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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (3/7/22)

It’s a Tag Title Triple Threat!



WWE Raw 2022

Who has a path to WrestleMania open for them?

The Alpha Academy knows they only have a 33.33% chance of retaining their Raw Tag Team Championships, but can they beat the odds? Or will new champions be crowned a month out from WrestleMania?


  • Raw Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Alpha Academy VS RKBRO VS Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens;  RKBRO wins and becomes the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Dana Brooke w/ Reggie VS Tamina w/ Akira Tozawa; Brooke wins and retains the title.
  • Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa VS The Dirty Dawgs; Breakker & Ciampa win.
  • Omos VS Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez; Omos wins.
  • Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan VS Carmella & Queen Zelina Vega; Ripley & Morgan win and join the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania.
  • Finn Balor VS Austin Theory; Balor wins, by disqualification.


Raw Tag Team Championships Triple Threat: The Alpha Academy VS RKBRO VS Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens!

Chad Gable & Otis tried to deny Randy Orton & Matt Riddle this opportunity through the Alpha Academy Academic Challenge, but failed. And then the Visionary and Prizefighter got in just on their star power! Will Gable & Otis be able to win even though their odds drastic go down?

Before the match, Rollins and Kevin get the mics. “Hello, Cleveland and welcome to Monday Night Rollins! Oh yeah, oh yeah, and I am fired up!” Rollins and Kevin are just moments away from becoming the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions~! Kevin says it seems like almost every week, they’re always this close to securing a spot at WrestleMania but then something got in the way. Day One, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, over and over, the deck has been stacked against them! But tonight, their luck finally changes! They’re taking the tag titles and going to WrestleMania, BABY!

They were this close, and imagine what WrestleMania would be like without Kevin and Rollins? NO WAY! Kevin can’t imagine it, won’t imagine it, can’t believe it. But he also can’t believe that once they win the tag titles, they go to Mania and compete in the dump known as Dallas, Texas! But y’know what? It is a sacrifice they have to make. The only thing that makes it bearable is that Kevin will be there with his best friend, Seth Freakin’ Rollins! That’s right, baby! Dreams do come true! And Rollins wants to take a trip down memory lane. Let’s see how we got here! It was that they took RKBRO down in a tag match!

That was two weeks ago! What was even better was last week when they did the same to The Alpha Academy! Two weeks in a row for this team, over the #1 contenders and the champions, c’mon! You watch that, it is undeniable that momentum is on their side! Kevin and Rollins are undeniable! Just like how it’s undeniable that tonight, they punch their tickets to WrestleMania and that Dallas sucks! And just like how Shorty G & Otis suck! And that RKBRO suck! “SHOOOOSH! Shoosh please.” Here come the champions! That win last week was erroneous! And for the dummies in Cleveland, that means it was a joke! A fluke!

Gable says he was still reeling from the Stunner in that little talk show. Gable is an Olympian and he has a Master’s Degree! That alone means if anyone should go to WrestleMania, it’s Master Gable! And his number one guy, OTIS! Look at that face! So tonight, we finish this crap! The Academy waltz onto the Grandest Stage of Them All to defend their titles! A THANK YEW~! But RKBRO is fired up backstage. Kevin Patrick asks them about those strong words, any last words from them? Riddle has a pretty good vocabulary, and tonight will be tubular. But when the gears get going, Riddle thinks tonight is the most important night in their entire tag career!

Riddle won’t let their stupendous journey end. Hey Randy, do you got any big words, bro? Does Orton have big words? Well, let’s see… Here’s one big word! That word is WIN! Win by any means necessary! they’ve come too far and worked too hard to not go out there and kick everyone’s ass to take those titles back!! Riddle is fired up and RKBRO heads out! Will the Stallion & Viper make good on those big words? We’ll see, after the break!

Raw returns and the belts are raised. In this kind of Triple Threat, a member from each team is active, so Riddle starts with Rollins and Gable. Rollins SUPERKICKS Gable, dodges Riddle, but Riddle dodges Rollins to fire hands. Things speed up, Rollins hurdles and redirects to SLINGBLADE! Cover, ONE!! Kevin argues it was three but not even close. Rollins drags Riddle over, tag to Kevin, and they double whip. Riddle gets run over, then Kevin drops a SENTON! Kevin tells Otis to “SUCK IT!” then he drags Riddle up. Riddle fires KICKS in return but Kevin blocks to stomp Riddle’s other foot! DDT! Cover, TWO!

Kevin drags Riddle up, CHOPS him, then ROCKS him with a forearm. Kevin CHOPS again, whips, but Riddle holds ropes. Riddle elbows Kevin, Gable drags Riddle out for an EXPLODER to the floor! Gable gets up and HOTSHOTS Kevin! Gable gets in to waistlock but Kevin elbows free. Kevin fireman’s carries but Gable slips down to waistlock. Kevin bucks Gable and ENZIGURIS Gable away! Kevin puts Gable in a drop zone for a VADER ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Kevin CHOPS Gable, tags Rollins, and Rollins whips Gable to drop toehold. Kevin drops a SENTON! Rollins covers, TWO! Rollins drags Gable up to suplex, but Gable slips out!

Gable waistlocks, Rollins switches and RAMS Gable into a corner! Gable is stuck in the ropes, Rollins run sin to forearm smash from behind! Riddle adds hi sown! But then Rollins back suplexes, only for Riddle to land on his feet! Riddle puts Rollins on the apron but Rollins ROCKS Riddle! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Tag to Kevin and he DECKS Otis while Rollins DECKS Orton! Rollins gets Riddle BUCKLE SHOT! Kevin CANNONBALLS Riddle, but Gable waistlocks Rollins. Kevin SUPERKICKS Gable, Rollins PELES, and then Kevin throws Gable out. Fans fire up as Rollins builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit onto Gable and Riddle!

Rollins puts Gable in as Kevin goes up top! SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Master Gable survives and that frustrates Kevin and Rollins, but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Riddle KICKS Gable, then KICKS away on Rollins! Otis tags in to CLOBBER Riddle! nd DISCUS Rollins! Kevin gets in to get the WRECKING ELBOW! Otis scoops Rollins to TOSS him out! Otis roars but fans boo. Otis whips Riddle to a corner hard and Riddle bounces off buckles. Otis drags Riddle around to stand on Riddle’s stomach! Otis lets off and fans rally up for the “BRO! BRO! BRO!” Otis runs to SPLASH! Cover, but Otis lets off at two?! Otis drags Riddle over, tag to Gable, and Otis feeds Riddle to Gable’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Gable gives Riddle toehold KNEE JAMMERS, then YANKS the leg!

Tag to Otis, they hold the leg out to stomp it! Otis sees Rollins return and he DECKS him! Riddle crawls, but Otis stops him from tagging Orton! Otis snapmares Riddle and clamps on the neck wrench. Fans rally as Riddle endures, fights up, but Otis CLUBS him down! Otis taunts Orton and Gable cheers as Otis SPLASHES Riddle in the corner! Otis says that’s it, and he goes up for a VADER FLOP! Fans are thunderous as Riddle crawls, hot tag to Orton and Gable! Orton rallies on Gable with big lariats, then dodges to POWERSLAM! Rollins returns, but he gets a POWERSLAM! Orton DECKS Kevin, too!

Orton drags Gable through the ropes but Rollins hurries over. Orton kicks Riddle and adds him to it! DOUBLE DRAPING DDTS! Fans are loving this as Orton hears the voices in his head! Orton watches Gable but Gable trips Orton! Orton kicks Gable away before the leg lock, and he avoids a curb stomp to RKO Rollins!! Cover, but Kevin drags Orton out of the ring! Orton gets Kevin for a DESK BACK SUPLEX! Then one for Gable! Orton gets Otis, but he’s way too big! Riddle CLUBS Otis, RKBRO works together! DOUBLE DESK BACK SUPLEX!! The desk somehow stays standing and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again, and Riddle brawls with Gable! Gable gets the edge, runs, but into a forearm! Riddle runs but into a ROLLING ELBOW! Gable chicken wings, but Riddle victory rolls! TWO, and Riddle gets around to ripcord and FINAL FLASH! Gable is dazed, Riddle gets him to a drop zone. Riddle goes up to FLOATING BRO!! Cover but Kevin breaks it! Kevin scoops but Riddle slips out to hop on for a SLEEPER! Kevin endures, and BACKPACK SENTONS onto Gable! Orton tags in to fire off on Kevin but Kevin hits back! They brawl, Orton gets the edge! Kevin knees low, runs, but Orton gets around to hit a BACK2BACKBREAKER!

Orton drags Kevin to a cover, TWO! Orton gets up but Otis scoops him for a POWERSLAM! Riddle runs in, but Otis has him for an URENAGE! The Academy regroups, Otis tags in. Otis drags Riddle to a drop zone and tags back to Gable. Otis climbs and VADER BOMBS! Gable goes up, MOONSAULT! Cover, Rollins breaks it! Otis hurries to get Rollins up and put him in a corner. Rollins dodges and Otis POSTS himself! Otis slumps out of the ring but Gable is up top! Rollins trips Gable up! Rollins then CHOPS Gable, throws haymakers and then another CHOP! Rollins climbs, Gable CLUBS him back!

Gable CLUBS Rollins more, fires forearms, then headbutts him down! Gable adjusts but Rollins springs right up! Gable still fights, and he HOTSHOTS Rollins down! Gable climbs up but Kevin gets in. Kevin helps Rollins against Gable, but then Otis adds on! TOWER OF DOOM!! Double Powerbomb Superplex!! All four of those guys are down, so RKBRO hurries back in! Kevin regroups with Rollins and they go after Orton while the Academy is after Riddle! Then they all brawl and mix around, then spill out of the ring! Rollins is after Orton, Gable is after Riddle, Kevin is after Otis, and Raw goes to another break!

Raw returns once again, and all six men are down by the ramp! Replay shows it was from Kevin’s SUPER SWANTON to the cluster! Gable and Riddle get in, Riddle fireman’s carries, BRO TO SLEEP! But Gable flounders out of the ring! Riddle hurries to the corner, but Rollins trips him up! Riddle is in the Tree of Woe so Rollins goes up, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Rollins can’t believe it! Rollins looks longingly at the WrestleMania sign, that is what he wants! Rollins aims at Riddle, runs in, but Riddle catches the elbow into the TRIANGLE HOLD! Rollins flails and high stacks, but Riddle bridges to bend the arm!

Gable DIVING HEADBUTTS outta nowhere! Orton gets in, but Gable gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable waistlocks Rollins, rolls him, CHAOS THEORY!! And then CHAOS THEORY for Riddle!! “FOR THE ACADEMY!” Gable drags Riddle back up, EXPLODER! Gable goes to the corner, climbs up top, but Orton RKOS the MOONSAULT!!! But Kevin SUPERKICKS Orton away! SUPERKICK for Otis! Another SUPERKICK for Otis! He’s still up so DOUBLE SUPERKICKS send him out! Kevin gets Gable up, he helps Rollins with the BUCKLE BOMB! Then a STUNNER!! And CURB STOMP!!

But Riddle tosses Rollins! Cover, RKBRO WINS!!

Winners: RKBRO, by pinfall (NEW Raw Tag Team Champions)

Talk about outta nowhere! Orton and Riddle get that massive win, and neither Kevin or Rollins can believe it! Does this mean WrestleMania will be without the Prizefighter and the Visionary?

Kevin Patrick interviews the NEW champions, and asks what this win means to them. This means that they’re going to WrestleMania, bro! Orton says he has been doing this for more than 20 years now and he’s never had this much fun as he is with his teammate, Riddle! Orton means that from the bottom of his heart, and he’ll say the F word. Not a word he’s said in 20 years. Riddle is Orton’s FRIEND, and he wouldn’t be out here other than him! Truth be told, he doesn’t have any other friends. But they’re going to Mania, ladies and gentlemen! But RKBRO knows they’ll have to defend these belts, so who will step up to challenge them?


Kevin sits alone backstage.

Kevin is seething, because he can’t put anything he’s feeling into words. Where is Rollins right now? Are these two no longer friends after the dream’s been crushed?


WWE 24/7 Championship: Dana Brooke w/ Reggie VS Tamina w/ Akira Tozawa!

Cleveland’s own Flex Appeal is ready to defend her title! Well, she’s always ready because it’s the 24/7 Championship, but will she be able to hold onto it when she can’t run away? Or will the Daughter of Superfly get some gold on the Road to WrestleMania?

Raw returns and Tamina makes her entrance, accompanied by Tozawa. Despite their kiss last week, Tamina still hasn’t softened up towards him. The introductions are made, the belt is raised and Tamina finally has a fair shot at the gold!

Tamina and Dana rush each other and Tamina CLOBBERS Dana! Tamina hammers away on Dana, lets off as they end up in the ropes, and Tamina taunts Dana. Tamina TOSSES Dana, but Dana dodges in the corner! Cleveland cheers for their hometown girl as she hits a handspring back elbow! But Tamina comes back to CLOBBER Dana! Tozawa cheers Tamina on as she stomps Dana and then gets the legs for a BOSTON CRAB! Dana endures, reaches out, and Reggie rallies the fans for Dana! Dana crawls but Tamina drags her away and sits deep! Dana continues to endures, powers up and turns it around to a cover! Dana wins!

Winner: Dana Brooke, by pinfall (still WWE 24/7 Champion)

Reggie plays defense but Tozawa says Dana cheated! The winner should be “the love of my life,” Tamina! Tozawa offers up a comforting hug, but Tamina puts his arms down. Tamina walks past Tozawa, but then stops at the ropes. She looks back at Tozawa and fans chant, “KISS HIM! KISS HIM!”Tamina blows a kiss to Tozawa and he smiles. Tozawa follows after Tamina, will this oddest of odd couples find a way to take that title from Dana?


Seth Rollins looks off into the distance.

Kevin Patrick asks him about the loss tonight. Rollins doesn’t respond. Kevin Patrick knows this must be devastating, does he have a comment? Still nothing. If anything, Rollins is getting angry. Kevin Patrick hurries away before things boil over, will Rollins and Kevin regroup and figure this out?


The Miz heads to the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister is here in his hometown, and he’s holding a homecoming with his WrestleMania tag partner, Logan Paul! And let’s not forget their legendary guest, the King of Cleveland, Jerry Lawler! Will this be must-see TV? We’ll see, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz has the mic to say, “Cleveland… I’m home!” Fans cheer for that, and then chant for Miz! “You hear that? That is respect!” Fans cheer and chant, “Miz is Awesome!” but Miz says Cleveland is awesome! And Miz says that last week, we saw the Mysterios learning what it’s like to eat Skull Crushing Finales! Because of what the Mysterios said about him and his tag team partner. Did you hear that disrespect from Dominik towards two hometown boys? Miz introduces the millionaire mogul who will help him defeat the Mysterios, LOGAN PAUL! Logan makes his way out, Miz dances to the theme, and fans boo.

Logan joins Miz in the ring and gets a mic to say, “What’s up, CLEEEEEVELAAND? It is good to be home!” Logan is honored to be Miz’s tag partner at WrestleMania, and to be back home! But it sounds like everyone knows he grew up here. West Lake High, represent! Logan was a high school wrestler, fifth in the state, and he’s got nothing but respect for his city. Cleveland made Logan into the man he is today! Miz says Logan doesn’t need to be modest. Logan made himself. Cleveland didn’t get him a hit YouTube channel. If Miz followed his dad’s footsteps, he’d be flipping burgers at Mr. Hero.

But Dom’s dad got him a WWE contract before he was ready. Now don’t get Miz wrong, Rey is a legend. And being the first-ever father-son tag team champions is incredible. Rey has earned the right to be beloved. But hasn’t Miz earned it? Miz has done everything Rey has, but he is booed. Not here, though, because Cleveland gets Miz. The Mysterios have only beat Miz cheating. Who would you rather see? A father-son tag team losers? Or the pair of future pop icons standing before you? Logan says Rey is a legend, and Dom is just riding the coattails. But that’s not what Cleveland does. Cleveland steps up, steps out, and KICKS ASS!

Miz says someone else who shares that point of view is their next guest. Get out of your seats for this legend born and raised here in Cleveland, the WWE Hall of Famer, JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER! Fans cheer to see Lawler with his crown and Browns jersey. Lawler joins Miz and Logan and shakes their hands. Lawler then gets a mic as fans chant for “JERRY! JERRY!” Lawler says he can’t begin to tell you how awesome that is. Miz, Logan, you guys have history here, but Lawler goes way back. Anyone heard about Lorain, Ohio? Or perhaps Vermillion, Ohio? But Lawler was in Amherst, Ohio for about 8 years, too.

Lawler says he wore this jersey tonight because he was in Cleveland in 1964 when they won the NFL Championship! So exciting to be here for Miz’s homecoming. And Lawler just realized, he’s looking at Miz beneath the WrestleMania sign, and thinking, “How would it be if WrestleMania was right here in Cleveland?” Fans love that idea! What does Miz think? Logan says that’s an awesome idea! Miz asks, “Really?” He isn’t so sure. But Miz was just singing the city’s praises! Yes, Miz loves the city of Cleveland, but it isn’t really a WrestleMania city.

Don’t boo him for that! Let’s be real! The pyro alone would be too much for this city. The only pyro this city can afford is when the lake catches on fire! And Miz doesn’t even live here anymore. No one really lives here. Once you get an ounce of success, you leave! Like when the Browns went to Baltimore to become the Ravens, and the Ravens won the Super Bowl! And then Odell Beckham Jr did the same! LeBron James won a title and left. The same reason Cleveland will never host a Super Bowl is the same reason they won’t host a WrestleMania. It’s time for Miz and Logan to go to Mania, defeat the Mysterios, because winners leave Cleveland! Buh-bye!

Miz goes to the ropes and Logan does follow, but Logan seems a little confused by Miz’s attitude. Miz tells Logan all about the logic, but will Logan see things his way?


Backstage interview with Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker.

The Psycho Killer and NXT Champion are here, and this is Bron’s first night on Raw. Bron’s still taking it all in, he is excited if you can’t tell. Now, on NXT Roadblock, they’re going to face off against each other and with Dolph Ziggler over the title. But tonight, they will team up again against the Dirty Dawgs. Any concerns over Ziggler & Roode having homefield advantage? Bron says this is a dream come true! He is so grateful to be here on Raw representing NXT and making the most out of this to get at Ziggler and that “goon,” Roode.

Ciampa says Ziggler talks a big game and has earned that right given he’s held almost every title possible. Except for the NXT title. But Ciampa & Bron beat the Dawgs before, they’ll do it again here on Raw. The NXT stars head out, will they give a repeat performance from just last Tuesday?


The Street Profits are backstage.

But Sarah asks them about the “most stupendous” WrestleMania being less than four weeks away, and as of right now, much like Rollins, Kevin and the Alpha Academy, there isn’t a clear spot on the card for them. Sarah, they thought they were closer than that. But four weeks is time enough to sprinkle some magic to make their way to Mania. Let us remind everyone, last week, ya bois, the Profits, pinned the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions, RKBRO! So if anyone is first in line for a shot, it’s ya bois, the Street Profits! YESSIR! Besides, Otis & Gable are at the back of the line, hit the books, get a crash course on pyramid schemes. Otis, Gable’s stealin’ your money.

Seth and Kevin are moping like they’re rich kids who got cut off from a trust fund. “I need money, honey!” So if anyone is next, Sarah, it’s the Profits! In fact, anything in the future involving Raw Tag Team gold, it better have the Profits’ name on it! Tell ’em why, Dawks! “Because the Street Profits are up, and WE WANT THE SMOKE!” Will Orton & Riddle have to worry about Ford & Dawkins putting pedal to the metal on the Road to WrestleMania?


Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Raw returns as Ciampa makes his entrance, followed by Bron. The teams sort out and Bron starts against Roode. They circle, tie up, and Roode headlocks. Bron powers up and powers out, then things speed up. Bron hurdles, then gets Roode for a gator roll and stalling suplex! Bron holds until 10 before the SLAM! Bron kips up and he drags Roode up. Ciampa tags in, they mug Roode, and then Ciampa puts Roode in the corner to CHOP! Ciampa whips corner to corner, Roode reverses but Ciampa stops to come back and CLOBBER Roode! Cover, TWO! Ciampa keeps Roode down with a chinlock!

Roode endures, fight sup, and he puts Ciampa in the corner. The ref counts, Ciampa counter punches Roode then elbows Ziggler! Ciampa fires hands, gets around Roode and ROLLING ELBOWS! Then he BOOTS Ziggler! But Roode hits a SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down, but Ziggler tags in. Bron avoids the sucker punch, and he gets Ciampa out to safety. Ziggler wants after them but Team NXT cools things off while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Ziggler waits on Ciampa to get up. Ziggler then dropkicks Ciampa back down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler throws a fit and Roode complains about the count. Roode tags in, the Dawgs double whip Ciampa to ropes, then they double elbow him down! Roode drops a knee, covers, TWO! Roode keeps between Ciampa and Bron and tells Bron that Ziggler’s the future champion. Roode tells Ciampa he’s in the big leagues now, but Ciampa JUMP KNEES Roode down! Both men are down and they crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Ziggler and Bron! Bron rallies on Ziggler with big shoulders, DECKS Roode, then CLOBBERS Ziggler!

Bron shoves Ziggler to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Then he CLOBBES Roode! Bron drags Ziggler up, but Ziggler kicks low! Ziggler whips, Bron catches him for a SPINEBUSTER! The straps come down and Bron aims from the corner. Bron runs in, into a KNEE! Ziggler staggers and Bron CLOBBERS him in return! Bron steadies himself, drags Ziggler up, and trophy lifts! Roode gets in so Bron runs him off first. Ziggler rolls Bron, TWO!! Bron runs in but only gets POST! ZIGZAG!! Cover, Ciampa breaks it! Roode gets in but Ciampa throws him out and KNEES him down! Ciampa gets to the corner and calls to Bron.

Ziggler slaps sense into himself, but Bron blocks the superkick! Bron trophy lifts Ziggler to BREAKKER SLAM! Cover, Bron & Ciampa win!

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker, by pinfall

Ciampa helps Bron up and hands him the belt. But while they won together, Ziggler gets the mic to tell Born got one over on the Dirty Dawgs. Ziggler loves how theses two worked together so well. But tomorrow, on NXT, there is a Triple Threat for the title! And the second that Bron turns his back on Ziggler to look at Ciampa, that is when Ziggler strikes! And that is when Ziggler becomes NEW NXT Champion while Bron will be stuck with his whole world crumbling around him! Ziggler will be there in all his glory with one more trophy for his big ass case! See you tomorrow, kids! The Show-Off just had to get the last word in, but who has the last laugh?


Backstage interview with Omos.

His in-ring interview was last year at WrestleMania. Since then, he has been dominant, but is he worried that he won’t have a place on the show this year? “How many victims do I have to dominate to get my WrestleMania moment, huh? I have annihilated everyone for one reason. I am not waiting for my WrestleMania moment, I am taking it! Even if I have to punish and dominate every single superstar until there’s none left!!” Omos storms out to the ring, will he leave the WWE with no choice but to put him on the Most Stupendous WrestleMania ever?

Omos VS Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez!

Raw returns and Apollo makes his entrance. The bell rings and Apollo steps up to Omos. Omos says after he beats Apollo, Azeez is next. But Apollo dropkicks him! And fires off hands! Omos shoves Apollo away then BOOTS him down! Omos roars and then circles around Apollo. Omos clamps both hands on Apollo’s shoulders, then gets both arms for a motorcycle stretch! That’s one big motorcycle! Apollo endures, but Omos lets him go. Apollo gets away while Omos stares Azeez down. Omos goes to drag Apollo up from the apron, and he DECKS Apollo to the floor! Azeez wants to go help Apollo but Omos is that scary.

The ring count is climbing, but Omos goes out to fetch Apollo. Omos puts Apollo in the ring, gets back in, and then TOSSES Apollo to a corner! Omos roars and runs in, but Apollo dodges! Omos hits buckles, Apollo ENZIGURIS! Apollo gets up, leaps, but into Omos’ hands! MOUNTAINTOP SLAM!! Cover, Omos wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

The dominance continues! He towers over Apollo, then he sees Azeez get in. Omos did promise to make Azeez next… Azeez is almost as massive, but Omos smirks and leaves. Will Omos make Azeez look like any other man when the time comes for them to face off?


EDGE is here!

He stands under a single spotlight, in a suit, and walks down the ramp as everything is bathed in an eerie light. The Rated R Superstar dared someone to step up, and AJ Styles did just that. However, in trying to bring out the Phenomenal Pitbull, Edge ended up bringing out the monster inside himself. Edge takes his time getting a mic while fans boo and jeer. The spotlight returns to cast its eerie light on Edge, and then he speaks. “You think you know me? Clearly you don’t, AJ. And I know that you’re at home right now, so I’m going to speak directly to you. But put the kiddos to bed. Mama probably doesn’t wanna see this, either.”

Edge says what he did to Styles last week, he did for Styles! Edge did that to help Styles. Styles wants to face Edge at WrestleMania, so Edge needs the best AJ Styles. Edge needs that flesh-tearing Pitbull AJ Styles. And Edge helped Styles. Ironically, it also helped Edge, too. It was like Edge’s brain cracked open and finally let out the real Edge to fly again. “And it felt so good. It was a me that I’ve never met before, it is a me that I have fallen in love with!” Fans boo because they sure don’t like this new Edge. Edge says he finally feels in control in the ring, of everything that’ll ever happen in the ring, and that’ll ever happen in the industry!

Edge continues to say that he is standing on the mountain of omnipotence, and the view is phenomenal. Edge then drops the mic and stares right into the camera. He might even be staring right into AJ Styles’ soul. But will Styles even be able to make it back to face down this new, darker Edge?


Kevin paces backstage.

Kevin Patrick asks him about the loss in the Triple Threat Tag. They no longer have a path, so what is going on in KO’s mind? KO looks at KP and says he isn’t as distraught as Rollins because that feeling Kevin had at the end of the match when they lost, he never wants to feel that again. But Kevin won’t have to. Y’know why? He just had an epiphany. Do you know what an epiphany is? It’s when you have an idea so brilliant, no one else can have it. Kevin has an idea, and that idea will change his entire Mania future. Will he share that idea? No, not yet. Kevin has to iron out the details, but he has a plan. Kevin will share that plan later tonight. What was the Prizefighter’s WrestleMania epiphany?


Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan VS Carmella & Queen Zelina Vega!

Even though SmackDown’s Sasha Banks & Naomi have their WrestleMania match with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Nightmare and the Living End might get one of their own! Will Rhea & Liv make a brand new winning combination and join everyone at WrestleMania? Or will the Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE and the Queen of the Ring not fall into the same trap as Alpha Academy?

Raw returns and the Women’s Tag Team Champions make their entrance. Mella gets her mask on before she starts with Liv. They tie up, Mella powers Liv to a corner by pulling hair. The ref counts, Mella lets off and knees low. Mella whips Liv but Liv reverses and runs in to back body block! Liv slaps Mella around, brings her over and tags in Rhea. Liv hits an STO, Rhea hits a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Rhea smirks at Vega and drags Mella up. Mella swings but Rhea spins her and cravats for knee strikes! Rhea knees Mella down but she scrambles away to tag Vega! Rhea swings, Vega dodges and DECKS Liv! But then Rhea kicks low!

Rhea reels Vega in, suplexes, and holds her up! Mella gets in but Rhea BOOTS her down! Vega kicks free of the suplex but Rhea keeps her from the corner! Vega dodges to tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Tag to Mella and she aims at Rhea, FABULOUS KICK and Rhea ends up hitting steel steps! Mella celebrates with Corey Graves while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Vega has Rhea in a MUTA LOCK! Rhea fights free of the leglock but Vega shifts to have a straitjacket stretch! Rhea still endures, so Vega SLAMS Rhea down! Vega bumps Rhea off buckles, JUMP KICKS, then tags Mella! Mella BOOTS Rhea into the post! Cover, Liv breaks it! Mella is frustrated but she dribbles Rhea off the mat! Mella clamps on a chinlock and grinds Rhea down while stretching her back. Rhea endures again and Liv rallies the fans. Rhea fights up, throws body shots, then scoops Mella, only for Mella to slip out and hit an EDGE-O-MATIC! Mella taunts Liv, but Rhea gets up to KICK Mella down!

Rhea and Mella are both down and fans fire up! Rhea crawls, as does Mella, hot tags to Vega and Liv! Liv dodges then ENZIGURIS Vega! Vega goes to ropes, Liv dropkicks her down! Liv then runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Snapmare and Liv goes up and up to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Liv drags Vega up but Vega JAWBREAKERS! Liv dodges the lariat with a Matrix bridge and she rolls Vega up! TWO, and Vega DECKS Liv! But Mella isn’t there to tag, she’s being comforted by Corey! Vega shouts to Mella but Liv waistlocks! Vega bucks the O’Conner Roll, but runs into a CODE BREAKER!

Liv tags Rhea in and Rhea storms right up to Vega! Pump handle and RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea & Liv are in!

Winners: Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan, by pinfall (joining the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match)

Another Triple Threat for tag titles is happening! Mella is upset, but maybe she needs to focus less on her looks and more on her matches! Will we be guaranteed to see new champions on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Vader is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!

The late great Mastodon redefined what it was to be a big man in wrestling, and what it was to be a wrestler in the world of entertainment! He joins Undertaker in this year’s class, what other big names will join them?


Finn Balor VS Austin Theory!

The Prince is the NEW WWE United States Champion after defeating Damian Priest, but he’s lucky to be standing after Priest lost his cool. At the same time, Finn has a chance to get back at Vince McMahon’s protégé for everything that went down between them. Will Finn make the Road to WrestleMania rrrrreeeeal? Or will he have to “expect the unexpected” all over again?

Raw returns and Theory makes his entrance. The bell rings and Finn fires off on Theory! The ref counts, Finn lets off, then he headlocks and grinds Theory down. Theory powers out and runs Finn over, then talks trash. Theory stomps Finn, Theory bumps Finn off buckles, then RAMS his shoulder in! The ref counts, Theory snapmares Finn and stomps him down again! Cover, TWO! Theory clamps on a chinlock and digs a knee in. Finn endures, fights up, pries the hold open but Theory knees low. Theory ROCKS Finn with a forearm, then puts him against ropes to CLUB him in the back. Theory talks trash because he’s going to Mania!

Theory CLUBS Finn again, then whips. Finn reverses but Theory sunset flips, only for Finn to roll through and basement dropkick! Finn KICKS Theory, but Theory gets out to avoid the stomp! Theory bumps Finn off the apron, then fireman’s carries. He talks too much trash, Finn slips off to SLINGBLADE! Theory writhes while Finn gets in the ring and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Theory whips Finn corner to corner, Finn reverses but runs into a drop toehold and hits buckles! Theory then slingshot SHOTGUN dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Theory clamps on a chinlock and grinds Finn down. Finn fights up as fans rally, and Theory knees low. Theory puts Finn in a corner but Finn BOOTS back! Finn rallies with forearms, whips but Theory reverses, only for Finn to FLYING FOREARM! Finn trips and DOUBLE STOMPS Theory down! Finn then runs in and CHOPS at the corner! Theory blocks the whip to kick back, but Finn wheelbarrows for a victory roll and STOMPS!

The ref counts as Finn stomps away at the ropes. Finn lets off at 4, then drags Theory up. Finn suplexes, but Theory blocks! Theory throws body shots, shoulders into Finn, then throws Finn down by his hair! Slingshot STOMP! Theory then DEADLIFT FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Theory snarls and drags Finn up. Theory grins as he fisherman’s but Finn wrenches out. Theory ELBOWS Finn, gets the leg again, AOI SHOUDO! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and Theory is furious! Theory calms himself down, looks to the WrestleMania sign, and says it’s A-Town Down! He fireman’s carries but Finn slips out, ELBOW DROP DDT!

Finn runs and SHOTGUNS Theory into the buckles! Theory is down, Finn goes up top! But DAMIAN PREIST appears! He grabs Finn and TOSSES him for a hotshot!

Winner: Finn Balor, by disqualification

Damian Priest ruins things for Theory but he just wants Finn for himself! Priest reels Finn in, Canadian rack and RAZOR’S EDGE! Fans boo but Priest no longer cares what they think. Will the Archer of Infamy be aiming for the US title at WrestleMania? As for Theory he gets Finn up to hit the A T L! And now he takes the victory selfie. Will Theory’s ego explode if he wins at the most stupendous WrestleMania ever?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

Kevin Patrick asks The EST if she’ll be using that hair of hers as a weapon at WrestleMania. Bianca says she has one simple rule for her opponents: do not touch the hair! She doesn’t need to use her hair to win, though. She and Becky Lynch are WrestleMania main eventers, they should do it with respect. But since Becky wants to use the hair against Bianca, she got what she deserved. And that scar may last forever, but what won’t last forever is Becky’s title reign. Bianca is going to put the EST back in WrestleMania and walk out NEW Raw Women’s Champion.


Kevin Owens heads to the ring!

He promised to share his plan for WrestleMania, so he’s heading back out to do just that. But just what was this most stupendous epiphany? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Kevin has a mic. “Okay, so uh, it’s official. I don’t have a match at WrestleMania. But y’know what? I can accept that now because I think I found a way to get there, and it depends on the answer to the challenge I’m about to issue. I want to have the biggest, most stupendous KO Show in history, and I want to do it at WrestleMania. And I’ve been thinking about who my guest could be, and obviously because of where WrestleMania is being held, I know it has to be some lowlife from Texas.

“And there’s a few people that fit the bill, right? I could invite, uh, oh! I could invited that blowhard bag of wind, JBL! But let’s be honest, the horns on the hood of his limo would make a more interesting guest. So JBL, no thanks. Who else? Oh, Booker T! Booker T went on social media and called me a liar, but I don’t think I’m the one lying about how I feel about Texas, because Booker, you are from Texas, yet you spent most of your career in a tag team called Harlem Heat! And then you were King Booker and you spoke in a horrible British accent! So Booker, there’s no room for hypocrites on the KO Show, so no thanks!

“And then, there’s the one and only Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. A legend no doubt, one of the greatest of all time, and a proud Texan. But Shawn, I am a proud Canadian, and with that in mind, it would be sacrilegious to have you on the KO Show. So out of respect for Hitman Hart, you’re not invited.” Kevin says he could humiliate any of them easily, but he wants to invite someone who embodies Texas like no one else. That’s because he is a broken down shell of his former self living on former glory. Since we last saw this guy, he’s probably let himself go. He’s probably drinking beer all day and all night like the redneck he is!

Kevin says his knees are so shot, he needed knee braces just to get through his matches! And if he accepts Kevin’s invite, what will this guy need to get down the ramp? A walker? It’s a long ramp! Nothing would make Kevin happier than to beat the hell outta this guy in his home state and at WrestleMania and “give him a Stunner the world would talk about for years! And then pour a nice cold glass of milk over his lifeless body.” Kevin knows that guy is watching, and that guy doesn’t have the guts to show up. But the bottom line is… Kevin is calling out STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!! Fans fire up to hear that one! Will the Prizefighter regret asking the Texas Rattlesnake to come back?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Raw here, but the best stuff was at the beginning with that awesome Tag Team Triple Threat. And it was pretty great that RKBRO got these belts back, Orton had a great promo to celebrate and call Riddle his friend. The Profits had a good promo, as well, to hype up that they’re coming for those belts. As for Kevin and Rollins, I like that Kevin decided to call out Stone Cold, as we all figured would happen. Didn’t make the biggest impact as the final segment of the night, but it was still great that he went there. I’m pretty sure Austin will show up for the WrestleMania edition of the KO Show, and that he will be giving out the Stunner.

Hooray for Dana Brooke winning as WWE hardly ever has hometown heroes win. Tamina’s growing relationship with Tozawa seems to be the biggest development out of this 24/7 Championship feud, but I’m hoping we get more out of this title for WrestleMania. The “homecoming” for Miz, Logan Paul and Jerry Lawler was a good segment, and I do like that there’s this sense of conflict over how Miz doesn’t like Cleveland. It’d be really weird if Logan has a Face turn during the match with the Mysterios because Miz turns out to be the even bigger jerk. Leave it up to The Miz to actually make a story with Logan Paul interesting.

Edge had a great promo to frame this newest Heel persona and why he attacked AJ Styles so ferociously, but a great part you have to see for yourself is that lighting they were using. It made Edge look like a monster, because that’s what he’s becoming for this feud. We get a good rematch of Bron & Ciampa VS Dirty Dawgs, but much like Ciampa’s other matches on Raw, it was all an advertisement for NXT. The NXT Championship Triple Threat for “NXT: Roadblock” is going to be a really good one, but I don’t know why Vince thinks Raw needs to help NXT when Vince is the reason for NXT’s problems.

Poor Apollo Crews. It looked like he had a new lease on his WWE career, but Vince brought him over to Raw to do nothing with him. And of course he’s fed to Omos. Now, Omos VS Azeez looks interesting, but the way Azeez and Omos interacted, it just felt like Omos already squashed Azeez without even having a match. And I refer you back to last week when I said Omos already has a ceiling on him because he hasn’t taken any real bumps. And speaking of ceilings put on them, the WWE Women’s Tag Division! Tonight’s match was better than most these days since it lasted past a commercial break, but it was still quick. Rhea & Liv win and get in, I really hope we get news champs at Mania.

Finn VS Theory was a pretty good match, up until Damian Priest “ruins” it with his attack. But at the same time, Priest was going to do something like this to move towards a title rematch at WrestleMania. And then Theory adds Heel heat by picking the bones. I hope one of these weeks, Pat McAfee shows up on Raw to mess Theory up in return for Theory’s visit to SmackDown. Bianca had a good promo, and as Becky Lynch posted herself on social media, Becky’s voice box is damaged right now. Becky won’t be talking but I am sure there will be plenty of social media posts to be her promos. And she’ll be back for Mania, so Becky VS Bianca is still on and still going to be great.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/1/23)

SmackDown hears voices!



The Viper is here for The Bloodline!

He returned at WarGames, he returned to Monday Night Raw, and now, The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, returns to Friday Night SmackDown! Will he be able to strike at The Bloodline tonight?


  • Pete Dunne VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Street Profits; wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Grayson Waller; wins.
  • Bianca Belair w/ Charlotte Flair & Shotzi VS Kairi Sane w/ DMG CTRL; wins.


Bianca Belair is here!

Brooklyn cheers The EST as she skips to the ring, her team victorious against Damage Control in WarGames! After a recap package, fans chant for Bianca and she gets the mic to say, “Man, it is so cool to be in one of the best boroughs in one of the greatEST cities in the world, Brooklyn!” The fans cheer that! Bianca says DMG CTRL really tried to take them out, but her team did what needed to be done. So shout out to Becky Lynch for coming through, showing up and showing out. Shout out to Shotzi for her guts and passion. And shoutout to Charlotte Flair for being a bigger person and making that call to Becky.

“Now while it feels great to be standing in this ring and celebrating that W from WarGames, my war with DMG CTRL, it ain’t over~! Cuz Iyo Sky, I’m still coming for you, cuz I want my title back!” Fans also cheer that. But speaking of Iyo, here she comes! The Evil Genius leads DMG CTRL out, though where’s Bayley? That aside, Dakota Kai is the one to tell Bianca, “It’s really great how uh, you can get all of these people to cheer for you.” The fans boo her but Dakota tells them to shut up! Dakota says just earlier, Iyo was saying how gross it is here in Brooklyn! It smells! Who would want to live here?!

DMG CTRL slide into the ring, and Dakota says Iyo was also saying that Bianca is in way over her head, dude. Iyo already beat Bianca twice. So… if Bianca wants to get yet another shot, she’ll have to go through all of DMG CTRL. Well that ain’t nothing new. So who wants it first, huh? But wait! Here come Charlotte & Shotzi to back Bianca up! Fans cheer as Charlotte says “Ladies~…! Bianca isn’t the only one coming for you. And I’d love to go through all of DMG CTRL.” Shotzi says it seems to her that there’s enough DMG CTRL to go around. They rush in, and the brawl is on! Fans fire up but Iyo TOSSES Bianca and helps Asuka against Charlotte!

Shotzi and Kairi brawl in a corner, Bianca returns, Charlotte BOOTS Asuka way while Bianca RAMS Iyo into a corner! Bianca stomps Iyo down, Charlotte helps Shotzi with Kairi, and Charlotte sets Kairi up for Shotzi’s BOOT! Iyo ends up isolated, and Bianca hits a SPINEBUSTER! Iyo scrambles out, DMG CTRL regroups, are their days on top numbered?


DMG CTRL regroups backstage.

And Bayley is confused as to what’s going on. Iyo angrily asks where Bayley was but Bayley says no one told her they were going out there! Maybe if she knew, things would’ve been different! The joshi talk in Japanese, Dakota cools it off. What matters is that Kairi is facing Bianca tonight. No one knows Bianca better than Bayley so Kairi would appreciate the help. Kairi says yes, they’re “tomodachi <friends>,” that’d be appreciated. Bayley says okay, but are they really Bayley’s friends?


Pete Dunne VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Street Profits!

With Sheamus recovering from injury and Ridge Holland just ditching him last week, The Bruiserweight is all alone against The All Mighty! Will Dunne stand a chance against the overwhelming strength of Bobby Lashley?

SmackDown returns and Lashley makes his entrance, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins by his side. But before the bell, Lashley gets a mic to say “Hey, listen, kid. When I told you to make a name for yourself…” The fans chant “BOBBY! BOBBY!” and Lashley says that’s a name. Does Dunne know what Lashley can do to him? Lashley will break Dunne into pieces! Is Dunne ready for that? Dunne SLAPS Lashley! Fans fire up, Lashley grins, and the bell rings. Dunne then BOOTS Lashley! And BOOTS! And fires off furious fists! Lashley carries Dunne to then TOSS him! Dunne flounders but also snarls. Dunne swipes at the Profits, but Lashley run sin to CLOBBER him!

Lashley whips Dunne hard into buckles, then storms around. The Profits high-five Lashley and Brooklyn is behind him as he stands Dunne up for haymakers! Lashley smothers Dunne in the corner, lets off to whip corner to corner, then storms up on Dunne. Lashley digs hands into Dunne’s face, the ref counts and Lashley lets off. Lashley runs in but Dunne BOOTS again! Dunne runs up to DROPKICK Lashley out of the ring! Fans are torn as Dunne goes out to FLYING KNEE! Lashley staggers back, Dunne sets up to MOONSAULT! Down goes Lashley and Dunne hurries back up! Dunne ARIHARA MOONSAULTS! Down goes Lashley and fans fire up as SmackDown goes to break!


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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (12/1/23)

A Block, round 5!



Will it be Chaos for the Reiwa Musketeers?

Shota Umino & Ren Narita are just outside the top spot in A Block, can they take over and truly lead NJPW’s future in World Tag League?


  • Six Man Tag: El Phantasmo, Hikuleo & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Tiger Mask, Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Just5Guys win.
  • Six Man Tag: Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Ryusuke Taguchi, Lance Archer & Alex Zayne;  Wato, Nagata & Suzuki win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Yoh, Bishamon & Boltin Oleg VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Yoh, Bishamon & Oleg win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Evil & Yujiro win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa; TMDK wins.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin; Kidd & Coughlin win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Yano & Ishii win.


Here are the current A Block standings.

TMDK: 3-1, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-1, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-2, 4 points
War Dogs: 2-2, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-2, 4 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-2, 4 points
The House of Torture: 1-3, 2 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-3, 2 points


2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ The House of Torture!

Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona finally got on the board, beating the War Dogs. Meanwhile, the House of Torture is falling apart as they just keep losing! Will the Gates slam shut on them, too? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp find a way to lie, cheat and steal a win once again?

Wait, the Gates are coming out wearing House of Torture shirts? And then they wait for the House to make their entrance? Is this a sign that they’ve become allies? Dick Togo, Sho, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and of course Evil & Yujiro all come out together and they seem pretty chummy with the Gates. All seven go to the ring now, and this is a rather interesting development. Did Prince Nana approve this deal? Everyone shakes hands and “put one out” so clearly there’s something to this. They even pose for photos! But then Kaun & Liona quickly and quietly TOSS Sho & Kanemaru, then they TOSS Dick! Yujiro & Evil don’t understand!

Kaun & Liona throw forearms, the bell rings and the Gates whip Evil & Yujiro. Yujiro & Evil hold ropes to then BOOT in return! But they run into double scoop SLAMS! The Gates tear off the House of Torture shirts, and Liona even wipes his butt with it! Evil & Yujiro are in opposite corners, Kaun runs in to ELBOW Yujiro and Liona SPLASHES Evil! Then the Gates trade, ELBOW for Evil and SPLASH for Yujiro! And back the other way! Fans fire up as the Gates tricked the tricksters! They fire each other up, and Kaun sends Liona into SPLASH Evil! The fans rally up, the Gates run in to SPLASH SANDWICH Evil!

Liona stands Evil back up, he and Kaun OPEN- NO, Yujiro saves Evil and they bail out. The House falls back, daring the Gates to come out after them. The Gates storm out after them, but going all the way to the entrance is suspicious. Sho & Kanemaru attack from behind with chairs! Fans boo as Dick distracts the ref so that the House can mug the Gates! Sho CHOKES Liona with his chair, but Liona bench presses it away! Yujiro helps Sho while Evil drags Kaun around, to RAM into the timekeeper’s area! Poor Abe-san! The fans boo but Evil gets on the mic to basically say this is what they get for messing with the House!

Yujiro SMACKS Liona off the timekeeper’s table, but Liona roars! So Yujiro POSTS Liona to knock him down! Evil drags Kaun up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally up. Evil CLUBS Kaun, CLUBS him again, and calls to the ref. Marty Asami returns and Evil stomps Kaun. Evil drags Kaun up, wrenches the arm and tags in Yujiro. Yujiro CLUBS Kaun’s arm, then reels him in to snapmare and ROCK with a haymaker. Yujiro looms over Kaun to rain down more fists but the ref reprimands. No closed fists! So Yujiro fishhooks Kaun’s nose! Yujiro sits Kaun up to run and basement BOOT! Cover, ONE!!

Yujiro is annoyed but he drags Kaun back up. Yujiro wrenches, wristlocks, and he CLUBS the arm. And stomps it! Kaun clutches the arm, it is taped up from that fight with the War Dogs. Yujiro wraps the arm around ropes! The ref counts, Yujiro lets off at 4 but the House all complains. Tag to Evil and he throws his shirt at Liona. Now the ref has to keep Liona out, and Evil throws Kaun out for the boys to stomp away on! Fans boo these vultures, but then Sho puts Kaun back in for Evil. Cover, TWO! Evil argues with the ref but the fans rally up. Evil tags Yujiro then runs to BLAST Liona! Liona stays up and roars, so Evil pokes him in the eyes!

Evil and Yujiro drag Kaun up, whip him to a corner, and Yujiro runs in but into Kaun’s BOOT! Kaun catches Evil for an URENAGE! Then Kaun uses Evil as a step to SHOTGUN Yujiro! Fans fire up while they’re all done, and Kaun crawls over. Hot tag to Liona! Liona rallies on Yujiro, BOOTS him, then catches Evil for a spin and LARIAT! Fans fire up more and Liona has targets in opposite corners. Liona roars, then SPLASHES Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! SPLASH for Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! Liona just keeps going, then he whips Evil into Yujiro! Fans fire up with Liona, and he runs back in, but both Yujiro and Evil dodge!

Yujiro & Evil kick low, double whip to ropes, but Liona breaks the line to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up again and Liona roars for Kaun! Kaun rises and tags in, and the Gates get Yujiro up! But Yujiro moves, the double lariats collide! Kaun hurries to grab a leg but Yujiro BOOTS Kaun into Liona! Evil tags in and he storms up to CLUB Kaun! Evil stomps Kaun, Yujiro joins in, and the ref reprimands. Yujiro drags Kaun to a corner, he and Evil double whip Kaun corner to corner. Yujiro runs in to BOOT! Evil runs in to clothesline! Snapmare and then they set Kaun up while Sho distracts! Dick hops up, DICK CHOP!!

Fans boo as Evil covers, TWO!! Kaun survives and the fans fire up again! Evil slashes his throat, drags Kaun up, and spins him around, but Liona is back! HELL STAB! Then a HEADBUTT for Yujiro! Liona & Kaun BLAST Dick & Sho off the apron! The fans fire up as now Evil is alone! Kaun & Liona high five and LARIAT SANDWICH! They roar again and they get Evil up. HEAVEN’S GATES!! Cover, but Dick YANKS the ref out!! Fans boo, but Yujiro slips back in to CLUB the Gates! Kaun ROCKS Yujiro in return! Kaun & Liona set Evil & Yujiro up, but they block double low blows! Kanemaru and Sho get in, they DOUBLE LOW BLOW!!

Fans boo as the House stomps away on the Gates! Yujiro has his cane, Dick has the Spoiler Choker. Liona shoves Sho aside but gets the CANE SHOT! Dick CHOKES Kaun, Kanemaru gives him WHISKEY MIST! And then Sho CLOBBERS Kaun with his wrench! Dick gets the ref back in as Evil hits EVERYTHING IS EVIL on Kaun!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Evil & Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; The Gates of Agony earn 0)

Kaun & Liona lured the House in, but one good trick wasn’t enough to beat the numbers game. The House even mugs the Young Lions trying to help The Gates! Will this be the beginning of the most unwanted comeback in World Tag League history?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK w/ Kosei Fujita VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa!

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls did fall for the trickery of Toru Yano. Will TMDK be able to rebound and stay at the top of the block? Or will the Green Supernova and his protege still #CreateTheFuture?

The teams sort out and Mad Mikey starts against Oiwa. They tie up, fans rally up, and Oiwa pushes Mikey back, only for Mikey to put him on ropes. Mikey lets off but shoves Oiwa. Oiwa shoves back! They go forehead to forehead, then forearm for forearm! Mikey claws eyes, headlocks, and brings Oiwa over. Shane tags in, Oiwa gets away, and then Oiwa arm-drags Mikey! Shane runs in, but into an arm-drag! Oiwa wrenches and whips Shane to ropes, Kaito joins in so they can DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! And then DOUBLE DROPKICK! The fans fire and Oiwa has Shane in a corner. Shane throws a chop, but Oiwa stomps and ROCKS Shane in return.

Oiwa drags Shane up to wrench and wristlock, then he scoops to POWERSLAM! Oiwa runs, but Shane gets up to DROPKICK back! Shane puts Oiwa on ropes, stomps away, and then BLASTS Kaito! Mikey smothers Oiwa on the apron, lets off before he gets caught, and then Shane slides to SHOVE Oiwa to the floor! The ref has to keep Kaito back, so that lets Mikey stomp Oiwa. Mikey puts Oiwa in, Shane covers, TWO! Shane drags Oiwa up, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mikey and he CHOPS! Fans rally, Mikey eggs Oiwa on then CHOPS him again! Mikey ROCKS Oiwa, Oiwa ROCKS Mikey!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey but Mikey ROCKS him right back! And CHOPS him right down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but Mikey sits Oiwa up and runs. Oiwa avoids the sliding lariat! Mikey hobbles up, throws a forearm but Oiwa throws back a flurry! Mikey fires a flurry of his own! Mikey runs, into an UPPERCUT! Oiwa runs and ROLLING ELBOWS Mikey down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Kaito! Kaito rallies on TMDK, whips Mikey and DROPKICKS him down! Shane kicks and runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up again and Kaito whips corner to corner. Mikey reverses but Kaito comes back to NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up again as Kaito drags Mikey up and reels him in. Mikey fights the suplex, but Kaito fires forearms! Kaito reels Mikey in but Mikey suplexes! Kaito slips free, ducks Mikey’s elbow, but Mikey DDTS! Fans fire up while both men are down, Mikey crawls to hot tag Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS again and again on Kaito, whips him to a corner then BLASTS Oiwa before he UPPERCUTS Kaito! Shane keeps moving, CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Hysterical Haste and he drags Kaito up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Kaito survives and fans rally up. Shane calls his shot and he drags Kaito back up to reel him in.

Shane underhooks the arms, lifts, but Kaito fights free to chicken wing! Shane fights that to ROCK Kaito! Shane eggs Kaito on then UPPERCUTS him! Kaito comes back to UPPERCUT Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS Kaito! Kaito grits his teeth and shakes his head. Kaito UPPERCUTS, Shane UPPERCUTS, repeat! Fans rally, Shane gets the edge with UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Kaito rebounds to RUNNING UPPERCUT! Both men are down again, and the fans fire up! Shane crawls to an open corner, Kaito crawls to hot tag Oiwa! Oiwa runs in to forearm smash, then he whips Shane corner to corner. Oiwa runs in to DROPKICK!

Fans rally up again as Oiwa clamps on a gut wrench, for a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa drags Shane up again, GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa isn’t done, he drags Shane up for a GUT WRENCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Oiwa BLASTS Mikey and Kaito slides in. They double whip Shane, then Kaito sends Oiwa in to ELBOW! Kaito runs in to forearm! Feed to the SPIN POWERSLAM! Cover, Mikey breaks it! Kaito TOSSES Mikey and Oiwa fires up! Oiwa drags Shane up in a waistlock but Mikey makes the save! Mikey CHOPS and Shane LARIATS! They coordinate, fireman’s carry, HIGHWAY TO HELL! Cover, Kaito breaks it!

The fans fire up again but Mikey tosses Kaito out. Shane kicks Oiwa around, eggs him on, but Oiwa sits up. Kaito gives more kicks, and a boot! Shane aims from a corner, runs in, but Oiwa dodges the Shane-ing Wizard to single leg, ANACONDA SUPLEX! Shane staggers back up, Oiwa gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Mikey sweeps Oiwa’s legs! Mikey whips, Oiwa reverses and DROPKICKS! Oiwa calls to Kaito and he returns. They get Shane up and fans fire up with them. Oiwa Electric Chair Lifts while Kaito climbs. But Shane victory rolls under the crossbody! TWO!! Mikey catches Kaito for a MIKEY BOMB!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey and DOUBLE CHOPS! But Shane SUPERKICKS! Mikey scoops, TANK BUSTER!! Cover, TMDK wins!!

Winner: TMDK, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kaito & Oiwa earn 0)

A powerful battle from both teams, but only one team was mighty! Will Shane & Mikey still be the A Block finalists


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare w/ Callum Newman VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin!

The Dominator & Face of Fury are holding on at 2-2, but so are #WarReady and the Dreadnought! Will the United Empire conquer these War Dogs and stay strong? Or will Kidd & Coughlin win won for the Rebel?

But of course the War Dogs attack at the ramp! But the Empire is ready, and Khan JAMS Kidd with his banner’s staff! Henare fires hands on Coughlin, HEADBUTTS him, and Khan CHOKES Kidd with the staff! Khan throws Kidd down, Henare CLUBS away on Coughlin, and the Empire gets the Dogs set up for Callum! Callum FLIES! Direct hit and he even lands on his feet! Fans fire up with the Empire and they throw the crowns up. Khan CLUBS Kidd, Henare LASHES Coughlin with his vest, and then Khan whips Kidd hard into railing! Red Shoes says fine then, and the bell rings to get this on record.

Fans cheer while Henare puts Coughlin in and throws forearms. Henare runs to then run Coughlin over! Fans cheer more, and Henare aims. Henare KICKS Coughlin in the back! And KICKS him again! Henare snapmares Coughlin to KICK him again! Then he SENTONS onto knees! Coughlin deadlifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Coughlin stomps Henare while Kidd whips Khan hard into railing, sending him up and out! Kidd then drags Khan to the back area of the stands, and whips him all the way into a wall! Coughlin digs his boots into Henare in a corner, then his knee. Red Shoes reprimands and Coughlin lets off.

Kidd and Khan keep brawling in the back as Coughlin CHOPS Henare! Coughlin whips Henare corner to corner then clotheslines! Coughlin then scoops Henare, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Henare tumbles and writhes while fans applaud the show of strength. Coughlin covers, TWO! Tag to Kidd, and the War Dogs get Henare up. Coughlin holds the arms back so Kidd can CHOP Henare! And CHOP again! Kidd then stands on Henare’s head but Red Shoes reprimands. Kidd steps off to storm around. Kidd mockingly asks where Will Ospreay went. Kidd says he’s beating up Ospreay’s boys like they’re his b*tches!

Kidd DECKS Henare, then digs his knee in again. Tag to Coughlin, he drags Henare up, and says “Knock knock” as he taps Henare on the head. Henare snarls but Coughlin SLAPS him down! Coughlin says Henare’s supposed to respond, “Who’s there.” Coughlin kneels on Henare but Khan knocks him over! The War Dogs mug Khan, Kidd drags him out of the ring, then whips him hard into railing! Kidd even DECKS Callum for the hell of it! Fans boo but Kidd says he’s a madman! Coughlin stomps Henare, drags him up, and RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Kidd and Kidd RAMS into Henare. Kidd then snapmares Henare to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Khan runs back in but Kidd DECKS him! Kidd drags Khan up to throw him out, and Coughlin hauls him up to whip hard into more railing! Kidd storms around, kicks Henare, but Henare grits his teeth. Kidd eggs Henare on, kicks again, but Henare blocks! Henare steps over to WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare crawls, Khan drags himself up! But Coughlin runs in to BLAST Khan off the apron! Coughlin then goes out to stomp on Khan, and Kidd CLUBS Henare. Coughlin sends Khan into railing again! Kidd drags Henare up, ROCKS him, then bumps him off buckles. But Henare just growls!

Kidd bumps Henare off more buckles, but Henare just headbutts the buckles! Kidd eggs Henare on, CHOPS him, then whips him. But Henare reverses to SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Henare crawls for his corner. Hot tag- NO, Coughlin YANKS Khan down! Red Shoes reprimands, Coughlin whips, but Khan reverses to send him into railing! And then Khan BOOTS Coughlin down! The fans fire up, hot tag to Khan! Khan runs Kidd over, whips him to a corner and clotheslines! Then torture rack and swing, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kidd is still in this but the fans rally behind Khan. Khan sits Kidd up, into the IRON CLAW SLEEPER!

Kidd BITES the fingers! And SNAPS them! Kidd runs, rebounds, but Khan gets under! Henare runs in, ASSISTED SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Kidd survives but Henare and Khan coordinate. Shoutout to Aussie Open, RUNNING KICK SANDWICH! Scoop, HEEL KICK T T D!! Cover, Coughlin breaks it! Coughlin and Henare trade big forearms! Fans fire up as they go back and forth! Coughlin gets the edge, but Henare BODY BLOWS! And ULTIMA- NO, Coughlin fights the full nelson! So Henare shoves him to a corner for a SHINING WIZARD! Then snapmare and RUGBY KICK! And then the Monster Rage boils over!

Henare drags Kidd up, fireman’s carries, and Khan runs. But Kidd slips free to shove Henare into Khan! Kidd BITES Henare, TOSSES him out, talks trash, but turns around into the HELL STAB! IRON CLAW, but Kidd grabs at Red Shoes! RIGHT HAND!! Kidd and Khan fall over after that closed fist shot! Fans rally up as hard as they can but Kidd snarls as he drags Khan up. Kidd runs, springboards, OSCUTTER?!? Kidd sends a message to Ospreay, and Coughlin is back in! Gut wrench, Coughlin goes up, HIJACK TOMBSTONE!! Cover, War Dogs win!!

Winners: Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Khan & Henare earn 0)

That madman tells Ospreay that he’s dead when they finally face off 1v1! December 16th is still two weeks away, is Kidd going to overlook the rest of the WTL all because he wants after the Kingpin?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

The Reiwa Musketeers are coming off a big main event win last round, and are near the top of the block! But the Clown Prince & Stone Pitbull just took down the top of the block last round against TMDK! Will Yano & Ishii pull off another shocker to get to the front of the line? Or will the Roughneck & Son of Strong Style make it through the Chaos?

The teams sort out and Ishii starts against Narita. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Every step Narita pushes Ishii back, Ishii pushes Narita back. Ishii uses his stockier frame to keep pushing Narita, and they end up on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Ishii lets off, but Narita intercepts the forearm with a forearm! Narita fires off more shots, but Ishii eggs him on! Ishii and Narita trade forearms back and forth, fans fire up as they pick up speed! Narita ROCKS Ishii, runs, but Ishii avoids the boot. Narita avoids the lariat to BOOT Ishii down after all! Fans fire up and Narita stomps Ishii. Narita then stands Ishii up to bump off buckles.

But then Ishii hits Shota! Shota hits back, Ishii fights both Musketeers at once! That doesn’t go well and they mug him 2v1. Tag to Shota and he digs his boots in while Narita BLASTS Yano! Red Shoes counts, Shota & Narita double whip Ishii to ropes, then DOUBLE ELBOW! SENTON! SOMERSAULT SENTON! Then they shake hands to DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Shota kicks Ishii around, eggs him on, but Ishii stands. The two stare down, and Shota throws a forearm. Ishii eggs Shota on now, so Shota throws more forearms. Ishii leans into the shots and backs Shota down like that! Shota keeps throwing shots, but Ishii DECKS him!

Fans fire up and Ishii rains down more shots on Shota! Red Shoes counts, Ishii lets off, and then Ishii eggs Narita on. Red Shoes keeps Narita back and Yano tags in. Yano fires up, and he unties a buckle pad! Then he throws it to Shota and tattles on him to Red Shoes! Shota gives the buckle pad over, and Yano SLAPS Shota in the head! Fans cheer but Shota scowls. Yano claws the eyes! Yano runs, Shota ELBOWS him then runs to basement dropkick! Tag to Narita, and Narita whips Yano to ropes, for a NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO! Yano is still in this and fans rally up. Narita brings Yano up but Yano pulls hair!

Narita kicks and whips but Yano reverses to throw Narita down by his hair! Yano drags Narita up and whips him into the bare buckles! Narita writhes, Yano BLASTS Shota, and Ishii rushes over to go after him! Yano throws Narita out and then goes out after him. Yano whips Narita hard into railing! Ishii whips Shota hard into railing, too! Yano drags Narita back up, puts him in the ring, and he stomps Narita around. Yano drags Narita up, tells haters to shut up, then tags in Ishii. Ishii CHOPS Narita, stalks him, and CHOPS him against the ropes! Ishii eggs Narita on and CHOPS him again. Ishii continues to egg Narita on, so Narita throws a forearm!

Ishii slaps Narita around, Narita throws more shots, but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Fans applaud, and Ishii taunts Shota. Shota coaches Narita but Ishii gives Narita toying kicks. Ishii HEADBUTTS Narita, CHOPS him, then CHOPS and CHOPS again! Narita roars but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Ishii whips Narita corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Narita runs up, Ishii ROCKS him! Ishii swings, but into a HALF HATCH! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tag to Shota! Shota fires off on Ishii, whips him to ropes, but Ishii reverses. Shota CLOBBERS Ishii, then BLASTS Yano! Fans fire up behind Shota and he sends Ishii to a corner.

Shota runs in to UPPERCUT, then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shota keeps going, and he turns Ishii over into an STF! Yano stomps Shota, so Shota kicks Yano and tosses him out. Shota goes back to Ishii, stands him up, and clinches. Ishii fights the lift with elbows! Shota ROCKS Ishii, gives him taunting kicks, but Ishii ROCKS Shota back! Shota and Ishii stare down, and Shota fires off forearm after forearm! Shota has Ishii in the corner for more shots! Red Shoes reprimands but Ishii roars and turns things around to CHOP and ROCK Shota on repeat! The fans rally up as Shota sits down, only for Ishii to stand him back up for more!

Ishii CHOPS and ROCKS Shota into sitting down again, and the fans fire up! Ishii eggs Shota on, kicks him around, slaps him even, and Shota scowls. Shota storms up on Ishii, Ishii throws a forearm. Shota eggs Ishii on, and leans into the shots a la Ishii. Shota then ROCKS Ishii and he staggers away! Ishii comes back, Shota clinches but Ishii slips around. Shota elbows Ishii, whips, but Ishii reverses to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down! Shota and Ishii crawl, hot tag to Yano! Yano fires up and whips Shota, but Shota reverses. Yano avoids the bare buckles, to then bait Shota into them! Roll up, TWO!

Yano runs, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up again, and Shota crawls to hot tag Narita! Narita runs up on Yano, BACK ELBOW! Then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Yano escapes, but Narita BLASTS Ishii to cut off the tag. Narita clinches but Yano fights the lift! So Narita trips Yano, and rolls him, CROSS ANKLE CLOVERLEAF! Yano endures, the fans rally up, but Narita drags Yano from ropes! Yano keeps fighting around, he reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Narita lets off in frustration but the fans rally up again. Narita stands Yano up, reels him in, COBRA TWIST! But Yano powers free with a hip toss!

Narita runs in but Yano trips him! CATAPULT into the bare buckles!! Ishii clotheslines Narita, too! Then he BLASTS Shota! Yano fires up and he hauls Narita up. ONI- NO, Narita fights free! Narita gets around, SLEEPER! Yano is fading fast, but Narita goes to the COBRA TWIST now! Yano endures, fans rally up, and Yano fights his way around. Shota keeps Ishii out, and Narita brings Yano away with the SLEEPER! Then back to COBRA TWIST! Yano is turning red like his favorite chair! But Ishii sends Shota into railing, to then TACKLE Narita! Fans fire up while Narita tosses Ishii back out. Narita roars and goes back for Yano.

Narita drags Yano up but Yano fights the suplex. Narita knees low, runs, but Yano avoids the boot to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yano and Narita crawl, hot tag to Ishii, and he BLASTS Shota! Ishii drags Narita up, throws him into Shota, then runs, but Narita BOOTS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii escapes and the fans fire up again. Narita crawls, hot tag to Shota! Shota aims at Ishii, BANG and V-TRIGGER! Shota then slingshots to APRON DDT Ishii!! Fans are thunderous and Shota stands tall as Ishii flops over. Red Shoes checks but Ishii is somehow still in this.

Shota drags Ishii up as the ring count begins. Shota puts Ishii in, climbs up a corner, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS Ishii down! Then Shota resets, to slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans fire up again! Shota drags Ishii up, dragon sleepers, but Ishii fights free. Ishii runs, into a snap cradle, that then shifts into a BONE LOCK!! Ishii endures the over-the-shoulder crossface, but Narita keeps Yano out! Shota pulls on the hold, but Ishii still fights around! Ishii reaches out, but Shota pulls back more! Ishii flails and kicks around, to have the ROPEBREAK! Shota lets go and the fans fire up again.

Narita slides in, he and Shota coordinate. Shota wrenches Ishii, dragon sleepers, and then gets Ishii up. Narita runs, BOOT into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans are thunderous again! The Musketeers stay focused, though, and they haul Ishii up. They double whip him to a corner, Shota runs in to ELBOW! Narita runs in to JUMP KICK! Feed to Shota’s forearm! Narita’s BOOT! Shota’s ROLLING ELBOW! Another BOOT! And then the lift, for the HART ATTACK! Cover, YANO BREAKS IT! Fans fire up but Narita fires off on Yano! Yano gets around, fireman’s carry takeover! Yano kicks and whips Shota, but Shota reverses!

But Yano denies the tornado DDT! Yano atomic drops Shota, then pops him up. Shota fights the Onigoroshi, underhooks Yano, but Yano RAMS Shota into bare buckles! Ishii reels Shota in, hoists him up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Shota survives and the fans fire up again! Ishii roars, the fans duel, and Shota flounders up. Ishii runs, Shota BOOTS him, blocks the lariat, and ENZIGURIS! Narita is back to WHEEL KICK! Narita hurries to get Ishii up and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Then a clinch, but Ishii HEADBUTTS free! Narita ENZIGURIS, Shota full nelsons! Narita runs, but Ishii gets free, the BOOT hits Shota!

Ishii shoves Shota into Narita, Yano drags Narita out! LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Shota survives and fans are thunderous again! Ishii grits his teeth and he stands back up. Ishii roars and looks to finish this off. We’re at 20 minutes, Ishii suplexes, but Shota slips free! HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Ishii gets right up to CLOBBER Shota! But Shota’s right up to SHOTGUN Ishii! Ishii’s back, but Shota pop-up KNEES, and LARIATS! Fans fire up again and Shota drags Ishii up. HALF ‘N’ HALF BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous and Shota just fires up again! Shota aims from a corner, vowing to end it here!

Ishii slowly rises, Shota runs in, BLAZE BLADE!! But Shota isn’t done! Underhooks and- NO, Ishii wrenches out to PELE!! Both men are down and the fans are electric! Ishii goes to the corner while the fans duel, and he SLIDING LARIATS!! Cover, NARITA BREAKS IT! Yano runs in to toss Narita out! Ishii roars and he drags Shota back up. Ishii suplexes, but Shota fights free! Shota wrenches, ROCKS and ROLLING- NO, Ishii ROCKS Shota! But Shota catches Ishii, only for Ishii to wrench out! Shota POP-UP UPPERCUTS! And then V- NO, Ishii blocks to HEADBUTT! And then Ishii spins Shota to a BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Shota & Narita earn 0)

There weren’t any tricks needed here, Ishii & Yano beat the Musketeers straight up! Is it still too soon for Shota & Narita to say the Paradigm Shift is coming?

And because it’s Ishii who won this, he’s a true strong silent type, so he and Yano just get outta here! No closing address tonight, but will actions speak louder than words for the Stone Pitbull in this tournament’s second half?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

TMDK: 4-1, 8 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 3-2, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-2, 6 points
War Dogs: 3-2, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-3, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-3, 4 points
The House of Torture: 2-3, 4 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-4, 2 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round for World Tag League and this block, with some rather shocking moves. I really thought The Gates were going to get going after their win last round, but I guess the House of Torture couldn’t just drop off that badly so they had to win this here. And as we saw in that main event, Yano & Ishii are making a go of it in this block. They beat Shota & Narita, who are certainly still frontrunners, but that was great stuff to make a point that Shota & Narita aren’t ready to beat the real “old guard” they’re talking about replacing here. War Dogs beating the Empire seems fine, they’re mostly just keeping pace so they could cost somebody later.

And great match from TMDK VS the Noah duo, and a great win for TMDK to again be the clear first place team. 4-1 at the halfway point, this block is on Shane & Mikey to win or lose, and as I’ve been saying, TMDK as both a group and as just these two, the OG members, have been solid a long time. It’d be great if they got to the tournament finals here, maybe even get that title shot at WrestleKingdom.

My Score: 8.9/10

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