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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/30/23)

The Bracket of Wisdom!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 38

HPW’s Fourth Annual Triforce Tournament continues, and now the Bracket of Wisdom takes its turn! Who will be the sharpest blade in the battle?


  • Bracket of Wisdom: Ladrona VS Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole; Byrne wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Lupay VS Master Kohga; Lupay wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Odolwa VS Ghirahim; Odolwa wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Veran VS Igos du Ikana; Igos wins and advances to the next round.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

Are you ready four more? Another year, another tournament, and another opportunity to be the best! But there are both faces old and new, and some of them EVIL! Lupay the Wolfos Wizard represents the Faces of Evil, but will he make it into the next round? Meanwhile, we see the God of Woodfall, the Sword of the Swamp, clash against the Demon Lord, the Living Blade! Whose edge will falter in this very first round? And in the main event, we see two living legends of Termina Championship Wrestling finally meet for the first time ever! The Sorceress of Shadows and the Ruler of Ruin both want to return to the top, but who will be the one to fall? The HPW Triforce Tournament in Eldin Canyon continues, now!


Ladrona VS Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole!

The lovely and charming Thief Girl looks to make a name for herself, but the same goes for the Man with the Iron Fist! Will Ladrona steal the hearts of millions by winning the tournament? Or will she get run down by the Byrne Express?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans sing “Heeey~, we love Ladro~na! Heeey~, we love Ladro~na!” Ladrona smiles and waves, but Byrne rushes in! Byrne powers Ladrona to a corner, and while Cole is excited, the fans boo and the ref counts. Byrne lets off at 4 and he eggs Ladrona on. Ladrona smirks and circles with Byrne again. They feel out the grapple, Byrne shoots in and gets a single leg takedown. Byrne shifts to a toehold, Ladrona flails and reaches for ropes, but Byrne drags her to center. Byrne drops an elbow on the leg, then pulls on the toehold! Ladrona endures, fans rally up, and she again reaches out for the ropes.

Byrne pulls on the leg more, so Ladrona kicks at him with her free leg. Ladrona pushes her heel into Byrne’s head, but he brushes her leg aside. Byrne uses the leg he has to turn Ladrona over, and he hooks that leg with his. He hooks the other leg up the same way, and he reaches for the arms. Ladrona resists while still reaching out for ropes. Byrne SLAPS her in the side with that metal hand, and when Ladrona clutches her side, he grabs the arm! Byrne gets the other arm, and he pulls Ladrona back into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Fans boo while Ladrona endures! Ladrona refuses to quit, so Byrne sets her down for a DRAGON SLEEPER VARIATION!

Fans rally for Ladrona as she endures the Dragon Surfboard! Ladrona claws at Byrne’s arm but that won’t do anything. She then reaches up and claws at his face! Byrne lets go of the dragon sleeper and Ladrona scrambles free. Fans cheer and Ladrona grins as the two reset. They circle, Byrne tries to shoot in again but Ladrona stays clear. Byrne approaches, corners Ladrona, but then she slips out of the ring as he rushes in. Ladrona goes around the way, but Cole stands in her way. She tells the “munchkin” to move aside, but that just angers him. But Byrne slides out and turns Ladrona around to ROCK her with a forearm!

Fans boo as Byrne pushes Ladrona into the ring. Byrne stands Ladrona up, but she blocks the iron claw clamping onto her face! Fans fire up as she keeps the claw away, to the point of her bridging back! Ladrona then rolls back and has Byrne’s arm for a DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Fans fire up as now Byrne endures! Byrne scrambles around, reaches out, but Ladrona cranks the arm! Byrne kicks his way over to get the ROPEBREAK! Cole immediately shouts for Ladrona to let go, and the ref does count, but Ladrona counts along! She lets off at 4, and tells Cole, “I have ’til FIVE!” Cole is even more upset now while Ladrona gives Byrne space.

Byrne stands up and shakes out his arm. He and Ladrona reset again, approach, and Ladrona kicks low! She wraps on a headlock, but Byrne powers out. Ladrona ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Fans fire up, Byrne staggers up, and Ladrona dropkicks him down! Fans fire up more as Byrne bails out. Ladrona takes aim, builds speed, but Cole shouts and Byrne gets out of the way! Only for Ladrona to not dive and instead roll into a lounging pose! Ladrona taunts Byrne with a flirtatious wave. Cole is mad and so is Byrne! Byrne rushes in, but Ladrona’s ready with a SPINAROONI into another RANA! Fans fire up and Ladrona takes a bow!

Byrne goes to the ropes and Ladrona walks up behind him. Ladrona pulls Byrne’s hair, the ref reprimands, but Ladrona bumps Byrne off buckles! Ladrona stomps Byrne down, then digs her boots into him! The ref counts, Ladrona lets off at 4, and she drags Byrne up. Ladrona whips Byrne corner to corner, runs in, and JUMP KICKS! Ladrona lands on the apron, sweeps the legs, then swings in for a DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Ladrona flexes, then blows a kiss to the crowd. Ladrona then drags Byrne to a cover, TWO! Ladrona stomps Byrne and kicks him to the ropes. Ladrona then runs side to side to baseball slide dropkick Byrne out of the ring!

Fans fire up and Ladrona lounges on the ropes. The ref counts and Cole coaches Byrne up. Byrne crawls to the railing at 3 of 10, drags himself up to his feet at 4, and staggers his way over. Ladrona stops lounging and dropkicks Byrne’s legs out! Byrne smacks off the apron and staggers away while fans fire up again. Ladrona goes to the apron, takes aim, and she runs to FLYING SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Fans go nuts as Byrne is sent flying into the railing! Ladrona does a neener-neener to Cole as she walks past him to fetch Byrne. Ladrona drags Byrne up, puts him in the ring, and drags him to a corner. Ladrona SLAMS his metal arm against the metal post!

The ref reprimands and Cole shouts at Ladrona while Byrne clutches the arm. Ladrona steps to Cole and Cole backs off. Ladrona grabs at Byrne again but Byrne YANKS Ladrona into the post! Ladrona staggers and fans boo, but Byrne goes back outside to fetch Ladrona. Byrne smacks Ladrona off the apron! Then he shoves her into the steel steps! Fans boo but Byrne ignores them to drag Ladrona up and put her in the ring. Byrne stalks Ladrona and she sits up. Byrne clamps on an IRON CLAW SLEEPER! Fans boo as Ladrona flails and endures! Ladrona reaches out for ropes but Byrne keeps her away! Fans rally harder, but Ladrona is fading!

The ref checks Ladrona, and her arm drops! The ref checks again, the arm drops again! But then Ladrona gets a second wind! Ladrona flails and reaches for ropes again, but Byrne turns her around! IRON CLAW SLAM!! Cover, Byrne wins!

Winner: Byrne Lokoma, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The Thief Girl couldn’t take this one away from Byrne! He stays on track in this tournament, will he head right to the top?


Lupay VS Master Kohga!

The Faces of Evil have gone 1-1, with Groose defeating Glutko but Militron mangling Iron Knuckle. Will the Wild Wolfos follow the Armored Annihilator into the next round? Or will the leader of the Yiga Clan defeat his FOE?

Lupay’s entrance has a lot of dubstep and lasers. The eye-like gem on his forehead even flashes to the beat. The bell rings and fans rally for “Master Kohga!” Clap clap, clap-clap-clap. Lupay bares his fangs and flexes his arms in an attempt to intimidate, but Kohga sucks in his gut to make it look like he has a good physique. Lupay just stares him down, but Kohga can’t hold his breath forever, so he lets it out and his gut returns. The two tie up, they’re in a deadlock, but Lupay gets around to waistlock. Kohga pries the hold open and wrenches to wristlock. Lupay rolls, kips up and wrenches back. Kohga rolls, kips, but falls back. Kohga keeps trying but he can’t quite get up.

The ref helps Kohga kip up and Kohga wrenches Lupay’s arm! Lupay breaks away and tells the ref he can’t help Kohga! The ref apologizes, and Kohga admits his pot belly is to blame. Lupay says, “See this?” He flexes again. “This is from eating meat! Not bananas like you!” Kohga kicks Lupay low, but Lupay snarls as he stands up tall. Lupay shouts “Meat!” as he throws a forearm! Kohga shouts “Bananas!” as he forearms in return! Lupay shouts “MEAT!” as he throws another forearm! Kohga shouts “BANANAS!” as he throws another forearm! Fans dueling chant, “MEAT!” “BANANAS!” “MEAT!” “BANANAS!” as the forearms continue to go back and forth!

Lupay gets the edge, and fans chant, “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” Lupay spins and fans wind up with “Meeeee… EAT!” with the ROLLING ELBOW! Kohga staggers, rebounds, and he fires of boxing elbows! “BANANAS! BANANAS! BANANAS! BANANAS!” Kohga spins, “Baaaaa… NANAS!” with the SHOTEI! Lupay flounders and fans fire up! Kohga headlocks Lupay but Lupay throws body shots. Lupay slips out to headlock Kohga in return. Kohga powers out, things speed up, Kohga keeps Lupay moving, but then Lupay whips Taguchi to turn the tables! Lupay keeps Kohga moving with the bypass and dropdowns but Kohga seems to be slowing down. Fans rally, and they keep going!

Kohga trips over Lupay and Lupay covers, TWO! Lupay shows off with jumping jacks and fans rally back up. Lupay drags Kohga up, ROCKS him with a right, then another. Kohga ends up in a corner, Lupay whips corner to corner but Kohga reverses. Lupay goes up and over, rolls back, and cartwheels to show off more. Lupay even handstands and jumps out of the ring to strut about. Lupay then slingshots back into the ring to do drop steps and a Quebrada! Lupay poses and fans applaud. Lupay takes a bow, then he dares Kohga to show his athleticism. Lupay whips Kohga corner to corner, Kohga goes up and over and rolls and cartwheels, then shows off his dance moves!

Fans clap to create a beat and Kohga does some pop, lock ‘n’ droppin’. Lupay DROPKICKS Kohga down! Fans boo, but Lupay kips up and says, “Now these are some dance moves!” Lupay busts out the dance from Thriller! And even moonwalking, and the “HEE-HEE!” and tiptoes pose. Fans do applaud, that was pretty impressive. But then Kohga runs up to hit a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kohga keeps on Lupay with a chinlock. Lupay endures, fights up, but then Kohga shifts around for a BACK2BACKBREAKER! Lupay writhes, Kohga pushes him to a cover, TWO! Kohga clamps back on with another chinlock and leans on the hold.

Lupay endures and fights up as fans rally. Lupay throws body shots, but Kohga knees low. Kohga whips Lupay to the corner but Lupay goes up and over to hit a BACKSTABBER! Lupay drags Kohga to a cover, TWO! Lupay grows frustrated, and he brings Kohga up. Lupay bumps Kohga off buckles, then again, and again. The ref counts, Lupay lets off, but then he CLAWS Kohga’s back! Kohga drops to his knees and writhes in the corner while the ref reprimands Lupay. Lupay grins as he drags Kohga back up. Lupay SLAPS Kohga on the back, then CLAWS him again! Fans boo and the ref reprimands again but Lupay still grins.

Lupay stands Kohga up again, but Kohga elbows him away! Kohga then goes up the corner to QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO! Kohga hurries up to his feet and into a fighting stance! He waves his arms around as he builds power, and then runs in, but Lupay avoids the flying punch! And CLAWS Kohga on the back again! Fans boo but Lupay spins Kohga around to reel him in, T-BONE SUPLEX! Lupay howls but fans boo as hard as they can. Kohga staggers up and into a corner. Lupay goes to the other corner, runs in and STINGER SPLASHES! Kohga flops down into the drop zone! Lupay goes up top while fans boo, ROUNDING BODY PRESS! Cover, Lupay wins!

Winner: Lupay, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Lupay hits the “Full Moonsault” and defeats the Yiga Clan leader! Will the Wild Wolfos rise like the moon and eclipse the competition?


King Nicolas Foolyere speaks.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen here in Eldin Canyon!” Pause for the cheap pop. “Now, I’m sure you all saw Arrow Club claiming they’ll easily be the #1 contenders to the HPW Trios Championships once again. Well, that doesn’t seem fair to all the other trios in HPW to just assume you can defeat them and move on. Shortly after Arrow Club shot off their mouths, I discussed things with upper management, and the answer was actually rather obvious: A GAUNTLET MATCH!” Fans love the sound of that!

Foolyere continues, “If Arrow Club thinks they can defeat the Ikana Royal Family, and the Doombringers, and the Three Masters, and the UnderWorld Order and the Poe Sisters, then that’s what they have to do! Whichever team makes it to the end of that gauntlet will face the HPW Trios Champions at the Triforce Anniversary event, but Scaly, Ducks, I’m telling you right now, you’re STARTING that match! This match will happen on March 17th, Mount Dunsel in Faron! Best of luck to every trio in that match, even Arrow Club.” Fans are going wild after that huge announcement! Will the Arrow Club stand a chance at hitting their targets when their targets are coming for them?


Odolwa VS Ghirahim!

In one corner: The God of Woodfall, the Sword of the Swamp. In the other corner: The Demon Lord, the Living Blade. They clashed in the Death Mountain Championship Ladder Match at HyruleMania, but now they fight for a bigger prize! Whose edge will be sharper here in the Triforce Tournament’s opening round?

The bell rings and fans duel, “GHI-RA-HIM!” “SUCKS!” “GHI-RA-HIM!” “SUCKS!” Ghirahim scowls while he circles with Odolwa. But then he smirks and says, “They only care about me! You could be anybody, and they wouldn’t chant about you.” Odolwa just stares Ghirahim down as they approach. They tie up, Odolwa powers Ghirahim to ropes, and the ref counts. Odolwa lets off and goes back to center. Ghirahim dusts himself off while fans applaud Odolwa’s sportsmanship. Ghirahim approaches and they tie up again. They go around, but Odolwa again puts Ghirahim on the ropes. The ref counts again, Odolwa lets off, but Ghirahim shoves Odolwa!

Odolwa rushes Ghirahim but Ghirahim uses the ropes as defense! The fans boo but the ref has Odolwa back off. Odolwa keeps his eyes on Ghirahim as Ghirahim comes back again. They circle again, approach, and Odolwa shoots in to get a leg! Odolwa RAMS Ghirahim into a corner while fans fire up! The ref reprimands while Ghirahim CLUBS Odolwa and Odolwa throws body shots! The ref counts, Odolwa lets off at 4. Then Odolwa ROCKS Ghirahim with a forearm! Odolwa whips Ghirahim corner to corner, runs in, but Ghirahim dodges! Odolwa hits buckles, Ghirahim springboards, GHIRA CUTTER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as Odolwa survives and Ghirahim is shocked! Ghirahim wraps Odolwa up in a dragon sleeper! Odolwa endures, fans rally up, but Ghirahim cranks back on the hold! Odolwa reaches up to grab at Ghirahim’s head. Ghirahim thrashes Odolwa around, but Odolwa throws KNEES from below! Ghirahim lets Odolwa go as he staggers back. Odolwa storms up, whips Ghirahim, but Ghirahim reverses, only for Odolwa to come back with a LEAPING LARIAT! Odolwa roars and fans fires up with him! Ghirahim staggers up, Odolwa takes aim from behind, ROLLING- NO, Ghirahim ducks the blindside elbow!

Ghirahim kicks Odolwa, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again! Ghirahim whips but Odolwa holds ropes to block! Odolwa reels Ghirahim in for a forearm! Then Odolwa whips Ghirahim to ropes to HEADBUTT him! Ghirahim falls over, Odolwa covers, TWO! Odolwa roars, Ghirahim flounders, but Odolwa drags Ghirahim up. Odolwa whips Ghirahim hard to a corner, and Ghirahim bounces off the buckles! Ghirahim staggers, into a WHEEL KICK from Odolwa! Cover, TWO! Fans rally behind Odolwa as he looms over Ghirahim. Odolwa stalks Ghirahim to ropes, and then waistlocks for a deadlift! But Ghirahim grabs the ropes!

The ref reprimands but Ghirahim holds on tight. Odolwa forearms Ghirahim in the back! Ghirahim lets go of the ropes, Odolwa waistlocks again, and he GERMAN SUPLEXES! Ghirahim lands on his face! Ghirahim sits up and sputters, Odolwa hits him with a PENALTY KICK! And he drops a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again while Odolwa grows frustrated. Odolwa stands Ghirahim up, ROCKS him with a forearm, then CHOPS, then ROCKS Ghirahim with a haymaker! Ghirahim staggers to ropes, and he uses them as a defense again. Fans boo but the ref keeps Odolwa back. Odolwa eggs Ghirahim on but Ghirahim bails out.

Ghirahim clutches the side of his face. Odolwa wants to go out after him but the ref keeps him back. The ref wants to check Ghirahim’s face but Ghirahim tells him not to touch it. Ghirahim walks around the way, but he also tells medics to leave him alone. The ref reprimands Odolwa as he slides out the side, but he still storms up behind Ghirahim. But Ghirahim jumps off the railing to hit a GHIRA CUTTER to the floor! Fans boo as they realize Ghirahim suckered Odolwa in! Ghirahim mockingly makes a pained expression on his face while holding his head again. Then he laughs at the fans as he drags Odolwa back up.

Ghirahim brings Odolwa around, only for Odolwa to turn things around and POST him! Fans cheer as Ghirahim falls over, genuinely clutching his face this time. Odolwa and Ghirahim are both down on the outside and fans rally up. The ring count starts, Odolwa crawls after Ghirahim as Ghirahim crawls around the way. The ring count is 4 of 10 as Odolwa catches up and grabs at Ghirahim’s legs. Ghirahim kicks at Odolwa to get away but Odolwa pursues. They both go to the ramp, Odolwa drags Ghirahim up and the two brawl with furious fists! The count is up to 7 of 10 and fans are shouting! Ghirahim RAMS Odolwa into railing then runs into the ring!

Odolwa hurries after Ghirahim and slides in at 9! Ghirahim runs in to CHOP! Odolwa leans back, but he stays up on aggression alone! Ghirahim isn’t sure what to make of this but fans fire back up! Ghirahim runs to CHOP again! Odolwa wobbles and flails, and he stays standing! Ghirahim runs in again, but Odolwa ducks the chop and waistlocks. Ghirahim fights the lift, pries the hold open, wrenches and CHOPS! Ghirahim then spins to back elbow! Odolwa wobbles, Ghirahim springboards again, GHIRA- NO, Odolwa catches him! Odolwa HEADBUTTS Ghirahim in the back of the head! Ghirahim staggers, Odolwa spins, BLINDSIDE ROLLING ELBOW!!

Ghirahim falls over, but he flounders back up! Ghirahim survives the elbow that Odolwa knocked out The Great Boomerang! Odolwa is a bit surprised himself, but he waits as Ghirahim staggers up to his feet. Odolwa reels Ghirahim in for a dragon sleeper, then inverted suplexes, into a REVERSE DDT! Cover, Odolwa wins!!

Winner: Odolwa, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Odolwa hits the #WoodFall, and Ghirahim falls in the first round! The Sword of the Swamp cuts down the Living Blade, who will he strike in the semifinals?


Veran VS Igos du Ikana!

Two legends of Termina Championship Wrestling finally meet in the ring! The Sorceress of Shadows could not dethrone Zelda, and the Ruler of Ruin was dethroned as HPW Termina Champion. Both legends begin the next chapter of their careers, but who takes control with their own two hands?

Fans already chant “This is Awesome!” as the two stare down. Veran smirks and Igos chuckles. They shake hands and fans cheer the sportsmanship. The two circle, fans duel, “Let’s go, Igos!” “Go Veran!” They approach, feel things out, and tie up. They go around, the two break, and then they go again. Veran wrenches to a wristlock, but Igos rolls, spins, and wrenches back. Veran reaches for ropes but Igos keeps her away as he twists the wrist. Veran spins through, wrenches Igos back, then brings him in for a headlock. Igos throws body shots, powers out, but Veran RAMS shoulders with him! Fans cheer as the two stare down again.

Igos and Veran circle again, and fans rally up. The two tie up again, and Veran gets the headlock back. Igos powers out but Veran holds ropes to stop herself. Igos rushes in but Veran sidesteps to O’Conner Roll, with bridge! TWO, and Igos goes for the dragon sleeper! Veran fights it off and scrambles away, and fans applaud another standoff. Igos tells Veran that he was that close, but Veran dusts herself off. The two reset again, approach, and Veran shoots in to get a waistlock. Igos resists the lift, standing switches, and he goes for the dragon sleeper again! Veran drops, gets Igos’ legs and drags him down into a cover, TWO!

Fans fire up, Veran goes after a leg again, but Igos steps over to La Magistrol! TWO, Veran keeps going for legs but she gets a KNEE for it! Veran flounders, Igos takes aim, and Igos runs in to PENALTY KICK Veran down! Cover, TWO! Veran goes to a corner and fans cheer the fast and furious exchange! Veran dusts herself off again, and again circles with Igos. They tie up, Veran throws a knee low, then ROCKS him with a forearm! Igos staggers, Veran whips him to ropes, but Igos slips around her clothesline to KICK her in the leg! And KICK her in the chest! And SOBAT! Igos runs, QUEBRADAS, but Veran catches him! SHOULDER GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up while Igos gets to ropes. Now Veran waits on him as the fans rally. Igos stands and stretches out his stiff torso, then storms up on Veran. Igos puts his dukes up and so does Veran. Igos fires off kicks, Veran guards those, tries a counter kick but Igos blocks that to KICK that leg! Veran hobbles, Igos BOOTS her, and she staggers to a corner. Igos storms up but blocks Veran’s boot, only for him to KNEE him away! Veran waistlocks, ripcords, BEE STING! Igos falls, Veran drags him into the drop zone! Veran goes up the corner, for the BEETLE BOMB! Cover, TWO! Veran grows frustrated, but fans stay fired up.

Veran drags Igos up, reels him in, and tucks the arms. But Igos resists the lift! Igos back drops Veran! Veran sits up, and Igos PENALTY KICKS her in the back! Veran writhes, but Igos drags her up, and he gets the dragon sleeper! GRAVESTONE!! Fans rally and duel while Veran endures! Veran flails, reaches out, moves around, and her leg gets the ROPEBREAK! Tiger Sahasrahla counts, Igos lets go of the dragon sleeper but stands Veran up against the ropes to KICK her in the back! Veran sputters while she rests against the ropes, and Igos KICKS the other leg out from under her! Veran falls over while fans are torn between cheers and jeers.

Igos eggs Veran on, she sits up, and Igos KICKS her in the back. And KICKS her again! Then he backs up to PENALTY KICK again! Veran writhes, but Igos goes for the dragon sleeper! Veran fights the hold, moves around, and they end up in the ropes. Igos holds on but Sahasrahla counts. Igos lets off at 4, KICKS Veran again, drags her up and turns her, for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Veran grits her teeth, but Igos stomps her. Veran throws body shots from below! Igos CLUBS, Veran ROCKS him with a right! Veran runs, but into a leg sweep! Igos BUZZSAWS! Cover, ONE?!? Fans are thunderous while Igos is stunned!

Igos KNEES Veran in the back, then clamps on a chinlock. Igos pulls Veran against the knee, but fans rally and duel as she fights up. Veran pries the chinlock open, and she arm-drags Igos! Igos comes back but into a SHOTEI! Igos staggers, Veran runs in to knee lift! Veran keeps moving to LARIAT! Both of them are down and the fans are thunderous! Fans chant “This is Awesome!” again while the two crawl for opposite corners. Veran stands up first, she runs corner to corner, but into a BOOT! Igos reels Veran in, TORNADO HOTSHOT! Veran staggers, Igos slingshots in to springboard QUEBRADA! Direct hit this time! Cover, TWO!

Veran stands, Igos fires off the strike fest! IKANA- NO, Veran avoids the knee thrust! Veran fires off fast hands and ROCKS Igos with a forearm! Veran whips, Igos reverses but Veran comes back to FLYING FOREARM! Fans fire up with Veran and she drags Igos back to a drop zone. Veran goes back up the corner, BEETLE- NO, Igos kicks her from below! Fans fire up, Igos ROCKS Veran! But Veran ROCKS Igos in return! They go back and forth, and Veran eggs Igos on! Igos fires another shot! Veran fires another, Igos fires another, and repeat! The forearms fly fast and furious! The fans fire up, and Igos choke grips Veran!

Veran choke grips Igos in return! They fight for control, Sahasrahla reprimands, they break but also shove Sahasrahla away! Igos kicks low, but then he ducks Veran’s SHOTEI, and it hits Sahasrahla!! Down goes the referee! Veran apologizes to Sahasrahla, but Igos DECKS Veran! And then he notices Sahasrahla is down! Igos is frustrated, and he storms over to where Sahasrahla fell. Igos gets Sahasrahla back up, but he’s still pretty woozy. Igos shouts at Sahasrahla to wake up, but Veran O’Conner Rolls! Sahasrahla counts, TWO!!! Veran and Igos both check with Sahasrahla, and he’s pretty sure that was still two!

Veran swings but Igos boots the haymaker away and back elbows her! Igos gets Veran’s arm for a SAYANAGI! Igos drags Veran back up, SAYANAGIS again, then drops for an ARMBAR! But Veran quickly scrambles up to her feet and stacks Igos! TWO, Igos still has Veran’s arm, but Veran kicks his legs out! Veran drags Igos around, goes to tie his arms up with his legs, but Igos BOOTS her from below! Veran staggers, Igos kips up as she rebounds, and Igos JUMP KNEES! Veran rebounds again, but she jumps over his leg sweep! Veran comes back, shoots around, waistlocks, ripcords, but Igos BOOTS the Bee Sting away!

Igos swings around to hook Veran’s arms for a Gory Especial! Veran fights free and arm-drags Igos away! Igos comes back, Veran arm-drags him away! Igos avoids the dropkick, and KNEES Veran as she sits up! Igos drags Veran up, POSTS her, then goes out to the apron. Igos BOOTS Veran’s head into the post!! Fans lose their minds while slumps in the corner! Igos gets in, drags her out of the corner and throws her down. Cover, TWO!?!?!? Fans are thunderous but Igos is seething! Igos lifts Veran with his foot and fans rally up. Igos spins, but Veran ducks the Elegy to roll him up! TWO!!! Igos escapes and fans are thunderous again!

Veran swings, Igos CROSS COUNTERS! And again! And again! And again, again, again, again!! Veran SHOTEIS!! SHOTEI CROSS COUNTER! ANOTHER!!! Veran falls forward and leans on Igos! Igos stands her back up, ROUNDHOUSE! And then the ELEGY OF EMPTINESS!!! Cover, IGOS WINS!!

Winner: Igos du Ikana, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

It is a standing ovation here in Eldin Canyon! The Ikana Royal Family appears to celebrate with Igos and accompany him back up the ramp. Will the Ruler of Ruin rise from the ashes and take over all of Hyrule?

As for Veran, she is clearly emotional. It was an incredible match, but it was still a defeat for the Sorceress of Shadow. But fans cheer her on as she stands back up, and even chant, “Thank You, Veran!” Veran manages a smile through the tears, and she waves to the fans. She bows in thanks for them saying that, wipes the tears away, and makes her own way backstage. Is this the last chapter for Veran’s legacy?

My Thoughts:

This one was a lot of fun for how tricky it was to choose who goes over. Two former Dark Horse Stampede winners in Ladrona and Byrne, but Byrne goes over. Ladrona is a fun character, a strong character, but Byrne is the stronger competitor. Lupay ended up a lot more El Phantasmo than I meant him to be but who else is known for clawing his opponent’s back these days? I ended up making Lupay the high-flyer of the Faces of Evil, too, since there are two powerhouses in Glutko and Militron, and Harlequin is going to be a bit wilder.

Odolwa VS Ghirahim and Veran VS Igos were the hard ones to say who should go over. Well, alright, it was easy to say Ghirahim didn’t need to go over because he’s already gotten a lot of shine with his year long feud with Midna. Odolwa is another Dark Horse Stampede winner, he deserves to move up the rankings a bit. Veran VS Igos could’ve gone either way in my head, maybe I could’ve waited for that match-up in a later round but it is what it is. Igos moves on, we’re going to have a fun match-up of him and Odolwa, while Veran’s story is both in limbo and open to possibilities. I just have to figure out what those are.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #175: Affleck is DC Done



Bandwagon Nerds
Bandwagon Nerds #175: Affleck is DC Done

On this week’s Bandwagon, Patrick, Tunney and Dave continue their coverage of The Mandalorian.  Why do the nerds think this episode may have been the best of season three so far?  Plus, the guys discuss tons of news around the Nerdosphere including the Oscars, The Last of Us and it’s dynamic first season and why Ben Affleck says he is done with DC movies!

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Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney and Rey Cash as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Talk the Kēki: Tokyo Revengers, Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, More!

No breaks for Ethan and Mat this time, as we have another episode of Talk the Kēki!



No breaks this time as we have another episode of Talk the Kēki! Join Mat and Ethan as they cover some news like the new season of Bottom-tier Character, Tomozaki-kun and other adaptations! Mat picks up the show, High Card while Ethan drops a show from his watchlist while slowly catching up on his backlog. They will also continue on with their seasonal reviews such as Tokyo Revengers, Kubo Won’t Let me be Invisible, Buddy Daddies, Misfit of the Demon King Academy, Don’t Toy with me, Miss. Nagatoro, and so much more!

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