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Andrew’s Judgmental Album Reviews: Petrol Girls – Baby (2022)

Who wants a little bit of European Hardcore Punk? Not a normal genre the JAR partakes in, but this one seemed topical.



With July just kicking off, I was combing things that came out in late June as well, and this one kinda stuck out to me. Admittedly, I’ve never listened to this band at all before today, but the combination of the band name and album name intrigued me. Given the current political climate after Roe v Wade was moronically overturned, I feel like this album might be more topical than even originally intended.

So for tiny context; Petrol Girls are a UK Punk band (now based in Austria) formed in about 2012 and named after the Pétroleuses, female arsonists, referencing the group of female supporters for the Paris Commune in 1871. With a name derived from a revolutionary mentality, playing punk and most likely having view in line with feminism…this could be one hell of a ride. Let’s find out!

Petrol Girls is: Ren Aldridge (guitar & vocals), Liepa Kuraite (bass & vocals), Joe York (guitar) & May Mansour (drums)

  • Artist: Petrol Girls
  • Album: Baby (2022)
  • Label: Hassle Records
  • Total Track Time: 34:00

Scraps an almost 30 second little instrumental/white noise open to give that off putting sonic dissonance feeling. Preachers gives me some reminiscent feelings of Million Dead but lyrically it is following the theme of people telling women what to do, and how to look/act without knowledge or real ramification. “Mr Sanctimony and his pony, Only know that one trick, Calls it liberation, mans his station, Never budges from it, Our mental exhaustion fuels their fortune, In the silicone pit”, equating how women are treated to a show pony is…pretty damn accurate and I just like this verse. Feed My Fire going for more of the frenetic spoken word open, and the clashing cacophonous aspects during the verse until a fairly melodic chorus before returning the ebb and flow of the jagged instrumentation. Giving the fact all the lyrical imagery is about fire, embers, ash, the erratic arrangement gives a good sonic picture of fire crackling, slowly building in that beautiful yet off time dance that it tends to do. This is really surprisingly cool, evocative and roped me in with relative ease.

Baby, I Had an Abortion, well look at this…yeah I was right to think there was topical content here. Yeah the pre-chorus here adjusts between the first and second, but it’s simple yet fantastic. “Whose life are you pro?, Whose do you want to control?, You want to come inside?, Tell me how I’m traumatized, Shame, shame, shame, Point your finger and cry, oh it’s a, Shame, shame, shame, That I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry”, the Pro-Choice sentiment is obvious here, the fact that antiquated moral and religious views are what people hinge on for Pro-Life is also a point they hit. I won’t go too far into any kind of breakdown cause this isn’t something I can relate to or speak on from the same perspective, I will just say that easy access to abortions should be a thing for those who need it and removing Pro-Choice is some Dark Ages retard shit. Clowns feel like a song about fence sitters. A lot of lines about the left and the right, but being snug as a bug in the middle. Sonically it’s interesting, but really seems to get more and more aggressive about fence sitters. Unsettle brings up vibes of growing older and just being content, but the main lyrics are fighting against the settling malaise that tends to sink in as we get older and fight less and less.

Fight for Our Lives is more of the riot rally spoken word into the megaphone before the chorus. Blaming mainstream media on continuing the narratives that get women and other marginalized groups murdered just because it’s the corporate accepted spin. It’s a simple request that no one should feel like the media is working against them to have them murdered while just trying to go out and enjoy their life. Violent by Design, no this is not Eric Young’s new theme song for his IMPACT! group. It’s a very, anti-police song. Which given how the last few years has dragged a lot of corruption to the forefront just in America, I can only imagine what the vibe is in Europe. I do really like this lyric though; “Oh, are they the good guys?, Are they the nation’s pride?, Always on the right side, The thin blue line is violent by design”. And before someone acts like the king of Moron Mountain, even the song acknowledges it’s “not all” of them; “How many bad apples, Till we look at the tree, Pull at its roots, Confront our history?”

One or the Other has lyrics that are comedic genius. Not comedic like laughably stupid, but it portrays everything that society throws at you, as a very binary answer. According to society, things can only be one or the other, they are mutually exclusive, which is an ignorant mentality to have in life; “Always one or the other, She’s a whore or she’s your mother, There are men and there are women, Now let’s enjoy our gender prison”, given their political views on a lot, this is very possibly a pro-trans song; but honestly it’s just pointing out of a lot of societal stupidity. I don’t think it needs to have a political affiliation since it just makes sense for logic, everything can’t be black and white.

Sick & Tired gives me a lot of Kittie vibes, and honestly this is more commentary on everything they already spoke about. Sick of excuses, having to defend choices and actions, sick of having to fight uphill for justice or basic equality, sick of how society as decomposed to this heap of garbage that it currently is. Bones is interesting since it really continues the Sick & Tired aspect of if you strip away the noise, they’re just bones. So the lyrics express frustration in continuing, if it’s worth it, what it all means…and the ending doesn’t exactly give a resurgence of hope. It does a good job at getting across the precarious position the life puts people in and the exhaustion that just envelops some people.

So to be honest, a lot of this is not my normal bag. Hardcore Punk was something I’m vaguely aware of, and that’s mostly thanks to my old college roommate Steve. I was really just intrigued by the songs, the dynamic of the band mixed with the musical delivery.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, a lot of what is discussed in this album isn’t “Progressive” or “Feminist rhetoric”, it’s basic humans rights. People that want to cling to a fake book that’s over 2000 years old for guidance or misquote a piece of paper from nearly 250 years ago  really need to take a look in the mirror. These same people think that things that happened 30 or 40 years ago are outdated, yet you’re trying to validate your backwards belief with items that are older than any living human. Stop being a puppet.

As for the album? If you like Hardcore Punk this has a lot of great elements, even some more melodic moments, and maintains the punk spirit since they have a message worth saying. Give it a listen.

Final Judgment: 8.25/10


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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (12/8/22)

HyruleMania: Celebration of Grudges?



HPW News 2022

We hear from the UnderWorld Order and their enemies!

The UnderWorld order is going to be very busy at HyruleMania 3, with Skull Kid VS Groose and Gibdo VS Gibdo in high stakes showdowns!


First, we hear from the Skyfall Stud, Groose!

“HPW’s first-ever Hair VS Mask match, huh? Ringside ban on everyone but me and him, huh? And anything goes, huh? Perfect! Skull Kid’s been getting me with hit ‘n’ runs, but there’s no more running away! And I’m not letting some scrawny clown snatch me bald! I’ll finally get that mask off him and smack some sense into him! Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll have my old friend back. And together with Tingle and Ladrona, we can make all of Hyrule Pro-Wrestling… STUDLY!” Groose flexes, but will he have the strength to reach his friend behind that mask?


And now, the Dark Forces!

Cia starts by saying, “And so it’s come to this. ReDead goes Hollywood, and he’s so upset that Gibdo didn’t sell out with him that he’s actively trying to replace him. How sad is that?” Together, Volga and Wizzro say, “Very sad.” Cia continues with, “ReDead, I don’t know where you get off saying you weren’t appreciated. Weren’t you Trios Champion with Volga and Gibdo? But I guess that wasn’t enough for you, was it? You needed to rule the world, didn’t you? Is ruling the world worth abandoning your friends?”

“But this isn’t about ReDead,” GIBDO says. “The UnderWorld Order’s Gibdo, Āléx. And I, Kēvín. Two Gibdos on a collision course that we cannot avoid. We will do battle to prove our physical superiority, and only one of us can-” “Wait,” Cia interrupts. “You’re name’s Kevin?” Gibdo sighs. “Yes. But that’s not the point. In the end, I shall be The Gibdo of All Gibdos in HPW, while Āléx will rest… In… Pieces…!” The Dark Forces’ Gibdo, revealed to be Kēvín, has spoken. But will he back up his words with action at the Celebration of Greatness?


G̕҉͏͝Ú̶̢̀̕Ȩ̸̕͡͡S҉̷̀͘S̸̕ ҉͏Ẁ͝H͢͟Ó

Guess Who, part 2

Feel F̀͡-͞F̛͟e̵͠e͘l̷ ̵͘F́͞e̕el̵͢ the fire of war! W҉AR W҉̷-W̸҉A̴͜R͞!

HyruleProWrestlingFaction FacesofEvilGIF


The UnderWorld Order responds to it all!

ReDead sighs. “Well, I should have expected Cia to deny the truth. But there will be no denying what is happening at HyruleMania. The Dark Forces will continue to dwindle until there is nothing left.” Their Gibdo, Āléx, tells Kēvín, “You have it all wrong. This collision course we’re on was avoidable. All you had to do was see things as they really are. But you chose to be blinded by the Dark Sorceress. Now, I must pull the wrappings away from your eyes and show you. Sadly, it’ll be in your last moments. You will unravel with this defeat, I shall be the Gibdo of All Gibdos, and you will only have yourself to blame.”

“As for you, Groose,” a deep, booming voice says. Wait, ReDead and Āléx move aside to reveal Skull Kid, looking even more muscular than before! That was him speaking!? “I will not need assistance from the UnderWorld Order to defeat you. I knew from the beginning that I was the strongest in our little trio. And now, I will prove it as I embarrass you in front of the world. And I don’t just mean in our match. After I humiliate you in combat, I will rob you of your dignity as I shave that ridiculously red cowlick off that empty lump of a head. Then you will know shame as I have, and you will be the one hiding your face.”

The uWo are deadly serious, but will they be victorious at the Celebration of Greatness?

My Thoughts:

Yes, I decided to go the Maximum Male Models route and mess with the vowel sounds of names just so we can identify the Dark Forces’ Gibdo and the uWo’s Gibdo as more than just acronyms. But I’m not going to be constantly copy-pasting “Āléx” and “Kēvín” during that whole match, that’d be too much. Also, I could’ve gone with fantasy genre sounding names, but I felt this was funnier. And while there’s obviously no audio, just picturing Skull Kid sounding like Darth Vader fits so well for this transformation he’s going through.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #160: Changes Bob Iger Style



Bandwagon Nerds

Patrick O’Dowd, PC Tunney, and Rey Cash revisit the leadership changes at Disney and how Bob Iger has already made his mark in the company.  Plus, after slow week in the trailer park last episode, the Nerds react to five, yes FIVE, trailer releases.  Finally, Patrick and PC Tunney review the Apple TV movie, Spirited starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

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Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney and Rey Cash as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Bandwagon Nerds Mario

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