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Mitchell’s NJPW Sengoku Lord Results & Report! (7/25/20)

Does NJPW become Hiromu-chan World?



NJPW Sengoku Lord 2020

NJPW returns to Nagoya in a big way!

EVIL vows to send Hiromu Takahashi to Hell, which is the only reason he’s spared him until now! Will NJPW’s TRIPLE CHAMPION still reign after today?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Kazuchika Okada VS Yujiro Takahashi; Okada wins.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS El Desperado; Shingo wins and retains the NEVER Openweight Championship.
  • IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Double Championship match: EVIL VS Hiromu Takahashi; wins and


Kazuchika Okada VS Yujiro Takahashi!

The Rainmaker and leader of Chaos has been trying to rise back up, but the Bullet Club’s Tokyo Pimp is standing in his way. Will Okada put Yujiro #DeepInDebt and make him pay?

The bell rings and fans cheer as Okada and Yujiro stare down. The two circle and fans rally up, but Yujiro bails out. Okada keeps his cool and pursues, but Yujiro kicks him first. Yujiro fireman’s carries but Okada pops off to uppercut back! Okada clubs Yujiro at the apron then puts him in the ring. Fans cheer as Okada follows, but then Yujiro bails out the other end. Okada pursues again, sees the sucker punch coming to throw forearms back. Okada whips Yujiro into railing! And then Okada runs in, only to be sent into railing in return! Yujiro drags Okada up, dragon sleeper to reverse DDT! Yujiro leaves Okada behind for the ring count to start. The count reaches 10 of 20 before Okada sits up. Fans rally and Okada stands at 14 and hops into the ring.

Yujiro is on Okada with a rain of right hands but the ref reprimands the closed fists. Yujiro stops to drag Okada back up and snapmare him down for a leg drop, elbow drop and falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! Yujiro keeps on Okada with a chinlock and grinds him down. Okada endures but Yujiro lets him go to run and basement boot him down! Cover, TWO! Okada gets up but Yujiro stomps him. Yujiro toys with Okada before throwing forearms. Okada throws them back and we have a brawl. They go back and forth, Yujiro ROCKS Okada then puts him on ropes. Yujiro runs in to BOOT Okada down! Yujiro brings Okada up to leg sweep facebuster! Cover, TWO! Yujiro grows annoyed with Okada and eggs him on while stomping him down.

The fans rally up as Yujiro pushes Okada around. Okada gets up and throws forearms back! Yujiro kicks back, whips him to a corner, then runs in but Okada boots back. Okada boots Yujiro again, then runs out to shotgun dropkick Yujiro down! Both men are down but the fans rally up again. Okada stands first, throws more forearms on Yujiro then whips. Yujiro reverses, Okada dodges and elbows Yujiro down! Okada fires up and fans cheer as he whips Yujiro corner to corner. Okada runs in to hit a big back elbow! Then the kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool as he circles Yujiro. Fans rally up as Okada whips again. Yujiro denies the back drop to kick back, but Okada gets the arm! Okada has him Deep In Debt, but Yujiro BITES his way out! The ref reprimands but Okada kicks Yujiro back.

Yujiro blocks, trips Okada and hits a basement dropkick! Yujiro drags Okada up, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Yujiro keeps on Okada with a fireman’s carry but Okada blocks. Okada clubs Yujiro so Yujiro rakes Okada’s eyes! Yujiro runs, into Okada’s flapjack! Both men are down but the fans rally back up. Okada sits up first but Yujiro follows. They both stand, Okada blocks Yujiro’s boot to give more forearms. Yujiro gives the forearms back, but Okada powers up. Yujiro hits first, BOOTS again, then runs, into the dropkick! Okada drags Yujiro right up to the gut wrench, TOMBSTONE! The fans cheer as Okada puts on DEEP IN DEBT! Yujiro flails, reaches, but Okada cranks on the hold harder! Yujiro reaches out to get a ropebreak with a foot! Okada lets go but keeps his focus.

Okada brings Yujiro bakc up but here comes Gedo with a wrench! The ref stops Gedo but Yujiro grabs his pimp cane! Okada turns around to take a CANE SHOT to the head! Yujiro drags Okada up, fireman’s carry, MIAMI SHINE! Cover, TWO!! Okada barely survives and Bullet Club can’t believe it! Yujiro goes back to Okada as the fans rally up. Yujiro drags Okada back up but Okada shoves him away. SUPERKICK! Yujiro SUPERKICKS Okada in the back! Okada crawls to get another SUPERKICK! Cover off the hat trick, TWO!! Okada survives again! Gedo is losing his cool but Yujiro drags Okada back up. Okada counters to the gut wrench but Yujiro escapes! Yujiro kicks low, whips, Okada reverses but his dropkick is denied! Yujiro runs as Okada stands, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Yujiro grows frustrated but he drags Okada back up. Yujiro reels Okada in, Canadian Rack but he can’t keep Okada up. He dumps Okada down to stomp him, then tries again. Canadian Rack, Okada arm-drags out, wrenches to DEEP IN DEBT! Yujiro endures and BITES the cobra clutch again! Then fireman’s carry, but Okada slips out again, spin, but Yujiro clotheslines him first! Yujiro fires up, drags Okada into position, but still no Pimp Juice as Okada back drops out! Yujiro flounders to his feet and BOOTS back! Yujiro runs, into the dropkick! Okada DECKS Gedo off the apron! Yujiro is put DEEP IN DEBT! Yujiro endures, fights up, but Okada gut wrenches, JUMPING TOMBSTONE! DEEP IN DEBT!! Yujiro taps, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission

Not even Gedo could save Tokyo Pimp, and the Rainmaker is victorious again! Is Okada finally moving past his past and on to a new future?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS El Desperado!

Don’t be confused by Suzuki-Gun’s lethal luchador holding onto the title belt, he isn’t the champion. Desperado keeps getting the drop on the Last Dragon and taking the belt with him, but will he actually earn it with a win? Or does Mr. NEVER get his belt back by force?

The introductions are made, but Desperado doesn’t want to get close to Shingo. Red Shoes has Shingo stay in his corner and Desperado gets in the ring. Desperado tries to hit Shingo with the belt! Shingo dodges and CLOBBERS Desperado to then take the belt back. Red Shoes has Shingo stand down and give the belt over. Shingo does, then clobbers Desperado again! The bell rings and Shingo suplexes Desperado! Shingo doesn’t let Desperado run away, and puts him in a corner for jabs and CHOPS! Jab, chop, jab, chop and the fans cheer as he CHOPS again! Desperado is stinging but Shingo drags him back up to headbutt him down. Shingo stomps Desperado, whips him to ropes, but Desperado holds ropes to bail out.

Shingo goes after Desperado and bumps him off the apron a few times. Shingo whips Desperado hard into railing! But “Mada, mada, mada,” that’s not enough. Shingo whips Desperado the other way! Fans cheer as Shingo says he’ll go one more time. Shingo drags Desperado up, the fans rally and Shingo wrenches to whip again. Desperado reverses to send Shingo into railing! But Shingo just fires up through the pain. He swings on Desperado but gets thrown into the post! Desperado puts Shingo’s leg on the railing to stomp and stomp! Desperado drags a chair out from under the ring to SMASH the leg! Shingo falls and Red Shoes reprimands but Desperado paces about. Red Shoes checks on Shingo but Desperado taps the belt, claiming it’s already his.

Desperado puts Shingo in the ring and stands on Shingo’s head. Shingo pushes Desperado away and gets up to throw forearms. Desperado eggs him on but Shingo jabs and CHOPS! Desperado kicks the bad leg then hits a shin breaker! Desperado wraps Shingo’s leg around ropes and pulls! Red Shoes counts, Desperado lets go at 3, but then climbs up to stand on the leg. Desperado stops at 3, Red Shoes helps Shingo get free, and Shingo kicks Desperado. Desperado gets the bad leg for a DRAGON SCREW! Shingo writhes but Desperado stays on the leg with a spinning toehold and drop down. Desperado has Shingo in a butterfly deathlock and eggs him on at the same time. Shingo throws hands but Desperado pushes on the legs. Shingo endures, crawls back, even as Desperado adds more pressure. Shingo still gets the ropebreak!

Desperado holds on but lets Shingo go before Red Shoes counts. Desperado stomps but Shingo sits up. Desperado mocks the fans rallying for Shingo as he brings Shingo up. Shingo suplexes Despardo first, but Desperado slips out and kicks the bad leg. Shingo hobbles, Desperado runs but Shingo back elbows, JABS and LARIATS! Fans cheer as Shingo stands back up. Shingo hobbles over while talking trash and fans cheer as he brings Desperado up. Desperado holds ropes to deny the whip, so Shingo gets his leg. Desperado kicks but Shingo just grabs that leg, too! DOUBLE DRAGON SCREW! Cover, TWO! Shingo keeps his cool and sits Desperado up. Shingo elbows away on Desperado’s shoulder, then runs. Desperado ducks the sliding elbow, catches the kick to kick the bad leg!

Desperado spins to toehold but Shingo boots him away! Shingo gets up, Desperado runs in but is caught! Shingo knees, whips but Desperado reverses to SPINE BUSTER! STRETCH MUFFLER! Shingo flails and gest the ropebreak! Desperado thrashes the leg until Red Shoes counts 3. Shingo clutches his leg in the corner while Desperado slowly stands up. Fans rally as Shingo stands, Desperado runs in and corner clotheslines! Shingo fires up but Desperado CHOPS! Desperado runs, Shingo follows to clothesline at ropes! Gory Especial but Desperado sunset flips, to the STRETCH MUFFLER! Desperado gets the arm, it’s Numero Dos! Shingo endures and powers out! Fans rally again, Desperado stands first and brings Shingo up. Desperado underhooks, but Shingo resists the lift.

Shingo powers out, wrenches but Desperado breaks free. Shingo counters the punch to chicken wings, but Desperado resists the lift. Shingo spins Desperado around to DDT! Shingo sits Desperado up for the SLIDING LARIAT! Then the Gory Especial, NOSHIGAMI! But Shingo’s bad leg keeps him from making a cover right away! Desperado crawls to ropes then the apron and out of the ring. Shingo takes a moment to catch his breath before pursuing. Desperado is against the railing, Shingo goes over but Desperado ROCKS him with that right! Desperado has the chair again! Red Shoes steps up but Desperado smacks the chair on the apron. Desperado gives the chair over, to grab the belt and CLOBBER Shingo! Desperado gets away with it and crawls into the ring.

The fans rally as Shingo stirs. The ring count begins, Shingo crawls to the NEVER Openweight belt. Shingo flounders to his feet at 15, staggers around but gets in at 19! Desperado is frustrated seeing Shingo hobble up. Desperado SPEARS! Then underhooks, but Shingo resists again! Desperado spins Shingo for a wristlock torture rack, GUITARRA DE ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! STRETCH MUFFLER! Shingo endures, reaches but Desperado thrashes his leg around! The fans rally as Shingo endures, but Desperado gets the arms! Numero Dos cover, TWO!! Shingo manages to survive with strength again, but Desperado stands first. Desperado slashes the throat, vowing to end this. Desperado underhooks again, but Shingo still resists! Shingo tries to back drop but his bad leg gives out!

Shingo is frustrated with himself and Desperado stands on the bad leg. Desperado taunts Shingo but Shingo throws jabs. Desperado drops knees on the knee! Shingo writhes as he clutches the leg, but Desperado covers, TWO! Desperado kicks at Shingo mockingly now, and even slaps him. Desperado runs but Shingo tanks the shoulder tackle to HEADBUTT! Both men fall! The fans fire up as Shingo sits up. Shingo crawls over to Desperado, drags him up and has the fans rally up for his forearms. Desperado gives them back and we have a brawl! They pick up speed and the fans applaud to match! Desperado gets the edge and eggs Shingo on, LARIAT! Desperado stays up so Shingo gives him elbows from all sides! Shingo gets the edge but Desperado kicks the bad leg.

Desperado runs into the elbow, then the pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives but Shingo is too tired to be shocked. Shingo just gets to his feet and has the fans rally behind him again. Shingo fires himself up, brings Desperado back up, wristlock rack but Desperado pops out to EL ES CULERO! TWO, and Shingo swings. Desperado ducks, shoves him at Red Shoes, but Shingo sees the low blow coming! JAB, and LARIAT! Shingo wants Desperado to get back up, Desperado flounders to his feet, and Shingo runs, PUMPING BOMBER! Shingo isn’t done with Desperado yet, he drags Desperado back up, for LAST OF THE DRAGON! Cover, Shingo wins!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Champion)

Mr. NEVER survives! Now he’ll have his belt back, though he never lost the title. Will the Double Openweight Champion ever be stopped?


IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Double Championship match: EVIL VS Hiromu Takahashi!

The King of Darkness shocked the world by betraying Los Ingobernables de Japon and joining up with the Bullet Club. Evil and Dick Togo sure think it was #TooSweet, but the Ticking Timebomb was furious! Will Hiromu explode with that anger and become a TRIPLE Champion all his own? Or will this still be Darkness World?

The introductions are made, Evil’s two titles are raised, and this golden grudge match begins!

Hiromu shotgun dropkicks Evil with the bell! Then corner clotheslines, whips and clotheslines again! Hiromu rolls Evil and runs but Evil avoids the basement dropkick! Hiromu dodges Evil to kick then runs and shotgun dropkick again! Evil bails out, Hiromu aims from the apron, FLYING SHOTGUN! Hiromu tells cameras to clear out so he can come in from the other side. ANOTHER flying shotgun sends Evil crashing into barriers! Dick Togo lurks close and Hiromu tells him to back off. Red Shoes gets Dick to give Hiromu space. Hiromu brings Evil up and around to put in the ring. Hiromu stomps Evil then brings him up for a CHOP! Evil leans on ropes, Hiromu CHOPS again! Hiromu whips but Evil holds ropes. Hiromu CHOPS then whips, to then forearm and throw Evil to the ropes.

Hiromu kicks the ropes to jam Evil, then runs, only for Dick to swipe at him! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil throws Hiromu out. Evil distracts Red Shoes while Dick stomps away on Hiromu! Red Shoes reprimands Dick but then Evil fetches chairs. Evil stomps Hiromu uses one chair as the neck brace, and has the other chair! HOME RUN CHAIR SHOT! Hiromu writhes and Evil gets in the face of commentary. Evil goes back to the ring and leaves Hiromu behind. Red Shoes checks on Hiromu but Evil bares the red corner’s buckles. The ring count begins, Hiromu sits up at 5 of 20, crawls to railing and stands at 8, gets in the ring at 12. Evil walks over and drags Hiromu up. Evil clubs Hiromu down, drags him back up and clubs him back down again. Hiromu chops but Evil doesn’t flinch.

Hiromu keeps throwing hands as the fans rally, but Evil whips him into the bare buckles! Hiromu falls and writhes and Evil looms over him. Evil drags Hiromu back up and whips him in again! Hiromu bounces off the bare buckles and all Red Shoes can do is reprimand Evil. Evil stands on Hiromu in a cocky cover but Hiromu pushes him away. Evil drags Hiromu back up, chinlocks and jams a knee into Hiromu’s back. Hiromu endures, pries at the hold, but Evil clamps on tighter! Evil digs his knee in again but Hiromu fights up. Hiromu elbows back, gets free, then runs, but Evil distracts Red Shoes so Dick can trip Hiromu up! Fans rally for Hiromu but Evil drags him up and turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Evil argues with Red Shoes but the count is the count.

Evil looms over Hiromu again, brings him back up, and suplexes, only for Hiromu to fight it off. Hiromu resists the lift and hooks a leg. The fans rally as Hiromu tries to suplex Evil. Evil pops out, CHOPS Hiromu down, but misses the senton! Fans rally as both men are down and stirring. Hiromu sits up but Evil follows. Hiromu goes to a corner but Evil stalks over. Evil CHOPS Hiromu into the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Hiromu reverses, corner clotheslines and rolls to basement dropkick! Evil gets to ropes but Hiromu whips again. Another forearm and Hiromu puts Evil back on ropes. Hiromu kicks the ropes again then runs, ducks Evil’s clothesline to huricanrana! Dick gets on the apron but Hiromu DECKS him!

Hiromu sees Evil on the apron, runs and sunset flips! Evil holds on, Dick runs over but Hiromu kicks Dick! Hiromu POWERBOMBS Evil at Dick! All three men are down and the fans fire up! Hiromu sits up as the ring count starts. Hiromu drags Evil up at 11 of 20, brings him up and puts him in at 15. Hiromu then whips Dick into railing to keep him down! Hiromu returns to the ring, drags Evil up and to a suplex, for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again as Hiromu grits his teeth. Hiromu drags Evil back up, fireman’s carries, but Evil fights with elbows. Hiromu still lifts, but Evil slips off to throw Hiromu down by his hair! Fans rally for Hiromu as he crawls to a corner. Evil and Hiromu slowly stand, Evil runs but blocks the boot.

Evil spins Hiromu, clotheslines him against the ropes then Woe Stomps Hiromu down! Fans still rally for Hiromu as Evil goes to the apron. Evil tells Nagoya this is what he meant about going to hell! He drags Hiromu up, fireman’s carries, but Hiromu holds ropes for dear life. Hiromu slips off to SUPERKICK! Now Hiromu fireman’s carries, APRON DEATH VALLEY! Evil flops down and Dick checks on him while Hiromu rests in the ring. Fans rally up, Hiromu rises and looks down at Evil. Hiromu goes to a corner, climbs up, but Evil uses Young Lions as shields! Hiromu hesitates, Evil throws his shields aside and goes after Hiromu up top! Everyone freaks out about the crazy plan Evil has! Hiromu fights Evil back and headbutts him down!

Evil tumbles to the floor, ends up by those Young Lions, and then Hiromu LEAPS onto them all!! The diving senton bowls them all over! Dick coaches Evil up as the fans rally again. Hiromu sits up first but the ring count climbs. Hiromu uses railing to get up at 13, he drags Evil up at 15 and puts him in at 16. Fans cheer as Hiromu brings Evil up to the fireman’s carry. DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Cover, TWO! Evil survives and Hiromu is frustrated, but the fans rally again. Hiromu staggers over to Evil, drags him up and CHOPS him! Evil falls over but Hiromu sits him up to CHOP again. And again! Hiromu stands Evil up to CHOP, Evil CHOPS back! Hiromu CHOPS again, but Evil uses Red Shoes as a shield!

Evil kicks Hiromu, then uses Red Shoes to prop Hiromu up, but Hiromu hops off to deny Magic Killer! SUPERKICK! Both men stagger to opposite corners, then Hiromu runs and shotgun dropkicks Evil down! Hiromu slowly rises and the fans rally up. Evil drags himself up with the ropes, Hiromu runs in but gets a kick! Snap suplex into buckles! Both men are down again but the fans still rally. Evil rolls away to the opposite corner while Hiromu rises. Dick coaches Evil up and Evil runs corner to corner. BIG corner clothesline! Evil hoists Hiromu up top and climbs up to join him. Evil stands on the very top, brings Hiromu to join him, SUPERPLEX! Hiromu flounders away but Evil crawls to a deep cover, TWO!! Evil grows frustrated with Hiromu as the fans rally again.

Evil sits up and brings Hiromu around. Evil slashes the throat, stands Hiromu, EVERYTHING- NO! Hiromu denies the STO with elbows, then standing switches. Evil elbows Hiromu, Hiromu leap frogs, but Evil catches him for a GERMAN SUPLEX! But Hiromu rises! And LARIATS! Evil stays up, Hiromu SUPERKICKS! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Evil flounders while Hiromu comes back. Hiromu waistlocks, Evil switches and GERMANS, but Hiromu gets up again! Hiromu is in the corner, runs at Evil, LARIAT but again Evil tanks it! Evil GERMANS Hiromu again and this time Hiromu stays down! Evil stalks Hiromu to ropes, reels him in, ANOTHER GERMAN! Hiromu flops down again but the fans rally up. Evil takes his time walking over and bringing Hiromu up again.

Evil waistlocks, for yet ANOTHER GERMAN! Red Shoes checks on Hiromu and fans still rally, but Evil grins as he stands up. Evil pushes Red Shoes aside to drag Hiromu up. Evil waistlocks again for yet ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Hiromu stays folded up until he topples over, but the fans haven’t given up on him yet. Evil shows no mercy and drags Hiromu back up again. EVERYTHING- Hiromu flops over so Evil can’t finish him off. Fans rally up as Evil pushes Red Shoes aside again. Evil drags Hiromu up once more, EVERYTHING- NO! Hiromu RAMS Evil into the bare buckles! That move comes back to haunt the King of Darkness! Hiromu crawls around, gets to his feet, and catches Evil’s clothesline into D! The special triangle hold is locked in!

Evil endures, powers up and scrapes his foot on Hiromu’s face! Evil grabs Hiromu’s legs but Hiromu sits up to get a cover! TWO, Hiromu wheelbarrows and COMPLETE SHOTS Evil down! Both men are down as the fans fire back up. Hiromu and Evil stir, Hiromu rises first, and Hiromu fires himself up. Hiromu grits his teeth as he hobbles over to Evil. Hiromu drags Evil up, reels him in, and suplexes, only for Evil to pull hair. Hiromu SLAPS Evil, then SLAPS and SLAPS and rocks Evil with those strikes! Hiromu brings Evil up, and SLAPS his clothesline away! And SLAPS him again! Hiromu won’t let up, suplex to COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives Hiromu’s sudden creativity and Hiromu can’t believe it!

The fans keep rallying as both men stir. Hiromu drags Evil into a dragon sleeper, lift but Evil slips out and spins. Hiromu denies Everything is Evil, Evil grabs at Red Shoes but Hiromu sees the low blow coming! Hiromu SLAPS Evil, then runs to LARIAT! Evil falls, Hiromu covers, TWO!! Evil still lives and Dick is freaking out! The fans rally up, Hiromu hits Dick off the apron! Hiromu drags Evil back up, fireman’s carries again, corner Death Valley! Hiromu fires up, brings Evil back up, fireman’s carries again. Evil slips off, backs into Red Shoes and baits Hiormu in! Hiromu splashes Red Shoes into the bare buckles! Dick attacks! Dick rains down right hands on Hiromu then stomps him! Evil gets up while fans rally for Hiromu.

Evil drags Hiromu up, slashes the throat, and with Dick’s help, MAGIC KILLER!! But that’s not all, Evil puts Hiromu in a drop zone as Dick climbs up. But Hiromu kicks Evil into ropes and trips Dick up! Dick lands on his namesake and tumbles to the floor. The fans are thunderous as Evil drags Hiromu up. Hiromu shoves Evil away, denies the STO to STEAL the STO!! The fans cheer but both men are down with no ref to count! Hiromu drags himself up, shouts for Red Shoes, then drags Evil back up. Red Shoes returns, Hiromu fireman’s carries Evil again, for a corner Death Valley to BARE BUCKLES! Hiromu and the fans fire up, fireman’s carry and TIME BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Evil survives all of that?!

Hiromu fires up again and the fans are thunderous again. Hiromu dragon sleepers, lifts, TIME BOMB II!!! Cover, but Dick drags out Red Shoes! Dick has his garrote! He chokes Hiromu with it!! Hiromu gets up and fireman’s carries Dick! Dick slips off, swings on Hiromu but Hiromu ducks to SUPERKICK! Hiromu brings Dick up, Evil LOW BLOWS! Dick chokes Hiromu again! Hiromu reaches but fades out and Dick lets him go. Dick gets Red Shoes back in the ring and Evil staggers up. Evil makes his way to Hiromu, drags him up, fireman’s carry for DARKNESS FALLS! But that’s not all, Evil wants to keep his promise! Evil drags Hiromu up, EVERYTHING! IS! EVIL!!! Cover, Evil wins!!

Winner: Evil, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Champion)

NJPW is still Darkness World! The Triple Champion keeps the top two titles thanks to Dick Togo! And now, Taiji Ishimori appears! The Bone Soldier Reborn wants his own belt, and gives Hiromu BLOODY CROSS! Ishimori is calling Hiromu out as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! Ishimori has that very belt and Evil brings Hiromu up, but Naito rushes out!

Naito gets in Evil’s face, wanting his own revenge! The two stare down, neither saying a word. Naito then brings up a mic to say, “You’ve been talking a lot about justice lately.” Justice, and darkness. Is Evil confused? Maybe those two belts are too heavy for Evil. “Rental time is over! It’s time to hand those belts back.” Naito wants his rematch for the Double Championship and fans are ready for it! He gives the mic to Evil to hear his response. Evil tells Naito, “Don’t kid yourself. It’ll be MY revenge!” What does Evil mean by that? Will Los Ingobernables de Japon be avenged in the Summer Struggle? Or will they continue to lose even more valuable things?

My Thoughts:

Some incredible stuff from Sengoku Lord! Okada VS Yujiro was good but naturally Okada wins. Okada can definitely bide his time facing guys he hasn’t really gotten a lot of time with while the Double Championship story tied up between LIJ and Bullet Club. The NEVER Openweight Championship was really great, and naturally Shingo wins. As I said, Shingo needs to build the reign with defenses to make up for time lost because of COVID. I can’t be sure who takes this title from him or when, but letting Shingo go against a long list of contenders is the best build to it. The Double Championship match was great, though the pacing felt a bit slower than it needed to be. Maybe that’s just how Heel Evil wrestles, all cerebral and calculating.

But it really went to a new level by the end and for just a moment, it felt like Hiromu was going to get it only for Evil and Dick to cheat him. It also makes a lot of sense for Taiji Ishimori to add on and want Hiromu’s one title while Naito is back for his two. Those matches are going to be incredible, too, and perhaps tops things off at the Summer Struggle in Jingu event. The Summer Struggle series is going to pack the next month or so, that is going to be a lot to keep up with.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (7/13/24)

Collision of Honor!



Who will head to Arlington, Texas?

Mark Briscoe will defend his ROH World Championship at Death Before Dishonor, but will it be Roderick Strong or Dalton Castle that gets their shot?


  • Orange Cassidy & Kyle O’Reilly VS The Kingdom; win(s).
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington; wins.
  • Top Flight VS Anthony Ogogo & Lee Moriarty; win(s).
  • Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron; wins.
  • Nyla Rose VS ???
  • Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS ???
  • ROH World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong VS Dalton Castle; wins and will challenge for the title at Death Before Dishonor.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will be on delay]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/12/24)

Top Flight is on a Rampage!



Time to rumble, bad man, rumble.

After weeks of back and forth, Top Flight finally has it out with Shane Taylor Promotions in a Six Man Tag match! Who proves to be the baddest trio in AEW?


  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop; Roddy wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox; Fenix wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions; STP wins.


Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling & Josh Woods!

The Kings of the Black Throne claim they’re not enraged over Buddy Matthews being attacked, and yet they’re on a Rampage! Well, bad puns aside, will they unstoppable from now until they have avenged their Aussie Juggernaut? Or will Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari make everyone take them serious from now on?

The teams sort out and the fans hoot and bark. Malakai starts against Daivari and the two circle. The fans rally up, the two feel things out, then tie up. Malakai headlocks, grinds, but Daivari powers up and out. Daivari drops, hurdles, but Malakai waits. Daivari ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Malakai blocks the kick. Daivari narrowly avoids the roundhouse! Daivari backs up while Malakai sits down cross-legged. The fans fire up but Daivari tags Nese. Nese runs up, but Malakai ducks under the kick! Malakai kips up so Nese ROCKS him with a forearm! Malakai shoves Nese to ELBOW him down!

Malakai drags Nese over, tags Brody and the fans fire up. Nese scrambles away as the fans bark and hoot. Nese flexes, he isn’t intimidate. Nese CHOPS, but Brody doesn’t flinch! Nese grabs the beard and says Brody is his b*tch now! Brody CHOPS Nese off his feet! Brody barks, the fans join in, and then Brody CHOPS Nese! The fans “WOO~!” and Brody CHOPS Nese again! Brody fires forearms and CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Nese rebounds, into a BIG back drop! Nese staggers up, into a scoop and SLAM! Brody runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, so Brody drags him right up and tags in Malakai.

The House mugs Nese, double whips him corner to corner, then Brody sends Malakai in. Nese dodges to then ROCK Malakai! Nese BOOTS Brody, whips Malakai at him, but Malakai rolls off Brody’s back. Nese dodges Brody’s lariat but Malakai BOOTS him into the LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Nese up, drags him back over, and tags Brody. They mug Nese some more, and the fans fire up as Brody pumps up that rm. Brody runs, but Woods DUMPS Brody out! Nese distracted the ref and Malakai protests, but the fans boo. Daivari hurries after Brody but Brody grabs Daivari by the neck! Nese FOSBURY FLOPS Brody down!

The fans boo as The Premier Athletes now mugs Brody! Malakai protests but the ref keeps him back, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

The Premier Athletes let off to high-five with Woods & Sterling, then the ref starts a ring count. Nese catches his breath before he drags big Brody up. Nese puts Brody in the ring, tags Daivari, and they mug Brody more, They both run, to DOUBLE SHOULDER Brody down! Cover, TWO! Daivari hurries to bring Brody around in a facelock, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Daivari CHOKES Brody on ropes, the ref counts, and Daivari lets off. Daivari argues with the ref, so that Sterling can CHOKE Brody! Sterling scurries away like the weasel he is, and then Daivari stands on Brody in the corner!

The ref counts, Daivari lets off and he drags Brody over. Tag to Nese, and Nese stomps Brody while Daivari anchors the legs. Rampage returns to single picture as Nese and Daivari let off. Nese soaks up heat, stalks Brody to the corner, and he grins as he says “All day, baby.” Nese CHOPS but Brody gets mad! Brody fires forearms and elbows, DECKS Nese, then storms up. Nese throat chops! Then Nese runs, but into an URENAGE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Brody crawls, reaches out, hot tags to Malakai and Daivari! Malakai rallies on Daivari with big elbows and then a strike fest! LEG SWEEP!

Nese gets in but Malakai ELBOWS him down! Daivari kicks and whips but Malakai RANAS! Nese is up but the JUMP KNEE knocks him down! Daivari stands and Malakai QUEBRADAS him down! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives but the fans rally behind Malakai. Malakai storms around, stands Daivari up and suplexes. Daivari slips free, but Malakai fires a strike fest! Daivari SUPERKICKS first! Tag to Nese but then Malakai DECKS Daivari! Nese leaps in but Malakai dodges! ROUNDHOUSE! Nese falls, Woods gets up! Woods ducks a shot, but then Brody SWEEPS the legs! Woods crashes off the apron and fans fire up!

Wait, Daivari sneaks in, armed with Sterling’s clipboard! Malakai turns around, CLIPBOARD SMASH!! The plastic explodes off of Malakai’s head!! Daivari gets outta there, the ref wonders what happened, and then Daivari BOOTS Brody! PLANCHA and down goes Brody! Nese hits a 450 SPLASH! A rough landing but Nese makes the cover, TWO?!? Malakai survives and Sterling is freaking out! Daivari reaches out, Nese crawls over, but Brody YANKS Daivari down! Brody RAMS Daivari into barriers! Brody makes Daivari take a seat so he can forearm and CHOP! Brody barks, Sterling panics, and Brody runs back in, but Sterling gets in the way!

Brody snarls, but then he just SPLASHES Sterling and Daivari! Nese is shocked by what he just saw! Malakai runs up, Nese bucks the O’Conner Roll! Nese runs up, into a KNEE! And then a suplex, for a BRAINBUSTER! Malakai hurries up top, but Nese SHORYUKENS! And GAMANGIRIS! Nese drags Malakai down then climbs up. 450 SPLASH onto knees! That’s an even rougher landing than before! Daivari hurries back up but Brody catches him for a SLEEPER! And now, Malakai lifts Nese up, for THE END! Cover, The House of Black wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

Brody DROPS Daivari when the bell rings, The House having completely demolished The Premier Athletes. Will they not be stopped until they have what they want?


Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop!

The Savior of the Backbreaker is set for an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match tomorrow night on Collision against Dalton Castle. But in an occasion of turnabout is fair play, The Conglomeration is watching him from commentary! Will the presence of Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy & Mark Briscoe make Roddy better or worse than usual?

The bell rings and Kyle says that while he loves and appreciates Roddy, Taven & Bennett, they’re being more like the Undisputed Cling-dom! Meanwhile, big Ben Bishop stalks some smack on Roddy, and then pretends he can’t see him. Roddy says okay, be that way. They tie up, Cassidy points out just how tall Ben is, and big Ben shoves Roddy down! The fans fire up, Roddy comes right back, but Ben TOSSES him away! Roddy bails out, the fans fire up for Ben, and The Kingdom coaches Roddy up. Roddy runs in, dodges Ben, and kicks at the legs! Ben drops to size so Roddy and CHOP! CHOP! And CHOP!

Roddy kicks the legs, fires boxing elbows, then ELBOWS Ben before he runs and SICK KICKS! Then he hits an OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up with Roddy and the Kingdom, then the STRONG KNEE knocks Ben down! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

The Conglomeration is in agreement, that was impressive work by Roddy, because Roddy is indeed that good. But Cassidy says it is time to go stare down with them. The Conglomeration stand on stage to stare down The Kingdom, but Roddy needs to focus on tomorrow night. Will Roddy punch his golden ticket to an ROH World Championship match? Or will it be The Peacock that means the Sussex County Chicken in Arlington, Texas?


Deonna Purrazzo speaks.

The Virtuosa is served a glass of wine, and says we’ve never been formally introduced. We’ve all seen what she can do in the ring, but does anyone know what it means to be THE Virtuosa. “Wrestling isn’t just a sport or an art form, it’s both. And more set to a quickening pace than a staccato beat of bodies slamming, bones cracking, tendons tearing! All building towards a beautiful and violent crescendo.” Deonna likes what AEW has forced her to become. “Because here, actions have consequences.” And Deonna vows to burn the empire to the ground, to remake it in her own image. This is the Age of the Virtuosa.


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite 250!

On top of the opening match being Ospreay VS MJF for the International Championship, as well as Swerve VS Okada in a Champion VS Champion showdown, Mercedes Mone has issued an Open Challenge to the TBS Championship! Well, mostly open, as she is EXCLUDING Britt Baker! The DMD won’t be happy about this, but who will step up to The CEO?


Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox!

This is going to be a fast ‘n’ furious match starring men capable of fantastic feats both in the air and on the mat! And with there still being time before All In, who uses this night as a launching pad towards a title opportunity?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The four circle, and then Fenix and Komander stare down. They nod and shake hands, and they go after Fox and Angelico! Fox blocks a kick, Angelico wrenches an arm, and then Fox wrenches Fenix to a cording hold. Komander uses Fenix to wall run and flip out of the armlock! Fenix and Komander each reverse the wrenches, then kick and body shot. Fenix uses Angelico to flip up and over and wrench again, but Angelico headlocks. Komander sends Angelico into Fox, Fenix rolls Angelico up, but Komander rolls Fenix! Fox rolls Komander, TWO! Angelico sweeps Fox to cover, ONE!

All four men stand off and the fans fire up. Angelico does the Bernie Lean! But then he gets TRIPLE BOOTS for it! Fox runs up, Komander & Fenix kick and CHOP him. The luchadores double whip Fox but he reverses to TOSS Fenix out! Komander runs in but Fox mule kicks his leg out! Komander ends up on ropes, Fox runs in to STRADDLE ATTACK DROPKICK COMBO, sending Fenix into railing! Fox gest back up to trip Komander and he goes up the corner, to QUEBRADA Fenix! Fox somersaults in to then deadlift ANARCHY SUPLEX on Komander! Cover, Angelico breaks it! Angelico JABS Fox, JABS, then brings him around.

Angelico whips, Fox reverses but Angelico rolls off Fox’s back. Fox jumps the sweep but the EDDY GORDO KICK hits! Fox falls back, Angelico coves, but Fenix slingshots in to SUPERKICK it apart! The fans rally as Fenix kicks Fox out of the ring. Angelico bails out, and now Fenix is alone with Komander. The amigos nod while the fans fire up, and the forearms start flying! Fenix CHOPS, then runs up, but into a BOOT! Fenix staggers back, Komander runs up and FLIPPING RANAS! The fans fire up, Komander runs in at the corner, but Fenix puts him on the apron. Fenix ROCKS Komander, whips him into the POST!

Fenix goes up and tightrope walk PENALTY KICKS! The fans fire up with Fenix while Komander falls. Fenix goes out, and he CHOPS Fox, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix KICKS Angelico, then runs around the way and goes up the railing to KICK Komander back down! The front row fires up with Fenix and he goes back to Fox. Fenix CHOPS Fox, whips him, but Fox reverses to POST Fenix! Fox high-fives fans, but Komander runs up to FLYING CHUCK! Angelico stomps Fenix, then he stomps Komander. Angelico even stomps Fox down! Angelico JABS Komander, ROCKS him, and Komander staggers away. Fox kicks Komander, then kicks Angelico. Fox CLUBS Angelico, then RAMS him into railing! But then Fenix BOOTS Fox down! Fenix puts Angelico in and puts him in a corner.

Fenix CHOPS, and Angelico sputters as he staggers away. Angelico goes to the apron, Fenix goes out to bring Komander around to CLUB him. Fox storms up but Fenix CHOPS! Fenix CHOPS Komander, kicks at Fox but Fox blocks. Fox spins Fenix around to CHOP! And then APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fenix ends up folded up and he flops to the floor. Komander KICKS Fox in the leg, puts him in, and kicks him more. Komander puts Fox in a corner to CHOP, and Rampage goes to break!

Rampage returns and while Fox brings Angelico up, Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK Fox! Those three men are down and the fans rally up. Komander is somewhere on the outside, but Fenix brings Angelico up. Fenix KICKS Angelico, then shouts “ANIMO!” Somersault, into a takedown! Short arm scissor and a spin, HALF CRAB ARMLOCK FUSION! But Fox stomps Angelico! Angelico trips Fox, ties the legs up, NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Angelico has the TRAILER HITCH, but Komander is back! CIELITO LINDO onto Angelico!! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives but Komander SOBATS Fox! And then TORNADO DDT!

The fans fire up as Komander crawls to the cover, but Fenix springboards in to DOUBLE STOMP it! Memphis is thunderous and Fenix wrenches Komander. Fenix reels Komander in, fireman’s carries, but Komander pops it into a CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives and the fans fire up again! Komander waits on Fenix, Fenix SOBATS first! And KICKS again! Fenix pushes Komander to a corner, to then JUMP SOBAT! Fenix fires up, the fans are with him, and Fenix puts Komander up top. Fenix CHOPS, climbs, and brings Komander around. Komander fires body shots! Fox is back, and he joins in!

Fox CHOPS and CLUBS the luchadores, then climbs up. Fenix CLUBS Fox for it, and the luchadores work together again to SHOVE Fox down! Fox ends up folded, then Komander and Fenix brawl again. Angelico CLUBS Komander right as he CHOPS Fenix! Angelico takes aim, and he waistlocks Komander! Komander clings to ropes for dear life! Fenix BOOTS Angelico down, then he and Komander brawl some more! Komander stands, Fenix SHOVES him, and Komander MOONSAULTS right onto Angelico! Fenix then FROG SPLASHES onto Fox! Cover, TWO?!? Fox survives, so Fenix drags him into a CRUCIFIX COBRA CLUTCH!! Fenix TAPS, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by submission

The Immortal Firebird brings out something new in his arsenal and takes the win! But will Fenix be flying towards golden opportunities as AEW prepares for All In?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite.

Renee Paquette caught up with Chris Jericho, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Bryan Keith, and asks what the hell. Yes, she’s seen The Learning Tree do “a ton of horrible other things” throughout his career, but tonight with Samoa Joe crossed a line. What was he thinking? Jericho smiles, the leather belt gifted to him by Martha Hart still wrapped around his hand. He waves to the camera and says, “Hi, guys. And Renee, I don’t know why you’re so surprised. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long, long time. If you’ve listen to The Learning Tree, good things happen. Look at The Redwood and Bad Apple.

“But if you don’t listen to The Learning Tree, bad things happen. Shibata had a chance, now his arm is hurt. Hook had a chance, we had to burn his face off with a fireball. And Samoa Joke, for years, I’ve been telling you to listen to The Learning Tree, you didn’t, we ran you through a wall, and now you’re in the hospital.” Bill is stifling a laugh this entire time. Jericho says if Joe needs something to help with his inflamed muscles he might have, try ginger and black pepper. It’s really good for you. See, Renee? Lots of lessons to be learned. And even more will be learned on Dynamite 250, with a special edition of TV Time with Chris Jericho. Thanks, guys~…!

Jericho leaves, and Bill says one of the biggest lessons that Jericho has taught them is that the more TV Time, the better. And they want as much TV Time as possible! Because The Learning Tree, The Bad Apple and The Redwood are always maximizing their minutes. She should try it some time. Keith says if you don’t respect Chris Jericho, they will MAKE you respect Chris Jericho. Will everyone in AEW learn the hard way that Jericho isn’t kidding around?


Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering!

We heard the Virtuosa speak her mind, but La Mera Mera looks to show, not tell. Will Rosa be more than ready to go another round with Deonna? Or will the Queen of Strong Smile make some bold moves of her own?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Rachael shoves Rosa away, and the two reset. They tie up, Rosa headlocks, but Rachael lifts her! Rachael throws Rosa away but Rosa comes back to DROPKICK! Rachael goes to a corner, Rosa runs in to LARIAT! The fans fire up and Rosa goes corner to corner to ELBOW! Rachael staggers, Rosa KICKS a leg out! Rosa then runs to LARIAT Rachael down! Cover, TWO! Rosa clamps on with a chinlock, then shifts up to an armlock. Rosa CHOPS Rachael, ELBOWS her, then throws down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL elbows! Cover, TWO! Rachael goes to a corner, but Rosa CHOPS her again!

Rachael staggers away but Rosa puts Rachael in another corner, and CHOPS again! Rosa whips, Rachael reverses and Rosa ends up in a corner. Rachael runs in to LARIAT! Rachael keeps moving, and she UPPERCUTS Rosa down! The fans fire up and Rachael says “SWISH!” SENTON! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up but Rachael keeps on Rosa. Rachael CHOPS Rosa, storms up and CHOPS again. Rachael whips corner to corner hard, then runs in to LARIAT again! Rachael whips Rosa back in, runs in, but Rosa dodges! The fans rally up for Rosa as she LOCO LARIATS! Then she sits Rachael down to SWINGING METEORA!

The fans fire up and Rosa aims as Rachael goes to ropes. BANG and Rosa runs in to DROPKICK! Rachael sputters, Rosa reels her in, but Rachael bucks the driver! High stack, TWO! Rachael hurries to whip Rosa, but Rosa holds ropes. Rosa BOOTS back, runs up, and wheelbarrows, victory roll into a STOMP 182! Rosa then clamps on and has the COBRA CAMEL CLUTCH! Rachael taps, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by submission

La Mera Mera shows respect to Rachael by helping her up and hugging it out. But then DEONNA runs out there! And she SHOVES Rachael into Rosa! Then she DECKS Rachael for the hell of it before going after Rosa! Rachael drags Deonna off of Rosa, so Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans boo but Deonna BOOTS Rosa down! The Virtuosa shows her violent side, but will Rosa make her regret it?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of Strong VS Castle in an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match, and on top of Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington, The Bang Bang Gang is back in action. Will Juice Robinson & The Gunns keep the momentum going? Plus, Nyla Rose is back, we see Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron 1v1, and in the main event, it will be Kyle O’Reilly & Orange Cassidy representing The Conglomeration against THE Kingdom, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett. Could we see some Freshly Squeezed #1 contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships, too? Or will Taven & Bennett secure that night off they’ve been wanting?


BREAKING NEWS elsewhere!

Willow Nightingale is going to be part of the big NJPW-CMLL crossover tradition, Fantastica Mania! She, Viva Van and Lluvia will compete for the now vacated CMLL Women’s World Championship! The Babe with the Power may not have gone back-to-back in the Owen Hart Cup, but will she return to AEW as a world champion all the same?


Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

There have been more words flying back and forth between these trios than anything, but now it is time to put up or shut up! Will The Martin Brothers & The Sight to See show everyone why they’re the Coldest Trio in the Game? Or will Lee Moriarty, Anthony Ogogo & the man himself, Big Bad Shaney T swat them all out of the sky?

The trios sort out and Darius starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Shane talks trash to the fans talking trash while Darius and Lee tie up. Lee waistlocks, full nelsons, but Darius uses his leg for leverage. Darius breaks free, standing switches, then half nelsons to slip around and headlock. Lee powers up and out, but Darius runs him over! Things keep moving, Lee hurdles and runs to then roll over the dropdown. Lee swaggers, kicks Darius, then whips him to a corner. Darius goes up and over Lee, runs back in, but Lee goes up and under! Lee runs in and blocks an elbow to then backslide Darius! ONE, and Lee goes for a leg!

Darius smothers the takedown, rolls Lee to a lateral press, TWO! Darius arm-drags, then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up and Darius dusts himself off. Lee gets away to tag Ogogo, so Darius tags Dante. Angel Dorado talks smack on the Olympic bronze medalist boxer. They tie up, Ogogo pushes Dante away and says that was easy. Easy! Dante says okay, and they tie up again. Ogogo powers Dante to a corner, but Dante pushes him back. They go again, Dante gets around to then headlock. Ogogo back suplexes, Dante lands out and rolls Ogogo up! TWO, Ogogo swings but Dante dodges! Ogogo blocks a kick but Dante victory rolls, TWO!

Ogogo feints high to kick low, but Dante bobs ‘n’ weaves to JUMP KNEE! Dante wrenches and YANKS the arm, then tags Action. Action climbs, Dante sets up, Ogogo gets a TABLE TOP BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Action drags Ogogo up. But Ogogo powers him into the STP corner! Tag to Shane and he talks smack on Action. Action dodges the haymaker to fire body shots! Shane takes those shots, KNEES low, then whips Action. Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, and PELES! Shane staggers, Action gets moving, and Action rolls to RANA Shane up and out! Action then slingshots back in, but Lee steps in!

Action builds speed, the ref stops Lee, but the ref doesn’t see Ogogo CLOBBER Action! The fans boo and then the ref notices Ogogo, but Ogogo steps away. Shane storms into the ring to drag Action up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Action over to the STP corner, and he CHOPS Action! Lee exaggerates his shock, and then Shane DECKS Action. Shane drags Action up, tags Lee, and they mug Action. Lee stomps Action, drags him up, bumps him off buckles, and Lee fires forearms and CHOPS on repeat! The ref counts, Lee stomps a mudhole, but the ref gets in there to stop him. Lee and the ref argue, but STP just applauds. Shane tags in, Action fires hands! Action backs Shane down, but Shane ROCKS Action in return! Action wobbles, drops to his knees, and Shane HEADBUTTS him down. Shane looms over Action, then drags him back up.

Shane back suplexes, Action lands out to tag Dante! Dante fires forearms over and over and over! Dante puts some stank on it, but Shane dodges! So Dante DECKS Lee! Dante kicks but Shane blocks, to KNEE back! Shane then uses both hands to SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Dante survives, Shane gets mad and Shane brings him around to the corner. Tag to Ogogo and they mug Dante. Ogogo brings Dante out to scoop and SLAM! Ogogo runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Ogogo argues with the ref, then he drags Action up. Ogogo RAMS Dante, then BOOTS him down! Ogogo scuffs Dante while staying between him and Top Flight.

Dante fires body shots in return, but Ogogo kicks low! Oogo snap suplexes, covers, TWO as Dante bridges! Lee runs in to BLAST Top Flight, then Ogogo drags Dante up. Ogogo whips Dante hard into the corner, then tags Shane. Rampage returns to single picture as Shane talks smack on Dante. Shane has Lee & Ogogo hold Dante up, but Dante BOOTS back! Dante fights free of the others, BOOTS again, and then goes up and up to FLYING BULLDOG! The fans fire up as Dante crawls for his corner! Hot tag to Darius! Air Wolf rallies on STP with big forearms! UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT on Lee, then Darius whips.

Lee reverses the whip but Darius catches him to an atomic drop! Darius keeps moving, HOTSHOT BULLDOG! GAMANGIRI! Darius fires up, steps in, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives the onslaught but the fans rally up. Darius drags Lee up and fireman’s carries, but Lee fights with elbows! Lee shoves Darius, Action tags in. Lee dodges Darius but Action BOOTS! Then SHOTGUN SNAP GERMAN COMBO! The fans fire up as Darius deadlifts for the BRAINBUSTER! Then Action STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, Ogogo breaks it! Darius runs up but Ogogo kicks him. Ogogo scoops Darius, Darius slips free!

Darius & Action kick Ogogo then double clinch. Ogogo powers out, fires HEABUTTS and elbows! Fireman’s carry for Action, F5 AND A HALF! Action flounders, but Darius BOOTS Ogogo! Darius WALL RUN PELES! Ogogo falls, Shane storms in! Darius dodges, but the SOUTHPAW hits! Shane talks smack, but Dante JUMP KNEES him! Dante runs in to GAMANGIRI in the corner! Lee runs up, Dante BOOTS him! Dante runs but into a FLAPJACK! Lee then hurries to spin Dante around to THE FANG! But Dante flounders out of the ring! All six men are down around ringside and the fans fire up! Lee crawls, hot tag to Shane!

Shane spots Action rising, he and Lee go after Action. They double whip, Action handsprings, but they catch him! DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX, but Dante lands out! Action fires off forearms and elbows, and even CHOPS! Action kicks, Lee blocks, but then Lee ducks so the ENZIGIRI hits Shane! Lee CLUBS Action, Ogogo sends Darius into railing! Lee whips Action, Action ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE onto Ogogo! Action hurries back up, ROCKS Lee, and he springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Action kips up, the fans fire up, but Shane waistlocks. Action fires elbows until he’s free, then tries to fireman’s carry!? Shane is too big and bad!

Shane ELBOWS away on Action, gut wrenches, but Action slips free again! SUPERKICK! And another fireman’s carry!? But the back won’t hold the weight! Shane slips down to HEADBUTT! And then URENAGE! Shane flips Action back up to KNEE him in the face! Ogogo and Lee get in for defense, Shane DECKS Action!! Cover, STP wins!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions, by pinfall

That could’ve been a win by knockout with that killer haymaker! But will Shane Taylor Promotions continue to rampage until they prove they prove they’re the elite of All Elite Wrestling?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage, and while they shoved five matches onto this card again, they at least did their best to put story behind most of these. Roderick Strong was of course beating Ben Bishop, but they gave us a storyline plug by having The Conglomeration on commentary. And while Thunder Rosa was of course beating Rachael Ellering, they gave us story build with Deonna attacking them both. I feel like this will give us Deonna VS Ellering next, to stretch things out so that the true blowoff of Deonna VS Rosa isn’t until All In, probably in the All In Zero Hour. For that matter, that’s probably where Conglomeration VS Undisputed Kingdom 3v3 happens, too.

I’m a bit torn on the promo from Learning Tree Jericho and crew. The positive is that it was really good. I said for Dynamite that I like how the payoff is Jericho’s gone from condescending to sinister, and even Big Bill is getting into this crazy persona. The negative for me is that they kinda shoved this in here. I know we DO need to hear Jericho’s explanation, but if it was “after Dynamite,” then find a way to make it part of Dynamite. Or just leave it for Saturday Night Collision so that you aren’t already stuffing a one hour program full to the brim.

Great opening tag from House of Black VS Premier Athletes with Sterling & Woods of course getting involved, but great win for Malakai & Brody in that 4v2 situation. Still banking on them screwing over The Patriarchy during a Unified World Trios Championship match. The Six Man Tag was really good but not sure it was main event material compared to the Fatal 4 Way. Good stuff for the Six Man Tag, everyone got their shine, but that Fatal 4 Way was just incredible. Great win for Fenix to stay hot while all the titles have stories going into All In, but he could get a shot at like, Okada’s Continental Championship to give us a dream match moment before the PPV.

My Score: 8.8/10

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