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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (4/3/23)

Raw Goes Hollywood!



What happens after the credits roll?

The yearly tradition of Raw After Mania now goes Hollywood! What will the WWE’s next chapter be for all its champions?


  • Omos w/ MVP VS Elias; Omos wins.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Austin Theory; Theory wins.
  • Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS The Street Profits; Kevin & Sami win.
  • Bobby Lashley VS Mustafa Ali; Lashley wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s Match: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez VS Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai; Liv & Raquel win and will challenge Becky Lynch & Lita for the titles.
  • High Stakes Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa w/ Paul Heyman; No Contest.


The first hour of Raw After Manis is COMMERCIAL FREE!


Triple H is here!

Los Angeles is fired up as The Game walks out to the ring. HHH soaks up all the adulation from the fans before going to the corner for his signature pose. HHH then gets the mic to say, “Welcome to Monday Night Raw!” And he has to say, if he wasn’t already on a high before walking out here after this weekend, he sure is hell on one now. That was unbelievable! What a weekend it was. WrestleMania, 161 THOUSAND fans jam packed into SoFi Stadium! And for the ultimate spectacle, an event that truly lived up to its name: The Grandest Stage of Them All. “An event 40 years in the making. From one man’s vision for WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden, to four decades later.

“LA, SoFi Stadium, packed to the rafters, beyond my wildest expectations.” So HHH is out here to say thank you. To thank every superstar in the back, every performer that has every stepped through the ropes and graced this ring. “They lay their bodies on the line for all of us every single week, and I just wanted to take that moment to say, ‘Thank you.'” HHH also thanks the staff and the crew that make a weekend like WrestleMania possible. That make nights like tonight in the sold-out Crypto Arena on a Monday night possible! Everyone in the back, out here, and Stu manning the camera. Fans chant for “STU! STU! STU!” Stu says hi and fans cheer.

HHH has to say, the people behind the scenes make this all possible. He walked in to SoFi last night, and no matter how many times he’d seen the drawings, the photos, the videos of it being built, when he walked in and saw that set… It took his breath away. They truly make the spectacle of what they do possible. And HHH wants to take one more moment to thank the most important people: the fans. The WWE Universe, the people that make it possible to do what the WWE loves to do day in and day out: entertain the fans. Thank you, fans! Fans chant for “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!”

HHH says on a day where the WWE is dominating the news, this day after WrestleMania, when they are anything anyone talks about, WWE makes an announcement that is all anyone walks to talk about. But HHH is here to assure the fans, “we ain’t going nowhere! The same WWE that you love, the same WWE that put 161 THOUSAND people to the rafters in SoFi stadium is going nowhere! The same WWE that you love, the superstars, the action, the drama, all of it! We are going nowhere. We will be here, week in and week out, event after event, sold out arena after sold arena, packed stadium after packed stadium, because WE! ARE! THE WWE!”

Fans cheer that, and HHH says that just like the opening roll: Then, Now, Forever, Together! Fans cheer again, and HHH says with all that said, he wants to ask us one thing. Help him acknowledge one more person. Reigning for 946 days, please welcome the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion… ROMAN! REIGNS! Fans are mixed as the Tribal Chief makes his way out. Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa are with him, and HHH shakes each of their hands on his way out. Roman lifts the belts he still has after screwing over Cody Rhodes, and sets off the pyro. Then they all go to the ring, and Roman again lifts the belts for more pyro.

Fans boo while Heyman holds onto the belts. Roman grins, takes a moment to soak it all up, even as they chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” and “ROMAN SUCKS!” Roman then takes the mic to say, “I guess after last night’s performance, we should probably do it like this tonight. Hollywood! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” Fans boo more but then the bass drums hit! CODY RHODES is here! Cody has the smoke, the pyro, the three piece suit, but he is clutching one of his sides a bit. Cody gets a mic as he gets in the ring for even more pyro. Fans chant for “CODY! CODY!” while Heyman has Solo stand down.

Cody looks at Roman, and says, “I know what I wanna talk about.” Roman’s surprised by that. Cody says today is turning out a lot differently than he anticipated, and a lot of people anticipated. We thought Cody would be here the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Roman and Heyman both say “NOPE.” Cody sees and feels it. He will acknowledge this: last night at WrestleMania 39 in the main event, Roman was the better competitor. Roman, Cody knows we always have to do this with the world watching, but he wishes this, meaning Solo and Heyman, wasn’t a factor.

Because Cody knows that Roman knows he’s won a lot of matches where he skated by, narrowly defeating people. Last night wasn’t the case. Last night, Cody HAD Roman! Roman shakes his head but the fans agree with Cody. Cody said he knows what he wants to say, and it boils down to just one word. And fans already know what that word is, as they chant, “REMATCH! REMATCH!” Cody says it himself, he wants a REMATCH! Roman smirks and Heyman steps forward. Fans say “YES! YES! YES!” but Heyman wants a word. Roman hands over the mic, and fans boo.

Heyman says, “I was thinking… On behalf of the Tribal Chief… When exactly would you like this hypothetical rematch?” Cody smiles, and says, “TONIGHT!” Fans are thunderous over that idea! Roman is flustered, but Heyman helps him calm down. Heyman says, “No rematch. Not tonight, not in Puerto Rico, not at SummerSlam, not at Survivor Series, not at the Royal Rumble, not in Madison Square Garden, not in San Francisco where life does exist in California. No, no, no, no, NO!” Fans boo harder and call BS. Heyman says that’s called calling the shots when you live on the Island of Relevancy.

Cody asks if Heyman thinks he’s in an normal mood. A mood for these games? For these chicanery? After everything Cody went through his entire career with what happened last night? WHILE Solo is standing here? Let’s read between the lines. Roman doesn’t wanna do a rematch tonight, to give fans what they want, right here and right now? Fans fire up again, and Cody says, “I know exactly how tough you are.” But it won’t change this. if Roman doesn’t wanna do the rematch, well, he fought both guys anyway. Let’s do SOMETHING here, and do SOMETHING, now! Fans chant “ROMAN’S SCARED! ROMAN’S SCARED!”

Heyman asks Roman’s permission to talk privately. Heyman whispers things to Roman, and in the end, a decision is made. Roman turns back around, and Heyman tells “Mr. Rhodes,” and the fans of LA, Heyman has been authorized to inform Cody that item one, the tag team rematch, is accepted. But two parameters: If, and that is IF, someone in that locker room is so stupid as to team with Cody against Roman, it has to be someone that wrestled this past weekend at WrestleMania; Cody will realize how alone he is, because anyone that walks down that aisle that agrees to this, they will NEVER get another title match against Roman Reigns as long as he is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion!

So uh, what does Cody wanna talk about now? Fans echo, “WHO WHO WHO?” BROCK LESNAR!! Roman, Heyman, and even Solo are shocked! But Lesnar is all smiles as he circles the ring and fans lose their minds. The Beast stands with the American Nightmare, and shakes his hand! Lesnar even brings Cody in for a hug! Roman keeps Solo back, then they both back out of the ring. Fans boo, but they’ll have to put up or shut up tonight! Will the Island of Relevancy survive this high stakes tag match?


Omos w/ MVP VS Elias!

The Nigerian Giant also fought at WrestleMania, but even he was shocked to have lost to Lesnar. Will Omos get back up at the expense of The Drifter? Or will even the Giant learn to #WalkWithElias?

The bell rings and Elias rushes in, but into Omos’ huge hand! Omos then CLOBBERS Elias with the other huge hand! Omos talks trash on Elias, drags him up, and scoops to SLAM him! MVP says to punish Elias and Omos kicks Elias around. Omos drags Elias up, scoops him, and SLAMS him again! Omos roars, drags Elias up again, and TOSSES him to a corner! Omos SPLASHES Elias in the corner and Elias falls to the mat. Fans boo but Omos just soaks it up. MVP tells Omos to take Elias for a ride, and Omos scoops Elias, to SNAKE EYES! Then he BOOTS Elias! Omos copies the Deadman in the biggest way possible!

Omos kicks Elias around, drags him back up, and with both hands, MOUNTAINTOP POWERBOMB!! Cover, Omos wins!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall

That was comparatively merciful from Omos. Will all of Raw, and even SmackDown, learn to fear the Nigerian Giant?


The Usos find Roman Reigns’ suite backstage.

They knock on the door, Heyman opens up and is happy to see the greatest tag team of all time. Yeah, they wanna see Big Uce. Oh, sorry, the Tribal Chief just stepped out with Solo to have a chief-to-enforcer talk about Cody and Lesnar. Have they seen that? LESNAR?! So, Roman and Solo are talking strategy. Roman wanted Heyman to tell the Usos that this was a wonderful WrestleMania… for some. Their contributes were greatly appreciated, the jet will be fired up so that as soon as Roman and Solo mop the floor with Cody and Lesnar, they can all get going. But he wants the Usos to go ahead, enjoy the seafood buffet. Well, alright. Yeet.

The Usos head out, but then Heyman steps inside and tells Roman that he took care of it! Is this more of Roman’s two-faced manipulation of his family?


Cathy Kelly is ringside to interview Bad Bunny.

Fans cheer for the host of Backlash, how excited is he to bring WWE back to Puerto Rico? Bunny first says hello to LA, and they cheer more. Bunny says he is very happy to be hosting Backlash on his island. Finally WWE is headed back to Puerto Rico, but today he is enjoying things like any other fan. See you all in Puerto Rico!


Rey Mysterio is here!

The King of Lucha Libre is still in LA after the big win over his son, Dominik, and he gives big thanks to Bad Bunny in person for that assist. Fans chant “619! 619!” while Rey gets the mic. Rey says, “What an emotional week. I just got inducted into the Hall of Fame.” Fans chant “You Deserve It!” Rey thanks them, because without them, he wouldn’t be here. “Gracias, mi raza!” Rey continues to say that he wants to take the time to thank the WWE Universe, because they’ve welcomed him with open arms. He thanks them, gracias ustedes, but Bunny, thank you, brother. Wait, here comes Austin Theory.

The Now gets booed as he walks out with a mic and the US Championship. Theory tells “Rey-Rey” that the two of them deserve more respect. They are the only two that did exactly what they said they were going to do at WrestleMania. Rey beat the product of his own bad parenting, and Theory beat a legend! Theory beat the greatest of all time, John Cena! But the difference is that Rey is too busy correcting the past. Fans chant “YOU TAPPED OUT!” at Theory but he says no, THEY tapped out because they didn’t believe in him! He’s the champ! But just like that, Dom didn’t believe in Rey, and all these totos didn’t believe in him!

Wait, that’s it! Fans call Theory names, but Theory says, “You hear that? That is exactly what John Cena had to be talking about. The Raw After Mania, where y’all were gonna eat me alive. Where’s it at? Huh? Because I’m on top of the world, and I can’t be touched.” Fans chant, “YOU STILL SUCK!” Theory says he doesn’t suck, he beat Cena! Fans love screaming for Cena at the top of their lungs, and the fans start chanting “CENA! CENA!” Theory says no, none of that. Cheer for him but he ain’t here, he’s a part-timer. But what about Rey? Rey’s like Cena. They should chant HIS name! Fans do chant for “REY! REY! REY!”

Theory says all that’ll happen is that he’ll beat Rey and add his ass to the collection. Collection? The only thing Theory will be collecting is his teeth after Rey hits the 619! Theory says okay, let’s go. The mics are put aside, the ref gets in the ring, and it is happening!

Rey Mysterio VS Austin Theory!

The bell rings, Theory and Rey tie up, and Theory powers Rey to a corner. Theory climbs up on Rey, talks trash, but lets off as the ref counts. Rey shrugs it off, circles with Theory and ties up with him. Theory headlocks, Rey powers out, but Theory runs Rey over. Fans boo Theory but Raw goes picture in picture.

Theory whips, Rey reverse and sends Theory out. Rey fakes Theory out, then dropkicks him down! Rey brings Theory up and around, and whips him, only for Theory to reverse! Rey hits barriers, then Theory RAMS him into steel steps! And then the announce desk! Theory drags Rey up, puts him back in the ring, and covers, ONE!! Theory fumes but he stalks Rey. Theory RAMS Rey into a corner, RAMS him more, then DECKS him! Rey gets out of the ring but Theory talks trash. Theory goes out after Rey, puts him against barriers, but Rey dodges to COHP! Fans fire up as Rey stalks Theory back into the ring.

Theory CLUBS Rey, has him on ropes, and CHOKES him! The ref reprimands and counts, Theory lets off and Rey sputters. Theory brings Rey up, brings him around, and ROCKS him with another haymaker. Theory looms over Rey, talks more trash, then reels Rey in for a suplex. Rey writhes but Theory keeps talking trash. Theory looms over Rey again while soaking up the heat. Rey goes to a corner, Theory drags him up, and Theory throws hands. Theory whips Rey corner to corner hard, then scoops Rey and carries him around. Theory talks trash, right into the BACKBREAKER! Rey writhes, Theory covers, TWO!

Theory brings Rey back up, snapmares and wraps on a chinlock. Rey endures and Raw returns to single picture. Rey fights up, throws elbows, but Theory knees low. Theory POSTS Rey, stalks up behind him in the corner, and then drags Rey up to the top rope. Theory CLUBS Rey, talks trash on the fans, and then climbs up. Rey fights the back suplex, throws punches, and fans fire up! Rey ELBOWS Theory away! Rey then adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Rey gets moving, but Theory CLOBBERS him! Cocky cover, ONE! Theory kicks Rey around, drags him back up, and Theory grins as he says it is HIS time.

Theory snapmares Rey, and he clamps onto an armlock and chinbar. Rey endures, fans rally, but Theory keeps talking trash. Rey fights up, throws hands, but Theory ROCKS Rey! Theory whips Rey corner to corner, but Rey goes up and over to TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Rey and Theory stir, Theory runs in but into a BOOT! Rey drop toeholds Theory into buckles! Rey goes to the apron, climbs up, and fans fire up, only for Theory to ROCK Rey! Theory goes up after Rey, but Rey resists the superplex! Rey throws hands, knocks Theory away, and then SEATED SENTONS!

Rey keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges to springboard CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Theory is still in this but Rey stalks Theory to the corner. Rey RAMS into Theory, climbs up and he rains down fists! Fans count all the way to TEN, then Rey lets Theory go. Rey gives us Latino Heat, and then shoves Theory to another corner. Rey climbs up for more punches! Fans count, Theory slips out at five to CLUB Rey! Torture rack, spin and TOWER HACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rey survives and Theory grows frustrated but the fans rally back up. Fans chant “YOU TAPPED OUT!” at Theory but he fireman’s carries.

Rey fights, grabs ropes, gets to the apron and GAMANGIRIS! Then slingshots to RANA Theory onto ropes! Fans fire up, Rey dials it up, but Theory CLOBBERS Rey! Cover, TWO!! Theory snarls but Rey is still in this! Theory goes to the apron, says it’s still his time, and he slingshots, in, but into another RANA! Rey redials, but DOM is there! Rey DECKS Dom, goes after Theory, but Theory blocks! Pop-up and A-TOWN DOWN!! Cover, Theory wins!!

Winner: Austin Theory, by pinfall

Damian Priest tells Dom to go after Rey, so Dom rains down fists! Fans boo as Dom is nothing but a vulture! Dom then glares at Bad Bunny in the crowd. Bunny says what’s Dom looking at, but Dom starts creeping over. Fans chant for “BUNNY! BUNNY!” and Bunny says he did the right thing. Dom says his family is his business, not Bunny’s. Bunny says okay, just relax. He was just doing what he thought was right. Dom says okay, and then swings on Bunny! But Bunny COUNTER PUNCHES Dom!! Fans fire up and Priest sighs. Priest YANKS Bunny into ringside! Priest says all Bunny had to do was not get involved.

Bunny and Priest still being boys, Bunny shoves Priest. Then DECKS Dom again! Priest CLOBBERS Bunny!! Priest throws off his jacket to drag Bunny up. Priest clears off the announce desk! Priest drags Bunny up, choke grips, and CHOKE SLAMS Bunny through the desk!! Fans are losing their minds and commentary is in disbelief, but Dom is loving it! Dom then attacks Rey in the ring with stomps! Fans boo as Dom and Priest leave, will Bunny regret getting involved?


Adam Pearce admonishes Priest backstage.

Bad Bunny is one of the biggest names in music, and he is supporting the WWE, and this is how Priest treats him? Priest says what he did is the issue? YES! That same energy Pearce has now, is that the same energy he had seeing Bunny get involved at WrestleMania? Is that the same energy Pearce had seeing Bunny swing on Dom? But no, take it easy. If Bunny wasn’t Priest’s friend, Pearce would really have a reason to be angry. Priest heads out, but what is Pearce to do about all this?


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are here!

Fans fire up for the NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions! They even have shirts commemorating the moment. They each get a mic, and fans chant, “You Deserve It!” Kevin says, “Y’know what? We DO deserve it!” But all the fans deserve it, too! Fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” for Sami, and Sami says, “Look, um… It’s been a pretty crazy year for me, that’s no secret. From last year’s WrestleMania with Johnny Knoxville, all the way to the main event of this year’s main event in Los Angeles! And look, I haven’t had a chance to say this, and I know it’s corny, so I’m gonna say this once and then move on.

“But none of this would be possible for me if it wasn’t for you, so thank you.” Fans cheer again, and Sami says, “Enough mushy-gushy stuff, because I’m pretty sure I’ve been coming to LA for a minute, and I know LA likes to celebrate!” Fans cheer that, too! Kevin agrees, that sounds pretty good. But hopefully, they celebrate the same way. Nothing says celebrating like a good fight. There’s something about being in LA and fighting your heart out and giving your all that seems like the perfect celebration. And there are surely a lot of people who wanna make a name for themselves against the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions!

And the best place to do that is here and now on the Raw After Mania! So if anyone wants some, these two are right here! “Come celebrate with us!” And who answers? The STREET PROFITS! Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford are also coming off a big win in that Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Showcase, and here come the Solo cups! Ford says, “LA~! Look who it is! It’s Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, your NEW WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the WOOORLD~!” Dawkins likes that. Ford says it is a marvelous day in the land of Los Angeles. So Kevin, Sami, this toast is for you. Because like the crowd says, you two deserve it.

Don’t they? YES! Don’t they? YES! One more time, say “YEAH.” “YEAH!” LA sounding good as hell. “YES! YES! YES!” But Dawkins does bring up, the Profits got a win, too. And ya boi sent Braun flying. But in seriousness, how about Kevin & Sami VS Profits in Tinsel Town? A tag team that wants to make a name for themselves? The Profits have been stamping their names over and over and over, but still no one knows their names. So how about a match tonight on Raw After Mania?! It just makes sense, because Ford woke up to live, breathe and die by four words. Tell ’em, Dawks! The Profits are up, and WE! WANT! THE SMOKE!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the fans are fired up! The Profits are getting their fight with the champs, after the break!

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS The Street Profits!

Raw returns, the bell rings, and Dawkins starts with Sami. They tie up, Sami wrenches an arm, then shifts to a hammerlock and headlock. Sami hits a takeover, but Dawkins headscissors. Sami kips free, Dawkins headlocks for a takeover but now Sami headscissors. Dawkins kips free, Sami arm-drags! Sami has the armlock, but Dawkins moves around. Ford coaches Dawkins up, Dawkins fights to his feet and whips, but Sami reverses. Dawkins runs Sami over and Ford fires up! Things speed up. Sami hurdles and arm-drags! And arm-drags again! And then spins Dawkins around to another arm-drag!

Fans cheer that exchange, and Sami has the armlock again. Dawkins fights back up while Ford gets frustrated. Dawkins powers Sami back but Kevin tags in. Fans cheer as the champs whip Dawkins to ropes, drop toehold and SENTON! Then Kevin drops another SENTON! Kevin blows a kiss to Ford, covers, TWO! Kevin SENTONS again! Cover, ONE!! Kevin argues but then brings Dawkins up. Tag to Sami, they mug Dawkins, then Sami ROCKS Dawkins, Sami whips, Dawkins hurdles, Ford tags in, and Dawkins UPPERCUTS Sami! Ford slingshot SENTONS! Cover, ONE!! Ford wrenches Sami and grinds the arm.

Sami endures, fights up, but Ford puts him in an open corner. The ref counts the break, Ford lets off slowly, but then he kicks low! Ford pretends to be surprised, then he CLUBS and whips Sami. Sami reverses Ford hard, then back drops Ford away! Fans rally, Sami covers, TWO! Sami keeps on Ford with a wristlock, then tags Kevin. Kevin kicks Ford, CLUBS him, then scoops for a BACKBREAKER! Kevin pushes on Ford in a backbreaker rack! Ford endures, Kevin pushes him to a cover, TWO! Kevin clamps on with a chinlock but Ford fights up. Kevin CLUBS Ford, back suplexes, but Ford lands on his feet!

Kevin kicks low but Ford denies the Stunner! Ford bails out, Kevin pursues, but Ford GAMANGIRIS! Tag to Dawkins and Dawkins DECKS Kevin! Cover, ONE!! Dawkins clamps onto the arm, tags Ford, and the Profits whip and DROPKICK Kevin down! Cover, TWO! Ford clamps onto Kevin’s arm and grinds the shoulder as Raw goes picture in picture.

Kevin endures, fights up, and he throws forearms. Kevin throws more forearms but Ford grinds the arm even more. Kevin reaches for Sami, but Ford keeps him away. Kevin throws haymakers, but Ford whips him into the Profits corner. Ford UPPERCUTS, then tags Dawkins. Ford whips Dawkins in to SPLASH Kevin! Dawkins pushes Kevin down to a cover, TWO! Dawkins keeps Kevin down with a chinlock. Kevin endures, even as Dawkins pushes up for more pressure. Kevin fights his way up, throws body shots, and he HEADBUTTS Dawkins! Kevin runs, into a DROPKICK! Dawkins covers again, TWO!

Dawkins keeps cool, Sami coaches Kevin, and Dawkins returns to the chinlock. Kevin endures as Dawkins leans on him, and Sami has the fans rally up. Kevin fights up, reaches out, but Dawkins keeps him back. Kevin throws hands, then DDTs! Both men are down but Dawkins crawls, hot tag to Ford! Ford leaps to keep Kevin from Sami! Ford stomps away on Kevin’s legs. Kevin gets up to CHOP! Ford CHOPS back! Ford stomps a mudhole into Kevin in the corner. Ford digs his boots in, lets off as the ref counts, and then brings Kevin up. Ford snapmares then goes to the apron. Ford blows a kiss before the slingshot SENTON!

Ford taunts Sami, goes back for Kevin, but Kevin throws hands! Ford ROCKS Kevin as Raw returns to single picture! Both men stand again, fans rally and Ford whips Kevin to a corner. Ford runs in, but Kevin dodges the cyclone splash! Hot tag to Sami! Sami goes up to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Sami keeps focus, he throws hands, then he whips Ford to ropes. Ford reverses, kicks low, and reels Sami in. Sami wrenches out, knuckle locks and CHOPS, then he goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Fans fire up, Dawkins runs in but Sami throw shim out! Sami builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on the Profits at the ramp!

Fans fire up with Sami as he puts Ford back in. Sami then goes up top, takes aim, but Ford trips him up! Ford climbs up to join Sami but Sami throws hands. Sami CLUBS away on Ford, then adjusts to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives and Sami is surprised! Fans still rally for Sami and he brings Ford back up. Sami waistlocks but Ford fights the lift. Ford throws punches, then ENZIGURIS! Sami staggers, Ford tags Dawkins! Dawkins DECKS Kevin before he CYCLONE SPLASHES Sami! Then ENZIGURIS! Sami staggers around, Dawkins Electric Chair Lifts!

Ford tags in, climbs up top, “SUCK IT!” BLOCKBUSTER DOOMSDAY!! Cover, KEVIN BREAKS IT! Fans fire up and Sami flounders to a corner. “This is Awesome!” as Sami staggers up. Ford runs in, but into an EXPLODER into the corner! Hot tag to Kevin! Kevin BLASTS Deakins for earlier, then runs to SUCK IT!” CANNONBALL on Ford! Ford is in the drop zone, Kevin goes up top! SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, DAWKS BREAKS IT! Sami gets in but Dawkins sends him out. Kevin SUPERKICKS Dawkins, but Ford SUPERKICKS Kevin! Fans fire up as Ford says a prayer and builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit on Kevin & Sami, and Ford lands on his feet!!

Ford says ‘SUCK IT!” and he puts Kevin in. Ford climbs up, FROM THE- NO, Ford has to bail out! Kevin tags Sami! STUNNER and Ford staggers! Sami shoves him into the corner, to HELLUVA KICK!! Cover, Kevin & Sami win!

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, by pinfall

The Profits stepped up but could not score against the new champions! Fans sing along, but what will be next for Kevin & Sami in their newly minted reign?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

Cathy Kelly is with The visionary and says night one, Rollins beats Logan Paul. How is he feeling? Ooooh, he is feeling GOOD, baby! He is on Cloud Nine! It is WrestleMania Weekend, Raw After Mania, and on Saturday, Rollins hit the Stomp Heard ‘Round the World, and he sent Logan Paul, and KSI, back to the wasteland of Social Media. HAHAHAHAHA! But uh… Something’s not right. Something about tonight is missing. He can’t quite put his finger on. WAIT! He’s got it! The party isn’t back here. It’s out there! “Hey, Mr. DJ! Play! My! Soooong~!” BURN IT DOWN! HAHAHA!

Rollins heads out to gorilla and the fans are ready! “OH~ OHH~ OHHHH~!” The fans are fired up as Rollins runs around in his fluffy black ‘n’ white robe with faces on it. What will the Visionary do to celebrate his WrestleMania Moment? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and the fans are still singing Rollins’ song. Rollins soaks it all up, and then goes back out of the ring to swagger around. Rollins goes back up the ramp, is that all he wanted?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley.

Cathy asks the 2023 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal how he is feeling after that win. Lashley says it was huge. But he has some pent up frustration. He stood out in front of that WrestleMania crowd but didn’t get to compete. That burns him up. But then Bronson Reed walks in, very jovial. Can he call him, “Uncle Bobby?” No, he cannot. Oh, okay, hear him out. Lashley is like Bronson’s uncle, though. He teaches Bronson things. In fact, maybe Bronson could be Lashley’s pupil. After all, Lashley taught Bronson how to lose. Lashley won the battle royal, but eventually, the pupil will school the teacher.

Oh, so Bronson wants some? He wants to fight? Is that what Bronson thinks he can do? Bronson tells “tiger” to ease up. He can’t go tonight. School’s out. But eventually, Lashley will learn his lesson. Bronson leaves, and Ali walks in. That’s a whole lotta “no” coming Lashley’s way. A match with Bronson Reed: a no. A match at WrestleMania: a no. But whoa, hold on. Ali is just trying to help. If Lashley wants to change all this negative energy, then he needs to change the way he thinks. Lashley needs to think more #PositiveAli. Make sure you never, ever take no for an answer. Understand?

Right, don’t take “no” for an answer. Right! Then he should just take someone down to the ring and maul them, right? Yes! And since Ali’s here, it should be him, right? N-no! Well, he’s not taking “no” for an answer! So Lashley TOSSES Ali, beats him down, and Ali says he was just trying to help! Lashley TOSSES Ali through the curtain! Fans fire up as Ali scurries away from The All Mighty, but that just sends him closer to ringside! Lashley TOSSES Ali down the ramp! And then into the ring! The ref is still there, so here goes!

Bobby Lashley VS Mustafa Ali!

Ali freaks out, he goes up and over to dodge Lashley, and then says he was just trying to help! Lashley runs in, Ali slips out to the apron, and he ROUNDHOUSES Lashley away! Lashley just gets mad! Lashley runs in, Ali slingshots around. Ali ducks ‘n’ dodges but then Lashley follows to CLOBBER Ali! Fans fire up and Lashley drags Ali up. HURT LOCK!! Ali taps, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

Lashley lets go when he is positive Ali is done! Lashley is in a mood, will he be satisfied by tearing into the Raw roster all over again?


Roman sits with Heyman and Solo.

The Tribal Chief asks the Wise Man if his cousins, The Usos, have left. Yes, they went to the jet. Wise Man. Yes, My Tribal Chief? Did you know Brock would be here? Heyman says this is the day after Mania, Lesnar usually takes six to nine months off and just leaves everyone hanging. That is a life Roman rescued Heyman from, which is why Heyman loves Roman. Then how did this happen? Heyman looks to Solo but says, if Roman remembers, SummerSlam was the last match between Roman and Lesnar ever, so Lesnar can never get another title match against Roman. So who could’ve thought Lesnar would accept this challenge? Lesnar has nothing to lose!

Lesnar has nothing to lose. Great. Good. It doesn’t matter. That was one of Roman’s greatest accolades ever, smashing Lesnar. He’ll do it again. And when he’s done with Lesnar again, he’ll smash Cody like he did last night at WrestleMania. Hell, when Roman is done with Cody, he will tag Solo in, and then they can see who is ready now. Does Solo understand? Show Cody you are ready. Solo nods and looks at his wrapped thumb. Will nothing stop the Bloodline from clearing out the field?


Bianca Belair is here!

Fans cheer as the RawEST Women’s Champion heads to the ring. Bianca gets the mic and fans chant for the “E S T! E S T!” Bianca says, “That’s right. The EST of the WWE is still your Raw Women’s Champion! But y’know what? Like I always say, I cannot be the EST without stepping into the ring with the best. And Asuka… C’mon, I said, Asuka!” Fans cheer, and Bianca says Asuka is definitely one of the best, one of the Most dangerous, so Bianca has to give credit to Asuka and thank her for pushing her to be the best she can be. Because now, Bianca can proudly say we did it! THREEPEAT!

But wait! Here comes RHEA RIPLEY! The Eradicator is the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she smiles as she walks to the ring. “E S T. You walk around here, calling yourself the EST, but you really are just the luckiEST woman in the WWE. Because after my humongous Royal Rumble victory, I decided to challenge Charlotte Flair instead of you.” Fans cheer as Rhea steps in the ring, and tells Bianca that they will get back to this. And Rhea will beat Bianca like she did Charlotte at WrestleMania. Fans like the sound of that but Bianca wonders. “Hold up, hold up. So I’m the luckiEST because you decided not to choose me?

“Girl, uh-uh. Rhea, look, you made your decision for a reason. And you’re SmackDown Women’s Champion, so stand on that and that alone. Because like I said earlier, I’m all about getting in the ring with the best, and that includes you. So, one day, when you’re ready, we’ll really see which one of us is the best of the best.” Fans also like the sound of that! Rhea nods, drops her mic, and steps away, only for Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to appear! They may not have won the Women’s Tag Team Showcase, but they’re ready to show you can’t keep them down. Raquel also looks at Rhea and that title.

Who wins their way to challenging Big Time Becky and Lita? We find out after the break!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s Match: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez VS Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai!

Raw returns as Damage CTRL makes their entrance. The teams sort out and Raquel starts against old frenemy, Dakota. They tie up, Raquel throws Dakota down, then scoops her up! Dakota slips free, SMACKS Raaquel, but then Rauqel blocks the Scorpion Kick, into a STRETCH MUFFLER! Raquel SWINGS Dakota around, throws her down, then brings her up, Dakota JAWBREAKERS, SCORPION KCIKS, but Liv tags in! Liv runs in, Dakota dodges and follows but Liv ROCKS her! Liv pie faces, runs, but Dakota BOOTS her! Dakota laughs, runs, but Liv reels her in, BACKSTABBER! Hot tag to Sky!

Sky runs in but Liv DROPKICKS! Liv rolls back, runs in, and back body blocks! But Sky DROPKICKS her back! Liv sits up in a daze, Sky runs in, but Liv dumps her out! Kai runs in but Liv dumps her out, too! Tag to Raquel, and fans fire up as Raquel gives Liv the boost! POWERBOMB SENTON out onto DMG CTRL! Fans fire up and Raw goes to break.

Liv grins as she sits back up, and Raquel fetches Sky. Raquel puts Sky in the ring, covers, TWO! Raquel drags Sky up, whips her to the corner, tags Liv and RAMS into Sky! Liv blows kisses then Raquel whips her in to back body block! Liv then whips Raquel in for the SPLASH! Raquel pushes Sky down for Liv to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Liv keeps on Sky, but Sky bumps her off buckles! Sky runs in to ROCK Liv! Then runs in again, but into BOOTS! Liv goes up, Kai rushes over, but Liv BOOTS her away! Sky YANKS Liv down off the top! Sky wrenches Liv, whips her to the corner hard, and Liv bounces off buckles. Sky tags Kai, she covers, TWO!

Kai grins and brings Liv up, stomps away in the corner, then runs side to side, BOOT WASH! Cover, TWO! Kai is a little annoyed but she brings Liv up by her hair. The ref reprimands but Kai hip drops Liv! Tag to Sky, she drags Liv up and scoops to SLAM! Liv writhes, Sky mocks her pain and kicks her around. Sky drags Liv up, whips, but Liv reverse to send Sky out! Liv crawls but Kai runs in, only for Liv to dump her out! But Sky DROPKICKS Raquel before the tag! Liv swings, misses, Sky shoulders in! Sky springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK! Liv flounders, Sky covers, TWO! Sky argues the count but two is two.

Sky CLUBS Liv, drags her around, and wraps on a straitjacket stretch before the hip drop! Raw returns to single picture, Sky whips Liv to the corner, but Liv uses that to BLAST Kai! Sky runs in to UPPERCUT Liv! Sky grins and fans rally up. Sky sits Liv up, but Liv throws body shots! Liv fires off hand after hand but Sky kicks! Liv dodges the shotei to CODE BREAKER! Both women are down and fans fire up again! Liv and Sky crawl, hot tags to Kai and Raquel! Raquel rallies on Kai with big lariats! Kai dodges one but not the SOUTHPAW! Raquel scoops to FALL AWAY SLAM! Kai is in a drop zone, Raquel runs in to TWISTING VADER!

Kai scrambles to tag Sky! Sky tags Kai back in, and DMG CTRL mugs Raquel. But Raquel fights free! She LAWN DARTS Kai into Sky! And then TEXANA- NO, Sky saves Kai! Raquel POUNCES Kai into Sky! Sky falls, Dakota kicks, but into the lift! Liv tags in, TEXANA BOMB! And then ObLIVion!! Cover, Liv & Raquel win!

Winners: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Morgan & Rodriguez are #LivingLarge! They get their opportunity at the champs next week! Will they be in the Big Time after next Monday Night Raw?


The Miz heads to gorilla.

The Hollywood A-Lister passes by Chad Gable arguing with Maxxine Dupri over how “Otīse’s” hair should be styled. But what will the Most Must-See Superstar have to say about his WrestleMania Weekend? We find out, after the break.


The Miz is in the ring!

Raw returns as Miz asks if everyone enjoyed WrestleMania. Fans cheer and Miz bet they did. It was full of surprises. Little did he know that the surprises were for him. As the host, he thought he would get to sing, dance, roast some people, not have three matches! More matches than anyone on that card! He took on four people! “The Dogg Father of WrestleMania was like, ‘Surprise~! He’s Pat McAfee! Surprise~! Here’s George Kittle,’ who basically made it a 2 on one Handicap match! Surprise~! Here’s jumping Shane McMahon! Yet surprise, I beat him so badly, he couldn’t finish the match!

“But then surprise~! Snoop Dogg sucker punches me! Basically uses his rings as brass knuckles, then proceeds to do the worst People’s Elbow in the history of People’s Elbows! But WrestleMania is over, and tonight starts a new season. And I am DONE with surprises! There will be no more-” “Bro…” Fans fire up for the return of MATT RIDDLE! The Bro is on his scooter and he heads down to the ring! The flip flops fly, the pyro goes off, and there are rainbow giraffes! Miz is in a sour mood as Riddle gets the mic and fans chant “BRO! BRO! BRO!” Riddle tells Miz, “Surprise~! Did you miss me?”

Miz attacks Riddle! Miz stomps Riddle in the corner with his fancy shoes, then lets off to throw off his jacket and tie. But Riddle ROCKS Miz with palm strike after palm strike! ROUNDHOUSE! Ripcord, FINAL FLASH! And then a scoop to a gut wrench, to a BRO DEREK!! Fans cheer, and Riddle wins without it being a match! Will Miz learn to expect the unexpected? Will The Bro rise back up in this new season of WWE action?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch, Lita & Trish Stratus.

Byron Saxton is with Team Big Time, and asks them how it felt to win on the Grandest Stage of Theme All? Trish says to have been in a multi-generational tag match like they had with DMG CTRL, it was incredible. And to beat DMG CTRL, also incredible. Lita says she is still riding that high. And we’re just getting started. Becky says her life has been on repeat dealing with those DMG CTRL fools. But now that that chapter is done, they can go back to their goal of raising the prestige of these titles. And the best way to do that is to beat Raquel & Liv next week! Raw is gonna be Big Time, but will The Man & The Legend elevate things in Seattle?


High Stakes Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa w/ Paul Heyman!

The Bloodline made a bet without knowing all the variables, and it may have just bitten them on the butt! Will the Beast help the American Nightmare win that Undisputed Universal Championship rematch? Or will the Tribal Chief and Enforcer of the Island end Cody’s story once and for all?

Raw goes picture in picture as Roman and Solo finish their walk into the ring and the pyro goes off again. Roman walks around with the belts raised high. Then Raw returns to single picture as Cody makes his entrance. Then Lesnar makes his! The introductions are made, the teams sort out, and LESNAR F5S CODY!?!? WHAT?!? Even Roman and Solo are shocked! Roman and Solo get out of the ring while fans lose their minds! Lesnar then drags Cody up to F5 him again!! WHY, LESNAR, WHY!?! Lesnar can’t get another shot at Roman, does he just not want Cody to get another shot? Fans boo as Lesnar stalks Cody to the ropes.

Lesnar stomps Cody, then stands on his neck! Lesnar steps on Cody, drags him up, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans boo as Lesnar looms over Cody. Lesnar drags Cody up by the rib tape to TOSS Cody out of the ring! Lesnar goes out after Cody, hauls him up, and RAMS him into the barriers! Fans boo as hard as they can while Lesnar stands over Cody. Lesnar drags Cody up to suplex him into the timekeeper’s area! Then Lesnar rings the bell himself, to then SMACK Cody with a chair! Lesnar tosses that chair to the ring, and he looms over the writhing Cody Rhodes. Cody crawls but Lesnar pushes past him to go to the steel steps!

Lesnar has the steps, and he RAMS Cody! Lesnar tosses the steps into the ring, then he stalks Cody. Cody barely stirs, but Lesnar still drags Cody up! Adam Pearce is here to tell Lesnar to stop, but Lesnar doesn’t listen to anyone! He F5s Cody onto the announce desk!! The Beast chases Pearce off, and then goes back to Cody in the wreckage. Cody tries to move but Lesnar brings him up first. Lesnar puts Cody in the ring, fans boo, but Lesnar positions the steel steps at center. Lesnar keeps the officials from dragging Cody out to safety, and Lesnar brings Cody up again. F5 ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!

Fans boo but Lesnar just soaks it all up as he stands over the battered Cody Rhodes. Fans boo as Lesnar takes his leave. But then as he goes up the ramp, he decides to keep going! Lesnar chases off the officials and producers to grab a chair! Cody manages to sit up, only for Lesnar to SMACK Cody! And again! Lesnar even headbutts the chair himself! Lesnar CHOKES Cody with the chair, and shouts, “LOOK AT ME!!” Lesnar shouts at Cody, then lets off. Lesnar finally takes his leave, the damage done. Only God and Lesnar know why Lesnar just did all this, but did Lesnar just end the American Nightmare?

OH NO, LESNAR RETURNS AGAIN!! But then he just flips everyone off. The Beast is more unhinged than ever before, what can anyone do to stop him?

My Thoughts:

For a Raw After WrestleMania, or even any random Raw during the year, this was rather baffling. A commercial free first hour, but for what? To get all the recaps out of the way? That opening promo between Cody and the Bloodline was great stuff, probably the best stuff all night, even though I would’ve loved if Cody just came out and said what he really meant: Roman’s a coward for not winning on his own and always having his family save him. And Lesnar showing up to side with Cody in that moment was great, it was a really exciting idea.

But as we just saw at the end there, it was all just to swerve Cody. This really has to be a case of, “If I can’t face Roman, no one can.” Lesnar is going to force Cody to beat him in a match before Cody gets his rematch with Roman. For those who said Cody hasn’t faced enough adversity, are you happy now? The silver lining is that they’re building the passive aggressive dysfunction Sami has been talking about. The Usos were given the night off, as simply an excuse for Roman not to be around them after they lost and disappointed him. This has to break down around Backlash to justify keeping the title(s) on Roman.

And for a Raw After Mania, there should’ve been big surprises, like call-ups, returns or brand new stars. I like Matt Riddle, but he was not anyone on the list of people I expected when Miz was clearly setting himself up to be beat up. I suppose Riddle is a safer choice, though, than the possibilities I had in my head. Bron Breakker would’ve been good, except he might still have some heat from the NXT fans who still see him as “LOL Bron Wins.” Jay White would’ve been awesome, except that would rely on there being enough NJPW fans to recognize him. Instead, Riddle and Miz is a good warm-up feud for Riddle to get back in the swing of things before doing something else.

Rey had a good promo, and honestly so did Austin Theory. They had a really good match, but of course Dom got involved. It was good continuity that Priest didn’t have anything against Bad Bunny but Dom did, and so Priest was stuck between two friends and chose Dom because he’s Judgment Day. Bunny did great in selling the lariat, being a ragdoll as Priest picked him up. But Bunny may have overdone it because the Choke Slam through the desk seemed particularly rough. Hopefully Bunny is only kayfabe injured, and we’re probably getting Rey & Bunny VS Priest & Dom in Puerto Rico for a great hometown hero win for Bunny.

Lashley had a good promo, and I’m glad they’re setting up a feud with Bronson Reed like I was hoping on Friday. But Bronson is taking his time, Lashley takes his anger out on Ali to kinda feed Ali’s story of sticking his foot in his mouth all the time. Bronson VS Lashley def feels like a Backlash match, though, with the winner going onto a title match of some sort. And Rollins also should’ve tried to tease going for a title, but instead they simply had him revel in the singing. Which is fine for the live fans, they get to sing along with the most popular chant in WWE right now, but I wish there was more to that segment overall.

Omos VS Elias was a squash, because duh, but we didn’t even get any Boogs. If Boogs was with Elias or watching backstage, that would’ve been nice because it continues that story. Good promo from Bianca to show respect to Asuka, and good addition from Rhea to certainly tease things between her and Bianca. Is the WWE not separating these undisputed titles and instead doubling down by making an Undisputed Women’s Championship? And it seems Ronda’s elbow still isn’t 100%, or else she and Shayna would’ve been #1 contenders. Though, Raquel & Liv are getting their shot next week, not at Backlash, so maybe they just want to give Becky & Lita a successful defense before losing.

And we got a really fun promo from Kevin, Sami and the Profits, and a really great tag match out of them. Even if it was for the titles, I figured Kevin & Sami were winning this. Maybe the Usos will try and get a rematch of their own, as an attempt to appease Roman, but maybe them losing again will aggravate Roman more and things truly break down, right around the time Roman’s going to hit 1000 days. That would be May 27th, which is the King & Queen of the Ring event. Maybe the family drama will get so bad that by the time Roman has to defend against THE King of the Ring, Roman’s usual back-up just decides not to back him up. If they do this right, maybe Roman falls short of the Pedro Morales reign of 1028 days to add even more to the impact of the loss.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/24/24)

The violent tradition returns!



The word of the day is, “VIOLENCE!”

Blood & Guts returns again, and Team AEW looks to take down The Elite once and for all! Will Swerve, Darby, Mark Briscoe & The Acclaimed stand tall? Or will they be able to stand at all?


  • FTW Championship: Chris Jericho VS Minoru Suzuki; wins and
  • Britt Baker VS Hikaru Shidra; wins.
  • Blood & Guts: The Elite VS Team AEW; win(s).


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 34 Results & Report! (7/23/24)

Round 3…?



Things are getting complicated!

While A Block enters round 3 of the G1 Climax, B Block still has Jeff Cobb and Konosuke Takeshita battling it out for round 2! Will the United Empire’s Imperial Unit or The Don Callis Family’s Alpha take the lead?


  • Six Man Tag: Hirooki Goto, Shoma Kato & Tomoaki Honma VS  Boltin Oleg, Toru Yano & Katsuya Morishima;  Oleg, Yano & Morishima win.
  • El Phantasmo & Jado VS Yota Tsuij & BUSHI; Yota & Bushi win.
  • HENARE & Francesco Akira VS David Finlay & Gedo; Henare & Akira win.
  • G1 Climax 34 B Block: Jeff Cobb VS Konosuke Takeshita; Konosuke wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Callum Newman; ZSJ wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shingo Takagi VS Great-O-Khan; Takagi wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shota Umino VS Gabe Kidd; Gabe wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: SANADA VS EVIL; Evil wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Jake Lee; Naito wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Zack Sabre Jr: 2-0, 4 points
Evil: 2-0, 4 points
Shingo Takagi: 1-1, 2 points
Jake Lee: 1-1, 2 points
Gabe Kidd: 1-1, 2 points
Sanada: 1-1, 2 points
Callum Newman: 1-1, 2 points
Shota Umino: 1-1, 2 points
Tetsuya Naito: 0-2, 0 points
Great-O-Khan: 0-2, 0 points


Here are the current B Block standings!

Yuya Uemura: 2-0, 4 points
Henare: 2-0, 4 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-0, 2 points
Konosuke Takeshita: 1-0, 2 points
Boltin Oleg: 1-1, 2 points
Yota Tsuji: 1-1, 2 points
Ren Narita: 1-1, 2 points
David Finlay: 0-2, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-2, 0 points
El Phantasmo: 0-2, 0 points

G1 Climax 34 B Block: Jeff Cobb VS Konosuke Takeshita!

While the opening weekend was a big success, this match had to wait. The Imperial Unit took Hirooki Goto on a Tour of the Islands, and The Alpha showed the power of AEW, but who gets back into the swing of things with another victory?

The bell rings and the two rush in! They RAM shoulders, the fans cheer, and Cobb dares Konosuke to go. Konosuke runs and RABS Cobb, but Cobb doesn’t budge. Konosuke says go, Cobb runs, and he RAMS Konosuke! They RAM again and again and again! Konosuke staggers back, fans cheer, and Cobb runs, into a BOOT! Konosuke whips, Cobb reverses but the TAKESHITA LINE hits! The fans fire up and Konosuke waits. Cobb stands, Konosuke runs in, but Cobb BOOTS! Cobb runs up to POUNCE Konosuke! Konosuke sits up in a daze, and probably just as surprised as everyone watching. Cobb then storms over and drags Konosuke up.

Cobb ROCKS Konosuke, throat chops him, but the ref reprimands. Konosuke sputters and staggers but Cobb CLUBS him down. The fans cheer, Cobb drags Konosuke around and stomps him. Cobb stands on Konosuke to use him as a surfboard! The fans cheer, Cobb calls to Toru Yano on commentary, and then copies the “Y T R” and shrug! Cobb then “realizes” he’s standing on Konosuke and steps away while “apologizing.” The fans rally, Konosuke goes to the apron, but Cobb drags Konosuke up by his hair. Cobb then CLUBS Konosuke against ropes, before stepping out onto the apron. Cobb reels Konosuke in, but Konosuke holds ropes to fight the lift!

Konosuke tries to suplex, Cobb suplexes in return! Konosuke slips into the ring and he DECKS Cobb with an elbow! The fans fire up and Konosuke builds speed, to then FLY! Direct hit and down goes Cobb at the ramp! The fans fire up more as Konosuke stands. Konosuke drags Cobb up and puts him in the ring before going up a corner. Konosuke shouts, “C’MON!” and the fans cheer. But then Cobb DROPKICKS Konosuke! Cobb climbs up and he gut wrenches for a SUPER GUT WRENCH PLEX! Both men are down after that landing and the fans fire up again. Cobb crawls over, covers, TWO! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Konosuke is still in this but Cobb keeps calm. Cobb goes to the apron, then climbs a corner. The fans rally, but Konosuke UPPERCUTS first! Konosuke climbs up after Cobb, the fans rally more, and Konosuke goes to the very top! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! The fans are thunderous as the ring practically shakes! Konosuke smirks as he sits up and the fans rally again. Cobb rises, goes to a corner, and Konosuke roars! But then Cobb runs in to UPPERCUT! Cobb keeps moving, but Konosuke follows, only for Cobb to dodge! And GERMAN SUPLEX! Konosuke lands on his feet!? And BOOTS, to then POISON-RANA!

Konosuke keeps moving, but Cobb LARIATS him down! The fans are thunderous again while both men are down! Konosuke stirs, Cobb rises, and Cobb hobbles over to Konosuke. Cobb waistlocks to deadlift Konosuke! Konosuke fights the lift with elbows! Konosuke standing switches, tries to lift, but Cobb fights with elbows. Cobb DOUBLE CHOPS! Konosuke sputters, Cobb whips, but Konosuke holds ropes. Konosuke BOOTS back, dodges Cobb and HIGH ANGLE GERMANS! Bridging cover, TWO! Cobb escapes and the fans fire up! Konosuke grits his teeth, rises up and goes to a corner to take aim.

Konosuke runs up to POWER DRIVE- NO! Cobb stops the knee to ATHLETIC PLEX Konosuke away! Konosuke stands up, but into an URENAGE! FALLING HAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Konosuke survives Cobb going Hulk smash, but now Cobb really powers up! Cobb drags Konosuke up, gut wrenches, but Konosuke slips free! Konosuke tries but Cobb fights the Blue Thunder. Cobb goes to run but Konosuke reels him in! BLUE THUNDER- RANA!! Cobb rises up, Konosuke dodges the lariat and scoops on the run, BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Cobb barely gets an arm up and the fans are thunderous!

Konosuke roars, drags Cobb up and suplexes, but Cobb fights that! Cobb wrenches out, reels Konosuke in, TOUR OF- NO, Konosuke slips free! Cobb JUMP KNEES, but Konosuke JUMP KNEES back! Cobb HEADBUTTS Konosuke down!! Cobb drags Konosuke back up while the fans rally. Konosuke winds up to ALPHA ELBOW!! Cobb falls to his knees, but Konosuke roars and brings him up! Suplex for the RAGING FIRE!! Cover, KONOSUKE WINS!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Cobb earns 0)

From taking down a Reiwa Musketeer to taking down the NJPW World Television Champion, Konosuke is proving why he is All Elite! But will he become the Alpha of NJPW? Can Cobb make a comeback when B Block enters round three?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Zack Sabre Jr. w/ Kosei Fujita VS Callum Newman!

Round three truly begins now, as the Submission Master takes on The Prince of Pace. ZSJ had a strong opening weekend, taking down the KOPW Champion, Great-O-Khan, and the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Tetsuya Naito. Is he about to become the Front Man of New Japan? Or can Callum make the mighty kneel?

The bell rings and the fans rally. The two circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock. Callum wrenches and wrangles ZSJ but ZSJ stands up fast. ZSJ spins, bridges, spins some more and he trips Callum to a toehold. Callum tries to fight back but ZSJ just slips around to a standing toehold. Callum steps over, rolls free, and the fans cheer this opening exchange. Even ZSJ nods and says that was good. The two reset, circle, and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. ZSJ wrenches to a double wristlock takedown and headscissor! Callum slips an arm in between the legs and clasps hands to fight the squeeze, then he moves around.

Callum headstands, then pops free while trapping ZSJ’s legs. Callum puts on the pressure but ZSJ drags him down for a wristlock. Callum shifts to make it a cover, ONE, and Callum waistlocks. ZSJ fights up, wrenches out, and wristlocks again. Callum rolls, kips up, and wrenches back. ZSJ flips and kicks free, and the fans cheer again. The two reset again, and Callum taunts ZSJ as “ojii-san <grandpa>.” ZSJ and Callum circle, and ZSJ RAMS Callum low! ZSJ headlocks, Callum powers up and out, then drops to trip ZSJ! Callum keeps moving to basement dropkick! The fans cheer, ZSJ bails out, and Callum goes up and up to ASAI MOONSAULT!

The fans fire up as Callum takes ZSJ down at the ramp! Callum brings ZSJ up to ROCK him with a forearm, then puts him in the ring. Cover, ONE, but Callum clamps on with a chinlock. The fans rally, Callum traps an arm, and then Callum KNEES ZSJ in the back! Callum brings ZSJ up to suplex, but ZSJ fights free to wrench and PELE the arm! ZSJ WRINGS that arm out, and the fans cheer again. ZSJ sits Callum up to KICK him in the back! ZSJ then traps one arm and grabs the other. ZSJ bends the fingers, twists the wrist, isolates the arm and STOMPS it! The fans cheer while ZSJ paces around.

Callum clutches the arm but ZSJ eggs him on. The ref checks and Callum is okay to continue, so he stands up. Callum fires forearms but the pain holds him back. ZSJ UPPERCUTS Callum and he falls against ropes. The fans rally up and ZSJ brings Callum around to BOOT! Callum staggers, ZSJ runs and BOOTS him again! ZSJ keeps moving and BOOTS again! Callum roars and BOOTS! ZSJ runs and BOOTS! Callum BOOTS! ZSJ BOOTS! ZSJ whips, Callum ducks ‘n’ dodges and builds up speed to SHOTGUN KICK! The fans fire up but the bad arm bothers Callum again. ZSJ sits up and checks his teeth while the fans rally.

Callum shakes out his arm, runs up on ZSJ and UPPERCUTS! Callum snapmares, runs and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! ZSJ stands right up and Callum eggs him on. ZSJ UPPERCUTS Callum, and now Callum eggs ZSJ in Japanese. ZSJ UPPERCUTS Callum down, and Callum kips up to ROUNDHOUSE! And ROLLING ELBOW! And BUZZSAW! ZSJ is dazed, Callum sits on the cover, TWO! ZSJ survives and the fans rally up. Fujita coaches ZSJ but Callum stands ZSJ up for forearm after forearm. ZSJ shakes his head, but Callum SOBATS! Callum goes up the corner, then up to DIVING- NO, ZSJ avoids the stomp!

Callum rolls through but ZSJ is right after him! TORNADO DDT! And a roll through for a GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Callum endures, powers up, and he suplexes ZSJ high and hard! The fans fire up again while both men are down! Fujita and the fans rally while both men stir. Callum rises and aims from a corner. DREAMCAST- NO, ZSJ blocks the kick for a KNEEBAR! Callum endures, but ZSJ ties up the legs in an INVERTED FIGURE FOUR! ZSJ pulls on the leg but Callum fights forward! The fans rally, Callum rolls and makes it to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer while ZSJ lets go in frustration.

ZSJ stands and KICKS Callum in the leg. Callum stands but ZSJ KICKS him again. Callum avoids the leg sweep but not the takedown! ZSJ rolls to ANKLE LOCK, but Callum rolls free! Callum trips ZSJ, body scissors, but ZSJ pops him into body scissors! Callum returns the favor, JAPANESE LEG CLUTCH! TWO!! ZSJ escapes and the fans fire up! ZSJ storms up but Callum UP KICKS him! ZSJ PENALTY KICKS Callum! ZSJ keeps moving, but Callum runs up to SHOTGUN! And HEEL KICK! ZSJ wobbles, Callum springboards, OSC- NO, ZSJ catches Callum to a SLEEPER! Then ZSJ scoops, but Callum slips free to have an IRON OCTOPUS!

The fans fire up as ZSJ now endures a stretch hold! ZSJ pulls on Callum’s leg! Callum shifts around for a SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives and the fans fire up again! Callum drags ZSJ up, reels him in, and brings him up for a POWER- NO! ZSJ makes it a TRIANGLE HOLD! But Callum deadlifts for a SITOUT BOMB! Cover, TWO, and it’s back to the TRIANGLE HOLD! Callum rolls, kicks at ZSJ’s face, but ZSJ grabs that leg for a HEEL HOOK!! Callum is caught in a combo hold, and TAPS! ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission (gains 2 points; Callum earns 0)

The Front Man is leading the way for A Block as he’s now 3-0! Will ZSJ be unstoppable on his way to the Climax? Can Callum find a way to spring back in the next round?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shingo Takagi VS Great-O-Khan!

A rivalry reignites tonight as The Rampaging Dragon once again battles The Dominator. Takagi started strong by pinning Tetsuya Naito, but got shot down by Shota Umino. Will he be able to rebound against the KOPW Champion? Or will Khan conquer this ungovernable for the United Empire?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, go around, and clinch. Khan waistlocks, Takagi slips free, and the two separate. The fans applaud and the two go again. They clinch, Khan facelocks, but Takagi endures the squeeze. Khan underhooks to BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! The fans cheer and Khan poses. Khan then cocky covers, ONE! Khan stomps Takagi over and over, but Takagi grits his teeth. Khan KICKS Takagi, stomps him more, then drops an AX HANDLE! Khan pushes Takagi over, cocky cover, TWO, but into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Takagi reaches back and has the ROPEBREAK!

The fans applaud, the ref counts, and Khan lets go quickly. Khan paces around, and he kicks at Takagi. Takagi scowls, then CHOPS! Khan shakes his head and smirks. Takagi CHOPS again! Then JABS! JABS! And JABS! Takagi CHOPS but Khan blocks! Khan wrangles Takagi into a FUJIWARA ARMBAR, then shifts for a DOUBLE ARMBAR! Takagi flails and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Khan lets off slowly, and then Khan clamps onto an arm for a double wristlock! Takagi endures, even as Khan pulls on the arm. Khan stands on Takagi, pushes him down, then drags him up to KNEE low! And KNEE low again!

Khan whips but Takagi blocks the sayanagi! Khan kicks and tries again, but Takagi CLUBS Khan down, and BLINDSIDE SLIDING LARIATS! The fans cheer while Khan tumbles to a corner. Takagi shakes out his arms, stands back up, and the fans rally. Takagi runs in at the corner but blocks a boot. Takagi LARIATS through, then fires the fans up more! Takagi JABS, CHOPS and repeat! The ref counts but Takagi JABS, JABS and JABS! Takagi then whips Khan corner to corner, runs in to LARIAT, and then reels Khan in. Khan fights the suplex, throws body shots, then IRON CLAWS at Takagi’s chest!

Takagi tries to pry the claw away but Khan CLUBS him first. And then Mongolian Chops! And Mongolian Chops! And Mongolian- NO, Takagi blocks and UPPERCUTS, then DOUBLE CHOPS! Then Takagi gives a bit of Muta before the SENTON! Takagi drags Khan up to suplex high and hard! Khan flounders, Takagi covers, TWO! The fans fire up and Takagi looks around. Takagi roars, and he says, “TOKI GA KITA!” The fans fire up as the time has come! Takagi rises, brings Khan up and runs, to SLIDING- HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Khan drags Takagi up, Takagi fights to a clinch, but Khan hits a leg trip takedown!

The fans fire up while both men are down again. Khan rises up, drags Takagi up, but Takagi shoves him. Takagi ELBOWS, JABS, and YUKON- NO, Khan blocks the lariat to fireman’s carry and takeover! Then Khan hauls Takagi up to MONKEY FLIP, then SAYANAGI! Cover, TWO! But into the HEAD ‘N’ ARM! Khan leans on the hold, thrashes Takagi around, but Takagi still endures. Takagi fights around as the fans rally, and he has the ROPEBREAK again! The fans cheer, Khan lets go in frustration, but Khan drags Takagi up into the IRON CLAW SLEEPER! Takagi flails but he’s already fading! Takagi powers up to RAM Khan into a corner!

Khan lets go, but then he clamps right back on! IRON CLAW SLEEPER! Khan is even BITING Takagi’s ear! FGO PLEX! But Takagi’s right up to PUMPING BOMBER!! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Khan sputters and Takagi sits up. Takagi crawls over to Khan, pushes him into the corner, then runs in to LARIAT! Takagi reels Khan in to hoist him up top, and then Takagi climbs up after Khan! SUPERPLEX! The fans fire up while both men are down again! Takagi rises and the fans rally behind him again. They join in on the “OI! OI! OI!” and Takagi stands. Takagi sits Khan up for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! “OI! OI! OI!”

Takagi runs, SLIDING- NO, Khan dodges! But Takagi blocks the boot to fire boxing elbows! Takagi ROCKS Khan, but Khan roars! Takagi JABS, HEADBUTTS, and- IRON RIGHT from Khan!! The ref reprimands but Khan IRON SLEEPERS, and then Bow ‘n’ Arrow racks Takagi! Khan spins for the SPINNING BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and the fans fire up again! Khan drops back to a corner, watches Takagi rise, and then runs back in, for a BOOT! And then an ELIMI- DDT!! Takagi takes Khan down and the fans are thunderous! Khan stirs and Takagi rises, and Takagi grabs at Khan.

Takagi drags Khan up, roars, and LARIATS! Khan wobbles, Takagi runs to LARIAT! Khan stays up and Takagi runs, but Khan SWATS the lariat, to then LARIAT back! The fans are thunderous again as Khan clamps on the IRON CLAW! ELIMI- NO, Takagi slips around to SNAP DRAGON! Khan is up, but PUMPING BOMBER hits!! Cover, ONE?!? Khan lets loose the Monster Rage, but Takagi dodges him! PUMPING BOMBER into cover!! TAKAGI WINS!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Khan earns 0)

The United Empire has suffered loss three matches in a row! Will Khan ever get off the starting block? Will the Rampaging Dragon soar to the top of the block and take the G1 by storm?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Shota Umino VS Gabe Kidd!

These two have had run-ins before, but this could be their most intense encounter yet. Both are 1-1, will it be the Roughneck that rises up? Or will #SHOOTER not be #WarReady like this War Dog?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two stare down. The fans duel between “SHOTA!” and “GABU!” but neither man budges. They slowly start up, and then they quickly tie up! They’re in a deadlock at center, then break. Neither man backs down and the fans cheer. The two tie up again, are in another deadlock, but Shota digs in to push Gabe back. They end up on ropes, the ref counts, and Shota lets off cleanly. The fans applaud and the two go again. Another deadlock, but this time Gabe’s height helps him put Shota on ropes. The ref counts again, and Gabe lets off, to CHOP! Shota ROCKS Gabe, headlocks, and holds on tight as Gabe tries to power out.

Gabe endures the grind, fights up and throws body shots. Gabe pulls hair, wrenches free and headlocks. Shota powers up and out, ducks the rebounder, and IG- NO, Gabe slips free of the neckbreaker to reel Shota in! But Shota slips free of the suplex to half nelson. Gabe standing switches, Shota elbows free, then ROCKS Gabe. Gabe flips Shota off before he ROCKS Shota back! Shota flips Gabe off before he ROCKS Gabe again! They BOTH fire forearms, wobble, and Gabe swings! Shota dodges, comes back, but then Gabe dodges. Both men run and the RAM shoulders! They both roar and the fans fire up!

Shota fires a flurry of forearms, but Gabe CHOPS back! Gabe whips, Shota reverses and DROPKICKS! Gabe falls and the fans fire up with Shota! Shota shakes out his arm while he paces around. Shota goes back to Gabe to stomp him. Gabe goes to a corner, Shota fires a forearm, then CLUBS Gabe on the neck. Gabe goes to another corner, Shota UPPERCUTS him! Gabe sits down, so Shota digs his boot in. The ref reprimands and counts, but Gabe eggs Shota on! So Shota stomps Gabe! The ref has Shota back off, but Gabe still glares at Shota. Shota drags Gabe up, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but Gabe puts him on the apron!

Gabe swings, Shota counter punches, then Shota slingshots in, only for Gabe to block the DDT! Gabe throws body shots but Shota CLUBS away on Gabe. Shota uses ropes but Gabe denies the tornado! Gabe dodges a lariat to BITE Shota on the face! Then Gabe SAIDOS Shota away! The fans fire up while both men are down! Shota goes to the far side while Gabe grits his teeth and sits back up. Gabe crawls over to Shota, and junkyard dog headbutts him! Gabe then KICKS Shota, KICKS him again, then stands him up. Gabe CHOPS Shota and Shota staggers away to a corner. The fans rally up and duel while Gabe snarls.

Gabe storms over to Shota, Shota kicks at him but Gabe eggs Shota on. Shota gives more kicks, but Gabe stomps Shota down! The ref counts, Gabe lets off and the fans rally more. Gabe stalks Shota, CHOPS him, but Shota gets in Gabe’s face! Gabe grins, CHOPS, but Shota still gets in his face. Gabe fires forearms then a CHOP! Shota just fires a flurry in return! Gabe fires HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT, then he DECKS Shota! Gabe grabs the legs and turns Shota over for a BOSTON CRAB! Shota endures but Gabe sits deep on the hold! Shota still fights and the fans rally up. Gabe puts all he can into the Crab but Shota powers up! Shota fights forward to the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Gabe lets go of one leg, but the ref counts again. Gabe lets go of Shota completely, then paces around. Gabe makes sure the camera is on him. Gabe says Shota thought he was “him,” but no, it’s all about Gabe. Gabe talks smack, stomps Shota, then eggs him on. The fans rally up, Gabe asks if this is what Tanahashi thinks the future is, then he kicks Shota around. Gabe toys with Shota, taunts him, then drags him up. Shota fights the lift so Gabe CLUBS away on Shota’s back. Gabe tries again but Shota back drops free! The fans fire up while Shota leans on ropes. Gabe rises, swings, but into a dragon sleeper! TEST DRIVE!

Fans fire up while both men are down again. Shota grits his teeth, then he fires up! The fans cheer, Shota runs in at the corner, BLINDSIDE KNEE! Then TORNADO DDT! Shota dragon sleepers, inverted suplex, TRIDENT! Cover, TWO! Gabe survives but Shota aims while the fans fire up. Shota runs in, IGNITION! Shota then drags Gabe up and underhooks, but Gabe wrenches out to JAB! Shota roars, Gabe DECKS him! Both men fall, the fans fire up, and the ref still reprimands about a closed fist on Gabe’s part. The ref checks Shota, he’s still conscious so the match continues. Gabe sits up first, and he dares Shota to meet him.

They both go to center, and Shota fires a forearm. Gabe gives it right back. Shota glares at Gabe, then fires another forearm. Gabe fires one back! Both men stand, egging the other on. The fans rally up as the forearms go back and forth, faster and faster, harder and harder! Gabe wobbles, Shota UPPERCUTS! But then Gabe clinches to CLUB, LARIAT and CLUB! Gabe runs but into a POP-UP KNEE! Gabe still fires another forearm! Shota ROCKS Gabe, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Gabe CHOPS! Shota ENZIGIRIS! Gabe JABS, HEADBUTTS, and YUKON LARIATS! A shot at Takagi as Gabe covers, ONE?!?

Shota clinches Gabe for an EXPLODER! Gabe roars and rises, to LARIAT Shota! Shota roars and rises, catches Gabe, HALF ‘N’ HALF PLEX! Gabe rises, but into the ROLLING ELBOW!! Shota falls on the cover, TWO!! Gabe survives and the fans are thunderous! The fans then rally up as both men stir. Gabe crawls to one corner, Shota to the other end. Shota storms over to Gabe, and Gabe SPITS at him! Shota brushes that off, Gabe laughs, but Shota stomps a mudhole in! He even shoves the ref aside to give more! Shota digs his boot in, scrapes Gabe’s face again and again, then slaps him around! Gabe rises up, to SLAP Shota!

Shota SLAPS, Gabe SLAPS, then they fire forearms again! The fans fire up as the strikes fly fast and furious! Gabe HEADBUTTS away, then clinches Shota into a corner! Gabe smothers Shota, the ref counts, and Shota claws at Gabe! They both push the ref aside, then the SLAPS and forearms return! Shota SLAPS Gabe down!! The fans are thunderous while Shota looms over Gabe. Gabe is dazed and Shota roars! Shota drags Gabe up, reels him in but Gabe kicks free! Gabe reels Shota in, but Shota wrenches out! Shota ROCKS Gabe, Gabe ROCKS Shota, then Gabe runs. Shota ELBOWS Gabe, runs, but Gabe LARIATS!

Gabe keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges, REBOUND- NO, Shota ducks and shoves Gabe away. Shota then pops Gabe up, but Gabe BITES Shota’s face to stop the suplex! The ref reprimands but Gabe reels Shota in, SNAP PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Shota survives, and Gabe is actually amused! Gabe rises up, shaking his head. The fans duel, we pass 15 minutes, and Gabe drags Shota up. Gabe reels Shota in but then shoves him back, so he can DECK him! Gabe then flips Shota over for the LIONTAMER! Shota endures, reaches out, but Gabe digs that knee into Shota’s back to bend him!

Shota endures, even as Gabe digs in deep! Shota tells Gabe off even while he’s sideways! So Gabe lets Shota go to gut wrench and DOCTOR BOMB!! Cover, Gabe wins!!

Winner: Gabe Kidd, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Shota earns 0)

The Roughneck endured a lot in this match, but in the end, The Mad Man had more malice to give! Will Gabe continue to show how NJPW Strong he truly is? Can Shota recover to still bring about the Paradigm Shift?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: SANADA VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

Now this is a highly anticipated showdown! The Cold Skull and the King of Darkness will forever be connected, from their time in Los Ingobernables de Japon, their reigns as IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, and from their battles over the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. The G1 Climax is both their road back to that title, who blocks the other’s path to redemption?

Evil offers Sanada a House of Torture shirt? Evil wants Sanada to leave Just5Guys to join up with him? Sanada takes the shirt, tries it on, and clearly Evil chose the right size. Sanada shakes Evil’s hand?! Is he really defecting!? Evil gets the mic to tell Hiroshima, “We’ve been talking from the start. From today, say hello to Bullet Club: House of Torture’s Sanada! That old Sanada you love is gone.” The fans boo, but Evil tells Sanada that just like they promised, Sanada will let Evil win. Evil drops the mic, the bell rings, and Sanada lies down! Evil steps up, but Sanada drags him into a cradle! TWO!!

Evil is shocked, and Sanada RIPS the shirt off! Sanada tricked the trickster, then SHINING- NO, Evil gets away first! Evil is upset that Sanada lied to him, and says this should just be a No Contest! The fans boo but Evil rings the bell himself. Evil goes to leave, but Sanada pursues! Sanada CLUBS Evil, CLUBS Dick, then CLUBS Evil again. The fans cheer as Sanada drags Evil back into the ring, and he rings the bell to let everyone know this is still a match! Sanada stands Evil up, blocks a kick, and he trips Evil up! Sanada ties Evil up in Paradise! The fans cheer and Sanada says time for pictures! Then he DROPKICKS Evil outta Paradise!

The fans cheer, Evil writhes, and Sanada drags Evil up. Sanada wrenches Evil, wrenches again, then CLUBS the arm. Sanada whips, Evil reverses, then Evil gets in the ref’s face while Dick trips Sanada up! The fans boo but Dick gets away with that one. Evil tells off the fans but they tell Evil to go home. Evil smirks as he drags Sanada up, brings him around, and TOSSES him out! Evil then goes out after Sanada, and RAMS him into Abe-san! Evil’s strange vendetta continues, and he mockingly applauds while fans boo. Evil then leaves Sanada behind, and Sanada checks on Abe. Young Lions help Abe, and Evil unties the blue buckle pad.

The ref checks Sanada, and though Sanada clutches his back, he’s alright. Sanada stands, hobbles back up, but Evil BLASTS him off the apron! Sanada falls and hits railing, knocking Abe-san over again! Abe’s suffering more than usual, but Evil just soaks up all the heat. Evil taunts the fans, the ref starts a ring count but he doesn’t have Abe backing him up. Sanada is still down at 7 of 20, but the fans rally up. Sanada rises at 11, stands at 14, and slides in at 15. The fans cheer, but Evil is right on Sanada with a cocky cover. ONE, and Evil smirks. Evil drags Sanada up but Sanada fires body shots! Sanada fires haymakers, too!

Evil whips Sanada and surprise, bare buckles! The Bullet Club Special strikes again and the fans boo. The ref asks Dick what the heck, and Evil mocks the tranquilo! Evil covers, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third cover, TWO!! Sanada escapes that deeper leg hook and Evil is frustrated. The fans rally, Evil paces, and he talks some trash. Evil steps on Sanada’s face, tells the fans to shut up, and then taunts Sanada more. Evil kicks Sanada around, but Sanada rises to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP again! Evil knees low, whips, but Sanada reverses and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS! The fans fire up while both men are down.

The fans rally as Sanada rises, and he stretches out his back before he brings Evil up. But Evil knees low! Evil runs but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and DROPKICKS! Evil tumbles out, Sanada storms up, and Sanada PLANCHAS! Down goes Evil, and the fans fire up! Sanada encourages them to get louder and louder and the fans oblige. But while the ref’s checking Evil, Dick kicks Sanada! Dick whips but Sanada reverses, and Dick hits railing hard! Dick falls over, Sanada makes the pecs dance, and Sanada goes back for Evil. Sanada drags Evil up and puts him in the ring. The fans cheer and Sanada covers, TWO!

Sanada stays cool while the fans rally again. Sanada paces, drags Evil up, but Evil fights the fireman’s carry! Evil pulls hair, the ref reprimands, and Sanada breaks free. Evil blocks Sanada’s kick, hands it to the ref and he mule kicks Sanada down! The fans boo but Evil smirks. Sanada goes to the red corner, Evil waits on him to get up, and Evil runs in to LARIAT! Then FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Sanada stays in this and Evil is annoyed, but the fans rally up again. Evil drags Sanada up, fireman’s carries, but Sanada fights free. Evil rushes in, Sanada slips around, and O’Conner Rolls! Roll through into SKULL END!

Evil endures as Sanada squeezes tight! Evil kicks around, reaches out, but Sanada keeps him from ropes! Evil still tries, and he kicks his way over to the ROPEBREAK! The fans oddly cheer and Sanada lets go. Sanada takes his time, goes back for Evil, and he fireman’s carries. Evil fights free now, shoves Sanada at the rope, but then Sanada dodges! Evil avoids running into the ref, and Sanada kicks him low! Sanada whips, Evil reverses, but sends him into the ref! Down goes the ref and in comes Dick! The fans boo as Dick stomps away on Sanada! The fans tell Dick to go home but he and Evil stomp Sanada more.

Dick and Evil “put one out” on Sanada, then drag him up. They double whip him to the neutral corner, to then UPPERCUT, LARIAT and snapmare! Evil paces, seeing the ref is still down. Dick fetches a chair! Evil holds the chair up and fans boo. Evil taunts Sanada, Sanada slowly rises, and the fans rally. Sanada stands, but he dodges the chair shot! So Evil throws the chair at Sanada! Sanada catches the chair, dodges the lariat, then tosses the chair back! Evil catches it, and Sanada DROPKICKS the chair into him! Fans fire up, Dick gets up, but Sanada DROPKICKS him, too! The fans fire up more and Sanada aims from the corner.

Evil rises, Sanada runs in, SHINING WIZARD! Direct hit and Sanada calls to the ref! Sanada drags Evil up as the ref returns, and DEAD- NO, Evil slips free, shoves Sanada away, then uses the ref as a shield! Sanada pushes the ref aside, Evil LOW BLOWS! Evil drags Sanada up, but Sanada LOW BLOWS in return! The fans cheer as Evil tastes more of his own medicine! Both men are down and the fans rally for Sanada. Sanada sits up first, and runs up again, but Evil ducks the Shining Wizard! Fireman’s carry, DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO! Sanada survives and the fans fire up again! Evil is frustrated but he slashes his throat.

Evil drags Sanada up, spins him around, EVERYTHING- NO, Sanada fights that! Sanada throws elbows, spins Evil around and puts him on ropes, MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down again and the fans rally up. Sanada kips up, drags Evil to a drop zone then goes up top, ROUNDING BODY PRESS! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives but Sanada just drags him back up. Clinch and- NO, Evil slips free, EVERY- NO! Sanada slips free and steals EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Sanada sees Dick rise and DECKS him! Then Sanada PLANCHAS Dick down! The fans fire up and Sanada hurries back in after Evil!

Sanada roars at Evil to get up, and he runs in, BLINDSIDE WIZARD!! And then Sanada reloads, but Evil uses the ref as a shield! Sanada jumps over, avoids Everything, but then Evil LOW BLOW MULE KICKS!! And KAKU-EVIL!! Cover, EVIL WINS!!

Winner: Evil, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Sanada earns 0)

The King of Darkness’ newest weapon, the combination of “kakui” (cool, handsome, etc.) and “evil,” takes down The Cold Skull! Though he sure tried every other trick he had first… But at this rate, is there any stopping Evil now? Or will Darkness Fall on the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship once again?


G1 Climax 34 A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Jake Lee!

Speaking of the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, the most shocking thing in the G1 so far has been his 0-2 start! Is The Uncontrollable Charisma done owing people golden tickets? Or will he fail to get one over on this “Smart Bastard?”

Naito takes things even slower this time, perhaps hoping to frustrated Jake. Jake speeds things up by kicking the vest and coat out himself. So Naito throws his shirt down to make Jake kick that, too. Same with the leather belt. Naito takes care of the pants himself, though. The fans cheer now that Naito’s ready, and the bell rings. The fans rally for “NA-I-TO! NA-I-TO!” and Red Shoes assesses, it is definitely in Naito’s favor. Jake doesn’t let that bother him, and he conducts the choir of fans here in Hiroshima. The two slowly circle, then tie up. Jake’s height is his leverage and he pushes Naito onto the ropes.

Red Shoes calls for the break, and Jake slowly lets off. Jake puts Naito’s hands down by his side, and pats him on the shoulder. Naito reels back but Jake ROCKS him first! No spitting for Naito and Jake whips him to ropes. Naito tumbles and hits ropes, then falls back! Jake stomps away on Naito, stands him up to SPIT on him, then Jake TOSSES Naito out! Naito lands on his feet and walks away, but Jake storms out after him. Jake CLUBS Naito, CHOPS him, then brings him around the way. Jake has cameramen clear out so he can whip Naito. But Naito reaches out to grab the post and uses that to swing back into the ring!

Naito is tranquilo and the fans cheer! Jake kicks the railing in frustration and then storms into the ring. Jake blocks Naito’s arm-drag, whips him to ropes, but Naito reverses to kick, turn, stall, and NECKBREAKER! The fans rally while Jake clutches his neck. Naito sits Jake up and clamps on a chinlock. Naito digs his knee in and Jake endures. The fans rally, Jake pries at the chinlock, then reaches out for the ROPEBREAK! Naito lets off to stomp Jake, then CLUB away on him in the corner. Naito whips corner to corner, but Jake reverses! Jake runs in, Naito dodges, but then Jake BOOTS him! Naito staggers, Jake grabs him with both hands!

Jake lifts Naito for a HANGING CHOKE, then SLAM! The fans applaud that show of strength, and Jake shouts at them that Naito’s nothing! Naito bails out of the ring while fans cheer and jeer. Jake lets his hair down, goes out after Naito, and he drags Naito up. Jake wrenches, whips, and Naito hits railing hard! Naito flounders but Jake stalks him. Jake brings Naito through No Man’s Land, and SMACKS him off a chair! The fans rally but Jake looms over Naito. Jake drags Naito up, brings him back to ringside, then brings him up the ramp. Naito fires body shots but Jake still drags Naito along, and they go up to the stage!

Jake CLUBS Naito, reels him in, and suplexes! Naito kicks and flails to fight it off! Jake tries again but Naito resists, so Jake CLUBS Naito and DDTS him on the stage! Jake stands and mockingly applauds while he walks back down the ramp. The fans rally for Naito, the ring count finally starts, and Naito stirs at 5 of 20. Jake rolls in at 7, and Naito starts rolling down the ramp. Jake mocks the tranquilo while Naito crawls. The count passes 10 of 20, Naito still crawls. Naito stands at 15, stumbles and tumbles again at 17! Naito keeps moving, and springs in at 19.5! Jake is right on Naito for a snapmare and PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!

Jake clamps on with a SLEEPER! Naito flails but he’s already fading! The fans rally, Naito fights up, but Jake just squeezes tighter! Naito starts to fade again, and Jake thrashes him around! Naito reaches out, but Jake makes him sit back down. Jake feints running then KICKS Naito right in the chest! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO!! A third cover, TWO!!! Naito narrowly gets out of that and the fans fire up! Jake is annoyed, he SPITS at the fans, and the fans boo. Jake takes a bow, soaking up the heat like a gentleman. Jake drags Naito up, reels him in, and suplexes, but Naito slips free to waistlock!

Jake elbows free, runs, but into an atomic drop! Naito CLUBS Jake, CLUBS again, then whips. Naito ELBOWS Jake down then basement dropkicks him! The fans fire up while both men are down and we pass 10 minutes. Naito rises, brings Jake up then kicks and CLUBS him. Naito whips, Jake reverses but Naito holds ropes. Naito BOOTS Jake, gets around, shoves and ELBOWS him! Naito whips, ELBOWS again, then brings Jake in to turn, stall… and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Naito keeps cool, and he clamps on a cravat. Naito has the neck wrench on, but Jake fights up. Jake fires body shots and forearms, but Naito hits back.

The forearms go back and forth and the fans rally up. Jake winds up to ROCK Naito again, again, and again! Then he DECKS Naito! Jake stands on Naito’s neck and laughs, not even bothered this won’t count as a cover. The fans boo but Jake steps off to flip everyone off. Jake drags Naito up, but Naito throws those heavy elbows! Naito ELBOWS Jake down and the fans fire up! Naito goes back for Jake, brings him up, and puts him in a corner for forearm after forearm. Naito hops up the corner, reels Jake in, but Jake breaks free! SUPER CHOKE SLAM! Naito is down, Jake rests in the corner, and the fans rally up.

Jake grins while the fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” Jake runs in, GIANT KING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and Jake is annoyed. Jake waits on Naito to rise, hand primed and ready. Naito stands, into the choke grip! CHOKE- NO, Naito slips free, stumbles, but gets around to ENZIGIRI! Jake staggers around, and CORRIENDO SHIKI- NO, Jake manages to smother Destino, so Naito RAMS him into a corner! Naito hoists Jake up top, as tall as he is, and then climbs. But Jake slips under to bring Naito off the corner! LAST- NO, Naito slips free! Naito ENZIGIRIS again, then whips! Jake reverses to kitchen sink KNEE!

Jake drags Naito up for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives falling from that high up and the fans are thunderous! Jake SPITS at them again! Jake aims as Naito is in the corner, FACE BREAK- NO, Naito dodges! And he ducks Jake’s roundhouse! Naito waistlocks, but Jake pries free. Naito fires forearm after forearm! Then ENZIGIRI again! Jake wobbles, Naito wrenches, but Jake KNEES low! And ROUNDHOUSES! Naito falls to his knees then the mat! Red Shoes checks, Naito is still conscious, and the fans rally up even harder. But Jake storms back up to choke grip! And CHOKE- DESTINO!!! Cover, NAITO WINS!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Jake earns 0)

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion does NOT owe Jake Lee a golden ticket! The Madness Dark Side could not tear Naito down, will he just have to win the whole thing if he wants his title shot?

As for Naito, after catching his breath and getting his hat, he also gets the mic. “Buenas noches, Hiroshima~!” The fans cheer, and Naito says that Hiroshima is his home. The fans cheer that, too! Naito was motivated through that match to win in front of the people here and hold this mic right now. “I was thinking up to today what to say on the mic, but that match made me forget it all. So just tranquilo, assen na yo.” The fans cheer that, and Naito says that no matter how much he relaxes, it surely won’t come back to him, but he of course remembers the one thing he wants to do the most now that he’s home.

Naito wants to have a “chorus” with everyone here in Hiroshima. They should have the first roll call of this year’s G1 Climax. The fans cheer that! So then, Hiroshima, are you ready? The fans cheer, because they’re definitely ready. Then the third night of G1 Climax action can naturally only close with… “Bushi! Hiromu! Takagi! Titan! Yota! Y Naito! NOSOTROS! LOS! INGOBERRRRRNABLEEES~! DE! JA! PON!!” The fans cheer as Naito finally gets to have his say. But will Naito have to fight even harder if he wants to stay in the running for the playoffs? Or will he end up owing a few more tickets before the end of this?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Zack Sabre Jr: 3-0, 6 points
Evil: 3-0, 6 points
Shingo Takagi: 2-1, 4 points
Gabe Kidd: 2-1, 4 points
Tetsuya Naito: 1-2, 2 points
Jake Lee: 1-2, 2 points
Sanada: 1-2, 2 points
Callum Newman: 1-2, 2 points
Shota Umino: 1-2, 2 points
Great-O-Khan: 0-3, 0 points


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Yuya Uemura: 2-0, 4 points
Henare: 2-0, 4 points
Konosuke Takeshita: 2-0, 4 points
Jeff Cobb: 1-1, 2 points
Boltin Oleg: 1-1, 2 points
Yota Tsuji: 1-1, 2 points
Ren Narita: 1-1, 2 points
David Finlay: 0-2, 0 points
Hirooki Goto: 0-2, 0 points
El Phantasmo: 0-2, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another awesome night for NJPW, and I really don’t know why Cobb VS Konosuke had to wait until now. Unless Konosuke had to do something with AEW or even DDT Pro on Sunday? Well, either way, their match was great stuff, and I’m really surprised Konosuke won. Konosuke VS Cobb for the NJPW World TV Championship down the road could be a lot of fun. All of B Block is back in action on Thursday, with Konosuke in the main event against Yuya Uemura, so it’d be pretty wild if Konosuke won and got to talk.

A Block’s round three was great stuff. I figured ZSJ would win, even with how well Callum’s been doing. Great win for Takagi over Khan, but I’m just not sure he’ll return to the KOPW Division after this. Shota VS Gabe was certainly the most intense match of the night, they’ve got a good rivalry going. Gabe winning out was fitting, he can’t be losing too much as NJPW Strong Champion. Sanada VS Evil was really good, especially with that obvious swerve coming from Sanada. But Evil winning out because of cheating, that just seems to be how it is with House of Torture. They get strong starts in these round robins, but will lose out in the end.

And great main event, but it seems to be Naito’s thing right now to just be dominated and beat up by his opponents. Naito finally turns that around to win out, and it was definitely so Naito could have his moment here. It’s still early, he can make a run at the G1 Climax playoffs since the top three scores advance. The top seed gets a bye, then second and third must face off in wild card matches, so Naito could still squeak into the next round if he’s the third best. But at the same time, he won last year’s G1 and is the champ, he doesn’t have to win out this year. I’d personally make it ZSJ, because he is that good, and I want to see how he’ll customize the Right to Challenge briefcase.

My Score: 9/10

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