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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/17/21)

Will it be The Way All Day?



NXT Coverage 2021

NXT, let me talk to ya.

Tonight, LA Knight makes his in-ring debut and sees Austin Theory confront Dexter Lumis of the lies he’s been told! But will The Way get their way?


  • Austin Theory w/ The Way VS Dexter Lumis; Lumis wins.
  • El Legado del Fantasma w/ Santos Escobar VS Breezango; Legado wins.
  • Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez VS Zoey Stark; Kai wins.
  • Tommaso Ciampa VS Marcel Barthel w/ Fabian Aichner; Ciampa wins.
  • LA Knight VS August Grey; Knight wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Finn Balor & Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux; Lorcan & Burch win and retain the titles.


Finn Balor heads to the ring!

The Prince is still the NXT Champion after defeating Adam Cole, but he already knows who is coming for him next. “St. Patrick’s Day, 2021, Finn Balor, still NXT Champion!” Kyle O’Reilly? Beat him. Pete Dunne? Beat him. Adam Cole? Beat him. And now, only one man remains. Karrion Kross, Finn has been waiting! And at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Kross’ time is up. But speaking of, here comes Mr. Doomsday and his femme fatale! They go right to the ring to join Finn, and Kross has a mic to say, “This entire situation was never gonna happen until you and I settled our separate affairs.

“And now, it’s me and you, one on one, mano a mano, nobody else involved. Otherwise, this whole entire confrontation is meaningless.” Here in NXT, the fans need to know who the REAL champion is around here. Kross says Finn needs to know it, Kross needs to know it, the entire world needs to know it. Finn says everyone wants to be champion until the real champion walks in the room. Finn tells Kross what no one else has the balls to say directly to him: Kross walks like a champion, he talks like a champion, but the problem is, FINN’S THE CHAMPION! Kross doesn’t have what it takes to beat Finn!

Kross smirks and says, “I promise you, at NXT TakeOver, you are going to know exactly what it feels like, when I squeeze all the oxygen out of your skull and I choke. You. Out!” Finn says Kross will know what it feels like to be in the main event of TakeOver and just CHOKE. Fans are on Finn’s side, but Scarlett says she’s already foreseen this in the cards. “This right here, two champions, both draped in gold, the world in awe. It all happens for a reason.” But wait, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch walk out and Burch says, “Lads, lads, lads, lads, LADS!” To get this right, these two “burks” standing there, chatting big ol’ fighting words. Make no mistake, boys, they’re just words.

Does Balor know who he should be fighting for that title? The best technical wrestler in NXT history, Pete Dunne! “The man who held the UK Championship for 415 days!” As for Lorcan & Burch, they know Dunne can win. And “Big man” Kross, Dunne can definitely beat Kross! Kross wants to talk about time, but sooner or later, Dunne will be NXT Champion! Scarlett says, “There are moments in time, moments like this, that lead us to an inevitable future. Moments like this, where you two put your tag titles on the line against them.” Is this what she meant about two men draped in gold?! Did she foresee Balor & Kross taking the tag titles?!

Burch and Lorcan talk but Scarlett says these “boys” are confident, and know what they want. She’s got a point. So these two know what they bring to the table, right? And they wouldn’t dare to be called cowards, would they? Scarlett gets these two to step up, and they’ll put the titles on the line tonight! Fans are fired up, and Scarlett asks Balor if he sees what she’s saying. “Every moment happens for a reason. You can’t change fate.” Balor might be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Will he really win tag titles alongside the man who wants the NXT Championship?



One thing is for sure, Stand & Deliver will have Balor VS Kross for THE NXT Championship! Kross never truly lost the title, but will he be able to get it back? Or will the Prince prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt, he is the GREATEST NXT Champion ever?


Austin Theory w/ The Way VS Dexter Lumis!

Was the #RealSuperstar kidnapped by the Tortured Artist? Technically, yes. But did Lumis really want to be Theory’s friend? Who knows. Theory tries to figure out where The Way is, and he gets them on video chat, but they’re at home? Gargano is glad to see Theory got the gear Gargano sent. Gargano says tonight is the night, Theory is going to face his fear and break through his therapy, on his own. But The Way believes in him! Teach Lumis a lesson for saying those things about your abs! But will being motivated by a lie really help Theory win?

The bell rings, Theory and Lumis tie right up, and Theory knees low! Theory throws Lumis out, goes out after him and bumps him off the desk! NXT goes picture in picture as Theory gets in Lumis’ face!

Theory clearly wants to know why Lumis said the things Gargano told Theory he said, and Lumis blocks a desk bump to bump Theory in return! Lumis ROCKS Theory with an uppercut and Theory ends up in the ring. Lumis slithers in but runs into a drop toehold into buckles! Theory goes out, slingshots in and somersault SHOTGUN dropkicks Lumis down! Theory paces around, drags Lumis around to rain down angry fists and stomps. Theory clubs Lumis, shouts at Lumis, and then wraps on a chinlock. Theory clubs Lumis to ropes, then brings him up for a EuroUPper! Theory bumps Lumis off buckles now, then whips him corner to corner. Lumis reverses and CLOBBERS Theory!

Theory goes to ropes, Lumis follows after to CLUB Theory down! Theory goes to a corner, Lumis throws body shots and then looms over him. Lumis reels Theory in for crossface forearms, then pushes him around so he can drop ax handles. Theory gets up and throws hands! Theory ROCKS Lumis, scoops him and hits a BACKBREAKER! Theory seethes and KICKS Lumis in the back! Theory keeps talking to Lumis and drags him up to throw more EuroUppers! Lumis leans on ropes, Theory gets in his face while choking him, but lets off as the ref counts. Theory snap suplexes Lumis then covers, TWO! Theory grows frustrated but he keeps on Lumis with forearms to the back!

Theory keeps shouting at Lumis, he must want Lumis to answer him about what he said. Theory whips Lumis to a corner and runs in to clothesline! Theory scoops Lumis for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cover, TWO! THE SILENCE!! Theory flails, throws elbows and gets free. Theory breaks Lumis up to scoop and SLAM him! Theory drops an elbow, covers, TWO! We can finally hear Theory say, “We were friends!” Theory pushes Lumis around, fans rally up for Lumis but Theory clamps onto Lumis’ neck. Theory back suplexes but Lumis lands on his feet! Lumis waistlocks, Theory bucks Lumis off the roll-up, then slingshots in again, into a SPINEBUSTER!

Fans fire up as Theory flounders to a corner. Lumis adjusts the gloves and rallies with BIG haymakers! Theory flounders about, Lumis uppercuts then runs in to clothesline and BULLDOG! Theory staggers into a BIG back suplex! Lumis drops a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Lumis drags Theory up, reels him in, and suplexes, but Theory slips out! Roll up, TWO! Lumis pops Theory up for an UPPERCUT! Lumis reels Theory in, slingshot suplex! Theory is in a drop zone, Lumis climbs up top, and Lumis frames it for a LEAP! Theory dodges, Lumis rolls and slithers back! Theory CLOBBERS him with a forearm! Theory drags Lumis up to cross up the legs, ATAXIA!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous as Lumis survives! Theory drags Lumis up and reels him in, but Lumis blocks the lift! Lumis powers out, ROCKS him, then ducks only for Theory to elbow him. Lumis LARIATS! Fans rally up as Lumis looms over Theory again. Theory looks up, and Lumis offers him a hand?! But he said all those things about Theory! Lumis seems genuine here, though, and he helps Theory up! Fans want them to “Hug It Out!” Theory says he knew it, and he hugs Lumis. But then Lumis puts on THE SILENCE!? Theory fights free, throws a hard forearm, and says he knew he shouldn’t have trusted Lumis! “Johnny was right! You are NOT The Way!”

Theory fireman’s carries, but Lumis lands out of the TKO to get a HUGE Urenage! SILENCE!! Theory fades out, and IS out, Lumis wins!!

Winner: Dexter Lumis, by submission

Lumis lets Theory go to pat his head, but does this mean he no longer wants to be Theory’s friend? Was Johnny right despite lying to Theory’s face? If only there was a way Lumis could tell us the truth!



After Burch & Lorcan accepted the challenge, though goaded on by Scarlett, the NXT Tag Team Championships are on the line!! Will The Prince and Mr. Doomsday bring about the end of the BritAm Brawlers’ reign?


McKenzie Mitchell waits outside William Regal’s office.

She’s hoping to get a word from the NXT General Manager about the huge tag title match he just made, but Tommaso Ciampa walks over first. Ciampa says “Toothless Timmy” isn’t here tonight, so maybe Imperium didn’t like his answer and took matters into their own hands. But two can play that game, so Ciampa wants McKenzie to find Imperium, ask them if they’ve seen Alexander Wolfe. They’ll probably say no, so tell them that after the bell rings, Ciampa will leave only one of them standing. Then Imperium will know they messed up. Is Old Man Ciampa right about Imperium taking out Thatcher over what Ciampa said about their offer?


NXT returns and Adam Cole is already in the ring.

“Last week, Kyle O’Reilly made the biggest mistake of his life! Before last week, I was never mad at Kyle O’Reilly, I just didn’t need him anymore. And then Kyle decides to cost me the NXT Championship!” Cole explains something to Kyle, that “little punk.” Kyle knows deep down in his soul that he is jealous of Cole! Kyle knows he will never be as successful as Cole and that eats him alive! “So congratulations, Kyle O’Reilly, you just wrote your death warrant!” Cole doesn’t care if Kyle is cleared or not, Cole is not leaving until Kyle brings his ass down here so they can finish this once and for all!

Regal tells Cole that last week, Kyle wasn’t cleared to even be here. But because of that confrontation, Kyle’s further damaged his neck and now is going to be out for longer. Regal promises Cole that Kyle is not here tonight, he’s been banned. But Kyle is on video! He confirms he isn’t there, it’s all a safety precaution. More Cole’s safety but hey, surely they’ll have this out again. Kyle just finds it funny how upset Cole is over losing. The look of fear and desperation was great. Kyle is patient, too. But when it comes to Cole, Kyle can’t wait. When it comes to Cole, Kyle cannot and will not rest until he ends Cole like Cole tried to END Kyle!! Cole tried to end Kyle, when they’ve been friends for 11 YEARS!!

Kyle cools off, and says know where Cole lives, where he likes to hang out and where he buys his video games. The only thing Kyle doesn’t know is what it is he’ll have to do, but Kyle hopes Cole understands Kyle is willing to do it. If that sounds like a threat, then he’s right, it is a threat. Kyle signs off, and Cole confronts Regal about the threats just made. Cole tells Regal that Kyle can find him and hurt him, but not if Cole finds him first! Cole storms off, Regal follows, will anything keep the Undisputed Civil War from happening?


Backstage interview with Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon.

The new and already second ever NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions have not gotten over the moment. It is still surreal that Shotzi got to celebrate with her dad about this! These titles didn’t exist until last week, but they’re already champions! Moments like this are exactly why Ember returned to NXT. Making history, being a face of a division, and it’s time to #TCB with Ember’s Law!

But then The Robert Stone Brand walks in, and Robert Stone himself says, “A wise woman once said that all champions need…” Aliyah and Jessi Kamea finish the quote by saying, “Challengers.” And these champions know more than anyone that champions can lose titles just like that. Besides, those titles will look way better on Jessi and Aliyah anyway. So then, how about Aliyah & Jessi do that next week? Ember’s & Shotzi’s first challenge? DONE! See you next week. Oh, and Stone’s suit sucks. BURN!! Will Ember & Shotzi be howling to the moon after tanking the Robert Stone Brand?


Jordan Devlin arrives at the Capitol Wrestling Center!

The Irish Ace and real NXT Cruiserweight Champion is back in the United States! And as promised, he’s heading in to confront the other NXT Cruiserweight Champion! Will Santos Escobar and El Legado del Fantasma be waiting to “welcome” him?


El Legado del Fantasma w/ Santos Escobar VS Breezango!

While Escobar hasn’t confronted Devlin yet, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza are looking to settle things with Prince Pretty & the Lord of the Dance! It’s all business tonight, will Tyler Breeze & Fandango get back at Wilde & Mendoza for jumping them a couple weeks ago?

The teams sort out and Mendoza starts with Fandango. The bell rings, Mendoza runs right at Fandango but the dropkick is sent into buckles! Fandango CHOPS Mendoza, throws jabs, haymakers, but Mendoza hits back! They brawl, Fandango whips but Mendoza handsprings through the hip toss, only for Fandango to CLOBBER him! Wilde gets in but Fandango swings on him. Wilde ducks but Fandango spins through to CLOBBER Wilde! Fandango fires off on Mendoza, brings him over to suplex and hang out to dry! Tag to Breeze, they make it rain with DOUBLE BOOTS! Cover, TWO! Breeze keeps on Mendoza and CLUBS him, then whips.

Mendoza reverses, Breeze sunset flips, but Mendoza rolls through to SHINING WIZARD! Tag to Wilde, Wilde throws body shots on Breeze. Wilde snapmares Breeze, jams a knee into Breeze’s back, then runs to BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Wilde whips Breeze into a corner, runs in but Breeze BOOTS him down! Breeze steadies himself, drags Wilde into the corner but Wilde fights to get free. Breeze goes after Wilde, kicks low and puts him in the corner. Tag to Fandango, whips him around and Fandango dropkicks him down! Cover, ONE!! Wilde jawbreakers Fandango, drags him up and CLUBS him down! And CLUBS him again!

Wilde eggs Fandango on, mocks the hip swivel, then clamps on a facelock. Fandango endures, fights up, but Wilde knees him low! Wilde bumps Fandango off buckles, tags Mendoza in and Mendoza CHOPS! Mendoza whips, Fandango reverses and Mendoza hits buckles hard! Fandango climbs but Mendoza hits first! Mendoza climbs up, they brawl, Fandango sends Mendoza down with a GOURD BUSTER! Fandango adjust but Wilde rushes over! The ref and Fandango see him so Wilde stops, but Mendoza handsprings to PELE Fandango down! Fandango falls to the floor, Wilde tags in and looms over Fandango as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns, Mendoza and Fandango again are on the outside. Mendoza talks trash and whips but Fandango reverses, and Mendoza hits barriers so hard, he tumbles up and over! Fandango gets back in the ring, the ring count is 5 of 10, but Mendoza gets up and over to get back in the ring at 7! Hot tags to Breeze and Wilde! Prince Pretty rallies on Legado, mule kicks then runs to DROPKICK Wilde! Breeze runs to forearm smash in the corner! Breeze whips, Wilde reverse but Breeze kicks and ENZIGURIS! Mendoza runs in but Breeze hits him first, then clotheslines him out! Breeze body scissor rolls Wilde to a HALF CRAB! Wilde endures and turns, but Breeze sits deep!

Wilde crawls, reaches, but Breeze has him stuck! Breeze even drags Wilde away! Escobar tells Wilde to fight through, and he does, but Breeze shifts to CATAPULT Wilde up and out! Breeze builds speed, but Mendoza swipes at him! Fandango LEAPS but Mendoza deflects him into barriers! Wilde runs in, only to get a SUPER MODEL KICK! Cover, but Mendoza breaks it! The ref reprimands but both men are down again. Escobar feels a bit more relaxed now, but Breeze drags Wilde up with chicken wings. Wilde gets free to a waistlock, Breeze bucks the roll but Mendoza tags in at the same time! Mendoza HOTSHOTS Breeze! Legado forms up, ENZIGURI LEG SWEEP! Cover, Legado wins!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

Escobar says NXT belongs to Legado! But where is this Devlin guy, huh? Escobar is the TRUE Cruiserweight Champion. Everyone talks about Devlin, “Devlin this, Devlin that,” but where is he? Haven’t seen him yet. But speak of the Devlin, and here he is! Devlin goes down to the ring while Escobar gets up on the announce desk. They both get mics and Devlin says, “Y’know somethin’, mate? You’ve been running around for a year now, claiming that you’re this and you’re that. But I want you to take a good, long look at what’s in the ring right now, because this is what a REAL champion looks like!”

Devlin says he didn’t come here to jump Escobar from behind, because he told the whole world that he was coming to call Escobar out. And he doesn’t need two stooges with him to do it, either! Escobar tells Legado to stand down, because he’s got this. Escobar hops down off the desk to go into the ring. Devlin says Escobar’s problem is that he’s been claiming to be the King of the Cruiserweights, but The Ace is back in town. So Escobar can take his replica, throw it in the trash, because the guy he’s been filling in for is back! Filling in? Escobar laughs, and says he REDEFINED what it means to be a Cruiserweight! “You’re welcome.”

Escobar says he wasn’t filling in, he was making history! And he’s proven time and time again. Does Devlin know why he still has his belt? Because everyone here forgot Devlin had it in the first place! So wrap up business in the UK, then come back and face Escobar on the one stage big enough for the Emperor of Lucha Libre: NXT TakeOver, Stand & Deliver! Irish Ace VS Santos Escobar, to settle this once and for all! Devlin HEADBUTTS Escobar down!! And then hits a DEVLINSIDE!! Devlin gets away after dropping Escobar! But with Trent Seven having made weight, Devlin has to face him tomorrow on NXT UK! Will Devlin defeat Seven to then dethrone Escobar?


Backstage interview with Adam Cole.

Is he concerned about what Kyle had to say earlier tonight? Concerned? Cole will explain something here. Cole is going to leave now. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the parking lot or outside Cole’s house, when he finds Kyle, he is going to do exactly what he said he is going to do and END him! That isn’t just Undisputed, that’s a promise!


The NXT Women’s Division just keeps getting stronger!

“In the world’s most elite division, for every sun that sets, a new warrior will rise.” From the Land of the Rising Sun, a shining star in Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling and World Pro-Wrestling Diana, the newest recruit to the NXT roster is The Warrior of the Sun, Sarray!


Cameron Grimes tweets his “vacation photos.”

Though the pictures are so blatantly Photoshop’d, the GameStonks Doge Coin Carolina Caveman says, “Is it Wednesday already?! Dag on I meant to come to work today but I’ve been busy vacationing. #KissMyGRITS it’s a holiday!” Whether or not Grimes is swimming with dolphins or soaking up some sun on a beach somewhere, is Grimes ever to return to work again?


Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez VS Zoey Stark!

The inaugural NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions are trying not to be upset that they lost those titles already. At the very least, will #CapKota crush the dreams of the young and promising superstar in front of her?

The bell rings and Starks stares down with Kai before they circle. They tie up, Stark powers Kai to a corner, but then Kai throws Stark down. Stark turns that around but Kai holds onto the collar ‘n’ elbow. They get up, fans rally as they go around and around, and Kai goes after an arm. Kai wrenches, YANKS the arm, then wristlocks. Stark rolls, handsprings and wrenches to a wristlock of her own! Kai bridges as Stark pushes her back, and Kai rolls, handsprings and wrenches to a keylock. Stark slips through and hammerlocks to a headlock. Kai endures the grind, pulls hair and gets a headlock back. Stark powers out then drops to hurdle, Kai leaps over but Stark arm-drags her!

Stark arm-drags again and has an armlock! Raquel is upset for Kai as Kai endures. Fans rally as Stark drops knees on the arm! Stark pulls back on the arm, fans rally and duel, Kai fights up and ROCKS Stark with a forearm! Stark scowls, Kai dodges her but Stark senses Kai following, and CLOBBERS her! High stack cover, TWO! Stark keeps cool and drags Kai back up. Stark scoops, Kai slips off to throw Stark down! Cover, TWO! Kai rains down forearms, covers, ONE! Kai scowls and drags Stark up to whip her to a corner hard! Stark sits down, Kai runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Raquel taunts Stark as Kai covers, TWO!

Kai grows frustrated but she says, “Okay, okay.” Kai reels Stark into a body scissor squeeze! Stark endures, pushes back to make it a cover, ONE! Kai clubs Stark, squeezes more, and digs palms into Stark’s head. Stark endures, fans rally and duel, Stark goes for another cover, ONE! Kai kicks low, whips Stark to a corner but Stark goes up and over and elbows her! Stark runs corner to corner, but Kai slips out! Kai ducks the forearm, hits a forearm, then trips Stark to spin her. Stark avoids the boot to mule kick back! Stark slingshots to PLANCHA! Direct hit and Stark fires up! The ref has Raquel stay back as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Kai has Stark in a chinlock. Stark fights up, fights back but Kai throws her by her hair! Kai rains down forearms again, covers, TWO! Kai grows frustrated, runs but Stark ducks the boot, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take both women down! Fans fire up as Kai and Stark slowly stir. Kai and Stark go to opposite corners, Kai runs but Stark CLOBBERS her! Stark rallies with clotheslines, kicks and kicks then kicks out a leg! Stark runs but Kai dodges the punt! Kai swings, into a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Stark kips up, fires up, and runs to KNEE Kai down! Cover, TWO! Kai survives and scrambles away but Stark runs in. Kai drop toeholds Stark into ropes!

Kai trips Stark, spins her and BOOTS her! Kai goes up onto the apron and brings Stark up. Stark HEEL KICKS back! Stark reels Kai in but Kai fights the lift and elbows free! Kai gets space, but runs in only for Stark to toss her into the ring! Stark springboards into a SUPERKICK!! Kai runs Around the World to BOOT!! Cover, TWO!?! Stark survives but Kai drags her up to a fireman’s carry. Stark sunset flips, TWO!! Kai powers her way to a jackknife bridge, ONE as Stark bridges up! Backslide, TWO! KNEE!! Kai wobbles, Stark yanks her into a fireman’s carry and ROLLING SENTON! Stark keeps going, goes up top, but Kai GAMANGIRIS!

Kai drags Stark out along ropes, for the DRAPING GO TO KICK!! Cover, Kai wins!!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

Stark again showed promise, but #CobraKai took her down! Kai tells Stark she was crazy to think she could compete with her. But wait, here comes Io Shirai! The Evil Genius has a contract in hand! Kai steps up to Shirai, but the NXT Women’s Champion walks right past her to Raquel. “I told you, I want you next.” Shirai shoves the contract at Raquel, then makes sure Stark gets out of the ring safely. Is the ball in Big Mami Cool’s court now?


Backstage interview with William Regal.

Obviously Regal is busy, but can he comment on what we saw with Devlin and Escobar? He was about to right now. But then a staffer tells him something happened to Cole! Cameras follow after Regal but NXT goes to break! Did Kyle come through on his threat already?


Grizzled Young Veterans speak.

James Drake starts by saying, “MSK, we don’t expect you two clowns to understand the gravity of your actions. But trust me, you will soon enough.” Zack Gibson says that the little stunt MSK pulled last week “will go down as the biggest mistake of their short, insignificant careers.” Gibson isn’t sure if MSK was “blinded by the opportunity to play dress up, or too distracted simping for Fandango,” but GYV will not forgive or forget what they did to Gibson’s hand, and it will not go without a receipt. They are Grizzled Young Veterans, SSSSOON to be recognized as NXT’s Number One, and they promise MSK will not like where this is going next.


Tommaso Ciampa VS Marcel Barthel w/ Fabian Aichner!

Ciampa called them out, and then he attacks the Pride of Italy! Ciampa throws Aichner WAY over the barriers, then brawls with Barthel! Ciampa puts Barthel in the ring, he’s getting the fight he asked for! Will the Psycho Killer make sure Imperium pays for whatever they did to Timothy Thatcher?

The bell rings, Ciampa waistlocks and drags Barthel down. Barthel fights up, slips around to a waistlock, but Ciampa fights up. Fans rally, Ciampa pries free and elbows Barthel away. Ciampa wrenches, whips Barthel, Barthel reverses to wrench back. Ciampa gets a leg, Barthel throws haymakers! Barthel throws EuroUppers, Ciampa BOOTS back! Ciampa CHOPS, CHOPS, but Barthel headlocks! Barthel grinds, Ciampa puts him on ropes, things turn around and the ref wants Barthel to back off. Barthel throat chops then headlocks to a takeover! Fans rally, Ciampa fights up and tries to power out but can’t before Barthel hits another takeover! Barthel throws down palm strikes then grinds a forearm.

Barthel makes it a cover, ONE. Barthel traps an arm, Ciampa clubs back, but Barthel grinds the headlock. Ciampa fights up, pries the hold, but Barthel shifts to a chinlock! Barthel drags Ciampa down to elbow him in the head! Barthel still has the chinlock, Ciampa powers out and ROCKS Barthel! Ciampa runs but Barthel EuroUppers hard against ropes! Barthel puts Ciampa in a ring, gets him on a rebound for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Barthel goes up, leaps, but into a dropkick! Ciampa runs to clothesline Barthel out! Fans fire up as Ciampa drags Barthel through ropes, but Aichner saves Barthel! Barthel then BOOTS Ciampa!

Barthel sets Ciampa up in ropes, to then dropkick Ciampa down! The ref tells Aichner to stay back, but Barthel talks trash on Ciampa. Barthel chokes Ciampa with the ropes! Barthel shouts at the camera, “Is this what you want, Tim?! Is that your future?! Step in line!” Barthel stands over Ciampa, then runs but Ciampa blocks the kick! Ciampa KNEES back, then throat chops in return! Ciampa whips, and CLOBBERS Barthel! Ciampa rallies, DECKS Aichner, then side steps Barthel to REBOUND GERMAN! Barthel flops to the apron, Ciampa drags him in for WILLOW’S BELL!! Cover, Ciampa wins!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa, by pinfall

But wait, here comes more members of Imperium! But that’s not Alexander Wolfe, that’s WALTER!! The Ring General has returned to the United States! Ciampa wanted the dominant NXT UK Champion and here he is! Walter has Imperium stand down as he gets in the ring with Ciampa. But NOW Imperium is let loose! Ciampa fights off Aichner and Barthel but turns around into a WALTER CHOP!! Walter has Aichner rain down fists, then Walter drags Ciampa up for a WALTER BOMB!! Aichner talks trash on Ciampa, and Imperium stands tall together. Will Imperium take over NXT on both sides of the Atlantic?


Regal finally finds Cole, and Kyle!

Kyle is being arrested for what he did to Cole! Cole shouts that Kyle is going to pay! Cole claims Kyle was trying to run him off the road!! Kyle has gone too far! Regal tells Cole to shut up, but Cole won’t shut up. Kyle tried to run Cole off the road, and he refuses to calm down because he says Kyle is screwed! If it’s gotten this serious, is there anything Regal can do?


NXT Media checks in with LA Knight.

He’s backstage in the locker room, takes a big gulp of water, and spots the camera. “You are always looking for a word, huh? You wanna know what I’m going to say? Well let me talk to ya, cuz here’s how it goes. Everybody’s talking about what’s about to go down right now, ain’t that right, Andre?” Knight talks to the picture of Andre the Giant in the hallway. It’s all about L A Knight. Wait, Bronson Reed is lurking, but he goes into Knight’s locker room. Knight says everyone here are “superstars,” but someone called Knight a MEGA STAR. That’s fitting and we’re about to find out why! But the match aside, will we find out what Reed is doing to Knight’s room?


LA Knight VS August Grey!

The hottest free agent turned mega star is having his NXT in-ring debut! Will #RetroAG find that this is Knight’s night and nothing’s going to change that?

The bell rings, Knight kicks and ROCKS Grey, then whips him to ropes. Knight elbows Grey down, then embraces the fans cheering for him. Knight chokes Grey on ropes, lets off to go to the apron and he KNEES Grey back in. Knight SLINGHOT SHOULDER TACKLES! Knight drags Grey up, scoops but Grey slips out to waistlock. Knight bucks Grey, Grey dodges but Knight scoops and POWERSLAMS him! Fans fire up and Knight spells out his name, to then snatch Grey’s bandanna. Wait, Reed walks out and has Knight’s blue leather jacket! Reed tries it on, but obviously it’s a few sizes too small, and it RIPS! Knight is furious but Reed just keeps trying, and the jacket just tears to shreds!

Knight is furious with Reed but Grey rolls Knight up! TWO!! Grey ROCKS Knight and CHOPS him, then ROCKS him again! Grey runs, spins Knight around, jawbreaker to NECKBREAKER! Grey goes to the corner, climbs up and tightrope walks for the CROSSBODY but flops! Knight rains down fists, then waits for him to rise. Knight spins Grey for a cravat KNEE, then a cravat DRIVER! Cover, Knight wins!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall

Knight is still heated after what the Colossal did to his custom leather jacket! Will he be able to cool off and focus on his real favorite thing in the world: himself?


Backstage interview with Raquel Gonzalez.

She still holds onto the contract Shirai gave her, and it is for an NXT Women’s Championship match. Of course it is! But it’s a big mistake to give it to her. Once Raquel puts pen to paper, Shirai’s reign has an expiration date. Kai comes in and they celebrate, but they need to continue things next week. Kai just talked to Regal, and it is set: Kai & Gonzalez VS Shirai & “her new best friend,” Zoey Stark. But Gonzalez can have Shirai whenever she wants. Yeah, but Kai needs this for herself, and they need this as a tag team. Controversy aside, they had back-to-back losses in title matches! They need to remind the NXT Women’s division who runs this place! Raquel agrees to that. Will Ricky Desperado and Cobra Kai make sure Stark knows her place, and Shirai knows what’s coming?


Xia Li has a message.

First in Mandarin, then in English, “Resistance will not be tolerated. Obstacles will be removed!” Tian Sha’s weapon is ready to strike again, but who will it be that suffers?


NXT Media catches up with Regal.

What just happened? Everything is out of control! The police officers hopefully drop charges and release Kyle. If they do, Regal will demand both Kyle and Cole come to the CWC so they won’t destroy each other. Regal promises to have a solution to this, but what could possibly contain the animosity between these two?


NXT Tag Team Championships: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Finn Balor & Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux!

A strange prophecy was closer at hand than either the current or the former NXT Champions realized. Scarlett managed to goad the would-be Kings of NXT into this war for the gold, is the end of Lorcan & Burch near? Will the NXT Tag Division be made to #FallAndPray should Balor & Kross become their champions?

From the way Balor and Kross glare at each other, you’d think this was their match for THE NXT Championship already. But the introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and we see if it was truly in the cards or just in Scarlett’s head.

The teams sort out and Kross starts with Oney. They circle, Oney gets a headlock but Kross powers out and runs Oney over. Kross then scoops Oney for a single leg suplex! Oney tags to Burch, and Burch circles with Kross. They tie up, Kross throws Burch down, and Burch flounders up. Burch dodges but Kross runs him over, too! Kross runs, Burch elbows him but Kross CLOBBERS him in return! Balor applauds but maybe only somewhat genuinely. Kross brings Burch up for a bearhug! Burch endures, throws forearms but Kross thrashes him around! Burch keeps fighting but Kross keeps thrashing. Burch throws more hands, Kross squeezes tighter, but Burch finally gets free!

Kross hurries to scoop Burch and SLAM him back down! Kross stares Oney down and Oney might be a little intimidated. Kross drags Burch up and suplexes but Oney attacks from behind! Oney and Burch go after Kross together, but Kross DOUBLE SUPLEXES the champions! Balor lets it be what it is, and Burch might be in bad shape after a rough landing. Kross stands down just to watch Burch writhe, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Oney returns to his corner, Burch manages to make it over and tags out, so Balor tags in! Kross is a bit surprised by that but Balor and Oney circle. They tie up, Balor waistlocks and throws Oney down to then facelock. Oney fights up, Balor wrenches and hammerlocks to wrangle Oney down. Balor snaps the hammerlock then grinds, to snap again. Balor keeps Oney grounded, keeps snapping the hammerlock, but Oney fights up to reach back. Oney powers Balor into a corner, throws a hard back elbow, then throws EuroUppers! Oney wrenches an arm, gives the arm uppercuts, then wrenches to uppercut more! Oney wrangles Balor down now and grinds an armlock.

Balor endures, Scarlett and Kross watch and wait, and Balor fights up as NXT returns to single picture. Oney knees low, runs and sunset flips but Balor rolls through to basement dropkick! Oney staggers up but Balor arm-drags him down! Balor grinds the arm, Oney endures and both Scarlett and Kross are growing impatient. Oney gets up, puts Balor in a corner and knees low! Oney bumps Balor off buckles, throws EuroUppers, then whips Balor to ropes to CLOBBER him with an elbow. Oney bumps Balor off buckles, stomps away, but the ref backs him off. It’s of note that Burch is still recovering so Oney keeps on Balor with a boot to the head!

Oney brings Balor up and around, snap suplexes then covers, TWO! Oney clamps onto Balor with a chinbar and half nelson but Balor endures. Fans rally, medics check Burch’s arm out, but Oney wrenches Balor to throw EuroUppers. Oney taunts Kross that he’s a champion and not Kross, then he EuroUppers Balor again! Balor throws off his armbands off and brags that he’s the best NXT Tag Team Champion ever! Oney ROCKS Balor with EuroUppers then taunts him. Balor slowly gets up, and he jawbreakers Oney back! Oney throws another EuroUpper but Balor PELES Oney down! Fans fire up, Balor heads for the corner, but Oney DECKS Kross first!

Balor RAMS into Oney, CHOPS him, then whips him corner to corner to CHOP again! And then back the other way! Then back to the champions’ corner for another CHOP! Balor trips Oney to DOUBLE STOMP! The fans are thunderous as Balor clotheslines Oney out! Balor follows out and SLINGBLADES Oney down! Balor takes aim as Oney flounder sup, and he SHOTGUN DROPKICKS Oney, but into Scarlett?! That was not good, but Balor keeps on Oney. Balor puts Oney in the ring and checks on Scarlett. He tries to apologize, but Kross sees what happened, and he RAMS Balor into the barriers! Kross dribbles Balor off the Plexiglas then puts him in the ring!!

Oney BLASTS Balor with a EuroUpper! Cover, Oney & Burch win!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

But then Kross DOOMSDAY SAIDOS Oney!! And then hauls him up for another DOOMSDAY SAIDO!! Kross then goes after Balor with a clothesline, an elbow and another clothesline! Kross hauls Balor up for an EXPLODER! Balor staggers up, into the KROSSJACKET!! Scarlett hurries in to stop Kross, and then she kneels down by Balor to help him up. Scarlett says she understands it was a mistake, but then she sets him up for Kross’ DOOMSDAY FOREARM!! Scarlett sets the title by Balor and says, “Everything happens for a reason. You can’t escape fate.” Was this the real prophecy she foretold? Or is Scarlett playing mind games so that Kross can conquer NXT once again?

My Thoughts:

A very good NXT, but perhaps with some odd choices for how to build to Stand & Deliver. The main event story is the main thing, with Kross & Balor challenging for the tag titles but losing because of a mishap with Scarlett ringside. Obviously if Kross and Balor were to lose, it had to be because of something screwy, and it wasn’t going to be Kross taking the loss because that’d be a lame way to end his undefeated streak. But then, I feel like letting Balor actually take the pin wasn’t the best either. Doesn’t this mean Oney should have a title shot before Stand & Deliver now? Not that WWE always follows that convention, but that just means it’s another point towards them being inconsistent.

I think it would’ve been better served if Kross annihilated Balor and Oney to the point of getting disqualified, the tag champions retain on that technicality. Granted, Kross annihilated them both anyway, but still. Also, the match didn’t really go the way they’d hoped anyway after Burch legitimately getting a stinger from the two awkward landings out of suplexes. The first was probably Oney being a little late on blindsiding Kross, then the other was because of the first, so that Burch wasn’t ready to take a suplex from Kross. Hopefully Burch will be alright and he can still defend alongside Oney at TakeOver.

GYV call out MSK, so of course they’ll be having a match. MSK is still owed a tag title match because they won the Men’s Dusty Cup, but there could be a case where that opportunity is put on the line. I want to say MSK finds a way to win in that scenario, as WWE still doesn’t do Heels VS Heels or Faces VS Faces, and Lorcan & Burch are definitely still Heels. Speaking of that, that’s why Devlin came off as the slightly more Face NXT Cruiserweight Champion, pointing out how Escobar has stooges and likes attacking from behind. Devlin got a great headbutt in on Escobar, and I am so ready for this Winner Takes All to crown THE ONE TRUE Cruiserweight Champion. Sorry, Trent, your hard work and heartfelt promos were just so Devlin can have in-ring momentum.

Kai VS Stark was a good match, but naturally Kai wins as the more experienced competitor. Shirai showing up to personally deliver the title match contract was a good touch, and was establishing a tag match for next week. There’s a chance Stark takes the loss there so Gonzalez gets momentum, but she could also pull of a quick pin on Kai so that Gonzalez stays strong, and there’s reason the team might start to crack. Meanwhile, Shotzi & Ember VS Robert Stone Brand was set up with a good promo segment, and the match will naturally be won by Shotzi & Ember because the Robert Stone Brand is definitely not championship material just yet. The third NXT Tag Team Champions will probably end up The Way’s Candice & Indi.

NXT signing another great Joshi wrestler is of course great for NXT. The name is of course changed enough so that WWE can have all rights to it, but it isn’t so far off. Sareee becomes Sarray so that phonetically it’s all the same, but the spelling is where it counts for WWE’s purposes. And with this being the fourth Joshi wrestler, I have to believe Io Shirai’s time in NXT really is on the latter end. Shirai’s sun will set but of course Sarray’s star will rise, and if Raquel wins at TakeOver, that will be a perfect transition for Shirai to Raw or SmackDown (preferably SmackDown) and then Sarray can start her journey to the top with Raquel being the new dominant alpha female in NXT.

The Way had far less to do tonight, but Theory VS Lumis was great. I just wish it wasn’t picture in picture as Theory was trying to get Lumis to confirm or deny what Gargano said he said. The moment of reaching out a hand was a good detail, but maybe Theory shouldn’t have hugged Lumis. Lumis is surely headed for a title rematch with Gargano with this story continuing the way it is, maybe he wins it at Stand & Deliver. Grimes’ “vacation” photos were so goofy for being fake, making them is probably what Grimes was actually spending his time doing.

Ciampa gets a good win off Barthel, gets what he wants in Walter showing up, but then gets beat up. I bet Thatcher wasn’t beat down by anyone, but he was perhaps convinced by Walter to stand down. Thatcher reuniting with Barthel and Walter is anyone’s guess, but I have a feeling it’ll be Imperium VS Thatcher & Ciampa to put it to the test. I like that Reed tried to cost Knight his debut match only for it not to work, but he still cost Knight an expensive jacket. Knight VS Reed could happen next week or it could somehow build to Stand & Deliver, but either way, their match will be big, no pun intended.

Another thing that was big was the development between Cole and Kyle tonight. Both promos were good, especially the fact that yes, Kyle probably does know where Cole lives and his lifestyle habits so he could easily get after Cole wherever and whenever outside of NXT’s two hours. We didn’t see the alleged vehicle attack so Cole could be lying. Plus, wouldn’t Kyle want to hurt Cole with his bare hands, not a car? Regal says he has an idea that can settle things but there are a lot of possibilities. Last Man Standing, I Quit, maybe even “Unsanctioned” like they did for Ciampa VS Gargano a few years ago as opposed to the One Final Beat cinematic. I have a feeling the one thing that’s solidly part of the stipulation is “Loser Leaves NXT.” That would be the perfect way for Cole to move on from NXT to Raw or SmackDown (again hopefully SmackDown) and make Kyle a sort of alpha in his own right.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/1/23)

SmackDown hears voices!



The Viper is here for The Bloodline!

He returned at WarGames, he returned to Monday Night Raw, and now, The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, returns to Friday Night SmackDown! Will he be able to strike at The Bloodline tonight?


  • Kevin Owens VS Grayson Waller; wins.


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (12/1/23)

A Block, round 5!



Will it be Chaos for the Reiwa Musketeers?

Shota Umino & Ren Narita are just outside the top spot in A Block, can they take over and truly lead NJPW’s future in World Tag League?


  • Six Man Tag: El Phantasmo, Hikuleo & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Tiger Mask, Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Just5Guys win.
  • Six Man Tag: Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Ryusuke Taguchi, Lance Archer & Alex Zayne;  Wato, Nagata & Suzuki win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Yoh, Bishamon & Boltin Oleg VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Yoh, Bishamon & Oleg win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Evil & Yujiro win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa; TMDK wins.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin; Kidd & Coughlin win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Yano & Ishii win.


Here are the current A Block standings.

TMDK: 3-1, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-1, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-2, 4 points
War Dogs: 2-2, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-2, 4 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-2, 4 points
The House of Torture: 1-3, 2 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-3, 2 points


2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ The House of Torture!

Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona finally got on the board, beating the War Dogs. Meanwhile, the House of Torture is falling apart as they just keep losing! Will the Gates slam shut on them, too? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp find a way to lie, cheat and steal a win once again?

Wait, the Gates are coming out wearing House of Torture shirts? And then they wait for the House to make their entrance? Is this a sign that they’ve become allies? Dick Togo, Sho, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and of course Evil & Yujiro all come out together and they seem pretty chummy with the Gates. All seven go to the ring now, and this is a rather interesting development. Did Prince Nana approve this deal? Everyone shakes hands and “put one out” so clearly there’s something to this. They even pose for photos! But then Kaun & Liona quickly and quietly TOSS Sho & Kanemaru, then they TOSS Dick! Yujiro & Evil don’t understand!

Kaun & Liona throw forearms, the bell rings and the Gates whip Evil & Yujiro. Yujiro & Evil hold ropes to then BOOT in return! But they run into double scoop SLAMS! The Gates tear off the House of Torture shirts, and Liona even wipes his butt with it! Evil & Yujiro are in opposite corners, Kaun runs in to ELBOW Yujiro and Liona SPLASHES Evil! Then the Gates trade, ELBOW for Evil and SPLASH for Yujiro! And back the other way! Fans fire up as the Gates tricked the tricksters! They fire each other up, and Kaun sends Liona into SPLASH Evil! The fans rally up, the Gates run in to SPLASH SANDWICH Evil!

Liona stands Evil back up, he and Kaun OPEN- NO, Yujiro saves Evil and they bail out. The House falls back, daring the Gates to come out after them. The Gates storm out after them, but going all the way to the entrance is suspicious. Sho & Kanemaru attack from behind with chairs! Fans boo as Dick distracts the ref so that the House can mug the Gates! Sho CHOKES Liona with his chair, but Liona bench presses it away! Yujiro helps Sho while Evil drags Kaun around, to RAM into the timekeeper’s area! Poor Abe-san! The fans boo but Evil gets on the mic to basically say this is what they get for messing with the House!

Yujiro SMACKS Liona off the timekeeper’s table, but Liona roars! So Yujiro POSTS Liona to knock him down! Evil drags Kaun up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally up. Evil CLUBS Kaun, CLUBS him again, and calls to the ref. Marty Asami returns and Evil stomps Kaun. Evil drags Kaun up, wrenches the arm and tags in Yujiro. Yujiro CLUBS Kaun’s arm, then reels him in to snapmare and ROCK with a haymaker. Yujiro looms over Kaun to rain down more fists but the ref reprimands. No closed fists! So Yujiro fishhooks Kaun’s nose! Yujiro sits Kaun up to run and basement BOOT! Cover, ONE!!

Yujiro is annoyed but he drags Kaun back up. Yujiro wrenches, wristlocks, and he CLUBS the arm. And stomps it! Kaun clutches the arm, it is taped up from that fight with the War Dogs. Yujiro wraps the arm around ropes! The ref counts, Yujiro lets off at 4 but the House all complains. Tag to Evil and he throws his shirt at Liona. Now the ref has to keep Liona out, and Evil throws Kaun out for the boys to stomp away on! Fans boo these vultures, but then Sho puts Kaun back in for Evil. Cover, TWO! Evil argues with the ref but the fans rally up. Evil tags Yujiro then runs to BLAST Liona! Liona stays up and roars, so Evil pokes him in the eyes!

Evil and Yujiro drag Kaun up, whip him to a corner, and Yujiro runs in but into Kaun’s BOOT! Kaun catches Evil for an URENAGE! Then Kaun uses Evil as a step to SHOTGUN Yujiro! Fans fire up while they’re all done, and Kaun crawls over. Hot tag to Liona! Liona rallies on Yujiro, BOOTS him, then catches Evil for a spin and LARIAT! Fans fire up more and Liona has targets in opposite corners. Liona roars, then SPLASHES Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! SPLASH for Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! Liona just keeps going, then he whips Evil into Yujiro! Fans fire up with Liona, and he runs back in, but both Yujiro and Evil dodge!

Yujiro & Evil kick low, double whip to ropes, but Liona breaks the line to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up again and Liona roars for Kaun! Kaun rises and tags in, and the Gates get Yujiro up! But Yujiro moves, the double lariats collide! Kaun hurries to grab a leg but Yujiro BOOTS Kaun into Liona! Evil tags in and he storms up to CLUB Kaun! Evil stomps Kaun, Yujiro joins in, and the ref reprimands. Yujiro drags Kaun to a corner, he and Evil double whip Kaun corner to corner. Yujiro runs in to BOOT! Evil runs in to clothesline! Snapmare and then they set Kaun up while Sho distracts! Dick hops up, DICK CHOP!!

Fans boo as Evil covers, TWO!! Kaun survives and the fans fire up again! Evil slashes his throat, drags Kaun up, and spins him around, but Liona is back! HELL STAB! Then a HEADBUTT for Yujiro! Liona & Kaun BLAST Dick & Sho off the apron! The fans fire up as now Evil is alone! Kaun & Liona high five and LARIAT SANDWICH! They roar again and they get Evil up. HEAVEN’S GATES!! Cover, but Dick YANKS the ref out!! Fans boo, but Yujiro slips back in to CLUB the Gates! Kaun ROCKS Yujiro in return! Kaun & Liona set Evil & Yujiro up, but they block double low blows! Kanemaru and Sho get in, they DOUBLE LOW BLOW!!

Fans boo as the House stomps away on the Gates! Yujiro has his cane, Dick has the Spoiler Choker. Liona shoves Sho aside but gets the CANE SHOT! Dick CHOKES Kaun, Kanemaru gives him WHISKEY MIST! And then Sho CLOBBERS Kaun with his wrench! Dick gets the ref back in as Evil hits EVERYTHING IS EVIL on Kaun!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Evil & Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; The Gates of Agony earn 0)

Kaun & Liona lured the House in, but one good trick wasn’t enough to beat the numbers game. The House even mugs the Young Lions trying to help The Gates! Will this be the beginning of the most unwanted comeback in World Tag League history?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK w/ Kosei Fujita VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa!

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls did fall for the trickery of Toru Yano. Will TMDK be able to rebound and stay at the top of the block? Or will the Green Supernova and his protege still #CreateTheFuture?

The teams sort out and Mad Mikey starts against Oiwa. They tie up, fans rally up, and Oiwa pushes Mikey back, only for Mikey to put him on ropes. Mikey lets off but shoves Oiwa. Oiwa shoves back! They go forehead to forehead, then forearm for forearm! Mikey claws eyes, headlocks, and brings Oiwa over. Shane tags in, Oiwa gets away, and then Oiwa arm-drags Mikey! Shane runs in, but into an arm-drag! Oiwa wrenches and whips Shane to ropes, Kaito joins in so they can DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! And then DOUBLE DROPKICK! The fans fire and Oiwa has Shane in a corner. Shane throws a chop, but Oiwa stomps and ROCKS Shane in return.

Oiwa drags Shane up to wrench and wristlock, then he scoops to POWERSLAM! Oiwa runs, but Shane gets up to DROPKICK back! Shane puts Oiwa on ropes, stomps away, and then BLASTS Kaito! Mikey smothers Oiwa on the apron, lets off before he gets caught, and then Shane slides to SHOVE Oiwa to the floor! The ref has to keep Kaito back, so that lets Mikey stomp Oiwa. Mikey puts Oiwa in, Shane covers, TWO! Shane drags Oiwa up, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mikey and he CHOPS! Fans rally, Mikey eggs Oiwa on then CHOPS him again! Mikey ROCKS Oiwa, Oiwa ROCKS Mikey!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey but Mikey ROCKS him right back! And CHOPS him right down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but Mikey sits Oiwa up and runs. Oiwa avoids the sliding lariat! Mikey hobbles up, throws a forearm but Oiwa throws back a flurry! Mikey fires a flurry of his own! Mikey runs, into an UPPERCUT! Oiwa runs and ROLLING ELBOWS Mikey down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Kaito! Kaito rallies on TMDK, whips Mikey and DROPKICKS him down! Shane kicks and runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up again and Kaito whips corner to corner. Mikey reverses but Kaito comes back to NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up again as Kaito drags Mikey up and reels him in. Mikey fights the suplex, but Kaito fires forearms! Kaito reels Mikey in but Mikey suplexes! Kaito slips free, ducks Mikey’s elbow, but Mikey DDTS! Fans fire up while both men are down, Mikey crawls to hot tag Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS again and again on Kaito, whips him to a corner then BLASTS Oiwa before he UPPERCUTS Kaito! Shane keeps moving, CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Hysterical Haste and he drags Kaito up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Kaito survives and fans rally up. Shane calls his shot and he drags Kaito back up to reel him in.

Shane underhooks the arms, lifts, but Kaito fights free to chicken wing! Shane fights that to ROCK Kaito! Shane eggs Kaito on then UPPERCUTS him! Kaito comes back to UPPERCUT Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS Kaito! Kaito grits his teeth and shakes his head. Kaito UPPERCUTS, Shane UPPERCUTS, repeat! Fans rally, Shane gets the edge with UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Kaito rebounds to RUNNING UPPERCUT! Both men are down again, and the fans fire up! Shane crawls to an open corner, Kaito crawls to hot tag Oiwa! Oiwa runs in to forearm smash, then he whips Shane corner to corner. Oiwa runs in to DROPKICK!

Fans rally up again as Oiwa clamps on a gut wrench, for a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa drags Shane up again, GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa isn’t done, he drags Shane up for a GUT WRENCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Oiwa BLASTS Mikey and Kaito slides in. They double whip Shane, then Kaito sends Oiwa in to ELBOW! Kaito runs in to forearm! Feed to the SPIN POWERSLAM! Cover, Mikey breaks it! Kaito TOSSES Mikey and Oiwa fires up! Oiwa drags Shane up in a waistlock but Mikey makes the save! Mikey CHOPS and Shane LARIATS! They coordinate, fireman’s carry, HIGHWAY TO HELL! Cover, Kaito breaks it!

The fans fire up again but Mikey tosses Kaito out. Shane kicks Oiwa around, eggs him on, but Oiwa sits up. Kaito gives more kicks, and a boot! Shane aims from a corner, runs in, but Oiwa dodges the Shane-ing Wizard to single leg, ANACONDA SUPLEX! Shane staggers back up, Oiwa gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Mikey sweeps Oiwa’s legs! Mikey whips, Oiwa reverses and DROPKICKS! Oiwa calls to Kaito and he returns. They get Shane up and fans fire up with them. Oiwa Electric Chair Lifts while Kaito climbs. But Shane victory rolls under the crossbody! TWO!! Mikey catches Kaito for a MIKEY BOMB!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey and DOUBLE CHOPS! But Shane SUPERKICKS! Mikey scoops, TANK BUSTER!! Cover, TMDK wins!!

Winner: TMDK, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kaito & Oiwa earn 0)

A powerful battle from both teams, but only one team was mighty! Will Shane & Mikey still be the A Block finalists


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare w/ Callum Newman VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin!

The Dominator & Face of Fury are holding on at 2-2, but so are #WarReady and the Dreadnought! Will the United Empire conquer these War Dogs and stay strong? Or will Kidd & Coughlin win won for the Rebel?

But of course the War Dogs attack at the ramp! But the Empire is ready, and Khan JAMS Kidd with his banner’s staff! Henare fires hands on Coughlin, HEADBUTTS him, and Khan CHOKES Kidd with the staff! Khan throws Kidd down, Henare CLUBS away on Coughlin, and the Empire gets the Dogs set up for Callum! Callum FLIES! Direct hit and he even lands on his feet! Fans fire up with the Empire and they throw the crowns up. Khan CLUBS Kidd, Henare LASHES Coughlin with his vest, and then Khan whips Kidd hard into railing! Red Shoes says fine then, and the bell rings to get this on record.

Fans cheer while Henare puts Coughlin in and throws forearms. Henare runs to then run Coughlin over! Fans cheer more, and Henare aims. Henare KICKS Coughlin in the back! And KICKS him again! Henare snapmares Coughlin to KICK him again! Then he SENTONS onto knees! Coughlin deadlifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Coughlin stomps Henare while Kidd whips Khan hard into railing, sending him up and out! Kidd then drags Khan to the back area of the stands, and whips him all the way into a wall! Coughlin digs his boots into Henare in a corner, then his knee. Red Shoes reprimands and Coughlin lets off.

Kidd and Khan keep brawling in the back as Coughlin CHOPS Henare! Coughlin whips Henare corner to corner then clotheslines! Coughlin then scoops Henare, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Henare tumbles and writhes while fans applaud the show of strength. Coughlin covers, TWO! Tag to Kidd, and the War Dogs get Henare up. Coughlin holds the arms back so Kidd can CHOP Henare! And CHOP again! Kidd then stands on Henare’s head but Red Shoes reprimands. Kidd steps off to storm around. Kidd mockingly asks where Will Ospreay went. Kidd says he’s beating up Ospreay’s boys like they’re his b*tches!

Kidd DECKS Henare, then digs his knee in again. Tag to Coughlin, he drags Henare up, and says “Knock knock” as he taps Henare on the head. Henare snarls but Coughlin SLAPS him down! Coughlin says Henare’s supposed to respond, “Who’s there.” Coughlin kneels on Henare but Khan knocks him over! The War Dogs mug Khan, Kidd drags him out of the ring, then whips him hard into railing! Kidd even DECKS Callum for the hell of it! Fans boo but Kidd says he’s a madman! Coughlin stomps Henare, drags him up, and RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Kidd and Kidd RAMS into Henare. Kidd then snapmares Henare to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Khan runs back in but Kidd DECKS him! Kidd drags Khan up to throw him out, and Coughlin hauls him up to whip hard into more railing! Kidd storms around, kicks Henare, but Henare grits his teeth. Kidd eggs Henare on, kicks again, but Henare blocks! Henare steps over to WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare crawls, Khan drags himself up! But Coughlin runs in to BLAST Khan off the apron! Coughlin then goes out to stomp on Khan, and Kidd CLUBS Henare. Coughlin sends Khan into railing again! Kidd drags Henare up, ROCKS him, then bumps him off buckles. But Henare just growls!

Kidd bumps Henare off more buckles, but Henare just headbutts the buckles! Kidd eggs Henare on, CHOPS him, then whips him. But Henare reverses to SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Henare crawls for his corner. Hot tag- NO, Coughlin YANKS Khan down! Red Shoes reprimands, Coughlin whips, but Khan reverses to send him into railing! And then Khan BOOTS Coughlin down! The fans fire up, hot tag to Khan! Khan runs Kidd over, whips him to a corner and clotheslines! Then torture rack and swing, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kidd is still in this but the fans rally behind Khan. Khan sits Kidd up, into the IRON CLAW SLEEPER!

Kidd BITES the fingers! And SNAPS them! Kidd runs, rebounds, but Khan gets under! Henare runs in, ASSISTED SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Kidd survives but Henare and Khan coordinate. Shoutout to Aussie Open, RUNNING KICK SANDWICH! Scoop, HEEL KICK T T D!! Cover, Coughlin breaks it! Coughlin and Henare trade big forearms! Fans fire up as they go back and forth! Coughlin gets the edge, but Henare BODY BLOWS! And ULTIMA- NO, Coughlin fights the full nelson! So Henare shoves him to a corner for a SHINING WIZARD! Then snapmare and RUGBY KICK! And then the Monster Rage boils over!

Henare drags Kidd up, fireman’s carries, and Khan runs. But Kidd slips free to shove Henare into Khan! Kidd BITES Henare, TOSSES him out, talks trash, but turns around into the HELL STAB! IRON CLAW, but Kidd grabs at Red Shoes! RIGHT HAND!! Kidd and Khan fall over after that closed fist shot! Fans rally up as hard as they can but Kidd snarls as he drags Khan up. Kidd runs, springboards, OSCUTTER?!? Kidd sends a message to Ospreay, and Coughlin is back in! Gut wrench, Coughlin goes up, HIJACK TOMBSTONE!! Cover, War Dogs win!!

Winners: Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Khan & Henare earn 0)

That madman tells Ospreay that he’s dead when they finally face off 1v1! December 16th is still two weeks away, is Kidd going to overlook the rest of the WTL all because he wants after the Kingpin?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

The Reiwa Musketeers are coming off a big main event win last round, and are near the top of the block! But the Clown Prince & Stone Pitbull just took down the top of the block last round against TMDK! Will Yano & Ishii pull off another shocker to get to the front of the line? Or will the Roughneck & Son of Strong Style make it through the Chaos?

The teams sort out and Ishii starts against Narita. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Every step Narita pushes Ishii back, Ishii pushes Narita back. Ishii uses his stockier frame to keep pushing Narita, and they end up on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Ishii lets off, but Narita intercepts the forearm with a forearm! Narita fires off more shots, but Ishii eggs him on! Ishii and Narita trade forearms back and forth, fans fire up as they pick up speed! Narita ROCKS Ishii, runs, but Ishii avoids the boot. Narita avoids the lariat to BOOT Ishii down after all! Fans fire up and Narita stomps Ishii. Narita then stands Ishii up to bump off buckles.

But then Ishii hits Shota! Shota hits back, Ishii fights both Musketeers at once! That doesn’t go well and they mug him 2v1. Tag to Shota and he digs his boots in while Narita BLASTS Yano! Red Shoes counts, Shota & Narita double whip Ishii to ropes, then DOUBLE ELBOW! SENTON! SOMERSAULT SENTON! Then they shake hands to DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Shota kicks Ishii around, eggs him on, but Ishii stands. The two stare down, and Shota throws a forearm. Ishii eggs Shota on now, so Shota throws more forearms. Ishii leans into the shots and backs Shota down like that! Shota keeps throwing shots, but Ishii DECKS him!

Fans fire up and Ishii rains down more shots on Shota! Red Shoes counts, Ishii lets off, and then Ishii eggs Narita on. Red Shoes keeps Narita back and Yano tags in. Yano fires up, and he unties a buckle pad! Then he throws it to Shota and tattles on him to Red Shoes! Shota gives the buckle pad over, and Yano SLAPS Shota in the head! Fans cheer but Shota scowls. Yano claws the eyes! Yano runs, Shota ELBOWS him then runs to basement dropkick! Tag to Narita, and Narita whips Yano to ropes, for a NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO! Yano is still in this and fans rally up. Narita brings Yano up but Yano pulls hair!

Narita kicks and whips but Yano reverses to throw Narita down by his hair! Yano drags Narita up and whips him into the bare buckles! Narita writhes, Yano BLASTS Shota, and Ishii rushes over to go after him! Yano throws Narita out and then goes out after him. Yano whips Narita hard into railing! Ishii whips Shota hard into railing, too! Yano drags Narita back up, puts him in the ring, and he stomps Narita around. Yano drags Narita up, tells haters to shut up, then tags in Ishii. Ishii CHOPS Narita, stalks him, and CHOPS him against the ropes! Ishii eggs Narita on and CHOPS him again. Ishii continues to egg Narita on, so Narita throws a forearm!

Ishii slaps Narita around, Narita throws more shots, but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Fans applaud, and Ishii taunts Shota. Shota coaches Narita but Ishii gives Narita toying kicks. Ishii HEADBUTTS Narita, CHOPS him, then CHOPS and CHOPS again! Narita roars but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Ishii whips Narita corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Narita runs up, Ishii ROCKS him! Ishii swings, but into a HALF HATCH! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tag to Shota! Shota fires off on Ishii, whips him to ropes, but Ishii reverses. Shota CLOBBERS Ishii, then BLASTS Yano! Fans fire up behind Shota and he sends Ishii to a corner.

Shota runs in to UPPERCUT, then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shota keeps going, and he turns Ishii over into an STF! Yano stomps Shota, so Shota kicks Yano and tosses him out. Shota goes back to Ishii, stands him up, and clinches. Ishii fights the lift with elbows! Shota ROCKS Ishii, gives him taunting kicks, but Ishii ROCKS Shota back! Shota and Ishii stare down, and Shota fires off forearm after forearm! Shota has Ishii in the corner for more shots! Red Shoes reprimands but Ishii roars and turns things around to CHOP and ROCK Shota on repeat! The fans rally up as Shota sits down, only for Ishii to stand him back up for more!

Ishii CHOPS and ROCKS Shota into sitting down again, and the fans fire up! Ishii eggs Shota on, kicks him around, slaps him even, and Shota scowls. Shota storms up on Ishii, Ishii throws a forearm. Shota eggs Ishii on, and leans into the shots a la Ishii. Shota then ROCKS Ishii and he staggers away! Ishii comes back, Shota clinches but Ishii slips around. Shota elbows Ishii, whips, but Ishii reverses to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down! Shota and Ishii crawl, hot tag to Yano! Yano fires up and whips Shota, but Shota reverses. Yano avoids the bare buckles, to then bait Shota into them! Roll up, TWO!

Yano runs, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up again, and Shota crawls to hot tag Narita! Narita runs up on Yano, BACK ELBOW! Then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Yano escapes, but Narita BLASTS Ishii to cut off the tag. Narita clinches but Yano fights the lift! So Narita trips Yano, and rolls him, CROSS ANKLE CLOVERLEAF! Yano endures, the fans rally up, but Narita drags Yano from ropes! Yano keeps fighting around, he reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Narita lets off in frustration but the fans rally up again. Narita stands Yano up, reels him in, COBRA TWIST! But Yano powers free with a hip toss!

Narita runs in but Yano trips him! CATAPULT into the bare buckles!! Ishii clotheslines Narita, too! Then he BLASTS Shota! Yano fires up and he hauls Narita up. ONI- NO, Narita fights free! Narita gets around, SLEEPER! Yano is fading fast, but Narita goes to the COBRA TWIST now! Yano endures, fans rally up, and Yano fights his way around. Shota keeps Ishii out, and Narita brings Yano away with the SLEEPER! Then back to COBRA TWIST! Yano is turning red like his favorite chair! But Ishii sends Shota into railing, to then TACKLE Narita! Fans fire up while Narita tosses Ishii back out. Narita roars and goes back for Yano.

Narita drags Yano up but Yano fights the suplex. Narita knees low, runs, but Yano avoids the boot to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yano and Narita crawl, hot tag to Ishii, and he BLASTS Shota! Ishii drags Narita up, throws him into Shota, then runs, but Narita BOOTS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii escapes and the fans fire up again. Narita crawls, hot tag to Shota! Shota aims at Ishii, BANG and V-TRIGGER! Shota then slingshots to APRON DDT Ishii!! Fans are thunderous and Shota stands tall as Ishii flops over. Red Shoes checks but Ishii is somehow still in this.

Shota drags Ishii up as the ring count begins. Shota puts Ishii in, climbs up a corner, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS Ishii down! Then Shota resets, to slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans fire up again! Shota drags Ishii up, dragon sleepers, but Ishii fights free. Ishii runs, into a snap cradle, that then shifts into a BONE LOCK!! Ishii endures the over-the-shoulder crossface, but Narita keeps Yano out! Shota pulls on the hold, but Ishii still fights around! Ishii reaches out, but Shota pulls back more! Ishii flails and kicks around, to have the ROPEBREAK! Shota lets go and the fans fire up again.

Narita slides in, he and Shota coordinate. Shota wrenches Ishii, dragon sleepers, and then gets Ishii up. Narita runs, BOOT into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans are thunderous again! The Musketeers stay focused, though, and they haul Ishii up. They double whip him to a corner, Shota runs in to ELBOW! Narita runs in to JUMP KICK! Feed to Shota’s forearm! Narita’s BOOT! Shota’s ROLLING ELBOW! Another BOOT! And then the lift, for the HART ATTACK! Cover, YANO BREAKS IT! Fans fire up but Narita fires off on Yano! Yano gets around, fireman’s carry takeover! Yano kicks and whips Shota, but Shota reverses!

But Yano denies the tornado DDT! Yano atomic drops Shota, then pops him up. Shota fights the Onigoroshi, underhooks Yano, but Yano RAMS Shota into bare buckles! Ishii reels Shota in, hoists him up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Shota survives and the fans fire up again! Ishii roars, the fans duel, and Shota flounders up. Ishii runs, Shota BOOTS him, blocks the lariat, and ENZIGURIS! Narita is back to WHEEL KICK! Narita hurries to get Ishii up and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Then a clinch, but Ishii HEADBUTTS free! Narita ENZIGURIS, Shota full nelsons! Narita runs, but Ishii gets free, the BOOT hits Shota!

Ishii shoves Shota into Narita, Yano drags Narita out! LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Shota survives and fans are thunderous again! Ishii grits his teeth and he stands back up. Ishii roars and looks to finish this off. We’re at 20 minutes, Ishii suplexes, but Shota slips free! HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Ishii gets right up to CLOBBER Shota! But Shota’s right up to SHOTGUN Ishii! Ishii’s back, but Shota pop-up KNEES, and LARIATS! Fans fire up again and Shota drags Ishii up. HALF ‘N’ HALF BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous and Shota just fires up again! Shota aims from a corner, vowing to end it here!

Ishii slowly rises, Shota runs in, BLAZE BLADE!! But Shota isn’t done! Underhooks and- NO, Ishii wrenches out to PELE!! Both men are down and the fans are electric! Ishii goes to the corner while the fans duel, and he SLIDING LARIATS!! Cover, NARITA BREAKS IT! Yano runs in to toss Narita out! Ishii roars and he drags Shota back up. Ishii suplexes, but Shota fights free! Shota wrenches, ROCKS and ROLLING- NO, Ishii ROCKS Shota! But Shota catches Ishii, only for Ishii to wrench out! Shota POP-UP UPPERCUTS! And then V- NO, Ishii blocks to HEADBUTT! And then Ishii spins Shota to a BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Shota & Narita earn 0)

There weren’t any tricks needed here, Ishii & Yano beat the Musketeers straight up! Is it still too soon for Shota & Narita to say the Paradigm Shift is coming?

And because it’s Ishii who won this, he’s a true strong silent type, so he and Yano just get outta here! No closing address tonight, but will actions speak louder than words for the Stone Pitbull in this tournament’s second half?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

TMDK: 4-1, 8 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 3-2, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-2, 6 points
War Dogs: 3-2, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-3, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-3, 4 points
The House of Torture: 2-3, 4 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-4, 2 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round for World Tag League and this block, with some rather shocking moves. I really thought The Gates were going to get going after their win last round, but I guess the House of Torture couldn’t just drop off that badly so they had to win this here. And as we saw in that main event, Yano & Ishii are making a go of it in this block. They beat Shota & Narita, who are certainly still frontrunners, but that was great stuff to make a point that Shota & Narita aren’t ready to beat the real “old guard” they’re talking about replacing here. War Dogs beating the Empire seems fine, they’re mostly just keeping pace so they could cost somebody later.

And great match from TMDK VS the Noah duo, and a great win for TMDK to again be the clear first place team. 4-1 at the halfway point, this block is on Shane & Mikey to win or lose, and as I’ve been saying, TMDK as both a group and as just these two, the OG members, have been solid a long time. It’d be great if they got to the tournament finals here, maybe even get that title shot at WrestleKingdom.

My Score: 8.9/10

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