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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (12/2/22)

Another MASSIVE combined card!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

World Tag League, Round 5! Super Jr. Tag League, Round 6!

NJPW keeps heating up the Winter with another huge combo card as both World Tag League AND Super Junior Tag League are in Osaka!


  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Douki & Kanemaru win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd; Yano & Tanahashi win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: YOH & Lio Rush VS SHO & Dick Togo; Sho & Dick win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Khan & Henare win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey; Ace & Bey win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer; Shane & Mikey win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS BUSHI & Titán; Zayne & Lindaman win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS TJP & Francesco Akira; TJP & Akira win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Aussie Open VS Tetsuya Naito & SANADA; Naito & Sanada win.


Here are the current Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Yoh & Lio: 4-1, 8 points
Austin & Bey: 4-1, 8 points
Bushi & Titan: 4-1, 8 points
TJP & Akira: 4-1, 8 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 4-1, 8 points
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-3, 4 points
Taguchi & Connors: 2-3, 4 points
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-4, 2 points
Sho & Dick: 0-5, 0 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 0-5, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 4-0, 8 points
The Mighty: 3-1, 6 points
Suzuki & Archer: 3-1, 6 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 2-2, 4 points
Goto & Hashi: 2-2, 4 points
Naito & Sanada: 2-2, 4 points
Khan & Henare: 2-2, 4 points
Chase & Fale: 2-2, 4 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-4, 0 points
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-4, 0 points


BREAKING NEWS for World Tag League!

And very unfortunate news at that. As reported by NJPW themselves, Chase Owens must withdraw from the World Tag League and return home to the US following a death in the family. That means he and Bad Luck Fale are out, and all remaining matches with them are forfeited for two points. Our hearts go out to Chase and his family during this time.


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

#Time2Fly is hanging on by a thread, but there’s still time for a comeback! Can Kushida & Knight climb back from the edge? Or will Japones Del Mal & The Heel Master begin to spoil things for others?

The teams sort out and Kushida starts against Douki. Fans rally as the two circle and feel things out. They tie up, Douki waistlocks but Kushida switches. Douki wrenches free to wristlock but Kushida slips through to wrench and step over. Kushida hammerlocks then arm-drags and fans applaud. Douki gets up and circles with Kushida again. They feel out a knuckle lock but then Douki wrenches an arm. Douki grinds the shoulder, spins Kushida around then arm-drags him back. Kushida stands up and fans applaud. The two go again, Kushida shoots in to spin and trip Douki to a standing toehold.

Kushida stands Douki up to STO, but Douki goes for a headscissors! Kushida stops that, flips Douki over, but Douki kips up to arm-drag again! Kushida sweeps the legs, covers, ONE! Douki sweeps, covers, ONE! Kushida drop toeholds to then wrench an arm! Fans applaud this fast and furious exchange, and then Knight tags in. Knight wrenches Douki’s arm, tags Kushida, and he hands off the arm for Kushida to wrench. Kushida grinds Douki down, Knight steps in and they hand off the wrench again and again and again. They double snapmare, then double knee drop both arms! Fans applaud but Kanemaru jumps in!

Kanemaru kicks Kushida and Knight, then runs, but Knight drops and Kushida sidesteps. They body blow and knee lift Kanemaru down! Fans fire up as Time2Fly have their secret handshake. Kushida wrenches Douki and isolates the arm to STOMP it! Douki clutches his elbow but Kushida drags him up. Kushida wrenches the arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Kushida runs but Douki does the splits! Kushida tumbles out and Kanemaru runs to BOOT Knight off the apron! Douki goes out to whip Kushida hard into railing! Kanemaru does the same to Knight! The ref reprimands, Douki drags Kushida up to POST groin first!

Douki leaves Kushida behind to tag in Kanemaru. A ring count starts and fans rally up. Kushida is still down at 5 of 20 but he sits up at 6. Kushida stands at 7, hobbles over and slides into the ring at 9. Kanemaru whips Kushida to ropes to then dropkick the legs out! Fans applaud while Kanemaru SMASHES Kushida’s knee into the mat! Tag to Douki and Suzuki-Gun split the wishbone! Douki stalks Kushida, SMASHES the knee, then covers, ONE!! Kushida hangs tough but Douki stomps his leg. Douki brings Kushida up to whip him into a corner, then runs in to clothesline! Douki brings Kushida out but Kushida blocks the suplex!

Fans rally as Kushida tries to suplex Douki, but Douki throws a body shot. Douki suplexes again, but Kushida slips out to waistlock. Douki elbows Kushida away then runs, but Kushida ducks the lariat. Kushida keeps moving but Douki ducks his lariat, and then both men DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up while both men are down! Kushida and Douki crawl for their corners, hot tags to Knight and Kanemaru! Kanemaru kicks first, he whips but Knight reverses to DROPKICK Kanemaru down! Knight kips up and fans fire up with him! Knight whips Kanemaru corner to corner, runs in and SPLASHES!

Knight whips Kanemaru the other way, but he runs into a BOOT! Kanemaru goes up but Knight JUMPS to SUPER STEINER! Knight fires up more but Douki kicks him low. Douki kicks Kushida, too, then runs. But Knight & Kushida dodge for Knight to DROPKICK Douki out! Knight says it’s time so Kushida Electric Chair Lifts Kanemaru. But Kanemaru rakes Kushida’s eyes to slip free! Kanemaru then shoves Kushida into Knight, then whips Kushida. Kushida reverses to hip toss, cartwheel and dropkick! Knight adds his SPINNING SPLASH! Cover but Douki breaks it! Kushida throws Douki back out and leaves it to Knight.

Fans rally up and Knight leaps, but Kanemaru shoves his satellite DDT away! Kanemaru runs, tilt-o-whirls, but Knight throws his DDT away! Knight PUMP KICKS Kanemaru down! Fans fire up again as Knight goes up the corner. Knight aims, FLYING SPLASH onto knees!! Kanemaru saves himself, and Douki gets in. Douki clotheslines Knight, Kanemaru back elbows! Douki goes up as Kanemaru scoop SLAMS Knight! DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS, and then MOONSAULT! Cover, Kushida breaks it in time! Fans fire up as Kushida kicks low and runs, but into a DROPKICK from Kanemaru!

Knight stands, into DAYBREAK!! And Kanemaru hits the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, Kanemaru & Douki win!!

Winners: Douki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Kushida & Knight earn 0)

To the victors go the spoiler! The Heel Master & Japones Del Mal didn’t need any tricks to ruin the Time Jet’s flight! Will there be more ruins ruined at the hands of Kanemaru & Douki?


World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd!

The Joker & The Ace are right down the middle with 2-2, so there is still a chance they take over the block! Will keep the momentum going from last round’s air guitar jam session? Or will #TheMechanicalBulls throw them off before the ride is over?

Yano & Tanahashi go to squat, but the Mechanical Bulls DOUBLE SHOTGUN them down! Coughlin throws Yano out, Kidd keeps on Tanahashi in the ring, so the bell rings to get this on record. Coughlin sends Yano into railing while Kidd fires off haymakers on Tanahashi. Tenzan Power Mongolian Chops! Fans fire up and Kidd whips Tanahashi to ropes to DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Kidd drags Tanahashi up. Tanahashi fires up but Kidd CHOPS him down! Kidd stalks Tanahashi to a corner, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but into an elbow! Tanahashi goes up to CROSSBODY!

Fans fire up and Tanahashi tags Yano. Yano fires up, and he unties a buckle pad! Yano says here goes, but he has to dodge Kidd’s clothesline! Yano throws the pad to Kidd, the ref reprimands Kidd now and Kidd argues back. But Yano SLAPS Kidd, then whips him into the bare buckles! Kidd writhes and Yano fires up more as he tags Tanahashi. Tanahashi brings Kidd up to whip him back into the bare buckles! Kidd drops to his knees and Yano calls to Tanahashi. Tanahashi tags Yano back in, and Yano eggs Coughlin on. The ref has to keep Coughlin back, and Yano goes to Kidd. Yano says here goes, and he whips Kidd.

Kidd stops from hitting buckles but Yano whips him into the other corner. Yano runs in, but into a BOOT! Yano tries again but gets another BOOT! Kidd & Coughlin untie this buckle pad for Yano, and Kidd SMACKS Yano down with it! Yano and Kidd crawl for their corners while fans rally up, hot tag to Coughlin! The Android runs Yano over, runs Tanahashi over, CHOPS Yano down, then CHOPS Tanahashi down! The Joker & The Ace go to opposite corners, and Coughlin points at Tanahashi. “YOU!” Coughlin runs in to clothesline Tanahashi against bare buckles! Then he runs, but Yano dodges! Coughlin hits bare buckles, Yano & Tanahashi mug him!

Tanahashi & Yano double whip but Coughlin crisscrosses them into each other! Then he reels them both in, DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Coughlin kips up! Coughlin drags Yano up, fires off forearms, then powers up! Coughlin runs, into an atomic drop! But Coughlin stands up tall and glares at Yano! Yano is scared, he dodges the lariat to pull hair! Yano throws Coughlin down then tags in Tanahashi. Tanahashi fires up and runs, but Coughlin blocks the slingblade into a SPINNING SIDE SLAM! Fans fire up and Coughlin calls to Kidd. Kidd tags in, the Mechanical Bulls coordinate and Coughlin whips Kidd in to clothesline!

Kidd runs, Coughlin whips him back in and CHOPS! SUPERKICKS! And then a feed to Coughlin’s scoop! FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans fire up and Coughlin says this is done! He BLASTS Yano while Kidd suplexes Tanahashi, TENZAN BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Kidd and he drags Tanahashi back up. But Tanahashi fires forearms first! Kidd fires off PALM STRIKES! Kidd eggs Tanahashi, ducks Tanahashi’s palm strike, then DECKS Tanahashi! Kidd goes up for the MOONSAULT but Tanahashi moves! But Kidd stands back up! Tanahashi ducks ‘n’ dodges Kidd to then SLINGBLADE Kidd down!

Fans fire up as Tanahashi hurries to cover, but Coughlin breaks it! Yano throws Coughlin out and he has Tanahashi PLANCHA! Down goes the Android! Yano lifts Kidd into the ONIGOROSHI! Tanahashi is up top now, HIGH FLY FLOW! Cover, Ace & Joker win!

Winners: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Coughlin & Kidd earn 0)

And the hot hand gets hotter! The ride is over for the Mechanical Bulls, but can they still be spoilers from here on? Will Tanahashi & Yano be able to make a Once in a Century comeback to the top of the block?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: YOH & Lio Rush VS SHO & Dick Togo!

While the Men of the Hour might be leading the block, and though the House of Torture can’t even buy a win, none of that matters here! This is, and always will be, about Direct Drive being betrayed by the Murder Machine and the end of Roppongi 3K. Will Yoh’s new partner help him humble his bitter enemies? Or will Sho’s new partner live up to the name, “The Spoiler?”

But of course Yujiro Takahashi attacks from outta nowhere! The House of Torture is always at full force during these tournaments, and they mug Yoh & Lio at the ramp! Dick whips Lio into railing while Sho stomps Yoh on the ramp. Sho drags Yoh up and Yujiro gives Yoh a CANE SHOT! Sho puts Yoh in the ring, he and Dick stomp Yoh some more, and the fans are silent since they can’t boo. But then fans rally up for Yoh while Sho gets his wrench! But Lio returns, and he SPEARS Sho down! Yoh then shoves Dick into Yujiro, he KNEES Dick into Lio’s schoolboy and SPIN KICK! Yoh drags Dick up, whips him to ropes, for 3K!! But where’s the ref!?

Lio shouts for the ref but he went down in the chaotic brawl! Lio hurries to get him up and fireman’s carries him over. Fans rally, but Sho JAMS the wrench into Lio’s gut! Then Sho CLOBBERS Lio with it! Yoh shouts at Sho but Sho threatens Lio with the wrench! Yujiro then CLOBBERS Yoh from behind! Sho leaves Lio behind to go to his former friend. Evil then appears with another ref! Evil forces this ref to officiate the match now. The bell finally rings, and now we’re on record! Sho drags Yoh up to reel him in! Double pump handles, for the SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, The House of Torture wins!!

Winners: Sho & Dick Togo, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Yoh & Lio earn 0)

Talk about the worst way to win! On the technicality of no bell until just now, this ends up the fastest win in the league! Perhaps the fastest all-time! The House of Torture are proud of themselves for finally succeeding at screwing a team over, did they just ruin things for Yoh & Lio?


World Tag League 2022: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi!

The United Empire still wants to completely conquer the finals, but they’re riding the line at 2-2! Will the Dominator & Ultimate Weapon demolish the House of Torture? Or is this when the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp finally score?

The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, makes his way out, but he knows to stay back with the full House of Torture ringside already. Gideon gives the introductions for Khan & Henare, and Khan turns the banner into a spear! Khan & Henare storm up to the ring and the House of Torture tells the ref to confiscate that spear! Khan says they have their weapons, he has his! The House stands down, so Henare & Khan back away. The flag pole spear is put aside, and so the House attacks from behind! Yujiro CLUBS Henare while Evil stomps Khan. Evil throws Khan out, the bell rings, and then Yujiro throws Henare out.

Evil keeps on Khan, by RAMMING him into the timekeeper! Abe-san suffers at Evil’s hand again, and Yujiro POSTS Henare. Evil undoes the blue buckle pad while the ref is busy with Khan and the timekeeper. Yujiro puts Henare in the ring to whip Henare into the bare buckles! The Bullet Club Special comes into play already, and then Evil tags in. Fans are silent, wishing they could boo, but Evil throws Henare out. Evil distracts the ref so Sho can stomp away on Henare! Sho then holds Henare up so Yujiro can BOOT him! Sho puts Henare in, Evil covers, TWO! Evil is annoyed with the count but the fans rally up.

Tag to Yujiro, he stalks Henare and drags him up, but Henare throws body shots! Henare throws a haymaker but Yujiro knees low. Yujiro snapmares, runs and basement BOOTS Henare down! Cover, TWO! Evil is still annoyed by the count, so he tags in. Fans rally but Evil throws his shirt at Khan. The ref has to keep Khan out, and Evil CHOKES Henare and rakes the eyes! Evil stops and calls to the ref for the cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO!! Evil is mad at the ref but the ref says that’s a fair count. Khan coaches Henare but Evil kicks him around. Henare stands to ROCK Evil! And again! And then KICK!

Evil rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands, but Evil blocks Henare’s kick. Evil hands that to the ref, but then Henare blocks Evil’s kick! The ref lets Henare go, and Henare KICKS Evil down! Fans fire up as Henare and Evil crawl around. Henare reaches out, hot tag to Khan! Khan drags Evil up, laughs at him, and Mongolian Chops him down! Fans fire up as Khan Mongolian Chops again! Yujiro gets in but Khan HELL STABS him down! Khan puts some stank on the next one, but Evil blocks the chops! Evil kicks and runs, but into a hip toss! Khan drops down for the HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Evil flails while fans rally!

Evil stands and pulls Khan’s ponytail! The ref reprimands but Evil goes for EVERYTHING- NO! Khan blocks the STO by pulling Evil’s hair! Khan then clinches, only for Evil to fight for control! They each try the leg hook but neither can keep it for long! Fans rally, and Khan wins out with an STO! Cover, TWO, but the Head ‘n’ Arm is still on tight! Sho jumps up to distract the ref! Khan lets off and he tells Sho to get out of here. But Evil shoves Khan into the bare buckles! Tag to Yujiro and he drags Khan up. Yujiro bumps Khan off buckles, whips him corner to corner then runs in to BOOT! Yujiro runs, but Khan BOOTS back!

Fans fire up while Khan and Yujiro are both down! Khan crawls over, hot tag to Henare! Henare growls as he fires off forearms and body shots on Yujiro in a corner! Henare roars and fans fire up as he whips corner to corner. Yujiro reverses, but Henare comes back and blocks the boot! STEP-OVER WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up with Henare and he drags Yujiro through the ropes. Henare hooks Yujiro up to beat the WAR DRUM! Gideon bangs the apron and fans clap along as Henare gets ten! Henare then brings Yujiro around, only for Yujiro to wrench out and BITE the hand! The ref counts, Yujiro stops and whips, but HEnare reverses.

Yujiro holds ropes to stop himself, then he dodges Henare. Evil anchors Henare’s foot for Yujiro to BOOT him down! And then FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up but Yujiro DECKS Khan! Evil jumps in, he and Yujiro back Henare down to double whip corner to corner. Yujiro runs in but Henare dodges the boot! Henare sends Evil into Yujiro, snapmares Evil and KICKS him in the back! Henare runs at Yujiro, SHINING WIZARD! Henare whips to then scoop and BERSERKER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Yujiro survives but Henare fires up. Fans rally behind Henare and he stalks Yujiro. Yujiro sits up, Henare drags him up with the ULTIMA NELSON!

But Evil gets in! Khan catches him for HITSUJIGOROSHI! The House of Torture endures simultaneous submissions! Fans fire up but Sho distracts the ref again! Yujiro LOW BLOWS Henare! And Evil LOW BLOWS Khan! Yujiro sends Henare into the ref! Dick slides the pimp cane to Yujiro while Sho & Evil stomp Henare! The House all mugs Gideon, but then Gideon rushes in! Only to then politely apologize and slide back out. The House goes back to Henare and drags him up. Yujiro takes aim, but then Gideon slides back in to spin Yujiro around for a LOW BLOW! Fans fire up as Gideon slips away! He apologizes again but then Khan DOUBLE IRON CLAWS Sho & Dick in the groin!! Those two fall down, and Khan has his spear!!

Evil tells him to hold on! Khan thrusts but Evil evades! They fight over the spear, Evil kicks low and LOW- NO! Khan blocks that and CLUBS the arm! Khan LOW- NO! Evil blocks that, but HENARE LOW BLOWS Evil!! Fans fire up as the Monster Rage boils over! Henare drags Yujiro up for the fisherman and torture rack, STREETS OF RAGE!! The ref is back, cover, the Empire wins!!

Winners: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Evil & Yujiro earn 0)

The House of Torture splits even, unable to cheat Khan & Henare! Will the dream of an All United Empire World Tag League finals come true?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS Ace Austin & Chris Bey!

The Flying Tigers are feeling like endangered species with how close they are to being out of the running. Can the Sniper of the Skies and the living legend still make it back to the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions? Or is it inevitable that Ace & Bey have an impact on the finals?

Bullet Club Too Sweets and put their jackets aside. The teams sort out and Eagles calls out “big mouth” Ace. Ace is fine with that and fans applaud. Ace and Eagles circle and fans rally up already. They tie up, go around, and Eagles wrenches to a wristlock. Ace rolls, handsprings, but Eagles wrangles him down! Fans applaud this opening exchange already but Ace stands, steps over, and ROCKS Eagles with a forearm! Ace whips but Eagles holds the ropes to block! Eagles holds on but Ace CHOPS him for it. Ace whips, Eagles reverses to go up and around and arm-drag! Eagles ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS but Ace handsprings through!

Fans fire up as Eagles rushes in, but into a drop toehold and Eddy Gordo Kick! Ace tags Bey, they stomp Eagles in a corner and double whip corner to corner. Ace whips Bey in but Eagles goes up and over! Eagles tries to go under Ace but Ace catches him! Bey storms over but Eagles Kangaroo Kicks him and Ace away! Hot tag to Tiger Mask! Fans fire up as Tiger rallies on Bullet Club with fast hands and kicks! Tiger SOBATS Ace, SOBATS Bey, then runs, but into a DOUBLE DROPKICK! Bey covers, TWO! Fans rally but Bey says he’ll take that mask! The ref reprimands as Bey pulls at the mask, but Bey lets off.

The ref keeps Eagles back, but Bey is after the mask again! Bey backs Tiger into the corner and Ace holds him back, Bullet Club mugs Tiger in the corner! Bey taunts Eagles as he throws up the Too Sweet, then he tags Ace. They double wrench, double CLAW, then double drop toehold to Too Sweet CLAW! Fans applaud the shoutout to El Phantasmo and Ace stomps Tiger around. Ace drags Tiger up, whips him into an arm-drag, then keeps on the arm with a mounted armbar. Tiger endures, but the ace up the sleeve appears! PAPER CUT! Eagles protests but the ace disappears again. Cover, TWO!

Ace is frustrated but fans rally up for Tiger. Ace drags Tiger up, wrenches the arm and grinds the shoulder, then Ace throws knees. Ace wrenches and knees again, whips him into the corner, then stomps Tiger down. Tag to Bey, they hook Tiger up, but Tiger avoids the sweep kick! Tiger ROCKS Ace, blocks Bey’s toe kick to sweep the legs! KANGAROO KICK for Ace! Fans fire up and Tiger rolls to hot tag Eagles! Eagles dodges Bey, forearms Ace then RANAS Bey! Bey comes back, into a WHEEL KICK! Eagles kips up but Ace kicks low! Ace ROCKS Eagles, whips him to the corner, but Eagles goes up and over!

Eagles KICKS Ace, and uses Bey for the TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up with Eagles as he runs in at Bey! DOUBLE KNEES, and then a roll back, into a METEORA! Eagles drags Bey to a cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Eagles stomps Bey’s leg then goes to the corner. Eagles goes out, goes up, and he encourages the fans to get louder. The fans do get louder, and Eagles 450’s, but he has to bail out as Bey moves! Bey blocks a kick and slips around to ENZIGURI! Eagles staggers but comes back to BOOT! Bey HEEL KICKS, but Eagles ASAI DDTs! Fans fire up while both men are down! Bey and Eagles crawl, hot tag to Tiger!

Tiger runs in to KICK and KICK and KICK Bey! Tiger whips, runs in and ROUNDHOUSES Bey in the corner! Then he underhooks, but Bey blocks the lift! Bey wrenches out to SUPERMAN PUNCH! Bey reels Tiger in and he underhooks! Bey laughs but Eagles ROUNDHOUSES Bey! And SUPERKICKS! And PELES! Bey staggers to a corner, Eagles goes to the apron. ROUNDHOUSE ENZIGURI COMBO! Tiger hoists Bey up top and climbs up after him! Fans fire up as Tiger stands Bey up for the underhooks! SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! And then another underhook, TIGER DRIVER!! Cover, Ace breaks it!!

Eagles stomps Ace and tosses him! Eagles calls to Tiger and fans rally up. Tiger and Bey sit up, the clap is “TI-GER! TI-GER!” It picks up speed as Tiger Mask chicken wings Bey! Bey fights with a leg hook, so Tiger HEADBUTTS him from behind! Tiger has the chicken wings, Eagles jumps in but Bey ducks! The SUPERKICK hits Tiger! Bey staggers back and Ace tags in. Eagles runs in but into a BOOT! Ace runs in but into a SOBAT! Eagles ROCKS Bey, CHOPS Bey, CHOPS Ace, repeat! CHOP after CHOP after CHOP, and Eagles runs, but into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Bey runs in again but Eagles puts him on the apron.

Ace runs in but Eagles dodges! Eagles blocks Ace’s boot and flips him to the apron. Eagles runs in but into a DOUBLE KNEE SANDWICH! Bullet Club dumps Eagles to the floor, then they set up, ONE TOO SWEET CUTTER to the floor!! Ace then triangle jumps, but Tiger evades! Tiger waistlocks but Ace throws elbows. Ace swings, into a crucifix takedown! TWO!!! But into the DOUBLE REVERSE ARMBAR!! Ace endures, fans rally up, and Ace reaches out with a foot for the ROPEBREAK! Tiger lets go but he drags Ace up. Tiger KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, but Ace ducks the roundhouse! Ace back suplexes but Tiger lands on his feet!

DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES hit! Both men wobble, both men roar, but Ace knees, knee lifts and HEEL KICKS! Ace runs to hit THE FOLD!! Cover, Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: Ace Austin & Chris Bey, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Eagles & Tiger earn 0)

And another one bites the dust! Bullet Club get back on top of the block while the Flying Tigers are shot down! Will Ace & Bey make it to the finals after dispatching the living legend?


World Tag League 2022: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer!

Two teams that are just outside the top spot are going to fight like their lives depend on it! The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but #EverybodyDies, so something’s gotta give!

Archer again scares Milano Collection AT on commentary. And again, fans are only able to clap along with “KAZE NI NARE!” But then Suzuki & Archer attack The Mighty! Suzuki is after Shane while Archer throws Mikey out! The bell rings to get this on record as Archer and Suzuki go out after The Mighty. Archer RAMS Mikey into railing while Suzuki beats up on Shane around the ramp area. Suzuki whips Shane hard into railing, and Archer laughs as he beats down Mikey. Suzuki whips Shane into more railing while Archer stands on Mikey. The ref reprimands, Archer lets off, and Suzuki puts Shane in the ring.

Suzuki knees Shane, knees him again, but Shane throws a forearm. Suzuki laughs and DECKS Shane! But Suzuki  doesn’t cover, he calls to Archer. Archer steps in the ring as Suzuki whips Shane to a corner. Suzuki and Archer double whip Shane corner to corner. Suzuki runs but Shane elbows him away! Shane dodges Archer, Mikey runs in to clotheslines Archer in the corner! Mikey then clotheslines Archer up and out! Suzuki blocks Shane’s takedown, so Shane KICKS his leg! Shane BOOTS, then reels Suzuki in, but Suzuki elbows the clinch away. Shane uppercuts, runs, but Suzuki follows and shoots around to a SLEEPER!

Archer sends Mikey into railing while Suzuki spins Shane around. Shane fights the Gotch lift so Suzuki KNEES Shane low! Suzuki puts on the SLEEPER again, but Shane rolls to get a cover! THE MIGHTY WIN!!!

Winners: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Suzuki & Archer earn 0)

Suzuki didn’t let go of the hold and that just cost him and Archer big time! Is the Meanest Team in the World already out of the running? Will the Mighty soon stand tall atop the league?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman VS BUSHI & Titán!

The #GLEATSAUCE is near the top, but so are the Black Mask & El Inmortal. Can Zayne & Lindaman make the tournament muy caliente? Or will Bushi & Titán keep things tranquilo?

The teams sort out and fans applaud as Lindaman steps up against Titan. Lindaman fires up with the bell and he circles with Titan. They tie up, go around, and Lindaman puts Titan on ropes. The ref calls the break, Lindaman lets off and fans applaud again. Titan comes back, ties up with Lindaman, and the forearms fly back and forth! Fans rally as Lindaman gets the edge and ROCKS Titan. Titan steadies himself, reels back his hand, but then SOBATS instead! Fans fire up and Titan wrenches and whips Lindaman to a corner. Lindaman reverses, but Titan goes up and over and handsprings away!

Fans fire up but Lindaman kicks and ROCKS Titan again. Lindaman headlocks but Titan powers out, only for Lindaman to run him over. Fans applaud and things speed up. Titan hurdles but Lindaman stops the monkey flip to then basement dropkick! Bushi runs in but Lindaman kicks him first! Zayne jumps in, he and Lindaman whip Bushi corner to corner. Zayne back elbows Bushi but Lindaman runs into a boot! Zayne runs in to LEAP FROG SHOTGUN Bushi down! Fans fire up while Bushi flops out of the ring. Lindaman stomps Titan then stands on him at the ropes. The ref reprimands, Lindaman asks why, but he still lets off at 4.

Lindaman scoops and SLAMS Titan, and he fires up the fans. Fans rally as Lindaman puts Titan in a drop zone, for a RUNNING DOUBLE STOMP! Lindaman then goes up top, to DIVING FLOP as Titan moves! Titan SUPERKICKS Lindaman, fires off more kicks and a flurry of palm strikes before the URAKEN and ROUNDHOUSE! Titan reels Lindaman in to suplex and GOURD BUSTER, then SUPERKICK! Fans fire up as Titan covers, TWO! Lindaman goes to a corner but Titan tags Bushi in. Bushi BLASTS Zayne, then he storms over to Lindaman. Bushi stands Lindaman up to CHOP, then CHOP again!

Bushi pushes Lindaman down, covers, TWO! Bushi sits Lindaman up and clamps on for a chinlock! The ref reprimands as Bushi smothers Lindaman, so Bushi lets off to headscissor squeeze. Lindaman endures and fans rally up. Lindaman moves around, reaches out, but Bushi puts on the pressure! Lindman still gets the ROPEBREAK! Bushi smothers Lindaman again! The ref reprimands, Bushi lets off at 4. Bushi stomps Lindaman, then drags him up to knee him low. Bushi CLUBS Lindaman to the corner, tag to Titan. Titan climbs up and Bushi wrenches an arm. Fans rally as Titan DOUBLE STMOPS the arm!

Titan kicks Lindaman around, then SOBATS! Titan eggs Lindaman on, Lindaman throws a forearm, so Titan SOBATS again! Titan goes to whip but Lindaman holds the ropes to block. Titan SOBATS again! And ROCKS Lindaman with a forearm! Titan whips, Lindaman reverses to SAYANAGI and BASEMENT DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Lindaman crawls, hot tag to Zayne! Bushi jumps in but Zayne elbows him down! Zayne ROCKS Titan, spins Bushi around and LARIATS him down! Zayne fires off elbows and a mule kick on Titan, but Bushi gets around. Zayne fights free and kicks low, and sends Bushi into Titan!

Zayne runs to DOUBLE SOMERSAULT SCISSOR KICK! Fans fire up as LIJ end up in opposite corners. Zayne runs in to back elbow Titan! Zayne puts Titan up top, Bushi runs in but Zayne sends him into Titan’s knees! Zayne then runs in to use Bushi as a boost to SUPER STEINER Titan! Zayne then waistlocks Bushi, but Bushi elbows free! Bushi runs, but into a JUMP KICK from Zayne! Fans fire up and Titan runs in, tilt-o-whirls, but Zayne blocks! BAJA- NO, Titan rolls through! Zayne kips up, Titan ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! But Lindaman kicks Titan! Lindaman whips, Titan reverses and Matrix dodges! CALF KICK!

GLEAT SAUCE is outside and LIJ knuckle lock! Titan goes up and up and CROSSBODIES Lindaman & Zayne down! Fans are thunderous and Titan roars! Titan brings Zayne up and into the ring. Titan slides in to KICK Zayne, then tags Bushi. LIJ double whip Zayne corner to corner. Bushi runs in to back elbow! Bushi sets up for Titan’s INMORTAL IN MOTION! Titan then feeds Zayne to Bushi’s lift, MISSILE DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Zayne survives and fans fire up! LIJ rally the fans and then coordinate. Titan runs in, LOCO LARIAT! But Zayne blocks Bushi’s Code Breaker to ROCK Bushi!

Titan still springboards in, but into Lindaman’s EXPLODER! Lindaman waistlocks Bushi into a deadlift, Zayne SUPERKICKS Bushi into the GERMAN SUPLEX! DOUBLE BRIDGE, TWO!!! Bushi escapes and Lindaman pushes Bushi aside so he can build speed. Lindaman FLIES onto Titan! Fans are thunderous as Zayne says, “ITADAKIMASU~!” He drags Bushi up, wraps him up, TACO DRIVER!!! Cover, GLEATSAUCE wins!!

Winners: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Bushi & Titan earn 0)

LIJ just got burned! Can Bushi & Titan still make it to the finals with two losses? Or have Zayne & Lindaman just swiped one of those spots for themselves?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Connors VS TJP & Francesco Akira!

In this tournament the Wild Hips have been up and down, back and forth. But they have a chance to feel really, really good about their chances! Can they score big off the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions? Or will Catch 2/2 not be caught dead losing to the Funky Weapon & Wild Rhino?

Gideon Grey returns to give the introductions for Public Enemy & Nova Fireball. Taguchi and Connors have their bags again, and they bring out a new fedora for Connors, and beer! Fans applaud and Taguchi also brings out instant ramen! Connors opens the ramen, takes a sniff, and says that smells good. He’s putting the beer in the ramen?! The rhino really is wild! He says it’s delicious! Connors offers Taguchi some but Taguchi politely declines. The beer and soup is put aside and Akira calls Taguchi out. They both undo their tight strings, are they gonna measure those?! TJP, Connors and the ref stop them from going that far!

TJP has Akira calm down. TJP makes sure those tights stay up high, then he and Connors start. Fans applaud and the two circle with the bell. Connors and TJP tie up, Connors waistlocks and hammerlocks. TJP reaches back, drops, rolls, handsprings, wrenches, cartwheels, then drags Connors down into the twisting headscissors! Fans applaud, Connors fights up, and he pries free! Connors YANKS TJP up to his feet, headlocks, but TJP powers out. TJP hurdles, drops, but Connors redirects to run TJP over! Akira runs in but gets run over! Fans fire up with Connors and he drags TJP back up.

Connors whips TJP but TJP reverses to kick low. TJP whips but Connors blocks! Taguchi joins in, they double whip TJP hard into a corner! TJP goes up and out, so Wild Hips whip Akira. Connors says here goes, and he WHIP HIPS Taguchi into Akira! And again! And again! Then Taguchi switches it up, he WHIP HIPS Connors, but TJP kicks Connors first! Taguchi kicks TJP and whips him to ropes. Taguchi drops, sidesteps, but then he has to dodge Akira! Taguchi keeps Catch 2/2 running the ropes! Fans fire up as Taguchi tires the champs out! TJP stops Akira and they catch their breath, only for Connors to POUNCE HIP Akira into TJP!

Fans fire up as Akira flops out of the ring. Connors hands Taguchi a beer to refresh with, and then Connors covers TJP. TWO, but Connors keeps on TJP. But Akira saves TJP from the back suplex and they shove Connors to ropes. Connors avoids Akira but TJP avoids Connors, and Akira comes back for the RAILGUN DROPKICK! Connors flops out of the ring and fans fire up again! TJP BLASTS Taguchi, Akira PLANCHAS Connors! Fans fire up more as Akira puts Connors back in the ring. Fans clap for “CATCH NI NI!” as TJP covers, TWO! TJP drags Connors around by his legs to step through and tie them up, MUTA LOCK!

Fans continue to rally but Taguchi gets in! Taguchi swings but into an abdominal stretch! Fans applaud TJP’s chimera of holds as Connors and Taguchi both endure! TJP then shifts Taguchi around for a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP SNAP LOCK COMBO! TJP bridges for the Muta Lock, but Connors crawls forward to the ROPEBREAK! The ref reprimands, TJP lets off and unhooks the legs. TJP bumps Connors off buckles, tags Akira, and they kick, KICK, SOBAT and BASEMENT SHOTGUN! Fans fire up, Akira covers, TWO! Akira eggs Taguchi on but drags Connors up again. Connors ROCKS Akira with body shots, but Akira CHOPS back!

Akira snapmares Connors, steps over an arm and hammerlocks it into the chinlock. Connors endures, Akira points out Taguchi, and the ref tells Taguchi to go to his corner. Taguchi says okay, but then he jukes the ref to HIP ATTACK Akira! Fans rally, Taguchi backs off but Akira keeps Connors away from him! Taguchi uses the beer as incentive and Connors crawls forward! Akira struggles to keep Connors back, so he CLUBS him down! Akira puts Connors in the Empire corner, tags TJP, and TJP snapmares Connors. Akira runs and hops onto TJP, “Take pictures!” ELECTRIC CHAIR SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally but TJP stays on Connors. TJP stomps Connors into a corner, rallies the fans, and scrapes his boot off Connors’ face. TJP runs side to side, into a SPEAR! Connors and TJP crawl for their corners, hot tags to Akira and Taguchi! Taguchi HIP ATTACKS into the atomic drop! Akira laughs and whips Taguchi to ropes, to return the sidestep shenanigans! Taguchi HIP ATTACKS Akira down! Fans fire up and Taguchi catches his breath. Taguchi fires up and runs in to HIP ATTACK at the ropes! And again! And then baseball slide and APRON HIP! Fans applaud, Taguchi covers, TWO! Taguchi calls Connors and he BLASTS TJP!

Connors and Taguchi drag Akira up, double whip him to ropes, but Akira avoids the double hips! Akira storms up but into a double kick! Wild Hips double whip but TJP sneaks a tag! Akira gets around Taguchi to waistlock, TJP dumps Connors out, and TJP runs in. TJP blocks a boot but Taguchi elbows Akira away to ENZIGURI TJP down! Fans fire up and Taguchi drags Akira up. Taguchi also dragon sleepers TJP, DDT REVERSE DDT COMBO! Taguchi kips up and calls upon the powers of strong style! “ORYA~!” The tights come down! RED UNDIES! Wait, this isn’t Strong Style, this is the Most Electrifying Power in ALL of Sports Entertainment!!

Taguchi runs side to side and then drops… the PEOPLE’S T-BAG!! Cover, TWO!! TJP sunsets, TWO! Taguchi sits on TJP, TWO! TJP sunsets again, TWO! Taguchi sits on TJP again, TWO! TJP gets up to kick Taguchi low! TJP whips, Taguchi reverses but TJP sunset flips again! But Taguchi grabs at his red undies! TJP grabs hold to keep those UP! Connors runs in to try and help pull those DOWN! But then Akira sunset flips Connors! Connors’ tights start to come down, he also has red undies!! And those start coming down! DOUBLE WILD HIP DROP!! Cover, TWO!!! Catch 2/2 survive, and Taguchi points out the matching undies. Connors shrugs and smiles.

Wild Hips coordinate, POUNCE HIP into TJP! Taguchi covers, TWO!! TJP survives and fans fire up! Taguchi tags Connors but Gideon rallies the fans for “CATCH! NI NI!” The Wild Hips combine their powers and aim for TJP! “ORYA~!” CROSS HIPS!! Cover, but Akira breaks it in time!! Fans fire up and the “CATCH! NI NI!” continues. Connors whips Akira, Akira reverses then follows, Akira wheelbarrows to victory roll, STOMP 182! Taguchi HIP ATTACKS Akira! TJP SUPERKICKS Taguchi! Fans are fired up as all four men are down! “CATCH! NI NI!” continues as TJP and Connors crawl to each other.

TJP throws a forearm, Connors gives it back. TJP throws another, so Connors gives it back! Connors gets the edge and roars, runs but into a ROLLING SOBAT! TJP runs, into a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up with Connors and he drags TJP up! TROPHY- NO, TJP slips free to dragon sleeper! Akira is up top, DOUBLE STOMP FINAL CUT COMBO! Cover, but Taguchi breaks it! Akira ROCKS Taguchi, but Taguchi CLUBS Akira! Taguchi fires off hands and CHOPS on Catch 2/2, then runs, into a ALLEY-OOP FACEBUSTER! Catch 2/2 sit Connors up, they run, 2 BY 2!! Cover, Catch 2/2 wins!

Winners: TJP & Francesco Akira, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Taguchi & Connors earn 0)

The Wild Hips have been tamed, and their finals hopes have been slain! Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions prove they’re truly the best of the Super Juniors here?


World Tag League 2022: Aussie Open VS Tetsuya Naito & SANADA!

The United Empire has been winning all night, and now Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher look to finish off the sweep! Will they conquer the Uncontrollable Charisma & Cold Skull to solidify a spot in the finals? Or will Los Ingobernables de Japon make the future of tag team wrestling tranquilo?

Gideon Grey of course sticks around to make the introductions for Dunk-Zilla and the Aussie Arrow. LIJ then makes their entrance, and of course Naito takes his time with the entrance attire. Fletcher doesn’t stop talking the entire time, either. LIJ fist bump, fans applaud, and Sanada steps up against Davis. Fans rally at the bell as Davis and Sanada circle. They tie up, go around, and Davis wrenches to a wristlock. Sanada endures, moves around, rolls and wrenches back. Sanada wristlocks, Davis slips through to headlock back. Sanada throws body shots but Davis grinds the hold harder. Sanada powers out but Davis runs him over!

Fans applaud as the Empire put up the crowns. Things speed up, Davis blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss but Sanada handsprings through to arm-drag back! Davis avoids the basement dropkick but Sanada avoids the senton! Sanada headlocks for a takeover, Davis headscissors, only for Sanada to kip free. Fans applaud the exchange and Sanada and Davis nod some respect to each other. They reset, but then back away to their corners. Tag to Naito and tag to Kyle. Fans rally as Naito and Kyle approach. They circle, feel things out, and Naito calls for a test of strength. Kyle says okay, and then mocks Naito with his superior height and reach.

Naito doesn’t sweat the taunting, he reaches up like a cat pawing at a toy. Naito then kicks Kyle low! Naito CLUBS away on Kyle, then tells Kyle to reach now. Kyle says he gets the joke and stands back up. Naito kicks him low again! Naito rakes Kyle’s eyes, CLUBS him again, then whips. Kyle reverses but Naito slides out. Kyle is annoyed, he rushes out but Naito slides in. Kyle gets up, Naito BLASTS him, then Naito builds speed. But Naito fakes Kyle out to tranquilo! But then Davis SENTONS! Aussie Open knew the joke and took advantage! Kyle runs around the outside to trip Sanada off the apron! And RAM him into railing!

Fans fire up as Aussie Open puts up the crowns. Kyle says they can play this game, and he returns to mockingly applaud Naito. Gideon gives Naito a mocking thumbs up as Kyle drags Naito up on the apron. Kyle has Naito on the ropes to CHOKE him! Red Shoes reprimands, Davis counts along, and Kyle lets go at 4. Kyle drags Naito up to scoop and SLAM! Cover, ONE! Kyle smiles and tags Davis. Kyle stomps Naito, Davis rains down forearms. Davis kneels for the cover, ONE! Davis wants a faster count but Red Shoes says his count was fair. Davis drags Naito up to bump off the buckles! Tag to Kyle and Kyle drags Naito up.

Kyle reels Naito in but Naito throws body shots! And forearms! And then he CLUBS Kyle! Kyle grabs at Naito to keep him from Sanada! Naito fires off more forearms but Kyle fires them all back! Kyle runs, but Naito ELBOWS Kyle down! Then basement dropkicks! Fans fire up while both men are down. Naito crawls over, fans rally up, hot tag to Sanada! Sanada runs to DROPKICK Kyle! Sanada dropkicks Davis’ legs out, then gets around Kyle’s haymaker to atomic drop! Kyle staggers, and Sanada trips him up! Kyle can’t fight it, Sanada puts him in Paradise! Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder.

Fans reach the right volume for Sanada, and Naito mockingly offers a tag to Kyle. Kyle tells him to shut up, so Sanada runs in to dropkick Kyle out of Paradise! Fans applaud while Kyle clutches his butt. Sanada drags Kyle up, fireman’s carries, but Kyle fights free. Kyle shoves Sanada away, runs in, but Sanada dumps him out. Sanad aims., Davis makes the save, Sanada’s plancha misses! Davis picks Sanada up, Naito runs over but Kyle picks him up! Aussie Open run around the way to SANDWICH LIJ! Aussie Open fires up and fans fire up with them. Davis puts Sanada in, Kyle covers, TWO!

Kyle is annoyed but he drags Sanada over to tag Davis. Aussie Open mugs Sanada in the corner, Red Shoes counts and Kyle lets off. Davis digs his knee into Sanada’s face, lets off as Red Shoes counts, and then Davis scoop SLAMS Sanada. Cover, TWO! Fans applaud but Davis tags Kyle. Aussie Open double wrench and double whip Sanada, then double ELBOW, and PENALTY KICK to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this and that annoys Aussie Open. Fans rally but Kyle drags Sanada up. Sanada ROCKS Kyle, ROCKS him again, and again! But Kyle knees low! Kyle CLUBS Sanada, reels him in, and suplexes, only for Sanada to block.

Fans rally as the two fight for suplex control. Kyle throws body shots, suplexes, but Sanada fights that to snap suplex back! Fans fire up while both men are down. Sanada and Kyle crawl, hot tag to Naito! Naito runs, dodges Kyle and BLASTS Davis! Naito BOOTS Kyle then RANAS him down! Davis rushes in but into a spin. Davis whips Naito away but Naito dropkicks the legs out! Kyle runs in, but into an atomic drop! Naito puts Kyle in a corner, runs in, JUMP KICKS, but he can’t get up and over. Naito stomps Kyle down instead, then brings him out to NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Kyle stays in this.

Naito brings Kyle up, but Kyle CHOPS! Naito grins, so Kyle CHOPS again! Fans like that one, but Naito just shrugs. Kyle CHOPS, but Naito fires off ELBOW after ELBOW! Fans fire up and Naito brushes himself off. Naito dragon sleepers Kyle, for the NECKBREAKER into the PLUMA BLANCA! Kyle endures and fans rally up. Kyle kicks around, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Naito holds, claims he needs help, and Red Shoes forces Naito to let go. Kyle clutches his neck but Naito drags him up. Naito wrenches to ELBOW Kyle down! Naito grins as he stands Kyle up for another ELBOW! And then again, but Kyle slips around to SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF!

Fans fire up as both men crawl. Kyle makes his way over, tag to Davis. Davis storms up on Naito, CHOP LARIATS him in the corner, and Naito sputters. Davis stands Naito up to CHOP LARIAT again! And again! Naito flops down but Davis drags him up, wrenches and torture racks, but Naito slips off! Naito dodges the lariat to TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up again as Naito and Davis are down. Naito crawls over to his corner, hot tag to Sanada! Sanada storms up on Davis to claw Davis’ face. Sanada whips Davis corner to corner, back elbows him, then snapmares, for a DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICK. Then fireman’s carry and TKO! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally again and Sanada brings Davis back up. Sanada chicken wings Davis, but Davis fights free and throws Sanada! Sanada comes back, into the torture rack! RACK BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives and fans fire up! Davis tags Kyle, Kyle BLASTS Naito off the apron! Davis fireman’s carries Sanada, POP-UP KI- NO, Sanada blocks the kick! And SWINGS it into Davis! Sanada then schoolboys Kyle, TWO!! Kyle escapes, runs in but his kick is blocked again! Kyle dodges Sanada’s lariat and Davis spins Sanada around to double underhook! Davis lifts and coordinates with Kyle, BUTTERFLY SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous as Sanada survives again! Kyle waits on Sanada to stand and Sanada goes to ropes. Sanada drags himself up, Kyle runs in to CALF KICK! Kyle gut wrenches, but Sanada fights to turn that around! Kyle fights to slip free and shove Sanada to a corner. Sanada elbows back, goes up, QUEBRADA, into the dragon sleeper! Naito runs in to BLAST Davis! Naito goes out after Davis while Sanada gives Kyle a SKULL SWING! Kyle is fading out! Sanada drops Kyle to go up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS, but he has to bail out as Kyle moves! Sanada tilt-o-whirls, but into a SPINNING TOMBSTONE!! Cover, Naito breaks it in time!!

Davis runs in to CLUB Naito. Davis whips, Naito reverses, TORNADO- NO, Davis denies the DDT, and Aussie Open BOOT SUPERKICK COMBOS! Down goes Naito and Davis hurries to the corner. Kyle tags Davis in, fans rally up and Aussie Open drags Sanada to center. The elbow pads come off, but Sanada ducks the double lariats, Davis CLOBBERS Kyle! Sanada suplexes Davis into MAGIC SCREW! Fans fire up as everyone is down! Sanada sits up, he crawls his way over, hot tag to Naito! Naito storms up on Davis but Davis kicks. Naito blocks to ENZIGURI! Davis staggers, Naito has him in a corner for ESPERANZA!

Fans fire up again as Naito aims. Davis rises slowly, Naito runs in, but Davis PELES him down! Kyle wants Naito to get up, and Kyle runs in corner to corner to A-LIST LARIAT! Leg sweep, SLIDING FOREARM from Davis! Kyle tags in, he drags Naito up, the DOUBLE LARIAT SANDWICH hits! Naito wobbles, into the double pump handles! COR- DESTINO on Kyle!! Sanada reels Davis in and Naito covers, but Davis breaks free to break the pin! Fans are thunderous again and Sanada throws Davis out. PLANCHA! Down goes Davis and Naito has Kyle to himself. Naito drags Kyle up, wrenches, DESTI- NO, Kyle blocks it!

Kyle has Naito in position but Naito fights free! ROLLING KICK! Naito runs, into Kyle’s CALF KICK! Kyle gut wrenches, but Naito fights free! Sanada ROCKS Kyle, Naito ENZIGURIS, Sanada ROLLING ELBOWS! Naito has Sanada give him a boost for the TORNADO DDT! Fans are thunderous as we’re at 20 minutes of this 30 minute limit! Naito tilt-o-whirls, DESTINO!!! Cover, LIJ WINS!

Winners: Tetsuya Naito & Sanada, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Aussie Open earns 0)

The undefeated team is no longer undefeated! They still lead the league, but Davis & Fletcher aren’t locked into the finals anymore! Will they have to fight even harder to make sure they’re still the future of tag team wrestling?

As for LIJ, Naito gets the mic to say, “Buenas noches, OSAKAAA~!” Naito knows there was a big card of nine matches between both Super Jr. Tag League and World Tag League, but did the fans enjoy NJPW tag team festival tonight? Fans applaud because they sure did. Naito knows he and Sanada are at 4-2 (after factoring in the forfeit by Fale & Chase), and they’ll be wrestling again tomorrow in Kakogawa-shi. Naito promises he and Sanada will go up 5-2 to have TEN points! Fans applaud, liking the sound of that.

Naito also promises that the next time LIJ is in Osaka, he hopes there can be even more fans in here cheering them on. That next event will be February 11th with the New Beginnings in Osaka. So that said, he hopes that from now until February 11th, everyone will stay safe, healthy, and of course, TRANQUILO! Assen na yo! But Naito points out, he’s not done. He knows the fans can’t chant along, but asks they chant along in their hearts. Is everyone ready? Fans applaud, so Naito ends this the only way it can! “Bushi! Sanada! Hiromu! Takagi! Titan! Y Naito! Nosotros! Los, INGOBERRRRRNABLEEEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!!”

Fans clap along, but will they be able to cheer on the WTL winning LIJ when New Beginnings comes to Osaka?


Here are the NEW Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Austin & Bey: 5-1, 10 points
TJP & Akira: 5-1, 10 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 5-1, 10 points
Yoh & Lio: 4-2, 8 points
Bushi & Titan: 4-2, 8 points
Taguchi & Connors: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki & Kanemaru: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]
Sho & Dick: 1-5, 2 points [ELIMINATED]

Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

Aussie Open: 5-1, 10 points
The Mighty: 5-1, 10 points
Naito & Sanada: 4-2, 8 points
Khan & Henare: 4-2, 8 points
Suzuki & Archer: 3-2, 6 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 3-2, 6 points
Goto & Hashi: 3-2, 6 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-5, 0 points [ELIMINATED]
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-5, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

Chase & Fale: [FORFEIT]

My Thoughts:

Another great event for NJPW, but with a bit of sad news with that about Chase Owens. I really do hope he and his family will be alright. And while he and Fale weren’t having a winning run of the tournament, they could’ve really shown some stuff against the teams they were still set to face. But now a handful of teams get bonus points and we’ll be seeing some teams get byes for the next few rounds. In fact, The Mighty are the ones to get that bye next, and that’s pretty big after their shockingly fast win on Suzuki & Archer. TMDK as a whole is doing great, with Jonah’s great showing in the G1, so the Mighty OG are probably staying alive until the last rounds.

We’ve got a lot of teams out of the running in the Super Jr. Tag League, and it was a bit clever math work for Douki & Kanemaru to get their first win off a team that also wasn’t really going to make it. Kushida & Knight are a great duo but this isn’t Time2Fly’s time just yet. At the same time, there is a great mix of teams still in the running, with Zayne & Lindaman being a great dark horse. I still would think Bushi & Titan make a go of it, I still feel LIJ should be a big part of WrestleKingdom. Naito & Sanada winning the main event seems to help further that possibility, them taking down Aussie Open in a great match. Naito & Sanada are going back to back in the main event, facing Yano & Tanahashi tomorrow, that should be a hilarious yet still very exciting match.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 2.2.2023

Impact has a new number one contender, a few new signings and setting up for No Surrender. Lets see what happens tonight!



We’re coming off of Rich Swann becoming the number one contender, Joe Hendry creating another banger of a parody song and Bully Ray…being more like Bitchy Ray.

Also lets not overlook the fact that Dirty Dango officially signed with IMPACT as well. Which may not be huge, but with the current addition of Santino Marella, Dango being involved in storylines for the foreseeable; there could be some good comedy in store.

There we go, a bunch of stuff got set in motion; but we could always see some interesting wrinkles or just straight forward boredom. Only one way to find out! BUT FIRST! Raven is getting The Flock back together…maybe?


  • Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) vs Kevin Knight & Kushida: Ace & Bey win via 1-2-Sweet – ***
  • Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Savannah Evans: Gisele wins via Denouement – ** 1/4
  • Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus vs Sheldon Jean: Steve wins via King Kill 33 – N/A
  • Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Kenny King: Kenny wins via Royal Flush – N/A
  • The Design (Kon, Deaner, Angels & Callihan) vs Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura & Rich Swann: Callihan wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – ** 1/2



Bullet Club (Ace & Bey) vs Kevin Knight & Kushida

As much as I like Ace & Bey, a part of me would like MCMG versus Kushida and his new partner.

Early on its just counters, posing to the crowd and getting themselves over until Bey manages to sweep the leg, slingshot over the top rope for a stomp and take over a little. Knight manages to avoid a corner move, one legged Springboard Body Press, Jumping Frog Splash, and then a quick tag to Kushida. Some tandem moves from Kushida and Knight as Knight continues to mix it up with Bey.

Ace distracts Knight before the Springboard and Bey meets him in midair with a Dropkick and gets Ace in for some tandem offense and then Ace starts setting the pace. Double Arm Wringer into a tandem Back Rake. Then they wrestle Knight to the ground and keep him down for another Back Rake. Ace continues to set the pace and keep Knight mostly on the receiving end, until Knight rolls out of a lift, Ricky to Robert roll, Kushida gets the hot tag and starts clearing the ring. Bey tries Art of Finesse, Kushida catches him in a Flying Armbar but Bey turns it into a Cradle to get Kushida to break.

Electric Chair from Kushida, but before Knight can hit his Dropkick, Ace slides in and catches Knight on his back. Chicken Fight before Kushida and Knight finally hit their Tandem move but Ace makes the save. Ace wipes out Kushida, Knight forces Ace out, tries to go for a Plancha, but Bey was crotched on the top rope. As Knight tries to Plancha, Bey hits a Cutter out of nowhere on the apron. Ace sees the opening, 1-2-Sweet for the win!

Steph De Lander video package…that’s a pretty decent grab for IMPACT.

Gisele Shaw w/Jai Vidal vs Savannah Evans

Gisele faces off with Savannah and slaps her in the face a few times and refuses to back down. Savannah of course fires back, but when Gisele gets violent is when she’s at her best. After a big toss, Gisele powders, confers with Jai and the commercial kicks in. When we get back, Gisele has the advantage. But Savannah takes the short arm pull in, Side Slam for effect and distance.

Now they start trading strikes, that Savannah wins that war. A few short Lariats, Samoan Drop, and Gisele is reeling. Retreats to the corner, tries to stop Savannah with the Back Elbow, but eats a Spinebuster when she tries to continue. Fisherman’s Suplex Hold from Savannah for 2, Full Nelson Slam attempt, but Jai hits the apron and tries to seduce the referee as a distraction. Gisele hits the Denouement (Knee Strike) for the win.

The crowd is actively booing Gisele, but she powers through for her promo. It wasn’t great, but I’ll give her some credit for pushing through. 

Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus vs Sheldon Jean

Sheldon Jean continues the arrogance, though he’s a nobody enhancement talent. It would be nice if some of these enhancement talent wrestlers didn’t all have that same arrogant persona. We all know Steve is going to win, this is just a storytelling tool to probably add to the Trey Miguel stuff.

Steve is entertaining, but this match is more predictable than most things. He hits King Kill 33, but apparently it’s called Belladonna’s Kiss now. Trey jumps Taurus, tries to spray paint Steve, but Steve bites him and spray paints himself causing Trey to powder out of confusion/fear.

Bully comes out to complain as has been his thing the last few weeks. But thankfully Mickie returns the favor from last week and interrupts Bully. Verbal jabs, Bully Ray insults Mickie, Mickie slaps him, Bully slams her and calls in the Good Hands to get the tables. Tommy Dreamer makes a save with a kendo stick. Good Hands vs Mickie & Tommy next week. 

Oh good, this is exactly what I wanted from a few weeks ago! Kelly and Taylor will be a great team.

Johnny Swinger w/Zicky Dice vs Kenny King

Some goofy posturing and general Swinger antics. Eddy Gordo kick into Royal Flush, and Kenny gets the obvious win.

Bully has a segment in the back with Masha, and it seems like he’s a little smitten while he was trying to just manipulate her emotions to pick up the pieces after or during the tag match next week. 

Cardona and Myers try to make their own diss track song…and it was awful. It was supposed to be bad, and yes, it achieved that. It was like Miz and Morrison, without comedic talent.

The Design (Kon, Deaner, Angels & Callihan) vs Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura & Rich Swann

Deaner barks at Callihan to start against Swann, then commands him to tag out, and a multi-man match is always a little bit of everyone gets moments. So its just odd that the heel team will be dictated by Deaner to a degree. Uemura comes in second and he reminds me so much of a young Tanahashi its crazy. Deaner calls for the tag and squares off against Josh now.

An attempted jumping in the corner, but Josh gets space and it turns into all 8 men in at once. Josh goes right after Kon and tries to assert his dominance on the “power” of The Design. After the commercial, Uemura gets rocked but Kaz saves him with a blind tag and hits some of his classic moves on Angels and Callihan. Swann comes in but Deaner and Kon manage to ground Swann and put the momentum back in the hands on The Design.

Some stupid spots take away a little from the match while Swann is getting worked over. Swann slaps his leg when he eats a Dropkick from Angels, then tries to Leapfrog Deaner and jump to his corner, Deaner grabs him away but it just looks silly and like it was never going to work to begin with. Its the optime of doing too much and hurting the match. Josh eventually gets a hot tag, tags a square off with Kon, throws him around and King Kong Knee drops Kon. Ankle Lock gives the near fall but Kon kicks off, Uemura tags himself in, Callihan gets the tag, is about to finish off Uemura; but Deaner stops the Thumbs Up – so Josh breaks up the offense and we get all 8 men pulls off high impact moves.

Cactus Driver attempt, Uemura hits the Enzuigiri to stun Callihan. Goes to the top, Deaner trips Uemura, Cactus Driver ’97 wins the match.


Overall Score: 5/10

This was a weird episode. The only match worth watching was the opening tag match, the rest were predictable, boring or just had dumb spots in them. Backstage segments however, those were pretty great. The problem though, is they built off of either inside jokes, old WCW knowledge or not shutting off cringe immediately.

So while I loved the Raven & Reese segment, Kelly & Taylor, and found some amusement in the Cardona stuff…its really subjective and not exactly friendly to an uninitiated viewer. We got an episode that catered to already existing fans, which isn’t how to grow a brand.

Even though I enjoyed things for the most part, this was a lame episode from the perspective of retaining new eyes.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/1/23)

Dynamite is No Holds Barred!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Will Darby Allin still be the Relentless TNT Champion?

Samoa Joe wants the AEW TNT Championship back, but he knows Darby Allin is relentless. Tonight on Dynamite, they go NO HOLDS BARRED for the gold! Will Joe once again be the King of Television?


  • Jon Moxley VS Hangman Page; Moxley wins.
  • The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd; The Acclaimed wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Konosuke Takeshita; Takeshita wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Timothy Thatcher; Bryan wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS Red Velvet; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • AEW TNT Championship No Holds Barred: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Samoa Joe; wins and


Jon Moxley w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Hangman Page!

The Maniac and the Cowboy go for their tiebreaker as Dynamite is in Dayton, Ohio! Will Ohio’s own knock this one out of the park like he did before? Or will there be some serious #CowboySh*t going down in Dayton?

Not only does Moxley have the Decoder by his side, he has his dad, Dan! Hangman makes his entrance next, and Moxley goes right after him! Moxley throws hands then whips Hangman into railing! The ref reprimands but Moxley sends Hangman into steel steps! Moxley throws hands, whips Hangman again and Hangman hits more railing hard! Fans fire up and the ref reprimands. Moxley just takes off his hoodie to CHOKE Hangman with it! Moxley TOSSES Hangman over the railing, and then he hops onto the railing! Dayton fires up, gives Moxley a hand, and Moxley FLYING AX HANDLES Hangman down!

Moxley brings Hangman up but Hangman throws hands! Hangman sits Moxley down, fires off more shots, then backs up. Hangman runs in to BOOT Moxley against railing! The ref reprimands, he wants this in the ring, but it isn’t a match yet so there’s no real repercussions. Hangman stalks Moxley along the way but Moxley kicks back. And CHOPS! Moxley trips Hangman then ties him up, FIGURE FOUR on the floor! Moxley and Hangman flip each other off but the ref still wants this in the ring. Hangman grabs someone’s beer and splashes Moxley with it! Moxley lets Hangman out of the hold, and then Hangman ROCKS Mox!

They go back to ringside, Moxley grabs a chair but Hangman CLUBS Moxley. But Moxley JAMS Hangman, tris him, and then drops an elbow on the leg! Moxley has a toehold, then he puts the chair around the leg! The ref reprimands but Moxley goes up the apron. The ref shouts at Moxley to not jump, but then Hangman gets free! Hangman CHUCKS the chair at Moxley’s head!! Moxley goes down and fans fire up! The ref reprimands again and wants this to get in the ring. Moxley is dazed, but Hangman drags him around, to suplex onto the chair! Hangman drags Moxley up and puts him in the ring, but he also brings the chair!

The ref stops Hangman, so Hangman leaves the chair behind. The bell finally rings, and Hangman runs in to forearm Moxley! Moxley hits back, they go back and forth! Moxley’s eyebrow is already busted open, but he keeps throwing shots. Hangman gets the edge, HEADBUTTS, then whips. Moxley reverses to dropkick the legs out! Moxley looms over Hangman, drags him into the INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Hangman endures, keeps his shoulders off the mat, but fans rally behind Moxley. Hangman drags himself back, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Moxley lets Hangman go at 3.

Moxley brings Hangman up but Hangman gets around to GERMAN SUPLEXES! Moxley snarls but the blood is getting into his eye. Hangman DECKS Moxley and has him at the ropes. Hangman brings Moxley up, fans boo but Hangman CHOPS! Moxley flounders and falls and fans start dueling. Hangman stalks Moxley, sits him up, and he starts raining down fists right on the bloody eyebrow! Mox fans boo but Hangman fans are fired up for the “COWBOY SH*T!” Hangman wipes Moxley’s blood off on his chest, but then turns around into a CHOP! Moxley eggs Hangman on and Hangman CHOPS back!

Moxley CHOPS, Hangman CHOPS, fans “WOO~!” for the CHOP fight! Moxley shifts to boxing elbows, then runs, but Hangman catches the crossbody! FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans are torn while Moxley goes to the apron. Hangman runs, triangle jumps, but Moxley LARIATS first! Moxley drags Hangman up and to the apron, then turns Hangman, for a SLEEPER! The ref reprimands and wants this in the ring, but Hangman claws the bloody eyebrow! Moxley turns Hangman around, reels him in, but Hangman resists the lift! Hangman tries to lift, Moxley resists, and then Moxley lifts! Hangman fights that and lifts again, but Moxley still fights!

Both men are fighting for control, and Hangman fireman’s carries! To SNAKE EYES Moxley off the post! Moxley falls to the floor and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks Moxley but he’s somehow okay to continue. Hangman goes over to fetch Moxley, and whips him into railing! Hangman ROCKS Moxley with haymakers as the bloody eyebrow becomes a crimson mask. Hangman refreshes the count, goes back to Moxley and CHOPS him! Moxley gets in Hangman’s face so Hangman CHOPS again! Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Hangman DECKS him! Hangman snarls, looms over Moxley, and then drags him back up. Hangman puts Moxley in the ring, and rains down more fists on that bloody eyebrow! Moxley falls over, but Hangman gets the wrists!

Hangman sits Moxley up, for a DRAGON STOMP, but Moxley blocks! Moxley throws Hangman to a corner and fires off forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Moxley then hoists Hangman up top, climbs up after him, and CLAWS Hangman’s back, painfully slow! Then he CLAWS and BITES Hangman’s back, before blowing a kiss to the fans. But Hangman throws body shots in return! Dynamite returns to single picture as Hangman BITES Moxley’s forehead! Hangman then slips under Moxley to fireman’s carry him on the second rope! SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and fans are fired up!

Fans duel as Hangman sits up. Hangman scowls while Moxley sits up. Moxley eggs Hangman on so Hangman kicks him! And BOOTS him! Hangman tells Moxley to stay down but he refuses. Moxley sits up, so Hangman BOOTS him! Moxley sits up to SLAP Hangman, and flips him off! Hangman is fuming, but he runs into a CUTTER! A standing count starts, fans count along as Moxley and Hangman stir. They sit up at 5 of 10, and Moxley throws a haymaker. Hangman throws it back, so Moxley gives another,. They go back and forth, Hangman wobbles but he CHOPS! Moxley CHOPS! Hangman forearms! Moxley forearms back!

Moxley eggs Hangman on, Hangman staggers over and CHOPS again! Moxley KICKS a leg, KICKS Hangman’s arm, then KICKS him again! Moxley ducks the haymaker to get the SLEEPER! Hangman shifts to SAIDO! But Moxley’s right up! SAIDO!! Hangman ends up in a corner and fans say “This is Awesome!” Moxley puts Hangman up top, climbs up after him, and hits a SUPER HALF HATCH SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley immediately rains down the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then he clamps on a SLEEPER! Hangman endures as Moxley shifts to a BULLY CHOKE! Hangman pushes around, so Moxley shifts to get the wrists! DRAGON STOMPS!!

Moxley then drags Hangman up into the underhooks! But Hangman fights Death Rider! So Moxley rolls Hangman to an ARMBAR! Hangman endures, moves around, and reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts and Moxley lets go at 4. Hangman crawls to a corner, fans rally up, and Moxley says this is it! Moxley runs in but Hangman TOSSES him up and out! Moxley staggers up, Hangman goes up top! ARIHARA MOONSAULT but Moxley moves! And LARIATS!! Both men are down at the ramp and fans are thunderous! The ref checks both men, Moxley is up first while fans lose their minds.

Moxley goes to the timekeeper’s area and he clears off the table! Moxley drags Hangman over, reels him in, but Hangman resists the lift! Hangman Alabama Lifts but Moxley fights that. DOUBLE LARIATS hit! And again! Moxley runs in, POP-UP POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!! Fans lose their minds again while Hangman leaves Moxley behind in the ring. The ring count climbs to 5 of 10 before Moxley sits up. The count is 7! Then “OCHO!” Moxley stands at 9, and springs in at 9.9!! But into a LARIAT!! And then Alabama Lift, DEADEYE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Moxley survives and no one can believe it!

Hangman kicks at Moxley, almost taunting him. Hangman goes to a corner while Moxley’s fans boo. Hangman runs in, but Moxley dodges the stomp to KING KONG LARIAT!! Fans are thunderous as both men stand again. Moxley eggs Hangman on, and Hangman stands. Moxley throws a forearm, so Hangman hits back! Moxley forearms again, but so does Hangman! Fans duel, the forearms fly faster, and then Hangman gets the edge! SUPERKICK! Hangman reels Moxley in, fisherman’s a leg, but Moxley fights the suplex! Hangman powers it through, FISHERMAN CRADLE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?

Hangman’s wild eyes say he can’t believe Moxley survived! Hangman goes to the apron, he aims at Moxley, slingshot for the BUCK- NO! DEATH- NO, Hangman blocks to scoop! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! But Hangman doesn’t cover, he goes to the apron! Hangman loads up, for the BUCKSHOT!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? HOW?!?! Moxley has survived all of Hangman’s best, but Hangman has the BULLY CHOKE!! Hangman pulls back on Moxley’s favorite hold! Moxley shifts, fights back up, and he snapmares into a cradle! MOXLEY WINS!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Moxley just taught Hangman not to play games! Hangman is furious that he got caught like that, but the Blackpool Combat Club steps into the ring. Yuta and Claudio keep Hangman back but Moxley stands up. Moxley and Hangman get in each other’s face but the BCC keep them apart. Hangman flips Moxley off, and fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Moxley and Hangman keep jawing, they get close but Claudio keeps them separate. Moxley mocks Hangman by lying down, giving Hangman a chance. Hangman mocks Moxley back by doing a quick burpie push-up. Claudio tells Hangman to go and cool off.

Moxley flips Hangman off as he leaves, and fans celebrate their home state hero. Will there be a fourth round out of these two to truly settle things?


AEW takes a look at tonight’s TNT Championship No Holds Barred main event!

Darby Allin tells Samoa Joe, “I knew when I took this from you in Seattle that you’d want it back. And I know you’d stop at nothing to have it back. Well, I’m gonna make things fair. You beat me in Texas, and you granted me my rematch in Seattle. So I’m granting you your rematch in Ohio. But I want it under one condition: No Holds Barred.” Samoa Joe told the “Little Dead Boy” that Joe is “coming to take back what’s mine. The King will not be usurped by a man like you.” Darby says if he walks out the winner, Joe doesn’t get another rematch. If Joe walks out the winner, Darby won’t get a rematch. This will be the final chapter of their feud! So who writes their happily ever after?


Backstage interview with Jamie Hayter, The Bunny, The Butcher & The Blade.

Renee Paquette is with the AEW Women’s World Champion, as well as the mercenary trio. Renee thanks them for agreeing to no physicality, and understands that Allie the Bunny requested this time. Bunny tells Hayter, they’re all very impressed by Hayter’s win over Emi Sakura on Rampage last Friday. Now, Bunny feels like Sakura outshined Hayter, but great win nonetheless. And Bunny knows Hayter isn’t the type to back down from a challenge, right? Right. So here’s a challenge: next week on Dynamite, Hayter VS Bunny in a Title Eliminator Match! What does Hayter say? Hayter says absolutely! She bloody loves a challenge, and next week, she’s free.

Renee says there’s something happening as we speak! They get it on the television screen nearby, and it’s Britt Baker being mugged by Saraya and Toni Storm!! Bunny is shocked and Hayter is furious! Hayter hurries off, Saraya talks right into the camera, “AEW is OUR house!” Storm drags Britt up to RAM her into a garage door! Bunny more or less expresses exasperation, but will Hayter be able to save the Doctor?


The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd!

The AEW World Tag Team Champions have been reigning for 133 days, but they know the Gunn Sons, Austin & Colten, are gunning for them. But first, they tune up against “The Outrunners.” As always, Platinum Max has a diss track ready! “Acclaimed on the mic, you know we the nicest. Fighting two guys in their midlife crisis! I bet you have sex with each other. How we gonna fight the bootleg Beverly Brothers? C’mon, it’s not the 80s! Acclaimed gonna make you call it quits like you Tom Brady! ‘Ey, y’all should be ashamed. In Ohio, everybody loves The Acclaimed.”

Fans cheer, and Bowens gets the mic to say, “NNNUTTER CENTERRR~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS!” And he does~! But while Caster & Bowens just embarrassed Truth & Turbo, are they walking into a trap game before taking on the Ass Boys?

The teams sort out, the Outrunners decide they’ll scissor finger! They mock the Mega Powers at the same time, but then Bowens SUPERKICKS Truth out of the ring! The bell rings, Caster CHOPS Turbo and scoops him to SLAM him! Tag to Bowens and Bowens goes up top! Caster holds open the legs, SCISSOR ME TURBO! Daddy Ass gets in the ring so that he and the boys can TRIPLE SCISSOR~! Bowens waits on Turbo, mule kicks and hits the ARRIVAL! Tag to Caster and he goes up top, MIC DROP! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

But wait! Raining on the parade are Austin & Colten! Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” But they tune that out. They go to the ring, and Colten has a mic. “Hey, good match, guys. But we’re here to talk about something serious. Last week, what we said would make us happy are your belts. And we want a shot at those belts, and we want an answer right now.” Fans boo but Caster has the mic to say, “Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Listen.” Bowens says, “You two Rod ‘n’ Todd lookin’ asses want an answer. You do realize you are interrupting the most popular tag team in all of wrestling, right?” Caster adds, “That’s right!”

“The winningest tag team in AEW history!” “That’s right!” “The FOREVER champs, the Acclaimed!” “That’s right!” “And not to mention, EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED!” But they are the People’s Choice, and the People’s Voice, they will ask the people. Colten says these fans can’t even read! But Bowens still asks Dayton’s opinion: Do the Ass Boys deserve a shot at the tag titles? “NOOO~!” Well, the people have spoken, so NO. Austin & Colten get in Caster’s & Bowens’ faces, but Billy tells them all to stop! Isn’t it enough already? Billy is so sick of this, he is just done! Billy says this is too much, so go ahead, beat the sh*t out of each other!

Daddy Ass steps aside, fans fire up, but Austin says, “There you go. Do exactly what you did our entire childhoods and turn your back on us.” Billy stops walking up the ramp, but then chuckles as he keeps going. Austin says Billy should do what he used to do, and drown his sorrows at the bottom of a PILL BOTTLE! That gets Billy to turn around! Billy storms up on his sons and The Acclaimed, as well as the fans, tell the Ass Boys that they F’d up. Billy is up in Austin’s face and says, “So you two think you just put your big boy pants on? Then you just step up, and you just made the biggest mistake…”

The mic is wonky so Billy throws it down. Bowens gives Billy the good one. Billy wants Austin to look at him after what he just said. Austin looks up at his father’s eyes. Billy says if they’ve got their big boy pants on, if they think they got what it takes, if they think they have what Billy had, then we’ll see next week. They’ve got their title shots! The Acclaimed is surprised but the Ass Boys smile that they’re getting their way. Will Austin & Colten get what they want? Or just what they deserve?


Backstage interview with Jack Perry.

Alex Marvez is with Jungle Boy and notes that he and Hook are 2-0 as a team, having beaten The Firm’s Ethan Page & Matt Hardy. The question is: What’s next for #JungleHook? JB says that he had an amazing time teaming with Hook, and Hook has had JB’s back when no one else did. But JB’s done the tag team thing before. In fact, JB has been all the way to the top of that mountain, and fallen all the way down. But this year isn’t about that. What JB will say is that he’ll be a champion again, but all by himself. Then just what title will Jack Perry aim for in this Tarzan Life?


Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Konosuke Takeshita!

Speaking of having people’s backs, just as The Machine and MJF were about to destroy Bryan Danielson, The Future of Wrestling rushed out to run them off! But now, Cage and Konosuke go toe to toe, will Cage make Konosuke pay for interfering?

The bell rings and Konosuke BOOTS Cage! Cage BOOTS Konosuke, then DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Cage swings but Konosuke swats it to ROLLING ELBOW! Cage wobbles, Konosuke runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and then TAKESHITA LINES! Cage bails out and fans fire up! Konosuke runs to BOOT Cage off the apron! Konosuke then PLANCHAS and takes Cage down at the ramp! Fans fire up, Konosuke winks at the camera, and then goes back to the apron. But Cage grabs a foot! Konosuke kicks and stomps Cage but Cage yanks Konosuke into a POST BOMB! Konosuke tumbles down and fans boo but Nana cheers.

Cage drags Konosuke up, puts him in, and runs to basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Konosuke but Cage drags him back up. Cage reels Konosuke in, puts one out, but Konosuke wrenches out! Konosuke throws a forearm, but Cage gives it back! They go forearm for forearm, and Konosuke throws boxing elbows into the ROLLING ELBOW! Cage fights the back suplex, KNEES low, and brags, “Who betta than Cage?” But he runs into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Cage survives and Konosuke is surprised! Nana coaches Cage up but Konosuke aims from a corner. Konosuke runs in to JUMP KNEE, but Cage dodges!

Konosuke tumbles to the apron, Cage ROUNDHOUSES him! Cage climbs the ropes, and he stands Konosuke up. DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Fans boo but Cage flexes while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cage drops a knee on Konosuke, sits him up to KNEE him in the back again and again, then he stomps Konosuke back down. Cage paces, drags Konosuke up, and bumps him off buckles. Cage RAMS into Konosuke, RAMS him again, and then CHOPS him! Cage soaks up the heat, but Konosuke CHOPS back! Konosuke fires forearms, then another CHOP! And another CHOP! But Cage BOOTS Konosuke down! Cage grabs the legs, stomps Konosuke in the stomach, then paces around. Cage stands Konosuke up, wrenches and YANKS the arm, then RAMS shoulders. Cage wrenches, pump handles, and lifts, but Konosuke slips out!

Konosuke runs in but Cage ducks the boot to roll Konosuke up! Konosuke slips out, but runs into a drop toehold! Konosuke’s on ropes, Cage dials it up, TIGER FEINT KICK! Konosuke staggers to a corner, Cage runs in and UPPERCUTS, GAMANGIRIS, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Cage and Nana are annoyed, but Cage looms over Konosuke. Cage hears the fans rally for Konosuke, but Cage drags him up. Cage reels Konosuke in, puts out another one, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Cage lifts, only for Konosuke to RANA Cage into buckles! BLINDSIDE JUMP KNEE! Cage staggers, Konosuke goes up, FLYING KNEE!

Both men are down and fans fire up! Konosuke and Cage stir as the ring count starts. Konosuke sits up and feeds off the energy. Konosuke drags Cage up into a waistlock, but Cage elbows free! Cage whips, Konosuke LARIATS on the return! Konosuke drags Cage up, waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans rally while Konosuke fires up. Konosuke aims from the corner as Cage stands, and Konosuke runs in, JUMP- NO! Cage blocks the knee to BUCKLE BOMB! And then fireman’s carry, to an F- NO! Konosuke lands out, lifts and LIGER BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but fans fire up behind Konosuke!

Konosuke aims again while Nana shouts to Cage. Cage stands, Konosuke runs in but the knee is blocked! Cage spins, Konosuke ducks! Konosuke spins, ROLLING ELBOW!! Konosuke reels Cage in, but Cage wrenches out to HEADBUTT! And then SAIDO!! But Konosuke is right up?! Into a DISCUS LARIAT from Cage!! Cover, TWO!?! Konosuke survives and Nana is furious! Cage says he’s gonna end this, and he suplexes, only for Konosuke to slip out! Konosuke suplexes, SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER!! Cage roars as he rises up, but Konosuke ROCKS him with another elbow! And then another suplex, for another BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Cage survives, he must truly be a machine! But Dayton rallies behind Konosuke. Konosuke runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cage fireman’s carries, for the F10!! Nana says no prisoners! Cage drags Konosuke up again, puts him in the corner and hoists him to the top. Cage then goes to the outside and climbs up after Konosuke. But Konosuke throws forearms in return! Konosuke suplexes for a SUPER BRAINBUSTER!!! Fans are thunderous and Konosuke aims again! KNOCKOUT KNEE!!! Cover, Konosuke wins!!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Cage may be a machine, but the machine just broke down against the bullet train! Will Konosuke continue to prove why he IS The Future of Wrestling?


Backstage interview with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Renee is with Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, Sammy Guevara, and of course, Chris Jericho himself. Renee says that we heard Ricky Starks’ comments from last week, addressing how the JAS cheated to win. What is their reaction? Jericho says, “Cheated? We haven’t worked together in five years, and you’re accusing us of cheating? Let me say this, Renee. Ricky Starks, he didn’t lose to a baseball bat, no. Did you see a baseball bat in there?” Of course the JAS says no. Jericho says Starks lost to the JAS. And now Starks challenges them, “How can I get another match with Chris Jericho?”

Jericho says the JAS has an idea how Starks can do that. Right, Sammy? Sammy says yes. Garcia and Sammy put their heads together, and they came up with a great idea: The Guevara-Garcia… No, wait, the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet! Danny thanks Sammy for the top billing on that name. Renee asks what kind of gauntlet they have in mind. Garcia says it’s a rather simple concept. “Ricky, first you’re gonna have to beat Cool Hand Ange. And if that happens, you’re gonna have to beat Daddy Magic.” Menard adds, “Beat Daddy Magic? I DON’T THINK SO!” Garcia says that if Starks somehow does that, then he beats either Garcia or Guevara, but they’ll reveal that the night of.

And then, if somehow, by the skin of his teeth, Starks makes it past all that, only then does Starks get his hands on Jericho. Jericho tells Starks, “You don’t call the shots around here, the Jericho Appreciation Society does. So if you can get through the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet, I’ll be ready to rip your ass!” Will the Absolute survive three matches in one go to finally have another shot at The Ocho?


The Elite speak.

Matt Jackson asks Brandon Cutler if the camera is rolling as he, brother Nick, Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa and Don Callis are on the basketball court. Cutler says yes, they’re live, while Nakazawa and Callis are oiling Omega up. Matt says, “Ladies and gentlemen, check it out who it is! It’s the first-ever, two-time Trios Champions, The Elite.” Omega says that’s right, and he tells Top Flight, “I watched what you guys did. After a Best of 7 Series in a ladder match, you got one up on our boys. Well how ’bout next week, you bring your friend, AR Fox, next week and we’ll put these belts on the line, and you guys can shoot your shot.

“But hey, when you shoot that shot, you best not miss. Because The Elite never miss. Nick, if you will.” Nick takes the rock and shoots it, THREE POINTER! Oh, but wait! The Firm’s Stokely Hathaway, Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy walk in. Callis has Cutler keep rolling, and Omega mockingly asks where Stokely is, he can’t see him. Oh haha, Stokely knows you see him, he’s right here. But listen, you three are doing NOTHING all week? No wrestling, nothing? Just a week off? Ethan thinks that’s funny. The Firm’s employees don’t have that luxury, they work every single week, and Ethan wants that streak to continue.

So Ethan says how about this: The Elite VS Ethan, Matt & “Zay,” Friday on Rampage. Omega tells Callis he isn’t so sure, but Callis says this is Matt Hardy. If they get footage of Hardy taking a One Winged Angel, they could sell that NFT for a lot of money. Hardy says, “What about an NFT with Matt Hardy Twist-Of-Fating Omega?” Ethan likes that better! Well, as far as a match, it’s done. The Elite VS The Whatever They Are. Kassidy says he hopes the Elite is ready, cuz they sure are. Kassidy unsettles Kenny with an arm around his shoulders and a moan, and Ethan says this is good business. Hey, Brandon, is it? Cut the camera!

Matt Jackson tells Ethan Page that he doesn’t tell Brandon what to do! THEY tell him! Turn off the camera, ya damn dumbass! And get off the court, they’re trying to play. But will this 3v3 pick-up game go The Elite’s way? Or is it a trap game before taking on Fox, Dante & Darius?


Bryan Danielson VS Timothy Thatcher!

In the American Dragon’s quest to be #1 contender, he has defeated Tony Nese, Konosuke Takeshita, Bandido and Brian Cage, an undefeated streak of 4-0 in 2023! But now, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has enlisted a fighter very much like Bryan in his savage technical ability. Will Bryan make it to the deadline still on top? Or is this where MJF wins before Revolution even begins?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel out the grapple, but Bryan’s shoulder is an obvious target. They grapple, Bryan puts Thatcher on ropes but Thatcher shifts to get the arm. Thatcher wrangles Bryan but Bryan scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Thatcher lets off, and then smirks as he watches Bryan get up. Bryan and Thatcher feel out another grapple, Thatcher puts him in the corner, and then European Uppercuts! And again! And again! Bryan sits down and Thatcher goes after the arm! Thatcher twists the elbow and wrist, isolates the arm, and stands on the hand! Thatcher KNEES the arm!

Bryan scrambles away but Thatcher is right on him with a double wristlock! Bryan powers Thatcher to ropes, and clasps his hands behind his back. The ref counts, the two let off, but then Bryan fires off body shots and kicks! Bryan grabs a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Bryan holds onto the leg, turns Thatcher over and ties those legs up, to get a Deathlock! Fans rally as Bryan sits on the hold, then SNAPS it! Bryan then shifts to a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Thatcher pries the fingers away! Bryan shouts in pain but Thatcher twists the arm! And STOMPS it down! Fans boo but Thatcher grins with that missing-tooth smile.

Thatcher KNEES Bryan in the back, stalks him to a corner, but Bryan puts Thatcher in the corner to CHOP and CHOP and KICK and KICK! Fans rally, Bryan runs corner to corner, and DROPKICKS! Bryan facelocks but Thatcher wrenches and WRINGS Bryan’s arm! Fans boo more but Thatcher drags Bryan up with a double wristlock! Thatcher uses his height to lift Bryan off the mat! Then Thatcher pushes Bryan down, but Bryan keeps his shoulders up. Bryan crawls around, ROPEBREAK! Thatcher lets go at 4 while fans rally up. Bryan clutches his arm but Thatcher goes after it again as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bryan endures but they’re also in the ropes so the ref counts. Thatcher lets off at 4, then digs his boot into Bryan at the corner. The ref counts, Thatcher lets off, only to stand on Bryan’s chest! The ref counts, Thatcher steps away, and he grins as he soaks up the heat. Thatcher mocks Bryan’s pain, then KNEES the bad shoulder! Thatcher KNEES Bryan again, goes out to drag Bryan tot he apron, and he SLAMS the arm on the edge! Bryan clutches his bicep and shoulder while the ref reprimands. Thatcher slides into the ring and stands Bryan up by his ears! Thatcher CLUBS Bryan on the chest! Thatcher fishhooks Bryan to stand him up, and CLUBS him again!

Bryan sits down, Thatcher stands him back up, and he hammerlocks the bad arm. Thatcher then back suplexes Bryan up and into the ring! Thatcher dusts off his hands while crawling to the cover, but Bryan wrangles him into the LEBELL LOCK!! Thatcher got cocky and got caught! But he scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets off quickly, but Thatcher is right on him! Thatcher UPPERCUTS the arm! Bryan goes to a corner, Thatcher KNEES him down, then drags Bryan back up. Thatcher EuroUppers Bryan, taunts the fans, then EuroUppers Bryan again. Bryan leans against ropes, Thatcher snarls at the fans, then gets in Bryan’s face.

Dynamite returns to single picture as Thatcher traps Bryan’s bad arm behind his back and throws hard body shots to that side. The ref counts but Thatcher grins as he throws more shots. Bryan fights back with HEADBUTTS! Fans fire up as Bryan backs Thatcher down, but Thatcher fires off body shot after body shot! Thatcher drags Bryan out to a hammerlock GROVIT, and then hits a GROVIT-PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bryan is still in this but Thatcher snarls. Thatcher stalks Bryan at the ropes, bumps him off buckles, then reels Bryan in to hoist him up top. Thatcher UPPERCUTS, climbs up after Bryan, and he underhooks the arms!

Bryan resists and fans fire up! Bryan breaks free, throws body shot after body shot in return, and then HEADBUTTS Thatcher down! Thatcher growls and gets right back up! But Bryan throws more body shots! Fans rally “YES! YES! YES!” and Bryan HEADBUTTS again! Thatcher stays down this time, and Bryan stands up! Thatcher stands in time for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Both men are down as Bryan clutches his bad arm, but Dayton rallies up behind him! Bryan and Thatcher sit up, both snarl, and Thatcher EuroUppers! Bryan EuroUppers in return! They go uppercut for uppercut, but Thatcher gets the edge!

Bryan fires up to KICK! And KICK! Bryan KICKS away on Thatcher’s chest, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan powers up but Thatcher blocks the Buzzsaw! Thatcher goes for the bad arm, wrangles Bryan down, but Bryan rolls through and gets around to waistlock. Thatcher bucks the O’Conner but runs into a backslide! TWO, FUJIWARA! No, Bryan rolls through to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! But Bryan clamps on for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans rally again, but Thatcher blocks the arm! Bryan claws Thatcher’s face to get free, and get a SLEEPER! But Thatcher wants that bad arm! Bryan has to shift his grip, but Thatcher stands!

Thatcher pries the sleeper open because he can get the bad arm, but Bryan powers up! Bryan has the hold on tight, so Thatcher backs Bryan down! They end up ramming the ref into the corner! Bryan still holds on, but Thatcher hits a BIG back suplex! All three men are down and fans fire up! But here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion tells Dayton to shush, and he puts on the Dynamite Diamond Ring! MJF says, “It’s too damn easy. This is done! This is done!” MJF goes to the ring, but KONOSUKE flies in outta nowhere!! Konosuke won’t let MJF screw Bryan over! Konosuke attacks MJF, RAMS him into railing, and chases him to the back!

Bryan has Thatcher but Thatcher snatches the arm! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! The ref is up, he asks Bryan, but Bryan endures! Thatcher pushes way back on the arm, but Bryan pushes his way forward with his legs! ROPEBREAK!! Fans fire up as Bryan survives by a literal foot! Thatcher lets go in frustration and he scowls as he throws hands on the bad arm. Thatcher drags Bryan up, clinches, BELLY2BELLY SUPLEX! Bryan flounders but Thatcher runs in, clinches, but Bryan switches! GERMAN SUPLEX! Thatcher fumes as he gets back up! Bryan dodges him, runs back in, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Now 5-0 on the year, the quest continues! The American Dragon is not yet slain, but wait! MJF and Konosuke continue brawling backstage! MJF turns things around to send MJF into a road case! MJF gets a chair to CHUCK it at Konosuke’s head! And then he throws a trash bin! MJF says if Konosuke wants after him, this is what he gets! But Konosuke turns things back around to SMACK MJF off a table! MJF comes back, the hands fly, and security rushes in! Referees and management try to stop this, too! MJF says he’ll kill Konosuke but Konosuke says about the same in Japanese! Renee runs in to be on the scene, and she tells everyone to stop!

Renee informs everyone, “Per Tony Khan, next week on Dynamite in an Eliminator match, it will be Takeshita VS MJF!” MJF is pissed, he doesn’t agree to that, but he MUST! Will the Devil of AEW find that the Future of Wrestling is better than him?


Mogul Affiliates speak.

Swerve Strickland says, “It’s been a real relaxing last couple of weeks for Swerve and the Mogul Affiliates and all, since getting rid of some dead weight and all this. Until I was like, retriggered.” Dustin Rhodes returning to stand in front of Swerve’s camera, in front of Swerve’s lights, and with Swerve’s interviewer! “The Rhodes Family legacy really gets under my skin, with your father, Dusty Rhodes, giving Keith Lee the ‘Limitless’ moniker. So, since he’s not here, Dustin’s not here, either, let’s find some other nepotism, second generation punk boy to get rid of Friday night on Rampage. That means you, Brian Pillman. Ain’t that right, Parker?”

Parker Boudreaux says that’s right. “Ain’t that right, Trench?” The tattooed man says, “Yeah, that’s right.” Hoodies up, but will they put Bulletproof BPJ down?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

February 8th, the deadline for Bryan Danielson becoming #1 contender, will see The American Dragon taking on La Faccion Ingobernable’s El Toro Blanco, RUSH!! And speaking of…

Backstage interview with LFI.

Lexi Nair is with El Toro Blanco, but also Jose the Assistant and “Perro Peligroso,” Preston Vance. She notes the announcement of Rush VS Bryan, but then there’s a knock at the door. MJF walks in and says, “Hola, mi hermanos! Senor Vance, Senor Jose, Senor Rrrrrush.” Rush asks what the hell this “perro” wants. MJF double checks, “perro” is dog, right? Well, there’s a little thing called personal space, so he’s just gonna take a step back. “But here’s the deal: my, uh, Spanish is come se dice… Mid. But I know one language, my friend, that is mucho, mucho universal.” And that is MONEY! A huge briefcase full of it!

MJF snaps the case shut and smiles. This first one is free of charge. But he has FIVE MORE filled to the brim with dinero. All Rush has to do is beat Bryan Danielson “by any means necessary.” All Rush needs to do is rip Bryan’s arm off and beat him over the head with it. Can Rush pull that off for him? Jose, translate. Jose translates, but Rush seems to understand explicitly. Rush tells MJF in Spanish, and MJF asks “dipsh*t” Jose to translate. Jose sums it up by saying they have a deal. Oh, is that right? That sounded a bit longer than that. But Rush, you don’t have to like MJF. He just has to get the job done. Pleasure doing business with you, perro.

MJF leaves, but Rush has his mission. Will Rush be raking in the money with one match? Or will nothing stop Bryan Danielson from earning his title match?


AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS Red Velvet!

Finally, the biggest, fastest-rising star has reached her FIFTIETH match! But while the streak started with The Chef, will it end with her, too? Or will #ThatBitch not be stopped by even the person who knows her best?

The introductions are made, but Velvet attacks while Jade is strutting around! The bell rings, Velvet fires off forearms but Jade knees her low. Jade whips Velvet to a corner but Velvet boots her back! THESZ PRESS! Velvet rains down hands but Jade shoves her away. Velvet ducks but runs into an elbow! Jade drags Velvet up, but Velvet fires off forearms! Velvet whips, Jade blocks to reverse, but Velvet holds ropes. Jade runs in but Velvet sends her out! Leila hurries to Jade’s side but Velvet builds speed! Velvet WRECKS Jade with a dropkick! Velvet tells Leila to back off, then she storms up on Jade.

Jade elbows Velvet away, but Velvet comes back to ROCK Jade! Velvet CHOPS Jade right in front of her family! Velvet then puts Jade in the ring, storms up on her and Oklahoma Rolls! TWO! Jade staggers up, blocks a superkick, and she spins Velvet around. Velvet ducks the haymaker and runs the ropes, then wheelbarrows, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up while Jade drags Velvet over to a cover, TWO! Velvet is toughing it out but Jade is getting frustrated. Jade scoops Velvet to SLAM her, then drops a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Leila is annoyed and Jade frowns while Velvet sputters. Jade drags Velvet up, CLUBS her down, and Leila applauds. Jade bumps Velvet off top buckles, then middle buckles, then bottom buckles! Jade stands on Velvet in the corner and soaks up the cheers and jeers, but lets off at 4. Jade and the ref argue, but Leila gets cheap shots in! Leila scurries away and Jade hauls Velvet up for a FALL AWAY SLAM! And then kips up! Jade holds up both hands to say 50, and then flexes. Velvet bails out, Leila talks trash, and Jade storms over. Jade walks up but Velvet sends her into railing! Jade is getting mad, but Velvet avoids one haymaker to PENALTY KICK from the apron!

Velvet CROSSBODIES, but Jade catches her! Jade POSTS Velvet, then carries her around the way. Jade trophy lifts Velvet, goes up the steel steps, and then TOSSES Velvet at the ropes! Velvet falls, Jade covers, TWO!!! Velvet survives and Jade is getting real mad. Leila rallies the Baddie cheering section, and Jade stalks Velvet to a corner. Jade drags Velvet up, and TOSSES her across the way! Jade says that’s 50 right there, and then she does push-ups as Dynamite returns to single picture. But Velvet CHOPS! Jade CLUBS Velvet, then TOSSES her across the way again! Jade swaggers, dribbles, but Velvet dodges the dunk!

Velvet DROPKICKS Jade, then hits a CODE BREAKER! Jade staggers around, Velvet KICKS and KICKS and mule kicks! Velvet runs, but Jade BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO!! Velvet is still in this and wait! Kiera Hogan RAMS Leila into steel steps! The other former Baddie is here, but other refs come out to have her leave. This all distracts Jade, and Velvet rolls her up! Jade rolls through, but the STIR IT UP hits!! Cover, but the refs aren’t paying attention!! Fans count, Velvet would’ve won twice over by now! Aubrey Edwards finally notices and counts, TWO!! Jade survives and fans can’t believe it!!

Velvet is furious, she drags Jade around and hooks an arm, short arm scissor, and then the INVERSION! Jade endures, fights, but Velvet kicks at her! Jade endures as Velvet pulls on the arm, and she deadlifts Velvet! But Velvet sunset flips! Jade stays up, drags Velvet up with both hands, and pops her around! Chicken wings for JADED!!! Cover, Jade wins!!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

FIFTY AND OH! Velvet came the closest of all, but will anyone ever stop Jade’s undefeated streak?


Backstage interview with Britt Baker.

Renee is with The Doctor, as well as Jamie Hayter, as they are with Doc Sampson. We only caught a glimpse of what happened to her earlier at the hands of Saraya & Storm, how is Britt feeling? Britt says this is fine. She’s fine, and if that’s how Storm & Saraya wanna play, that’s fine, too. Because Britt & Hayter can play that game, too. But wait, in walks Ruby Soho! Ruby just wants to talk. She heard what happened, is Britt good? Uh, Ruby, weren’t those your girls? Ruby has Britt hold on there. Ruby has nothing to do with Saraya & Storm, she doesn’t know what Britt’s talking about.

Britt says Ruby’s known Saraya & Storm a lot longer than she’s known the AEW originals, so sorry if it’s strange that Ruby only now shows up. But yeah, Britt is good. Hayter says Britt is great, actually. Ruby says she’s glad to hear it and walks off. There are battle lines being drawn, which side is the Runaway on?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

Not only are The Elite and The Firm having it out, it is for the AEW World Trios Championships! Will Kenny & The Young Bucks make it through All Ego, Hardy & Kassidy to then take on Fox & Top Flight? Or will there be a change of plans for Dynamite? And speaking of Saraya & Storm, they are in tag team action once again, but will they continue to beat down All Elite homegrown talent? Plus, before taking on Bryan Danielson, Rush will take on the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, in an epic match of former ROH World Heavyweight Champions! Will El Toro Blanco build momentum going into his battle with The American Dragon?


AEW TNT Championship No Holds Barred: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Samoa Joe!

The series is tied at 1-1, with the Samoan Submission Specialist winning in Texas, but the Relentless One winning in his hometown of Seattle. Dynamite in Dayton is throwing out all the rules except one: win! Will Darby continue to be the fighting champion? Or will Joe return to being the One True King of Wrestling Television?

The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and one way or another, this is the series finale of Darby VS Joe!

Darby takes off his trench coat to reveal he, uh, customized his Hoodlum hoodie. He’s covered it in thumbtacks!! And as soon as he’s in the ring, he rushes in to COFFIN SPLASH Joe! Joe is reeling from the tack attack but Darby fires off tack-covered forearms! Fans fire up as Darby runs corner to corner, but Joe dodges the splash to GAMANGIRI! Joe then wraps up an arm in his towel, to LARIAT Darby down! Fans rally, Joe pulls Darby’s tack hoodie off and throws it away. Joe drags Darby up to CHOP him! Darby goes to a corner, but Darby kicks back. Joe stomps Darby, stomps him down, then storms off.

Joe goes out to look under the ring, and he brings out a TABLE! Dayton fires up, Joe picks the table up, but Darby DIVES into the table and Joe! The table doesn’t break but it, Joe and Darby all hit the floor! Joe is busted open on his forehead and fans fire up! Darby hurries to stand the table up, to then drop it on Joe! Darby then brings the steel steps around into the corner of the railing. Darby whips, Joe reverses, and Darby not only clips steel steps, he clips railing! Darby lands on his feet just from momentum, but he soon falls to his knees, clutching his back! Fans lose their minds while Joe stalks out after Darby.

Joe stands Darby up, throws knees into him, and then throws him into railing. Joe drags Darby up and they go up the bleachers. Joe SMACKS Darby off the handrail, then brings him up further. Joe smacks Darby off more railing, then keeps him going up. But Darby fights back! Darby CLUBS and CLAWS Joe’s back! Fans fire up but Joe DUMPS Darby down the steps! Fans are going nuts while Joe glares through his crimson mask, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Joe drags Darby up again, grinds him against the handrail, then SMACKS him off a fan’s chair! They go back to the lower level as Darby kicks Joe and crawls away. Joe keeps after Darby, drags him up, and brings him around the way to TOSS back to ringside! Darby narrowly misses hitting steel steps head first! Joe stalks Darby, drags Darby back up, then scoop SLAMS him on the steps! Darby writhes, flounders away, but Joe follows him to the corner. Darby throws Joe’s ROH World TV title at him, but that only upsets Joe. Joe storms in after Darby, stalks him to a corner, and waits on Darby to stand before he DECKS him!

Joe eggs Darby on as he stands over him. Darby doesn’t stand so Joe makes him. Joe snapmares to CHOP Darby on the back! And PENALTY KICK him in the chest! And then drops a fist on his head! Joe watches Darby writhe and the ref checks on him. Joe grins through the crimson mask, then stomps Darby down. Joe kicks Darby, then clamps on a neck wrench! Joe leans all his weight on Darby but Darby throws body shots. Joe doesn’t budge, and he CLUBS Darby down. Joe grins as Darby tires to sit back up. Joe clamps the neck wrench back on and he twists even harder! Darby endures, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Darby throws more body shots.

Joe lets go of the neck wrench, Darby hobbles and runs, but into an ELBOW! Darby falls over and Joe covers, TWO! Joe keeps focus as he looms over Darby. Joe KICKS Darby to a corner, and then stomps him. Fans rally and duel, but Joe is annoyed by that. Joe drags Darby up, DECKS him with a forearm, then clamps on another neck wrench! It’s practically a vice on Darby’s head, squeezing his skull! Darby endures, fights up, and he RAMS Joe into buckles! Darby fires off forearms and SLAPS! Darby runs corner to corner, but into the URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives the #STJOE, but Joe stands Darby up to CHOP him!

Darby staggers, Joe CHOPS him again! Darby flops to the apron, Joe builds speed and he BOOTS Darby to the floor! Joe then storms out and looks under the ring. Joe brings out another TABLE! Fans fire up again but Joe has fans move aside. Fans oblige and Joe rests the table against railing. Darby is in the ring, Joe goes in and brings Darby up, but Darby JAWBREAKERS before the sleeper could lock in! Darby runs in at the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Darby CHOPS away on Joe, but Joe TOSSES Darby right out of the ring! Joe has been treating Darby like a throw pillow, emphasis on the “throw!”

Darby flounders up, but Joe goes back over to bring him back in. Joe suplexes high and hard! Joe then goes out to fetch chairs! Joe puts a handful of chairs in the ring, then sets them up together. Fans fire up as they’re back to back to make a wedge! Joe stands Darby up, brings him over, BIG back suplex on the chair wedge!! Darby writhes and Joe has a sadistic smile. “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Joe turns the chairs around to face each other, then brings Darby back up. But Darby uses POCKET SAND to stop the bomb! CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives but Darby hurries to hop on! THROWBACK STUNNER!

Joe falls into a drop zone, and Darby hurries to get his hoodie back! Darby puts that back on, climbs up the corner, and COFFIN DROPS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Joe survives the tack-enhanced senton and fans can’t believe it! Darby hurries outside and goes looking. Darby uses a knife to cut the strings that hold down the canvas! Some are tough but they all give way, and Darby pulls the canvas away. Darby then drags off the foam padding to expose bare wood! Darby is deconstructing the ring in order to better destroy Joe! Darby sees Joe outside, builds speed and DIVES, but Joe walks away! Darby CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Dayton is losing their minds as Joe puts Darby back in! Joe sets Darby’s tack covered jacket down, he picks Darby up, and he POWERBOMBS him on the tacks! AND THEN HE SMOTHERS DARBY WITH THE TACK JACKET!! Darby DIGS at Joe’s eyes!! Joe lets Darby go, but he staggers around blindly! Joe stands up into a CHAIR SHOT! And another! And another! Darby has Joe on the hard wood, climbs up top, but Joe pushes the ref into the ropes to trip Darby up!! Joe climbs up after Darby, tucks him in, and hits a SUPER MUSCLE BUSTER TO THE WOOD!!!! Cover, JOE WINS!!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Darby’s relentless streak is over! Samoa Joe is now a TWO-TIME TWO BELT CHAMPION! But wait! “THIS IS WAAAR~!” Fans go nuts for Wardlow as he storms down to the ring! Joe is just as shocked as Wardlow runs in! SPEAR!! Wardlow rains down fists on the man who took his title and his top knot! Wardlow rips his shirt off, drags Joe up, but Joe scrambles away! Fans boo but Joe isn’t going to fight again so soon after the war he just went through. Security rushes out but Wardlow CLOBBERS them all! Then he hauls one up to POWERBOMB out onto all the others!! Wardlow will not be denied, when and where will he get his hands on Joe?

My Thoughts:

This was an awesome Dynamite! Same balance of action and talking, but the action was all on a different level this week. Of the talking, we got good stuff out of this AEW Originals VS Imports in the Women’s Division. Saraya & Storm really up their Heel heat by just attacking Britt unprovoked, and then Ruby checking in on Britt was an interesting turnaround from her telling she didn’t want Britt’s help. But we’re getting closer and closer to that big tag(?) match. Hell, make it a Blood & Guts match but with the women rather than the men. Saraya leads a team, Britt leads a team, Ruby will choose Britt’s side and there could even be a twist of Shida betraying Saraya during the match to cost the anti-AEW team.

Good promo from the JAS to set up things with Starks. I just knew Starks would have to beat everyone in the JAS eventually, so it’s clever for them to get it all done in one gauntlet match. Starks will of course make it past Menard and Parker, and I bet that just as it looks like Garcia is stepping up to face Starks, Guevara takes the spotlight from him. Starks will still get through the final opponent, and he’ll get his match with Jericho. Good promo from Mogul Affiliates, because one: it establishes that their group doesn’t like multigenerational wrestlers, and two: it gave Granden Goetzman his wrestler name, “Trench.” Swerve will surely beat BPJ, but I bet Dustin teams up with BPJ and Brock Anderson as a sort of AEW take on WWE’s Legacy faction to take on Mogul Affiliates.

Good promo from Jack Perry, but I’m surprised he waited until now to establish that he’s done with tag teams. But I suppose he’s done with The Firm, too, so he’s done needing reinforcements. As it stands, if he wants a singles title, he could start with the All-Atlantic Championship, but I could see JB making a move for THE AEW World title. Speaking of The Firm, good promo from them and The Elite. I wonder if this was really live or just the take where Nick actually made that shot. Anyway, I’m also surprised the trios match for Rampage is for the titles when the titles are going to be on the line for Dynamite. But I suppose if Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin are fighting champions, then so should the Elite. Which of course means The Elite win on Rampage to go on to face Fox & Flight.

We got an awesome match from Bryan VS Thatcher, but of course Bryan wins to keep his story going. Even after he had that awesome match with Brian Cage, Konosuke going after MJF was a great move. And getting himself an Eliminator match is a good, too, but I feel like MJF finds a way to stand tall. He’ll either cheat to win, or just get himself disqualified quickly so his night will be over quickly. MJF also had a really good promo with LFI. Rush is a great choice to take on Bryan Danielson, and Rush is also going to have a great match with Christopher Daniels on Rampage. I’m sure Bryan will still find a way to win and we’ll still get that Ironman match, it just has to be how this goes.

It’s mostly because I don’t even know who is the #2 contender, since AEW still hasn’t kept up with rankings in this new year. AEW bringing out a sudden twist of MJF still having that One Hour Ironman match against someone other than Bryan would be great stuff, since MJF has been so focused on Bryan, but I feel like getting MJF VS Bryan is still the thing everyone wants to see. Great opening match out of Hangman VS Moxley, and of course Moxley bleeds. It’s practically in his contract. But Hangman losing by a roll-up was a great surprise, and them still being after each other after, this has to continue until Revolution.

The Acclaimed winning a squash was a bit surprising, but obviously that was to make room for the promo that set up things with The Gunn Sons. But Billy suddenly saying his sons can have a title match with The Acclaimed? I hope there isn’t a turn coming where Billy is suddenly on his sons’ side again. It just feels like something is fishy, but who knows. Really good TBS title match from Jade and Velvet, but I guess since this wasn’t at a PPV, Jade wasn’t about to lose. Kiera trying to help Velvet only to mess things up was at least a good detail to protect Jade. But at this rate, who is even going to beat Jade when she’s gotten through even some great established names.

And of course, an awesome No Holds Barred match for the TNT title. Great innovation, such as Darby’s tack covered jacket and the different table spots. I was actually rather surprised to see Joe win this to once again be dual champion. But at the same time, Wardlow returning to continue his story with Joe is a logical reason as to why Joe needs to have the TNT title again. Perhaps Wardlow gets the TNT title back to have a second chance with that, and Darby can move up into the world title scene. And assuming MJF retains at Revolution, it works for Darby to be next as they have history in AEW.

My Score: 9/10

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