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Andrew’s Judgmental Album Reviews: Weezer – SZNZ: Autumn (2022)

Spring was good, Summer was better; can Weezer keep the ball rolling with Autumn? The JAR will judge their unique venture!



You know, I’ve already covered Spring and Summer; but kinda forgot about this. I was just happy the weather in the northeast stopped being 80+ in September, almost exactly on the solstice. Thusly, I’ve been enjoying the crisper weather and forgot Weezer was doing seasonal albums.

So here we go! I remembered now! Let’s see if Autumn captures the feeling of the season the same way Summer did!

  • Artist: Weezer
  • Album: SZNZ: Autumn
  • Label: Crush Music/Atlantic Records
  • Total Track Time: 24:13

Can’t Dance Don’t Ask so they start with a little Robert Palmer nod with the “Doctor Doctor” line, and this is a weird little song. I like the fact that it starts around a fire when Summer ended on at a bonfire; but this is in that melancholic vein that Weezer has definitely been known for. That weird lyrical quandary of wishing they were doing what others were doing, but since they can’t dance, don’t ask. So it’s definitely odd, yes I know Autumn is usually Homecoming dances in school and that ilk, but this feels like a song that needs the rest of the album to make sense. Not a bad song though on its own merits. Get Off On The Pain starts off with some Salem Witch Trial vibes, and then the pre-chorus leads into the get off on the pain gimmick really well. “What’s wrong with me? I count to three, I screwed it up to the Judas Tree, I bow my head, I turn my eyes, I ran away, right by your side” – the feeling of wanting to leave or make things better but ending up back where you started. Again, not sure how it correlates to Autumn, but it’s a little darker and a pretty good song. What Happens After You? okay this has a very big Dance Pop vibe. It literally sounds like Franz Ferdinand took over for this third song. This is a fantastic radio play song. My only complaint is really what is the Autumn vibe…but I dig the song.

Francesca so this feels like a song about Napoleon Bonaparte. The only thing I can say is it keeps that Dance genre strumming and still talking about dire romantic situations in some part. Is THAT their gimmick for Autumn? Just melancholic break-up music? I definitely don’t care about this song at all. While its not terrible, it doesn’t add anything to the album or vibe and just sits in the pocket of Dance Pop with a topic I have no care for. Should She Stay or Should She Go, I wonder if she does there will be trouble and if she doesn’t it’ll be double. So we’re back in the weird Eden/Old Testament/Angelic zone they’ve made sure is in each of the seasons so far. This feels like a 13 year old just read A Mid Summer’s Night Dream for the first time and wrote the most pitiable half assed attempt at a sappy song. Tastes Like Pain, damn, is this the BDSM album and no one told me? Just pain and weird vibes everywhere. So I already dislike that they use a bit of Vivaldi in this song, but they use a bit from his Winter Concerto…in Autumn. Granted, it is towards the end, so maybe that’s the imagery, but the song is really nothing more than a kinda cool interlude that goes nowhere of note.

Run Raven Run is really just fan service. It takes a bit of the Pacific Sunset demo and gives fans something they knew they’d like even though the lyrics are more inane and abstract. Could it be about flying south for the winter? Sure; and it probably is with the weather references. I really don’t have anything else to say. This song is just generic Weezer.

Well damn, here I was thinking this seasons collection could’ve been genius after genius; but what the hell was this? Spring captured the lightness, the hope, the new life ambience. Summer managed a few fun loving and heavier songs since it’s mostly irreverence until we get to the end. But this…it’s just melancholy, broken relationships, confusing imagery, pain and birds apparently. Maybe this will make more sense once all the seasons are out and the tone can shift from album to album; but on its own merits it’s not great.

Hopefully this is like the Evangelion rebuild movies, where the third one was the weakest because it was setting up for the grand finale. Is this a necessary evil? Who knows. I just know I am not a fan of this album.


Final Judgment: 4.5/10

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (12/1/22)

Get ready for New Year’s Eve!



HPW News 2022

The Celebration of Greatness is set!

With Fyter Feast sorting things out, we’re ready now for HyruleMania 3! Get ready for the who, what, where and when of the Celebration of Greatness!


HyruleMania 3: December 31st, 2022!

As is the tradition, this incredible event will close out the year on New Year’s Eve! And it’ll be in the Hyrule Great Forest, right in front of the Great Deku Tree!


Look at all the title matches!

For the HPW Death Mountain Championship:

Torbevito prepares to defend against FOUR opponents in the third-ever Death Mountain Championship Ladder Match! The Son of the Whirlpool will have a Desert Flower, the Twilight Princess, the Living Blade, and the God of Woodfall. Two years in a row, a new champion has been crowned through this match. Will history repeat itself? Or will Torbevito find a way to break the streak and survive into the new year?

For the HPW Trios Championships:

After making it through the massive Three By Four match, it will be the Dames of the Dunes taking on the Arrow Club’s Bad Croc Scaly & The Young Ducks! Tali, Buliara & Riju want revenge for the All or Nothing Quartet match, but the Arrow Club says if they beat ’em once, they can beat ’em again! Will the Celebration of Greatness become a #SuperQUACKParty? Or will the Gerudo Alliance bring home gold?

For the HPW Termina Championship:

The Arrow Club took a lot from the Gerudo Ace, but he looks to take something back from them. Ganondorf may not be all that humble, but he looks to humble Fin Balure while becoming HPW’s first Triple Crown Champion! Will history be made to close out the year?

For the HPW Goddess Championship:

It is an epic tiebreaker between Princess of Hyrule and Sorceress of Shadows! Veran is the only person to have pinned Zelda in the almost two YEARS she’s been champion, but then lost in the rematch. Now we have the trilogy aligning with the Celebration of Greatness, where we will see who is truly the greatest in the Women’s Division! Will Zelda continue this reign of dominance? Or will Veran return to her former glory?

And of course, for the HPW Triforce Championship:

The Hero’s Shadow shed blood, sweat and tears, and even drew blood from his brother, Link, to keep this title. He has proven ruthless in the ring, but he might be facing the only person who can match him. Igos du Ikana is cold and heartless, and not just because he’s a skeleton. He has held the TCW Championship, the predecessor of the Termina Champion, which Igos helped introduce to HPW. Now he aims for Kage’s throne. Fiery rage colliding with cold-blooded calculation, something has to give.


G͘̕͢҉U͝E̸̡̢S͏͘S͢ ̵̴͘͡W͜H̡҉͏Ó̀

Guess Who, part 1

I̶’̷d̵͡ ̢̀I̷̢̧’͜͢͢d̸́ I’d say your c҉h̷͜͞a͝҉͟  chances ą͡r̵͟͜e͏̵̨̛͢ are a million to none!
But let’s have f̢͠u̢͟ņ f̢͘u͘҉n̵ fun anyway!

HyruleProWrestlingFaction FacesofEvilGIF


But wait, there’s more!

Humpback Hook Halibut releases a statement.

“After the brawling that persist after Fyter Feast’s main event, there is a lot of tension in the men’s locker room that we cannot allow to continue. Firstly, the issue of the Dark Forces and the UnderWorld Order. It is clear all of the faction members being present is a recipe for disaster, so we must limit this to a one-on-one match. This will be Gibdo VS Gibdo to name the one and only Gibdo in HPW! There will be a ringside ban on all other members between the Dark Forces and uWo, or else there will be indefinite suspensions. This is your only warning.

“As for the other brawl between Groose and Skull Kid… That shall be handled in its own way. There will still be a ringside ban, and this will apply to Tingle and Ladrona as Groose’s tag partners. But more than a ringside ban, this will be settled with something very special for HyruleMania: Hair VS Mask! If Groose loses, his pointy red pompadour will be buzzed off his head. But if Skull Kid loses, he must stop wearing that strange, heart-shaped mask. There will be no count outs and no disqualifications, there must be a winner inside that ring! And I wish them both the best of luck.”

HUGE grudge matches made for the Celebration of Greatness! Who will be the Gibdo of All Gibdos? Will Groose end up a bald eagle? Or will Skull Kid be forced to show his face?

My Thoughts:

I may be wasting a lot of good match intro ideas with this article, but as I needed to announce the grudge matches that are going to fill out the card, I figured I should also hype up the established matches. And if you’re wondering about that “Guess Who/Face your FOE” thing, just wait and see. And yes maybe it is a bit Bray Wyatt White Rabbit but whatever, I’ve already copied a lot of other stuff from wrestling in the real world.

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New Force Order – A Star Wars Podcast: Rip Don Winkle

Is Yoda legitimately dyslexic? That and many more hard hitting questions answered on this edition of New Force Order!



New Force Order Episode 170

Is Yoda legitimately dyslexic? That and many more hard hitting questions answered on this edition of New Force Order!

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Spiro went back to Exegol so it’s just a drunk Doc and a sleepy GGP tonight. We go in depth to break down the Disney+ Tales of the Jedi series. The acolyte begins filming and KK has a ball gag shoved into her mouth about announcing new films. Is Lost writer Damon Lindelof headed to Star Wars? Is Yoda legitimately dyslexic? Filoni compares the new Ashoka series to a classic Japanese movie. On who’s more over it’s a master/apprentice battle! Count Dooku and Qui Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul and Darth Sidious. Which duo is more over and why!?

All this and more on this weeks NFO episode! As usual email us at

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New Force Order Episode 170

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