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Basement Sports Report: NFL Championship Weekend!



Baseball insider BennyP joins the fellas this week for a early Hot Stove look at the #MLB after we discuss the #NFL Championship weekend. The Pats are back in the Super Bowl. We also discuss the #NBA and all of the drama swirling the Bucks in additon to the Cavs and Spurs. Listen, Rate and Review. Follow us @PodcastBSR

Basement Sports Report 2

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Hockey Talk- Collapse & Expansion [062424]

Hockey Talk discusses Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Plus PC Tunney joins the show to discuss March Madness possibly expanding.



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On a special Monday edition of Hockey Talk, the guys discuss Game 7 of the Stanely Cup Finals, coming up later tonight. A series that seemed over and done with just a week ago has seen one of the most unlikely comebacks in NHL history. The Edmonton Oilers, once down 3-0 in the series, have come roaring back to force a Game 7 in Sunrise, FL later on today. How did we get here, what must each team do to hoist the Cup….and who do the guys think will come out on top? In the back half of the show, PC Tunney arrives on Hockey Talk to discuss the story that broke this week concerning the likely expansion of the field for March Madness. What is driving this and where do Tunney and Patrick see things ending up? Tune in and find out!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist) with a special guest appearance from PC Tunney (@PCTunney).

  • Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final has improbably arrived
  • Can Florida avoid a historic collapse?
  • Can Edmonton end Canada’s long, national, nightmare?
  • Is March Madness expanding?

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (6/21/24)

The clock is ticking.



Time keeps on slipping (slipping slipping), into the future…!

It’s almost time again for Termina Velocity! HPW is busting out the stop watch for some real special matches to determine the future of wrestling!


That’s right, HPW is heading back across the border to the wild, wild west of wrestling! Synchronize your watches, because July 4th will see some serious fireworks!


HPW has a special twist to the Beat the Clock Challenge!

Another six competitors will battle against each other and the clock, but no one knows who they’re facing! The six worthy candidates will be notified and shuffled to make for three incredible match-ups! And in the end, whoever wins the fastest will be THE #1 Contender to the Undisputed HPW Triforce World Championship, having their title match with Link at Treasure Island in August! Who will be lucky enough to be chosen? And who will be even luckier in the match card draw?


Arrow Club takes aim at TSDQ!

As Fin Balure, The Young Ducks and the rest of the Club tried to help Yunobo take the title from Link, Groose led the charge in stopping them. The Studly Don’t Quit, but if you ask Arrow Club, they’ve picked a fight with the wrong ones! So HPW management has decided that if Arrow Club wants payback and TSDQ wants a title match, they can do both at the same time! The Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla will take on The Skyfall Stud 1v1, but with a golden opportunity on the line! Will TSDQ get their shot at the HPW World Trios Championships? Or will they be crossed right off the list?


The Gerudo Ace has his hands full with this one.

The Dark Forces made sure Kevin Gibdo wasn’t screwed over by The UnderWorld Order, but it was the Masked Monster that came for payback backstage! He just went right after Ganon, it was a pull-apart, and yet Ganon is willing to give Majora a match? Yes, but it is under special circumstances. Ganon is all about honoring Termina wrestling, having faced TCW legends before. But now he wants to bring out something special from Termina wrestling history: The Carnival of Time!

In this special timed match, it will be six rounds, three minutes each, and the first to two falls wins! A disqualification or a knockout ends things immediately. If neither competitor reaches two points by the end of regulation, the points leader wins by default, but a tie goes to the incumbent champion, Ganon. Honoring the past, fighting for the future, will Ganon reign forever? Or will his time run out? We find out on July 4th, at the Great Bay Coast in Western Termina!

My Thoughts:

Realized doing one event in the middle of a month when the next one is meant to be for the start of a month is tricky so I needed to hustle on this. But since the Beat the Clock Challenge matches are purposefully short, I should be alright to get five matches done in just two weeks. See you late night on July 3rd for a Fourth of July publish!

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