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Chairshot Brackets: Favorite Male Superstar

Note: All tournament info including how to vote is located below the bracket. All scores are percentage of votes.

Welcome to the info page for the first ever Chairshot Brackets Tournament! We love hearing your thoughts, so here’s a simple and fun way to do that with a 64-Superstar single elimination tournament! For our inaugural event, we want to know who your favorite male superstar of all-time is! Don’t worry if your all-time favorite Superstar is a female, they will get their chance (Did I mention we will be doing new tournaments twice a year?). The criteria? Whatever you want!

We have compiled our consensus 64 best, there are no seeds and the match-ups have been generated completely at random. The first match will begin Monday, April 9th. One match-up per day will be posted on our social media platforms between 7-8AM EST and voting will commence for exactly 24 hours with the winner being posted immediately. So how do you vote? If you follow us on Twitter, you simply retweet or like according to your pick (Please do not quote tweet, we won’t see it)! On Facebook, simply click the photo of your choice! Finally on Instagram, all you have to do is comment with your pick! You can find all our social media at the top of this page!

You only get one vote, but if you follow us on all three then you have the ability to vote three times! You can also check back here for the previous day’s results if you missed out. The most important part?

Have fun with it and remember… Always #UseYourHead!