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Do you have a passion for professional wrestling (or areas that have crossover appeal with wrestling)? Do you also share a passion for writing and/or podcasting? If so, The Chairshot wants you!

The Chairshot is looking for individuals to add their own analysis and insight to our platform, making it YOUR platform! Your work will be featured on our main page, and distributed to thousands of readers. Our team is heavily active on social media, meaning you are not alone when sharing and discussing your work. The Chairshot is a family, all focused on growing our site into a powerful force in this marketplace.

Our force is currently getting more powerful by the day, too. The Chairshot was featured as a wrestling website on the WWE Network during the Elias Documentary:

Our contributors typically write or podcast weekly at a minimum, but more than once per week won’t be turned away!

Outside of the first listing, our writers and podcasters are not paid to start. As a start-up, we are still building a brand with the goal of offering more and more paid positions. If this turns you away, please keep one thing in mind: as The Chairshot is able to add more paid positions, those positions will go to those already writing for and growing the site.

Unsure or have questions, email Greg DeMarco, publisher, at [email protected].

What Needs Do We Have?

Most articles are due by 11 PM eastern time the night before they would normally publish. For example, if your opinion article runs on Thursdays, it would need to be submitted by 11 PM eastern time on Wednesday night.

Opinion & Analysis Writer

This position is paid $5/article for 4 articles per week. Our opinion writers submit articles covering Top 5 lists, WWE Raw & Smackdown, NXT, AEW, New Japan, Ring Of Honor, MLW, IMPACT Wrestling, independent, international wrestling–basically everything! Opinion pieces are typically a minimum of 600 words, and often feature embedded tweets, videos, and images. These should be topical and engaging.



  • WordPress familiarity/experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Availability throughout the week
  • Strong communication within the organization

This is our lone paid opening, paid weekly at $5/article for 4 articles per week.

To apply:

  • Email [email protected] and [email protected] 
  • Include your areas of interest, the four days you would prefer to submit your articles
  • Include three (3) samples of your work (these can be links of prior published work or attached samples)


The Chairshot is always open to welcome hard hitting and engaging podcasts to our Chairshot Radio Network. If you have a podcast and think it fits our network, email [email protected] and [email protected].

Who Are We Looking For?

In any medium, the phrase “know your audience” is critical to long-term success. If you follow these three key tips, you can be successful in our medium and with our staff.

“Have a Take and Don’t Suck!”

Coined by Jim Rome, this phrase applies to nearly every aspect of covering pro wrestling. readers come at a premium, and we don’t want to waste their time. If you’re writing an opinion piece, have an opinion! There is nothing more frustrating to the reader than an article titled “Will Finn Balor Win Another WWE Universal Championship?” that doesn’t answer the question listed in it’s title. Take a side. We do not tell our writers and podcasters what side to take, just to take a side! 50/50 journalism is not what we are after.

“Be Original, Smart, Funny, and Authentic.”

This one is coined by Clay Travis, one of the fastest rising stars in in the digital sports content realm. Be you, form your own content and own opinions. Don’t focus on how many people are reading, but if those reading are getting the real you. That will keep them coming back. We want our readers coming back to the site because they want to see what you have to say. That’s the only way to stand out.

“Always Use Your Head.”

If you haven’t seen this slogan yet, we have to question your motivation in being involved with The Chairshot! The motto of the site is about more than being hit with a chair, that’s for sure! We want our staff to be smart about things, not to believe everything they read or hear, and to form their own opinions without the influence of “internet wrestling newz” and others. There is tremendous value in taking what you see and hear and asking the simple question “What else could this be?”

Do we mark out? Of course we do! If you don’t, we don’t want you. There is plenty to love about pro wrestling in, and we want the good with the bad.

“Keep It Simple.”

The online wrestling marketplace is very crowded, and too many are getting silly to stand out. Keep your material simple. You don’t need to release a 3-hour podcast in this day and age. Instead, plan to put out 60-90 minutes of good, strong content. Articles don’t need to be 3000-words if the point can be made in 500-900 (for opinion) or 300 (for news).

There are times when longer is better; when making this determination, please default to point number 2: Always Use Your Head. And ask–our leadership is here to support you and help talk you through the decision making process.

If you are trying to decide of The Chairshot is a good fit, or if you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Greg DeMarco, Publisher, at [email protected].



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