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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (2/8/21)

Time to settle some scores!



Coverage Raw 2021

Monday Night Raw brings on the grudge matches!

Though he will address Sheamus’ actions from last week’s Raw, Drew McIntyre will take on Randy Orton in one last grudge match!


  • Jeff Hardy VS AJ Styles w/ Omos; Styles wins.
  • The New Day VS Retribution; The New Day wins.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Lacey Evans w/ Ric Flair; Evans wins, by disqualification.
  • Damian Priest w/ Bad Bunny VS Angel Garza w/ The Miz & John Morrison; Priest wins.
  • Matt Riddle VS Keith Lee; Lee wins.
  • Tables Match: Lana VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler; Lana wins.
  • Naomi w/ Lana VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax; Naomi wins.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Randy Orton; Orton wins, by disqualification.


WWE and Raw mourn the loss of “The Natural,” Butch Reed.


Adam Pearce opens Raw in the ring.

Scrap Daddy welcomes us back to the show, and welcomes back SHANE MCMAHON!! What a shock to see Shane O’Mac back on Raw and in the ThunderDome! Shane goes to the ring, fist bumps Pearce and says it is great to be back during the Road to WrestleMania. They’re crossing the double yellow line into the Elimination Chamber! Shane and Pearce have a “blockbuster” announcement for the PPV’s main event: Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE World Championship IN the Chamber match! Six superstars enter, only one will remain, and that one will be THE WWE Champion!

Shane knows McIntyre is in by default but who are the other five? Even bigger news! All the opponents will be FORMER world champions, starting with Randy Orton! Then, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz and lastly, Sheamus, complete the field! Shane says it is a pleasure being out here with Pearce and says this blockbuster card is amazing. Shane thanks Pearce for the hard work and then takes his leave. But on his way out is AJ Styles! The Phenomenal One and Omos say hey to Shane before continuing on to the ring. Styles wants to talk with Pearce. Pearce IS doing an amazing job! The Chamber match, if it’s Pearce’s idea, is great!

But hold on. Styles wants to make sure he has this right: McIntyre has to defend the WWE Championship inside the Chamber? That’s genius! The chances of McIntyre losing that title are, pun intended, phenomenal! And at a perfect time, too, because we’re on the Road to WrestleMania! Perfect time for Styles to come out a THREE-TIME world champion! And not to let this out to the world, but uh, Styles always thought Pearce was a dumbass. But that’s neither here nor there. Omos and the “future” champion are giving Pearce just a snippet tonight. So please, get out of the ring.

With that said, Jeff Hardy is headed out! The Charismatic Enigma and Styles are going to give us that Chamber appetizer to open Raw! Who takes a big first step towards the six man mayhem coming down the Road to WrestleMania?


Drew McIntyre talks with Shane backstage.

The champ couldn’t help but overhear that announcement. They go a way’s back so he thought Shane had it as just be McIntyre and Sheamus 1v1. Well yes but then they thought it’d be even bigger by putting them in the Chamber. If McIntyre wants to test his mettle, there is no better way to do it. Shane wishes McIntyre good luck then heads out.


Jeff Hardy VS AJ Styles w/ Omos!

Raw returns and the bell rings. Hardy and Styles circle, tie up and Hardy wrenches to club away on Styles’ arm. Styles gets the ropes, Hardy lets off, and the two reset. They tie up, Styles gets around to waistlock but Hardy switches. Hardy headlocks, Styles tries to power out but Hardy holds on tight. Hardy grinds Styles down, Styles gets up and powers out. Hardy runs Styles over! Hardy rallies the fans and circles with Styles again. They approach but Styles kicks low! Styles throws haymakers to put Hardy in a corner, then he runs in to ROCK Hardy with more fists! The ref has Styles back off, he runs back in but Hardy dodges!

Hardy kicks Styles, puts him in a corner and rams his shoulder in! Hardy snapmares, basement dropkicks, then covers, ONE! Hardy drags Styles up to wrench the arm. Styles pulls Hardy’s hair and puts him in a corner. Styles rams into Hardy, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to RAM him again! Styles brings Hardy back up, whips him again, but Hardy reverses and back drops Styles hard! Hardy drops ax handles, covers, TWO! Hardy drags Styles up, bumps him off buckles, then bumps him off more buckles! Then a third corner, and then the fourth for a complete set! Hardy drops a leg then covers, TWO!

Hardy keeps on Styles at the ropes, whips him, but Styles kicks back! Hardy blocks the kick and throws Styles down! Hardy goes after Styles in a corner and throws haymakers! The ref counts, Hardy lets off and whips but Styles reverses. Hardy goes up but his leg jams! Hardy hobbles out of the ring, Styles steadies himself and waits as the ring count climbs. Styles goes out and CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg! Styles refreshes the count, brings Hardy up, and gives him a SHIN BREAKER, then SWINGS him legs first into the post! The ref reprimands Styles while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Styles goes after Hardy’s bad leg. Hardy clubs Styles but Styles drops knees on the knee! Styles stomps the leg, stalks Hardy as he crawls to ropes, then KICKS the leg! Hardy falls back over, Styles drags him by that leg and hits a leg DDT! Omos likes what he sees as Styles stalks a hobbling Hardy. Styles has the leg again, Hardy clubs then enziguris him away! Hardy hobbles over but into a roll, CALF CRUSHER! Styles pulls back on the leg, Hardy endures, Hardy fights up to throw elbows but Styles pulls the leg harder! Hardy reaches and gets a ropebreak! Styles keeps his cool as he stalks Hardy more.

Styles brings Hardy up, Hardy throws haymakers, but Styles whips. Hardy falls over because of the bad leg! The ref checks on Hardy but Hardy refuses to let this end the match. Hardy gets to a corner, drags himself to his feet, and Styles runs in only to be put on the apron. Hardy hobbles into position, though, but he trips up Styles’ springboard! Styles flops to the apron and Hardy has time to rest. Hardy holds his leg as he rolls away but Styles gets back in. Fans rally on their ThunderDome screens, Styles hurries over to Hardy but gets a jawbreaker! Hardy manages an atomic drop, leg splitting leg drop, and the basement dropkick! Splash down, cover, TWO!

Hardy and Styles are both down but Hardy forces himself to stand again. Styles stands, Hardy kicks but Styles blocks, only to get the spinning back kick! Hardy kicks again, but no Twist, he uses a GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hardy grows frustrated and works to get his bad leg moving. Hardy gets up, drags Styles up but Styles KICKS the bad leg! Styles drags Hardy around, reels him in, but no Clash! Hardy slips out to hit TWIST OF FATE! Hardy crawls to a corner, drags himself up the corner, but the Swanton FLOPS as Styles moves! Styles gets the leg, for the CALF CRUSHER!! Hardy endures, scrambles around, elbows Styles but Styles thrashes harder! Hardy taps, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by submission

The Phenomenal One beat the Charismatic Enigma all by himself this time! And he’ll have to do that four more times in the Chamber since Omos can’t be inside with him! Will Styles make a phenomenal return to glory thanks to the Elimination Chamber?


Matt Riddle finds Keith Lee backstage.

The Bro is still sporting the black eye from his battle with Bobby Lashley. But laughter is the best medicine, and Riddle got cozy to binge watch the Air Bud franchise. Keith wonders if Lashley knocked a “screw loose” in Riddle. Does Riddle really want to still go after the Hurt Business after what they’ve done to him? Well people though tit was ridiculous for a dog to play basketball, but it didn’t matter, Air Bud kept playing. And Riddle will keep going after the US Championship until he takes it!

Keith thinks maybe someone new should try. Keith has what it takes to beat Lashley, and what it takes to beat Riddle tonight. Is that so? Well, may the better man win, bro! But will it be the Bro or the Limitless One that heads for the Rocky Mountain Machine’s gold next?


Sheamus finds Pearce backstage.

Didn’t McIntyre promise a 1v1 title match? But now Pearce and Shane are throwing in four others?! Pearce understands- HOW COULD HE?! Is Sheamus not a draw? No, they’re just trying to make the biggest match for the Chamber. Oh “they,” huh? Didn’t Shane say this was all Pearce’s idea? WWE officials like Pearce come and go, with their empty suits and yes men mentalities, full of broken promises just like McIntyre. They’re refusing to give Sheamus the respect he deserves! But Sheamus gets it. McIntyre is the shiny new toy, but he would be NOTHING without Sheamus!

You want to put them in the Chamber, stack the odds? Fine. But remember, tis is Pearce’s idea. And when Sheamus unleashes brutality on every WWE superstar in there, remember that this is on Pearce’s hands.


The New Day VS Retribution!

Kofi Kingston is back in the ring, and now he’s helping Xavier Woods against Retribution! But which to members of Mustafa Ali’s faction are they taking on? We’ll see after the break!

Raw returns and Retribution makes their entrance. The two members stepping up against the ten-time tag team champions are T-Bar and Slapjack! Mustafa Ali and Mace join commentary as Slapjack starts with Woods. They circle, tie up and Slapjack drags Woods down. Slapjack waistlocks, Woods fights up and pries free to hit a headlock takeover. Woods grinds Slapjack down, Slapjack fights his way up, and Slapjack powers out. Woods runs Slapjack over, covers, ONE! Woods hits another headlock takeover and he grinds Slapjack down. Slapjack fights up, slips out and gets the arm to wrench.

Slapjack yanks the arm, Woods wrenches free to CHOP! Slapjack CHOPS! Woods dodges, tags Kofi, and tilt-o-whirls Slapjack for Kofi’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Woods says that dropkick and leg sweep is new. Kofi CHOPS, whips, but Slapjack reverses to elbow Kofi down! Tag to T-bar and T-Bar CLOBBERS Kofi! T-Bar swings on Woods, but catches Kofi’s flip! T-Bar choke grips Kofi, Kofi breaks free and throws hands, but T-Bar doesn’t flinch. Kofi runs, leaps but into T-Bar’s arms! T-Bar pops Kofi up to a fireman’s carry, but Kofi slips out to shove T-Bar away! T-Bar goes up and over, keeps moving, Kofi hurdles but then leaps into a torture rack!

Kofi scrambles to sunset flip but T-Bar drags him back up, to SLAM him down! Ali wants T-Bar to show the world what Retribution is about! They need to hurt the New Day the way the WWE hurts them! T-Bar runs in but Kofi dumps him out! Slapjack runs over, is also put on the apron, and Woods BOOTS Slapjack! Kofi runs and FLIES to take Retribution down! The New Day is fired up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and T-Bar throws hands on Woods. Woods hits back, CHOPS, but T-Bar smothers him into the corner! T-Bar throws elbow after elbow but lets off as the ref counts 4. T-Bar stomps Woods, stands on him, then walks over to tag Slapjack. T-Bar scoop slams Woods, Slapjack stomps him down! Slapjack kicks away on Woods but Woods throws hands back! Slapjack DECKS Woods, and wraps on a chinlock! Woods endures, fights up, Slapjack shifts and clamps on with a neck wrench. Woods fights up to jawbreaker free! T-Bar tags in, Slapjack anchors Woods and T-Bar BOOTS Kofi! Slapjack whips Woods and T-Bar LARIATS! Cover, TWO!

Woods gasps and sputters but Ali tells T-Bar to keep on him. T-Bar choke grips and drags Woods up, to tag in Slapjack. They combine for a CHOKE SLAM BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Woods still lives and Retribution is furious! Ali says tonight is Retribution’s night to eat! They’re hungry, so they’re going to eat! Slapjack suplexes but Woods slips out to roll him up! TWO, Woods tags in Kofi! Kofi climbs up and hits a flying ax handle! Kofi knocks T-Bar off the apron, fires off CHOPS and a dropkick on Slapjack, then hits T-Bar again! Ali is furious as Kofi dodges Slapjack to ax handle him down! Kofi fires up, and hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop!

Kofi claps and laughs at Ali as he aims from a corner. T-Bar runs in but gets the TROUBLE IN PARADISE! But Slapjack gets Kofi for a back suplex! Kofi lands on his feet, elbows Slapjack away then tag sin Woods! Woods enziguris Slapjack, tags in Kofi, and together they hit DAYBREAK! Cover, The New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall

Ali throws a fit and Mace rushes the ring. Woods and Kofi get away, and Woods shouts, “GIVE ME RECKONING!” Ali is furious with his team’s failure. Will Ali crush the Power of Positivity with his rage?


Bad Bunny and Damian Priest talk backstage.

They’re enjoying the reactions to last week, when Bad Bunny clowned John Morrison while Priest beat Miz. Bunny’s in Priest’s corner this week, and they go back to rewatching the footage of the “mic drop.” Will they do the same again to Angel Garza?


Lacey Evans and Ric Flair go to the ring!

The Queen is upset with the Sassy Southern Belle for creeping on her father, and is upset with her father for taking Lacey’s side! Will Charlotte make Lacey #BowDown and finally leave the Nature Boy alone?

Raw returns and Ric has a mic. “Seems to be there are some people out there who want an explanation at why Ric Flair wants to be back main-lining.” The reason why is that he doesn’t take orders from any woman, not even his daughter! He’s not staying at home! And Ric is really tired about hearing how great Charlotte is! Yes, she’s the Queen! Yes, she’s got 13 title reigns! Yes, she doesn’t need Ric! But Ric needs Ric! And Ric says he has found someone with the looks, the skills and the drive to be a star! She just needs motivation, knowledge and wisdom!

Charlotte may be the greatest today, but Ric is going to train Lacey. This is completely casual! If Lacey falls for his charm, that’s just how it is. But this is a warning to Asuka! Lacey will be the next Raw Woman’s Champion! And all you nasties who think you know, you don’t. Lacey respects Ric and gives him the respect he deserves as “the living legend he is,” unlike the ungrateful daughter he has. Charlotte is a fool to turn away the best of all time, “bless her heart.” The way Charlotte speaks to Ric is not how Lacey would ever speak to her father! Yet Lacey’s the villain? But here comes Charlotte! Lacey won’t even let Ric hold the ropes open for Charlotte!

Charlotte has a mic to respond. “First of all, Lacey, if you really wanted to learn, you’d take yourself to Orlando and work your ass off in the Performance Center.” But Lacey is just using Ric, using Charlotte, and waring their robes to ride their coattails. And then for Ric, what does Charlotte need to do? Validate her? Charlotte never said Ric wasn’t proud of her or that she never wanted his help. But what Charlotte has been doing the last seven years is protect and add on to the legacy! Ric has yes people but Charlotte is honest! Charlotte doesn’t care who he manages, just don’t bring him down with her!

Lacey tells “Char-Char” she is just here to listen and learn. Why are they enemies? Why can’t they be a team? Lacey would’ve been a way better tag partner than that “feral animal,” Asuka. Charlotte didn’t come this far just to come this far. Charlotte’s been trying to prove to Ric, to the fans and to everyone in the locker room that she can do this on her own. And Asuka IS Charlotte’s tag partner, okay? Well Lacey doesn’t feel the same way. Lacey’s sights are on the Raw Women’s title. Well hopefully Ric takes Lacey right to that title. Well Ric has heard from management that if Lacey beats Charlotte tonight, she’s next in line to face Asuka.

Oh is that so? Ric thinks Charlotte hasn’t been listening but she has. Let’s go now! Lacey hides behind Ric to then sucker punch Charlotte! And then she goes out to whip Charlotte hard into steel steps! Lacey accepts the match, which was happening anyway, but now it’s moved up to after the break!


The Miz and John Morrison talk with Angel Garza.

They know Bad Bunny has Damian Priest’s back, so they promise to have Garza’s. Morrison and Garza start doing some Spanish rapping, and Miz joins in. Is the duo going to become a trio of sorts?


Charlotte Flair VS Lacey Evans w/ Ric Flair!

Raw returns and the bell rings, and Charlotte RAMS Lacey right to a corner! Charlotte RAMS into Lacey more, lets off as the ref counts, and then ROCKS Lacey with a right! Lacey is in the ropes but Charlotte is after her. Lacey hotshots the arm, wrenches and kicks it, then wrenches to an elbow drop! Lacey knuckle locks, Charlotte, handsprings through and wrenches to drag Lacey down. Charlotte is after Lacey’s shoulder but Lacey fights to the ropebreak. The ref counts, Charlotte lets go, and Lacey kicks low! Lacey wrenches the bad arm again, whips Charlotte, but Charlotte goes up and out to ram into Lacey! Charlotte slingshots and rolls Lacey and BOOTS her down!

Charlotte runs at a corner, Lacey dodges and wrings Charlotte out, but Charlotte dropkicks Lacey down! Ric helps Lacey on the outside, Charlotte storms over but Lacey hotshots Charlotte again! Lacey sweeps the legs, slingshots up and over, to drop the elbow! Lacey rains down furious fists but lets off as the ref reprimands. Lacey kicks Charlotte, goes after the arm again, and wrenches to an elbow breaker. Lacey kicks the arm, reels Charlotte in, but Charlotte slips out to CLOBBER Lacey! Charlotte gets the leg but Lacey scrambles away! Lacey gets the ropebreak, Charlotte holds on until the ref counts, and Lacey kicks the legs!

Charlotte hobbles, wrenches Lacey again, but Lacey slips through to yank the arm! Lacey wrenches, wristlocks, and throws Charlotte down hard! But Charlotte kips right up to egg Lacey on! Lacey throws her down, Charlotte kips back up, but Lacey wrenches and whips. Charlotte reverses, Lacey holds ropes, and Lacey styles and profiles just to anger Charlotte. Charlotte ROCKS Lacey, scoops her and hits an EXPLODER! Lacey bails out, Ric is there, but Charlotte shows Lacey how it’s done! Ric is flustered, Charlotte slingshots, but Lacey uses Ric as a shield! Lacey trips Charlotte up hard! Charlotte clutches her bad arm as Raw goes back to break!

Raw returns again and Lacey has Charlotte’s arm wrapped on ropes. Lacey uses a leg to hook Charlotte’s head as she pulls on the arm! The ref counts, Lacey lets off, Charlotte CLUBS Lacey back! Lacey drop toeholds Charlotte but Charlotte stays up to throw more hands! Charlotte drags Lacey up but Lacey jawbreakers! Lacey throws Charlotte down by her hair and pulls on the arm! Lacey uses legs to keep Charlotte down but Charlotte fights up! Charlotte moves around, Lacey drags her down by hair, but the ref reprimands again. Charlotte fights up, stomps Lacey, but Lacey drags Charlotte down with a hammerlock! Charlotte rolls but Lacey drops knees on the arm!

Lacey whips Charlotte to a corner, Charlotte stops herself and elbows Lacey away! But Lacey comes back to CLOBBER Charlotte! Cover, TWO! Lacey is on the bad arm, and uses it to turn Charlotte for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Lacey scowls as she stalks Charlotte. Lacey pushes Charlotte down into a drop zone, then climbs up, for the SASSIEST MOONSAULT onto boots!! Charlotte waits for Lacey to stand and she CHOPS away! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Lacey falls over, Ric is upset. Charlotte runs at Lacey but Lacey SLAPS her away! Lacey runs but into a BOOT! Charlotte covers, TWO!

Lacey bails out, Ric is there, but Charlotte dares dad to do something. Ric says he won’t do anything, but Lacey is sneaking up again! Lacey WRINGS the arm! The ring count is climbing, Lacey puts Charlotte in at 8! Lacey covers, TWO! Ric says for Lacey to use the Figure Four but she doesn’t know how that works! Charlotte BOOTS Lacey then SPEARS her! Charlotte stares down at Ric and says, “You want to humiliate me, do it on your own time! Watch this!” Charlotte fires off furious forearms on Lacey! The ref backs her off but she shoves him away! Charlotte fires off on Lacey more but the ref rings the bell!!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by disqualification

Ric gets in and Charlotte dares him to do something! But he doesn’t, and Charlotte says this ring is hers now. Will the Queen be a gatekeeper of the Raw Women’s Championship on the Road to WrestleMania?


WWE celebrates Black History Month.

“Memories of our deeds and our lives will live on in others.” – Rosa Parks


Edge is back again!

The Rated R Superstar has made it through one week as the Men’s Royal Rumble Winner, now he starts week two! Edge says it was one hell of a week, but an amazing one, because it started with winning the Rumble. He still has the massive decision to make. It seems simple on the surface, but Edge digs deeper. That’s why Edge was on Raw last week. He wanted a lay of the land, but he also settled things with Randy Orton. Edge went to NXT, went to SmackDown, met their champions, and was so close to making a decision. But now things have changed because of the Elimination Chamber having a match of all former champions!

Edge knows Roman is Universal Champion. He knows Finn Balor is NXT Champion. He also knows the Chamber is one of the most brutal matches in WWE. But what he doesn’t know is who will walk out of the Chamber as champion. Edge likes his odds against every single one of them! To be realistic, though, he doesn’t like McIntyre’s odds. Edge likes and respects McIntyre but he knows how hard it is to get out of the Chamber. Edge will wait for the dust to settle, and then he’ll- Wait, here comes The Miz and John Morrison, and even Garza, first. Miz says, “Wow, what a great speech! Epic speech! Dare I say, it reeked of awesomeness!” Edge has such a big decision to make!

But we all know Edge is the ultimate opportunist. And Miz knows Edge is waiting for the perfect chance to strike. Miz is more of a strategist, so let’s strategize! Even if Edge’s comeback leads to winning a WWE World or Universal Championship, Miz will be there with his Money in the Bank contract! Miz will cash in on Edge and leave WrestleMania as a champion! Oh and welcome back. Edge asks if Miz knows who he’ stalking to. Edge put that MITB briefcase on the map! He knows at Mania, as soon as Edge raises a title, he’ll need eyes on the back of his head. But thanks for reminding him.

Edge is the master manipulator keeping three champions on alert but Miz just gave his plan away? Miz needs to worry about the Chamber, about Priest, and hell, even Bad Bunny! Edge is playing poker, Miz is playing Old Maid. There are fundamental differences in how they think. Miz is okay being awesome, Edge did that 20 years ago! edge NEEDS to see his story through, and he NEEDS to be champion. Notice a difference? Think about it! Edge leaves, Miz keeps Morrison and Garza back, but will these two battle things out soon enough?


Damian Priest w/ Bad Bunny VS Angel Garza w/ The Miz & John Morrison!

The Archer of Infamy became fast friends with the chart-topping Reggaeton star because of their distaste for the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century *look off into distance*. Now they might have to add the Lethal Lothario to that mix since he’s hanging with MC M I Z and Johnny Drip Drip. Will Priest #LiveForever at Garza’s expense?

The bell rings and Garza talks some trash, but Priest BOOTS him down! Priest is after Garza in the corner with hand sand kicks, then he ROCKS Garza with an uppercut! Garza checks his chin, Priest whips Garza tor opes but Graza kicks back! Garza runs into the windmill kick! Cover, ONE, but Priest stalks Garza to ropes. Miz and Morrison are there to protest and distract, Garza throat chops Priest! Garza runs, shoulders and clotheslines then dropkciks Priest down! Cover, ONE, but Garza basement dropkicks Priest for good measure. Priest flounders, Garza chokes Priest on ropes but lets off as the ref counts. Miz gets a cheap shot in!

Bunny protests, Garza throws off the pants and throws them at Bunny! Garza hooks up Priest’s legs for an inverted deathlock! Garza slaps Priest around but Priest just gets pissed! Priest throws big hands to get free, but Garza comes around, only for Priest to block a punch with a punch! Priest fires off forearms, then aims to kick, kick and KICK! Priest drags Garza up to ROCK him, then DECK him with a lariat! Bunny cheers with the fans as Priest aims from a corner. Priest tunes up with stomps, takes aim with the bow, and runs corner to corner for a LEAPING back elbow! Morrison and Miz get on the apron but Priest runs them off! Garza runs in to clothesline Priest out!

Morrison and Miz mug Priest while the ref backs Garza off. Bunny snatches the MITB briefcase! Bunny slides that in, Morrison goes after it, and the ref sees that! The ref EJECTS Miz and Morrison! Bunny gets the better of them, just as Edge figured he would. Bunny then shrugs to Garza, and Garza turns around into Priest’s BELL CLAP! And the RECKONING! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall

Bunny has Priest’s back and together, they’re rolling on the Road to WrestleMania! Will Priest find himself heading for a big target come the Showcase of the Immortals?


Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre!

An interesting night already with the announcement about the Elimination Chamber world title match. His reaction? Simple: It’s WrestleMania season, expect the unexpected. Much like what Sheamus did. McIntyre heard what Sheamus has to say but it boils down to this: why end a 20 year friendship if you just wanted a title shot? But while Sheamus has his reasons and McIntyre has his theories, McIntyre has to focus on Orton. The Viper will break bones or tear muscles if it means keeping McIntyre from the Chamber. But Mania Season makes the target on a champion’s back even bigger.

But let’s take a lay of the land: The Chamber, Orton tonight, Miz’s MITB shot, Edge still hasn’t chosen, Sheamus, Styles, Hardy, things are crazy! McIntyre is cornered! Will he crack under the pressure? No. Backed in a corner, McIntyre is a wild animal! McIntyre dares you to come at him so he can rip your damn face off! Will the Claymores be flying come time for the Elimination Chamber?



Because Lacey technically did win, she DOES have a match against Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship! Will the Sassy Southern Belle make the best of Charlotte’s rage costing her?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair!

The Women’s Royal Rumble winner is here on Raw to react to the news of Asuka VS Lacey. It’s been a wild week but the honeymoon is over. Bianca proved she is the EST of WWE, this is her time! And yes, people are wondering what she’ll do. But as the smartEST woman in the WWE, it could be Sasha Banks, but it could also be Asuka. Asuka isn’t just the Empress of Tomorrow, but the Empress of All Day. Lacey could be champion, but only a fool underestimates Asuka. Bianca wants to beat the best, and Asuka comes over to say congratulations! Bianca won, she did it! But that does not mean Bianca is ready for Asuka!

Girl, uh-uh! Bianca IS ready. But y’know who isn’t? LACEY~! These two are in agreement now, but Bianca says if Asuka hands business, they might be seeing each other more often. What will the women’s title scene look like after the Elimination Chamber PPV in two weeks?


Matt Riddle VS Keith Lee!

The Limitless Bros are facing off against each other 1v1 for the first time in WWE! They both want a shot at the WWE United States Champion, but Riddle’s had his turns. Will Keith win here to prove it’s his turn against Bobby Lashley?

Raw returns and Keith makes his entrance. MVP is on commentary to represent the Hurt Business’ interests in this match. MVP says Keith may be a kaiju, but Lashley is the king of kaiju. The bell rings and Riddle circles with Keith. They fist bump out of respect, then circle more. Riddle goes for an armbar takedown but Keith uses size and strength to stay up, then dead lift Riddle! Riddle tries to bring Keith down but Keith wags his finger! Keith brings Riddle up, Riddle lets go and gets away. The two nod and circle again. MVP says Lashley would’ve done much better, but Keith holds off Riddle’s leg takedown to then toss Riddle aside!

Riddle and Keith reset, circle again, and feel out a grapple. Riddle shoots in again, gets around and gets a sleeper! Keith stays up, reaches for ropes, but Riddle adds body scissors and squeezes tight! Keith scowls as he pries free and throws Riddle off! Riddle gets out of the ring to cool off and sort himself out, then he gets back in. Keith and Riddle circle again, tie up with knuckle locks, but Riddle shifts, only for Keith to block the throw. Riddle avoids Keith’s clothesline to fire off strikes, then he ROCKS Keith into a corner! Riddle goes side to side but gets caught! Keith holds tight but Riddle breaks free to fire off KICKS!

The ref counts, Riddle lets off at 4 and goes corner to corner. Keith POUNCES Riddle across the ring! Even MVP has to admit that was good. Cover, TWO! Keith keeps his cool and watches Riddle gets to a corner. Keith throws body shots now, but Riddle throws forearms back! Riddle CHOPS, Keith Lee GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! Keith hauls Riddle up, wrenches and whips corner to corner hard, and Riddle bounces off buckles! Keith stands and watches Riddle, but Riddle gets up to throw body shots. Riddle fires off haymakers and CHOPS, but Keith grabs Riddle by the head to DECK him with a left! Riddle grits his teeth as he gets back up to throw more hands on KEith!

Riddle CHOPS, forearms, but Keith blocks a kick to elbow and ROCK Riddle with a forearm! GERMAN SUPLEX, but Riddle land son his feet! Riddle spins Keith for the PELE! Keith wobbles but stays up in a corner., Riddle runs in to throw a forearm, runs side to side for another forearm! Riddle brings Keith up but Keith fights off the Brosploder. Keith shoves and GRIZZLY MAGNUMS again! Keith brings Riddle up, pops him up, but Riddle fights the Spirit Bomb off! Riddle goes up, FLYING KNEE! Keith falls over, Riddle covers, ONE?!? Riddle keeps moving and PENALTY KICKS! Riddle hurries to a corner, climbs up and leaps, FLOATING BRO!! Cover, TWO!?!?

MVP admits he is impressed by Keith Lee, and even Riddle’s resilience, but they’re still not Lashley. BROTON and then another BROTON, and then a third BROTON! Riddle is firing up and demands Keith get up! MVP doesn’t understand that logic. Keith blocks Final Flash to pop Riddle up again! Riddle still fights and gets the TRIANGLE HOLD! Keith stays standing, lifts Riddle but Riddle drags Keith down all the same! Keith powers up to short-bomb, but Riddle holds on! Riddle pulls harder, Keith powers up and MVP likes what he sees as Keith BUCKLE BOMBS Riddle! Riddle runs back in to FINAL FLASH again! Riddle runs again, but into the SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

MVP says he was entertained, and he looks forward to the fight that’s coming, but he knows Lashley will still win. Keith helps Riddle up, proving they’re still pals. But here comes Lashley to CLOBBER them both!! Riddle goes down but Keith stays up! And Keith is just as mad as Lashley is now. But Keith runs into the MILE HIGH SPINEBUSTER!! MVP says THAT is power! The Chief Hurt Officer gets Riddle in another HURT LOCK!! Riddle is a rag doll all over again! Lashley throws Riddle away but Keith gets back up. Lashley RAMS Keith off the apron, then runs around the way to CLOBBER him! Lashley keeps on Keith and POSTS him!

Lashley tears steel steps apart and aims at Keith! BATTERING RAM!! Keith falls over the announce desk! MVP grins as Lashley stands on the desk. Lashley holds up the US Championship, but will he only come to regret what he just did?


Randy Orton speaks.

“Unfinished business. That’s what stands between you and I, Drew.” It is a fact McIntyre took the title from Orton, but it is a fact that at Elimination Chamber, Orton will take it back. Orton has done what he has to in order to get what he wants. The title means everything to him. Whether it is kicking legend sin the skull or RKO’ing anyone in his way, or even setting someone on fire, Orton alone lives with those actions! But those actions always end the unfinished business. Tonight, McIntyre will be reintroduced to the Legend Killer, and destiny will come calling again as Orton walks into WrestleMania THE WWE World Champion.


Tables Match: Lana w/ Naomi VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler!

Speaking of settling unfinished business by any means necessary, the Ravishing Russian looks to finally get payback against the Irresistible Force in the most poetic way possible! Will Lana finally be the one putting Nia through a table tonight?

Raw returns as Lana makes her entrance, Naomi by her side. The bell rings, Lana rushes at Nia but Nia shoves her away! Nia drags Lana up just to elbow her back down! Nia kicks Lana around and says Lana doesn’t understand the repercussions of her decisions. Nia brings Lana up for a LAST RIDE POWERBOMB! Nia grins at Naomi and taunts that this is going to be her tag partner for their eventual tag title match. Nia drags Lana up for another BOMB! Nia kicks Lana around for being an “idiot,” and then taunts Naomi for coming back just to team with Lana. Nia grabs Lana’s leg and drags her up for a STRETCH MUFFLER!

Lana can only endure as Nia thrashes her around, then SWINGS her into buckles!! Lana is dazed, Naomi tries to coach her up, but Nia grins as she watches Lana slowly sit up. Nia kicks Lana at the ropes, pushes her into the ropes, then drags her up and scoops her. Lana fights the lawn dart off, but Nia just gives her snake eyes instead! Nia drags Lana into position, runs, but Lana avoids the elbow drop! Lana BOOTS Nia back, ROUNDHOUSES her, then dodges in the corner! Nia hits buckles, and walks into the SWITCH KICK! Lana fires up with anger and she runs at Nia, only for Nia to run her over.

Nia talks more trash and she drags Lana up. “King Kong ain’t got s*** on me!” Nia drags Lana up, but Lana fights the bomb off with elbows! She uses the LANA RANA to throw Nia onto the apron! Naomi cheers Lana as she ROUNDHOUSES Nia again! And again! And again! Nia wobbles, Lana pries at the fingers! Lana gets one hand free but Nia uses the other to grab Lana for a HEADBUTT! Nia drags Lana to the apron and stands on her head! “This is what you wanted! Nia backs up, takes aim, but Lana avoids the apron leg drop! Nia clutches her tailbone, but she shoves the table over in anger. Lana runs out and RAMS Nia through a table!! LANA WINS!!

Winner: Lana

Naomi celebrates with Lana! Justice has been served! But then Shayna attacks Lana! So Naomi kicks and FLYING KICKS Shayna in return! The Glow has the Ravishing Russian’s back and now the bullies can’t get away with things! Will Naomi and Lana make the Queen of Spades #FeelTheGlow?


Naomi w/ Lana VS Shayna Baszler!

The Glow and the Queen of Spades throw down now on behalf of what happened to their tag partners! The bell rings, Naomi slides under the roundhouse, and then comes back to elbow Shayna! Naomi throws forearms, Shayna shoves Naomi but Naomi wrenches to get both arms for a double Sole Food! Shayna runs back in but Naomi hurdles, only for Shayna to get a leg. Shayna trips Naomi, and she PENALTY KICKS an arm out! Shayna hammerlocks that arm on the mat, but Naomi kips up to avoid the stomp! Shayna sweeps the legs, gets the arm, and STOMPS it after all! Lana looks on at Shayna twists Naomi’s wrist and drags her to the mat.

Shayna bends the arm around, but Naomi endures, so Shayna uses a foot to YANKS on the arm! Shayna keylocks the arm, Naomi endures again, and she kicks Shayna away! Naomi gets up, Shayna runs back over but the kick misses! Naomi dodges Shayna again to send her into buckles, then she rallies with dropkicks! Naomi dodges a clothesline to run and RANA! Shayna staggers into a corner, but she kicks Naomi away. Naomi SLAPS Shayna, then hits a RUNNIGN JAWBREAKER! Shayna is rocked, Lana cheers but Shayna reverse the whip. Naomi boots Shayna away, wheelbarrows, but into the KIRAFUDA! Naomi is caught, but she’s rolling around! ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Shayna glares at Lana but she lets go at 4. Naomi gasps, Lana coaches her up, but Shayna goes out to KICK Lana’s leg and KNEE her down! “Mind your own business and learn your place!” Shayna whips Lana into barriers! The ref counts but Shayna is back in at 7 of 10. But Naomi cradles her, to win!!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall

Shayna got distracted by the wrong challenger and now the tag team champions have lost in a sweep! Will this be how it goes when it’s 2v2 for the Women’s Tag Team titles?



The United States Championship will be on the line at the Elimination Chamber PPV, but in a TRIPLE THREAT! Riddle and Keith both get their shots, but will either of them be able to stop the Rocky Mountain Machine?


Drew McIntyre VS Randy Orton!

The Scottish Warrior has four other foes to worry about in the Chamber, but right now he’s going to focus 100% of his body and mind on The Viper. The Viper has won Chambers, and has won titles, and looks to do both at the same time this year! Is tonight’s “unfinished business” only going to be the beginning of Orton’s return to glory? Or will one more Claymore derail those plans?

Raw returns once again, and McIntyre makes his entrance. The bell rings and these two circle. They tie up, go around on the ropes, in corners, and out of corners, but then back into a corner. McIntyre has control but Orton pushes him back and then tries for an RKO! McIntyre fights that off, but Orton bails out of the ring to avoid the Claymore! McIntyre tells Orton it was that close, but Orton takes his time returning. Orton gets in but McIntyre kicks him in the ropes! McIntyre drags Orton out along the ropes, but Orton avoids the draping DDT being stolen! Orton whips McIntyre to a corner but McIntyre bounces off buckles to CLOBBER Orton!

But here comes Sheamus! He runs right up to the ring, but stays out so that Orton can CLOBBER McIntyre! Orton has McIntyre on the apron and he POSTS him! And then POSTS him the other way! McIntyre falls to the floor and is furious that he let the Fella get the drop on him like that. Orton grins and Sheamus watches closely as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once more as Orton clinches McIntyre but McIntyre fights free. McIntyre CHOPS Orton but Orton pokes McIntyre in the eye! Orton throws McIntyre out of the ring hard, and Orton bounces him off the announce desk. Orton then gives McIntyre the BACK SUPLEX to the desk! The ref counts, Orton puts McIntyre in and covers, TWO! Orton keeps on McIntyre with a chinlock and he grinds McIntyre down. McIntyre endures and fans rally on their ThunderDome screens. McIntyre fights his way up, pries the hold open, but Orton knees low! McIntyre kicks back, Orton throws haymakers but McIntyre returns them. They brawl, Orton goes to a corner and kicks again.

Orton throws EuroUppers, haymakers, but McIntyre turns them. Orton kicks, whips, but McIntyre reverses, only for Orton to kick him away. McIntyre dodges the clothesline to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre puts Orton in a corner to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly him again! Sheamus watches intensely as McIntyre stalks Orton for a leaping neckbreaker! McIntyre kips up and fires up! McIntyre kicks Orton, reels him in, but no Future Shock! Orton trips and jackknife bridges, TWO! Orton runs into a SPINEBUSTER! McIntyre jackknifes, TWO! McIntyre grows frustrated as he couldn’t get the right footing there. But McIntyre decides to go to a corner and go up top!

Orton throws hands to stop McIntyre, then he throws another EuroUpper! Orton throws more hands, climbs up to join McIntyre now, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down, Orton crawls to a cover, TWO! Orton grows frustrated now and he staggers up. Orton brings McIntyre up but McIntyre HEADBUTTS! The Glasgow Kiss rocks Orton but he throws McIntyre into ropes again. Orton kicks McIntyre, drags him out, DRAPING DDT! Both men are down again, but Orton rises first. Orton paces about, and he hears the voices in his head! McIntyre rises, but he shoves the RKO away to spin Orton around, FUTURE SHOCK!

Orton hurries to get away but McIntyre keeps his eyes locked on The Viper! Orton slowly rises, McIntyre grits his teeth, but in comes Sheamus! McIntyre senses it, the BROGUE hits Orton!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by disqualification

And McIntyre CLAYMORES Sheamus!! The Celtic Warrior may have handed the win to the Viper with that boot, but the Scottish Warrior gets even for last week! Will McIntyre stand tall above not only Orton and Sheamus, but Hardy, Styles and The Miz?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode of Raw, though not on the same level as last week’s. Raw opening with the Elimination Chamber announcement is a very subtle way of tying in what Paul Heyman told Adam Pearce on Talking Smack. I’m not entirely sure this is what Heyman wanted, though, but the possibility of facing five other opponents has only made Edge want to take more time to consider his options. I’m sure Heyman will give Pearce an earful about it on SmackDown. Pearce is being used to tie the stories together very well, and I wonder if Pearce will choose to stay only on Raw and let Sonya Deville handle Heyman on SmackDown because of all the pressure Heyman keeps putting on him.

It was good to see Edge and Bianca Belair on the show, but already something feels repetitive about it. Bianca said a lot of what she’s already been saying since winning the Women’s Rumble, but her bit with Asuka was really fun. Edge’s promo started off as a recap of the week and that was a bit boring, but I like that Miz came out and Edge tore into him about constantly overplaying his hand and giving things away. Titles or no titles, I almost want to see if a program of Edge VS Miz could help bring Miz back up from this comedy act he and Morrison have become. Speaking of, Morrison and Miz backing Angel Garza up was logical, but of course Priest wins again because he’s still building momentum. I wonder if Garza will stick with Miz and Morrison, though, since his ladies man gimmick is getting old.

Hardy VS Styles was a really good match, and Styles wins to build his momentum. I almost wonder if Hardy’s leg is played up and someone replaces him, but perhaps not. It’d be almost hilarious if Kofi Kingston gets to replace Hardy again and Ali just goes nuts over it. The tag match of New Day VS T-Bar & Slapjack was pretty good, and of course New Day wins. I like that Woods is continuing what he said on Raw Talk about wanting a co-ed match with “Reckoning” Mia Yim, but chances are, we’ll only get New Day VS Ali & Mace next, winners go after Raw Tag Team Championships. Either way it’d be a rematch as Hurt Business beat Retribution and then beat New Day.

Charlotte VS Lacey wasn’t a great match but there was a lot of good story progression. Ric is upset with Charlotte, Charlotte is upset with Ric, and Lacey is still the one benefitting, despite Charlotte not wanting that to happen. Asuka VS Lacey with Ric ringside will be better than without him ringside, but I would think Asuka still wins. I’m glad to see we saw the Tables match we should’ve seen at TLC with Lana and Nia, and Lana shoving Nia into a propped up table was a great way to end it. Naomi VS Shayna was a good match, even with Shayna going after Lana only to get caught as the ending. The tag title match will be pretty fun, but I am also pretty sure Shayna and Nia win.

Keith VS Riddle was a great match, definitely worthy of being seen as a contender’s match. Keith wins, but the irony is, what Lashley did to him and Riddle only puts him in a Triple Threat situation. Having Riddle or Keith get the win off the other and not Lashley would help Lashley stay strong in a loss, and then Fastlane or WrestleMania is the 1v1 rematch. In fact, I feel like that has to be how it goes or Lashley comes off almost too strong. McIntyre VS Orton was a very good match, and the context of the Chamber news makes it work out as more than just throwing them back together by default. It was also clever to use Sheamus to dirty up the finish and keep things even in the math.

Similarly to how the US Championship scene can go, I bet there is a way where McIntyre and Sheamus still have their 1v1 match at Fastlane, winner goes on to WrestleMania. Of course, Edge will have surely made a decision by then, so maybe by then we’ll know if it’ll be Edge VS McIntyre or Edge VS Roman, and something else will have been arranged for the champion Edge doesn’t choose.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Destruction Results & Report! (9/24/23)

Is Kobe ready for Destruction?



Will the Aerial Assassin survive the Gene Blast?

On a night of United Empire VS Los Ingobernables de Japon, Will Ospreay defends the now IWGP United Kingdom Championship against Yota Tsuji!


  • Tiger Mask & Kevin Knight VS Clark Connors & “Drilla” Dan Moloney; Connors & Moloney win.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The House of Torture; J5G wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: El Phantasmo & The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Bullet Club War Dogs; ELP & GOD win.
  • YOH & Lio Rush VS Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI; Yoh & Lio win.
  • Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr. & Bad Dude Tito; ZSJ & Tito win.
  • KOPW Championship Handcuffed Cornermen Match: Taichi VS SHO; Sho wins and becomes the new KOPW Champion.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Bishamon VS TMDK; Bishamon wins and retains the titles.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Great-O-Khan; Khan wins.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Right to Challenge Contract match: Tetsuya Naito VS Jeff Cobb; Naito wins and retains the Right to Challenge.
  • IWGP United Kingdom Championship: Will Ospreay VS Yota Tsuji; Ospreay wins and retains the title.


KOPW Championship Handcuffed Cornermen Match: Taichi VS SHO!

The Holy Emperor, and pretty much everyone, knows when you face one member of the House of Torture, you face them all! That’s why he prepared something very special for this match. Just5Guys and the HOT boys will be allowed ringside, but must all be handcuffed together! Sanada, Douki & Taka Michinoku just beat Evil, Yujiro Takahashi & Dick Togo, will they and Taichi completely topple the House? Or is this gamble going to backfire on Just5Guys?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the refs begin to secure the faction members together with the handcuffs. Sanada is cuffed to Evil, Douki is cuffed to Yujiro and Taka is cuffed to Dick. Fans applaud seeing this, but Evil is reluctant being literally stuck with his old tag partner. The feeling is mutual but these are the rules. Evil keeps stalling, Red Shoes tells him to sit down already, and Sho is getting anxious. All the cuffs are secure, the bell rings, and the technically 1v1 battle begins!

Fans rally up and Taichi eggs Sho on. Sho stays by ropes, begs the ref to do something, but the ref tells him he can’t. Sho bails out and he runs to where Dick and Taka are seated! Sho tries to uncuff Dick but he can’t, so he goes looking under the ring. Sho goes to Douki and Yujiro, then to Evil and Sanada, but no, he can’t free any of them. Sho then goes to Abe-san for help. Abe ain’t gonna do anything after all HOT has put him through! Then Taichi attacks Sho! Taichi whips Sho hard into railing! Fans fire up as Taichi looms over Sho. Taichi puts Sho in the ring, Sho wants mercy, but too late for that.

Taichi kicks Sho around, fans rally up behind him, and Taichi kicks Sho more. Sho goes to a corner and Taichi digs his knee in! The ref, Kenta Sato, counts but Taichi drags Sho out to then KICK him in the back! Sho writhes but Taichi stalks him to ropes. Taichi drags Sho up but Sho bends fingers! The ref reprimands, Taichi kicks low, but then Sho uses the ref as a shield! Sho CLAWS Taichi’s eyes, then throws him out so Evil can attack! This is almost a Lumberjack match as Sanada has to drag Evil away and Douki has to keep Yujiro back! Fans boo but J5G get the HOT boys away from Taichi.

Taichi complains about that but the ref missed it all. Taichi gets back in and Sho is scared again. Taichi tells Sho he’s gonna get what he deserves, then runs in, only to get bare buckles! Sho switched up the Bullet Club Special by making it a neutral corner! Taichi sputters as he staggers back and Sho SPEARS him down! Sho grins and he drags Taichi around. Sho kicks Taichi out, pursues, and then wrenches the arm to whip Taichi in to railing. Sho opens the gate and he brings Taichi to the back rows, to BOWL Taichi into open chairs! Fans rally for Taichi, but Sho CHOKES Taichi with a chair! J5G and HOT keep each other back while the ref reprimands.

Sho goes back and “apologizes,” then he diverts the ref’s attention to the ring for a count. Taichi sits up as the ring count begins, and Taichi stands at 5 of 20. Taichi makes his way back to ringside at 10, slides in at 15, but Sho distracts the ref and Yujiro attacks! Douki tries to drag the Tokyo Pimp back and the ref sees this! The count continues, though!? Taichi fights Yujiro, Evil works to keep Sanada back, but Douki pries Yujiro off Taichi! Taichi slides in at 19!! Fans fire up while Sho is furious the plan failed! Sho shouts at the ref but stomps Taichi down. Sho CHOKES Taichi, the ref reprimands, and Sho lets off at 4.

Sho then CLAWS Taichi’s eyes! The ref reprimands again and Sho lets off at 4. Cover, but the ref says no! Sho asks why! Isn’t it obvious? Sho shrugs that off and talks some trash as he circles around Taichi. Sho gives Taichi some mocking kicks, but Taichi stands to CHOP! And HAYMAKER! And CHOP! But Sho claws the eyes! The ref reprimands, Sho stops and whips, but Taichi stops from hitting buckles! Sho runs in to SPEAR, but Taichi blocks it! But then Sho bends Taichi’s fingers! Sho wrenches, whips, and Taichi hits bare buckles! But Taichi comes back to AX BOMBER! Both men are down and fans fire up!

Taichi stands first, and he gives Sho some Kawada Kicks. Sho goes to a corner, and Taichi runs in to BOOT him down! Taichi brings Sho out to DANG- NO, Sho fights the saido! Sho throws elbows but Taichi wrenches to HOOK KICK! Evil argues with the ref but Taichi storms out. Evil kicks at Taichi, but Taichi and Sanada both RAM Evil into the timekeeper’s area! Sorry, Abe! Seems he suffers no matter what when Evil is around. Taichi goes back for Sho in, Sho runs in but into a DANGEROUS SAIDO! Fans fire up even more, and OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi aims, but Sho dodges the Tensho to run. But into a SOBAT!

Fans fire up and Taichi drags Sho up. Taichi reels Sho in but Sho fights the lift. Sho bends fingers again, then wrenches to bring Taichi to his knee. Kick, KICK and SUPER- NO, Taichi blocks that kick! But Sho claws the eyes again! The ref reprimands but Sho whips, only for Taichi to reverse! Sho suffers the bare buckles! Then GAMANGIRI! Cover, but Evil distracts the ref! Sanada yanks Evil away and wrenches the arm while Taichi goes back for Sho. Taichi lets the others know to be ready with their own HOT boys, as Taichi BUZZSAWS Sho back down! Taichi roars and slashes his throat as the fans fire up again!

Taichi drags Sho up, reels him in, but then Yujiro sends his pimp cane in! The ref reprimands, Taichi is mad, but Sho shoves Taichi into the ref and the ref hits bare buckles!! Down goes Sato, and Dick uses POCKET SAND on Taichi!! Sho LOW BLOWS, then he RAMS Taichi into bare buckles! Fans boo as the House still pulls out their tricks! Sho scurries to his corner to get his “Murder Tool!” Dick CHOKES Taka while Sho takes aim at Taichi. Fans boo more but wait! The FIFTH GUY is here! Heel Master Yoshinobu Kanemaru slides in and snatches that wrench away! Fans are thunderous and Sho wants mercy!

Yoshinobu tosses the wrench, and gets his whiskey! Yoshinobu takes a big swig, and WHISKEY MISTS TAICHI?!? WHAT?!? Then he BOTTLE SMASHES Taichi!!! Yoshinobu RIPS the J5G shirt to reveal a House of Torture shirt!!! The Heel Master is living up to his name by joining the other side!!! Then he hauls up Taichi, to give him a BRAINBUSTER!! Fans boo and the rest of- Well, Just FOUR Guys, is shocked! Yoshinobu puts the ref back in, Sho drags Taichi up and in, to tuck and lift, SHOCK ARROW!!! Cover, SHO WINS!!!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall (NEW KOPW Champion)

Why, Yoshinobu, why?!? Now the azure belt belongs to the Murder Machine! And then to “celebrate,” Yoshinobu BOTTLE SMASHES Taka!! And then he CRACKS Douki with it!! He just betrayed his oldest friends in NJPW, and for what?!? Wait, he also has the key! Yoshinobu frees Dick, Yujiro and Evil while Sho holds the belt over Taichi’s prone body. Evil stomps Sanada and puts him in next to Taichi. Yujiro and Dick do the same with Taka and Douki, and they’re all cuffed to ropes now! They can only watch as Taichi gets stomped by Yoshinobu and the HOT boys! Sho talks trash on Sanada, Douki & Taka to help their friend.

Sho then gets the mic, and he mockingly asks what’s wrong. It looks like these guys will be crying tonight! You can all go back to your hotel room and figure this out together. This belt is now Sho’s, he is this year’s good luck charm! Evil then takes the mic to ask “Just Five Guys-” Well first, shut up, fans! But then Evil laughs that Just Five is now Just Four! The Heel Master is now House of Torture! And Sanada, you wanted a Lumberjack match for the world title? Well then, The House of Torture now has the numbers advantage, so let’s do it! The House of Torture has five guys and Sanada’s group will have to rebrand again. But will the Cold Skull be able to deny the King of Darkness his prize?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Bishamon VS TMDK!

Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi went back and forth with Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls during this year’s G1 Climax, and those Mighty victories earned the “Young Punks” this match. Will Hilarious Haste & Mad Mikey bring more gold to the group? Or will the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter prove they are the ones who don’t kneel?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who is the mightiest team in NJPW!

The teams sort out and Hashi starts against Mikey. The fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Mikey powers Hashi back step by step. Mikey puts Hashi on ropes but Hashi turns things around. The ref counts, Hashi lets off cleanly, and even Mikey applauds. But then Hashi blocks the cheap shot to CLUB the leg and clamp on a headlock. Mikey powers up but can’t power out as Hashi holds on tight. Mikey fights up, claws at an eye, then throws body shots. Mikey powers out and RAMS shoulders with Hashi! Neither falls so Mikey eggs Hashi on. Hashi runs and they RAM shoulders again!

Neither man falls so the forearms start flying back and forth! Fans fire up, Mikey gets the edge and he ROCKS Hashi! Hashi CHOPS back! Hashi runs, but Mikey ELBOWS back! Mikey runs but Hashi UPPERCUTS! Hashi runs but Mikey runs him over! Fans fire up more and Mikey tags Shane. Shane drags Hashi up, TMDK double whip, and then DOUBLE ELBOW! FIST DROP SENTON but Hashi moves! Hashi tosses Mikey, grabs Shane but Shane powers Hashi back. Goto tags in, Hashi whips Shane away and Bishamon DOUBLE SHOULDERS Shane down! Then ZANMAI, the hip toss senton! Mikey runs in but Goto kicks him, to snap suplex him onto Shane!

Fans rally up as Bishamon drags Shane up. Se-no, WAR DRUM FISTS! Shane falls and fans fire up more. Goto stomps Shane, Shane hits back, but Goto fires forearms and knees! Goto whips, Shane reverses and Mikey trips Goto so Shane can sliding boot! Then Shane BLASTS Hashi while Mikey SLAMS Goto! Mikey whips Goto hard into railing! Shane waits as Mikey drags Goto up to put him in the ring. Shane stands on Goto, tags in Mikey, and Mikey stomps Goto! Goto CHOPS back, but Mikey CHOPS! Shane tags in, TMDK double whip to DOUBLE ELBOW, and then FIST DROP SENTON COMBO! Cover, TWO!

Shane keeps on Goto with a wristlock. Shane KICKS the arm! Goto writhes and Shane shakes his leg. Shane bumps Goto off buckles, UPPERCUTS and ELBOWS and repeat! Shane brings Goto in for a HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Shane drags Goto over, tags in Mikey, and they wrench to put Goto on the ropes. Mikey BLASTS Hashi, Shane throws Goto down, and then Mikey drops a knee on Goto’s head! Mikey stands Goto up to CHOP again! Fans fire up while Goto is stinging, and Mikey tags Shane. TMDK coordinates, but Goto boots free! Goto throws elbows and forearms on everyone, but TMDK kick low!

TMDK runs, Goto follows to DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up while all three men are down! TMDK go to opposite corner and Goto fires up! Goto clotheslines Mikey, Shane runs in but Gotos ends him into Mikey! Goto then runs to MURAMASA them both! Fans fire up as Goto then DOUBLE BULLDOGS! All three men are down again and fans rally up. Hashi is back and he reaches out! Goto crawls over, hot tag to Hashi! The Head Hunter runs Shane over! Then kicks low, to whip to a corner! Shane reverses but Hashi comes back to CHOP! Hashi mule kicks, turns Shane, but Mikey CLUBS Hashi first!

TMDK double whip Hashi, but he holds ropes! Hashi BOOTS Mikey, DUMPS Shane, then TOSSES Mikey onto Shane! Fans fire up as TMDK regroups in a daze. Hashi builds speed and FLIES out onto them both! Fans are thunderous as Hashi roars! Hashi drags Shane up and puts him in the ring. Hashi climbs up, aims and BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Shane hangs tough but Hashi calls to Goto. Goto slides in, Bishamon double whip Shane corner to corner. Goto runs in to clothesline! Hashi runs in to CHOP! Hashi feeds Shane to Goto’s fireman’s carry but Shane slips free and shoves Goto into Hashi!

Hashi falls over, Goto staggers back, and Shane hits Goto with a BIG back suplex! Goto flops out of the ring, Hashi runs in but Shane spins him, X PLEX! Shane crawls for his corner while fans rally up. Mikey is still down so Shane goes after Hashi in the open corner. Shane hoists Hashi up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Hashi fights back with forearms and Shane staggers away. Mikey is back and he’s after Hashi up top! Hashi fires more forearms and now Mikey falls back. But then Mikey gives Shane a boost, POWERBOMB SUPERPLEX COMBO!! Mikey drags Shane onto Hashi for a cover, but Goto barrels in to break it!

Fans fire up while all four men are down! Mikey gets Goto out of the ring, then he regroups with Shane. Mikey tags in, TMDK drags Hashi up. Hashi fires off forearms on them, but Shane UPPERCUTS, Mikey lifts, ATOMIC UPPERCUT! TMDK double whip, but Hashi dropkicks their legs out! Fans fire up and Goto rises! Hashi crawls over to the corner, but Mikey DECKS Goto first! TMDK HIGH LOW LARIAT on Hashi! TMDK then coordinates, and Mikey fireman’s carries Hashi. Hashi slips out, shoves Mikey at Shane but TMDK stops from colliding! Shane blocks Hashi’s kick, spins him around, BACK SUPELX NECKBREAKER! Cover, Goto breaks it again!

Fans fire up but TMDK stomp Goto. They get Goto up but Goto fires forearms now! Hashi BOOTS Goto, TMDK both run but Goto follows! TMDK dodge, fake Goto out, and Mikey hits a MIKEY BOMB!! Scoop and TANK BUSTER! Goto flops out of the ring and TMDK focuses on Hashi. They drag Hashi up, Shane climbs and Mikey scoops. But Hashi slips off to shove Mikey into Shane! Schoolboy bridge, TWO!! Hashi hurries to his feet, runs in, but Mikey BLCOKS the lariat! So Hashi spins to CHOP! And SUPERKICK! Shane returns to DROPKICK! Shane calls the shot, then Mikey fireman’s carries. HIGHWAY TO HELL!! Cover, TWO?!?

Fans are thunderous as Hashi survives! Shane and Mikey fire up and go for the classic! Mikey scoops, Shane hops up the corner, but Goto anchors Shane! Hashi fights free to hit ITADAKIKARI!! Cover, Bishamon wins!!

Winner: Bishamon, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

The Head Hunter made “Easy Pickings” out of Mikey, proving to be the MVP of this match-up! Bishamon holds onto the gold, will they always #GetBackUp as we enter the Fall?


Shingo Takagi VS Great-O-Khan w/ Callum Newman!

The unofficial best of three series between Los Ingobernables de Japon and The United Empire begins as the Rampaging Dragon once again collides with The Dominator! Takagi won last time with the KOPW title on the line, will he do it again? Or will Khan conquer Takagi for the glory of the Empire?

Khan holds out his United Empire shirt as if to offer Takagi a spot on the team. But then Khan throws the shirt onto Takagi’s head, tackles him, and rains down forearms! The ref reprimands, the match hasn’t started yet! Khan throws fists now then shoves the ref down! Khan CHOKES Takagi with the shirt! The ref reprimands, Khan tells him to shut up and he shoves the ref away. Takagi gets up and the bell rings, then Takagi runs in! But Khan picks Takagi up to DUMP him out! Khan goes out after Takagi but Takagi fires off shots! Takagi CHOPS, whips, but Khan reverses. Takagi hits railing but just gets angry!

Fans fire up as Takagi runs and RAMS shoulders with Khan! And again! And again! Khan runs Takagi over! Fans rally, but Khan grabs a chair! The ref reprimands but Khan shoves him away again! Khan then JAMS Takagi! And SMACKS him on the back! Takagi falls over while fans rally up again. Khan drags Takagi up and into the ring, calls for the ref while he kneels on Takagi’s neck, but Takagi pushes him away. Kahn drags Takagi up to SAYANAGI! Cover, TWO, but Khan clamps on the ARM ‘N’ HEAD TRIANGLE! Takagi endures as Khan leans his weight on the hold. Takagi fights around, and has the ROPEBREAK!

The fans cheer, the ref counts, and Khan lets off. Khan scuffs Takagi against ropes, eggs him on, but Takagi fires a forearm! Khan just puts his arms behind his back. Takagi CHOPS, but Khan shakes his head. Takagi CHOPS and CHOPS but Khan CHOPS! Takagi ends up in a corner, Khan ROCKS him then CLUBS him! Khan then goes up the corner to sit on his- NO, Takagi slips free! “BAKA! <IDIOT!>” DOUBLE CHOP! Takagi fireman’s carries to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Takagi rises first while Khan goes to a corner. Fans chant for “TA-KA-GI!” as he runs in. Takagi blocks Khan’s boot to clothesline!

Takagi runs, Khan dodges, but runs into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! Fans fire up as Takagi drags Khan up, suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Khan hangs in there but Takagi wants them to hold on. “OI! OI! OI!” Fans clap along, and then Takagi says IT IS TIME! Takagi has the fans all fired up, and he kicks Khan around. Takagi then hauls Khan up, pump handles, but Khan fights the lift! Takagi knees low, snapmares and runs, but Khan catches the sliding lariat into an armlock! Takagi fights free, JABS, JABS, and JABS! Khan Mongolian Chops! And Mongolian Chops! And then powers up, but Takagi blocks to steal the Mongolian Chops!

Takagi Mongolian CHOPS again, but Khan HELL STABS! Khan runs, but into the SAIDO! But Khan rises!? Khan BOOTS Takagi down! But Takagi rises! DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Double monster rage! Takagi SWATS Khan’s haymaker to wrench and ELBOW BREAKER! Takagi JABS and ENZIGURIS! Khan staggers, runs back in but Takagi blocks the boot to then reel Khan in for MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Khan survives but Takagi stays focused. Takagi fires up again and the fans are with him. Takagi drags Khan up, pump handles, but Khan fights the lift! Takagi LARIATS point blank, but Khan stays up!

Takagi LARIATS point blank again, and Khan drops to his knees! Fans fire up as Takagi pump handles and torture racks, but Khan slips free! IRON SLEEPER, into Grapple Feint O-Khan PLEX! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Khan snarls as he crawls after Takagi. Takagi goes to the corner, Khan runs in, and he BLINDSIDE CLOTHESLINES! Then he torture racks to bring Takagi around, ARGENTINE BACKBREAKER into HERCULES NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Takagi hangs in there but Khan stays on him. Khan drags Takagi up, reels him in, and scoops, but Takagi slips free!

Takagi waistlocks, Khan throws elbows, but Takagi BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Khan staggers, but he LARIATS Takagi down!! Fans fire up again as Khan looms over Takagi. Khan watches Takagi drag himself up with ropes, then clamps on the IRON CLAW! Takagi CLUBS the arm, then fires ridge hand chops, but he can’t break free! ELIMI- NO, Takagi slips free to ELBOW! JAB! YUKON- NO, Khan catches Takagi with the left hand, for an ELIMINATOR!! High stack, TWO!?! Takagi survives and fans are thunderous! Khan is rather stunned, but he drags Takagi back up. IRON SLEEPER! Fans rally as Takagi endures!

Khan drags Takagi up, squeezes tighter, and Takagi is fading! Then Khan shifts to right hand ELIMI- DDT!! Takagi turns things around and both men are down again! Fans fire up as we pass ten minutes, and Takagi crawls over to Khan. They junkyard dog headbutt, then start throwing forearms! Takagi fires up and fans are with him. Khan eggs Takagi on and the forearms continue! Takagi CHOPS! Khan CHOPS! Takagi forearms! Khan forearms! Khan fires forearm after forearm, but Takagi just roars! Takagi fires boxing elbows! Takagi winds up but the IRON CLAW returns! Takagi CLAWS back!

Khan grabs the waistband but Takagi breaks free! JAB! HEADBUTT! But Khan IRON STRAIGHTS!! Takagi falls and the monster rage boils up! Khan IRON CLAWS, then he drags Takagi up! ELIMI- NO, Takagi slips out to DRAGON SUPLEX! SLIDING FOREARM!! Cover, TWO?!?! Khan rises but staggers around! Fans are thunderous again as these two run. Takagi dodges to PUMPING BOMBER!! Fans are electric as Takagi hauls Khan back up. “OI! OI! OI!” echoes out and Takagi pump handles, LAST OF THE DRAGON!! Cover, TAKAGI WINS!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

Another epic battle, and another epic victory for the Rampaging Dragon! Will Takagi use this momentum to fly back up and fight for a title? What does Khan need to finally get up and over that hump?


IWGP World Heavyweight Right to Challenge Contract match: Tetsuya Naito VS Jeff Cobb w/ Callum Newman!

Speaking of colliding once again, this is the second time this year the Uncontrollable Charisma battles the Imperial Unit! Cobb won their G1 Climax match but Naito won the whole tournament, will Naito lose that Right to Challenge during a Tour of the Islands? Or will WrestleKingdom still look tranquilo?

Wait, what’s that canvas tote bag Naito is carrying? Wait, THAT is the “briefcase” Naito is carrying the contract in? And he’s written “Kenrisyou” on it, both in Japanese katakana and ABCs. Well, then, who will be left holding the bag, but in a good way?

Cobb is patient as Naito takes off his elaborate entrance attire. After all, he’s seen this a few times already. The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. Naito has the strong majority of the crowd but Cobb shrugs that off as he and Naito circle. They approach but then Naito backs off. They circle more, tie up, and Cobb holds firm as Naito pushes. Cobb puts Naito on the ropes, Red Shoes calls for the break, and Cobb steps just to get Naito to flinch. Cobb raises his fist to mock LIJ, but Naito SPITS at Cobb! Cobb runs in but Naito dumps hm out! Naito knocks Cobb off the apron then baseball slides him into railing!

Fans rally for Naito as he CLUBS Cobb around the way. And CLUBS him again! Naito cravats to then CHOKE Cobb on the railing, right in front of Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toru Yano on commentary. Naito puts Cobb in, Cobb rushes up but Naito catches him for a TORNADO- NO, Cobb blocks that to then suplex! Naito slips free, waistlocks, but Cobb switches and clinches, to OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while Naito flounders away. Cobb storms up on Naito, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a right! Naito goes to a corner, Cobb throws body shots, then throat chops! Naito kicks back but Cobb eggs him on.

Naito kicks more but Cobb blocks, to CHOP! Cobb CLUBS Naito down, then paces around him. Naito sputters but Cobb pulls hair. Red Shoes reprimands and Cobb lets off. Cobb taunts Naito, brings him up, and whips him to a corner. Cobb runs in, clotheslines, then clotheslines again and again and again! Red Shoes counts, Cobb lets off and runs to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! SWINGING DROPKICK! Combinacion Cobb-ron! Fans are torn as Cobb mocks Naito’s posing, then Cobb covers. TWO, but Cobb covers again. TWO, but Cobb keeps his cool. Cobb looms over Naito, drags him up, and hoists him up into a BEARHUG!

Naito endures the squeeze, he CLUBS Cobb but Cobb just thrashes Naito around! Naito throws more elbows, gets free, but then Cobb HEADBUTTS! And short arm LARIATS! Then GACHIMUCHI FLOPS as Naito moves! Naito dropkicks the legs out! Fans rally while both men are down! Naito stands, throws forearms and kicks, then whips. Cobb reverses but Naito FLYING FOREARMS! Cobb staggers into an atomic drop! Naito ELBOWS Cobb down, then basement dropkicks him in the back! Fans rally as Naito has Cobb in a corner. Naito whips corner to corner, runs in to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! SWINGING feint and then the dropkick!

Fans fire up as Naito poses for his Combinacion, then he goes back to cover. ONE!! Naito almost goes flying out of the ring there! Naito drags Cobb up, has a cravat for the neck wrench, but Cobb throws body shots. But Naito throws those heavy back elbows! Then he turns Cobb, for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Naito stays focused and he stomps Cobb around. Naito drags Cobb up, hammerlocks then half nelsons, but Cobb clubs free! Cobb then hits an atomic drop, and a DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! Cobb rises while Naito goes to ropes. Cobb storms over and he drags Naito up.

Cobb waistlocks and deadlifts, but Naito fights with elbows! Cobb hops down to HEADBUTT Naito, then has him at the corner. Cobb climbs up to then deadlift SUPERPLEX!! Fans are thunderous while both men are down! Cobb crawls to the cover, TWO!! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives consecutive crashes and Cobb is beside himself! Fans rally as hard as they can for “NA-I-TO!” but Cobb stands first. Cobb whips Naito to ropes, but Naito holds ropes. Naito BOOTS back, runs in but Cobb gets around to shove Naito to a corner. BACK ELBOW! Cobb then hoists Naito up!

Cobb goes up the corner, but Naito slips under! Cobb holds the corner and he punches Naito away! Naito comes back to ROCK Cobb! Naito fires more forearms, then climbs up, to the very top! Naito CLUBS Cobb, but Cobb gets Naito up! Naito still SUPER STEINERS! Fans fire up as Naito BOOTS again, goes back up and reels Cobb in, ESPERANZA! Fans rally and Naito aims from the corner. Cobb stands, Naito tilt-o-whirls, but Cobb turns Destino into ATHLETIC PLEX! Naito staggers around, into a fireman’s carry! ONE ARMED F5 THOUSAND!! Fans rally up and Cobb covers, TWO?!? Naito is somehow still in this after all that spinning!

Fans rally, Cobb rises again, and he drags Naito up. Cobb reels Naito in, but Naito fights free! Naito throws those heavy elbows! Cobb wobbles, Naito comes back, but into another fireman’s carry! But Naito pops up to POISON-RANA!! Cobb gets spiked, yet he starts pushing himself up! Naito wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, but Cobb stops Destino into a TOUR- NO, Naito victory rolls through! TWO!! Naito eggs Cobb on, catches him, and TORNADO CRADLE! TWO!! Cobb escapes and runs in, into an ELBOW! And ENZIGURI! But Cobb GERMAN SUPLEXES! Naito roars and rises up!? But Cobb LARIATS him back down!!

Cobb hauls Naito up, whips and scoops, TOUR OF THE- DESTINO!! Naito tastes blood in his mouth but he just fires up! Wrench and tilt-o-whirl, DESTINOOO~!!! Cover, NAITO WINS!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (retains the Right to Challenge)

Cobb may have conquered him in the G1 Climax, and may have been parodying him ever since, but the real deal Tetsuya Naito takes back that loss and holds onto his contract! Then is it all but a given that the Uncontrollable Charisma will main event WrestleKingdom 18? As for Cobb, where does he go from here, having fallen short?


IWGP United Kingdom Championship: Will Ospreay w/ Callum Newman VS Yota Tsuji!

Los Ingobernables is 2-0 on the night with Takagi conquering Khan and Naito denying Cobb. And now, the Gene Blast goes after the rebranded championship around the Aerial Assassin’s waist. Will LIJ be 3-0 and golden here tonight? Or will Ospreay bring about the Destruction of this Reiwa era Musketeer?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who feels like smiling after it’s all said and done!

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. There seem just as many “OSPREAY! OSPREAY!” fans as there are “YOTA! YOTA!” fans.  The two circle, feel things out, then back away. Fans applaud them both being wary, then the two tie up. They’re in a deadlock but Ospreay wrenches and wristlocks. Tsuji rolls, powers through to wrench Ospreay, but Ospreay spins, slips through, waistlocks, then spins Tsuji to a cravat. Fans applaud the technical exchange, but Tsuji rolls and wrenches to wrangle Ospreay down! Tsuji has a cording hold but Ospreay fights up, waistlocks, but then Tsuji switches.

Ospreay pries the hold open, switches back but Tsuji facelocks. Ospreay wrenches out, hammerlocks, but Tsuji reaches back to headlock. Tsuji grinds Ospreay, but Ospreay endures. Ospreay powers up and powers out, but Tsuji runs him over! But Ospreay kips right up! Fans cheer and Tsuji grins. Ospreay smirks, talks a little trash, then eggs Tsuji on. Tsuji runs, Ospreay drops to hurdle, but then Tsuji leaps over! Ospreay arm-drags, Tsuji headscissors, Ospreay kips free and avoids the arm-drag! Ospreay stands on Tsuji and flexes, perhaps a shot at Chris Jericho. Ospreay then brings Tsujhi up but Tsuji arm-drags him away!

Ospreay goes to a corner, Tsuji runs in and jumps up to MONKEY FLIP, but Ospreay lands on his feet! Tsuji runs in but he flips through the hip toss! Tsuji arm-drags, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl arm-drag Ospreay out of the ring! Fans fire up and Tsuji builds speed! Tsuji DIVES and Ospreay hits railing! Fans fire up with Tsuji, and he brings Ospreay up. Tsuji puts Ospreay in the ring then runs, to run Ospreay over! Cover, ONE! Tsuji was a bit lax there but he just smiles. Tsuji drags Ospreay up, cravats, but Ospreay pulls Tsuji’s hair. Red Shoes reprimands but then Tsuji snapmares Ospreay into body scissors!

Ospreay endures, reaches out, but Tsuji hooks an arm to keep him down. Tsuji squeezes tight and Ospreay endures, to then reach out for the ROPEBREAK! Tsuji lets go quickly enough, but Ospreay fires a forearm! And another! And another! Tsuji just CHOPS back! Ospreay sputters and fans applaud as Tsuji brings him up. Tsuji ROCKS Ospreay to a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Tsuji runs in but Ospreay dodges the splash! Ospreay runs back in but into a BOOT! Tsuji goes up but Ospreay CHOPS him down! Tsuji tumbles to apron then floor, and Ospreay aims to PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Tsuji!

Fans fire up as Ospreay rises and shouts “IKU ZO! <LET’S GO!>” Ospreay stalks Tsuji, drags him up, and brings him around to ROCK with a forearm. And then ROCK him again! Tsuji staggers around the way but Ospreay pursues. Ospreay wrenches and whips, but Tsuji reverses! Ospreay leaps over the railing! Ospreay then ROCKS Tsuji, jumps up and FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up and Ospreay apologizes to the front row. Ospreay drags Tsuji up, puts him in the ring, and drops a knee on Tsuji’s chin! And again! Ospreay paces around Tsuji, drags him up, and CHOPS! Ospreay paces around Tsuji again, then bumps him off buckles.

Ospreay CHOPS again and Tsuji sits down, chest stinging. Ospreay digs his boot in, scrubs and scrapes Tsuji’s face, and Red Shoes reprimands. Ospreay “apologizes” before he brings Tsuji up and scoops, for a BACKBREAKER! Ospreay pushes Tsuji down to cover, TWO! Tsuji hangs tough and fans rally up but Ospreay keeps his cool. Ospreay stalks Tsuji, drags him up, and shoves him to ropes to then CLUB him on the back! Tsuji grits his teeth, then grins through the pain! So Ospreay CLUBS him on the back again! And again! Tsuji turns around to smile right in Ospreay’s face! Fans fire up as Ospreay fires off forearms!

Tsuji grins as he fires forearms in return! Ospreay CHOPS again! Ospreay whips, Tsuji reverses but Ospreay holds ropes. Ospreay BOOTS back, runs, but Tsuji scoops to BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up while both men are down! We pass ten minutes as fans rally and the two men stir. Tsuji rises first, then fires off forearms! Tsuji whips, Ospreay reverses, but Tsuji blasts through to FLYING RANA! Ospreay bails out and Tsuji grins. Tsuji builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! Fans are all fired up seeing a man that big do a move that agile! Tsuji is also fired up and he does a full lap around the ring.

Fans fire up as Tsuji puts Ospreay in the ring, and he brings Ospreay up. Ospreay swings, Tsuji blocks and spins him, inverted Gory Especial for the INVERTED GORY BOMB! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is still in this but he isn’t champion for no reason. Tsuji keeps on smiling, and the fans rally up again. Tsuji brings Ospreay up but Ospreay fights the suplex. Ospreay wrenches, Tsuji forearms, and Tsuji whips but Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER KICK! Fans rally as Ospreay goes to the corner and he gets an “OI! OI! OI!” going. Not quite Takagi’s “Oi” but still. Ospreay springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO!

Ospreay stays focused and stretches out his sore back. He drags Tsuji up, reels him in, but Tsuji fights the lift. Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! But Tsuji blocks the chop! And catches the lariat to BACKBREAKER, COMPLETE SHOT and STOMP! An even more lethal combination, and Tsuji suplexes. Ospreay slips out but Tsuji elbows him! Tsuji whips, Ospreay reverses but Tsuji BOOTS him away! Tsuji tries again, Ospreay blocks but Tsuji brings him down to DOUBLE STOMP! Tsuji suplexes, but Ospreay STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! Both men are down again and fans fire back up!

Ospreay sits up and shakes out the stars. Tsuji crawls to a corner and Ospreay wants him to rise. Ospreay then runs in corner to corner to BOOT! That was a hell of a kick, but Ospreay just goes up. We pass 15 minutes as Ospreay BLINDSIDE FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up as Ospreay roars “OI! OI! OI!” and prepares that elbow. Tsuji sits up, HIDDEN- NO, Tsuji ducks it! Tsuji kicks, runs, but Ospreay flips through the lariat! But Tsuji slips out of the bomb! FALCON BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!? Ospreay survives and now Tsuji gets the “OI! OI! OI!” going. Fans rally up, Tsuji aims, and Ospreay slowly rises.

Tsuji runs in to GENE- KNEE!! CHOP! But Tsuji ROLLING ELBOWS! Tsuji runs but Ospreay Tiger Wall Kicks! Tsuji ducks the enziguri, Ospreay dodges the stomp to ROCK and ROLLING- JUMP KNEE! Tsuji runs, into a SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Ospreay sits up while Tsuji flounders. Ospreay dares Tsuji to sit up, so he does. They stare down, and then Ospreay ROCKS Tsuji with a forearm! Tsuji shakes his head while fans fire up again. Tsuji ROCKS Ospreay, but he shakes his head. Ospreay ROCKS Tsuji and he almost falls over!

Tsuji sits back up, and he throws another forearm. Not enough to Ospreay! Ospreay stands Tsuji up to ROCK him! Tsuji wobbles but he grins and fires another forearm. Ospreay ROCKS Tsuji again, Tsuji hits back, and they’re picking up speed! Ospreay eggs Tsuji on while giving him shot after shot! Tsuji leans on ropes, but he just smiles again! Tsuji comes back as Ospreay eggs him on again. Tsuji and Ospreay trade shots fast and furious! Fans are all fired up as Ospreay wobbles! Tsuji ROCKS Ospreay keeps on him, and DECKS him!! Fans are thunderous as Tsuji finally clutches his jaw. But then Ospreay rises up!

Ospreay snarls and winds up, to ROCK Tsuji! And CHOP! And CHOP on the back! And HOOK KICK! Tsuji bails out to the apron, and Ospreay goes out to join him, Ospreay goes up and up and- NO, Tsuji stops the cutter! Tsuji POSTS Ospreay, SUPERKICKS him, but Ospreay fires up! Only for Tsuji to HEADBUTT! Flashbacks to that Elimination Tag! Both men wobble, Tsuji runs in, but Ospreay moves! Tsuji’s curb stomp falls to the floor, and Ospreay goes up to SUPER OSCUTTER to the floor!! We pass 20 minutes as Red Shoes checks both men. They’re both somehow okay to continue, and fans rally back up.

A ring count starts and Ospreay slowly sits up. Ospreay grits his teeth as he stands, and he slides in at 12 of 20. Tsuji stands at 14, hobbles over but flops down at 16! Tsuji still pushes himself up, and he slides in at 19! Ospreay COAST2COAST DROPKICKS!! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up with Ospreay and he calls his shot. Springboard, but no Oscutter! Tsuji shoves and scoops to BLUE THUNDER BOMB, then KNEE THRUST! CURB STOMP to the FACE!! Both men are down again and fans are fired up behind Yota more than Ospreay! Ospreay is dazed but he makes his way to the neutral corner.

Tsuji pounds the mat and the fans rally behind him. Tsuji storms up to Ospreay, stomps him, then stomps him again! Tsuji drags Ospreay up to CHOP! Ospreay shouts in pain but Tsuji puts him up top. Tsuji shouts and fans rally again. Tsuji climbs but Ospreay fires forearms! Tsuji throws shots back, then goes up to the very top! Tsuji brings Ospreay up to join him but Ospreay starts throwing headbutts! Ospreay switches positions to SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO?!? But Ospreay just brings Tsuji up, SIT OUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Fans are electric, Ospreay is furious, he BUZZSAWS and HEEL KICKS! OSCUTTER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!

Fans are electric because they are shocked, and Ospreay is just fuming! Ospreay vows to end this, and he hauls Tsuji up. Underhooks, Canadian Rack, STORM- STUNNER?!?! Tsuji brings that outta nowhere! TO GENE BLAST!!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Ospreay survives by a literal foot!! We pass 25 minutes, time is not on Tsuji’s side, and yet Tsuji smiles all the same! Fans are on Tsuji’s side, though, and he rises up again. Tsuji calls his shot, and goes up, up and FLYING STOMPS!!! Tsuji reels Ospreay in to underhook, Canadian Rack and STEALS STORMBREAKER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! Now even Tsuji’s shocked! Ospreay flips Tsuji off but Tsuji just grins.

Tsuji roars and powers up! Fans are thunderous as Tsuji aims, to GENE- HIDDEN BLADE?!?! that back elbow came outta nowhere!! Ospreay is seething, almost foaming at the mouth! “OI! OI! OI!” Ospreay aims, runs back in, and steals GENE BLAST!!! Cover, ONE?!?!? WHAT?!? Ospreay tries again, calls his shot, STORM DRIVER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW?!?! Is Tsuji even human?!? Ospreay doesn’t care if human, robot, alien or more, but Tsuji’s roar does make him hesitate! Tsuji stands, grins, even laughs. He backs Ospreay down with that stare! Ospreay just HIDDEN BLADES anyway!! Ospreay hooks arms, to STORMBREAKER!!! Cover, OSPREAY WINS!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (still IWGP United Kingdom Champion)

Tsuji pushed Ospreay to over 27 minutes, showing us he has resilience beyond expectations, but Ospreay still comes out the victor! Ospreay applauds Tsuji’s efforts, and even fist bumps him. Did tonight prove Tsuji proves to be a Reiwa Musketeer?

As for Ospreay, fans clap and chant along with his song, and he picks up both his belt and the mic. “Kobeee~!” Fans cheer the shoutout, and Ospreay says in Japanese, “Good evening. Did you have fun?” The fans cheer but he wants to ask again, did they have fun? The fans cheer even more! Ospreay continues by telling Tsuji, “You are amazing.” Tsuji grins and fans cheer, and Ospreay says the future of NJPW is in good hands with Tsuji, thank you very much. Ospreay then says that this is a beautiful place, he loves coming to Kobe. As a kid, he’d… Oh hey! It’s Zack Sabre Jr! These two are very familiar with each other.

The NJPW World TV Champion joins the IWGP UK Champion in the ring, gets a mic of his own, and then says, “Ospreay-chan, otsukaresama. <Lil’ Ospreay, thank you for your hard work.>” Fans cheer that, and Ospreay thanks ZSJ for the same. These two Englishmen continue with Japanese as ZSJ says that was a really great match and that Ospreay is really amazing. Ospreay asks if ZSJ really means that, and ZSJ says yes, he does. ZSJ says one thing, though. What is that belt? What is it called? The IWGP UK Heavyweight Champion. Oh okay. Then that belt… He wants it. ZSJ then asks if Ospreay knows enough Japanese to keep this going.

Ospreay says to give him a second while he thinks. ZSJ says good luck, you can do it. Ospreay takes a moment, the fans cheer him on, and Ospreay comes back with, “Eto… <Um…>” Challenge? Yes, maybe. “Okay desu.” Fans love that! ZSJ then tells Ospreay-chan that he has his next opponent. When is good for Ospreay? Ospreay apologizes that he’s running thin on his Japanese. ZSJ says that’s okay, but then let’s go to English. ZSJ says Ospreay still did good, though. But next month is Royal Quest III, October 14th. And ZSJ knows Ospreay knows that they are the two best British wrestlers in the world. Time to find who is THE best, with the UK title on the line.

Ospreay asks the fans if they like the idea of a match at Royal Quest. The fans cheer that! Ospreay considers it… And then he says okay, ZSJ is on! ZSJ thanks Ospreay and Ospreay thanks ZSJ. But do they bow or shake hands? They slowly reach out, and shake hands. Fans applaud as these two rivals have one more on the books. But neither wants to let go of the shake first. They agree, same time. Three, two, one, done. Then Ospreay yoinks ZSJ’s belt off him! Ospreay plays dumb but ZSJ lets that one slide. Until Ospreay rushes in! Then ZSJ dodges to scoop! Ospreay slips free and fans cheer the standoff!

Ospreay says a Zack Driver after all this? C’mon! He’s just trying to give you the belt back. Sure, sure, mate. ZSJ bails out and takes his leave, having to get ready for AEW WrestleDream and Bryan Danielson before Royal Quest. Ospreay chuckles and tells ZSJ he’ll see him at the Copper Box Arena. Ospreay tells Kobe that before they go, he needs to know the answer to one question: Who is the best pro-wrestler in the world? “OSPREAY!” Hmm… Who is the best pro-wrestler int he world?! “OSPREAY!!” That’s right! He is THE best pro-wrestler in the world, because he is Will Ospreay, and he is on ANOTHER LEVEL! ARIGATOGOZAIMASHITA!!

Ospreay waves the Empire’s banner while the streamers fly! The IWGP UK Champion is also going to Seattle for WrestleDream in a stacked Six Man Tag Match, but will he survive one more Don Callis Family feud to make it home to London?

My Thoughts:

An awesome night for NJPW on this large Destruction tour, even though I still skipped things. Well, I did skim, pretty good stuff but the first half was filler/build matches as this tour continues into October. Great stuff out of the KOPW Championship match with a unique take on the lumberjack match. But the last time (I watched) these two factions interact, something made me think the Heel Master was going to turn on his guys, and here we are! Yoshinobu now gives the House of Torture even more of a numbers advantage, really putting the pressure on Sanada and Just Four Guys when it comes to the rivalry. But as such, I would think Sanada retains in Ryogoku.

Great tag title match, but I figured Bishamon would retain. Goto & Hashi are a great team, NJPW knows they can depend on those two. Though nothing against TMDK, it probably just isn’t their time yet. NJPW probably wants to give Aussie Open time doing stuff in AEW/ROH before they resolve things between Aussie Open and Bishamon since Aussie Open never truly lost the titles. Then we got great stuff out of all the LIJ VS United Empire singles matches. Going in, I definitely figured it was all going to go this way. I lost it laughing at Naito’s canvas tote bag being his contract briefcase. And while Tsuji looked absolutely incredible tonight, I had no doubt Ospreay was going to retain.

WrestleDream is also a big part of his and ZSJ’s schedule, so Ospreay wasn’t going to lose momentum going into that Six Man Tag, and ZSJ wasn’t going to lose going into his true dream match with Bryan Danielson. And now, Ospreay VS ZSJ one more time around for the now IWGP UK Championship, that is going to be amazing stuff. Though with ZSJ still the inaugural NJPW World TV Champion, I don’t see the need for him to win Ospreay’s title. Perhaps they give these guys like 30+ minutes to put on a Match of the Year candidate so that no one can complain about ZSJ losing.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/23/23)

It’s an ABSOLUTE Death Match!



Ricky Starks finds a way to up the intensity from All Out!

As if a Strap Match wasn’t enough, Ricky Starks wants revenge on Bryan Danielson in a Texas Death Match!! Will this be an ABSOLUTE blood bath?


  • AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin; Christian wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • Hook & Rob Van Dam VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker w/ Jake Hager; Hook & RVD win.
  • Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Kiera Hogan; Julia wins.
  • Jay White w/ Bullet Club Gold VS Andrade El Idolo; White wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Workhorsemen; FTR wins and and retains the titles.
  • Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks VS Bryan Danielson; Bryan wins.


Darby Allin speaks.

“Tonight I win back the championship that changed my life from Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. I’m not a stupid man, I know this is gonna be a Handicap match. But I am gonna walk out the new Face of TNT.

Christian Cage speaks.

“Tonight on Collision, Darby, you’re challenging myself and Luchasaurus in a three way match for the TNT Championship. Let me remind you that Sting is not allowed at ringside and I don’t like your chances. We will remain the Face of TNT now and forever. Do you understand me?”


Ricky Starks speaks.

“Bryan Danielson, you have never tapped me out. I passed out. You’re talking to a guy that’s been to Heaven, so if you’re looking test God, look no further than Absolute Ricky Starks. Tonight, I put you six feet under.”

Bryan Danielson speaks.

“Ricky Starks, you’re in a lot of trouble for challenging me to a Texas Death Match. A match where to win, you have to knock somebody down and keep them down. Here’s the thing, people have been trying to keep me down my entire career, and nobody has succeeded yet. And Ricky, you sure as Hell won’t succeed tonight either.” Will the American Dragon once again slay the Absolute?


AEW TNT Championship Triple Threat: Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin!

As the Relentless One just said, this might as well be a Handicap Match, because you can bet Captain Charisma and his Right Hand of Destruction are united in destroying Darby. Will Darby even survive this match? Or will he find a way back to former glory?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who really wears that title after this!

The bell rings and Darby is wary of his enemies. Fans rally for Darby, but Christian bails so this turns into a 1v1 match. Luchasaurus and Darby circle, and Luchasaurus taunts Darby with a test of strength. Darby throws POCKET SAND! And then he DIVES onto Christian! Darby RAMS Christian into steel steps, then puts him in the ring! Darby hurries to CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Darby keeps moving and he DIVES onto Luchasaurus! Down goes the dinosaur! But Christian pokes Darby in the eyes, and HOTSHOTS him to the floor! Luchasaurus is up and he drags Darby over to RAM into railing!

Fans rally for Darby but Luchasaurus is on him again! Luchasaurus whips Darby into more railing! Fans actually duel as Luchasaurus fetches a chair for Christian then puts Darby in. Christian soaks up the cheers and jeers, then he sits Darby in the chair to CHOKE him on the ropes! Christian stands on Darby, the ref reprimands but there’s nothing to be done in a Triple Threat. Christian drags Darby up, and CHOKES him against the chair’s back! Christian says Darby did this to himself. But then Darby throws hands! Luchasaurus CHOKES Christian, then BACK SUPLEXES him and the chair!

Luchasaurus goes to cover but Christian tells him no, they need to do more damage. Luchasaurus goes out to fetch more items, but Christian covers Darby! TWO! Darby is still in this but Christian TOSSES him out! Christian goes out to stand Darby up, and CHOPS him against the railing! Darby staggers, Christian and Luchasaurus surround him, then they double whip him hard into steel steps! Darby tumbles up and over, fans boo Christian, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Christian flexes, then stalks Darby. Christian SMACKS Darby off steps, then Luchasaurus brings Darby around to CHOP against the apron. Darby flops over and Christian is there to whip him into more railing! Darby staggers all around, Christian & Luchasaurus stalk him to the other corner. Christian gets the chair again to JAM Darby! And again! Darby staggers and stumbles away but Christian follows after. Christian pushes Darby into the ring, then brings him up. Christian has Luchasaurus stand back. Christian talks trash right to Darby’s face, pie faces him and smears the face pain before he CHOPS and CHOPS!

Christian tells Luchasaurus what to do, then he runs at Darby. Darby dodges to send Christian out! Darby fires off on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus shoves him back and HEADBUTTS him down! Luchasaurus stands on Darby’s back! Darby endures, even as Luchasaurus steps all over him! Darby crawls to a corner, Luchasaurus brings him up and Christian throws hands on Darby! Collision returns to single picture as the mugging moves to the corner. Fans boo as Christian & Luchasaurus double whip Darby into a corner. Luchasaurus runs in but Darby dodges and Luchasaurus POSTS himself!

Fans fire up as Christian runs in, Darby dodges and he POSTS himself! Roll up, TWO! Oklahoma roll, TWO! Christian kicks low to suplex, but Darby slips out, SCORPION DEATH DROP! Fans fire up as Darby climbs! But Luchasaurus drags Christian to safety! So Darby just SUPER COFFIN SPLASHES!! Fans are thunderous as both men go down! Darby puts Luchasaurus in the ring, climbs up, and Luchasaurus stands. Darby MISSILE- NO, Luchasaurus catches him! JURASSIC- NO, Darby slips out! Darby BOOTS Luchasaurus, then hits a DIAMOND DUST! But Christian has the title belt!

Christian aims but Darby ducks! SHOTGUN! Down goes Christian! Darby runs in but Luchasaurus catches him, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Darby flops out of the ring and Luchasaurus sees the belt. It is rightfully his, so he picks it up! Fans cheer that he finally holds HIS belt! Christian storms in but Luchasaurus won’t give it back! Christian asks for the belt back, fans say “IT’S YOUR BELT! IT’S YOUR BELT!” Luchasaurus still hands the belt over to Christian, but then Darby shoves Christian into Luchasaurus! And then Darby BELT SHOTS Luchasaurus!! Cover, TWO?!? Luchasaurus survives  but Darby PENALTY KICKS!

Darby goes up to COFFIN DROP!! But Christian returns to POST Darby! Cover on Luchasaurus, CHRISTIAN WINS!!

Winner: Christian Cage, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Well, at least now Christian will be rightfully holding onto this belt. Sleazy as he is, Captain Charisma truly reigns as the Face of TNT, will Darby have to move on to a new goal? As for Luchasaurus, he sees Christian’s hand be raised, and then Christian hugs him? Well, when one wins, they both win, right? Christian has Luchasaurus lift him onto his shoulders, then Christian raises the belt high above his head. Will Luchasaurus ever be his own man? Er, dinosaur.


Backstage interview with The Don Callis Family.

Alex Marvez is with Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara and Don Callis himself, and says that the wrestling world is buzzing with what we saw on Rampage. Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho are united, along with Kota Ibushi, and challenged the DCF for WrestleDream! Don says it makes him sick just thinking about Omega and Jericho on the same side, when Don is the one who put them both on the map! And now, they’re name dropping Kota Ibushi. Ibushi is a wrestling legend, but his weakness is Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega loves Kota Ibushi, they are closer than brothers, and that kind of emotion makes them weak! They always have been!

Don isn’t worried. As great as Omega, Jericho and Ibushi are, Don has Sammy Guevara, who left Jericho laying. Don has Konosuke, “The Alpha,” who earned that name when he beat Omega twice in one week! And Don has another family member. This man beat Jericho and Omega in the course of two months, and that is WILL OSPRAEY! So you want WrestleDream to become a nightmare? Don doesn’t think so. Omega, Ibushi & Jericho will face the strongest Don Callis Family ever! See you in Seattle, where they finish it once and for all!!


Backstage interview with Christian & Luchasaurus.

Collision returns as Tony Schiavone congratulates the NEW TNT Champion. Christian says yes, every legitimate title defense has solidified him as the UNDISPUTED TNT Champion! He dedicates this victory to Nick Wayne’s mom, and Nick Wayne’s late father, who must’ve been cheering Christian on from Heaven. But anyway, Christian is finally finished with Darby once and for all, bring on the next challenger! Actually, Tony Khan just announced that Christian’s first defense will be at WrestleDream in Seattle. And it will be a classic match-up. They’ve gone back and forth, so this will be BEST 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS!

Christian is furious! He storms off to find Tony Khan, but will it matter? Will Darby finally have justice against Captain Charisma?


Hook & Rob Van Dam VS Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker w/ Jake Hager & Anna Jay!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil just beat the former Jericho Appreciation Society members last night in a Mixed Six Tag with help from his new friends. But now he joins forces with an old friend of his dad’s! Will Hook and RVD prove they’re a one of a kind team? Or will they underestimate the sports… enner-tay-ners?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up for RVD already. RVD lets Hook start against Daddy Magic, though, and fans still rally behind Hook. They tie up, Menard arm-drags, and Menard gloats. Fans boo but Hook resets with Menard. They tie up, Hook waistlocks, hammerlocks, and he trips Menard to a facelock. Menard fights up but Hook spins and hammerlocks and headlocks and hits the takeover! Hook then goes for an arm, but Menard fights against the top wristlock. Menard knees low, tags Parker, and Parker whips. Hook holds ropes, ELBOWS Parker back, but Anna trips Hook up! Parker CLOBBERS Hook and stomps away!

Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Parker tags Menard. They double whip Hook to a corner, Parker whips so Menard can whip him into the corner but Hook dodges! Hook then wrenches Menard, and points to the corner! Fans fire up as Hook tags in RVD! RVD takes the handoff, he wrenches to a wristlock and fans rally up. RVD brings Menard around, arm-drags him away, but then Parker CLOBBERS RVD! Fans boo but Menard throws hands. Menard whips, RVD rolls off Menard’s back and body scissor roll-up! TWO, but RVD blocks a kick to WHEEL KICK! Parker kicks RVD, but RVD blocks the buckle bump and KICKS back!

RVD goes up to JUMP KICK! “You Still Got It!” RVD watches the ex-JAS regroup, but they get away before he can dive! So he just gets everyone to join in on a “ROB! VAN! DAM!” Hager throws a fit for his team, but Collision goes picture in picture.

RVD waits as Menard & Parker talk strategy. Menard slowly returns, talks some trash, and he seems to call out Hook. RVD obliges and tags Hook in. Hook and Menard circle, then Menard kicks low! Menard whips Hook into Parker’s boot! The ref reprimands but Menard stomps Hook around. Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers, and then distracts the ref so Parker can CHOKE Hook! RVD protests but Parker tags in to throw hands. Parker JABS, then whips Hook to DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Hook is still in this while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns as Parker tags Menard. They double whip Hook but Hook holds ropes to KICK Menard and TOSS Parker! Menard rushes in but Hook TOSSES him out! Hook hurries but Parker intercepts with a tackle! Fans boo but Parker drags Hook away from RVD. Hook wrenches free, clinches, and hits the EXPLODER! Fans fire up while Hook and Parker are down! Hook crawls, Anna shouts at Parker to move, but Menard crawls in as fast as he can. Hot tag to RVD! RVD rallies on Daddy Magic! Then he SUPERKICKS Cool Hand Ange! WHEEL KICK for Menard! RVD runs, for the ROLLING THUNDER!

RVD covers but Menard kicks it apart! Fans boo Menard but he brings RVD up. Menard scoops, RVD slips free and blocks a kick to step over and WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up as RVD goes to a corner. But then Anna distracts the ref and Hager has a chair! RVD dodges to KICK the chair into Hager! Hook gets in Anna’s face, Parker storms up on him, but Hook turns it around, REDRUM!! RVD goes up, takes aim, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! Cover, #HookVanDam wins!

Winners: Hook & Rob Van Dam, by pinfall

Michigan’s own comes back home and wins big! Will RVD have one more title run in him? Will Hook’s newest run not be stopped?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

He has two titles to defend now, with the ROH World Championship in one hand and the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship in the other. And he knows WrestleDream is AEW’s love letter to the late, great Antonio Inoki. The Mad King wants to face the man who best embodies Inoki’s vision today, and that is Katsuyori Shibata. This won’t be just about the NJPW Openweight but also the ROH World title. He wants Shibata to bring his all because that’s what Eddie is gonna do. But then, will Eddie remain the two belt king? Or will we soon see The Wrestler become a TRIPLE CHAMPION?


The Dark Order speaks.

John Silver says, “This world has gotten outta control.” Alex Reynolds says it’s just too much, too fast, and it needs to stop. Evil Uno asks us who we will turn to “when it’s all done?” Happy music plays over destruction and desolation. “You need structure. You need rules. You need order. The Dark Order! Because The Dark Order is good! And we’re here for you!” Uno sneaks in some Italian, “But not forever.” Will you trust these creepy grins? Will you #JoinDarkOrder?


The Kingdom speaks.

Matt Taven says “Neck health is important!” Best Friends are a bunch of liars! When Trent hurt his neck, was Chuck by his bedside? NO! And now these Melvins wanna take away what The Kingdom earned, what they deserve, their shot at the ROH World Tag Team titles!? They will show these dorks what people who don’t celebrate neck health deserve! And Mike Bennett says Chuckie T got some of that last night. A punch to the wiener and a piledriver! So next Saturday is piledrivers in support of neck health! And then they will see how close Best Friends really are, how strong they really are. They aren’t stronger than The Kingdom, and they damn sure ain’t #NeckStrong!


Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Kiera Hogan!

The Lady of the House was truly Hartless against Skye Blue last night, bringing out The Babe with The Power. However, Willow Nightingale was then attacked backstage to keep her from competing tonight! So Skye’s other friend is stepping up! Will the Hottest Flame burn this witch down? Or will the House always win?

The bell rings and Kiera rushes up to ROCK Julia! And again and again! The fans rally up as Kiera whips Julia into ropes, runs side to side and HIP ATTACKS! Kiera bumps Julia off buckles, waistlocks, but Julia bucks the O’Conner. Julia runs up to throw Kiera down by her hair! Fans rally, Julia stands on Kiera’s hair and pulls the arms! The ref reprimands, Julia steps off at 4 to then stomp Kiera down! Brody says to stay on her so Julia CLUBS away on Kiera! Julia kicks Kiera around, drags her up and SMACKS her off the mat! Julia stomps Kiera again, drags her back up, then snap suplexes! Julia grins as she then rains down fists!

The ref reprimands about closed fists so Julia lets off. To then let off with one more! Julia paces around Kiera, brings her up, but Kiera throws hands! Kiera ROCKS Julia, BOOTS her, then ROUNDHOUSES! Julia wobbles, Kiera runs in, but Julia spins Kiera for an STO! Standing MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kiera is still in this but Julia is still on her with a chinlock! Kiera endures, fans rally up, and Kiera fights up. Kiera throws body shots, blocks a punch to give a punch, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Julia! And again! Kiera runs in to SHOTGUN Kiera into the corner! Fans fire up as Kiera goes corner to corner, but Julia sends her into buckles!

Julia drags Kiera up to throw her by her hair again. Brody says keep on Kiera, so Julia whips her to a corner. BACK ELBOW! Julia grins as she snapmares, and then KICKS Kiera in the back! Julia drags Kiera up, SMACKS her off the mat, and then runs, to BLINDSIDER! Julia says the House always wins. HARTLESS STRETCH!! Kiera taps, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by submission

A 25-0 win streak for The Lady of the House, but she isn’t satisfied! She puts Kiera back into HARTLESS!! But here comes Skye Blue! She was on the other end of this so she’s making the save now! But again, Julia hides behind Brody. But then Brody moves and Julia BLACK MISTS Skye!! Julia strikes again! Brody asks, “Do you see this? Do you see this!? This will not end! This violence will not end! 25 matches, over two dozen bodies stacked, and this will not end until we get to the one. The last loss! KRIS STATLANDER! Next Sunday, Seattle, Washington, WrestleDream, put your TBS title on the line. Or the body count continues to rise.”

But Julia wants Kris to understand: The House ALWAYS wins. Will the Galaxy’s Greatest look to end the streak? Or will the TBS Championship fade to black?


The Righteous speak.

Death walks. You dig what they’re saying? Ol’ Vincent & Dutch are pure, are divine, and are the corpse of decency nailed to a post of greed and moral decay, draped under the shadow of purity. But now they expose MJF & Adam Cole, and purify the lie that is “Better Than You, Baybay.” You dig what they’re sayin’, man?


Jay White w/ Bullet Club Gold VS Andrade El Idolo!

The Switchblade and his Bang Bang Gang called out The Face of Latino Wrestling, saying White’s reputation is more widespread than Andrade’s. Will White make Andrade famous for losing to him? Or will Andrade become famous for beating Jay White?

The bell rings and the fans already taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” White says this is Andrade’s moment in the spotlight! They tie up, go around, and Andrade powers White to the corner. The ref counts, Andrade lets off slowly, but White SLAPS him! White uses ropes as a defense and the ref backs Andrade off. White and Andrade reset, Juice is liking this, but then Andrade headlocks. Fans rally up, White endures the grind, and White powers up and powers out. Andrade runs White down, and then goes to run, but Juice is in the way! The ref reprimands but White knees Andrade! White headlocks and hits the takeover.

Juice and the Gunns shout “ARMAS ARIBA!” Andrade endures, fights up, and he powers out. White slides out, says to heck with it, but Andrade slides! White dodges, Andrade dodges back, and Andrade CHOPS White down! White sputters but Andrade puts him in the ring. Andrade climbs, leaps, CROSSBODY! Andrade bounces off the cover, but he drags White back up. BCG are worried as Andrade snap suplexes! Uno AMigo! Fans fire up as Andrade hits Dos Amigos! Andrade gets White up again, gives us some Latino Heat, then hits THREE- NO, White silps free and pulls hair! The ref rephrimands, they’re in the corners and Andrade HEADBUTTS!

White BOOTS back, goes up, but Andrade triangle jump DROPKICKS White to the floor! BCG hurry to check on their captain but Andrade goes out after him. Andrade puts White in, covers, ONE! Austin rubs it in, that was UNO! Andrade seethes but he drags White up. Andrade whips White to the corner, but White dodges the splash to clothesline and DDT! Cover, TWO! Andrade stays in this but White stays focused. White goes to the corner to CHOP! White RAMS into Andrade again and again, the ref counts but White lets off at 4. To then CHOP! White whips corner to corner but Andrade blocks to BOOT!

Andrade goes up but White CHOPS again! White fireman’s carries, to TKO HOTSHOT! And then White BLASTS Andrade down! Andrade hits railing, BCG swarm like a pack of hyenas, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Colten does a victory lap for White and White goes out to fetch Andrade. White brings Andrade around to SMACK him off the apron, then he pulls hair to APRON GOURD BUSTER! Andrade falls to the floor, Juice taunts him with a dance, and White flexes as he refreshes the ring count. White and the BCG all flex and pose, then White puts Andrade in the ring. Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third cover, TWO!! White is frustrated but the count is fair. White stalks Andrade to the ropes to CHOKE him and fishhook his face! The ref counts, White lets off, and Andrade CHOPS! And BOOTS! White blocks a boot to DRAGON SCREW!

White strums the air guitar to let Tanahashi know he’s thinking of him. Then he GROUND DRAGON SCREWS the same leg! Andrade writhes to the ropes but White wraps the bad leg around them! The ref reprimands, White lets off, and then White drags Andrade up to HALF HATCH into the corner! Then White gets the legs to high stack, TWO! Andrade is still in this and White is frustrated. White drags Andrade into a chinlock and he grinds Andrade down. But Andrade fights up as Collision returns to single picture! The fans rally, White grinds Andrade down again, but Andrade still endures.

Fans rally more as Andrade keeps fighting. White shakes his head but Andrade stands to throw body shots! White throws Andrade down by his hair! The ref reprimands but White storms back up, into a cradle! TWO!! White kicks the bad leg! Andrade falls and clutches that knee, but White sits him up. White CHOPS! Andrade sputters and White talks trash, but Andrade pie faces him! Andrade eggs White on so White CHOPS him! Andrade still eggs White on so White CHOPS! White finger guns, but Andrade dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Fans fire up as both men are down! The standing count starts and both men stir.

BCG coach White, White drags Andrade up, and “This is Awesome!” as they go forearm for forearm! Andrade CHOPS, White CHOPS! Andrade CHOPS, White wobbles and staggers, but White comes back to CHOP! Fans rally as the CHOPS just keep going! White kicks, Andrade blocks to DRAGON SCREW! And then DRAGON SCREW again! Andrade runs, ducks ‘n ‘dodges to CLOBBER White! Fans fire up but the BCG worries for White. Andrade kips up! El Idolo has plenty of gas left in the tank and he has White in a corner. Andrade goes corner to corner, for CIEN- NO, the BCG drags White out to safety. So Andrade goes up to ARIHARA MOONSAULT!!

Fans are thunderous as Andrade takes out the whole Bang Bang Gang! Andrade puts White in, climbs up again, and then MOONSAULTS, lands on his feet, DOUBLE MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! White survives and Andrade is frustrated, but the fans are loving this! Andrade looms over White, brings White up, and reels him in, White drops down but Andrade CLUB S him! Andrade full nelsons, White break sit to switch, but Andrade fights the sleeper! White CHOPS! And CHOPS! White runs, but into a BOOT! Fans fire up as White flops down. Andrade drags White up but White SAIDOS Andrade up and out of the ring!!

The ref hurries to check but Andrade is somehow able to continue. White drags Andrade up and into the ring, storms up on him, and clinches, for the URENAGE! Cover, TWO!?! White pushes that arm back down, TWO!!! Andrade survives but just barely! White clamps onto Andrade with a sleeper, brings him up, but Andrade fights the suplex. White staggers, blocks the boot, KNEE BREAKER! Andrade shouts about his leg, which has given him trouble in the past. But White CHOPS! And CHOPS! Both men hobble, but Andrade boot feints to ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!??! White survives and fans are loving this match all over again!

White and Andrade stir, then White crawls to a corner. Andrade stands, fires up and runs, CIEN SHADOWS!! Then the hammerlock, LA SOMBRA DDT!!! Cover, Juice helps White with the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo as BCG gets away with one! Andrade is beside himself, but he drags White around by a leg. Fans “WOO~!” as Andrade steps through! FIGURE FOUR! White endures, the “WOO~” echoes out, but White CLUBS away at Andrade’s leg! Andrade pushes up to the FIGURE EIGHT! The Ass Boys distract the ref so Juice can CLOBBER Andrade with his Cowboy of the  Month award!! White is free of the leglock!

White drags Andrade’s deadweight up to hit BLADERUNNER!!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

Andrade being alone was doomed from the start with Juice and the Gunns backing White up! And then they all taunt Andrade while he’s down! Andrade takes his first AEW loss, but will he back for venganza? (Vengeance in Espanol.)


Ortiz speaks.

“All In, Wembley Stadium. Did to me what you’ve been doing to me the last 14 years of my life. You used me, then you walked away. Sure did have a lot to say on social media. Sure did have a lot to say on TV. And then when I confronted you… Called you over and looked you in your eyes, you walked away. Tough keyboard warrior. You did what you always do: You ran from your problems. Guess what? You’re not gonna be able to run much longer.” Will there be a clash of the proud ‘n’ powerful on the horizon?


Shane Taylor Promotions speaks.

Shane Taylor himself says that on paper, Shane Taylor VS Keith Lee may not seem like much of a rivalry. But Keith knows better, doesn’t he? They came into ROH at the same time, established “The Pretty Boy Killers” and DOMINATED the tag division. Lee Moriarty says to tell ’em! Shane says that from ANS to War Machine to The Briscoes, they took ’em all out! But then Keith went to go work for “the other billionaire,” while Shane stayed and became an ROH legend! The world got to see Keith be limitless, but now it is Shane’s time on the biggest stage! And the only thing standing in the way IS Keith.

Shane says if it is to feed his family, then he will put Keith in the GROUND! Before Shane takes everything Keith has, Keith must step in the ring with The Best Damn Technical Wrestler, Lee Moriarty. Will #TAIGASTYLE bring Keith down to size? Or will Moriarty #BaskInHisGlory?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Workhorsemen!

The open challenge of opportunities continues as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler give JD Drake & Anthony Henry their shot. But with WrestleDream and a rematch with Aussie Open on the horizon, will the Top Guys get caught off guard? Or will FTR be bringing the gold to Seattle?

Speaking of, Aussie Open is here! Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis are dressed to the nines and they join commentary to watch this one with their own eyes. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are the true Top Guys!

The teams sort out and Cash starts against Henry. They circle, feel things out, and Cash denies Henry a leg takedown. Henry comes back, gets around to a waistlock, but Cash fights up to facelock. Henry slips free, gets around again, facelocks again, and then gator rolls to hammerlock! Cash has the ROPEBREAK, and the two separate. They reset, circle, and tie up. Henry gets an arm to wrench it but Cash slips around to fireman’s carry takeover! Henry headscissors but Cash kips up. Henry wrenches, wristlocks, but Cash rolls, kips up and wrenches to WRING Henry out! Fans cheer but Henry keeps moving!

Henry kips up to then back drop, step over, and Oklahoma Roll! TWO, and Henry DROPKICKS Cash down! Henry drags Cash up, wrenches, tag to JD. They mug Cash, JD whips Cash toa corner but Cash avoids the chop! JD avoids a chop, and the two stare down. Tag to Dax, and fans rally up. Dax and JD step up, tie up, and Dax headlocks. JD powers out, Dax RAMS JD, but JD CHOPS! Fans fire up seeing how hard that one hit! JD puts Dax in the corner to CHOP again! JD eggs Dax on so Dax CHPOS! And CHOPS! AND CHOPS! Dax whips, JD reverses to atomic drop, then scoop and SLAM! FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, ONE!!

JD keeps on Dax, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS! Tag to Henry, and he runs to then come back and forearm smash! Tag to JD, feed to the LARIAT! NECK TWIST! SLINGSHOT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Dax hangs in there but JD looms over him. JD stomps Dax, throws hands, then tags Henry. The Workhorsemen CHOP and KICK and KICK and KICK! Dax snarls and eggs Henry on so Henry KICKS! Dax CHOPS! Henry KICKS! Dax CHOPS! They go back and forth, KICK and CHOP! Henry SOBATS, but Dax suplexes to a BRAINBUSTER! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Henry wobbles but he tags JD.

JD runs to swing on Cash but Cash dodges, only for the LARIAT to get him! JD keeps moving, SHINING WIZARD! Dax ends up in the Workhorsemen corner, and JD CANNONBALLS! Tag to Henry, Henry goes up, and JD tags back in. Henry DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Then Henry FLIES to take out Cash! JD is up< SCRAP METAL MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives being squashed and the fans lose their minds just from seeing it! But wait, Cash has Henry, GORY BOMB to the apron!! Dax runs up on JD but JD ROCKS him! JD goes up, to FLYING- POWERBOMB!! Step through into SHARPSHOOTER!!

JD endures, fans rally, but JD taps! FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by submission (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Aussie Open says okay, then it’s on! WrestleDream will mark the anniversary of the instant classic back at Royal Quest! Mark Davis gets a mic to say, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” The fans reply “OI OI OI!” Davis says congrats, and keep those belts bright. Because FTR is in the fight of their lives! Fletcher knows Aussie Open says it a lot, but FTR once said themselves that Aussie Open is the best tag team in the world today! And they’ve heard the complaints, “What happened to the Aussie Open that took FTR to the limit in a five star classic?” Well, they admit they haven’t lived up tot he hype, but that is why they challenged FTR to this match!

Aussie Open needs to prove to to the people, they need to prove it to FTR, and they need to prove it to themselves that they ARE everything they say they are! Dax has a mic to say yeah, okay. Aussie Open were sacrificial lambs to Max and his best friend. They were sacrificial lambs to Chris Jericho and his best friend. But what Dax wants from them, what he is begging them on his hands and knees, he wants the biggest, baddest bastards in the world, because on October 1st, WrestleDream, Aussie Open faces THE BEST TAG TEAM IN HISTORY! Fans cheer that! And Dax says if Aussie Open don’t bring that, then don’t even show up. #TopGuysOut.


Backstage interview with CJ Perry.

Lexi Nair is with Miro’s hot and flexible wife, and says this is the first time we’ve seen her since she surprised everyone at All In London, which was also the first time anyone in wrestling has seen her in two years. So the question is, why now? CJ says that The Redeemer, who she loves so much, has lost his way. She wanted to help him be champion again. But unfortunately, he’s rather preoccupied with the past and… temptations. But then in steps Miro! He says his only temptation is her. And her temptation is this: the lights, the cameras, the fame. It changes you. CJ says she loves the hustle, the puzzle, the chase, and helping those she loves! It makes her come alive!

Miro says his righteous path was to save “them.” And if CJ stays, that means he’d have to… To what? Save her? What were their wedding vows again? Well, they each have to do what they each have to do. They will each walk their own paths. But if there is any love in Miro’s heart for CJ, then please, do not lay a hand on any of her future clients she’s going to manage here. Okay? Can he promise that? Miro leaves without giving an answer. Will pro-wrestling come between husband and wife?


BREAKING NEWS for WrestleDream!

As if it wasn’t already big enough, the TBS Championship IS on the line! Kris Statlander is giving Julia Hart her shot, but will Mama Kris be the one running the house after October 1st? Plus, a massive Fatal 4 Way Tag match! The Young Bucks, The Gunns, The Lucha Brothers and #OrangeHook battle for an AEW World Tag Team Championship opportunity, any time they want it! Who will have some highly valuable golden tickets in their pockets?


Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks VS Bryan Danielson!

These two truly went all out in their Strap match, and while The American Dragon won, Ricky Starks holds to the fact he didn’t tap out, he passed out! Will that unstoppable fighting spirit help Starks win this even more brutal rematch? Or will this be an Absolute thrashing that puts this one to bed?

Starks attacks Bryan the moment he’s in the ring! The bell sounds and Starks fires off hands! Bryan gets up to hit Starks back, they scrap in the corner and Starks gets the edge! Starks stomps away on Bryan, stands him up, and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Starks throws body shots, UPPERCUTS, then goes up the corner to rain down fists! Fans count to five but Bryan DUMPS Starks out! Bryan builds speed to DIVE! Down goes Starks and fans fire up! Bryan finally gets his jacket off to drag Starks up and CROTCH Starks on railing! Bryan runs to CLOBBER Starks! Bryan then goes out after Starks and throws hands!

Bryan then hits Starks with someone’s drink! And RAMS him into the trash can! And then dumps the trash on Starks! Bryan goes after Starks with headbutts, going up the bleachers! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan drags Starks up, ROCKS him with a left, then brings him along, only for Starks to send him into barriers! Starks RAMS Bryan into more barriers, then runs up, into a body shot! Bryan KICKS Starks against barriers, again and again and again! Fans fire up as Bryan then HEADBUTTS Starks and pushes him along back to ringside. Starks goes over the railing on his own but Bryan is after him!

Bryan HEADBUTTS, Starks CHOPS, then Starks TOSSES Bryan into the front row! The fans help Bryan up, as does security, but Starks goes to the apron. Starks springboards to CROSSBODY into the pile!! Fans lose their minds while Collision goes picture in picture.

Starks dumps Bryan back to ringside and then drags himself up and over. Starks stands Bryan up to CHOP! Bryan staggers away to commentary but Starks storms after him, Bryan SMACKS Starks off the desk! And CHOPS him against the desk! And again! And again! Bryan HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS, and HEADBUTTS again! Bryan snarls, puts Starks in the ring, then storms up to get a leg. Bryan twists the ankle to turn Starks over, then he grabs the other leg. Bryan hooks the legs up, and he fishhooks Starks’ face! Then Bryan gets the arms, and pulls, pulls and pulls Starks into the ROMERO SPECIAL!

Starks endures, Bryan sets him down, and then Bryan drags Starks into the DRAGON SLEEPER as Collision goes to break!

Collision returns and Starks is clawing at Bryan’s face! Starks has a mic so everyone can hear him egging Bryan on. Then Starks dribbles Bryan’s face off the desk! Bryan’s forehead is busted open! Starks lets Bryan fall over, then throws hands right to the wound! Fans rally for Bryan and boo Starks, but Starks drags Bryan up to put in the ring. Starks drags Bryan to the corner, to YANK him into the post! Starks ROCKS Bryan, SLAMS the leg into the post, then ROCKS Bryan again! Starks uses the microphone to jam at the wound! Fans boo but Starks grabs a chair. Starks has Bryan’s leg, to SMACK  it against the post!

Bryan writhes away into the ring but Starks is after him. Starks CHOKES Bryan with the chair! Then Starks JAMS Bryan! Starks then traps Bryan’s leg inside the chair! Fans boo more as Starks goes up the corner! But Bryan gets free and he SMACKS Starks! And SMACKS him again! And again! And again! Starks is stuck up top and Bryan brings him up to throw hands! Bryan climbs up, brings Starks tot he very top, but Starks trips Bryan! Starks throws more hands, and BITES the bloody forehead! Starks SPITS, then he throws down fists! Fans tell Starks he’s sick, but he just does his pose! Only for Bryan to punch back!

Bryan adjusts, to SPIDER SUPERPLEX Starks down! Fans fire up as Bryan manages to sit up again! Bryan huffs ‘n’ puffs and adjusts position again, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Starks is sent tumbling into the other corner, and Bryan is getting a second wind! Starks sits up as the standing count starts, but Bryan KICKS him! And KICKS him! And KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up, to BUZZSAW! Fans fire up while Starks flounders. The standing count starts again but Starks grabs at the chair. Bryan is in the corner, aims and runs in, but Starks CHUCKS the chair into his face!! Fans boo as Bryan goes down!

Starks stomps Bryan, the standing count starts, and fans chant for tables. Starks brings Bryan up by his hair, mocks the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” while treating Starks like a rodeo horse, and Collision goes picture in picture again.

Starks drops a knee on Bryan! And then another! Starks goes out to look under the ring, ignoring the table, to then bring out a STRAP! Starks swings that around, he wants to continue where All Out left off. He LASHES Bryan, and LASHES him again, and again! Then Starks CHOKES Bryan with the strap! Bryan endures but Starks hits a STRAP BULLDOG! Starks lets off for the standing count to start, and Bryan is still floundering at 5 of 10. But Bryan rolls out of the ring to get back to his feet! Starks hurries out after Bryan but into a CHOP! Bryan UPPERCUTS, ROCKS, and then POSTS Starks! Starks falls over and Bryan staggers away.

Bryan’s crimson mask is growing but he can still see Starks. Bryan drags Starks by a leg, but Starks SMACKS Bryan with a steel chain! Bryan ends up back in the ring but still down for the standing count. Starks grins and gets in to wrap the chain around his fist. Starks aims to FULL METAL KNUCKLE! Collision returns to single picture as Bryan staggers, then drops to his knees. Starks swings again but Bryan dodges to ROUNDHOUSE! Starks staggers around, Bryan runs back in and CHOPS! Starks CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS! They throw hands and CHOPS, and then Bryan KICKS and KICKS! Starks blocks to SLAP, SLAP, and so on!

Fans fire up but Bryan dodges, only for Starks to SPEAR!! Starks roars, and he wraps the chain around Bryan’s neck! Just like Bryan did with the strap!! Starks bends Bryan back and squeezes tight! Bryan is fading, but he shakes his head! Bryan isn’t giving up, but he might pass out like Starks did! Bryan is purple!! Starks lets go, and he wants the count! The count begins, Bryans putters and stirs, but is still down at 5 of 10. Starks watches from the corner as we hit 8 of 10! Bryan rises up at 9, but Starks grabs the chain again! Starks squeezes tight, and then drags Bryan up into a HANGMAN’S GORY ESPECIAL!

Bryan kicks and goes to ropes! Bryan uses ropes to get up and over and get free!! Fans are thunderous but Starks is primed to run in! SPEAR into a takedown!! LEBELL LOCK!!! Starks flails, grabs the chain and he throws hands! But Bryan grabs that chain, to wrap it around Starks!! Starks freaks out as he relives All Out!! Starks is purple, and he passes out! The count starts, Bryan keeps on Starks with the chain, but Starks revives!? Starks powers up, powers out and he rains down fists!! Fans are thunderous, but Bryan just turns things around! Fans are even more fired up! Bryan lets off on Starks and both men rise.

Bryan HEADBUTTS! Starks throws a haymaker! HEADBUTT! Haymaker! HEADBUTT!! Both men flop over! Bryan shakes out the stars, “This is Awesome!” The count is 6 of 10, both men stand. Starks swings a chair, but Bryan dodges! Bryan returns to BUSAIKU KNEE through the chair!! Fans fire up again as Starks flounders. Bryan says it is time to kick Starks’ head in!! Bryan gets Starks’ arms, and he fires DRAGON STOMPS!! Again and again and again, and again and again and again! But Starks SPITS at Bryan! So Bryan just STOMPS him more!! Fans fire up, Starks checks his face but also has blood coming from his eyebrow.

Bryan backs off, brings down his kneepad, and he wraps the steel chain around his knee! Fans are loving “A E DUB!” for giving them this main event, and Bryan stares Starks up. Bryan runs in to FULL METAL KNEE!!! Starks is down, and the count begins! Bryan crawls away at 5 of 10, drags himself up at 8, and the count hits TEN! Bryan wins again!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Starks wanted revenge, but he only got another vicious fight and crushing defeat. Big Bill and Wheeler Yuta come out to check on their respective allies. Bill helps Starks stand, as does Yuta with Bryan. Yuta and Bill get at each other, but Starks has them all stand down. Is this Starks’ way of showing Bryan respect for the absolute war they just went through? And where does Starks go from here?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision here, and some more added to WrestleDream just as I was hoping. Julia had a good match with Kiera, she mists Skye, but instead of calling out Willow for a PPV match, she wants Kris and the TBS Championship. That will be a good match for WrestleDream but I feel like Kris wins that. Really good tag title match from FTR VS Workhorsemen but of course FTR wins so that their match with Aussie Open is now a title match. No idea who wins that but we all know it will be a match of the year contender. And I think something rather interesting is that Fatal 4 Way contenders tag match, and that detail about a title match “at any time.” Is a team going to win and then Money in the Bank those AEW tag titles away from whoever wins? Because that’d be awesome, actually.

Speaking of which, really fun tag match of Hook & RVD beating Menard & Parker. Of course Hook & RVD win, which helps give Hook & Cassidy momentum going into that WrestleDream Fatal 4. RVD is probably in AEW to be part of the fun, have more of these really good matches, but I can’t really say he is actually after another title reign of some kind. Then big stuff from Eddie Kingston, putting up TWO championships up in his match with Shibata. That’s one huge first defense for the ROH World Championship, but I would think Eddie retains. As awesome as it’d be to see one man with three singles titles, there’s no good story of Eddie losing the belts he worked so hard to have so soon.

Don Callis has a good promo in response to the Six Man Tag challenge, but of course Will Ospreay is the third man, even though I would’ve loved for them to bring in someone really good that really needs something to do. But whatever, Ospreay brings star power, and there is story here already where Ospreay’s faced all three men, Omega, Ibushi & Jericho. It’ll also be an awesome match with Ospreay in it, but I would think Jericho & The Golden Lovers win. It’d also be great if Daniel Garcia helped tip the scales in Jericho’s favor, completing the double turn of Garcia and Guevara and perhaps giving us Garcia VS Guevara.

Really good TNT Championship Triple Threat that was really a handicap match. While I was thinking Christian was going to force Luchasaurus to give him the win, Christian instead opportunistically takes the win from Darby in where he has to pin Luchasaurus. And yet we’re getting a Best 2 Out of 3 Falls match at WrestleDream. That will make WrestleDream even longer, but maybe that is where it all comes to a head with Nick Wayne being in this story. Great match from White VS Andrade, but of course Bullet Club Gold helps White win that one. I know there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between Andrade and La Faccion Ingobernable since Andrade turned Face, but this would be the time for LFI to show their new aggression while also helping Andrade against BCG.

And of course, a great Last Man Standing match in the main event. Oh, yeah, that was a Last Man Standing match they dressed up as Texas Death even though it wasn’t like we weren’t going to notice. Literally earlier this year, AEW Revolution, Hangman VS Moxley, THEIR Texas Death Match was Knockout, Standing Count or Submission/Verbal Forfeit. But I guess since they already played their hand of Starks taking a loss by fainting, meaning Starks would never tap out or say “I Quit,” they could only go with the KO/ten count finish. Still a great match, but I’m just a stickler for labeling things what they are, and this as Last Man Standing, not Texas Death. But I did like Starks having Bill stand down. Makes me think that Starks could be a future ally to the BCC.

My Score: 8.9/10

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