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Ring Of Honor Coverage

Matt’s Recap & Reviews: Ring of Honor TV (10/28/19)

Ring of Honor Television on FITE TV: Episode #423



Ring of Honor Television on FITE TV: Episode #423

“Since 2002 we have created excellence together.”– Jay Lethal

Showing the ending of Death Before Dishonor between Angelina Love and Kelly Klein, with Love using the Botox Injection to get the win and the Women of Honor Championship. Ian Riccobani tells us The Allure has captured the championship and will defend it tonight in a triple threat match against Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose. We are introduced to our first match of the night featuring a “Vegas Wild Card” match with all the participants chosen at random.

1) Jay Briscoe vs Joe Hendry vs Silas Young vs Cheeseburger vs Marty Scurll vs Jeff Cobb vs Josh Woods vs Brian Johnson vs Rhett Titus
Death Before Dishonor Fallout Tour
Las Vegas, Nevada

Starts off with Kenny King and Cheeseburger. King drives Cheeseburger into the corner and asks for a test of strength, but Cheeseburger reverses, King with double arm drags and gets a wristlock maintaining control. Cheeserburger tries to escape with a side headlock and gets dropped hard off the mat with a shoulderblock. Misdirection from Cheeseburger off the ropes, shoulder block gets two! Hard powerslam by Kenny King gets two! King allows Cheeseburger to roll into the corner and tag in Rhett Titus.

The former tag team champions tie up as Johnson tags Kenny King and begins barking at King that he’s the legal man and to get out of the ring. Johnson tags in Josh Woods as Johnson and King argue on the apron. Titus and Woods lock up. Cravate into a head takeover, Woods with a rolling pin gets one. Woods transitions into a full nelson and they exchange standing switches. Silas Young tags Rhett Titus as Silas Young and his protege square off. Fans start to change “Hug it out”, Young refuses as they tie up. Woods with an inside legsweep into a lateral press. He rolls Silas Young inside out and turns it into a banana split roll up as we fade to a commercial..

Back with Joe Hendry in the ring, driving Brian Johnson into the corner and Hendry tags in Rhett Titus. Titus with a power slam and a tag to Cheeseburger. Titus body slams Cheeseburger onto Johnson for a pin and a kickout. Burger tags Silas Young who stomps Johnson in the corner and tags Titus back in. Big splash by Titus gets a two count. Johnson with a back elbow ito a springboard shoulder. Johnson tags in Jeff Cobb who throws Titus over his head! Jeff Cobb lifts both Cheeseburger and Silas Young in his arms before dispatching both. He tosses Cheeseburger like a rag doll. Cobb destroying all four of his opponents. Titus flips onto the top rope, caught by Cobb in a stalling falcon arrow. Standing moonsault gets two by Cobb! Cobb tags in Kenny King who slaps Rhett Titus across the face and trash talks him. King heads outside the ring as Titus takes chase, back in, Johnson with a hard lariat that drops Titus and Johnson demands King tag him in. King fakes him out and back on the attack. Snap suplex! King backs into Woods who tags in. Woods crushes Rhett Titus! Knee in the corner! Pin and One count only. Brian Johnson slaps Woods back and tags in. Brian Johnson tells the crowd to shut up as Johnson attacks Titus as a couple fans chant “Last Place” at Johnson as he works over Rhett Titus.

Shenanigans occur as Johnson refuses to tag any of the men in his corner as Cheeseburger gets a hot tag. Cartwheel into a superkick and a Fuji Special! King attacks Cheeseburger, Hendry drops King with knee facebuster, Woods in and sends Hendry out, Titus drops Woods, Johnson launches off the top rope onto Titus and Silas Young with a backbreaker across the knee into a clothesline! Cobb and Hendry standing face to face. Titus ad Cheeseburger attack Cobb! Cobb with double pumphandles to King and Cheeseburger as Hendry drops two men with a double fallaway slam as they square off again. Running double clotheslines and both men are down. Everyone’s down! On the outside, Cobb and Hendry crash into each other as the crowd explodes. Silas Young and Josh Woods in the ring, Brian Johnson drags Woods outside, Cheeseburger drops Brian Johnson! Kenny King with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster to Burger! Titus with a Caporeia Kick to Burger! King tries a suplex but Titus blocks, Young and Woods drop the All Night Express from behind and Woods school boys Silas Young for the win in 15:00 shown.

* Jay Briscoe and Marty Scurll were shown on the screen as participants in the match, where as Kenny King and Rhett Titus were not, yet the latter were in the match. Odd.

Winner: Josh Woods (and his teammates who I couldn’t keep straight at all? Was this a tag match? Was it a Scramble? No rules were discussed, the pre-match advertisement didn’t have the correct participants shown, action was wild and tags were random)
Grade: *
Thoughts: I was going to give this two stars for having a decent length for an opener, one of the longest matches I’ve reviewed for Ring of Honor TV, but I need to take a whole star off for how confusing this whole thing was. I’m not surprised, this match is the epitome of Ring of Honor Television wrapped up into one highlight.

We are back with highlights of The Kingdom against The Bouncers in a Barroom Brawl at Death Before Dishonor as The Bruiser and Milonas were bleeding. Also shown was Marselgia throwing darts into Beer’s back. Everyone was bleeding as Milonas and Bruiser picked up the win. Backstage, Bruiser and Milonas celebrated with crimson masks, as Beer City Bruiser asked who’s next because they just proved they could fight.

2) The Bouncers (Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser) Vs Slice Boogey & Chris Bey

Boogie pie faces Bruiser to start as trash talks him. Bruiser is in great shape from when I’ve seen him before as Bruiser crushes Boogie as the crowd chanting “Beer Beer Beer” as Milonas and Bey get tagged in. Bey on the attack but Milonas sends him into the corner. Milonas tries a charge but Bey with a kick to the face. He tries to jump off the top, but Milonas drops him with a clothesline! Chris Bey gets crushed under Milonas who tags in Bruiser. Bey with forearms, missed a swing, Bruiser dazes Bey with dizzying punches and bites Bey’s forehead! Bruiser argues with the referee that he didn’t bite him, because he ain’t go no teeth.

On the outside, Boogie drops Bruiser with a clothesline. Bruiser rolls back in and Bey with a shining wizard! Tries a pin but Bruiser kicks out before one! Tag to Boogie who drops an elbow on Bruiser but kicks out. Bey tags back in, standing moonsault gets one only! Bey tags in Boogie. Hard spinebuster on Bey! Bruiser sends Boogie down and tags in Milonas who buries Boogie in the corner, runnuing body splash to both his opponents! Crossbody by Milonas onto Bey! Double team as Milonas with the diving guillotine legdrop, reminiscent of The Decapitation Device with a legdrop instead of an elbow, for the win at 4:30.

Winners: The Bouncers
Grade: *
Thoughts: Athletic squash as Boogie and Bey looked decent in a couple minutes of action. The Bouncers deserve more recognition for their explosive team work. I think they will be ROH Tag Team Champions before long. They are one of, if not the top contending team in the company right now. (I need to say this, and it might not be popular, but Brian Milonas needs to lose some weight. That’s not healthy to be carrying around that much weight. As I mentioned in the beginning of the match, Bruiser looks to be in the best condition I’ve ever seen him in this company in years, he’s still heavy, but he’s lost a ton of weight. He looks healthy and bulky, not balloon huge. Milonas looks really big. I hope he decides to give his body the benefit of the doubt before his heart gives out on him and we lose another wrestler young. Please Brian, please do yourself a favor.)

After a commercial, we are back with Rhett Titus, Silas Young, Cheeseburger, and Joe Hendry backstage. Titus says “We learned some things here in Las Vegas, 1) Cheeseburger is the greatest 2) I Believe in Joe Hendry (#IBelieveInJoeHendry), 3) Kenny King is going to get his ass whooped, and 4) I guess the student is better than the teacher, as he turns his attention to Silas who says his teammates didn’t have his back! Hendry breaks them up and tries to cheer them up by handing out autographs as Silas storms away.

Backstage after Death Before Dishonor, Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham are discussing their electric match. Lethal has an ice pack on his elbow, telling Gresham he also broke his elbow, and asks Gresham if they’ve hashed things out. Lethal apologizes if he upset him and apologizes for his constructive criticism. He says Gresham is the best technical wrestler in the world, and if they’re going to team he needs to start listening to his partner. Lethal asks what next, Gresham says he thinks the tag division needs a team like them. (Insert Simon Miller’s “Nobody Talks Like That!”)

Back with Ian Riccobani and Quinn McKay who plugs Rush vs Jeff Cobb at Honor United which can be found on Honor Club! Riccobani tells us that Gresham is a former Top Prospect Tournament competitor, but right now we will see highlights of the 2019 Finals match between Austin Gunn and Dak Draper. Literal highlight package of the entire match. Dak Draper picked up the win as Gunn stares into the lights as Draper celebrates.

Backstage, Dak Draper said at the beginning if the tournament he said he didn’t have to work hard to win the tournament and then remarked that was a lie. He’s been waking up every morning five days a week to train and says he pushes himself harder than anyone does. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s tall, but he’s strongest asset is his mind. He says his mind is the general and his body is the army. He says it doesn’t matter who the TV Champion is, he’s got him in his sights.

After a break, highlights of Rush winning the ROH World Championship, as Riccobani tells us about Rush against Jeff Cobb! He tells us about ROH The Experience, ROH Unauthorized, ROH Survival of the Fittest, and Final Battle all coming up for whoever the champion is. Quinn McKay says Rush is one of the hardest hitting and toughest champions of all time, as she wants Brian Zane to tell us his Top 5 Toughest ROH Champions Of All Time.

Brian Zane introduces him and says success is defined by win and losses, but also tenacity. 5) Austin Aries, the greatest man who ever lived, snapped Samoa Joe’s undefeated streak and won the title in 2004, then five years later became the first ever two time ROH World Champion in 2009, 4) Mr.Wrestling Kevin Steen, he says Steen has always flew in the face of authority but always backed it up. He defeated El Generico in one of the greatest ladder matches of all time, and also caused a riot when he spat in the face of Jay Lethals parents, 3) Samoa Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine, when you think of dominance you think of Samoa Joe. Joe was the first to defend the championship internationally, making it the ROH World Championship, and reigned for 21 months, the longest of all time, 2) Brian Danielson, the man once called The American Dragon was a founding father of the company, winning the championship in 2005, and holds the record for most successful defenses over 400 days, he wrestled the end of his reign with a major shoulder injury, and 1) Nigel McGuiness. No one felt for so long, in so much pain as much as Nigel, he held the belt longer than anyone else for a 545 day reign, withstanding a torn bicep (which ultimately ended his career), a concussion, a broken nose, and more while holding his own against the best wrestlers in the world. Dalton Castle walks up to Brian Zane and complains he’s not on the list even though he broke his back and then won the championship and defended the championship for six months, asking if that’s not tough?! He says he swims in the ocean and he’s not afraid to swim with sharks. Castle says he’s the top 5 toughest champion of all time!

3) ROH Women Of Honor Champion Angelina Love (w/ Mandy Leon) vs Sumie Sakai vs Jenny Rose
ROH Women of Honor Championship
Triple Threat

This is a television exclusive match. Jenny Rose out first, Sakai next, followed by the champion, Angelina Love. We are told Sakai was the first ever Women of Honor champion, and she trained Jenny Rose. Cabana says Love will do anything to retain the championship.
Bell sounds as we have under 10 minutes left in the show.

All three women stand across from each other. The challengers attack Love early. Double team attacks on the champion in the corner, double suplex! Double clothesline and the champion rolls to the outside. Jenny Rose turns it against Sakai inside and tries to suplex her but Sakai blocks. Rose reverses into a spinning side suplex for two. Off the ropes, Rose crushes Sakai, and Sakai tries again but Love trips her and gets in the ring. Running crossbody by Love on Rose. Sakai trips Love ad drags her outside, dropping her with a forearm! Inside, Jenny Rose with a Fishermans Suplex for two! Fade to a break…

Jenny Rose has a half crab locked in tight on Sakai, as Love drops Rose with a bulldog, Love locks in the Koji Clutch on Sumie Sakai in the middle of the ring! Nowhere to go! Sakai refuses to give up and swings her legs to the ropes. Sakai looks unconscious and Love breaks after four count. Love with a Lou Thesz Press to Rose on the outside, Rose trips Love into the apron, inside, Rose chops Love in the corner, and Love throws Rose outside and targets Sakai again. Sakai with a Fishermans Buister! Hooks the leg! Two count only! Love reverses Smash Mouth into a bridge pin for two! Love sends Sakai outside into Jenny Rose! Jenny Rose rolls inside with a jawbreaker to the champion! Rose with a boot to the throat! Rose targets on Sakai who is rolling in the ring. Both women brawling as they both take down Love. Rose with a short Spear for two and a half! Victory roll by Sumie Sakai for two! Rose with a lariat, hooks the legs, two and a half! Uranagi by Rose! Love dives in to break the count! Love with the Botox Injection! Sukai breaks the pin! Sukai hooks Love in the Smash Mouth again as Mandy Rose distracts Sakai on the apron and she chases Rose. Turns around into a Botox Injection for the win at 8:45 shown.

Winner AND STILL ROH Women of Honor Champion: Angelina Love
Grade: **1/2
Thoughts: For a match that ran under 10 minutes there was some fun stuff in here between three talented women. I wasn’t expecting much, but they delivered. Jenny Rose looked like a future star, and Sukai can just go, and at her age that’s truly amazing. Sukai being “distracted” by Mandy Rose on the apron was stupid, why not hit your move and THEN attack Rose? It’s as old as time in wrestling and it doesn’t get any less illogical. Another complaint I have is, Sakai didn’t sell either submission hold AT ALL. The announcers kept playing it like she was exhausted. Not believable, at all.

Overall Show Grade: 5/10

Maybe one of these days we will get a show worth watching. Few major complaints this week, but overall, the planning and production of these shows are mindbogglingly bad. Who makes these episodes for television? They surely can’t all go through the same person or team. There’s so much confusing direction that it can’t be possible; it’s embarrassingly unprofessional. Does this company know they are satire wrestling right now? Even in TNA’s worst moments, they weren’t this bad. I will replace whoever is in charge of producing these shows, and I’ll do it for half the salary and I promise you, I’ll make a relevant program that makes sense.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (4/11/24)

Moving on from Supercard!



Step onto the Proving Ground!

After defeating Lee Johnson, Kyle Fletcher is still ROH World Television Champion! But will he soon owe Rhett Titus a shot at the title?


  • Isiah Kassidy w/ Marq Quen VS Action Andretti; Action wins.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions VS Kaz Jordan & Julian Ward; STP wins.
  • Nyla Rose VS Kat Von Heez; Nyla wins.
  • Cole Karter VS Christopher Daniels; Daniels wins.
  • The Righteous VS Bryce Donavan & Chico Adams; The Righteous win.
  • Anna Jay VS LMK; Anna wins.
  • Zak Knight VS Alvin Alverez; Zak wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship Proving Ground Match: Kyle Fletcher VS Rhett Titus; Kyle wins and denies Rhett a title match.


ROH hears from Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston.

It was after Supercard of Honor when the NEW ROH World Champion and the former sat down backstage, iced up and having some cold ones. They cheer, kampai, salud, all that. Mark says they still like each other, so think about that. If this is what they do to friends, then House of Black, y’all’re in trouble. AEW Dynasty, Mark & Eddie have the wild man, Big Cope! Eddie laughs at House of Black. They think they’re crazy cuz they play in the dark. Evil SOBs, they are. But they’re in for a long night! Look what they did to each other when they’re friends! They don’t like or even respect House of Black!

Eddie respects Mark, look how he made Mark bleed! Mark likes Eddie, look what he did back! C’mon, now. Get outta here. Y’all’re on some different stuff, God bless your hearts. See y’all in St. Louis.


Isiah Kassidy w/ Marq Quen VS Action Andretti!

Private Party and Top Flight continue to have beef, and that’s bringing Kassidy & Quen to ROH! Brother Zay wants to get title “Shots! Shots! Shots!” but will he get the party going towards The Kingdom? Or will the Sight to See help put his team in pole position?

The bell rings, the Code of Honor is upheld, but then Zay kicks low and CLUBS away! Zay asks, “This your boy!?” The fans boo Zay but he fires forearms on Action. Zay wrenches, whips, but Action goes up and over! Action keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! And then DROPKICK! Action kips up, the fans fire up, and Action IMPLODER TORNILLOS! Cover, TWO! Zay stays in this and Quen coaches him, but the fans rally. Action drags Zay up, UPPERCUTS him down, and then has Zay in a corner. Action CHOPS and Zay squeals! Zay goes to another corner, Action storms up to whip corner to corner.

Zay reverses, Action goes up but Zay catches him! Zay throws Action onto the ropes, right onto his runway! The fans rally and Zay runs side to side to then SHOVE Action down. Zay says work smarter, not harder. Action sits up on the floor but Zay goes out to bring him up. Zay whips Action hard into railing! Zay says they don’t teach that at school, that’s life. Zay refreshes the count, goes back for Action, but Action throws hands! Action fires forearms, Zay fires hands in return, then sends Action back into railing! Zay says “Say cheese!” then HAMMERS away on Action! Zay taunts fans, dares them to say something now, then he stomps Action.

Zay puts Action in the ring, slingshot SENTONS, then dusts off the shoes. Zay flexes, soaks up the heat, then goes after Action again. Zay snapmares, wraps on a chinlock, and vows to put Action to sleep! The fans rally as Action endures and fights up. Action throws body shots, but Zay clinches to SIDE EFFECT! Shoutout to the Hardy Boys, then Zay covers. TWO, but Zay uses his rag to CHOKE Action! The fans boo and the ref counts, but Zay lets off. Zay says he was wiping the sweat from Action’s face, but then he brings Action up to whip and ELBOW! Zay taunts the fans more, takes a bow, then goes back for Action.

Zay drags Action up, Action throws body shots again! Zay knees low, CLUBS Action, then CHOPS! The fans “WOO~!” and Action staggers to ropes. Zay wrenches and whips but Action holds ropes! Zay runs up but into a BOOT! Zay comes back, Action slides under then CLOBBERS Zay! Action CLOBBERS Zay again, wrenches, BACKBREAKER to NECKBREAKER! The fans rally while Zay bails out. Quen is there to coach Zay but Action builds speed! Action DIVES and down goes Zay! Action gets Zay in, goes up a corner, and springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Zay stays in this and Action grows frustrated.

Quen coaches Zay but Action looms over Zay. Action drags Zay up, torture racks, but Zay kicks and flails! Zay gets free, shoves Action, but Action goes up. Zay catches him again, puts Action on the apron, but then Action blocks a kick to spin Zay. Zay DRAGON WHIPS, then springboards to STUNNER! Action falls to the floor and the fans rally up. Zay blows a kiss, then slingshots up and over, to ASAI MOONSAULT! Direct hit at the ramp, and Zay checks his shoes. They’re good, so Zay puts Action in. Zay goes up, and he SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Action survives and Zay can’t believe it! Quen also argues, but the ref defends his count as fair.

Zay stalks Action as he rises and the fans rally up. Zay kicks, TWIST- NO, Action powers out, gets around, and goes up, POISON-RANA! Zay staggers about, Action springboards, FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO! Zay survives and Action is surprised! The fans rally again and Action goes to the apron. Quen lurks, Action storms up on him. Quen gets away, Action springboards, into a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Action survives and Private Party is stunned! Zay hurries to the corner and goes up top. Action springs up to ROCK Zay first! Action CLUBS Zay, Zay throws hands in return, and Zay clinches to SUPER SIDE- NO, Action backflips through!!

The fans are thunderous as Action runs up on Zay, to SHOTGUN him into buckles! Zay falls, Action hurries to go up and SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, Action wins!

Winner: Action Andretti, by pinfall

The Sight to See proves he’s one of a kind and he ruins the party for Private Party! Will Action & Top Flight soon take aim at the Bang Bang Gang and those ROH World Six Man titles?


ROH hears from The Undisputed Kingdom.

Also after the action at Supercard, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett regrouped with Wardlow in the parking lot. The ROH World Tag Team Champions were still very sore after going to war with The Infantry. They feel awful, but how does “big man” Wardlow feel? He feels great. And that’s all they need to hear! Infantry, the Kingdom told you there was nothing they wouldn’t do to keep the ROH World Tag titles! And tonight, they did it all on their own! Taven says that they came back two years ago, two YEARS ago, unsure what was gonna happen next, but all they wanted was these titles. And this is Supercard, did The Infantry really think they were gonna take them?!

And now that they’ve got the big man back on board, who’s stopping them? Look at them! They are the GREATEST tag team in ROH history! And with Wardlow behind them, no one will ever beat them! They are the UNDISPUTED Kingdom! Will the War Marchine, the Maestro of Mayhem, continue to be a massive insurance policy for all of the Kingdom’s gold?


ROH also hears from The Infantry.

Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo regrouped with Trish Adora backstage after Supercard, and this is what pisses them off! They were doing their thing constantly, constantly, constantly. They had Kingdom up against the ropes, they were doing their thing, and they were really winning! Nobody in this building saw that giant vanilla gorilla get in there to knock Dean’s head off? Dean calms Bravo and says it’s okay. It just proves what they’ve been saying! The Kingdom needed outside interference to stop The Infantry’s momentum! But they can’t knock Infantry off the pivot. They’ll keep moving, keep marching, keep stepping.

Yeah, Infantry took a loss tonight. But win or lose, Infantry’s up! They’ll come back better than ever! Kingdom saw what Infantry’s about! You can’t kill ’em, they’ll just keep coming! Bravo will put it like this: clearly, y’all know what it is; clearly, y’all’re nervous; clearly, The Infantry got these dudes in their feelings. Every member of that old boy band, The Pinnacle or whatever, this is whack. But have no fear, The Infantry is here, and they’re here to stay. It’ll take a lot more than that to get rid of them, do you copy that?


ROH hears from Billie Starkz.

ROH cameras followed the NEW ROH Women’s World Television Champion backstage as she met with Mama Starkz to show her the belt. Billie says, “I did it!” but Mama Starkz says no, she didn’t. Billie did it all wrong! She was raised better! She trained so hard for this moment, and look at herself! Yeah, she’s champion! With that neck fake out? That wasn’t funny. No, yeah, it wasn’t funny, it was a trick, she’s not hurt. Mama says Billie knows better. ROH is Ring of Honor. Billie mockingly says, “Honor, honor, honor!” She won the title! The rest of the family’s proud, right? Mama says stop it, Billie.

Mama reprimands Billie for cussing, for acting crazy, for cheating, all of it. And she’s sick of Billie hanging out with Athena, she is a bad influence. Billie says she won the title and that’s still not enough!? But then Athena’s there and they hug it out! Billie did it! She champion now! She number two, Athena number one! Athena will be Billie’s mom! Let’s go! What? The Fallen Goddess brings Billie along, are these two going to reign over ROH with iron fists?


Backstage interview with Lee Johnson.

Also backstage after Supercard, Lexi Nair talked with Big Shotty. That TV Championship match was certainly star-making, with Lee taking Kyle to his limit. Even though Lee fell short, that was incredible stuff, walk us through the match. Lee says he feels good, oddly. He’d been waiting for so long to have a match like that, and tonight was finally his night. He’s been working his ass off every single week, and it led to this moment. So even though he didn’t win, Lee also didn’t lose. Lee won something out there. Big Shotty keeps up the positivity, will he hit the mark the next time he gets a shot?


ROH hears from Kyle Fletcher.

Speaking of that TV title match, The Protostar returned backstage, and he won’t say Lee Johnson is on his level, but he is certainly closer than Kyle thought. It wasn’t personal until Lee brought up how Kyle doesn’t wanna show up to work. The reason Kyle doesn’t show up to defend his title is because he got kicked out of the country, had to go back home to Australia, had to renew his visa. And while he was sitting in a hotel room, by himself, for two WEEKS, all he wanted to do was get back here! To defend his title! And Lee had the nerve to say Kyle didn’t wanna show up? Well that’s what you get! That is what you get taking those cheap shots!

Kyle is the Protostar because he is going to be THE star one day, and that match proves it! Kyle hopes Lee Johnson never forgets it! The Aussie Arrow is getting back to work tonight, will he shoot down another contender?


Backstage interview with Dalton Castle & Paul Walter-Hauser.

Also after Supercard, Lexi was with The Peacock, the Emmy winner and all the Substitute Boys as they celebrated the epic battle against Johnny TV. Lexi says Castle has conquered the mountain, he says there’s no height he can’t climb, so she asks him what are his thoughts? What’re his thoughts? He can’t think! Everything hurts and tingles, but he’s never felt more alive in his life! Did you see him out there? They doubted him, took everything from him, burned it to the ground, but he rose from the ashes! He breathed TV, he fueled himself with power, and surrounded himself with some of the most talented TV people in the world!

Castle turns to Paul Walter-Hauser, him coming to Castle’s side… Does he feel that? Depends on what Castle’s asking, but yes, Paul felt something. He just wants to say, before Castle goes off on Paul’s IMDB résumé, Paul wants to say he is a lifelong fan of Castle’s. And Paul wants to say, this whole thing with Johnny, Paul had Castle’s back day one, and will continue to have his back. It was a little scary at first, he’ll admit, because Castle texted Paul, “Come hand out with me and a bunch of Boys.” Castle promised Paul a good time. Did he have a good time? Paul deleted that text conversation because it would’ve been bad if someone had read that out of context.

Castle says look at this! Look at what they’re surrounded by! Lexi says yes, she sees. Castle says there’s nothing that can stop this force! He is the drum, he is the power, they are The TV that ROH has been craving! Paul says if you’re looking for a real TV Champion, you’re looking at one right here. Castle says yes, he likes the sound of that. Now let’s go! C’mon, Boys! The flock of Boys head out and Paul asks if they’re all orphans or what. Lexi isn’t sure, can’t really talk about that on TV. Paul says okay, he’s just feeling some orphan vibes. Paul hurries after Castle, will they both look to take over ROH TV?


ROH hears from Mariah May.

Toni Storm’s protege was backstage after Supercard to say she can’t even believe she just made her ROH PPV debut. She actually asked for this match because on Wednesday, she lost to Thunder Rosa and let Toni down. Mariah wanted to redeem herself and make Toni proud, so she hopes Toni was watching so she could prove herself against a Stardom girl. And then Mina Shirakawa finds Mariah backstage and thanks her for coming to the ring to celebrate. Mariah is AMAZING~! Mina gives Mariah a kiss and a round of applause, and then says let’s drink a toast! Mina serves the bubbly to “The princess,” but Mina is princess, too!

The two “princesses” kampai, and drink up! Rose Gold is back together again and it feels so good, but how will the leading lady take it?


Mark Sterling speaks.

“Alright, I want you to take a pen and paper and write down all of your accomplishments.” Smart Mark doesn’t really wait while he describes Josh Woods: “National champion wrestler at the University of Central Florida, four-time SEC Champion, four-time All American, ROH Pure Champion, captain of the US MMA team, all this while running fight camps for the most dangerous fighters in the world because you know more than them! You have a body that can take a punch and punch back twice as hard. A ferocious in-ring style that makes opponents second guess their career choice, and a mind only focused on what’s in front of him until it’s beaten into the ground.”

Now take a look at that paper. On that paper, Woods could beat anyone in this business. Time to come off the page. Josh Woods is a Premier Athlete.


ROH World Television Championship Proving Ground Match: Kyle Fletcher VS Rhett Titus!

We heard from the Aussie Arrow earlier tonight so we know he’s all fired up! He wants to put in the work, but he wants others to do the same! Will Rhett remind us why he’s a former World TV Champion? Or will Kyle continue to prove why he’s The Protostar?

The Code of Honor is not upheld as Kyle kicks Rhett’s hand away, and the bell rings. The clock is ticking but Rhett goes for a leg. Kyle stays up, Rhett waistlocks, but Kyle switches to SLAM Rhett down! Kyle taunts Rhett while the fans fire up. The two reset, knuckle lock, and then Rhett headlocks. Kyle powers up and out, then he runs Rhett over! The fans are torn as Kyle poses like Jushin Thunder Liger, then he storms up as Rhett is on the apron. Rhett RAMS into Kyle, then bumps him off buckles! Kyle staggers away, Rhett slingshots to SHOULDER TACKLE! The fans rally up and Rhett stands Kyle up to CHOP! And ROCK! And CHOP!

Rhett runs, but Kyle scoops to SLAM him! The fans fire up again and Kyle roars! Kyle stalks Rhett to a corner but Rhett kicks low. Kyle throws a body shot in return, then he puts Rhett in the corner. The ref counts, but Kyle CHOPS! The fans fire up up, Kyle wrenches and WRINGS Rhett out! Rhett writhes, Kyle pushes him to a cover, ONE! The fans cheer, but Kyle clamps onto Rhett with an armlock. Rhett endures, the fans rally, and Rhett fights up. Rhett throws body shots, arm-drags free, but Kyle comes back to ROCK him! Rhett sits down at the ropes, Kyle grabs the legs and YANKS Rhett up! Rhett lands on his feet!

Rhett blocks a lariat, spins Kyle around, and then suplexes to SLINGSHOT FALCON ARROW! The fans fire up while both men are down and Rhett feeds off the energy! He and Kyle stand, Rhett gets around to shove and ROCK Kyle in the back! Another shove, another forearm to the back! Another shove, another forearm to the back! Scoop and BACKBREAKER! Kyle writhes and Rhett pounds the mat as fans rally up again! Kyle goes to a corner, Rhett runs up to BOOT! Rhett goes side to side to BOOT again! Kyle wobbles, but he runs as Rhett runs, GAMANGIRI in the corner! Then suplex, but Rhett reverses to a cradle! TWO!!

Kyle kicks, whips, but Rhett reverses to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Rhett keeps on Kyle with a HALF CRAB! Kyle endures, the fans fire up, and Kyle fights his way forward! But Rhett drags him back! Rhett drops down but Kyle kicks away on Rhett’s face! Kyle is free, but Rhett runs up! Kyle gets Rhett for a SNAP DRAGON! Rhett sputters, the fans fire up and Kyle snarls. Kyle drags Rhett up, spins him around, takes his time with the half nelson, HALF ‘N’ HALF! Rhett flounders, Kyle storms up, and Kyle stands Rhett up so he can pat him on the face. Kyle runs side to side, to CALF KICK!

Rhett staggers, Kyle says this is the end! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Kyle wins!

Winner: Kyle Fletcher, by pinfall (denies Rhett Titus a title opportunity)

The Protostar keeps that momentum going, he is looking untouchable! Kyle vows to become the greatest ROH TV Champion of all time, all you’ve gotta do is watch and love it! Will the Aussie Arrow continue to shoot down contender after contender until there’s no one left?

My Thoughts:

A very good ROH here, but yeah, I skipped so many of these matches because sadly, this was also a post-PPV aftermath filler type episode. Still good stuff in the matches I skipped, and honestly, I am surprised Christopher Daniels won. He’s mostly been putting over other talent lately, but Karter was on his own so clearly the idea is Karter can’t win against a veteran like Daniels without cheating. And Nyla got a real good match out of Kat Von Heez, that was certainly a Lady Hoss fight. And in Zak Knight’s match, he opened with such a solid spear tackle, I really thought he could’ve just won that one fast. He still got a good match with Alvin, and a good win for Zak going into his fight with Angelo Parker.

Great fallout promos from a lot of the champions and challengers on Supercard. I really appreciate Eddie and Mark chilling after their brutal main event and the message they sent to House of Black with it, and I really liked Mama Starkz staying Face and not being happy about her daughter going Heel. I really hope next week, we get a big celebration of Athena and Billie with both titles, which will then be crashed by one or more potential challenger. Meanwhile, Castle and Walter-Hauser had a fun little segment, maybe a little more amped up and chaotic than Walter-Hauser was ready for, but yeah, Castle definitely needs to go after the TV title again.

Good promo from The Undisputed Kingdom to stay hyped with Wardlow as their insurance policy, and good response from The Infantry to keep themselves hyped even in defeat. Good promo from Sterling to hype up Woods, but it feels like The Premier Athletes are already spinning their wheels, I just don’t know what it’s going to take for the whole to be more than the sum of its parts. They are all really great in-ring wrestlers but the personalities just never seem to come across as Heels that are threats. And very good promo for Mariah and Mina to bridge the gap between Supercard and the moment they then had last night on Dynamite. I still think we should get Storm VS Mina not even for the title but for the partnership of Mariah, that’ll be some fun.

Lee Johnson had a good promo but Kyle Fletcher’s response was probably best promo of the night. I wish AEW/ROH would’ve told us Kyle was having visa problems, because then there’s no misunderstandings as to why Kyle can’t be around. If Dynamite last night showed us anything, Tony Khan needs to get it out of his head that he doesn’t know how to do worked-shoot angles without making everyone look stupid! Sure it gives Kyle some passion going into his match tonight but it shouldn’t be that way at all. Kyle and Rhett have a good match, Kyle gets a good win for it, and if Castle is up next, Kyle and Castle are going to have great promos as well as a great title match.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Supercard of Honor Results & Report! (4/5/24)

History, destiny, legacy!



There can only be one “first!”

Billie Starkz and Queen Aminata fight to be the inaugural ROH Women’s World TV Championship while Athena and Shida fight for THE Women’s World title! Will the Shining Samurai dethrone the Fallen Goddess?


  • Zero Hour – Six Man Tag: The Premier Athletes VS Rhett Titus, Tony Deppen & Adam Priest; The Premier Athletes win.
  • Zero Hour – The Beast Mortos VS Blake Christian; The Beast wins.
  • Zero Hour – Spanish Announce Project VS Griff Garrison & Cole Karter w/ Maria Kanellis; Griff & Karter win.
  • Zero Hour – Mariah May VS Momo Kohgo; Mariah wins.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Kyle Fletcher VS Lee Johnson; Kyle wins and retains the title.
  • Six Woman Tag: Mina Shirakawa, Maika & Mei Seira VS Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano & AZM; Mina, Maika & Mei win.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS The Infantry; The Kingdom wins and retain the titles.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Finals: Queen Aminata VS Billie Starkz; Billie wins and is the inaugural ROH Women’s World Television Champion.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: Bullet Club Gold VS Lance Archer, Alex Zayne & Minoru Suzuki; Bullet Club Gold wins and and retain the titles.
  • Fight Without Honor: Dalton Castle VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie; Castle wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Hikaru Shida; Athena wins and retains the title.
  • ROH World Championship: Eddie Kingston VS Mark Briscoe; Mark wins and becomes the new ROH World Champion.


Home, there’s no place like it.

“Something familiar… Something deeper… Like someone’s watching over you. Over 20 years ago, an era of honor began here. Tonight, ROH returns to the City of Brotherly Love. This is Philadelphia, this is Supercard of Honor. This is home.”


Nigel McGuinness is here!

The former ROH World Champion is back on commentary for this one, because that’s how big tonight is for ROH!


ROH World Television Championship: Kyle Fletcher VS Lee Johnson!

The Protostar sees himself as THE star of this generation, and so far he’s made quite the case for himself since winning this title at Final Battle. But will the Aussie Arrow continue to prove himself? Or will it only take Big Shotty this one shot to hit the mark?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s really the Face of ROH TV!

The bell rings and the fans fire up already. The fans chant “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!” as Kyle and Lee stare down. They step up, Lee offers the Code of Honor, but Kyle kicks it away! The fans boo and Kyle circles around Lee. Lee and Kyle tie up, Lee waistlocks, but Kyle fights the lift. Kyle switches to SLAM Lee, then taunts him. Lee gets up while the fans rally up. Kyle eggs Lee on, he and Lee tie back up. Kyle headlocks, but Lee powers out to headlock back. Kyle powers out and he runs Lee over! The fans are torn as Kyle flexes, but Lee shakes it off. Kyle brings Lee up but Lee waistlocks. Kyle bucks the O’Conner, things speed up and Lee DROPKICKS!

Kyle staggers to a corner and the fans fire up with Lee. Lee bumps Kyle off buckles, CHOPS him, and the fans “WOO~!” Kyle goes to another corner, Lee storms up to CHOP again! The fans fire up while Kyle drops to his knees. Lee storms up on Kyle, but Kyle blocks the whips. Lee ROCKS Kyle, whips him, but Kyle reverses to pop-up and SWINGING SIDE SLAM! The fans fire up as Kyle shows off that strength! Kyle drags Lee up, brings him around, and bumps him off buckles. Kyle winds up to CHOP! The fans “WOO~!” as Kyle watches that homer fly. The fans want that “One More Time!” Kyle says alright, and he goes back to Lee.

Kyle stands Lee up, but Lee avoids the chop to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Lee runs, but Kyle CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Kyle fires up and the fans fire up with him! Kyle watches Lee go to ropes, then gets the legs to YANK Lee up! Lee lands on his feet, slips around and rolls Kyle up, TWO! Lee goes to a corner, goes up and over as Kyle runs in, and then runs in to CHOP! Lee whips, runs in, CHOP! Another whip, but Kyle reverses. Kyle runs in, but Lee throws him up and out! Kyle hits off apron on his way down! Lee builds speed as the fans rally, and Lee FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Kyle! Philly is all fired up with Big Shotty!

Lee gets Kyle up to go for railing. Kyle stops that, then kicks low. Kyle suplexes Lee onto the railing! Lee falls into the crowd, the ref checks, and somehow Lee is okay. Kyle gets a chair and positions it just right. Kyle runs up and uses the chair to LAUNCH over and CANNONBALL Lee! Kyle has the fans all fired up, but then flips off the haters. Kyle goes back for Lee, tosses him back to ringside, and Kyle puts Lee in the ring. Kyle underhooks, lifts, BUTTERFLY BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Lee survives but Kyle keeps calm. Kyle drags Lee up, the fans rally, and Lee throws body shots! Kyle ROCKS Lee with a forearm!

Kyle stands Lee up but Lee ducks to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Lee whips, Kyle reverses but Lee ducks to NECKBREAKER! Lee kips up and the fans fire up as he runs, slides and PENALTY KICKS! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kyle stays in this but Lee stays cool. The fans rally, Lee waistlocks, but Kyle switches. Lee switches, Kyle switches, repeat! They go again and again then Kyle facelocks and suplexes! Kyle fires up while the fans again chant “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!” Lee crawls to a corner, Kyle takes aim, and Kyle runs in, but Lee gets around! Lee rolls Kyle, Kyle rolls through!

Kyle runs up but Lee dodges, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Kyle is still in this and Lee grows frustrated. The fans rally again and Kyle flounders to a corner. Lee runs in, blocks a boot, but not the SUPERKICK! Kyle goes up, but Lee GAMANGIRIS! Lee climbs after Kyle, but Kyle shoves him away! Lee backflips through, comes back, but Kyle scoops him! SUPER MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives and shocks Philly! Kyle looms over Lee, crown up and then slash of the throat. He hauls Lee up but Lee fights the driver! Kyle CLUBS away on Lee, then tries again. But Lee turns bomb into SPIKE RANA! Cover, TWO!!

Lee SUPERKICKS! Kyle stays up, so Lee SUPERKICKS again! Kyle falls, and the fans fire up as Lee climbs! But Kyle springs to his feet to KICK the legs out! Lee flounders up, into the GAMANGIRI! Kyle suplexes to BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Lee still lives, but Kyle hauls him right up! Lee tries to rana but Kyle powers him back up, LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO?!? Lee survives and no one can believe it! But the fans are loving it all the same! “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly stir. Kyle gets to his feet, scowls and seethes, and he goes back to Lee. Lee is dazed, Kyle KICKS him in the chest!

Lee sits back up, punches himself to wake back up, and then he eggs Kyle on. So Kyle KICKS him again! Lee roars through the pain! Kyle likes the fighting spirit, but then Lee blocks the kick! Lee ROCKS Kyle, Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS Lee! Lee staggers to ropes, Kyle storms up and KICKS, KICKS, KICKS! The ref counts, Kyle lets off at 4, and Lee flops to the apron. Lee is still in this somehow, so Kyle goes out after him. Kyle drags Lee up, scoops him, but Lee fights and flails to turn things around! APRON SHOTTY DROP!! Both men are down after landing hard on that edge! A ring count starts, and both men stir at 5 of 20.

The count reaches 10 of 20 while both men are still down. Kyle sits up first, in a daze, and we hit 15! It’s 17! 18! Both men leap in at 19.5! The fans fire up and the two crawl towards each other. They get face to face, then go forearm for forearm! Lee gets the edge and fires a flurry! Lee roars, but Kyle ROCKS him! Kyle winds up, but Lee ducks the superkick to give a SUPERKICK! Kyle dodges the next one, to HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Lee rises!? POISON-RANA!! Kyle staggers to his feet, Lee roars, but Kyle CALF KICKS at the ropes! Kyle wrenches, hammerlocks, half nelsons, but Lee fights the lift! So Kyle scoops old school and hits a TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO?!!?

Kyle can’t believe it! Lee is showing something special and Philly is behind him! Kyle scowls, drags Lee up, and puts him on the top rope. Kyle SLAPS Lee, climbs up, and then brings Lee up. But Lee fights with body shots! Lee CLUBS Kyle, adjusts his position, and SUPER DESTROYERS!!! Lee hurries right back up and the fans are thunderous! FROG SPLASH!! Lee isn’t done, he reloads up top! FROG SPLASH!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Kyle survives, Lee is shocked and Philly is electric! “This is Awesome!” as Lee rises and Kyle sits up in a daze. Lee beats his chest, he’s all fired up! Lee dragon sleepers, but Kyle spins that around!

Kyle scoops, Lee fights it but Kyle still LAWN DARTS him! Kyle stands Lee up again, pats him on the cheek, then goes corner to corner, GAMANGIRI! Then right up top, for the SUPER TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle Fletcher, by pinfall (still ROH World TV Champion)

Lee Johnson’s red hot win streak ends at 9-1! Kyle keeps hold of the gold, but he does show Lee respect by offering the handshake. Lee takes it, and fans cheer as these two right here are truly the future of wrestling! How much harder will everyone else have to fight just to keep up?


Six Woman Tag: Mina Shirakawa, Maika & Mei Seira VS Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano & AZM!

Six of Stardom’s best are here to show the world what Joshi wrestling is all about! The Fighting H-Cup teams with The Crimson Cannon Empress and The Moon Star against The Golden Phoenix, The Shining Dream and The Highspeed Superstar, whose stars will shine brightest tonight?

The Code of Honor is upheld by all six, then trios sort out. AZM starts against Mei and the fans rally up with the bell. They approach, then Mei dodges. Mei says she’s smarter than that, but AZM mule kicks low! AZM whips, Mei reverses then hurdles, drops, but AZM comes back. Mei dodges, drop toeholds, then Oklahoma Rolls, ONE! Mei whips, then follows, but AZM dodges, ducks but Mei redirects! They both keep going, dropkicks cancel out and they both kip up! The fans cheer that fast exchange, and AZM offers another handshake. Mei thinks about it, but then she blocks AZM’s kick! Mei ROCKS AZM and the fans fire up.

Mei runs but Saya gets a cheap shot in! Then AZM DROPKICKS Mei down! AZM tags Tam then DECKS Mina. Tam snapmares Mei to the corner and the whole team digs their boots in! The fans boo, the ref counts, and Tam’s team lets off. Tam whips Mei to a corner, runs in and BACK ELBOWS! She snapmares and rolls with Mei to KICK, KICK and AX KICK! Cover, TWO! Tam drags Mei up but Mei throws a forearm! The fans rally, Tam eggs Mei on, and Mei fires off more and more forearms! Tam winds up to DECK Mei! Tam drags Mei up, the fans rally, and Tam scoops, only for Mei to fight free! Mei blocks a shot to SUPERKICK!

Mei runs, to BLOCKBUSTER! The fans fire up as Mei crawls to her corner, hot tag to Maika! THE World of Stardom Champion has the fans fired up as she runs to clothesline Tam in the corner! Maika keeps moving and she runs Tam over! The fans fire up, Saya runs up and kicks low! Tam gets up, she and Saya mug Maika! But Maika fights the double suplex to DOUBLE SUPLEX back! Maika drags Tam up, kicks low and whips. Tam reverses but Maika reverses back to scoop. Tam waistlocks, Maika elbows free, then runs. Tam goes Matrix to then sunset flip! Maika rolls through but Tam SHOTGUNS her down!

The fans fire up and Tam runs side to side to KNEE Maika in the ropes! Cover, TWO! Maika stays in this but AZM tags in! AZM climbs, Maika stands, and AZM MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! But into a FUJIWARA! AZM gets the other arm, RINGS OF SATURN! Saya and Tam intercept Mei and Mina, but Maika fights right up! She RAMS AZM into buckles! Maiak goes corner to corner, but AZM dodges! Saya & Tam join in, TRIPLE KICK in the corner! AZM keeps going, LA MYSTICA into FUJIWARA!! Then DISARM-HER!! Mina kicks free of Saya to CLOBBER AZM! Saya goes after Mina, Tam and Mei brawl on the outside!

Saya throws Mina out, and AZM goes up top! Mina hurries over but Saya stops her! AZM leaps, Maika dodges the double stomps! Mei CODE BREAKERS, then sets up so Mina can run in, POMMEL HORSE TORNILLO! Maika adds a SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! AZM survives but the fans fire up! Maika drags AZM up to suplex, but AZM fights that to suplex in return! AZM sits Maika up, runs, but Maika scoops! FALL AWAY SLAM, and Maika doesn’t even need to leave her feet! But AZM’s right up, and she ROUNDHOUSES Maika! The fans fire up while both women are down! They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Saya and Mina!

The fans fire up as Mina dodges Saya’s boot, then dodges again! Saya goes Matrix to dodge Mina, then mule kicks! Saya runs, but Mina dropkicks the legs out! Mina gets Saya’s leg to SMASH it! Saya writhes, Mina gets the leg again and drops an elbow on it! And another! Mina shimmies and shakes to drop another elbow! Mina lets off of the toehold to drag Saya up, SHIN BREAKER! Saya writhes, Mina pushes her and steps over, but Saya kicks her away! Roll-up, roll through, but Mina fights the German Suplex! Mina KICKS the leg, then runs, but Saya follows and WHEEL KICKS! The fans fire up, Tam runs up to BOOT Mei!

AZM BLASTS Maika, too, and Saya snapmares Mina. Tam & AZM run to DOUBLE PENALTY KICK! Saya then NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mina survives and the fans fire up! Tam & AZM keep Maika & Mei on the outside. Saya whips Mina to a corner, runs in, but Mina goes to the apron! Mina ducks, ROCKS and goes up to REBOUND ENZIGIRI! Cover, TWO! Mina keeps cool while her team fights back. Mina says up Saya’s, then dragon sleepers! But Saya fights free! Mei DROPKICKS Saya! Maika joins Mina and two-thirds of Empress Nexus Venus get Saya up, cross leg and GOURD BUSTER!

Maika then goes out to help Mei against AZM and Tam! Mina gets Saya back up, Electric Chair Lifts, and SPINNING FACEBUSTER! Mina then gets the legs, FIGURE FOUR!! Saya endures, even as Mina bridges up! But AZM runs in to DOUBLE STOMP Mina! AZM and Tam brawl with Maika and Mei! Maika and Mei whip, but Tam and AZM get around to shove Maika and Mina into each other! HEEL KICK for Maika, ROUNDHOUSE for Mei! The fans fire up with Tam and AZM. AZM sets Mina’s team up together, Tam goes up, SUPER CROSSBODY! Tam takes them all out and the fans fire back up!

Tam roars and she gets Mina up to put her in. Tam and AZM rally for Saya and the fans fire up, too! Saya aims from the apron, springboards in, and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Mina stays in this for her team, but Saya brings her up. Mina fights the fisherman but Saya ducks the lariat to roll and deadlift BACK SUPLEX, into a bridge! TWO!! Mina escapes, but Tam and AZM keep Maika and Mei out of the ring! Saya fires up, drags Mina back up, and has the fisherman. Mina slips free, shoves Saya, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Saya falls, the ref checks, but it wasn’t a knockout. Mina fires up and the fans rally again.

Mina storms up on Saya, stands her up, and URAKENS!! Cover, TWO!! Saya survives and Mina is furious! Mina stands Saya up, runs, but into a SNAP-RANA!! Cover, TWO!!! Mina escapes, stands up, and she wrangles Saya into GLAMOROUS COLLECTION MINA! Cover, Tam & AZM break it up! Mei goes after them but they mug her first. They double whip Mei, but she ducks the lariats and Maika DOUBLE LARIATS them! Maika and Mei get AZM and Tam outta there, brawl on the outside, and the fans rally as both Saya and Mina slowly rise. Mina roars, as does Saya! They both run in, but Saya BOOTS Mina down!

But Mina rises?!? GLAMOROUS SWORD ENZIGIRI!! Cover, TWO?!?! Saya survives and Mina is pulling at her hair! The fans fire up, Mina dragon sleepers, then ties up Saya’s legs, FIGURE FOUR DRIVER MINA!! Cover, Team Mina wins!

Winners: Mina Shirakawa, Maika & Mei Seira, by pinfall

Philly cheers on the winners, but all six showed the power of their promotion! Wait! Mariah May storms out here! She won big in the Zero Hour over Momo Kohgo, but she gets right in her old mentor’s face! Mina asks what this is about, and pushes Mariah back. Mariah picks Mina up to celebrate with her! The fans cheer the Rose Gold reunion, and Mariah brings out the bubbly! She wants to toast with her old friends, and gets the champagne flowing! Mariah pours everyone a glass, and then KANPAI~! A great moment here, will Mariah help keep the bond between Stardom and ROH strong?


ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS The Infantry!

After conspiring with Adam Cole in order to screw over MJF, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett once again reign over the ROH Tag Division. However, their arrogance cost them in the Proving Grounds just last night! Will they have to go back to Boot Camp? Or will Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo see Thy Kingdom Come?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who comes marching in!

The teams sort out, but then The Kingdom attacks first! The fans boo as Bennett beats down Bravo and Taven stomps away on Dean! The ref reprimands but Taven ROCKS Carlie! Taven stomps a mudhole in, digs his boot into Bravo’s neck, and Bennett CHOPS Dean! Bennett stomps Dean, digs his boot in, and Taven brings Carlie up. Taven whips, Carlie holds ropes and BOOTS back! Bennett clotheslines Carlie to the apron and the KICK OF THE KING sends Carlie down! Now the bell rings, Bennett brings Dean up but Dean cradle counters! Taven breaks the cover! Taven goes to the Kingdom’s corner so he can tag in.

Bennett hauls Dean up and whips him into a BOOT! Bennett ROCKS Dean, Taven goes up to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Taven is annoyed but he keeps on Dean. Taven bumps Dean off buckles, tags in Bennett, and Bennett CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dean fires up, he ELBOWS Taven and CHOPS Bennett! And CHOPS, and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bennett turns things around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Dean CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bennett CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Dean CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS and the fans fire up! Dean then scoops to SLAM Bennett, “OORAH~!”

Dean runs to ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Dean keeps Bennett from Taven, tags Bravo, and Dean bumps Bennett off buckles. Bravo runs in to BOOT! Then Bravo bumps Bennett off buckles, Dean runs in to back elbow! Bravo PLANCHAS out onto Taven! Dean sends Bennett out, Bravo sets The Kingdom up and Dean builds speed! Dean FLIES and takes The Kingdom down! The fans fire up and The Infantry gets Bennett into the ring. The Infantry double whip, but Bennett KICKS Dean away! Bennett TOSSES Bravo to the ramp, but Dean CROSSBODIES Bennett and himself out! Taven builds speed to FLY out onto them all!

The fans fire up while all four men are down! Taven brings Bravo off the ramp and tells fans to move. The fans step back, Taven gives Bravo a GOURD BUSTER on the railing! Bennett reels Dean in, but Dean back drops free! Taven brings out a table and he sets that up at ringside. Dean and Bennett brawl on the ramp but Taven storms up. Dean ROCKS Taven, but Bennett ROLLING ELBOWS Dean! Bennett wants to end Dean, Taven goes up the rope! HAIL MARY to the ramp!! Bennett says night night while the ref checks Dean. Taven says The Infantry really messed up this time! They asked for it but now they get it!

Bravo crawls to Dean but Taven brings him up. Taven TOSSES Bravo into the ring, then he and Bennett storm up. The Kingdom double whip, POP-UP BOSTON BAYONET! Cover, TWO! Bravo stays in this but Bennett stomps him around. Bennett stand Bravo up to CHOP him down! Bennett bumps Bravo off buckles, puts him up top, and Taven CLUBS Bravo into the Tree of Woe! Bennett runs to basement dropkick! Bravo falls out of the Tree, Bennett covers, TWO! Tag to Taven and he suplexes, but Bravo fights it! Taven tries again, Bravo cradle counters! TWO, and Taven LARIATS Bravo back down! Tag to Bennett, he covers, TWO!

Bennett bumps Bravo off buckles, stomps a mudhole in, then tags Taven. Taven stomps a mudhole into Bravo, then tag to Bennett. Bennett stomps Bravo, stands him up, and Taven joins in. Bennett CHOPS Bravo, sends Taven in, but Bravo TOSSES Taven up and out! Bravo BOOTS Bennett, slips to the apron and PENDULUM KICKS! Bravo then holds onto the rope so he can slip away, but Bennett runs in! Bravo DUMPS Bennett out! The fans fire up, Bravo crawls, but Taven returns! Taven drags Bravo back, but Bravo hops up to ENZIGIRI! Hot tag to The Captain! Dean rallies on The Kingdom with haymakers!

Dean JABS, JABS and JABS, then winds up, but Taven full nelsons! Dean BOOTS Bennett, switches with Taven, and DISCUS LARIATS! The fans fire up but Bennett storms up! Dean ROCKS Bennett with forearm after forearm, but Taven’s back! Dean DECKS Taven, ELBOWS Bennett, then kicks low! Dean underhooks, BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bennett stays in this for The Kingdom but the fans rally up for The Infantry. Bravo tags in, Dean feeds Bennett to a fireman’s carry! TKO to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover then jackknife bridge, TWO! Bravo hurries to tag Dean back in.

The Infantry hooks Bennett up, but Taven trips Bravo! Taven sends Bravo into barriers! Bennett turns things around on Dean, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER and JUST THE TIP of the knee! Cover, TWO!! Dean survives but Bennett tags Taven! Bennett picks Dean up and Taven aims, PROTON PACK!! Cover, BRAVO BREAKS IT! The fans fire up, but Bennett ROCKS Bravo! Bravo hits the CARLIE CROSSOVER! Taven HEEL KICKS Bravo! LIONSAULT onto Dean’s knees! All four men are down and the fans rally back up! Trish Adora rallies for her team, too, and the four all sit up. Dean and Bravo fire forearms, but Bennett and Taven give them back!

The teams brawl, forearms for forearms, but then Taven SUPERKICKS Bravo! Dean SUPERKICKS Taven! Bennett SUPERKICKS Dean! Bravo SUPERKICKS Bennett! Bravo blocks Taven’s superkick, hands it to Dean, and then Bravo gives Taven the NECKBREAKER! Taven flounders, The Infantry hooks him up! BOOT CAMP!!! Cover, BENNETT BREAKS IT! The fans rally, Bravo hurries to whip Bennett. Bennett reverses, BOSTON BAYONET! Bennett drags Taven to the corner and tags himself in. We return to the ramp, and Bennett aims for the table! The fans freak out, but Bravo SUPERKICKS Bennett!

The Infantry roars and Bravo stands Bennett up. Bennett CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Dean stands, clinches, and then with Bravo’s help, MODERN WARFARE!! The fans fire up for that urenage bomb combo, but Taven runs up on Dean! THE CLIMAX on the ramp!! The fans want tables, Taven says he doesn’t care what they want!  But Bravo SMACKS Taven off the table! And off steps! And the table! Repeat! Taven is on the table and Bravo says Philly’s gonna get what they want! “OORAH! OORAH!” Bravo roars and runs, FLYING SPLASH through the table!! The fans are thunderous while the ref checks both men.

Bennett and Dean are in the ring, and Dean climbs up! Dean aims, and DIVING SPLASHES onto Bennett! Cover, ref get in here! The ref’s too busy with Taven! Wardlow gets in the ring!! LARIAT!! Wardlow destroys Dean then gets outta there! Bennett covers Dean, The Kingdom wins!

Winner: The Kingdom, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Bennett laughs as The Kingdom steals this one from The Infantry! Bennett says they’re not going anywhere, they’re the best damn tag team in the world! Well, given their giant hulking insurance policy, will Taven & Bennett always be on top?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Finals: Queen Aminata VS Billie Starkz!

A historic moment has finally arrived! The tournament was star-studded and top tier, and now it comes down to this! Will the Queen of Guinea finally have her crowning moment? Or will Minion 400,237 and three-quarters make her Overlord proud?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and there can only be one “first!”

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and the fans rally up. The two circle while the fans duel. Both women smile to hear that support, and they tie up. They go around, end up in a corner, and the ref counts. Aminata slowly lets off, pats Billie on the shoulder, but Billie shoves her. Billie says this is for the title so get serious. They feel things out, and Aminata raises her hand high, calling for a test of strength. Billie says okay, but then Aminata goes low. Aminata toys with Billie but Billie gets around to waistlock. Aminata wrenches out to wristlock, but Billie rolls. Aminata trips her and has the top wristlock.

The fans rally as Billie fights up, rolls back and kips up to then wrench and put Aminata on ropes. The ref counts, Billie whips, but Aminata ducks. Billie comes back to sunset flip, ONE, and Billie KICKS Aminata down! Cover, ONE!! The fans cheer but Billie drags Aminata up. Billie reels Aminata in, suplexes, but Aminata cradle counters! ONE, Billie runs in but Aminata wrenches Billie to a snap suplex! The fans fire up while Billie flounders to ropes. Aminata smiles and runs the ropes, to BOOT WASH Billie right to the apron! Aminata says she is The One and Only, and she brings Billie around to CHOP her into the ring!

Billie tumbles out, Aminata says your champ is here. Aminata follows Billie around the way, but Billie avoids the chop to CHOP! Billie CHOPS again, but Aminata DOUBLE CHOPS in return! Aminata puts Billie in, storms up behind her, and HIP DROPS her down! Aminata then hooks Billie up in a CAMEL CLUTCH! The fans rally as Billie endures, and Billie gets an arm free. Billie fights up but Aminata drops into body scissors! Then she has a LEG HOOK FULL NELSON! Billie endures, powers up to stack, TWO! Aminata body scissors again and rolls Billie over to a cover, TWO! Aminata reels Billie in to snap suplex again!

The fans fire up as Billie goes to the corner. Aminata runs in, but Billie avoids the hip attack! Billie comes back to ELBOW, KNEE and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Billie brings Aminata up and whips, but Aminata reverses. Aminata runs in, but Billie ELBOWS her! And BOOTS her! Billie goes up, Aminata blocks the boot and ducks the rebound enzigiri, to GERMAN SUPLEX Billie away! Aminata roars, runs up, and she KNEES Billie back down! Cover, TWO! Billie survives and the fans rally up! Aminata kicks Billie around while the fans duel again. Billie snarls, Aminata kicks her and taunts her.

Billie blocks Aminata’s kick, stands up and ROCKS her with forearm after forearm! Aminata ducks to BACKBREAKER and COMPLETE SHOT! Aminata then hoists Billie up, but Billie sunset flips her! ONE!! Aminata runs up but Billie LARIATS! And ELBOWS! And then clinches to BACKBREAKER, and STO! Cover, TWO! The fans continue to rally as Billie rises up. Billie stalks Aminata, drags her up, and hooks the arms. Aminata turns the backslide around on Billie, TWO! Aminata swings, Billie gets under and ripcords, but then she blocks a kick to KNEE Aminata! Billie suplexes for GHOSTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Aminata survives and Billie snarls. The fans rally as Billie stalks Aminata. Billie puts Aminata up top to Electric Chair Lift! Aminata throws down fists, victory rolls, TWO! Billie has it, TWO! Aminata has it, TWO!! Billie escapes, and ROCKS Aminata! Billie reels Aminata in, but Aminata grabs a leg! FISHERMAN SCREW!! Cover, TWO!! Billie survives and Aminata is beside herself! Aminata refocuses, runs back up, but Billie rolls her up! Aminata rolls through, but Billie HEEL KICKS! Aminata LARIATS Billie down!! The fans fire up while both women are down! Billie pounds the mat in frustration as she stirs.

The fans continue to duel as both women sit up. Aminata fires a forearm first, but Billie gives it back! They stand, Aminata ROCKS Billie! Billie ROCKS Aminata, but Aminata DOUBLE CHOPS! Billie CHOPS, Aminata ROCKS her again! Billie ROCKS Aminata, Aminata fires a flurry in return! Billie blocks one to ROCK Aminata again! Aminata wobbles, drops to a knee, but Billie whips her to a corner. Billie runs in, Aminata dodges and KICKS a leg! Aminata has Billie stuck in the corner and CHOPS! Aminata goes corner to corner, but Billie ROUNDHOUSES back! Billie runs, Aminata redirects, do-si-do and a shove, then drop toehold!

Billie is on ropes, Aminata fires up and runs! But Billie avoids the boot! Aminata hits ropes hard, tumbles out, and Billie DIVES! Direct hit and the fans fire up with Billie! Billie drags Aminata up, hoists her onto the apron then sets her up. The fans fire up as Billie goes up the corner! Billie APRON SWANTONS but Aminata moves! Billie crashes down and falls to the floor! The ref checks her but somehow Billie is still in this! Aminata rises up, takes aim, and DIVING STOMPS! Aminata fires up and rises again! Aminata drags Billie up to waistlock, to GERMAN SUPLEX to the floor! Billie is a ragdoll but Aminata isn’t done with her!

Aminata puts Billie in the ring, then climbs up the corner. The fans fire up as Aminata aims to SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, ONE?!?!? No one can believe Billie survives, let alone has that much power to kick out! Billie rises, but Aminata SLAPS her! Then Alabama Lifts her, to AIR RAID CRASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Billie survives again and Aminata is beside herself! The fans rally up as Billie flounders to a corner. Aminata runs in to HIP ATTACK!! Then she goes side to side to BOOT WASH!! Aminata still isn’t done with Billie, she drags Billie up top! Billie throws forearms but Aminata gives them back!

Billie throws a body shot but Aminata CHOPS her! Aminata CLUBS her, but Billie SLAPS back! Billie BOOTS Aminata down, adjusts, SWANTON BOMB onto knees!! Billie calls to the ref, saying something is really hurting! Aminata isn’t sure what to make of this and Doc Sampson gets in. Billie says it’s her neck, and the ref has Aminata stay back. Doc checks Billie as the fans fall silent. Billie cries in pain and a neck brace is brought out. Fans rally for Billie, hoping she’ll be alright. Billie manages to sit up, and she’s able to move her arms and legs, all good signs. The fans cheer as we see Billie stand.

Aminata holds the ropes open for Billie and the medics, but then Billie GERMAN SUPLEXES her!! Billie was playing us all!!! Billie thrashes Aminata into a REAR NAKED CHOKE!!! Aminata flails, reaches out, but she’s fading!! The ref checks Aminata now, SHE’S OUT! BILLIE WINS!!!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by submission (INAUGURAL ROH Women’s World TV Champion)

The Minion has learned well from the Fallen Goddess, and maybe even surpassed her in terms of how well she just tricked the world! Billie showed her true colors, but those colors now also included the silver and red of this championship belt! If Billie’s following in Athena’s footsteps, then will Billie be the Forever Inaugural Women’s TV Champion?


Backstage interview with Top Flight.

Lexi Nair is with Action Andretti, Darius & Dante Martin, and brings us back to last year’s Supercard and Dante’s devastating injury. Dante was out of action for eight months but he’s back now and this trio is at their very best, how does it feel? Dante says it feels good. But as Lexi said, last year was when Dante broke his leg. And since then, he’s struggled, overcome, and work his ass off to put on bangers with these two. Saturday will see Dante & Darius face FTR in the AEW World Tag Team Championship semifinals, and Dante brings up how FTR said Top Flight’s never struggled. Did they not hear how Dante broke his leg?

Or perhaps they missed how Darius has been out more than he’s been in, so clearly he’s no stranger to struggle. Darius says is the past three years have taught you nothing else, it’s taught you that Dante & Darius can take a hit and get back up. Tomorrow night, FTR can hit them as hard as they want, but they will get back up and overcome. They know the road to the tag titles is hard, because it is FTR and then The Young Bucks, two of the best teams to ever do it. But at Dynasty, when Darius & Dante hold those titles up, then everyone will realize Top Flight is one of the best to ever do it, and they’re just taking off.

AEW Collision, special start time of 11:30 PM Eastern, will Top Flight take down the Top Guys?


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: Bullet Club Gold VS ???

While they’ve got some business to handle with The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass, the Bang Bang Gang isn’t about to let Supercard of Honor pass them by! Jay White & The Gunns bring the newly redesigned belts with them, ready to put them on the line! Switchblade gets the mic to ask why they had to cut the greatest song in pro-wrestling. But “Yo! Yo! Yo! Listen!” Guns up for the Philly Gold Members~! The fans put up the finger guns, and White says Philly knows exactly what they’re looking at! Fully Cocked Colten Gunn! Switchblade Jay White! And… Austin! The Bang Bang Gang are the greatest three man team in ALL of pro-wrestling!

And they will prove that here and now by defending these titles! Yeah, yeah, shut up. White knows there is a long, long line of people in the back waiting for this opportunity, so to that line, who wants that opportunity of a life time? LANCE ARCHER DOES! And he’s brought Alex Zayne! Archer says hey, Philadelphia. Since the Bang Bang Gang is handing out opportunities, then here’s an opportunity to introduce his NJPW tag team partner, The Sauce! That means this is #MonsterSauce! And since they’re in the City of Brotherly Love, Archer’s gonna love whooping the Gunn brothers’ asses and taking their trios titles!

But then wait, only two against three? That’s not gonna work. Archer says he has another surprise. MINORU SUZUKI is here!! Now the mood changes for White & The Ass Boys! Will the Meanest Man in the World help the Monster Sauce burn up Bullet Club Gold? Or will the Bang Bang Gang win at their own gamble?

The trios sort out and White starts against Suzuki. White skips the Code of Honor, the bell rings, and White doesn’t know why Suzuki is here! Why is Suzuki following him? Suzuki tells him, “Shut up, Young Boy!” White says he’s not a Young Boy, Suzuki’s just an old man! White is a real shooter! But Suzuki grabs the finger gun to bend it! Suzuki KICKS and KICKS and wrenches to a wristlock! White rolls, wrenches, slips around to waistlock, then White goes for the arm again. Suzuki blocks the takedown to bend the fingers! Suzuki twists the wrist but White gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go, and White CHOPS! Suzuki just smiles!

The fans tell White he messed up and Suzuki laughs. White CHOPS again, but it’s still not enough! White winds up to CHOP, but Suzuki blocks! SLEEPER! The Gunns freak out and get White out of the ring! Suzuki storms up, the Gunns run away! The ref has Suzuki stay back while the Bang Bang Gang hide behind commentary. White vows to knock Suzuki out but easy to say hiding behind Nigel! The ref has Suzuki stay back, and White storms back in. Then tag to Austin. The fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” as Austin slowly steps in. Austin says, “Okay, grandpa!” Suzuki says Austin is just an Ass Boy! The fans fire up and Suzuki laughs.

Austin scowls and does his best to block the chanting out, but Suzuki even says kiss this! So Austin CHOPS! Suzuki doesn’t flinch! White says go again, so Austin CHOPS! White says no, put twist into it! Austin CHOPS, then forearms! Suzuki just leans into the shots! Austin eggs on the old man, but Suzuki DECKS him! Suzuki tags Archer and Austin flounders over to tag Colten. Colten circles with Archer, they tie up, and Archer stays put even as Colten puts his all into it! Archer bends Colten back, then drops him down! The fans cheer and Archer takes a bow. Colten CHOPS, but Archer just TOSSES him overhead!

Archer runs corner to corner but Colten dodges! Colten stomps a mudhole in, ROCKS him, then goes corner to corner. STINGER SPLASH, but Archer just storms up on Colten! Colten pokes Archer in the eyes then kicks out a leg! The fans boo but Colten says watch this. Archer suplexes Colten first! Tag to Zayne and Archer SPLASHES! Zayne LEAP FROG DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Zayne brings Colten up to wrench and whip, but Colten reverses and Austin gets a cheap shot in! Zayne DECKS Austin for it! But Colten DROPKICKS Zayne! Tag to Austin, he gets Zayne up to bump off buckles. Austin stomps away, then shouts, “Who’s the Ass Boy now?!” “YOU!!”

Austin brings Zayne up, kicks low, but the fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” Austin brings Zayne up, ducks a haymaker then JABS! JABS! JABS! Austin does a two step, swings and DECKS Zayne! Cover, TWO! Austin drags Zayne up, tags White, and they mug Zayne. White CHOPS Zayne down, then winds up again. White CHOPS Zayne in a corner and Zayne falls! White drags Zayne up, reels him in, and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! White drags Zayne around to GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Zayne goes to ropes but White CHOKES him! Suzuki storms up from the outside but White gets away. White drags Zayne to a corner, TWO!

White clamps onto Zayne with a chinlock and he grinds Zayne down. Suzuki storms in but the ref has to keep him back! Archer gets in to scare off the Gunns, but the ref counts. Archer and Suzuki stand down, and White snapmares Zayne into a chinlock. Zayne endures, but Suzuki gets a chair! Zayne fights up, throws body shots, but White throws Zayne by his hair! White drags Zayne over, Colten tags in, and he stomps Zayne around. Colten mocks Suzuki, stomps Zayne, then tags Austin. Austin stomps Zayne, tags Colten back in. and they double whip. Body shot, KNEE LIFT, and LARIAT! Cover but the ref’s busy with Suzuki!

Suzuki finally drops the chair he took, the ref finally sees the cover and hurries over to count, TWO! Colten is upset but he still stays away from Suzuki. Colten clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Zayne down. The fans rally as Zayne endures, White complains to Ian Riccaboni about the ref, but Zayne JAWBREAKERS free! Austin hurries in, the Gunns get the legs, but Zayne BOOTS them all away! Austin hurries up, Zayne dodges, hot tag to Archer! Archer blows past Austin, BLASTS White and Colten, but Austin throws hands! Archer doesn’t budge, he just eggs Austin on! Austin throws another shot, Archer ROCKS Austin with one!

Archer ripcords Austin for the HELLICOASTER! Colten returns, Archer CORSSBODIES him! Zayne BLASTS White, then Monster Sauce sees the Gunns in the corners. They run, Archer ELBOWS Colten and Zayne ELBOWS Austin! Zayne runs in and Archer helps him to HIP TOSS SENTON Colten! Then Archer ELBOWS Austin, and Zayne runs to tilt-o-whirl RANA CANNONBALL with Archer! They drag Austin out and serve him up for a CHOKE SLAM SPLASH! Cover, White breaks it! Archer glares, White bails out, but Suzuki is there! Suzuki kicks White, whips him hard into railing, and Archer puts Austin up top!

Archer carries Austin with the inverted crucifix, but Austin slips free to CLUB a leg! Archer runs up, Austin ROCKS him! Austin DECKS Zayne, BOOTS Archer, and runs to THROWBACK CUTTER! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Archer and Austin crawl, hot tags to Suzuki and White! White fires forearms on Suzuki but Suzuki fires fast hands and a PALM STRIKE! White wobbles into another flurry! White is on the ropes as Suzuki goes high, goes low,  and throws knees, but the ref backs him off! Suzuki eggs on the Young Boy, but White CHOPS! Suzuki DECKS White! Colten gets in, throws a forearm, but Suzuki DECKS him!

Austin fires a forearm, then regrets it, and Suzuki DECKS him! The fans are thunderous as the Murder Grandpa stands tall! Suzuki drags White up, whips him corner to corner then BOOTS him! Suzuki snapmares White, runs and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! But Suzuki has the arm to bend fingers and twist the wrist! White fights up, CLAWS Suzuki’s eyes, then gets free! Suzuki runs, slips around, and SLEEPERS! White flails, Suzuki spins him around, GOTCH- NO, White fights free! White wrenches, clinches, but Suzuki slips out! SLEEPER!! White flails, but Zayne tags in before White throws Suzuki away!

White blocks a kick to DRAGON SCREW Suzuki! Zayne LARIATS White down! The fans fire up as The Sauce runs corner to corner to ELBOW! Zayne puts White up, climbs up, but White fires body shots! White shoves Zayne, Zayne backflips and kips up through! NO HANDS STEINER! Then the BAJA BLAST!! Cover, TWO!! White survives but Zayne puts White in a drop zone. Zayne goes up, to 450- NO, he has to bail out as White moves! White clinches to URENAGE! White drags Zayne back up, but Suzuki gets White in the SLEEPER! The Gunns trip Suzuki and drag him out, to RAM him into railing!

Archer has White for the CHOKE SLAM!! The Gunns get in, Archer gets them first! The Gunns break free, dodge the lariats, 3:10 TO YUMA! “Suck on that, b*tch!” DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK from Zayne! Zayne CLOBBERS Colten but White clinches! BLADERUNNER!! Cover, Bang Bang Gang wins!

Winners: Bullet Club Gold, by pinfall (still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

Suzuki is pissed, but he and Monster Sauce couldn’t outmaneuver the Bang Bang Gang. White gets the mic again to say, “Like I said, we are the greatest three man team in professional wrestling. And if you ain’t down with that, we’ve got two words for ya! GUNS UP!” BUT WAIT! The Acclaimed is here! And they sneak in from the crowd! They fire off on Bullet Club Gold! White runs away, security gets in Billy’s way, and then White helps the Gunns take out Bowens with a BLADERUNNER! Billy gets back in the ring, White & The Gunns run away!

But if Switchblade and The Ass Boys want the AEW Trios Championships, they’ll have to face The Acclaimed soon enough! When and where will these top trios finally settle the score?


Fight Without Honor: Dalton Castle VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie!

The Peacock’s life is in shambles. He was screwed out of the ROH World Television Championship at Final Battle, then he was robbed of his Boys! And then, the Boys were lost in the wild woods of Canada! But Castle still has one thing left, and that is getting his revenge on “John Television” with his own two hands! Will nothing stop Castle from SMASHING Johnny right in his stupid face? Or is there still something for Johnny to take away from Castle?

The Substitute Boys all line up to make up for Brandon & Brent being gone, and Castle even has new gear, he’s ready to break some hearts! He is still burning hotter than the Sun, and he feeds his Substitute Boys all the same! The Peacock struts as all six of his Substitute Boys jazz finger for the wings to spread! The Substitute Boys even know to fall over! Philly fires up for Castle, the bell rings, and the two stare down. Johnny and Castle circle, feel things out, but Johnny shoves Castle. Castle shoves back, so Johnny shoves Castle again. Castle shoves again, the shoving gets harder, then Castle ROCKS Johnny! And ROCKS him again!

Johnny KICKS a leg, but Castle Alabama Lifts! BANGA- NO, Johnny grabs ropes and Taya helps him down. Castle runs up, but Johnny HOTSHOTS! Castle still avoids the leg sweep and the fans cheer his pose! Johnny rushes back in but Castle BOOTS him out! Castle gets the fans fired up again but Taya coaches Johnny. Castle goes out, but Johnny taunts him with how The Boys are “bear food!” Taya says there’s nothing Castle can do about it, either! The fans rally for “PEACOCK POWER!” as Castle chases Johnny. Johnny goes up the ramp, Castle grabs at him, but Johnny STOMPS the fingers! Castle staggers, Johnny AX HANDLES him!

Johnny clinches Castle to SNAKE EYES off the railing! Johnny steals someone’s water, then chases Castle. Castle hides behind a cameraman, then trips Johnny Drip Drip! The water goes flying, then Castle KICKS Johnny around! Now Johnny hides behind the camera and Castle says he’s just copying him! Johnny kicks low, puts Castle in the ring, and Taya tries to get fans chanting. They boo instead, but Castle wrenches to short arm LARIAT, KNEE, and DDT! The fans fire up and Castle facelocks to gator roll Johnny around. They go around on the mat, Castle rains down elbows, but Taya still rallies for Johnny.

The fans rally for Castle as he gets Johnny up and whips. Johnny reverses to TOSS Castle, and Castle slips in the water! But he still trips Johnny, drags him out, and waistlocks. Johnny ELBOWS Castle, RAMS him into barriers, then puts him in a corner to KNEE him down! Taya cheers, but Castle pushes Taya! Johnny KICKS and fires off on Castle for touching his wife! Johnny whips, Castle tiger feints to RANA Johnny away! The fans fire up and Castle glares at Taya. Taya glares back, but Castle stalks Johnny. “Caprice, do I look TV ready?” Caprice says yes, 10/10! Castle puts Johnny in the ring, but Taya anchors him! FLYING CHUCK!

Taya says she didn’t do anything, but the fans rally for Castle. Johnny KNEES Castle down, then SHINING WIZARDS! Mr. & Mrs. TV Ready make out and Philly feels sick. Johnny KICKS Castle, then gets him back up. Castle ROCKS Johnny, swings, but Johnny ducks! Castle punches POST! Johnny mockingly says that must hurt. Johnny puts Castle in the ring, stands him up, MOONLIGHT DRIVE! Cover, TWO! Castle is still in this and the fans rally up. Johnny stomps Castle around, KICKS him at the ropes, then KICKS again! Johnny mule kicks, then SPINNING ROUNDHOUSES, then ROCKS Castle again!

Castle hits back, but Johnny whips. Castle reverses, and he goes corner to corner! Johnny ducks again, Castle’s knee hits buckles and he tumbles out! Castle hits apron and steel steps on the way down! Johnny goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a TABLE! Philly likes that, even with Johnny being the one bringing it. Johnny has Taya help him set this up at ringside, and Taya goes looking for more goodies. Castle drags himself up to the apron but Johnny stalks him. ROUNDHOUSE to the leg, then SWEEP THE LEG! Then another ROUNDHOUSE! No mercy in Johnny’s dojo! He KICKS and BOOTS Castle, then HEEL KICKS him!

Castle sputters, flounders, but Johnny brings Castle up. Johnny SMACKS Castle off a chair, then talks trash. The fans boo but Johnny grabs the chair. Castle tug-o-wars with Johnny, and Castle takes the chair away! But Taya passes Johnny a kendo stick! Johnny SMACKS Castle! Castle drops to his knees, and Johnny SMACKS him again! The fans boo but Mr. & Mrs. TV put Castle in the ring. Johnny SMACKS Castle on the leg! Taya says do it again! Johnny nods and goes all Star Wars Kid! Johnny SMACKS Castle again, swings the kendo stick around, then SMACKS Castle again! Castle goes to a corner, and Johnny CHOKES him with the stick!

Castle fights, flails, but ends up in the WHITE RUSSIAN! Cover, TWO! Sandman he is not, but Johnny still CHOKES Castle with the stick! Castle fights up, the fans rally, and Castle throws hands! Castle elbows free, kicks Johnny, and he has the kendo stick! Johnny ducks the stick, bails out of the ring and goes to the ramp! The fans boo but Johnny runs down the runway to go up and KONG SAULT! Castle dodges, catches the kick, and SAIDOS!! The fans fire up and Taya freaks out! Castle then clinches Johnny to EXPLODER! Taya coaches Johnny, but Castle has his pick of the goodies. Castle gets the kendo stick to SMACK! And SMACK! And SMACK!

Taya freaks out as Castle fires off on Johnny high and low and all around! He JAMS the stick into Johnny’s ribs! Taya drags Johnny outta there, but Castle tucks the kendo stick through his shorts. Castle then goes out after Johnny, but Taya uses POCKET SAND!! ROUNDHOUSE!! Johnny laughs as now Taya LEAF BLOWS Castle! Even commentary gets caught up in this! Castle flounders around, has fans help him up, but Johnny ROCKS Castle! Johnny brings Castle around, but Castle throws body shots! Johnny whips, Castle tiger feints again, but Johnny makes that a POWERBOMB through the table!!

Johnny puts Castle in the ring, in a corner, and takes off in STARSHIP PAIN! Cover, TWO!! The Peacock survives and Johnny can’t believe it! Philly fires up but Johnny gets a chair. Johnny sits the chair up, then puts Castle through it! Castle is wearing the chair and Johnny kicks him around! Johnny gets the other kendo stick, and he digs it into Castle’s face! He JAMS it right into Castle’s neck!!! Cover, TWO!!! Castle survives again and the fans fire up! Johnny argues the count but the ref says it was fair. Johnny drags Castle back to a drop zone, then he puts a chair on Castle’s chest. Johnny gets the other chair, and he adds that on.

Johnny buries Castle in chairs and even the kendo sticks. Johnny goes up but Castle rises up! KENDO STICK SMACK! Johnny gets stuck in the ropes now! Castle ELBOWS him again and again! Castle fires up, and then KNEES Johnny in the back! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Johnny flounders away, Taya again gets her hubby outta there, and she clears out the wreckage. The fans rally and Castle says, “BRING ME A BOY~!” But… Oh wait! The Substitute Boys return! Castle TOSSES Sub Boy 1! Then he TOSSES Sub Boy 2! Then Sub Boy 3, and he’s rather big! Then there’s Sub Boy 4, the skinny one! Then Sub Boy 5, equally beefy!

Aw heck, Sub Boy 6 looks like he ate The Boys! He doesn’t even make it past the apron! Johnny KICKS Six and piles the Sub Boys on the side. But wait, JACK CARTWHEEL!? He’s lucky number seven! Castle whips and Cartwheel Boy FOSBURY FLOPS!! The fans are thunderous as the Sub Boys all celebrate! Wait, wait, wait, who is this eighth Boy? He’s just wearing Supercard of Honor merch. Castle gets Johnny up but Johnny SMACKS him with whatever’s left of  a kendo stick! And then KNEES Castle down! As Sub Boy 8 steps into the ring, we see it’s Paul Walter-Hauser. Or should we say, Boy Walter-Hauser.

Johnny drags Castle into the drop zone, then goes up, but the other Sub Boys drag Castle to safety! Johnny adjusts his flight plan to SUPER TORNILLO onto all of ’em!! The fans fire up, Taya helps Johnny up, and Johnny finds his way into the ring. Taya brings out the mystery bag, but Johnny spots Boy Walter-Hauser. Johnny runs up on him, but into a SKY HIGH!! Boy Walter-Hauser rips off the Supercard shirt to reveal his Wrestling Revolver promo-shirt! Matt Cardona VS Paul Walter-Hauser, Indy VS Emmy! The fans cheer as Walter-Hauser prances around and taunts Taya. Then the Sub Boys all swarm and carry Taya away!

The fans cheer as the evil stepmother is taken away, this is revenge for what happened to THE Boys! Castle stomps Johnny, and he looks to Walter-Hauser. REVEAL, it really IS Walter-Hauser! He and Castle embrace, and then Walter-Hauser bestows that mystery bag of Taya’s to Castle. They pour it out together, and voila! TACKS!! Johnny freaks out, the fans tell Walter-Hauser he’s a sick boy! Whip and Alabama Lift, BANGAAAARANG onto the tacks!!! Cover, Castle wins!

Winner: Dalton Castle, by pinfall

Revenge is sweet as Castle has all his Boys help him take this one! Will this victory help heal the wounds caused by Johnny & Taya?


ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Hikaru Shida!

The Fallen Goddess’s record setting reign and her 49-0 win streak make her THE greatest ROH Women’s World Champion. But the Shining Samurai’s THREE AEW Women’s World Championship reigns make her THE greatest AEW Women’s World Champion. And the only thing that could make Shida greater is if she becomes the first woman to hold the AEW and ROH Women’s World Championships in her career. Will Shida make such history here tonight? Or will Athena make sure she stays our Forever Champion?

To counter Shida’s kendo stick, Athena has brought a battle ax! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if more history is made!

The Code of Honor is skipped, the bell rings, and the fans duel already. Shida and Athena circle, but then Athena bails out. Athena does her best to fire herself up but perhaps Shida really is in her head. Shida eggs Athena on, Athena storms back up to the apron, but then Athena drops back. Shida laughs it off while Athena paces. Athena tells herself she’s got this, and then she gets in the ring. They tie up, Shida wrenches and wristlocks, but Athena pushes through to wrench back. Shida rolls, wrenches, and wristlocks back. Athena endures, even as Shida puts on more pressure. Athena slips under and around to headlock and takeover.

Shida headscissors, Athena kips free, and roles reverses as Shida hits the takeover but Athena headscissors. Shida kips free, dodges Athena’s haymaker and runs to then run Athena over! The fans cheer, Shida goes for legs, but Athena kicks Shida away. Shida rebounds, Athena reaches up to RANA, but Shida cartwheels through! Shida blocks the haymaker this time, but Athena avoids the question mark kick! Shida avoids the leg sweep, but Athena dodges the Tamashii to roll Shida up! Shida rolls through, but Athena avoids the Katana Kick! The fans fire up for this stalemate while Athena bails out.

Athena again paces and cools herself off. Athena gets back in, Shida dares her to take a shot, but Athena offers a handshake instead. The fans don’t trust it, but Shida still steps forward. Shida accepts the handshake, then ducks the sucker punch to ROCK Athena! Shida blocks the haymaker and straitjackets to turn Athena. Athena fights free, but Shida BOOTS! Shida fireman’s carries, Athena slips free, but Shida still has the wristlock! Athena apologizes, but Shida short arm LARIATS! And short arm LARITS! And short arm LARIATS again! The fans fire up, Athena runs up but Shida sidesteps to tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER!

Athena flounders but the fans fire up with Shida. Shida storms up to the corner, but Athena puts her on the apron! Shida pulls hair, and she runs with Athena side to side for a buckle bump! Shida goes up and now she rains down fists! The fans count along and Shida goes all the way to TEN! But then Athena trips Shida! Shida’s leg is stuck in the ropes, Athena KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! The ref counts, Athena tells him to stop telling her what to do! Athena then STOMPS the knee! Shida falls out of the ropes but Athena grins. Now Athena eggs Shida on while the fans rally up. Athena drags Shida around by the leg to drive knees into the hamstring!

Athena knees the hamstring again, then YANKS the leg! Shida flounders but Athena KICKS her! Athena drops a knee on the knee, and the fans rally up. Athena stalks Shida, kicks her around, then taunts her. Athena mule kicks the leg, but Shida kicks with the good leg. Athena DOUBLE KNEE DROPS Shida in the stomach! Athena SLAPS Shida, talks more trash, then drags her up. Shida throws body shots and haymakers! Athena puts Shida in a corner, runs up and blocks a boot, KNEE JAMMER! Athena then Alabama Lifts to ALABAMA SLAM! Athena turns Shida over, ANKLE LOCK! Shida endures as Athena leans on the leg!

The fans rally, Shida reaches out and around, crawls forward, then rolls! Athena is sent into ropes! Shida manages to run up but Athena dodges! Knee hits ropes, but Shida ELBOWS back! And ROCKS Athena with a forearm! Shida fires away at the ropes, the fans fire up as she CLUBS Athena! Shida whips, fireman’s carries, and FLIPPING BACKBREAKERS! The fans fire up as both Shida and Athena are down, but Shida rises! Shida runs, SLIDING FOREARM! Then the suplex, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Athena is still in this and even grinning, perhaps happy she’s proving her own doubts wrong!

Shida gets up, goes to the far corner, and the fans rally as she runs in at Athena! JUMP KNEE! Shida ROCKS Athena, runs, but Athena follows to HANDPSRING FOREARM! Athena goes side to side, but Shida SHOTGUNS! Athena’s right up to BOOT Shida down! Athena builds speed, Shida bails out, so Athena slides out, only for Shida to KNEE her into the desk! The fans fire up again while both women are down by commentary! The ring count starts, Shida manages to sit up but the bad leg is holding her back. We pass 5 of 20, the fans rally for Shida as she hobbles over to Athena. Shida drags Athena up, puts her in, covers, TWO!

The fans rally, Shida throws hands down on Athena, but Athena stands. Shida runs, but Athena ROCKS her! Athena goes to run, Shida reels her back in, but Athena uses her leg to hook free. But Shida blocks the superkick to QUESTION MARK KICK! Athena wobbles but stays on her feet, and UPPERCUTS! Shida stays up, they both fire forearms, then Athena fires boxing elbows! Shida KNEES low! And again! And again! Shida throws down forearms to the neck! Athena kicks the bad leg! Athena fires fast hands, knees, but Shida ducks the heel kick! Athena catches the haymaker into a SAIDO!

Athena gets Shida up, whips her, and pops her up, but Shida wheelbarrows! Athena makes it a WHEELBARROW GERMAN! Cover, TWO! Shida just gets that arm up and Athena is frustrated. Athena talks out what to do next, then goes to the corner. Athena kicks Shida’s kendo stick away before she climbs up. Shida stands, O- NO!! No O-Face, Shida whips! Athena reverses and waistlocks, but Shida bucks the O’Conner! KATANA- NO, Athena blocks! Athena kicks, Shida blocks, but Athena rolls to get the ANKLE LOCK!! GRAPEVINE!! Shida endures as Athena twists the leg and grins the whole time! Shida claws her way forward as the fans rally!

Athena shakes her head, she even digs her chin into the ball of the feet! Shida has the ROPEBREAK!! The ref counts as Athena holds on, but she lets go at 4, cuz she has ’til 5! Shida hobbles out to the apron, Athena builds speed, and Athena DIVES into a knee!! Shida drags Athena up, waistlocks, but Athena grabs ropes! Athena runs and brings Shida with her, to POST her! Athena reels Shida in now and grins, but Shida fights the lift! Shida then Alabama Lifts Athena, tucks her in, BASTARD DRIVER on the ramp!! The fans are thunderous as Shida drags Athena into the ring! Shida kicks her into the drop zone, then goes up top!

Athena sits up, Shida leaps, METEORA!! Cover, TWO?!? “This is Awesome!” as Athena survives and Shida shouts in frustration! Shida grabs at Athena but Athena holds ropes. Athena goes up the ropes, kicks at Shida, but Shida YANKS her up! Athena lands, swings but Shida KNEES low! Shida brings Athena up, whips her to a corner, but Athena goes up and FLYING CODE BREAKERS! Then she reels Shida in, Canadian Rack, CODE BREAKER!! Cover, ONE?!?! WHAT?!? Shida snarls as she rises up and Philly is thunderous! Athena shakes her head as she watches Shida stand. Shida runs up, Athena gets around and underhooks!

Shida fights the lift, so Athena SWINGS Shida around! But Shida wrenches out, suplexes, FALCON ARROW! Cover, ONE?!!? Athena returns the favor by shocking Shida! The fans rally up, a standing count begins, and both women sit up at 4 of 10. They stand, Shida SLAPS Athena! Shida runs, RANAS, covers, TWO! Athena stacks, TWO, into a deadlift POWERBOMB! Another stack, but Athena deadlifts again! Shida fights, and they go to ropes! Shida hammers Athena, and RANAS Athena out of the ring! But Athena holds on to POWERBOMB Shida to the floor!! The fans are thunderous again as Athena grins.

Athena stands over Shida, drags her up, and puts her in the ring. Athena dusts off her hands, then climbs the corner. Shida stands, into the O-FACE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Athena’s shocked all over again! She’s starting to lose her composure but the fans are rallying for Shida! Athena gets mad now, and she stomps Shida! Athena goes up to the top rope again, but Shida anchors a foot! Athena drags Shida up the corner, Shida throws body shots! Shida climbs now but Athena CLUBS away on her! Shida CLUBS at the legs! Shida throws more shots, then she HEADBUTTS Athena! Both women wobble up top and the fans fire up!

Shida stands Athena up, fireman’s carries, for a SUPER BACKBREAKER on the ropes! Then FALCON ARROW!! But that’s not the end! KATANA!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! The fans are electric as Athena shocks everyone! Shida pulls her pant leg up, her kneepad down, and she takes aim! The fans are dueling as Shida runs up again, TAMA- NO, Athena blocks! Shida CLUBS at Athena, but Athena SLAPS her! Shida SLAPS back! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Athena rises, but Shida LARIATS! Shida roars and the fans are with her! Shida runs, to TAMA- NO, Athena ducks, kips up and SUPERKICKS! And DECKS Shida!!

Athena flounders her way to the corner and climbs back up! O-FACE!!!! Cover, ATHENA WINS!!

Winner: Athena, by pinfall (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

Just when it looked like “forever” was going to end, the Fallen Goddess rises to the occasion and hits FIFTY WINS! But if not even a women’s champion as great as Shida can stop her, will Athena never EVER let go of that title?


ROH World Championship: Eddie Kingston VS Mark Briscoe!

Eleven years ago to the day, the late, great Jay Briscoe won this championship right here in Philadelphia. Beloved by all, Jay’s memory is with us today, and perhaps even his spirit. But even so, The Mad King has vowed that he cannot and will not lose this title to Jay’s brother. Will Eddie deny Mark his dream in order to hold onto his own? Or is this the night the Sussex County Chicken flies like an eagle?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and as Jay would say, it’s time to man up!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans are fired up already. The two circle, feel things out, and the fans chant “MAN UP! MAN UP!” Eddie and Mark both fire up a bit more hearing that, and they tie up. Eddie uses his size to put Mark in a corner, then he lets off. The two reset, circle, knuckle lock, and then back up again. They tie up, go around, Mark wrenches and hammerlocks, but Eddie switches. The fans rally for “DEM BOYS!” and Mark drop toeholds to then float and facelock. Eddie wrenches right out, wristlocks, but Mark rolls. Mark YANKS the arm to then wrench it, but Eddie stays up.

Eddie endures as Mark puts on the pressure. Mark headlocks, Eddie powers up but can’t power out as Mark holds tight. Eddie wrenches at the hold but can’t wrench out. Eddie throws body shots, powers out this time, but Mark runs him over! The fans cheer, Mark runs but Eddie gets under the lariat to SAIDO! And a high angle at that! Mark flounders to a corner but Eddie storms up. Eddie digs his boot in, scrubs Mark a few times, then runs side to side, to BOOT WASH! Eddie lets off after that, then goes back to bring Mark up. Eddie CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Mark goes up and out, ROCKS Eddie then REDNECK UPPERCUTS!

Mark jumps in to BOOT Eddie down! Mark lines up his shot as Eddie sits up, and then runs up to BOOT WASH in return! Eddie bails out, the fans fire up with Mark and he WRECKS Eddie with a dropkick! Eddie goes to barriers but Mark keeps moving! Mark DIVES with the cannonball tope! The Briscoe Family is there to cheer Mark on! Then Mark throws a chair into the ring! Fans fire up for that, but the ref warns Mark to be careful with that. Mark claps with the chair, then stands it up. The fans rally as Mark builds speed, but Eddie’s in! Choke grip, CHOKE SLAM onto the chair! The ref reprimands but can’t disqualify, Eddie used Mark against the chair, not the other way around!

Eddie pursues Mark out of the ring, but the ref wants him to stay back. Eddie goes into the ring while Mark crawls. Mark clutches his lower back while the count begins. Mark stands but Eddie wanting to go out only delays the count. Mark has time, but then Eddie sneaks out the side! Eddie CLOBBERS Mark, and he SLAMS a chair down! Eddie takes his frustration out on the chair, then he brings Mark up to DRIBBLE him off the desk! The ref reprimands but Eddie keeps going until Mark’s busted open! Mark already has a crimson mask flowing as Eddie leaves him behind. The ring count returns, but Mark gets in at 3 of 20.

Mark stands, he just eggs Eddie on! Eddie fires haymakers, then he HEADBUTTS away on the bloody wound! Mark just fires up and CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS back! Mark CHOPS! Eddie fires hands into the forehead! Mark staggers back, Eddie may have even hurt his own hand punching so hard! Mark sits in a corner, the ref checks the wound, but somehow Mark’s okay to continue. Eddie storms up to CLAW at the forehead! The ref counts, Eddie lets off at 4, and Mark’s blood is painting even his neck and shoulders. Eddie comes back to MACHINE GUN CHOP! The fans fire up, and Mark CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And CHOPS again!

Eddie reloads to MACHINE GUN CHOP again! Mark CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Mark CHOPS again, but then Eddie traps the arms to OVERHEAD SUPLEX! The fans fire up, and Mark crawls around. “MAN UP! MAN UP!” echoes out, but Eddie clamps on a neck wrench! Eddie’s trying to squeeze the blood outta Mark’s melon! Mark rises, to SLAP Eddie! And SLAP! And CHOP! Mark CHOPS again, but Eddie fires forearms! Eddie runs to LARIAT! Mark flops over and Eddie tells off the Philly fans! Eddie KICKS Mark, and CHOPS! And KICKS! And CHOPS! Mark still sits up, so Eddie CHOPS again!

Eddie HEADBUTTS Mark, dumps him out, and builds speed! But Mark UPPERCUTS first! Eddie flops to the apron, and Mark BITES Eddie’s forehead now! Mark UPPERCUTS Eddie, stalks him to railing, and has him take a seat so he can rain down fists! Mark goes to get space, and he comes back to SHOTGUN Eddie against barriers! Eddie falls over, Mark resets the count, and then he snap suplexes Eddie to the floor! Mark goes up the apron, says BANG BANG, Cactus Jack ELBOW DROP! The fans fire up as Mama Briscoe’s Baby Boy drags Eddie up! But Eddie POSTS Mark! Mark falls, Eddie refreshes the count, and Eddie goes back for Mark.

Eddie puts Mark in, storms up on him, and drops an ELBOW of his own! Cover, TWO! Mark stays in this but Eddie keeps calm. Eddie rains down fists, aiming right for the forehead. The fans rally and duel, Eddie puts Mark up top. Eddie puts Mark in the Tree of Woe then digs his boots in! The blood is just rushing to Mark’s head and out of the wound, but Mark frees himself. So Eddie WRECKS Mark with a dropkick! Eddie drags Mark to a cover, TWO! Mark is still tougher than that, and Eddie is a bit frustrated. Eddie CLUBS Mark, then reels him in. Mark fights the lift, so Eddie fires Kawada Kicks! Mark LARIATS right back!!

The fans fire up as both men are down! The crimson mask just keeps growing but Mark pounds the mat. The fans rally with Mark as he drags himself up. Mark goes back to Eddie and fires a forearm! Eddie CHOPS! Mark CHOPS back! Eddie brings down one strap, then the other! The fans fire up as Eddie CHOPS! Mark shakes that off and fires back up, so he can CHOP again! Eddie roars, then RIDGE HAND CHOPS! Eddie runs, Mark REDNECK KUNG-FU UPPERCUTS! Mark ROCKS Eddie with a forearm, whips him to ropes, but Eddie reverses. Mark CLOBBERS Eddie with forearms! Eddie goes to a corner, Mark runs in, GAMANGIRI!

Mark whips corner to corner but Eddie barely makes it! Mark runs up again to clothesline! The fans rally, Mark reels Eddie in and has the leg! FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Eddie survives but Mark stays fired up! Eddie bails out, so Mark goes to the apron. Mark runs to BLOCKBUSTER to the floor! Eddie writhes, Mark chucks chairs around, then Mark drags Eddie up. Mark puts Eddie in the ring and climbs up. Mark aims, FROGGY- NO, Eddie moves! But he runs into a fireman’s carry! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Mark hurries back up, takes aim again, FROGGY BOW!! Cover, TWO?!? Eddie survives again and the fans fire up!

Mark gets up, that crimson mask still bright red on his face! The fans rally, Mark hauls Eddie up and whips, but Eddie reverses, clinches, and EXPLODERS! But Mark’s right up!? And he clinches to EXPLODER! But Eddie clinches, EXPLODER!! Mark clinches, EXPLODER!! Both men stagger around from being thrown around, then they run in! DOUBLE LARIATS!! The fans are thunderous as both men are down again! The standing count begins, fans love “Both These Guys!” The count passes 5 of 10, but Mark rises up! Eddie goes to the apron but Mark pursues. Mark storms out after Eddie, and SLAPS him!

Eddie CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Eddie SLAPS! Mark kicks, reels Eddie in, and underhooks! Eddie fights that, fires forearms, then clinches! But Mark fights the lift, throws down elbows, but Eddie HEADBUTTS away! Clinch and EXPLODER to the floor!! The fans lose their minds from that one! The ring count climbs but the fans chant “MAN UP! MAN UP!” Mark and Eddie flounder, the count is 5 of 20, and Eddie rises at 10. We hit 15, Eddie slides in! Mark flounders at 17 and falls back over! 18! 19!! Mark springs in at 19.5!! The fans are thunderous as Mark stays in this! Mark pounds the mat and the fans rally up again!

Eddie and Mark slowly rise, and they crawl to each other. Eddie fires a haymaker, but Mark hits back! They fire forearms and other wild shots back and forth. Eddie SLAPS Mark, but Mark shakes his head! Mark uses ropes to stand, and he SLAPS Eddie! Eddie SLAPS! Mark CHOPS! Eddie grimaces and CHOPS back! Mark CHOPS again! Eddie takes a moment, nods and CHOPS again! Mark roars to SLAP, CHOP and CHOP! Mark unleashes all his Redneck Kung-Fu, then runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and LARIATS!! The fans are thunderous as Mark drags Eddie up and calls his shot! But Eddie wrenches, HALF ‘N’ HALF!!

Eddie says this is the end, and he URAKENS!! Mark falls, Eddie covers, TWO!??! Mark survives and the fans are electric! Eddie snarls but the fans say to “MAN UP! MAN UP!” Mark sputters, eggs Eddie on, so Eddie says okay, and he runs. But Mark ducks the sliding lariat! ROLLING ELBOW!! Eddie falls but Mark hauls him up! Underhooks, but Eddie back drops! Mark sunset flips, TWO!! Eddie stands, URA- NO, Mark ducks, trips Eddie, high stacks, TWO! Eddie URAKENS again!! Mark PELES!! Eddie wobbles, Mark gets him, but then Eddie scoops! Mark slips free, straitjackets and torture racks, CUTTHROAT DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?!?

The fans fire up as Eddie survives that blast from the past, but Mark calls upon the spirit of Jay Briscoe! Mark gets Eddie up, underhooks, JAY DRILLER!!!! Cover, MARK WINS!!!

Winner: Mark Briscoe, by pinfall (NEW ROH World Champion)

And the streamers all fly in! Finally, and for the first-time-ever, Mark Briscoe wins THE title here in ROH! Papa Briscoe gets in the ring to hug his son in celebration, and even Mark’s friends in the locker room make their way out here! Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus, Dalton Castle, Christopher Daniels, even The Kingdom and so many more join in the celebration! They hoist Mark up on their shoulders, and then they all hug it out! Mark says hold on, they gotta give it up to the former champion, too! Eddie manages to stand, looks to Mark, and they nod. They shake hands to keep the Code of Honor, and then hug it out!

The fans cheer this moment that is not only Mark celebrating destiny achieved, but also him honoring the memory of big brother Jay. Supercard of Honor ends with a true feel good moment, how much bigger and better will ROH get from here?

My Thoughts:

A great Supercard of Honor here. I know, I skipped Zero Hour but this is also WrestleMania Weekend, so many other things are happening and I don’t have time for all four-and-a-half hours that this would be. But the Zero Hour is free on AEW’s YouTube, whatever. I did skim, it was all pretty good stuff, other than duh, Premier Athletes were winning their return match. Black Taurus has transformed into Beast Mortos, he of course won. I was actually surprised SAP didn’t win here, this should’ve been where they ended the story with Maria’s boys but it seems like they’ve doubled down because Serpentico lost another mask to them.

Awesome match from Kyle VS Lee to open the main show, and great Kyushin Thunder Liger reference in Kyle’s entire presentation. Kyle winning made a lot of sense, he’s just doing so well. Maybe if this was Ethan Page, there would be a chance Kyle lost, but Lee was clearly fed to the Protostar’s reign. Great Six Woman Tag from Stardom, and you gotta appreciate the constant action going on outside the ring, very unique compared to American style. Great win for Mina’s team, and fun little moment with Mariah coming out to celebrate with them. Well, mostly with Mina. Depending on how things go in Storm VS Thunder, it’d be fun to have Mariah’s two mentors interact and maybe even fight over the title.

Great tag title match from The Kingdom VS Infantry, but just as we saw on Rampage tonight with Roddy VS Rocky, Wardlow got involved to help The Kingdom, just as Adam Cole said. And hey, as I was hoping, Bullet Club Gold actually shows up to do stuff with their ROH World Six Man titles. But while Archer, Zayne and Suzuki are a great trio, of course they were losing. BCG still has to settle things with The Acclaimed, and great to see them show up here, too, so maybe we get Winners Take All at Dynasty. Then Acclaimed can show up on ROH TV, or who knows, maybe BCG wins and they bring all the belts to ROH TV. Just someone show up on ROH TV more often.

Really good stuff in the Fight Without Honor, it’s just too bad The Boys got released before this. They definitely should’ve made their epic return all feral and violent so they could help Castle win. But instead, we did get admittedly hilarious gags with the substitute Boys, and Paul Walter-Hauser so he could plug his own stuff. Which is fine, ROH is making it work with Wrestling Revolver, Athena & Billie went there once. And speaking of, both women’s titles were awesome tonight. I don’t know how to feel about Billie faking such a scary injury but WOW did she do a great job of it. Both Billie and Aminata are great, but I suppose Face in the chase makes sense, and now Billie gets to reign alongside Athena.

Honestly, didn’t Athena was winning. 50-0 is a great mark to hit, but now it’s like, who beats Athena for the title? The only thing I can think of is if she and Billie face off again for both belts, but that doesn’t seem right either. It would be great if Aminata moved up to the world title to make up for not winning the TV title. And in a way, that’s what happened with Mark Briscoe. Great stuff between Mark and Eddie tonight, and wow did Mark bleed. Mark winning out was the right call, he’s been long overdue for a singles title and here we are. Eddie still has his NJPW Strong title, too, so this was surely a great honor for him to give Mark the ROH title.

My Score: 9.1/10

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