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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/7/23)

Where does Raw go now?



Who will want payback after SummerSlam?

Seth Rollins is STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Finn Balor is not happy about it! Who will suffer The Prince’s wrath on Raw?


  • WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Ricochet VS Tommaso Ciampa VS Matt Riddle VS Chad Gable; Gable wins and will challenge Gunther for the title.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura VS Bronson Reed; Nakamura wins.
  • Shayna Baszler VS Zoey Stark; Shayna wins.
  • Otis w/ Maxxine Dupri VS Ludwig Kaiser w/ Giovanni Vinci; Ludwig wins.
  • The Viking Raiders w/ Sarah Logan VS The New Day; The New Day wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn Shinsuke Nakamura VS The Judgment Day w/ Rhea Ripley; Cody, Rollins & Nakamura win.


Raw is commercial free for the first hour!


Cody Rhodes is here!

Minneapolis fires up for the American Nightmare and sings along with his song, “WHOA~ OH!” Fans then chant for “CODY! CODY! CODY!” as he stands in the ring with the mic. Cody fires the fans up a little more, soaks in their praise a little more, then says, “So, Minneapolis… Whaddya wanna talk about?” He thinks we should talk about one of their own. About a Beast that had his claws sharpened, here, that was educated here, that became champion here, the University of Minnesota’s own Brock Lesnar.” Fans cheer that! Cody says he has had the privilege, the honor and the misery of standing across from the Beast, and surviving him.

But what happened next, Cody could never have imagined. He throws it to footage from SummerSlam, of Brock Lesnar shaking Cody’s hand in respect. Cody had a conversation with his mom this morning, and shared his shock at this exact moment. She told Cody, “Dummy! Don’t you know what just happened? Brock Lesnar… acknowledged you.” After SummerSlam, Cody feels on top of the world, like he could beat anybody in the world! And here comes Seth Rollins! He stomps his way out in yellow Astro Boy boots that are also part crocs…? And fans sing along, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring.

Rollins and Cody stare down and Rollins gets a mic. Fans sing “WHOA~ OH~ OHHH~!” Rollins then shouts to Minneapolis, “Welcome to Monday Night Rollins!” And last time Rollins was here to address the future of the WHC, Cody was the first man to walk down the aisle and get in Rollins’ face. SO consider this Rollins returning the favor. Now, did Rollins hear Cody right when he said he feels like he can beat anyone in the world? If that’s the case, why not put that to the test? Fans love that idea! But wait, here comes Damian Priest! And the rest of Judgment Day, minus Finn Balor…

Fans boo as Priest tells those two are apparently confused. Because for some reason, they think they run Monday Night Raw! Rhea Ripley says they don’t! The Judgment Day, THEY run Raw! And speaking of things Rollins and Cody don’t do… They don’t dictate what happens with championships around here, the Judgment Day do! More specifically, Senor Money in the Bank does! And look what we have here. They have the most dominant Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley! Fans do cheer Mami. The North American Champion, Dominik Mysterio! Fans DO boo Dom!

And Cody says he’s done with the Beast, but Dirty Dom ain’t done with Cody. Cody says he’s a workhorse, but DOM is the workhorse! He’ll defend his title live on NXT, but what’s Cody doing? Dom gets in Cody’s face, but then backs up to take the mic. Fans already start booing as Dom says, “You…” Rollins laughs, but FINN ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! Finn and the boys mug Rollins and Cody! Fans boo even more, Finn stomps Rollins but here comes SAMI ZAYN! Sami slides in, and he fires off on Priest! Fans fire up as Sami dodges Priest to clothesline! Sami ELBOWS Dom, Cody hits a CODY CUTTER on Dom!!

Finn runs in into a kick, a RHODES UPPERCUT, and a BOOT! Rollins’ Astro Boy boots get some! Fans fire up as Cody gets a mic and he dares the Judgment Day to step up! He has a solution for ALL of this! There’s three of them, and there’s three in the ring! Tonight, in Minneapolis, Cody, his friend Sami, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins, take on the Judgment Day! Rollins is a bit surprised but the Judgment Day is ready for it! Will the Visionary be able to work with the American Nightmare to get rid of some common enemies?


Ricochet talks with Adam Pearce backstage.

He knows Pearce knows, and the whole world knows, Logan Paul cheated to win! Pearce says yes, he did. Then what’s happening now? An apology. The ref’s decision is final, but Pearce agrees, that ending doesn’t sit right with him. But that was Saturday. This meeting is about tonight. More men walk in, and it’s Chad Gable, Tommaso Ciampa and Matt Riddle. Pearce explains to all four that tonight, the four of them may be feeling things haven’t been going right for them. BUT, remember that you are all a moment away from greatness. So tonight, he wants to present them all with another chance at a moment.

Tonight, Fatal 4 Way, the winner faces Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. So he wants them all to seize the moment. Ricochet says sorry to the other three, they got him on a bad night. Ciampa says no one loves a title like he loves a title. May the best man, or bro, win. Riddle says yeah, all good over here, bro. He’ll dedicate this to Drew McIntyre. SHOOOOOSH! Please. Tonight, we’re in Gable’s neck of the woods. Minnesota born and raised. So what better way to celebrate by beating three bros so he can teach Gunther a lesson he’ll never forget? A THANK YEW! Well, welcome home, bro.

WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Ricochet VS Tommaso Ciampa VS Matt Riddle VS Chad Gable w/ The Alpha Academy!

The One and Only got clocked by brass knuckles from the ImPAULsive Maverick, but he could rebound in a big way! Will the King of Flight be aimed at Der Ring General? Will the Psycho Killer get a new “Goldie” in his life? Will the Bro get one more go at Gunther? Or will Minnesota’s own get his own rematch with Imperium’s leader?

The bell rings and the four watch each other. Ciampa swings, Gable waistlocks, Ricochet headlocks Riddle. Ciampa elbows Gable, Riddle shoves Ricochet and Ricochet Tiger Wall Kicks off Ciampa! Gable headlocks Ciampa, Riddle waistlocks Ricochet. Now Ricochet elbows free and Ciampa shoves. Gable runs Ricochet over, dodges Riddle and he ROCKS Ciampa! Ricochet headlocks, Riddle powers out, things speed up, Ricochet stops himself, Riddle sunset flips! Gable ghost pins! Ciampa Oklahoma Rolls! Ricochet stacks! All four men get out of a pin and fans fire up! The four reset, and Gable has them hear the fans chant his name! “A THANK YEW!”

Ciampa KNEES Ricochet, throws him into Gable, and then fires off on Riddle! Ciampa CHOPS, Gable throws hands on Ricochet, Riddle blocks a kick to an ANKLE LOCK! Gable does the same! Ricochet and Ciampa scramble, DOUBLE ROPEBREAK! Ricochet and Ciampa get out, Gable and Riddle back up and bump into each other. Fans rally as the two circle and fist bump. They tie up, Gable gets a leg, waistlocks, but Riddle slips around. Gable slips back around, Riddle rolls free but Gable gator rolls. Riddle dumps Gable but Gable rolls him up, and Riddle gets away! Fans rally, Ciampa gets in to send Riddle into Gable!

Ciampa BOOTS Gable, BOOTS Riddle, stomps Riddle, then TOSSES Gable! Ricochet springboards in, FLYING LARIAT! And STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Ricochet brings Ciampa up and fireman’s carries. Ciampa slips off, Ricochet ducks a roundhouse! Riddle blocks Ricochet’s kick to FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cradle cover, Gable breaks it! Fans fire up as Gable Canadian Racks Ricochet to hit a DOMINATOR! Cover, Ciampa breaks it! Ciampa reels Gable in, but Gable slips free of the bomb! Only for Ciampa to get him in a REVERSE DDT! Cover, Ricochet breaks it!

Ricochet swings, misses, and Ciampa ROLLING ELBOWS! Ciampa underhooks, FAIRY- NO, Ricochet slips out, fireman’s carries, and DETONATION KICKS! Cover, TWO! Ricochet paces around, gets Ciampa to a drop zone, and then goes up top! Fans fire up, but Riddle springs up after him! Riddle CLUBS away on Ricochet, goes up after him, but then Ciampa adds on! And then Gable joins in!! TRIPLE GERMAN SUPERPLEX!!! All four men are down and Minneapolis is thunderous! But Gunther is watching backstage, more amused like an adult watching children play than a champion worried about contenders.

“This is Awesome!” as all four men stir. Gable rises, ‘A THANK YEW~” and he drags Ciampa up,. Ciampa denies the O’Conner but Gable gets under the boot to ANKLE LOCK!! Ciampa endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK, but Gable doesn’t have to let go! Gable drags Ciampa back! Riddle FINAL FLASH KNEES Gable! And then POWERBOMBS! And then flips Gable over for another FINAL FLASH! Cover, TWO but then Ricochet RUNNING SHOOTING STARS! Riddle clinches Ricochet, BROSPLODER! Ciampa BOOTS Riddle, reels him in, ripcord and- NO, Riddle ducks to ripcord, FINAL FLASH!

Ciampa goes to a corner, Riddle storms up and hoists him up top! Riddle CHOPS Ciampa, climbs up, and fans rally for the “BRO! BRO! BRO!” Riddle goes to the very top, for a SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Both men are down, Gable DIVING SPLASHES while Ricochet SHOOTING STAR PRESSES! But both get knees!! Riddle and Ciampa cradle cover, TWO!!! Gable and Ricochet both get out of this and fans are thunderous! The four stir as fans again declare “THIS IS AWESOME!” Gable hits Ciampa, Riddle hits Ricochet, they each hit back. And then Ricochet hits Ciampa! And CHOPS Riddle! CHOPS go around the circle, as do forearms.

This brawl divides into Ricochet and Gable, Riddle and Ciampa. Ciampa blocks a kick to bend toes! And then stomps toes! Ricochet fires body shots, Ciampa sends Riddle out. Gable clotheslines Ricochet out! Then he dodges Ciampa, but Riddle dumps him out! Riddle ROCKS Ciampa, FLOATING BRO ATTACK onto Gable! But Ciampa catches Riddle on the return, WILLOW’S BELL!! Ricochet FLIES onto Gable!! Ricochet hurries back up, he springboards, but Ciampa KNEES him outta the sky! PROJECT CIAMPA!! Cover, TWO!!! Ciampa can’t believe it, and then Riddle PENALTY KICKS him! To then scoop and BRO DEREK!! Cover, Gable DIVING HEADBUTTS!!

Fans fire up as Gable saves this match more for himself than for Ciampa! All four men are down again but the fans rally up behind their guy! Gable rises, and he CHOPS Riddle! Riddle throws a forearm, Gable gives it back, and repeat! Gable ducks a roundhouse, O’Conner Roll into CHAOS- RECOIL!! So Gable gest Ricochet! CHAOS- KOTARO KRUSHER from Ciampa!! So Gable gets Ciampa, CHAOS THEORY!!! Bridging cover, GABLE WINS!!!

Winner: Chad Gable, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

All the fans join in on “A THANK YEW~!” But Gunther chuckles. He beat Gable just last week, though it was a hard fought match. Will Gable prove he can pull off the Herculean task of dethroning Der Ring General?


Cody talks with Sami backstage.

Cody hopes he wasn’t being presumptuous calling for that Six Man Tag. Sami says no, he’s fine, he wanted this. But then Seth walks in and says he sees how it is! Cody wants to go out there, make decisions for Rollins, and talk strategy behind his back! Oh, c’mon! It’s not like Rollins had a match tonight. Doesn’t he want this match? Yes, but not with Cody as a teammate! Sami has them calm down. They all need to take a breath. Sami knows there’s history and tension here, and just… a lot. He doesn’t expect them to solve their problems overnight, but they have a chance to do something tonight.

Sami isn’t sure about Seth, but Sami is sick of dealing with The Judgment Day. He has been dealing with them for months, as has Seth. Now, they put Sami’s Undisputed Tag Team Championships in jeopardy, they injured Sami’s tag partner, Kevin Owens. Kevin is Sami’s friend, he’s Cody’s friend, and he’s Seth’s friend. Kevin is on the shelf cuz of them! These three here, three of the very best, can stand side by side and deal with the Judgment Day once and for all! So can they do it? Can they get past this just for tonight? Cody’s cool. Is Seth cool? Seth takes a moment, and he says yeah, he’s cool. Seth leaves, Cody leaves, and Sami isn’t sure if this is going to work.


The Miz is on the phone.

He says he’s gonna get outta here as soon as possible, Minneapolis is a dump. And he tells the staffers they have three minutes. Actually, Miz, you need to wait. Wait? For what? LA Knight is getting his pictures taken as the winner of the Slim Jim Battle Royal! Miz is annoyed. One battle royal and now Miz has to wait? Adam Pearce is gonna hear about this! Miz storms off, is the Hollywood A-Lister gonna have beef with the Mega Star?


Shinsuke Nakamura VS Bronson Reed!

The King of Strong Style may not have won the Slim Jim Battle Royal, but he is going to brush that off in exchange for chasing a bigger prize. And by bigger, it’s COLOSSAL! Will Nakamura find away to finally bring down Auszilla? Or will Bronson bring another Tsunami with him?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up as both men feel things out. They tie up, Reed powers Nakamura to ropes, but lets off slowly. Nakamura resets and circles with Reed again. They tie up, and Reed pushes Nakamura to a corner. Reed lets off slowly again, then pats Nakamura on the head. Nakamura is annoyed and he storms up. Reed headlocks, Nakamura throws body shots and powers out, only for Reed to run him over! Fans boo but Reed just smirks as he mocks Nakamura’s “C’MON~!” Nakamura BOOTS Reed! And fires off fast hands! And then knees! Fans fire up as Nakamura drags Reed down to throw more knees!

Nakamura stomps Reed, Reed ducks the buzzsaw and waistlocks, but Nakamura elbows free. Nakamura runs but Reed ELBOWS him down! Reed grins, paces around Nakamura, and then drags him up. Fans rally, Reed HEADBUTTS Nakamura to a corner, and then RAMS into him! And again! And again! Fans chant for Nakamura but Reed brings him out. Nakamura fires off fast hands but Reed ROCKS Nakamura! And CLUBS him down! Reed flexes but fans boo, and Reed drags Nakamura up again. Reed fireman’s carries, but Nakamura slips to sunset flip! But Reed stays up! HIP DROP but Nakamura moves!

Nakamura keeps moving and he SLIDING KNEES Reed down! Nakamura drags Reed around, runs, and SLIDING KICKS! Reed goes to a corner and Nakamura storms up to give Reed BAD VIBRATIONS! Fans fire up and now Nakamura says, “C’MON~!” Reed runs in, but into a GAMANGIRI! Reed bails out, Nakamura runs and baseball slides! Reed is sent into the desk! Nakamura goes out and drags Reed up, but that’s a lot of dead weight. But Reed shoves Nakamura away and gets int he ring. Nakamura hurries in, then ducks ‘n’ dodges, but into a scoop! Nakamura slips free and runs again, but into a BODY CHECK!

And then Reed JUMP ELBOW DROPS! Nakamura sputters as he goes to the apron. Reed storms over that way, but Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES him! Reed BODY CHECKS Nakamura off the apron! Fans boo but Reed smiles and Raw goes picture in picture.

Reed eggs Nakamura on but the ref has him stay in the ring. Reed grins, Nakamura sits up and sputters, and Reed again mocks “C’MON~!” The ring count climbs but Nakamura slides in, only for Reed to stomp him! And stand on him! The ref counts, Reed lets off, and then he CHOKES Nakamura! The ref counts again, Reed lets off, and Reed soaks up the heat as he flexes. Reed goes back to Nakamura, clamps on with a neck wrench, and he leans on the hold to really press Nakamura down! Nakamura endures, fights up to his feet, but Reed waistlocks and throws him right down! Reed keeps on Nakamura with a rear bearhug!

Nakamura endures, reaches out, but Reed keeps him back. Nakamura fights up, throws elbows, and then PELES! Reed wobbles, Nakamura runs, but into a BOOT! Reed brushes his shoe off, goes back to Nakamura, and he drags Nakamura into a chinlock. Nakamura endures all over again as Reed squeezes tight and leans on him. Nakamura fights as Raw returns to single picture. Nakamura kicks and kicks and kicks! Reed wobbles, but he HEADBUTTS back! And then scoops, but Nakamura slips off! Nakamura waistlocks but Reed’s too big to lift! Reed elbows free, Nakamura goes to a corner, Reed runs in but into a BOOT!

Reed wobbles, Nakamura goes up to FLYING KNEE! Direct hit and both men are down! Fans rally up behind Nakamura as he pounds the mat. Reed swings but Nakamura fires off counter punches! And a strike fest! Nakamura KICKS and KICKS, Reed blocks but Nakamura ENZIGURIS! Nakamura whips, Reed blocks and reverses! Nakamura ducks ‘n’ dodges to DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Reed just gets that arm up and Nakamura grows frustrated. Fans fire up as Nakamura goes to a corner and hops up top. Nakamura aims, leaps, but Reed catches him! Ripcord and POWERSLAM! Nakamura writhes while Reed rises up.

Reed snarls, he drags Nakamura up, and then reels him in. Reed says thumbs down, and he hauls Nakamura up, RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Nakamura survives being thrown into the Black Forest! But he’s in the drop zone, and Reed goes up! Nakamura hurries to GAMANGIRI! Reed is stuck up top, Nakamura gives him a TOP SHELF KNEE! Nakamura then aims, runs in, but into a fireman’s carry! JAGGED EDGE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Nakamura survives again and Reed is shocked! Fans rally up but Reed snarls. Reed drags Nakamura up, gives another thumbs down, but Nakamura escapes the bomb!

Reed ducks the roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK! Reed still stays up, and he LARIATS in return! Reed drags Nakamura to a drop zone now and he goes up top! TSUNAMI FLOPS!!! Nakamura BLINDSIDE KINSHASAS!! And then Nakamura aims again, runs back in, FRONT KINSHASA!! Cover, Nakamura wins!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

The tide was high but Nakamura rode that wave to victory! Will the King of Strong Style finally find his way to the top?


Adam Pearce checks in with WWE Medical.

The doctor tells him and Raquel Rodriguez that she has to understand this is a serious injury. She just isn’t ready yet. Pearce appreciates that, and he tells Raquel that this is the doctor’s decision. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell are also here as moral support for their friend. Raquel is close, but just not yet. Pearce leaves, Candice & Indi say it’s best to be at 100% before facing Rhea. But how long of a road does Raquel have?


Maxxine Dupri is on the phone.

She is SO excited for Coach Gable tonight. And “Otise” is so good for them. Plus, don’t forget to grab ice. Okay, see you soon, kisses. Maxxine finishes her call with whoever, and Ludwig Kaiser walks over. What a pleasant surprise to see her here. What is HE doing here? He just wants to congratulate Gable on that amazing victory, and to let him know that Gunther is already looking forward to wiping the ring mat all over with Gable’s body again. Ew. Get out of their locker room! Okay, but before that, Kaiser wants to let her know, he has had his eyes on her the last few weeks and he has to say, she has all the potential in the world.

But what she must understand is that some people around here are just better than others. Look at Kaiser! European elegance! A+ aesthetics, A+ EVERYTHING! And then there’s Otis. “Big, disgusting freak!” Maxxine SLAPS Kaiser! Well, okay, he likes- Otis!? He asks Ludwig what he’s doing in their locker room. Get his eyes off Maxxine and get in the ring with Otis tonight. Otis will make it so the pretty boy isn’t so pretty anymore. Ludwig says okay, he’ll see Otis and Maxxine out there.


Becky Lynch is here!

Minneapolis just entered The Big Time! The Man is preparing for her real rematch with Trish Stratus next week in Canada, but what will she have to say about it? We hear that, after the break.

Raw returns and fans cheer Becky on. “The Man has come around to Minneapolis!” Fans cheer, and Becky says that she is so close to the end. “It has been months of doing everything in my power, I have been fighting, I have been talking, I have been scratching, clawing, winning, losing, overcome obstacles and failing again… And I am tired.” Becky is tired and weary, but she is hopeful and ready to put an end to this saga, this charade, when she FINALLY gets her rematch next week, 1v1, with Trish Stratus! Fans like the sound of that!

Becky says the greatest of that generation VS the greatest of this generation, and the next and the next and the one after that until infinity, with NO interference from Zoey Stark! No looking over her shoulders, just throwing digs and tossing pigs! But wait, here is Zoey Stark now! “Wow… Obsessed much, huh?” This has been over long enough. Trish already won, Stark already won, but y’know what this is? Becky The Man is scared of Zoey Stark. Fans boo but Stark says the ringside ban was because The Man left her “balls” at home. Becky asks what is is going on. She’s been in the ring with Stark twice, so she knows how good Stark is! She’s gifted even!

But maybe that’s Stark’s problem. She’s too good for her own good. Stark wants it easy, and that is why she hitched a wagon to Trish, hoping for a free ride. But no matter how good Stark is, she’s too stupid to realize that Trish is just dragging her the wrong direction. Stark could’ve been fighting for the championship, but instead is playing second fiddle to someone who isn’t even gonna be here after next week! Stark says one, she doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone! And two, damn right Stark is amazing at what she does! But that means Becky is jealous! “What?” JEALOUS! And mad that the GOAT kicked her to the side and picked Stark up.

And that is because Stark is the fastest rising star in the WWE, and that makes her the baddest in the locker room. She has already mastered this game, she could do this all- Uh oh, here comes Shayna Baszler! The Queen of Spades is still showing the marks from her MMA style match with Ronda Rousey. Becky says, “Damn, Shayna, you lookin’ rough!” Shayna smirks as she gets in the ring and says you should see how Ronda looks. Oh wait you won’t, because Shayna beat Ronda at SummerSlam and drove her out of the WWE! Fans cheer that! Fans chant “Thank You, Shayna!”

Shayna knows she wasn’t invited tot his little party, but uh, was Stark referencing Shayna when she said what? Who’s the baddest now? Stark says Shayna is just the baddest punching bag. But if Shayna keeps running her mashed mouth, Stark will send her home with her bag, just like Ronda! Becky says those sound like fighting words! And uh, Becky has an idea. She can’t think of a better place or time for these two to fight than right here, right now in Minneapolis! Fans fire up and Becky tells Pearce to make this official for the good people! Pearce walks out and says that sounds like a great idea! Let’s get a ref, cuz it WILL be Shayna VS Zoey, right now!

Fans fire up as the Queen of Spades and the Hunter are about to throw down! Who will really be the baddest? We find out, after the break!


Finn Balor talks with JD McDonagh backstage.

The Irish Ace is telling The Prince that yeah, he lost, but- Oh, Damian Priest walks over. They need to talk. Judgment Day business. Finn says anything he’s gonna say, he can say in front of JD. They’ve known each other 20 years, JD’s heard it all. Fine, that’s Finn’s problem. But what was that tonight? Finn doesn’t come out with them, then he blindsides Rollins, doesn’t tell any of them what’s up! What’s going on? They gotta handle Finn’s business, too? Finn says he just decided to make his own plan, since Priest didn’t stick to their plan on Saturday. Oh, so that’s what it is? That wasn’t on Priest! Everyone knows why Priest was there: to make sure FINN won!

But no, even with Priest’s help, Finn lost. Oh is that it? Well maybe it was because of Priest that Finn lost. Finn, you’re crowding Priest right now. Well, that contract is crowding them both. Priest asks, “Is it?” Rhea walks over and has them step back. They are not going through this again. Stop acting like bloody children! Look at her, Finn. Look. Priest WAS there to help you, as was the rest of the Judgment Day. It didn’t work out, end of story, it was one loss. But she needs them both to stay on the same page so they can still run Raw, understood? Priest says yeah, he’s got it. What about Finn? Finn says yeah, man, he’s good.

JD says this may not be his place, but he thinks that briefcase has come between them. So maybe, they should get rid of it. JD leaves, Finn shrugs and leaves with JD. Priest gets mad, what is it to McDonagh!? Rhea says it’s fine, he’s not Judgment Day, so let it go. Things are uneasy within the Judgment Day, is it all going to fall apart?


Shayna Baszler VS Zoey Stark!

Raw returns to the ring and the match begins. The two circle, tie up, and Shayna waistlocks. Shayna SLAMS Stark down, Stark gets up but Shayna SLAMS her back down! Becky is ringside to watch, sippin’ on some nice lemonade. Stark fights up, wrenches out, but Shayna kicks! Stark ducks, slips around, and goes after the bad arm! Shayna moves around, Stark wrenches but dodges Shayna’s haymaker. Stark handsprings, but Shayna runs her over! Becky likes what she sees as things speed up. Stark hurdle but Shayna gets the leg! ANKLE LOCK! Stark flails, Shayna drags Stark back but Stark rolls free.

Stark swings, misses, Shayna waistlocks but Stark elbows free! Shayna goes to a corner, that bad eye took the hit. Stark rushes up to smear forearms into the bruised eye socket! The ref counts, Stark lets off, and she ROCKS Shayna! And again! Stark snapmares to then stomp the bad arm! Fans boo, but Stark just soaks it up. Stark stomps Shayna, clamps onto a chinlock and pushes on the bad eye! The ref counts, Stark lets off, but then SCRAPES Shayna’s face on ropes! The ref reprimands, but Stark stomps Shayna. Stark snapmares, covers, ONE! Stark clamps back on with another chinlock, making sure her grip is right on that eye.

Shayna endures, fights up, and fans rally up. Shayna throws body shots but Stark CLUBS her down! Then right back to the chinlock! Stark leans on the hold, digs her elbows into the eye, but the ref counts. Stark lets off but then goes back to a chinlock. Becky admits, that’s good stuff. Shayna fights up, fans rally, and Shayna slips out ot KICK! And KICK! And KICK, KICK, and KICK! Stark’s on her knees, Shayna KICKS her in the chest! Stark swings but into a SAIDO! Shayna then runs up to clothesline Stark up and out! Fans fire up and Becky offers lemonade to Stark. Shayna goes out to fetch Stark, and she puts her in the ring.

Becky gives a cheers to Shayna, Shayna gets in and she kicks Stark low. Shayna whips, Stark reverses and then runs in. Shayna puts Stark on the apron but Stark GAMANGIRIS! Shayna clutches the arm, Stark HOTSHOTS her! Stark then springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK! Direct hit, fans boo, but Stark soaks it all up as Raw goes picture in picture.

Stark paces around, clamps onto Shayna’s bad arm and pulls on it. Shayna endures, fights up, but Stark whips her into a corner! Shayna hits face first and clutches the bad eye! Stark stomps away on Shayna at the ropes, then she goes to the apron. Stark slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS SENTON! Cover, TWO! Shayna is still in this and Stark grows frustrated. Stark clamps onto Shayna with a chinlock and she grinds Shayna down. Shayna endures, fights up, throws elbows, and then arm-drags free. Stark kicks low, wrenches and WRINGS the arm out! Shayna writhes but Stark paces around. Stark isolates an arm to stomp it!

Shayna goes to the corner, Stark storms up and wraps the arm around ropes. Stark pulls on the arm, lets off, and then throws body shots! Stark wrenches, and hits an ARMBAR DDT! Shayna writhes and Stark grins, but Becky talks some smack. Stark KICKS Shayna in the arm, and then has her in the ropes! Stark pulls on the arm, chinlocks and bends Shayna back as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Stark keeps on Shayna with a chinlock. Shayna endures, Becky is a bit antsy in her seat, but the fans rally up. Shayna fights to her feet, throws elbows, but Stark knees low. Stark whips Shayna to a corner, runs in, but only gets buckles! Shayna crawls, avoids a kick and then CLOBBERS Stark! And CLOBBERS her again! Fans fire up, Shayna runs in to JUMP KNEE! Shayna then waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Stark flounders and fans fire up with Shayna! SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO! Shayna grows frustrated but she gets fans to rally up. Shayna aims from a corner, she runs back in, but Stark dodges to HEEL KICK! Cover, TWO!!

Becky is fired up and sipping lemonade as Shayna survives! But Stark SLAMS the bad arm on the mat again and again! Stark clamps onto Shayna, and then stomps the bad arm again and again! Stark even pulls the arm brace off! And throws it at Becky! Stark gores for the arm, Shayna resists, so Stark stomps her! Stark copies Shayna a bit as she keylocks the arm, but then Shayna avoids the stomp! Shayna tackles Stark to rain down fists! Fans fire up, Stark kicks Shayna away to SUPERKICK! Fireman’s carry, Z- NO, Shayna slips off to gut wrench and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Becky is a bit upset, she felt Shayna had that!

Shayna stalks Stark to a corner, drags her up, and Stark ROCKS Shayna! Stark springboards in, but into a waistlock! Then KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! But Stark throws Shayna out of the ring first! And PLANCHAS! Direct hit and then Stark stares Becky down. Becky dares her to try something, and Stark puts Shayna in the ring. Stark talks trash back, but Shayna catches her on the ropes, KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! The ref counts, Shayna lets off, and Stark HOTSHOTS the bad arm! Stark talks more trash, resets, but Shayna KNEES her int he ropes! Shayna hoists Stark up but Stark fights. Shayna still fireman’s carries, for a PIPER’S PIT!! Cover, Shayna wins!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by pinfall

Shayna renames Ronda’s move the “World’s Baddest Slam!” Becky toasts The Queen of Spades, will we all be toasting Becky after she beats Trish?


Backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Byron Saxton says Nakamura asked for this time after his big win over Bronson Reed. Nakamura says yes, because he is tired of people getting in his way. Tonight, he won! And from now on, he carves his own path. Wait, something is going on just off screen! Someone is attacking Sami! It’s JD MCDONAGH!! OH NO Sami’s elbow!! Is that bulge a dislocation!? Looks like the Irish Ace just did The Prince a favor by taking out one of the Judgment Day’s three enemies! What chance do Cody and Seth have now?


Otis w/ Maxxine Dupri VS Ludwig Kaiser w/ Giovanni Vinci!

We already saw Master Coach Gable represent for the Alpha Academy and the Northern Midwest, now it’s time for his number one guy to do the same! Will this tree trunk fall on the Impeccable German? Or will Ludwig say NEIN to an Alpha Sweep in Minneapolis?

The bell rings and Otis fires up as he circles with Ludwig. Ludwig waves hi to Maxxine but she says ew. Otis and Ludwig tie up, Otis puts Ludwig in a corner, and then Otis lets off. Ludwig kicks low, fires off haymakers, then throws hands. But Otis just absorbs them and pumps up! Ludwig throws more haymakers but fans fire up as Otis just keeps taking them! Otis fires up again but Ludwig headlocks. Otis powers out and runs Ludwig over again! Then scoops and SLAMS! Fans fire up and Otis runs in, but Ludwig dodges, and Otis POSTS himself! Maxxine is worried but Ludwig winks at her.

Ludwig runs to PENALTY KICK! Just in time for the Premier League even. Ludwig makes sure Maxxine watches as he throws down hands! And then digs his elbow in, before he ELBOWS Otis down! Ludwig continues to flirt with Maxxine but she tells him to watch himself. They argue, the ref wants Maxxine to hop down. Otis storms up to fire off hands! Fans fire up and Otis whips Ludwig into the corner! Otis scoops and then hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Then he runs in to SPLASH at the corner! Maxxine loves what she sees, because now Ludwig is down, and OFF COMES THE SHIRT! Otis powers up but Vinci gets on the apron!

Otis CLOBBERS Vinci, then hauls him up for a BIG suplex! Fans fire up, but GUNTHER runs in! The ref is busy with Vinci, so Gunther BOOTS Otis and Ludwig ENZIGURIS! Fans boo as Ludwig covers, and Ludwig wins!

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser, by pinfall

Maxxine is stunned that all of Imperium would be needed to deal with Otis! But then Imperium beats up on Otis! Fans boo more and Maxxine can’t do anything, but HERE COME’S GABLE! Gable runs in, Imperium runs away! Or is it just a tactical retreat? Gunther smirks, but fans are fired up behind Gable. Will the American Olympiad make sure Der Ring General pays for this?


Backstage at the Trainer’s Room.

Jackie Redmond is waiting on an update on Sami’s status. Cody and Seth both step out of the room and she says they’re still expected to compete in tonight’s main event. But how can they have a Six Man Tag after what just happened? Is Sami going to be able to go? Both men want to talk, but Cody allows Seth to take this while he prepares. Seth sighs and then tells us that Sami wants to go, but the doctors won’t clear him. It is 2v3 now, and as far as Seth is concerned, he doesn’t know if he can trust Cody. It might as well be 3v1. But then Nakamura steps in. He knows what happened tonight was bad. If Rollins needs help, he can step in.

Rollins says okay, sure. Shinsuke, there is a lot of respect here. Let’s ride! They shake hands, and now the King of Strong Style steps in! But is Nakamura really someone Rollins can trust more than Cody?


The Miz heads to the ring!

Minneapolis is fairly neutral for the Hollywood A-Lister from Ohio. But either way, Miz is here and he’s going to speak his mind. We hear what he has to say, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz asks, “Am I missing something? Is something going over my head?” Miz asks what happened to showing industry leaders like him the proper respect? He comes here to Raw, HIS show, to find a guy who all the fans suddenly just absolutely love in LA Knight–fans add “YEAH!”–taking priority over Miz! MIZ! Miz is a veteran, a locker room leader, and when he first got here a very long time ago, he was taught respect. When you get in the locker room, you introduce yourselves, shake hands of the superstars that have paved the way that have allowed you to step into this ring!

But LA Knight threw Miz out in the battle royal from behind! He did not introduce himself to Miz nor did he shake Miz’s hand! “I am sick and tired of the lack of respect from the so-called crop of new talent we-” LA KNIGHT WALKS OUT! Fans go nuts as Knight goes right to the ring. Knight gets a mic now, and fans cheer him on. “Lemme talk to ya!” Fans cheer again, and Knight says he felt we got a great introduction in the battle royal. But if that wasn’t good for ya, he’ll introduce himself, with everybody saying, “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” Knight holds out his hand, but Miz says no. Fans boo but Miz says Knight doesn’t deserve the handshake.

You don’t think Miz has seen superstars like Night come into the WWE and ride his coattails? As Miz sees it, if you take away things from The Miz, from his success, fame, money, his hot wife Maryse, every ounce of charisma that he has, and what do you get? LA KNIGHT! Knight is a flash in the pan, a flavor of the month! Now, don’t get Miz wrong. All the fans love you right now, and maybe for the rest of the year. They will buy your shirts because they think you’re “it.” But Knight is just an Attitude Era fanboy playing pretend in MIZ’S ring! Fans boo and even chant “TINY BALLS! TINY BALLS!”

Knight says okay, no handshake. Then to be honest, Knight has no problem with Miz. But trust him when he says, Miz does not wanna make this personal. Personal? Oh, you wanna talk personal? Miz takes his career very personally! He has for almost 20 YEARS. He took it personal when he first got here and said people would be gone after three months! He took it personal when he was kicked out of the locker room! He still takes it personal to this day, even though he’s main-evented WrestleMania, is a TWO-TIME WWE Grand Slam Champion, and has made himself indestructible to anyone in that locker room or anything out here, for 20 YEARS!

What has Knight done the last 20 years?!? Fans do cheer Miz’s fire, but then Knight takes off the sunglasses. Knight says, “Personal it is. What have I been doing the last 20 years? That’s a great question.” Knight has been making himself into “a dangerous man.” What does that mean? He’ll tell ya what that means. He has scratched, clawed, and done everything he has needed to, on the outside looking in the entire time the WWE has bet on the wrong horses, Miz being one of ’em! Meanwhile, this thoroughbred has been running a parallel path, albeit a little more rocky, just looking for his opening.

And here Miz is with a 20 year head start. And y’know why Miz got that head start? Because he was “safe.” Y’know what that means? “They” knew that when Miz came in, “they” could smack him around, kick him outta the locker room, and what’d Miz do about it? He TOOK it. The line on Knight has always been, “We’re not ready to take a chance on you yet.” And y’know what that is? Cuz Knight is a dangerous man! They knew that if Knight came in here, they wanna smack him around? NAH NAH! Papa don’t take no mess! He is not to be messed with! That is the difference between Knight and The Miz.

But with all that said, STILL, Miz became every single champion he could, many times over, and good on him. Knight hasn’t been there yet. But here he is on the climb, and Miz’s career is in the damn toilet! Fans do start cheering for Miz and Knight says Miz gained a couple. Good for him. But hey, if Miz is making this personal, then Knight doesn’t mind making him a stepping stone. STEPPING STONE?! Oh don’t get hot, he’s not talking about Miz’s little ones down there. Knight is talking about him, stepping over Miz, to get to the main event. Miz IS the main event! And Knight is not on his level!!

Knight says that’s a really interesting theory. Because Knight is looking Miz dead in the eye. If Knight isn’t on Miz’s level, prove him wrong, cuz he ain’t going anywhere. The mics drop, and Miz throws off his jacket! Fans fire up as the two stare down, but Knight’s waiting. Fans are fired up for “L A KNIGHT! L A KNIGHT!” and Miz picks up his jacket. Fans boo, but Miz throws the jacket at Knight! Then he fires off shots! Fans boo more as Miz gets the cheap shots in on Knight, then hauls him up to a full nelson! SKULL- NO, Knight slips free to B F T!! Knight shakes Miz’s hand now, “YEAH!” Will the Mega Star shine brighter than the A-Lister ever did?


The Viking Raiders speak.

Erik & Ivar introduce the trio, and Sarah Logan says, “After a vicious and glorious campaign, the gods again call to us.” Erik says the gods call, and Ivar says they answer. Under the light, they challenge anyone who wishes to do battle and be sacrificed! It is an open challenge, who will willingly take on the raid?

The Viking Raiders w/ Sarah Logan VS ???

Raw returns and we await the challengers. THE NEW DAY!? Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston are back! Minneapolis is fired up for the Power of Positivity’s return, will they be able to deny the Vikings their Ragnarök?

The teams sort out, Woods starts against Erik, and Woods CHOPS! And UPPERCUTS! And CHOPS again! Woods forearm smashes, tags to Kofi, and then feeds Erik to a GAMANGIRI! Kofi gets in, Woods hits a BIG back suplex, then Kofi FLYING SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Tag back to Woods, PENALTY KICK to SLIDING LARIAT to IMPLODER SPLASH! Woods adds the ELBOW DROP, then covers, TWO! Fans chant “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” as Woods brings Erik up. Erik shoves him away but Woods mule kicks! Woods goes up but Sarah distracts! Erik runs in, Woods leaps over, but Erik CLOBBERS him!

Tag to Ivar, and Erik TOSSES Kofi into the ring! Ivar SPIN HEEL KICKS! Erik gets Woods for a SPINEBUSTER! Ivar goes up top, to WARBEARD SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?! Woods survives and Ivar is furious! Ivar drags Woods up, ROCKS him, then tags in Erik. The Vikings mug Woods against the ropes, but the ref counts. The Vikings let off and Sarah howls but fans boo. Erik tags back to Ivar, and Ivar drops a fist! Ivar grinds his forearm in Woods’ face, but lets off as the ref counts. Ivar has Woods in a corner, knees him low, then puts him in the corner. Tag to Erik, and they feed Woods to another knee! Erik then SLIDING KNEES Woods down! Cover, TWO!

Erik drags Woods around, chinlocks and he grinds Woods down. Fans rally, Woods fights up, and Woods arm-drags free! Erik runs in and whips Woods away. Woods goes to the apron, he ELBOWS Ivar and RAMS into Woods, GET OVER HERE DDT! Fans fire up as Woods crawls, as does Erik. Hot tags to Ivar and Kofi! Kofi FLYING AX HANDLES! And DOUBLE CHOPS! And DOUBLE CHOPS again! Kofi DROPKICKS, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to LEAPING LARIAT! Fans fire up and Kofi runs in to SPLASH in the corner! Kofi whips, Ivar reverses, Kofi goes up to CROSSBODY! Fans fire up for Kofi’s NEW~ DAY~ BOOM DROP!

Kofi fires up with the fans and he aims from a corner. They clap along, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Kofi spins, but Ivar ducks the Trouble! Kofi ducks the spin kick! SOS!! Cover, TWO!! Ivar staggers up to a corner, Kofi runs in, but into a SEATED SENTON! Tag to Erik, Ivar SPLASHES! Then snapmare to Ace Ten Mao! Cover, TWO! Ivar hurries back to the corner, tags back in, and the Vikings get Kofi up. Feed to Erik’s pop-up, but Kofi RANAS Erik! Kofi HEEL KICKS Ivar! Ivar wobbles, tag to Woods! Kofi and Woods go to a corner, Ivar stands up into TROUBLE IN PARADISE! And then Kofi FLIES to take out Erik! Woods hits the LIMIT BREAKER!! Cover, New Day Wins!

Winners: The New Day, by pinfall

Kofi & Woods are back in action and back in the win column! Will one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history return to the top of the WWE Tag Team Division?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

Byron appreciates The Man taking this time, as a week from tonight is finally the 1v1 match with Trish Stratus, no Zoey Stark. But then Shayna walks over. First off, she didn’t need Becky’s help tonight or ever. Yeah, got it. And then second, now that Shayna has cleared out Ronda, she has a whole list of scores to settle. And that means she’ll be after The Man sooner or later. Well Becky ain’t hard to find. And she looks forward to it. Shayna heads out, will Becky hop from one big time feud to another after next week?


The New Day celebrates backstage.

Jackie Redmond is there to interview them but they ask who she is. Oh, she’s Jackie, she works here now. Just wanted to say congrats. Aw she doesn’t even have to ask. They know she wants to know how it feels to be back. It feels GOOOOOOOD~! The Viking Raiders said they were gonna make a sacrifice to their gods, what? What? But did they forget that the New Day are the GODS OF THE TAG DIVISION, BABYYY~! Obviously, Jackie has seen what’s going on with The Street Profits now, and the Usos breaking up? What is that?! The New Day is gonna inject some positivity back into this place! They are back to do what they do best, and that is become your…

Oh, Jackie, you can join in if you want. Oh, okay! W! W! E! WORLD! TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIONS~! And do you know why? Why? BECAAAAAAUSE~! NEW! DAY ROCKS! NEW! DAY ROCKS! Nice to meet you, Jackie.



TMZ had it first that sadly, Sonya Deville suffers a torn ACL and is out indefinitely. We all hope her a speed recovery, but sadly, that also means she and Chelsea Green will have to vacate the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. What will be the fate of these titles now?


Six Man Tag: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & Shinsuke Nakamura VS The Judgment Day w/ Rhea Ripley!

The American Nightmare and the Visionary promised Sami Zayn they would stay on the same page to rid Raw of their common enemy. But in some odd favor to Finn, JD McDonagh made sure Sami could not fight tonight! Will the King of Strong Style still be a team player? And what of the dysfunction on the other side? Will Finn and Priest hold it together to get the better of the World Heavyweight Champion?

Speaking of world champions, Raquel Rodriguez BLINDSIDES Rhea!! Fans fire up as Big Mami Cool RAMS Mami Rhea into railing! And rains down fists! Dom can only watch as his Mami gets beat down! Refs and producers rush out to get Raquel away from Rhea, but Rhea also wants after Raquel! They brawl at the ramp! Now even Indi and Candice have to rush out to stop Raquel! But Rhea gets loose again, and she TOSSES Indi aside! And TOSSES Candice! Then she DECKS Raquel and rains down fists! But then Candice SPEARS Rhea!! The brawl is getting even wilder, more officials are needed to separate them all! The chaos continues, but Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and the brawling is over, so now Cody makes his entrance, “WHOA~ OH~!” Then Nakamura makes his entrance and fans even sing along with his song. And of course, fans sing along with Rollins’ song as he makes his entrance, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” The trios then sort out and after a bit of discussion, Nakamura steps up for his team against Finn. But then Priest tags in? Finn is confused but Priest says it’s no big deal. So then Dom tags in and he has everybody calm down. The fans boo, Finn and Priest accept, and Dom turns around, into a strike fest! Nakamura throws Dom down, and gives him BAD VIBRATIONS! Then a knee drop! Cover, TWO!

Nakamura stalks Dom to ropes, whips him, but Dom holds ropes and bails out with Priest’s help. Nakamura says “C’MON~!” Fans fire up while Judgment Day cools off, and Raw goes picture in picture.

Nakamura eggs Dom on, Finn and Priest give Dom a pep talk, and they all go back to the corner. Dom slides in, circles with Nakamura, but Dom hears the fans booing. The two circle more, then Dom tags out to Finn. Finn runs in but Nakamura fires knees! Finn puts Nakamura in a corner and fires off hands! The ref counts, Finn lets off, and he soaks up the heat. Finn storms back up to throw hands but Nakamura gives those back! And then he puts Finn up top, for a TOP SHELF KNEE! Tag to Cody and Cody throws hands. Cody wrenches, whips, and kitchen sink knees! Finn flounders, wants mercy, but Cody just wrenches his arm!

Cody twists the wrist, and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Cody wrenches again, considers his options, and tags Nakamura. They mug Finn, and Nakamura wrenches the arm to WRING Finn out! Nakamura brings Finn back up, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Finn rolls through a sunset flip to dropkick Nakamura down! Cover, TWO! Finn storms up on Nakamura, brings him up and facelocks, but he considers his options. Priest reaches a hand out, so Finn tags him in. They double whip and mule kick, front kick and ROUNDHOUSE, to then SCISSOR KICK Nakamura down! Priest drags Nakamura up, and he wraps on a SLEEPER! Fans rally, Nakamura fights, but Priest drags Nakamura down with a chinlock. Nakamura fights up, throws body shots, but Priest ROCKS him! Nakamura goes to the corner, Priest runs in, STAGE DIVE ELBOW!

Tag to Finn, Rhea says teamwork makes the dream work. Tag to Dom and he slingshot SENTONS! Fans boo but Dom tags to Finn. Finn tags Priest, and they get Nakamura up, BACKBREAKER LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO! Rhea makes sure everyone sees this. Fans rally for Nakamura but Priest waits on him. Choke grip, SOUTH OF- NO, Nakamura knees free! Priest blocks a kick but Nakamura ENZIGURIS! Hot tag to Rollins! Rollins dodges Priest, DECKS Finn, DECKS Dom, then BOOTS Priest! Rollins goes up, leaps over Priest and he SLINGBLADES on the return! Rollins suplexes but Priest fights it!

Rollins keeps trying, but Priest suplexes Rollins! Rollins turns it around to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Rollins watches Priest bail out, and he builds speed. Rollins DIVES and sends Priest into the desk! Rollins puts Priest back in, hurries to DIVE onto Finn! Finn hits barriers! Rollins springboards in to FLYING- HAYMAKER from Priest! And then FLATLINER! Priest drags Rollins up, TOSSES him out, and tags in Finn! Finn aims, and SHOTGUNS Rollins into barriers! The Judgment Day is standing tall as Raw goes picture in picture again.

The Judgment Day soaks up the heat, Finn and Priest fist bump, and then Finn puts Rollins in. Finn drags Rollins around to have an armlock and he grinds Rollins down. Rollins endures, fans rally up, and Rollins fights up. Rollins hits a JAWBREAKER! But Finn keeps him from the corner to put on a COBRA TWIST! Rollins endures, even as Finn digs an elbow into Rollins’ ribs. Fans rally, Rollins powers up and hip tosses free! Both men are down, they crawl for their corners, hot tag to Priest and he stops Rollins with a facelock! Priest CLUBS Rollins down, then soaks up the heat. Fans give thumbs down but Rhea smiles.

Priest drags Rollins up, ROCKS him with a right, then JABS away in the corner! And then UPPERCUTS! Priest argues with the ref, which allows Finn and Dom dig in their boots! Cody and Nakamura protest but Priest drags Rollins up. Priest waves at Cody, then UPPERCUTS Rollins! Rollins falls against the ropes, Priest mocks Nakamura. Priest then whips Rollins away, but Rollins kicks him back! Rollins hurries but Priest keeps him from the corner! Rollins ROCKS Priest with forearms but Priest holds on! Priest wrenches, hammerlocks, and then PEPSI TWISTS! Cover, TWO Rollins survives and Rhea is furious!

Tag to Dom and Dom stomps away on Rollins. Rollins goes to ropes, Dom CHOKES him! The ref counts and Raw returns to single picture again. Dom lets off, Mami gets a shot in! Rhea says they’re too smart for you all. Dom snap suplexes Rollins, Uno Amigo! And then another snap suplex, Dos Amigos! And then some Latino Heat before he sucker punches Nakamura! But Rollins LARIATS Dom for it! Rhea is shocked and fans are thunderous! Hot tags to Finn, and with no one else to choose, Rollins tags Cody! Cody runs in to rally on Judgment Day! Cody kicks, drops, RHODES UPPERCUT! Finn staggers around, runs in, but Cody goes up and over!

Finn hits buckles, Cody springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER for Priest! Finn runs back in, but into a POWERSLAM! Fans are thunderous behind Cody, and he drags Finn into the draogn sleeper! Finn spins it around! But Cody drpos to kick back! Cody then springboard, but Finn catches him! EYE OF THE HURRICANE! Cover, TWO! Cody is still in this but Finn aims from a corner. Finn runs in, but Cody SUPERKICKS! And then springboards, CODY CUTTER! Cover, Dom breaks it! Fans boo, Nakamura runs in, Dom ducks the roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK! Priest KICKS Nakamura down!

Rollins CLOBBERS Priest out of the ring! And then builds speed, but Finn clotheslines Rollins out! Cody gets Finn but Rhea distracts! BRIEFCASE SHOT by Priest! Finn takes the briefcase, but SAMI GOES AFTER PRIEST?! One arm and all, Sami still TOSSES Priest over the desk! But Finn is still aimed at Cody! But Rollins SUPERKICKS the briefcase into Finn’s face!! Rollins helped Cody, Cody drags Finn up to the CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody’s team wins!!

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins & Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

Sami helped his friends out after all as the Judgment Day’s trickery all fell apart! Fans sing along again, “WHOA~ OH!” Rollins and Cody shake hands with Sami and Nakamura, but not with each other. Cody says they won, Rollins should be happy about that. Sami has everyone cool off, and he raises their hands in victory. Then Rollins shakes Cody’s hand! Fans fire up and this dysfunctional dream team celebrates together! But then Nakamura KINSHASAS Rollins!!! The King of Strong Style was the real snake in the grass all along! Sami and Cody are shocked, but we all know what this is about. Will Rollins and Nakamura soon fight over that World Heavyweight Championship?

My Thoughts:

This was an awesome Raw to follow SummerSlam! And as soon as they said it was commercial free the first hour, and there was also uses of picture in picture, you knew this was gonna be good stuff. And they did an amazing job of weaving stories together the entire night, too. Just an awesome Fatal 4 Way match, Gable winning was the right choice in this moment. And then great tie-in to making a match of Otis VS Ludwig, with now this sub plot of Ludwig trying to charm Maxxine to Imperium. That isn’t working, so of course Ludwig and Imperium had to go and screw Otis over. I would love Alpha Academy VS Ludwig & Vinci as part of the build to Gunther VS Gable for the Intercontinental Championship at Payback.

Awesome promo stuff from Miz and Knight, no pun intended. Fans love it when Miz gets fired up like that, bringing up his accolades, and Knight had a great response. He of course couldn’t/wouldn’t name the things he did and the places he’s been before reaching WWE (Impact, NWA, and all the little things WWE had him do as an extra), but we all know the story of Knight’s journey. While Knight is on SmackDown, he was here on Raw I think just to take advantage of this opportunity. And I would love if Miz goes to SmackDown to return the favor. Miz VS Knight could be an awesome match for Payback while Knight waits on his title opportunities.

New Day returning off a random Viking Raiders open challenge was great, we’ve all been missing Kofi & Woods. They brought up SmackDown teams, though, but I guess those were the only examples of team dysfunction or Heel turns they could use. Sami himself said the Undisputed Tag Titles are in jeopardy, a tournament could be started and New Day could get in on that and then go between all brands, hence why they named SmackDown teams. And speaking of tag titles, it is starting to feel like the Women’s Tag titles have been cursed by a voodoo witch doctor doing the bidding of those who don’t care about women’s wrestling. Sonya Deville goes down with a real injury, another new team will have to be crowned, and who knows what will happen to that team.

Great promo from Becky, and a good one from Shayna, with decent input from Stark. Stark still needs to work on promos but the match she had with Shayna was great stuff. Shayna gets a great win here to keep her momentum going, and she even has a good promo with Becky backstage putting her on notice. I would think Becky wins next week, and she and Shayna can battle to see who goes after the title next. And we know Raquel, with her mostly kayfabe injury, is going to get at Rhea first after the great brawl that happened. Candice and Indi joining in, they probably end up in matches with Rhea for her to build momentum going into that title match.

Which of course leads to all the amazing things we got out of Judgment Day’s story and the World Heavyweight Championship story. Great promo from Cody that then brought in Seth Rollins that then brought out Judgment Day. Cody and Rollins returning their feud feels like a clear direction for Raw but they’re making sure to hold off on it until a little closer to WrestleMania season. I really like that JD McDonagh was brought back into the Judgment Day story, this will be a pivotal turning point in the tension between Finn and Priest. Nakamura VS Bronson was a great match for Nakamura to settle that feud, and then his promo turning into McDonagh attacking Sami was really clever.

Nakamura offering to join the main event was so suspicious, of course something like what we got at the end was gonna happen. The main event was awesome, so Nakamura attacking was a great shock ending. Rollins VS Nakamura is going to be great, and y’know what? I bet that is when Priest finally gets his cash-in off. Whether or not he succeeds is uncertain, but Judgment Day won’t have dysfunction over it since they are screwing over Rollins or Nakamura, not one of their own.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/1/23)

SmackDown hears voices!



The Viper is here for The Bloodline!

He returned at WarGames, he returned to Monday Night Raw, and now, The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, returns to Friday Night SmackDown! Will he be able to strike at The Bloodline tonight?


  • Kevin Owens VS Grayson Waller; wins.


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (12/1/23)

A Block, round 5!



Will it be Chaos for the Reiwa Musketeers?

Shota Umino & Ren Narita are just outside the top spot in A Block, can they take over and truly lead NJPW’s future in World Tag League?


  • Six Man Tag: El Phantasmo, Hikuleo & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Tiger Mask, Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Just5Guys win.
  • Six Man Tag: Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Ryusuke Taguchi, Lance Archer & Alex Zayne;  Wato, Nagata & Suzuki win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Yoh, Bishamon & Boltin Oleg VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Yoh, Bishamon & Oleg win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Evil & Yujiro win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa; TMDK wins.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin; Kidd & Coughlin win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Yano & Ishii win.


Here are the current A Block standings.

TMDK: 3-1, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-1, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-2, 4 points
War Dogs: 2-2, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-2, 4 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-2, 4 points
The House of Torture: 1-3, 2 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-3, 2 points


2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ The House of Torture!

Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona finally got on the board, beating the War Dogs. Meanwhile, the House of Torture is falling apart as they just keep losing! Will the Gates slam shut on them, too? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp find a way to lie, cheat and steal a win once again?

Wait, the Gates are coming out wearing House of Torture shirts? And then they wait for the House to make their entrance? Is this a sign that they’ve become allies? Dick Togo, Sho, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and of course Evil & Yujiro all come out together and they seem pretty chummy with the Gates. All seven go to the ring now, and this is a rather interesting development. Did Prince Nana approve this deal? Everyone shakes hands and “put one out” so clearly there’s something to this. They even pose for photos! But then Kaun & Liona quickly and quietly TOSS Sho & Kanemaru, then they TOSS Dick! Yujiro & Evil don’t understand!

Kaun & Liona throw forearms, the bell rings and the Gates whip Evil & Yujiro. Yujiro & Evil hold ropes to then BOOT in return! But they run into double scoop SLAMS! The Gates tear off the House of Torture shirts, and Liona even wipes his butt with it! Evil & Yujiro are in opposite corners, Kaun runs in to ELBOW Yujiro and Liona SPLASHES Evil! Then the Gates trade, ELBOW for Evil and SPLASH for Yujiro! And back the other way! Fans fire up as the Gates tricked the tricksters! They fire each other up, and Kaun sends Liona into SPLASH Evil! The fans rally up, the Gates run in to SPLASH SANDWICH Evil!

Liona stands Evil back up, he and Kaun OPEN- NO, Yujiro saves Evil and they bail out. The House falls back, daring the Gates to come out after them. The Gates storm out after them, but going all the way to the entrance is suspicious. Sho & Kanemaru attack from behind with chairs! Fans boo as Dick distracts the ref so that the House can mug the Gates! Sho CHOKES Liona with his chair, but Liona bench presses it away! Yujiro helps Sho while Evil drags Kaun around, to RAM into the timekeeper’s area! Poor Abe-san! The fans boo but Evil gets on the mic to basically say this is what they get for messing with the House!

Yujiro SMACKS Liona off the timekeeper’s table, but Liona roars! So Yujiro POSTS Liona to knock him down! Evil drags Kaun up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally up. Evil CLUBS Kaun, CLUBS him again, and calls to the ref. Marty Asami returns and Evil stomps Kaun. Evil drags Kaun up, wrenches the arm and tags in Yujiro. Yujiro CLUBS Kaun’s arm, then reels him in to snapmare and ROCK with a haymaker. Yujiro looms over Kaun to rain down more fists but the ref reprimands. No closed fists! So Yujiro fishhooks Kaun’s nose! Yujiro sits Kaun up to run and basement BOOT! Cover, ONE!!

Yujiro is annoyed but he drags Kaun back up. Yujiro wrenches, wristlocks, and he CLUBS the arm. And stomps it! Kaun clutches the arm, it is taped up from that fight with the War Dogs. Yujiro wraps the arm around ropes! The ref counts, Yujiro lets off at 4 but the House all complains. Tag to Evil and he throws his shirt at Liona. Now the ref has to keep Liona out, and Evil throws Kaun out for the boys to stomp away on! Fans boo these vultures, but then Sho puts Kaun back in for Evil. Cover, TWO! Evil argues with the ref but the fans rally up. Evil tags Yujiro then runs to BLAST Liona! Liona stays up and roars, so Evil pokes him in the eyes!

Evil and Yujiro drag Kaun up, whip him to a corner, and Yujiro runs in but into Kaun’s BOOT! Kaun catches Evil for an URENAGE! Then Kaun uses Evil as a step to SHOTGUN Yujiro! Fans fire up while they’re all done, and Kaun crawls over. Hot tag to Liona! Liona rallies on Yujiro, BOOTS him, then catches Evil for a spin and LARIAT! Fans fire up more and Liona has targets in opposite corners. Liona roars, then SPLASHES Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! SPLASH for Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! Liona just keeps going, then he whips Evil into Yujiro! Fans fire up with Liona, and he runs back in, but both Yujiro and Evil dodge!

Yujiro & Evil kick low, double whip to ropes, but Liona breaks the line to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up again and Liona roars for Kaun! Kaun rises and tags in, and the Gates get Yujiro up! But Yujiro moves, the double lariats collide! Kaun hurries to grab a leg but Yujiro BOOTS Kaun into Liona! Evil tags in and he storms up to CLUB Kaun! Evil stomps Kaun, Yujiro joins in, and the ref reprimands. Yujiro drags Kaun to a corner, he and Evil double whip Kaun corner to corner. Yujiro runs in to BOOT! Evil runs in to clothesline! Snapmare and then they set Kaun up while Sho distracts! Dick hops up, DICK CHOP!!

Fans boo as Evil covers, TWO!! Kaun survives and the fans fire up again! Evil slashes his throat, drags Kaun up, and spins him around, but Liona is back! HELL STAB! Then a HEADBUTT for Yujiro! Liona & Kaun BLAST Dick & Sho off the apron! The fans fire up as now Evil is alone! Kaun & Liona high five and LARIAT SANDWICH! They roar again and they get Evil up. HEAVEN’S GATES!! Cover, but Dick YANKS the ref out!! Fans boo, but Yujiro slips back in to CLUB the Gates! Kaun ROCKS Yujiro in return! Kaun & Liona set Evil & Yujiro up, but they block double low blows! Kanemaru and Sho get in, they DOUBLE LOW BLOW!!

Fans boo as the House stomps away on the Gates! Yujiro has his cane, Dick has the Spoiler Choker. Liona shoves Sho aside but gets the CANE SHOT! Dick CHOKES Kaun, Kanemaru gives him WHISKEY MIST! And then Sho CLOBBERS Kaun with his wrench! Dick gets the ref back in as Evil hits EVERYTHING IS EVIL on Kaun!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Evil & Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; The Gates of Agony earn 0)

Kaun & Liona lured the House in, but one good trick wasn’t enough to beat the numbers game. The House even mugs the Young Lions trying to help The Gates! Will this be the beginning of the most unwanted comeback in World Tag League history?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK w/ Kosei Fujita VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa!

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls did fall for the trickery of Toru Yano. Will TMDK be able to rebound and stay at the top of the block? Or will the Green Supernova and his protege still #CreateTheFuture?

The teams sort out and Mad Mikey starts against Oiwa. They tie up, fans rally up, and Oiwa pushes Mikey back, only for Mikey to put him on ropes. Mikey lets off but shoves Oiwa. Oiwa shoves back! They go forehead to forehead, then forearm for forearm! Mikey claws eyes, headlocks, and brings Oiwa over. Shane tags in, Oiwa gets away, and then Oiwa arm-drags Mikey! Shane runs in, but into an arm-drag! Oiwa wrenches and whips Shane to ropes, Kaito joins in so they can DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! And then DOUBLE DROPKICK! The fans fire and Oiwa has Shane in a corner. Shane throws a chop, but Oiwa stomps and ROCKS Shane in return.

Oiwa drags Shane up to wrench and wristlock, then he scoops to POWERSLAM! Oiwa runs, but Shane gets up to DROPKICK back! Shane puts Oiwa on ropes, stomps away, and then BLASTS Kaito! Mikey smothers Oiwa on the apron, lets off before he gets caught, and then Shane slides to SHOVE Oiwa to the floor! The ref has to keep Kaito back, so that lets Mikey stomp Oiwa. Mikey puts Oiwa in, Shane covers, TWO! Shane drags Oiwa up, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mikey and he CHOPS! Fans rally, Mikey eggs Oiwa on then CHOPS him again! Mikey ROCKS Oiwa, Oiwa ROCKS Mikey!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey but Mikey ROCKS him right back! And CHOPS him right down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but Mikey sits Oiwa up and runs. Oiwa avoids the sliding lariat! Mikey hobbles up, throws a forearm but Oiwa throws back a flurry! Mikey fires a flurry of his own! Mikey runs, into an UPPERCUT! Oiwa runs and ROLLING ELBOWS Mikey down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Kaito! Kaito rallies on TMDK, whips Mikey and DROPKICKS him down! Shane kicks and runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up again and Kaito whips corner to corner. Mikey reverses but Kaito comes back to NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up again as Kaito drags Mikey up and reels him in. Mikey fights the suplex, but Kaito fires forearms! Kaito reels Mikey in but Mikey suplexes! Kaito slips free, ducks Mikey’s elbow, but Mikey DDTS! Fans fire up while both men are down, Mikey crawls to hot tag Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS again and again on Kaito, whips him to a corner then BLASTS Oiwa before he UPPERCUTS Kaito! Shane keeps moving, CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Hysterical Haste and he drags Kaito up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Kaito survives and fans rally up. Shane calls his shot and he drags Kaito back up to reel him in.

Shane underhooks the arms, lifts, but Kaito fights free to chicken wing! Shane fights that to ROCK Kaito! Shane eggs Kaito on then UPPERCUTS him! Kaito comes back to UPPERCUT Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS Kaito! Kaito grits his teeth and shakes his head. Kaito UPPERCUTS, Shane UPPERCUTS, repeat! Fans rally, Shane gets the edge with UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Kaito rebounds to RUNNING UPPERCUT! Both men are down again, and the fans fire up! Shane crawls to an open corner, Kaito crawls to hot tag Oiwa! Oiwa runs in to forearm smash, then he whips Shane corner to corner. Oiwa runs in to DROPKICK!

Fans rally up again as Oiwa clamps on a gut wrench, for a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa drags Shane up again, GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa isn’t done, he drags Shane up for a GUT WRENCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Oiwa BLASTS Mikey and Kaito slides in. They double whip Shane, then Kaito sends Oiwa in to ELBOW! Kaito runs in to forearm! Feed to the SPIN POWERSLAM! Cover, Mikey breaks it! Kaito TOSSES Mikey and Oiwa fires up! Oiwa drags Shane up in a waistlock but Mikey makes the save! Mikey CHOPS and Shane LARIATS! They coordinate, fireman’s carry, HIGHWAY TO HELL! Cover, Kaito breaks it!

The fans fire up again but Mikey tosses Kaito out. Shane kicks Oiwa around, eggs him on, but Oiwa sits up. Kaito gives more kicks, and a boot! Shane aims from a corner, runs in, but Oiwa dodges the Shane-ing Wizard to single leg, ANACONDA SUPLEX! Shane staggers back up, Oiwa gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Mikey sweeps Oiwa’s legs! Mikey whips, Oiwa reverses and DROPKICKS! Oiwa calls to Kaito and he returns. They get Shane up and fans fire up with them. Oiwa Electric Chair Lifts while Kaito climbs. But Shane victory rolls under the crossbody! TWO!! Mikey catches Kaito for a MIKEY BOMB!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey and DOUBLE CHOPS! But Shane SUPERKICKS! Mikey scoops, TANK BUSTER!! Cover, TMDK wins!!

Winner: TMDK, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kaito & Oiwa earn 0)

A powerful battle from both teams, but only one team was mighty! Will Shane & Mikey still be the A Block finalists


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare w/ Callum Newman VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin!

The Dominator & Face of Fury are holding on at 2-2, but so are #WarReady and the Dreadnought! Will the United Empire conquer these War Dogs and stay strong? Or will Kidd & Coughlin win won for the Rebel?

But of course the War Dogs attack at the ramp! But the Empire is ready, and Khan JAMS Kidd with his banner’s staff! Henare fires hands on Coughlin, HEADBUTTS him, and Khan CHOKES Kidd with the staff! Khan throws Kidd down, Henare CLUBS away on Coughlin, and the Empire gets the Dogs set up for Callum! Callum FLIES! Direct hit and he even lands on his feet! Fans fire up with the Empire and they throw the crowns up. Khan CLUBS Kidd, Henare LASHES Coughlin with his vest, and then Khan whips Kidd hard into railing! Red Shoes says fine then, and the bell rings to get this on record.

Fans cheer while Henare puts Coughlin in and throws forearms. Henare runs to then run Coughlin over! Fans cheer more, and Henare aims. Henare KICKS Coughlin in the back! And KICKS him again! Henare snapmares Coughlin to KICK him again! Then he SENTONS onto knees! Coughlin deadlifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Coughlin stomps Henare while Kidd whips Khan hard into railing, sending him up and out! Kidd then drags Khan to the back area of the stands, and whips him all the way into a wall! Coughlin digs his boots into Henare in a corner, then his knee. Red Shoes reprimands and Coughlin lets off.

Kidd and Khan keep brawling in the back as Coughlin CHOPS Henare! Coughlin whips Henare corner to corner then clotheslines! Coughlin then scoops Henare, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Henare tumbles and writhes while fans applaud the show of strength. Coughlin covers, TWO! Tag to Kidd, and the War Dogs get Henare up. Coughlin holds the arms back so Kidd can CHOP Henare! And CHOP again! Kidd then stands on Henare’s head but Red Shoes reprimands. Kidd steps off to storm around. Kidd mockingly asks where Will Ospreay went. Kidd says he’s beating up Ospreay’s boys like they’re his b*tches!

Kidd DECKS Henare, then digs his knee in again. Tag to Coughlin, he drags Henare up, and says “Knock knock” as he taps Henare on the head. Henare snarls but Coughlin SLAPS him down! Coughlin says Henare’s supposed to respond, “Who’s there.” Coughlin kneels on Henare but Khan knocks him over! The War Dogs mug Khan, Kidd drags him out of the ring, then whips him hard into railing! Kidd even DECKS Callum for the hell of it! Fans boo but Kidd says he’s a madman! Coughlin stomps Henare, drags him up, and RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Kidd and Kidd RAMS into Henare. Kidd then snapmares Henare to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Khan runs back in but Kidd DECKS him! Kidd drags Khan up to throw him out, and Coughlin hauls him up to whip hard into more railing! Kidd storms around, kicks Henare, but Henare grits his teeth. Kidd eggs Henare on, kicks again, but Henare blocks! Henare steps over to WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare crawls, Khan drags himself up! But Coughlin runs in to BLAST Khan off the apron! Coughlin then goes out to stomp on Khan, and Kidd CLUBS Henare. Coughlin sends Khan into railing again! Kidd drags Henare up, ROCKS him, then bumps him off buckles. But Henare just growls!

Kidd bumps Henare off more buckles, but Henare just headbutts the buckles! Kidd eggs Henare on, CHOPS him, then whips him. But Henare reverses to SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Henare crawls for his corner. Hot tag- NO, Coughlin YANKS Khan down! Red Shoes reprimands, Coughlin whips, but Khan reverses to send him into railing! And then Khan BOOTS Coughlin down! The fans fire up, hot tag to Khan! Khan runs Kidd over, whips him to a corner and clotheslines! Then torture rack and swing, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kidd is still in this but the fans rally behind Khan. Khan sits Kidd up, into the IRON CLAW SLEEPER!

Kidd BITES the fingers! And SNAPS them! Kidd runs, rebounds, but Khan gets under! Henare runs in, ASSISTED SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Kidd survives but Henare and Khan coordinate. Shoutout to Aussie Open, RUNNING KICK SANDWICH! Scoop, HEEL KICK T T D!! Cover, Coughlin breaks it! Coughlin and Henare trade big forearms! Fans fire up as they go back and forth! Coughlin gets the edge, but Henare BODY BLOWS! And ULTIMA- NO, Coughlin fights the full nelson! So Henare shoves him to a corner for a SHINING WIZARD! Then snapmare and RUGBY KICK! And then the Monster Rage boils over!

Henare drags Kidd up, fireman’s carries, and Khan runs. But Kidd slips free to shove Henare into Khan! Kidd BITES Henare, TOSSES him out, talks trash, but turns around into the HELL STAB! IRON CLAW, but Kidd grabs at Red Shoes! RIGHT HAND!! Kidd and Khan fall over after that closed fist shot! Fans rally up as hard as they can but Kidd snarls as he drags Khan up. Kidd runs, springboards, OSCUTTER?!? Kidd sends a message to Ospreay, and Coughlin is back in! Gut wrench, Coughlin goes up, HIJACK TOMBSTONE!! Cover, War Dogs win!!

Winners: Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Khan & Henare earn 0)

That madman tells Ospreay that he’s dead when they finally face off 1v1! December 16th is still two weeks away, is Kidd going to overlook the rest of the WTL all because he wants after the Kingpin?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

The Reiwa Musketeers are coming off a big main event win last round, and are near the top of the block! But the Clown Prince & Stone Pitbull just took down the top of the block last round against TMDK! Will Yano & Ishii pull off another shocker to get to the front of the line? Or will the Roughneck & Son of Strong Style make it through the Chaos?

The teams sort out and Ishii starts against Narita. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Every step Narita pushes Ishii back, Ishii pushes Narita back. Ishii uses his stockier frame to keep pushing Narita, and they end up on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Ishii lets off, but Narita intercepts the forearm with a forearm! Narita fires off more shots, but Ishii eggs him on! Ishii and Narita trade forearms back and forth, fans fire up as they pick up speed! Narita ROCKS Ishii, runs, but Ishii avoids the boot. Narita avoids the lariat to BOOT Ishii down after all! Fans fire up and Narita stomps Ishii. Narita then stands Ishii up to bump off buckles.

But then Ishii hits Shota! Shota hits back, Ishii fights both Musketeers at once! That doesn’t go well and they mug him 2v1. Tag to Shota and he digs his boots in while Narita BLASTS Yano! Red Shoes counts, Shota & Narita double whip Ishii to ropes, then DOUBLE ELBOW! SENTON! SOMERSAULT SENTON! Then they shake hands to DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Shota kicks Ishii around, eggs him on, but Ishii stands. The two stare down, and Shota throws a forearm. Ishii eggs Shota on now, so Shota throws more forearms. Ishii leans into the shots and backs Shota down like that! Shota keeps throwing shots, but Ishii DECKS him!

Fans fire up and Ishii rains down more shots on Shota! Red Shoes counts, Ishii lets off, and then Ishii eggs Narita on. Red Shoes keeps Narita back and Yano tags in. Yano fires up, and he unties a buckle pad! Then he throws it to Shota and tattles on him to Red Shoes! Shota gives the buckle pad over, and Yano SLAPS Shota in the head! Fans cheer but Shota scowls. Yano claws the eyes! Yano runs, Shota ELBOWS him then runs to basement dropkick! Tag to Narita, and Narita whips Yano to ropes, for a NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO! Yano is still in this and fans rally up. Narita brings Yano up but Yano pulls hair!

Narita kicks and whips but Yano reverses to throw Narita down by his hair! Yano drags Narita up and whips him into the bare buckles! Narita writhes, Yano BLASTS Shota, and Ishii rushes over to go after him! Yano throws Narita out and then goes out after him. Yano whips Narita hard into railing! Ishii whips Shota hard into railing, too! Yano drags Narita back up, puts him in the ring, and he stomps Narita around. Yano drags Narita up, tells haters to shut up, then tags in Ishii. Ishii CHOPS Narita, stalks him, and CHOPS him against the ropes! Ishii eggs Narita on and CHOPS him again. Ishii continues to egg Narita on, so Narita throws a forearm!

Ishii slaps Narita around, Narita throws more shots, but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Fans applaud, and Ishii taunts Shota. Shota coaches Narita but Ishii gives Narita toying kicks. Ishii HEADBUTTS Narita, CHOPS him, then CHOPS and CHOPS again! Narita roars but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Ishii whips Narita corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Narita runs up, Ishii ROCKS him! Ishii swings, but into a HALF HATCH! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tag to Shota! Shota fires off on Ishii, whips him to ropes, but Ishii reverses. Shota CLOBBERS Ishii, then BLASTS Yano! Fans fire up behind Shota and he sends Ishii to a corner.

Shota runs in to UPPERCUT, then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shota keeps going, and he turns Ishii over into an STF! Yano stomps Shota, so Shota kicks Yano and tosses him out. Shota goes back to Ishii, stands him up, and clinches. Ishii fights the lift with elbows! Shota ROCKS Ishii, gives him taunting kicks, but Ishii ROCKS Shota back! Shota and Ishii stare down, and Shota fires off forearm after forearm! Shota has Ishii in the corner for more shots! Red Shoes reprimands but Ishii roars and turns things around to CHOP and ROCK Shota on repeat! The fans rally up as Shota sits down, only for Ishii to stand him back up for more!

Ishii CHOPS and ROCKS Shota into sitting down again, and the fans fire up! Ishii eggs Shota on, kicks him around, slaps him even, and Shota scowls. Shota storms up on Ishii, Ishii throws a forearm. Shota eggs Ishii on, and leans into the shots a la Ishii. Shota then ROCKS Ishii and he staggers away! Ishii comes back, Shota clinches but Ishii slips around. Shota elbows Ishii, whips, but Ishii reverses to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down! Shota and Ishii crawl, hot tag to Yano! Yano fires up and whips Shota, but Shota reverses. Yano avoids the bare buckles, to then bait Shota into them! Roll up, TWO!

Yano runs, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up again, and Shota crawls to hot tag Narita! Narita runs up on Yano, BACK ELBOW! Then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Yano escapes, but Narita BLASTS Ishii to cut off the tag. Narita clinches but Yano fights the lift! So Narita trips Yano, and rolls him, CROSS ANKLE CLOVERLEAF! Yano endures, the fans rally up, but Narita drags Yano from ropes! Yano keeps fighting around, he reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Narita lets off in frustration but the fans rally up again. Narita stands Yano up, reels him in, COBRA TWIST! But Yano powers free with a hip toss!

Narita runs in but Yano trips him! CATAPULT into the bare buckles!! Ishii clotheslines Narita, too! Then he BLASTS Shota! Yano fires up and he hauls Narita up. ONI- NO, Narita fights free! Narita gets around, SLEEPER! Yano is fading fast, but Narita goes to the COBRA TWIST now! Yano endures, fans rally up, and Yano fights his way around. Shota keeps Ishii out, and Narita brings Yano away with the SLEEPER! Then back to COBRA TWIST! Yano is turning red like his favorite chair! But Ishii sends Shota into railing, to then TACKLE Narita! Fans fire up while Narita tosses Ishii back out. Narita roars and goes back for Yano.

Narita drags Yano up but Yano fights the suplex. Narita knees low, runs, but Yano avoids the boot to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yano and Narita crawl, hot tag to Ishii, and he BLASTS Shota! Ishii drags Narita up, throws him into Shota, then runs, but Narita BOOTS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii escapes and the fans fire up again. Narita crawls, hot tag to Shota! Shota aims at Ishii, BANG and V-TRIGGER! Shota then slingshots to APRON DDT Ishii!! Fans are thunderous and Shota stands tall as Ishii flops over. Red Shoes checks but Ishii is somehow still in this.

Shota drags Ishii up as the ring count begins. Shota puts Ishii in, climbs up a corner, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS Ishii down! Then Shota resets, to slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans fire up again! Shota drags Ishii up, dragon sleepers, but Ishii fights free. Ishii runs, into a snap cradle, that then shifts into a BONE LOCK!! Ishii endures the over-the-shoulder crossface, but Narita keeps Yano out! Shota pulls on the hold, but Ishii still fights around! Ishii reaches out, but Shota pulls back more! Ishii flails and kicks around, to have the ROPEBREAK! Shota lets go and the fans fire up again.

Narita slides in, he and Shota coordinate. Shota wrenches Ishii, dragon sleepers, and then gets Ishii up. Narita runs, BOOT into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans are thunderous again! The Musketeers stay focused, though, and they haul Ishii up. They double whip him to a corner, Shota runs in to ELBOW! Narita runs in to JUMP KICK! Feed to Shota’s forearm! Narita’s BOOT! Shota’s ROLLING ELBOW! Another BOOT! And then the lift, for the HART ATTACK! Cover, YANO BREAKS IT! Fans fire up but Narita fires off on Yano! Yano gets around, fireman’s carry takeover! Yano kicks and whips Shota, but Shota reverses!

But Yano denies the tornado DDT! Yano atomic drops Shota, then pops him up. Shota fights the Onigoroshi, underhooks Yano, but Yano RAMS Shota into bare buckles! Ishii reels Shota in, hoists him up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Shota survives and the fans fire up again! Ishii roars, the fans duel, and Shota flounders up. Ishii runs, Shota BOOTS him, blocks the lariat, and ENZIGURIS! Narita is back to WHEEL KICK! Narita hurries to get Ishii up and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Then a clinch, but Ishii HEADBUTTS free! Narita ENZIGURIS, Shota full nelsons! Narita runs, but Ishii gets free, the BOOT hits Shota!

Ishii shoves Shota into Narita, Yano drags Narita out! LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Shota survives and fans are thunderous again! Ishii grits his teeth and he stands back up. Ishii roars and looks to finish this off. We’re at 20 minutes, Ishii suplexes, but Shota slips free! HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Ishii gets right up to CLOBBER Shota! But Shota’s right up to SHOTGUN Ishii! Ishii’s back, but Shota pop-up KNEES, and LARIATS! Fans fire up again and Shota drags Ishii up. HALF ‘N’ HALF BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous and Shota just fires up again! Shota aims from a corner, vowing to end it here!

Ishii slowly rises, Shota runs in, BLAZE BLADE!! But Shota isn’t done! Underhooks and- NO, Ishii wrenches out to PELE!! Both men are down and the fans are electric! Ishii goes to the corner while the fans duel, and he SLIDING LARIATS!! Cover, NARITA BREAKS IT! Yano runs in to toss Narita out! Ishii roars and he drags Shota back up. Ishii suplexes, but Shota fights free! Shota wrenches, ROCKS and ROLLING- NO, Ishii ROCKS Shota! But Shota catches Ishii, only for Ishii to wrench out! Shota POP-UP UPPERCUTS! And then V- NO, Ishii blocks to HEADBUTT! And then Ishii spins Shota to a BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Shota & Narita earn 0)

There weren’t any tricks needed here, Ishii & Yano beat the Musketeers straight up! Is it still too soon for Shota & Narita to say the Paradigm Shift is coming?

And because it’s Ishii who won this, he’s a true strong silent type, so he and Yano just get outta here! No closing address tonight, but will actions speak louder than words for the Stone Pitbull in this tournament’s second half?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

TMDK: 4-1, 8 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 3-2, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-2, 6 points
War Dogs: 3-2, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-3, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-3, 4 points
The House of Torture: 2-3, 4 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-4, 2 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round for World Tag League and this block, with some rather shocking moves. I really thought The Gates were going to get going after their win last round, but I guess the House of Torture couldn’t just drop off that badly so they had to win this here. And as we saw in that main event, Yano & Ishii are making a go of it in this block. They beat Shota & Narita, who are certainly still frontrunners, but that was great stuff to make a point that Shota & Narita aren’t ready to beat the real “old guard” they’re talking about replacing here. War Dogs beating the Empire seems fine, they’re mostly just keeping pace so they could cost somebody later.

And great match from TMDK VS the Noah duo, and a great win for TMDK to again be the clear first place team. 4-1 at the halfway point, this block is on Shane & Mikey to win or lose, and as I’ve been saying, TMDK as both a group and as just these two, the OG members, have been solid a long time. It’d be great if they got to the tournament finals here, maybe even get that title shot at WrestleKingdom.

My Score: 8.9/10

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