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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (7/4/22)

Fireworks in Termina!



HPW Termina Velocity

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 31

For the first time ever, HPW is live from another country! Termina Velocity sees legends of TCW take on the Hyrule stars of today!


  • 21 Person Battle Royal Eventide Challenge Qualifier: Hilda, Cia, Skull Kid, Hollywood ReDead, Groose and Link all advance to the Eventide Challenge on Treasure Island.
  • HPW Goddess Championship Contender’s Match: Zelda VS Veran; Veran wins and will challenge for the title on Treasure Island.
  • HPW Triforce Championship Contender’s Match: Kage VS Onox; Kage wins and denies Onox a title match.
  • HPW Termina Championship: Fin Balure w/ Arrow Club VS Igos du Ikana w/ The Ikana Royal Family; Balure wins and retains the title.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

June had a Spectacular Spectacle that was surely must-see, and it crowned a NEW HPW Triforce Champion! The Hero’s Shadow took advantage of the Triple Threat and came out victorious for the Dark Forces! But he has known these last three weeks that a Dark General is after him! Even though Onox is Termina Championship Wrestling’s only Triple Crown Winner, HPW won’t give him a title match right out the gate. But they will give him a chance to earn a title opportunity. Will Onox defeat Kage on his home turf to then face Kage again in August?

The same goes for the Sorceress of Shadow who silently called out Zelda after Zelda retained the title against all four Poe Sisters! Will Veran, the longest-reigning TCW Women’s Champion, turn back time with a win over the Princess of Hyrule? And in the main event, the Ruler of Ruin looks to do the same against the Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla! Igos du Ikana wants THE Termina Championship back, but will Fin Balure make sure that ship sinks to the bottom of the sea? However, we open with a 21 Person Battle Royal! Those who last the longest will make the cut for the Eventide Challenge on Treasure Island! HPW Termina Velocity starts now!


21 Person Battle Royal Eventide Challenge Qualifier!

Treasure Island 3 is on the horizon, and that means the Eventide Challenge comes with it! The former HPW Triforce Champion, Link, stands among friends and enemies alike! Out of Link, Lana, Hilda, Ravio, Yuga, Volga, Cia, Groose, Tingle, Skull Kid, Rosso, Torbevito, The Great Fairy, Iron Knuckle, Nabooru, Garo Master, Osphala, Oaky Threetoh, Gooma, Doomknocker, and Hollywood ReDead, who will be the #EventideSix with a wet hot Hyrule summer ahead of them?

The bell rings and the brawl is on! Cia and Volga stick together, as do Hilda and Ravio, as well as Doomknocker and Gooma. The Doombringers brawl with the Dark Forces, Hilda goes after Yuga, Rosso DECKS Garo Master, and wait, is Oaky Treetoh still singing her theme song while standing on the corner? Didn’t she finish during her entrance? Or is this a special encore so that she can be the odd one out? Skull Kid pushes her over! Treetoh holds onto the ropes desperately and fans boo as Skull Kid tries to ruin the performance! Groose and Tingle go after Skull Kid for him ditching the Studly Guys and fans cheer!

Torbevito KICKS Iron Knuckle in the leg but Knuckle HEADBUTTS Torbevito down! The Great Fairy and Nabooru brawl, Osphala waistlocks Lana but Lana switches and shoves him away, then dropkicks him to ropes! ReDead rushes over and he ROCKS Osphala with a right! ReDead tries to dump Osphala out, but Link goes after ReDead! Link’s clearly taking his frustrations over losing the title out on ReDead and fans fire up! Link and ReDead brawl, Knocker DECKS Volga, but Cia jumps on him with a SLEEPER! Gooma drags Cia off Knocker and throws her into a corner. Cia ducks Gooma’s corner clothesline and she dropkicks Knocker!

Volga RAMS into Gooma in the corner, he and Cia try to get him up and out but he’s pretty big. Gooma CLUBS Volga and pushes Cia away, only for Lana to dropkick Gooma’s legs out! Cia and Lana, the frenemy sisters they are, work together with Volga! But Knocker CLUBS Volga down and then brings him around to tosses him out! Knocker ELIMINATES Volga! Lana and Cia go after Knocker together but he knocks them away. Nabooru kicks Great Fairy then bumps her off buckles. Great Fairy turns things around to bump Nabooru off buckles in return! Skull Kid pops Tingle up to DECK him with a forearm!

Skull Kid trophy lifts Tingle and aims for the ropes! But Tingle slips off and shoves Skull Kid at the ropes! Tingle runs in, but Skull Kid catches him for a BACKBREAKER to a COMPLETE SHOT! Groose BOOTS Skull Kid down! But then Garo Master tilt-o-whirls around Groose for a DDT! Link MASTER SWORDS Garo Master against the ropes! Then Link TOSSES and ELIMINATES Garo Master! Osphala brawls with Gomess, Link rushes after ReDead! Oaky Treetoh finally slips back into the ring, and she huffs and puffs as she kicks and punches Yuga. Yuga asks her what her problem is, then kicks her low. Fans boo but he tells them to shut up!

Rosso and Iron Knuckle RAM into each other, shoulder to shoulder, again and again! Rosso ROCKS Knuckle but Knuckle BOOTS back! Knuckle GoroUppers Rosso into a corner, fires more GoroUppers, then goes to pick Rosso up. Rosso holds ropes to resist and he kicks at Knuckle. Torbevito tilt-o-whirls around Knuckles to headscissor him into ropes! Torbevito then runs the ropes, but Knuckle gets up and HEADBUTTS Torbevito! Torbevito wobbles, and Knuckle TOSSES him out! Iron Knuckle ELIMINATES Torbevito! Fans boo but then Rosso dumps Knuckle out of the ring! Rosso ELIMINATES Iron Knuckle!

Rosso turns around into Gooma’s SPINEBUSTER! Gooma then gets the legs to CATAPULT Rosso at the ropes! Rosso tumbles up and over but he hangs on! Ravio rushes in to SHOTGUN Rosso and ELIMINATE him! Ravio then scurries away to a corner for safety. Hilda and Ravio regroup, and she shields him while he undoes buckle pads in that corner. Lana storms up after Hilda but she throws a buckle pad at her! And another, and then the third! Then Hilda ROCKS Lana, and whips her over the ropes! Lana holds on, Cia rushes in but Hilda throws her at Lana! But Cia rolls to be on Lana’s back and Lana pops Cia in, SILLY STRING DDT!

Cia hurries to get Hilda up, but Ravio sweeps Lana’s legs out! Lana hits the apron on the way down, but she still touches the floor! Ravio ELIMINATES Lana! Cia DECKS Hilda then CHOPS Ravio! Groose brawls with Skull Kid, Tingle jumps on Skull Kid but gets thrown off easily. Skull Kid ROUNDHOUSES Tingle, then mule kicks Groose, front kicks, then ENZIGURIS! Tingle staggers, Skull Kid trophy lifts Tingle, then TOSSES Tingle over the top rope! Tingle falls right to the floor, Skull Kid ELIMINATES Tingle! Skull Kid then goes after Groose again, and the brawl is back on! Groose swings but Skull Kid dodges to CHOP BLOCK a leg out!

Great Fairy BOOTS Nabooru, Nabooru staggers to ropes, and Great Fairy rushes in, only for Nabooru to dump her out! Great Fairy stays on the apron, Nabooru swings but Great Fairy ducks and HOTSHOTS Nabooru away. Great Fairy then springboards, but Nabooru shoves her away! Great Fairy manages to land on the barriers! She clings to them as best she can, and even does the splits to get her legs hooked up on top. Great Fairy then stands up on the barriers and tightrope walks on them to get closer to the steel steps. But then Nabooru goes out onto the apron and stands on the steps to be in her way!

Great Fairy is angry because she can’t go to the steps now! Nabooru points out she went through the second rope, so she can touch the floor! Nabooru rushes Great Fairy and shoves her off the barriers! Nabooru ELIMINATES Great Fairy! Fans are torn while Nabooru slides back into the ring. Hilda GAMANGIRIS Nabooru and then dumps her out! Hilda ELIMINATES Nabooru! Yuga sucker punches Hilda! Yuga brings Hilda around and aims at the ropes, but Hilda hits him with a back elbow first. Hilda feeds Yuga to Ravio and Ravio FLAPJACKS Yuga off the bare buckles! Yuga staggers and checks his face!

Yuga isn’t busted open, but Ravio and Hilda TOSS Yuga out onto Nabooru! They ELIMINATE Yuga together! Knocker and Gooma rush together! Ravio shoves Hilda out of the way, the Doombringers double clothesline Ravio up and out! The Doombringers ELIMINATE Ravio! But then Gomess and ReDead go after them! They brawl, Gomess CHOPS Knocker, ReDead HEADBUTTS Gooma. The uWo then go to clothesline, but while ReDead sends Gooma out, Knocker tosses Gomess up and over! ReDead ELIMINATES Gooma while Knocker ELIMINATES Gomess! Fans fire up but ReDead is shocked and upset!

Knocker and ReDead start brawling, Knocker gets the edge, and BACKHANDS ReDead! ReDead falls down, Knocker has to drag him back up. Knocker gets ReDead to the ropes, but then Cia CLUBS Knocker on the back. Cia KICKS Knocker in the leg, and hits a BACKSTABBER! Knocker staggers, ReDead back drops Knocker up and out! ReDead ELIMINATES Knocker! Cia then knees ReDead low! Cia fires off elbows on the back of ReDead’s neck! ReDead shoves Cia away then BOOTS her down! Link SUPEKICKS ReDead! ReDead goes down, so Link has to drag his deadweight up now. ReDead LOW BLOWS Link from below!

Hilda bumps Treetoh’s head off bare steel! But Treetoh’s hard head withstands it?! Treetoh is powering up, and she throws furious body shots on Hilda over and over! Treetoh is backing Hilda down with punch after punch! Hilda kicks but Treetoh blocks, to then KICK Hilda in return! Hilda staggers away into a corner, and Treetoh fires up! Fans fire up with her, she runs in, but Hilda sends her into the POST! Hilda drags Treetoh out to a hammerlock, for HER CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT! Hilda then hauls Treetoh up and throws her out, Hilda ELIMINATES Treetoh! We’re down to seven! Only one more elimination until we have our #EventideSix!

Osphala, Link and Groose move over to one side, having a loose alliance through their friendly rivalries. Cia and Hilda start scrapping with each other, ReDead BOOTS Link and Skull Kid jumps onto Groose! Groose rams Skull Kid into buckles, Osphala KICKS ReDead in the leg. ReDead ROCKS Osphala with a forearm, Link HOOK KICKS ReDead! Groose throws Skull Kid off, but Skull Kid’s right back up to CODE BREAKER! Link CLUBS ReDead, brings him around, and Osphala helps him suplex. ReDead fights the double suplex, to DOUBLE SUPLEX them instead! ReDead runs the ropes, but Link SUPERKICKS him!

ReDead leans against ropes, Osphala rushes in! But ReDead holds the ropes down! Osphala tumbles out and hits the floor!! ReDead ELIMINATES Osphala, and we have our Eventide Six!

Winners: Hilda, Cia, Groose, Skull Kid, Hollywood ReDead & Link (advance to Treasure Island)

Her Grace, the Dark Sorceress, the Skyfall Stud, the “Masked Menace,” the Immortal Renegade, and the Hero of Hyrule are all going to Eventide! The fighting stops for now, but who will win that grand prize and head for the Triforce Championship?


The Indigo-Go’s are here for a live musical performance!

Termina’s #1 all Zora rock band, and #7 on the Termina Top 100 all this year, is here to perform their hit song, The Ballad of the Wind Fish!


HPW Goddess Championship Contender’s Match: Zelda VS Veran!

The Princess of Hyrule has been champion for FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE DAYS! Zelda defeated all four Poe Sisters at the Spectacular Spectacle, but was called out by the Sorceress of Shadows. The title isn’t on the line, but will day 550 be where Zelda starts to lose her grip? Or can she stay strong against the longest-reigning TCW Women’s Champion?

Naturally, the fans are very excited to see Veran, and she does wave to the crowd. The bell rings and the two stare down as fans rally up. Zelda and Veran slowly circle, then approach. They tie up, Veran has the height advantage and uses that leverage to push Zelda back. They end up on ropes, but Zelda turns things around, only for Veran to shove her down! Zelda kips up and stares Veran down and fans applaud. The two reset, circle, and tie up again. Zelda gets around to a waistlock, then a headlock. Zelda grinds the hold, but Veran throws body shots. Veran powers out, Zelda ducks the clothesline but Veran scoops her for a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER!

Fans rally up, Veran clamps onto Zelda with a rear bearhug. Veran squeezes tight and leans on the hold but Zelda endures. Zelda fights up, pries at the hold, but Veran picks up and SLAMS Zelda down. Veran floats to a facelock, gator rolls Zelda from the ropes, and then deadlift suplexes! Cover, TWO! Veran stays on Zelda with a chinlock. Veran grinds Zelda into the mat, and shifts around to get leverage. Zelda still endures, fights to move around, and manages to get up and over to get a cover! TWO, and Zelda is after an arm! Veran scrambles around to get to the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer the exchange and Zelda lets Veran go.

Veran composes herself and gets to her feet. She and Zelda reset, they circle, and tie up again. Veran wrenches an arm, grinds the shoulder, but Zelda rolls and reaches up with her legs. Veran shoves the headscissor away and stands on Zelda’s arm to then STOMP it with her other foot! Zelda clutches the arm while fans cheer. Veran KICKS Zelda in the back, then clamps onto the bad arm. Zelda resists, rolls and arm-drags Veran to go for an armlock, but Veran returns the arm-drag. The two stand off again and fans cheer the exchange. They circle, tie up again, and but then Veran throws Zelda down on the mat!

Veran has a smug smile as she looms over Zelda while Zelda checks her face. Veran gives Zelda a toying kick and Zelda is already upset. Veran gives another toying kick and Zelda gets up to SLAP Veran! Fans go nuts and Veran is wide eyed but glaring daggers at Zelda. Veran swings a slap but Zelda catches it and wrenches to a hammerlock. Zelda tries to bring Veran down with that but Veran stays up and they go around and around. They end up in the ropes, referee Maron Ronron counts and Zelda lets off, only to KICK Veran in the side! Maron reprimands and Veran is angry again but Zelda eggs her on.

Fans rally up as Veran storms up on Zelda. Zelda gets around, CLUBS Veran then waistlocks. Veran resists the lift, elbows free, then mule kicks, front kicks, and ROLLING ELBOWS! Zelda stays up but staggers, Veran waistlocks then wristlocks, ripcord to BIONIC ELBOW! The Bee Sting! Cover, TWO! Veran is annoyed but fans fire up. Zelda sits up in a daze, Veran stomps her down. Zelda crawls for ropes but Veran gets the legs and drags her away! Veran sits down, rolls and turns Zelda over, and she has the legs hooked up over her shoulders. Veran grabs Zelda’s arms and pulls them back, for the SPIDER WEB!

Zelda endures as she’s stretched back! Fans rally, Zelda tucks her chin to resist as best she can. Veran thrashes Zelda around but Zelda refuses to give in! Fans are dueling, “TAP! TAP! TAP!” “NO! NO! NO!” Zelda moves around, and she gets an arm free! Zelda reaches out, claws forward, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans are going nuts and Maron counts as Veran holds on. Veran lets go at 4, basically dropping Zelda, and fans chant, “This is Awesome!” Veran is frustrated, and she drags Zelda up, but Zelda gives her a HYLIAN KISS! Veran staggers and checks her face, and Zelda whips her to a corner.

Zelda runs in but Veran dodges. Veran comes back but Zelda elbows her away. Zelda then goes up, jumps back and POISON-RANAS!! Fans are thunderous as Zelda fires up! Veran sits up in a daze, Zelda BUZZSAWS! Zelda chicken wings an arm and she wants the crossface, but Veran scrambles around! Zelda keeps the arm hooked with the chicken wing but Veran gets to ropes! Maron calls the ropebreak but Veran keeps going out of the ring. Veran YANKS Zelda into the ropes! Zelda sputters, Maron reprimands Veran but Veran gets in and stomps Zelda to a drop zone. Veran jumps up the corner and twists, BEETLE BOMB SENTON! Cover, VERAN WINS!

Winner: Veran, by pinfall (earns an HPW Goddess Championship match for Treasure Island 3)

Incredible! The Sorceress of Shadows brings down the Princess of Hyrule! Perhaps it was lucky that this was not a title match in itself. With roughly a month to prepare, will Zelda be able to game plan her redemption? Or will Veran be able to do what she did here on Eventide in August?


HPW Triforce Championship Contender’s Match: Kage VS Onox!

The Hero’s Shadow just won this title at the Spectacular Spectacle, and now he stands atop Hyrule! But already, he is being tested. We just saw the HPW Goddess Champion fall to a TCW legend, will we see the same happen here? Or will the Dark General lose this battle to the ace of the Dark Forces?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, Onox powers Kage back to ropes, and the ref counts the ropebreak. Onox lets off slowly, but Kage kicks low! Kage headlocks, Onox powers up to lift him but Kage thrashes the hold. Onox endures, throws body shots, then powers out. Kage holds the ropes to stop himself, Onox rushes in and Kage lets him rebound off ropes to roll Onox up! TWO, Kage tries for Master Sword but Onox dodges! Kage goes to superkick but Onox blocks that. Onox pushes Kage over but Kage kips back up, MASTER SWORD! Onox tumbles out while fans fire up over the exchange.

Kage hurries to the ropes and aims, for a PLANCHA! Onox moves, Kage manages to land on his feet, and Onox CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up as Onox hauls Kage up to smack him off the apron! Onox brings Kage around to POST him, then brings Kage up to APRON BACK SUPLEX! Kage flops to the floor and Onox refreshes the ring count. Onox drags Kage up and whips him hard into barriers! Fans fire up and chant “You Still Got It!” as Onox storms up on Kage. Onox stands Kage against the barriers and CLUBS him in the chest! Kage snarls but Onox CLUBS him on the back! Onox shoves Kage into the ring, covers, ONE!!

Fans rally up while Onox drags Kage up. Onox trophy lifts Kage and carries him around! Fans fire up as Onox even holds Kage up with one arm! Then Onox DROPS Kage! Kage hits the mat and fans cheer as Onox flexes. Onox wants Kage to get back up, and Kage slowly rises. Onox runs the ropes, and he POUNCES Kage! Kage flounders to a corner and fans fire up as Onox runs corner to corner! But Kage moves and Onox hits buckles! Kage ENZIGURIS Onox into the corner, then GERMAN SUPLEXES Onox out of the corner! Fans fire up while both men are down! Onox sits up slowly, and Kage hurries over to get the wrists!

Onox resists being pulled into the Light Arrow, then gets a leg up to boot Kage away. Kage gets up, runs back in, but into a POP-UP GORON DROP! Cover, TWO! Onox is growing frustrated with Kage’s toughness, but fans are rallying up. Onox kicks Kage to a corner, then hauls him up to the top rope. Onox ROCKS Kage with a haymaker, then climbs up to join Kage. Onox goes to suplex but Kage blocks it! Kage throws body shots, then CLUBS Onox’s back! And CLUBS him again and again and again! But Onox just stands up tall and glares at him! Onox HEADBUTTS Kage, Kage wobbles, and Onox brings him back in.

Onox suplexes but Kage fights free and slips under Onox! Kage CLUBS Onox on the back again, then tucks him into the corner! SUPERKICK! Kage then Electric Chair Lifts Onox from the corner! Fans fire up, but Onox is proving too much for Kage to carry, especially after the damage to his back. Kage drops and Onox gets to ropes. Kage staggers up, into a LARIAT from Onox! Both men are down again and fans fire back up. Onox seethes and gets to his feet, and he looms over Kage. Onox deadlifts Kage into a suplex! And then USHIGOROSHI! The Gorgon’s Stare! Cover, TWO!! Kage survives and Onox is furious!

Onox drags Kage up with both hands, and then TOSSES him to a corner! Onox SPLASHES Kage and lets him drop to the mat. Onox positions Kage in the drop zone and goes up the corner. Fans fire up, but Kage gets up to SHORYUKEN! Onox wobbles up top now, but Kage drags him into a fireman’s carry! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Kage uses the momentum and runs to the corner and comes back, SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up and Kage roars! Kage gets the wrists, but Onox spins and arm-drags Kage away! Kage gets back up, Onox rushes in, MASTER SWORD! Onox stays up and DISCUS!

Fans are thunderous and chant “This is Awesome!” as Onox shakes the cobwebs out of his head as he steadies himself. Kage kips up!?! Fans lose their minds now as Kage and Onox both look over their shoulders at the other. Kage hobbles as he turns around and walks up to Onox. Onox throws a heavy forearm, but Kage only takes a couple steps back! Kage ROCKS Onox back, but Onox only takes a couple steps back. Onox ROCKS Kage, Kage ROCKS Onox, and fans rally up as the forearms fly back and forth, faster and faster! Onox gets the edge, ROCKS Kage again, then spins, DISCUS- NO, Kage goes Matrix to avoid the lariat! HOOK KICK!

Onox staggers to a corner, Kage CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Onox drops to his knees and Kage starts raining down forearms against buckles! The ref counts, Kage lets off at 4 and then runs corner to corner. BLINDSIDE MASTER SWORD! Fans are thunderous again as Kage drags Onox up in a waistlock, and gets him up for a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN!! Bridging cover, TWO!!! Onox survives and Kage’s shock and indignation is clear, even through his skull face paint! Kage sits Onox up while getting his wrists, LIGHT ARROW!!! Cover, but they’re too close to the ropes! Kage curses while he drags Onox away by his arms, reels him in and underhooks!

But Onox stands up to have Kage in a Hebra Lift! HEBRA SLAM!! Onox falls onto the cover, TWO!!! Fans are going nuts but Onox is too tired to be shocked! Kage sits up in a daze while Onox drags himself to ropes. Onox drags himself up with the ropes, and he drops an elbow on Kage! Onox drags Kage back into a drop zone, goes up the corner again, but Kage hurries to get up and under him! Electric Chair Lift, tuck and DARK CLOUD DRIVER!! Cover, Kage wins!!!

Winner: Kage, by pinfall (denies Onox an HPW Triforce Championship match)

Fans are shocked but still give this battle a standing ovation! Kage and Onox both need some help standing back up, but they still walk over to each other on their own. Fans are chanting for “Both These Guys! Both These Guys!” as the two stare down. Onox offers a handshake, and fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Kage looks at the hand a moment, then accepts the handshake! Fans love the sportsmanship shown from these two grim, gritty gladiators! But if the Dark General won’t have a title match at Treasure Island, who will?


HPW Termina Championship: Fin Balure w/ Arrow Club VS Igos du Ikana w/ The Ikana Royal Family!

Termina Championship Wrestling’s top title returns home! But after a controversial win, it’s around the waist of the Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla. Will the Ruler of Ruin redeem himself and truly bring this title home? Or will Fin find a way to keep it reeeeel?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who waves the banner of TCW!

HyruleProWrestling TerminaChampionship

Fans fire up already with “Here we go, Igos, here we go! *clap clap*” Igos and Fin stare down while their factions talk trash to each other. The two slowly circle, approach, and tie up. Fin headlocks, grinds the hold, but Igos powers Fin back to ropes then powers out. They RAM shoulders, but neither man falls! Fans fire up and both sides cheer their leaders as Fin and Igos stare down again. Fin dares Igos to run, so Igos runs the ropes, and the RAM shoulders again! Fin staggers this time and the Ikana Royal Family cheers! Igos dares Fin to run the ropes, as does the IRF. Fin runs, RAMS shoulders with Igos, but Igos still stays up.

Fans rally again, “Here we go, Igos, here we go! *clap clap*” and get louder as the IRF encourage them. Igos runs, RAMS Fin, and Fin rebounds to RAM Igos back! Igos rebounds, but into Fin’s CHOP! Fin and Arrow Club laugh and soak up the heat, but then Fin turns around into Igos’ KICK to the chest! Fin sputters and Arrow Club complains to Tiger Sahasrahla. But he asks them, “It was a kick! That’s not illegal!” and fans laugh. Igos CLUBS Fin and puts him in a corner for body shots! Sahasrahla counts, Igos lets off at 4, but then he KICKS Fin in the chest again! And again! And again! Sahasrahla counts again, Igos lets off at 4 and fans are all fired up!

Fin is mad and he storms up on Igos! He and Igos start throwing hands and fans are loving this! Igos ROCKS Fin with a cross counter! Igos KICKS Fin in the chest again, and Fin drops to his knees! Igos KICKS Fin again, and again, and again! Fin manages to stay up, so Igos winds back. Igos runs in but Fin blocks the kick this time! Fin trips Igos to DOUBLE STOMP him down! Fin gets up, clutching his stinging chest, but he aims at Igos from a corner. Igos gets up, Fin runs in, but Igos avoids the shotgun dropkick! Fin hits the mat, Igos runs and PENALTY KICKS Fin down! Cover, TWO! Igos hurries for the dragon sleeper but Fin scrambles to the ropes!

Sahasrahla counts as Igos still grabs at Fin, and Igos lets off quick while egging Fin on. Fin is frustrated but the Young Ducks, Mack & Rick, calm him down. Fin and Igos reset and circle again. Fans rally up again, the two tie up, and they go around the ring. They end up on ropes, off ropes, back onto ropes, into a corner, back onto ropes, then Igos puts Fin back in a corner. Sahasrahla counts, Igos lets off slowly, but Fin is furious and he shoves Igos down! Fans boo but the Arrow Club laughs and talks trash while Fin shouts, “I’M the champion now! Termina is MINE!” Igos gets up and gets in Fin’s face, but Fin CHOPS Igos!

Fin eggs Igos on, and Igos KICKS Fin in the chest! Fin CHOPS, Igos KICKS, repeat, and fans fire up again! Igos kicks but blocks it, spins Igos around and waistlocks. Igos blocks the lift, pries the hold open and wrenches the arm to a wristlock. Igos CLUBS the arm, Fin CHOPS again, Igos back elbows! Fin checks his teeth, then turns back around into the IKANA RUSH! But Fin avoids the knee and hits a NECKBREAKER! Fin clamps onto Igos with a chinlock, grinds Igos down, and shifts position to almost have a Bully Choke! Igos endures, fans rally, and Igos moves around. Igos reaches out, Fin floats around and has the chinlock from the other side now.

Fans rally as Igos continues to endure. Fin blocks the ropes on one side, but Igos reaches for the other side. The Ducks pull the bottom rope back to keep it further away from Igos, but the IRF point it out! Sahasrahla reprimands the Ducks and they back off, and Igos reaches out for the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer and Sahasrahla counts, but Fin holds until 4. Fin then stomps away on Igos at the ropes, even giving him springboard stomps! Fans boo and Sahasrahla counts again, and Fin stops at 4 to argue with him. This is a distraction so that Bad Croc Scaly can sucker punch Igos! Fans boo but the IRF rushes in!

Fans fire up as the IRF and Arrow Club start brawling! The IRF have a 4v3 advantage but Scaly is brawling with both Captain Keeta and Stal-Kid at the same time! Sahasrahla sees this and he tells them all to stop! Fin is upset because the IRF hit Arrow Club first, but Igos LOW BLOW UPPERCUTS Fin from behind! Fin feels the sting of karma while Igos rolls him up! Sahasrahla is a little slow to seeing the cover, hurries to count, TWO!! Fin survives but Igos keeps his focus. Igos lifts Fin’s head with his foot, stands him up, spins, but Fin rushes in to BLINDSIDE HEADBUTT! Igos staggers, Fin reels him in for a dragon sleeper, ELBOW DROP DDT!

Fans are going nuts now while both men are down! Fin snarls and gets to his feet. Fin drags Igos into a drop zone, then goes out to the apron. Fans rally for Igos as Fin climbs the corner. Fin aims, leaps, COUP DE- NO! Igos moves and Fin lands on his feet, legs jamming! Fin turns around, ELEGY OF EMPTINESS!! Igos hurries to turn Fin over to cover, but the brawling on the outside spills into the ring! The Ducks SUPERKICK Hurr & Durr! Sahasrahla reprimands and Igos is furious! Igos ROCKS Mack with a forearm, BOOTS Rick, back elbows Mack, and ROUNDHOUSES Scaly off the apron!

Sahasrahla ushers the Ducks out of the ring and Igos goes back to Fin. Igos waistlocks but Fin holds onto the top buckle pad! Igos keeps trying to pull Fin away from the corner but Fin still holds on! But then the buckle pad comes loose! Sahasrahla notices, tries to get the buckle pad from Fin but Fin throws it away. Sahasrahla chases after it and Fin LOW BLOW MULE KICKS Igos! Payback for the payback! Fans boo but Fin aims from the opposite corner. Sahasrahla still wants the buckle pad but Mack has it and won’t give it back! Fin SHOTGUNS Igos into the corner and the exposed turnbuckle!

Igos staggers forward, clutching the spot between his shoulders, and Fin SLINGBLADES him down! Rick points out to Sahasrahla that Fin is climbing up top! COUP DE GRACE!! Fans boo as Sahasrahla counts the cover, Fin wins!

Winner: Fin Balure, by pinfall (still HPW Termina Champion)

Fans are furious that the Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla won by both hook and by crook! Captain Keeta is furious but Scaly grabs him and hits him with the GRENADE FIST! Stal-Kid rushes into the ring, but the Ducks DOUBLE SUPERKICK him down! Fans start throwing plastic water bottles and popcorn bags in anger and disgust, but the Arrow Club just revels in it! And now Fin gets the mic! “I believe it’s tradition in Termina that the winner of the main event gets to speak. So everyone just shut the hell up for a minute!” Fans only boo harder, and Fin says, “This is on way to treat your HPW Termina Champion!”

Fin holds up the belt and says it again, “I am YOUR Hyrule Pro-Wrestling Termina Champion! Igos’ time has long since past him by, and now you are in a new era! The Reeeeeel Era! And we’re only getting started! On Treasure Island, all the gold is on the line, and that is where Bad Croc Scaly and the Young Ducks will take those HPW Trios Championships from that sorry bleedin’ excuse for a team in Ganondorf and his two Young Boys! As for me, I could defend MY HPW Termina Championship…” Fans boo hard as ever and that annoys Arrow Club. “But at the same time,” Fin continues, “I did happen to notice our HPW Triforce Champion’s card is open.”

Fans boo more as they sense where Fin is going with this. Fin says that Arrow Club already said they’re not settling for just a few belts. Fin officially issues a challenge to Kage, the HPW Triforce Champion! Fans boo, but then they cheer when they see Kage walk out on stage! Kage, face paint smeared from his match with Onox, glares at Fin in the ring. Kage has a mic and the title in hand, and he says, “You’re on.” Kage raises the Triforce title, Fin raises the Termina title, and fans have a reason to cheer again! Will the Hero’s Shadow humble the ambitious Fin Balure? Or will Arrow Club soon reign over all of HPW?

My Thoughts:

I love where this went to lead into Treasure Island. Link is part of his first Eventide Challenge, though to be fair there’ve only been two and we’re heading for the third… But I like how the Battle Royal turned out and how we’ve got some good feuds in that group of six. The Goddess Championship was a lot of fun, as was the Triforce Championship match, but I felt like it was a good move that only one of them would owe a match at Treasure Island. And I felt that it was best if Zelda was the one who owed a title match, she had been coasting this year and needed something to put pressure on her.

And of course, a great Termina Championship match, I feel that was just the right amount of “overbooking” given the factions each man leads. Arrow Club of course had to be the Heels here, IRF are the hometown heroes and treated as Faces. And Fin challenging for the top title felt like a good moving going into Treasure Island, but don’t worry, there will be something cooked up over the Termina Championship and how Treasure Island demands all belts be defended.

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (12/8/22)

HyruleMania: Celebration of Grudges?



HPW News 2022

We hear from the UnderWorld Order and their enemies!

The UnderWorld order is going to be very busy at HyruleMania 3, with Skull Kid VS Groose and Gibdo VS Gibdo in high stakes showdowns!


First, we hear from the Skyfall Stud, Groose!

“HPW’s first-ever Hair VS Mask match, huh? Ringside ban on everyone but me and him, huh? And anything goes, huh? Perfect! Skull Kid’s been getting me with hit ‘n’ runs, but there’s no more running away! And I’m not letting some scrawny clown snatch me bald! I’ll finally get that mask off him and smack some sense into him! Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll have my old friend back. And together with Tingle and Ladrona, we can make all of Hyrule Pro-Wrestling… STUDLY!” Groose flexes, but will he have the strength to reach his friend behind that mask?


And now, the Dark Forces!

Cia starts by saying, “And so it’s come to this. ReDead goes Hollywood, and he’s so upset that Gibdo didn’t sell out with him that he’s actively trying to replace him. How sad is that?” Together, Volga and Wizzro say, “Very sad.” Cia continues with, “ReDead, I don’t know where you get off saying you weren’t appreciated. Weren’t you Trios Champion with Volga and Gibdo? But I guess that wasn’t enough for you, was it? You needed to rule the world, didn’t you? Is ruling the world worth abandoning your friends?”

“But this isn’t about ReDead,” GIBDO says. “The UnderWorld Order’s Gibdo, Āléx. And I, Kēvín. Two Gibdos on a collision course that we cannot avoid. We will do battle to prove our physical superiority, and only one of us can-” “Wait,” Cia interrupts. “You’re name’s Kevin?” Gibdo sighs. “Yes. But that’s not the point. In the end, I shall be The Gibdo of All Gibdos in HPW, while Āléx will rest… In… Pieces…!” The Dark Forces’ Gibdo, revealed to be Kēvín, has spoken. But will he back up his words with action at the Celebration of Greatness?


G̕҉͏͝Ú̶̢̀̕Ȩ̸̕͡͡S҉̷̀͘S̸̕ ҉͏Ẁ͝H͢͟Ó

Guess Who, part 2

Feel F̀͡-͞F̛͟e̵͠e͘l̷ ̵͘F́͞e̕el̵͢ the fire of war! W҉AR W҉̷-W̸҉A̴͜R͞!

HyruleProWrestlingFaction FacesofEvilGIF


The UnderWorld Order responds to it all!

ReDead sighs. “Well, I should have expected Cia to deny the truth. But there will be no denying what is happening at HyruleMania. The Dark Forces will continue to dwindle until there is nothing left.” Their Gibdo, Āléx, tells Kēvín, “You have it all wrong. This collision course we’re on was avoidable. All you had to do was see things as they really are. But you chose to be blinded by the Dark Sorceress. Now, I must pull the wrappings away from your eyes and show you. Sadly, it’ll be in your last moments. You will unravel with this defeat, I shall be the Gibdo of All Gibdos, and you will only have yourself to blame.”

“As for you, Groose,” a deep, booming voice says. Wait, ReDead and Āléx move aside to reveal Skull Kid, looking even more muscular than before! That was him speaking!? “I will not need assistance from the UnderWorld Order to defeat you. I knew from the beginning that I was the strongest in our little trio. And now, I will prove it as I embarrass you in front of the world. And I don’t just mean in our match. After I humiliate you in combat, I will rob you of your dignity as I shave that ridiculously red cowlick off that empty lump of a head. Then you will know shame as I have, and you will be the one hiding your face.”

The uWo are deadly serious, but will they be victorious at the Celebration of Greatness?

My Thoughts:

Yes, I decided to go the Maximum Male Models route and mess with the vowel sounds of names just so we can identify the Dark Forces’ Gibdo and the uWo’s Gibdo as more than just acronyms. But I’m not going to be constantly copy-pasting “Āléx” and “Kēvín” during that whole match, that’d be too much. Also, I could’ve gone with fantasy genre sounding names, but I felt this was funnier. And while there’s obviously no audio, just picturing Skull Kid sounding like Darth Vader fits so well for this transformation he’s going through.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #160: Changes Bob Iger Style



Bandwagon Nerds

Patrick O’Dowd, PC Tunney, and Rey Cash revisit the leadership changes at Disney and how Bob Iger has already made his mark in the company.  Plus, after slow week in the trailer park last episode, the Nerds react to five, yes FIVE, trailer releases.  Finally, Patrick and PC Tunney review the Apple TV movie, Spirited starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

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Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney and Rey Cash as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Bandwagon Nerds Mario

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