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Ring Of Honor Coverage

Matt’s Recap & Review: Ring of Honor TV (10/21/19)

Matt Davis checks in with his look at this week’s edition of Ring Of Honor featuring Joe Hendry, Flip Gordon, and more!



NEW ROH Coverage

Matt Davis checks in with his look at this week’s edition of Ring Of Honor featuring Joe Hendry, Flip Gordon, and more!

Since 2002 we have created excellence together.” – Jay Lethal

Welcome to Ring of Honor Television! We open this week at the Summer Supercard, showing Flip Gordon attacking Tracy Williams with a kendo stick before his match for the TV Title in Toronto. We cut to Global Wars in Chicago when Gordon pinned Williams in a Chicago Street Fight with an F5 into opened chairs. Ian Riccaboni welcomes us to the show and tells us the main event will be “Hotsauce” Tracy Williams against his rival Flip Gordon in a No Disqualification match! If you’ve read my Glory By Honor Review, they discuss the match, but tonight we will see it in full! Quinn McKay tells us that next week we will see Joe Hendry challenge Shane Taylor for the ROH TV Title from Honor United.

There is a promo detailing Shane Taylor’s contract situation and recaps his thoughts about Ring of Honor failing to promote him. Come on Shane, it’s not personal, they aren’t promoting anyone! Cut to Taylor walking around backstage trying to leave an arena being followed by reporters and cameramen wanting to discuss his contract and next challenge. First, Taylor walks into a door that clearly says “Exit Only”,  and says “Of course they wouldn’t let me in” then turns to have a press conference. Then one of the people, holding up a cell phone, asks him who his next challenger is to his “world title” in one of the most rehearsed lines I’ve ever heard. Taylor says he’s going to sit down with ROH again to renegotiate his contract because they tried to screw him by adding Dragon Lee to the match but he still retained. The next question was since he’s a free agent, where will he be going next. Taylor says it doesn’t matter, he could go anywhere. He says if ROH wants him to defend the championship they need to pay him more. He wants to be featured and promoted more. A security guard breaks up the impromptu segment and tells Taylor the casino wants him to leave because people can’t be recording in the casino. That was one of the worst backstage promos I’ve ever seen, and this whole storyline is garbage. Strip him of the championship!

After a break we cut to a segment between Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle at Death Before Dishonor, where Castle reveals a mimosa under a cone in the middle of the ring without any explanation of what we are watching. Quinn McKay is standing in the ring dressed like a ringmaster of a circus. Watch this and disagree with me. Castle tells us the mimosa was made with real Equadorian orange, French champagne, and bubbles that were put in by Shaoudi monks in Napal and takes a sip to a cheer. Castle asks how Hendry will top that? Hendry says that will be tough, even though he believes in the tag team even though Castle is second best. Hendry says he’s going to host karaoke. The song about Dalton Castle is horrible and I’m not even going to type it out. Hendry attacks The New Boys as Castle exits the ring. What the absolute trash was that? Cut to McKay with Riccaboni telling us that got out of hand as she introduces the next match.

Joe Hendry vs Dom Kubrik

This is an exclusive television match featuring Kubrik already in the ring as Hendry signs an autograph for a child in his fathers arm at ringside. Hendry offers a handshake as the bell sounds.

We are told Hendry have an excellent amateur background as they tangle up as the match begins. About a minute in Hendry tries a Hendry-Lock, as were told that Kurt Angle bestowed the ankle lock to Hendry. A shoulderblock tackle drops Kubrik, reverses a leapfrog as Kubrik reverses an armdrag into a counter attack. Back elbow by Hendry gets two! Stalling showboat vertical suplex gets two by Hendry! We are told that this is basically an exhibition match for the Scottish singing star, great way to put over your lesser talent guys! We are told Santino Marrella trained Kubrik. At ringside, Hendry signs another autograph as the fans rips it up. Commentator snarks “That’s at least $12 on eBay that he just ripped up.” Highlight of the match so far. Kubrik drops Hendry face first into the turnbuckle! Superkick! Two!  Kubrik hits a move that looks like the Black Plague for two, into a guillotine choke! Hendry powers out and tries a suplex but Kubrik drops again ans Hendry breaks in the corner. Hendry with a suplex countering another try. Hard DDT by Hendry, butterfly into a shoulderbreaker across the knee, hard lariat hooks the leg and Hendry gets two! We are reminded next week Hendry challenges for the TV Title next week. High knee by Kubrik! Crossbody rolled through into a fallaway powerslam! Ankle Lock reversed, but Hendry steps over and locks it in for the submission in 5 minutes.

Winner: Joe Hendry
Grade: **
Thoughts: A highlight squash for Joe Hendry. He has a crisp style and a great look and character which immediately draws you to him. He’s like a mix of early Nigel McGuinness and Drew Gulak. He will be in WWE before long. He has a unique creative offense and has good control of his offense. The story that Angle bestowed the Ankle Lock to him is great. Impressive victory as he heads into next week. #IBelieveInJoeHendry 

After a break we are brought backstage with Jenny Rose as she discusses that she has had championship matches before, but now shes pissed off because Angelina Love finally got what she wanted. She says ever since she came here it’s been dirty tactics and disrespect, and of course shes a legend but she’s not honorable. In a cringy moment, her promo is cut off and we only hear her voice as we are shown a graphic for next weeks show. We are told next week Angelina Love will defend in a triple threat against Jenny Rose and Sumie Sakai. Can we talk about this week please? Riccaboni talks about Rhett Titus and Kenny King, the former ROH Tag Team Champions, have been feuding as King has been targeting his former partner at every angle.

Mark Haskins vs Rhett Titus  
“Global Wars: Espectacular: Night 1”
Dearborn, Michigan

Begins mid-match, Haskins knocks Titus down and goes up top, missing a stomp. Titus catches a boot in the corner, sloppy Super Facebuster off the top by Titus gets two and a half! I miss The Romantic Touch. Titus with a kick to the chest, mid kick, and an elevated DDT and hooks the leg and Haskins kicks out again! Running boots in the corner stun Haskins, Titus tries a tilt-a-whirl but Haskins reverses into a grapevine into a high angle deathlock and Mark Haskins wins by submission

Winner: Mark Haskins
Grade: N/A
Thoughts: For the one minute we saw, Titus looks like he has looked like for a decade with sloppy offense and zero compelling character traits. Haskins almost breaks Titus’s hip with the high angle submission. Like last week, can’t grade a match you see a small fraction of.

Backstage after the match, Haskins talks to Titus about their “scrap” and Titus says it was just what the doctor ordered. Kenny King walks up and taunts Titus. He criticizes Titus for tapping out, telling him he used to see him pass out before he tapped out (it’s true) when they used to roll. He asks Titus if he should be at home breastfeeding his son as Titus laughs and quips that at least he didn’t get knocked out walking into a camera and walks away.

I’m intrigued by this because these two have great chemistry as a team. Kenny King was the best thing that ever happened to Rhett Titus’s career. Will we eventually see a reunion of the All Night Express?

Backstage with Jeff Cobb as he praises ROH’s return to the United Kingdom, as he prepares for his ROH World Championship match with Rush. He says Rush might be a bull, but so is he, and it’s going to be two bulls colliding as he becomes champion.

In the ring at Death Before Dishonor Fallout we cut to The Kingdom with Matt Taven talking about how seven years ago he joined Ring of Honor because that’s where the best were. He said he tried every day to be the best, and he’s done it all, winning the Top Prospect Tournament, winning the TV Title, winning the Tag Titles and gives a shout out to Mike Bennett that gets a pop (Please come back Mike!), to winning the Six Man Tag Title belts with his two best friends on three occasions, and that all that was nice but since he was a boy he to wanted to be ROH World Champion! He said at Madison Square Garden and in front of tens of thousands of fans all his dreams came true. He said he’s held the title knowing the legacy it has as the most prestigious championships in wrestling. He said everytime he defended it, he would leave it all in the ring which got a cheer and a “Thank you Taven” chant. He thanks the fans. He says he’s at a crossroads, and people have been talking about what happens now. He said when he came here ROH was the best innovative best wrestling company on the planet and he still believes that and he is going no where. The only second Grand Slam champion in company history is staying in Ring of Honor as he hugs Marseglia and O’Ryan in the ring. Commentators tell us he will go down as one of the most underrated champions of all time.

Backstage, Angelina Love and Mandy Rose discuss how bitter Love was that she had to defend the championship next week and complained it took her three months to get an opportunity at the title, but now everyone is lining up to face her. Mandy Rose says its the Age of the Allure and no one is taking the championship from them and ends with a chalk on chalkboard nauseating “Bye” and I’d rather have my eyes pecked out by seagulls than ever listen to that again.

“Hotsauce” Tracy Williams vs Flip Gordon
Death Before Dishonor Fallout Tour
Las Vegas, Nevada

Not sure of the difference between a “television exclusive”, and a match taped for television. This was taped the night after Death Before Dishonor, and begins right away with Williams attacking Gordon on the stage as fisticuffs fly! Gordon cracks a kendo stick across his ribs and back! Gordon chases Williams towards the ring and cracks him again! The welts already appear on his back!

Gordon digging under the ring and grabs a chair at ringside, Williams dives to the outside and splashes it into Gordon’s face! Chops and elbows by Williams! Williams back ripped open already. Butterfly suplex on the outside! Williams rolls Gordon into the ring as Gordon drops Williams face first into the corner! Knife edged chop by Gordon. Williams reverses and gets a chop of his own! Gutwrench toss, to the top rope, Williams rips Gordon off the top with a snap superplex for two!

Williams aggressively all over Gordon as Gordon rolls to the outside and Williams jumps on him again! Gordon reverses a suplex outside and posts Hotsauce! We are told this has been boiling since Gordon joined VE, and dislocated his elbow on a 450 attempt on Williams. Gordon stalks and haunts Williams against the barricade. Gordon tries a suplex but it’s blocked. Gordon tries to whip Williams into the steel but Williams reverses and Gordon jumps over the barricade into the crowd! Williams tries running..and catches an elbow in the face. That was poorly executed, what was plan? Were you going to run knee first into the barricade if Gordon didn’t elbow you? Springboard tornado DDT plants Williams as we fade to commercial!

We are back with both men in the ring, with Gordon swinging a chair. He misses! Williams grabs it, misses, superkick by Gordon! Gordon with a swinging neckbreaker on the chair and gets two! Williams playing possum and drives the chair into Gordon’s ribs. He drops the chair outside, then goes get it again. Jumping knee in the corner! On top, Gordon blocks a superplex. Gordon reverses and drops Williams groin first on the top rope! Gordon tries a full steam charge but stops, stalls, and baseball slides Williams in the back, low risk. He grabs the chair again as both men inside. Gordon opens it and tries to brainbuster Williams into the open chair but Williams blocks. Springboard kick by Gordon! On the top, Williams catches Gordon and all hell breaks loose when Williams drops Gordon with a sitout suplex across the open chair! Hooks the leg, two and a half! Damn! Williams tries a crossface and wrenches back, trapping the arm. Gordon drags himself to the side rope! Williams refuses to break the hold as it’s No DQ! Gordon continues to crawl and drag himself out of the ring and slips away.

Under the ring, Williams unveils another kendo stick and cracks it across Gordon’s chest and back, White Russian Legsweep adapted by The Sandman! Again across the back as it echoes across the arena (easier when it’s empty) Williams cracking it over and over Gordon up the ramp, as he breaks it across Gordon’s back. Williams tries a piledriver on the ramp but Gordon hits a low blow! Gordon with an inverted DDT as we fade to another commercial.

Back, as Gordon grabs a table from under the ring. Gordon opens the table in the ring as Williams rolling around outside. Gordon throws a chair on Williams and rolls him inside. Gordon places Williams on the table and thinks about a 450 Splash. Williams up and nails a european uppercut! Both men on the top now. Headbutt by Gordon! Gordon tries a Kinder Surprise, but Tracy launches Gordon into the barricade and the floor. Williams drops the table closed and then opens it back up half open. Running boot to Gordon on the apron! Williams drops a double axe handle and drags him onto the apron and then the top rope again. Williams with a Piledriver off the top rope through for the table for win in about 15 minutes shown!

Winner: Tracy Williams
Grade: **1/2
Thoughts: This rivalry is far from finished, but here we are with a big win for Tracy Williams and Lifeblood as the carnage continues against Villain Enterprises. Small complaint of not enough weapons for me in a No DQ match. There was a wrinkle of a No DQ match stipulation here, but overall, not a lot. Some kendo sticks, some chairs, and the one table spot that ended it. The momentum of the match was severely interrupted by two commercial breaks. I couldn’t get into the match because of them. The finish kind of came out of no where and wasn’t “built up”, at least not in what they showed. Down. Oh sorry, that’s not my gimmick.

Overall Show Grade: 5/10

Better than last week, but still had some very awkward stuff going on. That awkward segment with Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle was not introduced, and it wasn’t funny in any way. Hendry is hilarious but it really fell flat as they tried to make dick jokes and neither the crowd or I, as a viewer, cared at all. The akward segment with Jenny Rose had awful production. I’ve never seen an interview cut off as their voice continued as we were looking at graphics on screen before. The Shane Taylor storyline is TURRRRRIBLE and that whole interview was really poorly done, little things make a huge difference. We just saw NJPW strip Jon Moxley of a championship because he couldn’t defend because of inclement weather, you’re telling me you’d allow a champion to get bought out of his contract but keep the title on him? If he wants out, agree to buy him out and strip the title. It literally doesn’t make sense from a business stand point, it’s not believable and drives me insane! The TV Title could be utilized so much more with characters like PJ Black, Joe Hendry, or either of the guys in the main event. Great promo by Matt Taven. Felt real, heart felt, and the fans were invested in everything he said. Less complaints than last week, but still enough to irritate me. Until next week! #UseYourHead

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/22/24)




ROH Wrestling 2023

What a way to celebrate ROH’s anniversary!

ROH TV makes it a full year, and Athena defends the Women’s World Championship in a Best 2 Outta 3 Falls TABLES MATCH, against Nyla Rose!


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Taya Valkyrie VS Sussy Love;  Taya wins and advances.
  • Lee Johnson VS Sonico; Johnson wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Red Velvet VS Sandra Moone; Velvet wins and advances.
  • Danhausen VS Brandon Cutler w/ Colt Cabana; Danhausen wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Abadon VS Viva Van; Abadon wins and advances.
  • Ethan Page VS Anthony Henry; Ethan wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Billie Starkz VS Robyn Renegade; Billie wins and advances.
  • Four Corner Survival: AR Fox VS Komander VS Matt Sydal VS Exodus Prime; Komander wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Best 2 Outta 3 Falls Tables Match: Athena VS Nyla Rose; Athena wins and retains the title.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Taya Valkyrie w/ Johnny TV VS Sussy Love!

La Wera Loca feels she’s made to be Women’s TV Champion, but she still has to prove she’s worthy of it. Will Taya truly be TV Ready? Or will this tournament get a little Sussy?

The fans already rally for Taya while the Code of Honor is upheld. The bell rings, the two tie up, then they break. They circle, tie up, and Taya waistlocks to SLAM Sussy down. Taya stomps Sussy, soaks up the cheers and flips Sussy over. Sussy kips up to arm-drag and then runs up on Taya. Taya sidesteps but Sussy uses the ropes to flip up and around to arm-drag again! The fans fire up, and Taya CLOBBERS Sussy! Taya says that’s why she’s La Wera Loca and the fans fire up more. Taya stomps Sussy, bumps her off buckles, then CHOPS! The fans “WOO~” and Taya whips corner to corner. Taya runs up, blocks a boot but not the knee!

Sussy runs, slides to dodge, and then returns to tilt-o-whirl and OCTOPUS STRETCH! Taya endures, the fans rally, and Taya powers free. Sussy ROCKS Taya first, then whips her to ropes. Taya reverses but Sussy holds ropes. Taya doesn’t realize, then she runs up only for Sussy to do the splits! Taya tumbles out, Sussy builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and down goes Taya! The fans rally while Johnny talks some trash on Sussy. Sussy puts Taya in, tells Johnny to shut up, then jumps over Taya’s baseball slide! Sussy jumps a sweep but not the CHOP BLOCK! Taya drags Sussy off the apron, for an APRON POWERBOMB!

The fans fire up while Mr. & Mrs. TV high-five. Taya stomps Sussy, drags her up, then RAMS her into steel steps! The ring count climbs and Taya counts along in Spanish. Taya puts Sussy in, drags her up, and puts her on ropes to CHOKE! The ref counts, Taya lets off at 4, and she puts Sussy in a corner. Taya winds up to CHOP again! “WOO~!” and Taya says time to roll. Taya fires an elbow then a clothesline, and Sussy sits down. Taya runs up to METEORA! Taya drags Sussy to the cover, TWO! Sussy survives but Taya has a wild look in her eyes. Taya drags Sussy around into a chinlock and leans on her.

Sussy endures, reaches out, throws some elbows, then fights up. Taya cranks on the hold to keep Sussy down but Sussy still fights. Sussy fires more forearms but Taya throws her down by her hair! The ref reprimands while also checking on Sussy, and Taya dusts her hands off. Taya then drags Sussy up to TOSS her around, also by her hair! The ref reprimands more but Taya covers, TWO! Taya has another crazy grin as she pushes Sussy around. The fans rally behind Taya even as Sussy fights back. Taya whips Sussy to a corner, runs up but into a BOOT! Sussy goes up, leaps, CROSSBODY! Then she runs up to ENZIGIRI! Cover, TWO!

Sussy is frustrated but she hurries to get Taya up. Sussy whips but Taya reverses, then Taya runs in but Sussy dodges. Sussy GAMANGIRIS, SHINING WIZARDS, then puts Taya in the ropes. Sussy KNEES Taya in the back, then goes to the apron to throw hands! Sussy then climbs, the fans rally, and Sussy headstands into the DOUBLE KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO!! Taya survives and fans fire up while Sussy hurries! “This is Awesome!” as Sussy stands Taya up but Taya kicks low. Taya wrenches, reels Sussy in, underhooks and lift, BUTTERFLY BUSTER! Cover, TWO?! Sussy survives and shocks Taya!

Taya drags Sussy around, but Sussy CHOPS! Taya CHOPS, Sussy CHOPS, repeat! The fans fire up and “WOO~!” then Taya mule kicks! And front kicks! But Sussy gets around to waistlock, but Taya fights the lift! Taya elbows free, runs, and SPEARS! Then Taya flips Sussy over, ties up the legs, SHANIA PAIN!! Cover, Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

That curb stomp has just put Taya one step closer to having the title with her initials on it! But will she really be THE TV Champion? Or will Queen Aminata have something to say about that in the quarterfinals?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Red Velvet VS Sandra Moone!

The Chef has been cooking, and she’s ready to finally #StirItUp as a champion! Will she be serving an L tonight? Or will the Subspace Sweetheart make Velvet very sour?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. Then Moone brings Velvet in! Fans are a little torn but Velvet’s game. They circle, tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Velvet headlocks, then hits the takeover. Moone keeps her shoulders up, headscissors back, and squeezes tight. The fans rally, Velvet kips free but Moone headlocks now. Moone hits a takeover, makes it a cover, ONE as Velvet headscissors. Moone kips free, the two stand off and the fans cheer. Moone rushes in, Velvet boots the lariat, but Moone avoids a haymaker to back suplex! Fans rally, Moone hurries to cover, TWO!

Velvet crawls but Moone powers up and runs, but Velvet ducks the sliding lariat! LA MAGISTROL, TWO! Velvet arm-drags Moone around and Moone goes to a corner. Velvet storms up, fires body shots from all sides, then ROCKS Moone with a right. Velvet stomps a mudhole, then she digs her boot in while doing the splits! Fans cheer, the ref counts, but Velvet lets off at 4. Velvet drags Moone up, runs corner to corner, but Moone BOOTS her down! Then Moone SLIDING LARIATS! Moone fires up and the fans rally behind her. Moone goes to a corner, climbs up, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO!

Velvet is still in this and Moone is a bit unsure what to do. Moone kicks Velvet around, but Velvet CHOPS! Moone CLUBS Velvet, kicks her around while holding the wristlock, then says this is done! Moone runs, but Velvet sweeps the legs! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Moone escapes but Velvet knows she’s close. Velvet grabs an arm and wrenches and wrenches to WRING Moone out! Velvet isolates that arm, then says bye as she STOMPS it! Moone writhes, Velvet gets the arm again, and Velvet drops a leg right into the short arm scissor! Moone endures, Velvet cranks on the arm, and fans rally up.

Moone fights up, Velvet pushes her back down, but Moone keeps fighting! Moone punches Velvet’s leg, rolls her back to a cover, TWO! Velvet swings, Moone ducks and lifts, but Velvet fights the atomic drop! Moone tries again, Velvet slips out of the back suplex! Velvet ducks the lariat, BODY BLOWS and then ROCKS Moone! Velvet runs, wheelbarrows, and BULL- NO, Moone makes it a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Velvet survives but Moone runs up, LARIAT! Both women are down and the fans fire up again! Moone crawls and covers, TWO! Velvet survives again and goes to a corner.

Moone grows frustrated but the fans rally up. Moone storms up and fires off forearms in the corner! Velvet fires up, eggs Moone on, so Moone fires off from all sides! Moone whips corner to corner, runs in, but Velvet BOOTS back! Velvet runs up but Moone blocks and ELBOWS, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Then wrenches to CLUB away on Velvet’s neck! Moone steps over the arm, and HOOK KICKS Velvet from below! Cover, TWO!! Velvet survives and then eggs Moone on more! Moone wrenches, knees low, then fisherman’s for the- NO, cradle counter! TWO!! Moone escapes, Velvet dodges, and Velvet CALF KICKS!

Fans fire up with Velvet, she runs and wheelbarrows again, BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!! Moone survives and Velvet is beside herself! The fans rally again as Velvet stands Moone up. Moone ROCKS Velvet, so Velvet ROCKS Moone! Moone fires more shots, scoops Velvet, but Velvet slips free to shove! Moone comes bakc, but Velvet drop toeholds her into ropes! Velvet runs to DOUBLE KNEE Moone! Velvet yanks the ropes to get Moone off, but Moone avoids the Mixer! Moone FISHERMAN BUSTERS!! Cover, TWO!!! Velvet survives and Moone cannot believe it! Moone gets the fans going, goes to a corner and hops up, but Velvet ROCKS her first!

Velvet climbs up after Moone, and puts some stank on the CHOP! Velvet then climbs to the very top, for a SUPER VICTORY ROLL!! The fans are thunderous as Moone flounders, into the MIXER!! Cover, Velvet wins!

Winner: Red Velvet, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Moone brought the heat, but that helped the dough rise, and now Velvet is moving on to the quarterfinals! She’s got a LEGIT opponent in Leyla Hirsch up next, will things only get hotter from here?


Johnny & Taya speak.

La Wera Loca says “Sussy Love, bien venida a ROH, y adios! Okay, that was easy. Seriously! You wanna give her to me, one of the most decorated luchadoras in all of luche libre history? A multi-time world champion, against Sussy Love? C’mon, please! Put some respect on my name and give me someone I can sink my teeth into, because that TV Championship is coming home with me. Cuz this is the TV Era, and clearly she wasn’t TV Ready. Gimme some competition, I’m ready!” Well, the One & Only Queen Aminata awaits, will she be more than enough for Taya?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Abadon VS Viva Van!

The Living Dead Girl has hunted down gold in the past, but now she hunts down history! Will the inaugural champion have a real reign of terror? Or will nothing scare off the Hellbent Vixen?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Abadon throws Viva down, and then drops down just to tease her with a playful wave. The two slowly rise as they stare down, and then Viva shows off with a handspring and pose! Only for Abadon to HEADBUTT her down! Viva flounders to a corner while Abadon says she’s so stupid. Abadon runs in, METEORA! Abadon shoves Viva out to then BASEMENT CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Abadon argues the count, then stalks Viva to ropes. Abadon storms up to stand on Viva and CHOKE her! The ref counts, Abadon “apologizes” as she lets off.

Then Abadon stands on Viva again! Abadon laughs as she sits on Viva, then lets off to “apologize” again. Viva goes to the apron, Abadon runs up but Viva KNEES her! Viva slingshots up and over, runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then WHEEL KICKS! Fans fire up as Viva shoves Abadon to a cover, TWO! Viva grows frustrated, she drags Abadon up and reels her in to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Viva keeps her cool and she stalks Abadon now. The fans rally, Viva kicks Abadon at the ropes, then gives back that CHOKE! And even the sitting! Viva adds fishhooks to make Abadon smile! Viva lets off, then wipes her hands off on the ref.

Viva runs in, but Abadon dodges to send her into buckles! Abadon runs back in, but Viva goes up to catch her into a TARANTULA! The fans fire up as Viva thrashes Abadon! The ref counts, Viva lets Abadon go at 4. The fans rally up and Viva stomps Abadon around. Viva drags Abadon into a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Abadon endures, the fans rally, and Abadon fights to pop free! Cover, ONE, and Viva kicks low! Viva reels Abadon in, Abadon wrenches and whips but Viva reverses, only for Abadon to tilt-o-whirl RANA! Viva staggers up but LARIATS Abadon down! The fans fire up, Viva covers, TWO! Viva grows frustrated, and Abadon just sits up!

Viva scowls as Abadon shakes her head and wags her finger. Viva fires forearms, but Abadon SHRIEKS! Abadon fires forearms in return, then LARIATS! And LARIATS again! Abadon cravats but Viva powers out. Abadon dodges to CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Viva survives and Abadon is annoyed. Abadon drags Viva up, runs, but Viva avoids the lariat to kick low! Underhooks in the ropes, DRAPING BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Abadon escapes and Viva is beside herself! The fans rally up, Viva stalks Abadon and CLUBS her! Viva says time to end this, and she Electric Chair Lifts! But Abadon fights with fists!

Abadon wrenches and BITES Viva’s arm! The ref counts, Abadon lets off to run and KNEE! Abadon then sits Viva up, BLACK DAHLIA!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Mercedes Martinez needs to watch out, because something wicked her way comes! Will the OG Badass be able to survive the Living Dead Girl?


Queen Aminata speaks.

“The Queen has arrived, and The Queen has advanced to the next round of the ROH TV Tournament to face Taya Valkyrie. Taya, I gotta say, I used to watch my matches when I first started. I used to love the way you presented yourself. The way you move in the ring, all the good fight you used to put in that ring. But to be honest, somebody has to tell you, Taya. You’re not that old Taya anymore. No, you’re just this flamboyant Taya. This sleazy mirror Taya. This Taya that comes in the ring with her husband. What’re you doing? Who are you?

“The Queen doesn’t want this new Taya, I want the old one. The one that used to put up that great fight. The one that used to come feeling confident. I want this very Loca Taya. I wanna put on a great match. And after that, I want you, Taya, to move outta my way so The Queen, The One, The Only African Woman Wrestler, can finally be… the first-ever ROH TV Champion.” The Queen of Guinea is ready to be crowned, but will Taya deny her the throne?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Billie Starkz VS Robyn Renegade!

The opening round finally comes to a close, and it wraps up with Athena’s Number One Minion ready to take it all! Will she do the Fallen Goddess proud? Or will Billie fail to stop the Renegade?

The Code of Honor is upheld and Robyn says Billie got what she wanted. The bell rings, the two tie up, and they go around. Robyn headlocks but Billie powers out the back. Billie grinds the arm but Robyn rolls, wrenches and wristlocks. Robyn talks trash but Billie spins through to get free. Robyn chuckles and the fans rally up. Billie and Robyn tie up, and Billie powers Robyn back, only for Robyn to turn that around and put Billie in the corner. The ref counts, Robyn lets off slowly, then she pats Billie on the head. Billie shoves back! The fans fire up as the two talk smack. Billie calls for the test of strength and Robyn obliges.

The two knuckle lock, but then Billie spins and wrenches to whip. Robyn ducks ‘n’ dodges but Billie runs, sunset flips, TWO! EDDY GORDO KICK! The fans fire up and Billie grins. Billie drags Robyn up, suplexes, but Robyn fights that to a cradle! TWO, and the two stand up. Robyn blocks to ROCK Billie with a forearm! Billie goes to a corner, Robyn runs up to clothesline! Robyn says want some, get some! And she CHOPS! Fans fire up and Robyn stands Billie back up. Robyn says here’s one more, and she CHOPS again! Robyn mocks Billie stinging from that, and then she stands Billie up again. Fans rally for one more, Robyn puts some stank on it, but Billie dodges!

Billie ROCKS, CHOPS and repeat, over and over, and the fans fire up! Billie even adds some clotheslines! Billie snapmares, but Robyn is right up to DROPKICK! Billie ends up in the corner, Robyn stomps a mudhole then digs it in! The ref counts, Robyn lets off to soak up the heat, then she stands Billie back up. Robyn ROCKS Billie, whips her to ropes, but Billie ducks ‘n’ holds the ropes! Robyn ducks the heel kick to body shot! Robyn snap suplexes and bridges, TWO! Billie escapes but Robyn keeps cool. Billie crawls her way to a corner, Robyn mocks Billie and the fans about the clapping, but Billie hits back!

Robyn CLUBS Billie down, brings her around and sends her to a corner. Billie stops from hitting buckles, dodges Robyn, but then Robyn dodges Billie! Robyn bumps Billie off buckles, slips around and BACKSTABBERS! Cover, TWO! Billie stays in this but Robyn stays on her. Robyn drags Billie up to snapmare and chinlock. Billie endures as Robyn thrashes her around and taunts her. “Smile for ’em!” The fans rally as Billie fights up, but Robyn wrangles her right back down. Billie still fights, the fans still rally, and Billie throws body shots. Robyn knees low, then whips Billie to a corner. Billie elbows back, then BOOTS!

Billie goes up, Robyn blocks a kick but Billie REBOUND ENZIGIRIS! Fans fire up as Billie LARIATS Robyn down! Billie grits her teeth, rises back up, and she ROCKS Robyn! Robyn ROCKS Billie! The forearms go back and forth, then Robyn CHOPS! Billie CHOPS, so Robyn DOUBLE CHOPS! Billie fires a flurry of forearms! The fans fire up more, Billie powers up but Robyn ENZIGIRIS! Billie flops against ropes but Robyn is on her. Robyn whips, Billie reverses and then HEEL KICKS! Cover, TWO!! Robyn survives that shot but Billie keeps cool. Robyn bails out so Billie builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp!

Billie fires up, goes back into the ring, and she runs again! Another DIVE and down goes Robyn! Billie ain’t done, she slides in and runs again! The fans fire up for the DIVE into a clinch! Robyn RAMS Billie into the apron! The hattrick did not go Billie’s way and she flounders into the ring. Robyn pushes her from ropes, storms back up, but blocks boots! Billie still kicks Robyn away, goes up the corner, and leaps, but Robyn dodges! Billie comes back, but Robyn puts her on the apron! Billie ducks the haymakers, but Robyn catches the shoulder! Billie fights free of that, but Robyn manages to SUNSET FLIP through! POWERBOMB to the floor!!

The fans are thunderous while the ref checks Billie. Billie is somehow still in this but Robyn wants a count-out! The count begins while Billie stirs. Robyn wants it faster but this is still a 20 count! The count only reaches 7 while Robyn talks trash. Robyn says Billie will never amount to anything, but Billie stands and leaps in at 10 of 20! Robyn CLUBS away on Billie for that, then covers, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Robyn is frustrated and she drags Billie up to pump handle. But Billie slips free of the scoop, to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Billie holds on, traps an arm and has a half nelson with chinbar! Billie digs in her knee, Robyn taps! Billie wins!!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by submission (advances to the next round)

A big win off the Hammerlock Vice, and Billie has her spot in the quarterfinals! But will she continue on through the Elite Eight? Or will she fail to break the Cuban Diamond?


Backstage interview with Ethan Page.

Lexi Nair is with All Ego after his win over Anthony Henry tonight. Ethan is now 12-2 overall, and Ethan wants to stick with the positives. What does this mean for Ethan moving forward? Well, the obvious answer is an ROH World TV Championship match against Kyle Fletcher. Automatic shoe-in given Ethan’s win streak, but for some reason, the TV Champ doesn’t wanna show up for work. Maybe because he’s worried about losing it. But really, a fantastic strategy for Kyle, and if Ethan were Kyle, he’d keep doing it. But while he’s away, Ethan can hang out with the fans more and continue to have this feeling that keeps happening.

Ethan can’t explain the feeling, can’t put a word to it but he’s sure the fans feel it, too. There’s just something in the air. You can even smell it, and you feel it, and Ethan feels it in his heart. And after every win, he feels that feeling grow. That momentum grows. That fire inside of him and with the people watching, it grows! So Kyle, stay away, because by the time he comes back, that momentum will be astronomical! And when Kyle walks in, he’ll feel the electricity in the air and the hair on the back of his neck will stand up! Because everything in ROH since Kyle’s been gone has changed, because of Ethan!

“So please, bring that title back when you’re ready. Because I don’t think you’re gonna like this place anymore. I promise.” All Ego has called out the Protostar, how will the Don Callis Family let Kyle respond?


Billie Starkz speaks.

“I had one heck of a fight tonight. I’ll give it to you, Robyn, you brought more than I thought you would. But this tournament’s for me. That’s my title, and I don’t know how many times I have to say this. I’m going through every single round of this tournament. I’m the youngest and the dumbest, I’m gonna fight all I can. I want this more than anything else. I lost at Final Battle, I’m not losing again. Y’all’re not better than Athena, I’m better than all of you. Get it through your heads. That title is mine.” The Fallen Goddess’ Number One Minion is ready to stand beside her with gold, will she succeed?


ROH Women’s World Championship Best 2 Outta 3 Falls Tables Match: Athena VS Nyla Rose!

After the Fallen Goddess was violently ambushed at her own training school, an equally violent return led to a brutal back and forth between her and the Native Beast. Now it will all come to a devastating end as only one can reign! Who’s body will be broken along with the tables?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and Nyla is already setting up the furniture! It’s the main event of the ROH TV anniversary, but who celebrates the biggest of all?

The bell rings and Athena DROPKICKS! Nyla stays up to CLOBBER Athena! Nyla brings Athena up but Athena throws hands! But then Nyla HEADBUTTS Athena down! The fans rally for Athena as she comes right back, but into a SAMOAN DROP! Fans boo but Nyla tells them to shut up. Nyla goes out to fetch a table and set that up at ringside. Nyla drags Athena to the apron to SMACK her off the edge, then she finishes setting the table. Only for Athena to DROPKICK Nyla! Athena RANAS, but Nyla blocks! APRON POWERBOMB, and then the BEAST BOMB through the table!!

Athena: 0; Nyla: 1

And the all-important first “fall” goes to Nyla! She tells us not to “change the channel” because she’s 1-0, and says we’ll see if she can finish this fast. Nyla puts Athena in the ring, goes looking under but there’s no tables there. Nyla goes around the corner, there’s a table! Nyla puts that table in the ring, but Athena stops her! Athena uses the table to RAM Nyla into barriers! The fans rally, and Athena SUPERKICKS Nyla down! Athena hauls that table up into the ring for herself, and the fans rally up. Athena runs up to KICK Nyla in the side! Athena gets in the ring, brings the table to a corner, but then sees Nyla stand.

Athena runs and DIVES, but into Nyla’s hands! APRON CHOKE SLAM! The fans are stunned while Athena writhes. The ref checks Athena, she is somehow still in this, so Nyla hobbles over. Nyla THROWS Athena into steel steps! Athena writhes again while Nyla soaks up the heat. Nyla even plays with a fan’s very long beard. Nyla drags Athena up but Athena throws body shots. Nyla SMACKS Athena off the apron, pushes her in, then stomps away! The fans rally for Athena as hard as they can but Nyla CLUBS her down. Nyla claims they are all HER Minions now, but Athena fires off CHOP after CHOP!

Nyla CHOPS back, DECKS Athena, then hauls her back up. Nyla scoops and SLAMS Athena, then soaks up more heat. Nyla throws off the gloves and drags Athena up again. Nyla whips her hard into a corner, then SPLASHES! Athena sits down and Nyla calls her shot, CANNONBALL! Athena flops over and Nyla grabs that table. Nyla sets it up in a corner, and Nyla says, “Careful what you wish for.” But Athena runs up to SMACK Nyla off the table! And again! The table stays standing, Nyla shoves Athena away, but Athena tilt-o-whirl RANAS! Nyla hits off buckles, Athena goes to fireman’s carry! Nyla CLUBS away to knock Athena down!

Nyla hobbles, she stands Athena up, and HIP TOSS but Athena handsprings through! Athena ROCKS Nyla, but Nyla PELES Athena! Nyla runs, to CROSSBODY! Athena flounders her way to the apron, back to the wreckage of the first table, and even to the steel steps. Nyla pushes the second table over before she pursues Athena. Nyla digs her boots in at the railing but the ref reprimands. Nyla lets off, sits Athena up, and KNEES her against railing! Fans boo but Nyla backs up. Nyla runs back in, but Athena moves, CANNONBALL hits railing! Nyla writhes now and the fans rally for Athena! Athena runs up to SHOTGUN Nyla down!

The fans fire up while Athena growls and glares at Nyla. Athena rises as the fans are thunderously behind her. Athena catches her breath, goes looking under the ring, and finds herself a new table! The fans cheer as she sets that up ringside. Athena DROPKICKS Nyla back down and HAMMERS away on her in fury! Athena shoves Nyla and tells the ref to leave her alone! Athena goes back to her table, finishes setting that up, and then positions it just right. Athena storms up on Nyla, brings her around, and hauls her up to the apron. Fans fire up as Athena lines up the shot, but Nyla fires hands!

Athena and Nyla brawl on the edge, and then Nyla HEADBUTTS! Athena fires shots again and again, then clinches! Nyla fights free of that, and choke grips! Fans freak out, CHOKE- NO, Athena slips up and over the ropes! Athena ROCKS Nyla, Nyla holds onto ropes as she wobbles! Athena goes up a corner, takes aim, for the O FACE!! Nyla falls through the table!!

Athena: 1; Nyla: 1

And we’re all tied up! It all comes down to this final fall, “This is Awesome!” as Athena already has that second table ready to go! Nyla flounders out of the wreckage, drags herself into the ring, and Athena stalks her. Athena stomps Nyla, drags her up, SLAPS her, then fireman’s carries! Fans fire up as Athena manages the lift! But then she falls right over, Nyla right on top of her! Nyla laughs as she sits back up and then brings Athena around. Nyla scoops, but Athena slips free! Nyla BOOTS Athena down then hurries to get her back up! Nyla puts Athena on the table, punches away on her face, then goes up the corner!

Nyla aims but Athena slips off the table! Athena CHOPS Nyla, then climbs up! Fans fire up as Athena climbs, CLUBS away on Nyla, but Nyla fights the superplex! Nyla CLUBS away on Athena now, then dumps Athena to the apron! Nyla repositions herself, kicks at Athena from above, but Athena SLAPS Nyla! Nyla kicks, Athena SLAPS! They go back and forth, each wobbling after the other’s shot! Nyla realizes there’s a table at ringside! Nyla CLAWS Athena’s eyes to stop her! Nyla then sees another table at ringside and aims for it! But Athena has Nyla’s foot to stay on the apron! Athena ROCKS Nyla again!

Athena UPPERCUTS, then she uses the corner to Electric Chair Lift Nyla!! ELECTRIC CHAIR FACEBUSTER through the table!!! Athena wins!!!

Winner: Athena, by 2-1 falls (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

The Fallen Goddess, the Minion Overlord, the woman carrying this promotion, just slayed the Native Beast! If not even this could stop Athena, will she truly be our Forever Champion? But at the same time, Nyla sits up and manages to laugh…? Is Nyla’s hunt for gold in ROH not over yet?

My Thoughts:

A great ROH right here, but apologies to the fellas on this episode, I didn’t have time for anything other than the women’s title stories. Though, I did skim, so I know Lee Johnson had another great showing, Danhausen VS Brandon Cutler w/ Colt Cabana was a lot of goofy fun, and Exodus Prime had a great showing in a Fatal 4 Way that he of course wasn’t winning. And really good promo from Ethan after his newest win, though I wish there didn’t have to be as many worked shoot promos of “You need to show up on ROH so I can face you already!” type stuff going on. Tony Khan needs to get people who hold ROH titles onto ROH TV!

Great matches in the Women’s TV Championship Tournament, of course. Taya VS Sussy was good, Sussy really getting a good showing in the loss. Taya talked trash on Sussy as like she’s just a jobber in the promo after, and Queen Aminata had a very good response promo, so their match is going to be awesome next round. Equally great showings from Viva Van against Abadon and Sandra Moone against Red Velvet, but naturally Abadon and Velvet won out. Abadon is very likely to get past Mercedes Martinez, Velvet VS Leyla could go either way depending on how Leyla’s story with Rachael Ellering is going to go.

But also a great match of Billie VS Robyn, and of course Billie won there. Billie had a great promo, she is still highly favored to win in my opinion, more than likely facing Aminata in the finals. Both are so talented, and while Billie has gotten the overt push with her joining Athena, facing Athena, and having Athena’s support, Aminata stuck it out, proved herself, and has been recognized by management to finally get some wins. That’s a real toss-up there, and either result would make for a huge moment at what I’m assuming is Supercard of Honor on April 5th, aka them piggybacking WrestleMania Weekend.

The tables match was really good stuff, but much like any tables match, and much like any 2 Outta 3 Falls match, the flow was pretty standard. We end up with a tie and the final fall finishes it, which made for a great comeback by Athena to win it all. A part of me is surprised Athena won out, but Athena has done such phenomenal work since becoming ROH Women’s World Champion that in a way, she’s kinda stuck. If this women’s tournament arc is any indication, ROH knows how to use the women’s division better per episode than AEW, but viewership and live audience attendance are still lacking. To me, Athena is the big fish in the small pond, but is deserving of being the biggest of them all.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/15/24)

Let the tournament begin!



ROH Wrestling 2023

Time to bust some brackets!

The ROH Women’s World Television Championship tournament is finally here! And the opening round is red hot as Kiera Hogan takes on Diamante!


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Queen Aminata VS J-Rod; Aminata wins and advances.
  • The Infantry VS Midnight Heat; The Infantry wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Leyla Hirsch VS Rachael Ellering; Leyla wins and advances.
  • The Outrunners VS Jeaux Braxton & Ice Williams; The Outrunners win.
  • Bryan Keith VS Slice Boogie; Keith wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Trish Adora VS Mercedes Martinez; Martinez wins and advances.
  • Six Man Tag: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Jon Cruz, JC Valentine & James Blackheart; Archer & The Righteous win.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Kenny King; Castle wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Kiera Hogan VS Diamante; Diamante wins and advances.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Queen Aminata VS J-Rod!

To be an inaugural champion is to be immortalized in history, and the first match in such a tournament sets the tone for the entire thing! Will the Queen of Guinea make her way towards the throne? Or will J-Rod prove she is The Ultimate Athlete?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the fans already really behind Aminata. Aminata and J-Rod circle, stare down, then tie up. They’re in a deadlock, and then break. Fans applaud as the two circle again. They step up, and then J-Rod SLAPS Aminata! Fans fire up and J-Rod swings again, but Aminata ducks to CHOP! And CHOP! And DOUBLE CHOP! J-Rod falls over but Aminata brings her up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Aminata paces around, brings J-Rod up, but J-Rod hits a JAWBREAKER! Then J-Rod scoops Aminata to hit SNAKE EYES! J-Rod runs to BOOT Aminata down! J-Rod then rains down forearms!

J-Rod taunts Aminata, but lets off to let Aminata up. Aminata throws body shots but J-Rod knees low. J-Rod bumps Aminata off buckles, then CHOPS! J-Rod pushes Aminata to a corner then stomps her down. The ref counts, J-Rod lets off, but then she stomps Aminata again. J-Rod CHOPS, Aminata ROCKS her back! Aminata CHOPS, but J-Rod avoids the boot to CHOP again! J-Rod whips corner to corner hard and Aminata bounces off the buckles! J-Rod shows off by running in place, then she digs her knees into Aminata. The ref counts, J-Rod lets Aminata up and throws knees. J-Rod then snap suplexes hard! Cover, TWO!

J-Rod smirks as she pushes Aminata down then drops an elbow! Cover, ONE!! Aminata is showing her toughness but J-Rod scoops her for a SLAM! J-Rod goes up the corner while fans rally for Aminata, and J-Rod FROG SPLASH FLOPS as Aminata moves! Aminata then BASEMENT UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up as Aminata rallies on J-Rod with LARIAT after LARIAT! Aminata spins J-Rod, snapmares and KICKS her in the back! Aminata runs to PENALTY KICK! Fans fire up with Aminata, and she runs corner to corner to HIP ATTACK! Aminata roars, runs side to side, and BOOT WASHES!

The fans fire up as Aminata says she is one of one. Aminata drags J-Rod up but J-Rod grabs ropes. Aminata gets her free to whip corner to corner, then runs in again, but J-Rod drop toeholds her into buckles! J-Rod CHOPS and CHOPS and ROCKS and ROCKS Aminata! J-Rod roars, runs, but Aminata dodges! J-Rod POSTS herself, then staggers back into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Aminata wants J-Rod to rise up, and she does, into a HEADBUTT! Cover, Aminata wins!

Winner: Queen Aminata, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

And with that, Queen Aminata is the first of the “Elite Eight!” Will she make it all the way to the end to hold up that title? Or will another take the throne from her?


ROH shows the tournament bracket!

We already have half the matches slated for tonight with Mercedes Martinez VS Trish Adora, Leyla Hirsch VS Rachael Ellering and Kiera Hogan VS Diamante, but the other half includes: Red Velvet VS Sandra Moone; Abadon VS Viva Van; Taya Valkyrie VS Sussy Love; and Billie Starkz VS Robyn Renegade!


ROH Media catches up with Queen Aminata.

They congratulate her on the win, and ask that besides winning the tournament, what else does she have to prove here in ROH? Aminata says she just won, literally, so she’ll tell us something. “Queen Aminata did not move all the way from West Africa to be average in this country. ROH, I know that belt is silver, but I’m sure even though I look good in gold, that silver will look extra juicy on my skin. So just so you guys know, this is not just for the ROH Women’s TV Championship. I am representing a whole continent. A whole juicy continent. So if you guys I am here to play, honey, think about it again. Because Queen Aminata is the one and only African woman wrestler.”


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Leyla Hirsch VS Rachael Ellering!

The LEGIT Friends of Strong Smile were joking about facing off in the first round, but it ended up becoming a reality! Will their friendship still be intact after having it out this early in the tournament?

The fans cheer and the bell rings. The Code of Honor is upheld, and the friends even hug before they circle. They tie up, Leyla wrenches, hammerlocks, but Rachael slips her way through to headlock. Leyla powers her way out and brings Rachael down to a knee. Leyla then lets off with pats on the shoulders, and the fans rally back up. Rachael and Leyla reset, tie up again, and Rachael headlocks for the takeover. Leyla headscissors, Rachael kips free, then roles reverse as Leyla hits a takeover but Rachael headscissors. Leyla kips free, runs up, but Rachael sweeps to cover. ONE, Leyla sweeps to cover, ONE, and fans cheer the standoff.

Leyla and Rachael resets and go again. Rachael waistlocks, shoves, then follows, but Leyla catches her to a backslide! Rachael slips free, but she blocks the knee! Rachael sets that down, but both show haymaker! The fans cheer the standoff, and then Leyla runs. Rachael runs her over! Rachael runs, but she stops the takedown and drags Leyla up with a gut wrench! Rachael carries Leyla around to then SUPLEX! Rachael hauls Leyla up to scoop and SLAM! Then the SENTON! Cover, TWO! Rachael keeps cool as she brings Leyla up. Rachael fireman’s carries but Leyla slips free and shoves Rachael to a corner.

Leyla runs up, blocks a boot and RAMS into Rachael! And again, and again, and again! Leyla then reels Rachael in for a gut wrench, but Rachael blocks the lift! Leyla powers through and she GUT WRENCH PLEXES! Cover, TWO! Leyla keeps cool and she brings Rachael up. Leyla whips, Rachael reverses but Leyla goes up and over to get on Rachael’s back! Leyla has the SLEEPER, then shifts to get an arm, IRON OCTOPUS! The fans fire up, Rachael RAMS Leyla into buckles. Leyla lets Rachael go, but then trips her up! Step over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO, and Leyla keeps on Rachael with a waistlock.

Rachael fights with elbows and is free. She waistlocks, but Leyla fights it with elbows of her own! The two cool off, reset, then start throwing forearms! Technical showdown turns into brawl, but then the two fist bump, so they can just fire off! Fans fire up, Rachael gets the edge but Leyla knees low! Leyla runs, but Rachael CLOBBERS her at the ropes! Rachael runs but Leyla reels her in, to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Rachael’s right back up! FALLING FOREARM! Rachael pushes Leyla to a cover, TWO! Rachael grows frustrated but she cools off. Rachael drags Leyla up, and CHOPS her to a corner!

Leyla is stinging from that, and Rachael storms up to CHOP again! Fans want that “One More Time!” but Leyla ELBOWS back! Leyla runs up, into an STO! Rachael goes up and IMPLODER LEG DROPS! Cover, TWO! Rachael hurries to RUNNING UPPERCUT Leyla down! Rachael shakes out her left arm, hurries to cover, TWO! Rachael’s concern for her arm is slowing her down, but she brings Leyla up. Leyla’s right after that arm! Rachael shouts and screams and scrambles to the ropes! The ref counts, Leyla lets off, and there’s concern about the arm. The ref calls to a medic and has Leyla back off.

Doc Sampson talks with Rachael and she says it’s the elbow. He checks it but it is clearly sensitive. Replay shows it might’ve happened when Rachael fell on that left arm after hitting the uppercut. Doc has Rachael hold on, and then he POPS the elbow back into place! Fans rally up for Rachael and she seems to feel better now. Rachael grits her teeth and steps back in. Leyla isn’t sure but Rachael tells her c’mon, it’s still a match. Leyla hesitates, Rachael gets frustrated and she pie face Leyla! Fans fire up so Leyla says alright! Leyla fires forearms, Rachael shoves her but Leyla SHOTGUNS Rachael into a corner! SWINGING DROPKICK on top of it!

Leyla hauls Rachael up for the SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Leyla is frustrated now, and says Rachael wanted to keep going so c’mon. Leyla goes for a corner but Rachael anchors a foot. Leyla stomps Rachael but Rachael holds on! Leyla stomps and stomps, maybe even hitting the bad arm! Leyla goes up the corner to the very top, LEGIT MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO?!? Rachael survives and Leyla can’t believe it! Leyla tries to reason with Rachael about the arm, but Rachael isn’t giving up. Leyla goes after the arm, Rachael fights free, so Leyla hits another SAIDO! Cover, ONE?!?! Rachael is showing heart and tells Leyla to do it. She has to!

Leyla runs up, LEGIT KNEE!! Cover, TWO?! And into a ghost pin! TWO!!! Leyla escapes, runs up, LEGIT KNEE again!! Cover, Leyla wins!

Winner: Leyla Hirsch, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Leyla wins out but she shows concern for her friend. Will Rachael be alright to still support her friend the rest of the way?


Nyla Rose speaks.

The Native Beast asks “Athen-a, where are ya, girl? I showed up early, I got on my best fit, I’m calling these emergency Minion meetings, but you don’t seem to be anywhere in sight.” That’s because Athena’s sneaking up from behind! She SMACKS Nyla with a piece of table! Athena rains down fists, security tries to stop her but Athena DECKS them, too! Nyla RAMS Athena into the wall! And into another wall! And another! Security tries again but Nyla CLOBBERS them! Nyla CHOKES Athena as she lifts her up with both hands! Security tries one more time, but Nyla sends them into the wall!

Nyla SMACKS Athena with that piece of table! The Fallen Goddess is down, will ROH no longer belong to her?


Backstage interview with The Infantry.

Lexi Nair is with Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo, they had a huge win tonight against Midnight Heat. But what will they do to continue the momentum? Captain Dean says he and #BadNews&Tattoos are back in the win column, where they belong. That’s where they’re staying, isn’t that right? Bravo says Cap Don’t Cap, the boys and Trish Adora are gonna keep on winning. But then in steps Lee Moriarty. He doesn’t want problems, he just wants to congratulate them. And if they don’t know, seems The Outrunners are stealing the Infantry’s flow. What now? Well that move they call “Boot Camp,” word for word, bar for bar, Outrunners just did it.

Now, Moriarty wouldn’t do that, but they can do what they want with that information. Dean & Bravo head out to verify, will they get after Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd for that one?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Trish Adora VS Mercedes Martinez!

The Infantry said they were all gonna keep rolling, so the AfroPunk looks to do her part! Will she move on into the Elite Eight? Or will the OG Badass be heading for another title in her career?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though maybe reluctantly by Martinez, and the bell rings. The two circle and Martinez says that title is gonna be hers. The two tie up, go around, and Martinez waistlocks to trip and then slap Adora around. Martinez kicks Adora, mocks the salute, then flexes. Adora gets up, she and Martinez circle, and they tie up. Martinez waistlocks, headlocks, then grinds. Adora powers up and throws body shots. Adora headlocks back, but Martinez wrenches free and stomps a foot. Martinez wrenches to a wristlock but Adora spins and wrenches and wristlocks. Adora slaps Martinez’s arm around and wristlocks deeper.

Martinez fights up but Adora double wristlocks, hammerlocks, and rolls her up! TWO, and Adora shoves Martinez. Martinez shoves back, Adora eggs her on. They tie up again, Adora waistlocks and wrangles Martinez. Adora then Oklahoma Rolls, ONE! Martinez facelocks, Adora wrenches out to a top wristlock and she wrangles Martinez again. Martinez fights up, wrenches through and grinds the shoulder. Adora fights up but Martinez snapmares and KNEES her in the back! Martinez clamps on with the motorcycle stretch but Adora fights up. The fans rally, Adora kicks free and wrenches to another double wristlock!

Adora gets a leg up on Martinez, literally, and shifts this into a modified Octopus! Martinez rolls through to get free, but Adora taunts her with push-ups! Martinez runs up but into an arm-drag! Adora runs Martinez over, gives her a salute, and Martinez gets up in a huff. Martinez kicks, UPPERCUTS, then headlocks. Adora throws body shots, headlocks back, but Martinez throws body shots back. Martinez powers out, drops down, and then bypasses to TOSS Adora out! Martinez CLUBS Adora, then RAMS her into the apron! Martinez pushes Adora into the ring, drops an elbow on the back, then drops a knee!

Martinez digs that knee in, bends Adora back, then drops another elbow! Fans rally but Martinez SPLASHES down on Adora! Martinez clamps on a chinlock and stretches Adora. Martinez says this is easy, but the fans rally for Adora. Dora endures, reaches out, but Martinez shifts to throw crossface forearms. Martinez hauls Adora up but Adora wrenches to PELE the arm! Adora CLUBS Martinez, but Martinez ROCKS her with a right! Adora drops to a knee, Martinez KICKS her in the back! Martinez brings Adora up for a snap suplex! Una Amiga, then Dos Amigas! Fans rally and Martinez brings Adora up, but no tres!

Adora rolls Martinez up, TWO! Adora runs up, into a BACKBREAKER! Martinez kicks Adora around, bumps her off buckles, then throws forearms and shoulders into the back! Martinez RAMS Adora, lets off as the ref counts, and Martinez pie faces Adora. Adora hits back, but Martinez ROCKS Adora! Adora hits again, Martinez ROCKS her again! Adora fires a flurry, the fans fire up with her, and she whips Martinez to ropes. Adora then gets around Martinez to waistlock, but Martinez fights the lift! Martinez throws elbows, then palm strikes! Adora forearms, Martinez palm strikes, repeat!

Adora gets the edge, whips Martinez to ropes again, and POLISH HAMMERS! And then POLISH HAMMERS again! Martinez staggers up, dodges, but Adora hits a THESZ PRESS! Adora rains down fists and the fans rally up again. Adora aims, runs corner to corner, and SPLASHES! Then she BOOTS Martinez down and SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Adora grows frustrated but she drags Martinez back up. Adora fireman’s carries, but Martinez fights free! Martinez CLUBS Adora on the back! Adora staggers, turns around, into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Adora is still in this and the fans rally back up!

Martinez is frustrated, she snarls as she stalks Adora. Martinez drags Adora around but Adora slips behind! Adora trips, steps over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO, and both women stand up! Adora dodges, BASEMENT GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO! Martinez survives but Adora fires back up! Adora torture racks, but Martinez gets free! Martinez CLUBS the back, then DECKS Adora from behind! And then she clamps on, BRASS CITY STRETCH! Adora taps, Martinez wins!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by submission (advances to the second round)

Adora put up a fight, but it just wasn’t enough! The OG Badass stands tall, barely keeps the Code of Honor, but will she have new gold around her waist soon enough?


Rachael Ellering speaks.

She’s backstage, arm in a sling, and says, “This is, um… This is tough. I’ve been thinking about this tournament, obviously, for awhile now, and you go to bed dreaming to be able to be a part of these things, and so for it to…” Leyla walks in, Rachael says hey, and continues to say that to face her friend in the first round and for it to go like this is tough. Leyla apologizes for the way it went down, that’s not how Leyla wanted to win. Leyla promises she never meant to hurt Rachael. Rachael knows that. They both knew only one was moving on so it’s okay. Leyla is proud of Rachael, though. They went out there, did the thing, and…

Rachael says she’s proud of Leyla, too. Rachael has Leyla’s back the next round, the round after that, whenever and wherever, always. Leyla says after what happened, that means a lot to her. They hug it out, and Leyla heads out first. Will the Queen of Strong Smile be able to keep her smile, even when it’s her friend going for the gold instead of her?


The Infantry finds The Outrunners backstage.

Dean & Bravo are heated and ask Truth & Turbo what is their problem. Turbo asks back what’s their problem? Word is, Truth & Turbo are out there using Boot Camp! Boot Camp? They’ve been doing “Miami Overdrive” since Sportatorium! What?! Bravo says he’s watched these guys wrestle for 37 years, they never used the Russian Leg Sweep Boot Combo before. Dean doesn’t know what planet these two are on, but on this planet, only The Infantry does that move, okay? If the Infantry ever catches the Outrunners doing that move again, it’s curtains for both of them! Boot Camp for real! Knock the Tab outta both of you, send you back to the 70s.

The Infantry heads out, and the Outrunners chuckle. But that’s how winning’s done! Will The Outrunners have to watch themselves now that the Infantry is watching them?


Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Kenny King!

The Peacock is desperately wanting a match with Johnny TV, but for now, he’ll focus on his win-loss record. Will Castle get back on track towards championship gold? Or will the Return of the King truly be an epic story?

The bell rings, the Code of Honor is upheld for “old times sake.” Castle then rather sluggishly feels out the grapple. King backs up to a corner, the ref has Castle back away, but then Castle rushes back in! King dodges, he and Castle reset, and Castle waistlocks to a headlock. Castle shouts and thrashes around and the fans rally up. King powers up and out, but Castle runs him over! Fans cheer and Castle seethes. Castle rushes in, King drops, hurdles and drop toeholds to then float to the headlock. Castle fights around but King stays clamped on. The fans rally and duel, Castle fights up and lifts, but King cranks the headlock.

Castle wrenches the hold open, then hammerlocks. King reaches around, spins and reels Castle in, JAPANESE ARM-DRAG! Castle bails out, The Boys fan him off, but the fans fire up for King. Castle storms up the steps, down the steps, and the fans fire up for Castle now. Castle feels that energy, King tells him to get in here, but Castle says mind your business! He’s doing his thing! Castle goes up the steps but King reaches out to pie face him! Castle storms back in and runs up, but King dumps him out! Castle hits ropes a bit roughly and he storms up the ramp in frustration. King waits and the ring count starts, The Boys fan hard.

Castle runs down the ramp, leaps up to the apron, but King ducks the haymaker to sweep the legs! Castle tumbles down, King TORNILLO PLANCHAS! The fans fire up and Kenny says, “That’s why I’m the K I N G, KING~!” King puts Castle in, brings him up and fireman’s carries, but Castle slips free. Fans duel, Castle blocks a lariat to ELBOW! Then Castle LARIATS! King rises, Castle seethes and calls his shot! Alabama Lift, the spin starts up, but King slips free! King then wrenches and runs with Castle, HOTSHOT BULLDOG! Castle sputters, King goes up a corner, but Castle avoids the cannonball!

King staggers up, Castle waistlocks, but King RAMS Castle into a corner! King ELBOWS Castle, runs up, but into a BOOT! Castle fires up, runs, but into the EDDY GORDO KICK! Castle falls into the corner, King runs up, but Castle pops him up! Alabama Lift and spin, BANGARANG! Cover, Castle wins!

Winner: Dalton Castle, by pinfall

King looked sharp as ever, but he was still trumped by The Peacock! Castle gets himself a mic and he huffs and puffs. “I… am exhausted! But I cannot sleep knowing that there is a face out there that needs a smashing!” Fans cheer that, and Castle says he will wait no longer! “John TV, get out here with my answer right now!” The Mayor of Slam Town’s music hits, but is he even here tonight? He is! As is Taya Valkyrie! Mr. & Mrs. TV stand on stage, mic in hands. Johnny says look, it’s that guy who’s not TV Ready. That’s right, “Cheese Man.” Have you been on any TV shows lately? NO! Because you are not TV Ready!

Castle just wanders around backstage, eating cheese, talking about smashing Johnny’s face, “The most TV Ready guy in the history of ROH.” So Jerry Lynn told Castle he can’t have the match or smash Johnny’s face unless Johnny agreed, because that’d be like smashing money. Castle laughs that off, but then Taya laughs off him laughing. They have a quick laugh battle, and then Taya says Castle should really see what he looks like right now. Now, they’ve had time to think about what they want from Castle, and Castle did say they could have anything. Yes, anything! What’s it gonna be? Castle just wants to smash Johnny’s face!

Taya asks Johnny if they should tell Castle. Taya also asks the fans if they wanna know. “Yes!” Oh, really? “YES!” She doesn’t believe them. Castle asks what they want! They wanna know, right? “YES!” Johnny says they want… THE BOYS! Oh no! Brandon faints and Brent fans him. Castle is stunned, Taya laughs at the “loser.” If Castle wants to finally get even with Johnny TV, he has to give up the Tate Twins? Can he really do the impossible?


Athena sulks backstage.

She’s still in one piece after Nyla Rose thwarted her sneak attack. “The question is, what do I do? What am I going to do next? Someone has come to my show, tried to usurp everything that I have spent building up in 2023. And every time I’ve tried to stand up to the Native Beast, Nyla Rose, I’ve been knocked flat on my ass and I’m tired of it. This is my show, my family, my championship, and I’m sitting here thinking to myself for the first time, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I do what I’m about to do and I’m just TIRED of all of it right now. But Nyla… I’m not one to back down from a fight.

“I am the Fallen Goddess, I am the Alpha, I am the Minion Overlord, I am the ROH Gatekeeper, I am the one that protects this show, this division, and I am the Forever ROH World Champion. And next week… Next week, Nyla, I am challenging you to a Tables Match, for my championship. And I’m gonna give it all I’ve got to put you in the ground. Because this is what I do as a dominant champion. I don’t need flowers, I don’t need whiskey, I don’t need tequila, this is what I do! For my show, my brand, and my championship.” Athena is sore but she’s not gonna take it anymore, will she slay the Native Beast and defend everything she has?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Kiera Hogan VS Diamante!

We’re hitting the halfway point of the opening round and it’s gonna make for a red hot end to the night! Will the Hottest Flame blaze a trail all the way to top? Or will she fail to crush the Cuban Diamond?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and Diamante says this is gonna hurt her more than it will Kiera. Kiera says okay. The bell rings, Diamante takes swings, but Kiera bobs ‘n’ weaves to ROCK Diamante! Kiera headlocks, Diamante powers up but can’t power out as Kiera holds on tight. Diamante fights up, goes to back suplex but Kiera uses that for a flying takeover! Kiera grinds Diamante down, taunts her a little, but Diamante fights up. Diamante powers Kiera to a corner, the ref counts, and Diamante lets off. Diamante ROCKS Kiera, backs off, and says she already said she didn’t wanna do this. Diamante runs in, but Kiera goes up and over!

Kiera keeps moving, she ducks ‘n’ dodges to then SPANK Diamante! Diamante is upset but Kiera drop toeholds her onto ropes! Kiera runs up to HIP ATTACK, then YANKS Diamante off the ropes. Diamante sits up, ducks the buzzsaw but not the HEEL KICK! Diamante flounders to a corner, fans fire up with Kiera and she runs in to clothesline! Then she KICKS Diamante, snapmares her, and goes up a corner. Diamante stands, and she hurries to YANK Kiera off the corner! Diamante repeats that she didn’t wanna do this, and she stomps Kiera down. Diamante throws hands, then brings Kiera up.

Diamante puts Kiera on the ropes to CHOKE her, the ref counts, and Diamante says she has ’til 5. Diamante stalks Kiera to a corner, stands her up, and CHOPS! Diamante whips Kiera to ropes, then ELBOWS her down! Diamante pushes Kiera to a cover, TWO! Kiera stays in this but Diamante stays on her with a chinlock. The fans rally as Kiera endures and fights up. Kiera throws body shots, but Diamante knees low. Diamante reels Kiera in, but Kiera suplexes first! The fans rally up while both women are down. Kiera and Diamante go to opposite ends, stand up, and the fans rally. Diamante runs in but Kiera elbows her away!

Kiera goes to a corner, Diamante runs in but into a BOOT! Kiera goes up and leaps, MISSILE DROPKICK! Diamante ends up in a corner and the fans fire up. Kiera runs corner to corner but Diamante dodges! Dragon sleeper, but Kiera turns that around! EYE OF THE STORM! Fans fire up with Kiera as she says kiss this! Keira goes corner to corner and HIP ATTACKS! Kiera keeps going, side to side for the BOOT WASH! Cover, TWO! Kiera is annoyed but she says the belt is coming home with her! Kiera gets Diamante up, but Diamante rolls her up! TWO, and Diamante ROCKS Kiera! Diamante reels Kiera in, but Kiera powers out of the cravat!

SUPERKICK! Kiera reels Diamante in, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Diamante flounders to the apron, clutches her neck but Kiera grabs at her. Diamante pushes her away, says the neck is bothering her. Kiera still grabs at her, but Diamante CLAWS the eyes! HOTSHOT STUNNER! The ref reprimands but Diamante still hits SHIRANUI! Cover, TWO!! Kiera survives the trickery and the fans fire up! Diamante fumes, she drags Kiera up and waistlocks, but Kiera switches. Diamante switches, Kiera switches, repeat! They keep going, then Diamante pushes things to ropes. Kiera bucks the O’Conner to SUPERKICK!

Kiera reels Diamante in, has the leg, FISHER- NO, Diamante slips free! Diamante wrenches but Kiera fires forearms! Kiera swings big but misses, Diamante brings her into the CROSS RHODES! Cover, Diamante wins!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Diamante kept saying she didn’t want to, but she found a way to, and now she’s the one moving on to the Elite Eight! She gives Kiera a kiss on the forehead, will the Cuban Diamond soon be kissing the title?


Nyla Rose speaks, again.

“Athena, y’know, I generously accept. I thought you would never ask. I really appreciate the offer to relinquish you of your ROH Women’s World Championship. Thank you so much. But um, pbbbbt, where I’m gonna have to draw the line is when you tell me what we’re gonna do. See tables are my thing, capiche? Capache. So because I’ve enjoyed putting you through a table soooo much, here’s what we gonna do. We’re gonna do it twice! That’s right, a 2 Outta 3 Falls Tables Match! And Billie Starkz, since you’re a little slow, I’m gonna spell it out for ya. The rules are exactly the same as a 2 Outta 3 Falls match, except instead of pinfalls, ya put ’em through a table. See ya out there.”

The Native Beast saw the Fallen Goddess’ stakes and raised ’em further! Will Athena be able to demolish Nyla twice to defend her title? Or will she get demolished twice and lose it all?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode of ROH here, clocking in at 95 minutes. There was still filler, but I didn’t think they’d build a story of Infantry VS Outrunners out of their separate squash matches. That’ll be a fun feud, probably going in the Infantry’s favor to build them up towards the ROH World Tag titles. An interesting element was Lee Moriarty getting involved. Maybe Shane Taylor Promotions is pitting the competition against each other and then they’ll just pick the bones so they’ll look like contenders. Problem is, when is Undisputed Kingdom ever gonna show up on ROH? Taven & Bennett used to, before getting involved on the story on AEW, so hopefully the return.

Really good match and good win for Keith as his first match since being officially signed to AEW, and good Six Man Tag squash win for Archer & The Righteous. But similar to the Kingdom conundrum, Bullet Club Gold really needs to show up on ROH some time since they’re now ROH World Six Man Tag Champions. And really good match for Kenny King’s return to ROH, but of course Castle won. And I should’ve known that Johnny & Taya are making this about Castle giving up The Boys, it’s very much the same move as the feud Castle had with Silas Young. I’m pretty sure Castle is going to say yes, but then The Boys will sabotage Johnny so Castle can win.

Really good stuff in the ROH Women’s World TV Championship tournament, and I’m surprised they went with 16 to start. We get some new faces that are of course going to lose, though, such as J-Rod did tonight against Aminata. Really good promo from Aminata, she’s definitely one of my top choices in this tournament. Leyla VS Rachael was great, even with an injury angle being how they added drama to this. Leyla wins but there’s a chance Rachael will be jealous and that tears the friendship apart. Martinez VS Adora was good but the fans seemed tired or uninterested in it. Still a good win for Martinez, it makes sense a former world champion would advance.

Great main event out of Diamante and Kiera, with their own take on the friends reluctantly facing each other, given how they’re girlfriends IRL. Good win for Diamante, but she isn’t gonna make it to facing her tag partner, Martinez. The bracket is gonna make it Martinez VS Abadon and Diamante VS Billie, because for one, of course Abadon and Billie are winning. And then Abadon and Billie are the favored to win there, so they’ll likely face off in the semifinals.

And then great stuff from Athena and Nyla Rose with their multiple promos tonight. A 2 Outta 3 Falls Tables match is a genius choice, and it honestly could go either way. Athena has done so much for ROH, she does deserve to still be champion, but she also deserves to move up to the AEW titles at some point, so that match will make for a great main event on episode 52, which is sorta the anniversary show for the new ROH.

My Score: 8.5/10

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