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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Report! (8/1/21)

Will Chaos still reign?



NJPW Summer Struggle 2021

Will Chaos lose belts before going for more?

After all the madness from yesterday, Chaos and Suzuki-Gun look to raise the stakes as the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag titles are on the line! Will the champions retain or #JustTapOut?


  • Kazuchika Okada VS Yuya Uemura; Okada wins.
  • Tetsuya Naito VS Yota Tsuji; Naito wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Toru Yano & Roppongi 3K VS Chase Owens, El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori; Owens, ELP & Ishimori win.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS EVIL, Dick Togo & Yujiro Takahashi; LIJ wins.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Chaos VS Minoru Suzuki & Dangerous Tekkers; Chaos wins and retains the titles.


Kazuchika Okada VS Yuya Uemura!

Summer Struggle Sunday starts off with a send-off for a Young Lion! Will the Rainmaker send Uemura off on excursion in style?

The bell rings and fans fire up with Uemura as he steps right up to Okada. Okada is still in his corner but Uemura waits on him. Okada takes his time, circles with Uemura, shoots in, but Uemura dodges to get around and waistlock. Uemura shifts to a half nelson but Okada wrenches out. Okada gets a hammerlock but Uemura switches the hold onto Okada. Uemura cranks the hold to wrangle Okada to the mat. Okada reaches back, Uemura hooks that arm to make it a chicken wing cradle, ONE! Okada facelocks, Uemura makes that a fireman’s carry takedown! Fans cheer the technical exchange as Uemura has an armlock.

Okada fights up, gets a leg, trips Uemura, then drops an elbow on the knee. Okada has a toehold now, but Uemura tries to counter with a chinlock. Okada cranks the toehold, Uemura hooks him with a leg to go for an armbar! Okada clasps hands, rolls to a cover, TWO! Uemura uses a leg guard to keep Okada back but Okada backs off just a moment before shooting back in. Okada has a facelock, Uemura moves around so Okada shifts to a waistlock then chinlock. Uemura fights to his feet, pries at the headlock, but Okada cranks it on harder. Fans rally as Uemura tries to power out, but Okada holds on tight. Uemura fights up, powers up but still can’t power out!

Okada grinds Uemura into the mat and cranks back but Uemura endures. Fans rally up, Uemura fights with body shots and then finally powers out to dropkick Okada down! That was a very Okada like move! Uemura keeps on Okada with a rain of forearms! And a CHOP! Fans fire up again as Uemura paces around Okada. Uemura gets Okada up, scoops and SLAMS him, then covers. ONE, but Uemura hits a BIG jumping elbow drop! Cover, ONE! Uemura tries again, ONE! And again, TWO! Fans rally up as Uemura CLUBS Okada. Uemura gets Okada up, CLUBS away on his back, stomps him down, then drags him back up.

Uemura double wristlocks and throws Okada for a mounted wristlock. Okada clasps hands to resist and he moves around to get the ropebreak! Uemura lets go cleanly, then gets Okada back up. Uemura ROCKS Okada with a forearm, CLUBS him on the back, and ROCKS him in the corner with more forearms. Uemura whips corner to corner, runs in and dropkicks! Then he reels Okada in for a BIG back suplex! High stack, TWO, into a BOSTON CRAB! Fans fire up as Okada scrambles, and Okada gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Uemura lets off but stomps away on Okada at the ropes! Fans rally more as Uemura backs off to catch his breath.

Okada gets back up and Uemura throws a forearm! Okada doesn’t flinch so Uemura throws another! And another! Uemura runs but into a boot! Uemura just fires up to fire off more forearms! Uemura runs again but Okada’s BOOT knocks him down this time! Okada gets Uemura up, fans rally, and Okada eggs Uemura on. Uemura throws many forearms and a EuroUpper! Uemura runs, dodges the boot, dodges the chop, but runs right into the back drop! Fans rally as Okada gets Uemura back up to snapmare, spin around, snapmare again, then get him up for a leg trip. Okada scoops Uemura to SLAM him down, and scoop SLAMS again!

Okada whips and elbows Uemura down, then drags him back up. Fans fire up as Okada scoops and SLAMS Uemura again! Uemura is dazed from that flurry of offense and Okada backs off to see if he gets up. Uemura grits his teeth, slowly pushes himself up off the mat, and gets to his feet. Uemura throws another forearm but Okada just comes back for more. Uemura’s forearms finally impress Okada, and he ROCKS Uemura in return. Uemura throws another forearm but Okada DECKS him! Okada eggs Uemura on, Uemura growls and shakes his head and gets back up to throw more forearms. Okada ROCKS Uemura with a EuroUpper, runs, but into Uemura’s dropkick!

Fans are thunderous for Uemura as he gets Okada up and traps the arms! OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Uemura fires himself up, beats his chest like Tarzan, then wrenches and clinches Okada again. Okada blocks the suplex this time and fans rally as Uemura keeps trying. Okada eggs Uemura on so Uemura headbutts him! Uemura keeps trying but Okada keeps blocking the suplex. Okada powers out to SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! And then ANOTHER! Okada then wraps on the MONEY CLIP! Uemura is fading already but fans rally up and he gets his second wind! Uemura reaches out, scoots closer, but Okada drags him away from ropes! Uemura taps, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission

A valiant effort from this Young Lion graduate, and Okada applauds him along with the fans. Okada helps him up so Uemura can soak in the applause. But then Okada whips him and dropkicks him?! Seems Okada wanted to show the upstart how it’s done! Will Uemura’s excursion transform him into someone who can truly stand toe to toe with The Rainmaker?


Tetsuya Naito VS Yota Tsuji!

Just like Uemura, another Young Lion has his send-off! But will the towering Tsuji share the same fate as his fellow graduate?

Naito wore his suit today, so Tsuji’s send-off starts with the long labor of taking it off and putting it aside. Tsuji is patient, having seen this many times from ringside. The bell rings and Tsuji runs Naito right over! Again, Tsuji has seen Naito’s matches so he knows Naito starts off slow and he takes advantage of that. Tsuji gets Naito up to throw forearms, then whips Naito to ropes. Naito holds ropes, boots back, then things speed up. Tsuji hurdles, Naito leaps over, they keep going and Tsuji RANAS! Naito bails out and Tsuji dares him to come back as fans rally up. Naito stays outside so Tsuji goes out after him. Tsuji kicks Naito, bumps him off the apron, then puts him back inside.

Fans cheer as Tsuji stomps Naito down. Naito sits up but Tsuji gets him up to CLUB him and throw forearms. Naito CHOPS, Tsuji CHOPS, repeat! Neither man is backing down from this CHOP fight, but then Tsuji DECKS Naito with a forearm! Fans fire up for Tsuji’s strength, but Naito plays dead as Tsuji tries to get him up. Tsuji stomps Naito, stands him up this time, and whips. Naito holds ropes again so Tsuji throws forearms. Tsuji whips, Naito reverses and wrenches to throw back elbows and forearms. Tsuji forearms back, and again, and again. Naito staggers, Tsuji whips but again Naito reverses, to atomic drop and NECKBREAKER!

Tsuji bails out now and Naito goes out after him. Naito whips Tsuji hard into railing! The ref reprimands but Naito backs off. Naito goes back after Tsuji to whip him hard into more railing. The standing count starts but Naito scoop SLAMS Tsuji to the floor. Naito goes back to the ring at 10 of 20 and Tsuji writhes. The count gets to 15, then 17! Tsuji is up at 18, in at 19! Naito stomps Tsuji now, then digs a knee in with the chinlock stretch. Tsuji gets the ropebreak, Naito pulls back harder, until the ref counts 4. Fans rally while Naito paces. Naito gets Tsuji up, whip him to ropes and back drops him! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Another, TWO!! Fans cheer as Tsuji narrowly escapes.

Naito kicks Tsuij around, brings him up, but Tsuji throws a forearm. Naito eggs him on so Tsuji throws more forearms. Naito fires off forearms in return, then CLUBS Tsuji on the back. Naito scoop SLAMS Tsuji, goes for the legs, but Tsuji kicks him away. Naito kicks Tsuji, whips him, and Tsuji dropkicks Naito down! Fans fire up while both men are down! Tsuji gets up and aims from a corner. Tsuji runs corner to corner to flying forearm smash! Tsuji then scoops, SLAMS, runs and SOMERSAULT SENTONS! Tsuji keeps going to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans stay fired up as Tsuji gets Naito back up. Tsuji reels Naito in, but Naito blocks the suplex.

Tsuji gets Naito up but Naito knees free, wrenches an arm and throws back elbows. Naito CLUBS Tsuji, and SLAPS him! Tsuji SLAPS back, so Naito SLAPS again. It’s becoming a SLAP fight! Naito goes back to forearms, then back to back elbows. Tsuji CLOBBERS Naito with a point-blank clothesline! Tsuji gets Naito up, whips but Naito reverses again to back elbow Tsuji down. Naito basement dropkicks, but Tsuji is right up to SPEAR Naito down! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Naito crawls away while Tsuji sits up. Fans rally as Tsuji stands Naito up and throws more forearms. Naito hits back and starts to grin as the forearm brawl continues.

Tsuji fires off several forearms, Naito rebounds off ropes but into a forearm! Tsuji suplexes Naito high and hard! Fans fire up with Tsuji and he runs corner to corner, only for Naito to dodge and ENZIGURI! Naito whips, Tsuji reverses but Naito hits FLYING FOREARMS! Naito gets the legs and turns Tsuji for a BOSTON CRAB! Tsuji endures, powers up, but Naito sits deeper on the hold! Tsuji still works his way towards ropes, and gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer and Naito lets off as the ref counts. Naito stomps Tsuji, gives toying kicks, but Tsuji gets up to SLAP him! And SLAP! And SLAP! Naito fires off more forearms! But Tsuji still SLAPS!

Tsuji runs, gets around the elbow, and twists into a sunset flip! TWO, Naito has a prawn hold, TWO and Tsuji has the sunset flip again! TWO, and fans cheer that close call! Tsuji runs in but Naito back elbows! Tsuji staggers but he reels back, only for Naito to ENZIGURI him down first! Naito gets the legs again, and turns him for a LION TAMER! Tsuji endures this partial turn Crab, but he’s caught! Tsuji TAPS, Naito wins!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by submission

Another Young Lion with a lot of heart, but he couldn’t keep up with NJPW’s first IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Double Champion. Naito wants Tsuji to get up and he does. Naito tells Tsuji, “Hasta luego. Adios.” In other words, he’ll see Tsuji whenever he gets back. Will this Young Lion grow into a king of the jungle?


Six Man Tag: Toru Yano & Roppongi 3K VS Chase Owens, El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori!

Chaos’ Clown Prince lost his KOPW trophy, while Sho & Yoh are still stinging from yesterday’s loss to Suzuki-Gun, as well as the verbal lashing El Desperado gave them. Can Yano and RPG3K get back in the game against the current provisional Mr. KOPW and the reigning Junior Heavyweight Tag champs?

Chase taunts Yano with the trophy, as well as with the idea that he’d throw it into the crowd. The ref does his check and Yano gets impatient. But Chase wants to make sure Yano has no tricks up his sleeves, or his tights. The trios sort out, Bullet Club Low Sweets, and Bone Soldier Reborn starts with High Voltage. Fans rally as Taiji and Sho circle, feel out the grapple, and each man tries to get inside the other’s guard. They clinch, go around and around, then back off. Taiji shoots in to waistlock but Sho has an arm. Sho pries at the waistlock, wrenches through and wristlocks. Taiji rolls, spins, and wrenches back. Taiji goes from wristlock to hammerlock but Sho slips through to headlock.

Taiji pries at the hold but Sho cranks harder. Taiji powers out but Sho runs him over! Yoh hops in and gets Taiji up to double whip. They get ready for the combo but Taiji holds ropes and ELP trips up Sho! Taiji BOOTS Yoh but Yoh comes back, only to be dumped out! ELP throws hands on Sho, Chase knocks Yano off the apron, and Bullet Club goes after Chaos on the outside. ELP fish hooks Sho’s face, Chase rakes Yano’s face while holding him down against railing. ELP bumps Sho off apron and Taiji hoists Yoh up to drop him on railing! Fans rally up for Chaos while a ring count starts. Taiji puts Yoh in at 7 of 20 while ELP POSTS Sho.

Taiji chokes Yoh, lets off as the ref reprimands, but gets Yoh back up. Taiji DECKS Yoh, whips him to the corner, and Yoh runs into boots from ELP and Chase! Tag to ELP, he mocks Yoh just like Desperado did yesterday. Yoh gets mad and throws forearms but ELP DECKS him! Fans rally but ELP puts Yoh on ropes to stand on him and choke him! Chase also scuffs Yoh with kicks as the ref counts. ELP stops at 4, tags Chase in, and Chase CLAWS Yoh! Sho and Yano protest but Chase whips Yoh to a corner. Chase runs in to forearm smash, then reels Yoh in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Tag to Taiji and he goes up top, and Bullet Club fires up as Taiji leaps, to CLAW Yoh’s back!

Sho and Yano protest more, but Taiji tags ELP and ELP goes up top. Chase gives ELP some help balancing on the post, ELP double jumps, to CLAW Yoh’s back! ELP struts about, does some jumping jacks just to show off, and then he taunts Yano and Sho. ELP puts Yoh in a corner, Taiji gets in and they mug Yoh, but Sho points it out. ELP DECKS Sho, then he and Taiji double whip Yoh corner to corner. Taiji whips ELP in but Yoh avoids the splash to then dropkick Taiji! Yoh turns around and back drops ELP! Fans fire up as Yoh crawls for his corner, hot tag to Sho! Sho rallies on the tag champs, Taiji reverses a whip but Sho puts him on the apron.

Sho sweeps the legs, runs and dropkicks Taiji down! Chase kicks Sho, whips but Sho reverses and Yano trips Chase! Sho runs in at ELP to corner clothesline! Sho wrenches ELP, fires off KICKS, and then takes aim to KICK him down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally behind Sho as ELP crawls. Sho gets ELP in a waistlock but ELP resists the lift. ELP backs Sho into a corner, elbows him back, then CHOPS him! ELP whips corner to corner, Sho reverses, ELP goes up and over. ELP ducks, dodges, springboards and CROSSBODIES! TWO, ELIP somersaults to the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while ELP grows frustrated. ELP gets Sho up, spins him to a straitjacket and torture rack.

Sho slips out to pump handle and waistlock, WRIST CLUTCH GERMAN! Fans fire up as Sho and ELP crawl. Hot tags to Yano and Chase! Yano swings on Chase but Chase knees low. Chase steals a page out of Yano’s book by untying a corner pad! But Yano does that with the opposite corner! And Yano’s faster at it so he already has his weapon of choice! Yano SMACKS Chase right in the back! Then whips him at the bare corner! Chase copies Yano again as he goes up the corner. Yano runs in, Chase steps aside and Yano hits bare buckles! Chase rolls Yano up, TWO!! Chase keeps focus as he watches Yano, but Yano dodges the knee!

Yano waistlocks, Chase elbows free, but Yano pulls Chase’s hair to keep him from running away. Chase breaks free, Yano blocks his kick, but Chase rakes eyes! Chase runs, into an atomic drop! Yano gets around to hit another atomic drop! Chase spasms as he falls to his knees, and Yano tags in Yoh! Yoh dropkicks Chase to ropes, then whips him. Chase reverses but Yano hits FLYING FOREARMS! Yoh kips up, Chase kicks back. Chase CHOPS Yoh to a corner, whips him corner to corner but Yoh reverses, and Chase hits bare buckles! Sho gets in and intercepts Taiji with a forearm, then RPG3K coordinates.

Yoh whips Sho in to clothesline Chase, then Sho becomes the step for Yoh to hit POETRY IN MOTION! Yoh gets Chase around and Sho is on guard, FALCON ARROW! Yoh covers, but ELP still gets in to break it! ELP kicks SHo, ROCKS him with a forearm, then ROCKS Yoh! ELP fires off forearms on RPG3K only to run into their DOUBLE KNEES! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Taiji, and RPG3K give Chase the BACKSTABBER to SHOTGUN BOOT! Fans fire up with Sho & Yoh as Chase staggers, but Chase fights off 3K! Chase gets Yoh for a dragon sleeper, catches Sho as he runs in, and he hits an URENAGE REVERSE DDT COMBO!

Chase gets Yoh back up, reels him in, PACKAGE DRIVER!! Cover as ELP keeps Sho away, Bullet Club wins!

Winners: Chase Owens, El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall

The Crown Jewel shines bright as he grabs the victory for his team! ELP throws the buckle pad at Sho just to add insult to injury, and then Chase gets the mic. “Hey, Yano. Come in here. Say ‘I quit.'” Say it, or they break the trophy! They mug Yano but Yano fights back! Chase blocks the low blow to LOW BLOW Yano! Chase then puts Yano in a figure four STF! Bullet Club continues to threaten the “life” of the KOPW 2021 trophy as Yano suffers. Say it, Yano! Say you quit! ELP claims Yano said he quit, and Chase lets Yano go.

Will Chase give Yano a chance to win back the trophy? Or will he want someone else to step up to the plate in the MetLife Dome?


Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS EVIL, Dick Togo & Yujiro Takahashi!

Bushi, Sanada and Shingo Takagi were again on the winning side against Bullet Club yesterday, but the callous King of Darkness attacked Takagi with the IWGP World Heavyweight belt! And worse than that, part of the belt broke off! Will the Dragon get his revenge for that? Or will the #EvilDickPimps make the end of the weekend Too Sweet?

As Takagi makes his entrance, he holds the belt up to show the plate that fell off because of Evil. Evil grins, clearly proud of that. The introductions don’t even finish as Takagi rushes Evil! Sanada and Bushi take care of Dick and Yujiro while Takagi fires off boxing elbows in a corner! The bell rings to get this on record as Takagi stomps a mudhole into Evil! The ref reprimands, Takagi lets off and gets Evil up. Dick whips Bushi into railing just as Takagi throws Evil out! Takagi CLUBS Evil against railing, then runs him around the way to whip HARD into railing! Takagi drives elbows into Evil’s shoulder, then fires up. Fans cheer him on as he gets Evil up by his hair.

Takagi brings Evil around to put in the ring while Bushi hits Dick back. Takagi stomps Evil, whips him to ropes and KNEES him against them. Takagi then runs to run Evil over! Fans fire up and rally for “TA-KA-GI!” “LIJ!” as he drops a senton! Cover, TWO! Takagi gets Evil back up and signals to Sanada. Sanada sticks a boot out and Takagi bumps Evil off it! Sanada stomps Evil down and keeps him from his corner with a headlock punch! Sanada waistlocks, Evil resists the lift to switch, but Sanada resists the lift to trip Evil up. Evil kicks Sanada away, Sanada rebounds and cartwheels around Evil to then dropkick him! Evil stays up so Sanada dropkicks him again!

Evil is still up, Sanada dropkicks again and finally knocks him over! Evil bails out, Sanada aims, but Evil avoids the Plancha! After all, these two used to be tag partners, Evil knows Sanada’s moves. And then Evil RAMS Sanada into the railing, at the timekeeper’s area! Abe-san is knocked over again! Meanwhile, Yujiro and Dick go after Takagi and Bushi on the other side of the ring. Evil slips away from Sanada and the ref to untie the blue buckle pad. The ring count starts on Sanada while he’s down, and fans rally up as it climbs. It passes 10 of 20, then reaches 15 before Sanada gets up. Sanada drags himself over, gets on the apron at 18, but Evil BLASTS him off!

Sanada hits railing, and the timekeeper’s table! Abe-san and even the Young Lions helping him are all knocked down! Takagi hurries over to check on everyone, and fans rally up again as another ring count begins. Evil smirks as he paces, and someone throws a show into the ring? Is that Abe-san’s shoe? Sanada gets up at 13 and in at 14, so Evil gets him up to whip into the bare buckles! The Bullet Club classic hits! Tag to Dick, he stomps Sanada around then throws haymakers. Dick headlocks and punches Sanada down! The ref reprimands and fans rally as Dick grinds Sanada’s shoulder. Dick wrenches to a hammerlock but Sanada slips around to put it on Dick!

Dick drop toeholds to get the armlock back! Dick snapmares Sanada, runs and FIST DROPS! Cover, TWO! Bullet Club argues the count and Yujiro tags in. Yujiro drags Sanada from his corner to rain down fists. Yujiro sits Sanada up to basement boot! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for “SA-NA-DA!” “LIJ!” Yujiro slaps Sanada around but Sanada fires forearms. Yujiro catches Sanada’s rolling elbow into a dragon sleeper, but Sanada turns around to suplex. Yujiro resists, then BITES Sanada’s hand! Sanada BITES back! The ref reprimands, but men break free of the other’s jaw and back away to opposite ends. Yujiro runs at Sanada but Sanada dropkicks his legs out! Hot tag to Bushi!

Bushi hurries to the neutral corner and the top rope, then missile dropkicks Yujiro down! Fans fire up for the Bushirooni, but Dick and Evil attack! They whip Bushi to a corner, Dick runs in but Bushi steps aside to then trap Dick in the corner. Evil runs in but Bushi boots him away. Bushi headlocks Dick, and he hits a BULLDOG DROPKICK COMBO on Evil and Dick! Bushi DECKS Yujiro off the apron, runs and DIVES! Direct hit and Yujiro hits railing! Fans fire up with Bushi and he gets Yujiro back in the ring. Bushi stomps Yujiro, drags him up, spins him around and hits a DDT! Cover, TWO!

Bushi keeps focus as he gets Yujiro up, but Yujiro spins out of the fisherman. Each man evades the other, Yujiro blocks a kick and throws Bushi down to then basement boot! Yujiro tags Evil and he drags Bushi away from the LIJ corner. Evil whips, Bushi reverses but Evil reverses back and Bushi hits bare buckles! Evil fisherman’s but Bushi resists and hits FISHERMAN’S SCREW! Fans fire up as both men are down, but Bushi makes it to the corner! Hot tag to Takagi! Takagi runs at Evil in the corner, blocks Evil’s boot and clotheslines! Takagi whips Evil corner to corner and runs into clothesline again! Then Takagi suplexes Evil high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up with Takagi as he dares Evil to get up. Evil slowly rises, Takagi stands him up but Evil rakes eyes! The ref reprimands, Evil lets off and Takagi kicks. Evil blocks to hand it to the ref, but Takagi’s ready and blocks the mule kick! Takagi has the ref let go of his foot, and he ROCKS Evil with a forearm! Takagi runs but Evil dumps him out! Dick is there to whip Takagi into more railing! Dick puts Takagi in and Evil covers, TWO! Fans rally up for “TA-KA-GI!” but Evil hits a FISHERMAN’S BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Evil is furious but he kicks at Takagi. Evil eggs Takagi on and dares him to hit back. Takagi gets up but Evil pokes him in the eye!

Evil whips Takagi corner to corner then runs in, but Takagi dodges! Bushi runs in to back elbow! Sanada adds his own back elbow, then Takagi clotheslines! LIJ pinballs Evil around with kicks and clotheslines, and Bushi tops it off with a BACKSTABBER! Takagi SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, Dick and Yujiro break it! Sanada and Bushi throw those two out and Takagi fires up with “OI! OI! OI!” Fans rally up with him as he gets Evil up. Takagi pump handles but Evil fights off the lift with elbows. Takagi headbutts, runs, but Evil ducks Pumping Bomber! Dick trips Takagi then tags in! Yujiro also gets in and they mug Takagi in a corner.

Dick and Yujiro double whip Takagi to a corner and Dick runs in to back elbow! Yujiro runs in to BOOT, and Evil runs in to corner clothesline! Evil hits Takagi with a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Dick adds a BACK SENTON! Cover, Bushi and Sanada break it! Evil and Yujiro throw them out and Dick drags Takagi up. Dick throws hands but Takagi grits his teeth and powers up! Takagi ROCKS Dick, runs, but Yujiro gets a cheap shot in! The ref reprimands but Yujiro gets in with his pimp cane. The ref stops him there but Dick uses the SPOILER CHOKER on Takagi! Takagi fights up and pries it off to fireman’s carry Dick! Evil runs in but Takagi swings Dick’s boots into him!

Takagi then shoves Dick into Evil, and DOUBLE PUMPING BOMBERS! Sanada gets in to throw Yujiro out and Bushi gets in, Bushi and Sanada DOUBLE PLNACHA Evil and Yujiro! Takagi corner clotheslines Dick, then PUMPING BOMBERS on the return! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

For the third time in a row, LIJ beats Bullet Club! And Takagi makes sure to get the title belt before Evil can do something. Evil says it won’t be Takagi’s after Wrestle Grand Slam, but will he strike out there like he has this weekend?


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Chaos VS Minoru Suzuki & Dangerous Tekkers!

Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi have built quite the streak in defending these titles and don’t look to stop now! On top of that, the Fierce Warrior and Head Hunter are going for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships at Wrestle Grand Slam MetLife! Will Chaos still reign in the Summer Struggle? Or will the Meanest Man in the World help the Sliest Wrestler in the World and the Submission Master each become double champions?

The introductions are made, Ishii gets in Suzuki’s face but Suzuki slaps Ishii’s belt away. Red Shoes gathers the belts up, presents them, and teams sort out. Suzuki tells Goto and Hashi to get out of the ring because he wants Ishii! Fans rally up already for “I-SHI-I!” “SU-ZU-KI!” and that’s our starting two! The bell rings, the two rush each other and the forearms start flying already! Fans rally as Suzuki laughs. Ishii fires off many forearms, so does Suzuki, and now Ishii eggs Suzuki on. They keep going back and forth, leaning into each other’s shots! Forearm after forearm, Suzuki finally ROCKS Ishii! But Ishii comes back to ROCK Suzuki! And again!

Suzuki ROCKS Ishii again! Ishii ROCKS Suzuki again! Suzuki ROCKS Ishii and roars! Ishii throws forearms, Suzuki hits back, the flurry continues! Suzuki ROCKS Ishii and he starts falling over! Suzuki gets Ishii to the corner and Taichi tags in. Taichi reels Ishii in but Ishii turns it around to put him in the Chaos corner! Goto tags in and they mug Taichi. Goto CLUBS Taichi but Taichi CHOKES Goto! Hashi gets in and he chokes Taichi! Goto also chokes Taiji and the two back him down to the ropes. They double whip and double shoulder Taichi down, then coordinate for the hip toss senton! ZSJ gets in but he gets mugged! Ishii joins in and Chaos hammers ZSJ!

Goto knocks Suzuki off the apron, Hashi gets Taichi up and Chaos hammers him, too! Fans cheer on Chaos, and Goto stomps Taichi. Goto CLUBS Taichi to the corner, stomps him down, but lets off as Red Shoes counts. Goto gives Taichi more stomps but Taichi gets up to kick back! Goto stomps Taichi back down, digs his boot in, then tags in Hashi. Hashi stomps Taichi now, then drags him up to CLUB him. Taichi goes after Goto with a choke! Hashi drags Taichi away with a sleeper! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Another try, TWO! Hashi keeps his cool and tags in Ishii. Ishii stomps Taichi then drags him up to CHOP him!

Hashi and Goto hold Taichi in the corner but Suzuki runs in to attack Ishii! Ishii hits back and throws Suzuki out, to then CHOP Taichi down. Suzuki throws a fit outside but Goto tags in. Goto snapmares Taichi while Ishii eggs Suzuki on. Goto KICKS Taichi, covers, TWO! Goto keeps Taichi down with a chinlock but Taichi hits back from below. Goto drives an elbow into Taichi’s forehead! Goto stomps Taichi, drags him up and whips him to ropes. Taichi holds ropes, boots back, then runs, only for Goto to run him over! ZSJ gets in, Goto kicks but ZSJ blocks it! Suzuki gets in to STO Goto down, and both he and ZSJ have Goto’s legs for DOUBLE HEEL HOOKS! And Taichi adds a choke!

Red Shoes reprimands but ZSJ and Suzuki let off to go BOOT Hashi and Ishii off the apron! Taichi keeps choking Goto, then kicks Goto out of the ring. Suzuki and ZSJ throw Ishii and Hashi into railing! Ishii comes back to fire forearms on Suzuki so Suzuki hits back! Suzuki DECKS Ishii and Ishii falls against railing! ZSJ tortures Goto with a toehold, then Taichi gets Goto up to whip into railing. Taichi uses camera cable to choke Goto! Red Shoes can’t keep up with everything so Taichi gets away with it. Ishii and Suzuki brawl as the ring count starts and Suzuki DECKS Ishii again. Taichi gets in the ring at 6 but Goto is still down at 10 of 20.

ZSJ gets Goto up so that he and Suzuki can pinball Goto between forearms and uppercuts! The count is 15 of 20, Goto staggers as he gets mugged, but he slips away at 18! Suzuki-Gun keeps him stuck at the apron and Taichi stands on Goto’s head. Tag to Suzuki, Suzuki gives Goto toying kicks but fans rally up for Chaos. Suzuki stomps Goto but Goto still gets up. Suzuki gives him more toying kicks but Goto CHOPS back! Suzuki eggs him on so Goto CHOPS more. Suzuki throws body shots then DECKS Goto! Suzuki kicks Goto at the ropes, digs his boots in, but Red Shoes reprimands and counts. Suzuki lets off and ZSJ tags in.

Suzuki and ZSJ get Goto up and they wrench the arm over and over, handing it off back and forth. Suzuki then holds the arm out and ZSJ BOOTS it! Cover, TWO! ZSJ clamps onto the arm and drags Goto to the corner. Taichi tags in, the Tekkers mug Goto, then Taichi CLUBS Goto on the back. Taichi gives toying kicks now and even pushes Goto around. Goto gets up and CHOPS back! And fires off forearms! Goto runs corner to corner but Taichi dodges and GAMANGIRIS! Fans fire up and rally as Taichi drags Goto from the corner. Cover, TWO! Taichi keeps cool while fans rally, but Goto is dead weight as Taichi tries to lift him.

Taichi stomps Goto around then gets him up. Tag to Suzuki, Taichi stomps and Suzuki kicks Goto. Suzuki wrenches Goto’s arm and drags him down into a Rings of Saturn! Goto endures but Ishii gets in to kick at Suzuki. Suzuki gets annoyed and lets Goto go to DECK Ishii. Then he BOOTS Hashi down just because! Suzuki gets Goto up to SLAP him! Tag to ZSJ, he drags Goto around and uses a cravat for a neck wrench. Fans rally as Goto endures, but ZSJ cranks the hold harder. Goto gets up but ZSJ blocks the scoop! Goto keeps trying, ZSJ hooks a leg with a leg, but Goto throws body shots. ZSJ headlocks, Goto powers out and Goto CLOBBERS ZSJ with an elbow!

Fans fire back up and Goto tags in Ishii! The Stone Pitbull runs at ZSJ, ZSJ dodges, and both men go on a string of ducking and dodging strikes! Ishii spins ZSJ around to suplex but ZSJ slips out for a sleeper! Ishii slips out the side to shove ZSJ to ropes. ZSJ boots but Ishii dodges, only for ZSJ to dodge him. ZSJ comes back but Ishii runs him over! Taichi runs in but Ishii feeds him to Hashi’s forearm! Ishii and Hashi knock Suzuki off the apron and fans rally up behind them. Ishii stalks ZSJ to a corner, gets him up and CHOPS him! Ishii stands ZSJ up to CHOP him again, and again! ZSJ sits down and Ishii eggs him on.

Ishii slaps ZSJ around, gets him back up, but ZSJ EuroUppers! Ishii doesn’t budge, and he CHOPS ZSJ off his feet again! Fans cheer and rally up for “I-SHI-I!” “ZSJ!” as Ishii whips ZSJ corner to corner. ZSJ goes up and comes back to EuroUpper! Ishii swings into a COBRA TWIST! But he powers out to hip toss! ZSJ bridges up to get the cravat but Ishii blocks the snapmare! Ishii waistlocks but ZSJ resists the lift to wrench, wrangle and hammerlock STOMP the arm! Fans fire up as both men are down! ZSJ gets after Ishii’s arm, and he twists the wrist, bends the fingers, and pushes the arm into another hammerlock, to STOMP it from the other angle!

Red Shoes checks on Ishii but he refuses to quit here. ZSJ kicks Ishii around, isolates the bad arm again and gets Ishii up for more wrenching and twisting. Ishii ROCKS ZSJ but that was with the bad arm! ZSJ laughs at Ishii but Ishii hits him again! Again, that’s the bad arm! But Ishii fights through the pain to ROCK ZSJ! ZSJ comes back to BOOT the bad arm, but Ishii eggs him on! ZSJ BOOTS the arm, wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, but Ishii reels him in! ZSJ fights the back suplex then resists a standard suplex. ZSJ wrenches an arm but Ishii swings on ZSJ, only for ZSJ to catch the arm and spin through to an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN!

But Hashi dropkicks the hold apart! Suzuki BOOTS Hashi, Goto DECKS Suzuki, but Taichi kicks and throws Goto out! The Tekkers regroup as fans rally back up. Taichi gets Ishii up, feeds him to ZSJ’s EuroUpper and adds a mule kick. ZSJ gets Ishii in an IRON OCTOPUS while Taichi goes out after Goto. ZSJ shifts his grip around on the hold but Ishii powers out to throw ZSJ down! Fans continue to rally as ZSJ aims from a corner. ZSJ runs, Ishii avoids the Penalty Kick, and then Ishii clubs the roundhouse kick away! But that was the bad arm again! Ishii swings but ZSJ roundhouses the clothesline away! ZSJ wrenches to PELE the arm!

Ishii comes back but ZSJ avoids the sliding lariat! ZSJ boots but Ishii blocks to spin ZSJ to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous now! Ishii and ZSJ crawl, hot tags to Hashi and Taichi! Taichi boots but Hashi forearms! Taichi boots again, Hashi forearms again! And again! Hashi fires more forearms, Taichi kicks Hashi’s leg, repeat! Hashi gets the edge, but Taichi KICKS him in the chest! Taichi runs but into a CHOP! Hashi runs and avoids the clothesline to hit the HEADHUNTER! Fans fire up with Hashi and he gets Taichi up to whip him to a corner. Hashi runs in to CHOP Taichi, then brings him around to CHOP! And mule kick, and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally hard as ever as Hashi brings Taichi back up. Hashi scoops but Taichi slips out ot waistlock. Hashi switches, Taichi resists the lift to PELE! Suzuki and ZSJ blast the Chaos corner! ZSJ is after Ishii, Suzuki has Goto, ZSJ wrenches Ishii’s arm for an ELBOW BREAKER! Suzuki wraps Goto’s arm around railing to pull it! In the ring, Hashi gets to a corner and Taichi runs in to clothesline! Taichi rolls Hashi to KICK him in the back, but Hashi gets right up! Hashi forearms but Taichi GAMANGIRIS! Taichi drags Hashi back up while Goto and Suzuki brawl. Taichi reels Hashi in, but Hashi RANAS the bomb away!

Taichi is back up but Hashi blocks the buzzsaw! Hashi spins Taichi for a BACKSTABBER, into the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Suzuki tries to get in but Goto anchors him to the outside! Taichi endures, flails, reaches, fights up to his feet, but Hashi wrangles him back down! Ishii keeps ZSJ away now but ZSJ RAMS him into railing! ZSJ gets in to get Hashi with a sleeper! Suzuki knocks Goto away as Hashi elbows free. Hashi runs at Taichi but into SEITEIJYUJIRYOU! ZSJ drags Ishii down into an omoplata, and Suzuki has Goto in a standing armbar! Suzuki-Gun has TRIPLE SUBMISSIONS!

Hashi endures, fans rally, and Red Shoes checks on him. Taichi cranks the stretch plum more but Hashi refuses to quit! Taichi cranks harder again and Hashi starts to fade! Red Shoes checks on Hashi as Ishii and Goto try to fight free, and Hashi uses a last gasp to get the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer, ZSJ and Suzuki let Ishii and Goto go, and Taichi eventually does. Fans rally up but Taichi powers up. Hashi slowly rises, Taichi runs, but Hashi ducks Ax Bomber to come back, but into a choke grip! CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Hashi survives and fans are thunderous! Taichi gets up and OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi powers up and aims from the corner, Hashi rises, but Hashi SUPERKICKS first!

Both men are down again as fans continue to rally. Taichi gets to a corner, and Suzuki’s laugh echoes in the background as he surely goes after Ishii again. Hashi gets up, runs in, but Taichi dodges, and ZSJ runs in with a EuroUpper! Feed to Taichi’s BIG ELBOW! ZSJ gets Hashi back up, Taichi aims, but Goto clobbers Taichi! ZSJ runs in but into a fireman’s carry! ZSJ slips off, rushes Goto again but Hashi SUPERKICKS him down! Goto gets Taichi up, he and Hashi get him up, but Taichi fights free! HOOK KICK for Goto! But Ishii gets in and gets around Taichi to back suplex! Suzuki BOOTS Ishii down, but Hashi LARIATS Suzuki! Fans are electric as all six men are down!

ZSJ flops out of the ring, Suzuki’s on the apron, Goto is near the Chaos corner and Ishii, Hashi and Taichi are all by a neutral corner. The fans continue to keep that high pace as Hashi stirs. Hashi gets up while Ishii bails out, and Hashi crawls to the opposite corner from Taichi. Taichi slowly gets up, Hashi runs in but Taichi boots him! Taichi runs at Hashi, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Neither man falls and Hashi roars! Taichi runs, DOUBLE LARIATS collide again! Hashi falls over, the Ax Bomber wins out! Taichi runs again, but Hashi LARIATS him down!! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Hashi gets Taichi back up, fisherman, KUMA BUSTER?! Cover and Goto keeps ZSJ out, TWO?!?!

Hashi is shocked but the fans are fired up again as he gets Taichi back up. Full nelson and spin, but no Karma! Taichi spins around to Alabama lift, but Hashi fights free! Taichi BOOTS, Hashi CHOPS! Taichi roars, gets around, DANGEROUS SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Now Hashi shocks Suzuki-Gun! Suzuki gets away from Ishii to get on the corner and Taichi hurries over. Hot tag to Suzuki and he runs at Hashi in the corner, to BOOT him! Snapmare and run for a PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Suzuki keeps focus and drags Hashi back up. Hashi throws forearms but Suzuki doesn’t flinch. Suzuki ROCKS Hashi, whips, but Hashi holds ropes!

Suzuki CHOPS him, whips, but Hashi reverses to LARIAT! Both men are down and Goto reaches out. Hot tag to Goto! Goto fires off on Suzuki, whips him corner to corner and hits MURAMASA! Then BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto gets Suzuki up to a fireman’s carry but Suzuki slips out to fire off slapping palm strikes! Suzuki runs, Goto follows, Suzuki dodges and gets around to a SLEEPER! Hashi gets in just as Suzuki spins Goto around, and SUPERKICKS Suzuki down! Taichi gets in, he dodges Hashi but then Hashi dodges Taichi, they both run the ropes for DOUBLE LARIATS!! Both men slump down and roll to the apron as Goto and Suzuki rise.

Goto gets Suzuki up to throw forearms, but Suzuki throws them back. They go back and forth, and fans rally as they pick up speed. Things start to slow down but neither backs down as Suzuki ROCKS Goto. Goto eggs Suzuki on so Suzuki ROCKS him even harder! Suzuki eggs Goto on now, so Goto ROCKS him right back! Suzuki laughs that off and ROCKS Goto! Red Shoes reprimands Suzuki using closed fists but Suzuki shoves him away. Suzuki reels back for another closed fist, but Goto headbutts the punch! And again! Goto runs, Suzuki follows and DROPKICKS Goto right down! Fans rally, Suzuki fires himself up, and he gets Goto back up for a SLEEPER!

Suzuki drags Goto up with the sleeper hold, Taichi keeps Hashi outside as Goto turns purple! Red Shoes checks, Goto is fading, but Suzuki spins Goto around! Gotch hold, but Goto fights the piledriver! Goto spins out, gets Suzuki in the dragon sleeper, but Suzuki spins through to facelock and roll back, but Goto gets a facelock in return! REVERSE GTR!! Both men are down but ZSJ gets in! ZSJ drags Goto up into a facelock! Ishii runs in but ZSJ boots his clothesline! ZSJ gets Ishii in a sleeper with modified arm trap! ZSJ shouts to Suzuki as he spins Ishii, but Ishii suplexes instead! Ishii shouts to Goto and Goto rises!

Goto drags Suzuki up, but Suzuki HEADBUTTS! Goto fires up but Suzuki DECKS him! Suzuki gets Goto in the SLEEPER! Spin, but Goto fireman’s carries?! But Suzuki clasps hands to resist the Ushigoroshi and squeeze Goto in a modified sleeper! But Goto powers through! USHIGOROSHI!! Suzuki gets up!? But Ishii LARIATS him down! ZSJ gets back in but Ishii DECKS him! Goto sits Suzuki up, Hashi runs, METEORA! Hashi intercepts Taichi as Goto gets Suzuki in a dragon sleeper! Hashi helps out, G Y W!!! Cover, Chaos wins!!

Winners: Chaos, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions)

Korakuen was already rocking, but they’re even more amped that Ishii-Goto-Hashi retain! Red Shoes raises their hands in victory, and Hashi still wants to throw it in Taichi’s face. Taichi refuses to face Hashi at first, but then Goto and Hashi hold up their Six Man belts. The Tekkers get their IWGP tag belts and we’re back to these two teams talking some smack. Taichi mockingly pats Hashi’s head and ZSJ sarcastically compliments them on a “good job.” ZSJ then gets attitude with Ishii but leaves with Taichi all the same.

Goto gets the mic to declare, “We destroyed Suzuki-Gun!” And he tells the fans thanks for being with them through these eight defenses. But wait, LIJ shows up! Bushi, Sanada and Naito join Chaos in the ring, and Bushi gets a mic. “Champions, congratulations.” But Bushi isn’t satisfied. Chaos talks about defending those titles forever, so they should be up for giving LIJ a chance at revenge. Fans like the sound of that! Goto talks it over with Hashi and Ishii, and a decision is reached: OK! They will give LIJ their shot. Chaos holds up the belts, and Ishii gets in Sanada’s face. Sanada keeps his cool, Naito grins at Hashi, and LIJ take their leave.

Goto gets back on the mic to say, “As champions, we take on any challengers!” He also says he’s so pumped right now, he probably won’t get any sleep tonight. But he vows that he and Hashi will win those IWGP tag titles, so he asks the fans to please support them. And lastly, he wants this to close out as usual, especially since Hashi didn’t get to say anything last time. “Yoshi-Hashi, tell ’em how you feel!” Fans cheer and Hashi says that LIJ is coming for them, but they clearly forgot what Hashi usually says. Hashi will say it again: The NEVER Six Man titles are NEVER changing hands, because Chaos will defend them… FOREVER!

Mic drop from the Head Hunter, but Chaos has a busy schedule ahead of them! Can they get past LIJ 3v3 before the Triple Threat Tag at the MetLife Dome?

My Thoughts:

In a surprising twist, even to myself, I did the whole event! It was a very good event, and we got very good showings from the Young Lions against two top names. Obviously the Young Lions weren’t going to win here, but winning wasn’t really the point of these send-off matches. I don’t know where Uemura and Tsuji are going for excursion but each guy is going to be big when they return, I’m sure of it.

The rest of the night was Six Man Tag Night, in honor of the main event. Yano & RPG3K VS Bullet Club was very good, and naturally Bullet Club wins to put more pressure on Yano and RPG3K in their stories of regaining former glory. LIJ VS Bullet Club in another arrangement was great stuff, and I’m a little surprised LIJ keeps winning, but there’s a lot of time left between now and Wrestle Grand Slam MetLife so the overall series could go back and forth.

The main event was great stuff, but also really long. Chaos winning makes sense, crowning double tag champions in the Tekkers just seemed too much for Summer Struggle. LIJ wanting to get in on the Six Man titles again was a nice little surprise, and that’ll make for a very good match that will also act as a go-home to Wrestle Grand Slam’s Triple Threat Tag. At this point, it is too early to say if Goto-Hashi can pull off becoming double tag champions, but NJPW has really given them a strong run so it could be even just a little in their favor.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (7/12/24)

Top Flight is on a Rampage!



Time to rumble, bad man, rumble.

After weeks of back and forth, Top Flight finally has it out with Shane Taylor Promotions in a Six Man Tag match! Who proves to be the baddest trio in AEW?


  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop; Roddy wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox; Fenix wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions; STP wins.


Malakai Black & Brody King VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling & Josh Woods!

The Kings of the Black Throne claim they’re not enraged over Buddy Matthews being attacked, and yet they’re on a Rampage! Well, bad puns aside, will they unstoppable from now until they have avenged their Aussie Juggernaut? Or will Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari make everyone take them serious from now on?

The teams sort out and the fans hoot and bark. Malakai starts against Daivari and the two circle. The fans rally up, the two feel things out, then tie up. Malakai headlocks, grinds, but Daivari powers up and out. Daivari drops, hurdles, but Malakai waits. Daivari ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Malakai blocks the kick. Daivari narrowly avoids the roundhouse! Daivari backs up while Malakai sits down cross-legged. The fans fire up but Daivari tags Nese. Nese runs up, but Malakai ducks under the kick! Malakai kips up so Nese ROCKS him with a forearm! Malakai shoves Nese to ELBOW him down!

Malakai drags Nese over, tags Brody and the fans fire up. Nese scrambles away as the fans bark and hoot. Nese flexes, he isn’t intimidate. Nese CHOPS, but Brody doesn’t flinch! Nese grabs the beard and says Brody is his b*tch now! Brody CHOPS Nese off his feet! Brody barks, the fans join in, and then Brody CHOPS Nese! The fans “WOO~!” and Brody CHOPS Nese again! Brody fires forearms and CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Nese rebounds, into a BIG back drop! Nese staggers up, into a scoop and SLAM! Brody runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, so Brody drags him right up and tags in Malakai.

The House mugs Nese, double whips him corner to corner, then Brody sends Malakai in. Nese dodges to then ROCK Malakai! Nese BOOTS Brody, whips Malakai at him, but Malakai rolls off Brody’s back. Nese dodges Brody’s lariat but Malakai BOOTS him into the LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Nese up, drags him back over, and tags Brody. They mug Nese some more, and the fans fire up as Brody pumps up that rm. Brody runs, but Woods DUMPS Brody out! Nese distracted the ref and Malakai protests, but the fans boo. Daivari hurries after Brody but Brody grabs Daivari by the neck! Nese FOSBURY FLOPS Brody down!

The fans boo as The Premier Athletes now mugs Brody! Malakai protests but the ref keeps him back, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

The Premier Athletes let off to high-five with Woods & Sterling, then the ref starts a ring count. Nese catches his breath before he drags big Brody up. Nese puts Brody in the ring, tags Daivari, and they mug Brody more, They both run, to DOUBLE SHOULDER Brody down! Cover, TWO! Daivari hurries to bring Brody around in a facelock, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Daivari CHOKES Brody on ropes, the ref counts, and Daivari lets off. Daivari argues with the ref, so that Sterling can CHOKE Brody! Sterling scurries away like the weasel he is, and then Daivari stands on Brody in the corner!

The ref counts, Daivari lets off and he drags Brody over. Tag to Nese, and Nese stomps Brody while Daivari anchors the legs. Rampage returns to single picture as Nese and Daivari let off. Nese soaks up heat, stalks Brody to the corner, and he grins as he says “All day, baby.” Nese CHOPS but Brody gets mad! Brody fires forearms and elbows, DECKS Nese, then storms up. Nese throat chops! Then Nese runs, but into an URENAGE! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Brody crawls, reaches out, hot tags to Malakai and Daivari! Malakai rallies on Daivari with big elbows and then a strike fest! LEG SWEEP!

Nese gets in but Malakai ELBOWS him down! Daivari kicks and whips but Malakai RANAS! Nese is up but the JUMP KNEE knocks him down! Daivari stands and Malakai QUEBRADAS him down! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives but the fans rally behind Malakai. Malakai storms around, stands Daivari up and suplexes. Daivari slips free, but Malakai fires a strike fest! Daivari SUPERKICKS first! Tag to Nese but then Malakai DECKS Daivari! Nese leaps in but Malakai dodges! ROUNDHOUSE! Nese falls, Woods gets up! Woods ducks a shot, but then Brody SWEEPS the legs! Woods crashes off the apron and fans fire up!

Wait, Daivari sneaks in, armed with Sterling’s clipboard! Malakai turns around, CLIPBOARD SMASH!! The plastic explodes off of Malakai’s head!! Daivari gets outta there, the ref wonders what happened, and then Daivari BOOTS Brody! PLANCHA and down goes Brody! Nese hits a 450 SPLASH! A rough landing but Nese makes the cover, TWO?!? Malakai survives and Sterling is freaking out! Daivari reaches out, Nese crawls over, but Brody YANKS Daivari down! Brody RAMS Daivari into barriers! Brody makes Daivari take a seat so he can forearm and CHOP! Brody barks, Sterling panics, and Brody runs back in, but Sterling gets in the way!

Brody snarls, but then he just SPLASHES Sterling and Daivari! Nese is shocked by what he just saw! Malakai runs up, Nese bucks the O’Conner Roll! Nese runs up, into a KNEE! And then a suplex, for a BRAINBUSTER! Malakai hurries up top, but Nese SHORYUKENS! And GAMANGIRIS! Nese drags Malakai down then climbs up. 450 SPLASH onto knees! That’s an even rougher landing than before! Daivari hurries back up but Brody catches him for a SLEEPER! And now, Malakai lifts Nese up, for THE END! Cover, The House of Black wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

Brody DROPS Daivari when the bell rings, The House having completely demolished The Premier Athletes. Will they not be stopped until they have what they want?


Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Ben Bishop!

The Savior of the Backbreaker is set for an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match tomorrow night on Collision against Dalton Castle. But in an occasion of turnabout is fair play, The Conglomeration is watching him from commentary! Will the presence of Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy & Mark Briscoe make Roddy better or worse than usual?

The bell rings and Kyle says that while he loves and appreciates Roddy, Taven & Bennett, they’re being more like the Undisputed Cling-dom! Meanwhile, big Ben Bishop stalks some smack on Roddy, and then pretends he can’t see him. Roddy says okay, be that way. They tie up, Cassidy points out just how tall Ben is, and big Ben shoves Roddy down! The fans fire up, Roddy comes right back, but Ben TOSSES him away! Roddy bails out, the fans fire up for Ben, and The Kingdom coaches Roddy up. Roddy runs in, dodges Ben, and kicks at the legs! Ben drops to size so Roddy and CHOP! CHOP! And CHOP!

Roddy kicks the legs, fires boxing elbows, then ELBOWS Ben before he runs and SICK KICKS! Then he hits an OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up with Roddy and the Kingdom, then the STRONG KNEE knocks Ben down! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

The Conglomeration is in agreement, that was impressive work by Roddy, because Roddy is indeed that good. But Cassidy says it is time to go stare down with them. The Conglomeration stand on stage to stare down The Kingdom, but Roddy needs to focus on tomorrow night. Will Roddy punch his golden ticket to an ROH World Championship match? Or will it be The Peacock that means the Sussex County Chicken in Arlington, Texas?


Deonna Purrazzo speaks.

The Virtuosa is served a glass of wine, and says we’ve never been formally introduced. We’ve all seen what she can do in the ring, but does anyone know what it means to be THE Virtuosa. “Wrestling isn’t just a sport or an art form, it’s both. And more set to a quickening pace than a staccato beat of bodies slamming, bones cracking, tendons tearing! All building towards a beautiful and violent crescendo.” Deonna likes what AEW has forced her to become. “Because here, actions have consequences.” And Deonna vows to burn the empire to the ground, to remake it in her own image. This is the Age of the Virtuosa.


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite 250!

On top of the opening match being Ospreay VS MJF for the International Championship, as well as Swerve VS Okada in a Champion VS Champion showdown, Mercedes Mone has issued an Open Challenge to the TBS Championship! Well, mostly open, as she is EXCLUDING Britt Baker! The DMD won’t be happy about this, but who will step up to The CEO?


Fatal 4 Way: Rey Fenix VS Komander VS Angelico VS AR Fox!

This is going to be a fast ‘n’ furious match starring men capable of fantastic feats both in the air and on the mat! And with there still being time before All In, who uses this night as a launching pad towards a title opportunity?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The four circle, and then Fenix and Komander stare down. They nod and shake hands, and they go after Fox and Angelico! Fox blocks a kick, Angelico wrenches an arm, and then Fox wrenches Fenix to a cording hold. Komander uses Fenix to wall run and flip out of the armlock! Fenix and Komander each reverse the wrenches, then kick and body shot. Fenix uses Angelico to flip up and over and wrench again, but Angelico headlocks. Komander sends Angelico into Fox, Fenix rolls Angelico up, but Komander rolls Fenix! Fox rolls Komander, TWO! Angelico sweeps Fox to cover, ONE!

All four men stand off and the fans fire up. Angelico does the Bernie Lean! But then he gets TRIPLE BOOTS for it! Fox runs up, Komander & Fenix kick and CHOP him. The luchadores double whip Fox but he reverses to TOSS Fenix out! Komander runs in but Fox mule kicks his leg out! Komander ends up on ropes, Fox runs in to STRADDLE ATTACK DROPKICK COMBO, sending Fenix into railing! Fox gest back up to trip Komander and he goes up the corner, to QUEBRADA Fenix! Fox somersaults in to then deadlift ANARCHY SUPLEX on Komander! Cover, Angelico breaks it! Angelico JABS Fox, JABS, then brings him around.

Angelico whips, Fox reverses but Angelico rolls off Fox’s back. Fox jumps the sweep but the EDDY GORDO KICK hits! Fox falls back, Angelico coves, but Fenix slingshots in to SUPERKICK it apart! The fans rally as Fenix kicks Fox out of the ring. Angelico bails out, and now Fenix is alone with Komander. The amigos nod while the fans fire up, and the forearms start flying! Fenix CHOPS, then runs up, but into a BOOT! Fenix staggers back, Komander runs up and FLIPPING RANAS! The fans fire up, Komander runs in at the corner, but Fenix puts him on the apron. Fenix ROCKS Komander, whips him into the POST!

Fenix goes up and tightrope walk PENALTY KICKS! The fans fire up with Fenix while Komander falls. Fenix goes out, and he CHOPS Fox, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix KICKS Angelico, then runs around the way and goes up the railing to KICK Komander back down! The front row fires up with Fenix and he goes back to Fox. Fenix CHOPS Fox, whips him, but Fox reverses to POST Fenix! Fox high-fives fans, but Komander runs up to FLYING CHUCK! Angelico stomps Fenix, then he stomps Komander. Angelico even stomps Fox down! Angelico JABS Komander, ROCKS him, and Komander staggers away. Fox kicks Komander, then kicks Angelico. Fox CLUBS Angelico, then RAMS him into railing! But then Fenix BOOTS Fox down! Fenix puts Angelico in and puts him in a corner.

Fenix CHOPS, and Angelico sputters as he staggers away. Angelico goes to the apron, Fenix goes out to bring Komander around to CLUB him. Fox storms up but Fenix CHOPS! Fenix CHOPS Komander, kicks at Fox but Fox blocks. Fox spins Fenix around to CHOP! And then APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fenix ends up folded up and he flops to the floor. Komander KICKS Fox in the leg, puts him in, and kicks him more. Komander puts Fox in a corner to CHOP, and Rampage goes to break!

Rampage returns and while Fox brings Angelico up, Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK Fox! Those three men are down and the fans rally up. Komander is somewhere on the outside, but Fenix brings Angelico up. Fenix KICKS Angelico, then shouts “ANIMO!” Somersault, into a takedown! Short arm scissor and a spin, HALF CRAB ARMLOCK FUSION! But Fox stomps Angelico! Angelico trips Fox, ties the legs up, NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Angelico has the TRAILER HITCH, but Komander is back! CIELITO LINDO onto Angelico!! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives but Komander SOBATS Fox! And then TORNADO DDT!

The fans fire up as Komander crawls to the cover, but Fenix springboards in to DOUBLE STOMP it! Memphis is thunderous and Fenix wrenches Komander. Fenix reels Komander in, fireman’s carries, but Komander pops it into a CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Fenix survives and the fans fire up again! Komander waits on Fenix, Fenix SOBATS first! And KICKS again! Fenix pushes Komander to a corner, to then JUMP SOBAT! Fenix fires up, the fans are with him, and Fenix puts Komander up top. Fenix CHOPS, climbs, and brings Komander around. Komander fires body shots! Fox is back, and he joins in!

Fox CHOPS and CLUBS the luchadores, then climbs up. Fenix CLUBS Fox for it, and the luchadores work together again to SHOVE Fox down! Fox ends up folded, then Komander and Fenix brawl again. Angelico CLUBS Komander right as he CHOPS Fenix! Angelico takes aim, and he waistlocks Komander! Komander clings to ropes for dear life! Fenix BOOTS Angelico down, then he and Komander brawl some more! Komander stands, Fenix SHOVES him, and Komander MOONSAULTS right onto Angelico! Fenix then FROG SPLASHES onto Fox! Cover, TWO?!? Fox survives, so Fenix drags him into a CRUCIFIX COBRA CLUTCH!! Fenix TAPS, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by submission

The Immortal Firebird brings out something new in his arsenal and takes the win! But will Fenix be flying towards golden opportunities as AEW prepares for All In?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite.

Renee Paquette caught up with Chris Jericho, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Bryan Keith, and asks what the hell. Yes, she’s seen The Learning Tree do “a ton of horrible other things” throughout his career, but tonight with Samoa Joe crossed a line. What was he thinking? Jericho smiles, the leather belt gifted to him by Martha Hart still wrapped around his hand. He waves to the camera and says, “Hi, guys. And Renee, I don’t know why you’re so surprised. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for a long, long time. If you’ve listen to The Learning Tree, good things happen. Look at The Redwood and Bad Apple.

“But if you don’t listen to The Learning Tree, bad things happen. Shibata had a chance, now his arm is hurt. Hook had a chance, we had to burn his face off with a fireball. And Samoa Joke, for years, I’ve been telling you to listen to The Learning Tree, you didn’t, we ran you through a wall, and now you’re in the hospital.” Bill is stifling a laugh this entire time. Jericho says if Joe needs something to help with his inflamed muscles he might have, try ginger and black pepper. It’s really good for you. See, Renee? Lots of lessons to be learned. And even more will be learned on Dynamite 250, with a special edition of TV Time with Chris Jericho. Thanks, guys~…!

Jericho leaves, and Bill says one of the biggest lessons that Jericho has taught them is that the more TV Time, the better. And they want as much TV Time as possible! Because The Learning Tree, The Bad Apple and The Redwood are always maximizing their minutes. She should try it some time. Keith says if you don’t respect Chris Jericho, they will MAKE you respect Chris Jericho. Will everyone in AEW learn the hard way that Jericho isn’t kidding around?


Thunder Rosa VS Rachael Ellering!

We heard the Virtuosa speak her mind, but La Mera Mera looks to show, not tell. Will Rosa be more than ready to go another round with Deonna? Or will the Queen of Strong Smile make some bold moves of her own?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Rachael shoves Rosa away, and the two reset. They tie up, Rosa headlocks, but Rachael lifts her! Rachael throws Rosa away but Rosa comes back to DROPKICK! Rachael goes to a corner, Rosa runs in to LARIAT! The fans fire up and Rosa goes corner to corner to ELBOW! Rachael staggers, Rosa KICKS a leg out! Rosa then runs to LARIAT Rachael down! Cover, TWO! Rosa clamps on with a chinlock, then shifts up to an armlock. Rosa CHOPS Rachael, ELBOWS her, then throws down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL elbows! Cover, TWO! Rachael goes to a corner, but Rosa CHOPS her again!

Rachael staggers away but Rosa puts Rachael in another corner, and CHOPS again! Rosa whips, Rachael reverses and Rosa ends up in a corner. Rachael runs in to LARIAT! Rachael keeps moving, and she UPPERCUTS Rosa down! The fans fire up and Rachael says “SWISH!” SENTON! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up but Rachael keeps on Rosa. Rachael CHOPS Rosa, storms up and CHOPS again. Rachael whips corner to corner hard, then runs in to LARIAT again! Rachael whips Rosa back in, runs in, but Rosa dodges! The fans rally up for Rosa as she LOCO LARIATS! Then she sits Rachael down to SWINGING METEORA!

The fans fire up and Rosa aims as Rachael goes to ropes. BANG and Rosa runs in to DROPKICK! Rachael sputters, Rosa reels her in, but Rachael bucks the driver! High stack, TWO! Rachael hurries to whip Rosa, but Rosa holds ropes. Rosa BOOTS back, runs up, and wheelbarrows, victory roll into a STOMP 182! Rosa then clamps on and has the COBRA CAMEL CLUTCH! Rachael taps, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by submission

La Mera Mera shows respect to Rachael by helping her up and hugging it out. But then DEONNA runs out there! And she SHOVES Rachael into Rosa! Then she DECKS Rachael for the hell of it before going after Rosa! Rachael drags Deonna off of Rosa, so Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans boo but Deonna BOOTS Rosa down! The Virtuosa shows her violent side, but will Rosa make her regret it?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of Strong VS Castle in an ROH World Championship #1 contender’s match, and on top of Konosuke Takeshita VS Tommy Billington, The Bang Bang Gang is back in action. Will Juice Robinson & The Gunns keep the momentum going? Plus, Nyla Rose is back, we see Skye Blue VS Harley Cameron 1v1, and in the main event, it will be Kyle O’Reilly & Orange Cassidy representing The Conglomeration against THE Kingdom, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett. Could we see some Freshly Squeezed #1 contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships, too? Or will Taven & Bennett secure that night off they’ve been wanting?


BREAKING NEWS elsewhere!

Willow Nightingale is going to be part of the big NJPW-CMLL crossover tradition, Fantastica Mania! She, Viva Van and Lluvia will compete for the now vacated CMLL Women’s World Championship! The Babe with the Power may not have gone back-to-back in the Owen Hart Cup, but will she return to AEW as a world champion all the same?


Six Man Tag: Top Flight & Action Andretti VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

There have been more words flying back and forth between these trios than anything, but now it is time to put up or shut up! Will The Martin Brothers & The Sight to See show everyone why they’re the Coldest Trio in the Game? Or will Lee Moriarty, Anthony Ogogo & the man himself, Big Bad Shaney T swat them all out of the sky?

The trios sort out and Darius starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Shane talks trash to the fans talking trash while Darius and Lee tie up. Lee waistlocks, full nelsons, but Darius uses his leg for leverage. Darius breaks free, standing switches, then half nelsons to slip around and headlock. Lee powers up and out, but Darius runs him over! Things keep moving, Lee hurdles and runs to then roll over the dropdown. Lee swaggers, kicks Darius, then whips him to a corner. Darius goes up and over Lee, runs back in, but Lee goes up and under! Lee runs in and blocks an elbow to then backslide Darius! ONE, and Lee goes for a leg!

Darius smothers the takedown, rolls Lee to a lateral press, TWO! Darius arm-drags, then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up and Darius dusts himself off. Lee gets away to tag Ogogo, so Darius tags Dante. Angel Dorado talks smack on the Olympic bronze medalist boxer. They tie up, Ogogo pushes Dante away and says that was easy. Easy! Dante says okay, and they tie up again. Ogogo powers Dante to a corner, but Dante pushes him back. They go again, Dante gets around to then headlock. Ogogo back suplexes, Dante lands out and rolls Ogogo up! TWO, Ogogo swings but Dante dodges! Ogogo blocks a kick but Dante victory rolls, TWO!

Ogogo feints high to kick low, but Dante bobs ‘n’ weaves to JUMP KNEE! Dante wrenches and YANKS the arm, then tags Action. Action climbs, Dante sets up, Ogogo gets a TABLE TOP BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Action drags Ogogo up. But Ogogo powers him into the STP corner! Tag to Shane and he talks smack on Action. Action dodges the haymaker to fire body shots! Shane takes those shots, KNEES low, then whips Action. Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, and PELES! Shane staggers, Action gets moving, and Action rolls to RANA Shane up and out! Action then slingshots back in, but Lee steps in!

Action builds speed, the ref stops Lee, but the ref doesn’t see Ogogo CLOBBER Action! The fans boo and then the ref notices Ogogo, but Ogogo steps away. Shane storms into the ring to drag Action up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Action over to the STP corner, and he CHOPS Action! Lee exaggerates his shock, and then Shane DECKS Action. Shane drags Action up, tags Lee, and they mug Action. Lee stomps Action, drags him up, bumps him off buckles, and Lee fires forearms and CHOPS on repeat! The ref counts, Lee stomps a mudhole, but the ref gets in there to stop him. Lee and the ref argue, but STP just applauds. Shane tags in, Action fires hands! Action backs Shane down, but Shane ROCKS Action in return! Action wobbles, drops to his knees, and Shane HEADBUTTS him down. Shane looms over Action, then drags him back up.

Shane back suplexes, Action lands out to tag Dante! Dante fires forearms over and over and over! Dante puts some stank on it, but Shane dodges! So Dante DECKS Lee! Dante kicks but Shane blocks, to KNEE back! Shane then uses both hands to SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Dante survives, Shane gets mad and Shane brings him around to the corner. Tag to Ogogo and they mug Dante. Ogogo brings Dante out to scoop and SLAM! Ogogo runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Ogogo argues with the ref, then he drags Action up. Ogogo RAMS Dante, then BOOTS him down! Ogogo scuffs Dante while staying between him and Top Flight.

Dante fires body shots in return, but Ogogo kicks low! Oogo snap suplexes, covers, TWO as Dante bridges! Lee runs in to BLAST Top Flight, then Ogogo drags Dante up. Ogogo whips Dante hard into the corner, then tags Shane. Rampage returns to single picture as Shane talks smack on Dante. Shane has Lee & Ogogo hold Dante up, but Dante BOOTS back! Dante fights free of the others, BOOTS again, and then goes up and up to FLYING BULLDOG! The fans fire up as Dante crawls for his corner! Hot tag to Darius! Air Wolf rallies on STP with big forearms! UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT on Lee, then Darius whips.

Lee reverses the whip but Darius catches him to an atomic drop! Darius keeps moving, HOTSHOT BULLDOG! GAMANGIRI! Darius fires up, steps in, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Lee survives the onslaught but the fans rally up. Darius drags Lee up and fireman’s carries, but Lee fights with elbows! Lee shoves Darius, Action tags in. Lee dodges Darius but Action BOOTS! Then SHOTGUN SNAP GERMAN COMBO! The fans fire up as Darius deadlifts for the BRAINBUSTER! Then Action STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, Ogogo breaks it! Darius runs up but Ogogo kicks him. Ogogo scoops Darius, Darius slips free!

Darius & Action kick Ogogo then double clinch. Ogogo powers out, fires HEABUTTS and elbows! Fireman’s carry for Action, F5 AND A HALF! Action flounders, but Darius BOOTS Ogogo! Darius WALL RUN PELES! Ogogo falls, Shane storms in! Darius dodges, but the SOUTHPAW hits! Shane talks smack, but Dante JUMP KNEES him! Dante runs in to GAMANGIRI in the corner! Lee runs up, Dante BOOTS him! Dante runs but into a FLAPJACK! Lee then hurries to spin Dante around to THE FANG! But Dante flounders out of the ring! All six men are down around ringside and the fans fire up! Lee crawls, hot tag to Shane!

Shane spots Action rising, he and Lee go after Action. They double whip, Action handsprings, but they catch him! DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX, but Dante lands out! Action fires off forearms and elbows, and even CHOPS! Action kicks, Lee blocks, but then Lee ducks so the ENZIGIRI hits Shane! Lee CLUBS Action, Ogogo sends Darius into railing! Lee whips Action, Action ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE onto Ogogo! Action hurries back up, ROCKS Lee, and he springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Action kips up, the fans fire up, but Shane waistlocks. Action fires elbows until he’s free, then tries to fireman’s carry!? Shane is too big and bad!

Shane ELBOWS away on Action, gut wrenches, but Action slips free again! SUPERKICK! And another fireman’s carry!? But the back won’t hold the weight! Shane slips down to HEADBUTT! And then URENAGE! Shane flips Action back up to KNEE him in the face! Ogogo and Lee get in for defense, Shane DECKS Action!! Cover, STP wins!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions, by pinfall

That could’ve been a win by knockout with that killer haymaker! But will Shane Taylor Promotions continue to rampage until they prove they prove they’re the elite of All Elite Wrestling?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage, and while they shoved five matches onto this card again, they at least did their best to put story behind most of these. Roderick Strong was of course beating Ben Bishop, but they gave us a storyline plug by having The Conglomeration on commentary. And while Thunder Rosa was of course beating Rachael Ellering, they gave us story build with Deonna attacking them both. I feel like this will give us Deonna VS Ellering next, to stretch things out so that the true blowoff of Deonna VS Rosa isn’t until All In, probably in the All In Zero Hour. For that matter, that’s probably where Conglomeration VS Undisputed Kingdom 3v3 happens, too.

I’m a bit torn on the promo from Learning Tree Jericho and crew. The positive is that it was really good. I said for Dynamite that I like how the payoff is Jericho’s gone from condescending to sinister, and even Big Bill is getting into this crazy persona. The negative for me is that they kinda shoved this in here. I know we DO need to hear Jericho’s explanation, but if it was “after Dynamite,” then find a way to make it part of Dynamite. Or just leave it for Saturday Night Collision so that you aren’t already stuffing a one hour program full to the brim.

Great opening tag from House of Black VS Premier Athletes with Sterling & Woods of course getting involved, but great win for Malakai & Brody in that 4v2 situation. Still banking on them screwing over The Patriarchy during a Unified World Trios Championship match. The Six Man Tag was really good but not sure it was main event material compared to the Fatal 4 Way. Good stuff for the Six Man Tag, everyone got their shine, but that Fatal 4 Way was just incredible. Great win for Fenix to stay hot while all the titles have stories going into All In, but he could get a shot at like, Okada’s Continental Championship to give us a dream match moment before the PPV.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (7/12/24)

Friday Night GrudgeDown!



Time to settle some scores!

Mia Yim takes on Nia Jax, Legado Del Fantasma goes after Corbin & Crews, and A-Town Down Under get a tag title rematch, all tonight on SmackDown!


  • Nia Jax VS Mia Yim; Nia wins.
  • Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo w/ Legado Del Fantasma VS Baron Corbin & Apollo Crews; Angel & Berto win.
  • Blair Davenport VS Naomi; Naomi wins.
  • WWE Tag Team Championships: #DIY VS A-Town Down Under; DIY wins and retains the titles.


Tiffany Stratton is here!

Worcester, Massachusetts cheers because it’s #TiffyTime! And not only that, the Center of the Universe is the NEW Miss Money in the Bank, so there is no denying she is just biding her time until she can cash-in and snatch up a championship. And Tiff gets a mic to say that this Saturday, it officially became Tiffy Time when she climbed to the Tiffy Top, took down the briefcase, and become the youngest Ms. MITB in HISTORY! The fans do cheer that! And uh, Trish Stratus may’ve been the hometown host, but Tiff was the real star of the show. Trish isn’t here to ruin Tiff’s moment, because it is Tiffy’s Time.

The fans cheer for “TIFFY TIME! TIFFY TIME!” Tiff warns Liv Morgan, Roxanne Perez and Bayley to all keep their heads on a swivel. Their reigns are on Tiffy Time. And very soon, we will all be saying “AND NEW~!” WAIT! The Role Model, the WWE Women’s Champion, Bayley herself, makes her way out to the ring. Bayley tells Tiffy that she will be the first to congratulate her on such a big victory. Bayley knows what it takes. And as someone who has such high praise lately, that must add some pressure, so Bayley is impressed Tiff proved herself right. Tiff asks Bayley why she’s even out here, and to get to the point. Out of everyone, Bayley should know it’s Tiffy Time.

Bayley smiles and says well, she doesn’t care what time it is, she just wanted to give some advice. Bayley did win her own MITB in 2019, but Tiff probably didn’t even know what WWE even was then, right? Tiff says yeah, 2019 was like a million years ago. It is 2024, and just three years into this, and Tiff is the youngest Ms. MITB ever! Meanwhile, Bayley was just home, on her couch, eating chips and all alone. Bayley will give Tiff that, so here’s one last piece of advice: If Tiff even plans to use the briefcase on Bayley, plan on making history again as the first woman to ever fail her cash-in. But wait! Here comes Nia Jax!

The Irresistible Force, the Queen of the Ring, Nia tells Bayley, “What’re you doing out here making empty threats?”  The fans boo and Nia says that’s rude to the Queen. But in case Bayley forgot, Bayley has her match against Nia at SummerSlam, where Nia will be taking that title off her. Oh, is that right? Nia steps into the ring and Bayley isn’t sure who Nia thinks she’s talking to. But this isn’t NXT Hugging Bayley, or even 2017 Bayley that Nia put on the shelf. Yeah, be proud of that, idiot! This Bayley is the GRAND SLAM CHAMPION Bayley! This is the Royal Rumble winning, WWE Women’s Champion Bayley! This is the same Bayley that will embarrass Nia at SummerSlam!

But hey, y’know what? Let’s play a little game here. Devil’s Advocate: Bayley slips on a banana peel and Nia somehow does beat Bayley. What’s Tiff to do then? Is she gonna cash in on her friend, Nia? We know there’s some PTSD from the last time- Tiff says hey, hold on! Nia tells Bayley that yeah, she’s not the hugger that Nia hurt before SummerSlam 2017. But what is she now? BBL Bayley? Nia looks at the tights and says she isn’t sure what Bayley is trying to prove playing Divide & Conquer. Nia has no problems with Tiff, Tiff is like her own personal little Barbie. Tiff smiles, and Nia says Bayley isn’t a toy. Bayley’s a victim.

And at SummerSlam, Nia will victimize her. Bayley winds up, Tiff stops her, so Bayley DECKS Tiff! Only for Nia to CLUB Bayley! Nia puts Bayley on ropes to CHOKE her, and Tiff talks trash. But here comes MIA YIM! Kendo stick SMACK for Nia! Tiff runs before she can get hit! Michin warns Nia AND Tiff, will the Queen & Princess of the Ring learn who’s The Head Baddie in Charge?


Backstage interview with Chelsea Green & Piper Niven.

They’re waiting outside Nick Aldis’ office when Byron Saxton walks over. Chelsea has a fancy neck brace on as she tells “Bryan” she has no time for his stupid questions. Did they not see the BRUTAL MITB match she went through? The whole world is now calling her, “The Mother of Mayhem,” “The Princess of Pain.” So she has no time for this! She is waiting on Sir Nicholas the Prickless so just go away! Byron says Nick- Piper asks if he did not hear her. Just GO! Git! Shoo! As he leaves, we can see Isla Dawn talking with… Blair Davenport? Could their NXT UK connection make Blair an ally against the trios coming after the tag titles?


Nia Jax w/ Tiffany Stratton VS Mia Yim!

SmackDown returns and the bell rings on this match. Nia runs up, Mia dodges to fire off hands! Mia dodges again to CHOP and KICK and KICK! Nia HEADBUTTS Mia down, Mia goes to a corner, and Nia runs in! Mia dodges then fires off forearms! The fans rally up for Mia, but Nia shoves her away. Mia runs in but Nia ELBOWS her! Nia scoops, but Mia slips into a SLEEPER! Nia RAMS Mia into buckles and is free! Bayley is ringside to coach Mia, and Mia leaps to GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! Nia endures, powers up and out, but Mia comes back with a strike fest! SOABT and PELE! Mia runs up to TORNADO- NO! Nia tosses Mia away!

Nia runs to ELBOW DROP Mia! Tiff says too easy. Nia covers, ONE!! Mia upsets Nia but Nia puts her on ropes. Nia SITS on Mia to choke her! The fans boo, the ref counts, and Nia lets off. Mia goes to a corner but Nia stomps away! Nia goes corner to corner to HIP ATTACK! And she rubs it in Mia’s face, literally! The fans are torn, Bayley coaches Mia up, but Nia storms over. Mia runs up to fire off strikes! Mia runs but Nia CLOBBERS her! Nia soaks up the heat as she scuffs Mia around. Nia clamps on a cobra clutch and she leans on Mia. The fans rally, Mia fights up, and Mia fires body shots! Mia SOBATS, runs, redirects, but Nia isn’t so easily tripped!

Nia drags Mia up to TOSS her to a corner! Nia runs in to SPLASH! And then she TOSSES Mia the other way! Nia taunts Bayley, runs in and she SPLASHES Mia in the corner again! Nia says kiss this, runs in, but Mia DUMPS her out! Mia goes to the apron, but Nia blocks the Penalty Kick! Electric Chair and SLAM off the apron! Nia then CLOBBERS Mia, and soaks up the heat as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and the fans rally as Mia is on Nia with another GUILLOTINE! But Nia powers up to suplex Mia high and hard! The fans rally but Nia rises first. Nia runs but Mia dodges the elbow drop! Mia ELBOWS Nia from a corner, then LARIATS! Nia stays up so Mia DROPKICKS her! Nia staggers, Mia runs in again for more forearms! Mia whips, but Nia blocks! Nia reverses but Mia BOOTS back! Mia goes up to FLYING RANA! The fans fire up and Bayley does, too! Mia SHOTGUNS Nia down! Mia fires up and she runs corner to corner, to CANNONBALL in the corner! Cover, TWO! Mia can’t believe it!

Bayley coaches Mia and Mia climbs the corner. But Nia springs up to ROCK Mia first! Mia wobbles, Nia ROCKET LAUNCHES her! Then SENTON FLOPS as Mia moves in time! Tiff gets on the apron, sneaking Mia’s own kendo stick in. The ref is distracted, but Bayley YANKS Tiff down! And she sends Tiff into barriers! Nia has the kendo stick but Mia SHOTGUNS Nia again! Mia reels Nia in, TORNADO DDT! The fans fire up as Mia hurries to cover, TWO!! Nia survives and Mia is losing her mind! Bayley is equally frustrated but Mia KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Nia! Mia hauls Nia up, runs, but into a fireman’s carry! SAMOAN DROP!

Nia drags Mia to a drop zone, and she goes up! A-NIA-LATOR!! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall

The HBIC did what she could against the QOTR, but now Bayley goes after Nia! The fans fire up, but Tiff CLOBBERS Bayley with her briefcase! Fans chant “CASH IT IN!” as Nia HEADBUTTS Bayley! Bayley flounders to a corner, Nia runs in to SPLASH! Then feed to Tiff’s SPINEBUSTER! Nia runs to drop a leg, brother! The fans are torn between booing and wanting Tiff to cash in. Tiff pats Nia on the back for the good work, but then temptation creeps in. The fans are getting louder, too, and Tiff calls to the ref! Is she doing it?! Nia gets right in Tiff’s face, and Tiff denies she was ever gonna try it. Tiff high-fives Nia, and they head out.

It seems The Princess will just have to wait her turn, but will she have to wait long with SummerSlam around the corner?


Solo Sikoa speaks.

“The Bloodline had all the titles. Both Heavyweight and both Tag Team Titles. It would all be the same if Roman Reigns never went soft. It takes a real Tribal Chief to stay on top of his game. And that’s why I’m here: to build a whole new family. A more powerful family. A hungrier family. A more aggressive family. And this family will rule for decades, as long as I’m the Tribal Chief. And by the end of tonight, everyone will acknowledge me.” Jacob Fatu adorns Solo with the ula fala, and they raise up their ones. What will this furious four look to do to the SmackDown roster next?


Byron Saxton interviews Andrade.

It was earlier today before the show that Byron Saxton sat down with El Idolo, and spoke on MITB. Many say that was a star making performance by Andrade. Yet here we are a week later, and now those same people are wondering what is next for him. Andrade wonders himself, “What is next?” He has said that his vision in WWE is the same. This is his destiny! That is why Andrade is- interrupted by Carmelo Hayes… And Melo asks Byron why he’s talking to Andrade when he could be talking to the real MVP of MITB, the show stealer, H1M! Andrade tells Melo to tranquilo. Andrade never said anything about being MVP. The people did.

Well, Melo says people are saying Andrade screwed Melo over. Melo should be treated better here. he is a first round draft pick, he pinned Randy Orton, he went toe to toe with Cody Rhodes on his very first night on SmackDown! Andrade tells Melo that if he wants an answer to what is next for Andrade, it’s him. Melo leaves without a word, and Andrade smirks. Will El Idolo look to humble H1M and move on to even bigger and better things?


Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo w/ Legado Del Fantasma VS Baron Corbin & Apollo Crews!

When Andrade turned them down, Angel took his frustrations out on Apollo. Apollo went for payback, got beat down for it, and of all the unlikely allies, it is the former Lone Wolf that has joined Apollo’s crew. Will they show Legado what it is to be respected? Or will Angel & “Berto” show they don’t show respect nor do they show mercy to those in their way?

SmackDown returns as Crews makes his entrance. Legado then makes their entrance, talking a lot of smack. But then Corbin helps Crews FLY and take them all out! Crews throws Angel aside, throws Berto in for Corbin, and the bell rings! Corbin SPLASHES Berto in the corner! Then he short arm LARIATS! Corbin fires up and so do the fans. Corbin then FLYING LARIATS off the ropes! Cover, TWO! Corbin tags Crews, and Crews whips. Berto reverses and RAMS Crews to then kick, CLUB and GAMANGIRI! Berto stomps away on Crews, lets off as the ref counts, and the fans boo. Berto brings Crews around to whip, but Crew reverses

Crews ELBOWS Berto down, drags him over, and tags Corbin. Crews whips to back drop! Corbin hauls Berto up, suplex and CUTTER! Cover, but Angel storms in! Corbin dodges Angel, Crews fires hands! Berto and Corbin fire hands, Crews LARIATS Angel up and out! Corbin sends Berto to Crews and he TOSES Berto out! Wait, Corbin wants to build speed!? Crews THROWS Corbin out and he takes down Berto & Angel! The fans are all fired up and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Angel reels Corbin into a Gory Especial. Corbin endures being bent, but Berto tags in so he can slingshot and ROLLING CUTTER! Not the cleanest cut but Berto covers, TWO! Corbin stays in there but Berto KICKS him down! Berto rains down fists on Corbin, lets off to taunt Crews, and the fans boo more. Berto grins as he drags Corbin into a motorcycle stretch. Corbin endures and the fans rally up for him. Corbin fights his way around to fireman’s carry, but Berto slips free! Berto springboards, FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO! Corbin is still in this but Berto stays between him and Crews.

Santos says to finish this, and Berto mule kicks. Berto runs bu tinot a fireman’s carry, and DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! The two crawl, reach out, hot tags to Angel and Crews! Crews dodges to mule kick, run and BOOT! Angel staggers, takes a swing, but Crews dodges to LEAPING LARIAT! The fans fire up with Crews, and he reels Angel in. GERMAN SUPLEX, and Crews holds on! GERMAN SUPLEX again! Crews wants another, and he GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Hattrick complete, and Crews BLASTS Berto to be sure. Crews runs in at the corner, STINGER SPLASH!

Angel staggers away, Crews goes up top! Crews leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, Berto breaks it! Corbin runs up but Berto kicks and forearms first! Berto runs in at the corner but Corbin dodges! Berto goes up and out of the ring! Santos is there to help Berto up but here comes Corbin! The Emperor dares Corbin to hit him. So Corbin does! And then he LARIATS Berto and himself into the timekeeper’s area! Crews ENZIGIRIS Angel, reels him in, gorilla press and SLAM! But Elektra Lopez gets on the apron! She distracts the ref so that Santos can KNEE Crews down! Angel drags Crews up, for the WING CLIPPER! Cover, Legado wins!

Winners: Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

Santos says the numbers don’t lie! Crews & Corbin can’t compete when it’s 4v2, will anyone stop Legado from taking over?


Chelsea & Piper are still waiting.

Piper holds Chelsea’s cup for her so she can sip, and is also reading a book titles… “How to Start a Cult?” Pretty Deadly’s Kit Wilson walks up to Aldis’ door but Chelsea slaps his hand! Elton Prince says excuse them, ladies, but they need to talk with Aldis about approving the budget for Pretty Deadly: The Musical! What? Oh, that clicks. But listen up, sparkle sisters, get to the back of the line. They’ve been waiting. The boys do as told, and then LA Knight walks out of Aldis’ office! Chelsea asks “Mr. Knight” if Mr. Aldis is busy.

Uh, yeah, he is. He said he’ll call Chelsea after he’s through with a couple other things. Just wait a little longer. Chelsea gets all huffy and Knight heads to gorilla, a contract in hand. Could this be what it seems?


Randy Orton sits with Cody Rhodes backstage.

The Viper says he heard what Solo said. There’s a pretty good chance Cody will find himself in the middle of that ring with a bunch of Samoans. But Orton also knows that Cody doesn’t want him out there. But Orton needs Cody to know that like it or not, if things go sideways, Orton is going out there. Orton will always and forever have Cody’s back. Kevin Owens feels the same, but he isn’t here tonight. That’s on Orton. Kevin loves to fight, but Orton told Kevin to stay home. Kevin’s family needs him more than they do. So if Cody finds Solo in that ring tonight, he better give that big ugly Samoan a piece of his mind.

But in the end, everything eventually comes to an end. So when all this with The Bloodline is finally over, Cody will have a lot of men in this locker room coming after the title. And Orton will have his back then, too. Cody thanks Orton for that, and Orton heads out. Will the legacy of the Undisputed WWE Championship be secure, even after fighting it out with The Bloodline?


LA Knight heads to the ring!

Worcester fires up for The Mega Star as he brings his contract folder with him. Knight steps in, gets a mic, and while the fans chant his name, he says, “LEMME TALK TO YA!” Knight says MITB came and went, and let’s be honest, he won’t stand here and complain, cry or make excuses. It didn’t go his way, he got dumped out onto a ladder, and someone else grabbed that MITB contract. So then Knight thought to himself, “Money in the Bank contract or no,” it doesn’t make a difference! Knight is the walking embodiment of money in the bank! So what that got him doing, rewind a little bit.

Let’s look at the path to MITB for Knight. Here’s some footage to take a look at. Specifically, he means his qualifying match from two weeks ago, where he pinned Logan Paul to win out! Okay, cut back to Knight. You see that, you see what happened, everyone person here right now saw was Knight move on to MITB, right? “YEAH!” But let’s look a little deeper, what we really saw. Yes, Knight went to MITB. But mor importantly, he pinned the United States Champion! And with that in mind, Knight picks up his folder, he has something hot and fresh from Aldis’ office. And well, let’s just say what this has inside was just for Knight. “YEAH!”

What this has in here has Aldis’ signature already on it. “YEAH!” And what this is here, is a contract for a United States Championship match at SummerSLam! The fans fire up for that! Now the only thing missing, he looked, there’s a signature from Aldis. “YEAH!” There’s a signature from Knight himself, “YEAH!” The only thing missing is the signature of “that edgelord,” Logan Paul. So what Knight wants is Logan to come out here and sign his part right now. But don’t get too excited, because that won’t happen. Why? Surprise surprise, roll your eyes, guess who ain’t here? Logan Paul.

But Knight tells Logan Paul that he will get this contract signed. It will be Logan, it will be Knight, and at SummerSlam, Knight will own Logan, own that belt, and there’s nothing Logan can do to stop it. Not cuz Logan’s not good enough, but because Knight won’t let him! And that’s not an insult, that’s just a of life! With everybody saying, “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!!” The Mega Star is still aiming for the Maverick, when and where will Logan accept the challenge?


Blair Davenport speaks.

“Everybody wants to talk about ‘living your truth.’ Truth is, you’re weak. And the reason bad things keep happening to you is because you allow it. You’re not successful because you’re not good enough. So while you cry about not being good enough, Blair Davenport’s already taken your spot. Does that hurt your feelings? Well come and do something about it.” The Ichiban Gaijin is here, but will Naomi learn to beware Blair? Or will Blair just #FeelTheGlow?

Blair Davenport VS Naomi!

SmackDown returns and Naomi makes her entrance. The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Blair headlocks. Naomi powers up and out but Blair runs her over. Blair soaks up the heat, runs, but Naomi drops, then slides under the lariat! Naomi mule kicks, leg sweeps, and then leg drops! Cover, TWO! Naomi keeps moving, and she slides into a chinlock. Blair endures the squeeze, fights up and throws body shots. Blair breaks free, whips corner to corner, but Naomi goes up and catches Blair, for a TWERK ATTACK! Then she BOOTS Blair away! Blair goes to the far side and fans fire up.

Naomi runs in to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Naomi puts Blair in the drop zone, goes up, and fans fire up. SUPER SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Blair survives but Naomi wrenches her to whip. Blair reverses to BOOT! Naomi staggers to ropes, Blair storms up and swings. Naomi blocks to fire forearms. Naomi KICKS and KICKS, then whips Blair to a corner. Naomi runs up but Blair ELBOWS her away! Blair then goes up and up to DOUBLE STOMP Naomi’s arm! Naomi flounders out of the ring but Blair goes out after her! Blair grabs that bad arm, hammerlocks it, and POSTS Naomi shoulder first! Naomi falls while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Blair and Naomi fight for suplex control. They go back and forth, but then Blair WRINGS the bad arm out! Blair SUPERKICKS Naomi down, covers, TWO! The fans rally for Naomi but Blair clamps onto the bad arm. Naomi endures, the fans rally up more, and Naomi fights up to ROUNDHOUSE! Naomi arm-drags Blair away, then goes to a corner. Blair storms over, blocks boots, but Naomi rebounds for the ENZIGIRI! And then the RUNNING JAWBREAKER! And SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO! Blair survives but Naomi stays cool. Naomi puts Blair in the drop zone, goes up and up, but Blair CLUBS her first!

Blair has Naomi in a Tree of Woe, to then just BOOT her down! Cover, TWO! Naomi survives and Blair is losing her cool. Blair drags Naomi up as the fans rally, but Naomi turns suplex into cradle! TWO! Blair runs up to roll Naomi up, TWO! Naomi runs up to sunset flip, TWO and Blair has it! TWO and Naomi stands up. Blair waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls, TWO!! Naomi powers her way to an O’Conner, TWO! Blair is getting frustrated, but Naomi KNEES her! BUBBA BOMB! GEDO CLUTCH! Naomi wins!!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall

It was a hard fought battle with just one good arm, but Naomi pulls out the victory! Will Naomi find a way to shine in the SmackDown Women’s Division once again?


Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill find Naomi backstage.

The #Big3 cheer their reunion and also Naomi’s win tonight. That is how you stand on business! Naomi did her thing, she looked good out there. Naomi says hey, someone had to teach Blair a lesson. Naomi says she can’t wait for Bianca & Jade to get their tag titles back. Jade says you already know that’s top priority. In fact, they were going to talk with Aldis tonight, but he isn’t even here. Chelsea and the others hear this and are shocked. They all storm off, and Naomi tells Bianca & Jade she’s glad they’re going to teach Alba & Isla a lesson. But they also need to be ready. Jade says they stay ready so they don’t have to get ready.

Bianca says Naomi did her thing. They’re gonna head out, good to see her again. Bye~! Love you~! The StrongEST Duo heads out, will Aldis and/or Pearce be able to arrange such a title rematch? But now Blair walks in. She says she doesn’t want trouble. She just wants to say that the better person won. Blair offers a handshake, and Naomi is wary. Naomi takes it, and Blair heads out. But Chelsea storms back over to say Aldis is not here! Chelsea & Piper pout and head out, and Naomi says she must’ve really gotten hit hard on Saturday. But then BLAIR ATTACKS NAOMI!! So much for sportsmanship!

Blair laughs at Naomi for falling for the trap. Will Blair make everyone beware her wrath?


WWE Tag Team Championships: #DIY VS A-Town Down Under!

Don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano only just got these titles last Friday in Toronto. However, Austin Theory & Grayson Waller are “cashing in” their rematch clause, and are hoping to take those titles right back! Will we see a bit of hot potato with the gold? Or will DIY just do it all over again?

SmackDown returns and DIY makes their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if history repeats itself!

Ciampa and Waller start, and Waller takes a swing! Ciampa dodges to ROCK and CHOP Waller, then whip him. Waller slides out, leads Ciampa on a chase, and Theory is there. Ciampa dodges Theory, gets in the ring, and then Gargano jumps in. ATDU swings but DIY dodges to then DOUBLE DROPKICK! Theory falls out, DIY TOSSES Waller out, and then Ciampa KNEES Waller back down. Ciampa holds the ropes open so Gargano can DIVE into a haymaker! Theory takes out Johnny Wrestling, and Waller jams up Ciampa! Waller POSTS the Sicilian Psycho, Theory RAMS Gargano into barriers!

Waller TORNADO DDTS Ciampa on the apron! ATDU look at the belts, claiming those are coming back home, but the fans boo while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Waller CLOBBERS Ciampa! Th efans chant “YOU SUCK!” but Aaller fires off on Ciampa in a corner. Waller then gets space, runs in, but Ciampa avoids the splash! Waller staggers, Theory tags in, and Theory stomps Ciampa down! Theory mockingly asks where Johnny went, then he goes up. Theory leaps, into a  JUMP KNEE! Theory and Ciampa are down, and Gargano rises! The fans fire up as Ciampa crawls over, hot tag to Gargano! Gargano rallies on ATDU! ENZIGIRI for Theory! Gargano dodges Waller to tilt-o-whirl but Theory runs up! So Gargano COMPLETE SHOT DDT COMBOS!

Gargano runs in at Theory but Theory puts him on the apron. Gargano GAMANGIRIS Theory, avoids Waller to MULE KICK, then he SLINGSHOT SPEARS! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up and Gargano brings Theory up. Tag to Ciampa, they whip, but Waller stops Shatter Machine! Theory sunset flips Ciampa, TWO! Theory ROCKS Ciampa, Ciampa ROCKS Theory! They go back and forth with forearms, then Theory ELBOWS Ciampa! Ciampa BOOTS Theory! O’Conner Roll, Waller SOMERSAULT FLATINERS! Theory covers Ciampa, TWO! ATDU is frustrated but Waller helps Theory to the corner.

Theory tags Waller, and now ATDU mocks DIY! They’re at the corners, they aim, but Ciampa ducks! Only kicks meet at the middle, and Ciampa rolls Waller! TWO, and Waller runs up! Ciampa moves, JUMP KNEE hits Theory! Not again! And Waller turns around, into SHATTER MACHINE!! DIY sets up in the corners now and Worcester is thunderous! MEET IN THE MIDDLE!! Cover, DIY wins!

Winners: DIY, by pinfall (still WWE Tag Team Champions)

History does repeat itself as DIY wins two weeks in a row! Waller and Theory try to reason out why this happened, but then THE BLOODLINE ATTACKS! Jacob Fatu CLOBBERS Theory, then goes into the ring to YANK Gargano down into a SAMOAN DROP! Ciampa fires off forearm sand BOOTS, then he DDTS Fatu down! But Fatu just rises up! And he SUPERKICKS Ciampa! The Samoan Werewolf runs in to HIP ATTACK Gargano! Then he drags Ciampa up to whip and POP-UP SAMOAN DROP!! The fans boo but Solo Sikoa’s Enforcer just dominated the tag champs! And then he DOUBLE JUMP ARABIAN PRESS SAULTS Gargano!!

The fans lose their minds seeing that, but Fatu isn’t done! He hits the BEST MOONSAULT EVER on Ciampa!! Fatu is practically foaming at the mouth, and only now does Solo Sikoa make his way to the ring. Is this part of what Solo meant earlier tonight? What more does “The REAL Tribal Chief” have to say tonight? We’ll find out, after the break.


SmackDown returns and The Bloodline has the ring.

Fatu has finally calmed down, and Solo Sikoa has the mic. “Boston, Mass…” No, this is Worcester. But Solo still says, “ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” The fans boo as The Bloodline lifts up the ones. Solo says, “Need I remind you what happened to those that didn’t acknowledge me?” The fans chant “WE WANT ROMAN!” But Solo says Jimmy Uso, his own brother, his own flesh and blood, did not acknowledge him. And what happened? He’s gone. The Wise Man, Paul Heyman, did not acknowledge Solo. Heyman’s gone, too. And Roman… Reigns… The fans chant for “ROMAN! ROMAN!” but Solo says don’t do that now! They don’t even deserve him! They have Solo now.

And if Roman Reigns decides to come back, he will acknowledge Solo as Tribal Chief. But tonight is about Cody Rhodes. It is Cody’s turn… to acknowledge him! So if Cody’s there- Oh he sure is! The Undisputed WWE Champion, the American Nightmare, makes his way out on stage! The fans sing his song, “WHOA~ OH~!” and pyro, and Cody stares Solo down. Cody takes off his tie and looses his collar before he steps to the ring. Cody knows it’s 4v1, but he isn’t backing down. Solo has his men stand back, and Cody grabs himself a mic.

The fans cheer Cody on, and he says, “I’ve heard everything that you’re saying. I’m sure you can figure this out. We want the same thing. Now of course, gotta speak to Nick Aldis, but you might as well consider it official. SummerSlam, the Undisputed WWE Championship. BUT…! If it was really up to me, if I could make any decision, I wouldn’t be waiting ’til SummerSlam. I’d wanna do it here and now.” The fans cheer that! Cody drops his mic, but Solo has his men flank the champion. The fans chant for “RANDY! RANDY!” but Cody throws hands first! Cody ROCKS Solo, ROCKS Tama, ROCKS Loa, ROCKS Faut!

Cody catches Solo to a dragon sleeper, but Fatu SUPERKICKS! Tama & Loa mug Cody, then Fatu LARIATS him down! But here comes Randy! Tama goes out, Orton kicks him first! Same for Loa! Orton gets in, and he DUMPS Fatu out! Solo runs up but into a kick! Orton puts Solo in the ropes, drags him out, and hits the DRAPING DDT! Orton helps Cody up but Fatu is back! Fatu runs in, to CLOBBER Orton!! Tama & Loa return to mug Orton, and the fans boo as it is 3v1 on The Viper! Fatu kicks Cody out, Orton fights back against Tama & Loa! But Fatu DIVES onto Orton! Orton hits barriers and Fatu fires up!

Solo has Cody to himself but Cody fights back! Fatu is right on Cody and he fires HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Solo and Fatu trap Cody with the ropes! They mug Cody, and make him watch as Tama & Loa RAM Orton with steel steps! And RAM him again! Deja vu to when The Usos sidelined Orton for 18 months! Cody says no, take him! They want him, spare Orton! Fatu SUPERKICKS Orton! Solo says this is what happens to those who stand against them! Fatu SUPERKICKS Orton again! And another SUPERKICK! Tama & Loa clear the desk! Solo says this blood is on Cody’s hands! Fatu & The Guerrillas get Orton up, for the TRIPLE POWERBOMB through the desk!!

Worcester is devastated! And then Solo SAMOAN SPIKES Cody! The fans boo, the ula fala is put on Solo, and The Bloodline stands over their victims while raising the ones. Have they made the Apex Predator extinct? Are they going to end the legacy with their own hands?

My Thoughts:

An incredible SmackDown to bridge us from MITB to SummerSlam. Very good promo segment to start, and very clever of Bayley to point out that if Nia wins, Tiff definitely can’t cash in on her. And while Nia VS Mia was very good, Nia naturally wins to build her momentum. Tiff being tempted was also a good detail, and she might still be tempted along the way to SummerSlam, but I think my scenario of Tiff waiting until Bayley’s somehow survived Nia is the more likely choice. For that matter, there’s even a chance Nia screws Tiff out of her cash-in because Nia is just that selfish. That’d be some good Heel Heat on Nia since there are clearly big time Tiffy fans out there.

Great ongoing bit from Chelsea & Piper tonight, them waiting for Aldis. I wonder if that’s a nod to Chelsea having to wait forever on Vince to hear her out. Naomi VS Blair was a good match but it took a minute to get going. Naomi got a good win, and Blair pulls off a fairly good swerve, because yeah duh she’s a sore loser. I also liked that Easter egg bit of her and Isla Dawn talking. I really do think we’ll be getting Alba, Isla & Blair as a trio now that we’re seeing quite a few of those form up. DMG CTRL, the trio of Zoey, Shayna & Sonya, the #Big3 of Jade, Bianca & Naomi, WWE might be working on factions as a way to maximize the number of women getting screentime together.

Very good tag match of Garza & Carrillo VS Crews & Corbin, and I figured Santos & Lopez would be why Legado won. Now, Andrade is going to be feuding with Melo for a minute, and that’s going to be a great match, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrade circles back to Legado at some point. Naturally, LA Knight and Logan Paul are having their match at SummerSlam, good promo from Knight tonight and we’ll certainly be seeing Logan Paul next week to respond. I would think Logan would have no problem taking this match since he’ll want payback for the MITB qualifier, and is probably cocky enough to think this will be easy.

Great tag title rematch from DIY and A-Town Down Under, though I’m surprised it was so soon. And a little surprised that DIY won again. I almost thought they were gonna hot potato the belts and then the tiebreaker is at SummerSlam. I suppose they can still have DIY VS ATDU round 3 at SummerSlam, but at the same time, HHH loves cards with less matches for more quality. Maybe round 3 is for the SmackDown before SummerSlam like we just got to lead into MITB. And then Fatu wrecking those top teams was wild. As if this new Bloodline wasn’t already brutal, this right here could get Tama & Loa right into the tag title scene.

And of course we’re getting Cody VS Solo for the top title. Orton getting taken out like Heyman was rather wild, too, but maybe he makes a “miraculous” return where he and Kevin help Cody fight off Solo. And maybe, just maybe, Roman Reigns does return to make sure Solo does not win the title, and then getting us started on Solo’s Bloodline VS Roman’s Bloodline to go into the Fall stretch.

My Score: 8.8/10

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