silas staggers up, but he spots Hangman aiming for him and bails right out! No Buckshot yet, but Hangman gets in to storm over to the far side. Hangman brings Silas up, but Silas deadweights him. Hangman is annoyed and keeps trying, but Silas HOTSHOTS Hangman down! Then slingshot STOMPS, then JUMP STOMPS! Silas mockingly applauds, then he runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Silas wants a faster count but he kicks Hangman around. Silas throws hands on Hangman in the corner, then bumps him off buckles. Silas whips corner to corner hard, and Hangman tumbles off the buckles!

Silas drags Hangman back up, but Hangman blocks the suplex. Silas RAMS Hangman into the corner, again again, then gets space. Silas runs in, but Hangman dodges and Silas hits buckles! Hangman brings Silas into a cradle, TWO! Silas kicks Hangman low and has him in the corner again. Silas brings Hangman out to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Silas clamps on a rear bearhug and squeezes tight! Hangman fights up, throws elbows, but Silas kicks low again. Silas suplexes to put Hangman on ropes, MAGIC SCREW! Cover, TWO! Silas goes to the corner and climbs up, but Hangman ROCKS him first!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Hangman climbs up top. Fans rally as Hangman brings Silas up, for the SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up and a standing count begins. Hangman sits up and gets to ropes, then he goes after Silas. They’re standing at 5 and the haymakers start flying! Silas kicks but Hangman blocks to flip him, but Silas lands on his feet! Silas then gets around and hooks the arms, but Hangman holds off the backslide. Hangman spins Silas around and scoops him, for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up and fans fire up! Silas is in the corner, Hangman runs corner to corner, and clotheslines!

Hangman fireman’s carries but Silas slips off to shove Hangman into the corner. Silas runs in but is put on the apron. Hangman runs side to side and Silas tries to keep up, but he get a TRIANGLE JUMP LARIAT! Silas goes to the floor, Hangman PLANCHAS Silas down! Hangman puts Silas back in, goes up top, and FLYING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Silas is still in this and Cole claims he’s focused, not upset. Cole is convinced Silas will turn this around and the fans duel as Hangman brings Silas up. Silas gets around to BACKBREAKER, and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Silas fireman’s carries, for the ROLLING SENTON!

Silas gets up the corner, headstand and ARABIAN- NO, Hangman avoids the press, waistlocks, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then LARIATS! Hangman goes to the apron and fans fire up as the elbow pad comes off. Silas stands up, into the BUCKSHOT! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

Cole is furious and has them shut the music off! “Boys and girls, who’s ready for Storytime with Adam Cole, Baybay?” Wait, JAY WHITE is here! Cole looks confused as to why The Switchblade is here, and White tells Cole, “First off, let me apologize for coming out here and interrupting Storytime with Adam Cole. But I feel like I owe you an explanation. Over the last week, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and as the Catalyst of Professional Wrestling, I’m responsible for all of this. That means I’m responsible for making Forbidden Door as big as it can be.

“And as much as I would love to make it about Bullet Club and the Undisputed Elite, and do a favor for a good friend… My opponent at Forbidden Door still can’t be you. Because, Adam, you lost to him.” Hangman shrugs because that’s true. And then White adds, “Twice.” Ow… White tells Hangman that he and Milwaukee and the world all are just dying to know who White will face at Forbidden Door for his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. White goes to the ring, and he can tell Hangman it won’t be him either. Hangman then slaps the mic out of White’s hand! White swings on Hangman but Hangman dodges to fire off haymakers!

Cole rushes the ring, Hangman DECKS him, then fires off on White! Hangman whips White but White reverses to send Hangman to the apron! But bad move, Hangman loads up! Cole LOW BLOWS Hangman!! Cole then pushes Hangman in and White fires off hands! Cole grabs the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, and he aims at White?! White lets off on Hangman, and sees Cole! Cole claims he wants to hit Hangman with the belt, and White believes him, so White drags Hangman up. But then, that coin drop! IT’S OKADA!! Milwaukee explodes as Kazuchika Okada, the Rainmaker, is here!

Okada rushes the ring, White and Cole stand their ground, and the fight is on! Fans lose their minds as Okada fights Cole and White, and then Hangman gets back up! Adam has Adam and Okada has White as they fire off in opposite corners! Then Okada and Hangman stare at each other. Cole comes in, Hangman DECKS him! White rushes in, Okada gets around, ripcord, but White avoids the Rainmaker lariat! White and Cole bail out, IWGP World title on White’s shoulder. Fans are thunderous for Okada, but what does all this mean for Forbidden Door and NJPW’s top title?


Backstage interview with Jade Cargill & The Baddies.

Tony Schiavone is with the undefeated TBS Champion, as well as Keira Hogan and Stokely Hathaway. Schiavone says there is an injury to Red Velvet, and Jade says we can either all sit here and cry about that, or we can understand that the show must go on. Jade is STILL undefeated, and Kiera says Kris Statlander’s “alien looking ass” must think this is real funny since Velvet isn’t here because of her. But the joke is on Kris. Stokely has breaking news, drum roll please! Tony, drum roll! Bddddddt… Stokely says they’re looking for a NEW Baddie! If you want in, all you gotta do is follow these instructions.

First: Use #BaddieSearch in a post. Second: In 140 characters or less, tell them why you should be a Baddie. Or you could keep it one hundy, haha! Not everyone can grace the stage like they can, and you have to be a top notch bitch. And third: “Please, mah sisters in Christ, keep the photos PG.” Schiavone thanks them for their time, but Jade tells him to cut the sh*t. Didn’t we just say to keep it PG? But who will rise above in the #BaddieSearch and stand alongside #ThatBitch?


Athena and Kris Statlander respond!

They’re with Schiavone now, and after what The Baddies just said, O M G, they want to be Baddies, too! They can be sExY~! “You, too, can get the opportunity to stand next to Jade and find out what she smells like~!” Or, they could have the opportunity to be a tOp nOtCh bItCh~! But in all seriousness, it is very unfortunate to hear about Red Velvet. And as sad as that is, Jade must be frontin’ if she thinks Athena & Statlander are backing down. Athena says, “It doesn’t matter if you get one Baddie, two Baddies, hell, twenty Baddies. We are going to thwart each and every one of those hussies that’s set forth in our path.”

Statlander adds, “Absolutely no one can get in our way. Stokely certainly learned that lesson last week.” Oh, y’mean when Statlander smacked him in the back of the head? BOP! Exactly. So they can do their #BaddieSearch, because they’ve got the babe with the power, Willow Nightingale! And Jade, cut the sh*t! Will the Baddies be in bad shape after this trio is through with them?


Toni Storm VS Marina Shafir w/ Nyla Rose!

The Lightning From Down Under has an AEW Women’s World Championship match with Thunder Rosa this Sunday, but there’s only one problem: The Problem stands in her way! Will Storm be able to strike down Shafir? Or will she be stumbling her way into the Forbidden Door?

It is of note that the Native Beast is in Shafir’s corner after the two bonded over brutally beating opponents together on Dark: Elevation. Will Shafir soon be a Vicious Vixen like Nyla and Vickie Guerrero?

The bell rings and the two approach. Shafir BOOTS Storm down and Storm gets to a corner. Shafir storms up on Storm but Storm boots her back. Shafir laughs it off and circles with Storm. They tie up, Shafir gets a leg but Storm stays up. Fans rally, Storm hits a half hatch takeover to a cover, ONE and Shafir gets a faceclock. Shafir mounts and gets an arm to roll Storm! Storm flails, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Shafir lets off but stares Storm down. Storm kicks at Shafir, then stands up. Shafir is after a leg again, tries a throw, but Storm clamps on. Shafir powers through for the takedown!

Storm keeps her shoulders up but Shafir shifts to get a foot. Storm rolls, reels Shafir in and headlocks. Shafir powers out but Storm redirects herself and dropkicks Shafir down! Fans fire up and Shafir gets to a corner. Storm stomps and whips, but Shafir reverses to sweep the legs! Shafir stares Storm down, then things speed up. Storm follows Shafir but Shafir KICKS her down! Storm goes to the apron and Shafir kicks her to the floor! The ref keeps Shafir from pursuing, so Nyla drops a SENTON on Storm! Fans boo as the Native Beast gets away with that one, and Shafir fetches Storm as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Shafir brings Storm up and into the ring, and has her in a corner. Shafir walks into Storm’s kicks but she grabs the legs to kick away on them! Shafir digs her boots in at the ropes but lets off as the ref counts. Shafir paces, stalks Storm along the ropes, then brings her up for a cravat into the ropes! The ref reprimands, Shafir snapmares Storm and shifts to a chinlock. Storm endures, fights up, reaches out, but Shafir throws in knee after knee! Shafir then trips Storm and waistlocks to deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! Storm sits up in a daze but Shafir drags her into a half nelson and wristlock combo.

Storm endures, fights up again, throws body shots, but Shafir trips Storm again and hard! Nyla applauds and Shafir covers, TWO! Shafir smirks as she drags Storma round. Storm kicks her away, Shafir cartwheels back and gets the arms for a straitjacket stretch! Storm endures again as Shafir even fishhooks her face! The ref reprimands, Shafir keeps on the straitjacket, but Storm still endures. Storm powers up as Dynamite returns to single picture, and she kicks free! Storm throws forearms, but Shafir shoves her and eggs her on! Storm throws more forearms, Shafir throws them back! Shafir chicken wings Storm to HEADBUTT her in the back!

Shafir spins Storm around again but Storm breaks free to HEADBUTT Shafir down! Shafir staggers up, Storm runs, but into a BOOT! Storm bails out of the ring and Shafir watches her. Shafir goes out, KICKS Storm around, then bumps her off the apron. Storm staggers around the way but Shafir pursues. SAYANAGI! Shafir drags Storm up again, shoves her into steel steps, but Storm avoids the boot! Shafir hobbles, Storm uses the steps for a TORNADO DDT to the floor! Storm hurries to put Shafir in, and she fires off clubbing forearms! Shafir wants the sayanagi but Storm blocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans rally up as Storm fires up!

Storm runs at Shafir corner to corner, HIP ATTACK! Storm grabs at Shafir but so does Nyla. The ref reprimands and Nyla backs off. Storm gets Shafir up, but Shafir wrenches, pump handles, and lifts, only for Storm to slip out and roll Shafir up! With a bridge! STORM WINS!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Storm solves the Problem, but Nyla CLOBBERS her! Nyla stomps Storm and Shafir joins in! They mug Storm, but here comes THUNDER ROSA! The champion gets in, dodges Nyla and SHOTGUNS Shafir! Nyla is after Rosa, but Rosa elbows her away and Storm CHOP BLOCKS Nyla’s leg! Rosa tops it off with an ENZIGURI! Storm grabs the belt to CLOBBER Nyla with it! Fans fire up but Rosa noticed that. Storm looks at the belt, then looks at Rosa. Storm hands the belt back to Rosa, but will Storm take it for her own this Sunday?


Darby Allin and Sting speak.

The Relentless One calls out The Undisputed Elite, saying they saw what these two did to Bobby Fish. “Kyle, you say you’re not medically cleared. I don’t believe that for one second. I just think you’re too afraid to show up this Sunday for Forbidden Door. So what do we have here? The Young Bucks and two members of Bullet Club, El Phantasmo and Hikuleo VS me and Sting. You think we’re gonna come alone? Oh, no. We’ve got two members of our own. You wanna get crazy? We can get crazy. Shingo and Hiromu! And one by one, Undisputed Elite, we’re gonna take you guys out. And it continues this Sunday at Forbidden Door.”

The Icon says, “We’re gonna keep kicking bodies all the way down the freakin’ hill! Until there’s nobody left. Two down, three, four more to go, it doesn’t matter to us. At Forbidden Door, it’s gonna be showtime.” A star-studded 8 Man Tag has been set! Will the Bucks, ELP and the Young Gun be able to make Chicago Too Sweet? Or will Darby & Sting tranquilo with Los Ingobernables de Japon?


AEW has Rampage set!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, Hook, is ready to take on whoever NJPW’s LA Dojo sends, and they’re sending Dylan Barrales, aka The DKC! Then, before the Forbidden Door Winners Take All Tag Title match, FTR’s Cash Wheeler and The United Empire’s Jeff Cobb face off 1v1! Will Cash be able to survive the “Imperial Unit?” Or will he go on a Tour of the Islands in Milwaukee?

Plus, Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez have been teaming up on Dark and Elevation, and their team will make its television debut! And to settle some old scores, Andrade El Idolo takes on Rey Fenix in a match of lucha libre superstars! Speaking of which…

AEW hears from Rey Fenix, Alex Abrahantes and Andrade.

Fenix asks Alex if he remembers a couple weeks ago, when Andrade took away Fenix’s opportunity to be the Interim AEW World Champion. Yes, that dastardly low blow in the battle royal! But El Idolo can’t believe Fenix is still crying about that. Andrade has other things to do. He has a wife now! But Fenix tells Andrade that when he showed up, he wanted the Lucha Brothers to work for him, but y’know what? Death Triangle works for nobody! So one more time, 1v1, on Rampage! Andrade says he is tranquilo, but he’ll see Fenix this Friday. Who comes out the better man when these two throw down?


The Forbidden Door just keeps getting bigger!

First, for the Buy-In: The Acclaimed & Gunn Club have been running strong, and now Max Caster and all three Gunns, from Austin to Colten to “Daddy Ass” himself, Billy Gunn, team up against more of the LA Dojo’s finest! The DKC, Kevin Knight, Alex Coughlin and Yuya Uemura go on an excursion of sorts, will they return home as conquering heroes?

And then, after what we saw from Jay White, Adam Cole, Hangman Page and Kazuchika Okada, the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship won’t be defended against one but THREE opponents! It will be a Fatal 4 Way, White VS Cole VS Hangman VS Okada! Will the Switchblade Era survive such a challenge? Or will the Windy City bring about the winds of change?


Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Chris Jericho & Lance Archer w/ SamTay!

Before battling for the Interim AEW World Championship as opponents, one of the best in AEW and one of the best in NJPW team together to take on some common enemies! Will the Maniac and The Ace stand tall against the Wizard and the Murderhawk Monster? Or will Jericho having The Spanish God and Brazilian Goddess in his corner be a factor?

Dynamite returns and Archer makes his entrance. William Regal has joined commentary to watch this one in person. Tanahashi makes his entrance from the stage, followed by Moxley’s entrance from the crowd. Moxley flips off SamTay before he joins Tanahashi at the ramp. They talk game plan, and then they rush the ring! The brawl is on and fans fire up! Moxley throws hands with Jericho while Archer knees and CLUBS Tanahashi! Archer bumps Tanahashi off buckles but Moxley tosses Jericho out. The ref rings the bell once it’s just Tanahashi and Archer, but Jericho hits Moxley back on the outside with forearms!

Jericho punches Moxley into having a seat in the corner, but Moxley kicks back and rams Jericho into railing. Tanahashi throws forearms on Archer but Archer eggs Tanahashi on! Tanahashi throws hands, Archer hits back, and fans count along as Moxley rains down fists on Jericho! Moxley tops it off with an elbow as the tenth hit, and Tanahashi starts backing Archer down with a strike fest! Fans are fired up as Moxley whips Jericho into more railing! Tanahashi runs and dropkicks Archer’s legs out! Archer hobbles, Tanahashi runs again, but into a full nelson SLAM! Archer drags Tanahashi up, tags Jericho, and they mug the Ace.

Jericho soaks up the heat, then brings Tanahashi up to CHOP! And forearm, and forearm again! Jericho throws haymakers in the corner, the ref reprimands, but Jericho keeps throwing hands. Tanahashi blocks a punch to give counter punches! Tanahashi backs Jericho down, throws shots in the corner, then whips corner to corner. Jericho reverses, Tanahashi bounces off buckles, and Jericho runs in, only for Tanahashi to send his bulldog into buckles! Jericho is stuck, Tanahashi runs corner to corner to SPLASH Jericho down! Fans fire up as Jericho falls back and Tanahashi wobbles. Tanahashi gets Jericho up, wrenches, and tags Moxley.

Moxley and Tanahashi mug Jericho, then Moxley snapmares Jericho for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans fire up as Moxley goes way past ten this time! Moxley even BITES Jericho on the forehead! SamTay protest and the ref reprimands, but Moxley lets off. Moxley taunts Archer then clotheslines Jericho out of the ring! Moxley goes out after Jericho to ROCK him with haymakers! Moxley bumps Jericho off the apron, then whips him into the timekeeper’s table! Moxley CLAWS Jericho’s back, then bends him back with a crossface! Moxley tells Jericho this is just a sampler of Blood & Guts!

Moxley puts Jericho in the ring, but Archer gets in. The ref tells Archer to get out, but this is just so Sammy can grab at Moxley! Moxley kicks Sammy away but then Jericho TRIANGLE JUMP DROPKICKS Moxley down! Jericho drags Moxley in, and then ROPE GUILLOTINES him! Jericho tags Archer in, they mug Moxley, and Archer slaps Moxley around. Moxley fires off forearms, Archer just eggs him on, so Moxley runs. But Archer goes the other way, and DERAILS Moxley! Archer fires up and fans are torn as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Archer DECKS Tanahashi, the ref reprimands, but Archer stands on Moxley’s head! The ref reprimands and counts, Archer lets off and he throws Moxley out. Archer then goes to the apron, to CANNONBALL! Direct hit and down goes Moxley! Fans boo and give thumbs down but Archer just soaks it all in. Archer puts Moxley back in the ring, tags Jericho back in, and Jericho looms over Moxley. Moxley reaches out as Tanahashi gets back on the apron, but Jericho slaps Moxley around. Jericho brings Moxley up for a back suplex! Cocky cover, TWO! Jericho drags Moxley up and throws him back out, and Moxley is swinging wild as he staggers.

Jericho gets in Tanahashi’s face and the ref is busy with them, so Sammy cheap shots Moxley! Archer adds on, then holds Moxley’s arms back so Tay can get a shot in! SamTay sneak away and Archer tells fans to give him some space. Archer puts Moxley in for Jericho and Jericho covers, TWO! Jericho drags Moxley back up, brings him around and suplexes high and hard! Jericho flexes while Moxley writhes and Jericho drags him away. Tag to Archer, they mug Moxley again, and then Archer puts Moxley in a corner. Archer CHOPS Moxley down, then clamps on a chinlock. Archer twists Moxley’s head and claws at his eyes, but the ref reprimands.

Archer lets Moxley go, then mockingly applauds. Fans rally up, Archer stands Moxley up, and Moxley throws haymakers! Archer knees low and Moxley falls down! Archer brings Moxley up to bump off buckles, then he tags Jericho. They mug Moxley more, the ref counts, and Archer stops at 4. Jericho snamares Moxley and KICKS him in the back. Jericho soaks up the heat as Dynamite returns to single picture, and he even encourages the fans to get louder. Fans rally for Moxley but Jericho SLAPS him! And SLAPS him again! Moxley CHOPS Jericho! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Moxley fires up, runs, but into a throat chop!

Jericho runs, springboards, LIONSAULT onto knees! Fans fire up while both men are down! Moxley and Jericho crawl for their corners, hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi fires off on Jericho, whips him to ropes, but Jericho reverses. Tanahashi FLYING FOREARMS! Tanahashi DECKS Archer for earlier, then he back elbows Jericho. Tanahashi goes up to CROSSBODY! Fans fire up with the air guitar! Tanahashi scoops Jericho to SLAM him, then he goes up the corner. SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives but Tanahashi fires up. Fans fire up with him and Tanahashi runs, SLING-

NO, Jericho spins Tanahashi around to underhook the arms! But Tanahashi back drops free! Jericho rolls Tanahashi and wants the legs! Fans fire up, Tanahashi drags Jericho into a cradle, TWO!! Jericho escapes, dodges the haymaker and hits a CODE BREAKER! Cover, Moxley breaks it! Archer gets in to throw Moxley out, then goes out after him, only for Moxley to get right back in! Moxley DIVES and takes Archer down! Fans fire up while Jericho slowly rises in the ring. Tanahashi also gets up, and they throw forearms back and forth on their knees. Fans rally as the forearms go back and forth, even as they stand up.

Tanahashi gets the edge, whips Jericho to ropes, but Jericho KICK him back! Jericho spins but Tanahashi ducks the Judas Effect! Tanahashi steals the CODE BREAKER! Tanahashi hurries up the corner and fans fire up! Jericho stands, for the HIGH FLY ATTACK! But Jericho rolls through it to have the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Tanahashi endures, Archer CLOBBERS Moxley, and fans are thunderous! Tanahashi reaches, but Jericho is sitting on this deep! Moxley manages to get in to give Jericho a CUTTER! Archer gets in to BOOT Moxley! Archer then hauls Tanahashi up, reels him in, but Tanahashi avoids lariat to SLINGBLADE!

All four men are down and fans are thunderous again! Moxley makes his way back to his corner as fans rally. Sammy coaches Jericho, but Tanahashi stirs. Jericho flops out of the ring but gets back in. Hot tag to Moxley, hot tag to Archer! Moxley LARIATS, Archer stays up! Moxley LARIATS again but Archer just eggs him on! Moxley runs but Archer follows this time, to ROCK Moxley at the ropes! Archer runs but now Moxley follows, Moxley ROCKS Archer at the ropes! Moxley runs, but into the scoop! Inverted Crucifix, but Moxley slips off! Kick and PARADIGM SHIFT!! Tag to Tanahashi and he’s right up top! HIGH FLY FLOW!! Cover, Mox & Tana win!!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall

They held it together and won together! But now, this Sunday, the Maniac and the Once in a Century Talent will meet as opponents. Who will walk out the Forbidden Door our Interim AEW World Champion?

As for Jericho, EDDIE KINGSTON attacks him! The Mad King throws hands on Jericho, but Sammy leaps at him! Kingston fights Sammy off but now Jericho comes back! Moxley isn’t sure if he should go help, but WHEELER YUTA appears! Yuta helps Kingston fight off Le Sex Gods! Yuta sends Jericho into railing, Kingston brings Sammy all the way around the send into railing by the timekeeper’s area! Kingston gets a chair, dodges Sammy’s jump knee, and SMACKS Sammy in the head! Yuta stomps Sammy down, but MINORU SUZUKI is here! The Meanest Man in the World strolls on out and Milwaukee is going nuts!

Kingston is stunned, but Yuta goes after Suzuki and they brawl on the ramp! Suzuki knees low, CLUBS Yuta, Jericho and Kingston are brawling again! Wait, is that SHOTA UMINO!? The Shooter is helping the Decoder go after the Murder Grandpa! Sammy goes after Umino, and this entire time, Tanahashi and Moxley have just been staring down! Referees rush out to stop the madness but Suzuki knocks Yuta down and has a chair! Archer helps hold Yuta down for the SMACK to the back! And then the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society rushes out to help Jericho! Angelo Parker & Matt Menard help him mug Umino!

Kingston rushes over with a chair and that gets Parker & Menard to let off. Sammy is still after Umino, so Santana & Ortiz rush out! Proud ‘n’ Powerful get after Sammy and Jericho, then Jake Hager and Daniel Garcia appear to go after Umino! Suzuki and Archer blast Yuta with a fan’s popcorn bucket!! Security rushes out but now they’re part of the fight! And still the Ace and Maniac stare down! Is this chaos just a sampler of what’s going to happen inside the double steel cage that is Blood & Guts?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite, especially with it as a double go-home. And unlike WWE go-homes, they don’t shove in a bunch of recap packages, they just let a lot of the on-screen talent tell you what happened last week. Like with Christian’s promo to explain why he did what he did. It seems odd that he started helping Jungle Boy because of a grudge, but him basically riding JB’s coattails to get easy money does make sense. That jab about JB’s late father, Luke Perry, was major Heel heat, holy crap. And Christian managing to stop Luchasaurus from just choke slamming him to hell was surprising. But who knows, maybe Christian manipulates Luchasaurus into turning on JB.

Great opening promo tonight from Bryan Danielson, even though he did announce he’ll be out of action for some time. But I do like that they’re managing to use this to add a fourth man to Blackpool Combat Club who will face ZSJ, and apparently be the sixth man on the BCC side in Blood & Guts. And it has to be six, because Moxley names himself, Eddie, Santana, Ortiz and Yuta in the match. This could be anyone, and I will love seeing whoever it is taking on ZSJ and joining BCC in one fell swoop for a huge debut in AEW. Lethal, Sonjay & Singh have a good promo, and you know Samoa Joe’s response will be an ROH World TV Championship match, probably on TV.

The Six Man Tag match was great stuff, but Cassidy & Roppongi Vice winning surely means Ospreay retains the US Championship (that he doesn’t even have because Juice Robinson is holding the belt hostage) and RPG Vice is taking the pin so FTR or United Empire can win without the other being weakened. Then FTR and United Empire can do a more dedicated program for the Summer, perhaps having FTR even show up on New Japan Strong. Good promos from Bucks & Kyle as well as Darby & Sting to set up a really fun 8 Man Tag. I like that Shingo & Hiromu are joining Darby & Sting, and I have a feeling Sting’s team wins, Hikuleo surely taking the pin.

Wardlow has a good promo to keep up the hype for his TNT Championship match. Great AEW All-Atlantic Championship Qualifier from Malakai VS Penta, but I knew Malakai was going to win so that the Fatal 4 won’t have two parts of Death Triangle. And great promo from Miro to call out his opponents and pretty much solidify the fact that he is winning that title. Very good promos from The Baddies to let us know they’re adding a new member, and great response promo from Kris & Athena to poke fun at them, and at the WWE “be sexy for TV time” stuff Athena brought up in her shoot interview.

Them shifting from Anna Jay to Willow Nightingale in the Six Woman Tag is fine, plans clearly head to change after Velvet got hurt. I just hope this new Baddie is a new star getting some time, not a swerve like Anna turning Heel or Willow turning on Kris and Athena. Great match from Storm VS Shafir, that was way better than just the usual tune-up stuff before a big match. Also, Nyla and Shafir sticking together as a duo makes me wonder why Vickie Guerrero’s Vicious Vixens stable hasn’t grown yet. Vickie really should try to get more women on her team, especially since there’s two women’s titles now.

Good promos from Fenix and Andrade to set up a Rampage match, and that will be awesome stuff. Hangman VS Silas was great stuff for Silas to make an AEW debut with. But Hangman wins, and we get great surprises with White and Okada showing up. A great little brawl, and a tease of Cole turning on White, and a Fatal 4 Way for the IWGP World title is awesome! This could be a way for Okada to win the belt back without pinning White, or vice-versa, White retaining without pinning Okada. It also gives us all the combinations we expected, like White VS Cole, White VS Hangman, Okada VS Cole and Okada VS Hangman, all in one amazing match.

And of course, what a great main event tag match and ending segment. Moxley and Tanahashi didn’t need to do team moves, they just needed to work together, and just as I anticipated last week, they win so that they both have momentum going into Forbidden Door. And I love that they kept staring at each other, ignoring everything going on outside the ring. That brawl was a great way to send things off before the Six Man Tag at Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts next week, this is going to be an awesome week for AEW.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; wins and
  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ The Firm; wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS Willow Nightingale; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; win(s).
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/28/23)

QTV gets Dark!



QTV is in Universal Studios!

After helping Will Hobbs hold onto the AEW TNT Championship, QT Marshall & Aaron Solo get back in action! Will this be one for the headlines?


  • AR Fox VS Nick Comoroto; Fox wins.
  • Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue; Skye wins.
  • Evil Uno VS Alexander Moss; Uno wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Steph De Lander; Shafir wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Schaff; Clayton wins.
  • Top Flight VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; Top Flight wins.
  • QT Marshall & Aaron Solo w/ Harley Cameron VS Austin Green & Vary Morales; QT & Solo win.
  • Brady Booker VS Serpentico; Brady wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cole Karter; Konosuke wins.


A good line-up here. Just as I was wondering where Nick Comoroto was, he’s here on Dark to put AR Fox over. For those unfamiliar, Steph De Lander is formerly Persia Pirotta of NXT, though she has a very different look now, I almost didn’t recognize her. Brady Booker, formerly Bodhi Hayward, is back in action, good to see him. And while most of these matches seem pretty straight forward, I feel like Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue is the one that could go either way. Skye’s been building herself up in AEW and ROH but Aminata is impressive in her own right.

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