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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/26/22)

It’s a family feud!



Will The Don crack under the pressure?

The Diamond Mine got got by Tony D’Angelo and his crew, and now we’ll see an 8 Man Tag to prove which is the strongest family in NXT today!


  • Wes Lee VS Grayson Waller; Waller wins.
  • Apollo Crews VS Xyon Quinn; Apollo wins.
  • Zoey Stark VS Gigi Dolin w/ Toxic Attraction; Stark wins.
  • Andre Chase w/ Chase U & Nathan Frazer VS Giovanni Vinci; Vinci wins.
  • Indi Hartwell VS Arianna Grace; Hartwell wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Diamond Mine VS Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo & Legado del Fantasma; D’Angelo, Lorenzo & Legado win.


Zoey Stark is here!

The NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship has the fans all fired up already, and she gets a mic as the fans chant “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!” Zoey says it feels SO good to be back inside the ring! And the fans have no idea how good. “Look, I wasn’t really ever sure if I would ever get to feel this moment ever again. At Halloween Havoc, I tore my ACL and MCL straight off the bone. Doctors told me that I would be out for well over a year. That was a hard day for me. Really, that was a really hard pill for me to swallow. But I knew deep down inside that I could beat that time table.”

So the day after surgery, Zoey got up, started physical therapy and got to work! There were a lot of hard times physically and mentally, the securities that go through your head. Everything was going great, why did this have to happen? Would the fans even remember her? Or care? Fans chant for “ZOEY! ZOEY!” so of course they care. But she didn’t know. But she knows that while fans can’t see past those curtains, what’s past those curtains is the trainer’s room, and Zoey practically lived there as she busted her ass to get back four MONTHS ahead of schedule! And then the night of the battle royal came, and the noise that all the fans made for her, that made all the pain worth it!

Zoey thanks the fans from the bottom of her heart. And look at her now! She’s the #1 contender to THE NXT Women’s Championship! But look who stands in her way: Toxic… Attraction… Fans boo that name, and Zoey says those are the same women who took her out! The same women who nearly ended her career! They almost took this away from Zoey. But guess what? Zoey is going to take that title from Mandy Rose! But wait, here comes Cora Jade. Except, she’s up in the perch! Cora says “Zoey Stark, I’m so happy that you’re back. Said no one ever!” Fans boo but Cora mocks Zoey’s speech.

Zoey cuts Cora off there to ask how Cora is feeling. The last time we saw Cora, Zoey was throwing her screaming, scrawny little ass over the top rope! Cora says Zoey has been back a week and she’s already sick of this. NINETEEN others ganged up on her, and if not for them, Cora would be #1 contender and taking that title off Mandy. But here Zoey is and she had to steal Cora’s moment! Just like Roxanne Perez did! Oh, Cora, we all saw your moment. And it disgusted Zoey! Zoey held that tag title proudly, and for Cora to throw it in the trash… That title isn’t trash, CORA is trash! Oh, Zoey, let’s be honest. You’re just jealous that Cora did more in one week with that belt than Zoey did her-

Wait! Here comes Toxic Attraction! Mandy Rose smirks and the others laughs. “You two ladies talk a big game. I can win. No, I can win! Hate to break it to you, but when it comes to this title, I only win. And tomorrow, I become the fourth longest reigning women’s champion in NXT history! Thank you, thank you.” So good-bye Bayley, Charlotte, Rhea Ripley, Raquel Rodriguez, and even tomorrow, thanks Paige but bye to you, too! So put some respect on Mandy’s name! Zoey has the perfect way to put some respect on that name: put that title on the line tonight!

Gigi Dolin tells Zoey that while she’s been out with her leg, Toxic Attraction has run the show! Zoey can’t just come back and run the show, that position is already filled. So this is how it’ll go: Gigi will face Zoey tonight, put her back on the shelf for even longer, and Zoey’s dream of becoming a champion will stay just that. Will Zoey take care of the pawn to get at the Queen of Toxic?


Grayson Waller gets a camera’s attention.

“Hey, idiot! Yeah, you at home. Stop staring at your phone waiting for that ho to follow you back. She doesn’t like you, lad! Why would she bother following your fat ass when she’s already following the most captivating superstar not just in NXT, but all the WWE, Grayson Waller?” What we all should do is watch the Grayson Waller Effect in action as he embarrasses Wes Lee almost as badly as we fans do every time we look in the mirror. The 21st Century Success Story always runs his mouth, but will the Must-See Kid run him over on his road to redemption?


Tony D’Angelo talks with his “family.”

The Don says tonight, they impose their will. Stacks knows what Tony means. Remember that time they shook down that stunad, Carmine Jr, for those washers ‘n’ dryers? They bleached his eyes, and after that, he was seeing clean. Good times. And Elektra Lopez has proven herself. Wilde and Cruz have stepped up, learning Tony’s ways. He has a good feeling about their direction. But remember: loyalty isn’t a one way thing. They’re always proving their worth. So tonight, they roll into the 8 Man Tag and crack some skulls! Tony tells the Diamond Mine can yell and scream and think this is personal, but it isn’t. It’s just business. Tony D business. See you out there.


Wes Lee VS Grayson Waller!

The Must-See Kid has been baring his soul and giving his all, but he still isn’t where he feels he should be, both in and out of the ring. But will he find balance and inner peace by taking the fight to Grayson Waller? Or will Waller use Lee to go viral?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, fans duel, Waller shoves Lee away. Waller says Lee isn’t on his level, but Lee keeps cool. They tie up, Waller throws Lee away, and Waller says he is a heavyweight, Lee is a lightweight. That might be literally the case, but Lee still arm-drags Waller back! They tie up, Waller headlocks, but Lee pries at the hold. Lee shoves Waller to a corner, Waller goes up and over, then jumps the leg sweep the FLYING ARM-DRAG to a cover, TWO! Waller drop steps and shimmies to show off, but Lee keeps cool. Lee and Waller circle, tie up, Waller waistlocks and back suplexes, but Lee lands on his feet!

Lee shoves, wheelbarrows and arm-drags, but Waller scoops back! Waller fireman’s carries but Lee sunset flips, TWO! Lee then hurries to go up, victory roll, TWO! Waller rushes in but into a leg sweep and DOUBLE STOMP! Lee copies the drop steps and Waller is furious! Waller and Lee go again, Lee arm-drags Waller around and around, then has the armlock. Waller flounders and flails but Lee holds on tight! Waller fights up, throws forearms, but then he runs away from the superkick! Lee taunts Waller, Waller rushes in but Lee trips him up. Cover, ONE, things speed up, and Waller hurdles to follow and BOOT Lee down!

Waller hears the boos, but he whips Lee to ropes. Lee ducks the leg lariat and the regular lariat to tilt-o-whirl RANA! Waller staggers up into a dropkick! Waller bails out, Lee taunts Waller again, then takes aim. PLANCHA, but Waller moves! Waller ROCKS Lee with that right hand and grins as fans boo. But Lee SUPERKICKS! It hits this time and Lee looms over Waller while NXT goes picture in picture.

Lee grins and brings Waller up to bump off the apron. Lee puts Waller in the ring, throws haymakers, then whips him to ropes. Waller reverses, Lee ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl, but Waller blocks this time to hit a BACKBREAKER! Lee writhes and Waller shakes out the cobwebs. Waller drags Lee up, tosses Lee up and out, then dusts off his hands. Waller does drop steps while the ring count climbs. Waller wants it faster, but Lee stands at the barriers. Lee gets back up at 5 of 10 but Waller trips him up! Waller then slides out to ROCK Lee with a haymaker! Waller puts Lee in then drags him up to a fireman’s carry.

Lee slips off to sunset flip! Waller stays up, drags him around and drops an elbow on the back! The ref reprimands about the hair pulling but Waller drops a knee on Lee. Lee gets to ropes and Waller digs his knee into him! The ref counts, Waller lets off and CLUBS Lee down. Waller drops another knee and Lee ends up on the apron. Waller drags Lee back up and in, suplexes, but Lee turns it into a cradle! TWO! Waller CLOBBERS Lee with a back elbow! Cover, TWO! Waller is frustrated but the count was fair. Waller looms over Lee, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a right. Lee staggers to a corner, Waller throws body shots on him.

Lee elbows Waller away, but runs into a BACKBREAKER! Waller bends Lee backwards against his knee, but Lee endures as NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally up and Lee stands up to throw body shots. Waller CLUBS Lee, brings Lee around and whips, but Lee reverses. Waller goes up and over to kick out the leg! Waller cravats to throw knee after knee, then he fireman’s carries to the WIDOWMAKER! Cover, TWO! Waller is furious but the fans fire up! Waller stalks Lee, slaps him around with elbow pads, then pie faces Lee. Waller scuffs Lee with his boot then pushes him into the mat. Waller pulls on the hair and mocks Lee’s hand signs.

Waller dribbles Lee off the mat and tells him to go home, he no longer belongs. Lee snarls and SLAPS Waller! Waller staggers, Lee fires off forearms and CHOPS over and over! Lee has Waller in the corner, forearm and CHOP then a GAMANGIRI! Lee talks trash on Waller, BIG BULLDOG! Lee rains down fists, Waller gest to the apron, and Waller HOTSHOTS Lee! But Lee comes back to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans are fired up! Lee puts Waller in, he climbs up top, but Waller SHOVES Lee off! Lee hits the floor, but the ref keeps Waller from fetching him. And then someone in a hoody BOPS Lee in the back! IT’S TRICK WILLIAMS!!

Trick screwed Lee over with the rubbing alcohol in his eyes last time, and now he just got him here! Waller mocks Lee that he can get in, and Lee gets in at 9.99!! Waller is fired up, he wants to take Lee out. Waller slides, somersaults, and STUNNERS!! Cover, Waller wins!

Winner: Grayson Waller, by pinfall

Fans boo because Waller had a Trick up his sleeve. Trick stands over Lee to taunt him, will Lee have to find redemption through revenge?


Backstage interview with The Schism.

McKenzie is with Joe Gacy and The Dyad, but Gacy says to please use their names, “Jagger Reed” and “Rip Fowler.” Well then, Gacy, Rip and Jagger, can you tell us about your recent “revelation” of sorts? Jagger (James Drake) says the past has cast a shadow on their souls, but they have stepped into the light. They can see and they can reach a potential they never knew existed. Rip (Zack Gibson) says they have crossed over into a world of acceptance and inclusion in a community where they can be truly recognized. Then it seems Gacy has somehow changed their lives for the better? But what is their interest in Cameron Grimes?

Gacy says he can see the pain on Cameron’s face, and it isn’t just about the loss of titles. It is about the cold loneliness of a lost father figure. Gacy can be that in Cameron’s life, so long as he opens his heart and joins them under the Schism’s tree. Their message to Cameron and all of NXT will continue next week. Thank you for your time, they appreciate it. The Schism heads out, but will Grimes, or anyone else for that matter, really want to join them?


The Women’s Division watches back last week’s battle royal.

Arianna Grace says that when the fans started chanting her name, she just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge them and make their day. And then Indi Hartwell goes and takes advantage of that! Indi booted Grace down and mocked her! Grace doesn’t mean to be rude, but that gear is atrocious! But then Indi walks in to tell Grace that there are no timeouts. This isn’t basketball. And if the roles were reversed, Grace would’ve done the exact same thing. Grace says she would never! She is a former beauty pageant queen! She doesn’t stoop to those lows. How could Indi ever say that? Uh, this is NXT. This isn’t ballet. Or in Grace’s case, a pageant.

Indi waves Grace good-bye, and Grace vents to the others that she is so sorry they had to be around such negative energy. Will Grace prove she can be Miss Congeniality? Or will she learn a thing or two from #IndiWrestling?


Apollo Crews VS Xyon Quinn!

The returning star has been getting a lot of flack from the “Perfect Superstar” since coming back, but just because Apollo came back doesn’t mean he failed. Will Apollo show Xyon there’s more to success than where you are? Or will Xyon prove he IS The X Factor in NXT?

NXT returns and Xyon makes his entrance. The bell rings, Apollo DROPKCIKS Xyon down! Xyon gets up but Apollo fires off haymakers. Apollo whips, CLOBBERS Xyon, and he stalks Xyon to ropes. Xyon kick slow, scoops, but Apollo slips off to scoop back! Xyon flails but Apollo still SLAMS him down! Apollo goes out, slingshot sentons back in, and covers, TWO! Fans fire up as Apollo brings Xyon around. Xyon shoves Apollo and CLOBBERS him on the rebound! Xyon stomps Apollo, drags him up and turns him into a NECKBREAKER! Xyon kips up and growls but fans boo. Xyon stalks Apollo to ropes and he CHOKES him!

The ref counts, Xyon lets off at 4, and he YANKS the rope to throw Apollo down. Cover, TWO! Apollo sputters but Xyon clamps onto him again. Xyon suplexes high and hard but fans still rally for Apollo. Xyon clamps onto an arm to get a cobra clutch. Fans rally as Apollo endures, and Apollo fights up, only for Xyon to wrangle him down! Xyon leans on the hold, Apollo endures, and fans rally again. Apollo stands up but Xyon ripcords, only for Apollo to ROCK him first! Apollo ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Xyon becomes a wall! Apollo goes down and Xyon drags him back up. Xyon whips Apollo hard into buckles and Apollo bounces off.

Xyon taunts Apollo but fans boo. Xyon runs corner to corner but into boots! Apollo elbows Xyon away, gets to another corner, then dodges! Xyon hits buckles, Apollo hits a GAMANGIRI! Apollo rallies with big clotheslines, then he whips Xyon to ropes, LEAPING LARIAT! Apollo kips up and fans fire up! Apollo runs corner to corner to SPLASH! And then short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Apollo nods. Apollo goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Xyon stands. CROSSBODY! Down goes Xyon, but Apollo bounces off the cover! Apollo sees Xyon get to a corner, he hurries over, but Xyon kicks low!

Xyon reels Apollo in, fireman’s carries, SWINGING SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Xyon is snarling as he aims at Apollo from a corner. Xyon powers up, fans rally up, and Apollo stands. RUN IT- ENZIGURI!! Apollo clinches but Xyon fights free. Apollo spins Xyon around to hit a BACKSTABBER! And a SKY HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Apollo wins!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

Apollo is back on top! His new chapter is still being written, will Apollo be able to give it a triumphant ending?


Backstage interview with Toxic Attraction.

McKenzie says Mandy will face Zoey Stark for the NXT Women’s Championship in three weeks at the inaugural NXT Heat Wave. Mandy says that match is going to be cancelled, because Gigi will eliminate Zoey Stark. Zoey will go back to the hospital, back to the surgery table, and- Sarray interrupts. As if this day couldn’t get any worse for them. Mandy asks if Sarray is late to history class. Sarray says she was not in the battle royal, she was in the UK. She wants a title opportunity. Jacy asks why everyone around here thinks they deserve things! How do you say, “No shot,” in Japanese? Sarray will get her ass beat, too!

Mandy says Sarray can go back and forth across the pond, but don’t think for one second Mandy forgot what happened between then. Sarray tried to rearrange Mandy’s face and ruin everything before it all began. So next week, it doesn’t matter which version shows up, Sarray will get beat! Toxic Attraction’s music hits and they head out. While the Warrior of the Sun has an NXT UK Women’s Championship match coming up, will she also get her shot at THE NXT Women’s Champion?


Solo Sikoa speaks.

“Von Wagner. I give you your props. You can scrap. You can go. But you wasn’t straight up. I changed my mind about you.” Von Wagner attacked as Solo was at SmackDown like a punk. So now Solo knows Von wants to throw the rules out the window. Good! Let’s see where the fight goes! The ring, the streets, Von’s city, Solo’s city, it won’t matter! It’ll be FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE! Let’s get it!


Zoey Stark VS Gigi Dolin w/ Toxic Attraction!

With a date now set, that means there’s a goal in mind! Zoey already showed she can defy expectations, will she defy the Toxic Goddess’ wishes and keep the Heat Wave coming? Or will Mandy’s pawn play her part to perfection and put Zoey back on the sidelines?

NXT returns as Zoey makes her entrance. The bell rings and Gigi rushes in., Zoey dodges her, ROCKS her, then ROCKS her again. Gigi swings but into more haymakers! Zoey blocks a boot, elbows Gigi, then runs in to uppercut! Zoey snapmares, runs, but Mandy is there! The ref reprimands but Gigi HOTSHOTS Zoey! Gigi stomps and kicks away while Jacy and Mandy taunt Zoey. Gigi drags Zoey up but Zoey fires off hands! Gigi knees low, whips Zoey to ropes then ROCKS her. Gigi grins and whips but Zoey blocks! Zoey ROCKS Gigi, ROCKS her again, but Gigi BOOTS back! Gigi back suplexes then covers, TWO!

Fans rally and duel, Gigi CLUBS Zoey down at the corner. Gigi drags Zoey to center, turns her over and ties the legs up for the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Mandy mocks Zoey’s pain as she endures, but Zoey pops free to cover! TWO, Gigi hurries to her feet but Zoey rolls her up! TWO, and Zoey gets around again to LARIAT! And again! Zoey fires up, fires forearms, back elbows, and a mule kicks! Zoey fires up, runs, SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Gigi kicks the bad leg out! Gigi then SWITCHBLADE KICKS! Gigi grits her teeth and runs, but Zoey gets around to HEEL KICK! Gigi wobbles, Zoey makes Mandy watch! GO TO STARK!! Cover, Zoey wins!

Winner: Zoey Stark, by pinfall

One pawn down, but here comes Jacy! SUPERKICK!! Zoey TOSSES Jacy out, but Mandy is in! Zoey sees her coming, though, and she chases Mandy off! Mandy can run while she can, but the Heat Wave is coming! Is Zoey going to be the one to finally burn Mandy’s reign down?

But then CORA SMACKS ZOEY with a kendo stick! Cora fires off, but here comes ROXANNE PEREZ! Roxie runs Cora off now! Cora cowards out but Roxie is coming for her! Will there be hell to pay when these former friends face off?


JD McDonagh arrives.

The Irish Ace rides in style, heads inside, and says he’s just here as a fan. What is JD playing at?


Wendy Choo has a bad dream.

She tosses and turns as she remembers Tiffany Stratton throwing her all around backstage and then finishing her off in the ring. Tiffany says she overcomes the odds and is so over Wendy. But then Wendy remembers when she survived in the battle royal with the help of her pillow. That’s a good moment and she smiles. Only to frown again when she remembers Tiffany using Wendy’s own thermos to clobber her and eliminate her! The alarm goes off and Wendy wakes up. Wendy pouts, stubs her toe on the bed frame, and her thermos is empty. Wendy’s in a bad mood now. Wendy woke up on the wrong side of the bed, all because of Tiffany.

Tiffany thinks this is over, but it isn’t. Next time Tiffany sees her, it won’t be a pretty picture. It’ll be lights out! Will we see Wendy get wicked when Daddy’s Little Rich Girl least expects it?


JD McDonagh sits in the crowd with a mic.

“Welcome back to NXT 2.0. My name is JD McDonagh, and I am the Irish Ace. And I came out here this week because I feel like I gotta apologize to you guys. I never had a chance to formally introduce myself to you guys at The Great American Bash. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself last week after I decimated Cameron Grimes. So I thought I’d come out and introduce myself to a few members of the NXT Universe.” They enjoying their popcorn? Do they know how many people die from eating popcorn? More than you might imagine. One wrong breath when you’re scarfing that down and it gets caught in your trachea, and it’s all over. Chew carefully, okay?

JD moves on to talk to the timekeeper. One of the most important jobs in the whole company. Nice to meet you. This man here sounds the bell “to end whatever kind of torture is going on.” Is this the bell hammer? Yes… It’s very nice. Do you know what a hammer like this can do to a human hand? JD does. It doesn’t even take that much pressure. Hit just the right angle, the finger will pop right out. Swing carefully. And of course, Alicia Taylor, our ring announcer. Alicia has a fabulous voice. Fans cheer for that, but JD then turns his attention to Wade Barrett. Oh, Wade doesn’t have to introduce himself to JD, JD is a huge fan.

But JD does have to say: all those years of bare knuckle boxing sure took its toll. Not on his face, no no! But on his hands. JD felt the calcium deposits. Watch those. The older you get, those will eat into the joints and make it easier to manipulate. Very nice to meet you, though. JD moves on to say hey to Vic Joseph. No, don’t stand up. JD heard what Vic said about his family, and he didn’t appreciate it. But he sized Vic up the moment he saw him. Vic’s tall and slim, probably a soft bone structure. Maybe broke a lot of bones growing up as a kid. Nah, you don’t have to tell him. JD knows he can break Vic’s collarbone with just his hand. But he won’t. Keep u the good work, guys.

And there’s one more person JD should introduce himself to. He mentioned last week that he and JD hadn’t had a chance to meet. So Bron Breakker, come on out! Bron obliges and stares him down from the ramp. Bron gets in the ring, gets himself a mic, and he circles with JD as the fans chant. “In three weeks, it’s NXT Heat Wave, and you’re gonna get real acclimated with Bron Breakker. And you’re not gonna like it!” Bron tells JD that next week, they make it official with a contract signing. So JD HEAEDBUTTS Bron! And reels him in, only for Bron to HEADBUTT JD! JD falls over, Bron tears off his shirt and says he’s gonna break JD!

JD tastes blood in his mouth, and smiles! The Irish Ace is cold and calculating, will he have the perfect plan to break Bron?


Chase U talks backstage.

Andre Chase tells Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail that he’s about to get in the ring with Giovanni Vinci. “What’s the deal with this guy? Fill me in.” Bodhi tells Mr. Chase that Vinci is just a jerk! They arrived in their bus, all fired up for the night, and he got all snippy! Thea loved the car so much, she touched it, and Vinci got so mad! Thea wants at him! Chase says no, he’s got this! Nobody speaks to the good students of Chase U like that! And then Nathan Frazer comes in, he high fives with Bodhi. Frazer is all healed up, and he wonders… Could he be the honorary flag bearer? That’s a fantastic idea! HELL YEAH! Chase says Vinci’s getting a Chase U sized ass kicking!


Backstage interview with Roxanne Perez.

McKenzie knows Roxie is dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, but it seems things are far from over. Roxie says if Cora wants to throw away their friendship, that’s fine. She can twist Roxie’s words and actions are fine, too. But throwing away the title into the trash? That is something Roxie won’t stand for. These titles should be shown respect. nd someone else agrees! ALUNDRA BLAYZE is here! And she says if Roxie wants the honors, she can. Roxie brings the other belt out of the trash, and says these should be held by two women proud to wear them and to defend them.

Blayze says over 25 years ago, she dumped a women’s title in the trash. it took a long time to crown a new champion. This time, it won’t take long at all. Next week, we have a FATAL 4 WAY TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH! The winners will become the NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions! And the four teams are already set: Diamond Mind’s Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley; Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz; KC Squared, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance; and of course, the former champions, Toxic Attraction’s Gigi & Jacy. Roxie and Blayze hug it out, but who will rise to the occasion and take hold of the future?


Andre Chase w/ Chase U & Nathan Frazer VS Giovanni Vinci!

The Professor wants to give Vinci a #TeachableMoment, but he might end up learning something else. Will everyone in Chase U see that it’s #VeniVidiVinci from here on out?

The bell rings, the two tie up, go around, and end up on ropes. Fans rally for Chase U but Vinci arm-drags him away. Chase shrugs that off and circles with Vinci again. They tie up, Vinci wrenches to a hammerlock, then wristlock. Chase slips through, arm-drags, and he has the armlock! Fans rally but Vinci fights up. Vinci kips and shows off to then wrench and arm-drag! But Chase hits a headlock takeover! Vinci turns that right around to get a headlock of his own, but Chase fight sup. Chase throws body shots, powers out, but Vinci blocks a hip toss. Chase blocks one, too, then backslides! TWO, and Chase hits another headlock takeover!

Vinci tries to roll it but Chase holds on! Vinci pulls hair as he power sup and out, then he RAMS into Chase! Vinci stomps Chase down, drags him up, and EuroUppers! Chase staggers, Vinci CLUBS him on the ropes, but Chase throws back. Vinci whips, Chase sunset flips! TWO, but Chase hurries to La Magistrol! TWO! Chase gets around, crucifix pin, TWO! Vinci kicks low! Vinci whips Chase to a corner, Chase goes up and over and hip tosses! Fans fire up and Chase arm-drags again! Chase has another armlock but Vinci endures. Vinci fights up, pulls more hair and then whips again. Things speed up and Vinci dropkicks Chase!

Vinci soaks up the heat, grinning as he looms over Chase. Vinci drags Chase up, EuroUppers, but fans rally up. Vinci whips Chase, Chase reverses and dropkicks back! Fans fire up as Chase dares Vinci to get up. Vinci grabs Bodhi’s Chase U banner, and BREAKS the flagpole! Fans boo, but Vinci ROCKS Chase! Bodhi has to keep Thea back from going after Vinci! Vinci whips but Chase POSTS Vinci! Fans fire up as Vinci flops out of the ring and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Vinci has a bearhug on Chase. Chase elbows away on Vinci, then BELL CLAPS! Vinci lets Chase go to CLUB him and shove him to a corner. Vinci blocks a boot but not the KNEE! Chase goes up to FLYING SUNSET FLIP! TWO, and Chase hurries to run at Vinci. Vinci TOSSES Chase up and out! Thea and Bodhi coach Chase up but Vinci WRECKS Chase with a dropkick! Vinci looms over Chase, kicks him around, and he puts Chase in. Vinci then shoves Bodhi! Thea is rabid but Chase kicks and CHOPS and ROCKS Vinci! Chase whips, Vinci reverse and wraps on a SLEEPER! But Chase hits a BIG back suplex!

Fans are thunderous for Chase as he is still in this! Both men rise, Chase throws counter punches on Vinci! And JAB after JAB! Chase wrenches to CHOP and whip, then atomic drop! Chase whips again, Vinci reverses but gets caught into a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Chase kicks low and hits a NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up and Chase has them spell out Chase U as he stomps Vinci! Chase catches Vinci to a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! “This is Awesome!” Chase gets Vinci up, reels him in and underhooks the arms, but Vinci blocks the “Final Exam!” Chase CLUBS away on Vinci, then whips but Vinci reverses. Vinci blocks the boot but the KNEE hits again!

Chase goes back up, leaps, but into Vinci’s SUPLEX! Vinci covers, TWO! Vinci can’t believe it but the fans are loving this! Vinci drags Chase back up, reels him in, and he grins. Vinci gets Chase up but Chase trips him to jackknife, TWO!! Vinci bridges, turns Chase, but Chase swings around. Vinci dodges to springboard, into a kick! FINAL EXAM!! Cover, TWO!! Vinci survives the tiger bomb and no one can believe it! Chase hurries to get Vinci but Vinci BOOTS him from below! Chase throws hands, Vinci throws uppercuts! Chase spins but into a CHOP! Vinci runs, but into a BOOT! Chase kicks but Vinci blocks to LARIAT!

Vinci hoists Chase up, SIT-OUT BOMB!! Cover, Vinci wins!

Winner: Giovanni Vinci, by pinfall

Vittoria for Vinci, but NXT just learned how much Andre Chase can bring to the ring! Will Chase U still benefit in the recruiting class for 2022? But wait, Vinci stomps away on Chase! Frazer rushes in from the student section to shove Vinci away! The British Prodigy won’t let Vinci be a bully, will Frazer defend Chase U’s honor himself?


Diamond Mine warms up in the dojo.

The chops are strong and Ivy Nile loves that they’re united. Her chop to Damon’s a bit hard, but they’re going to show the world what they’re working on. Tony D isn’t ready, that’s for sure. Roderick Strong says that oddly enough, this Tony D beef is actually helping them. They’re all collectively focused and ready to dominate. They eat when they compete, and right now, they’re starving! If you get hurt, push through it. You dig deeper for the man next to you. Tony’s crew knocked them down, but Diamond Mine gets back up. They’re gonna drop those bitch asses! Pressure makes diamonds, and it breaks bones! Bring it in! “Who are we?” “Diamond Mine!” Diamond Mine forever!!


Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz Facetime.

Leon says she and Feroz are in the Women’s Tag Team title Fatal 4! This is so exciting! Feroz says she’ll be back tomorrow, and they can prepare. How about it? Are they ready? Sanga says yes! Ladies, he is so happy for them. He has seen their hard work, their friendship, it is all amazing. But next week, don’t just become champions, become inspirations to other superstars! Whatever standard they set, the world will follow. And Sanga says we will hear, “And NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions!” “SI SE PUEDE!”


Backstage interview with KC Squared.

McKenzie notes they’re also in the Women’s Tag title Fatal 4, and Kayden says the blatant disrespect. Do you know how pissed they were to see the title they worked so hard to get after be thrown in the trash? Cora Jade doesn’t deserve to be a champion. And yes, those titles belong on a true friendship. That’s what you’re looking at. But then Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile walk in. Tatum says they can finally settle what’s been going on here. Oh shut up, Tatum! You and Ivy aren’t even a team! Oh, they’re not? Well they’re gonna be when they take care of business. Just like Diamond Mine does tonight!

But Elektra Lopez walks in and says those are big words coming from such a small girl. Diamond Mine isn’t taking anything, they’re losing tonight, just like you will! Tatum hits Lopez! The brawl is on 3v2! Refs and officials rush in to stop this, but nothing is stopping that Fatal 4 from firing up! Who will rise above the rest to claim the gold?


Indi Hartwell VS Arianna Grace!

#IndiWrestling may have lost her Way, her love and her friends, but she hasn’t lost her will to fight! Will she continue to remind everyone here why she’s #IMPRESSIVE? Or will she end up just a runner-up to the Beauty Queen?

NXT returns as Grace makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Indi waistlocks. Grace wrenches out but Indi rolls and slips under to trip Grace up. Indi floats to a headlock, fans duel, but Indi snapmares. Grace rolls through and waves to the fans. They tie up again, Indi wrenches the arm and wristlocks, but Grace rolls to get free. Grace waves to the fans but Indi runs her over! Indi wrenches Grace’s arm, has a cording hold, but Grace moves around. Grace reaches out, Indi keeps her from ropes so Grace pulls Indi’s hair! Grace whips but Indi runs her over! Then scoops for a SIDEWALK SLAM!

Grace goes to a corner and Indi run sin, but Grace dodges! Grace SLAMS Indi down then stomps her! Grace drags Indi up to ROCK her with forearms and bump her off buckles! And again! Grace throws Indi down again, covers, TWO! Grace clamps onto a chinlock and bends Indi back. Fans rally as Indi endures, fights up, but Grace CLUBS her on the back! Grace hip drops then knee drops! Grace clamps the chinlock stretch back on but Indi endures again. Fans rally, Indi fights up and Indi backs Grace down. Grace throws Indi into the buckles, CLUBS her, then whips her corner to corner hard!

Indi bounce off the buckles, Grace fires off forearms! Grace whips corner to corner hard again, but Indi snarls! Indi LARIATS Grace down! Indi and Grace rise as fans rally, and Indi counter punches Grace! Indi runs Grace over, CLOBBERS her, then SPINEBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Indi grows frustrated but she run sin. Grace dodges the boot to roll Indi up, with feet on the ropes! The ref sees that and stops the count! Grace apologizes but Indi BOOTS her down! Indi wins!

Winner: Indi Hartwell, by pinfall

What was that about not stooping to lows? Grace got caught and Indi got the win, will Indi be the one shining in the spotlight now?


The Robert Stone Brand speak.

Robert Stone himself says they heard Solo Sikoa’s challenge. “Do you really know what you’re asking for? A Falls Count Anywhere match with Von Wagner? This man has no remorse. In high school, he knocked out his football coach for trying to take him out of the game. We’re doing you a favor. Von already took you out on the streets, we owe you nothing, so we politely decline your offer.” Von says what the hell? They’re not declining anything. But Stone says Von has to work with him here. Think of the big picture! Von already ran off Soph- Hey! If she wants to go be a model, good for her. Von don’t give a sh*t!

But as for Solo, VON’s the Street Champion now. If Solo wants his crown back, he has to come get it next week! Von and Solo are going to go all over NXT Arena to settle this, but where will it end?


Kiana James holds a special presentation.

The Calculator, with her Bachelor’s Degrees in both Business Management and Business Administration, is here to break down “What is wrong with the NXT Women’s Division?” She thanks us for joining us and says she has done in-depth and extensive research on the Women’s Division. She wants to update us on the progress, as one woman stands out for all the wrong reasons. That woman is Nikkita Lyons. What do we really know about Ms. Lyons? Her wellspring (aka parents) are far from suitable role models. Her father was a rock star and her mother was a groupie. Lyons’ education was not formed in a classroom, but on a tour bus.

That explains the level of vocabular Lyons possesses. Example one: Lyons calling out everyone last week. And this also explains the behavior she conducts and the clothing she wears. Gaudy and skimpy. Lyons isn’t what a professional woman should be in this world, she is a troubled young woman. Kiana will continue to unpack and peel back the layers of Lyons and report back with more findings next week. But how will Lyons herself respond to such criticism?


Lash Legend speaks.

Just as an Alba Fyre video starts, Lash wonders why we’re still talking about her. She already knows she can’t hang with the one and only Lash. But Fyre says Lash has done her worst. Fyre will hit back harder. Do not underestimate the firekeeper! But when you step to Lash, you ain’t hitting a home run. It’ll be three strike and you’re out. Lash was gonna win the battle royal, but Fyre got in her way. Well if Fyre’s going down in flames, she’ll just drag Lash down with her. Lash says she’ll put out the Fyre permanently, but Fyre says Lash will be the one gasping for air. Who will survive when the smoke clears?


8 Man Tag: Diamond Mine VS Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo & Legado del Fantasma!

Roderick Strong was at odds with The Creed Brothers, and he wasn’t really treating Damon Kemp the best, but a common enemy has re-forged their bond! Will the Savior of the Backbreaker, the Diamond Gopher and the NXT Tag Team Champions put The Don in his place? Or will Tony, Stacks, Wilde and Cruz make them #FOGEDABOUTIT?

NXT returns and Diamond Mine makes their entrance. All eight men are in the ring talking trash, throwing shirts, but they all stand down to sort out. Strong and Tony start, they tie up, and go around the ropes. Strong headlocks, wrenches an arm, wristlocks, but Tony wrenches back. Strong slips around, wristlocks again, but Tony manages to stay up and steer Strong to the corner. Strong gets free as Stacks tags in, and Strong arm-drags Stacks! Strong has the armlock but Stacks stands up. Stacks puts Strong on ropes, Strong whips him away, and Strong DROPKICKS Stacks down! Tag to Julius and Diamond Mine mugs Stacks.

Julius strips Stacks’ shirt off to CHOP him, then suplex him across the ring! Julius runs in but Wilde saves Stacks! Stacks rushes Julius but Julius blocks the kick to CLOBBER Stacks back! Stacks throws hands, clinches and forearms, then he CHOPS Julius. Julius fires hands but he’s still in enemy territory. Tony tags in, fires hands then tackles Julius to rain down forearms! Tony facelocks, whips Julius to a corner, but Julius comes back to CLBOBER Tony! Julius whips Tony to a corner, clotheslines him, then whips him to ropes. Tony holds ropes and bails out, but Julius pursues! Tony slips back in, Legado and Stacks back Tony up, but all of Diamond Mine meets them!

Fans fire up as the eight men talk trash again but the ref tells them to stand down. Julius says stuff that, and he LEAPS at Tony! The brawl is on and the fans are thunderous! Strong, Kemp and Brutus throw out Stacks, Wilde and Cruz, and Julius fires off on Tony. Tony kicks back but Julius gets the leg for a takedown! Tony scrambles but Julius pursues! Julius gets the foot again but Tony keeps kicking! The family drags Tony from the ring, but Brutus get sto the apron! BRUTUS BALL! Direct hit and fans are thunderous as NXT goes picture in picture.

Julius dares Tony to come back now, and the Don clutches his foot. Julius goes out to fetch Tony into the ring, but Tony tags Cruz and bails out. Julius just suplexes Cruz across the ring! Tag to Strong, he and Cruz fire off forearms. Cruz CHOPS, Strong CHOPS, then Strong HALF NELNSON BACKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Strong tags Brutus in, they whip Cruz to then CLOBBER him! Brutus bear crawls after Cruz, keeps him from the corner, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cruz lands on his feet but Brutus CLOBBERS him again! Cruz goes t a corner, Brutus runs in but Cruz dodges to GAMANGIRI! Tag to Wilde, they double whip and double elbow!

Wilde runs, Cruz helps out, hip toss SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Wilde clamps onto Brutus with a chinlock and he throws down elbows! Wilde then stomps Brutus on the face and clamps on a chinlock. Brutus endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Wilde knees low, snapmares Brutus down and clamps on a headlock with armlock. Brutus endures, fights the hold and NXT returns to single picture. Brutus throws some knees from below but Wilde clamps onto the headlock tighter. Fans rally, and Brutus bridges up! Brutus pushes Wilde away to FLAPJACK! Fans fire up and Kemp tags in to CLOBBER Wilde! And again, and again!

Kemp hits a BIG shoulder tackle, then a fireman’s carry throw! Kemp whips, scoops and SPINNING SLAMS, to an ELBOW DROP! Wilde flounders but Kemp clotheslines him out! Cruz rushes in, Kemp dodges and ROCKS Cruz! Kemp scoops but Wilde CHOP BLOCKS Kemp’s leg! Wilde stomps the leg, YANKS it, then stays between Kemp and the Diamond Mine. Wilde soaks up the cheers and jeers, stomps Kemp more, then drags him to the corner. Tag to Tony and they mug Kemp. Tony gets a leg to SHIN BREAKER! Tony then hoists Kemp onto the top rope, puts him in a Tree of Woe, and he stomps away!

Tag to Stacks, he stomps away and goes after the leg. Tag to Wilde, he stomps away, then tag to Cruz for even more stomps! Tag back to Tony, he stomps, then soaks up cheers and jeers. Tony sucker punches Brutus, the crew get their shots in on Kemp, but the ref restores order. Tony drags Kemp up, throws haymakers, then puts him in the corner. Stacks tags in, he snapmares Kemp and drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Stacks stalks Kemp, YANKS and stomps the bad leg, then clamps on for a HALF CRAB! Kemp endures, the Diamond Mine coach him up, and Kemp turns back over. Kemp kicks Stacks away, and avoids the elbow drop!

Kemp gets to the apron, Stacks rushes over but Kemp HOTSHOTS then SLINGSHOT SPEARS! Fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners! Hot tag to Cruz and he stomps Kemp back down. Cruz gets Kemp up to ROCK him in the back! Cruz taunts the Diamond Mine, and he dropkicks Brutus down! But Kemp TOSSES Cruz out! Kemp crawls, but Cruz tags Stacks! Kemp still tags in Julius! Julius rallies on the family, pops Stacks up and hits the ROLLING SPINEBUSTER! The straps come down but Cruz flies in! Julius catches him to TOSS him! Wilde is up top, but Julius springs up to get him! SUPERPLEX!!

Fans are thunderous and Tony is furious! Tony tags and runs in, to get a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Julius holds on, Tony swings but into a clinch! BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” but Tony kicks Julius’ leg out! Tony hobbles up, gets Julius in a gut wrench, but Julius gets the leg! ANKLE LOCK!! Tony kicks and flails but Julius has that leg! Stacks CLOBBERS Julius! Brutus POUNCES Stacks! Brutus ROCKS Wilde, Wilde BOOTS Brutus! Cruz slingshots in and Wilde hooks Brutus up, LEGADO SLICER! But Kemp CLOBBERS Wilde! Cruz missile dropkicks Kemp! Strong KNEES Wilde! SLIDING LARIAT from Julius!

Strong KNEES Wilde, SLIDING LARIAT! Fans fire up as Tony runs in, Julius gets around to waistlock. Strong runs in, but Tony gets away, the KNEE hits Julius! Stacks DECKS Strong, Tony drags Julius up! FOGEDABOUTIT! Cover, Tony’s team wins!!

Winner: Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo & Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

The Diamond Mine was running so well, but one little mistake made it all fall apart! Tony’s family gets lucky, but does this mean they’re still the number one family in NXT?


NXT Media catches up with Alundra Blayze.

They ask her who she thinks will win the vacated Women’s Tag Team titles? Blayze says they’re all excellent teams, she has no idea who will win. But she can tell us this: “The last team standing will earn the right to be called champions.” And that’s Toxic Attraction! Gigi & Jacy praise Blayze as the living legend in this business, but here’s the deal. There are no other tag teams. There’s Toxic Attraction, and then everyone else. So just hand the belts over right now. Three-time champs, baby! Oh, they want the titles? Well next week, they’ll have to fight for them!

Blayze leaves with the belts, Gigi & Jacy whine and complain, but will Toxic Attraction just have to earn making history? Or will they be denied what they think they deserve?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT, and it turns out we’re getting another special themed episode in NXT Heat Wave (or is it Heatwave?) that we’re not building towards. For one, great promo segment from Zoey Stark, Toxic Attraction and Cora Jade. Stark VS Mandy for the title is set, and I would think Cora VS Roxie is just a matter of saying it next week or the week after. Hell, next week is huge with that NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Great promos from Roxie with Alundra Blayze showing up, as well as from all the teams that’ll be in the match. Of the teams in that match, I just hope it isn’t Toxic Attraction. We can’t go back to the status quo with this match. Though I definitely expect Gigi & Jacy to challenge the winners for a match at Heat Wave.

Good match from Zoey VS Gigi, too, as Zoey’s first singles match back. I also like that Sarray got involved in the Toxic Attraction interview to say she wasn’t around for the battle royal. Sarray VS Mandy next week will be really good, but I fully expect Toxic Attraction to screw her over. For one, Sarray still has her match with Meiko Satomura coming up, Sarray could end up still getting a title in NXT UK. Good promo from Lash and Fyre to hype up their grudge match. Kiana James getting this business presentation gag as her promo style is fitting, and it seems rather interesting she’s after Lyons, but I suppose Lyons needs someone to feud with.

Great pre-match promo from Waller, and a great match from Waller VS Lee. Of course Trick interferes so that Lee loses, putting more heat into Trick VS Lee II, probably for Heat Wave now. Good promo from The Schism, but I’m a little disappointed that another Gacy feud becomes about the other person’s father. This feud can still go either way, but I would hope there’s a Six Man on the way, such as Schism VS Grimes, Edris & Malik. Great match out of Apollo VS Xyon, and Apollo switching up his finisher is a nice surprise. It does represent the next chapter of his career, and Apollo can hit that spinebuster outta nowhere compared to his “Crews Missile” spin-out powerbomb.

Real good vignette from Wendy Choo, and I almost thought she was going to bring back some of that Tian Sha stuff. Her rematch with Tiffany really needs a stipulation to play off of what they did in that backstage brawl. Good promos from Solo and what’s left of the latest Robert Stone Brand formation. I’ve been saying it’d be Falls Count Anywhere, it’s great that we’re getting that, and with that stipulation, it could go any which way they want. Personally, hoping Solo wins so he can finally get at the North American Championship. And great stuff out of Chase U, Frazer and Vinci. The match itself was awesome, and everyone seems to love Andre Chase. If this match was awesome, then Frazer VS Vinci is going to be an instant classic.

Good interactions out of Indi Hartwell and Arianna Grace and a good match from them, too. Indi wins to get back up, she could also be waiting in the wings for a title match after Heat Wave. JD McDonagh’s new character stuff is interesting, with him essentially being a sociopath who knows human anatomy inside and out. But he delivered it well, and had a good interaction with Bron Breakker. A contract signing comes with the expectations of a brawl by default, but I almost expect JD to not go for that because he’s “smart enough to know” he needs to be 100% to face Bron. As for the match itself, I’m torn again on the basis that Bron could just get that belt back and become a three-time champion far too soon.

We got very good promos from the Diamond Mine and the extended D’Angelo family, and we got an awesome 8 Man Tag out of it. I actually like how that finish went. Strong and Julius were united hitting combos like that, until Tony slipped away at the last second. Expect Strong and Julius to argue about this next week, as Diamond Mine is still likely to kick Strong out. But at the same time, when is Escobar going to come back and take Legado under his wing again? Or will they end up turning on Escobar since we don’t have the numbers for another Six Man Tag?

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/7/23)




NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Bayley has a Toxic return to NXT!

Vengeance Day is done, and Roxanne Perez is STILL NXT Women’s Champion. But DING DONG, HELLO~! Bayley is back to talk with the losers, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne!


  • Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca; wins.
  • Lyra Valkyria VS Valentina Feroz; wins.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/7/23)

Konosuke Takeshita gets Dark!



The future of wrestling could be defined in the Dark!

Konosuke Takeshita is going strong in AEW, but he takes on MLW’s EJ Nduka! Will Konosuke still be The Future? Or will The Judge bring down the law?


  • Slim J VS Mascara Dorada; wins.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Aiden Park; wins.
  • The Outrunners VS Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez; wins.
  • Baliyan Akki VS Rico Gonzalez; wins.
  • Blake Christian VS Serpentico w/ Luther; wins.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Dante Casanova; wins.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Megan Meyers; wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS EJ Nduka; wins.


Another pretty good line-up, but the highlight is of course Konosuke VS Nduka. Both are great, having been champions outside of AEW. In fact, Nduka will be featured on tonight’s debut edition of MLW Underground on the Reelz channel. Nduka is challenging Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Between AEW Dark on YouTube and the MLW television debut, Nduka is going to get noticed by a lot of wrestling fans, and he very well could be the new MLW Champion the next time he’s in AEW.

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