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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/21/22)

AEW hits the Grand Slam!



AEW Dynamite 2021

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe Stadium!

AEW has bases loaded, and they’re hitting this one out of the park! And whether it’s Jon Moxley or Bryan Danielson, we’ll have a NEW AEW World Champion!


  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Chris Jericho; Jericho wins and becomes the new ROH World Champion.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory VS The Acclaimed; The Acclaimed win and become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.
  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship: PAC VS Orange Cassidy; Pac wins and retains the title.
  • Interim AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm VS Serena Deeb VS Athena VS Britt Baker; Storm wins and retains the interim title.
  • AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Finals: Jon Moxley VS Bryan Danielson; Moxley wins and is the new AEW World Champion.


ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Chris Jericho!

The Swiss Superman has been a fighting champion ever since winning this title off the Octopus, Jonathan Gresham! But now, he will face the SEVEN-TIME World Champion, who has reigned in WCW, WWF/WWE and of course here in AEW. Will The Wizard get magic number eight? Or will Claudio GADDAM Castagnoli not let a sports entertainer besmirch the pro-wrestling legacy of ROH?

Bobby Cruise gives us the introductions, the belt is raised, and New York City is fired up for the Grand Slam!

Claudio wants Jericho to oblige by the Code of Honor, and Jericho accepts! Fans are thunderous and Jericho gets in Claudio’s face to SLAP him! Claudio EuroUppers Jericho off his feet! Claudio gets Jericho up to fire off EuroUpper after EuroUpper! The ref counts, Claudio lets off at 4, and fans are thunderous again. Claudio whips Jericho corner to corner, runs in and EuroUppers again! Then he whips Jericho the other way for another EuroUpper! Claudio whips a third time, for yet another EuroUpper! Jericho staggers into the trophy lift! And then Claudio CROTCHES Jericho on his fireballs! Claudio runs to BOOT Jericho to the floor!

Fans are thunderous again as Claudio takes his time going out after Jericho. Claudio runs in and EuroUppers Jericho into railing! Claudio bumps Jericho off the apron, then brings him around to do it again, and again, and again! Jericho flops but then uses the special guest timekeeper, Cary Silkin, as a shield! Jericho shoves Silkin into Claudio, then sucker punches them both! Jericho shoves Silkin down and SLAPS him, then CHOPS away on Claudio! Fans boo but Jericho bumps Claudio off the apron. Jericho CHOPS again and again, then he puts Claudio in the ring. Jericho hurries up the steps and then the corner!

Jericho leaps, into a EUROUPPER! Claudio drags Jericho to a cover, TWO! Fans fire up, Claudio gives another EuroUpper, but Jericho CHOPS! Claudio CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS, repeat! Claudio then returns to they EuroUppers and even forearms. Claudio whips, Jericho reverses to throat chop! Claudio crawls to the apron and Jericho soaks up the heat by saying he’ll have OCHO! Jericho triangle jumps, into a EUROUPPER! Fans fire up and Jericho ends up on the apron now. Claudio drags Jericho up, suplexes, but Jericho blocks! Jericho throws body shots and haymakers but Claudio gives them back. Fans fire up as they brawl on the edge!

Claudio gets the advantage but Jericho rakes the eyes! Fans boo again, but Jericho reels Claudio in. Jericho CLUBS Claudio on the back, then suplexes Claudio to the floor! Both men flounder and fans lose their minds while AEW goes picture in picture.

Claudio clutches an arm and Jericho catches his breath, and they both slowly sit up. Claudio drags himself up and meets Jericho at the corner. Jericho CLUBS away on Claudio, both men get in at 8 of 10! Fans fire up, Jericho reels Claudio in for a back suplex! Cocky cover, ONE! Jericho is annoyed but he soaks up the heat again. He then flips off the fans to rile them up more. Jericho drags Claudio up but Claudio fires off EuroUpper after EuroUpper! Claudio whips Jericho to a corner, runs in, but Jericho moves! Claudio hits buckles and clutches his arm again. Jericho BOOTS Claudio down! The ref reprimands but Jericho just yells at her.

Jericho gets Claudio for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Claudio sputters and flounders away while Jericho flexes. Jericho storms over to Claudio to CHOP him! And CLUB him! And CHOP him again! Claudio goes around the way and Jericho CHOPS more and more! Claudio throws haymakers and EuroUppers to back Jericho down! Claudio fires off again and again as Dynamite: Grand Slam returns to single picture! Claudio whips, Jericho reverses but runs into a BOOT! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Claudio skins the cat! Claudio stands but Jericho trips him up! Jericho CHOPS, and CHOPS and CHOPS!

Jericho climbs up after Claudio now, and he rains down fists! Fans count, but Jericho stops at 3 to SUPER- NO! Claudio blocks the frankensteiner to drag Jericho back up! SUPER- STEINER!! Jericho turns it back around and covers, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” as both men are down again. Jericho gets to ropes while Claudio crawls. Jericho aims from the corner, CODE- NO! Claudio POP-UP UPPERCUTS! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Claudio sits Jericho up, for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Everyone in the BCC knows that one! Claudio then gets Jericho’s legs and fans are thunderous again! But Jericho kicks away, so Claudio DOUBLE STOMPS him down! Cover, TWO!!

Claudio steps through the legs for the SHARPSHOOTER!! Jericho endures the hold of the family that trained him! Claudio sits deep on the Sharpshooter, but Jericho fights his way over to the ROPEBREAK! Claudio lets go quickly and he kicks at Jericho’s hands. The ref has Claudio back off, and Jericho goes to kick low! Claudio blocks in time, to then reel Jericho in! RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Jericho survives and Claudio is seething! Claudio KNEES Jericho in the gut! And again! Claudio stalks Jericho to ropes, CHOPS him, then whips him to ropes. Jericho reverses but Claudio springboards, into a CODE BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!!!

The fans rally up again while Jericho and Claudio go to opposite ends. Jericho runs back in to trip Claudio, and he goes to turn him! Claudio fights it but Jericho stomps Claudio into the WALLS OF JERICHO! Claudio endures, powers up, rolls and then fires forearms from below! Jericho rains down haymakers, but Claudio clinches to get Jericho down, DRAGON STOMPS! Claudio shouts out Bryan Danielson, and now he has the legs! SWISS SWING!! The fans count along, all the way to 10, 15, 20!! Claudio then CATAPULTS Jericho into buckles, and LARIATS on the return! Cover, TWO!!! Jericho survives and frustrates Claudio!

Jericho crawls away to a corner, and he finds Floyd the Baseball Bat! The ref has Claudio stay back, but Claudio blocks the bat swing!! Claudio EuroUppers! The ref puts the bat away, but Jericho back drops out of the Neutralizer! Claudio stumbles and almost hits the ref! Jericho sneaks up to LOW BLOW!!! Then JUDAS EFFECT!!! Cover, Jericho wins!?!?

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall (NEW ROH World Champion)

“The Antithesis” of ROH is now their world champion! The Wizard has numero ocho and is celebrating with the Jericho Appreciation Society! They’re all so proud of Jericho, except Daniel Garcia. But the JAS reigns over ROH as the World and Pure Champions, will they soon turn the pro-wrestling promotion into a sports entertainment company?


AEW takes a closer look at tonight’s main event.

William Regal couldn’t be prouder of the Blackpool Combat Club. Jon Moxley says this tournament of champions has become AEW’s Super Bowl, World Series, all rolled into one. Bryan Danielson notes that he’s only lost to four people since joining AEW: Hangman Page; Jon Moxley; Daniel Garcia; and Chris Jericho. Bryan’s avenged his losses to the Cowboy, the Dragonslayer, and even The Wizard. That leaves just one left. Moxley says he doesn’t want to win, he knows he will win. But when it is BCC VS BCC, who will reign supreme over AEW?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve In Our Glory VS The Acclaimed!

Both teams went all out at All Out, but in the end, this was whose house? Swerve In Our Glory’s house! But that doesn’t mean this is their AEW. Will Max Caster & Anthony Bowens redeem themselves in the rematch? Or will this just be a remix for Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland?

Justin Roberts makes these introductions and of course, Caster has a rap! “It’s our time, it’s gonna be Swerve’s aid. We’ll make those bitches go black like Little Mermaid! We run the city from here to Soho. ‘Bout to run these dudes outta town like Cuomo! Don’t ever disrespect me. Lookin’ like a skinny can to a two liter of Pepsi! Y’all soft, that’s how the story goes. I think it’s more like Swerve In a Glory Hole!” Caster pumps the mic and Bowens says, “NEEEEW YOOOORK CITAAAAAY~! The Acclaimed have arrived!! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” Fans are fired up already, the belts are raised, and it’s time to see if the sequel is better than the original!

The teams sort out and Bowens starts against Keith. Fans harken this back to All Out with “OH~ Scissor Me Daddy~!” Bowens and Keith slowly circle, fans are thunderous as Bowens eggs Keith on, and Keith nods. They tie up, Bowens goes for a leg but Keith gut wrenches to throw Bowens away! Fans are torn but Bowens keeps his cool. Bowens and Keith circle, tie up, and Bowens waistlocks. Bowens then headlocks but Keith lifts him with one arm! Bowens cranks the headlock, Keith powers up and out and he RAMS Bowens. Bowens stays up and runs, but Keith follows, barrels through him, and RANAS?!

Fans are thunderous and Swerve taunts Bowens while Keith smirks. Bowens tags Caster and they stare down now. They tie up, and Keith powers Caster to a corner. The ref counts, Keith lets off cleanly, and he welcomes Caster to return. Caster dodges a haymaker but Keith blocks the arm-drag! Keith then powers Caster to a corner, powers up, but Caster turns biel into arm-drag! Fans fire up as Caster taunts Keith now! Bowens steps in, but Swerve DROPKICKS the Acclaimed before they can scissor finger! Fans boo and Keith has Swerve cool off. Swerve glares at Billy Gunn while AEW goes picture in picture.

Swerve puts Caster in a corner and fires off hands. Swerve puts a leg in the ropes and UPPERCUTS Caster! The ref counts and Swerve lets off, to DROPKICK the leg! Caster falls over and Swerve soaks up the heat. Swerve glares at Billy and taunts Bowens. Bowens gets mad but the ref keeps him back. Caster hits Swerve but Swerve drop toeholds him down. Swerve has the leg, kicks away on it, and then hits a KNEE JAMMER! Swerve drags Caster over, tags in Keith, and they mug Caster. Keith shrugs and brings Caster up to bump him off buckles. Keith tags Swerve so Swerve can CHOP Caster! Swerve then snapmares for an UPPERCUT! Cover, ONE!

Swerve clamps onto Caster and grinds him down into the mat with an armlock. Swerve traps that arm to fishhook Caster’s face! The ref reprimands, Swerve lets off to then have a chinlock. Caster endures, Swerve pulls back on him, but Caster stands up. Caster RAMS Swerve into the Limitless corner, and Keith tags in. Keith RAMS into Caster, then he wrenches Caster to wristlock. Caster throws body shots and kicks! Caster goes to suplex but Keith is a big man! Keith knees back and Caster falls over! Dynamite Grand Slam returns to single picture and both special guests, Fabolous and DJ Whoo Kid are into this.

Keith clinches Caster but Caster throws body shots! Keith ROCKS Caster with a forearm! Caster BOOTS back, DECKS Swerve, then sends Keith into buckles! Swerve rushes in but Caster dodges and POWERSLAMS Swerve down! Caster dodges Keith, CHOPS and SUPERKICKS, and he tries to suplex!? Caster manages a HUGE snap suplex!! Fans are thunderous as Caster crawls, hot tag to Bowens! The Five Tool Player rallies on Swerve, back drops him, then CHOPS and JABS and SUPERKICKS Keith! Keith falls over and fans are fired up with Bowens! Bowens runs but into Swerve’s kick and a HOUSE CALL!!

Swerve hurries back to the corner, he tags in Keith, and Keith drags Bowens up. But Bowens fights off the Swerve Bomb! Bowens RANAS Keith away, avoids Swerve’s stomps, and rolls him! TWO!! But Bowens deadlifts Swerve for a BUCKLE BOMB! Bowens swings but Keith swats him and HEADBUTTS him down! Keith calls to Swerve to reset, but Swerve is in bad shape. Keith takes Bowens and TOSSES him to the ramp!! Bowens tumbles and flops on the LED rampway! Caster runs in, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Caster writhes and fans boo but Keith shrugs it all off. Keith glares at Billy as he climbs up the corner! Keith MOONSAULTS but FLOPS as Caster moves!

Caster grits his teeth and sits back up. Caster crawls to a corner and fans are thunderous! Caster clamps on a SLEEPER on Keith! The ref counts because they’re in the ropes. Swerve grabs Bowens’ boombox! The ref is busy with something, Swerve swings but Caster ducks! The boombox SMACKS Keith!! Swerve freaks out as Keith goes down! Caster BOOTS Swerve and Bowens is back! The Acclaimed SCISSOR! Bowens goes up top, he leaps to BLOCKBUSTER Keith back down! Caster leaps, but his knee gives out! The Mic Drop flops but Bowens covers, TWO!! Keith is still in this after The Acclaimed got off track.

Bowens drags Keith up, throws forearms, and fans rally up. Tag to Caster and The Acclaimed work together, only for Keith to explode out! Tag to Swerve, he runs but Caster waistlocks! Swerve backs him into a corner and SOBATS! Caster flounders, but he shoots around to a BIG back suplex! Caster fights through the pain to go back up top! Fans fire up as Caster aims again, only for Swerve to ROCK him first! Fans boo but Swerve goes up top to join Caster. Keith returns, Swerve has a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY POUNCE! And then Electric Chair Lift, TOSS INTO THE POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? WHAT?!?

Fans are electric as Caster survives and keeps The Acclaimed alive! Bowens drags Caster out to safety but Swerve grits his teeth. Swerve springboards to 450 SENTON The Acclaimed down! But now Daddy Ass gets in Swerve’s face! The ref warns Billy, Swerve dares Billy to do something. Keith has Swerve stand down, but then Billy says SUCK IT! ROLLING ELBOW from Bowens! The ref is busy with Keith, he misses Billy’s FAMOUSER to the floor! Billy puts Swerve in for The acclaimed and Caster DROPKCISK Keith! ARRIVAL to the MIC DROP!! Cover, THE ACCLAIMED WIN!!!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Streamers fly as the fans explode for Caster & Bowens! It was a long road for this homegrown duo, but now they are on top of AEW! And they SCISSOR! Will no one be able to cut down this battle tested tag team now that they have the titles?

As for Swerve and Keith, they’re both stunned, and Swerve is frustrated. Is the Limitless House going to fold? Or will they regroup and find a way to redeem themselves?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Lexi Nair notes we just witnessed another AEW World Tag Team Championship match between Swerve In Our Glory and The Acclaimed, what are their thoughts? Cash says all four guys killed it, congrats to Caster & Bowens, they deserved this. But FTR have been #1 contenders since back in April, so they are cashing in. They’re asking nicely- Oh, surprise, surprise, it’s Austin & Colten. FTR was “hoping” to see these two. Oh, well, Colten says they should be called “F T R U guys ever gonna stop complaining about being number one contenders?” Austin says it should be “F T Aren’t you guys losing momentum?”

Colten has another one: “F T R U guys ever gonna be on TV again?” Dax says that’s funny because it’s true. He is asking the same questions all the time. Austin asks Colten why Dax is getting angry. Colten isn’t sure. Austin tells the “little guy” to chill. Oh, wait, Colten knows why FTR’s angry. It’s because they’re looking at a more talented, more charismatic, more handsome and younger version of FTR! #TopGuysOut! The Gunn Sons mock the FTR forearm bumps and chest bump, then actually do leave. Yeah, have a good night, guys. But F T Are the Ass Boys going to regret stepping to the TRIPLE BELT CHAMPIONS?


Wheeler Yuta is here!

Tony Schiavone is on stage with The Decoder, and Schiavone brings up that the main event is Moxley VS Danielson for the world title. As their teammate and protégé in the BCC, how does Yuta see this going? Yuta says when it comes down to it- It’s MJF! New York is fired up to see Maxwell Jacob Friedman swagger out onto the stage. MJF has Schiavone hold the mic so he can say, “Cut my music, cut my music. Questionable Queens, the Devil has arrived!” Fans cheer for “MJF! MJF!” and he says since they all literally worship the ground that he walks, that makes them all devil worshipers. The fans don’t mind that, apparently.

MJF says hey to Schiavone, “ya fat old prick.” As for “Wheels,” he is clearly confused. Probably because never in Yuta’s wildest dreams would he have gotten a reaction like MJF just did, and he probably never will. Here’s why: It’s not just because Yuta is MID. No, it’s because MJF is a god to New York! They adore and worship him! They’d drink his saliva if they could! There isn’t a single man in this arena who wouldn’t let MJF sleep with their wife, and the only reason he won’t is because he has standards. He’s just being honest! “Because I am a generational talent.” Yuta gets the mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, MJF!”

“Max, Max, Max, calm down. What you said has some truth to it. You are a generational talent, that is true. You are also a man with more catchphrases than friends, and you are the king of the low hanging fruit here in AEW. Speaking of which, I think someone got engaged very recently. No, don’t worry, I’m not as low as you, I’m not gonna go there. I’ll just say congratulations, because I met her and she’s a wonderful young lady. She’s smart, too. Maybe a little too smart. Because she might’ve figured out what the rest of us already know: that you are a spineless, worthless piece of human garbage, and she’s gonna walk out on you just like you walked out on all of us!”

MJF says everyone should give it up to Yuta. He has evolved from drying paint to pet rock as a personality. It’s incredible. But the reason MJF is here is to wish Yuta’s buddies good luck in the main event. Y’know, the Blackpool Cuckold Club. MJF wishes them both the best of luck, because what’s happening tonight isn’t that Moxley and Bryan are fighting for the world title. No, they’re really fighting to lose that title to Maxwell Jacob Friedman. But don’t worry, Yuta, you can still go to them for advice. He can go up to Danielson and ask, “Hey, B-Ry, can you teach me how to become injury prone and turn my brain into scrambled eggs?”

And you can’t get advice from Moxley, he’s not all there to begin with. But hey, Yuta can always go up to William Regal and ask, “Hey, Willy, can you teach me how to pop pills?” Yuta POPS MJF!! MJF HEADBUTTS Yuta!! And shoves Schiavone!! MJF blames Schiavone for this, but then he turns around and Yuta TACKLES MJF! Yuta rains down fists, but W. Morrissey shows up to CHOKE Yuta! The Firm is protecting their boss! MJUF CLOBBERS Yuta with the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Security rushes out but Morrissey backs them down. Morrissey escorts MJF out, but will Yuta be the first to strike back?


Backstage interview with Jade Cargill & The Baddies.

Recorded earlier, Schiavone says this Friday, Jade defends the AEW TBS Championship against Diamante, who says she is bringing a friend of her own. That friend is apparently the real Baddest- Jade tells Schiavone to cut the sh*t because we all know Jade is #ThatBitch. And for those wondering, Jade’s going after the AEW Women’s World title on her time. Diamante walks over to tell Jade that trust her, Jade’s gonna wanna know who her friend is. In fact, she’s the OG Baddie. The Baddest Bitch, TRINA. WHAT?! Did Kiera know about this? No! Well, okay. Jade sees Trina and she sees Diamante. But Jade will see them both this Friday on Rampage.

Trina says Jade can see her now. Jade scoffs at that and the Baddies head out. Trina has Diamante’s back, will she be enough to keep the Baddies at bay?


AEW All-Atlantic Championship: PAC VS Orange Cassidy!

The Bastard has history with Freshly Squeezed, and they add another chapter here! Will Pac still be the one and only dual champion in AEW? Or will Orange Cassidy get serious and finally get some gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see what it takes to end an inaugural reign!

Fans rally up as Pac glares at Cassidy, but Cassidy is unfazed. Cassidy puts his hands up, takes off his sunglasses, and he THROWS them at Pac! The glasses shatter as they bounce off Pac, and then Cassidy puts his hands up. Pac rushes in, but into a roll-up! TWO, and Cassidy teases the hands-in-pockets again! Pac rushes in but into an arm hook, facelock and cradle! TWO, Pac gets up and narrowly avoids the Orange Punch! Fans cheer as Pac is frustrated with himself. Cassidy’s mind games are getting at him, and Pac even has to be wary as he goes to the apron. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and fans fire up!

Pac storms into the ring and warns Cassidy, but Cassidy fires off the “devastating” shin kicks! Pac eggs Cassidy on as the kicks keep coming! Cassidy powers up, to SHOTGUN Pac down! Cassidy kips up but Pac SHOTGUNS back! Cassidy flounders to a corner and Pac stomps a mudhole into him! The ref counts, Pac lets off, and fans are torn as Pac drags Cassidy up. Pac bumps Cassidy off buckles, digs boots into Cassidy’s head, but the ref counts. Pac lets off at 4, argues with the ref, and Cassidy bails out. Pac goes out to bump Cassidy off the apron! Pac brings Cassidy around, smacks him off more apron, and Cassidy flounders away.

Fans rally while Pac paces, and Pac brings Cassidy up. Pac aims and whips to POST Cassidy! Cassidy is dazed and Pac soaks up the cheers and jeers. Pac drags Cassidy up, puts him in the ring, and then he climbs up the corner. Cassidy slow rolls to the far side. Pac is oddly amused, this is typical Cassidy. Pac FLIES and hits Cassidy down with! Pac puts Cassidy in and climbs up again to aim like a hawk. Cassidy staggers to his feet, and Pac MISSILE DROPKICKS him down! Cover, TWO! Cassidy is still in this and fans rally up. Pac drags Cassidy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Cassidy bounces off buckles.

AEW goes picture in picture as Pac dusts off his hands. Pac stomps Cassidy to a corner, digs his boots in, but lets off as the ref counts. The ref is warning him but Pac pretends it’s the loud crowd that makes it hard to hear the ref. Pac digs his boots in again but lets off as the ref reprimands. Pac drags Cassidy up, snapmares, then throws down an elbow! Cover, TWO, so Pac clamps on a chinlock. Pac grinds Cassidy but Cassidy endures. Fans rally up, Cassidy fights up to his feet, but Pac CLUBS him on the head! Pac whips Cassidy to a corner, Cassidy goes up and out! Cassidy ducks the haymaker to bump Pac off buckles!

Cassidy bumps Pac off more buckles, then climbs up top. CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE!! Cassidy runs but into a SNAP GERMAN! Pac circles around Cassidy and deadlift waistlocks for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Cassidy escapes and gets to ropes but Pac is fuming. Pac argues the count but the ref says it was fair. Pac stands on Cassidy, the ref reprimands, but Pac lets off at 4. Pac “apologizes” but the ref warns him again. Pac BOOTS Cassidy down, then digs his boot in! The ref counts, Pac lets off, and Pac paces around. Cassidy crawls and Dynamite Grand Slam returns to single picture. Pac taunts Cassidy but Cassidy pushes him away.

Cassidy flops over but Pac drags him back up. Cassidy breaks free again and he gives a thumbs up! Fans fire up but Pac is annoyed. Pac choke grips Cassidy and puts him in the corner! The ref counts, Pac lets off at 4, then BOOTS Cassidy down again! Pac drags Cassidy from the ropes, goes to the corner, climbs up top, but Cassidy slow rolls away again. Pac is amused, he storms after Cassidy and he drags him back into the ring. Pac GERMAN SUPLEXES Cassidy again! Pac drags Cassidy into the drop zone and goes up top again. Fans fire up but Cassidy already has his boots up! Too early, Cassidy! Pac is annoyed again and he hops down to drag Cassidy around.

But Cassidy uses that to victory roll! TWO!! Tilt-o-whirl DD- NO! Pac blocks Cassidy and suplexes, but STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE comes through! Pac bails out now but Cassidy builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into railing! Cassidy puts Pac in, he goes up top now, and he leaps for DEEP IMPACT!! Cassidy kips up and fans are loving this! Cassidy runs to tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Cover, TWO!?!? Pac survives but Cassidy throws off the armband! Cassidy powers up, takes aim, ORANGE- NO! Pac catches Cassidy into a NOTHERN LIGHTS! And then the Rings of Saturn, for the- NO, Cassidy turns that around to a cover! TWO!!!

ORANGE PUNCH OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Cassidy pushes Pac to a cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Pac survives by inches and Cassidy can’t believe it! Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Pac flops out of the ring. Pac flounders for his belts, but then grabs the ring bell hammer! Cassidy hurries over, reels Pac in, Pac HAMMERS Cassidy in the headlock!! Fans boo, they saw what happened! Pac puts Cassidy in the ring, covers, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by pinfall (still AEW All-Atlantic Champion)

He really IS a Bastard! Pac claims it was just a really good punch, but we all know better. If Cassidy forced Pac to resort to this, are Pac’s days as champion numbered? Or does this just mean Pac will do anything to retain the title?


Interim AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm VS Serena Deeb VS Athena VS Britt Baker w/ Rebel!

When Thunder Rosa went out with injury, AEW went All Out to crown an interim champion. It was finally #ToniTime in that Fatal 4 Way, but can Lightning From Down Under strike twice? Or will she lose hold of the gold with these stacked odds?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see a Storm, a Wolf, a Fallen Goddess and a Dentist do battle!

The bell rings, Deeb rushes Athena but gets a BOOT! Britt aims at Storm but Storm blocks the Superkick to get a waistlock. Athena SUPERKICKS Britt into Storm’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Storm and Athena stare down! Storm and Athena tie up, Athena hits the headlock takeover but Storm headscissors. Athena kips free but Storm blocks the leg lariat to lift. Athena uses that to RANA Storm down! Then Athena hits a roll-up, TWO! Storm gets up but Athena fires off forearms! Athena whips, Storm reverses then backslides, TWO!! Athena narrowly gets up and the two bridge. Deeb breaks both their bases!

Deeb pushes them over, and she has a DOUBLE high stack cover! TWO!! Storm swings, misses, and Deeb drop toeholds into a Deathlock! Athena runs in, into a Cobra Twist! Fans fire up for the DOUBLE SUBMISSIONS! Then Deeb spins Athena around for a snap suplex that also SNAPS the Deathlock! Deeb fires up and the fans fire up with her, but Britt full nelsons and snapmares to a ghost pin! TWO, and Deeb gets up, only for Britt to roll her! TWO, and Britt dodges Athena to ROLLING ELBOW her down! Britt fires off on Deeb, whips her to ropes, then follows to duck ‘n’ dodge and SLINGBLADE! Fans fire but Storm kicks Britt!

Britt ROCKS Storm, ROCKS her again, then FISHERMAN- NO, Storm slips out! Britt ducks, ripcords, Storm dodges and SHOTGUNS Britt down! Storm drags Britt up for a SNAP HALF HATCH! Storm hurries to a corner and she climbs up! Fans fire up but Deeb ROCKS Storm first! Britt helps out, they both go up after Storm, but then Athena CLUBS them both! Athena adds on, and we get a TOWER OF DOOM!! All four women are down and the fans are thunderous as AEW goes picture in picture!

A quadruple standing count begins! Athena sits up, then Storm, then Britt and Deeb. They all get a corner, Athena runs in to clothesline Britt! Then she clotheslines Deeb! Then she HANDSPRING FOREARMS Storm! Athena fires up, but Britt SUPERKICKS her down! “D! M! D!” Britt drags Athena up to fire forearms, then she whips Athena to ropes for a LARIAT! Deeb storms over to Storm while Britt drags Athena out. Deeb CHOPS Storm while Britt whips Athena into Rebel’s LARIAT! No Disqualifications means the assistant can help out! Deeb whips Storm corner to corner hard, then runs in to clothesline!

Deb drags Storm around, and hits a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Storm sputters while Britt and Rebel mug Athena. Britt puts Athena in the ring, then pulls her into the corner to dig her into the post! Rebel helps out here, too! Deeb snapmares Storm and SLIDING SHOULDER TACKLES! Cover, TWO!! Britt remembers this is sudden death and hurries into the ring. Britt stares down with Deeb, and Rebel CHOKES Athena, but Deeb and Britt decide to trade targets. Britt taunts Storm, Deeb looms over Athena. Britt ROCKS Storm, Deeb ROCKS Athena, but Athena ROCKS Deeb back! Athena SOBATS Deeb while Britt puts Storm in a corner.

Athena KICKS and ROCKS Deeb, then runs, only for Deeb to turn dropkick into HALF CRAB! Britt digs her boots into Storm, then drags her up to reel her in. Dynamite Grand Slam returns to single picture as Storm trips Britt up! Storm now has a HALF CRAB on Britt! Storm and Deeb stare each other down as Britt and Athena endure! Fans fire up as Storm and Deeb drag Britt and Athena back in order to get closer to each other. Deeb SLAPS Storm! So Storm SLAPS Deeb! The SLAPS keep going back and forth while Athena and Britt claw at the mat! Storm SLAPS Deeb and they both end up letting go to fire off haymakers and uppercuts!

Deeb CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Storm gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Deeb flounders to one corner, Athena and Britt are already in the others! Storm runs, SWEET HIP MUSIC for Athena! Storm goes corner to corner but Britt spins Storm around to FISHERMAN SCREW! Britt runs, into Athena’s SHOTGUN! Deeb LARIATS Athena! Deeb gets Britt up, EuroUppers, then forearms! Deeb whips, Britt reverses but Deeb goes out to reel Britt in! HOTSHOT NECKBREAKER! Athena runs in, Deeb dodges the boot to DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Deeb slides under Storm to sunset flip, roll through, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as Storm survives! But Deeb hooks Storm’s arm for the omoplata and goes after the leg! Storm endures the SERENITY LOCK!! Britt SUPERKICKS Deeb! Storm is free and Deeb is down, but Athena ROCKS Britt! Athena fireman’s carries Britt, Deeb stands and CROSSBODIES, but Athena catches her! Athena has Deeb and Britt for a SAMOAN DROP FALL AWAY SLAM! Athena lands more on Britt’s head than anything and fans are fired up! Athena drags Storm up, reels her in, but Storm back drops Athena to the ropes. Athena uses that to rebound for the CLIFFHANGER CODE BREAKER!! Cover, Deeb breaks it in time!!

Athena is beside herself, and she puts Deeb on the ropes. Britt stays back, her nose bloodied and possibly broken like in the past. Deeb kicks Athena back, whips her to ropes, but Athena reverses and throws Deeb out! Athena runs at Storm but into a BOOT! Storm spins Athena around, goes up, TORNADO DDT! But Britt mule kicks al eg and clamps onto Storm! Ghost pin, TWO! Storm gets a ghost pin, STORM WINS!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (still Interim AEW Women’s World Champion)

The Dentist tried to catch Storm off guard but it was Storm who caught Britt! Storm still has the belt, but then Britt CLOBBERS her from behind! Britt is a sore loser, and she smears her nose blood on Storm! Britt stomps away on Storm, rains down fists, and it’s like back when she feuded with Thunder Rosa! But wait! Here comes HAYTER! Jamie Hayter spins Britt around, and then they smile as they mug Storm together! Nothing brings friends together like beating up a common enemy! Deeb even beats up on Athena for the hell of it! Britt shows off her bloody nose, and she CURB STOMPS Athena down!

Deeb drags Athena up to throw her out and then Hayter taunts fans. Britt gets her glove, but wait! Who is this coming out now? SARAYA?!?! AKA Paige, Saraya Knight has come to AEW!! Britt is stunned and the fans are thunderous! Deeb and Hayter bail out but Britt is like a deer in headlights! Rebel gets Britt outta there, and Saraya blows them all a kiss. Has the AEW Women’s Division solidified its spot as THE division with this addition?


AEW hears from Darby Allin.

Darby brings out a new body bag and carries it across town, even going on the subway with it. The bag has “BRODY & BUDDY” written on it, and whatever’s inside slumps over. Darby sits it up, then carries it a little bit further. A taxi takes him and the bag as passengers! Darby says, “I’m heading to a funeral, at Arthur Ashe.” The taxi heads out, will the No Disqualification tag match be the last stand for the House of Black?


AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Finals: Jon Moxley VS Bryan Danielson!

What a wild summer for the world title. CM Punk wins it off Hangman Adam Page, but has to be away with an injury. The Maniac defends the “interim” title through to All Out, where CM Punk wins it back, getting injured again in the process. There’s also something about #BrawlOut #Scrumgate #AceSteelBites but point being, we needed a NEW world champion. Moxley denied the Spanish God while the American Dragon fought through the Cowboy AND the Wizard, and now they meet as the friendly rivals they are. Will Moxley get this belt back again? Or will Bryan win back a loss while also getting the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, the BCC will reign on high!

But wait, watching from a VIP skybox, with his Casino Ladder Match poker chip, is the joker, the devil of AEW, Maxwell Jacob Friedman. The bell rings and fans are thunderous already. They circle, feel things out, and then tie up. They go around, Moxley headlocks for the takeover but Bryan headscissors. Mox kips free, Bryan CHOPS so Moxley CHOPS back! Bryan picks the ankle, gets the headlock but Moxley headscissors. Bryan kips free and CHOPS! Moxley CHOPS back! Bryan picks the ankle again, but has a toehold and turns it into a Deathlock. Bryan turns Moxley, CLUBS and crossface forearms Moxley, but Moxley guards his arms.

Bryan reaches, Moxley keylocks in return, but Bryan shifts to facelock. Moxley RAMS Bryan into a corner, the ref counts, and Moxley lets off, to CHOP! Bryan CHOPS back! Moxley eggs him on so Bryan CHOPS again! Moxley CHOPS, Bryan HEADBUTTS! Bryan bumps Moxley off buckles and CHOPS again! And KICKS! And CHOPS! And KICKS! The ref counts, Bryan whips corner to corner and runs in to DROPKICK! Moxley stays up but Bryan SLAPS him! Bryan SLAPS Moxley to egg him on and Moxley glares at Bryan. Bryan CHOPS but Moxley eggs Bryan on. Bryan CHOPS, Moxley stomps away in the corner!

Moxley rains down forearms but the ref backs him off. Moxley has to remember, no Champion’s Advantage in a vacated title match. Moxley whips Bryan but Bryan reverses. Bryan runs in to DROPKICK again! Moxley wobbles but Bryan CHOPS him! Moxley staggers away, Bryan KICKS him in the corner. Moxley staggers again, Bryan CHOPS him! And KICKS him! And CHOPS! And KICKS! Moxley staggers to another corner but Bryan just CHOPS him again! And KICKS! Moxley falls to his knees but Bryan whips him to ropes for a kitchen sink KNEE! And then a KICK in the back! Moxley grits his teeth but Bryan KICKS him again!

Bryan KICKS Moxley into the corner but Moxley huffs and puffs. Bryan EuroUppers, then EuroUppers, then EuroUppers again! MJF seems bored watching, maybe he’s just impatient. Bryan goes to the far corner and he runs back in, but Moxley dodges! The dropkick hits buckles! Now Moxley KICKS Bryan! And KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! Moxley eggs Bryan on, then gets his legs to DOUBLE STOMP his stomach! Moxley stands Bryan up, scoops and SLAMS him, then KICKS him again! Bryan gets up to EuroUpper Moxley, so Moxley EuroUppers back. Bryan bumps Moxley off buckles, and CHOPS! And KICKS! And CHOPS, KICKS, repeat!

Fans fire up with every CHOP and KICK, then Bryan hoists Moxley up top. But Moxley shoves Bryan away! Bryan comes back to DROPKICK Moxley down! Moxley tumbles to apron then floor, and now MJF is amused. Bryan hits a FLYING KNEE from the apron! Fans fire up with the American Dragon and MJF golf claps. Bryan drags Moxley up and into the ring. Bryan goes up top, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up and Bryan has Moxley on the apron. Bryan wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, then another! And another! Moxley turns that into a SLEEPER! The ref counts, they’re in the ropes! But Bryan goes to the apron for a GERMAN SUPLEX!

MJF is almost laughing as Moxley flops to the floor. AEW goes picture in picture and MJF applauds for real this time. Bryan smirks and he fetches Moxley while soaking up the cheers and jeers. MJF is checking his phone? Is he at least texting someone about this match? Bryan wrenches and hammerlocks Moxley’s arm before he POSTS it! Bryan then drags Moxley up to wrench again, and POST him again! Bryan refreshes the ring count before he soaks up more cheers and jeers. MJF is talking on the phone now, maybe he’s telling someone about this match. Bryan wrenches Moxley’s arm again to hit another ELBOW BREAKER!

Bryan CHOPS Moxley, CHOPS him again, and Moxley falls over! Bryan drags Moxley up and into the ring, drags him by the arm, and he wrenches that arm to a top wristlock! Moxley endures and resists, even as Bryan pushes him back. Bryan isolates the arm to STOMP it! Bryan then isolates the arm again to STOMP it again! Bryan brings Moxley up and wrenches again. Bryan WRINGS Moxley out, and now MJF is bored again. For someone who uses a cerebral and technical style, it seems MJF prefers watching hard hitting matches. Bryan gets Moxley’s legs, hooks those up, then grabs Moxley’s arms.

Moxley knows Bryan wants the Romero Special so he resists Bryan going for the arms. Bryan STOMPS the knees instead! And again! Bryan then gets an arm and drops a knee on it! Dynamite Grand Slam is single picture again, though we still get side by side of MJF rolling his eyes as Bryan hammerlocks the arm. Bryan fishhooks Moxley’s face, lets off as the ref counts 4, because “I’ve got five!” Moxley endures but Bryan drags Moxley up. Moxley ROCKS Bryan, but Bryan fires off KICKS! Moxley forearms, Bryan kicks, but Moxley gets the edge! Moxley ROLLING- NO, Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges, BUSAIKU KNEE! Cover, TWO!

Bryan drags Moxley up, and hits a SNAP HALF HATCH! Fans fire up as Bryan climbs! Moxley stands, Bryan MISSILE DROPKICKS, but Moxley SPINEBUSTERS Bryan down! And then gets the HALF CRAB! Bryan endures now as Moxley sits back on the leg! Bryan refuses to give up so Moxley shifts to an ANKLE LOCK! Moxley leans on the hold but Bryan still endures! Bryan fights up, Moxley reels him in, modified LEG CAPTURE HALF ‘N’ HALF! Fans fire up while both men are down! Bryan gets to ropes and Moxley pushes up off the mat. Fans duel as both men stand, and Moxley runs in to clothesline at the corner!

Moxley hoists Bryan up top, climbs up after him, and he CLAWS Bryan’s back! Moxley then uses a Half Hatch, but Bryan resists! Moxley HEADBUTTS away on Bryan, then goes back for the facelock. Bryan fights it, slips under and shoves Moxley down! Moxley bumps the camera on the post, but the worst part was the groin. Bryan climbs up behind Moxley, stands him up, and hits a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Fans fire up while both men writhe, and MJF applauds this time. Bryan crawls to a cover, TWO!! Moxley steals the LEBELL LOCK!! Moxley is using Bryan’s own hold, but Bryan is already fighting it by turning his hips!

Bryan pushes through, has a top mount, and he throws down body shots! Moxley throws elbows from below and they’re brawling in the clinch! Fans rally, Bryan moves around and he hooks Moxley’s legs! They bridge and headstand! Fans are thunderous as they SLAP each other while upside-down! Bryan then powers it over to ground ‘n’ pound on Moxley! MJF is intrigued as Bryan gets the arms, CATTLE MUTILATION! Moxley endures, pushes the bridge over, but Bryan keeps the chicken wings. Bryan has Moxley caught for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans chant “YES!” with every shot!

Bryan then drags Moxley up, but Moxley goes for a double wristlock! Bryan fires forearms and a ROLLING ELBOW! Then a ROUNHDHOUSE! But Moxley leans on Bryan to KING KONG LARIAT! MJF is laughing again as Moxley drags Bryan up. Moxley underhooks but Bryan fights the Death Rider with a back drop! Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges and BUSAIKU KNEES again! Cover, TWO!!! Even MJF is surprised! “This is Awesome!” as Moxley and Bryan sit up. Moxley eggs Bryan on, and Bryan KICKS the bad arm! Moxley eggs him on so the KICKS keep coming! KICK after KICK, but Moxley blocks! Moxley STOMPS the bad leg!

Moxley runs to CURB STOMP!! Shout out to his frenemy, The Architect! Moxley hurries to get Bryan up, for DEATH RIDER!! Cover, TWO!??! Bryan survives and no one can believe it! MJF has to applaud again, he’s loving this. Moxley crawls over to Bryan and drags him back up. Fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow. Bryan and Moxley knuckle lock, and they throw point blank elbows! They go back and forth, Bryan monkey flips and sits back, ONE! He has the arms, and fires off DRAGON STOMPS! But Moxley drags Bryan down to kick from below! Fans fire up as Bryan gives those shots back!

MJF is shocked to see the viciousness as Bryan just stomps away on Moxley! And then Bryan drags Moxley into the TRIANGLE HOLD!! Moxley powers up to stack cover, ONE as Bryan throws Moxley into the omoplata! LEBELL LOCK!!! Moxley is caught, he’s flailing, but he fights around! Moxley reaches out, Bryan pulls Moxley back, but Moxley gets the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go in frustration and he follows Moxley to the apron. Bryan goes up a corner, leaps, GUILLOTINE KNEE to Moxley’s bad arm! Bryan then wrenches, but Moxley reverses, DEATH RIDER to the ramp!! Fans lose their minds as Bryan flops all the way into the ring!

Moxley hurries to cover, TWO!?!? Bryan survives again and fans are loving it! Moxley clamps on a SLEEPER! Bryan endures, fights his way up, but Moxley leans on the hold! Bryan pulls on the bad arm! Bryan gest up the corner and pushes back, but Moxley rolls through! Moxley SMOTHERS Bryan in the mat! Bryan is fading, the ref checks, HE’S OUT! MOXLEY WINS!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Champion)

Moxley becomes the first-ever THREE-TIME AEW World Champion! William Regal joins Moxley in the ring to adorn him with the belt. MJF smirks, but then Bryan snatches the belt?! Is there dissention in the ranks of the BCC? Thanks to House of the American Dragon, we see that Bryan simply wanted to be the one to personally put the belt on Moxley. They even hug it out! The BCC is stronger than ever, and Regal accompanies Bryan away. As for Moxley, thanks to Elite POV, we see Moxley addresses the crowd.

“Let me tell you this. I am now once again the AEW World Champion. It is among one of the best things that I will ever do, but it is not even near the top of the list. This championship doesn’t define me. Being a good man, being a good father, being the kind of man people can look up to, that is what defines me.” Fans cheer, and Moxley continues. “But when it comes down to the best wrestling promotion on this planet, blood, sweat, tears, passion… I know this belt doesn’t define me, but I define this belt!” Fans love the sound of that, but then Tony Khan comes out to address the crowd!

Via Jason Solomon, AKA Solomonster, Tony Khan says “At this year’s first Tuesday Night Dynamite, October 18th, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the winner of the Grand Slam Golden Ticket Battle Royal will get a shot at the first-ever three-time AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. If he is still the champion on that Tuesday.” A big move with an ominous disclaimer. Will we see Moxley defend the title in his hometown? Who will win big on Rampage Grand Slam to take on whoever is champion?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, all these title matches and even championship related promos, Grand Slam is off to a great start. The Ass Boys are gonna get squashed by FTR, though, right? There’s no way Austin & Colten can beat the joint ROH, IWGP & AAA Tag Team Champions. And as I said last week, Diamante may have back-up now, but unless she has two people watching her back, she’s going to lose to Jade because Jade has both Kiera and Leila, and is just physically imposing to begin with. Unless… They did reference the real-life relationship of Kiera and Diamante, maybe Kiera swerves Jade to help Diamante win?

Speaking of some swerves, the ROH World Championship was an awesome opener, but I’m really surprised that Jericho won. Cheating or not, I didn’t think Claudio was going to lose this belt so soon. At the same time, this is feeding into the larger Daniel Garcia identity crisis story. Maybe Daniel Garcia’s turn comes with him challenging Jericho to the ROH World Championship, and at least teasing becoming a dual champion. The AEW World Tag title match was also awesome, fans in NYC love The Acclaimed just as much as fans in Chicago, and I think hearing that reaction at All Out made Tony Khan realize it’s time. The Acclaimed get the belts so we can have fresh starts for them as champions and for the story of dysfunction between Keith and Swerve.

Pac VS Cassidy was another great match, and I suppose it’s fitting that The Bastard cheats to stay a double champion. I guess Ethan Page can still face Pac, even though I thought the whole point was Ethan is getting rid of the jokester characters. Maybe Cassidy will be given a second chance, but he must beat Ethan Page first. That will be a great match, and no matter who wins, they will have an awesome match with Pac, perhaps saved for the Dynamite Anniversary or Full Gear. Great Fatal 4 Way for the AEW Women’s title, and that was rough for Britt to get her nose busted again. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as last time, because with PAIGE/SARAYA arriving, we could get a great Six Woman Tag as part of Saraya getting back in the ring.

I will say, though, I was hoping we were going to get more out of Hayter and Britt being at odds. But AEW still can’t quite get their women’s division proper TV time, and this is just another big name on top of an already stacked list. We can only hope Saraya’s signing with AEW is a sign that they’re going to work out the bugs and get the women’s division sorted out. We got a good vignette from Darby Allin, though I think his other ones have been better. Great interaction from MJF and Yuta, and Morrissey being MJF’s muscle now, I bet we get Morrissey VS Yuta before we ever get Yuta VS MJF. MJF watching the main event was a nice touch. He wasn’t in position to “cash in” a la WWE’s MITB, but he made his presence known.

Moxley VS Bryan was awesome, it was almost PPV levels, and while I personally felt like they could’ve surprised us again here by having Bryan win, I knew that with how MJF called out Moxley, it was going to be Mox VS MJF. Jericho having the ROH World title could even be to set up his tiebreaker with Bryan, the title on the line. Bryan could win that to bring that title back to BCC and also help lead the way into the inevitable ROH return to TV. As for Moxley and the world title, great to know exactly when the “Golden Ticket” winner gets their shot, and it also helps us know that oh yeah, regular sports will get in the way of Wednesday Night Dynamite so we’ll have at least one Tuesday Night War of NXT VS AEW.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/30/22)

The truth shall be revealed!



AEW Year 4

The Devil of AEW reveals all!

Fans have been waiting, and now, the NEW AEW World Champion, MJF, returns to explain just how he convinced William Regal to screw over Jon Moxley!


  • Dax Harwood VS Bryan Danielson; Bryan wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS AR Fox; Joe wins and retains the title.
  • Ricky Starks VS Ari Daivari; Starks wins
  • Willow Nightingale VS Anna Jay “A S”; Nightingale wins.
  • AEW World Trios Championships Best of 7, Match 3: Death Triangle VS The Elite; The Elite wins and the series is now 2-1, in favor of Death Triangle.


Jon Moxley is here!

The Maniac came dangerously close to annihilating Lord William Regal last week given how angry he was over the Full Gear screwjob. And that anger hasn’t exactly lessened since. But as fans chant for him, he’s here tonight to say, “I grew up about 90 miles from here. When I first started, I used to wrestle here in Indianapolis all the time, down in the old Fountain Square at the Salvation Army Gym.” Fans cheer for that shoutout. “That was a long time ago. This has been a crazy ass ride. You never know what’s around the corner. But there are three constants in this world, three certainties: death; taxes; and Jon Moxley.” Fans also cheer that!

Moxley says “There is nobody that can outwork me, out hustle me, out wrestle me, out fight me, out bleed me or out sweat me! Today, nothing’s really changed. Nothing’s really changed since day one in AEW. I am at THE top of the food chain! I do what I want and I say what I want. This AEW ring belongs to me! And you can bet your ass there is not a man in that locker room, there isn’t a man in this building, there isn’t a man within 100 miles that has the balls to come out here, look me in the eyes and tell me any different.” But here comes HANGMAN! Adam Page is back and Indianapolis can’t believe it!

Hangman storms down to the ring, not yet cleared to compete but clearly not caring! And he gets right in the face with the man who concussed him in Moxley! Fans are ready for “COWBOY SH*T!” but Moxley smirks. “You sure you wanna do this, man, after what happened last time? Oh, I’m sorry. Do you not remember last time?” Hangman DECKS Moxley, proving he does! Hangman keeps after Moxley as they go outside the ring and he fires off! Moxley RAMS Hangman into railing but Hangman DECKS him again! Hangman wants after Moxley but security and referees rush out! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and Moxley gets loose, only for Hangman to CLOBBER him!

Hangman rains down fists, Moxley gets back up, and Moxley dares Hangman to try that again. Hangman storms up and he DOES hit Moxley again! Fans are loving it but even MORE refs rush out to stop this! Fans still want to “Let Them Fight!” and Moxley breaks loose! Moxley takes a spill off the ramp, but he gets up again! They scrap, but the security and refs pile on top of them to smother this fight. Moxley goes out one tunnel, Hangman goes out the other, what will keep these two from fighting backstage!?


Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler VS Bryan Danielson!

FTR acknowledged that they have had perhaps the best year possible as a tag team, but Dax the Ax wants to prove himself worthy against THE BEST WRESTLER in the world! The American Dragon accepted that challenge, and now we see if Dax is right. IS Bryan Danielson the best in the world? Or will Dax take that title and add it to his collection?

The bell rings and fans fire up already. Dax and Bryan circle, tie up, “This is Awesome!” already for Indy as the two break. Bryan and Dax circle, tie up again and Bryan headlocks and hits a takeover. Dax headscissors but Bryan moves around. Bryan headstands, turns Dax over, bridges and hooks the legs up. Dax avoids the headlock to facelock, but Bryan puts Dax on the ropes. The ref counts, Bryan lets off, but Dax ducks the kick! Dax and Bryan stare down and fans cheer this opening exchange. Bryan and Dax tie up again, Dax headlocks but Bryan powers out. Dax runs Bryan over, keeps moving, but Bryan drops.

Dax slide sunder the haymaker but swings into a takedown! Dax slips free to step through the legs! Bryan scrambles around and gets the ROPEBREAK! Dax tries to let off but Bryan is the one holding on with a leg scissor. The ref reprimands them both, Bryan lets off but then kicks Dax under the chin! So Dax stomps Bryan in return! Bryan scrambles out of the ring while Dax checks his chin. Fans rally up and the ring count starts. Bryan stands on the apron and has Dax back up. Bryan steps in, he and Dax tie up, and Bryan puts Dax in the corner. Bryan CHOPS, but Dax turns things around to CHOP back!

Dax stands Bryan up to CHOP again! And UPPERCUT! Bryan turns things around to CHOP, and KICK, and CHOP, and KICK, repeat! Bryan whips corner to corner but Dax reverses, only for Bryan to go up and over. Things keep moving, Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges but into a waistlock. O’Conner Roll, TWO! Dax goes up the corner to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Dax CHOPS Bryan again! Dax whips, Bryan reverses but Dax KICKS the back drop! Dax runs in but Bryan whips him out! Dax hits the apron hard, Bryan builds speed to DIVE! Dax ends up in the front row! Fans fire up and Bryan drags Dax up. Bryan ROCKS Dax but Dax CHOPS!

Dax ROCKS Bryan but Bryan fights back, they’re brawling right in front of the fans as AEW goes picture in picture! Dax finds the corner of the railing but Bryan is on him! They throw haymakers and CHOPS, Dax ROCKS Bryan and suplexes him up and over the railing! They crash down right in front of more fans! Indy is loving having the action right at their feet, but the ref checks both men. Dax and Bryan stir, sit up, and Dax fist bumps fans as he returns to ringside. Bryan is slower to stand, crawls his way to the ring, and Dax goes out to meet him. Dax eggs Bryan on, goes back into the ring, and Bryan slowly gets to the apron.

The count is 5 of 10 but Bryan gets in. Dax storms up to Bryan and Bryan eggs him on. Dax ROCKS Bryan, brings him around and CHOPS! And then CHOPS again! Bryan staggers to another corner but Dax follows him over to UPPERCUT! Dax UPPERCUTS again, then CHOPS again! Dax even hurt his hand on that one! Dax drags Bryan up again, to whip corner to corner. Dax runs in but Bryan BOOTS him back! Bryan ROCKS Dax with a forearm, CHOPS back, CHOPS more and more, then spins, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax holds on as Dynamite returns to single picture, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! And then another!

Fans fire up with both men down on the mat. Dax stands up, climbs the corner, but Dax hops down to stalk Bryan. Dax drags Bryan up but Bryan switches. Dax switches, Bryan switches, repeat, but then Dax fakes Bryan out! Dax reels Bryan in but Bryan back drops the driver away! Dax makes that a sunset flip but Bryan rolls through, rolls Dax, and then ducks the haymaker. Dax ducks the roundhouse, then feints a haymaker to reel Bryan in! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Dax can’t believe it! But fans rally up as Dax goes to the corner and climbs up. Dax DIVING HEADBUTTS but FLOPS as Bryan dodges! La Magistrol, TWO!!

Bryan hurries to the apron and Dax runs in, but Bryan jumps over! FLYING KNEE! Direct hit and both men are down on the outside! The ring count climbs, Dax and Bryan stand. Bryan CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS! Bryan puts Dax in, climbs up the corner himself, and fans rally back up. But Dax ROCKS Bryan first! Dax climbs up, brings Bryan up, but Bryan throws body shots. Bryan slips out to trip Dax up! Dax lands on his ax, Bryan climbs up for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! The corner came gets a close-up look as those shots hit again and again! Bryan then stands Dax up for a SUPER BACK- CROSSBODY!! Dax turns it but Bryan rolls it! TWO!!!

Fans are thunderous while Bryan and Dax are both down on the mat! A standing count starts, both slowly rise, and they crawl to each other. Dax gives a junkyard dog headbutt, but Bryan gives it back! Dax headbutts again, but Bryan HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS as he stands up! Bryan whips, Dax reverses and wrenches and short arm LARIATS! But Bryan stays up and shakes his head! Dax LARIATS again, but Bryan still stays up! Dax swings again, Bryan dodges and LARIATS! But Dax stays up! Bryan LARIATS again, but Dax just eggs him on! They DOUBLE LARIAT, and DOUBLE LARIAT and DOUBLE LARIAT again!

Fans fire up as the lariats turn to haymakers, and then both men drop to their feet! Indy hopes they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Dax CLOBBERS Bryan point blank!! But Bryan gets up to LARIAT Dax! Dax and Bryan DOUBLE LARIAT again, and they both flop to the floor! Indy gives a standing ovation, and a standing count starts. “This is Awesome!” as Bryan stands. Bryan’s chest is almost as red as his tights, but then he BUZZ- NO, Dax blocks! Dax JABS, then gets Bryan up for a SLINGSHOT- NO, Bryan RANAS it! But Dax sunset flips that! TWO!! BUZZSAW!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as both men are down again. A standing count, Bryan and Dax slowly sit up. Bryan stands up to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! Dax ducks the buzzsaw to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Bryan lands on his feet! Bryan ducks, dodges, BUSAIK- NO! Dax blocks the knee to SLINGSHOT BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! But Dax has the legs and ties them up! SHARPSHOOTER!! Bryan endures, turns slightly, but Dax uses Bryan’s own kneepad for extra leverage! Bryan still reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Dax lets Bryan go and he drags Bryan away from ropes. Dax steps through but Bryan blocks to drag Dax into a cradle! TWO, Dax has the cradle, TWO!

Bryan has the cradle back, TWO! Dax has it again, TWO! Bryan, TWO!! Dax, TWO!! Bryan shifts to LEBELL LOCK!! Fans fire up as Dax endures! Dax reaches out but he’s so far away, he TAPS! Bryan wins!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission

Dax tried to slay the American Dragon, but he could not! Bryan may very well be the best wrestler in the world, but he nods and applauds the valiant effort of Dax Harwood. Will Dax still be in the conversation of greatest of all time?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

The Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal is back! But this time the prize is a match with MJF for the ring, and the Diamond Ring contender can name the time and place they face him for it! Matt Hardy, Brian Cage, Ethan Page, Jungle Boy, Dalton Castle and Captain Shawn Dean are among the known participants, but who comes out on top to go after MJF’s other precious possession?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks.

Tony Schiavone brings up next week’s special Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal. The Absolute is the #1 contender to MJF’s AEW World Championship, and he’s in action later tonight to warm-up for Winter is Coming. Starks says that’s right, but he would like to make “an absolute announcement.” Starks is entering IN that battle royal! Starks is going to make a judgment call right now: Starks will WIN that battle royal! Why? Because Starks is coming for everything MJF has! The title, the diamond ring, and his spot at the top! Everything MJF has is owed to Starks as well. He is Absolute for a reason, he proves it tonight, next week and ultimate proves it at Winter is Coming! Will Ricky Starks single-handedly change the AEW landscape to close out the year?


Hangman Page is being escorted out by security.

But then he spots Moxley! The brawl is back on!! Who could’ve guessed?! They ditch the couple of security guards, and Hangman TOSSES Moxley into a garage door! Security rushes back in with reinforcements, but Moxley throws them aside to get at Hangman! Security and refs pry these two apart for what feels like the hundredth time already, what will it take for these two to wait for a match?


Renee Paquette holds a special sit-down interview with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Renee is live in Nashville with Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker and thanks them for this time. She also has the Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli here. She thanks them for being here, and thanks them all for agreeing to no physicality. Renee starts with Claudio, but then Menard speaks up! When Claudio loses to Chris Jericho next week and has no choice but to be in the JAS, “The beautiful thing about being a sports entertainer, Claudio, is you can be anything you want! You like yodeling? You can be a yodeler!” Renee has the JAS calm down, she hadn’t even asked a question.

The JAS oblige, and Renee says that at ROH Final Battle, in the main event, it will be Claudio VS Jericho for the ROH World title. What would it mean to Claudio to regain that title and bring it back to professional wrestling? It would mean a whole lot. That was his first world title anywhere. It would silence the doubting voice in his head that says he can’t win “the big one.” He needs to prove that, and vows he will prove that. Hager speaks up to just say, “I like this hat!” Then he takes out a matching bucket hat from his fanny pack, and he offers it to Claudio! Deep down, Claudio the Sports Entertainer will love the hat. They can be a great tag team again!

Claudio says he is sick of this! He is sick of the JAS, of sit-down interviews, and being on stage with microphones. He came to AEW to prove he is the best WRESTLER! He does that at Final Battle when he beats Jericho! Claudio throws his chair away but the JAS laughs like hyenas. Garcia says the BCC is falling apart! Yuta says Garcia shouldn’t talk about stuff he knows nothing about! Garcia says alright, here’s what he does know: he made the right choice staying with the JAS! Because that little combat club is falling apart! They’ll prove it next week on Dynamite by “beating up some pro-wrestling dorks!” Hager & Garcia VS Claudio & Yuta!

Yuta says he is done with the JAS, the stupid hat, the stupid nicknames, and those suspenders with a belt. What the hell are you doing, Parker? The only reason Garcia isn’t just dead to Yuta is because Yuta wants that ROH Pure Championship! So yeah, tag match challenge accepted. But at Final Battle, Garcia puts the Pure title on the line and they end this. Garcia says okay then. Yuta storms off now, will the BCC reclaim gold and honor to end their 2022?


AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS AR Fox!

Sure, Wardlow wants his belt back, but #TwoBeltsJoe is already ready to move on. Will Joe stay the Double Television Champion? Or will the newest high-flyer to go #AllElite start off with a bang?

The introductions are made, the AEW title is raised, and we see just who is The Face of TNT!

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. Fans sing “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” as the two tie up. Joe powers Fox to a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Joe then throws a body shot, JAB, JAB, JAB, JAB, and HEAD CHOP! Fans fire up, Joe stomps Fox and drags him up. Joe DECKS Fox, then mockingly applauds. Joe brings Fox up but Fox throws hands! Joe HEADBUTTS Fox, runs, but Fox goes Matrix to duck the lariat! Fox PELES Joe and Joe tumbles out of the ring! Fans fire up as Fox builds speed and FLIES! But Joe moves aside! Only for Fox to roll through and stand back up! Joe turns around into a BOOT!

Joe gets in the ring, Fox follows and CLUBS away! Joe sweeps the legs! Fox lands on his face, Joe lands on Fox with a SENTON! Joe snarls at Fox as AEW goes picture in picture.

Joe covers, TWO! Joe sits Fox up to CHOP him to ropes, then stands him up. Joe bumps Fox off buckles, then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Joe storms up to Fox, drags him up, but Fox throws body shots! Fox runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him! Joe snarls, stalks Fox and then covers, ONE!! Fox is showing toughness and that amuses Joe. Joe drags Fox up, snapmares him and clamps on a hard neck wrench! Fox endures as Joe leans all his weight on the twist! Fox fights up as fans rally, and Fox throws body shots. Joe throws Fox down by his head! The ref reprimands, and Fox sits up, into a MULE KICK! Cover, TWO!

Now Joe is frustrated as Fox sticks around. Joe stalks Fox to ropes, drags him up, and bumps him off buckles. Joe CLUBS away on Fox’s back with big forearm shots, then CHOPS him on the back! Fox slumps down and Joe smirks as he digs his boot in. The ref count, Joe lets off, and then Joe paces around. Joe drags Fox back up, HEADBUTTS him, but Fox kicks back! Joe throws a forearm, Fox kicks, repeat, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Fox runs, but Joe scoops to a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fox barely bridges up for that, and Joe taunts him. Joe puts Fox in a corner, hoists him up top, but Fox throws forearms!

Joe CHOPS Fox back! And then climbs up after Fox, but Fox throws body shots! Joe steps back, Fox FLYING DDTs! Fans fire up and Fox MULE KICKS, BUZZSAWS, but then Joe ducks the heel kick, only to get a BASEMENT CUTTER! Fox hurries up top, 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives and shocks Fox! Fans fire up as Fox pounds the mat. Fox has some blood in his mouth but he just goes back up top. Fox leaps, but Joe moves aside. This time Fox crashes and burns! Joe runs to POUNCE Fox into the ropes! Joe hoists Fox up top, tucks him in, MUSCLE BUSTER!! Cover, Joe wins!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

A strong first defense, he gets both belts on his shoulders, and then he gets a mic. “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to a new and glorious era! For I am the One True King of Television!” But Wardlow is on the tron! “Hey, self-proclaimed King of TV. Wow, that’s almost as good as the last nickname you came up with in War Joe. Listen, I hope you enjoyed playing the role, because I’m coming for what’s mine! Cuz Joe, this ain’t your world, this is WARDLOW’S WORLD!” Wardlow has the fans chanting his name, will Joe have to watch his back from now on?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs continues his homecoming journey.

Still in Oakland, California, Hobbs says, “I walk along these streets… I’ve been bullied, I’ve been beaten up. It’s only made me tougher.” The guys on the street rolling dice spot him and give him space. They all wonder who that was, but know not to mess with him. Hobbs continues to narrate, “I’m going to let each and every one of you feel the pain, the hurt, the happiness. I’m taking what belongs to me.”


AEW presents a new Technique By Taz.

We review Hook’s match with Lee Moriarty in defense of the FTW Championship. Taz points out that Hook’s escape from the Border City Stretch was all about breaking wrist control and sitting out to shift and pop free. Then Hook gets the half nelson and cross choke for the Redrum. Moriarty may be a submission savant, but Hook might be a prodigy. Will the Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil continue to make his father proud in defending that title?


William Regal is here!

Indianapolis boos as “this snake, this coward” (Excalibur’s words on commentary) makes his way to the ring. Moxley is no longer in the building so Regal doesn’t have to hide. He walks down the Burberry carpet and into the ring where something is on a pedestal under a cover. Regal gets a mic while fans boo more, and he says, “Ladies and gentlemen… Your new AEW World Champion… Maxwell Jacob Friedman!” MJF makes his entrance, here as promised last week. Fans are torn as MJF swaggers his way out, belt around his waist and Burberry scarf around his neck. MJF goes to the ring, mic already in hand.

MJF and Regal hug, and MJF says, “I know you people aren’t very bright, but when The Best Wrestler on God’s Green Earth is holding a microphone, you keep your hillbilly mouths shut.” Fans boo more as MJF says, “I would now like to tell you people how my and Mr. Regal’s unholy union-” Fans tell MJF to STFU and that gives him pause. “How uncouth.” But MJF finishes his thought by saying, “Not too long ago, Mr. Regal sent me an email and it was right after The Firm had attacked me, and that email reads as follows.

“Maxwell, I watched on as The Firm attacked you. It’s become very clear you’ve grown weak. I see all the potential in you to not just become a villain, but the greatest villain of our time. However, as I’ve said previously, you have much to learn. I’m willing to help you reach your true potential, but if you want to get the world title around your waist, this time you mustn’t grab the Dynamite Ring. Instead, you must grab the brass one. Yours Sincerely, Sir William Regal.” It was after that that MJF and Regal secretly met, and MJF is not afraid to admit that Regal is a genius.

MJF was more than apt to listen when Regal said to not use the diamond ring, but the brass knuckles. Regal didn’t want MJF to just beat Moxley, no no. He wanted MJF to leave Moxley with a lesson in the form of an emotional scar so that Moxley will never forget the day that he was outsmarted by MJF. “Now let’s talk about The Firm, shall we?” MJF knows everyone wants to know what he’s going to do to The Firm, “and to be honest, eh. I kinda respect The Firm. They saw a weakness in me, and like sharks smelling blood, they attacked, and I would’ve done the exact same thing.

“And let’s be fair, even if I did harbor some resentment, Mr. Regal, do I really seem like the type to chase anyone down?” Regal says no. MJF says that’d take effort. And as Indy knows oh too well, effort is for poors like all of them! See, MJF is above that. And speaking of things MJF is above, let’s talk about the belt, shall we? When MJF became our AEW World Champion, he made a promise to himself that he’d make changes around here. Out with the old, in with the new, and so looking at this belt, he wants to vomit in his mouth. And that’s not just from being in Indiana.

Fans boo more but MJF says, “It’s because it desperately needs an upgrade. This belt is tacky, it lacks class, and to make matters worse, it reminds me of all the men who held it previously. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, yeah, sure, they were all talented in their own rights, I guess. But I think we can all agree none of them are on my level. And that is specifically why this version of the title, much like all of you, is garbage.” MJF throws down Pretty Platinum! And then Regal unveils the BURBERRY STRAPPED AEW World Championship! MJF introduces to the world, the new and improved AEW World Championship, “Triple B: The Big Burberry Belt!”

Fans boo but MJF says this is now the most important, prestigious and prolific world title in all of pro-wrestling, and that’s because MJF is the one holding it! “No one, and I mean no one, deserves to be recognized as world champion except for me! Not any of your over-hyped, overrated pieces of trash you guys constantly push for. Fake tough guys like Eddie Kingston…” Fans start chanting for “Eddie! Eddie!” MJF says they can chant all they want, Eddie will NEVER be world champion. MJF calls out other fake tough guys like Ricky Starks. Starks is a fake star is what he is!

And speaking of fakes, let’s talk about the worst of the worst, the middest of the mid, fake wrestlers like Bryan Danielson! Fans boo but MJF says, “No offense, in comparison to me, Bryan Danielson couldn’t wrestle his way out of a gaddamn paper bag. No offense, Mr. Regal, you tried everything you could. Some people just can’t be helped.” MJF tells Indy to pipe down, but speaking of people who can’t be helped, here’s a message to everyone on HIS show, in HIS locker room and on HIS roster. “So long as I’m in this company, you will never know what it feels like to be on top, because I am going to be world champion for a very long time. All the way, in fact, until the bidding war of 2024!”

At that time, Triple B will be a bargaining chip to get the biggest money contract in the history of the business! MJF will make more money in a day than any of these white trash hicks in their miserable lives! “I just pray to God the right Khan foots the bill, and Lord knows I ain’t talking about Tony.” MJF grins at the camera because he’s talking about “Mah boi, jolly ol’ Saint Nick! And my other boy, The Game, Trips. And if I’m being completely transparent here, Mr. Regal, come January 1st, 2024, I don’t even know if a wrestling company wins the bidding war, because quite frankly, I am getting sick and tired of having to look at disgusting, grotesque professional wrestling fans on a weekly basis. Maybe Hollywood wins!”

MJF grins as fans boo more. But MJF isn’t deaf. He knows there is an interesting amount of fans who were over the moon for him to become champion! Okay, to those fans, fantastic. But call him “Mystic Max,” because their happiness will soon turn to resentment, because those fans are fickle! “Pretty soon, you’ll be saying stuff like, ‘I am sick of MJF! He’s so boring! He’s so repetitive! All he does is talk! He never wrestles. He’s a coward!’ There it is!” Fans chant “BORING~!” as MJF continues to predict the rants about making opponents jump through hoops. But to those people, MJF says, “Great.”

Because y’know who keeps tuning in, praying to God that someone takes Triple B off MJF? YOU! MJF says during his long and illustrious reign, Triple B will be defended very rarely, and he will wrestler very rarely, because unlike everyone else, he’s a special attraction. “In order for you discussing poors to see me defend my title, nine times outta ten, you will have to reach into your pockets for that small amount of money that you have, and buy a PPV in hopes to see someone dethrone me. Newsflash: they won’t. I am about to have a world title reign that will make Hulk Hogan, JBL and Jeff Jarrett seem short and sweet!

“I am about to have a world title reign that is gonna make that shmuck, Bruno Sammartino, roll in his shitty little grave!” Fans boo as MJF stoops to new lows in his insults. MJF says we are now in the Era of MJF, and his reign of terror has only just begun. Fans boo as he holds up Triple B, but then MJF remembers something! He knows fans are confused by all this, but hold on. MJF brings the brass knuckles out and says without these, and without Regal, none of this is possible. The fans might’ve booed when Regal came out here, but everyone still respects him, both fans and wrestlers alike. Because for 40 YEARS, Regal, has given blood, sweat, tears, and sacrificed so much to the business!

MJF gets fans to cheer Regal because Regal loves the business. So that’s why MJF wanted to say from the bottom of his heart, SUCKER PUNCH WITH THE KNUCKLES!!!! Fans boo as hard as ever as MJF walks over and squats by Regal’s prone body. “It’s funny. You said I had much to learn, and yet you’re the one who made a deal with The Devil. So allow me to leave you with the words you left me seven long years ago. ‘Will, the game has changed. MJF exclusive hires top talents and top world class athletes. When you’re of them, send me your stuff. Yours Sincerely, the World Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.'”

MJF drops the mic, brings Triple B with him, and leaves through the crowd. Bryan hurries to Regal’s side, along with the medics. Regal wanted to make the greatest villain of all time, but he have just created the worst monster of all time! Did MJF cross a line no one should ever cross?


AEW returns as Regal is loaded into an ambulance.

He has a neck brace and backboard as he is on the stretcher. Bryan is there, he’s going to ride with Regal to the hospital. Will Lord Regal be alright? Will someone avenge him by ruining all of MJF’s plans for his future?


Ricky Starks VS Ari Daivari!

Speaking of, the Absolute #1 contender plans to ruin the holidays for MJF by taking both world title AND diamond ring! Will Starks be red hot going into the battle royal? Or will Daivari Dinero already ruin Ricky’s own run?

Before the bell, Stokely Hathaway walks out to have everyone wait. He also has Ethan Page and Matt Hardy with him, and Hardy steals the spotlight by getting the fans cheering for V1 and “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Stokely tells Hardy to get his ass to the back! Hardy smiles, but Ethan tells him to not forget that The Firm owns his ass! And in that Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal, Hardy’s gonna help Ethan win it all, because Ricky took away that #1 contendership away from him! So Ethan vows to take the battle royal from Starks. AND, Ethan is calling his shot right now!

At Winter is Coming, after MJF whoops Starks’ ass around the whole arena defending the world title successfully, Ethan will whoop MJF’s tired ass! Then Ethan will be the one with the diamond ring, and Starks will just watch and cry. IF he makes it to Winter is Coming. Daivari CLOBBERS Starks in the corner! The ref rings the bell, Daivari stomps a mudhole, then he fires off hands. Daivari whips, Starks ducks ‘n’ dodges to SPEAR! Fans fire up with Starks and he drags Daivari up! Underhooks, gut wrench, ROSHAMBEAUX!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Starks looks at Ethan and Stokely as they’re already eating their words. Will All Ego be deflated in that battle royal? Will Starks win big again to then go for BOTH of MJF’s prizes?


Backstage interview with Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker & Rebel.

Tony Schiavone is with the AEW Women’s World Champion, the Doctor, and the Doctor’s Assistant and brings up last week how Britt & Hayter won big in tag team action. Britt wants Tony to keep “Doctor” in how he addresses her. And also, she shouts out the big win by her Pittsburgh Steelers right here in Indianapolis. But let’s talk about what is really concerning: The coming sit-down interview Renee has with Saraya. Hayter has a great idea! Why not a sit-down interview with THE Women’s World Champion! A little chat even. And he will, next week. Renee can sit her ass at home! It’s settled, yours truly, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.


Willow Nightingale VS Anna Jay “A S” w/ Tay Melo!

Things are getting fierce in the invigorated AEW Women’s Division, and the always positive powerhouse is positively gonna pummel the Star of the Show! Will Willow keep the energy going to the top of the rankings? Or will the Queenslayer choke her out?

The bell rings and Anna smirks as she circles with Willow. Anna avoids Willow but Willow clamps onto an arm! Anna whips free but Willow runs her over! Fans fire up as Willow runs, rolls then runs Anna over! Willow flexes, drags Anna up and short arm LARIATS! And short arm LARIATS again! Anna ELBOWS back but swings into a BIG back suplex! Fans fire up as Willow runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Anna goes to a corner, fans rally for Willow and she runs in to back body block! Willow does a dance, whips Anna corner to corner, then runs in to back body block again! Anna dodges the lariat to ROCK Willow, run and HEEL KICK!

Anna shoves Willow down, goes up the corner, and leaps for a BLOCKBUSTER! Anna mocks Willow before the cover, ONE!! Anna is upset as AEW goes picture in picture.

Willow gets to ropes but Anna CHOKES her! The ref counts, Anna lets off and paces about. Willow throws body shots but Anna CLUBS her down. Anna CHOKES Willow, the ref counts, but Tay is also talking trash. Anna lets off and Tay gets a cheap shot in! Willow swipes at Tay but she gets away, and then Anna bumps Willow off buckles. Anna stalks Willow, CLUBS her down, then shouts at the fans to shut up. Willow kicks Anna, Anna ROCKS Willow, and Anna whips Willow corner to corner. Anna runs in to back elbow Willow down! Anna talks more trash, covers, TWO! Fans rally but Anna bumps Willow off buckles.

Anna ROCKS Willow again, whips her to ropes, then CLOBBERS her with an elbow! Anna soaks up the heat while Willow crawls. Anna CHOKES Willow on the mat, the ref counts and Anna lets off to then cover, ONE!! Anna is annoyed at Willow’s toughness, and she CLUBS Willow down. Anna bumps Willow off buckles, digs her boots in, then lets off at 4. Tay applauds as Anna snapmares Willow for elbows! Anna clamps on a chinlock and she squeezes tight. But Willow endures and fans rally up. Willow fights up, only for Anna to wrangle her down. Willow fights up again, throws body shots, and AEW returns to single picture.

Willow ROCKS Anna, but Anna ROCKS Willow. Willow ROCKS Anna, so Anna ROCKS Willow! Fans rally as the shots go back and forth, and Willow CHOPS and ROCKS and CHOPS! Anna KNEES low, whips, but Willow reverses. Willow runs in to back body block in the corner, and LARIAT! Snapmare, run and BOOT! Fans fire up with Willow and she whips Anna to ropes, for a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO!! Anna survives but Willow drags her back up. Willow fireman’s carries, Anna slips off to waistlock but Willow elbows free. Willow runs, into a spin and wrench and HOOK KICK! Then a Gory Especial, GORY BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Willow survives and upsets TayJay! Fans fire up and cheer Willow on as she rises up. Anna shouts she’s gonna choke her out! QUEENSLAYER!! But BACKPACK SENTON turns that round! Willow drags Anna up and gut wrenches, but Tay gets on the apron! Willow DECKS her for it! Anna reels Willow in but Willow fights the clinch with elbows! Gut wrench, but Anna hooks a leg to roll! Cradle, TWO!! Anna hurries but Willow BOOTS and LARIATS! Fans fire up and Willow drags Anna back up! Gut wrench, DOCTOR BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall

No weeping Willow here! She’s all smiles as she gets another great win! Will Willow will her way to a title opportunity in time for the holidays?

But wait! TayJay aren’t done having a bad time, cuz RUBY SOHO Is back! Tay thinks she’s coming from the ramp, but nope! Ruby slips in from the crowd! Tay turns around, and Ruby tackles her! Ruby rains down fists! Anna returns but Ruby DECKS her! Tay ROCKS Ruby, but Ruby just grins! Ruby chases Tay out of the ring and brings her around to HEADBUTT! Tay wobbles, Ruby brings Tay around again, into DESTINATION UNKNOWN to the ramp! Ruby sits with Tay and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Is the Runaway going to run through the Brazilian Goddess?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai himself says, “Before this week is done, you will have seen more of us making less of them.” The House is back from the dead, what does this mean for AEW?

Backstage interview with QT Marshall and Orange Cassidy.

Schiavone notes we all saw The Factory and Best Friends fall victim to the return of Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews. They agreed to this time to talk it out. QT wants to talk directly to Cassidy since he keeps getting interrupted. QT wants a shot at the All-Atlantic Championship. Cassidy says no problem. Oh, yeah, okay. Then this Friday on Rampage, it won’t just be a normal match! QT wants a Lumberjack match! Yeah, love it, great. See you then. QT can’t stand that, though he got what he wanted, Cassidy kept talking over him. But since he got what he wanted, will QT get the title? Or will he just get what he deserves?


The Baddies are here!

And it is a celebration for the still undefeated AEW TBS Champion! Jade Cargill is 42-0, has the physical belt back, and has Red Velvet back, though she kicked Kiera Hogan to the curb. That aside, they and Leila Grey go to the ring, Velvet and Leila in magenta to contrast with all the green and gold. The confetti cannons go off with red, while Jade has the mic to say, “Now we all know why we’re here tonight: because of me, and my big ass celebration! But before we begin, let me address something and set the record straight. I made the Baddies, I say who stays and who goes. Now you see, I got rid of the trash last week. So I’m so confused as to why you two were chilling with her this past weekend!”

Velvet shrugs, Leila rolls her eyes, but Jade says she is done playing games! Jade got her belt back from Nyla Rose at Full Gear! Understand that to stand next to Jade is a blessing. So either you two get in line, or they can step. Because they are eating on her dime, making names off of her, and this whole company is eating off of her! SHE is the brightest star the company has! Stand her next to any wrestler in the back, and every consumer knows she’s the star! No one has Jade’s face, Jade’s body, or Jade’s aura. NOBODY! Leila and Velvet seem to agree with that since they’re staying right there in the ring.

Jade then asks the fans, “So you tell me what we’re gonna do about that. And you all can play, but I put asses in seats!” Plenty of the fans agree with that. “I wrestle for bad bitches. Now cameramen, do your job and get my Baddies.” The cameras do in fact find the Indy Baddie Section as Jade continues. “I am the real deal! I am nothing but real. And like I said, I create careers. And speaking of careers, Lil’ Bow Wow is a joke! Is a total joke!” But wait, Bow Wow is on the tron! And he says, “Jadey, baby, you deserve all the flowers in the world. Congratulations on your little win. It was cute, really cute.”

But to get to business, time is money and Bow Wow is all about money. He’s done with his tour, has a lot of time on his hands, so what does that mean? “See you soon. Real, real soon.” Jade doesn’t understand what the hell is going on with Bow Wow, but she and the Baddies storm out of the ring. Who, if anyone, will ever dethrone #ThatBitch?


The Acclaimed speak.

Billy Gunn is with Max Caster & Anthony Bowens backstage, and he’s like a drill sergeant with his trainees. He asks, “Why is there a camera in our face?” Bowens answers, “Because AEW stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday.” Billy asks, “Why do you two not have a match on Dynamite?” Caster answers, “Because Everyone Loves the Acclaimed, and no one wants to fight us, Daddy Ass.” Billy asks, “And what are you two going to do about it?” Bowens says, “I have an idea, Daddy Ass.” Then would he like to let us all know? Bowens says this Friday on Rampage, they give a tag title opportunity to the best tag team in AEW!

How can that possibly be when THEY are the best team in AEW?! Caster says Bowens meant the second best team, Daddy Ass. Sorry. Okay. Then there’s only one thing left to do: SCISSOR FINGER~!!! Who is the second best team in AEW? AKA the #1 contenders? We’ll see this Friday when Rampage returns to its regular time of 10 PM Eastern!


AEW World Trios Championships Best of 7, Match 3: Death Triangle VS The Elite!

PAC, Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M ruined the return of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks with a bell hammer. Then they cheated the second match with another bell hammer. Will there be THREE hammers in this third match? Or can the Best Bout Machine and his boys finally get on the board?

The fans sing Carry On My Wayward Son for The Elite, and then the introductions are made. But then The Elite attack Death Triangle on the ramp! Omega is after Fenix, Matt Jackson is after Pac and Nick Jackson is after Penta! Fans fire up as the brawl goes from ramp to stage, but then also down the ramp. Indy fires up for “THE! ELITE! THE THE ELITE!” as Omega and Nick mug Fenix. Matt ROCKS Penta, the ref reprimands everyone, but Penta runs, into a back drop to the ramp! Nick kicks Fenix, runs to get a boost from Matt, the RANA sends Fenix down the ramp! Omega RAMS Pac into part to the tunnel, to hit a KOTARO KRUSHER to the stage!

The Bucks check on Omega, that elevated bulldog really hurts the tailbone and hip. Nick CLUBS away on Pac, drags him up, and Matt walks Pac with Nick down the ramp. They head for ringside, Omega walks off the pain, and the Bucks set Pac up. Omega runs down the ramp to build up speed, for a SUPERKICK from Pac!! The Lucha Brothers then somersault down the ramp, DOUBLE STUNNERS!! Death Triangle turns things around on Elite and this still isn’t even on record as AEW goes picture in picture!

Fenix CLUBS Omega, ROCKS him and they end up going around the ramp. Matt and Nick hobble, Penta and Pac keep on them. Omega and Fenix brawl just offstage in front of fans. Fenix UPPERCUTS, Penta CLUBS and KICKS Nick to send him along the pyro grate. Nick hits Penta back and TOSSES Penta off onto Fenix and Omega! Pac and Matt brawl at center stage while Nick LEAPS to AX HANDLE Penta back down! Matt KICKS Pac towards that side of the stage, reels him in, but Pac blocks the suplex. Matt keeps trying but Pac throws body shots. Matt throws those shots back, then punches away on Pac’s forehead!

Matt gets space, runs but Pac BOOTS him away! Then Pac says what the hell, and ARIHARA MOONSAULTS onto Nick, Omega and the Lucha Brothers!! Death Triangle then drags Nick and Omega up, but Matt SUPER CROSSBODIES them all down! Omega helps Matt up and the Elite drag Death Triangle up. The brawling continues, going back to the ramp and then to ringside. Omega sends Penta into railing while Nick sends Pac into the apron. Fenix whips but Matt reverses to send Fenix into barriers! Matt mocks Fenix’s pain then kicks him down! Matt then brings Fenix around to have him join the others ringside.

Dynamite returns to single picture, Brandon Cutler is vlogging this for The Elite as they set up Death Triangle. They all put one out, but the ref wants this to finally get in the ring. Omega says fine, and he puts Penta in the ring. The bell finally sounds and NOW this is a match! Then Omega kicks Penta out of the ring, the Bucks DOUBLE APRON POWERBOMB Fenix and Pac! Omega then brings Penta around, but Penta fights that bomb off to CHOP Omega! And CHOP Matt! And tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER Nick! Omega rushes back in, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up with Penta as he shouts, “CERO! MIEDO!”

But then Penta moves, Matt WRECKS the ref with that wrecking ball dropkick!! And Alex Abrahantes sneaks a bell hammer to Penta! Penta hurries, hiding that hammer in his waistband. Penta then sets that down in a corner, and builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on The Elite! Penta puts Omega in, grabs said hammer, and fans are torn! Fenix gets in and he tells Penta NO! They’ve already done this enough for his liking! Penta tells him to shut up and just watch! But then Fenix grabs the hammer from Penta! V-TRIGGER hits Fenix!! Fenix flops out of the ring, Penta kicks Omega and tucks! But Omega slips out, the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK Penta!

Omega hurries to SNAP DRAGON! Penta flounders, the ref is finally up, and fans are thunderous as Omega drags Penta back up. POWERBOMB, flip over and V-TRIGGER!! Cover, but Pac breaks it! Nick kicks Pac and sends him out. Omega goes corner to corner but Penta BOOTS him away! Nick runs in but is put on the apron! Matt runs in, but he’s also put on the apron. Omega runs back in but Penta dodges so Omega takes the DOUBLE ENZIGURI! Penta SUPERKICKS Omega! Fenix SUPERKICKS Matt! Pac BOOTS Nick! Death Triangle sets Omega up in a drop zone, Death Triangle all climb the same corner!

Fans fire up as Death Triangle takes aim at an Elite each! Penta DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS while Fenix and Pac DOUBLE ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Penta hauls Omega up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Tuck and FEAR FACTOR!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Penta cannot believe it! Tag to Pac and “This is Awesome!” as Pac goes up top. Nick runs in to get Omega to safety! Nick then ducks under Pac’s leap and SUPERKICKS him on the return! Nick aims at Penta but Penta blocks his superkick! Fenix SUPERKICKS Nick! Matt SUPERKICKS Fenix! And SUPERKICKS Penta! Matt hits NORTHERN LIGHTS on Penta, and starts up the Polar Express!

But Fenix LEAPS in, only for Matt to catch him! DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans are thunderous as Pac BOOTS Matt down! Omega staggers to a corner, Pac runs in, and he BOOTS Omega! Pac puts Omega up top, climbs up after him, and then stands Omega up. Omega fights the superplex to fire off forearms and elbows! Pac clings to the ropes to stay up! They get forehead to forehead, but Omega fires off forearm after forearm! Pac just keeps taking those shots! Pac HEADBUTTS Omega in return! The brace might’ve helped in that! Pac stands Omega up, for a SUPER FALCON ARROW!!! Cover, TWO!!!

Omega survives again and fans are thunderous as AEW goes picture in picture.

Fenix CLOBBERS Matt on the outside, Pac and Omega slowly sit up in the ring. Nick coaches Omega, but Pac drags him to the Death Triangle corner. Pac stomps Omega, kicks him, then drags him up to bump off buckles. Tag to Fenix, he snapmares Omega and BUZZSAWS! Pac KICKS, Penta KICKS, and then Death Triangle TRIPLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Jackknife cover, but Nick breaks it! Fenix bumps Omega off buckles, CLUBS him, then tags Penta. Penta turns Omega around to CHOP! Omega staggers but Penta brings him back. Tag to Pac, he CHOPS Omega down! Pac paces while Omega is stinging.

Pac eggs the fans on, taunts the Bucks, but he turns around into a CHOP from Omega! Omega CHOPS but Pac kicks out a leg to BOOT Omega down! Pac then BOOTS Nick down for good measure! Pac kicks Omega around, taunts him, then ROCKS him! Omega ROCKS Pac back! Pac ROCKS Omega, Omega ROCKS Pac, and they go back and forth! Pac fires off a flurry and Omega wobbles! Pac pushes Omega around, Omega throws body shots but they’re a bit weak. Dynamite returns to single picture as Pac eggs Omega on. Omega fires stronger body shots now, so Pac SOBATS! Pac runs, but into a V-TRIGGER!

Pac wobbles against ropes, Omega runs in but Pac dodges to SNAP GERMAN! But Omega is up to LARIAT Pac down! Fans are thunderous and their teams are chomping at the bit! Omega and Pac crawl, reach out, hot tags to Fenix and Nick! They DOUBLE LARIAT, and again, then Fenix shoves, but Nick dodges the rolling sobat! Nick runs in, whips Fenix, but Fenix tiger feint rewinds! Nick ducks the heel kick to SUPERKICK! But Fenix kips up, only for Nick to block that superkick to SCREW HIGH KICK! Fenix stays up so Nick wheelbarrows into a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Fenix is still in this but Nick tags Matt.

The Bucks drag Fenix up, double whip, but Fenix ducks and springboards, but the Bucks catch his crossbody! Nick helps Matt position Fenix in the gut wrench, then Nick goes to the apron! But Fenix RANAS Matt into Nick! Fans fire up as Fenix somersaults, but Matt catches him to a fireman’s carry! Nick goes up the corner, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! The full combo of rolling senton, 450 splash and moonsault connects! Cover, but Penta SUPERKICKS it apart! Nick throws Penta back out and fans fire up! Nick and Matt sit Fenix up, B T E- SUPERKICKS from Pac & Penta! Omega ROCKS Pac, ROCKS Penta, CHOPS Pac then CHOPS Penta!

Omega fires off hands on Penta and he drops! Pac swings, into a full nelson! Pac breaks that so Omega waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES, only for Pac to land on his feet! Fenix somersault CUTTERS Omega! Fenix tags Penta, Penta tags Pac. Penta drags Matt up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Fenix is up top, Penta tucks Matt in, DOUBLE STOMP FEAR FACTOR!! Fenix then DIVES onto Nick and Omega! Tag to Pac and he climbs up! Penta goes up and up to ESCALERA SPLASH! 450 SPLASH from Pac! Cover, TWO!!! Matt survives and Pac is fuming! Matt flounders to a corner, Pac runs in and UPPERCUTS! Pac reels Matt in to BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!!

The Bastard is furious as Matt survives again. Pac drags Matt back into the drop zone then climbs up. BLACK ARROW, into Matt’s knees!!! Cradle, THE ELITE WIN!!!

Winners: The Elite, by pinfall (the series is now 2-1, in favor of Death Triangle)

FINALLY, The Elite score one on Death Triangle! But they’ve still got a long way to go in this Best of 7! Omega gets the mic to say, “There was never gonna be a sweep, as long as The Cleaner’s in town. We’re bringing this back, it’s gonna be a reverse sweep. And boy, this is the first time in awhile I’ve been able to close a show. So without any further adieu, I must bid you all a good bye, mwah! And good night, BANG! Now play that song again, would ya?” Fans sing Carry On again as Dynamite goes off the air. Will The Elite come back from being down two to win this in six? Or will Winter is Coming cool them off so that Death Triangle can get hot again?

My Thoughts:

Great Dynamite here to pave more of the road for Winter is Coming. For one, a very creative change to the Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal since the current ringbearer is also the current AEW World Champion. I had a feeling Starks would want in on that on top of being #1 contender to the world title. Starks squashed Daivari, he really should win the battle royal so he can make Winter is Coming a Winner Takes All situation. At the same time, that does seem a shame to have Starks lose both prizes, so maybe Starks calls for a double header? He may not win the belt but he can win the ring and take MJF’s ace in the hole.

And speaking of the battle royal, I do like that Ethan wants to force Hardy to help him, but I bet Hardy finds a way to mess that up for him. Then maybe that starts things towards Hardy liberating himself and Private Party from The Firm. #HardyParty has been building up wins on Dark and Elevation, they could be Trios contenders on the other side of Elite VS Death Triangle, and that could be all the more reason The Firm will want to keep them under contract as long as possible.

Great opening segment from Moxley and the surprise return of Hangman! Of course it turns into a brawl that happens again backstage, and that will definitely be a match for Winter is Coming. And I think we will get the proper finish there we were meant to see in the title match. Amazing first match of the night in Bryan VS Dax tonight. Dax has definitely proven himself as a great wrestler, no matter what division we’re talking about. He loves being a tag guy with Cash, but maybe before calling it a day, Dax will win a midcard title. Perhaps the All-Atlantic Championship since Cassidy loves putting that thing up.

QT and Cassidy had a hilarious little promo to set up a match for Rampage, but a Lumberjack Match is just tailor made for the House of Black showing up and wrecking everyone ringside. I’m pretty sure Cassidy retains the title either way, and he’ll likely defend it against Malakai 1v1. Acclaimed have a good promo to set up a tag title match, but I don’t see FTR stepping up to them on a Rampage. It’ll probably be whoever is second on the contender’s list. And whichever that team is, they’re losing to The Acclaimed. FTR and Gunn Sons have to set up something for Final Battle, it’s what makes sense.

Speaking of other things that were set up for Final Battle and that make sense, great sit-down interview promo from JAS and BCC, especially with Claudio being fed up with the constant interviews. Hager bringing out a second purple bucket hat is hilarious, too. Hager & Garcia VS Claudio & Yuta will be a great tag match, Garcia VS Yuta will be a great Pure title match since we’ve seen it a couple times already. But I cannot be sure where the titles go. Of the two, I see Garcia losing, but then that means Claudio will be forced to sports entertain. A part of me would love seeing what happens with that, though.

The celebration for The Baddies wasn’t much of a celebration, and they didn’t even get to have the clearly red velvet cake. But Jade really amped up her arrogance saying Jade is AEW. I almost thought this was the moment she turned off Velvet and Leila for good, but guess not. And Bow Wow either has a proxy to dethrone Jade, or he is such a distraction that Jade loses. I can’t be sure who Bow Wow introduces in the first idea, while that second idea feels a bit cheap. I suppose it does keep Jade strong in her first loss ever, but Jade is so good as a character that she deserves to be beat by someone straight up so there’s no excuse.

Good match for Willow VS Anna and a very good win for Willow. But since she’s lost multiple times to Jade, she probably has to wait until Jade loses it so she can go after the new champ. And a great return for Ruby in her hometown, she and Willow can both build momentum taking the fight to TayJay. Good promo from Hayter and Britt to keep the “hate-on” for Saraya. Nice return of Technique by Taz, and I really liked the orange filter. No idea who is next for Hook, or who dethrones him, but Hook is finally facing people that challenge him, so that’s good.

Another great vignette for Hobbs. He really should be TNT Champion, but it is nice to get some real depth for his character. He’ll definitely be the next TNT Champion after Wardlow VS Joe. Joe VS Fox was a great match, too, and it’s great for Fox to be somewhere higher profile. MJF continues to be great on the mic, but he should be pissed at whoever made that belt for him. The Big Burberry Belt just looks like a Big Brown Belt because of how muted those colors ended up on the leather. But you do have to appreciate MJF has picked up the mantle of “AEW’s HHH Parody” with Cody Rhodes in WWE.

And just as things were starting to drag on, MJF turns it all around with that sucker punch to Regal! Bryan was devastated, but he’ll surely return with rage, wanting after MJF, and I wonder if Tony Khan already shoots down MJF’s “PPVs only” stipulation by making MJF face Bryan at like Holiday Bash or New Year’s Smash to see if MJF even makes it to 2023 as champion. Also, lots of people are talking about Regal going back to WWE but not going back to WWE, I don’t know which will happen, but this is of course a way to write him off for a moment and give him a great return moment to screw MJF over.

And lastly, what a great main event for the trios titles. I feel like half of the segment wasn’t even officially a match. These two teams keep busting out great stuff, and the Death Triangle story with the hammer continues. It more or less cost them tonight, but the Elite had to get on the board somehow. They take a week off from this series next week to come back at Winter is Coming, but I bet there will be a promo where Fenix argues with Penta about the hammer. This is all leading to The Elite getting the belts at the end of the series, and then Death Triangle might fall apart. I don’t really want that, the Trios Division needs trios as great as them, but if even The Dark Order can fall apart, then any trio can.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/29/22)

Newark gets Dark!



Will Newark APPRECIATE Garcia, Menard & Parker?

AEW moves on from Thanksgiving and prepares for December! Winter is Coming, but who will be primed for golden opportunities?


  • Six Man Tag: The Factory VS Justin Corino, Ryan Mooney & Steve Josifi; The Factory wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Chris Wylde; Clayton wins.
  • Hikaru Shida w/ Hagane Shinno VS Layla Luciano; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Tracy Williams, LSG and Jack Tomlinson; The JAS wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tony Deppen; Cage wins.
  • Angelico VS Hagane Shinno; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura w/ Baliyan Akki VS Tiara James; Sakura wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Hardy Party VS The Wingmen; Hardy Party wins.


Hikaru Shida bringing along Hagane Shinno (formerly known as Madoka) is interesting. More Japanese promotions seem to be willing to let talent work with AEW, and that of course helps AEW get recognition internationally, and helps those promotions get recognition in the USA. Shinno will definitely get a win off Angelico, but AEW’s already such a full roster, who knows if Shinno will see any TV time.

Good to see the Wingmen together again, even if it’s to lose to Hardy Party. But even the Trios Division needs its lower midcard, and that is where The Wingmen will be. Matt Hardy & Private Party might end up becoming The Firm’s Trios Championship contenders if they keep building up wins on AEW YouTube. They could give whoever comes out of the Best of 7 Series a great match, and we could see a lot of overbooked, “internal conflict” of whether Hardy Party is Face or Heel, same as we’re seeing with Death Triangle always resorting to the hammer.

UPDATE: Welp, didn’t think Angelico would win but he did. I guess not ever new star that comes into AEW can just get a free win.

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