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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/29/22)

There’s gold in the Steel City!



WWE Raw 2022

Oh, it’s true. It’s DAMN true!

With Kurt Angle welcoming Raw to Pittsburgh, there will be NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions crowned as Kai & Sky face Raquel & Aliyah!


  • AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler VS The Judgement Day; The Judgement Day wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka VS Dani Mo, Kay Sparks & Katie Arc; Bianca, Alexa & Asuka win.
  • Kurt Angle’s Fate: The Street Profits VS The Alpha Academy; The Profits win and Angle does not have to join the Alpha Academy.
  • Bobby Lashley VS The Miz w/ Tommaso Ciampa; Lashley wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Jey Usos w/ Jimmy Uso & Sami Zayn; wins.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Tournament Finals: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley VS Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah; Raquel & Aliyah win and are the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.


AJ Styles & Dolph Ziggler VS The Judgement Day!

The Phenomenal One is in Pittsburgh and fans cheer as he heads to the ring. And then the Showoff makes his entrance for another team-up of A to Z. Will they be able to stand tall against the Prince and the Punisher? Or will this be their Judgement Day?

The teams sort out and Ziggler starts against Finn. They tie up, Finn headlocks but Ziggler powers out, only for Finn to run him over. Finn taunts Styles but Ziggler rolls him up! TWO, and Ziggler DROPKICKS Finn down! Tag to Styles but Finn gets away and tags Priest. The Prince isn’t going to let either opponent get proper payback for what he’s done. Styles and Priest circle, Priest kicks low then ROCKS Styles in the corner, firing off haymakers and stomps! The ref counts so Priest sucker punches Ziggler! Styles ROCKS, CHOPS and whips, but Priest reverses. Styles rolls off Priest’s back to DROPKICK him! Then he clotheslines Priest out of the ring!

Judgement Day regroups but Styles slingshots! The forearm takes out Priest, and Ziggler has Finn and Rhea stay back. The #PhenomenalShowoffs are in control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Finn has Ziggler down in a headlock. Finn thrashes Ziggler around, but fans rally up as Ziggler fights to his feet. Ziggler throws body shots but Finn knees low! Finn swings but Ziggler counter punches! And again, and again! Ziggler whips, Finn reverses but Ziggler sunset flips, only for Finn to roll through and basement dropkick! Finn looks at Styles but he drags Ziggler up and reels him in. Finn is mocking Styles even more now! But Ziggler slips out of the bomb to hit a FAMOUSER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Ziggler and Finn flounder for their corners, hot tags to Priest and Styles!

Styles dodges Priest, counter punches, PHENOMENAL BLITZ! Then SLIDING FOREARM! Styles fires up, stares Rhea down then hits a clothesline in the corner! Styles shoves Priest out but Priest dodges! Styles holds up from hitting Finn? Priest DECKS Styles into Finn! Finn falls, Priest choke grips Styles! SOUTH OF- NO, Victory Roll! TWO!! Priest kicks but Styles blocks into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Priest survives but Styles keeps on him. Styles reels Priest in but Priest powers out! Priest runs but Styles catches him for the roll, CALF CRUSHER! Priest endures and fans fire up!

Priest claws his way forward, Rhea and Finn push the rope closer, ROPEBREAK! The ref reprimands and counts, Styles lets go at 4. Ziggler CLOBBERS Finn! Styles runs, but into a BACKBREAKER! Priest drags Styles up, for the RECK- NO, Styles slips out! Styles ducks a kick to ENZIGURI! Priest wobbles, Styles tags Ziggler. They whip Priest but Priest reverses to back drop Styles! Ziggler O’Conner Rolls but Finn gets in while the ref is checking on Styles. Ziggler blocks a boot to SUPERKICK Finn! But Priest UPPERCUTS Ziggler, then choke grips for the SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! Cover, Judgement Day wins!!

Winners: The Judgement Day, by pinfall

Priest may have used the Prince as a pawn there, but a win is a win! Will this trio continue to punish all those who oppose them?

Wait! Driving into the arena… IT’S EDGE!! The Rated R Superstar has made the trip to Pittsburgh and the Judgement Day decides to stand their ground! Fans chant, “We Want Edge!” Will he go right for the trio? We’ll see, after the break.


Raw returns with Judgement Day pacing.

They all have mics and Rhea tells Edge, “We saw that you’re here, so why don’t you come down to the ring? Cuz I will happily smash what is left of your manhood!” Finn says he is so sick and tired of the so-called legends! Priest had Edge beat last week, but Edge gets the documentary? Finn beats Rey, but Rey Mysterio gets a documentary? Where’s Finn’s A&E special? He’s the Monday Night Maestro, he’s a legend, so show him some respect! Priest has Finn calm down, and he says the fans may not like it, but Finn didn’t tell any lies. And Priest says he kept his word last week. He had Edge beat! One South of Heaven, Edge was out!

But no, there was a ref who was “losing his shoes” in this ring, and that made him miss it. But Priest is a man of his word. They’re not in Toronto, Edge doesn’t have friends, family, or the one who wears the pants in the family in Beth Phoenix, to bail him out! Edge is all alone! So let Priest finish what they started last week! Tonight, Edge faces his Judgement Day! They wait, and “You think you know me.” Here comes Edge! The Rated R Superstar’s music hits, he gets on stage and he fires the fans up! Edge also has a mic, the pyro hits, and then Edge says, “Y’know what? The three of you made some valid points. You also made some completely ridiculous points.

“Finn. Rey Mysterio and I didn’t come back to steal your glory. As a matter of fact, I came back to teach you what it is to reach my glory because I’ve already had it. But your ego was too big and got in the way. Now I believe that you want to end my career. And we’re not in my hometown, we’re in Pittsburgh. And you’re right, I don’t have Beth here tonight to watch my back. But to talk about your other statement, I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to admit that Beth and I both were the pants in our family. A) Because it’s 2022 so quit being a caveman, you’re gonna be single for the rest of your life.

“And B) Beth is a badass! And Rhea, you best keep your hands to yourself or you’re gonna find why she’s the Glamazon, kiddo. Now Priest, last week, you and I went to war. And I beat you! So now, I am standing here all by myself while the three of you are standing in that ring looking all angry and emo because you couldn’t score tickets to the My Chemical Romance tour, telling me that I gotta face my Judgement Day, whatever that means. But guess what? Here’s what you didn’t learn all those months sitting under my learning tree. You didn’t pay attention.” Edge gets up on the apron, and says he isn’t here alone!

The Mysterios sneak into the ring! And they SMACK Finn and Priest with kendo sticks! Then Edge gets his shots in! Edge and Rey beat up on Finn while Dom keeps after Priest. But Priest RAMS Dom into buckles! Edge gets in to clothesline Priest out! They brawl now, Edge DECKS Priest over barriers! But Rhea finds Dom all alone! Rhea tells Dom he doesn’t want to hit her. Just put the kendo stick down. Dom keeps hold of the kendo stick and tells her to stay back. He will hit her if he has to! Rhea smiles and tells him to put the stick away. She promises she won’t hurt him, and he lets Rhea take the stick.

Edge and Rey return and Rhea dares them to get closer so she can hit them! They dare her to try. But Priest and Finn get Rhea out of the ring! The Judgement Day stands down but Priest promises this isn’t done yet. What will happen next in this war of legends and icons?


The Miz and Tommaso Ciampa arrive.

Kevin Patrick wants to interview them but Ciampa cuts him off. Kevin apologizes but it’s a surprise after what happened last week, given Dexter Lumis kidnapped him. Miz will not speak about that. Why are we even worried about him? Lumis isn’t a WWE superstar, so who cares? But Lumis was arrested last Tuesday during NXT. Any insight on that at all? Miz says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He straightens Kevin’s tie for him, then leaves. Will we ever learn what the Tortured Artist did to the Hollywood A-Lister?


Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka are headed to gorilla.

With Clash at the Castle and it’s Six Woman Tag match coming, this trio is going to get a tune-up in! Will they be the readiEST team going into this Saturday?


Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah speak.

Aliyah’s bougie, Raquel’s badass, and tonight, they will leave the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! They’ve confident, but will they be able to keep Kai & Sky from taking control?


Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka VS ???

The RawEST Women’s Champion, the Five Foot Fury and the Empress of Tomorrow are preparing for the Clash, so Pittsburgh’s own get to put them to the test! Will Bianca, Bliss & Asuka become a well-oiled machine? Or will they break down before ever heading for Cardiff?

The trios sort out and Bianca starts against Dani Mo. They tie up but Bianca shoves Dani back easily. Dani tags out to Kay Sparks, and Kay ties up with Bianca, only for Bianca to throw her down! Kay scrambles away to tag in Katie Ark, and Bianca waistlocks. Bianca whips, but Katie reverses, only for Bianca to go up, over and handspring all the way to the other corner. Bianca tells her to kiss this, and fans fire up as Katie runs in. Bianca flips up and over her to then DROPKICK her down! Bianca kips up and fans fire up. Bianca dares someone to bring it, so both Dani and Kay get in. Asuka & Alexa get in as Bianca dodges the double clothesline, and they double SHOTGUN Dani & Kay down!

Bianca brings Katie up, suplexes her for the longEST suplex! Tag to Alexa, she drops Insult2Injury MK. II! Then Alexa drags Katie up, wrenches and YANKS the arm, tag to Asuka! Asuka says kiss this, and Alexa whips Katie into Asuka’s butt! Asuka then uses a HIP ATTACK to knock Katie down! Asuka toys with Katie, Katie throws body shots then a flurry of forearms! Katie runs, Asuka dodges and runs her over! Asuka fires up, runs in, but Katie dodges! Hot tag to Dani, but Asuka is ready! Danie runs in, Asuka dodges, and fires off BACKHANDS and SOBATS! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Dani flounders and Asuka runs in, SLIDING KICK! Cover, Katie breaks it!

Katie drags Asuka up, but gets a ROUNDHOUSE into Alexa’s DDT! Kay runs in, Alexa ROCKS her, into Bianca’s torture rack! KISS OF DEATH! Asuka drags Dani back up, wrenches and hooks her up, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, into the KOJI KLUTCH! Dani taps, Asuka and team win!

Winners: Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka, by submission

The trio is all tuned up, and Bianca gets a mic to say Bayley, Dakota & Iyo can try to come here and run this, but just a month ago, “Y’all didn’t even go here.” Bianca’s been holding it down since WrestleMania, so at Clash, Bayley’s team is going down. Bliss says it’ll get real twisted, because… Asuka says first in Japanese, and then in English, “None of you are ready for Bianca, Alexa and Asuka!!” Bianca says the three of them are talking about damage control, but at Clash at the Castle, this trio is taking control! Will Bianca, Bliss & Asuka show who runs Mondays? Or will they be facing the Role Model and the newly crowned WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


Ciampa and Miz talk.

Ciampa is preparing Miz for his match with Bobby Lashley, but then Adam Pearce walks in. Pearce wants to talk with The Miz, but Ciampa says Mike has been dealing with a lot of distractions already today. This match with Lashley is his focus. But Pearce was hoping to talk with Miz concerning what happened last week. Pearce wants Miz to know that he has the full support of the company and all their resources, including counseling. Just let Pearce know what he needs. Miz says he doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants to focus on his match. Okay, but Pearce needs to let Miz know, Lumis was released from police custody.

What? How is that even possible? Well Miz didn’t press charges! He didn’t give the police anything to work with! They couldn’t hold Lumis for anything more than trespassing. Miz not talking about this makes it easier for Lumis to get away with it. Miz says he has nothing to say. Pearce is just trying to help. Oh, is he? Is that why he put Miz in a match with Bobby Lashley?! After everything Miz went through last week?! Then tell Pearce what happened! No. Just go away. Miz has to prepare for his match. Fine, fine. Pearce leaves, but what happened to Miz that he’s clamming up so much?


BREAKING NEWS for Clash at the Castle!

After the confrontation between them, the Judgement Day will take on the living legends they love to loathe! This Saturday, Finn Balor & Damian Priest will take on Edge & Rey Mysterio 2v2!


Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Angle is here!

Pittsburgh fires up for their hometown hero, and chant “You Suck!” to his theme song for old time’s sake. Angle is in a star-spangled tracksuit and is wearing his gold medal. He gets a mic to say it is so great to be back in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This Saturday is Clash at the Castle, a PPV so good that you don’t wanna miss it. But then SHOOSH! It’s the Alpha Academy! Chad Gable & Otis head to the ring but fans boo. What business do “Master” Gable and the tree trunk have with the Olympic gold medalist? We’ll find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Gable says, “A THANK YEW~! Pittsburgh… Kurt! It’s Kurt Angle, baby! Not only the hometown hero, but a personal hero of mine.” When Gable was chasing his Olympic dreams, Angle’s story was one that resonated with Gable, and one that motivated him day in and day out. Forget the fact that on top of all that, Angle won an Olympic gold medal. And with a broken freakin’ neck. Gable loves this guy! That brings Gable to his next point. The Alpha Academy is looking for new members. Gable was gonna continue his search here in Pittsburgh with the Alpha Academy Open Challenge, but there is not one shred of talent among the moronic mouth-breathers here!

Fans boo but Gable tells them to shoosh. Fans boo more, and Gable says there is an Olympic hero here, as well as Kurt Angle ,so show some respect! Gable says he and Angle can change the world. For one night only, Gable is offering Angle something he won’t believe: Full-on, no questions asked, 100% acceptance into the Alpha Academy! They’re happy to have you! Otis, give him a jacket! A THANK YEW~! Exclusive merch right here! Great to have you, Kurt! Angel says he’ll pass. Fans cheer as he throws the jacket back! Um… Ex-squeeze me? Is that Angle turning down the single greatest offer ever? This can’t be true!

Oh it’s true. It’s- SHOOOOOSH! SHOOSH. Wait, wait, did Gable just shoosh Angle? Sorry, what Gable meant to say was, shoosh please, a thank yew~! No, Gable’s the one who can shoosh! What? You don’t shoosh the shoosher! Gable does the shooshing! So Angle can shoosh! Gable can shoosh! It’s a SHOOSH OFF! Gable is fuming! You don’t shoosh the shoosher! Otis, show our good buddy Angle what happens when you turn down an offer from the Academy. Otis steps closer, but wait! Here come the Profits! And they’re wearing Steelers colors! Montez Ford asks Pittsburgh, the Academy must not know the motto: You mess with Kurt, you gonna get hurt.

The Profits are back on Raw to make a fuss, because on Friday Night SmackDown, they made a mess of their bus! Which means the Academy so happen to be in the right place at the wrong time. Tonight, they’re looking for a fight! The Profits are up and #WeWantTheSmoke! NO! Everyone shoosh! SHOOSH THE HECC UP!! The Academy accept the challenge, on one condition: After the Academy wins, Angle must join Alpha Academy and does what Master Gable says day-in and day-out! A THANK YEW~! Ford asks Kurt and Pittsburgh: Is it true? Can they do what they do while Angle rocks the red, white ‘n’ blue? Oh it’s true! It’s DAMN true!

Fans cheer for that one! Will Ford & Dawkins make sure an Olympic gold medalist doesn’t end up Gable’s new student? Or will the Alpha Academy shoosh everyone and bump up their recruiting class?

Kurt Angle’s Fate: The Street Profits VS The Alpha Academy!

Raw returns and Angle sits ringside as the teams sort out. The bell rings and Ford circles with Otis. Otis corners Ford and keeps him caught. The ref counts, Otis lets off, and Ford headlocks. Otis powers up but Ford holds tight. Otis powers out, Ford holds ropes, then Ford CHOPS! And CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Otis shoves Ford to a corner, but Ford elbows back. Ford ROCKS Gable, kicks Otis in the leg, then KICKS and CHOPS Otis again! Otis swings, Ford ducks ‘n’ dodges but runs into a POP-UP POWERSLAM! Otis scowls and Gable brags. Otis tags Gable in and Gable puts Ford in a corner.

Gable CHOPS Ford, CHOPS him again, then mocks Angle’s little spin. Gable tells Angle to watch closely, and he whips Ford corner to corner. Ford goes up and over then DROPKICKS Gable down! Ford shouts out the Steelers and he CLUBS Gable to the corner. Tag to Dawkins, they double whip and run Gable over. Then back suplex SPLASH! Dawkins covers, TWO! Dawkins chinlocks Gable but Gable fights up. Gable powers out but Dawkins runs him over. Things speed up, Dawkins hurdles and then whips Gable. Gable gator rolls but Dawkins slips away. Things keep moving, Gable hurdles but Dawkins handsprings, only for Gable to arm-drag!

Dawkins arm-drags back, fakes Gable out, then dropkicks him down! Otis gets in as Gable bails out, but Ford ENZIGURIS! Dawkins dropkicks Otis out! Fans fire up as Ford whips Dawkins, and Dawkins FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up! Dawkins puts Gable in then covers, TWO! Dawkins stalks Gable to a corner, ROCKS him with a right, then whips corner to corner. Gable reverses, blocks a boot and puts the leg in ropes. Gable gets the other leg, DRAGON SCREW! Dawkins writhes and Gable drags him around for a KNEE JAMMER! And another! Then he YANKS the leg before he tags in Otis.

Otis snatches the headbands off Dawkins and then CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Otis lets off, then drags Dawkins up. Otis CLUBS Dawkins down, taunts him, then brings him up. Otis CLUBS Dawkins down, tags Gable, and Gable stomps Dawkins. “A THANK YEW~!” Fans rally for Dawkins, he throws body shots but Gable keep shim from Ford! Gable whips Dawkins but Dawkins leaps over Gable, hot tag to Ford! Ford GAMANGIRIS Gable, goes up top and hits a CROSSBODY! Then he DECKS Otis! Ford doges Gable and LARIATS! Fans fire up and Ford gets Gable for a BIG back suplex!

Ford handsprings, flexes and STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Ford hurries while Gable is still down! Ford gets to the top rope but Otis grabs at him! Ford kicks Otis away, but Gable goes up for a SUPER BELLY2BELLY!! Both men are down and Pittsburgh fires up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Gable brings Ford up. OLYMPIC- NO, Ford slips off, but then Gable arm-drags him away! Ford runs in but Gable catches him to keep him from Dawkins! Ford turns that into a SATELLITE DDT! Both men are down and fans rally up again! Gable and Ford crawl for their corners, hot tags to Otis and Dawkins! Dawkins dodges Otis, hurdles him, and FLYING ELBOWS! Otis stays up to DISCUS ELBOW! Ford gets back in but Otis POUNCES him way! Otis SPLASHES Dawkins, clinches and scoops, POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Dawkins survives but Otis tags Gable back in. Otis and Gable drag Dawkins up and set up.

Otis runs, but Ford dumps him out! Dawkins victory rolls, TWO! Dawkins runs in, CYCLONE SPLASH and an ENZIGURI for Gable! Then the SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Gable survives and Dawkins can’t believe it! Angle is a bit nervous but Dawkins stalks Gable to ropes. Tag to Ford and Dawkins Electric Chair Lifts. Gable slips off to GERMAN SULEX! Ford CROSSBODIES, but Gable rolls it through! TWO!! Ford runs in but is put on the apron. Ford ROCKS Gable, shoulders in, slingshots, into the NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Gable is furious but he tags in Otis. Otis drags Ford up to DECK him!

Otis drags Ford around by his legs, and CATAPULTS Ford! Ford lands on the ropes to springboard back! Ford sunset flips but Otis stays up! Gable tags in and Otis whips Ford, FLAPJACK! DIVING HEADBUTT from Gable! Cover, Dawkins breaks it!! Otis hauls Dawkins up, whips, but Dawkins dodges! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them out! Otis and Dawkins bail out, and Gable stands up. Gable spots Ford, stalks up behind him but stares Angle down. Gable copies Angle again with the straps coming down! ANKLE LOCK!! Ford endures, flails, reaches out, but Gable drags him away! Ford powers up as fans rally, and he stands up!

Ford turns, Gable flips him, but Ford lands on his feet! Drop toehold to the ANKLE LOCK!! Ford has Gable now and Angle is loving this! Gable flails, reaches out, and Ford puts on the GRAPEVINE!! Otis runs in to SPLASH Ford!! Otis saves Gable and fans boo. Otis leaves the ring and says Angle’s joining the Academy! But then Dawkins POUNCES Otis over the desk!! Fans are thunderous and Gable is in shock! Ford gets Gable for a cradle, TWO!! Gable throat chops but Dawkins tags in before CHAOS THEORY! Ford lands on his feet! POUCNE GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO! Tag back to Ford and Dawkins drags Gable into the drop zone!

Ford is up top, to fly in FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, the Profits win!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall (Kurt Angle does NOT have to join the Alpha Academy)

The Profits are back up and Pittsburgh is loving it! And to celebrate, the Profits bring the red Solo cups to Angle! Ford pours some of that goodness, and they toast! Angle spews whatever that was right up! Oh, sorry, does he not…? Maybe it was just a little strong? Angle says he has something to make up for it. MILK!! They twist off the tops, and they chug that calcium and Vitamin D!


Raw shares footage from just before going on the air.

Matt Riddle had arrived, but Seth Rollins spotted him. They weren’t going to wait for their face-to-face so they brawled in the parking lot! Referees and security rushed in to stop it, and now instead of face-to-face, they must do things via video.

Corey Graves presides over the joint interview.

He thanks them for taking this time, and asks them, what was that we just saw? Rollins says what went down was Riddle was creeping by Rollins’ bus. Riddle says he was not creeping anywhere. Riddle was on the phone, and Rollins says oh sure, talking to Randy, right? They’re talking over each other so Graves has them move on. Where did this all begin? It seems like Rollins has been targeting Riddle for some time now. Rollins has Graves hold on. He hasn’t been targeting Riddle, Riddle has been a thorn in Rollins’ side since Money in the Bank.

The issue here is that Rollins is at the top of the food chain but Riddle is on the come-up. This battle was bound to happen but there’s only one problem: It’s Rollins’ time, not Riddle’s, and Riddle is not on Rollins’ level! Riddle says Rollins is scared of him and that he’ll get embarrassed again. Just like how Roman Reigns embarrassed Rollins, and just like how Cody Rhodes embarrassed Rollins. This is not about Rollins’ embarrassments! This is not about Roman, and this is not about Cody, this is about ROLLINS VS RIDDLE. And here’s a little secret, Riddle: no one likes you! No one can stand the way you talk or how you look.

Rollins promises to finish the job he started back at Madison Square Garden, and it won’t be for Rollins. No, no, no! This will be for EVERYONE, bro! Well if Rollins wants to end Riddle, it’ll take a lot more than what he’s been doing. Riddle will be here for a long, long time, so get used to it! Watch what you say, Riddle. Rollins will finish what he started. And if Riddle wants to be put on the shelf right next to Cody, then that’s what Rollins will do. Rollins will be done with Riddle to move on to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, and there’s not a damn thing Riddle can do about it.

Speaking of this Saturday, Graves says these two compete for the first time 1v1 at a PPV. What can we expect? Rollins asks if Graves knows who he’s talking to. Seth Freakin’ Rollins will steal the show, stomp Riddle’s head into the mat one more time, and once and for all prove who the man around here is! Riddle will prove there’s only one man in Rollins’ marriage, and that’s Becky! Rollins is fuming, but the interview wraps. Will Rollins burn down The Bro? Or will this Riddle be too much for the Architect to solve?


The Miz and Ciampa walk the hall.

They have their plan, now they’ll execute it. Wait, was that Lumis?! Miz turns around, but there’s only a security guard there. Ciampa tells Miz to have that laser focus. Miz agrees, but he drops his sunglasses. Will Miz be able to focus with the specter of Lumis looming? Or will the All Mighty crush him before Lumis ever gets another chance?


Raw shares audio from Rollins and Riddle caught during the break.

They were still mic’d up, and Rollins made sure Riddle was still there. If Riddle wants to talk about Rollins’ family, then let’s talk about Riddle’s. Oh wait, he ain’t got one cuz the wife divorced him and took the kids because none of them want to see his bitch ass again! What did he just say? You heard him, bitch! Come find him! Riddle says he isn’t just gonna beat Rollins up, he’s gonna F him up!! Rollins can keep playing games, Riddle’s gonna get him! Has Rollins just lit a fire inside the Stallion he’ll regret starting?


Bobby Lashley VS The Miz w/ Tommaso Ciampa!

The WWE United States Champion cleared out the Psycho Killer as a contender, but the battles keep on coming! Will Lashley make sure the Most Must-See Superstar doesn’t see a title opportunity in his future? Or will Miz prove that he is still awesome?

The bell rings and Miz rushes in, only to get run over! Lashley frowns, drags Miz up and puts him in a corner to clothesline! Lashley throws back elbow after back elbow then ROCKS Miz with a forearm! Miz staggers to another corner but Lashley runs in to RAM him! Miz staggers away again and Lashley runs in at him. Lashley blocks Miz’s boot, brings him out and spins him around to hit an atomic drop! Miz staggers from those tiny balls getting hit! Lashley rips Miz’s shirt off, then gives him a stalling suplex! fans fire up and Lashley holds Miz up with one arm before the SLAM! Then Lashley clotheslines Miz out of the ring!

Ciampa coaches Miz up, but he gets too close and spooks Miz! Miz calms down and Ciampa tells him to get his head in the game. Miz turns around, and Lashley CLOBBERS him! Ciampa backs off as Lashley shows haymaker, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Miz endures the Canadian Torture Rack before the CLIFFHANGER! Miz bails out of the ring and Ciampa coaches him up again. Lashley storms out, fetches Miz and fireman’s carries, but Ciampa blocks the post! Miz slips off, Lashley stops from being posted, and he elbows Miz! Lashley puts Miz in the ring then glares at Ciampa. Ciampa backs off again, and Miz WRECKS Lashley with a dropkick! Ciampa fires up and Miz smacks Lashley off the desk! And again! And again! Miz then RAMS Lashley into steel steps! Ciampa and Miz applaud themselves and pat themselves on the back, but then Miz is spooked by the front row.

Miz puts Lashley in the ring, clamps onto Lashley, but Lashley gets to ropes. Miz CHOKES Lashley, lets off as the ref counts, and Ciampa gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo but Miz runs to BOOT Lashley down! Cover, TWO! Ciampa applauds as Miz is still in control. Miz kicks Lashley around, puts him in a corner, and fires off IT KICKS! The fans taunt “TINY BALLS!” but Miz runs corner to corner, A-LIST LARIAT! Miz says they’re HUGE! Miz goes up the corner, leaps, but Lashley catches him for a COMPLETE SHOT! Fans rally while Ciampa coaches Miz. Miz gets to a corner, he rushes at Lashley, but Lashley CLOBBERS him!

Lashley ELBOWS Miz, then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Lashley runs in at the corner, clotheslines, then keeps moving to RAM into Miz! Miz staggers into a scoop but he slips off. Miz runs, into a MILE HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up and Lashley aims from the corner. Miz crawls to the far side, but Ciampa drags him out! Ciampa sneaks something to Miz, and then he delays Lashley. Lashley stalks after Miz as he gets back in the ring. The ref sees Miz has the laminated polaroid picture and stops him! Miz denies he had anything, and Ciampa CLOBBERS Lashley! BASEMENT DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Miz is grinning as he has Lashley where he wants him! Miz gloats about big balls, and he drags Lashley up, but he sees LUMIS in the crowd!! The spotlight points Lumis out to everyone! Miz tells Ciampa to go after him but Ciampa says to worry about Lashley! Wait, Lumis is gone now? Lashley gets Miz in the HURT LOCK!! Miz taps, Lashley wins!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

Whatever it is that happened to The Miz, the fear of Lumis is doing more damage than anything! Will Miz ever get his head right? Or will Lumis be why Miz loses matches and his sanity?

As for Lashley, he keeps on rolling, seemingly unstoppable as US Champion. Who will be next to step up to him and challenge him for that title?


Kurt Angle talks with Edge backstage.

The legends are happy to see each other again, and Edge did something special for this homecoming of Angle’s. Edge got some pictures made. No, Angle isn’t falling for this again. Oh, there isn’t anything mean written on the back of this. Alright. Yeah, these are their greatest moments together. Check this one. Wait, there IS writing on the back of this one: “Sorry Rey and I beat you for the Tag Titles.” That was a good time! And then this, “Sorry I beat you for the US Title.” The picture is also not too fun, it was their Hair VS Hair where Edge won. But Angle does like being bald, though, so no big deal anymore. In relation to that, the third one reads, “Sorry I shaved your head bald.”

Then there’s this one, “Sorry I started the You Suck Chant.” And “I’m a dork!” “But… You STILL Suck!” Angle feels great after all these. Wow, the meta of how the picture was of Edge pulling this same gag. Angle shows Rey & Dom the pictures, and sees the punchline. He did it again! Cripes, Edge got him again! Rey & Dom chuckle at that, but then Dom brings up Clash at the Castle. He thought it was gonna be a family thing against Judgement Day? It is! Edge is like family to Rey. The reason Rey went with Edge is because he needs that experience by his side against Finn & Priest. Dom gets it, right? Rey wants Dom in their corner, though. He’ll be there, right?

Yeah, Dom gets it. He’ll be by both Rey’s and Edge’s side for Clash. Rey thanks him for that, and they hug it out. Will Dom be able to counter the presence of Rhea while the former tag team championship duo settles things with the Prince and the Punisher?


WWE looks back at the origins of Connor’s Cure.

In 2014, Connor’s Cure was established to honor the life and memory of young Connor Michalek to help find a cure for pediatric cancer, so that no one else would have to go through the pain he did. After his passing, he was enshrined as the inaugural recipient of the Warrior Award for his bravery, love and hope. Through Connor’s Cure and V Foundation’s funding, they’ve awarded $4.5 million in grants and helped over 500 families worldwide. The WWE Universe has come together offering hope in the mission to kick cancer’s butt!


The Usos & Sami Zayn are here!

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and the Honorary Uce are feeling great after what they and the Tribal Chief did to Drew McIntyre on Friday Night SmackDown. They all raise their fingers to the sky, #WeTheOnes, then go to the ring, Sami getting his groove on to the Usos’ theme song. They get mics and Jey asks, “Do you see that? Monday Night Raw, the Bloodline is now in your city!” Jimmy says, “730 DAYS! This Friday, your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, has been Undisputed WWE Universal Champion!” Sami adds a “YEE!” and Jimmy says everyone knows this Friday, it’s a big, BIG celebration for your Tribal Chief!

Jey gets started but Sami has him hold on. “Sorry to cut you off there, buddy, sorry. Before we get away from that point, I just wanted to add something that’s gonna make this championship celebration even bigger, if you can believe it! It’s that the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, has personally appointed me as the master of ceremony for the  night. Which, I mean, as the Honorary Uce, I gotta say, that’s huge.” Jey’s glare shuts Sami up. Sami says let’s not forget what we’re looking at here and now! You are in the presence of the most DOMINANT tag team in WWE History! You are in the presence of the UNDISPUTED WWE Tag Team Champions! Sami means the UUUSOOOS!

Nothing changes, Uce. Which means, Uce, Bloodline runs both shows, Raw and SmackDown! Roman Reigns will beat Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle! And it’ll be as simple as it gets around here, folks. But wait! Here comes Kevin Owens! The Prizefighter shakes his head as he looks at Sami. “First of all, the Bloodline doesn’t run anything on Monday nights, because I’ve made it clear these past few weeks, Raw is still the Kevin Owens Show.” But he is glad they’re all here, because he can remind them to tell their boss, Roman, that he owes Kevin one. Jey asks Sami, “Is this your boy right here?”

“Am I?” Kevin asks. “Am I your boy, Sami?” T-Technically… Well, then Sami better get him before Jey does! Oh, get him first, huh? Sami has everyone calm down. Sami will explain things to Kevin. Here’s the thing, buddy. Uh… Well, see, Roman Reigns doesn’t owe Kevin or anyone anything ever. That’s how it is. Kevin sighs. Sami, Kevin didn’t think you could find a way to make yourself stupider than when you started growing that insane hair out. And  yet, every week, Sami manages to, by running around with the Usos and letting them treat him the way they do. Kevin means it, he is genuinely sad to see Sami forget that he is absolutely one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time!

And now, Sami is just the Bloodline’s personal clown. It’s pathetic. Kevin means that. They’ve been through a lot, they’re more than best friends, they’re brothers. So it is sad what Sami has become. Sami should really reassess things. Sami laughs that off. Kevin doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Kevin is just like the fans who send him the meme, “Oh, he think he on the team!” No, Kevin just can’t get it through his head that the Bloodline actually likes him! Jimmy likes Sami! They do the handshake! BET! And Jey… Uh… Well, they’re working on it. And most importantly, ROMAN likes Sami! Yeah! That’s why Sami gets invited to the locker room.

If you saw SmackDown, it was the four of them united that destroyed McIntyre! Jey tells Kevin if he doesn’t turn around and walk his ass back up the ramp, they’ll drop him like they did McIntyre! Fans boo and Kevin looks at the ramp. Kevin decides to go up the steel steps instead! Kevin tells Jey it doesn’t matter what they did to McIntyre. But Kevin cares what they did to him. Don’t think he forgot that Jey and Paul Heyman are the only reasons why Kevin didn’t beat Roman Reigns for the title at put an end to the reign 18 MONTHS ago! So Friday, you can celebrate 730 days for Roman, but you can also celebrate two years of having Jey’s head up his cousin’s ass!!

Sami tries to defuse things again. Here’s the thing. Kevin, Sami is trying real hard here to keep the peace. He doesn’t want problems. But the way Kevin is talking right now, he is begging for Jey to kick his ass. Jey steps to Kevin, and Kevin says, “Yeah? Y’know what, Jey? I think this is the part where we drop the microphones, get a referee out here, and just fight, isn’t it?” Fans fire up for that, because he comes a ref! Will KO give Jey payback for that screw job a year-and-a-half ago?

Kevin Owens VS Jey Usos w/ Jimmy Uso & Sami Zayn!

Raw returns and the bell rings. Kevin and Jey circle, tie up, and Kevin puts Jey in a corner. Jey turns it around, Kevin turns it back, but then Jey turns it back again. Kevin avoids the chop to CHOP and CLUB Jey! Kevin stomps Jey into the corner, the ref counts and Kevin lets off to tell Sami to “SUCK IT!” But Jey ROCKS Kevin with an uppercut! Jey throws hands but Kevin counter punches hard! Kevin CHOPS Jey and Jey flops out of the ring. Sami and Jimmy stay back as Kevin goes out, but Jey throws a body shot! Jey POSTS Kevin! Jey whips Kevin but Kevin reverses and Jey hits steel steps! The steps come apart!

Fans fire up as Kevin moves the steps around, but then puts Jey in the ring. Kevin throws hands, fires off in the corner, then lets off at 4. Kevin mocks Sami, Sami coaches Jey, but Kevin whips Jey corner to corner, Jey reverses and Kevin hits buckles hard! Sami and Jimmy applaud and Jey storms up on Kevin. Jey rains down fists, then shouts, “You think this is a game?” Jey ROCKS Kevin with a right! Jey brings Kevin up, whips corner to corner again and again Kevin hits buckles hard! Jey goes to the far corner and holds up the finger, #WeTheOnes. Jey runs in, but Kevin dodges the splash! Kevin then goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL!

Jey flops out of the ring again and Kevin hurries out after him. Kevin brings Jey around, reels him in, and aims for those steel steps! Jimmy shows superkick and Kevin storms up to him. Jimmy gets away, but Kevin turns around into Jey’s SUPERKICK! Jey then SAMOAN DROPS Kevin on the steps! Kevin writhes and Sami celebrates with Jimmy while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Jey has Kevin up top. Jey holds up the finger, fans boo, but Kevin resists the superplex! Kevin throws body shots, Jey hits back, but Kevin HEADBUTTS! Kevin hooks the leg, SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Jimmy checks on Jey and Jey gets to the apron. Kevin crawls after Jey, drags him to a drop zone, and now Kevin climbs! Kevin reaches the top but Jey ROCKS him with an uppercut! Jey throws off the wrist tape, ROCKS Kevin again then climbs up after him. Kevin and Jey brawl up top, forearm for forearm, haymaker for haymaker! Kevin HEADBUTTS Jey, then ELBOWS him down!

Jey falls into the drop zone, Kevin adjusts to SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives after that long range shot! Kevin gets to ropes, and fans fire up as he and Jey stand. Kevin aims, kicks, but no Stunner! Kevin blocks the superkick to SUPERKICK back! Kevin whips Jey, POP-UP, but Jey slips out! SUPERKICK!! Jey puts Kevin in the drop zone, hurries up top, USO SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!? Kevin survives and Sami argues with the ref. The ref says that as close as it was, the count was fair! Jimmy coaches Jey and Jey drags Kevin to another drop zone. Jey goes back up, fans fire back up, USO SPLASH onto knees! Cradle, TWO!!

Kevin SUPERKICKS Jey, then SUPERKICKS Jimmy off the apron! Kevin goes up top and Sami freaks out! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Jey survives and no one can believe it! But Sami is relieved that Jey is still in this. Jey bails out and Kevin goes out after him. Kevin reels Jey in, Sami says no! He knows what that will do. Kevin shoves Sami! Kevin dares Sami to do something, but Sami doesn’t get what Kevin is trying to get at. Jey DIVES onto Kevin!! Jey tells Jimmy and Sami to finish this! Get a chair! Get a chair?! YES, get a chair!! Sami goes to fetch a chair, Jimmy distracts the ref, and Jey puts Kevin on the ropes!

Jey wants Sami to hit Kevin! Sami hesitates, he is still Kevin’s friend. Sami refuses to use the chair so the ref spots him! Jimmy says Sami was supposed to hit him already! That was the plan! Jey turns around, into a STUNNER!! Cover, Kevin wins!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Sami screws up not screwing Kevin over! Kevin gets some semblance of revenge, but which side is Sami really on?


Bayley, Dakota & Iyo speak.

“Bianca, you’re right. You have been holding it down since WrestleMania. As in, holding them back. And that’s why they need us to lift them up to bring this division back to life. And that starts this Saturday at Clash at the Castle, when we get rid of you, Alexa and Asuka. And pretty soon, everyone will be looking up at me again, The Role Model, while we all look down on you.” Dakota Kai says that doesn’t stop with Raw. They will take over the entire WWE! Tonight, Kai & Sky are in the finals of the tag title tournament. They won’t just say they’re in control, they’ll prove it! Raquel & Aliyah have beaten some of the best to get here, but it’ll hurt that much more when they’re sent back to SmackDown.

Iyo Sky adds in Japanese that this will be so amazing, and English, “We will rule Monday Night Raw as the NEW tag team champions!” Will the Genius of the Sky and #CobraKai raise those titles high overhead before heading for Cardiff?


The Miz is heading out!

Ciampa wants him to wait. He can’t be going home like this, but Miz says it’s fine. He’s fine. Ciampa accepts that and lets Miz get in his van. But Kevin Patrick rushes over! Miz tells him no, he doesn’t want to talk about it! Yes, but what was it that Miz saw during his match with Bobby Lashley? Miz just shuts his car door, but LUMIS IS IN THE BACK SEAT!!! Is Miz in even more trouble than last week?!


WWE Media catches up with Johnny Gargano.

What are his feelings about his return one week in? Last Monday meant everything to him. To hear that reaction, to hear the chants of “JOHNNY WRESTLING!” again, it gives him goosebumps just thinking about it. Because that isn’t just a fun nickname, wrestling is his life. And wrestling’s been out of his life for nine months. That’s the longest time he’s been out of the ring since he was 8 years old. Johnny Wrestling is excited to get back into arenas and do what he believes what he was put on this planet to do.

So (Austin) Theory didn’t ruin it for him? No. Honestly, Gargano was excited to see him. “Say what you want about that kid, but he’s like family to me.” Gargano sat back and watched, and is happy for all of Theory’s success, but it doesn’t surprise him. Theory has every genetic gift Gargano doesn’t have. That is why they were in NXT together. But success affects everyone differently. “You’re a different kind of winner when you start at the bottom.” Theory, given his gifts and who he knows, he didn’t have to start from the bottom. But Theory didn’t even contact Gargano once during those nine months, or even when the baby was born.

But wait! Theory sneaks up on Gargano. Theory says he’s just here to talk. Gargano’s the one that kicked him, after all. They sit back down, and Theory has a question. Why didn’t Gargano call Theory when he became US Champion? Or when he became the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank? Theory, you know why. Gargano was busy with the newborn baby! Oh, excuses, excuses. Baby Wrestling had to be fed and changed. All excuses to Theory. But maybe Gargano didn’t call Theory because he was jealous. Gargano was stuck at home, watching Theory compete at WrestleMania. Gargano was watching Theory become Mr. MITB.

But honestly, from Theory’s perspective, he excepted better. But it’s true: it is lonely at the top. Welcome to Raw, Johnny, and good luck. Because Gargano’s swimming with sharks now. Theory laughs his way off, but will that shark be the one swimming in waters too deep for him?


Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Tournament Finals: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky w/ Bayley VS Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah!

After quite the rollercoaster of a tournament, we have finally reached the end! Bayley’s duo of Kai & Sky had the smoother ride, wiping out Dana Brooke & Tamina, then toppling Bliss & Asuka. As for Big Mami Cool and #Aliyah317, they overcame Shotzi & Xia, but had to power through Sonya & Natty. Will #CobraKai & the Evil Genius make their Grand Slam Champion Role Model proud? Or will the Bougie & Badass shock them all?

Raw returns as the SmackDown duo makes their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and one way or another, we will see NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions crowned!

Aliyah starts with Sky and they circle. They tie up, Aliyah headlocks, but Sky pulls hair and powers out. Aliyah RAMS Sky but Shy rebounds to run her over! Sky drags Aliyah to a jackknife cover, TWO and Aliyah sunset flips, TWO! Sky covers, TWO and Aliyah has it back in a ghost pin, TWO! Aliyah facelocks and brings Sky to the corner, tag to Raquel! They double whip, Aliyah does the splits and Raquel BOOTS Sky down! Cover, TWO! Raquel drags Sky up in a deadlift, but Sky victory rolls and STOMP 182! Tag to Dakota and Kai taunts Aliya before she hits a SCORPION KCIK! Sky hits a springboard missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Speaking of the beaten teams of Raw, Dana Brooke, Tamina, “Doudrop” Piper Niven and Nikki A.S.H. are all watching this match, as well as each other. Will they all be looking to immediately challenge the winners here? Dakota pushes Raquel around, drags her up, and whips, but Raquel blocks! Raquel runs Dakota over, tags Aliyah in and gives her a boost! ROCKET LAUNCHER CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Aliyah facelocks Dakota but she breaks free. Aliyah goes Matrix to dodge, then she hip tosses Dakota! Dakota bails out and Aliyah handsprings! Tag to Raquel and Aliyah builds speed! But Sky gets Kai out of the way then kicks Aliyah!

Kai RAMS Aliyah into steel steps! Raquel rushes out, and she pops Dakota up! SHOTEI from Sky, PENALTY KICK from Kai! Raquel goes down, then Kai whips Sky at Aliyah for a METEORA against the steps! The count is rising, Kai is in at 8! Raquel drags herself in at 9, but Bayley mocks Aliyah while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again and Kai tags Sky. They double whip Raquel and BOOT her, CHOP BLOCK her, then AX KICK! Sky tops it off with a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Bayley is frustrated but Raquel is alone as Aliyah is still down. Kai tags back in to SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO! Raquel is showing that toughness but Dakota kicks her around. Kai toys with Raquel, but Raquel shoves her away! Kai comes back, but no Code Breaker! Raquel tosses Kai, Sky tags in! Sky runs, but Raquel THROWS Sky at Kai!! Both of them are down and Raquel crawls for her corner. Aliyah isn’t there, so Raquel has to keep fighting.

Raquel blocks Sky’s punch, then the other, to then HEADBUT Sky! Raquel ROCKS Kai, BOOTS Sky, then ELBOWS Kai! Raquel SPLASHES Sky, then SPLASHES Kai! VADER BOMB onto Sky!! Cover, TWO!! Sky survives, and Raquel is remembering why Sky is also a top NXT Women’s Champion. Raquel drags Sky up, lifts, but Sky slips out to a CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Raquel survives and Bayley is worried! Sky and Raquel glare at each other, Sky dodges to fire off boxing elbows! Sky fires off a flurry, then a SHOTEI! Sky runs, into a LARIAT!! Raquel hurries to drag Sky up, reel her in, but Kai distracts! Bayley pulls hair!!

Raquel goes down, Sky SPRINGBOARD STOMPS! Raquel flounders into a corner, Dakota goes Around the World to BOOT her down!! Sky then goes up top and jumps OVER THE MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO?!?! Raquel survives and Bayley is furious! That can’t be right! And then here comes Bianca, Asuka & Alexa! They run Bayley off from ringside so that Kai & Sky are all on their own! And ALIYAH TAGS IN!! She then hides to trick Kai & Sky, they go after Raquel! KAI-ROPRACTOR! And a CRUCIFIX DRIVER! But Aliyah rolls Kai up!! ALIYAH & RAQUEL WIN!!

Winners: Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Bianca, Alexa & Asuka return to celebrate with Raquel & Aliyah! Bayley is speechless, this was not how they wanted this to go, but now they must move on to Clash at the Castle! Will they get sweet revenge on Bianca, Alexa & Asuka in Cardiff? Or will things just keep falling apart for them?

As for the new champions, Aliyah finally has a title in the WWE, how hard will she and Raquel fight to hold onto these titles after waiting so long?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw, but I don’t know if the fans were as excited as they could’ve been for this go-home. We did get some great segments with the hometown hero, Kurt Angle. That was a hilarious interaction with Chad Gable, and I still say he should’ve been Angle’s illegitimate son when they did that story. But anyway, we also got a great tag match of Profits VS Alpha Academy, and of course Profits win. Great nod to Angle’s career with him bringing out the milk, and another one with Edge pulling off that signboard gag on Angle again. Judgement Day has a very good tag match opener with Styles & Ziggler, and wow, interaction between Styles and Finn after the Judgement Day turn!

But anyway, of course Judgement Day wins, and of course we get a match set for Clash at the Castle. I liked the standoff between Dom and Rhea, because it was clear it wasn’t just because of the WWE’s rule against co-ed (well, more male hitting female) aggression. Rhea definitely scares Dom, so between that and Dom being the third wheel in Rey’s reunion with Edge, there is a very good chance Dom turns on Rey and joins Judgement Day to bring this feud into the next phase. And there’s a very good chance Beth Phoenix gets even more involved after Clash to bring the feud to Extreme Rules or even Survivor Series.

Great stuff out of The Miz being paranoid about Lumis, and Lumis giving him reason to be paranoid. While Lumis ended up bros with Theory, there’s clearly something more predatory in Lumis’ obsession with Miz. Now, while it was clear Lumis was where Miz saw him, it is a bit silly they’re playing it like only The Miz saw him. Blurring of the lines of where kayfabe starts and stops seems to be a thing HHH & HBK right now, as NXT had a similar inconsistency in presenting Apollo Crews’ future sight. But as far as Raw goes, of course Miz’s fear cost him against Lashley, and then we got a great punctuation on the night with Lumis in the back of Miz’s SUV. I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Great promo from Gargano and Theory to add to what we got last week and to further reference NXT for the sake of those who weren’t watching then. And those were good kayfabe details about them not being in touch with each other for nine months, it takes advantage of the lack of continuity Vince kept between RawDown and NXT. We also got some strong stuff between Rollins and Riddle. That preshow brawl was well done, they did crosstalk effectively, and they got really, really personal. The heat just got turned up, and that match is going to be a show-stealer. We also got a bit of a show-stealer out of Kevin, Sami and the Usos. Great promo and great match, Sami is very conflicted and that puts him in a bad spot with the Bloodline, this is getting really good.

Decent Six Woman Tag win for Bianca, Alexa & Asuka over jobbers, though I’m not even sure I got those names quite right since we were told them, not shown them in a graphic. And of course, we got awesome stuff for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Kai & Sky had great teamwork, Raquel & Aliyah had great determination and grit. Good move for Bianca’s team to run Bayley off so she couldn’t keep helping, and what a surprise that Raquel & Aliyah won. At the same time, the math now works where Bayley’s team could win this Saturday to then earn Bayley that title shot against Bianca. And with all the other tag teams watching backstage, obviously Dana, Tamina, Nikki and Piper are going to go after Raquel & Aliyah for some great first feuds.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; wins and
  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ The Firm; wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS Willow Nightingale; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; win(s).
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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Lucha Libre

Lucha Central Weekly: Is Dragon Lee Ready For His WWE NXT First Impression?

It’s the end of 2022, which means it’s time for the LCW Year End Awards! This week you get to meet your nominees!



Lucha Central Weekly (1)

Lucha Libre returns to WWE NXT when Dragon Lee debuts at Stand & Deliver! What to expect, and more on this edition of Lucha Central Weekly!

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Join Miranda Morales, Dusty Murphy, and Brendan Barr for another exciting edition of Lucha Central Weekly! This week your favorite lucha trio looks at Dragon Lee and his upcoming debut in WWE NXT at Stand…..AND DELIVER. Plus, where is Taya Valkyrie? And updates on the the AAA Lucha Libre World Cup! All that and more on this week’s Lucha Central Weekly!

About Lucha Central Weekly

Your one-podcast stop for all of the week’s top stories from around the world of lucha libre and lucha libre around the world. Join hosts Miranda Morales, Brendan Barr, and Dusty Murphy along with special guests as they cover Lucha Libre AAA, CMLL, top Mexico indies as well as lucha related matches in WWE, Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor and beyond. Whether you are trying to dive deeper into the world of masked mayhem or you’ve been following for decades, you are going to find things here you won’t find on any other airwaves!

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Lucha Central Weekly (1)

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