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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/16/21)

Who goes for the Cup next?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

British Prodigy, Spanish Sensation, and a golden opportunity!

Noam Dar has been the most brash and boastful NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, but Nathan Frazer and A-Kid are coming for the cup!


  • Joe Coffey VS Charlie Dempsey; Dempsey wins.
  • Kenny Williams VS Danny Jones; Williams wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup #1 Contenders Match: A-Kid VS Nathan Frazer; A-Kid wins and will challenge Noam Dar for the cup.


Joe Coffey VS Charlie Dempsey!

The Iron King wants NXT UK to stay Gallus’ Kingdom, and that means teaching Die Familie’s newest “brother” he chose the wrong side in this fight! But will Dempsey dissect this Gallus Boy like the technical machine he is?

The bell rings and Coffey circles with Dempsey. They tie up, go around, then break. They go again, Coffey powers Dempsey to ropes, lets off, ties up at the ropes again, but the ref counts the ropebreak. Coffey lets off as fans sing “Gallus Boys On Top, Gallus Boy~ On Top~!” Coffey and Dempsey tie up, knuckle lock, but break. They go again, Dempsey breaks one grip but Coffey gets away before Dempsey can wrench. They tie up a third time, Coffey wrenches but Dempsey slips through. Coffey still wrangles Dempsey but Dempsey kicks Coffey away. Fans cheer the technical exchange as the two go again.

They knuckle lock, Dempsey headlocks and hits a takeover. Dempsey grinds Coffey, floats to a lateral press with a wristlock but Coffey keeps an arm up. Dempsey wants the leg for his inverted Bow ‘n’ Arrow but Coffey slips out! Dempsey facelocks, headlocks and grinds, but Coffey throws body shots. Coffey powers up, powers out, and runs to CROSSBODY! Dempsey is sputtering but Coffey whips him and CLOBBERS him in the corner! And then again! And then a scoop for a RUNNING SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Coffey drags Dempsey up to clinch to a cording hold. Dempsey fights back with a facelock then powers up. Coffey holds on as Dempsey tries to whip.

Dempsey tries again, and hits a hip toss! But Coffey still has the arm to drag Dempsey back down! Coffey throws fists to the ribs, Dempsey fights up to go up and headscissor! Dempsey is free, but Coffey comes back for the arm! Coffey wrangles Dempsey but Dempsey reaches up to headscissor! Dempsey drags Coffey down, pushes up to add pressure, but Coffey fights with elbows and fists. Coffey moves around, pops free and has a butterfly deathlock! Dempsey wants the arm, Coffey punches him down! Dempsey tries to clinch but Coffey knocks him down. Dempsey throws body shots, Coffey DECKS him! Coffey even eggs Dempsey on!

Dempsey reaches for Coffey’s nose, but Coffey stands on both knees and STOMPS! And Dempsey thought he had brutally innovative ideas! Coffey throws hands, Dempsey staggers into the corner and Coffey fires off body shots. Dempsey dodges the haymaker and Coffey’s hand hits buckles! Coffey blocks a whip but Dempsey grinds a forearm into his face. Dempsey whips, Coffey reverses, then he whips Dempsey again. Dempsey holds ropes, ROCKS Coffey, and then BRIDGING ARM-DRAGS Coffey into buckles! Dempsey drags Coffey up, throws EuroUppers, then GUT WRENCH SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO! But Dempsey holds onto Coffey with a chinlock!

Fans still rally for Coffey as he fights up, but Dempsey has the arm for a wristlock! Coffey scoops and SLAMS Dempsey down! Dempsey gets up, Coffey headbutts low, but Dempsey gets the arm again! Dempsey has a deep hammerlock, then fires body shots as Coffey can’t guard! Dempsey’s EuroUpper floors Coffey! Coffey headbutts but Dempsey DECKS Coffey with another EuroUpper! Dempsey stomps away on Coffey, then drags him up to facelock. They fight in the clinch, Dempsey throws more EuroUppers! Coffey catches one but Dempsey fights the backslide with pure power! Coffey still tries, and he dumps Dempsey over!

Dempsey throws body shots, Coffey fireman’s carries! Dempsey fish hooks the nose! Dempsey gets the facelock, cravat, but Coffey blocks the suplex! Dempsey throws more EuroUppers, then snapmares to RAM shoulders! Dempsey runs, RAMS Coffey again, then runs, but Coffey jumps! Dempsey catches Coffey for a BACK DROP! Cover, TWO! Dempsey wants the arm but Coffey clasps hands. So Dempsey throws body shots. Dempsey has a one arm full nelson! Coffey endures, Dempsey goes after Coffey’s busted nose! Coffey endures, Dempsey lets off to ROCK him with a forearm! Dempsey clinches, has the arm again, wrenches through, but Coffey fights with a leg!

But Dempsey jumps on for a GUILLOTINE!! Dempsey CLUBS away on Coffey, but Coffey powers up to a suplex! Dempsey slips out, waistlocks, but Coffey switches and shoves Dempsey to a corner. Dempsey stops from hitting buckles, only to turn around and crash head to head with Coffey! Both men go down and the ref checks on them. Fans rally as both men are okay to continue. Dempsey crawls to ropes, Coffey stands at center. Coffey says no mercy, and he throws EuroUppers! Dempsey gives them back, and fans rally as they go back and forth! “You wanna do this then, huh?!” The EuroUppers are heavier and faster, and Coffey gets the edge! But Dempsey hits the bad hand!

Dempsey ROCKS Coffey with palm strike after palm strike, but Coffey dodges to fire off shots from all sides! Coffey has Dempsey wobbling, but Dempsey counter jabs! Coffey DISCUS LARIATS! Both men are down again and fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Fans rally back up as Dempsey and Coffey stir. Coffey crawls over to Dempsey, they stand up and Dempsey blocks the body shot to get the wristlock! Dempsey wrenches, Coffey resists the takedown, and Coffey arm-drags free! Both men stagger up, Coffey BOOTS from the corner! Coffey goes up and up and CROSSBODIES! But the bad hand keeps Coffey from covering!

Coffey sees Dempsey in the corner, run sin, GLASGOW SENDOFF! But here comes Teoman & Rohan Raja! They’re violating the ringside ban to save Dempsey! But then here comes Gallus to reinforce Coffey! Wolfgang and Markus dare Die Familie to start something! But Joe turns around and Dempsey RAMS him into steel steps! The firms brawl while Dempsey puts Coffey in the ring! Dempsey CLOBBERS Coffey, then has the DRAGON SLEEPER!! Coffey is fading fast! Coffey is OUT, Dempsey wins!!

Winner: Charlie Dempsey, by submission

Die Familie regroups quickly before Gallus can get at them! Has Dempsey ended the blood feud before it’s even begun?


Sid Scala speaks.

“Congratulations are in order as last week, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain, became the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. But now it’s time to find their first challengers. On the first show of the new year, Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith will take on Symbiosis. And the following week, Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz will go up against Teoman & Rohan Raja. The winners of those two matches will face off to determine who will be the first challengers to the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions!” A mini tournament to kick off 2022, but who will rise up to challenge the Big Strong Boy & The Silver Fox?


NXT UK hears from Jordan Devlin.

“In the morning, my face is a little puffy. I’ll put on an ice mask while I do my crunches. I can do a thousand now. My penthouse overlooks Dublin city, my city, and all the little people below. I drive fast, with the top down. I like the way the wind blows in my hair. I look amazing.” The fans adore him, worship him. Why wouldn’t they? Devlin’s more than a hero, more than just an Ace. He is more than Ilja Dragunov could ever be. Ilja fights for his family, his fans. Pathetic. Ilja needs their love, their approve. All Devlin needs is Devlin. But will Devlin learn that not even the Irish Ace measures up to UNBESIEGBAR?


Moustache Mountain is here!

The BT Sports Studio fans are all fired up to see these two wearing the NXT UK Tag Team Championships around their waists! Tyler Bate & Trent Seven fist bump and “Too Tweeze” the fans. Fans chant, “You Deserve It!” as the two get in the ring and get the mics. Seven says, “What a night that was. Whew! What a moment in time. And I tell you something, I’ll tell you all and you, I think I needed that. I really do.” The last eighteen months have been rather strange. Rather wild. But they’re back! And they’re here, and Moustache Mountain are NXT UK Tag Team Champions!! Fans cheer for that one!

Seven continues to say that it goes without saying, there were times where they fell short. They fell short against Grizzled Young Veterans, and once against Pretty Deadly. But… Fans sing “Champions~! Champions! Ole ole!” There was a moment last week that made Seven think, “What happens if we don’t win?” Seven saying it out loud, it’s fine. But what does Seven do if they lose these? Where does Seven go from here? What does he do if he hasn’t got gold? To be honest, Seven isn’t sure how long he has left, that’s all. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he didn’t have these. Fans chant, “Fight Forever!”

Seven says wait, he DOES have these! And he’s got Bate! And as long as he’s got those, he’ll keep on fighting! He’ll keep on going for as long as it takes! Tyler says that sounds like music to his ears. Fans sing, “Trent Seven Army” as Bate says it has been a long, tough, treacherous ascent up the mountain. But with the power of patience, hard work and the energy that the fans give to them, they now stand here as the first team ever, EVER, to have held NXT AND NXT UK Tag Team Championships! They’re the best! The best! At least, they think so. Tyler can say it again and Seven will never get sick of it.

But wait, quick check. Tyler Bate, weren’t you the first ever UK Champion? Correct! And he’s also been Heritage Cup Champion? Correct! And now he has the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! CORREC’ INDEED! That makes Tyler the first-ever GRAND SLAM WINNER IN NXT UK HISTORY!! Fans sing and chant again, and Seven says Bate is the “Biggest, Strongest Boy.” Or as the fans put it, #GrandSlamBoy. That’s got a nice ring to it. Seven thanks the fans, and that is all that’s left to say. He speaks for Tyler and everyone in the back, and every single person who has stuck it out here and there, that helps bring the brand together: Thank You.

Thank you to the fans for tuning in! Without the fans, this isn’t possible! So from here on, it is only onwards and upwards, with a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Will 2022 be the Year of the Moustache?


Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith speak.

“The hottest team under the sun” aren’t going to make any cheesy New Year’s resolutions, because the goal remains the same: NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Carter says he’s got ice on his neck and wrist, time to add gold around the waist and make the look complete. Smith isn’t sure about that, but this isn’t about when. NOW is the time! Ready and forward, always forward! Will the Predator Killer & Prestige make it through Symbiosis’ T-Bone & Primate in the New Year?


NXT UK hears from Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport.

“I know Blair was a champion in Japan. But I never met her in Japan. Blair, why did you come to NXT UK? To fight me, yes?” Blair admits, she’s been chasing that one match that she never got. It is in NXT UK, Meiko VS Blair. Meiko knows Blair is one of the best, but she cannot match THE best. Meiko is the Final Boss, but Blair is the Top Foreigner that conquered Japan. Now Meiko is the foreigner in Blair’s homeland. And it will be nothing but flawless victory for Blair Davenport! Will the Ichiban Gaijin open the new year as the new champion? We find out in three weeks!


Kenny Williams VS Danny Jones!

The Scum of the Earth, #KennyCockroach, has an endless list of ways to weasel into a win. And as he makes his entrance, he gets a mic to tell “Danny Boy,” he’s got the night off. Get out. Williams doesn’t want Danny, he wants Mark Andrews! So go on, get out. Fans fire up for Danny, but Williams says for him to get out and find Andrews. Danny refuses, so guess we’re doing this the hard way. Kenny puts the mic down, takes off his jacket, and the bell rings. They circle, tie up, and Williams waistlocks to wrangle Danny down and has a thrashing facelock! Danny fights up, Williams holds on but Danny wrenches out to a wristlock and he wrangles Williams.

Williams tries to kick free but Danny rolls him to a chinbar. Williams gets ropes, Danny lets off. They go again, Williams headlocks and grinds Danny again. Danny powers up but can’t power out. Danny throws a body shot, then powers out to run Williams over! Things speed up and Danny runs Williams over again! Whip and kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Danny scoops Williams, but Williams slips out to CHOP BLOCK! Williams CLUBS and STOMPS Danny into the corner, then jumps on him again and again! Williams says, “Hi, Mark!” to taunt Andrews while he KNEES Danny in the corner. Williams drags Danny up but Danny throws body shots.

Williams KNEES low, headlock takeover to a cover, ONE! Williams scrapes his soles on Danny’s face, then CLAWS him! Williams SLAPS Danny, but that only angers him! Danny fires forearms again and again then DECKS Williams! Danny TOSSES Williams into one corner, then the other! And then SHINING WIZARD to EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Williams survives and he rolls to ropes. Danny storms after him, drags him up, but Williams HOTSHOTS him away! Williams gets in to CHOP BLOCK the leg from the front! Williams stomps away on Danny’s knee, then he says, “Are you watching, Mark?!” Williams says Danny is unlucky! BAD LUCK DRIVER!

Williams mockingly asks, “You want one more? He wants one more.” BAD LUCK DRIVER again! Cover, Williams wins!

Winner: Kenny Williams, by pinfall

Message sent through one Welshman to another! Will Kenny Cockroach get his match with the high-fiving, stage-diving, skateboarding rockstar?


Symbiosis speaks.

Eddie Dennis says, “Last year’s words belong to last year’s language. But next year’s words… await another voice.” T-Bone says it’ll be a new year, and it’ll be a new beginning. Things are gonna change. Primate adds that, “He threw us to the wolves, and eventually we will return, leading the pack.” “That voice,” Dennis says, “is Symbiosis.” Will the Headmaster’s monsters unleash their aggression on the entire field to get at the gold?


Next week is a Special Holiday Edition!

What does that mean? Who knows! The best gifts are a surprise, after all!


NXT UK Media catches up with something going backstage.

It’s in the men’s bathroom! Williams emerges and sarcastically says, “Help, help! There’s been a terrible accident! I found~ him~!” Williams attacked Mark Andrews in the bathroom!! Andrews needs a doctor, his arm’s been hurt! Did the Scum of the Earth just exterminate Subculture in NXT UK?


NXT UK Heritage Cup #1 Contenders Match: A-Kid VS Nathan Frazer!

The Spanish Sensation and British Prodigy met before in a Triple Threat to determine a challenger for NXT UK Champion, Ilja Dragunov. A-Kid won then, but did not take the title from The Czar. Now AK and Frazer meet again, going for what Noam Dar holds. Will El Nino Anonimo return to the title that put him on the map? Or will Frazer look to soar higher than ever before?

The bell rings and round one begins. AK and Frazer shake hands to show there is sportsmanship and respect, and fans cheer. Fans rally up as the two tie up, and Frazer arm-drags but AK headscissors. Frazer kips free, the two reset. They knuckle lock, AK rolls, trips Frazer and floats right to a headlock. Frazer keeps his shoulders up, rolls AK to a cover, ONE! AK holds onto the headlock but Frazer fights up. Frazer powers out, AK CLOBBERS him with a flying tackle! Cover, TWO, and AK gets the chinlock. Frazer endures, fights up and slips out to a hammerlock. AK rolls, kips up and wrenches back to reel Frazer in for a headlock.

Frazer powers out, AK arm-drags and kips up to dropkick Frazer down! Half nelson cover, TWO! AK wants the arm! Frazer moves around to resist, fans rally up and AK wrenches as the minute mark. Frazer spins through, monkey flips, but AK holds onto the arm! AK wants the Fujiwara but Frazer still moves around. AK settles for the wristlock, and he TWISTS it hard! Frazer endures, moves around, thirty seconds left as AK wrangles Frazer again. Frazer gets up, rolls and handsprings to get free, sweep, cover, ONE! AK sweeps, covers, ONE! AK kicks but Frazer ducks and kips up but AK block the superkick!

We’re under 10 seconds as AK ducks the dragon whip! AK headlocks, Frazer powers out, and the round is over!

A-Kid: 0; Frazer: 0

Fans are fired up after such a fast and furious finish to the first three minutes! Both men refresh, but AK is already breathing pretty heavily. Frazer seems to have the speed and cardio advantage, but now we go into round two. Fans rally up already as the two go again. AK waistlocks and SLAMS Frazer down! Frazer fights up, fights the waistlock, but AK SLAMS him down again! Frazer fights up, pries the hold, switches and shoves to hurdle and drop. Frazer then DROPKICKS AK down! AK gets up, Frazer arm-drags and has the cording hold. AK endures as Frazer shifts to a top wristlock. AK bridges, headstands to headscissor, and he wrangles Frazer down.

Frazer moves around, headstands and hops free, but AK dodges to springboard and arm-drag! Frazer recovers to springboard, arm-drag and slip around to ghost pin! TWO, and AK staggers up into a leg pick! AK sits on it, TWO! Frazer tries the sunset flip but AK slips out to high stack, only for Frazer to roll it back! Frazer gets the fall!!

A-Kid: 0; Frazer: 1

Even Frazer is a bit surprised he got that one! AK tries not to be frustrated but being a former Heritage Cup Champion, he knows well that the first fall is so important. The bell rings on round three and AK rushes corner to corner! Frazer avoids the corner clothesline, ducks the jump kick, but AK ducks the roundhouse, only to get hit with the HEEL KICK! AK rebounds off ropes to DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Frazer gets up, swings, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! AK holds on for a bit of a bearhug, and he drags Frazer up as fans rally and duel. Frazer bucks the waistlock, AK comes back to NORTHERN LIGHTS! And roll through to ARMBAR!!

Frazer clasps hands, AK uses his heels to break the grip! Frazer scoots around, ROPEBREAK with a foot! AK lets go quickly as time is of the essence. AK rushes in but into an elbow! Frazer jumps up and headscissors AK to ropes, then CHOPS him! Frazer whips, AK reverses and reels Frazer into the IRON OCTOPUS! Frazer steps back to the ropes, but AK KICKS him as he lets off! AK CHOPS Frazer at the ropes with under 90 seconds, then he whips. Frazer reverses to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Frazer ducks and dodges to QUEBRADA to the ELBOW DROP DDT! Cover, TWO! Frazer keeps his cool as fans rally up.

We’re under a minute already as Frazer brings AK up. Frazer ROCKS AK, and ROCK Shim again. AK ROCKS Frazer back, but Frazer throws another forearm. AK gets around to a SLEEPER HOLD! We’re at 20 seconds, AK lets Frazer go to LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ten seconds left, FUJIWARA ARMBAR, and a finger bending grip! The bell saves Frazer!

A-Kid: 0; Frazer: 1

AK is frustrated again, he almost had Frazer there. Frazer refreshes, he still has the advantage. The bell rings to give us round four! Frazer and AK step up as fans rally, and Frazer swings, but into the SLEEPER! Frazer snapmares free, and SHOTGUNS AK down! AK is in a drop zone, Frazer goes up top! FROG SPLASH, but he has to roll through as AK moves! AK rushes in, into a SLINGBLADE! Frazer’s mentor, Seth Rollins, would be proud of that one! Frazer reels AK in, ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! AK survives and stays in this match! Fans rally and duel as we reach two minutes. AK and Frazer rise, Frazer throws a BIG forearm! AK shoots in to get the SLEEPER!

AK thrashes Frazer, then lets go, but runs into the ROLLING BOSTON CRAB! AK’s ribs already have tape, he’s in a bad way! But AK manages to power up and roll through to a victory roll, TWO! Frazer ducks and dodges, but AK turns Quebrada into SLIDING GERMAN! AK hurries back in, DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Cover, AK ties it up!

A-Kid: 1; Frazer: 1

The Spanish Sensation saves himself here, now we’re at square one in round five! Will it all end here? The bell rings, AK runs in again to GAMANGIRI! And then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Frazer survives but AK floats to a waistlock. Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Frazer throws elbows. AK holds on, Frazer bucks him at the ropes. AK kips up, into a SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!! AK survives but Frazer keeps his focus. Fans duel as Frazer goes to a corner. Frazer goes up top in an instant, but AK GAMANGIRIS again! AK then climbs up, but Frazer throws body shots to fight the superplex. AK turns Frazer around but Frazer throws more hands.

Frazer slips under AK to DROPKICK him! AK stays on the top rope but Frazer climbs up after him. Frazer stands AK up, for a SUPER FALL AWAY POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Frazer doesn’t waste time being surprised, we’re at one minute! Frazer goes up, MOONSAULT, but AK moves! Frazer lands on his feet, rains down fists, but AK headscissors to the ARMBAR!! Frazer scrambles, AK makes it an omoplata! AK CLUBS away and gets RINGS OF SATURN!!! Frazer endures, but he nods! Frazer quits, AK wins!!

Winner: A-Kid, by submission (NEW #1 Contender to the Heritage Cup Championship)

With 25 seconds left in the fifth, A-Kid is going back for the Heritage Cup! But he still shows Frazer the respect he earned in this match. Will the Spanish Sensation dethrone the Scottish Supernova when these two meet in the ring again?

My Thoughts:

Another great NXT UK, for what feels like the last real episode for the year. They advertised the holiday episode next week, which if it’s like last year, will be more of a clip show or year in review episode. We got a great celebratory promo from Moustache Mountain that was a well-deserved victory lap for them. They officially announced it so everyone realizes, Moustache Mountain have made history as a team, and Bate has made history as an individual. I do also appreciate Seven being a little real with us, that he isn’t a spring chicken and won’t be wrestling forever, but he certainly wants to go until the very end.

We also got good promos from the first match-up of the unofficial tag team tournament. I would like to think Carter & Smith win against Symbiosis to then take on Die Familie, given the beef they had from a few months back. Joe Coffey VS Dempsey was a great match, even with the teams rushing out to start stuff. Maybe we won’t get a Six Man yet until we see how the tag title scene goes. Devlin had a great vignette to build how arrogant he is, and a good Meiko VS Blair vignette to hype up their match. Kenny Williams and Danny Jones had a very good match, and Kenny attacking Andrews definitely helps push their match back to 2022 after the holiday break.

The Heritage Cup contender’s match was great stuff, and I oddly didn’t see A-Kid winning here. I thought he’d already had his time in the midcard with the Cup, it was time for Frazer to move up and AK to move on. But it was another well-done way of booking the match. The first round had a great finish, and Frazer getting the first fall put the pressure on AK for some good story telling. AK comes from behind, gets the win, and he’ll have a great match with Noam Dar. Pretty sure Dar finds a way to win, though, his reign really only just started and should keep going.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/20/24)

NXT Takes Care o’ Business!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Who reigns on the Road to WrestleMania?

Both the NXT Women’s and North American Championships are on the line tonight! It’s Lyra Valkyrie VS Shotzi and Oba Femi VS Lexis King!


  • NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King; Oba wins and retains the title.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Wren Sinclair; Roxie wins.
  • Josh Briggs VS Brooks Jensen; wins.
  • Kelani Jordan VS Lash Legend w/ Jakara Jackson; wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Lyra Valkyria VS Shotzi Blackheart; wins and


NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King!

The Ruler dominated the Breakout Tournament, cashed in on Dragon Lee, then retained against Dragon Lee at Vengeance Day. And The Drama King wants all the credit since he “softened up” the Boy Wonder first. Will Oba “thank” Lexis by making this quick and painless? Or will the King truly have his Coronation?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who truly reigns over NXT!

The bell rings and King dodges Oba to fire kicks! Oba blocks one, then SHOVES King to a corner! King dodges Oba, runs in to clothesline and CHOP! And SLAP! And CHOP! King whips but Oba blocks and reverses! King goes up, leaps, but bounces right off Oba! Oba whips King to ropes, then back drops him high and hard! The fans fire up as Oba hauls King up for body shots. Oba UPPERCUTS, then whips again, but King sunset flips! Oba spins out, but King avoids the elbow drop! King KICKS, and KICKS, then talks some trash. King BOOTS Oba, runs, but Oba grabs King to SHOVE him up and out!

The fans fire up again and Oba storms out after King. Oba hauls King into the ring, but King DROPKICKS Oba down! King huffs and puffs out after Oba, but Oba shoves him! Oba swings but only gets post! King SLAMS Oba’s arm into the post! Oba ROCKS King with the good hand! Oba brings King up, puts him in again, but King stomps Oba as he slides in! King CLUBS the bad arm, then clamps on with a top wristlock. Oba endures, fights up, but King grinds that shoulder. Von Wagner & Robert Stone watch this, and Stone says he’ll be right back. Where’s he going? Out there. Stone heads to gorilla but Von says it’s still not worth going after King!

As for in the ring, Oba fights up but King CLUBS the arm! King grinds the shoulder, but Oba whips him away! Then Oba scoops, but King slips free! King RAMS Oba into buckles, runs up again, but Oba puts him on the apron. King ROCKS Oba, goes up, but fans chant for “O~BA!” Stone is on the ramp as King DOUBLE STOMPS Oba’s bad arm! King runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then slides out to shove Stone down! Fans boo as King talks trash, then gets back in. Oba grabs King, but King breaks fere! King fires forearms and CHOPS, then more forearms! King runs, but Oba LARIATS! King flounders up, Oba has him for the FLAPJACK!

Oba storms up on King, scoop shim, and gives him SNAKE EYES! Oba then hauls King up, SHOT-PUT! Oba fires up, the fans rally behind him, and King stands into the POP-UP POWERBOMB!! Cover, Oba wins!

Winner: Oba Femi, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The Ruler keeps the King from taking the crown, and Stone gets some sense of payback. Will nothing stop Oba’s reign that is backed by destiny?


Thea Hail, Jacy Jayne and Jasmine talk backstage.

Thea sighs, and they ask if she’s okay. Riley Osborne hasn’t answered her all week. Then please tell them she didn’t desperately text him. No, she did what Jacy said and played hard to get on the date. Yeah, Jacy knows that part. Just tell us what happened on the date. And we see Arianna Grace eavesdropping… Thea says he opened the door for her, she said not to do that cuz she’s a grown ass woman who can do it herself. Oh, okay… So, what next? They went to dinner, he asked what it was like first starting at Chase University, and she was on her phone most of the time so she wouldn’t be “too available.”

Jasmine, Jacy and even Ariana see how the advice was backfiring, and Jacy says that’s not what she meant about any of that. Uh oh… And then Arianna walks over, pretending like she couldn’t help but overhear. But Thea, a true lady is never afraid to come off as daring. She for one has been on many, many dates, and it just sounds like she scared Riley away. What!? Jacy calms Thea down, and Arianna continues. “When a man opens the door for you, you welcome it. When he shows interest in the little things you do, you engage and reciprocate.” It isn’t too late. Just go talk to Riley. And then what? Come off desperate?

Jacy agrees with Jasmine, but Arianna says respectfully, how would Thea look desperate? Thea looks to Jacy but Jacy says no, don’t look at her. Jacy didn’t mean it the way Thea executed it. Jacy can’t do everything! Right, sorry. Arianna says, “And she’s your best friend?” Jacy tells Ariana to stop filling Thea’s head up with stuff, and stay out of their business. Or else she’ll make an example out of you. Jacy has the group leave, and Arianna scoffs. Which side is the right side of this? Is there still hope for this Chase U romance?


Lyra Valkyria checks in on Tatum Paxley.

The Morrigan looks her superfan over, she took a pretty serious blow. Is she good? Well, yeah, everything hurts, and Tatum’s only been able to have soup the past week, but she’s just happy Lyra came to her rescue! That wasn’t what that was, but someone had to tell Tatum to just tap out. She shouldn’t try to be a hero. Well, Lyra is Tatum’s hero~! Well, Lyra does feel bad about last week, but if Tatum can do something for her tonight, Lyra promises to make it up to her. Anything! Attack Shotzi with a baseball bat? Hit her with green mist so she’ll match her green hair? No, none of that! But she does need Tatum to just stay away from ringside.

But! No buts! Keep your butt back here! That’s her one request. If Tatum can do that, then Lyra has a very special surprise for her. A surprise? Really? Yes, really. Okay, Tatum will stay right here. Great! Tatum sits down and says this will be the hardest thing she’s ever done. But can Tatum be patient and let Lyra handle things on her own?


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin head to the ring!

The fans fire up as the Wolf Dogs, the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, are here. And this is even after the Big Bad Booty Nephew signed with Friday Night SmackDown! They step into the ring, belts on and trophy waiting for them, and the fans chant, “You Deserve It!” Bron says wow, who would’ve thought way back in September, when these two were beating the hell outta each other at No Mercy, that they’d be here today in alligator skin boots and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions! Corbin says yes, yes, yes, yes! He remembers No Mercy like it was yesterday, cuz didn’t Corbin win? Uh… Not funny. It’s a little funny.

Well alright, but then Corbin wouldn’t be here if not for Bron carrying the team. Corbin says if he remembers right, he did set Bron up pretty nicely. Boom, End of Days! Fans chant “Spear of Days!” and Bron says yeah, EOD was the set-up, he hit his Spear, and so just like the fans are saying, Spear of Days. The fans cheer that Spear of Days is a thing now. Corbin does love it. A couple A-Holes standing here with brand new hardware, and they are good with being the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions! But wait, here comes Chase U! Andre Chase & Duke Hudson ask for everyone to hold on just a second.

Now, the Wolf Dogs might not care about who’ll be their next challengers, but Chase U certainly does. Should they spell it out for ya? Duke has to hand it to the Wolf Dogs. Beating seven other teams to win the Dusty Cup, then winning the titles, that’s not easy. But Chase U is back at 100%, and it is Chase U’s time to shine! Bron says take the school spirit and their calendars, and shove ’em! Easy now, easy now. What we have right here… IS A TEACHABLE MOMENT! Chase says the former champs promised a shot at those titles, and Chase U ain’t taking no for an answer! So, Wolf Dogs… Chase U will get their match, and will give them an Andre Chase U sized ass whooping!

But wait! Nathan Frazer & Axiom are here! And they say no no no! That’s not how this works! Hate to break it to ya, Mr. Chase, but that agreement with the former champions is therefore null and void. “And that, my friends, is a Hart-Hitting Home Truth.” Axiom adds that in case no one remembers, these two were the closest to beating the Wolf Dogs. So therefore, if there’s anyone that deserves this shot, it’s them! Frazer & Axiom storm up to the ring and add that Wolf Dogs went and jumped them from behind, so they’re gonna pay for that, “You pieces of sh-” Whoa! Hey! Axiom calms Frazer down and they get in the ring.

Duke mocks Frazer’s accent as he says, “I don’t know who invited you two to the party,” but seriously, good to see you. But grab a ticket, get to the back of the line, because the future TWO-TIME NXT Tag Team Champions are about to plant the Chase U flag firmly where it belongs. Corbin says hold on, listen. This sounds like a you guys problem, and the tag champs have stuff to do and places to be. They can take these problems and tell someone who cares. Ava Raine walks out and tells Baron & Bron that yeah, they’re right. It isn’t up to the Wolf Dogs about who their challengers. That’s up to her!

But it is so easy when she sees two very deserving teams right in front of her. So she feels it’ll be Frazer & Axiom VS Chase & Duke to decide the NEW #1 Contenders. The fans like the sound of that, and Ava says it will also happen tonight. The fans really like that, and now tonight is even bigger than before! #ThankYouAva, but who will rise above to then step to the Wolf Dogs?


Backstage interview with Roxanne Perez.

Kelly Kincaid says we are moments away from Roxie’s match with Wren Sinclair after their… heated altercation. Roxie says Wren shows a lot of promise, and reminds her a bit of herself. Y’know, all happy to be here. But once Wren’s been here awhile, just being “happy to be here” won’t cut it anymore. We’ll see others getting chances she deserves, the spotlight that was once on her being ripped away by every single girl in the locker room, and then as she tries to make sense of it all, it just won’t! Chances you work for an entire year, even your entire LIFE for, will be handed to main roster stars.

After awhile, she’ll build up a callous towards other people’s feelings, and realize that the only person she can make happy around here is herself. Roxie tells Shotzi and Lyra to watch her tonight. Because she’ll be doing the same for them. Is The Prodigy going to use her edge to cut down the future so she can once again be the present?


Another mysterious message plays.

“Men deny their truth. I will be a mirror to it.” And then someone smashes glass! Just what is making its way to NXT?


Roxanne Perez VS Wren Sinclair!

NXT returns and Wren makes her entrance, still remembering that sucker punch to her left cheek. The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, Wren powers Roxie to ropes but Roxie turns it around and digs into Wren. The ref counts, Roxie lets off and then shoves Wren. Wren shoves Roxie, then trips her to rain down shots! Roxie turns that around and gives those shots back! The fans fire up as the two scrap, roll, then tumble out of the ring! Roxie fires off on Wren, lets off as the ref counts, and then Roxie pushes Wren in. Roxie storms up but Wren turns her for a backslide! TWO, and Wren rolls Roxie up, TWO!

Roxie is up, and she ROCKS Wren with that same haymaker! Roxie talks trash on Wren, whips her but Wren reverses to ROCK Roxie! And then wrench, scoop and BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Wren clamps on a facelock and grinds Roxie. Roxie endures, fights up, and WRINGS Wren’s arm out! Wren bails out, Roxie pursues, and Roxie wrenches again. Wren ROCKS Roxie again, but Roxie just gets mad! Roxie WRINGS Wren’s arm into the floor! Roxie SLAMS the bad arm, drags Wren up and SLAMS the arm on the apron! Then she SMACKS Wren off the apron, shoves her in, and covers, TWO!

Roxie is seething, but she stands Wren up to wrench and YANK! Roxie wrenches, then chinbars Wren. Wren endures and fights up, but Roxie wrenches and hits an STO! Then she drops a knee on the arm! Wren clutches the elbow, Roxie covers, TWO! Wren is showing toughness but Roxie pulls hair to sit Wren up. Roxie wrap son a cobra clutch and thrashes Wren about. The fans rally, Wren fights up, and Wren pries at the hold, but Roxie hits another STO! Roxie has a top wristlock, leans on Wren, but Wren fights up. Wren throws body shots, the fans rally, but Roxie cranks the arm. Wren arm-drags free!

Wren goes to a corner, Roxie runs in, but Wren ELBOWS her away! Roxie runs up again but Wren BOOTS her! Wren LARIATS, then LARIATS again! The fans fire up as Wren DROPKICKS! Roxie goes to a corner, Wren runs up, but Roxie boots! Wren blocks it and SLINGS Roxie down! Wren then suplexes, but Roxie fights free! The bad arm bothers Wren, Roxie WRINGS it out again! Then SOBAT! Roxie hops on, POP ROX! And then lets off!? She puts Wren in a CROSSFACE! Wren taps, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by submission

Roxie showed us some thing new: sadism! Will Roxie tear into whoever is champion after tonight so she can Stand & Deliver?


The Meta Four meets backstage.

Noam Dar says tonight, Lash Legend takes care of Kelani Jordan. But he and Oro Mensah need to figure out how to handle No Quarter Catch Crew. They want the Cup because of the sport and tradition, when both of those belong to Dar! Oro says to relax. They’re champions! Oh, wait, here comes NQCC! Not during the secret handshake, man! But Drew Gulak says hello to Miss Jackson and Miss Legend. Charlie Dempsey reminds Dar that the cup represents over 100 YEARS of British Wrestling. Yeah, shut up, Charlie, you’re boring. Dar’s from the UK and even he doesn’t to listen to a history lesson.

So less talky-talky, more walky-walky. This is two weeks in a row they’ve stunk up Dar’s lounge! Damon Kemp says once one of them wins the Cup, they won’t need to come back. Okay then, who IS Dar facing? Yeah, wouldn’t he like to know. Uh, duh, that’s why he asked! Kemp says Catch Clause means you find out once they’re all in the ring. So see you next week, bud. Catch Clause? What? Dar is confused. He has to prepare for ALL FOUR of them just because of this clause? How is that fair? NQCC might’ve just found a way to counter Meta Four’s numbers game. Will the Cup soon belong to someone who respects its Heritage?


Josh Briggs VS Brooks Jensen!

Country Strong went their separate ways in a mutual break-up, but not everyone in the trio was able to stand strong alone. Briggs told Jensen to grow up and toughen up, so here’s Jensen’s response! Will “little brother” Brooks show everyone that he’s a grown man? Or will he still just be Briggs’ sidekick?


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Andrew’s TNA Xplosion Results & Match Ratings: 2.16.2024

Rich Swann…how dumb are you going to be? Do we see 0-4 in this current TNA incarnation?



So let’s see if this will give us anything to talk about. Trent Seven will make his TNA ring debut technically, and Rich Swann is going to continue this reign of stupidity where he gets distracted from help. I can’t tolerate the level of babyface stupid Swann has looked during this. Who does this help? It ain’t Francis and it ain’t Rich. If we get an evil Rich payoff who just becomes a mega heel…maybe. But it’s painful.


  • Trent Seven vs Shera: Trent wins via BirmingHammer – ** 1/2
  • Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch –



Trent Seven vs Shera

So, Shera gonna be the jobbing gatekeeper of getting momentum for bigger matches. Either that, or Maclin interferes to give Shera a dirty win, but Shera eating the pin seems more likely to me.

Simple tie up that turns into Shera laying in the Shoulder Tackle, trying to bully Trent, but he slips a Slam attempt, lights up Shera with a few chops and then a Snap DDT. Shera powders after the DDT, makes space, slides in, Trent follows, and Shera runs the ropes, ducks the Lariat and a Big Boot sends Trent’s tooth flying and drops him. Shera starts manhandling Trent, running him from corner to corner, Stalling Suplex after the corner attack and Trent has had no offense. Shera goes for a goozle, Trent tries to fight back with some punches, bounces off the ropes and eats a Spinebuster.

Shera then goes to the top turnbuckle, looking for something big and unusual from him. So of course Trent cuts him off with Chops, Headbutts and a big Superplex finally gives Trent and opening. Overhand chop from Trent, tries another Suplex, but Shera blocks and rains down some clubbing forearms. Trent tries to fire, Pop & Bang, some apron battling but Shera gets the best of things, Chokeslam on the apron, rolls Trent back in and Trent kicks out.

Going for the frustration chokes, Shera is trying anything but Trent chops a few times, Backfist, Lariat, for…a near fall. Trent keeps slapping the back of Shera, BirmingHammer for the win!

Don West, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! Trending Topics of the week:

5. MK Ultra getting their rematch

4. Trinity’s final TNA match

3. Moose & Alex Shelley’s stupid stipulation match

2. Simon Gotch’s revenge

1. Rebellion declaration for April 20th

“Around the Ring” with Gia Miller and her guest Xia Brookside. Apparently they bonded over accents and horses. So it seems like Xia just has an affinity for cowboys and stuff, so Gia was totally up her alley. They make a little country posse, its cute, but cringey…but cute. 

TNA+ Flashback Moment: Sting vs Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle – No Surrender 2011

Always nice to see the classic stuff from the pinnacle of TNA. 


Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch

If Rich goes 0-4…I will be, AJ Francis shows up for commentary. Christ…Rich is gonna lose to the other Good Hand ain’t he?

Rich Swann and Skyler go back and forth but you’re always just waiting for the shoe to drop. Rich has the advantage, goes to the top for the Phoenix Splash, Hotch gets up on the apron and AJ Francis leave commentary and takes out Hotch. But for some stupid reason Swann is distracted by the assistance, then Skyler hits an Avalanche Forward Rolling Senton for the win.

I can’t even understand the level of moronic babyface Rich Swann is for this angle.


Overall Score: 4.5/10

This was…the definition of useless. Trent’s match was okay, but obvious because Shera is a gatekeeper to looking decent before a major match. Rich, as I’ve said many times, just looks unabashedly stupid. I’m over this, Rich needs to turn heel at No Surrender or within a week or so. All of this was cringey, stupid and a waste of time, especially Xia and Gia.


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