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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/28/23)

Big battles before Roadblock!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Will Wes still have the title on the road to Hollywood?

NXT is headed for a Roadblock, but Wes Lee is taking a chance! Will he still have the North American Championship after another Open Challenge?


  • NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Wes Lee VS Nathan Frazer; Wes wins and retains the title.
  • Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal; Indus Sher wins.
  • Meiko Satomura VS Zoey Stark; Meiko wins.
  • Sol Ruca VS Elektra Lopez w/ Valentina Feroz; Sol wins.
  • Katana Chance w/ Kayden Carter VS Tiffany Stratton; Tiffany wins.
  • Axiom VS Hank Walker; Axiom wins.
  • Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Tyler Bate; Melo wins.


There’s a HUGE brawl going on backstage!

Odyssey Jones is fighting with Xyon Quinn, but we also see Oro Mensah, Javier Bernal, Von Wagner, Malik Blade, and who knows who else are all crowding in the hallway going to gorilla! Why? Because of the North American Championship Open Challenge! Wes Lee is waiting, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak get in on it, and even Axiom! Hank Walker comes in like a wrecking ball! Edris Enofe sacrifices himself so Malik can get ahead! They both get on stage and then decide to rock-paper-scissors to see who gets it. But then DABBA-KATO CLOBBERS THEM!! Looks like Dabba’s the one! Until APOLLO CREWS leaps in!

Apollo and Dabba brawl, fans fire up, and someone sees an opening! NATHAN FRAZER leaps over them both to get in the ring! And so that’s the match-up!

NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Wes Lee VS Nathan Frazer!

The bell rings and fans are fired up already! The brawl goes to the back as refs sort this out, and then Frazer offers a handshake and Wes takes it, and then Frazer reels Wes in! Wes powers out, things speed up, Wes runs Nathan over and Nathan gets right up! Fans chant “Welcome Back!” to Frazer as the two reset. Things speed up again, Nathan hits a headlock takeover and grinds the hold. Wes rolls to a cover, TWO, and Frazer holds on. Wes headscissors, Nathan kicks and kicks but Wes holds on. Frazer kips free, hits another headlock takeover, and he again grinds Wes down. Fans rally up as Wes fights up.

Wes throws body shots, powers out of the headlock, and ducks the leap! Nathan hits another headlock takeover! Fans rally and duel as Wes fights around again. Wes rolls, they stand up, and Nathan goes up the corner to TORNADO TAKEOVER! Wes fights up again, fans duel, Wes headscissors but Nathan shrugs it off. Wes keeps fighting, gets back to his feet, and powers out. Nathan goes up and over and keeps moving. Things speed up, Wes hurdles but so does Nathan! Nathan arm-drags, Wes arm-drags back! DOUBLE DROPKICKS cancel out, both men kip up and fans fire up!

Things keep moving, Wes headlocks, switches and rolls up, TWO! Nathan ducks a roundhouse, Wes jumps the sweep but Nathan dodges the buzzsaw! The two stare down and fans are loving this! Nathan offers a handshake again, but Wes makes it a low-five. They go again, tie up, and Wes gets around to waistlock. Wes spins Nathan, snapmares, and he wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally as Nathan endures and fights up. Nathan powers Wes to ropes, powers out but Wes runs him over! Cover, TWO! Wes facelocks, grinds the hold, and fans rally again. Nathan fights up, powers Wes to ropes and the ref calls for the ropebreak.

Nathan and Wes let off, and then Nathan headlocks! Wes powers out but Nathan reverses. Wes avoids the dropkick and shows the Wes Side fingers. Nathan runs in, Wes hurdles and handsprings, then he puts Nathan out. Both men show slingshot, but Nathan shoulders low! Nathan shovels Wes up and out, then goes to the corner! ARIHARA MOONSAULT, but Wes avoids it! Wes runs in the ring to FLY, but Nathan moves! Wes rolls through, Nathan runs in, but into a GAMANGIRI! Nathan flops to the floor and fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Wes has Nathan in a clutch. Nathan fights up to arm-drag free! Nathan goes to a corner, dodges as Wes runs in, and comes back to SUPERKICK! Wes hits buckles and goes down, and Nathan catches his breath while fans rally. Nathan kicks Wes into the drop zone, goes up the corner, PHOENIX SPLASH- NO, Nathan rolls through as Wes dodges! Wes blocks a superkick but Nathan dodges a haymaker, and Wes dodges a lariat! Both men run, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as both men sit up. Wes ROCKS Nathan, but Nathan ROCKS Wes!

Wes mule kicks Nathan, but Nathan stands to ENZIGURI! Wes wobbles on his feet and Nathan grits his teeth. Nathan runs in, ducks the heel kick and QUEBRADAS, to dragon sleeper, SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Wes survives, even as that came outta nowhere! Wes goes to a corner, Nathan storms up and CHOPS! Nathan hoists Wes up top, ROCKS him, then climbs up after him. Nathan sits Wes up, reels him in, but Wes resists the superplex! Wes fights and shoves Nathan away, but Nathan flips to land on his feet! And he’s right up top again! SUPERPLEX and roll through to the ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!!

The fans are electric as Wes survives Nathan’s take on Seth Rollins’ combo. “This is Awesome!” as Wes goes to the apron. Nathan runs up but Wes HOTSHOTS him! Nathan comes back to SHOTGUN! Wes hits the desk and fans are shocked! Nathan sees Wes get up again, and Nathan springboards, but only gets desk! Wes is back in the ring, he runs corner to corner to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Frazer! Wes puts Nathan back in, he goes to the corner again, and fans are thunderous for the CARDIAC KICK! Cover, Wes wins!!

Winner: Wes Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The future of wrestling was on display in this match, and Wes is still the present! The challenge was answered and defeated, but Wes shows respect to Nathan. Fans cheer on “Both These Guys!” but will Wes be the one to stand and deliver?


JD McDonagh speaks.

“If you’re ever unfortunate enough to suffer a retinal tear, the entire back of your eyeball, all the blood vessels and tissue that feed your eye with oxygen and nutrients, is ripped entirely away. Emergency surgery is required if you don’t want to lose the eyeball permanently. Dragunov, I don’t expect you to know what that feels like. But I promise you, you will. Between your penchant for enduring pain and my love for inflicting it, I know our next battle is gonna be the beautiful, destructive symphony you so deeply desire.

“You are an in-ring warrior, and you do have the highest threshold for pain of anyone I have ever met. But just as sure as my vision is coming back and my eye is learning to refocus, I am gonna push you beyond your barriers. To places you’ve never been before. You will suffer, and I will break your will. And I will send you home, permanently.” Will the Irish Ace be more dangerous than ever? Will The Czar still be #UNBESIEGBAR?


Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen talk backstage.

Briggs asks Jensen if he’s okay. He has big boy feelings to process. Jensen says he’s good, but Briggs asks him what’s going on. He knows when Jensen’s down. Jensen says he and Kina… Broke up? No, no! Could you imagine what that’d do to Jensen’s heart? Right, it’d be a disaster. It’s just, since Valentine’s Day, something’s been off. Something hasn’t been the same. Jensen isn’t know what to do about it. Briggs says it’s because Jensen’s stupid. But so is Briggs. When it comes to women, men ain’t exactly astrophysicists. Women want men to zig when men want to zag. But Jensen wants to zag!

Briggs is saying that it doesn’t matter. The Jensen from six months ago would be so damn proud of him now. So forget about that, that’ll figure itself out. Smile and get ready. They’re up against Indus Sher after the break, will we see that country boys can survive?


Backstage interview with Hank Walker.

McKenzie Mitchell points out Hank’s part in that wild brawl for the Open Challenge. Was Hank gunning for the title? Or just for Drew Gulak? Hank says it was a bit of both. He wants to prove to Gulak, but also everyone in NXT, that Hank belongs. Winning the North American title would’ve definitely done that. But when Hank saw Gulak and Dempsey, he saw red and- Axiom storms in demanding to know what the hell was all that. Hank apologizes, it got hectic, Axiom got in the crossfire. Yeah, but that kick almost knocked Axiom out! Well, it was meant for Gulak. Sorry if it caused problems.

Axiom says there is a problem! That cost Axiom a shot at the North American title! Hank apologized already, okay? Yeah, like Hank was gonna- Gonna what? Beat Wes? Refs step in but they start shoving! Hank is furious having someone look down on him. Will he make Axiom respect him in that ring?


Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal!

While the country boy meets city girl romcom is in the dramatic part of the story, the story of Briggs & Jensen getting back to tag titles is in the comeback arc. Will that story start looking up? Or will Sanga & Veer tear into the good ol’ boys’ hopes and dreams?

The teams sort out and Veer starts against Jensen. They approach, Veer kicks low and CLUBS Jensen to ropes. Veer headlocks, tags in Sanga, and Indus Sher mugs Jensen. Sanga CLUBS Jensen, then brings him around to scoop and carries Jensen around! Jensen slips free, headlocks, but Sanga powers out. Jensen hurdles, tags Briggs and hits a FACEBUSTER! Sanga gets up, to get run over by Briggs! Briggs fires up, he facelocks, and calls to Jensen. Jensen is mopey and Sanga fights free. Briggs ROCKS Sanga, tags Jensen and tells him to focus. Jensen wrenches, but Sanga blocks the whip. Sanga BOOTS Jensen down!

Sanga stomps Jensen, tags Veer, and they whip to run Jensen over! Veer drops the BIG elbow! Veer snarls, stomps Jensen, and Briggs coaches Jensen up. Veer tags Sanga and they have Jensen on the ropes. Sanga runs to BOOT Jensen down! Sanga looms over Jensen, drags Jensen up by his hair and wraps on a cobra clutch! Jensen endures, fans rally and Jensen fights up. Jensen throws elbows, but Sanga KNEES and CLUBS Jensen down. Sanga scoops and SLAMS Jensen! Sanga then runs the ropes, but misses the elbow drop! Jensen hurries, hot tag to Briggs! Briggs dodges Sanga, ROCKS Veer, then fires off on both of them!

Briggs keeps moving, tag to Jensen and the BOOT! Briggs is fired up, he puts Sanga on the ropes, runs and slides, to ROCK Sanga! Jensen was a step behind and apologizes. Briggs tells Jensen to get his head in the game. Jensen gets back in, brings Sanga up but Sanga choke grips! CHOKE SLAM! Tag to Veer, Sanga BOOTS Briggs! Sanga whips Jensen into the MILLION DOLLAR LARIAT!! Cover, Indus Sher wins!

Winners: Indus Sher, by pinfall

The Modern Day Maharaja celebrates with his brothers in arms, they just broke Jensen’s body to add to his broken spirit. Jinder calls out the Creed Brothers! They kept Jinder from becoming the NEW NXT Champion for all of India! The Creeds have overcome every obstacle in their lives, except for Indus Sher, and that will never change. These three want to finish this! The question is, are they? Indus Sher beat them down in the past, but it will be ten times worse at Roadblock! Julius & Brutus surely won’t back away from this challenge, but who will be their third man?


Backstage interview with Nathan Frazer.

At least, it was supposed to be. McKenzie Mitchell was on standby with Nathan in the medical room, and the doc checked Nathan’s neck. But then Katana Chance ran into the room and said something happened to Wendy Choo! The doc hurried off, the camera went with, and as always, it happened in the parking lot! Kayden Carter stayed with Wendy, the doc checks her. Wendy clutches her arm, did the same person who attacked Nikkita Lyons just attack Wendy?


Gigi Dolin is here!

The Toxic Goth tells us to cut her music! “That is the last time you will hear this awful song. So, I’m gonna keep it to the point because unlike Jacy, I don’t like the sound of my own voice droning on and on. Three weeks ago, my life changed when my skull was crushed against a door in this ring. But don’t worry, don’t worry. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with big, life altering changes. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my kicked in by someone I trusted, someone I considered family. I can deal with the physical pain, I can handle the personal betrayal. Because in trying to boot my head off, you made me realize who I really am, Jacy.

“You will always be about the superficial surface level things. Wanting the money, the fame, the glitz, the glamour. That is all Toxic Attraction was ever about! Hell, it was fun being the mean girl for awhile. It was a way for you to channel your insecurities, Jacy. But it was a way for me to channel my inner demons. Because deep down, I’ve always been happy to just survive.” Fans cheer that. Gigi says Jacy knows this because she trusted Jacy, and Gigi shared everything with her. The last person Gigi let betray her and beat her down the way Jacy did, was Gigi’s own MOTHER!

Gigi’s mom used her as a personal punching bag for years! And when Gigi finally got the courage to run away from home, Gigi was determined to show her little brother that she could make it to the WWE! To show that they could escape the constant cycle of pain and suffering! Jacy, you don’t know a HUNDRETH of what Gigi’s been through! Jacy says she’s the last woman standing, but Gigi has been knocked down time and again, but she has always gotten right back up!

Fans fire up as Gigi says next week, at Roadblock, Jacy can bring everything she has and it still won’t be enough. Gigi has pain, suffering and rage that she has built up inside to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction. Gigi’s new theme plays, and fans are ready for what Gigi’s about to do! Will Gigi show everyone what she can do all on her own?


NXT checks in on Chase U.

Duke Hudson brings up Roadblock to the other students. Gigi VS Jacy, that story is messed up. Gigi’s face after that door stomp… One time, when they were getting on a plane to Texas, Jacy- Oh, hold on. Duke walks up to Thea Hail as she walks in. He asks how she’s doing and she says a little better. That’s a start. Duke apologizes for his behavior last week. It was rude and immature to speak to her like that. Thea says it’s okay, people say things they don’t really mean. Okay. Duke just wants Thea to know she is a strong young woman who can stand on their own. They U-five, and Thea is sure Mr. Chase will accept an apology for what Duke said about the school.

Oh, no, Duke meant all those things. Chase asks Duke if there’s a problem. No. Good. Then today’s lesson is on famous WWE factions. These factions formed because they wanted to achieve- OH NO, GACY IS ON THE SCREEN!! “Attention, students of Chase University!” The rest of Schism also speaks through the television. Rip Fowler asks how they can be proud to be representing a failing institution. Andre Chase, Duke Hudson and Thea Hair are a reflection of the university and everything for which it stands. Jagger Reed says promising minds must be nourished by rich ideals that awaken spiritual excellence, not just with anger.

Gacy says the grass is always greener on the other side, and there’s plenty of grass under the Schism’s tree. Ava Raine says Thea Hail’s body is in shock not from physical pain, but from how she saw what life could be like under the Schism’s shade. And they can’t unlearn what’s ingrained in her brain and unhear what is caught in her ears! Thea knows! Thea knows! THEA KNOWS!! Duke Hudson, let it out! You know the only flag you should be waving is a white one. And Chase U is unaccredited! So gather your books and take the first step to a better life. Move under the Schism’s tree, or else the Schism’s roots will grow deeper and dismantle Chase U “until it goes up in flames.”

The Schism burns a Chase U shirt and put on their masks. Duke wants to speak but Andre tells him no! He will not stand here and let anyone badmouth this school! First they go after Thea, and now this BS? Schism, Chase knows you can hear him, you effing freaks! Next week, Roadblock, Chase shows everyone what principles this school is built on when he gives Gacy an Andre Chase University sized ass whooping!! But will it truly be a Teachable Moment? Or will Chase have to accept the truth the hard way?


Dijak speaks.

“Tony D’Angelo. You want an answer from me, huh? I knew you had a big ego, but this time, you don’t even know what you’re asking for. A Jailhouse Street Fight, where anything goes. You could’ve saved yourself a lot of suffering, pal. But you’ve cost me the North American Championship not once, but twice. So now, you’re public enemy number one. And by the time I’m through with you, your boy Stacks won’t even recognize your face anymore, because you’re nothing but a street rat who has no business dishing out high justice. You’re not gonna put me in solitary confinement. Next week at Roadblock, I’m gonna lock you down for good.” Will Dijak lock Tony in a cell and throw away the key?


Meiko Satomura VS Zoey Stark!

The Final Boss is respected by most, but not The Hunter! Stark says SHE should get the title match with Roxanne Perez at Roadblock because she’s worked for it, and that Meiko shouldn’t just be handed things because of her legend status. Will Stark put her money where her mouth is? Or will Meiko show Stark just how hard she’s worked to become a legend?

NXT returns and Roxie has joined commentary while Stark makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Stark headlocks for a takeover but Meiko headscissors. Stark kips free and wags her fingers. They go again, Meiko headlocks, hammerlocks then drop toeholds to a facelock and cover. ONE, and the two stand off as fans applaud. Stark and Meiko circle again, feel things out, and Roxie says Meiko is not just a legend but a trailblazer in women’s wrestling. Meiko started at 16 years old, during a time when women’s wrestling was not respected. But then Meiko made people respect it.

Meiko and Stark knuckle lock and have a Test of Strength. Meiko bends Stark back, but Stark bridges and powers back up. Stark powers Meiko back, but Meiko fights up, kicks and wrenches and KICKS! Meiko wrangles Stark down but Stark rolls back, only for Meiko to hammerlock. Stark rolls and kips up but Meiko blocks the haymaker to wrench and sweep! Then knee drop! Cover, ONE!! But Meiko headlocks. Fans rally, Stark fights up, but she can’t power out as Meiko holds on tight. Stark tries again, but Meiko still holds on. Starks fights up again, wrenches out and turns things around, to ROCK Meiko!

Stark says that’s right! Meiko doesn’t deserve the title shot! But then Meiko UPPERCUTS, KICKS, Stark ducks the buzzsaw but not the return! Stark goes to a corner but Meiko runs in to UPPERCUT! Meiko fires up, whips corner to corner, and she runs in, but Stark dodges to then ROCK Meiko! Stark snapmares, runs, and SLIDING LARIATS! Meiko bails out, fans sing “OH~ Zoey is angry~!” Stark runs, slides, but Meiko avoids the dropkick. Stark rushes in but Meiko dodges to KICK Stark down! Fans fire up for Meiko while NXT goes picture in picture.

Meiko drags Stark and puts her in the ring. Meiko stands Stark up to snapmare, and then she wraps on an abdominal stretch! Stark endures, grabs at Meiko but Meiko ghost pins, TWO! Stark stands into an UPPERCUT! Meiko runs to HANDSPRING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO! Stark gets to ropes but Meiko is on her with forearms. Stark blocks a whip but Meiko ROCKS her! Stark reverses the whip to send Meiko right into ropes! Meiko sputters, stands, into a LARIAT from Stark! Stark seethes and she stomps away on Meiko! Then rains down fists! Stark lets off to set Meiko down, for a KNEE DROP to the head!

Stark stands Meiko up, whips her into a corner, then whips her in again! Snapmare and cravat, Stark cranks on a neck wrench. Meiko endures, fights up, but Stark wrangles her back down. Meiko keeps fighting, arm-drags free, and kicks Stark! Stark ROCKS Meiko in return, and snapmares to have the cravat again. Meiko endures, fights up again, and she throws body shots. Stark wrangles Meiko back down, then drops an elbow! And back to the cravat! Stark leans on the hold but Meiko continues to endure. Meiko fights up, throws more body shots, but Stark keeps on the cravat, even digging her chin into Meiko’s head!

NXT returns to single picture and fans rally up. Meiko continues to endure and fight up. Meiko throws more body shots but Stark thrashes her around. Stark throws knees in, whips Meiko to a corner, then runs in, but is put on the apron. Meiko swings, but into Stark’s GAMANGIRI! Meiko falls, fans boo, but Stark springboards, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Meiko kicks the leg rather than the ribs, knowing Stark has leg problems. Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” while both women slowly rise. Stark crawls over to throw forearms on Meiko but she gives them back! They go back and forth, Stark gets the edge!

Stark runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! And another! Stark goes to a corner, Meiko runs in to FOREARM! Meiko whips, Stark reverses but Meiko reverses back, DDT! Meiko puts Stark in the drop zone, climbs the corner, DIVING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Roxie says she’s ready for Meiko, she’s not the competitor she was a few months ago. But Meiko KICKS Stark, KICKS her again, and KICKS her again! Meiko fires up, to KICK Stark again! Stark flounders to a corner, Meiko runs side to side, but Stark avoids the handspring knees! Stark stands on the apron, she brings Meiko up to throw her down!

Fans boo again but Stark slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! Meiko is still in this and fans rally up. Stark hobbles to the corner, goes right up, but Meiko kicks the legs out! And then PELES Stark off the corner! Meiko fires up and she brings Stark up, to wrench and back suplex! Cover, TWO! Stark is still in this but fans rally up behind Meiko. Meiko stands Stark up but Stark blocks the back suplex. Stark throws elbows, then mule kicks! And SUPERKICKS! Stark runs, SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Meiko survives and Stark grows frustrated. Stark puts Meiko in the drop zone and climbs up again.

Stark leaps, 450- NO, Stark has to roll through as Meiko moves! Meiko kicks, fireman’s carries, and DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Stark flounders but Meiko fires up! Meiko runs in, SCORPIO RISING!! Cover, Meiko wins!

Winner: Meiko Satomura, by pinfall

The Final Boss proves that the legend is real, and that the legend is ready! Roxie says she’s also ready, and that she is the one going to Hollywood. Roxanne joins Meiko in the ring and looks Meiko in the eyes. This collision is happening at Roadblock, who will make it through to Stand & Deliver?


Shawn Michaels has a tweet.

“Every day I focus on the development of the young men and women of NXT. I had my time in the spotlight. Now that attention should be directed on these incredible Superstars. However, knowing Grayson’s behavior will only get worse, and against my better judgment, I accept the invitation to be on the Grayson Waller Effect next week at Roadblock, and promise to be as professional as I can be.” HBK has spoken, but what will Waller have to say when they’re face to face next week?


NXT checks on things backstage.

McKenzie is just outside of NXT medical and points out Wendy is getting medical attention after the attack outside in the parking lot. Hopefully we get an update before the night is over, but then Tiffany Stratton walks in. “Oh, McKenzie. Here’s your update. Wendy Choo will be out indefinitely after being attacked in the parking lot. Newsflash, people! Stay out of the NXT parking lot.” KC Squared exit with the real update. It isn’t looking good. Tiffany says she told us so. But look on the bright side: no one cared about Wendy, so she won’t be missed.

Kayden checks with Katana, didn’t Tiffany have a long-standing issue with Wendy? Yeah, not too long ago, actually. Okay, Tiffany knows what they’re doing. They can point that blame finger right back at them. Where were they when Lyons got attacked? And they just happened to find Wendy first? Sounds sketchy. What is she trying to say? O M G, Tiffany Epiphany! What if she became a detective? What she should do is put her wrestling boots on because Katana’s gonna get them a match. KC Squared head out, and then Tiffany scoffs before going the other direction. Will someone get to the bottom of this every growing whodunnit?


The Creed Brothers talk backstage.

Julius tells Brutus that he isn’t happy about this, either. He’d rather get hit by an ambulance than do this. Brutus knows, and says they can rethink this. They don’t have to tag with this guy. But it’s gonna take an SOB to beat Indus Sher, and that’s exactly who this guy is. Okay, fine. The man they’re talking about is DAMON KEMP! Damon says, “Sup, boys?” Julius says that Damon is an awful person. Wow, missed you, too. But Damon is calculated, sly and has no remorse. But that’s what it’ll take to beat Indus Sher. Oh, so Julius Creed is coming to Damon Kemp for help? They did rock some Six Mans. Is the band getting back together?

Seems so. Well… NOPE! Damon leaves the Creeds high ‘n’ dry and that pisses Julius off! Brutus holds Julius back, but in walks Bron Breakker. Bron tells the Creeds that if they need a third, they kept his match clean against Jinder so he’s in! Brutus is all fired up, but Julius is upset. Bron couldn’t have come in a minute earlier and saved Julius from the most humiliating moment of his life? Brutus and Bron have a laugh, but Julius lightens up. But hey, they needed an SOB, so here’s one! Brutus asks, “Where my dogs at?” He and Bron bark, but Julius doesn’t join in. Aw c’mon, Julius. For Roadblock? Fine. For Roadblock. They ALL bark it up! Will these dogs have their day next week?


Sol Ruca VS Elektra Lopez w/ Valentina Feroz!

The Sol Surfer waves hi to Stark as they cross paths. Their rematch has yet to happen, but will Sol show the Hunter that she can hang? Or will La Madrina use Sol as a stepping stone to the top?

NXT returns as Lopez makes her entrance, and surprisingly, Feroz is with her! Feroz didn’t want to accept Lopez’s advice or her help, but it seems things might be changing. The bell rings, Lopez and Sol tie up, Sol puts Lopez on the ropes, but she lets off as the ref counts. Fans sing, “SOL~ So-o-o Sol~!” Lopez shoves Sol, storms up on her, but Sol headlocks. They move around, Sol hits a headlock takeover, but Lopez fights up. Lopez pulls hair, the ref reprimands, but Lopez wrenches out. Lopez arm-drags Sol down to a wristlock but Sol fights up. Lopez wrenches, Sol rolls and kips up to cartwheel, only for Lopez to throw her by her hair!

Lopez stands Sol up, whips her to a corner, but runs into a boto! Sol then goes up and over but runs into an elbow! Lopez snarls, whips, but Sol handsprings through the hip toss to FACEBUSTER! Sol brings Lopez up, whips her to ropes, but Lopez reverses. Sol goes up and over again but Lopez throws her to the apron. Sol ROCKS Lopez, climbs up, but Lopez SHOVES her to the floor! Fans boo but Lopez goes out after Sol and brings her up. Lopez puts Sol in, covers, TWO! Lopez stalks Sol while fans rally up. Lopez KNEES Sol in the back, and again, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Lopez keeps on Sol but Sol throws body shots!

Lopez knees low, and throws Sol at the ropes! Then CLOBBERS her from behind! Lopez whips Sol to ropes, back drops and Sol lands hard! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Solo but Lopez has a neck wrench. Sol endures, but Lopez shoves her down to drop an elbow! Then it’s back to the neck wrench! Fans rally, Sol fights up, but Lopez CLUBS her! Sol ROCKS Lopez! Lopez kicks low, throws Sol at ropes but Sol blocks! Sol turns things around to throw Lopez at ropes! Lopez staggers, into JAB, JAB and kick! Sol whips, Lopez reverses but Sol blasts through the lariat to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! And again!

Sol DROPKICKS Lopez and fans fire up! Sol stands Lopez up, underhooks and BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! Lopez staggers to a corner, Sol runs in, handspring and- NO, she only gets buckles! Lopez throws Sol into those buckles, drags her out and covers, TWO! Sol shows toughness but Lopez grits her teeth. Lopez goes to her favorite corner, but where are the brass knuckles? Feroz has them! Lopez wants Feroz to hand them over, but Feroz says she doesn’t need them! But then SOL SNATCHER!! Cover, Sol wins!

Winner: Sol Ruca, by pinfall

Feroz might’ve been wrong. Maybe Lopez needed those knuckles after all. Or maybe if she didn’t rely on them, she could win without them? Either way, Sol gets a big win, will she continue to ride the wave of momentum to the top?

Lopez argues with Feroz, pie faces her and says all Feroz is gonna be is a little girl. But then Feroz puts on the knuckles to DECK Lopez!! Fans fire up for Feroz, has she just learned how to stand on her own?


Gallus is back at the bar.

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang are playing pool again. But how long have they known each other? Not sure. Since they were wee lads in Glasgow? Yeah, and they’ve been Gallus for years. Their firm ran NXT UK. Their firm commanded respect. Every team feared them, and they put their names down in the record books. But back home, there’s no way a couple of chancers would get away with what Pretty Deadly did. “Two years ago, Pretty Deadly stole the NXT UK Tag titles from us. And then last week, to remind us of that, they jump us from behind.” Is Wolfman in there? Is he processing this? He better visualize what happens when Gallus gets their hands on them.

Because last Mark checked, NXT is now THEIR kingdom! Is Wolfgang gonna let “two badly dressed English pricks” do that to them? Embarrass them!? Gallus Boys On Top! All fun and games until someone tries to take their titles. Wolfgang should be raging! Wolfgang hits his next shot, then bumps into some random guy. So Wolfgang BASHES the guy with his mug! Yeah, they’re ready. But speaking of Pretty Deadly…


Backstage interview with Pretty Deadly.

McKenzie is with Elton Prince & Kit Wilson, and we all saw what Gallus did in response to last week. Yes, they’re doing that tough guy act after Pretty Deadly gave them “a jolly good thrashing!” Kit agrees, they gave Gallus a good and proper spanking. The plan worked out perfectly. Well-done, Kitster! Thank you, Elly. Those two are so angry, just imagine how mad they’ll be when Pretty Deadly takes the titles! Bye-bye pool tables. Wolfgang, get the pool tables!

Well, here’s a tweet from Drew McIntyre. “I’ve known Mark Coffey for a decade, Wolfgang for two. I’ve faced them, we’ve stood side-by-side, and the Gallus lads are tough as hell and take no BS. Pretty Deadly, you have a receipt coming your way.” Oh, the Scottish lads sticking together! Oh~! Scottish friends! It’s a terrible country, all grey and dreary, full of horrible people reveling in how allegedly rough they have it. And Pretty Deadly is positively cocker-hooped! So they’ll do it next week! A face-to-face meeting at Roadblock, to have a “civilized discussion” about their coming tag title match. How smashing! #YesBoy! But will the only thing smashed be Pretty Deadly into the dirt?


Katana Chance w/ Kayden Carter VS Tiffany Stratton!

This match was made just as Katana wanted! Will KC Squared uncover the truth of the NXT parking lot attacks? Or will Daddy’s Little Rich Girl continue to make things all about her?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Tiffany doesn’t budge as Katana pushes her, and then Tiffany throws Katana aside! Tiffany flexes but fans boo. Katana comes back, shots around to roll Tiffany up, TWO! Katana waistlocks but Tiffany elbows her away. Tiffany whips, Katana goes up and over, then DROPKICKS! Tiffany is in a corner. Katana runs in but is put on the apron. Katana shoulders in, slingshots but handstands to then headscissor Tiffany away! Fans fire up, Katana wrenches and wristlocks but Tiffany scoops. Katana fights that to a cradle, TWO! Katana headlocks but Tiffany powers up.

Tiffany back suplexes, Katana lands on her feet and shoves, but Tiffany handsprings over. Tiffany hurdles, she blocks the rana and brings Katana up. ALLEY-OOP HOTSHOT! Fans boo but Tiffany smirks. Tiffany stomps away on Katana, then mocks Katana’s pain. Tiffany digs a knee into Katana’s back and has the arms for the motorcycle stretch. Fans rally, Katana fights up but Tiffany wrangles her. Katana fights up, flips and kangaroo kicks! Tiffany staggers, Katana runs and trips her! Then Katan runs in to CLOBBER Tiffany! Tiffany swings, misses, and Katana ranas! Fans fire up while Tiffany goes the apron.

Katana runs in, avoids Tiffany’s shoulder, and KICKS her in the ropes! Tiffany’s stuck, Katana goes up the corner and DOUBLE STOMPS Tiffany down! Then STANDING TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Katana keeps cool, but Tiffany DECKS her! Tiffany fireman’s carries, but Katana turns throw into arm-drag! Tiffany stands up, into Katana’s ENZIGURI! Katana goes to the corner but out walk Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre! Fyre has her bat, Kayden tells her and Isla to back off. Katana is up top, but she’s distracted. She leaps, into Tiffany’s arms! Pop-up to the fireman’s carry, ROLLING SENTON to the BEST MOONSAULT WHATEVER! Cover, Tiffany wins!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by pinfall

The Center of the Universe never loses focus, and she wins another match! But what business did Fyre & Dawn have with KC Squared? As for Tiffany, she gets the mic to say, “I have proven that I am the very best woman in NXT. And all of you would be satisfied by that. But I’m never satisfied. I don’t wanna be called ‘the best.’ I wanna be called the NXT Women’s Champion! Roxanne Perez, Meiko Satomura, I don’t care who wins next week. Because that title belongs to me!” Fans boo, but Tiffany has called her shot. Who will make it through the Roadblock to face Tiffany at Stand & Deliver?


Briggs & Jensen regroup backstage.

Jensen wants Briggs to understand that all that was on him. Briggs stops him there. He wants to be honest here. Fallon and Jensen are all he’s got. He supports Jensen and Kiana, but whatever is going on between the three of them, it needs to stop! It is WrestleMania season! You can’t keep doing this! Jensen knows, he kept overthinking and screwed up. That is on him. He is sorry, really. Briggs knows. It’s a bad time but it’s not a bad life. Fallon apologized to Kiana, and that’s the hard part. The next step is Jensen getting his girl back. But it will take some time, honestly. Jensen knows. He just wishes he could have a do-over, but he doesn’t know the right words to say.

Briggs says that if he’s learned anything in life, is that you don’t get a lot of do-overs. Oh, what if Briggs talks to Kiana for him? Really? Absolutely. Briggs would do anything for Jensen. They hug it out, will Briggs be the voice of reason that helps everyone get on the same page?


Axiom VS Hank Walker!

Misfire or not, the Undeniable Truth knows that the boot from Hank Walker was a heavy one! Will Axiom hit back just as hard? Or will Hank prove to everyone that he belongs in the ring?

NXT returns as Hank makes his entrance. The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. Axiom waistlocks, headlocks, and hops on for a SLEEPER! Hank RAMS Axiom into buckles, is free, but Axiom leaps right back on! Axiom has the sleeper and the body scissors but Hank pries free. Only for Axiom to squirrel around into an ARMBAR! But hank deadlifts and throws Axioma way! Axiom runs in, Hank blocks a kick, but Axiom SLAPS Hank! Hank is just mad now! Hank picks Axiom up and carries him around, but Axiom sunset flips. Hank drags Axiom up, Axiom slips around to another sleeper!

Hank pries at the hold so Axiom shifts to a waistlock. They go to ropes, Hank bucks the O’Conner, and Axiom kips up, into a BOOT! And that one was on purpose! Fans rally behind Hank and he brings Axiom up. Axiom headbutts low, Hank powers out and scoops, to then TOSS Axiom! Cover, TWO! Hank keeps cool and he brings Axiom back up. Hank ROCKS Axiom, but Axiom CHOPS Hank! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS again! Hanks wings, misses, and Axiom DROPKICKS Hank down! Fans fire up, Axiom runs to GAMANGIRI Hank in a corner! Axiom then goes up top and leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Axiom grows frustrated but he stands up. Hank sits up, into a PENALTY KICK! Hank grimaces and fans fire up. Axiom runs in to PENALTY KICK again! Hank scowls, Axiom scuffs him. Axiom SLAPS Hank, throws forearms, but Hank throws a body shot. Hank runs, but into a LARIAT! Axiom runs, into a SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up with Hank and he runs in to SPLASH at the corner! Whip corner to corner for another SPLASH! Hank roars, runs, but Axiom follows, only to get a LARIAT! Hank drags Axiom up, but Axiom cradles! ONE!! Hank shoots in, into a KNEE from Axiom!!

Hank is dazed and fans fire up! Axiom aims, but Hank ducks, only for the HEEL KICK to hit! Axiom aims from the corner, GOLDEN RATIO!! Cover, Axiom wins!

Winner: Axiom, by pinfall

That was a fast and furious showdown between speed and strength! Speed kills, and Axiom stands tall! Axiom respects the fight Hank put up, will this help Hank get back up? But wait! Someone is watching from the background. It’s SCRYPTS! Is the mysterious man of many words looking to write his own epic with Axiom?


Grayson Waller speaks.

“G’day, Mr. Michaels. Just wanna give a huge thank you for the night off, and for finally getting back to me. Now next week at Roadblock, we can sit down and talk face to face for the greatest episode of the Grayson Waller Effect of all time! And properly discuss Stand & Deliver. And I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty excited, lads, because I don’t know which version of Mr. Michaels is gonna show up. When you sit down next to me, and you look in the mirror at the man you used to be. Are we gonna see the Heartbreak Kid one more time? Or are we gonna see the same old corporate stooge in a suit and cowboy hat that we’ve had to deal with for the last few years?”

Waller just asks that Michaels shows him the proper respect. “Because they say never say never.” Don’t make Waller put HBK in a position HBK said he’d never be in again. Is the 21st Century Success Story going to stop the show with the Showstopper?


Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Tyler Bate!

When it comes to being #1 contender to the NXT Championship, when it comes to being a star, when it comes to Stand & Deliver, Carmelo Hayes says he is that man. But the Big Strong Boi says he’s going to take us on a mystical journey back to the top of the mountain! Who will be proven right? Who will be him?

NXT returns and Tyler Bate makes his entrance. The bell rings and fans rally as the two tie up. They’re in a deadlock so they break. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Bate spins to wristlock and arm-drag. Melo headscissors but Bate kips free. Fans applaud the standoff and the two go again. Bate wrenches, wristlocks, but Melo rolls, only for Bate to roll with him! And again! Melo wrenches through, but Bate turns, breaks free and hammerlocks Melo. Bate toys with Melo, they go around, and Melo throws Bate out! Bate lands on his feet, he’s right back in, but Melo arm-drags! Bate headscissors, Melo kips free, and fans applaud the exchange!

Bate offers a handshake but Melo slaps it away. Bate fakes Melo out, Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Melo covers, ONE, and Bate body scissors to a rolling clutch! TWO, Melo high stacks but Bate rolls that back, only for Melo to roll it through to the sunset! TWO and Bate high stacks, only for roles to reverse and Melo rolls through and high stack back! Bate pops Melo through to a sunset flip, TWO!! Melo narrowly escapes and fans duel the count! Melo rushes in, Bate steps up and over and underhooks, but Melo wrenches out! Melo jumps but his Code Breaker is blocked! Bate throws Melo away, runs in, but Melo dodges. Melo comes back but Bate goes up then under!

Bate baits Melo, they knuckle lock and Bate reels Melo in, slips around, baits Melo again, then leap frogs to slide under. Melo doesn’t fall for the bait this time and fans applaud. Melo swings, but Bate blocks! Bate UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTS again, then UPPERCUTS again! Bate whips, Melo rolls off his back and runs back in, but into a back drop! Bate runs to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and DROPKCIK! Melo bails out, Bate FLIES! Direct hit and fans fire up! Trick is beside himself while NXT goes picture in picture.

Bate stands first and checks his shoulder, then goes back for Melo. Melo wants to leave but Bate throws him in the ring. Melo uses that to build speed and BLAST Bate off the apron! Melo keeps moving, but he runs into an UPPERCUT! Bate goes back in but Melo kips up to EDDY GORDO KICK! Cover, TWO! Melo keeps on Bate and CHOPS him down! Melo snarls, he drags Bate up and DECKS him! Bate comes back with body shots but Melo CLUBS him down! They trade shots, Melo knees low, but Bate blocks the suplex. Melo fights off a suplex, too, and they go back and forth. Melo gets Bate up and hangs him out to dry!

Melo holds on, and he uses the ropes to help snap suplex Bate back down! Melo then rolls to the cover, TWO! Melo is annoyed and he clamps onto Bate with a top wristlock. Bate endures, fights up, and arm-drags free. Melo comes back, dodges the lariat and SPRINGBOARD LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Melo has the top wristlock again and NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally while Bate endures again. Bate fights up but Melo keeps on that arm. Bate stands to throw body shots, Melo cranks on the cording hold, but Bate whips. Melo reverses and Bate hits the buckles. Melo runs in, blocks a boot but not the KNEE! Bate goes up to FLYING UPPERCUT!

Fans rally as both men stand, and Melo goes to a corner. Trick saves Melo from the splash! But Bate throws up Bop to BANG! Down goes Trick! Bate then ROCKS Melo, clinches, and hits an EXPLODER! Kip up and STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this and fans rally up. Bate slaps Melo’s hands away, stands him up, but Melo boots. Bate blocks, but Melo doesn’t fall for Bop! Melo spins Bate around, but Bate fireman’s carries! AIRPLANE SPIN, but Melo sunset flips it! TWO, and Melo BOOTS! Bate wobbles, Melo runs, but into a pop-up fireman’s carry! AIRPLANE SPIN!!

Fans fire up as Bate goes around and around and around, to the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this and Trick is relieved. Fans rally up again as Bate runs, but Melo grabs a foot! Bop up, BANG hits! Bate rebounds, COMEBACKER LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Melo survives again and Bate can’t believe it! Fans duel as Bate stands and Melo stirs. Bate rushes in but is sent into buckles! Melo snarls, he storms up and he ROCKS Bate! Bate UPPERCUTS, and UPPERCUTS! Melo CHOPS!! Melo ROCKS Bate, throws more forearms, but Bate UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! Bate just keeps going, then he fires off hands at the ropes!

The ref counts, Melo botos Bate away, then spins him around, underhooks for the BUTTERFLY SLAM! Cover, TWO! But Melo body scissors for a Gedo Clutch! TWO! Melo KNEES Bate in the face! Then Melo suplexes, CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Melo grows frustrated as Bate survives but fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Melo HAMMERS away on Bate, then he goes to the corner. Melo climbs up, but Bate springs up after him! SUPER EXPLODER!! Bate hurries up top now, but Trick distracts! Bate BOOTS Trick! And SKY TWISTERS to FLOP! CODE BREAKER!! Melo hurries up top, aims again, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, Melo wins!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall

Give Trick the assist, Melo would not have made his shot without him! Melo says there are NO roadblocks in his way to Stand & Deliver. “There’s only one man left, and I am Him.” Will Melo finally be THE A Champion in NXT? Or will it take more than an assist from Trick to stop Bron Breakker?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT to be a go-home to Roadblock, and we got such great interweaving of many stories. For one, I love that we got a wild scramble for the Open Challenge, and maybe it was just deja vu, but it feels like Frazer answered a previous one with this same brawling opening. Either way, many stories were featured all in one segment, like Apollo Crews stopping Dabba-Kato from answering the challenge, Hank getting at Gulak and Dempsey while ending up with a match with Axiom. Hank VS Axiom was a quick match but a really good one. And also, Scrypts in the background of Hank VS Axiom, I bet we see what they just threw on Level Up actually be a story on NXT.

Frazer VS Wes was an awesome match, Wes retaining against Frazer was of course how things were going to go, and Wes’s Stand & Deliver opponent could still be just about anyone. Dijak had a good promo to call out Tony D and accept the Jailhouse Street Fight. I should’ve figured that the “jailhouse” part is putting someone in a cage. With that stipulation, I feel like Stacks is going to help Tony beat Dijak and put him in the cage. Real good promo from JD to call out Dragunov, and given how things escalated for them in NXT UK, I hope they get a No Disqualifications type stipulation for their rematch. It’s the only thing that’d fit how vicious and personal this meant to be.

Amazing promo from Gigi Dolin. Fans have always really liked her, and she really bared her soul here. I wish Gigi VS Jacy was Last Woman Standing given they’ve used that phrase in their promos, but it seems to be just a normal match. Maybe Jacy wins in “controversial fashion,” and we get an escalated rematch for Stand & Deliver since the women’s title is spoken for. Great match from Meiko VS Stark that Meiko of course wins, and her match with Roxie would normally feel like it could go either way. But Roxie is going strong, she’ll surely survive Meiko and go on to Stand & Deliver.

And wow, another attack in the parking lot? I did not expect that, but I do like that we’re getting more and more people questioning each other. Wendy Choo is taken out, taking her off the suspect list, and she could be a clue to who is the real attacker. Tiffany only cares if it can put the spotlight on her, but she has a really good match with Katana. Tiffany has been going strong as a character, I suppose she does deserve to be a contender. Fyre & Dawn must also think KC Squared had something to do with the attacks since they showed up, but we’re of course going to get Fyre & Dawn VS Carter & Chance in both storyline feud and a way to determine contenders to the Women’s Tag titles.

And speaking of the titles, the drama of Kiana, Fallon and Jensen continues to ripple out as it affects Jensen & Briggs in their match. Good promos from the boys, but I have a feeling Briggs talking to Kiana will backfire in some way. That will ruin the trust Fallon and Kiana have been trying to build, that will end their title reign and give those belts to whoever, probably Fyre & Dawn, and then maybe Kiana and Fallon feud through the summer to build both of them towards top title contention. And great stuff from Sol VS Lopez. Sol gets a good win, but Feroz has the real highlight as she stands up to Lopez. Feroz VS Lopez is gonna be some great stuff to also build them in the singles division.

More great story interweaving as Indus Sher win against Briggs & Jensen and then call out the Creeds. I knew that we’d get a Six Man Tag of Bron & Creeds VS Indus Sher, and they gave us a good, natural build to it. With Roderick Strong still MIA, the Creeds turned to their former Diamond Mine ally in Damon Kemp, but because Damon is a jerk, he turns them down. Bron steps up because he is returning the favor, and I would think Bron & Creeds win to give them all momentum towards Stand & Deliver. Gallus had a really good promo, as did Pretty Deadly, but still nothing about escalating their tag title match’s stipulation to match the intensity they’re feeling. At least give this Tornado Tag Rules so there can’t be like sneaky tag shenanigans.

Good social media based back and forth from Waller and HBK, and of course we’re getting HBK on Waller’s talk show. Waller of course wants HBK to come out of retirement for one more match with him, but HBK’s tweet said he doesn’t wanna take the spotlight from the current generation, so I’m still betting on a proxy. Great stuff from Chase U and The Schism, and Andre Chase VS Joe Gacy will be good stuff. I’m still thinking we need some kind of Mixed Tag to finish this off, mostly so we can see Ava Raine in action. Given how things have been going, and how Chase brought up WWE factions “in class,” I feel like Chase U is gonna be the next faction to fall apart, as is the way of many, if not all pro-wrestling factions.

And just awesome stuff in the main event from Melo VS Bate. It was clear Melo was going to win, but if Trick keeps helping Melo, I don’t know how strong Melo’s gonna look if/when he wins the title off Bron. Which is a shame because Melo should be looking GOODT going into that match, not looking like every other Heel WWE’s booked. Melo has what it takes to win things on his own, he and Bron should be a true 1v1 match and Melo should be the one to overcome the seemingly unstoppable Bron, on his own. That will allow Bron to lose without excuses and leave NXT cleanly, while truly establishing Melo as the face of the next chapter.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/31/23)

The hand has been dealt!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Why, Konosuke, Why?

Another Double or Nothing in the books, and after their betrayal of The Elite, we hear from Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita!


  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS The Lucha Brothers & Bandido; The BCC wins.
  • Triple Threat: Swerve Strickland VS “Big Bill” Morrissey VS Trent Beretta; Swerve wins.
  • Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana; Darby & Cassidy win.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Nyla Rose; Kris wins and retains the title.
  • Mixed Tag: Chris Jericho & Saraya VS Adam Cole & Britt Baker; Cole & Britt win.


Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS The Lucha Brothers & Bandido!

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta, along with Bryan Danielson, were victorious at Double or Nothing in Anarchy in the Arena II, but they had some help at the end. We’ll hear from dirty Don and turncoat Takeshita later, because right now, the BCC want to unleash #DeathJitsu on the ROH World Tag Team Champions & The Most Wanted! Will the Maniac, the Swiss Superman and the Decoder prove they’re ready for more violence?

Fans are fired up for the Lucha Bros & Bandido but the BCC isn’t amused. The trios sort out but then everyone starts shoving. Then they start brawling! The ref reprimands but the BCC have the luchadores on the ropes. They triple whip but the luchadores all reverse to TRIPLE SUPERKICK! Fans fire up with “CERO! MIEDO!” The luchadores build speed and TRIPLE DIVE into forearms and lariats! Moxley drags Penta out to the floor to throw him at the timekeeper’s area! Wheeler RAMS Bandido into steel steps! Claudio SNAKE EYES Fenix off the railing, then tosses him OVER the railing! Then he goes out after him in the crowd!

Moxley has an ANKLE LOCK on Penta, while Yuta throws Bandido into railing! And then more railing! The ref reprimands, but Moxley runs in, only for Penta to toss him into the crowd! Yuta puts Bandido in the ring, the bell finally sounds, and this is finally a match. Fans cheer as Yuta stomps Bandido and Claudio TOSSES Fenix back to ringside. Yuta drags Bandido up but Bandido throws body shots. Bandido clotheslines in the corner, whips him corner to corner, but Yuta goes up and over. Bandido runs back in but into a scoop SLAM! And Claudio clotheslines Fenix back up and over the railing!

Yuta SENTONS on Bandido, covers, TWO! Yuta scowls but Bryan is at least impressed with Yuta using a “fundamentally sound” cover. Yuta drags Bandido up, suplexes, but Bandido blocks! Fans rally up, Bandido suplexes Yuta! And holds him up! Uno! Dos! Tress! But then Mox rushes in! Fenix SUPERKICKS him first! Penta sees Claudio and SUPERKICKS him first! Then they SUPERKICK again! Bandido goes past TWENTY, and then the Lucha Brothers each grab Moxley and Claudio to hammerlock arms. DOUBLE SACRIFICE ARMBARS!! Bandido makes it to THIRTY but he isn’t done!!

Bandido makes it to FORTY, and then FIFTY!! Yuta’s head is almost as red as Bandido’s outfit as we get to SIXTY, and the SLAM!! Cover, TWO!?! Yuta survives and Bryan is proud of his student again. But tag to Penta, Fenix goes up, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Yuta slips free, only for Penta to SUPERKICK! TIGHTROPE WALK KICK! But Moxley CUTTERS Penta! Fenix SCREW HIGH KICKS Mox, but Claudio CLOBBERS Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS, whips, Claudio reverses but Penta goes up and over, BACKSTABBER!! Fans are thunderous and Bryan has to admit, the lucha trio is incredible.

Penta crawls, as does Yuta, hot tag to Bandido! He HOTSHOTS Yuta, springboards but Yuta moves! Bandido FLOPS, then distracts the ref! Claudio & Moxley drag Bandido out to ASSISTED PILEDRIVER to the floor!! Bryan loves it while fans boo, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Yuta snap suplexes Bandido up and over, then drags Bandido back up. He fists bumps Claudio, puts Bandido in the ring, then tags Moxley. Moxley keeps Bandido from the corner with a facelock, but fans rally up. Bandido fights to his feet, only for Moxley to HALF HATCH! Moxley then tags Claudio in, they stomps Bandido, then Claudio grabs an arm to grind it down. Bandido endures, fights to the ROPEBREAK, but Claudio brings him up. Bandido throws body shots but Claudio chinbars to keep him from the corner. Claudio whips and CLOBBERS Bandido, then flexes. Tag to Moxley and the BCC stomp Bandido again.

Moxley gets the legs to stomp Bandido int he stomach. Moxley then turns Bandido with a HALF CRAB! Bandido reaches out, Yuta tries to keep the rope from him but the ref reprimands. Fans rally up, Bandido gets the ROPEBREAK! Moxley lets go to bring Bandido up and he throws knee after knee. Moxley whips, Bandido sunset flips, but Moxley rolls through to KNEE Bandido down! Cover, TWO, but Moxley gets the arms for DRAGON STOMPS! Moxley drags Bandido to a cover, TWO! Moxley grabs an arm to hammerlock it and grind Bandido down. Bandido endures while Dynamite returns to single picture.

Fans rally but Moxley chinbars Bandido into a chinlock. Bandido still endures, but Moxley wraps Bandido arms around for a straitjacket stretch. Bandido still fights up and JAWBREAKERS free! Moxley runs in to clothesline at the corner! And again! Moxley talks trash on Bandido, whips him corner to corner, but Bandido BOOTS him! And UPPERCUTS! And goes up top for a TORNILLO! Direct hit and fans are thunderous! Both Bandido and Moxley crawl, hot tags to Claudio and Fenix! Fenix waistlocks, Claudio fights it and elbows free to then whip. Fenix ducks ‘n’ dodges, tiger feint rewind but Claudio dodges the heel kick!

Fenix still SUPERKICKS! Yuta runs in to BOOT Fenix! Fans foo, but Yuta runs in and only gets the buckles! JUMP SOBAT! Snapmare and tag to Penta! UNO, DOS, TRES! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Claudio returns, Penta dodges and SLINGBLADES! Penta goes to a corner, Claudio runs in but Penta pops him up into a headstand, to SUPERKICK him down! Penta then uses Claudio to victory roll and jump, DDT for Moxley! Claudio LARIATS in return!! Fans fire up again as Claudio stirs. Claudio drags Penta back but Penta kicks him away. Hot tags to Yuta and Bandido! Yuta and Bandido fire forearms back and forth!

The fans are on Bandido’s side but Yuta ROCKS him! Yuta eggs Bandido on, and the forearms go back and forth again! Bryan says Yuta’s technique is the advantage, but Bandido starts using speed! The forearms keep going and the fans fire up! Yuta BITES Bandido’s forehead! Yuta runs, into a DROPKICK! Bandido throws off the shirt and fans are thunderous again! Bandido whips, pops Yuta up, CUTTER!! Bandido goes up, the Lucha Brothers get in. “CERO! MIEDO!” The Lucha Brothers DOUBLE TOPE to take out Mox & Claudio! FROG SPLASH for Bandido! Cover, TWO!!! Bryan says this is what he was talking about!

Fans boo but Bandido drags Yuta up to gut wrench and Canadian Rack. Torture rack to KNEE STRIKE! Bandido has Yuta on the ropes, he runs, but Moxley anchors Yuta out of the 21 Plex! The ref reprimands, Penta ENZIGURIS Moxley! Yuta sends Bandido to ropes, Claudio UPPERCUTS Bandido! Yuta BUSAIKU KNEES, to the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!!! Bryan calls ever shot, and then Yuta shifts into the SEATBELT! The BCC wins!

Winner: The Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

Bryan celebrates with his guys, though the fans aren’t as happy about it. Will the BCC soon look to take over AEW one division at a time?


Backstage interview with The Elite.

Alex Marvez is with Hangman Page and the Young Bucks while Matt Jackson is having his foot taped up. Anarchy in the Arena II was perhaps one of the most brutal matches in AEW history, what is the status of Matt and the rest of the team three days later? Matt says a long time ago, he told Hangman that he brings out the good in them. Safe to say, after Sunday, the BCC bring out the worst in them. Never thought the day would come where Matt would try to melt the face of another man with an explosive sneaker, and alas, here we are.

Nick, a big bandage on his forehead, recounts Hangman saying that they are the heart, the soul and the spirit of AEW. Not one setback is gonna keep them down! Hangman says they are still standing, still swinging, and still breathing! To be a group that prides themselves on being the best, the BCC sure love to use numbers. But the truth is- Wait, in walks the Dark Order. They tell Hangman, “Good to see you.” Oh, did Matt hurt his foot? Silver says Hangman is with his new-old best friends, they should probably just go. Sorry about that. Hangman wants to respond to that, but Marvez has one more question.

It has been said, rumored, that Kenny Omega has left the country and gone home to Canada based on everything that’s happened the last few weeks. Any word on that? Hangman says Kenny is hurt, he is pissed, and yes he is out of the country, but he’s not in Canada. Hangman excuses himself to chase after The Dark Order, what is the status of that friendship? What is the status of The Cleaner after further betrayal by men he once called friends?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

Double or Nothing is in the rearview mirror, and he welcomes out two men who were very active that night, Jay White & Juice Robinson, Bullet Club Gold! The Switchblade & Rock Hard make their way out, and White says the money’s here! Schiavone says their issue with Ricky Starks seems never ending. They get in close and he says they attacked Starks backstage! White starts by saying that Double or Nothing was a great night. Fans cheer and White applauds, too. But White bets Starks feels he’s on top of the world after he eliminated Jay & Juice from the battle royal.

But as a reminder to everyone, especially to Ricky Starks, he’s not the International Champion. he lost that battle royal just like he lost to White. And Juice says that brings them to FTR! BCG wants to know, WHY, Dax & Cash, did you come to the aid of “sweet boy” Ricky? It doesn’t make sense! There’s no way FTR are friends with Ricky Starks, because we all know Ricky Starks ain’t got no friends! White says we also know FTR are “a couple of Southern boys,” so maybe they’re a little bit slow. And they look dumb, too, have you seen them? You heard them talk? They sound pretty dumb, too!

White just didn’t actually think they were dumb enough to get in the Bang Bang Gang’s business! But wait, here comes FTR! Dax & Cash are still AEW World Tag Team Champions after Mark Briscoe saw who were his real friends on Sunday night. The champs get in the ring but White uses Schiavone as a shield. Seems FTR are that dumb. Juice says keep this cordial. This isn’t them being dumb, they’re here to apologize! White isn’t so sure, but maybe Juice is on to something. Maybe they’re also here because they wanna join BULLET CLUB GOLD~! Yeah? Huh? White says FTR are ready to be some Gold members!

So do they wanna join the top shelf gunslingers? Top Shelf Top Guys! If they wanted to join, all they had to do was ask. Just make sure you do it politely. White holds out the mic to Dax, then drops it as he reaches out. Fans boo and Dax glares at White. But then Juice sucker punches Dax! FISTFUL O’ SILVER DOLLARS!! Cash TACKLES Juice, but White goes after Cash! The BCG mug Cash while Dax writhes, clutching his jaw! Juice drags Dax up, JUICE IS LOOSE!! “Take that!” White gets Cash for a BLADERUNNER!! “That’s what you get!!” But here comes Starks! Starks runs BCG off and grabs the mic.

“Hey you two cowards! I’m sick of you two every single week! So how about this? You keep that jabroni ass freak in the back, and you and me, Jay, we finish it next week on Dynamite! YOU PUNK ASS B*TCH!!” The Absolute throws out the ultimatum, will he and King Switch finally put an end to this?


Tony Khan has an announcement for AEW Collision.

“It’s great to be here tonight in San Diego. The last few weeks, we made some announcements regarding the debut of AEW Saturday Night Collision, starting June 17th at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. I’m here tonight to give you a little more information about the debut of AEW Collision. I’m here to announce that AEW Collision, beginning June 17th, will feature… CM Punk!” Fans go wild hearing that! The Best in the World, the polarizing Plus Delta of AEW, is making his return in his hometown! What kind of collision are we going to say for that debut episode?


Triple Threat: Swerve Strickland VS “Big Bill” Morrissey VS Trent Beretta!

The Blackjack Battle Royal was a bust for everyone hoping to take the title off Orange Cassidy, but there was a lot of beef between these three men during all the chaos. Who scores a much easier win under 33% odds versus the one in 21?

The bell rings and Swerve bails out so Bill can’t get him. Fans boo but then Bill turns his attention to Trent. Fans fire up and Bill storms up on Trent. Trent slips away to not be cornered, then he CHOPS Bill! Bill scowls and dusts himself off. Bill storms up again, Trent slips away again and headlocks. Bill powers up but Trent holds on. Bill powers out, Trent ducks ‘n’ dodges and DIVES onto Swerve on the outside! Fans fire up as Trent puts Swerve in the ring saying “You’re turn!” He wants Bill to get at Swerve and Bill’s fine with that. Swerve wants Bill to hold on, but then he swings on Bill!

Bill blocks the punch, so Swerve kicks a leg. Swerve goes to whip but Bill blocks that, too! Bill whips, Swerve goes up and around and BOOTS Bill! Trent returns to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Bill just choke grips back! Bill BOOTS Swerve, then shoves Trent to a corner. Bill SPLASHES Swerve, SPLASHES Trent, and repeat! Bill clotheslines Swerve up and out! Trent ducks ‘n’ dodges but Bill FLAPJACKS Trent then BOOTS him down! Fans fire up with Bill while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bill watches as Trent crawls back in. Bill kicks Trent, drags him up, and CLUBS him back down. Bill then steps out to go after Swerve. Fans fire up as Bill stalks Swerve around the way, then UPPERCUTS him! Swerve CHOPS, Bill TOSSES him to the ramp! Swerve writhes, Trent goes out after Bill and throws body shots. Bill ROCKS Trent with a haymaker! Then he SMACKS Trent off the steps! Trent falls and Bill soaks up the cheers and jeers. Bill stalks Swerve on the ramp, drags him up, and brings him around to SMACK him off the apron! And then CHOPS him against the apron! Swerve sputters and drops to his knees.

Bill gives a toying kick to Swerve, but Swerve comes back with a CHOP! Bill ROCKS Swerve with a right hand! Bill then kicks Trent down. Bill soaks up the cheers and jeers as he brings Swerve around the way, to scoop, but Swerve lips off! Swerve POSTS Bill, Trent SPEARS Bill! Fans fire up but then Swerve RAMS Trent into the railing! Swerve puts Trent on the apron, goes up after him, and fireman’s carries. Trent fights free, but Swerve CHOPS him! Trent ROCKS Swerve! Swerve ROCKS Trent and Dynamite returns to single picture, right as Trent ROCKS Swerve! Swerve ROCKS Trent back so the shots keep going!

Fans fire up but Swerve knees low! Swerve fireman’s carries, Trent slips off again, but Swerve fights the half nelson! Swerve throws elbows, Bill gets in the ring and runs that way, Trent pulls Swerve into the path of the BOOT! Down goes Swerve, then Trent SHOTGUNS Bill off the apron! Fans fire up as Trent goes up a corner, to ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Down goes Bill! Fans fire up with Trent but now Swerve goes up to BOOT from the apron! Swerve drags Trent up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally up. Trent is in a drop zone, Swerve goes up the corner. But Bill choke grips him! Swerve fights the arm but Bill CHOPS him!

Bill climbs up to join Swerve, choke grips again, but Trent hits Bill low! Trent climbs up, but Bill grabs him, too! But then both Trent & Swerve throat chop! Fans boo, but Trent & Swerve work together to DOUBLE SUPERPLEX Bill!! All three men are down and fans are thunderous! Bill goes to a corner, Swerve and Trent throw forearms again! They go back and forth, Swerve throws body shot after body shot! Swerve runs, but Trent gets around, HALF ‘N’ HALF! Swerve tumbles out, Trent builds speed, but Bill scoops! BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!!! Cover, Swerve HOUSE CALLS! Cover on Bill, TWO?!?!

Bill survives but Swerve rolls to COMPLETE SHOT Trent! Trent sits up, Swerve goes up, KILL- NO, Trent avoids the stomps! To BUSAIKU KNEE!! Trent reels Swerve in, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, BILL BREAKS IT! Bill stalks Trent to the apron and fans fire up. Bill drags Trent up but Trent CHOPS! Bill doesn’t budge, so Trent CHOPS again! Bill clamps onto Trent’s throat, CHOKE SLAM into the ring! But Swerve APRON KILL STOMPS Bill!!! And then roll-up on Trent, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

The Mogul takes advantage and gets a huge win! Will Swerve soon be aiming for another title shot?


Kris Statlander speaks.

“Today’s date is May 28th, 2023. It’s the PPV, Double or Nothing, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am officially cleared. I am your NEW TBS Champion. It’s been a long time coming, and this whole time, I was never really sure if I deserved it. Not sure if I was someone deserving of this moment. It just really shows me how much not only does this place mean to me, but how much I mean to AEW. It’s just so nice to physically hold something to feel like you deserve it for once. Not only am I gonna prove to everyone that they were right, but I’m gonna prove to myself that this is my time. And I’m gonna have the best damn title reign anyone’s ever seen.” But she’s already putting the title on the line, will her time be short?


Renee Paquette is on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass.” Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn are here, and Renee says that unfortunately, thing didn’t go their way in that AEW World Trios Championship match. They asked for this time, so the floor is theirs. Billy says Renee is right, things did not go quite the way they’d planned. But that’s okay! Because anyone can get beat at any given time. Billy’s biggest regret is that he let his guys down. Caster says that Billy shouldn’t blame himself. They win as a team and lose as a team. They won a lot as a trio, undefeated until facing House of Black.

And see, Caster is the best wrestler alive, Bowens is the Five Tool Player, and Billy is the legend! They ARE The Acclaimed, they are the People’s Choice. Bowens says that is right. And their goal remains the same. A few months ago, Acclaimed were screwed outta tag team gold. Fans boo that, but the Acclaimed want gold back! “And this man, this legend, after over 30 YEARS of giving his all to the business, of giving his all to each and every one of you, giving his all to us, this man deserves to hold gold one more time!” Fans love the sound of that! They chant for “DADDY ASS! DADDY ASS!”

Bowens says do not worry about it, Billy, because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! So the goal remains the same, and the three SCISSOR FINGER~! Will they cut down the House of Black one way or another? Or will the House always win?


Tony Schiavone is back in the ring.

The bile rises in his throat as he has to say these names. “Here comes… Don Callis! And… Konosuke Takeshita.” Fans boo as Callis & Takeshita walk their way out to no music, but with highlights of Callis helping the BCC cheat the Elite. Callis & Takeshita go to the ring to join Schiavone, and Schiavone says, “Sunday night, Double or Nothing, not so sure. We talked to Bryan Danielson, whose side are you on? Whose side are you with? One thing we know for sure, you apparently have yourself a new protégé.” Callis grins but fans boo, and Callis says he sincerely hopes that such boos are for Kenny Omega! No, they’re for Callis.

Callis continues to say he is the REAL victim here! He has done everything for Kenny Omega! The booing gets louder! And they’re even flipping Callis off! Callis says Kenny only had what he had because of Callis! The AEW World Championship? All Callis! Kenny chose his friends. Every morning, Callis has to get up and look at the scar on his head! 23 stitches! And Callis blames it all on Kenny! Kenny destroyed Callis’ family! And maybe Callis lost a nephew, but he gained a son in Konosuke Takeshita! Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Callis says Takeshita is the best athlete he has ever seen in wrestling! 6’3″, 240 pounds, and you know who he’s better than?

Konosuke is better than Rikidōzan! Better than Antonio Inoki! Better than Keiji Mutoh! And yes, better than Kazuchika Okada! But you know who else he’s better than? We’ll see it very soon, too! Konosuke is better than Kenny Omega! Konosuke gets the mic to tell everyone Japanese that they’re all stupid! Kenny Omega is nothing! And they all know it! Then in English, “We will destroy the Elite! We will destroy Kenny… Omega!” Callis tells Kenny that he destroyed his family so Callis is building a new one! And that new family will cut the Elite out of All Elite Wrestling! Fans boo as hard as they’ve ever booed before, but will that not stop what Callis is planning for Kenny Omega?


Arn Anderson & Wardlow speak.

The Enforcer says that before Double or Nothing and the ladder match, he cut through all the BS and asked Wardlow one question: What are you willing to do to Christian Cage? Everyone’s giving Arn a bunch of hoopla about biting that giant lizard’s thumb. But Wardlow got manhandled, and when you snatch Arn by the neck, what you think’s gonna happen? Wardlow says Luchasaurus found out not to get involved with their business. Arn wants to know what Wardlow’s willing to do, and he answered that. There are no more limits! If Luchasaurus wants to be next, Wardlow will be more than happy to finish the job!


Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana!

Freshly Squeezed is still the AEW International Champion after facing the steepest odds possible, while the Relentless One could not overcome MJF, Sammy Guevara & Jack Perry all at once to become AEW World Champion. But will this unlikely duo keep going against even this daunting duo in front of them?

The teams sort out, but Bishop Kaun shoves Darby off the corner! And Toa Liona goes after Cassidy with clubbing forearms! The bell rings, Kaun keeps after Darby on the outside, and Cassidy just gets his jacket and shirt off. Kaun CHOPS Darby, Liona pushes Cassidy down, then Liona drags Cassidy up to whip corner to corner. Cassidy tumbles up and out, baits Liona in and shoulders into him. Cassidy bumps Liona off buckles, but Liona just glares at him! Liona drags Cassidy up and into the ring to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Kaun scoops Darby, but Darby slips free to POST Kaun! Darby tags in!

Fans fire up as Darby, bad shoulder all taped up, has the fans behind him. Darby SLAPS, RAMS, and runs, but Liona rushes in! Darby dodges but then runs into a BODY CHECK! Liona roars, fans boo, but Liona drags Darby up. Liona puts Darby in the corner, tags Kaun, and the Gates fire each other up! Kaun whips Liona in but Darby dodges! Darby BOOTS Kaun away, springboards, but Liona POUNCES the Coffin Splash! Kaun drags Cassidy in, GUT BUSTER DROP! Nana, Cage and Swerve return to ringside, they wanna watch this in person. Kaun has Darby up to CHOP him in the corner!

Kaun drags Darby up and over, tags Liona in, and the Gates mug Darby in the corner. Liona paces, the ref reprimands, but Kaun digs his boots into Darby! The fans rally up for Darby but Liona drags him up. Liona smirks, whips Darby to the corner, but Darby BLASTS Kaun! But then Liona SPLASHES Darby int he corner! But Darby boots from below! Liona gets the legs, yanks Darby up but Darby slips to the outside! Darby HOTSHOTS Liona, but Kaun trips Darby to RAM him into the railing! And then apron! And then railing! And then apron! And then a whip into the railing! Liona rushes around the way to CLOBBER Cassidy!

Fans boo but The Mogul Embassy is pleased while Dynamite goes picture in picture. Kaun drags Darby but he’s deadweight. Kaun gets Darby up and into the ring, covers, TWO! Kaun rains down fists on Darby, lets off to soak up the heat, and then he drags Darby back up. Kaun fishhooks the nose but the ref reprimands. Kaun lets go, Darby goes to a corner, but Kaun fires off on him. Darby hits back, but Kaun kicks and whips to then kitchen sink knee! Kaun stands on Darby for a cover, ONE! Kaun drags Darby over, tags in Liona, and the Gates stomp Darby at the ropes. The ref counts, Liona steps off, then drags Darby back up.

Liona scoops Darby, SLAMS him, then SPLASHES! Darby writhes while Liona looms over him. Liona CLUBS Darby in the side, drags him up and pushes him into the corner. Kaun tags in, Darby is in the ropes, and Kaun kicks him to the floor. Kaun taunts Cassidy, then goes out to stomp away on Darby. Darby scrambles into the ring but Kaun is after him. Kaun stands on Darby’s hands to keep him from reaching Cassidy! Kaun stomps the hands, puts him in the Gates’ corner, then CHOPS him! Darby sputters, drops to a knee, and Kaun taunts Cassidy. Fans rally as Dynamite returns to single picture.

Kaun puts Darby up on the top rope, climbs up behind him, and then scoops for a TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER! Darby writhes on the apron, Liona hits an APRON SENTON! Liona then BLASTS Cassidy, drags Darby up, URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Darby is hanging tough and fans fire up! Tag to Kaun and the Gates circle Darby. Fans rally up but The Gates drag Darby up and high five, but then Darby flops over. The Gates laugh, and Swerve smirks seeing his old rival suffer. But Darby fights back with CHOPS! Liona doesn’t budge! Liona choke grips Darby, he and Kaun throw him to the corner!

Darby comes back, leaps but the Gates catch him to throw him back! Kaun runs in but Darby dropkicks his leg out! Liona runs in, but Darby BOOTS him down! Darby goes up and sunset flips, but Liona stays up! Darby stands up and baits Kaun in, sending him into Liona! Hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy gets in, raises his hands, and fans fire up as they go in his pockets! Cassidy dodges Liona, dodges Kaun and sends him into Liona, then he dodges Kaun again to send him into buckles! Cassidy SHOTGUNS Liona to the other corner then kips up! Fans fire up, Kaun runs in but Cassidy dodges, Kaun’s SHOTGUN hits Liona!

Cassidy runs to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kaun survives but Cassidy keeps his focus. Cassidy throws off the elbow pad and takes aim from the corner. Kaun rises, Cassidy runs in, ORANGE- NO, Kaun dodges! Liona fireman’s carries, SAMOAN DROP! The Gates drag Cassidy up, high five, and SHUT THE GATES! Cover, Darby breaks it!! Liona TOSSES Darby, Swerve is getting annoyed, but Liona goes back to the corner. Liona tags in, fans rally up for Cassidy, but the Gates reset. DOUBLE- RANA!! Cassidy hot tags Darby! Darby COFFIN SPLASHES Liona! And again! then one for Kaun! Another for Liona!

Darby fires up a la Sting, dodges Liona and Liona hits buckles! Darby puts Liona outside, CLUBS him and CLAWS him! Liona stands up, grabs Darby, but gets an ORANGE PUNCH! Darby then DIVES to take Liona out!! Kaun ELBOWS Cassidy down! Kaun suplexes, but gets STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! And a boosted CODE RED! Cassidy DIVES to take out Liona! Darby is up top, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby & Cassidy win!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin, by pinfall

But the rest of the Mogul Embassy makes their way to the ring! Swerve & Cage glare right at Darby & Cassidy, and Liona & Kaun both get up. But wait! Here comes STIIIIING! The Icon is back, and he has his baseball bat! Fans are thunderous as Sting steps into the ring and the Embassy backs off. Will Swerve’s house have to worry about the showtime?


MJF speaks.

“AEW fans, AEW fans! Oh my God, clock’s ticking and you’re running out of competition. Darby Allin, you sweet, sweet little emo b*tch. Once again, you found yourself victim to a maneuver as simple as a headlock takeover. Now if that’s not telling about my competition around here, I don’t know what is! You are running out of gladiators for me to slay, you are running out of people you could possibly claim that are better than me. And you know it. Once again, it has been made abundantly clear, and this time, in Sin City, that nobody is on the level of the Devil!” Will anyone ever exorcise MJF away from the AEW World Championship?


Tony Schiavone is once again in the ring.

He welcomes us back, and thanks San Diego for being part of this great night. But wait, here comes Hook! The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil, the undefeated FTW Champion, steps in the ring. Schiavone says Hook once again helped the Hardy Boyz against Ethan Page at Double or Nothing. But then, what is next for Hook? But wait, someone interrupts. It’s Jose of La Faccion Ingobernable! He has Dralistico y Preston Vance with him, and he “apologizes” for interrupting Hook’s time, but this is the only way LFI is gonna get TV time here! There are two studs here who have never been given opportunities the way Hook has.

Fans boo but Jose says they know it’s true. Rush is too dangerous to be on TV, so he isn’t here right now. Salud, Rush. But where are the fans when they need LFI? When LFI is looking for chances and they get NONE? But they’re gonna start taking opportunities! Show this perro what LFI is about! Dralistico & Vance mug Hook, but here comes JUNGLE BOY! Jack Perry has helped Hook out before, and he’s here again, with a chair! JB JAMS Dralistico, JAMS Vance, and then he SMACKS them both down! Jose sneaks up, but JB sees him first. Jose runs away into the ring, but that’s where Hook is!

Hook clinches to hit the EL CAMINO! Jose flops out of the ring, JB joins Hook in the ring, and they fist bump. Will #JungleHook reunite to shut LFI up?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Renee is with Saraya, Ruby Soho, and the NEW AEW Women’s World Champion, Toni Storm. How does it feel this time around to be champion? Oh, c’mon, look at her! She’s having a great time! She has the world title, the world’s best friends, and she couldn’t be doing any better. A lot of people say she’s just very lucky, but luck’s got nothing to do with this. Toni’s been wrestling since she was 13 years old, a child really! Over half her life! That’s because she’s been all over the world, carrying everyone’s bags and doing everything she can to get to this point.

The Outcasts look around this locker room, and they see no one who could carry Toni’s bags. Ruby says Toni is being very humble. No one anywhere could match Toni’s work ethic. Toni is gracing the AEW fans with her presence during the House Rules live shows. And she’ll even defend this title. That is what a fighting champion does! Oh so humble! Saraya loves Toni so much. But really, there is really no one worthy of carrying Toni’s bags. Not at all. But they’ll keep looking out. And as for “luck,” the only lucky ones are the fans. Who will be “lucky” enough to have some #ToniTime this summer?


AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Nyla Rose!

The Galaxy’s Greatest made perhaps the greatest return possible, answering the open challenge of the cocky Jade Cargill. Not only did she end Jade’s reign, she ended the undefeated streak! But will Kris regret putting it all on the line so soon? Or will she start her own incredible reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Mama Statlander holds onto her baby!

The bell rings and fans rally as the two tie up. The two are in a deadlock, but then they break. Kris shoves Nyla, they tie up again, and they go around. Nyla puts Kris in a corner, the ref counts, and Nyla lets off. Kris dodges the cheap shot to fire off forearms! Nyla dodges to get some air, but Kris SHOTGUNS Nyla down! Fans fire up, Kris is after Nyla but the scoop doesn’t work. Nyla scoops Kris but she slips free to scoop again! Nyla is still really big, and she scoops Kris to SLAM her! SENTON flops as Kris moves! Kris wraps on the body scissors! Nyla endures, those knee braces are right in the ribs!

Nyla scrambles, gets the ROPEBREAK, and Kris lets go. Kris storms up but Nyla shoulders into her! And bumps her off the buckles! Kris falls and Nyla stalks her. Nyla kicks Kris around, drags her up, and brings her over to ropes. Kris fights the suplex and tries to suplex Nyla! Nyla CLUBS Kris, CLAWS her back, but Kris fights with body shots! Fans rally and Kris still tries a suplex. Nyla knees low, brings Kris around, and snap suplexes her into buckles! We see Taya Valkyrie is watching backstage, surely upset that she didn’t get the TBS title off Jade. Nyla grins as she soaks up the heat and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nyla taunts Kris, drags her up, and then bumps her off buckles. Nyla stomps Kris, digs her boots in, but the ref counts. Nyla has Kris on the apron before she lets off. Nyla then puts Kris on the ropes to CHOKE and even bend back! Nyla puppets Kris’ mouth, but lets off as the ref counts. Kris flounders, Nyla brings her up to suplex! Cover, ONE!! Nyla grows frustrated, but she stands on Kris before getting a leg. HALF CRAB! Kris endures, reaches out, but Nyla talks trash while she CLUBS away on the knee! Kris crawls, ROPEBREAK! Nyla lets go, Kris goes to a corner, but Nyla RAMS into her!

Nyla pulls the leg against ropes! The ref counts, Nyla lets off and Kris hobbles to another corner. Nyla is after her in the corner with body shots! Nyla then goes corner to corner to ELBOW Kris, and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Nyla keeps Kris down with a chinlock. Kris endures the knee in the back, fans rally up, and Kris fights, only for Nyla to CLUB her in the chest! Nyla clamps onto the arms to keep Kris down, but still Kris fights. Fans rally, kris throws body shots and elbows, but Nyla CHOP BLOCKS! Kris falls, Nyla gets that leg, and has a modified Half Crab! Kris endures, so Nyla stomps away on the leg before going back to the Crab!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Kris fights with her free leg. Nyla lets go, Kris kips up, but Nyla CLOBBERS her! Cover, TWO!! Kris is still in this but Nyla runs, only to miss the splash! Kris runs to DISCUS LARIAT! Nyla stays up to Kris LARIATS again, ROCKS Nyla and ROUNDHOUSES her! Fans fire up with Kris and she runs in at the corner, UPPERCUT! Kris goes side to side, KNEE! Nyla staggers, Kris brings her in, BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Nyla survives and Kris is surprised! But Kris pounds the mat and fans rally with her. Kris drags Nyla to a drop zone and climbs up the corner.

Kris reaches the top but Nyla trips her up! Kris hits the buckles on the way down! Nyla runs in to SPLASH! Kris sits down, Nyla calls her shot and runs again, but Kris bails out! Nyla stops the cannonball to go tot he apron, CANNONBALL to the floor! Nyla grins and she brings Kris up to RAM her into railing! Fans boo but Nyla runs in to CANNONBALL against the railing! Nyla puts Kris back in the ring, stalks her, and catches Kris’ haymaker into a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives and now Nyla is surprised! Nyla drags Kris up but Kris JAWBREAKERS! Kris puts Nyla in the drop zone and goes up again!

Fans fire up as Kris aims, to 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Kris wins!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

The Galaxy’s Greatest has her first win as champion in the books! Taya is not amused, though. Will La Wera Loca get one more shot at that title? Will the third time be the charm? Or will things not go her way now that Mama’s home?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

It’ll be regularly scheduled, 10 PM Eastern on Friday night, but it’s gonna be a CHAMPIONSHIP Friday! The AAA Mega Championship is on the line as El Hijo Del Vikingo defends against Dralistico AND Komander in a Triple Threat! Will the numbers spell disaster for Vikingo in San Diego? And in her first defense, Willow Nightingale puts up the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship against The Queen of Joshi, Emi Sakura! Will the Babe with the Power be too sweet to be sour? Plus, the NJPW World Television Championship makes its AEW Rampage debut as Zack Sabre Jr. defends against Action Andretti!

But that’s not all! Assuming he defeats Alex Coughlin on ROH TV this week, Katsuyori Shibata will defend the ROH Pure Championship against #TAIGASTYLE, Lee Moriarty! Will The Wrestler still be the champion after this week is over?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

Ricky Starks put out the challenge, and Jay White accepted! In a match where Juice Robinson and FTR are all banned from ringside, The Absolute and the Switchblade will finally settle things 1v1! Plus, after big wins from both men tonight, Orange Cassidy defends the AEW International Championship 1v1 against Swerve Strickland! Will the Mogul Embassy grab up even more gold?


Mixed Tag: Chris Jericho & Saraya VS Adam Cole & Britt Baker!

It would seem the Unsanctioned Match at Double or Nothing was not enough for anyone to end this! The Wizard & The Knight called out the Undisputed Couple for this match, and they obliged! Will Jericho & Saraya be the ones standing tall with a fireball? Or will San Diego be all about The Boom?

Fans sing Judas for Jericho, but Saraya still calls them all losers. The teams sort out and Jericho starts against Cole. Cole and Jericho fire off hands right at the bell! Jericho gets the edge, CHOPS, then CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Cole fires back, Jericho ROCKS him, then puts him in a corner, Jericho ROCKS Cole again and again, whips corner to corner, and Jericho clotheslines! Fans are torn but Saraya says they better cheer! Jericho goes back to Cole, but Cole turns things around to ROCK Jericho with forearm after forearm, then he CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS, Cole CHOPS, they CHOP back and forth!

Jericho gets the edge with those CHOPS, but Cole rakes the eyes! Saraya complains but Cole stalks Jericho. Cole stomps Jericho, digs a boot in, but lets off as the ref counts. Jericho pokes Cole in the eyes! Jericho then throws Cole out, goes out after him, and fans fire up as Jericho whips Cole into railing! Jericho puts Cole back in, stalks him to a corner and CHOPS again! Jericho whips, Cole comes back and he CLOBBERS Jericho! Jericho hurries away, Cole dares him to come back, but Jericho tags out to Saraya. Saraya dares Cole to do something, but fans fire up as Britt steps in! And she fires off on Saraya!

Saraya shoves, Britt dodges and SLINGBLADES! And NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO! Britt CLUBS Saraya, brings her up to Alabama Lift, AIR RAID CRASH! Britt revels in the cheers and spells it out, “D! M! D!” Britt then sits Saraya up, runs, but Saraya distracts the ref so Jericho can trip Britt! Fans boo but Cole rushes Jericho! Saraya stomps Britt, the ref keeps Cole from getting at Jericho, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Saraya covers Britt, shouts at the ref, and the ref returns, TWO! Saraya drags Britt up to HEADBUTT her down! Saraya paces around Britt, drags her up, and throws her down. Saraya points to Jericho, they “tag,” and then Jericho eggs Britt on. The ref tells Jericho to get out, that’s not the kind of match this is. Saraya taunts Cole while Jericho exits, and Saraya stomps Britt. Saraya drags Britt around, puts her in the ropes, then goes to the apron to fire off knee after knee! The ref counts, Saraya lets off to step back inside and they argue. Jericho talks trash on Britt but she swipes at him! Cole protests but Saraya stomps Britt down.

Saraya drags Britt up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Saraya argues with the ref but the count was fair. Saraya drags Britt into a chinlock stretch but Britt endures. Fans rally, Britt fights up, but Saraya CLUBS her back down! Saraya brings Britt around, CLUBS her, then Saraya “tags” Jericho again. Jericho spells it out, “D! M! D!” then signals the fans can shove it! Saraya stomps Britt, Jericho shouts at Britt, and the ref keeps Cole back. Saraya stands on Britt’s hair, pulls on the arms, but lets off as the ref counts. Dynamite returns to single picture as Saraya tosses Britt out. Saraya then goes out, Cole and Jericho shout at each other and the ref is distracted.

Saraya waves to the ramp, and out come the Outcasts! Ruby & Toni stomp away on Britt! Fans boo, Saraya drags Britt into the ring, and they get away with all of that! But HIKARU SHIDA is here! She SMACKS the Outcasts around with the kendo stick and fans fire up! Saraya is furious, but Britt rolls her up! TWO!! Saraya escapes and CLUBS Britt down! Jericho storms in and shouts at Britt, but Britt glares at him. Britt SLAPS Jericho, DECKS Saraya, and tags in Cole! Fans fire up as Cole rallies on Jericho with forearms! Cole whips, Jericho reverses but Cole CLOBBERS him! And ELBOW! And BOOT!

Cole rains down fists, just like at the end of their Unsanctioned match! Jericho pushes Cole away, CHOPS him, but, Cole PELES! Cole whips, Jericho holds ropes and avoids the dropkick! LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives but Jericho scrambles away, hot tag to Saraya! That allows Britt to run in and rally on Saraya! Fans fire up and Britt hits a NECKBREAKER! Britt then hauls Saraya up but Saraya wrenches out to kick low! Saraya whips Britt to a corner, storms up, but into a BOOT! Britt goes up, Saraya runs back in to ROCK Britt! Saraya climbs up after Britt, but Britt resists the superplex!

Britt SHOVES Saraya down, adjusts, and fans fire up! But Jericho scurries over and asks for mercy! He even shields Saraya? Britt FROG SPLASHES them both!! Cover on Saraya, TWO!! Saraya survives but Britt tags Cole in! Cole BOOTS Jericho, hits a BACKSTABBER, and goes to the corner. Cole climbs up, aims, and Jericho stands, PANAMA- NO, Jericho trips Cole! Cole resists as Jericho tries to turn him! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Fans fire up, Saraya BLASTS Britt!! Cole endures, powers up, crawls forward and reaches out, but Jericho drags him back from the ropes! Fans fire up more as Jericho sits deep!

Wait! Britt gets her glove! Britt puts the glove on, steps into the ring and she fishhooks Jericho!! Jericho lets Cole go and fans fire up! Britt puts Jericho in the Rings of Saturn! LOCKJAW!! Saraya STOMPS Britt! The ref reprimands everyone, but Saraya goes to her corner. Cole tunes up the band as he aims at Jericho. Jericho stands, Cole rushes in, CODE BREAKER hits first!! Cover, TWO!!! Cole survives and Jericho can’t believe it! Jericho and Cole throw forearms back and forth and fans rally up. They stand, CHOP and forearm on repeat, and Cole gets the edge! Cole whips, Jericho reverses but DOUBLE LARIATS collide!

Saraya and Britt shout for Jericho and Cole, both men crawl for their corners. Hot tag to Saraya and Britt jumps in! Britt and Saraya fire off forearms! Saraya hits low, whips, but Britt holds ropes to then reel Saraya in! Saraya wrenches out, HOOK KICK to the GOOD KNIGHT!! Cover, TWO?!?! Britt survives and shocks Saraya! Jericho has Floyd the Baseball Bat! He aims, swings, but Britt doges and Cole SUPERKICKS! Then Britt SUPERKICKS Saraya! Then they DOUBLE SUPEKRICK Jericho!! Fans are thunderous, Cole goes to the corner and Britt tags him in! Cole drops the kneepad, takes aim, “I told you!”

Jericho sits up, into the BOOM!! Cover, Cole & Britt win!

Winners: Adam C0le & Britt Baker, by pinfall

The Undisputed Couple stands tall! The power of love, but also just all that pent up frustration, wins out in the end, while Jericho throws a fit! Cole dares Jericho to keep fighting then! Jericho throws in a chair, and even the ring bell! Cole and Britt grab those for themselves, and that makes Jericho back off. Can Cole & Britt finally move on from The Wizard and his schemes to go get themselves some gold?

My Thoughts:

A very good aftermath show for AEW after only a very good Double or Nothing. Good promos from Kris Statlander, Wardlow and MJF to follow their title wins. A little surprising that Kris had her first defense so soon but I suppose this gets it out of the way, and it gets Kris going on doing her best to match Jade’s streak. Taya watching backstage makes some sense, and I sense her turning Heel over being denied twice. Sadly, I think Taya is going to go 0-3 for the TBS Champion, because if she didn’t beat Jade, she’s not going to beat the person who beat Jade. And I do appreciate that Wardlow is calling out Luchasaurus, he’s being a proactive champion.

MJF of course isn’t, he’s just expecting AEW to find somebody. But I feel like, with Tony Khan letting us know CM Punk IS returning, that’s just the natural course of things for the world title. AEW Collision’s success is not fully dependent on CM Punk being back, but it will definitely incentivize Chicago fans to show up. But I love that there were plenty of fans who hated that news as there were who loved it in San Diego. And MJF VS Punk is an obvious route given how the Pillars he cheated at Double or Nothing are now going to other stories in the meantime. Sammy was the only absent one, but he’s surely preparing to be a parent.

Darby & Cassidy had an awesome tag match with The Gates of Agony, and I figured Darby & Cassidy would win. Swerve also won an awesome Triple Threat against Bill and Trent, and of course Swerve is moving on to a title. I feel like Swerve should be the one to dethrone Cassidy. He’s got The Mogul Embassy to help him cheat so that technically keeps Cassidy strong, and then Swerve can bring that title into a feud with Darby or in whatever finish we FINALLY get of Swerve VS Keith Lee. Then Jungle Boy returns to teaming with Hook just because there’s no other singles title open. JungleHook VS LFI is still going to be fun, and maybe we get Jungle Boy VS Rush. But honestly, I almost thought JB was gonna turn on Hook there. Heel Jack Perry taking the FTW Championship could be pretty cool.

Great promo from Bullet Club Gold and then great brawl with FTR and Starks. Starks VS White is going to end things one way or another, but I feel like it has to be White’s win. Then BCG VS FTR can be for the AEW World Tag Team Championships going into All In London. Speaking of titles, Championship Rampage is loaded, though I’m surprised there wasn’t just another Battle of the Belts special. I wonder if Battle of the Belts goes away with Collision being on Saturdays. Pretty sure all champions retain, though, because NONE of those titles are AEW property. Also, I feel that’s irresponsible to automatically say it’s Shibata VS Moriarty when Shibata VS Coughlin is airing tomorrow night on ROH.

The Acclaimed had a good promo with Renee on stage, and I figured they’d stick together and try again. They’ll probably choose a Open House Rules stipulation next time, I look forward to something wild from them. Really good promo from The Outcasts, and Storm could face just about anyone in her first defense of the world title. From how things went in the main event, pretty sure it’s Shida since she is still fighting against The Outcasts. Britt & Cole of course win against Jericho & Saraya, but that was a pretty fun Mixed Tag. And if Shida doesn’t beat Storm, I bet we get Britt VS Storm at like All Out or something.

Great opener of BCC VS Lucha Bros & Bandido, and Bryan was pretty good on commentary. I figured BCC would win, they’re going to keep things rolling from Double or Nothing. And good promo from The Elite and Dark Order, because it kept up the continuity from over the years. Hangman saying Kenny was out of the country but not in Canada totally hints at him being in Japan to reconnect with Kota Ibushi, which is definitely the next phase of this.  Elite plus Ibushi VS BCC plus Konosuke, Blood & Guts, that has to be it. And speaking of, Callis and Konosuke had a great promo, especially factoring in that nuclear Heel heat Callis has. Like, every other Heel wishes they had the level of booing, jeering and middle fingers Callis had aimed at him.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/30/23)

It’s about to get TOXIC!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Tonight: Jacy Jayne, Gigi Dolin, and a WEAPONIZED STEEL CAGE!

NXT returns from the Battleground, but another battle is about to begin! The Toxic War between Gigi and Jacy ends, inside a cage, the walls lined with weaponry! Who will be left standing as the Toxic Victor?


  • Weaponized Steel Cage: Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne; Gigi wins.
  • Wes Lee & Tyler Bate VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine; Wes & Bate win.
  • Joe Coffey VS “Stacks” Channing Lorenzo; Joe wins.
  • Cora Jade VS Ivy Nile; Cora wins.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Noam Dar w/ Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson; Melo wins and retains the title.


Weaponized Steel Cage: Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne!

What was once one of the most dominant duos in the NXT Women’s Division was torn apart by ambition and pride. Where one thought they were closer than sisters, the other only saw herself as the star and everyone else as a side character. This is going to end one way or another, but will it be the Toxic Avenger or the Toxic Traitor that comes out on top?

But wait! Jacy attacks Gigi during her entrance! And then RAMS her into the steel! And then into steel steps! Fans boo but Jacy takes Gigi’s jacket from her, throws it at her, then throws Gigi into the steel again! Jacy says it’s all about her, and she SMACKS Gigi off more steps, and Gigi’s head also hits the underside of the door! Jacy makes Gigi take a seat, to SLAM the door shut on her! And again! And again! Jacy howls but fans boo, and Jacy drags Gigi into the cage. Jacy then closes the door, the bell rings, and Jacy stalks Gigi. Jacy has a duffel bag, and she brings out a LEATHER STRAP! She LASHES Gigi!

Jacy LASHES Gigi more and more, then howls again. Gigi writhes, Jacy gets a chair, but Gigi gets a trash can lid! Gigi kicks Jacy low, SMACKS her on the back, and now Jacy writhes. Gigi runs, but Jacy drop toeholds her onto the chair! Jacy drags Gigi through the chair, runs, but Gigi avoids the ax kick! Gigi comes back with a ROUNDHOUSE! Jacy takes a seat, Gigi CROSSBODIES her down! Gigi drags Jacy up, RAMS her into the steel, then RAMS her into the other side! Gigi gets that strap for herself now, and she LASHES Jacy! And again! And again! And again! Then she just throws the strap at Jacy before getting a trash can lid.

Gigi brings the can around, puts it on Jacy, and then Kawada Kicks away on it! Jacy falls over, Gigi takes the can off her, and fans fire up. Gigi has Jacy against ropes, digs the can into her, and says this is what Jacy wanted! Gigi SLAPS Jacy, runs, and dropkicks the can into Jacy! Cover, TWO! Jacy is still in this, and Gigi snarls. Gigi looks for something else to use as fans rally behind her. Gigi gets the strap and CHOKES Jacy with it! Gigi says Jacy ruined everything! They were like sisters! Gigi lets Jacy go, gets more trash cans, and she sets one down. Fans chant “We Want Tables!” but Gigi gets the bat! It has a rose on it!

Gigi JAMS Jacy with the baseball bat, then DIGS the thorn covered side into her! Gigi climbs up to CHOKE Jacy with the bat and again shouts that Jacy ruined everything! Gigi then takes aim, waits on Jacy to get up, but Jacy avoids the homer to SPINEBUSTER Gigi on the can! Fans are shocked while NXT goes picture in picture.

Jacy talks trash on Gigi, stalks her, and brings her up. Jacy RAMS Gigi into steel, then RAMS her into more steel! Jacy then grinds Gigi into the chain link like it’s a cheese grater! Jacy lets off to revel in the moment, then she steps back in through the ropes. Jacy talks trash on the fans and on Gigi, and then stalks her to ropes. Jacy KICKS Gigi in the face! Jacy gets a chair, wedges it in a corner, and then goes back for Gigi. Jacy brings Gigi up to whip, but Gigi stops herself! Gigi ELBOWS Jacy, runs and BOOTS her down! Gigi then gets another trash can, and she wedges that in another corner.

Gigi goes to Jacy, kicks her low, and whips, but Jacy reverses! Gigi blocks, Jacy kicks low, then blocks a kick to LARIAT Gigi down! And SENTON! Cover, TWO! Gigi is still in this but Jacy rains down fists on her! Jacy eggs Gigi on, taunts fans, then gets a steel chain! Jacy wraps that around her first, gives it a kiss, and FULL METLA BODY SHOTS! And then another! And another! Gigi falls over while Jacy swings the chain. Jacy grinds as she sits Gigi up, and wraps the chain around Gigi’s face! Gigi can only endure as the chain digs into her nose and mouth! NXT returns to single picture as fans rally back up.

Gigi fights, powers up, and swings Jacy into the steel chair! Jacy goes down and fans fire up! Jacy staggers up, Gigi roars, and Gigi ROCKS Jacy, KICKS her and KNEES her! Ripcord and STO! Cover, TWO!! Gigi is frustrated but she pounds the mat. Fans rally up, Gigi gets another chair, and she puts that down at center. She gets that chair from the corner, and another chair, and another chair, and she piles them together. Gigi brings Jacy over, half nelsons, but Jacy fights! Jacy whips, spins Gigi, and then NECKBREAKER on the chair pile!! Both women writhe but Jacy covers, TWO!! Gigi survives and Jacy is beside herself!

Fans rally up, Jacy clears the chairs out of the way and she throws a forearm on Gigi. Gigi comes back with a haymaker! Jacy throws a forearm back! Gigi throws a forearm of her own! Fans rally, Jacy throws another forearm but Gigi fires a flurry! Gigi wrenches, hooks Jacy up, but Jacy dosidos her into the TRASH CAN! And then SUPERKICKS! Just like the night she betrayed Gigi! Jacy runs in, CANNONBALL into the trash can! Cover, TWO!!! Gigi survives again and Jacy is at a loss for words. But then Jacy just grins and rains down fists on Gigi! Fans chant “We Want Tables!” and Jacy drags the table out!

Fans actually chant, “Thank You, Jacy!” and she says shut up, she’s not doing it for them! Jacy sets the table up near a corner, and she goes back to Gigi. Jacy suplexes but Gigi blocks! Gigi throws body shots, turns things around, but Jacy blocks the suplex! Gigi CLUBS Jacy, KNEES her low, and then drags her up to whip. Jacy reverses and sends Gigi into the steel! Jacy then brings Gigi up, bumps her off buckles, and brings her up the corner! Fans fire up as Jacy dribbles Gigi off buckles and the steel! Jacy says this is all about HER, and she reaches the very top rope. But Gigi HEADBUTTS in return!

Jacy wobbles, Gigi SMACKS her off the steel again and again! Jacy stays on the top rope but Gigi clinches, CHOKE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! High stack, Gigi wins!!

Winner: Gigi Dolin, by pinfall

The Toxic Avenger finally ends the Toxic War! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” What is next for Gigi now that she’s gotten past her past?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie Mitchell is with the North American Champion and notes we’re just 48 hours removed from his win in a Triple Threat. He is now the longest reigning North American Champion, with TEN successful defenses. Has it sunk in yet? Now that she says it, yes! He is PUMPED! But he’s also sore. Comes with the territory. Back when he won the title at Halloween Havoc, he had no idea how this ride was gonna go. But through the multiple multi-mans, the open challenges and the unforeseen odds- “Sunday’s victory proved nothing!” The Dyad storms in to say Joe Gacy wants to send a reminder.

Wes says okay, he’ll bust them all! But then Tyler Bate steps up to say that if they want to fight Wes, they fight him, too! The Dyad backs off, and Bate tells Wes that as he said on Sunday, that was all business. He still has Wes’s back, if he’ll have him. Wes says he appreciates that. They fist bump, but will Rip Fowler & Jagger Reed still try to send that “message” from The Schism?


Tony D’Angelo gets his mug shot.

He isn’t happy about it, either. But what will happen should The Don have to go to court?


Gallus talks backstage.

They’re of course happy to be NXT Tag Team Champions, but Wolfgang admits, The Creed Brothers are tough. But no one can stop Gallus! They never stop. The Creeds are done, so who steps up to their kingdom next? Well, Tony D and Stacks had next, but uh, Tony can’t do too much with his hands cuffed. “It wasn’t me, officer! I swear! I’m a nice guy!” Fogedaboutit! But Stacks storms in! He knew it was them! They ratted on Tony! Don’t get the wrong idea, Stacks, it wasn’t them. But what is he gonna do without his daddy? Better question: Ever heard that snitches get stitches?

Stacks fires off on Gallus, but he gets mugged 3v1! The refs rush in, but Gallus still throws Stacks into shelfs! The refs tell Gallus they are EJECTED from the building! Gallus is fine with that, they did the damage. But who is going to be next if The Family is busy with their own problems?


Carmelo Hayes is here!

Fans cheer as Trick Melo Gang heads to the ring, because the NXT Champion is still HIM! Trick gets the mic to get to business. They went to Melo’s hometown, Melo went to Battleground, and he left still champion. Fans cheer that, and Melo says he did that. Now listen, Battleground was exactly that: a battle. So he will paint a picture: Melochussetts was going crazy! Bron VS THOUSANDS! Big Spear, Melo still alive. Nothing But Net, #AndStill! And one thing everyone needs to realize, sometimes you gotta take shots to make shots. When it comes to this NXT Championship, Melo don’t ever miss!

Trick says Melo don’t lie, either! Battleground is another brick in the foundation of the HIM Dynasty. But wait, NOAM DAR is here? Dar and his squad walk out, and Dar tells Melo, “Well done! Congratulations! You  managed to escape your hometown still champion. And Melo, you weren’t the only one to retain their championship.” Fans boo as Dar says HE defended HIS NXT Heritage Cup, “the most coveted prize in NXT.” But Melo only just managed to beat Bron. Dar beat Dragon Lee not once, but twice. Thank you.

Trick tells “Mr. Supernova” that we don’t have time to talk about how it took four of them to cheat Dragon Lee. Fans cheer that! But there is time to talk about Dar coming out to interrupt Trick Melo Gang. Interrupting Trick Melo Gang is a super no-no. Melo says he saw that match, Dar really is like that. But there’s levels to this. That trophy puts Dar on a high level, but this NXT Championship puts Melo on the HIGHEST level. Dar may’ve “beat” Dragon twice, but Melo bets he couldn’t even beat Melo once. And that’s all it is, and that’s all it- NO NO NO NONONO! SHH! The adults are talking, Trick.

Fans boo as Dar tells Melo that that almost sounded like a challenge. Is Melo challenging Dar, even though that’d be the biggest mistake of his life? If Melo is building a dynasty, then step up! Put the NXT Championship on the line TONIGHT! Trick says whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Dar is trying to take advantage of Melo while he’s tired. DUH! Well done, Captain Obvious. But hey, straight up, what does Melo say? Oh, wait, Lash was right! Melo is just counting the minutes, making it easy, because he doesn’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level night in and night out, like Dar.

But actually, it must be hard to miss when he has… What’s Lash calling it? Low management! No, no, if Dar wants it, then he’s got it! TONIGHT! Fans fire up, but did the Supernova Squad just get the better of HIM?


Cora Jade talks with the other women in the locker room.

They all saw her match with Lyra in the tournament, right? Lyra headbutted her right in the eye! Cora was basically blind half the match! And if she could’ve seen, SHE would have gone to Battleground, and SHE would be NXT Women’s Champion. Literally everyone else goes, “Um…” Cora says fine, but the only one to be celebrated is HER! Her accomplishments, her star power. But nooo~, we all let Cora get screwed over. She deserves to be champion! But in walks Ivy Nile. We’ve all had it with the whining. Injuries are part of the game, so suck it up and get over it. Everyone would’ve loved to have been in that tournament, too.

Cora tells Ivy not to give her attitude just cuz her guys couldn’t get the job done and Ava whipped her ass. Ivy says at least they were all in that fight. Where was Cora on Sunday? Just sitting here bitching about it. Cora says she’s not scared of Ivy, but does anyone believe that?


Axiom watches footage on his phone.

Reggie walks over and says, “What’s up, Ax? Tell me you’re watching Battleground.” Axiom says yes, but then sees who he’s talking to. Axiom stands right up but Reggie tells him to chill, he means you no harm. Then what does he want? See, “Reggie!” Everyone always calls him that, and that is his given name, but growing up, a lot of people called him “Scrypts.” Who? His family? And why “Scrypts?” Definitely not his family. And he won’t get into it right now, that’s a story for another day. Then what does Scrypts want? He appreciates what Axiom did for him. Wait, what? When he took the mask off! It opened Scrypts’ eyes!

It was like Scrypts was living in a cave, watching shadows on the wall. But now, he is living in the sunlight, seeing what is meant to be seen. And Dabba-Kato trying to take Axiom out after their match last week, Scrypts couldn’t stand by. He jumped into action to help Axiom since Axiom helped him. And Scrypts just wants to thank him. Scrypts/Reggie leaves, and Axiom says, “Any time.” Is Scrypts going to go from a would-be archenemy to a new ally?


Wes Lee & Tyler Bate VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine!

The Cardiac Kid & Big Strong Boi are standing together again against Rip Fowler & Jagger Reed. The Schism isn’t done with Wes, but will their tree get chopped down?

NXT returns as Bate makes his entrance, followed by Wes. The teams sort out and Reed starts with Bate. They circle, tie up, and Reed wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Bate rolls, rolls back, then uses a leg to get free and knuckle lock. Bate whips and WRINGS Reed out, then wrenches the arm again. Reed pulls hair to put Bate in the corner and Rip tags in to ROCK Bate! Rip ROCKS Bate again, puts him in a corner, but Bate boots then KNEES back! Bate goes up to FLYING UPPERCUT! Fans fire up and Bate wrenches Rip to tag in Wes. Wes slingshots to sunset flip! TWO! Rip gets Wes in the face with that kickout, then he ROCKS Wes!

Rip scoops, Wes slips off but Rip bucks the O’Conner. Things speed up, Wes slides and headscissors! Wes runs in, tilt-o-whirl CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Wes facelocks Rip, tags Bate, and Bate goes up to AX HANDLE the arm! Bate wrenches the arm, tags Wes back in, but Rip shoves Bate into Wes! Rip CLUBS Bate, tags Reed, and the Dyad brings Bate up to whip to the corner. Reed runs in but into a BOOT! Bate goes up and over Rip, under Reed, and baits them in for Wes’s FLYING ARM-DRAG HEADSCISSOR COMBO! Fans fire up as Wes & Bate DOUBLE DROPKICK The Dyad out!

Fans fire up as The Dyad get back in and the four stare down. But then Wes & Bate see MUSTAFA ALI in the perch!? The Beacon is here, but why!? Ali heads down to ringside while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Jagger grinds Bate down with a chinlock. Fans rally up, Bate fights up, and we see Ali is on commentary now. Bate powers the hold open but Reed KNEES him in the back and tags Rip. They double suplex and hold Bate up but Bate throws knees! Bate knees and knees and DOUBLE KNEES, to then get free! Bate DOUBLE RANAS The Dyad! Fans fire up, Bate dodges Reed but Rip ROCKS him! The Dyad set Bate up but Bate BOOTS Reed away! He ends up in the corner with Rip, Wes tags in to rally on The Dyad! SUPERKICK for Reed, ELBOW for Rip, BOOT for Reed, and a flurry of fists for Rip!

Wes snapmares and DROPKICKS Rip and fans fire up! Reed storms up but Wes elbows him away. Victory roll and jump, DDT for Rip! Reed runs in but Wes ducks the enziguri to wrench and fire off fast strikes! DOUBLE STOMP on Reed’s back! Rip runs in but is sent into the corner! ENZIGURI, then snapmare! Wes flips but Rip dodges! THROAT CHOP! Fans boo but Ava cheers, and Reed tags in. Reed and Rip aim, but Bate gets up, Rip DECKS Bate, but Wes fires off haymakers and CHOPS on The Dyad. The Dyad kicks back, double whips, but Wes ducks ‘n handsprings to DOUBLE PELE!! Tag to Bate!

Bate and Wes each have a corner, they each aim at a Dyad, for DOUBLE TORNILLO!! Wes then FLIES to take out Rip! Bate gets Reed for the TYLER DRIVER 97!! Cover, Bate & Wes win!

Winners: Wes Lee & Tyler Bate, by pinfall

That was definitely a big strong victory, and then Ivy gets at Ava!! The Creed Brothers rush out, but The Dyad goes after them! It is a chaotic brawl, more refs rush out to stop this, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” And then Gacy gets in to CLOBBER Wes and Bate! Gacy stomps away on Wes, but Ali jumps in! Ali DECKS Gacy! Fans fire up as Ali DECKS Gacy again! Ali TOSSES Gacy out hard, and he throws off his jacket! The Beacon stands with Bate and Wes, will they join forces to chop down The Schism’s tree?


Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey lead another Chase U class.

The Philly Stretcher says, “The name of the game is leverage.” Collar ‘n’ elbow, let’s go. Then you get the headlock. Thea Hail watches closely but Duke Hudson tells her that while he’s all for pushing yourself, but Gulak was the one who made her cry. She doesn’t have to take this class, he can give her a pass. No, she has to do this for herself. She never wants to feel that way again! They think she’s weak, but she’s not! She wants to prove it! She wants to get in there! Let her go! LET HER GO!! Thea, let HIM go! Yeesh. But okay, give ’em hell. Okay okay okay! She jumps in, Gulak tells the one guy, “Submission wrestling is the backbone of success. Good job.”

Dempsey taps Gulak’s shoulder and says, “Speaking of success. Look who decided to join.” Well, so nice of Thea to join in. But no crying this time or running away, okay? Loud and clear, sir. She can do this. Alright. Everyone done. She circles with Dempsey, what will her grade be in this test?


Tiffany Stratton heads to the ring.

The Center of the Universe is the NEW NXT Women’s Champion, and given all the pictures of herself in the ring, this “Tiffybration” is only about herself. Tiffany gets the mic to say, “Raise your hands if you’re not surprised that Tiffany Stratton is the NEW NXT Women’s Champion~!” She knows she isn’t. This Sunday, she claimed her rightful spot at the “Tiffy top” of NXT. Fans do cheer, and Tiffany says this title has been held by future hall of famers: Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Bayley, Rhea Ripley, the list goes on and on. And tonight, she shows everyone what it means to be a true champion.

Fans cheer that, and Tiffany says “Honestly, when I think of what a champion is, it is me! Nobody in that locker room can do what I can do. And when I look in the mirror, I think to myself, I am the epitome of what a true WWE Superstar is! So to continue on in my Tiffybration, I would like to invite up the entire NXT Women’s locker room so they can all recognize me as their Women’s Champion. Ladies?” No one comes out. Fine, no one wants to know who her first opponent is gonna be. Do the fans do? “YES!” “Aww, you guys actually think I care what you think.” Tiffany asks the locker room to come out, and finally they all walk out.

Tiffany says she knows they’re all starstruck, and that they all have the same question: “What is next for Tiffany Stratton? Who will I give my first title defense to? And to be honest, as everyone is out here, I can’t help but think to myself that I’m gonna be champion for a long, long time. I mean, I might as well retire as champion. Nobody can sit with me. Not you, not you, and I don’t even know why you’re out here,” Thea. Oh, and it is DEFINITELY not Lyra. Sorry not sorry. This is getting so awkward, she invited them all out here. Hah, JK! Luckily for them, on her way home, she had a Tiffany Epiphany!

She thought to herself, she should give them all an opportunity at the #TiffyTitle! So next week, there will be a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal to determine her challenger. Good for you all. “But TBH, it doesn’t matter who’s gonna win, because I’m gonna beat all of you to it. I am gonna beat all of you to it, because as far as I know, and for as long as I want, it is Tiffy Time.” Tiffany raises the belt, and confetti and balloons fall. But then Thea gets in to SLAP Tiffany! Fans fire up, and then both Roxie and Fallon get in! They pinball Tiffany with forearm shots! And SOBATS! Lyra gets in, too, but Tiffany scurries away!

But Lyra WRECKS her with a dropkick! Tiffany is furious but she’s the one who just turned the entire roster against her. Who will have their moment and get their shot at the Center of the Universe?


Trick Williams is on the phone backstage.

He says it is going down, but Melo will be alright. They’ll pull up afterward. Just keep the bottles on ice and the jacuzzi hot. Lash, Jakara & Oro walk over. Lash says they call him Trick Willy. Well, you heard that right. Then your boy is about to get whooped by Dar. A shame, though, cuz they kinda cute. Kinda? Hey, now! They may disagree on the match, but in the looks department, Trick Melo don’t miss. And y’all can leave, button your lips, move your hips, he’ll holler. Oro wants Trick to understand what the ladies are saying: Melo should’ve taken the night off.

Trick recognizes Oro. He saw that match, Oro was in Dar’s corner, this must’ve all be his plan. Oro’s a real shyster, y’know that? And Miss Jackson the Distraction, and Lash is a distraction herself. Bet they’d like to hit Trick with a bucket. Trick would like that, huh? Trick says he’s watching all y’all! Don’t try him! Will Trick Melo Gang be ready for everything the Supernova Squad is bringing?


Dani Palmer is in the ring.

“I cannot leave, I cannot leave this ring, until I find out who this attacker is! Whoever’s been wreaking havoc in this division said that they’d reveal themselves TONIGHT! You attacked me, and you attacked my best friend, Sol, and now she’s out for a year! I’m done waiting. I’m not going anywhere until you show your face!!” The attacker is on the tron, watching the footage of her handiwork. Nikkita Lyons, Wendy Choo, Sol Ruca, Dani Palmer, Roxanne Perez. Dani gets anxious, but the person is RIGHT BEHIND HER!! She attacks Danni, drags her up, and suplexes for a FALCON ARROW!!

IT’S BLAIR DAVENPORT! The Top Gaijin is back, and she gives Dani a KAMI-GOYE!! Targets of the Heir, beware! Who will be next on the list for Blair?


NXT shares footage from after the show last week.

Eddy Thorpe returned backstage and encountered Malik Blade & Edris Enofe. They congratulated him on the great effort against Tyler Bate. It’s tough, but so are you. And if Bate were to win the title, he could be looking at Eddy as next. Eddy says that’s nice of them to say, but he wishes he had that one back. Nah, they all feel down after a loss. You learn more after a loss than you do a win. But Damon Kemp gives a sarcastic clap. Kemp was watching, and he has to admit, he was impressed. But Eddy can’t win without cheating, huh? Eddy rushes Kemp but Kemp gets away, will the Alpha Wolf get back at the Golden Gopher in their rematch?


Joe Coffey VS “Stacks” Channing Lorenzo!

Gallus was poking fun at The Don, and the Underboss wasn’t going to stand for it! Mark Coffey & Wolfgang were sent home, but will the Iron King still be on top? Or will Stacks make Joe fogedaboutit?

The bell rings and Stacks SHOTGUNS Joe! Stacks stomps Joe in the corner, the ref counts and Stacks lets off. Joe gets up to CLUB Stacks in the back, and throw body shot after body shot! Stacks still tackles Joe and rains down forearms! Stacks headlocks, but Joe fights up, only for Stacks to KNEE Joe again, and again, and again! FIST DROP! Cover, TWO! Stacks clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Joe, but Joe fights up. Stacks hits a headlock takeover, Joe keeps his shoulder up but Stacks pushes the arm down, TWO! Stacks throws hands, Joe is down again, TWO! Joe rolls Stacks to a cover, TWO!

Stacks still has the headlock, but Joe fights up. Joe powers out and hip tosses Stacks hard! Stacks staggers up to ropes, but Joe runs in to fire haymakers. Fans rally and Joe whips Stacks corner to corner hard! Stacks bounces off buckles, Joe drops knees on his back! And then an elbow on the ribs! Cover, TWO! Stacks is hanging tough but Joe drags him up. Stacks throws body shots but Joe knees low. Joe ROCKS Stacks, RAMS him, then HIP TOSSES! Stacks flounders to ropes but Joe digs his laces into Stacks’ face. Stacks throws body shots, ROCKS him, and wrenches an arm to HIP DROP it! Cover, TWO!

Stacks keeps cool, he brings Joe up but Joe scoops to SLAM! Stacks writhes, Joe shakes out the arms and checks his ears. Joe runs in but Stacks put shim on the apron! Stacks DROPKICKS Joe off the apron! Fans fire up and Stacks eggs Joe on. Joe tells Stacks that HE’s the rat, but Stacks goes out to ROCK him! Stacks has Joe on the defense as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Joe has Stacks in body scissors. Stacks powers back to a cover, TWO and Joe keeps on the squeeze. Fans rally as Stacks endures, and Stacks pries at the hold. Stacks pushes back again, ONE, and now Stacks is free! Stacks gets the legs but Joe kicks him away! Joe and Stacks stagger up, Stacks rushes in but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Joe drags Stacks up to hit a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Joe drags Stacks up but Stacks throws hands! Stacks ROCKS Joe, brings him in, DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Stacks rises, Joe crawls, and Stacks runs in to rally with haymakers!

Fans fire up as Stacks dodges Joe to UPPERCUT him down! Joe staggers around, Stacks runs in at the corner to UPPERCUT again! Joe staggers out of the corner, Stacks gets him for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! The Iron King is hanging tough but Stacks tells him vaffanapoli! Stacks goes up the corner, but Joe UPPERCUTS him first! Joe climbs up, clinches, SUPER OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Stacks survives and fans fire up! Joe is furious and he drags Stacks up. Joe whips, Stacks reverses, but Joe goes up and around, but into a back drop! Fans fire up, Stacks runs in and clotheslines Joe and himself out of the ring!

Fans fire up while both men are down on the outside. A ring count starts, both men stand at 3 of 10. Stacks runs in to UPPERCUT Joe against the apron! We’re at 7, Stacks runs in, but is sent into the steps!! Joe drags Stacks up and in, aims from the corner, GLASGOW SENDOFF!! Joe keeps moving, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! Cover, Joe wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

Stacks fought hard to protect Tony D’s honor, but The Iron King still crushes him. Will NXT still be Gallus’ kingdom?


NXT shares more footage from after last week’s show.

Robert Stone asked Von Wagner, “What the hell was that, man?!” What the hell was what? Luca deserved everything he got out there! That’s not what Stone meant. Von got disqualified! He wants to get suspended? Fined? Have his free agency status revoked? That could happen if you keep acting like this! Von says Luca was running his mouth the last two weeks, on Von and on Stone. Von finally just shut it! Then don’t take what Stone’s about to say the wrong way. But whatever went on in Von’s past, he has anger issues. If Von isn’t gonna listen to Stone, then it is time to talk to a therapist.

A therapist? What the hell is that gonna do? So that they can take Von’s hard earned money? No, look, Stone can pay for it. He’s just asking Von do this for him. Von thinks about it, pats Stone on the shoulder, and says he’ll still think about it. Is Vicious Von going to finally get past his past?


NXT shares footage of Ilja Dragunov.

It was before Battleground on Sunday that he called home and assured his son, Constantine, that he’ll make it home in one piece. He made sure Constantine know he loves him. “Is it the pain that keeps searching for me? Or am I the one who searches for pain? Or maybe, I am the pain. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Because tonight, the world shall know pain.” Dragunov put on his gear, brought back the red contact lenses, and prepared for the war that was ahead of him. Last Man Standing with Dijak was truly the definition of pain. And in the end, Dragunov stood tall. The Czar will return next week, what will he be searching for when he does?


Cora Jade VS Ivy Nile!

Selfish, arrogant, entitled. Sound familiar? The Generation of Jade may have a black eye, but as she sees it, she’s still the most important part of NXT. Will she prove herself right? Or will the Diamond Pitbull make her see she’s just a punk?

NXT returns as Ivy makes her entrance. She already got into a scrap with Ava Raine, maybe that was just a good warmup. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Cora claims Ivy touched her bad eye! But then she ELBOWS Ivy! Cora laughs at Ivy but Ivy grabs that finger! Cora kicks low, headlocks, but Ivy powers out. Things speed up and Ivy goes to hip toss but Cora turns it around. Ivy blocks that to CLOBBER Cora! Ivy grabs an arm, steps through, drags Cora down, cover, ONE! Ivy wrenches Cora to an ELBOW BREAKER, and then she YANKS the arm. And YANKS it again!

Ivy WRINGS Cora out again, then brings her up to a fireman’s carry. Cora fights free with elbows and throws Ivy down by her hair! The ref reprimands, Cora laughs at Ivy, then runs to ELBOW her against ropes! Cover, TWO! Cora kicks Ivy around, taunts her, then throws her down by her hair again. Cora gives more toying kicks, CLUBS Ivy, then brings her around to TOSS her out to the apron. Fans duel as Cora brings Ivy in to CLUB her! Ivy is in the ropes, Cora puts some stank on the CHOP! It gets Ivy in the face!! Cora runs to SHOTGUN Ivy down! Ivy flops down, Cora covers, they’re in the ropes so Cora has to pull Ivy away. Cover again, TWO!

Cora is upset but she throws Ivy down by her hair again. Cora clamps on a chinlock and she squeezes tight. Ivy endures, fans rally up, and Ivy arm-drags free! Cora comes back but into a roll-up, TWO! Cora swings, Ivy blocks to KICK! KICK! And ROUNDHOUSE! Cora staggers, Ivy whips her to a corner. Ivy runs in around the way, CALF KICK! Snapmare and cover, TWO! Ivy drags Cora back up to fisherman, but Cora cradle counters! TWO!! Ivy escapes but Cora kicks low. Cora wrenches the hair to throw Ivy back down! Fans rally, Cora runs, IMPLODER- NO, Ivy dodges the stomps and Cora jams a knee!

Ivy gut wrench SLAMS Cora! But here comes AVA! Ava grabs Ivy while the ref checks Cora! But Ivy gets the DIAMOND DRAGON on her! But Cora SHINING WIZARDS from behind! Cora gets Ivy up, FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, Cora wins!

Winner: Cora Jade, by pinfall

Ivy is feeling rather #Jaded after that, but that’s more because Ava came back for more. Will the Generation of Jade look to go after the gold during #TiffyTime?


Hank ‘n’ Tank talk backstage.

Hank is sorry but how is the shoulder? Better every day. How’s Hank’s wrist? Better every day. But in all seriousness, they crushed it. Tank says Hank deserved that win, though. And at the end of the day, it worked! They’re tighter than ever! There’s this energy going back and forth! That connection! That’s what Hank was gonna say. Whoa, there’s the connection! Okay, let’s test it. First word that comes to mind, no thinking. Favorite food? On three- Wait, wait, “One two, go,” or “one two three, then go?” After three. Okay, okay. Favorite food. One, two, three, CHICKEN PARM! GASP!

Favorite animal? One, two, three, HONEY BADGER! Whoa… Favorite sauce on your wings. One, two, three, BUFFALO!! YES!! Edris & Malik walk over and say if they’re talking sauces, ya boi could eat. Bro, they just did eat! All they’re talking about is, ever since Tank ‘n’ Hank beat the tar outta each other, they’re like this! Fingers crossed. Tight. Oh, okay, after one match. It takes a bit longer than that, y’know that right? Oh, really? Watch this. Best movie of all time. One, two, three, JAWS! Okay, okay, they can do that. Edris & Malik go with “favorite day to work out.” One, two, three, MONURDAY. Monday VS Saturday.

No, try this. Pizza topping. One, two, three, PINEAMI! WHAT? Pepperoni VS Pineapple! Hank ‘n’ Tank let them argue this out, but Edris says they’re not gonna fight. But Malik says that could help them! Will each of these tag teams figure out their synchronicity over the Summer?


Backstage interview with Diamond Mine.

McKenzie finds Ivy & The Creeds, and she says there was just another altercation between Ivy and Ava. Ivy says yeah, and she’s sick of this crap! Ava, if you wanna be part of the game, step up! And for that matter, the Creeds tell The Dyad they can get it, too! Four roots, one stupid tree! But speaking of, Ava & The Dyad storm over! Refs rush in already as everyone is shouting, will the Diamond Mine look to crush The Schism once and for all?


NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Noam Dar w/ Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson!

Two champions triumphant at Battleground now collide to see who is truly at the very top. Will the Melobration continue into the Summer? Or will Supernova 11 have double swagger when he has double the championships?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Dar can beat HIM!

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Dar wrenches and wristlocks but Melo rolls, wrenches and wrangles Dar down. Fans rally, Dar rolls and stands to clinch and put Melo on the ropes. The ref counts, Dar swings but Melo dodges to CHOP! Melo headlocks, he grinds Dar down, but Dar fights up. Dar brings Melo down to a knee, pops out the back, and he wrenches to a wristlock. Dar shouts he’s the champ, then SLAPS the hand! Melo kips up, wrenches back, and arm-drags to an armlock! Fans chant “LOCK IT IN~!” as Trick makes the motion. Dar powers up and out to headlock, but Melo powers out of that.

The two RAM shoulders, neither falls, so Dar kicks a leg then KICKS Melo down! Dar talks more trash but fans boo. Melo swings, Dar gets around but Melo ELBOWS him away! Melo runs and springboards, FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up but Dar bails out to regroup with his group and NXT goes picture in picture.

Melo dares Dar to get back in but Oro, Lash & Jakara all coach Dar. Dar gets up, catches his breath, tells Melo to be patient, and takes his time returning. Dar slithers in, circles with Melo again and they tie up. Melo arm-drags Dar to a corner and then storms up. Melo CHOPS Dar, Dar staggers but Melo bumps him off buckles. Melo follows Dar to another corner, and CHOPS him down! Dar goes to the apron, Melo drags him up and SLINGSHOT SUPLEXES Dar in! Melo does crunches in the ropes while Dar writhes. Melo then goes to Dar to snap suplex low and hard! Cover, TWO! Dar’s team cheers him but Melo drags him up.

Dar wrenches to sweep the leg! Melo clutches a knee and Dar rains down fists! Dar grabs the arm to stomp it! Dar taunts Trick, follows Melo to a corner and fires off hands. Dar RAMS into Melo, the ref counts, and Dar wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Dar snapmares Melo, gets the legs and ties them up, but Melo boots him away! Melo arm-drags to another armlock. Melo digs his knee into Dar’s face and Dar endures. NXT returns to single picture as fans chant “LOCK IT IN~!” Dar fights up, tries to arm-drag but Melo smothers it. Dar ROCKS Melo, whips him, but Melo reverses. Melo runs in to ROCK Dar!

Melo whips corner to corner, runs in, blocks boots and puts Dar in the ropes to ENZIGURI! FADE AWAY! Cover, TWO! Dar is still in this but Melo brings him up. The corner teams argue, Dar elbows Melo! Melo whips, Dar reverses, they dosido and Melo goes out to the apron. Dar swings but Melo blocks. Dar ducks to sweep the legs again! Dar runs to SHOTGUN Melo off the apron! Fans fire up, Dar goes out and taunts Trick while he puts Melo in. Cover, TWO! Dar aims from a corner, Melo sits up, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this but Dar’s team coaches him again.

Dar drags Melo up, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Dar grows frustrated but he drags Melo back up. Melo throws body shots, ROCKS him, ROCKS him again, but Dar ducks to step and SUPER FOREARM! Cover, TWO! Melo survives but Dar argues with Trick. Dar brings Melo up, throws knees, but Melo rolls Dar up! TWO, and Dar UPPERCUTS! Melo rebounds to tilt-o-whirl, FACEBUSTER! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Dar and Melo slowly rise, and Dar swings. Melo counter punches! Dar KICKS a leg, Melo CHOPS! Melo CLOBBERS Dar, and CLOBBERS him again!

Melo spins Dar, KNEE SMASH and a LARIAT! And a SUPERKICK! Dar staggers around, Melo runs to BOOT him down! Melo brings Dar up, whips, but Dar reverses to wrench. Melo ducks the kick, pump handle and SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Melo fires up. But Lash AND Jakara bark at him in the corner! Trick tells the ladies to stop that, but they get in Trick’s face now. But then Oro runs up, so Trick DECKS him!! Fans fire up but the ref tells Trick he’s EJECTED! Fans boo, he didn’t even start nothing! Trick still accepts the decision, though Team Dar rubs it in his face.

Dar sneaks up but Melo rolls Dar up! TWO, and Dar boot fents to BACK ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Into CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR!! Melo powers up to stand and he rains down fists! Melo is free, and he grabs the arm! CROSSFACE!! Dar crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Melo lets off fast to drag Dar back. Dar kicks the leg out, then stands. Melo ROCKS Dar, but Dar ROCKS Melo! Melo ROCKS Dar again, Dar ROCKS Melo again! Melo gets the edge but Dar kicks the leg! Melo blocks a kick but Dar ELBOW JABS! Dar spins, Melo ducks the heel kick but the BACKHAND connects!

Dar reels Melo into the facelock, but Melo SUPLEX CUTTERS! Dar flops over, Melo goes to the corner! Fans fire up as Melo climbs, but Lash distracts! Oro trips Melo! Fans boo as Team Dar keeps at it, but here come NATHAN FRAZER & DRAGON LEE! They got screwed by Team Dar so they go after Oro! Fans fire up but Dar tells them to back off! But Melo goes up, SUPER CROSSBODY on Dar and Oro! Fans are thunderous as Melo puts Dar in! Melo goes up, aims, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, Melo wins!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

An assist off the bench from Frazer & Dragon, Melo dunks on Dar! Put that on a poster, but who will- WAIT! BARON CORBIN?!? Corbin is back in NXT and he CLOBBERS Melo on the ramp! Corbin puts Melo in the ring, rains down fists, and fans boo as hard as they’ve ever booed before! But Corbin hits Melo with END OF DAYS!! Will the Lone Wolf look to bring an end to the HIM Dynasty?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of NXT, especially for an aftermath episode. They didn’t have quite the “Aftermath Syndrome” Raw was falling into, they were able to take things from Battleground and build upon them, not just recap them. I really liked that Dragunov vignette for the Last Man Standing match, and I look forward to what he’ll have to say next week. And while I was wondering what was next for everyone else, we got that for pretty much all the titles.

Wes Lee & Tyler Bate have a very good match with The Dyad, and of course there’s story overlapping with Schism and Diamond Mine, but I love that Mustafa Ali is part of the next “callback” (a main roster star coming back to NXT for a minute). Wes VS Ali would be amazing, but feels like something they’re gonna put on free TV. And Gacy clearly wants another shot, maybe he and Wes have a 1v1 feud going towards Great American Bash in late July. Wes has hit the record for defenses and apparently days as champion, so maybe he’s soon to drop the title so he can eventually move up. And I would hope we’re getting another Mixed Tag blowoff involving Dyad & Ava, but this time against Diamond Mine.

Also in connection to the Diamond Mine story, Ava attacking Ivy gives Cora a good rebound win after losing in the tournament. Cora is definitely nailing her Heel persona, but she’s gonna have to wait until a Face is champion again. Tiffany’s celebration being ruined was of course going to happen, and the contender battle royal will be really good. But after Gigi won that awesome cage match, I’m thinking she’s a frontrunner for challenging Tiffany. And while Dani Palmer called out the attacker and then got attacked, I feel like it should be Roxanne Perez or maybe a returning Nikkita Lyons should have the real feud with Blair Davenport. Nikkita would count as Blair’s first victim, it’d make make the most sense for her to want revenge.

Good promo from Gallus, Mark Coffey does an excellent Italian American/New Yorker impersonation. Stacks of course points the finger at Gallus, it’s kinda who I thought it was. But that would be too easy, so it’s not them. Stacks VS Joe Coffey was great stuff, Stacks is really coming into his own, but I figured Joe was winning that. Joe Coffey himself should really get in on like the North American Championship story, he hasn’t held anything in his WWE career, so he’s gotta get something. And since he has Gallus, Wes’s loss could be protected cuz Gallus helps Joe cheat and win the belt. Though that feels like how they might play Gacy getting the belt, if he gets the belt.

Good promo from Axiom and Reggie/Scrypts, and obviously last week established Reggie wants to be Axiom’s friend now. Him insisting he’s still Scrypts is an interesting choice, though. Good backstage promos that were “last week.” We’re of course getting Eddy VS Kemp round 2, and I liked Hank ‘n’ Tank having mind sync. Good stuff from Von and Stone, and I do like that Von’s story is starting to turn into a sort of PSA for normalizing therapy and taking care of mental health and emotional stability. But as I see it, either the therapy has no effect and Von stays a rage monster, or therapy makes Von too much of a pacifist and Stone tells him to unleash the righteous fury so he can win against bullies.

Great combining of stories with Dar stepping up to Melo here tonight. Great match, but I figured Melo was going to retain the title. I also figured Dar’s new little group was going to do everything they could to help him, and in turn we would see Dragon and Frazer turn things around on them. I would think Frazer gets next on Dar with Dragon as the cornerman now. And after Ali already made a splash, I did NOT think we were getting a second callback in the form of Corbin. Corbin and Ali do have a thing in common that they never held titles while in NXT, so maybe Corbin thinks he can tear down Melo to finally have the NXT Championship. But it’s not happening, Melo is definitely beating Bum Ass Corbin to make it through to Great American Bash.

My Score: 8.6/10

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