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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/13/22)

Happy 2.0 Anniversary!



NXT celebrates one year in the new era!

It has been one year of NXT 2.0, and there are big surprises planned tonight! Who will Carmelo Hayes defend the North American Championship against?


  • NXT Tag Team Championships Steel Cage Match: Pretty Deadly VS The Creed Brothers; Pretty Deadly wins and retains the titles.
  • Fallon Henley VS Lash Legend; Fallon wins.
  • Quincy Elliot VS Sean Gallagher; Quincy wins.
  • Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS Cameron Grimes & ???; Grimes & Gacy win.
  • Kiana James & Arianna Grace VS Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark; Lyons & Stark win.
  • Javier Bernal VS Hank Walker; Hank wins.
  • NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Solo Sikoa; Sikoa wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.


NXT Tag Team Championships Steel Cage Match: Pretty Deadly VS The Creed Brothers!

As announced last night on Raw, these two teams will be sealed inside the steel structure so that no one can interfere! Will Kit Wilson & Elton Prince prove to the world that they can win big on their own? Or will Julius & Brutus make them pay for Damon Kemp’s betrayal?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised and the cage is up! Will there be any escape for the champions against the Creeds?

The brawl is on at the bell and fans fire up! Julius keeps Elton from running away and Brutus keeps Kit from doing the same. Pretty Deadly keeps trying but the Creeds keep bringing them down. Kit goes for the door! Brutus waistlocks and drags him back in! Kit throws elbows, but Brutus and Julius tackle them both down! The Creeds CATAPULT them both, but Pretty Deadly uses that to get up the walls! Julius and Brutus hurry to stop them! They all climb up, Brutus SMASHES Kit on the top of the cage! Julius grabs Elton’s arm to keep him from dropping to the floor! Julius drags Elton back up and in while Brutus throws hands on Kit.

Elton gets a HOTSHOT off the ropes! Brutus suplexes Kit up and over! Julius RAMS Elton into a corner but Elton hammers away on him! Pretty Deadly now whip and send the Creeds at the walls! The Creeds stop themselves, and then send Pretty Deadly into the steel! The cage is shaking but they just RAM Pretty Deadly into steel again! Kit flounders around, Brutus RAMS him into more steel! Julius CLUBS Elton, KNEES him in the side, and Brutus KNEES him back. They pinball Elton but Kit CLOBBERS Brutus! Julius ROCKS Kit with big forearms, then he hurries after Elton.

Elton elbows Julius away and Kit goes up to join him! FLYING CODE BREAKER!! Cover on Julius, TWO! Brutus grabs Elton to keep him from going to the top! Brutus brings Elton down for a RUNNING POWERBOMB into the steel! Fans lose their minds over that one! Brutus then drags Kit up and fireman’s carries, only for Kit to slip off. Kit BOOTS Brutus from a corner, goes up the wall, but Brutus pursues! Brutus grabs at Kit and they’re both up top again! Kit and Brutus throw hands, fans fire up, and DOUBLE FOREARMS cause both men to slump back into the ring. Elton is up top now as Brutus and Kit SMASH each other!

Julius dribbles Elton into the wall! “Hey, Wade, watch this!” SUPER SPANISH FLY, and Julius lands on his feet!! Fans are thunderous as NXT goes picture in picture!

Julius is all fired up and he drags Elton into a cover, TWO! Julius swings on Kit but is sent into the wall! Brutus gets up but Kit kicks him in the leg. Kit CLUBS away on Brutus then climbs up on top of him! Kit uses Brutus to get to the door! The door opens, but Brutus hurries to crawl under Kit and SLAM the door closed! All four men are down and fans fire up! Elton DROPKICKS Brutus! And DROPKICKS Julius! Kit DROPKICKS Brutus! Elton CLOBBERS Julius in the corner! Then he hold Julius in for Kit to BACK ELBOW! Kit runs at Brutus, RAMS him into the corner, and Elton BACK ELBOWS him now!

Julius TACKLES Elton! But Kit CLOBBERS Julius! Pretty Deadly mugs Julius until Brutus RAMS into Elton! Brutus has a BEARHUG! Elton CLUBS away and hits a DDT! Elton drags Julius up to CLUB him back down and stomp him down. And drop a leg! Kit soaks up the heat while Elton drags Julius up. Pretty Deadly mugs Julius, then Elton digs Brutus into the steel! Julius runs at Kit but only gets buckles! Pretty Deadly mugs Julius more, and Kit has a SLEEPER on Julius! Elton goes up the corner, but Julius arm-drags free! Julius hurries up after Elton! Julius CLUBS Elton, NXT returns to single picture, and Kit CLUBS Julius!

Julius keeps after Elton as he reaches the top but Kit climbs up. Kit CHOPS Julius, then CHOPS him again! Julius keeps fighting but that’s 2v1 up there! Kit CHOPS again, then Elton facelocks. Julius throws body shots but Kit gets Julius up top. Pretty Deadly mugs Julius but fans rally for the Creeds. Pretty Deadly gives Julius a SUPER DUPER PLEX!!! Fans lose their minds as Julius flounders and writhes! “This is Awesome!” as all four men stir. Pretty Deadly sit up, the Creeds stand. Brutus CLOBBERS Elton, CLBOBERS Kit, then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes Elton! Brutus KNEES and CLUBS Kit then gut wrench suplexes him!

Kit goes to a corner, Brutus runs and SPLASHES! Brutus then climbs, but Kit ROCKS him first! Kit climbs up to get Brutus but Brutus fights. Elton joins in, but then Julius gets Pretty Deadly in a double Electric Chair! Brutus goes up, DOUBLE BUTTER BALL DOOMSDAY!! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down again! Fans are loving “NXT!” but Damon Kemp runs in! He jumps up the cage, and he has handcuffs!? Julius intercepts Kemp, fires off hands, kicks at Kemp’s legs, and he makes Kemp back off! Kemp climbs down to get away. But wait! Julius is CUFFED! Kemp’s plan was a success after all!

Brutus CLOBBERS Pretty Deadly at the same time! He RAMS Kit into the wall! He RAMS Elton into a wall! Brutus POUNCES Kit, POUNCES Elton, then OVERHEAD suplexes Kit! Fans fire up and Brutus sees Julius’ arm is cuffed. Brutus hurries to help his brother, they start kicking at the wall to try and bust it loose! But Pretty Deadly goes for the door! Julius tells Brutus to hurry! Brutus FLYING CANNOBALLS them both down!! Cover on Kit, TWO!! Elton is crawling! Brutus gets the legs! Brutus drags Elton back in! Elton clings to the steps and the frame, but then Kit goes after Brutus! But Julius grabs Kit! The Creeds drag Pretty Deadly back in!

Brutus has Elton in an ANLKLE LOCK! But Kit gets free to RAM Brutus into the wall! SPILT MILK!!! Cover, TWO!?! Brutus survives and shocks everyone! Julius shouts to Brutus but Kit stomps Brutus down! Pretty Deadly stomps Brutus against the wall, then they haul Brutus up. They RAM Brutus into the wall, then the other wall! Julius is still cuffed to the cage, but Pretty Deadly KNEE Brutus into steel! And RAM him into more steel! They SMASH Brutus into the steel again and again! Julius furiously tries to get the cuff to break but SPILT MILK spills again! Cover, Pretty Deadly wins!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

Did Kemp help them win last time? #YESBOY! Did Kemp help them win this time? #YESBOY! But will Pretty Deadly ever admit to it? NOPE! Will Kemp face the consequences of his actions soon enough?


NXT goes backstage to Wes Lee, Von Wagner & Joe Gacy.

McKenzie Mitchell stands with these three, as they are the options for facing Carmelo Hayes tonight. Who did the fans decide should face Melo for his title? WES LEE! Von is pissed but Wes is fired up! The Must-See Kid is very grateful to the fans voting him in. But it comes with a great responsibility that he has to walk out as the NEW North American Champion. Gacy congratulates Wes and accepts the result of this vote. Oh, okay. Thanks, Gacy. They shake hands, and Wes heads to his locker room to get ready. Gacy says it is okay. There is more important work to be done tonight. What did Gacy mean by that? And will Wes be able to dethrone Melo as The A Champion?


Fallon Henley VS Lash Legend!

These two have been trying to settle the score for a long time, and what better time to end this than on the one year anniversary episode of NXT 2.0! Will the Cowgirl finally ride off into the sunset? Or will Lash grow her legend to finally fit her ego?

Accompanying Fallon is not just the good ol’ boys, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, but one of the Connor’s Cure Thrivers, Mason “The Night Howler” Ramirez! The bell rings and Lash rushes in to knee Fallon down! Lash CHOPS Fallon, brings her around and whips her to ropes, but Fallon dropkicks back! Fallon dropkicks again and Lash goes to a corner! Fans fire up and Fallon runs in, but is put on the apron. Fallon CHOPS back! Fans fire up more, but Lash BOOTS Fallon down! Lash talks trash while Fallon gets up. Lash goes out to POST Fallon, then drags her up to RAM her into the apron!

Lash puts Fallon in the ring, KNEES Her low again, but fans rally up. Lash KNEES Fallon, whips her to ropes, and KNEES Fallon down! Lash drags Fallon up, gut wrenches her to a Canadian rack, and thrashes Fallon around. Fallon kicks and pushes off the corner to get free! Then she kicks Lash’s leg out! And KICKS her from below! Lash staggers, but she runs at Fallon, Fallon dodges, ROCKS Lash with forearms, then roars and runs in to back elbow! Fallon runs, ducks the boot and springboards to wheelbarrow and BULLDOG! Fans fire up more and Fallon aims from a corner, RUNNING GAMANGIRI! High stack, Fallon wins!

Winner: Fallon Henley, by pinfall

Fallon stepped it up and she took down the Legend! Will Fallon fight as strong as the kids at Connor’s Cure fight cancer?


Yulisa Leon comes back from the trainer’s room.

She torn her knee. She’ll be out nine months. Valentina Feroz comforts Yulisa, and Sanga says he is very sorry this happened. But now they must turn this negative into a positive. This is now Feroz’s time to shine as a singles wrestler. Leon agrees, but then Robert Stone walks in to say this is depressing. They’re upset, Von’s upset. Von should be the challenger to Melo’s title tonight! That’s damn- Watch your language around a lady? What the hell was that, Sanga? Sanga won’t tell Von again. Stone tells Von to save it. Will the Giant Gentleman teach Von that this isn’t his world?


Fallon, Briggs & Jensen are fired up!

Big win for Fallon, but then OMG Toxic Attraction! Jensen takes off his hat as he tells Mandy Rose he saw her Instagram post last week. She looked amazing. Her tit- TITLES! Those looked amazing! He was looking at her titles. Wow, in your dreams, kid. Wait, how does she know she’s been in his dreams? Uh, okay, enough show ‘n’ tell, Jensen. Keep dreaming. Fallon says that’s enough from Mandy. Uh, excuse you? You don’t talk to the champ like that! Well you don’t talk to Jensen like that. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been champion, Fallon ain’t afraid. Oooh~! Aw, Mandy remembers how she felt after her first win, too.

Oh yeah?! Well yeehaw, bitch!! The boys keep Fallon from firing off on Toxic Attraction, but will Fallon get her chance to humble the champ? As for Toxic Attraction, they’re headed for gorilla.


NXT returns with Toxic Attraction in the ring.

Fans are torn as the three have a mic, and Mandy starts with, “I’m back from vacation, feeling good and looking even better. And at Worlds Collide, I called my shot. I said I would unify the titles, and that is exactly what I did. I took out the two best women in NXT UK history. And y’know what? When NXT Europe begins, if I choose to, I’ll run that, too.” Jacy says it’s so fitting that on the one-year anniversary of NXT 2.0, the three biggest stars on the brand are right here! Because they ARE the super group of all super groups! Gigi says when you think of NXT, you think of Toxic Attraction. No vote needed to decide that!

Jacy & Gigi elevated the Women’s Tag Titles to be the most important tag titles in the entire industry! “Kayden & Katana, those titles are on a loan to you. You’re welcome.” As for Ivy & Tatum, they can pop-off on social media all they want, but Toxic Attraction will prove to them what they have proved to everyone the past year: There’s Toxic Attraction, and then there’s everybody else. Mandy says they said they are the baddest bitches in the room. And in 365 days, they’ve proven that! Two-time and soon to be three-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions in Gigi & Jacy, and Mandy is on her way to becoming the longest reigning Women’s Champion in NXT history!

And y’know what? Bron and Melo are great, but they haven’t been carrying a title as long as Mandy. If there is one thing people should’ve learned this past year, it’s to put some damn respect on Mandy’s name! Wait! ALBA FYRE heads to the ring! And she tells Mandy Rose, “You may have unified both titles, but you know nothing about where I come from. Y’see, in Scotland, we don’t brag on and on just because we like the sound of our own voice. We let our hard work do the talking for us. And Mandy, when you look into my eyes, you see a battle tested warrior, spawned from generations of fire keepers. You see your demise.

“And most importantly, you see the NEW NXT Women’s Champion!” Alba backs Mandy down with her bat, but then CRACKS Gigi and Jacy with it! Mandy swings the belt, misses, and gets a SUPERKICK for it! And then a Gory Especial, to the GORY BOMB! Fans fire up with Fyre as she climbs the corner! But Gigi & Jacy get Mandy to safety before the Swanton. Toxic Attraction retreat, but will there be no running from the fire inside Alba?


“I didn’t change, you just never knew me.” – Cora Jade.

Cora Jade says the last year wat about her finding herself. She came to NXT wanting to make an impact, she was obsessed with impressing people and making them like her. She wanted fans to go, “Damn, Cora Jade is the next big superstar here in NXT!” Natalya said Cora was the future, “but the future is bleak.” Cora let that get in her head and it cost her the title. But that match with Natty made it all click. Cora lost, but she left that ring with Natty’s respect. And Cora said, “Screw what people think, I’m a star!” And her best friend was coming into NXT. But Cora won’t waste time on that trash. You all know the story.

Everyone loves Roxie, even though she proved she’s a loser. Back to the more important things here, like Cora. Cora’s living her best life, not needing anyone’s approval, and especially not the fans. Have you heard these fans? They have the brains of second graders. As for the locker room, Cora doesn’t care what Zoey Stark thinks. Cora’s shoes have more personality than Stark. Nikkita Lyons is way too cocky, and she ain’t that good. Lash is annoying, Indi is lost, Alba’s just weird, and Toxic Attraction… Cora still doesn’t like them, but at least now, she understands them. And Wendy Choo? She makes Cora laugh.

Wendy’s like a human stuffed animal. It’s sad. She doesn’t belong in the ring. She belongs in the corner of a baby’s play room. Okay, thanks, guys. Can’t wait to do this again next year, because the Generation of Jade is only going to get bigger, she’ll only shine brighter, and this time next year, she will be the number one woman in the industry. Cora is cocky, but will someone come along and humble her?


Backstage interview with Wendy Choo.

McKenzie asks Wendy’s reaction to what Cora just said. To Wendy, Jade is jealous. Who lives in the Generation of Jade anyway? Not Wendy. Wendy is in an apartment. She might live in Cora’s world if it were rent free. Nah, Cora’s so jelly that she’s iced everyone else out. But see, Wendy may dress like this, but she smart person. Lash says no no no. Did we not see what happened to Lash in her match? Wendy says wait a minute. Lash is NOT going to interrupt her interview. Excuse me? No, excuse you! She is Lash- the one and only, you can’t clone me, WE KNOW. The last time a bimbo came up at Wendy, she turned her lights OUT! OKAY~!?

Wendy leaves and leaves Lash speechless. How will Lash respond should these two meet in the ring?


Quincy Elliot VS Sean Gallagher!

The Super Diva arrives and fans are already fired up. Will Quincy drop it like it’s hot right on his opponent in his NXT 2.0 debut?

The bell rings and Quincy swaggers, then hits the Nae Nae! Gallagher isn’t sure what to make of that, but he wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Quincy uses that to get down, roll, break free, then blow a kiss! Gallagher swings a haymaker, but Quincy shrugs that off to fire off his own haymakers! Quincy runs and CLOBBERS Gallagher! Fans fire up with Quincy and he gets Gallagher’s arms. Quincy drags Gallagher to the corner, climbs up, and fans chant “SUPER DIVA!” as he gives us a deep breath and a BANZAI DROP! Cover, Quincy wins!

Winner: Quincy Elliot, by pinfall

Quincy even gives the ref a spin and a dip! Is this just the beginning of a new legend in NXT?


Trick Williams finds Wes Lee backstage.

Trick says Wes should just give up now. The people may have voted Wes in, but they both know Wes has no chance. Trick, if you don’t get your- Melo BOOTS Wes down! Trick SLAMS Wes into lockers! They both stomp and kick Wes around, then Trick puts Wes in a locker. Melo SLAMS the door shut!! Refs finally get in here but Melo SLAMS the door again! Did Melo just make sure he has no challenger here tonight?


Backstage interview with Cameron Grimes.

McKenzie wants to know who Grimes’ partner will be against Tony D’Angelo & Stacks. Grimes says this isn’t the first time his mouth’s gotten him in trouble, and it won’t be the last. But a few weeks ago, Grimes told Gacy he didn’t need The Schism. So why would Tony D think Grimes needed him? Grimes’ partner is the one man he can trust out there, and that’s himself! Whether he’s a man down or a man up, he is the man that’s going #ToTheMoon! Will Grimes come to regret trying to take on The Don all alone?

Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS Cameron Grimes & ???

NXT returns as Grimes makes his entrance, and he starts against Stacks. Grimes and Stacks circle, tie up, and go around. Stacks powers Grimes back, but Grimes switches around to waistlock and SLAM Stacks! Stacks gets Grimes’ leg but Grimes headlocks. Stacks powers out but Grimes runs him over! Things speed up, Grimes slides under and kitchen sink knees Stacks down! SLIDING BOOT! Stacks scrambles away and tags in Tony. Fans boo but Grimes ties up with Tony. Tony CLUBS Grimes down while fans chant “YOU SUCK!” at him. Tony fires off hands, whips Grimes corner to corner, but Grimes goes up and over to KICK Tony!

Grimes KICKS again and again in the corner, and fans fire up! But Tony smacks Grimes off buckles! Tony whips Grimes, Grimes sunset flips! Fans rally but Stacks tags in! Grimes finishes the sunset on Tony but Stacks KICKS him in the back! Stacks KICKS Grimes down, then stomps him to the corner. The ref counts, Tony counts in and he stomps away. Stacks tags in, he drives knees into Grimes! Fans boo but Tony tags in. Tony & Stacks double whip to DOUBLE ELBOW Grimes down! Tony scoops Grimes to SLAM him! Tony talks trash, but here come The Schism! Gacy says he’s going to be Grimes’ tag partner?

Tony stomps Grimes in the corner, tags Stacks, and Stacks drags Grimes up to EuroUpper! Grimes wobbles, Stacks CLUBS him in the corner! Stacks talks smack to Gacy but Grimes BOOTS him! Grimes back drops Stacks away! Grimes sees Gacy and fans want him to tag! But Tony tags in and he mugs Grimes with the facelock and body shots. HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Tony smirks while Grimes clutches his back. Tony taunts Grimes to taunt Gacy, and Gacy holds his hand out. Fans rally and Grimes throws hands. But Tony RAMS Grimes into the corner. Stacks tags in, he and Tony double whip, but Grimes ducks, shoves Stacks into Tony, then DOUBLE RANAS!

Fans fire up as Grimes has a clear path! But will he tag Gacy? Fans fire up as Grimes gets up and looks that way. Stacks gets around to CLUB Grimes down! Stacks back suplexes, Grimes lands on his feet, and Gacy tags himself in! Gacy rallies on the D’Angelo Family! URENAGE for Stacks! Gacy rolls and DROPKICKS Tony! Gacy runs in to SPLASH Stacks, for another URENAGE! Fans fire up with Gacy but Grimes gets in to ask Gacy what he’s doing out here! Grimes doesn’t need help! But then Tony drags Grimes out of the ring! Stacks clamps on a SLEEPER! Grimes chases Tony into the ring, he gives Stacks a COLLISION COURSE! And Tony gets a CAVE IN!

Gacy handsprings to LARIAT Stacks! Cover, Gacy & Grimes win!!

Winners: Cameron Grimes & Joe Gacy, by pinfall

Grimes didn’t want it, but Gacy’s help did win him the match. Gacy hugs Grimes but Grimes pushes him away. Grimes says he doesn’t need them! He doesn’t want them! Gacy says it’s okay, they can hug this out. Grimes says he’s not going to accept them, so The Dyad CLOBBERS Grimes! Fans boo, but They give Grimes a TICKET TO MAYHEM! Then they stand Grimes up and Gacy says that was his last chance. HANDSPRING LARIAT! Fans boo as Gacy puts a smiley face sticker on Grimes’ chest. Will Grimes survive with enemies on all sides?


JD McDonagh speaks.

“Find me a young gentlemen and I will show you an excellent skincare routine. Personal grooming for me isn’t just a luxury, it’s an absolute necessary. Hygiene and the cleansing process is of paramount importance. Isn’t that right, Gabe?” JD’s personal barber says yes, sir. Good man, Gabe. Now look at the NXT Championship scene. JD “cleansed” it of Tyler Bate, and it is no longer tainted by the imperfections of the Big Strong Boy. Gabe cuts a little close and apologizes as he draws blood. JD says that brings him to Bron. Bron thinks JD is scared but he is sadly mistaken. This cat ‘n’ mouse game of theirs is coming to an end real soon.

JD dismisses Gabe, and looks at the blood on his hand. It may be his blood now, but will JD have someone else’s blood on his hands when he finally takes the NXT title for his own?


Vic Joseph has a sit-down interview with Bron Breakker.

To get right to it, Vic says it was one year ago that Bron had the very first match on NXT 2.0, just a year removed from college. What was going through his mind? Bron admits, he was scared sh*tless. All these emotions were running wild, but as soon as he got in front of the fans, Bron felt it was right. Fast forward to Bron VS Ciampa at Halloween Havoc and the NXT Championship. Everyone thought Bron would win, and so did Bron. Maybe Ciampa thought Bron was going to win. But it didn’t happen. And that was the best thing for Bron because it taught him how to deal with adversity and failure. Who knows if his title run would’ve been as good as it’s been if he’d won it then.

Fast forward again to New Year’s Evil to when Bron won the title. What was it like to have the gold around his waist? It was unbelievable. That was a great moment for Bron and for his family as his father, Rick Steiner, got to be there live to see it. That was the first time a member of their family held a WWE singles championship. Bron got to induct his dad and uncle, the Steiner Brothers, into the WWE Hall of Fame. What was that like for the entire family? That Friday night, Bron inducted the Steiners, it was surreal. And then the next day, Stand & Deliver, Bron lost the title to Dolph Ziggler. It hurt, really.

But then during WrestleMania, Bron sits thinking to himself, “I can’t leave Texas without the NXT Championship.” The Raw after Mania, Bron has his rematch with Ziggler, and he wins the belt back. Bron flies home late at night, it’s time for NXT, he has a war with Gunther. Bron survived, but he proved he can be the leader of NXT. Then there was Joe Gacy. It wasn’t a battle of strength and power but of mind games and emotion. That taught Bron how to handle himself mentally and physically. Bron’s been growing, from facing Grimes, JD and the historic unification match with Tyler Bate. Did Bron think a year ago he’d be here as a history maker?

Bron isn’t sure what the future holds, but he’s very much in the present. He doesn’t look six months, nine months ahead. As champion, his job is to uphold the standard set before him night in and night out. Then we all look forward to what’s next for Bron Breakker.


Backstage interview with Tyler Bate.

McKenzie notes Tyler asked for this time to speak, what is on his mind? “Bron Breakker has had an incredible first year here in NXT. Don’t get me wrong, but respectfully, I’m looking for a rematch. Now the NXT title remains for me an adventure untook, and no adventure is complete without its obstacles. A familiar face in JD McDonagh stands between myself and my divine purpose. Now we have history in the UK, which he reignited last week. And if he wants a shot at the NXT title, he’s gotta get through me first. Peace.” Will the Big Strong Boy and the Irish Ace throw down to see just who is next for Bron Breakker?


Kiana James & Arianna Grace VS Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark!

The Calculator has criticized how her opponents present themselves, and she went as far as to recruit the Pageant Queen to her mission. But will the brains and beauty really be able to beat the power and the heart of Nikkita & Zoey?

The teams sort out, Stark starts against Kiana. They circle, tie up, and Stark hits a headlock and takeover. Kiana headscissors but Stark kips free to headlock again. Kiana tries to pry free but she slips out the back to get Stark in a headlock. Stark powers Kiana down and wrenches out. Stark whips, Kiana reverses but Stark goes up and over to arm-drag Kiana around! Stark has the armlock, then she tags Lyons in! Fans fire up as Lyons headlocks Kiana, spins around and hammerlocks to headlock again. Fans rally, Kiana powers out but Lyons blocks the hip toss to body shot and FISHERMAN BUSTER! And then kip up!

Kiana bails out and is furious! She grabs her bag, Grace stops her from throwing it at Lyons, and the ref does his best to keep the peace while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Grace has Lyons down with a double wristlock. Fans rally and Lyons fights up. Lyons fireman’s carries and SAMOAN DROPS! Fans fire up and Lyons rolls to CLOBBER Grace in the corner! Lyons shoves Grace out then CLOBBERS her again! And BOOTS her! Cover, TWO!! Grace survives but Lyons clamps on with a facelock. Lyons drags Grace over, tag to Stark, and Stark wrenches to DECK Grace! And again! And then SUPERKICK! Grace staggers into the HALF NELSON TOSS! Fans fire up again but Grace backs away to tag Kiana! Kiana can’t even but Starks smirks. Kiana wants Stark to understand it was just business.

Stark CHOPS Kiana! And CHOPS again! And then CLOBBERS her! And DECKS her with that running forearm! Fans fire up but Kiana bails out. Stark hurries after but Kiana CLOBBERS Stark at the ramp! Kiana taunts Lyons, then drags Stark up and into the ring. Kiana stomps Stark, covers, TWO! Kiana clamps on a chinlock and she thrashes Stark around. Stark fights up, throws body shots, and then ROCKS Kiana. Kiana KNEES low, whips Stark and scoops for a BACKBREAKER! High stack cover, TWO! Kiana drags Stark from Lyons, then DECKS Lyons! Kiana runs in, but into a back drop! Fans fire up while both women are down!

Hot tag to Grace and she brings Stark up to whip. Stark holds ropes, KICKS Grace back and CLOBBERS her! And again! And then ROCKS, ELBOWS and MULE KICKS! Fans fire up with Stark and she runs, SLIDING KNEE! Stark SUPERKICKS Kiana off the apron, but Grace BOOTS Stark! Cover, TWO! Grace hurries to drag Stark up but Stark flips her, Z 360!! Tag to Lyons and she SPIN KICKS Grace back down! LYONS DEN! Cover, Lyons & Stark win!

Winners: Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark, by pinfall

No wonder this duo was originally mean to enter the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament! Is NXT seeing a new top tier team in the making?


Edris Enofe & Malik Blade are in the parking lot.

They’re telling the guy in the red hoodie that no, Joe Gacy is not the 2.0 Superstar of the Year. Even if you voted for him 1000 times, he won’t win! Schism talks about being inclusive but after what they just did to Grimes, that goes against everything they preach! Bur The Dyad storms in to say that Grimes brought that upon himself. This world needs change, and if you don’t see that, they’ll show you! THEY BRAWL! Security rushes in to stop this, and Hank wants to help, but he has his match to worry about. Will Edris & Malik show The Dyad they don’t need the kind of change Gacy speaks of?


NXT, get ready for the freshest flavor!

Once known as Oliver Carter, the Hottest Superstar Under the Sun in NXT UK is coming to NXT 2.0 as “Oro Mensah!” Will he still be just as hot and just as fresh now that he’s made the move?


It’s time to announce the Superstar of the Year!

But Grayson Waller interrupts McKenzie’s announcement to accept the award. Well, he could be the winner. But the final four are: Toxic Attraction as a faction, Carmelo Hayes, Nikkita Lyons and… GRAYSON WALLER! Thank you for making him a finalist! We did it! No, it’s Bron Breakker. He is among the final four, Waller is eliminated. Oh, Waller’s eliminated? Then fine! Fans suck! They don’t know what it’s like to see real talent! They got excited for Apollo Crews coming back, and probably that new guy, Oro. But Waller is the face of NXT! Bron’s been ducking Waller all year because he knows when Waller gets his shot, HE becomes NXT Champion!!


Javier Bernal VS Hank Walker!

“Big Body Javi” has been more like a jackass since moving up from Level Up to 2.0. Will he be humbled by big boss Hank?

The bell rings and fans are fired up for “HANK! HANK! HANK!” Hank and Javi circle, but Javi calls for a knuckle lock. Hank takes it, but Javi wrenches to a wristlock. Hank breaks free but Javi smirks. Javi and Hank circle, then Javi waistlocks to SLAP Hank. Fans boo as Javi eggs Hank on. Hank runs in but into a headlock. Javi grinds the hold but Hank endures and powers up! Hank carries Javi, and puts him in a corner! The ref counts, Hank lets off slowly, but Javi SLAPS him! Hank is pissed now! Hank grabs Javi around the face and TOSSES him into the corner! And then TOSSES him across the ring!

Fans fire up as Hank eggs Javi on now. Javi gets up, Hank runs in but into a dropkick! Hank staggers, fans chant “JAVI SUCKS!” as Javi KICKS Hank in the leg. And again! Hank ROCKS Javi! Javi dropkicks the leg again! Hank clutches the knee, but Javi grinds him down with a facelock. Hank fights up, and he TOSSES Javi away! Javi sputters to the corner, Hank runs in but into an elbow! Javi goes to bump but Hank blocks! Hank SMACKS Javi off buckles! And then scoops him, only for Javi to slip off into a SLEEPER! Hank endures and fans fire up. Hank throws body shots but Javi knees low. Javi whips, Hank reverses and hits a THESZ PRESS to fast hands!

Hank throws off the shirt! Fans fire up as Hank runs in to SPLASH at the corner! Whip and SPALSH again! Hank runs to CLOBBER Javi! Cover, HANK WINS!

Winner: Hank Walker, by pinfall

Big bad Hank just won in his NXT in-ring debut! Did Hank just earn himself a spot on the roster with this one?


Sol Ruca speaks.

“I live moment to moment, wave to wave. I enjoy fun in the sun, but I’m not afraid to test my limits. I don’t take life too seriously, but when I get to NXT, I can promise the Women’s Division it won’t be another day at the beach.” Sol Ruca is coming in, will she ride a wave of momentum to the top?


BREAKING NEWS for NXT next week!

Not only will we see Wendy Choo face Cora Jade 1v1, but we will see Tyler Bate VS JD McDonagh in an NXT Championship #1 Contender’s match! Who proves themselves worthy of the next title opportunities in 2.0?


The results are in!

Who is THE Superstar of the Year? It’s BRON BREAKKER! Another accolade for the Big Booty Nephew, what more historic moments will be heaped onto his shoulders?


Carmelo & Trick speak.

After a highlight reel of big entrances in NXT, Melo wants to talk about Wes making an entrance off that medical table. Trick says Wes’ head is probably still ringing. Melo says you can’t buy greatness. This ain’t a game, and you gonna find out! But then, if Wes can’t compete, who will step up to the A Champion in the main event?

NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS ???

NXT returns as Melo makes his entrance with Trick by his side. They get the mics to say this is the one year anniversary of 2.0, and the same things they said a year ago still stand today. They are too good to be this humble! That’s why Trick & Melo are still at center stage. Melo says let’s get to it. Wes Lee ain’t gonna make it out here. But to be honest, Melo did Wes a favor. Melo knows guys like Wes. Wes can’t handle this! Wes ain’t built to be The A Champion. Everyone in the back is praying for Melo’s downfall. They don’t wanna see him win. There are people from other brands coming trying to take what Melo built.

“Heavy lies the head that wears the crown, and Melo has the biggest crown and heaviest head in NXT.” That’s all it is, that’s all it’s- WAIT! Is that SOLO SIKOA?! The Street Champion has returned from SmackDown to take this spot! Fans are fired up but Melo is beside himself. Melo says Solo doesn’t go here anymore, he should go away! But fans chant, “HE’S GOT NEXT!” Solo tells Melo that like he said before, “I got next!” And then he DECKS Melo! And he TOSSES Trick! Fans fire up as the ref gets in! No need for introductions are raising the belt, we see if The Bloodline runs all the brands!

The bell rings, Melo rushes Solo but Solo DECKS him! And ROCKS him again and again and again! Solo fires off at the ropes, lets off as the ref counts and whips, to then back drop Melo high! Melo flounders, drop toeholds, but Solo stays up! Melo throws hands, CHOPS, but Solo snarls. Melo whips but Solo blocks! Solo whips Melo then CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up and Solo whips Melo to a corner. Solo runs in to clothesline! Melo sits down, fans chant “UCE! OH!” and Solo runs in! Melo bails out, but Solo is there to SLINGSHOT in him back in! And then he TOSSES him out onto Trick! Fans fire up and NXT goes picture in picture.

Melo flounders and Solo holds up the finger, #HetheOne! Melo gets in, but then bails out again with a fresh ring count. Solo is patient and he wants on Melo. Melo goes around the way, paces as he cools off, and slides in again, to slide back out. Solo gets annoyed and slides out after Melo. Melo is too busy talking trash, but Solo turns him around to ROCK him! Solo SMACKS Melo off the steps, then again! Melo staggers away but Solo keeps after him! Melo hurries but can’t get away! Solo smacks him off the other steps! Solo puts Melo in the ring, but Melo CLOBBERS Solo! Melo rains down fists then kicks Solo around.

Melo runs and KICKS Solo in the side! Melo paces around, clamps onto Solo with a facelock, and he stands Solo up to CHOP him! And CHOP! Solo kicks back, HEADBUTTS Melo down, then sits Melo up to KICK him in the back! Melo grits his teeth but Solo clamps on as NXT returns to single picture. Melo endures the claws in his shoulders, and fans fire up. Melo fights up to his feet and he throws body shots. Melo BOOTS Solo, then runs, into a HEADBUTT! Melo is dazed and fans fire up! Trick is stressing out as Melo bails out. Solo pursues, and he turns Melo around to ROCK him with an uppercut!

Melo staggers, Solo puts Melo in, but Trick gets the bad leg! Trick SLAMS the leg on the apron! Fans boo but Melo springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Melo gets the legs, stomps the bad knee and CLUBS it, then KICKS it! Melo checks his face but he’s fine, and he gives the bad leg a DDT! Melo drags Solo up, Trick mocks #WeTheOnes, but Solo throws body shots on Melo! Solo shoves, Melo rolls off Solo’s back and CHOP BLOCKS! Melo drags Solo to a cover, TWO! Melo keeps hold of the leg to pull on the knee! Solo endures the modified heel hook and fans rally behind him. Melo CLUBS the leg and pulls, but Solo hammers Melo’s other leg.

Melo kicks the bad leg, turns Solo over and has a HALF CRAB! Melo sits deep but Solo punches his own face to ignore the pain! Solo reaches out, but Melo drags Solo from ropes to stomp away on the leg! Melo turns Solo back over for more HALF CRAB! Solo endures and fans rally hard as ever, and Solo gets the ROPEBREAK! Melo lets go at 4, fans rally for “UCE! OH!” as Melo grabs the legs. Solo BOOTS Melo away! Both men are down, fans fire up, and Solo stands. Melo runs in, but no Code Breaker! Solo tosses Melo away, blocks a haymaker to ROCK Melo! And again! And again! And body shot after body shot!

Solo whips to SUPERKICK Melo, then SAMOAN DROP! Melo goes to a corner and Solo fire sup! The fans chant again, “UCE! OH!” HIP ATTACK! Solo fights through the pain in his leg to drag Melo right up to a fireman’s carry! Trick distracts and Solo drops Melo to glare. But he turns around into a CODE BREAKER! Solo stays up, Melo runs, into a POP-UP SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Melo survives! Trick is on the apron but the ref tells him to get down. Solo watches Melo writhe, Solo SUPERKICKS Trick down! Melo springboards, into an URENAGE!! Solo turns things around and he heads up top!

Fans are thunderous as Solo aims, FLYING SOLO!! Cover, SOLO WINS!!

Winner: Solo Sikoa, by pinfall (NEW NXT North American Champion)

Fans are electric! The 2.0 Anniversary ends with a NEW A Champion!! From the Tribal Chief to Solo’s own brothers, Jimmy & Jey Uso, and now The Street Champion of the Island! The Bloodline has gold in their veins and around their waists! Is their dominance in the WWE inevitable?


HBK closes the episode with this message.

“NXT has been and always will be about developing the superstars of tomorrow. But we will always reflect and acknowledge the past. NXT is constantly evolving, with a focus on the future. Superstars develop and move on, but our message to our passionate fans will never change. We Are N X T.” A bright, shiny new take on the logo is the closing shot, is this 2.0 no more? Is this JUST the new era of NXT?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT, but because this was the “anniversary” show, they did a lot of retrospective packages that I didn’t bother with. Still all well-made, but whatever. Opening with the tag title match was great, and while I have no idea what the other options were, they made the steel cage stipulation work well. And of course Kemp was going to get involved, so they did it in a clever way by having him handcuff Julius to the top of the cage. I almost thought the Creeds were going to break off that cage wall but they can’t do that with fans so close. But because Kemp interfered, of course Pretty Deadly retains and will move on to another team for Halloween Havoc or something.

Great little moment for Fallon to have a Connor’s Cure kid in her corner, and great win for her off Lash Legend. Then we got a good interaction between Fallon and her boys with Toxic Attraction, and while I don’t see Fallon taking the title from Mandy, if they could build her up to be a title contender, that could be really good stuff. At the same time, Alba Fyre got in Toxic Attraction’s face, she might be Mandy’s Halloween Havoc opponent. I’m hoping Alba takes the title off Mandy, but I have a bad feeling she won’t. At the same time, why shouldn’t someone beat Mandy at Halloween Havoc, where Mandy won the belt in the first place?

Good promo from Cora to hype herself up, and good response from Wendy Choo. But while Wendy and Cora are having the match, I have a feeling Lash goes after Wendy after their interaction. On the flipside, Roxie can go after Cora, we could end up with a tag match. We got a very good tag match from Lyons & Stark VS Kiana & Grace, and I figured Lyons & Stark would win. Maybe they’ll build up towards the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships so that it isn’t just Toxic Attraction going right after KC Squared. And good debut win for Quincy Elliot. He has Goldust meets Viscera vibes, and the live fans clearly love the Super Diva, so Quincy’s going to go far.

Also a great debut win for Hank Walker, because certainly in kayfabe, you wouldn’t expect him to win when he’s “just a security guard.” I did appreciate Wade Barrett on commentary blending work and shoot, where Hank is a prospect but he’s in security to pay his dues. Javi will surely want payback for this loss, he and Hank can have a good feud as we get to know Hank. Sol Ruca had a good vignette promo to show her moves both on land and in water, I wonder if she’ll clash with Tiffany Stratton as they’re both athletes from one sport who moved into pro-wrestling. And a shame to hear about Yulisa Leon, but it will be interesting to see Feroz on her own. Also, that segment worked to set up Sanga VS Von, and that should be great, too.

Good to see Oliver Carter making the move to NXT now that NXT UK has shut down. Of course he gets a WWE name, even though “Oliver Carter” wasn’t his legal name. But “Oro Mensah” isn’t the worst name, and “Mensah” is common and recognizable surname from Ghana, so it is a way for Oliver/Oro to reference his heritage. And of course Waller gets upset that A) he isn’t the NXT Superstar of the Year, and B) there is another new name coming to the brand. Waller VS Mensah will be some good stuff, and this will be an extension of the Oliver Carter story from NXT UK where he is finding out how to be a solo star without Ashton Smith by his side.

Good stuff from Grimes, Gacy, The Dyad and even Edris & Malik. Grimes wanting to take Tony D & Stacks on alone was a bit surprising but of course he went and did it. Gacy joining in was great because it was like the greatest Face turn tease we could’ve gotten. Grimes doubles down on not being interested in joining The Schism, so The Schism loses interest in him. The Dyad also gets in the faces of Edris & Malik to help bring them back into this story, I expect a Six Man Tag of Grimes, Edris & Malik VS The Schism, and who knows if or how Tony D & Stacks get involved. Maybe Tony gets a new third man to replace Two Dimes so we can get a huge WAR GAMES blow-off.

Good promos from JD McDonagh, Tyler Bate and Bron Breakker. Bron’s was a retrospective disguised as an interview, but it just shows me how quickly they pushed Bron to the top. Bron’s really good, but I still doubt he should’ve been the two-time NXT Champion that then became Undisputed NXT Champion. I do appreciate that we’re getting JD VS Bate in a contender’s match, and then that winner will face Bron at, again I would think, Halloween Havoc. And whether we get Bron VS JD II or Bron VS Bate II, I really feel like the time’s come for Bron to drop the title and then move on to RawDown.

And of course, great stuff for the North American Championship story. I had a feeling Wes Lee was going to win that poll, but what a twist that Melo & Trick beat the crap out of Wes to deny him the title match. But then a great twist back that Solo returned despite being on SmackDown with The Bloodline. Solo continues his story here on NXT by finally taking Melo on 1v1 and finally taking the title! What a great move, and it really adds some depths to the dynamic of The Bloodline. Solo comes off as Heel against McIntyre, but he’s clearly Face here. It could be seen as Solo isn’t really a Heel on SmackDown, since he is just defending his family.

I bet on Friday, we see Solo raise the North American Championship alongside Roman and the Usos, and that will only add to things going on with The Bloodline and Sami Zayn. Sami will feel the pressure of needing a title, and if he doesn’t get the Intercontinental Championship soon, he’ll get kicked out of the group.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 12.1.2022

After the holiday, we get on track for Hard to Kill. Deonna vs Mickie James is the main event…do we see Mickie’s career end tonight?



With the holiday last week, I wasn’t home to cover IMPACT so it’s going to be a fun night of how much I remember and how well they frame the stories.

We’re on the road to Hard to Kill, so we need to remind people about Over Drive and then move forward. I’m also curious if we get any resolution on the VBD stare down after EY lost. I really don’t want EY to get kicked since that will be a sad group of mid card sacks of shit. But I guess we’ll see.


  • Rich Swann vs Bully Ray: Swann wins via DQ – * 1/2
  • Moose vs Bhupinder Gujjar: Moose wins via Lights Out – * 3/4
  • Steve Maclin vs Frankie Kazarian: Kaz wins via DQ – **
  • Last Rodeo: Deonna Purrazzo vs Mickie James: Mickie wins via Victory Roll – *** 1/2



We get the Over Drive highlights, so I’m guessing they did their usual Thanksgiving fun episode. Bully Ray walks out to start the show. Bully recaps things, explains how he kept his word while running down the crowd, intimidating children and doing solid heel work. 

It goes a little long, but thankfully Rich Swann eventually gets sick of the diatribe and rushes the ring. Swann gets in a few pot shots, but Bully bails out, tries to walk away and gets a plancha. The referee comes out and the match will kick off the show!

Rich Swann vs Bully Ray

Bully jaws a little, lays in some punches and power moves but Rich eventually turns the tide. The quick step over back kick and a Frog Splash for 1. But then Bully catches Rich on the top rope, Tree of Woe and starts wailing on him.

Bully keeps control of Swann until Swann drops down with the Jawbreaker and then we see him start using the speed and athleticism with kicks and top rope moves. Bully stifles Rich, goes for the Avalanche Senton as he flirts with the referee and misses. Rich hits a 450 Splash for 2, and then we see a little back and forth, before Bully grabs his chain and hits Rich in front of the referee. So the DQ happens but Bully doesn’t care. Bully gets a chair and other weapons from under the ring and starts beating on Rich.

Bully really likes these zip ties, Tommy Dreamer comes out to stop Bully though. They argue, Bully shoves Dreamer and then D’Amore hits the ring to try and quell this. Bully is defiant, even D’Amore is getting fired up and looks like he wants to fight Bully. Dreamer trying to keep D’Amore away from Bully is funny and pretty great. 

Moose vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Definitely not a match I expected. 

Moose gets in the early shots, but Gujjar starts to fire back and he gets some solid shots sending Moose to the outside. Gujjar takes to long to pander after the Dropkick and Moose has him eat a Big Boot into an Apron Powerbomb.

Gujjar shows more fire but Moose cuts him down. Moose goes for the Lights Out, but Gujjar dodges sending Moose into the corner. A few shots, Ripcord Knee, Slingblade and now…tuning up the Gargoyle Spear but Moose side steps it like Samoa Joe. Gujjar leapfrogs the Lights Out again, but Moose puts the brakes on and fires back connecting with the Lights Out and the win.

Moose starts to rant and says that he doesn’t want any of the idiots to to talk about Bully Ray or “Say his name”, and then JOE HENDRY’s music hits! There is already a “This is Awesome” chant just with Joe Hendry and Moose standing in the ring. Hendry fights Moose off mostly and Gujjar hits the awful Spear out of nowhere to get Moose to powder out. 

Steve Maclin vs Frankie Kazarian

Maclin starts off with some big strikes but Kaz ducks the line and hits the Springboard Reverse Elbow, and begins his offensive. Kaz beats on him in one corner then Maclin tosses him out and we see some back and forth. Neither are really landing big strikes, Maclin keeps some control with smaller strikes and knees against the ropes, but nothing really definitive.

A few of Maclin’s shots piss off Kaz and they Hockey Fight a little but Maclin keeps all of the control. Kaz does finally start a comeback and we get some of the classic Kaz Flying Forearm, Guillotine Legdrop and Slingshot Cutter. Maclin powder…and grabs a chair. So…another DQ finish?

Last Rodeo: Deonna Purrazzo vs Mickie James

They do a good job pacing things back and forth early on. Deonna fights back and starts to rock Mickie, the Slingshot into the bottom rope gives Deonna full control. Headlock Takeover and tries to wear Mickie down, Mickie fires back but Deonna refuses to give her the advantage. Mickie finally manages to slow her down with a Headscissors and now we get Mickie dropping Deonna down, Mickie goes to the top for the Thesz Press, but Deonna pushes her off.

Commercial break kicks in, and Deonna hits a Brainbuster for a few sequential pinfall attempts, but Mickie refuses to stay down. Camel Clutch from Deonna is wearing down Mickie but she manages to fight out. A few back elbows, then Mickie goes to the ropes to try offense but Deonna stifles. They struggle and Mickie finally gets Deonna on the outside, Dropkick and Thesz Press to the outside.

Mickie throws Deonna in, Missile Dropkick, Neckbreaker and looking for the Mick D-T, but Deonna stops it. Tornado DDT attempt from Mickie, but a Pump Kick from Deonna drops Mickie for a 2 count. Queen’s Gambit attempt, Superkick counter from Mickie for another 2. Mick D-T again, but Deonna blocks and swings around driving Mickie down into the Fujiwara. Venus Di Milo gets locked in too close to the ropes.

Locomotion Victory Rolls, Deonna tries to grab the tights, but Mickie counters through and picks up the win with a little tights pull of her own.

Jordynne’s music hits. She basically says they both put things behind them, and challenges Mickie at Hard to Kill. Career versus Title. 

Overall Score: 6/10

Honestly, Bully went on a little long, Moose’s promo was a little too similar to Bully just being a piece of shit. Plus the match quality aside from the main event was lame, two DQs is redundant…so yeah, not sure what to make of this.

Career versus Title for Knockouts is nice but then after that we had the vignette killing off Eric Young so VBD is a mid card faction. Which I guess is a little sad since this is the best Deaner we’ve ever seen, but he’s still not a credible on the card.

So it was a weird show, but Joe Hendry always makes things a little better.

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (11/30/22)

World Tag League, Round 4!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

Will the United Empire continue to conquer?

World Tag League finally goes again, and round four might be bad luck for the top of the block! Will Aussie Open continue to lead as an undefeated duo?


  • Tomoaki Honma & Ryohei Oiwa VS Yuto Nakashima & Oska Leube; Nakashima & Leube win.
  • Six Man Tag: Master Wato, Clark Connors & Kosei Fujita VS Suzuki-Gun; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; LIJ wins.
  • World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens; Fale & Chase win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer; Suzuki & Archer win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Aussie Open VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Aussie Open wins.
  • World Tag League 2022: Tetsuya Naito & SANADA VS Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls; Shane & Mikey win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI; Yano & Tanahashi win.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 3-0, 6 points
Goto & Hashi: 2-1, 4 points
Naito & Sanada: 2-1, 4 points
Suzuki & Archer: 2-1, 4 points
Khan & Henare: 2-1, 4 points
The Mighty: 2-1, 4 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 1-2, 2 points
Chase & Fale: 1-2, 2 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-3, 0 points
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-3, 0 points


World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens!

The #MechanicalBulls are barely holding on, but so are the General’s Jewels! Who gets a grip and claws their way back up before it’s too late?

The teams sort out and Kidd starts against Chase. Fans rally as the two circle, and they’re able to cheer “KIDDU! KIDDU!” The two tie up with knuckle locks, break, then go again. Chase waistlocks, but Kidd pries free to wrench. Chase spins and wrenches back to top wristlock. Kidd slips around, spins Chase and snapmares, then sits him up to a chinlock. Chase fights up to get in the ropes. The ref counts the break and Kidd counts along to let go at 4. Chase is annoyed but Kidd says it’s okay. Kidd and Chase approach, Chase kicks the knuckle lock away to tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Chase puts Kidd in a corner, the ref counts, and Chase lets off.

Chase CHOPS Kidd, but Kidd DECKS Chase! Kidd fires up and fans applaud. Chase stands up and resets with Kidd, they tie up, and Chase claws Kidd’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Chase headlocks but Kidd powers out. Chase runs Kidd over and tells him, “SUCK IT!” Things speed up, Kidd hurdles but Chase stomps the monkey flip with a stomp! Chase headlocks but Coughlin tags in as Kidd powers out. Kidd drops down and Coughlin scoops Chase to SLAM! Kidd drops a SENTON, then the Mechanical Bulls flex. Coughlin deadlift gut wrenches for the SUPLEX! Fans fire up and Chase goes to a corner. Coughlin runs in, but Chase dodges!

Chase CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Coughlin just frowns at him. Coughlin puts Chase in the corner, but Chase blocks the chop with knees! Coughlin shapes out the arm and Chase storms up on him, but Coughlin picks Chase up to RAM him in the corner! Coughlin UPPERCUTS, CHOPS, and roars! Fans fire up with The Android as he drags Chase up. Coughlin tags Kidd, whips Chase, then kicks Chase low. Kidd knee lifts, Coughlin CHOPS, and Chase falls for Kidd to drop an elbow! Fale gets in but Coughlin kicks him first. The Mechanical Bulls mug Fale then double whip, but Fale runs them both over! Fans fire up as the Rogue General stomps Kidd.

Fale drags Kidd up, whips him corner to corner, and Chase stomps a mudhole in. Chase drags Kidd up to scrape his face on the ropes! Tag to Fale, and Chase pushes Kidd down for him and Fale to stand on his back! The ref counts but Chase & Fale salute. Bullet Club steps away at 4, and Fale drags Kidd to a cover. TWO, and Fale is upset with the ref. Fans rally for Kidd but Fale stomps him down. Fale drags Kidd up but Kidd CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Fale throat chops back! Kidd sputters and Fale tags Chase. Chase drags Kidd up, he and Fale double whip, and they body shot, knee lift and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up for Kidd but Chase taunts Coughlin. The ref stops Coughlin from getting in as Chase brings Kidd up. Kidd swings but Chase dodges to BELL CLAP! Chase throws Kidd down for the NECK TWEAK! Kidd writhes and Chase tags Fale. Bullet Club whip Kidd to a corner, then Fale runs in, only for Kidd to dodge! Chase runs in but Kidd dumps him out! Fans rally up but Fale stomps Kidd down. Fale drags Kidd up, scoops him, but Kidd slips off! SUPERKICK! Fale staggers away and fans fire up! Kidd crawls for his corner, hot tag to- NO, Chase trips Coughlin! Chase wags his finger, and Fale SPLASHES Kidd in the corner! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up and Kidd sputters, but Fale tags Chase. Chase drags Kidd up and calls his shot! Chase suplexes, but Kidd blocks! Kidd throws body shots, but Chase blocks his suplex. They fight for control and fans rally up. Chase gets Kidd up, but Kidd fights back down to TENZAN BRAINBUSTER! Kidd fires up as fans fire up, and both men crawl to their corners. Hot tags to Coughlin and Fale! The Android dodges the General to RAM shoulders! Coughlin fires off forearms then scoops! But Fale’s too big! Or is he?! Fale CLUBS Coughlin before he’s off the ground too far! Fale scoops Coughlin to a fireman’s carry, but Coughlin fights free!

Coughlin fires off more forearms, he ROCKS Fale, then tries the scoop! Fans rally but Fale resists! Coughlin knees low, CHOPS, and fires up! “LET’S GO!!” Coughlin runs but Fale CLOBBERS him! Fale then runs to drop a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Coughlin is still in this. Tag to Chase, Bullet Club double whip to FLAPJACK and SLIDING BOOT! Cover, but Kidd breaks it! Fans fire up as Kidd fires off forearms on Bullet Club! Kidd forearms, CHOPS, repeat! Kidd roars, runs, but Chase gets around to waistlock and lift! Fale runs in, GRENADE LAUNCHER! Fale whips Coughlin corner to corner, Chase runs in and forearm smashes!

Fale runs in to SPLASH! Fale then scoops Coughlin and Chase goes up, but Coughlin slips free! Coughlin shoves Fale into Chase, and Chase falls onto his crown jewels! Fale staggers, into a SCOOP SLAM!! The Android roars and fans fire up! Coughlin clinches Chase, for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up more and Coughlin drags Chase up. But Chase BOOTS, C-TRIGGERS, and tucks Coughlin in! PACKAGE DRIVER!! Cover, Chase & Fale win!

Winners: Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Coughlin & Kidd earn 0)

Chase turns things around in the blink of an eye, and he and Fale survive the Mechanical Bulls! Can they survive until the end of the league to be a finalist? As for Coughlin & Kidd, is their run already over at 0-4?


World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer!

The All United Empire Finals is still possible, but only if the Dominator & Ultimate Weapon continue to dominate! Will they keep their hopes alive? Or will even the Empire see that #EverybodyDies?

As always, The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, is here to give the Empire’s introductions. As for the Murderhawk Monster, he storms over the railing to get right up to commentary! Milano Collection AT and Master Wato ask for mercy, they don’t wanna get hit. Then Suzuki makes his entrance and Archer chases Gideon! Gideon runs all the way to the back row, and Archer pushes Young Lion Oskar Leube out of his way. Fans all join in on “KAZE NI NARE!” and then Suzuki-Gun attacks the Empire! Archer kicks Henare and throws him out while Suzuki himself is after Khan! Suzuki throws Khan out, stomps him at ringside, and the bell rings!

Suzuki stands Khan up to knee him low, then kick him down! Archer chases a cameraman off, but then Henare dodges his boot into the post! Henare comes back to ROCK Archer! Khan and Suzuki trade forearms, then Suzuki kicks low. Suzuki whips, Khan reverses and Suzuki hits railing! Suzuki slumps down and Khan is after him. Khan shakes the railing while choking Suzuki with his foot! Khan lets off to CLUB Suzuki but Suzuki throws body shots. Khan CLUBS Suzuki again, puts him in the ring, and then drags him around to CHOKE! The ref counts, Khan lets off and brings up all the stuff Suzuki was doing.

Suzuki kicks at Khan from below, but Khan stomps away on Suzuki! Khan CHOKES Suzuki again, but lets off as the ref reprimands. Fans rally up as Khan drags Suzuki up. Khan puts Suzuki in the corner, CLUBS him, then hops up onto his throne! Fans applaud but Suzuki snarls as Khan pulls back the arms! Henare talks trash right to Suzuki’s face while the ref manages to keep Archer back. Suzuki SPITS at Henare! Khan hops off, Henare CLUBS Suzuki, then Khan tags Henare in. The Empire mugs Suzuki but he fights back with CHOPS and palm strikes! But the Empire still mugs Suzuki with clubbing arms.

Henare ROCKS Suzuki with forearm after forearm in the corner, then digs his boots in! The ref counts and Henare lets off, but Suzuki stands right up! Henare KICKS, KICKS and ROCKS Suzuki! Fans fire up, and Suzuki hits back! Suzuki wrenches an arm, brings Henare to ropes, then HOTSHOTS the arm! Henare swings on Suzuki but into a HANGING ARMBAR! Archer runs to BLAST Khan off the apron! The ref reprimands, Suzuki lets off and drags Henare out to whip him hard into the railing! Suzuki ELBOWS Henare in the head and Henare drops to the floor. Archer stomps Khan around outside to keep him down.

Archer apparently takes offense to Khan’s ponytail being a braid, it’s too much like Archer’s murderhawk braid. Anyway, Suzuki stands Henare up, slaps him around, and he bumps Henare off the apron. The ring count climbs but Suzuki puts Henare in at 5 of 20. Tag to Archer, and Suzuki-Gun stands on Henare’s head! The ref reprimands, Suzuki-Gun steps away, and Archer drags Henare back up. Archer puts Henare in a corner, stomps a mudhole in, laughs and stomps some more. Archer digs his knee in but the ref counts. Archer lets off at 4, then Suzuki gets a shot in. Suzuki returns the trash talk from earlier as he slaps Henare around.

Archer stands Henare up and Henare throws a body shot. Archer fires up and throws his shirt off, egging Henare on. Henare throws forearms, then a CHOP! Archer laughs and dares him to do that again. Henare CHOPS, so Archer DECKS him! Fans fire up while Archer looms over Henare. Archer drags Henare up and to the corner to tag in Suzuki. Suzuki-Gun mugs Henare with body shot after body shot! Suzuki hits Henare one more time and he falls over! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Suzuki drags Henare up. Henare throws a forearm, but Suzuki gives it back! Suzuki eggs Henare on so Henare throws another forearm!

Suzuki ROCKS Henare with a shot, fans rally up, and Henare fires off a flurry! Suzuki kicks low! Suzuki runs, but Henare blocks the kick to step-over WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare stirs, hurries over, hot tag to Khan! Khan throws hands on Suzuki then the Mongolian Chop! Khan whips Suzuki to a corner and clotheslines from behind! Khan dribbles Suzuki’s head off the buckles! The ref reprimands but Khan SLAM DUNKS Suzuki! Suzuki staggers around, Khan runs, and he runs Suzuki over! Cover, ONE!! Suzuki is still a tough old bastard and Khan drags him up.

Fans rally up as Khan whips Suzuki corner to corner. Suzuki reverses and BOOTS Khan! Then Suzuki dribbles Khan off the buckles! Fans rally, Suzuki snapmares and PENALTY KICKS! Suzuki seems to prefer soccer to basketball. Cover, TWO! Suzuki stomps Khan, slaps him around, but Khan stands as fans rally. Khan ROCKS Suzuki, but Suzuki ROCKS Khan! The forearms go back and forth, harder and harder, faster and faster, and fans rally with each shot! Khan ROCKS Suzuki, ROCKS him again, but Suzuki just laughs! Suzuki ROCKS Khan right back! Khan wobbles and drops to a knee! Suzuki eggs Khan on, so Khan Mongolian Chops!

Khan Mongolian Chops again! Khan roars, runs, but Suzuki kitchen sink knees him down! Tag to Archer! Archer stalks Khan, and clamps on an IRON CLAW! But Khan clamps on HIS IRON CLAW! The fans rally for the battle of iron claws! Khan and Archer go back and forth, but Archer breaks free to full nelson! Khan breaks free of that to drag Archer down to a KNEEBAR! Archer flails and crawls and reaches out as Khan grapevines the leg! Khan has a HEEL HOOK, then shifts the angle! Archer keeps moving and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer as Khan lets off to tag Henare. Khan still anchors the leg, then he and Henare stomp Archer down.

Henare drags Archer up to throw body shots in the corner. Henare & Khan double whip Archer corner to corner,  then Khan runs in to clothesline! Henare runs in to add a clothesline! Henare feeds Archer to the HITSUJIGOROSHI, then grabs at the legs. But Suzuki runs in to CLUB Henare and stop the Fubuki! Suzuki CHOPS Henare, CHOPS Khan, repeat! HEADBUTT for Henare, HEADBUTT for Khan! Henare swings but Suzuki gets around to shove Henare into Khan! Suzuki runs but into SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Fans fire up and Khan runs at Archer in the corner, but into a BOOT! Henare runs in, but Archer dodges!

Archer puts Khan in a corner, and he sees he has two targets! Fans fire up as Archer runs to back elbow Henare! And  runs corner to corner to back elbow Khan! Back to Henare, but then Khan dodges! Archer kicks Khan, runs, but into a chicken wing and PONYTAIL CHOKE! The ref reprimands but Khan feeds Archer to Henare’s HEEL KICK! Khan puts on HITSUJIGOROSHI, Henare gets the legs for FUBUKI, then MARINE!! Cover, TWO!! Archer survives and fans fire up again! Henare calls the shot, and he fireman’s carries Archer. Khan runs, but Suzuki slips in to catch Khan with a SLEEPER HOLD!

Archer slips free to choke grip Henare! But Henare throws a HARD body shot! Henare roars and runs in, to SHINING WIZARD in the corner! Henare shoves Archer out, goes up, but Archer blocks the “brain chop!” Archer STEP-UP KNEES Henare, and has the inverted crucifix! BLACKOUT BOMB!! Cover, Suzuki-Gun wins!

Winners: Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Khan & Henare earn 0)

The Suzuki Army just conquered the United Empire! Did they just kill the hopes of an All United Empire Finals? Or can Khan & Henare find new live in the next round?


World Tag League 2022: Aussie Open VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi!

Speaking of the Empire, Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher are leading the pack, hoping to carve their names in history! Will “Dunk-Zilla” and the “Aussie Arrow” still be riding high? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp bring them down by any means necessary?

Gideon Grey returns, safe from Archer, to give Aussie Open their introductions. Then the House of Torture makes their entrance, with Dick Togo already accompanying them outright. Who knows where Sho is lurking, but surely he’s here, too. Aussie Open don’t sweat Evil or Yujiro as they taunt them during the introductions. Fletcher tells Dick to shoo, “See you later, bucko.” But then the House of Torture attack 3v2! Evil claws Fletcher’s eyes while Dick and Yujiro mug Davis. Dick even DECKS Gideon! Yujiro throws Davis out while Evil throws Fletcher out. The bell rings to put this on record as the brawling continues outside.

Evil and Yujiro whip Aussie Open but Aussie Open reverse to send Evil and Yujiro into railing! Then Aussie Open pick them up, run around the way, and SANDWICH them at ramp side! Fans fire up and Fletcher helps Gideon back up. Fletcher CLUBS Evil, Davis puts Yujiro in, and Fletcher goes in after Yujiro. Fans rally up as Aussie Open double whip the Pimp to double sledge, PENALTY KICK and SENTON! Fans fire up as Davis covers, TWO! Davis glares at Dick then drags Yujiro up to ROCK him with a forearm. Tag to Kyle, Aussie Open mugs Yujiro, and Yujiro staggers around. Fletcher reels Yujiro in, but Yujiro wrenches and BITES Fletcher’s hand!

The ref reprimands, Yujiro stops and he kicks Fletcher low. Yujiro whips, Fletcher reverses but Yujiro holds ropes. Fletcher runs in but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Evil BLASTS Davis and goes out after him! Dick ROCKS Fletcher while Evil brings Davis around. Evil RAMS Davis into the timekeeper! Davis and Abe-san both flop down on the other side of the railing! The ref reprimands and Young Lions hurry to help Abe-san. Evil kicks Fletcher around, pulls his hair, then puts him in the ring for Yujiro. Yujiro drags Fletcher to a cover and the ref returns to count, ONE! Fans rally but Evil is already annoyed with the count.

Yujiro bumps Fletcher off buckles, tags Evil, and Evil has the ref check Davis But this is so Evil can CHOKE Fletcher with his shirt! Fans boo but Evil gets away with that and covers, TWO! Evil is upset again but the ref defends his count. Tag to Yujiro and he drags Kyle up. Yujiro snapmares and runs to basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Fletcher as Evil argues the count. Yujiro drags Fletcher up, fans rally and cheer for Aussie Open. Yujiro ROCKS Fletcher, brings him around, and ROCKS him again. Evil holds Fletcher in place so Yujiro can CHOKE him with a boot! The ref has to keep Davis back so the House of Torture gets away with that.

Evil taunts Davis, then he drags Fletcher up into a cobra twist. Yujiro and Dick link up with Evil to link to the railing for leverage! Fans boo and Gideon storms over, but Dick kicks him first! Dick then makes Gideon part of the chain! Fletcher endures even more before the ref notices! The ref counts, the House lets off and Fletcher crawls away. Evil keeps him from Davis but taunts Davis to reach out. Evil brings Fletcher around but Fletcher fires off forearms! But Evil knees low! Evil suplexes but Fletcher blocks! Fans rally as Fletcher keeps fighting, and he wrenches out to get around and SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF!

Fans fire up with Fletcher and he crawls for his corner. Hot tag to Davis! Dunk-Zilla blasts through Yujiro to corner clothesline Evil! Then Davis CHOPS Yujiro, and corner clotheslines Evil again! Another CHOP for Yujiro, another corner clothesline for Evil! Davis goes for another but Yujiro dodges the chop to kick low. Evil & Yujiro double whip Davis, but Davis handsprings and comes back to DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up with Davis as he storms up to Evil in a corner. Davis CHOP-LARIATS! And CHOP-LARIATS! And CHOP-LARIATS again! Davis drags Evil up to fireman’s carry, but Evil slips around to a waistlock.

Davis elbows free but Dick swipes at him! Dick plays innocent, and Davis turns around into an EYE RAKE! Evil whips Davis into bare buckles! The fans boo the Bullet Club Special but Yujiro tags in. Yujiro & Evil stomp Davis, then Yujiro drags Davis up. Yujiro stands Davis against ropes to BOOT him! Yujiro then brings Davis out to FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Aussie Open but Yujiro brings Davis up. Davis fights the Incolle Slam, but Yujiro kick slow! Yujiro whips, Davis reverses and runs in, but Yujiro dodges! Yujiro runs in but Davis catches him to BUCKLE SHOT!

Davis runs side to side to SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up and Davis runs to BLAST Evil! But Dick grabs Davis! Fletcher runs in to SHOTGUN Dick down! Aussie Open brings Yujiro up, POP-UP KICK! And then the scoop, to the LAWN DART CUTTER! Cover, but Evil breaks it! Fletcher CLUBS Evil and throws him out! Fletcher hurries back to the corner, Davis tags him in! Fans rally as Aussie Open calls for the finish, but here’s SHO! Sho distracts everyone by brandishing his wrench! The ref tells Sho to get down so he does, but this allows Evil to shove Aussie Open into each other, and the ref!

Fans boo as Dick gets in to JAM Davis with a chair! And again! The House of Torture mugs Aussie Open 4v2! Fans boo harder, then they rally up for Aussie Open. Gideon gets in to block Sho from using the wrench! But Evil CLUBS Gideon! But here comes GREAT-O-KHAN! He BOOTS Sho down and DECKS Dick! He Mongolian Chops Evil, dodges Yujiro and hits the RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Fans roar and the Empire fires back up! Aussie Open aim at Evil, SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Evil goes down, Yujiro staggers, and he has his pimp cane! The ref stops Yujiro from using it, and then Gideon gets in to LOW BLOW Yujiro!

Fans fire up and Aussie Open give Yujiro COREALIS!! Cover, Aussie Open wins!

Winners: Aussie Open, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Evil & Yujiro earn 0)

The House of Torture can’t seem to figure it out! Will they ever get on the board at this rate? As for Fletcher & Davis, is it only a matter of time before they conquer the World Tag League?


World Tag League 2022: Tetsuya Naito & SANADA VS Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls!

It was Lights Out for the Uncontrollable Charisma & Cold Skull last round, but The Mighty did not kneel! Will Shane & Mikey stay standing? Or will Los Ingobernables de Japon make them tranquilo?

Naito takes his time with his entrance attire as always, which mildly annoys The Mighty. Shane mocks Sanada’s dancing pecks with butt flexing. The teams sort out and Mikey wants Naito to step up. LIJ fist bumps, fans cheer, and Naito obliges. Fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” at the bell. Naito and Mikey circle slowly, feel things out, then Naito toys around with the step forward and the step back. Mikey gets annoyed but they tie up. Mikey waistlocks but Naito wrenches out to a wristlock. Mikey rolls, wrenches, wristlocks, but Naito rolls, wrenches and hammerlocks. Mikey reaches back to headlock, but Naito powers out, only for Mikey to run him over!

Naito gets up, Mikey runs him over again! Mikey wrenches and whips Naito to ropes, but Naito whips the back drop away. Mikey comes back to turn Naito’s back drop into a suplex! Mikey holds Naito up and fans rally! Mikey keeps Naito for over TEN before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Mikey drags Naito up. Mikey puts Naito in the corner, tags Shane, and the Mighty stomp away. Shane snapmares to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Shane keeps on Naito’s arm with a knuckle lock. Shane KICKS Naito in the back, wrenches the arm and YANKS it. Shane wrenches and YANKS again, then tags Mikey.

The Mighty mugs Naito, double whips him, but Naito ducks the double clothesline to shove Mikey into Shane! Shane falls out of the ring and Naito whips Mikey to ropes. Sanada trips Mikey and Naito basement dropkicks! Fans rally up as Mikey flops out of the ring. Naito goes out after Mikey and whips him hard into railing! Sanada bumps Shane off the apron, then Naito whips Mikey into more railing! The ring count starts, Mikey drags himself up and in at 9 of 20. Naito headlocks Mikey and claws his eyes! The ref reprimands, Naito lets off, but then he just claws Mikey’s eyes! The ref counts, Naito lets off and tags Sanada in.

LIJ mugs Mikey, Sanada wrenches and CLUBS the arm. Sanada YANKS, wrenches, but Mikey throws big forearms! Sanada waistlocks, hammerlocks, then twists the arm. Mikey throws elbows to back Sanada up into a corner. Mikey whips but Sanada reverses. Sanada runs in, he blocks the boot, and he CLUBS the leg! Mikey falls, Sanada tags Naito, and Naito whips Mikey to another corner. Naito runs in to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! COMBINACION CABRON! Fans fire up as Naito poses, and he taunts Shane. Naito drags Mikey up but Mikey throws a haymaker. Naito returns it so Mikey throws another. They go back and forth, faster and faster, and fans fire up!

Mikey ROCKS Naito, ROCKS him again, then ROLLING ELBOWS! But Naito just rakes Mikey’s eyes! The ref counts, Naito lets off and whips corner to corner. Naito runs in but Mikey UPPERCUTS! Mikey runs but into a kick! Naito whips, runs in, but Mikey LARIATS Naito down! Fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners, hot tag to Shane! Shane CLOBBERS Naito, BLASTS Sanada then ELBOWS Naito! Shane whips Naito corner to corner to UPPERCUT him down! Sanada gets in, kicks Shane low and whips him to ropes. Shane reverses to wrench and SAIDO! Fans fire up, Shane KICKS, BOOTS and INVERTED EXPLODERS Naito! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up and Shane stalks Naito. Shane drags Naito up, hoists him up top and ROCKS Naito with a right. Shane climbs up after Naito but Naito CLAWS Shane’s eyes! Shane staggers away but Mikey rushes in to ROCK Naito! Mikey climbs up but Naito fires off forearms! Mikey drops back but he gives Shane a boost! Shane gets Naito, SUPERPLEX POWERBOMB COMBO! Mikey drags Shane onto the cover but Sanada breaks it! Mikey CLUBS Sanada and throws him out. Shane and Naito stir, Mikey whips Sanada but Sanada reverses! Mikey hits railing hard! Shane drags Naito up, reels him in, but Naito blocks the lift!

Naito wrenches out to throw ELBOW after ELBOW! Shane avoids an elbow to UPPERCUT, then he whips only for Naito to reverse it, TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Naito crawls as fans rally, hot tag to Sanada! Sanada runs in at Shane and blocks a boot! Shane kicks free, but Sanada dropkicks the legs, then dropkicks Shane out of the ring! Sanada hurries and PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up! Sanada drags Shane back up, puts him back in, and fans rally again. Sanada springboards but Shane gets under! Shane comes back, but into a fireman’s carry! Shane slips off, Sanada elbows him away, but Mikey sneaks a tag.

Shane wrenches Sanada but Sanada fights the back suplex. Sanada swings at Mikey but into the BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Mikey runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this but Mikey snarls. Fans rally, Mikey drags Sanada up and fireman’s carries, only for Sanada to slip off! Sanada ducks the back elbow but right into a DDT! Fans rally back up while both men are down, and Mikey roars! Mikey drags Sanada up to scoop, but Sanada slips off to shove Mikey into Naito’s atomic drop! ENZIGURI! Fireman’s carry and T K O! Cover, Shane breaks it! Naito throws Mikey out and fans fire up as Sanada climbs the corner!

ROUNDING BODY- NO, Sanada has to land out as Mikey moves! Shane gets in to BROKEN ARROW! Naito dropkicks Shane’s legs out! Mikey storms up into Naito’s ELBOW! Mikey roars, Naito dodges his lariat and comes back to dropkick the legs! Naito runs, CORRIENDO SHIKI- NO, Mikey blocks Destino and Shane runs in, LAWN DART DDT! Fans fire up and Mikey drags Sanada up. Shane hops up, Mikey scoops, but Sanada slips off to shove Mikey at Shane! Sanada O’Conner BRI- NO, Mikey stops the bridge and shoves Sanada into Shane’s ROUNDHOUSE! Mikey scoops Sanada again, TANK BUSTER!! Cover, The Mighty win!!

Winners: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Naito & Sanada earn 0)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, and they find a way to win! Will Shane & Mikey find an outside way into the finals? Is the pressure to make it to WrestleKingdom going to break Naito before the league is out?


World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI!

The Joker & The Ace finally got on the board, but the winstreak of one win might already end against the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter. Can the trickster bring himself to pull any tricks on his friends in Chaos? Or will Bishamon turn out the lights on Yano & Tanahashi?

The teams sort out and Yano grows impatient. He doesn’t even take note of Tanahashi taking off his jacket to show off the muscles. Goto steps up and Yano fires up. The bell rings and fans rally and duel. Yano squats and talks some smack, but Goto squats with him! Goto gives back the trash talk, Hashi steps in to back Goto up, and even smooshes Goto’s face up to make it more menacing! Yano says enough jokes, but Goto blocks Yano’s kick! Hashi runs to dropkick the leg! Goto BLASTS Tanahashi, then Bishamon brings Yano up to drum away! Tanahashi rushes in, but Bishamon kicks him to drum him, too! Fans fire up as Bishamon stands tall.

Goto stomps Yano to a corner, fires forearms, then whips him corner to corner. Yano reverses, then hurries to untie a buckle pad! Yano fires up but turns around into a kick! But the pad shielded Yano! Fans boo and Goto can’t believe it! Yano throws the pad to Goto and SLAPS him! Yano whips and Goto hits the buckles! Hashi runs in, Yano kicks him and whips him into bare buckles, too! Tag to Tanahashi and Yano throws Hashi out. Tanahashi drags Goto up, throws him out, and the bad boys bring Bishamon around to whip into railing! Fans rally and cheer as Tanahashi drags Goto back up to put him in the ring.

Tanahashi stomps Goto’s leg then YANKS it! Fans cheer as Tanahashi air guitars. Tanahashi drags Goto up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Yano, and he bumps Goto off the bare buckles! And again! Fans fire up while Red Shoes keeps Hashi back. Yano whips Goto into the bare buckles now! Goto hobbles and fans fire up. Yano kneels on Goto for a cover, but Red Shoes says it’s a choke! Yano says no, it’s just up high! Yano stomps Goto, drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Tanahashi, and the bad boys whip Goto to ropes. They run him over, then they squat! Tanahashi drags Goto up, but Goto CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS!

Tanahashi throws body shots, runs, but Goto follows to LARIAT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Goto and Tanahashi crawl, hot tag to Hashi! Hashi ELBOWS Tanahashi down, BLASTS Yano, then storms up on Tanahashi. Tanahashi kicks low, whips Hashi to the padded corner, but Hashi comes back to CHOP! Hashi mule kicks and turns Tanahashi for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hashi runs in again, to CHOP Tanahashi against ropes! Hashi hangs Tanahashi out to dry, runs side to side, and he DROPKICKS Tanahashi down! Cover, TWO! Fans continue to rally and Hashi stalks Tanahashi.

Fans rally, “GO ACE! GO ACE!” but Hashi brings Tanahashi up. Hashi reels Tanahashi in but Tanahashi fights the lift. Hashi keeps trying, but Tanahashi wrenches out. Hashi ROCKS Tanahashi, but Tanahashi ROCKS Hashi! They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, and fans rally up! Tanahashi gets the edge, but Hashi CHOPS back! Hashi aims but Tanahashi blocks the superkick to DRAGON SCREW! Fans rally while both men are down! Hashi and Tanahashi crawl, hot tags to Goto and Yano! Yano dodges Goto, claws his eyes and whips him, but Goto reverses! Yano hits the bare buckles, then Goto hits MURAMASA, and the BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally, Goto fireman’s carries but Yano fights with elbows! Yano runs, Goto follows but Yano ducks! Goto deflects the boot to DISCUS LARIAT! Fans fire up with Goto and he drags Yano up, but Yano ROCKS him! Goto ROCKS Yano back, the forearms start flying back and forth, faster and faster! Fans rally as Goto gets the edge, but Yano rakes the eyes! But Goto SLAPS Yano! Goto whips, Yano reverses and throws Goto by his hair! Hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi runs in to forearm smash, then he feeds Goto to an atomic drop! Trip and CATAPULT into the bare buckles! Tanahashi runs but Goto denies the Slingblade!

Goto shoves Tanahashi into Yano, then DOUBLE LARIATS! Fans fire up as all three men are down! Goto crawls, fans rally up, and Goto hot tags Hashi! Hashi runs the ropes but Tanahashi blocks the lariat! Hashi spins to CHOP! Tanahashi fires off a strike fest! But both men roar! Hashi fires off his own strike fest and CHOPS! SUPERKICK! Tanahashi stays up, Hashi runs to LARIAT him down! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up with Hashi and he brings Tanahashi back up. Hashi fisherman’s but Tanahashi fights the suplex to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, but Goto breaks it!

Yano throws Goto back out! Tanahashi fires up and he goes up the corner! HIGH FLY FLOW onto Hashi’s knees!! Hashi cradles, TWO!!! Tanahashi survives the sudden turnaround and fans are thunderous! Fans rally with “GO ACE! GO ACE!” as Tanahashi and Hashi stir. They both sit up, head for each other, and Tanahashi throws a forearm. Hashi throws it back! Tanahashi throws another forearm, but Hashi throws it back! They stand, egg each other on, and the forearms fly faster and faster! Fans rally, SHOTEI rocks Hashi! Tanahashi runs, but into Goto’s fireman’s carry! Tanahashi slips off but Goto powers him into the corner!

Hashi runs in and Goto moves, Hashi CHOPS Tanahashi! Hashi feeds Tanahashi to the fireman’s carry but he slips off again! Tanahashi full nelsons but Goto breaks that and ducks, HIDDEN GAP! Fireman’s carry again, FIERCE FLASH! Fans fire up more as Bishamon says it’s time! They drag Tanahashi up, hook him up, but Tanahashi kicks Hashi away! Yano drags Hashi out while Tanahashi hits TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Yano puts Hashi back in, drags Goto out, and Tanahashi runs, into a CHOP! Hashi runs, dodges Tanahashi once, but the SLINGBLADE comes back around!! Fans fire up as Tanahashi climbs the corner!

Goto anchors Tanahashi’s legs! Tanahashi CLUBS Goto but Hashi ROCKS Tanahashi! Hashi climbs up, but Yano LOW BLOWS Goto! Yano slips in and grabs Hashi for the ONIGOROSHI BOMB!! Tanahashi adjusts, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! Direct hit!! Cover, Ace & Joker win!!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toru Yano, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Goto & Hashi earn 0)

The World Tag League 2021 winners have fallen to 2-2! Are their chances of back-to-back wins in jeopardy?

As for Yano & Tanahashi, Tanahashi gets the mic to thank the fans for coming tonight. “Hey, Toru, it’s great to hear the cheers, huh?” Fans cheer because it’s great TO cheer! Tanahashi says he wants to have this every day, “so make sure you stay safe and healthy so that happens! Thank you for today!” Fans cheer for that, and they want the air guitar! Tanahashi borrows one from a fan on the east side, that he passes to Yano! Yano’s happy to be part of a rare air guitar duet! Master Wato even has his on commentary, so now it’s a trio! “SHIZUOKA~!” “OSU~!” “SHIZUOKA~!” “OSU~!” “LET’S ROCK!” The jam session is on!

Fans clap along as Yano is a natural! Fans cheer but they want the “EN-CO-RU! EN-CO-RU!” Tanahashi is never one to disappoint the fans, and Yano gets his chair guitar! They jam out again, and Yano can truly do it all! But he’s not gonna throw the chair to the fans, that’s dangerous. But the fans want another encore! Tanahashi says, “LAST ONE! Yano takes a seat in his chair for air DRUMS! Now it’s a real jam session! Big finish and…! Fans cheer the great performance, and Tanahashi gets the mic back. “Toru and Hiroshi are going for the trophies, so keep supporting us! And keep supporting NJPW! Finally, people of Shizuoka… ASHITEMASU~!”

Will love, energy and comedy propel the Joker & the Ace to the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships?


Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 4-0, 8 points
The Mighty: 3-1, 6 points
Suzuki & Archer: 3-1, 6 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 2-2, 4 points
Goto & Hashi: 2-2, 4 points
Naito & Sanada: 2-2, 4 points
Khan & Henare: 2-2, 4 points
Chase & Fale: 2-2, 4 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-4, 0 points
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-4, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another really good event and a really good round for World Tag League. I’m a little surprised Coughlin & Kidd haven’t gotten a win yet, but they always look solid in their matches. Great stuff back to back for the United Empire, even though Khan & Henare did lose. Khan helping Aussie Open was good stuff, though, and of course the House of Torture keep losing big time. Also, Naito & Sanada losing again puts the pressure on them, they could have an even stronger showing in the second half of this tournament. Tanahashi & Yano winning to close was a bit of a surprise, but they’re a great team and huge fan favorites, I would love to see them be a team for more than just World Tag League.

My Score: 8.7/10

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